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Wave transmission lines and networks

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02/05/2015 > 15 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150035612 - Calibration for a tunable rf filter structure: Embodiments of radio frequency (RF) front-end circuitry are disclosed where the RF front-end circuitry includes a tunable RF filter structure and a calibration circuit. The tunable RF filter structure includes (at least) a pair of weakly coupled resonators and defines a transfer function with a passband. The calibration circuit is... Agent:

20150035613 - Ultra-wideband impedance tuner: A mechanical impedance tuner has at least two probe carriages mounted for movement along an axis parallel to the center conductor. The at least two probe carriages including a first probe carriage and a second probe carriage. Each probe carriage has at least N probes where N is an integer... Agent:

20150035614 - Phased-array rf pulse generator: A phased-array RF pulse generator is disclosed which includes a video-pulse generator arranged to generate video pulses each having a leading edge. An array of nonlinear and dispersive transmission lines, are arranged to generate RF pulses from the video pulses. At least one sensor is arranged to detect the leading... Agent: Mbda Uk Limited

20150035615 - Vertical microcoaxial interconnects: In one embodiment, a vertical microcoaxial interconnect includes a dielectric substrate having a top side and a bottom side, an inner conductor extending through the substrate from its top side to its bottom side, an outer conductor that extends through the substrate from its top side to its bottom side,... Agent: University Of South Florida (a Florida Non-profit Corporation)

20150035616 - Coupling structure for crossing transmission lines: A coupling structure for crossing three transmission lines millimeter-wave or centimeter-wave signals a signal conductor layer of a circuit substrate, the coupling structure comprising three planar cross-couplers, and from each of the three cross-couplers two input/output points of the cross-coupler being connected clockwise in succession in the plane of the... Agent:

20150035617 - Cooperative tunable rf filters: RF communications circuitry, which includes a first tunable RF filter and a second tunable RF filter, is disclosed. The first tunable RF filter is coupled to the second tunable RF filter. The RF communications circuitry operates in one of a first operating mode and a second operating mode. During the... Agent:

20150035618 - Apparatus for use in the receipt and/or transmission of data signals: Apparatus is provided which allows for the receipt and/or transmission of data signals, and, for the received signals, for the subsequent separation of the same into at least two sets of data signals which are orthogonal and provide these sets of data signals to subsequent processing components, whilst maintaining the... Agent:

20150035619 - Phase shifter and method of shifting phase of signal: Provided is a phase shifter for shifting a phase of a signal the phase shifter including an input unit to split an input signal into a plurality of signals having different phases, a connection unit to change at least one of magnitudes and phases of the plurality of signals, apply... Agent:

20150035620 - Ground noise inductive filter: An alternating current (AC) power device includes an AC circuit having input nodes, output nodes and a ground node. The AC circuit is configured to receive an input electrical signal at the input nodes and generate an output electrical signal at the output nodes. The AC power device also includes... Agent: The Quest Group

20150035621 - Composite electronic component: A composite electronic component includes an input terminal portion receiving power converted by a power management unit, a power stabilizing unit stabilizing the power and including a composite body including a capacitor and a coil and having a hexahedral shape, the capacitor including a plurality of dielectric layers, internal electrodes... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd

20150035622 - Interference rejection rf filters: RF communications circuitry includes an RF filter structure, which includes a group of resonators, a group of cross-coupling capacitive structures, and a group of egress/ingress capacitive structures, is disclosed. Each of the group of cross-coupling capacitive structures is coupled between two of the group of resonators. A first portion of... Agent:

20150035623 - Variable high frequency filter device and assembly: A tunable filter device that changes a central frequency and a bandwidth is provided. The tunable filter device may include a body forming a cavity together with a cover, a resonator attached to or integrally formed on a lower surface of the cavity, a frequency-tuning element including a head and... Agent:

20150035624 - High frequency filter: In a high frequency filter, a multilayer structure includes a plurality of insulator layers, a first transmission line transmits an input signal, and a second transmission line is electromagnetic coupled with the first transmission line on the same insulator layer and transmits an output signal. A conductor layer defines capacitors... Agent:

