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Miscellaneous active electrical nonlinear devices, circuits, and systems

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04/16/2015 > 18 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150102840 - Cascoded comparator with dynamic biasing for column parallel single slope adcs: Aspects of the invention may comprise receiving a first input signal and a second input signal via respective first and second input transistors. A biasing signal, generated by a cascode bias generator, that tracks the first input signal, where the biasing signal has a fixed offset with respect to the... Agent:

20150102841 - Circuit for current sensing in high-voltage transistor: An integrated circuit including a high-voltage n-channel MOS power transistor, a high-voltage n-channel MOS blocking transistor, a high-voltage n-channel MOS reference transistor, and a voltage comparator, configured to provide an overcurrent signal if drain current through the power transistor in the on state exceeds a predetermined value. The power transistor... Agent:

20150102842 - Apparatuses and methods for conversion of radio frequency (rf) signals to intermediate frequency (if) signals: Various embodiments implement apparatuses and methods for conversion of radio frequency (RF) signals to intermediate frequency (IF) signals. More particularly, some embodiments are directed toward down conversion of RF signals to IF signals in a multi-band radio receiver, such as a satellite receiver, using a single oscillator for different frequency... Agent:

20150102843 - Oscillation circuit, oscillator, electronic device, and moving object: An oscillation circuit, an oscillator, an electronic device and a moving object, having at least a serial interface and an output enabling function, which are capable of implementing the control of output enabling without performing exclusive switching control using a switch, are provided. The oscillation circuit generates an oscillation signal... Agent:

20150102844 - Apparatuses, methods, and circuits including a delay circuit: Apparatuses, methods, and delay circuits for delaying signals are described. An example apparatus includes a fine delay circuit configured to provide an output signal based on a ratio of a first input signal and a second input signal. The fine delay circuit including a phase mixer circuit including first signal... Agent:

20150102845 - Phase locked loop: A circuit includes a phase locked loop and a logic IC. The phase locked loop is coupled to the logic IC. The logic IC is configured for generating an adaptive residue according to a first parameter and a second parameter. The phase locked loop is configured for providing the first... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150102846 - Distributing multiplexing logic to remove multiplexor latency on the output path for variable clock cycle, delayed signals: A controller sets a selector register of programmable delay signal logic is to a value equal to a required number of clock cycles of delay for signals output from an integrated circuit to an external memory. The controller controls a selection of additional logic along the output path to perform... Agent:

20150102847 - Semiconductor circuit and semiconductor system: An example embodiment discloses a flip-flop including a first inverter configured to invert first data, first and second transistors connected to each other in series and configured to receive the inverted first data and a first clock, respectively, a third transistor and a first gate configured to perform a logic... Agent:

20150102848 - Cmos input buffer circuit: A high-linearity CMOS input buffer circuit is provided for neutralizing non-linearity of follower circuits' transconductance and output impedance resulting from input signals' variation. In doing so, the linearity of CMOS input buffer is improved. The buffer circuit includes a CMOS input follower circuit, a linearity improvement circuit of follower transistor,... Agent:

20150102849 - Level-shift circuits compatible with multiple supply voltage: A level-shift circuit, receiving a supply voltage and a input signal, includes a pre-stage voltage conversion circuit and a post-stage voltage conversion circuit. The pre-stage voltage conversion circuit includes a first voltage protection module generating an inner conversion voltage and a first voltage conversion module converting the input signal into... Agent:

20150102850 - Decoupling circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit: A decoupling circuit includes an inverter. The inverter includes i (i is an integer of 1 or more) PMOS transistors each having a first gate electrode, and j (j is an integer of 0 or more) PMOS transistors each having a second gate electrode. The inverter includes m (m is... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20150102851 - Method, control unit and switching device for switching a cycle in a power transistor circuit: A method for switching a cycle in a power transistor circuit is created, especially in a parallel circuit of power transistors. The method includes the step of specifying a switching time difference and the switching of the power transistors of two switching times which are separate from one another by... Agent:

20150102852 - Stressed substrates for transient electronic systems: A stressed substrate for transient electronic systems (i.e., electronic systems that visually disappear when triggered to do so) that includes one or more stress-engineered layers that store potential energy in the form of a significant internal stress. An associated trigger mechanism is also provided that, when triggered, causes an initial... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20150102853 - Wake up bias circuit and method of using the same: A wake up circuit includes a bias signal control block configured to receive a sleep signal and to generate a plurality of bias control signals. The wake up circuit further includes a bias supply block configured to receive each bias control signal of the plurality of bias control signals and... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20150102854 - High efficiency charge pump circuit: The present document relates to charge pump voltage doublers for use in integrated circuits. A charge pump circuit configured to generate an output voltage Vout at an output of the circuit from an input voltage Vin at an input of the circuit is described. The circuit further comprises a boosting... Agent:

20150102855 - Semiconductor device: There is provided a semiconductor device in which an influence of a power source noise is suppressed and the number of pins and the area of the semiconductor device are reduced. A power source line for a first internal circuit and a power source line for a second internal circuit... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20150102856 - Programmable bandgap reference voltage: Embodiments may include a method, system and apparatus for providing a reference voltage supply. A series resistor is provided between a power supply and a bandgap circuit coupled to an amplifier. A shunt transistor circuit is operatively coupled to the series resistor. A programmable output voltage is provided based upon... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20150102857 - Voltage generator, integrated circuit, and voltage generating method: A voltage generator includes: a first pump configured to generate and output a first voltage to a first node in response to a first clock signal; a second pump configured to generate and output a second voltage to a second node in response to the first clock signal; a third... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

04/09/2015 > 22 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150097596 - Cascoded comparator with dynamic biasing for column parallel single slope adcs: Aspects of the invention may comprise receiving a first input signal and a second input signal via respective first and second input transistors. A biasing signal, generated by a cascode bias generator, that tracks the first input signal, where the biasing signal has a fixed offset with respect to the... Agent:

20150097597 - Common well bias design for a driving circuit and method of using same: A driving circuit includes a common well. The driving circuit further includes a first output buffer having a bulk connected to the common well, the first output buffer having a first terminal configured to receive a first signal, and having a second terminal connected to the common well. The driving... Agent:

20150097599 - Circuit device and electronic device: The invention provides a motor driver including pre-drivers for a bridge circuit, delay circuits, and a delay setting register, wherein in order to suppress short-circuit current caused at the time of signal switching in the bridge circuit, the delay circuits are set based on delay time information in the delay... Agent:

20150097598 - Communication protocol: The application generally relates to apparatus for driving high voltage power switching devices such as IGBTs. An aspect provides a method of adding a sensing capability to a device driver for driving at least one high voltage power switching device of a power switching apparatus having device side circuitry comprising... Agent:

20150097600 - Pwm controller with drive signal on current sensing pin: An integrated circuit (IC) having a pin having some dead-time when the pin is ineffective for use for a first purpose. The pin is used for a different purpose during that time wherein the pin is utilized to measure current when a main power transistor of a voltage converter is... Agent:

20150097601 - Semiconductor device: To provide a semiconductor device provided with a power-on reset circuit that can reliably detect decrease in power-supply voltage. The power-on reset circuit provided on the semiconductor device includes: a first comparison circuit that compares a primary voltage with a reference value; and a second comparison circuit that compares a... Agent:

20150097602 - Programmable slew rate phase locked loop: A system includes a first phase-locked loop (PLL) circuit, a slew rate limiter and a second PLL. The first PLL is configured to receive an input signal, generate a first output identifying a frequency associated with the input signal, and generate a second output identifying phase information associated with the... Agent:

20150097603 - Apparatus and method for offset cancellation in duty cycle corrections: An electronic device includes a clock configured to transmit a first clock signal and a second clock signal for operation of the electronic device; a duty cycle corrector coupled to the clock to correct a duty cycle of the first and second clock signals, the duty cycle corrector being configured... Agent:

20150097604 - Semiconductor device including a clock adjustment circuit: Disclosed herein is a semiconductor device that includes a first circuit comprising a plurality of first logic elements coupled in cascade and configured, in response to first and second clock signals and a control signal, to produce control information that indicates a first number of the first logic elements through... Agent:

20150097605 - Duty correction circuit and method: A duty correction circuit includes a duty ratio control unit suitable for generating an output clock by adjusting the duty ratio of an input clock, a code generation unit suitable for detecting a duty of the output clock and generating a first duty ratio control code based on the detection... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150097606 - Signaling method using constant reference voltage and devices thereof: A semiconductor device includes a receiver configured to receive a reference voltage via a first input terminal, receive an input signal via a second input terminal, and generate an output signal by comparing the reference voltage to the input signal with each other. A termination circuit associated with the input... Agent:

20150097607 - Integrated circuit and operation method thereof: An integrated circuit and an operation method thereof are provided. The integrated circuit includes a voltage detecting unit, a central processing unit, a memory unit and a control unit. The voltage detecting unit detects a system voltage and correspondingly outputs a voltage state signal. The central processing unit has at... Agent:

20150097608 - System and method for controlling circuit input-output timing: An integrated circuit (IC) includes a plurality of input/output (I/O) terminals through which signals pass into or out of the IC and an I/O timing module. The I/O timing module is configured to add propagation delay to signals passing between the I/O terminals and I/O subsystems of the IC. The... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150097609 - Apparatuses and methods for controlling delay circuits during an idle state to reduce degradation of an electrical characteristic: Apparatuses and method for controlling delay circuits during an idle state to reduce degradation of an electrical characteristic is disclosed. An example apparatus includes a delay line circuit including a plurality of delay stages, and further includes a delay line control circuit coupled to the delay line circuit. The delay... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20150097610 - Method and system for delta double sampling: An array of sensors arranged in matched pairs of transistors with an output formed on a first transistor and a sensor formed on the second transistor of the matched pair. The matched pairs are arranged such that the second transistor in the matched pair is read through the output of... Agent:

20150097611 - Voltage follower having a feed-forward device: A circuit is described that includes a voltage follower device and a feed-forward device. In an implementation, the circuit includes a voltage follower device that includes an input and an output. The voltage follower device is configured to transfer a voltage signal at least substantially unchanged from the input to... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20150097612 - Level shifter of driving circuit and operating method thereof: A level shifter applied in a driving circuit of a display is disclosed. The level shifter includes a first stage of level shifting unit and a second stage of level shifting unit and used to convert an input voltage signal with low voltage level into an output voltage signal with... Agent:

20150097613 - Gate clamping: A circuit is described that includes a switch, a switchable clamping element coupled to the switch, and a driver configured to control the switch based at least in part on a driver control signal. The driver is further configured to enable or disable the switchable clamping element. The switchable clamping... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20150097614 - Method and a switch device for producing an electrical signal in response to mechanical force: A switch device for producing one or more electrical signals in response to mechanical force includes a body-part (101) and one or more electric transducers (102-105) connected to the body-part and arranged to produce the one or more electrical signals in response to mechanical force directed to the body-part. The... Agent: Wallac Oy

20150097615 - Operating and manufacturing a dc-dc converter: Manufacturing a DC-DC converter on a chip includes: providing a die having a p-type top side and an n-type bottom side; removing an interior portion, creating a hole; flipping the interior portion; inserting the interior portion into the hole; fabricating high-side switch cells in the interior portion's top side and... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150097616 - Differential circuit system: A differential circuit system is provided. The differential circuit system includes: a different circuit set including a plurality of differential circuits, a voltage regulator, and a current drainage circuit set. The differential circuits are electrically connected between a first node and a second node, and each differential circuit generates a... Agent:

20150097617 - H-bridge gate control circuit: A gate control circuit for controlling gates of at least a half side of an H-bridge circuit includes: an input terminal configured to connect to a PWM signal; a power terminal configured to connect to a voltage source that supplies a positive voltage; a ground terminal configured to connect to... Agent: Avantwave Limited

04/02/2015 > 25 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20150091617 - Low-latency, frequency-agile clock multiplier: In a first clock frequency multiplier, multiple injection-locked oscillators (ILOs) having spectrally-staggered lock ranges are operated in parallel to effect a collective input frequency range substantially wider than that of a solitary ILO. After each input frequency change, the ILO output clocks may be evaluated according to one or more... Agent:

20150091618 - Sample and hold circuit and source driver including the same: A sample and hold circuit may include: a main sample and hold circuit configured to sample and hold pixel information of an organic light emitting diode (OLED) cell, and output a first output signal; and a dummy sample and hold circuit configured to sample and hold a reference voltage in... Agent:

20150091619 - Semiconductor apparatus: A semiconductor apparatus include a signal level switching decision unit and a transmitter unit. The signal level switching decision unit generates a switching control signal according to off-current of transistors included therein. The transmitter unit outputs a transmitter input signal as a transmitter output signal in response to a switching... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150091620 - Reducing current variation when switching clocks: An apparatus includes a glitchless divider and a glitchless multiplexer. The glitchless divider may be configured to generate a first system clock in response to a divider value and a clock signal received from a first source. The divider value changes from a first value to a second value in... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20150091621 - Advanced clock synchonization circuit: A circuit and method for switching between a system's internal clock and an external synchronization clock when a stable external clock has been detected, and for switching back to operating the system using said internal clock when a predetermined number of sequential external clock pulses exceed a predetermined switching period... Agent:

20150091622 - System and method for enabling maximum performance operation within an extended ambient temperature range: A system method of initializing operation of a semiconductor device including detecting de-assertion of an external reset signal while the semiconductor device in a reset state, monitoring a temperature level of the semiconductor device, and while the temperature level is below a predetermined minimum operating temperature level that allows the... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20150091623 - Clock multiplexing and repeater network: A system on chip (SOC) includes a clock generator to provide one or more on-chip reference clocks to a number of physical medium attachments (PMAs) across a common clock bus. The clock generator receives one or more external, off-chip clock lines, from which it generates the on-chip reference clocks. Each... Agent: Cavium, Inc.

20150091624 - System and method for an accuracy-enhanced dll during a measure initialization mode: A clock generator having a delay locked loop and a delay control circuit. The delay locked loop receives an input clock signal and adjusts an adjustable delay circuit to generate an output clock signal that is synchronized with received input clock signal. The delay control circuit coupled to the delay... Agent:

20150091625 - High speed, low power, isolated buffer: Methods and apparatuses have been disclosed for a high speed, low power, isolated buffer having architecture and operation that control current flow to minimize coupling and power consumption. Buffer architecture may include one or more of BiCMOS components, an input disabling circuit operated to additionally disable an input circuit when... Agent:

20150091626 - State retention power gated cell: A state retention power gated cell includes a logic cell arranged in two or more rows. The logic cell has an active layer including at least a first well and a second well disposed in first and second rows, respectively. In a normal operation mode, the first well is powered... Agent:

20150091627 - Variability resistant circuit element and signal processing method: A sequential circuit arrangement and method are provided in which a latch input signal and a latched version of the input signal are compared to derive a difference signal. This difference signal can detect when changes in the input are not propagated to the output. A second logic gate arrangement... Agent:

20150091628 - Glitch-free input transition detector: A circuit for detecting a signal transition on an input signal includes a mirror delay circuit and an input blocking circuit to prevent signal glitches or undesired signal pulses from being passed to the output signal node, thereby preventing signal distortions from being detected as a valid signal transition. The... Agent:

20150091629 - Bootstrap circuit and semiconductor device having bootstrap circuit: A bootstrap circuit of which the capacitance of a bootstrap capacitor is small and which requires a shorter precharge period is provided. The bootstrap circuit includes transistors M41 and M42, capacitors BSC1 and BSC2, an inverter INV41, and keeper circuits 43 and 44. A signal OSG with a high voltage... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20150091630 - Rf power detector and detection method: The invention provides an RF detection circuit and method using an envelope detector having an output connected to a first input of a differential amplifier and a reference storage capacitor to a second input of the differential amplifier. In a preferred implementation of the calibration mode, there is initial discharging... Agent:

20150091631 - Method and apparatus for reference voltage calibration in a single-ended receiver: According to at least one example embodiment, a method and corresponding system, or circuit, for calibrating a reference voltage of a single-ended receiver, include applying a clock signal and a reference voltage signal as inputs to the differential amplifier of the single-ended receiver. The differential amplifier provides an output signal,... Agent: Cavium, Inc.

