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Wave transmission lines and networks

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01/15/2015 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20150015344 - Common mode filter with multi-spiral layer structure and method of manufacturing the same: A common mode filter with a multi-spiral layer structure includes a first coil, a first insulating layer, a second coil, a second insulating layer, a third coil, a third insulating layer, and a fourth coil, wherein the first coil serially connects with the fourth coil, and the second coil serially... Agent:

20150015345 - High-frequency signal transmission line and electronic device: A dielectric element assembly includes a plurality of dielectric layers stacked on each other in a direction of lamination and extends in an x-axis direction. A signal line is provided in the dielectric element assembly and extends in the x-axis direction. A reference ground conductor is provided on a positive... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 8 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150008992 - Communication using multiple conductor cable: A method of communication over a composite cable having a plurality of conductors, the method including placing an inductive coupler around the composite cable, coupling the composite cable to a signal input or output using the inductive coupler around the composite cable to communicate a signal to or from the... Agent:

20150008994 - Interface apparatus: An object of the present invention is to provide an interface apparatus which can suppress leakage of electromagnetic waves and supply electromagnetic waves efficiently without limiting applications or mounting positions. An interface apparatus (200) is provided that supplies electromagnetic waves to a sheet-shaped electromagnetic wave transmission medium for propagating electromagnetic... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150008993 - Waveguide coupler: A waveguide coupler comprising: a first coupling portion arranged to couple with a first waveguide and a second coupling portion arranged to couple with a second waveguide so as to connect the first waveguide and the second waveguide together; wherein arranged between the first and second coupling portions is a... Agent:

20150008989 - Noise filter device: A noise filter device includes a ground connection terminal (21) for grounding, a coil (31) formed by winding a conductive wire (33), a pair of capacitors (41) constituting a π-type filter circuit C together with the coil (31) and to be electrically connected to the ground connection terminal (21), and... Agent:

20150008991 - Planar circuit to waveguide transition: Openings are formed by removing part of a ground conductor, and a differential signal line including signal line conductors is configured with some of the openings. In addition, a metal block is mounted thereon to cover the opening to thus configure a waveguide using the metal block and ground conductor... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150008990 - Waveguides: A dielectric waveguide comprising a dielectric probe at each end, wherein the dielectric probes are arranged to transfer energy.... Agent:

20150008995 - Guiding medium: A guiding medium for guiding radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic surface waves, comprising: a first surface, the first surface having an electrical impedance suitable for the propagation of electromagnetic surface waves; and a protection layer positioned on or adjacent the first surface.... Agent:

20150008996 - Surface wave launcher: A surface wave launcher for launching electromagnetic surface waves, the launcher comprising: a waveguide having a feed end and a launch end; a feed structure coupled to the feed end of the waveguide; wherein the feed structure includes a first conductor; the waveguide comprises a first planar conductive layer having... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150002238 - Stacked diode limiter: A stacked diode limiter, which can suppress and eliminate a malicious high-power electromagnetic pulse signal and an Intentional Electromagnetic Interference (IEMI) signal that are input to the antenna line of a wireless system and that include a communication service frequency component having a power of several kW or more, includes... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150002239 - Directional coupler: A directional coupler for use in a predetermined frequency band includes a laminate body including a laminate of a plurality of insulation layers, a first terminal through a fourth terminal disposed on a surface of the laminate body, a main line connected between the first terminal and the second terminal... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150002240 - Methods and apparatus for signal filtering: Systems and techniques for filtering of radiofrequency signals. A plurality of tunable cross-couple resonators are connected using capacitive coupling elements to form a cross-coupled bandpass filter. A center frequency of the filter may be set based on frequencies of the resonators and a fractional bandwidth of the filter may be... Agent:

20150002241 - Duplexer: A duplexer includes: a transmit filter connected between a transmit terminal and an antenna terminal and including series resonators and parallel resonators connected in a ladder form; and a receive filter connected between a receive terminal and the antenna terminal, wherein at least one of resonators, which are resonators other... Agent: Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

20150002242 - Microwave arrangement for the transmission of high-frequency signals: The invention relates to a microwave arrangement for the transmission of high-frequency signals of high powers comprising a microstrip conductor on an upper side of a substrate. The microstrip line comprises a multi-stage signal splitter and a ground surface on an underside of the substrate disposed opposite to the upper... Agent:

20150002243 - Power-dividing and/or power-combining circuits with isolation: Power-dividing and/or power-combining circuits have inputs, outputs, and at least three electrical pathways, with substantially equal input and output reflection coefficients. An electronic device may be provided in each of the pathways. Additionally, isolation circuits or devices can be inserted between signal lines to provide isolation between inputs, in the... Agent:

20150002244 - Artificial dielectric resonator and artificial dielectric filter using the same: An artificial dielectric resonator that can enhance a relative dielectric constant in a basic mode is provided. The artificial dielectric resonator 1 has a first series metal strip group 2 including a plurality of metal strips 20 each in a thin sheet shape arranged with microscopic gaps 20G provided in... Agent:

20150002245 - Resonance based cable compensation: A system for resonance based cable compensation includes a first switch with a first terminal for connecting a first connection of a cable having a resonant circuit on an end of the cable opposite the first switch. The system also includes a second terminal for connecting a second connection of... Agent:

12/25/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140375394 - Attenuation reduction control structure for high-frequency signal transmission lines of flexible circuit board: An attenuation reduction control structure for high-frequency signal transmission lines of a flexible circuit board includes an impedance control layer formed on a surface of a substrate. The impedance control layer includes an attenuation reduction pattern that is arranged in an extension direction of the high-frequency signal transmission lines of... Agent: Advanced Flexible Circuits Co., Ltd.

20140375398 - Signal trasmission through lc resonant circuits: An embodiment of an electronic system includes a first electronic circuit and a second electronic circuit. The electronic system further includes a resonant LC circuit having a resonance frequency for coupling the first electronic circuit and the second electronic circuit; each electronic circuit includes functional means for providing a signal... Agent:

20140375399 - Mixed resonator monolithic band-pass filter with enhanced rejection: A narrowband filter tuned at a center frequency. The filter comprises an input terminal, an output terminal, and a plurality of resonators coupled in cascade between the input terminal and the output terminal. Each of the resonators is tuned at a resonant frequency substantially equal to the center frequency. The... Agent:

20140375395 - Coupler, electronic component, and manufacturing method for electronic component: A coupler 1A includes an input terminal and an output terminal which are provided on a substrate (substrate K1, planarizing film H0, and insulating film H01), a main line provided on the substrate and having one end connected to the input terminal and the other end connected to the output... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20140375396 - Waveguide tube with adjustability between outputs: A T-shaped waveguide tube with adjustability as between two outputs includes a T-shaped body, a T-shaped cover detachably mounted on the body, and a baffle. A number of pair of pillars can be mounted on a bottom board of the body. An energy entrance, a first energy output, and a... Agent:

20140375397 - Longitudinally-coupled-resonator-type surface acoustic wave filter: A longitudinally-coupled-resonator-type surface acoustic wave filter includes an unbalanced terminal, balanced terminals, a piezoelectric substrate, a first surface acoustic wave filter unit, a second surface acoustic wave filter unit, an unbalanced signal wiring line, balanced signal wiring lines, a pair of interstage wiring lines that connect the first surface acoustic... Agent:

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