20150035625 - Inductor: An inductor (1) includes an inductor (L11P) formed into the shape of a spiral on the outer circumference of an inductor region and having a start point connected to a terminal (N11P), an inductor (L12P) formed into the shape of a spiral on the inner circumference of the inductor region... Agent:

20150035626 - Dielectric line and electronic component: A dielectric line includes a line portion and a surrounding dielectric portion. The line portion is formed of a first dielectric having a first relative permittivity. The surrounding dielectric portion is formed of a second dielectric having a second relative permittivity. The line portion propagates one or more electromagnetic waves... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150028961 - Dual stripline tile circulator utilizing thick film post-fired substrate stacking: A dual stacked stripline circulator includes multiple composite ferrite discs, each having an inner portion and an outer portion; a first substrate having an edge with a first composite ferrite disc disposed in the first substrate; a second substrate having an edge with a second composite ferrite disc disposed in... Agent: Raytheon Company

20150028962 - Radio frequency signal splitter and matcher: This application relates to systems and methods for splitting a current signal into at least two signals that are out of phase with each other. The power splitter may include a conductive element that may generate standing magnetic field that alternates at specified frequency. An inductor placed near or in... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150028963 - Electronic circuit: An electronic circuit includes: a switch including ports and selecting a port to be connected to an antenna from the ports; a first filter connected between a first port out of the ports and a first terminal; a second filter connected between a second port out of the ports and... Agent: Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

20150028965 - Diplexer including two bandpass filters: A diplexer includes a first bandpass filter provided between an input terminal and a first output terminal and selectively passing a signal in a first frequency band, and a second bandpass filter provided between the input terminal and a second output terminal and selectively passing a signal in a second... Agent:

20150028964 - Package structure for duplexer, method of manufacturing the same and electronic device with the same: A package structure includes a printed circuit board (PCB), a duplexer, a first dam, a second dam and a cover. The duplexer includes a transmission filter and a reception filter and is electrically connected with the PCB. The first dam is located on a surface of the PCB, and in... Agent: Ambit Microsystems (zhongshan) Ltd.

20150028966 - Elastic wave filter device and manufacturing method of the same: An elastic wave filter device includes a transmission elastic wave filter chip and a reception elastic wave filter chip. The transmission elastic wave filter chip includes an insulating support substrate, a piezoelectric layer directly or indirectly supported by the support substrate, and an IDT electrode in contact with the piezoelectric... Agent:

20150028967 - Twist for connecting orthogonal waveguides in a single housing structure: A twist for coupling radiation between orthogonal waveguides is provided. The twist includes at least three cavities opening from at least one of a first X1-Y1 surface and a second X2-Y2 surface of a metal block. A first cavity has a first opening in a first Y-Z plane and a... Agent:

20150028968 - Devices for providing phase adjustments in multi-element antenna arrays and related methods: Multiple phase shifting elements which include electrically conductive, slidable tuning members may be placed on a single circuit board. The elements may be used to adjust the phase of signals propagating through a multi-element antenna array.... Agent: Radio Frequency Systems, Inc.

20150028969 - High frequency component and filter component: A high frequency component includes a multilayer body including a plurality of insulating layers stacked in a stacking direction, linear conductors extending along the insulating layers, interlayer connection conductors extending through at least one of the insulating layers, and planar conductors extending along the insulating layers. The high frequency component... Agent:

20150028970 - Multi-tunable superconducting circuits: A tunable superconducting circuit includes a first charge island, a second charge island, a third charge island, a fourth charge island, a first junction loop electrically coupled to the first and third charge islands, a second junction loop coupled to the second and third charge islands and a third junction... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150028971 - Flexible substrate and optical device: A flexible substrate is disclosed. The flexible substrate includes an insulating substrate having a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface, a first connection portion having a first conductor, a first ground pattern, and a second ground pattern on the first surface, the first ground pattern... Agent:

20150028972 - Methods and systems for plasma deposition and treatment: This application is directed to an apparatus for creating microwave radiation patterns for an object detection system. The apparatus includes a waveguide conduit having first slots at one side of the conduit and corresponding second slots at an opposite side of the conduit. The waveguide conduit is coupled to a... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 12 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150022278 - Electronic device for eliminating wireless noise interference: In an embodiment of the disclosure, an electronic device arranged for eliminating wireless noise interference is provided. The electronic device includes a circuit board and two first metal components. The metal components are arranged on different sides of the circuit board. Each of the first metal components comprises a first... Agent: Media Tek Inc.

