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04/16/2015 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20150102858 - Distributed pole-zero compensation for an amplifier: An amplifier includes an amplifier input and an amplifier output. A compensation network is coupled to the amplifier output. The compensation network includes at least one RC network tuned to a frequency in which the amplifier operates. The compensation network provides at least one zero to compensate for at least... Agent:

20150102859 - Amplifying apparatus, communication apparatus and amplification method: An amplifying apparatus includes a decomposer, two amplifiers, a combiner, and a controller. The decomposer decomposes an input signal into two signals having different phases. The two amplifiers amplify the decomposed two signals, respectively. The combiner combines output of the amplifiers. The controller controls at least one of waveform information... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 8 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150097619 - Amplifier: An amplifier includes two input terminals to receive a differential, two-tone transmission signal; two output terminals; a coil having terminals connected with the input terminals respectively, and a center tap; a first transistor having the gate connected with one terminal of the coil, and the output terminal connected with one... Agent:

20150097618 - Distortion compensation apparatus and method therefor: A distortion compensation apparatus includes a pre-distorter, a gain control unit, and a learning unit. The pre-distorter adds distortion according to compensation coefficients to individual input signals prior to the input signals being input to a power amplifier. The gain control unit applies gain control to individual feedback signals fed... Agent:

20150097620 - Resonant pre-driver for switching amplifier: An arrangement and a method for improving the efficiency of a multistage switching amplifier using a resonant circuit element is presented. The multistage amplifier comprises a pre-diver amplifier, a final stage amplifier and a series L-C arrangement coupled between the pre-driver amplifier and the final stage amplifier. The series L-C... Agent: Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation

20150097621 - Capacitance minimization switch: A CMOS transmission gate that is compensated for lost current to parasitic capacitance. Parasitic capacitance current is detected by an amplifier and fed back in-phase to the input of the CMOS transmission gate with the gain of the amplifier set to avoid circuit instability. In a first example a transconductance... Agent: Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh

20150097622 - Amplifier circuit: An amplifier circuit has: a main amplifier connected between an input terminal and an output terminal, the main amplifier amplifying an input signal input to the input terminal and outputting an amplified signal to the output terminal; a compensation circuit comprising a variable delay circuit and a variable gain inverting... Agent:

20150097624 - Load compensation in rf amplifiers: Methods and systems for reducing parasitic loading on a power supply output in RF amplifier arrangements used in multiband and/or multitude RF circuits are presented. Such RF circuits can comprise a plurality of RF amplifiers of which only one is activated for a given desired transmission mode and/or band.... Agent: Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation

20150097623 - Power amplifiers with signal conditioning: A device includes an amplifier having a first path and a second path and a first variable attenuator connected to the first path. The device includes a controller coupled to the first variable attenuator. The controller is configured to determine a magnitude of an input signal to the amplifier. When... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20150097625 - Hybrid dc-dc converters for power amplifiers: Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, are provided for hybrid DC-DC converters. In one aspect, there is provided a method. The method may include tracking, by an envelope detector, an envelope of a signal being amplified by an amplifier. The method may further include supplying, by a first direct-current... Agent: Nokia Corporation

04/02/2015 > 16 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150091642 - Method and circuitry for multi-stage amplification: In an amplifier, a first stage receives a differential input voltage, which is formed by first and second input voltages, and outputs a first differential current in response thereto on first and second lines having respective first and second line voltages. A second stage receives the first and second line... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150091643 - Using fractional delay computations to improve intermodulation performance: Enhancing the intermodulation performance of an RF power amplifier by determining a coarse time delay represented by an integer T1; determining a reference point for a transmitted signal waveform of the RF power amplifier; shifting the waveform by a set of offsets comprising a plurality of non-integer fractional steps from... Agent: Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy

20150091644 - Class hd power amplifier: A multi-level amplifier including a converter circuit being supplied with a supply voltage and operable to generate at least two output voltages, a voltage comparator circuit adapted to compare each of the output voltages with the supply voltage to generate a driving signal, and an amplifier circuit being supplied with... Agent: Analog Devices Technology

20150091645 - Envelope tracking power transmitter using common-gate voltage modulation linearizer: An envelope tracking power transmitter includes an envelope amplifier, a common-gate power modulation linearizer and a power amplifier. The envelope amplifier may receive a first envelope voltage to generate a power supply voltage that is amplified in proportion to change of the first envelope voltage. The common-gate power modulation linearizer... Agent:

20150091646 - Current mode class ab low-noise amplifier and method of active cable termination: This invention relates to medical ultrasonic imaging systems and, in particular, phased array imaging systems operating in different scan formats and imaging modalities. More specifically, the invention relates to the front-end processing of ultrasonic echoes.... Agent: Supertex, Inc.

