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Wave transmission lines and networks

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04/16/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150102869 - Distributedly modulated capacitors for non-reciprocal components: An apparatus and method for realizing non-reciprocal components, such as isolators and circulators, for operation over a broad bandwidth without requiring magnetic components/material which would prevent integrated circuit manufacture utilizing standard processes is presented. In one example, a circulator is described including varactor diodes coupled at each unit cell in... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20150102870 - Directional coupler arrangement and method: A directional coupler arrangement comprising an air waveguide and a coupler port having a coupler line arranged inside the air waveguide. A method for producing a directional coupler arrangement comprising forming an air waveguide and forming a coupler port having a coupler line arranged inside the air waveguide is also... Agent:

20150102871 - Multiple way waveguide power module: Example power modules are described. In one implementation, a power module includes four RF signal ports that are electromagnetically coupled to a fifth RF signal port, which is substantially perpendicular to a geometric plane containing the four RF signal ports. Each of the four RF signal ports includes a waveguide... Agent:

20150102872 - Radio frequency filter: An RF filter comprises a signal transmission path having an input and an output, a plurality of resonant elements disposed along the signal transmission path between the input and the output, and a plurality of non-resonant elements coupling the resonant elements together to form a stop band having a plurality... Agent:

20150102873 - Cavity filter, power amplifying module: A cavity filter is disclosed, which comprises a cavity, a cover plate, and a connector inner conductor disposed within the cavity, wherein the connector inner conductor passes through the cover plate to be connected with an external circuit board, the connector inner conductor comprises a first inner conductor and a... Agent:

20150102874 - Attenuation reduction structure for high frequency signal contact pads of circuit board: An attenuation reduction structure of a circuit board includes an expanded thickness formed between high frequency signal contact pads and a grounding layer of the circuit board. The expanded thickness is greater than a reference thickness between the grounding layer and high frequency signal lines. The circuit board is made... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150097633 - 60 ghz integrated circuit to printed circuit board transitions: Embodiments are directed to a transition structure for interfacing an integrated circuit chip and a substrate, comprising: a co-planar waveguide (CPW) structure formed based on ground-signal-ground (GSG) pads on the integrated circuit chip, a grounded co-planar waveguide (CPWG) structure coupled to the GSG pads, and a microstrip coupled to the... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20150097634 - Millimeter-wave broadband transition of microstrip line on thin to thick substrates: Embodiments are directed to a structure comprising: a first substrate section having a first thickness, a second substrate section having a second thickness different from the first thickness, a plurality of vias configured to couple a first ground plane associated with the first substrate section and a second ground plane... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20150097635 - Piezoelectric multiplexer: A piezoelectric multiplexer includes an actuator and multiple piezo-morph beams. The actuator includes an actuator conducting head and an actuator stem, and each piezo-morph beam includes a conducting beam contact head and a beam stem manufactured out of piezo-morph material. A control voltage is selectively applied to electrical contacts coupled... Agent: 19th Space Electronics

20150097636 - Circuit and method for generating a variable delay in an electromagnetic signal crossing said circuit, in particular for use in a doherty-configured amplifier: A method for generating a variable delay in an electromagnetic signal that crosses a main transmission line includes: coupling to the main transmission line a secondary transmission line terminated at both ends by respective variable-reactance circuit elements, wherein the main transmission line and the secondary transmission line are immersed in... Agent:

20150097637 - Programmable filter: In one example embodiment, a programmable filter is provided, including a plurality of variable-inductance networks and a plurality of variable-capacitance networks. The programmable filter may be implemented in a classical filter topology, with variable-capacitance networks replacing discrete capacitors and variable-inductance networks replacing discrete inductors. An example variable-inductance network comprises a... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20150097638 - Acoustic filter with suppressed nonlinear characteristics: An acoustic filter includes a signal input port, a ladder-type filter, a first branch ladder-type filter, a second branch ladder-type filter, and a signal output port. The first branch ladder-type filter and the second branch ladder-type filter are connected in parallel to each other. The signal input port is connected... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150097639 - Harmonic oscillator and preparation method thereof, filtering device and electromagnetic wave device: The disclosure relates to a harmonic oscillator and a preparation method thereof, a filtering device and an electromagnetic wave device. The harmonic oscillator includes at least one dielectric slab and response units attached on one surface of the at least one dielectric slab, where the response units are structures manufactured... Agent: Kuang-chi Innovative Technology Ltd.

20150097640 - Transmission line for 3d integrated circuit: A semiconductor transmission line substructure and methods of transmitting RF signals are described. The semiconductor transmission line substructure can include a substrate; a first signal line over the substrate; a first ground line over the substrate; and a second semiconductor substrate over the substrate. The first signal line, the first... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

04/02/2015 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150091671 - Inner-tube with opposing shallow-cavities for use in a coaxial polarizer: A coaxial polarizer is provided. The coaxial polarizer includes an outer-conductive tube, an inner-conductive tube positioned within and axially aligned with the outer-conductive tube, and two dielectric bars each having a flat-first surface. The inner-conductive tube has two shallow-cavities on opposing portions of an outer surface of the inner-conductive tube.... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150091666 - Transmission module: As a capacitor Cj is connected in parallel to a non-reciprocal circuit 3, in a predetermined frequency band in which a power amplifier 2 is used, or in other words, in a predetermined frequency band used in communication, an input impedance of the non-reciprocal circuit 3 is adjusted and the... Agent:

