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Wave transmission lines and networks

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12/04/2014 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140354368 - Combined-branched-ferrite element with interconnected resonant sections for use in a multi-junction waveguide circulator: The present application relates to a combined-branched-ferrite element including at least two branched-ferrite elements, the branched-ferrite elements having three branches. At least one of the three branches in the ferrite elements is connected to a branch of another one of the ferrite elements to form at least one connected-branch. The... Agent:

20140354369 - Transmission line and transmission method: The present technology relates to a transmission line and transmission method that allow multi-mode transmission to be easily performed using electrical signals as a transmission target. A multi-mode waveguide is connected to a metal wire configured to transmit an electrical signal via a matching structure configured to perform impedance matching... Agent:

20140354370 - Signal handling apparatus for radio frequency circuits: A signal handler providing high linearity in a small size, applicable across wide operating frequencies and bandwidths, while also adapted to preferred integrated circuit (IC) and printed circuit board technologies. In one implementation, a signal handling apparatus includes an input impedance transformer for receiving an input signal and matching an... Agent: Newlans, Inc.

20140354371 - Radio frequency transmitter, power combiners and terminations therefor: A power combiner includes a primary winding and a secondary winding, wherein at least the primary winding comprises a centre-tap; and a termination module operably coupled to the centre-tapped primary winding and arranged to provide harmonic terminations on a plurality of frequencies. In addition, there is provided a radio frequency... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20140354372 - Systems for reducing magnetic coupling in integrated circuits (ics), and related components and methods: Systems for reducing magnetic coupling in integrated circuits (ICs) are disclosed. Related components and methods are also disclosed. The ICs have a plurality of inductors. Each inductor generates a magnetic flux that has a discernible axis. To reduce magnetic coupling between the inductors, the flux axes are designed so as... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140354374 - Acoustic wave device: An acoustic wave device includes: a first chip that includes a first substrate, and a first filter formed on a first surface of the first substrate; and a second chip that includes a second substrate, and a second filter formed on a second surface of the second substrate, the second... Agent: Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

20140354373 - Acoustic wave device and antenna duplexer including same: An acoustic wave device includes a first longitudinally-coupled acoustic wave filter having interdigital transducer (“IDT”) electrodes arranged in a propagation direction of acoustic wave, and a second longitudinally-coupled acoustic wave filter having IDT electrodes arranged in a propagation direction of acoustic wave. In the IDT electrodes of the first longitudinally-coupled... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140354375 - Orthomode transducers and methods of fabricating orthomode transducers: Orthomode transducers (OMTs) and methods of fabricating OMTs are disclosed. According to disclosed embodiments, an OMT includes a housing defining an internal waveguide. The housing may be composed of a first cast housing member attached to a second cast housing member. The first housing member may include a first side... Agent: Radio Frequency Systems, Inc.

20140354376 - High order discrete time charge rotating passive infinite impulse response filter: A novel and useful high-order discrete-time charge rotating (CR) infinite impulse response (IIR) low-pass filter is presented. The filter utilizes capacitors and a gm-cell, rather than operational amplifiers, and is thus compatible with digital nanoscale technology. A 7th-order charge-sampling and 6th-order voltage-sampling discrete time filter is disclosed. The order of... Agent: Technische Universiteit Delft

20140354378 - Design for high pass filters and low pass filters using through glass via technology: A filter includes a glass substrate having through substrate vias. The filter also includes capacitors supported by the glass substrate. The capacitors may have a width and/or thickness less than a printing resolution. The filter also includes a 3D inductor within the substrate. The 3D inductor includes a first set... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140354377 - Vector inductor having multiple mutually coupled metalization layers providing high quality factor: An inductor component includes a plurality of conductive elements, each formed as an individual patch of conductive material, with the conductive elements arranged in a vertical stack and tightly coupled to one another. Dielectric is disposed between more adjacent conductive elements, the dielectric has a permittivity and is sufficiently thin... Agent: Newlans, Inc

20140354379 - Integrated rotary joint assembly with internal temperature-affecting element: An improved slip-ring has a stator and a rotor, and includes a brush having a proximal end mounted on one of the stator and rotor and having a distal end engaging the other of the stator and rotor. The brush is adapted to convey electrical signals across the interface between... Agent: Moog Inc.

