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Miscellaneous active electrical nonlinear devices, circuits, and systems

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11/13/2014 > 28 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20140333346 - Phase-rotating phase locked loop and method of controlling operation thereof: A phase-rotating phase locked loop (PLL) may include first and second loops that share a loop filter and a voltage controlled oscillator in order to perform the operation of a phase-rotating PLL, the first and second loops configured to activate in response to an enable signal. The PLL may further... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140333347 - Comparator: A comparator includes a first comparison unit configured to compare an input signal with a first signal and a second comparison unit configured to compare the input signal with a second signal having a voltage value lower than a voltage value of the first signal in a case where a... Agent: Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

20140333348 - Current-to-voltage converter and electronic apparatus thereof: A current-to-voltage converter which is used to receive an input current and to generate an output voltage accordingly comprises a current tracking bias circuit, a current-to-voltage unit, and a voltage clamp bias circuit. The current tracking bias circuit generates a first bias according to the input current. The current-to-voltage unit... Agent: Ili Technology Corp.

20140333349 - Clock correction circuit and clock correction method: An operation clock generation circuit performs calculation on the basis of the frequency errors of a fundamental clock and the clock pulses of the fundamental clock, and generates an operation clock obtained by correcting the frequency errors at first intervals. A correction clock generation circuit converts a lower-bit value that... Agent:

20140333350 - Variable frequency circuit controller: Apparatus and methods for distributing spurious tones through the frequency domain are disclosed. One such apparatus can include a dithering circuit configured to generate a sequence of numbers that exhibit statistical randomness and a variable frequency circuit configured to adjust a frequency of an output based on the sequence of... Agent:

20140333351 - Automatic loop-bandwidth calibration for a digital phased-locked loop: A phase-locked loop digital bandwidth calibrator includes a digital loop filter having a gain multiplier memory and a perturbation unit configured to generate a calibration offset signal to initiate a calibration. Additionally, the phase-locked loop digital bandwidth calibrator also includes a digital bandwidth calibration unit configured to provide a corrected... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140333353 - Managing clock and recovery data: Disclosed are various embodiments for a clock and data recovery (CDR) system. The CDR system comprises a transition detection stage and a clock recovery stage. The transition detection stage is responsible for receiving the data signal and detecting whether a transition exists in the data signal by oversampling the data... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140333352 - Systems and methods for acquiring a received data signal in a clock and data recovery circuit: A clock a data recovery circuit (CDR) operates recovers data from a serial input signal. The CDR uses oversampling to sample the serial input signal at multiple phases. The multiple phases are generated from a reference clock that is not locked to the data rate of the serial input signal.... Agent:

20140333354 - Charge pump, a phase locked loop circuit and a charge pump method: The invention discloses a charge pump, a phase locked loop circuit and a charge pump method. The charge pump comprises an input port, a switch and an output port. The input port receives a phase frequency adjustment parameter. The switch switches a first current on or off, according to the... Agent:

20140333355 - Phase-locked loops that share a loop filter and frequency divider: A shared loop filter includes an input port configured to selectively receive a first input from a first charge pump. The first charge pump is connected to a first phase locked loop (PLL) in a first die. The input port is further configured to selectively receive a second input from... Agent:

20140333357 - Circuits, apparatuses, and methods for delay models: Circuits, apparatuses, and methods are disclosed for delay models. In one such example circuit, a first delay model circuit is configured to provide a first output signal by modeling a delay of a signal through a path. A second delay model circuit is configured to provide a second output signal... Agent:

20140333356 - Signal distribution networks and related methods: A signal distribution network has segments that each have a buffer circuit, a transmission line coupled to the buffer circuit, an inductor coupled to the buffer circuit through the transmission line, and a variable capacitance circuit coupled to the inductor and coupled to the buffer circuit through the transmission line.... Agent: Rambus Inc.