20150022287 - Wave mode converter: Wave mode converters, and methods of using wave mode converters are disclosed. The wave mode converters include a radial waveguide including a generally disk-like structure to receive a radially propagating field derived from rectangular TE10 waveguide mode, and a body including a plurality of spaced apart apertures.... Agent: L&j Engineering, Inc.

20150022279 - Differential-to-single-ended transmission line interface: An interface for connecting a differential signal circuit having a differential signal output and a reference potential terminal to an input of a single ended signal circuit and a reference potential terminal. The interface includes a differential transmission line having a pair of electromagnetically coupled microwave transmission lines having first... Agent: Raytheon Company

20150022280 - Microstrip line/slot line transition circuit: The invention relates to a circuit for transition from a microstrip line to a slot line. According to the invention, the slot line of the transition circuit is equipped with a filter for providing on the slot line, at the crossover zone of the microstrip line and the slot line,... Agent:

20150022281 - Capacitors adapted for acoustic resonance cancellation: An embodiment of the present invention provides a method, comprising reducing the losses due to electro-mechanical coupling and improving Q in a multilayered capacitor by placing a first capacitor layer adjacent at least one additional capacitor layer and sharing a common electrode in between the two such that the acoustic... Agent:

20150022282 - Semiconductor device and method for adjusting impedance of output circuit: An impedance adjustment circuit includes a counter circuit outputting a count value thereof as a plurality of first impedance adjustment signals, a mode selection circuit setting a second impedance adjustment signal to be in an active/inactive state irrespective of the count value, and a level fixing circuit fixing a third... Agent:

20150022283 - Ladder surface acoustic wave filter: A ladder surface acoustic wave filter includes a series arm connecting an input terminal and an output terminal, at least one parallel arm connecting the series arm and a ground terminal, at least one series arm resonator provided in the series arm, and at least two parallel arm resonators provided... Agent:

20150022285 - Bandpass filter: A bandpass filter includes a first uniform impedance resonator comprising a first microstrip line and a second microstrip line, a second uniform impedance resonator which is axisymmetric to the first uniform impedance resonators, a first asymmetric stepped-impedance resonator comprising a third microstrip line and a fourth microstrip line, a second... Agent:

20150022286 - High-frequency signal line: A high-frequency signal line includes a base layer including first and second principal surfaces, a signal line provided on the first principal surface, a ground conductor provided on the first principal surface along the signal line, and a plurality of high-permittivity portions arranged along the signal line and in contact... Agent:

20150022284 - Microstrip line filter: A microstrip line filter comprising a coupling mechanism arranged to couple a first resonator and a second resonator, wherein the coupling mechanism includes a shared metallic coupling member arranged to have a predetermined dimension associated with an operation characteristics of the first and second resonators.... Agent:

20150022288 - High-frequency signal line: A high-frequency signal line includes a body with a first layer level and a second layer level; a signal line including a first line portion provided at the first layer level, a second line portion provided at the second layer level, and a first interlayer connection connecting the first line... Agent:

20150022289 - High-frequency signal line: A signal line includes a first line portion at a first layer level and a second line portion at a second layer level, which are connected by a first interlayer connection. A first ground portion at the first layer level includes end portions closer to the first line portion than... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20150015344 - Common mode filter with multi-spiral layer structure and method of manufacturing the same: A common mode filter with a multi-spiral layer structure includes a first coil, a first insulating layer, a second coil, a second insulating layer, a third coil, a third insulating layer, and a fourth coil, wherein the first coil serially connects with the fourth coil, and the second coil serially... Agent:

20150015345 - High-frequency signal transmission line and electronic device: A dielectric element assembly includes a plurality of dielectric layers stacked on each other in a direction of lamination and extends in an x-axis direction. A signal line is provided in the dielectric element assembly and extends in the x-axis direction. A reference ground conductor is provided on a positive... Agent:

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