20150091667 - Wideband impedance transformer: Embodiments of a low-complexity and potentially physically small wideband impedance transformer that can be used in a combining network of a wideband Doherty amplifier are disclosed. In one embodiment, a wideband Doherty amplifier includes Doherty amplifier circuitry and a wideband combining network. The wideband combining network includes a wideband quarter-wave... Agent:

20150091668 - System and method for a radio frequency coupler: In accordance with an embodiment, a directional coupler includes a coupler circuit and at least one amplifier coupled between a coupler circuit isolated port and a directional coupler isolated port and/or between a coupler circuit coupled port and a directional coupler coupled port. In various embodiments, the directional coupler is... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20150091669 - Low pass filter having attenuation pole and wave splitter: A low pass filter having an attenuation pole includes at least inductors disposed on a series arm which connects an input terminal and an output terminal. The inductors are wound inductors mounted on a first surface of a multilayer body. A winding axis of one of the wound inductors is... Agent:

20150091670 - Structures for registration error compensation: Metallization layer structures for reduced changes in radio frequency characteristics due to registration error and associated methods are provided herein. An example resonator includes a first conductive layer defining an error limiting feature and a second conductive layer. The resonator further includes at least one communication feature configured to electrically... Agent:

20150091672 - Multi resonator non-adjacent coupling: A coupling is provided for coupling non-adjacent resonators of a radio frequency filter. The coupling joins together non-adjacent resonators with a metal strip. The metal strip is physically connected to but electrically isolated from resonators located between the connected non-adjacent resonators. The metal strips include tabs the length of which... Agent:

20150091673 - Leaky feeder arrangement: A leaky co-axial cable arrangement, including a co-axial cable, a plurality of radiation slots arranged on the co-axial cable and an activation arrangement configured for affecting predetermined regions on the cable to selectively activate or deactivate at least one of the plurality of radiation slots to provide the leaky co-axial... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150091675 - High-frequency signal line: A high-frequency signal line includes a dielectric body including a first dielectric layer and one or more other dielectric layers laminated together. A first signal line is provided on a first main surface, which is a main surface located on one side in a direction of lamination, of the first... Agent:

20150091674 - High-frequency transmission line and electronic device: A transmission line portion of a flat cable includes first regions and second regions connected alternately. In the first region, the transmission line portion is a flexible tri-plate transmission line including a dielectric element including a signal conductor, a first ground conductor including opening portions, and a second ground conductor... Agent:

20150091676 - Fixing structure of cable to wiring substrate, and cable, and manufacturing method of cable: A transmission line includes an insulator as a base member, a transmission conductor, and a ground layer. A connector is provided at a wiring substrate to fix the transmission line. The transmission line includes a signal columnar conductor having a solid columnar shape integrated with the transmission conductor, and ground... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150084712 - Duplexer and module including the same: A first filter channel with superior attenuation characteristics for transmission signals and is less susceptible to influence of transmission signals inputted to a transmission SAW filter device, is disposed closer to a transmission terminal, whereas a second filter channel with poor attenuation characteristics in a transmission band and is more... Agent:

20150084713 - Filtering characteristic adjustments of weakly coupled tunable rf filters: RF communications circuitry, which includes a first RF filter structure and RF detection circuitry, is disclosed. The first RF filter structure includes a first group of RF resonators, which include a first pair of weakly coupled RF resonators coupled to a signal path of a first RF signal. One of... Agent:

20150084714 - Signal transmission line: A signal transmission line is disclosed. The signal transmission line includes a dielectric substrate, a signal line formed on a first surface of the dielectric substrate, a first conductive layer formed on a second surface of the dielectric substrate, and a first stub formed on the first surface of the... Agent:

20150084715 - Output match directional coupler: A directional coupler that provides directional coupling and an impedance transformation is disclosed. In one embodiment, the directional coupler includes a low pass filter having a filter inductor that is coupled between an input port and an output port and a filter capacitor coupled between the output port and ground.... Agent:

20150084716 - Duplexer: A duplexer includes a reception filter that is connected between a reception terminal and an antenna terminal and includes one or a plurality of series resonators that are acoustic wave resonators, and a transmission filter that is connected between a transmission terminal and the antenna terminal and includes one or... Agent: Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

20150084717 - Measurement device, semiconductor device and impedance adjustment method: A measurement device includes an electric current generation circuit and a monitor device. The electric current generation circuit supplies an electric current whose electric current amount monotonically increases during a setup period of time to the electric circuit including a power supply. The monitor device detects a voltage of the... Agent:

20150084718 - Multi-band impedance tuners using weakly-coupled lc resonators: Radio frequency (RF) filter structures and related methods and RF front-end circuitry are disclosed. In one embodiment, an RF filter structure includes a first terminal and a first tunable RF filter path defined between the first terminal and a second terminal. The first tunable RF filter path is tunable to... Agent:

20150084719 - Bulk wave resonator: A bulk wave resonator that includes an aluminum nitride film containing scandium on a substrate, a first electrode disposed on one surface of the aluminum nitride film containing scandium, and a second electrode disposed on the other surface of the aluminum nitride film containing scandium. The aluminum nitride film containing... Agent:

20150084720 - Dielectric waveguide filter with direct coupling and alternative cross-coupling: A waveguide filter comprising a base block of dielectric material defining at least first and second resonators and a bridge block seated on top of the base block and defining at least a third resonator. In one embodiment, the base block comprises first and second base blocks that have been... Agent: Cts Corporation

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