20140333359 - Apparatuses and methods for delaying signals using a delay line with homogenous architecture and integrated measure initialization circuitry: Apparatuses and methods for delaying signals using a delay line are described. An example apparatus includes a controller configured to in a first mode, set a delay length, and, in a second mode, to determine an initial delay. The apparatus further including a delay line circuit coupled to the controller... Agent:

20140333358 - Re-circulating time-to-digital converter (tdc): A re-circulating time-to-digital converter (TDC) can include a triggered reference ring oscillator (TRRO) and a delay module. The triggered reference ring oscillator can, when triggered by a reference signal edge, generate a periodic ring oscillator signal with a ring oscillator period that is a selected ratio of a voltage-controlled oscillator... Agent:

20140333360 - Modulated clock synchronizer: The present invention relates to a signal synchronization circuit comprising at least one synchronizer (2.1-2.2) comprising a number N of series connected clock delay elements (3.1-3.3), N being equal to or greater than unity and a clock signal generator (1) arranged for generating a modulated clock signal adapted to clock... Agent:

20140333361 - Event-driven clock duty cycle control: Duty cycle error vectors that indicate both the magnitude and direction of the duty cycle error relative to a desired duty cycle are generated within a duty cycle measurement circuit, enabling threshold-based determination of whether duty cycle adjustment is necessary, refraining from power-consuming adjustment and follow-up measurement in those cases... Agent: Rambus Inc.

20140333362 - Sleep mode circuit and a method for placing a circuit into sleep mode: A first circuit is configured to communicatively couple to a second circuit including an analog circuit and a digital circuit. The first circuit comprises a lock unit and a sleep unit. The lock unit is configured to receive a lock enable signal and to lock a configuration signal of the... Agent:

20140333363 - Semiconductor device: There is provided a semiconductor device having: a latch circuit having a plurality of data holding nodes; a first capacitance element connected to the first data holding node included in the plurality of data holding nodes; and a first switch element provided between the first data holding node and the... Agent: Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

20140333364 - Tunable clock distribution system: A memory-like structure composed of variable resistor elements for use in tuning respective branches and leaves of a clock distribution structure, which may be used to compensate for chip-by-chip and/or combinatorial logic path-by-path delay variations, which may be due, for example, to physical variations in deep submicron devices and interconnections,... Agent:

20140333365 - Semiconductor device: An object is to prevent malfunction of a power device. In a semiconductor device for driving a power device for power supply, a buffer circuit and a level-shift circuit are configured by transistors having the same conductivity type. Furthermore, a capacitor is provided in the level-shift circuit, and a signal... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20140333366 - Battery management system with mosfet boost system: A boost converter for driving the gate of n-channel MOSFET power devices is described. The boost converter includes a monitoring circuit and a kick start circuit to quickly bring the boost converter online when required to drive the MOSFET on.... Agent: Zoll Circulation, Inc.

20140333367 - Metal-oxide-semiconductor (mos) voltage divider with dynamic impedance control: Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (MOS) voltage divider with dynamic impedance control. In some embodiments, a voltage divider may include two or more voltage division cells, each voltage division cell having a plurality of Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (MOS) transistors, a least one of the plurality of MOS transistors connected to a signal path and at least... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20140333368 - Charge distribution: A charge distributor comprises a charge generator configured to output a charge, a current conveyor, and a plurality of output stages. The current conveyor is configured to receive the charge from the charge generator as an input and to couple this charge to a plurality of output stages. A first... Agent: Synaptics Incorporated

20140333369 - Key module and signal generating method thereof: A key module and a signal generating method of the key module are provided. The key module is suitable for an electronic device, the electronic device has a processing system, and the key module includes a detecting module and a controller. The detecting module includes a main electrode conductor and... Agent: Ite Tech. Inc.

20140333370 - Output circuit and voltage signal output method: a first NMOS transistor and a second NMOS transistor connected in series between a low potential side power supply and the output node; a bias voltage generation circuit outputting a first bias voltage to a first bias node connected to a gate terminal of the second PMOS transistor and a... Agent: Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

20140333371 - Power boosting circuit for semiconductor packaging: A microelectronic package includes a microelectronic element operable to output a discrete-value logic signal indicating an imminent increase in demand for current by at least some portion of the microelectronic element. An active power delivery element within the package is operable by the logic signal to increase current delivery to... Agent: Tessera, Inc.

