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11/13/2014 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140333374 - Travelling wave amplifier providing cascade units each including dynamic cascade transistor whose collector output fed-back to base input: A traveling wave amplifier including differential circuits to suppress the backward wave effect is disclosed. The differential amplifier includes two cascade units providing a switching transistor, a static cascade transistor, and a dynamic cascade transistor connected in series. The dynamic cascade transistor provides a feedback circuit to feed the collector... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20140333375 - Method and circuit for driving a switch-mode amplifier array: A circuit arrangement for generating the drive signals for at least three radio frequency switch-mode amplifiers is described. The circuit arrangement comprises at least two switch-mode amplifiers performing RF out-phasing, and at low RF power level, the average switching frequency—averaged over time and over all switch-mode amplifiers—is less than the... Agent:

20140333377 - Capture buffer of digital predistortion systems: An improved DPD system includes a predistortion module having at least one predistortion function. The predistortion module is configured to receive and subsequently process a baseband signal. The system also includes a power amplifier configured to receive the processed baseband signal from the predistortion module. The system further includes a... Agent: Zte Corporation

20140333376 - Scalable digital predistortion system: The scalable digital predistortion system provides a behavioral model that can be used to model and compensate for the nonlinear distortions of power amplifiers and transmitters. The predistorter and update algorithms make the model/DPD scalable in terms of signal bandwidth and average power, allowing for low complexity update following changes... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20140333379 - Broadband power amplifier having high efficiency: A wideband power amplifier module includes a plurality of switch mode amplifiers and a plurality of impedance amplifier modules. Each switch mode amplifier includes an input to receive an input signal, and an RF output to output an RF power signal. The switch mode amplifier includes at least one semiconductor... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140333378 - Circuit arrangement for generating a radio frequency signal: A circuit arrangement for generating a radio frequency signal is described. The circuit arrangement comprises an RF output port, a shunt capacitor connected to the RF output port, at least two switch-mode amplifiers, each switch-mode amplifier comprising a switch-mode amplifier output port and a series inductive circuit element connected between... Agent:

20140333380 - Class ab differential line drivers: An output stage of a differential line driver generates a differential output signal. A common-mode component of the differential output signal is decoupled from the differential output signal using a common-mode voltage sense. The common-mode component of the differential output signal is provided to a capacitor that is coupled between... Agent:

20140333381 - Apparatus and methods for buffer linearization: Apparatus and methods for buffer linearization are provided. In certain implementations, an amplifier includes a buffer circuit and a gain circuit. The buffer circuit includes a buffer transistor pair used to buffer a differential input signal to generate a differential buffered signal. Additionally, the gain circuit includes a gain transistor... Agent:

20140333382 - Method and system for providing automatic gate bias and bias sequencing for field effect transistors: A feedback gate bias circuit for use in radio frequency amplifiers to more effectively control operation of LDFET, GaNFET, GaAsFET, and JFET type transistors used in such circuits. A transistor gate bias circuit that senses drain current and automatically adjusts or biases the gate voltage to maintain drain current independently... Agent:

20140333383 - Quadrature lattice matching network: Embodiments include but are not limited to apparatuses and systems including a quadrature lattice matching network including first path having a series inductor and a shunt inductor, and a second path having a series capacitor and a shunt capacitor. Other embodiments may be described and claimed.... Agent:

20140333384 - Circuits and methods related to low-noise amplifiers having improved linearity: Disclosed are circuits and methods related to low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) having improved linearity. In some embodiments, a radio-frequency (RF) amplifier circuit can include a first amplifying transistor configured to amplify an RF signal. The RF amplifier circuit can further include a switchable inductance circuit that couples the first amplifying transistor... Agent:

20140333385 - Dual-band semiconductor rf amplifier device: There is described a dual-band semiconductor RF amplifier device. The device comprises (a) a transistor (205) having an output capacitance (CO), (b) a first shunt element (210) arranged in parallel with the output capacitance, the first shunt element comprising a first shunt inductor (L1) connected in series with a first... Agent: Nxp B.v.

11/06/2014 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140327480 - Instrumentation amplifier with rail-to-rail input range: A system and method for adjusting a common mode output voltage in an instrumentation amplifier is provided. In one aspect, the common mode output voltage is increased or decreased with respect to the common mode input voltage to enable high amplification of the signal input to the instrumentation amplifier. Moreover,... Agent:

20140327481 - Digital hybrid mode power amplifier system: A RF-digital hybrid mode power amplifier system for achieving high efficiency and high linearity in wideband communication systems is disclosed. The present invention is based on the method of adaptive digital predistortion to linearize a power amplifier in the RF domain. The power amplifier characteristics such as variation of linearity... Agent: Dali Systems Co., Ltd.