11/27/2014 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140347141 - Resistance adjusting circuit and resistance adjusting method: A resistance adjusting circuit including, a reference resistor, a first power source configured to output a first voltage, a first current source configured to output a first current based on a reference current set by using the reference resistor, a first variable resistor, a second current source configured to output... Agent: Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

20140347143 - Balancing circuit: A balancing circuit comprises a first conductor path and a second conductor path. The first and second conductor paths are arranged in parallel with one another with respect to a signal flow. The first conductor path and the second conductor path are formed by a first stage and a second... Agent:

20140347142 - Transformer with integrated notch filter: Techniques for providing low-cost and effective jammer rejection for a radio receiver. In an aspect, a notch filter is provided between a transformer and a differential mixer in the receiver. The notch frequency of the notch filter may be selected to correspond to an expected jammer frequency to effectively attenuate... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140347144 - Systems and methods for manufacturing passive waveguide components: Various embodiments are directed toward systems and method for manufacturing low cost passive waveguide components. For example, various embodiments relate to low cost manufacturing of passive waveguide components, including without limitation, waveguide filters, waveguide diplexers, waveguide multiplexers, waveguide bends, waveguide transitions, waveguide spacers, and antenna adapters. Some embodiments comprise manufacturing... Agent: Aviat U.s., Inc.

20140347145 - High frequency circuit module: The high frequency circuit module includes an RFIC configured to transmit and receive a high frequency signal, a power amplifier IC configured to amplify a transmission signal outputted from the RFIC, and a duplexers configured to separate the transmission signal outputted from the power amplifier IC and inputted to an... Agent: Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

20140347146 - Filter: A filter includes a multilayer body including a plurality of insulator layers stacked on top of one another. Outer electrodes are provided on surfaces of the multilayer body. A first resonator is connected to a first one of the outer electrodes and includes a first coil. A second resonator is... Agent:

20140347147 - Coaxial filter with elongated resonator: A microwave filter has a housing defining an inner cavity. A first resonator is positioned in a first portion of the inner cavity. A second resonator is positioned in a second portion of the inner cavity. A third resonator is positioned in a third portion of the inner cavity. The... Agent:

20140347148 - Method of operation and construction of filters and multiplexers using multi-conductor multi-dielectric combline resonators: This invention provides novel combline resonators with multiple conductors and multiple dielectrics for compact filters and multiplexers with improved electric response. The novel combline resonator consists of multi-conductors being made up for the simplest case of an inner metallic post, an intermediate conductor, and an enclosure. This structure provides two... Agent:

11/20/2014 > 16 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140340165 - Ferrite circulator with integrated e-plane transition: A waveguide circulator system for an E-plane-layer transition includes a first waveguide including: at least N waveguide arms, and a first-interface aperture spanning a first X-Y plane on a bottom surface of a first waveguide arm, a ferrite element having N segments protruding into the N respective waveguide arms of... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140340166 - Non-reciprocal circuit element: A non-reciprocal circuit element includes a ferrite, a first central electrode and a second central electrode that are arranged on the ferrite so as to cross each other in an insulated state, and a permanent magnet configured to apply a DC magnetic field to a portion where the first and... Agent:

20140340167 - Differntial transmission circuit: A low pass filter 6 comprises an inductor unit 8 comprising first and second inductors 11 and 12, an input side capacitor unit 7 provided on a signal input side of the inductor unit 8, and an output side capacitor unit 9 provided on a signal output side of the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140340179 - Communication sheet, smart shelf: The communication sheet according to the present invention includes a dielectric layer including a dielectric substrate, a first conductor layer that is a conductor layer including a mesh sheet-like mesh conductor disposed on one surface of the dielectric substrate, wherein an opening region from where the mesh conductor is removed... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140340168 - Filter circuit and module: A filter circuit includes: a first band-pass filter, a second band-pass filter, a third band-pass filter and a fourth band-pass filter each having input and output terminals; a first terminal to which one of input and output terminals of first band-pass filter and one of input and output terminals of... Agent: Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

20140340169 - Reduced size cavity filter for pico base stations: An improved microwave cavity filter used in cellular communication systems such as base stations is disclosed. The cavity filter has a conductive housing forming a cavity therein and a hollow conductive resonator configured in the cavity with a folded hat shaped upper portion. A tuning screw extends from the top... Agent: Powerwave Technologies S.a.r.l.

20140340170 - Gfci compatible system and method for activating relay controlled lines having a filter circuit between neutral and ground: A GFCI compatible system and method for activating relay controlled lines having a filter circuit between neutral and ground is described herein. Specifically the disclosure teaches a GFCI compatible system for reducing CMN. A CMN Suppressor can comprise a hot line, a neutral line, and a ground line. The first... Agent:

20140340171 - Gfci compatible system and method for reducing common mode noise: A GFCI Compatible System and Method for Reducing Common Mode Noise is described herein. Specifically the disclosure teaches a GFCI compatible system for reducing common mode noise (CMN). A CMN suppressor can comprise a hot line, neutral line and ground line. The first ends of the hot line, neutral line... Agent:

20140340172 - Bulk acoustic wave resonator comprising a boron nitride piezoelectric layer: A bulk acoustic wave (BAW) resonator structure comprises: a first electrode disposed over a substrate; a piezoelectric layer disposed over the first electrode, the piezoelectric layer comprising boron nitride (BN); and a second electrode disposed over the first piezoelectric layer.... Agent: Avago Technologies GeneralIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20140340173 - Method, system, and apparatus for resonator circuits and modulating resonators: Embodiments of resonator circuits and modulating resonators and are described generally herein. One or more acoustic wave resonators may be coupled in series or parallel to generate tunable filters. One or more acoustic wave resonances may be modulated by one or more capacitors or tunable capacitors. One or more acoustic... Agent: Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation

20140340174 - Active filter with dual response: Based on an active low-pass filter structure comprising a main conductor line between an input port and an output port, consisting of an input conductor section, an output conductor section, and an inductance network in series between the input and output sections, the inductance network being coupled to the LC... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20140340175 - Signal transmission device, filter, and inter-substrate communication device: A signal transmission device includes substrates and resonance sections resonating at the predetermined resonance frequency. At least one of the substrates is formed with two or more resonators in the second direction, and the remaining one or two or more of the substrates are each formed with one or more... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20140340176 - Combline filter: A microstrip combline bandpass filter includes an input port, an output port, and a plurality of resonators each including a microstrip line having a first end and a second end. One of the plurality of resonators is connected to the input port, and another of the plurality of resonators is... Agent:

20140340177 - Resonant circuit, distributed amplifier, and oscillator: In order to provide a resonant circuit in which the variation in the coupling coefficient with the process fluctuation of the capacitance value is suppressed in a resonant circuit composed of a transmission line and a capacitance, a resonant circuit according to an exemplary aspect of the invention includes a... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140340178 - Multi-step deep reactive ion etching fabrication process for silicon-based terahertz components: A multi-step silicon etching process has been developed to fabricate silicon-based terahertz (THz) waveguide components. This technique provides precise dimensional control across multiple etch depths with batch processing capabilities. Nonlinear and passive components such as mixers and multipliers waveguides, hybrids, OMTs and twists have been fabricated and integrated into a... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20140340180 - Impedance matching switch circuit, impedance matching switch circuit module, and impedance matching circuit module: An impedance matching switch circuit module includes a first switch device connected to first and second high-frequency input/output terminals, a second switch device connected between the first high-frequency input/output terminal and a first matching terminal, and a third switch device connected between the second high-frequency input/output terminal and a second... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

11/13/2014 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140333387 - Conductor winding and inductors arranged to form a balun having a figure eight shape: A balun including a first conductor winding, a first inductor, a second inductor, a third inductor, and a fourth inductor. The first conductor winding has a figure eight shape including a first loop and a second loop. The first inductor and the second inductor substantially surround the first loop. The... Agent:

20140333389 - Adaptor for connecting microstrip line and waveguide: An adaptor for connecting a microstrip line and a waveguide is disclosed that includes a microstrip line part and a waveguide part. The microstrip line part includes a microstrip port pattern and a patch pattern on an upper portion of a substrate, where the patch pattern is joined to an... Agent: Ace Technologies Corporation

20140333388 - High-frequency transmission device: To reduce electromagnetic wave transmission loss, a connecting portion is provided on the end portion of a waveguide. A connecting portion has a first half and a second half, each made of a dielectric material. An antenna formed on a printed circuit board is interposed between the first half and... Agent: Molex Incorporated

20140333390 - Lcl high power combiner: A combiner includes N coaxial cables each configured to connect to a respective output of N radio frequency power amplifiers, where N is an integer greater than one. Each of the N coaxial cables is configured to receive an amplified radio frequency signal from a respective one of the N... Agent:

20140333391 - Elastic wave device: An elastic wave device includes a resonator and an inductor. One end of the inductor is connected to the resonator, and the other end of the inductor is connected to a ground electrode or a signal electrode. The elastic wave device includes a chip and a mounting substrate. The chip... Agent:

20140333392 - Filter device: A filter device includes a piezoelectric substrate, an IDT arranged on a major surface of the piezoelectric substrate to define a surface acoustic wave resonator, a wiring electrode that is electrically connected to the IDT, and an acoustic member located on a major surface of the piezoelectric substrate near or... Agent:

20140333393 - Ultra-wideband assembly system and method: An ultra-wideband assembly is provided. The assembly includes a non-conductive tapered core having a conductive wire wound on an outer surface of the non-conductive tapered core, a low-frequency inductor coupled to the non-conductive tapered core via the distal end of the conductive wire and configured to allow mounting of the... Agent:

20140333394 - Methods and devices for providing a compact resonator: A compact resonator is provided which includes a coupling that is connected to the resonator in between a resonator body and pedestal. The coupling may be keyed or otherwise fixed to prevent it from moving. Both deep drawn and solid resonator designs are provided.... Agent: Radio Frequency Systems, Inc

20140333395 - Rf window to be used in high power microwave systems: A high-power microwave RF window is provided that includes a cylindrical waveguide, where the cylindrical waveguide includes a ceramic disk concentrically housed in a central region of the cylindrical waveguide, a first rectangular waveguide, where the first rectangular waveguide is connected by a first elliptical joint to a proximal end... Agent:

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