20140333372 - Universal filter implementing second-order transfer function: An apparatus includes a biquad filter having first and second lossy integrators and multiple input networks. Each lossy integrator includes an amplifier, and each input network is coupled to an input of the amplifier in one of the lossy integrators. Each input network includes multiple resistors and a capacitor arranged... Agent:

20140333373 - Sharp programmable filters using periodically time-varying components: A method and apparatus for selective programmable filtering using analog circuits with time-varying components (e.g., resistances, capacitances) is presented. An analog front end receives an electronic signal and filters said signal by a passive or active continuous-time filter, having a combination of equivalent memory-less (e.g., resistive) and memory (e.g., capacitive... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

11/06/2014 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140327472 - Frequency detection apparatus with internal output voltage which changes along with input signal frequency: A frequency detection apparatus includes: a constant current generator, arranged for providing a constant current to a voltage output terminal; a first capacitor, coupled between the voltage output terminal and a first reference voltage; a first transistor, which has a first connection terminal coupled to the voltage output terminal, a... Agent: Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

20140327473 - Method and apparatus for a programmable frequency divider: A dual-edge triggered variable frequency divider for use in digital frequency synthesis is disclosed. The variable frequency divider utilizes a multiphase clock and a logic unit, including both positive and negative edge triggered unit delay elements connected in parallel. The variable frequency divider generates a clock pulse from a signal... Agent:

20140327474 - System for reducing noise in a chemical sensor array: A system including a power supply and a clock circuitry to generate a plurality of clock signals. Each clock signal is synchronous with a primary clock signal. First, second, and third clock signals of the plurality of clock signals are asynchronous to each other. The system further includes a plurality... Agent:

20140327475 - Power arbitration method and apparatus having a control logic circuit for assessing and selecting power supplies: A power selector for switching power supplies is implemented using a variety of methods and devices. According to an example embodiment of the present disclosure, an arrangement provides power to a circuit by selecting between a first supply and a second supply. The first power circuit provides a regulated level... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140327476 - Voltage detection circuit: A voltage detection circuit includes a reference voltage and current supply configured to generate a reference voltage and a reference current; a switching element configured to shift from an off-state to an on-state when the reference voltage is higher than a predetermined threshold voltage; a current mirror circuit allowing a... Agent:

20140327477 - Phase locked loop system with bandwidth measurement and calibration: A phase locked loop (PLL) system includes a PLL and a calibration circuit. The PLL has a reference clock input, a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) clock output, and a feedback clock output. The calibration circuit provides a reference clock signal to the reference clock input of the PLL, induces first... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20140327478 - Wideband frequency synthesizer and frequency synthesizing method thereof: A wideband frequency synthesizer and a frequency synthesizing method thereof are provided. The wideband frequency synthesizer includes a phase-locked loop unit, a first voltage-controlled oscillating unit and a first frequency mixer unit. The phase-locked loop unit receives a reference signal and a feedback signal and generates a first oscillating signal... Agent: National Sun Yat-sen University

20140327479 - Efficient gate drivers for switched capacitor converters: An apparatus for converting voltage includes terminals coupled to external circuits at corresponding voltages and a switching network having driving circuits and semiconductor switches that interconnect capacitors in successive states to one another and to the terminals. The switches interconnect some capacitors to one another through a series of switches... Agent: Arctic Sand Technologies, Inc.

10/30/2014 > 34 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20140320171 - Electronic circuit: An electronic circuit includes: a weighting circuit configured to generate a first current by weighting and combining a first input signal and a second input signal in accordance with a modifiable coefficient and to generate a second current by weighting and combining a first inverted signal and a second inverted... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140320172 - Current-to-voltage converter and electronic apparatus thereof: A current-to-voltage converter comprises a gain circuit, a flip circuit, and a chopper circuit. The gain circuit receives an input current, and amplifies the input current to generate an amplified current. The flip circuit receives the amplified current, and uses the amplified current to charge or discharge a capacitor thereof... Agent: Ili Technology Corp.

20140320173 - Fractional phase locked loop having an exact output frequency and phase and method of using the same: A fractional-N frequency synthesizer having an exact output frequency and phase includes a phase locked loop including a phase detector responsive to a reference signal and a fractional divider. The phase locked loop has an output signal whose frequency is a fractional multiple of the input reference signal. The synthesizer... Agent:

20140320177 - Circuit for driving high-side transistor: A circuit for driving a transistor includes a drive circuit, a first voltage boost circuit and a second voltage boost circuit. The drive circuit has a first specific node, a second specific node, and a third specific node coupled to a control node of the transistor. The drive circuit is... Agent: Mediatek Singapore Pte. Ltd.