20150091632 - Traveling wave mixer, sampler, and synthetic sampler: An electronic device comprises an input transmission line that receives an input signal, an output transmission line that transmits an output signal, a local oscillator transmission line that transmits a local oscillator signal, multiple amplification and mixing stages arranged in parallel between the input and output transmission lines and each... Agent:

20150091633 - Design method and design device: A design method is executed by a computer. The design method includes grouping logical modules in each of power domains arranged on a chip; provisionally arranging regular cells in each of logical module groups formed by the grouping; and arranging power switches around each of the logical module groups.... Agent:

20150091634 - Gate control circuit for mos switch: A gate drive circuit is disclosed that charges the gate of a switching transistor to a voltage that is high enough to turn the switching transistor fully on and then prevent the charge from flowing back into the gate drive circuit. The gate drive circuit works with a ground rectifier... Agent:

20150091635 - High speed, low power, isolated multiplexer: Methods and apparatuses are disclosed for a high speed, low power, isolated multiplexer having architecture and operation that control current flow to minimize coupling and power consumption. Multiplexer architecture may include one or more of BiCMOS components, an input disabling circuit operated to additionally disable an input circuit when it... Agent:

20150091636 - Energy-harvesting device and method of forming the same: A method of fabricating a device includes forming a moveable plate over a substrate. The method further includes forming an energy harvesting coil in the moveable plate. The method further includes forming at least one connector connecting the movable plate with the substrate, wherein a portion of the energy harvesting... Agent:

20150091637 - Amplitude modulation for pass gate to improve charge pump efficiency: Techniques are presented for improving the efficiency of charge pumps. A charge pump, or a stage of a charge pump, provides its output through a pass gate. For example, this could be a charge pump of a voltage doubler type, where the output is supplied through pass gate transistors whose... Agent: Sandisk Technologies Inc.

20150091638 - Dynamically adjusting supply voltage based on monitored chip temperature: In an embodiment, a method includes monitoring a temperature of a semiconductor chip and adjusting a supply voltage to the semiconductor chip based on the monitored temperature. The temperature may be monitored by a temperature sensor located on-chip or off-chip. Adjusting the supply voltage includes increasing the supply voltage as... Agent: Cavium, Inc.

20150091640 - Reconfigurable passive filter: A passive filter for connection between an AC source and a load, in either three-phases or in a single-phase arrangement. The filter includes, for each phase, a trap circuit having an inductor in series with a capacitor, the trap circuit having at least two terminals. A line reactor is connected... Agent: Tci, LLC

20150091639 - Semiconductor device: A semiconductor device includes conducting lines of a first group and a second group arranged in parallel, a plurality of first internal elements respectively coupled to the conducting lines of the first group and the second group and a plurality of first contact pads arranged between and along the conducting... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150091641 - Integrated circuit with a power transistor and a driver circuit integrated in a common semiconductor body: An integrated circuit includes a power transistor and a drive circuit. The drive circuit includes at least one drive transistor. The power transistor and the at least one drive transistor are integrated in a common semiconductor body. The power transistor includes at least one transistor cell with a source region,... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 16 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150084674 - Detection circuit for detecting signal amplitude: A detection circuit includes a differential circuit including a pair of differential transistors configured to receive the input differential signal and a first current source, the pair of the differential transistors having a common output terminal connected to the first current source, a hold capacitor connected between the common output... Agent:

20150084675 - Methods of controlling clocks in system on chip including function blocks, systems on chips and semiconductor systems including the same: A system-on-chip includes a clock controller configured to decrease an operating frequency of at least one function block based on a change in an operating state of the at least one function block from an active state to an idle state. In a method of operating a system-on-chip including at... Agent:

20150084676 - Apparatus and methods for synchronizing phase-locked loops: Apparatus and methods for synchronizing phase-locked loops (PLLs) are provided. In certain implementations, a fractional-N synthesizer includes a PLL and a control circuit that controls a division value of the PLL. The control circuit includes an interpolator, a reset phase adjustment calculator, and a synchronization circuit. The interpolator can control... Agent: Analog Devices Technology

20150084677 - Apparatuses and methods for mitigating uneven circuit degradation of delay circuits: Apparatuses and methods for mitigating uneven circuit degradation of delay circuits are disclosed. In an example method, an imbalance in transistor threshold voltages is detected between a transistor of a first delay circuit and a transistor of a second delay circuit that is series coupled to the first delay circuit,... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20150084678 - Phase locked loop circuit: A Phase Locked Loop (PLL) circuit is provided. The PLL includes a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) for outputting an oscillation signal of a frequency corresponding to an inputted voltage, a frequency divider for dividing the oscillation signal and output a frequency-divided signal, a phase comparator for comparing a phase of... Agent:

20150084679 - Panel driving circuit and ring oscillator clock automatic synchronization method thereof: A ring oscillator clock automatic synchronization method of a panel driving circuit includes steps of: when a vertical blanking interval happens, a master driver generates a pulse signal to slave drivers respectively. A pulse width of the pulse signal equals to N times of a master ring oscillator clock, wherein... Agent:

20150084680 - State retention power gated cell for integrated circuit: A state retention power gated (SRPG) cell includes a retention circuit coupled to a power gated circuit. The retention circuit stores state information of the power gated circuit before a low power period is started. A gated power supply coupled to the power gated circuit and to a first end... Agent:

20150084681 - Variable attenuator: A variable attenuator comprises a series resistance, and an adjustable shunt resistance, wherein the adjustable shunt resistance comprises a series circuit of a fixed resistor and a semiconductor element having an adjustable resistance.... Agent: Advantest (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20150084682 - Dual path level shifter: Dual path level shifter methods and devices are described. The described level shifter devices can comprise voltage-to-current and current-to-voltage converters.... Agent:

20150084683 - Harmonic rejection mixer: A harmonic rejection mixer is disclosed that is capable of supporting wideband reception without any increase in circuit area. In this apparatus, transistors convert an RF signal to currents. Transistors perform frequency conversion based on the currents from the transistors and local oscillation signals. Transistors distribute the currents from the... Agent:

20150084684 - Temperature dependent biasing for leakage power reduction: Temperature dependent biasing for leakage power reduction. In some embodiments, a semiconductor device may include a biasing circuit configured to generate a voltage that varies dependent upon a temperature of the semiconductor device and a logic circuit operably coupled to the biasing circuit, where the voltage is applied to a... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20150084685 - Cascode transistor and method of controlling cascode transistor: A cascode transistor includes: a first switch; a second switch that has a withstand voltage higher than that of the first switch and is cascade coupled to a drain of the first switch; and a circuit in which a third switch and a capacitor are coupled in series with each... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150084686 - Compensated voltage reference generation circuit and method: In accordance with an embodiment, a method of compensating for the temperature coefficient of a reference voltage includes generating a reference voltage that varies over temperature. A temperature compensated reference voltage is generated that compensates for a temperature variation in the voltage value of the reference voltage. In accordance with... Agent:

20150084687 - Touch switch module: A touch switch module according to one embodiment comprises a panel, a touch sensor and a control unit. The panel displays a slide bar including a step-up portion, a step-down portion, a non-responsive portion and a slide responsive portion. The control unit includes an up signal output unit which, when... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150084688 - Baseband processing circuitry: Techniques for designing baseband processing circuitry for radio IC's. In an aspect, techniques for differential-to-single-ended conversion in a baseband portion of the IC are disclosed to reduce the pin count and package size for RF IC's. In another aspect, the converter includes selectable narrowband and wideband amplifiers, wherein the wideband... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150084689 - Semiconductor chip including a spare bump and stacked package having the same: A stacked package including: a semiconductor substrate, a circuit layer formed over the semiconductor substrate, a bump formed over the circuit layer, a spare bump formed correspondingly to the bump and over the circuit layer, and configured for replacing the bump with the spare bump, a through electrode configuring to... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

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