20150091647 - Reducing a settling time after a slew condition in an amplifier: In an amplifier, a first stage receives a differential input voltage, which is formed by first and second input voltages, and outputs a first differential current in response thereto on first and second lines having respective first and second line voltages. A second stage receives the first and second line... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150091648 - Amplifier circuit and operation method thereof: An amplifier circuit and an operation method thereof are provided. The amplifier circuit includes two stages of amplifiers. When the amplifier circuit is operated in a high gain mode, the two stages of amplifiers are operated normally to provide high gain. When the amplifier circuit is operated in a low... Agent: Novatek Microelectronics Corp.

20150091649 - Pulsed dynamic load modulation power amplifier circuit: A power amplifier circuit for amplifying an envelope modulated Radio Frequency (RF) signal with improved linearity and efficiency includes a power amplifier, and a variable load matching circuit coupled to an output port of the power amplifier. The input impedance of the variable load matching circuit is changed such that... Agent: Avago Technologies GeneralIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd

20150091650 - Amplifier with variable feedback impedance: A variable feedback impedance is presented capable of providing high linearity (e.g. as represented by 1P2 and 1P3) and high linear range (e.g. as represented by P1dB) when used in a feedback path of an RF amplifier in the presence of high voltage amplitudes.... Agent: Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation

20150091653 - Reconfigurable load modulation amplifier: A reconfigurable load modulation amplifier having a carrier amplifier and a peak amplifier that are coupled in parallel is disclosed. The peak amplifier provides additional power amplification when the carrier amplifier is driven into saturation. A quadrature coupler coupled between the carrier amplifier and the peak amplifier is configured to... Agent:

20150091652 - Semiconductor device: A semiconductor device includes a power amplifier for amplifying RF signals in multiple frequency bands, an output matching circuit connected to an output of the power amplifier, a first capacitor connected at a first end to an output of the output matching circuit, multiple output paths, a switch connected to... Agent:

20150091651 - Wideband doherty amplifier: Embodiments of a low-complexity and potentially physically small wideband impedance transformer that can be used in a combining network of a wideband Doherty amplifier are disclosed. In one embodiment, a wideband Doherty amplifier includes Doherty amplifier circuitry and a wideband combining network. The wideband combining network includes a wideband quarter-wave... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150091654 - High voltage wide bandwidth amplifier: A high voltage amplifier and a method of assembling and of operating a high voltage amplifier are described. The device includes a first metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) driven by a first gate drive circuit. The device also includes a second MOSFET driven by a second gate drive circuit and a... Agent: Raytheon Company

20150091655 - Optimal envelope tracking reference waveform generation: A method and apparatus is provided to improve upon the efficiency of a power amplifier. Suitable hardware/software in the form of circuitry, logic gates, and/or code functions to construct an envelope tracking waveform of an input communications signal and modulate the input supply voltage based on power amplifier circuitry operational... Agent:

20150091656 - Methods and devices for impedance matching in power amplifier circuits: Methods of turning on and/or turning off amplifier segments in a scalable periphery amplifier architecture are described in the present disclosure. The turning on and/or turning off the amplifier segments according to the various embodiments of the present can reduce spectral splatter in adjacent channels. In some embodiments, amplifier performance... Agent: Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation

20150091657 - Methods and devices for thermal control in power amplifier circuits: Methods of turning on and/or turning off amplifier segments in a scalable periphery amplifier architecture are described in the present disclosure. The turning on and/or turning off the amplifier segments according to the various embodiments of the present can reduce spectral splatter in adjacent channels. In some embodiments, amplifier performance... Agent: Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation

03/26/2015 > 13 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150084692 - Cmos rf switch device and method for biasing the same: According to certain aspects, a method includes determining whether to amplify a radio frequency (RF) signal by a first gain achievable by a first circuit or a second gain achievable by a second circuit, amplification of the first and second circuits respectively configured to be turned on or off by... Agent:

20150084690 - Gain invariant impedance feedback amplifier: A system includes a weighting element, a transconductance circuit, a feedback loop, and an auxiliary loop. In some implementations, the transconductance circuit may accept an input and provide a first portion of an output for amplification at a variable amplification level to generate an amplifier output. The feedback loop may... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150084691 - Switching amplifier and transmitter using same: The present invention is applied to a switching amplifier that includes a first high-side gate and a first low-side gate having output terminals connected together, and a high-side driver and a low-side driver that drive the first high-side gate and the first low-side gate, respectively. In the switching amplifier of... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150084693 - Programmable-gain instrumentation amplifier: A device comprises a first amplifier, a first resistive element that comprises a first resistor and a first dummy switch, a second amplifier, a second resistive element that comprises a second resistor and a second dummy switch, and a programmable resistive gain element operable to receive control input, wherein a... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150084694 - Buffer circuit having an enhanced slew-rate and source driving circuit including the same: A buffer circuit is provided. The buffer circuit includes an operational amplifier and a slew-rate compensating circuit. The operational amplifier amplifies an input voltage signal and generates an output voltage signal. The slew-rate compensating circuit generates a compensation current based on a voltage difference between the input voltage signal and... Agent:

20150084695 - Cascode amplifier: In one embodiment, a cascode amplifier includes an amplifier circuit, a replica circuit, a bias circuit, and a feedback circuit. The amplifier circuit includes a first transistor and a second transistor. The second transistor is cascode-connected to the first transistor. The replica circuit includes a third transistor and a fourth... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150084696 - Amplification circuit: An amplification circuit includes a first power supply; a first bipolar transistor whose collector is connected to the first power supply; a first resistor one terminal of which is connected to an emitter of the first bipolar transistor; a second bipolar transistor whose collector is connected to the other terminal... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150084697 - Amplifier: An amplifier is disclosed that avoids an increase in circuit scale and an increase in power consumption, and easily avoids the odd-order harmonics. This amplifier includes a MOS transistor including a plurality of gate fingers or a plurality of MOS transistors each including a single gate finger; a dielectric capacitor... Agent:

20150084698 - Power amplifier circuit: Linearity and power efficiency in a power amplifier circuit are enhanced. The power amplifier circuit includes a first transistor that amplifies a signal input to the base and that outputs the amplified signal from the collector and a first capacitor that is disposed between the base and the collector of... Agent:

20150084699 - Rf filter structure for antenna diversity and beam forming: Radio frequency (RF) front-end circuitry that includes control circuitry and an RF filter structure that includes a plurality of resonators are disclosed. In one embodiment, a first tunable RF filter path is defined by a first set of the plurality of resonators such that the first tunable RF filter path... Agent:

20150084700 - Systems and methods of rf power transmission, modulation and amplification: Methods and systems for vector combining power amplification are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a plurality of signals are individually amplified, then summed to form a desired time-varying complex envelope signal. Phase and/or frequency characteristics of one or more of the signals are controlled to provide the desired phase, frequency,... Agent:

20150084701 - Integrated power supply and modulator for radio frequency power amplifiers: An integrated power supply and modulator system includes integrated power supply and modulator system includes three subsystems: a switched-capacitor voltage balancer stage; a magnetic regulation stage; and at least one output switching stage. In one embodiment, the integrated power supply and modulator system further includes startup circuitry, feedback/feedforward circuitry and... Agent: Eta Devices, Inc.

20150084702 - Electrostatic discharge (esd) circuitry: Embodiments of the present disclosure describe electrostatic discharge (ESD) circuitry and associated techniques and configurations. In one embodiment, ESD circuitry includes a first node coupled with a supply voltage node and a ground node, a first transistor coupled with the first node and the supply voltage node, a second transistor... Agent: Triquint Semiconductor, Inc.

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