20140320175 - Gate driving circuit: A gate driving circuit includes a first input terminal, a second input terminal, a third input terminal, an output terminal, a first transistor, a second transistor, a third transistor, and a capacitor. The first terminal of the first transistor is coupled to the first input terminal. The control terminal of... Agent: Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd.

20140320174 - Integrated circuits with laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor structures: Integrated circuits with improved LDMOS structures are provided. An integrated circuit includes a semiconductor substrate, a plurality of shallow trench isolation (STI) regions, each extending at least a first depth below an upper surface of the semiconductor substrate. The STI regions electrically isolate devices fabricated in the semiconductor substrate. The... Agent: Globalfoundries Singapore Pte, Ltd.

20140320178 - Intelligent gate driver for igbt: A reverse-conducting insulated gate bipolar transistor, particularly a bi-mode insulated gate transistor, is controlled by responding to an ON command by applying high-level gate voltage for a first period, during which a current is fed into a connection point, from which it flows either through the RC-IGBT or along a... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20140320176 - Semiconductor device: A semiconductor device includes: a transistor circuit including a power supply terminal and a back gate terminal; a variable resistance connected between a first voltage terminal and the power supply terminal; and a control circuit controlling the variable resistance based on a digital signal in which a difference voltage is... Agent: Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

20140320179 - Signal generating apparatus for generating power-on-reset signal: A signal generating apparatus, for generating a power-on-reset signal, including a bias circuit and a power-on-reset signal generating circuit is disclosed. The bias circuit is for generating an output bias voltage, and includes at least one bipolar junction transistor (BJT), wherein a base terminal of the BJT is coupled to... Agent:

20140320180 - Semiconductor device: In aspects of the invention, a semiconductor device can include one level shift circuit that outputs a low-side input signal as a high-side signal upon raising a signal level, a pulse modulation circuit that operates in a low-side region, generates a data symbol constituted by or more bits and representing... Agent:

20140320182 - Geographic locating remote endpoint monitor device, system, and methodology thereof: A phase-locked loop frequency synthesizer includes an L-state pulse width modulator configured to receive a reference frequency signal and at least one entry from a frequency table, and to output at least one N/N+1 modulus signals corresponding to the at least one entry from the frequency table. The synthesizer includes... Agent: Sensus Spectrum LLC

20140320181 - Phase locked loop with simultaneous locking to low and high frequency clocks: A phase-locked loop to is simultaneously synchronized to high and low frequency clocks by (i) locking an output of the phase-locked loop to a high-frequency reference clock, (ii) measuring at a high rate a first phase difference between the high-frequency reference clock and the output of the phase-locked loop, (iii)... Agent: Microsemi Semiconductor Ulc

20140320185 - Pll circuit: A PLL circuit includes: a phase comparator for detecting a phase difference between a reference signal and a feedback signal; a first charge pump for outputting a current Ipr according to a detection result of the phase comparator; a second charge pump for outputting a current Iint according to the... Agent:

20140320184 - Pll frequency synthesizer with multi-curve vco implementing closed loop curve searching: A phase-locked loop circuit using a multi-curve voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) having a set of operating curves, each operating curve corresponding to a different frequency range over a control voltage range. The phase-locked loop circuit includes a digital control circuit configured to generate a curve select signal using a closed loop... Agent:

20140320183 - Pll frequency synthesizer with multi-curve vco implementing closed loop curve searching using charge pump current modulation: A phase-locked loop circuit using a multi-curve voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) having a set of operating curves, each operating curve corresponding to a different frequency range over a control voltage range. The phase-locked loop circuit includes a phase and frequency detector driving a charge pump and a digital control circuit configured... Agent:

20140320186 - Phase locked loop with precise phase and frequency slope limiter: Phase slope is controlled in a phase locked loop wherein a phase error signal controlling a controlled oscillator has a proportional component and an integral component, by determining whether the proportional component falls within a range bounded by upper and lower limit values. The proportional component is combined with the... Agent: Microsemi Semiconductor Ulc