20140327482 - Radio frequency power amplifier with no reference voltage for biasing and electronic system: A radio frequency (RF) power amplifier with no reference voltage for biasing is disclosed. The RF power amplifier includes a three-terminal current source circuit, a current mirror circuit and an output-stage circuit. The three-terminal current source circuit receives a first system voltage and accordingly outputs a first current and a... Agent: Advanced Simiconductor Engineering Inc.

20140327483 - Complementary metal oxide semiconductor power amplifier: An RF power amplifier circuit is disclosed. A driver amplifier stage includes a first set of a plurality of amplifier transistors in a cascode configuration, a driver amplifier stage input, and a driver amplifier stage output. A final amplifier stage includes a second set of a plurality of amplifier transistors... Agent: Rfaxis, Inc.

20140327484 - Systems and methods of rf power transmission, modulation, and amplification, including control functions to transition an output of a miso device: Embodiments of the present invention include a method and system for control of a multiple-input-single output (MISO) device. For example, the method includes partitioning a waveform constellation space into a plurality of regions, where each region of the plurality of regions is associated with one or more control functions of... Agent: Parkervision, Inc.

20140327485 - Power module for envelope tracking: A power module at least includes an ET (Envelope Tracking) module. The ET module includes a buck converter, an inductor, and a capacitor. The buck converter is coupled to a work voltage. The buck converter has a first input terminal for receiving a first control signal, a second input terminal... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 10 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140320205 - Autotransformer-based impedance matching circuits and methods for radio-frequency applications: Disclosed are devices and methods related to autotransformer-based impedance matching for radio-frequency (RF) applications. In some embodiments, an impedance matching device can include a primary metal trace and a secondary metal trace, each having a respective number of turns. Such metal traces can be interconnected to form an autotransformer with... Agent:

20140320206 - Method and system for a pseudo-differential low-noise amplifier at ku-band: Methods and systems for a pseudo-differential low-noise amplifier at Ku-band may comprise a low-noise amplifier (LNA) integrated on a semiconductor die, where the LNA comprises differential pair transistors with an embedded inductor tail integrated on the semiconductor die. The embedded inductor tail may comprise: a first inductor with a first... Agent: Maxlinear, Inc.

20140320207 - Low noise variable gain amplifier utilizing variable feedback techniques with constant input/output impedance: Variable feedback architecture and control techniques for variable gain amplifiers (VGAs) concurrently maintain, across a wide range of VGA gain settings, minimal input and output impedance variations, a low noise figure, low rates of change in noise figure, high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), high quality of service (QoS), low distortion, high... Agent:

20140320208 - Adaptive operational amplifier bias current: An operation amplifier (op amp) having a bias current detection circuit that monitors the bias current flowing in an output stage of the op amp. When the bias current detection circuit detects that too much current is being wasted, e.g., sunk to ground, then the amount of bias current is... Agent: Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

20140320209 - Time amplifier and method for controlling the same: Provided is a time amplifier. The time amplifier includes: an SR latch providing an output at a timing determined according to a time difference between two inputs; and an operation determination unit connected to a power terminal of the SR latch and configured to determine an operation of the SR... Agent:

20140320210 - Power amplifier transistor characteristic stabilization during bias switching: Communications equipment including communications equipment for wireless communications may benefit from power amplifier transistors having stabilized characteristics. For example, certain power amplifier transistors may benefit from having their characteristics stabilized during bias switching. An apparatus can include a power amplifier device. The apparatus can also include a voltage or current... Agent:

20140320211 - Distributed amplifier with improved stabilization: A distributed amplifier with improved stabilization includes an input transmission circuit, an output transmission circuit, at least one cascade amplifier coupled between said input and output transmission circuits. Each cascade amplifier includes a common-gate configured transistor coupled to the output transmission circuit, and a common-source configured transistor coupled between the... Agent:

20140320212 - Radio frequency power amplifiers: A radio frequency power amplifier amplifies an input signal at an input port, and produces an output signal at an output port. The power amplifier may include one or more amplifier stages. An amplifier stage may include an active device, and a feedback network. The feedback network may include one... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140320214 - Doherty power amplification apparatus and method: A multi-way Doherty power amplifier, DPA, is disclosed, comprising a first path comprising a carrier amplifier or at least one carrier amplifier segment partitioned from the carrier amplifier; a second to N-th paths each comprising at least one carrier amplifier segment and/or at least one peaking amplifier segment partitioned from... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140320213 - Radio frequency power amplifier circuit and method: An amplifier circuit is disclosed for providing a radio frequency output signal having a variable signal envelope, comprising a main amplifier device and an auxiliary amplifier and a combiner network for combining an output signal from said first amplifier device and a second output signal from said second amplifier device... Agent:

10/23/2014 > 13 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140312967 - Chopper amplifier: A chopper amplifier includes a chopper modulator to modulate a certain detection signal and a bias voltage by a certain control signal and output a chopper modulation signal, a first differential amplifier to differentially amplify the chopper modulation signal from the chopper modulator and output a differential modulation signal, a... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20140312968 - Differential output inductor for class d amplifier: A circuit includes a first input terminal for receiving a first pulsed voltage and a second input terminal for receiving a second pulsed voltage. The circuit further includes a load and an LC filter. The LC filter includes a coupled inductor pair that includes a first winding and a second... Agent: Versatile Power, Inc.

20140312969 - Power control: A Class E amplifier having a FET with a transistor (T2) connected via a serial “LC” circuit to the load, and connected to a supply voltage via a constant current source, the amplifier further including a resonant controller, wherein the resonant controller provides power control for an AC application and... Agent:

20140312970 - Power supply circuit: A power supply circuit includes: a push-pull amplifier unit which amplifies an input signal with a push-pull amplification protocol; a variable power supply unit which varies, with a control signal, the voltage level of a power supply voltage which is supplied to the push-pull amplifier; a switch control unit which,... Agent: Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

20140312971 - Differential amplifier circuit: A differential amplifier circuit includes a differential amplification unit suitable for amplifying difference between signals of an input terminal and a complementary input terminal, receiving the same voltage level through the input terminal and the complementary input terminal at a measurement period, and receiving an input signal and a complementary... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140312972 - High-frequency amplifier circuit, semiconductor device, and magnetic recording and reproducing device: A high-frequency amplifier circuit includes a balanced-unbalanced converter converting a single-ended signal into differential signals. The output of a first amplifier amplifying the single-ended signal is connected to the signal terminal on the unbalanced side of the balanced-unbalanced converter. The input of a second amplifier amplifying one of the differential... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20140312973 - Low noise amplifier: Provided is a low noise amplifier. The low noise amplifier includes an input transistor receiving and amplifying a signal, an output transistor amplifying the signal amplified by the input transistor, and an inverting unit inverting the signal which is amplified by the input transistor and applying the inverted signal to... Agent: Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University

20140312974 - Apparatus and methods for envelope shaping in power amplifier systems: Apparatus and methods for envelope shaping in power amplifier systems are provided. In certain implementations, a power amplifier system includes a modulator for generating a RF signal, a power amplifier for amplifying the RF signal, a gain control circuit for controlling the gain of the power amplifier, and an envelope... Agent: Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

20140312976 - Amplfiers and related integrated circuits: Apparatus are provided for amplifier systems and related integrated circuits are provided. An exemplary integrated circuit includes a main amplifier arrangement, first impedance matching circuitry coupled between the output of the main amplifier arrangement and a first output of the integrated circuit, a peaking amplifier arrangement, and second impedance matching... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20140312975 - Amplifier using nonlinear drivers: A device includes a Doherty amplifier having a main path and a peaking path. The Doherty amplifier includes a main amplifier configured to amplify a signal received from the main path and a peaking amplifier configured to amplify a signal received from the peaking path when the signal received from... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20140312977 - Apparatus and methods for reducing capacitive loading of an envelope tracker: Apparatus and methods for reducing capacitive loading of an envelope tracker are disclosed. In one embodiment, a wireless device comprises an envelope tracker including an output configured to generate a power amplifier supply voltage, a plurality of power amplifiers, and a power supply network configured to provide the power amplifier... Agent:

20140312978 - High-frequency module: A high-frequency module includes a wiring substrate including an electrode pattern layer and a via electrode, a plurality of amplifier circuits that are configured to respectively amplify signals in different frequency bands received at the input terminal, and a plurality of matching circuits and a plurality of filter circuits that... Agent:

20140312979 - Amplifying circuit including active inductor: An amplifying circuit includes a first transistor configured to convert an input voltage signal to a current signal, a second transistor configured to convert the current signal to an output voltage signal, and a variable active inductor in which resistors and a switch are arranged between a gate and a... Agent:

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