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05/21/2015 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150137884 - Amplifier circuit: An amplifier circuit is disclosed comprising: an input terminal configured to receive a radio frequency input signal; an output terminal configured to provide a radio frequency output signal; a first transistor having a first collector, a first emitter, and a first base; a second transistor having a second collector, a... Agent:

20150137885 - Dual path rf amplifier circuit: A dual path RF amplifier circuit including two or more amplifiers that are configurable as to any combination of class of operation, biasing, and power ratio to achieve a desired power curve for the amplifier circuit. In one example, an RF amplifier circuit includes an input coupler that generates at... Agent:

20150137886 - Power supply device, transmission device using same, and method for operating power supply device: A power supply device includes a switching amplification unit that supplies power to a load, a linear amplification unit that corrects an output voltage applied to the load according to an input signal, and a power supply control unit that controls the power supply of the linear amplification unit according... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150137887 - Rail-to-rail line driver using differential cascode bootstraping: Aspects of rail-to-rail line drivers using differential cascode bootstrapping are described. In one embodiment, a differential line driver includes first and second differential driver output legs. The first output leg includes a first p-type cascode stack and a first n-type cascode stack, and the second output leg includes a second... Agent:

20150137888 - Input clamping structure for sound quality improvement in car-radio class-ab power amplifier design: A clamping circuit for a class AB amplifier includes a reference voltage circuit, four NPN Darlington transistors having inputs coupled to the reference voltage circuit, and outputs for providing four clamped voltages and a split NPN Darlington transistor having an input coupled to the reference voltage circuit, and four separate... Agent:

20150137890 - Devices and methods for improving yield of scalable periphery amplifiers: Device and methods for improving consistency of operation and therefore yield of sealable periphery amplifiers is described, Amplifier size of the scalable periphery architecture can be adjusted to obtain part-to-part consistency of operating performance as per a defined/desired set of criteria. Amplifier segments of the scalable periphery architecture can be... Agent: Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation

20150137889 - Devices and methods for increasing reliability of scalable periphery amplifiers: Devices and methods for improving reliability of sealable periphery amplifiers is described. Amplifier segments of the sealable periphery architecture can be rotated to distribute wear. Further, extra amplifier segments can be implemented on amplifier dies to extend the overall lifetime of amplifiers.... Agent: Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation

20150137891 - Multi-mode power amplifier and mobile communication terminal having the same: A multi-mode power amplifier comprises a regulation control circuit, an AMP 1, a demultiplexer, an AMP 2, a low power output matching circuit, a medium power output matching circuit, and a high power output matching circuit. In low power mode, the regulation control circuit controls AMP 1 to work in... Agent: China Uni-chip Technologies Inc.

20150137892 - Polarity-switching amplifier circuit: A polarity-switching amplifier circuit includes: a first amplifying transistor and a second amplifying transistor, a transformer which includes a primary winding and a secondary winding, and a polarity-switching controller. An unbalanced input signal is input to the first amplifying transistor and the second amplifying transistor. The transformer receives an output... Agent: Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Lt D.

20150137893 - Parallel correction amplifier: A power supply stage and a method of controlling the same comprising: a means for generating an intermediate supply signal in dependence on a reference signal representing a desired power supply; and a plurality of adjusting means, each adapted to generate an adjusted supply signal tracking the reference signal, in... Agent:

20150137894 - Rf power amplifier and operating method thereof: A multiband RF power amplifier includes a first band RF amplifier circuit, a second band RF amplifier circuit and a second band power detection circuit. The second band RF amplifier circuit subjects an RF input signal having a frequency band to power amplification and generates an RF amplifier output signal.... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150130535 - Joint optimisation of supply and bias modulation: There is disclosed a technique for controlling at least one amplification stage, comprising: selecting a linearity objective for the amplification stage; in dependence on an input signal to said amplification stage, determining a combination of supply input and bias input for the amplification stage in order to meet said linearity... Agent:

20150130536 - Mixer: A mixer comprising a ladder having at least two resistances arranged in series and an input configured to receive an input signal and apply it across the ladder, said ladder including an output arrangement comprising at least three branches, a first branch branching from a first end of the ladder,... Agent:

20150130537 - Power amplification module: Disclosed is a power amplification module which has a comparatively small size and is capable of adjusting the rising characteristic of a gain. The power amplification module includes a first gain control current generation circuit which generates a first gain control current changing with a control voltage, a first bias... Agent:

20150130538 - Differential amplifier circuit: In one embodiment, a differential amplifier circuit includes a first input terminal, a second input terminal, a first transistor, a second transistor, a third transistor, a current source, a first output terminal, a second output terminal, a first passive element, and a second passive element. The first (second) transistor has... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150130539 - Quasi-differential rf power amplifier with high level of harmonics rejection: A quasi-differential amplifier with an input port and an output port. The amplifier has a phase shifter network with a first port connected to the input port, a second port, and a third port. A first amplifier has an input connected to the second port of the phase shifter network,... Agent:

20150130540 - Amplifier: An amplifier includes a first transformer configured to output first differential signals, a first differential amplifier coupled to the first transformer, a second transformer coupled to the first differential amplifier, a second differential amplifier coupled to the second transformer, a third transformer configured to transform second differential signals output from... Agent:

20150130541 - Doherty amplifier: A Doherty amplifier (300) is provided, it comprises: a main amplifier (301) and a peak amplifier (302); a first microstrip (303) with λ/4 electric length connected between the main amplifier and the peak amplifier; a second microstrip (304) with electric length connected between a junction of outputs of the peak... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

05/07/2015 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150123731 - Amplifier circuit with cross wiring of direct-current signals and microwave signals: Disclosed is an amplifier circuit with cross wiring of direct-current signals and microwave signals. The circuit includes a circuit network unit formed of a direct-current feeding circuit and a microwave power signal circuit. The direct-current feeding circuit comprises a high-electron-mobility transistor (HEMT) drain power-up bonding point, a corresponding line, a... Agent: China Electronics Technology Group Corporation No. 55 Research Institute

20150123732 - Rf amplifier: A two-stage RF amplifier is provided. The first stage is a common-emitter transistor arrangement with a purely reactive degeneration impedance and an output impedance with a reactive component matched in frequency response to the degeneration impedance. The second stage is a buffer amplifier. The first amplifier can be designed for... Agent:

20150123733 - Power control: An amplification stage comprising: an input scaling block for scaling an input signal in dependence on an input scaling factor to generate a scaled version of the input signal; a power amplifier for generating an amplified version of the scaled input signal; an envelope detector for generating a signal representing... Agent:

20150123734 - Quasi-doherty architecture amplifier and method: An amplifier including a main amplifier circuit and at least one peaking amplifier circuit. The peaking amplifier circuit is selectively operable to operate in combination with the main amplifier circuit. The main amplifier circuit and the peaking amplifier circuit each include an active device operation as an inverse Class-F amplifier... Agent: Andrew LLC

20150123735 - Reduced bandwith of signal in an envelope path for envelope tracking system: An envelope tracking power amplifier system comprising an RF input path and an envelope path for providing a modulated power amplifier supply, further comprising a plurality of envelope detectors for detecting the envelope of a plurality of frequency bands of an input signal and each generating an output signal, and... Agent:

20150123736 - Wideband driver amplifier: A wideband driver amplifier with embedded passive filtering and gain peaking is described. The wideband driver amplifier comprises a voltage to current circuit, a passive band-selection filter, and a current to voltage circuit. The driver amplifier features an Embedded CLC-Ladder band-selection filter and thereby immune to process variations.... Agent: University Of Macau

04/30/2015 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150116032 - Pre-distortion based power control: An apparatus comprises an amplifier and a pre-distortion circuit coupled to an input of the amplifier. A saturation value of an input signal corresponds to a maximum output power of an output signal of the amplifier. An input target value of the input signal is determined according to the saturation... Agent:

20150116033 - Impedance matching system that has a transformer and method for tuning a system using a transformer: A system that includes an amplification circuit; a resonant circuit that is arranged to receive the amplified signal and to output an resonant circuit output signal; wherein the resonant circuit comprises a continually tuned variable capacitor; a transformer that is arranged to receive the resonant circuit output signal and to... Agent:

20150116034 - Input buffer apparatuses and methods: Apparatuses and methods are disclosed, including an apparatus with a first differential amplifier to amplify an input signal into a first output signal, a second differential amplifier to amplify the input signal into a second output signal that is complementary to the first output signal, and a feedback resistance coupled... Agent:

20150116035 - Digital calibration of programmable gain amplifiers: A programmable gain amplifier (PGA) includes an op amp, an input circuit, a feedback circuit, and a calibration circuit. The input circuit is connected between a PGA input node and an op-amp input node and selectively applies the analog input signal to the op-amp input node. The feedback circuit is... Agent:

20150116036 - Amplifier circuit: An amplifier circuit includes: first and second nodes configured to receive input of differential signals; third and fourth nodes; a plurality of first inductors configured to be connected in series between the first and second nodes; a plurality of second inductors configured to be connected in series between the third... Agent:

20150116037 - Variable matching circuit and amplifier: A variable matching circuit includes a transformer which is disposed between first and second transistor circuits. A primary inductor device and a secondary inductor device are magnetically coupled in the transformer. The primary inductor device is connected between an output terminal of the first transistor circuit and a bias circuit... Agent:

20150116038 - Resistance multiplier: This document discusses, among other things, a resistance multiplier configured to provide a more specific and controllable resistance value, the resistance multiplier including an amplifier configured to control a resistance across a first transistor using a received reference resistance value and to control a resistance across a second transistor using... Agent:

20150116039 - Adaptive adjustment of power splitter: A device includes a power splitter configured to couple to an amplifier having a first path and a second path. The device includes a controller coupled to first and second variable attenuators and first and second adjustable phase shifters. The controller is configured to monitor a phase shift and an... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20150116040 - Amplifier: An amplifier includes a transistor chip, a matching chip with a capacitor group having multiple MIM capacitors, each of the MIM capacitors including a lower electrode, a dielectric, and an upper electrode, a bonding wire that electrically connects the transistor chip to the upper electrode of any one of the... Agent:

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