20140320187 - Buffer circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit: A buffer circuit section receives an input clock, and outputs an output clock by wave-shaping the input clock, a measurement circuit section measures a first pulse width at a first potential level of the output clock and a second pulse width at a second potential level of the output clock,... Agent: Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

20140320188 - Scannable fast dynamic register: A scannable fast dynamic register including a data and scan enable circuit, a precharge circuit, a select circuit, a store circuit, and a scan input enable circuit. The data and scan enable circuit pulls a first precharge node to a discharge node in response to the clock upon evaluation in... Agent: Via Technologies, Inc.

20140320189 - Programmable bus signal hold time without system clock: A circuit is disclosed that provides a programmable hold time for a bus signal without running a system clock and without a frequency requirement between the system clock and a bus clock.... Agent: Atmel Corporation

20140320190 - Power supply induced signal jitter compensation: Examples of circuits and methods for compensating for power supply induced signal jitter in path elements sensitive to power supply variation. An example includes a signal path coupling an input to an output, the signal path including a delay element having a first delay and a bias-controlled delay element having... Agent:

20140320191 - Differential analog signal processing stage with reduced even order harmonic distortion: The even order harmonic distortion in a differential circuit is reduced or eliminated by treating the amplitude and phase mismatch sources that cause the distortion as impedance mismatches, and utilizing switched resistor circuitry that adjusts the load resistance to reduce the effects of the amplitude mismatch sources, and switched capacitor... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140320192 - Interpolation circuit and receiving circuit: An interpolation circuit includes: a plurality of holding circuits configured to each hold a corresponding input data input chronologically; and a generating circuit configured to generate interpolation data by giving weights, based on an interpolation code, to input data that are chronologically adjacent to each other and are held by... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140320193 - Semiconductor device: A semiconductor device includes a first layer of a first-type, a second layer of a second-type formed on the first layer, a third layer of the first type formed on the second layer, a first electrode connected to the second and third layers, a second electrode connected to the first... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140320196 - Control device and method for actuating a semiconductor switch: A control device for influencing a flow of energy in a load circuit between an electrical voltage source and an electrical load, having a semiconductor switch including a conductive section which is formed between an input connection and an output connection, can be looped into the load circuit, and has... Agent:

20140320194 - Solid state power controller gate control: A system for controlling gate power includes a metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) configured to supply power to a load according to a gate control voltage applied to a gate of the MOSFET. The system includes a gate control circuit configured to turn on and off the gate... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140320195 - Universal contact input apparatus and method for operating the same: At a contact input circuit, a voltage at a switching device is sensed and the voltage is associated with a status of a switching device. The contact input circuit is operated according to the sensed voltage regardless of the value of the sensed voltage. The power usage of the contact... Agent: Ge Intelligent Platforms, Inc.

20140320197 - Gate driver circuit: In High Voltage CMOS technologies the supply voltage is typically higher than the maximum allowed gate voltage. In a switching output stage of amplifiers such class-D amplifiers and DC-DC converters the gates of the power field effect transistors need to be charged quickly. This requires a gate driver that is... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140320198 - Protective device for a voltage-controlled semiconductor switch: A protective device for a voltage-controlled semiconductor switch has a gate connection, a power emitter connection, an auxiliary emitter connection and a collector connection. The semiconductor switch can switch a current between the collector connection and the power emitter connection. A voltage-limiting device limits the voltage between the gate connection... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140320200 - Touch switch and control panel: A technique reduces erroneous judgment due to effects of noise accompanying PWM control while using PWM control for brightness adjustment of light-emitting diodes disposed proximate of an electrode. An electrode is disposed proximate of operating portions that are subject to touch operations by unit of a conductive body. An operating... Agent: U-shin Ltd.

20140320199 - Touchscreen routing flow for single layer pattern: A touch sensor comprising a plurality of first electrode lines along a first direction, each of the first electrode lines comprising a plurality of first electrodes; a plurality of second electrode lines along a second direction that is substantially perpendicular to the first direction, each of the second electrode lines... Agent:

20140320201 - Apparatuses and methods for providing capacitance in a multi-chip module: Apparatuses, multi-chip modules, capacitive chips, and methods of providing capacitance to a power supply voltage in a multi-chip module are disclosed. In an example multi-chip module, a signal distribution component may be configured to provide a power supply voltage. A capacitive chip may be coupled to the signal distribution component... Agent:

20140320202 - Apparatus and method for extending bandwidth and supressing phase errors in multi-phase signals: Described herein is an integrated circuit which comprises: a first buffer, with positive trans-conductance, to drive a first signal with first phase; and a second buffer, with negative trans-conductance, to drive a second signal with second phase, wherein the first buffer and the second buffer are cross-coupled to one another.... Agent:

20140320203 - Semiconductor device: A method for bypassing a defective through silicon via x in a group of n adjacent through silicon vias, includes receiving a plurality of relief signals to identify the defective through silicon via x, activating x−1 switch circuits to connect x−1 data circuits to through silicon vias 1 to x−1... Agent:

20140320204 - Adjustable mos resistor: A variety of circuits, methods and devices are implemented for providing an adjustable resistance. According to one such implementation an adjustable resistive device includes a metal-oxide semiconductor (MOS) transistor having a gate, a drain, a source, and a body. First circuitry controls a resistance from drain to source by applying... Agent: Nxp B.v.

10/23/2014 > 34 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20140312933 - Low noise comparator for high resolution adc: A low noise comparator for a high resolution ADC is provided. The comparator includes: an inputter configured to receive a signal and amplify the signal; and an outputter configured to output a result of comparing the signal output from the inputter, wherein an inductor is connected to an input terminal... Agent: Korea Electronics Technology Institute

20140312934 - Low-power magnetic slope detecting circuit: One embodiment of the present invention relates to a method and apparatus to perform a low power activation of a system by measuring the slope of a digital signal corresponding to a motion sensor measurement value. In one embodiment, a low power activation circuit is coupled to magnetic motion sensor... Agent:

20140312935 - Common mode voltage multiplexer: A circuit and a system that uses the circuit for connecting a plurality of input channels to a receiving device. The circuit includes a plurality of DMOS switches, each of which connects a respective one of the input channels to the receiving device in response to a respective control signal.... Agent: Analog Devices Technology

20140312936 - Methods and architectures for extended range arbitrary ratio dividers: One of the most important RF building blocks today is the frequency synthesizer, or more particularly the programmable frequency divider (divider). Such dividers preferably would support unlimited range with continuous division without incorrect divisions or loss of PLL lock. The inventors present multi-modulus dividers (MMDs) providing extended division range against... Agent:

20140312938 - Frequency multiplier: A frequency multiplier includes: a multiphase signal generator configured to generate multiphase signals in response to a source signal; a pulse generator configured to generate a plurality of pulse signals in response to the multiphase signals; and a synthesizer configured to generate a frequency multiplication signal in response to edges... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140312937 - Multi-band frequency multiplier: A multi-band frequency multiplier configured to generate frequencies and multiplied frequencies in an integrated system. The multi-band frequency multiplier includes a multi-band multiplier core with a multiplier core differential amplifier configured to receive a multiplier input signal. A switchable load impedance connects to the multiplier core differential amplifier, and includes... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20140312939 - Method and apparatus for reducing audio band noise in a periodic wave signal: A triangular waveform generator includes a square waveform clock circuit and an integrating circuit. The integration circuit receives input from the square waveform clock circuit and generates a triangular waveform output. A feedback circuit is operatively connected to the integrating circuit to reduce the audio band noise content in the... Agent: Rgb Systems, Inc.

20140312940 - Semiconductor device with clock-based signal input circuit: A semiconductor device includes a signal input circuit suitable for synchronizing an input signal with a dock signal and receiving the dock signal as a power source when the input signal has a first phase.... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140312941 - Coarse lock detector: A coarse lock detector for a delayed locked loop (DLL) is disclosed. The coarse lock detector includes multiple detection cells. Each detection cell receives a delayed clock phase and an output of a previous detection cell as inputs. To increase time for the output of the previous detection cell to... Agent:

20140312942 - Phase-locked loop outputs with reduced reference spurs and noise: In some examples, a circuit is described. The circuit may include a voltage-controlled oscillator that may be configured to generate an output signal. The circuit may also include a control signal generation unit that may be configured to generate a control signal based on the output signal. The control signal... Agent: Washington State University

20140312943 - Phase-locked loop device with managed transition to random noise operation mode: A phase-locked loop device is configured to manage a transition from a relaxation-oscillation mode to a random noise operation mode. It is designed for progressively reducing proportional and integral coefficients that are implemented in a loop filter of the PLL device. Recovering the last values formerly used for the proportional... Agent: Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation

20140312944 - Charge pump phase-locked loop circuits: A charge pump phase-locked loop circuit includes an active loop filter, an adjustable reference voltage source, and a charge pump. The active loop filter includes an amplifier that has a negative input node, a positive input node, and an output node. The adjustable reference voltage source is coupled to the... Agent: Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

20140312945 - Delay locked loop: A delay locked loop, comprises: a phase detector, wherein the phase detector generates output signals as a function of a reference clock signal and a feedback clock signal; a charge pump, wherein the charge pump generates a charge pump voltage as a function of the output signals; a bias generation... Agent:

20140312946 - Methods and systems for calibration of a delay locked loop: A method for calibrating a delay locked loop (“DLL”) having a plurality of delay segments, comprises: determining segment delay values for the delay segments; calculating a full-cycle delay value for an input signal to the DLL; adjusting one or more of the segment delay values as a function of the... Agent: Kool Chip, Inc.

20140312947 - Wave clocking: Embodiments provide systems and methods for dynamically regulating the clock frequency of an integrated circuit (IC) based on the IC supply voltage. By doing so, the clock frequency is no longer constrained by a worst-case voltage level, and a higher effective clock frequency can be supported, increasing the IC performance.... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140312948 - Method and system for synchronizing the phase of a plurality of divider circuits in a local-oscillator signal path: A method and system for synchronizing the output signal phase of a plurality of frequency divider circuits in a local-oscillator (LO) or clock signal path is disclosed. The LO path includes a plurality of frequency divider circuits and a LO buffer for receiving a LO signal coupled to the plurality... Agent: Mediatek Singapore Pte. Ltd.

20140312949 - Apparatus for output buffering having half-swing rail-to-rail structure: There is provided an apparatus for output buffering having a half-swing rail-to-rail structure. The apparatus provides output buffering by using a switch structure in order to attain a high slew rate and low power characteristics, thereby reducing current consumption. The provided apparatus for output buffering having a half-swing rail-to-rail structure... Agent: Magnachip Semiconductor, Ltd.

20140312950 - Data holding circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit device: A circuit including: an input stage that includes a first input unit into which input data is input and a pair of first output units and is driven by a first power-supply voltage; a pair of first gate elements that includes first transistors, and is driven by a clock that... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140312951 - Adaptive voltage scalers (avss), systems, and related methods: Adaptive voltage scalers (AVSs), systems, and related methods are disclosed. The AVSs are configured to adaptively adjust voltage levels powering a functional circuit(s) based on target operating frequencies and delay variation conditions to avoid or reduce voltage margin. In one embodiment, the AVS includes an AVS database. The AVS database... Agent:

20140312952 - Analog delay lines and adaptive biasing: Examples of analog delay lines and analog delay systems, such as DLLs incorporating analog delay lines are described, as are circuits and methods for adaptive biasing. Embodiments of adaptive biasing are described and may generate a bias signal for an analog delay line during start-up. The bias signal may be... Agent:

20140312953 - Equalizer circuit and receiver circuit including the same: An equalizer circuit includes an input terminal, a pull-up driving unit suitable for pull-up driving an output terminal based on a signal of the input terminal, a pull-down driving unit suitable for pull-down driving the output terminal, and a capacitor connected between the input terminal and the output terminal.... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140312954 - High-voltage multi-level shifter for ultrasound applications and transmit/receive channel for ultrasound applications using said level shifter: A multi-level shifter includes a first branch having first and second transistors coupled between a higher voltage terminal and a lower voltage terminal. The multi-level shifter comprises a second branch, in parallel with the first branch, having: a third transistor, coupled between said higher voltage reference terminal and an output... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.i.

20140312955 - Balun mixer circuits: A single-balanced balun mixer circuit includes a balun with a center tap connected to a differential pair with a tail resistor. The balun receives a first input signal and a second signal at the single-ended input terminal and the center tap, respectively. Such a balun mixer may be used as... Agent: Linear Technology Corporation

20140312956 - Post fabrication tuning of an integrated circuit: An integrated circuit 2 includes a transistor 26 Which has a normal switching speed arising during normal operations of that transistor that apply electrical signals within normal ranges. If it is desired to change the speed of operation of the transistor, then speed tuning circuitry 12 applies a tuning electrical... Agent: Arm Limited

20140312957 - Devices and methods for improving voltage handling and/or bi-directionality of stacks of elements when connected between terminals: Devices and methods for improving voltage handling and/or bi-directionality of stacks of elements when connected between terminals are described. Such devices and method include use of symmetrical compensation capacitances, symmetrical series capacitors, or symmetrical sizing of the elements of the stack.... Agent: Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation

20140312958 - Devices and methods for improving voltage handling and/or bi-directionality of stacks of elements when connected between terminals: Devices and methods for improving voltage handling and/or bi-directionality of stacks of elements when connected between terminals are described. Such devices and method include use of symmetrical compensation capacitances, symmetrical series capacitors, or symmetrical sizing of the elements of the stack.... Agent: Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation

20140312959 - Current switching device with igct: An exemplary current switching device includes an integrated gate-commutated thyristor with an anode, a cathode, and a gate, wherein a current between the anode and the cathode is interruptible by applying a switch-off voltage to the gate; and a gate unit for generating the switch-off voltage. The gate unit and... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20140312960 - Semiconductor device and operating method thereof: A substrate including a plurality of transistors, and a piezoelectric formed to be contacted with the substrate. The piezoelectric is formed heat-expendably in a direction parallel to a gate direction of the transistors.... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140312961 - Semiconductor device compensating for negative bias temperature instability effects and related methods of operation: A semiconductor device comprises a metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) transistor circuit configured to receive a body bias voltage, and a negative bias temperature instability compensation (NBTIC) circuit configured to measure a negative bias temperature instability level on the MOS transistor circuit using an operating timing variation measuring unit and to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140312962 - Capacitive switch having high accuracy: There is provided a capacitive switch including a drive circuit, a detection circuit, a reference circuit and an identification unit. The drive circuit inputs identical drive signals to the detection circuit and the reference circuit. The detection circuit detects a touch according to a capacitance variation. The detection circuit outputs... Agent: Pixart Imaging Inc.

20140312963 - Switchable current source circuit and method: a switchable current source in which a reference voltage value to be used in driving the gate of an output transistor is sampled and stored. The reference voltage is derived using a reference current source which feeds a current sensing transistor. The current sensing transistor is turned off when the... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140312964 - Reconfigurable high-order integrated circuit filters: Voltage and current mode reconfigurable nth-order filters (RNOFs) fabricated in a 0.18 μm CMOS process are disclosed. The RNOFs utilize an inverse-follow-the-leader-feedback (IFLF) signal path with summed outputs, resulting in a follow-the-leader-feedback-summed-outputs (FLF-SO) filter topology. The FLF-SO filter uses multi-output current amplifiers (CAs). Inverse-follow-the-leader-feedback-summed-outputs (IFLF-SO) and inverse-follow-the-leader-feedback-distributed-outputs (IFLF-DI) structures are... Agent:

20140312965 - Variable admittance circuit: A programmable variable admittance circuit may be used in a programmable filter or a variable gain amplifier in a number of different applications including tuners and other RF receiver circuits. A variable admittance circuit and operation is described including a number of switchable admittance elements arranged in parallel branches. The... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140312966 - Active emc filter: a half-bridge comprising two switching devices (T3, T4; T1, T2) connected in cascade between a positive supply voltage and a negative supply voltage; a smoothing circuit (RgN, LgN; RgU, RgU) connected between a common node of said switching devices and said star point; and a control unit (Drive_N, Drive_U) driving... Agent: Schaffner Emv Ag

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