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05/28/2015 > 33 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20150145561 - Multiplexed oscillators: An integrated circuit device for use in an automobile. The integrated circuit device includes a first oscillator configured to generate a first clock signal, a second oscillator configured to generate a second clock signal, a comparator circuit configured to compare a frequency of the first clock signal with a frequency... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20150145562 - Load detection circuit and method: In one embodiment, a load detection circuit may include a first circuit configured to control a first transistor to form a load current to a load in a first operating mode of the load detection circuit, a second circuit configured to be coupled to form at least a portion of... Agent: Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC

20150145563 - Differential line driver circuit and method therefor: A differential line driver circuit comprising a plurality of driver stages is described. Each driver stage is operably coupled to at least one output of the line driver circuit and arranged to receive at least one control signal and to drive at least one output signal on the at least... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20150145564 - Electronic switching device with reduction of leakage currents and corresponding control method: A method is used to control an electronic device that includes a switching unit having a main MOS transistor having a substrate, a first conducting electrode and a second conducting electrode coupled to an output terminal. The method includes controlling the main transistor in such a way as to put... Agent:

20150145565 - High speed sync fet control: A circuit arrangement is disclosed for controlling the switching of a field effect transistor (FET). A current controlled amplifier may be configured to amplify a current in a current sense device to generate an amplified current, wherein the current in the current sense device indicates a current through the FET.... Agent: Flextronics Ap, LLC

20150145566 - Hybrid analog and digital control of oscillator frequency: A hybrid analog/digital control approach for a digitally controlled oscillator augments a digital control path with an analog control path that acts to center the digital control path control signal within its range. The digital control path controls a first group of varactors within an oscillator tank circuit using a... Agent:

20150145567 - Cancellation of spurious tones within a phase-locked loop with a time-to-digital converter: A phase-locked loop (PLL) includes a spur cancellation circuit that receives a residue signal indicative of a first frequency and receives a residual phase error signal and generates a spur cancellation signal. A summing circuit combines the spur cancellation signal and a first phase error signal corresponding to a phase... Agent:

20150145570 - Time-to-digital converter based on a voltage controlled oscillator: A phase-locked loop (PLL) includes a time to voltage converter to convert a phase error between a reference signal and a feedback signal of the PLL to one or more voltage signals. An oscillator-based analog to digital converter (ADC) receives the one or more voltage signals and controls one or... Agent:

20150145568 - Time-to-digital convertor-assisted phase-locked loop spur mitigation: Methods, systems, and apparatuses are described for compensating for an undesired fractional spur due to a PLL in a communication system. The communication system includes a time-to-digital converter (TDC) that is configured to execute in parallel to the PLL. The TDC is configured to determine a phase difference between a... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150145569 - Time-to-voltage converter using a capacitor based digital to analog converter for quantization noise cancellation: Quantization noise in a fractional-N phase-locked loop (PLL) is canceled using a capacitor-based digital to analog converter (DAC). A phase error is detected between a reference signal and a feedback signal in the PLL. A charge pump circuit charges a first capacitor circuit based on the phase error to generate... Agent:

20150145571 - Cancellation of delta-sigma quantization noise within a fractional-n pll with a nonlinear time-to-digital converter: A fractional-N phase-locked loop (PLL) includes a nonlinear time to digital converter that generates a digital representation of a phase error corresponding to a time difference between a feedback signal of the fractional-N PLL and a reference signal. A nonlinear quantization noise cancellation circuit supplies a correction signal to ensure... Agent:

20150145572 - Time-to-digital converter and pll circuit using the same: A time-to-digital converter (TDC) that has high resolution, excellent linearity, and a widerange. The TDC includes a first oscillator unit that generates and outputs a pair of first oscillation signals based on a pair of predetermined clock signals that have a predetermined phase difference, a second oscillator unit that generates... Agent:

20150145573 - Pulse signal generation circuit and operating method thereof: The present invention relates to a pulse signal generation circuit for changing a pulse width of an input pulse signal and outputting an output pulse signal having the changed pulse width. In an aspect, the pulse signal generation circuit may include a control signal generator configured to generate at least... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150145574 - Pwm signal generation circuit and processor system: A PWM signal generation circuit according to the present invention includes a duty setting unit (10) configured to generate a duty control signal designating a duty ratio corresponding to each period of a PWM signal on the basis of an initial duty setting signal, a target duty setting signal, a... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20150145575 - Spintronic logic gates employing a giant spin hall effect (gshe) magnetic tunnel junction (mtj) element(s) for performing logic operations, and related systems and methods: Aspects described herein are related to spintronic logic gates employing a Giant Spin Hall Effect (GSHE) magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) element(s) for performing logical operations. In one aspect, a spintronic logic gate is disclosed that includes a charge current generation circuit and a GSHE MTJ element. The charge current generation... Agent:

20150145576 - Spintronic logic gates employing a giant spin hall effect (gshe) magnetic tunnel junction (mtj) element(s) for performing logic operations, and related systems and methods: Aspects described herein are related to pipeline circuits employing a Giant Spin Hall Effect (GSHE) magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) element(s) for performing logical operations. In one aspect, a pipeline circuit is disclosed. The pipeline circuit includes a first pipeline stage and a second pipeline stage. The first pipeline stage is... Agent:

20150145577 - Integrated clock gater (icg) using clock cascode complimentary switch logic: Inventive aspects include an integrated clock gater (ICG) circuit having clocked complimentary voltage switched logic (CICG) that delivers high performance while maintaining low power consumption characteristics. The CICG circuit provides a small enable setup time and a small clock-to-enabled-clock delay. A significant reduction in clock power consumption is achieved in... Agent:

20150145578 - Semiconductor device: The problem was that the noise superimposed on a touch electrode via the human body can incur erroneous touch determination by a touch sensor circuit. The invention provides a semiconductor device including a terminal to which a touch electrode may be coupled; a source voltage drop circuit generating a constant... Agent:

20150145579 - Phase correction of multiple phase clock transmission and method for performing the same: A circuit includes a first circuit, a second circuit and a third circuit. The first circuit is configured to receive a first phase of a clock signal, a second phase of a clock signal and a first control signal. The first circuit is configured to generate a first interpolated phase... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufactuing Company, Ltd.

20150145580 - Apparatus for controlling semiconductor chip characteristics: Apparatus including functional components of circuitry defined on a semiconductor chip, the functional components including a component having modifiable operating characteristics, a performance measuring circuit providing an output indicative of operating characteristics of the circuitry defined on the semiconductor chip during operation of the circuitry, and computer implemented software means... Agent: Transmeta Corporation

20150145581 - In-situ delay element calibration: A controllable delay element includes a delay element to provide a variable delay from an input signal to an output signal. The variable delay can be controlled by a digital delay input. The delay element has a delay range that is controlled in response to a delay range input. The... Agent:

20150145582 - Pulse generating circuit for audio-frequency amplifiers and regulated power supplies: A circuit for generating a series of pulses in response to a first signal, the circuit comprising: a lossy integrator which receives a second signal as its input; and a comparator which: receives the output of the lossy integrator at one of its inputs; and receives the first signal at... Agent: Indice Semiconductor Inc.

20150145583 - Semiconductor device: The semiconductor device includes a power transistor that is disposed between a first signal line, which is coupled to a first external terminal, and a second signal line, which is coupled to a second external terminal. A gate electrode of the power transistor is coupled to a third signal line.... Agent:

20150145584 - Negative level shifter: A level shifter including a differential input stage including first and second transistors having respective first terminals, respective control terminals configured to receive a differential input signal, and respective second terminals connected in common to a first voltage; a breakdown voltage controller including third and fourth transistors having respective first... Agent: Dongbu Hitek Co., Ltd.

20150145585 - Sample rate converter and rate estimator thereof and rate estimation method thereof: A sample rate converter receives an input signal with an input sample rate, and generates an output signal with an output sample rate. The sample rate converter includes: a rate estimator, a polynomial interpolation calculation circuit, an up sampling filter, and a down sampling filter. The rate estimator includes: a... Agent: Richtek Technology Corporation

20150145586 - Gate driving device and inverter having the same: A gate driving device may include an inverter arm including a high-side switch and a low-side switch, a gate driving unit including a first gate driver that receives an instruction signal to command switching controlling of the inverter arm to output a switching control signal for the high-side switch and... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150145587 - High frequency semiconductor switch circuit and high frequency radio system including same: A path switching FET and a shunt FET are separated from each other by a capacitor. The gates of the path switching FET and the shunt FET are controlled using an inverter circuit having a first internal power supply voltage (e.g., 2.5 V) as a power supply. The sources and... Agent:

20150145588 - Bi-directional current sensor: A bidirectional current sensor circuit can be configured to generate a scaled version of a load current using a first transistor from a power regulator output stage and a second transistor that can be a mirror or scaled version of the first transistor. A trim circuit can be provided to... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20150145589 - Capacitance processing circuit and a mems device: The claims define a processing circuit for processing input signals from a capacitive transducer structure. A current-to-voltage converter receives two input signals from the capacitive transducer structure, and outputs two output signals to gain stage circuits, and to a reference voltage generator. The gain stages generate from the output voltage... Agent:

20150145590 - System and method for on demand, vanishing, high performance electronic systems: An integrated circuit system having an integrated circuit (IC) component which is able to have its functionality destroyed upon receiving a command signal. The system may involve a substrate with the IC component being supported on the substrate. A module may be disposed in proximity to the IC component. The... Agent:

20150145591 - Charge pump with reduced current consumption: The output voltage of a LP HV charge pump is compared with a voltage reference using a comparator having hysteresis. When the output voltage exceeds the reference voltage, an input clock to the charge pump is turned off, causing the output voltage to fall due to leakage current in the... Agent:

20150145592 - Dual mode transistor: A method includes biasing a first gate voltage to enable unipolar current to flow from a first region of a transistor to a second region of the transistor according to a field-effect transistor (FET)-type operation. The method also includes biasing a body terminal to enable bipolar current to flow from... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150145593 - Redistribution structures for microfeature workpieces: Microfeature dies with redistribution structures that reduce or eliminate line interference are disclosed. The microfeature dies can include a substrate having a bond site and integrated circuitry electrically connected to the bond site. The microfeature dies can also include and a redistribution structure coupled to the substrate. The redistribution structure... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 30 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20150137853 - Delay path selection for digital control oscillator: Among other things, one or more techniques or systems for delay path selection are provided. A digitally controlled oscillator comprises an arrangement of inverters, such as tri-state inverters, that are selectively utilized to provide a process, voltage, temperature (PVT) condition output used to generate a frequency output for the digitally... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited

20150137854 - High speed sampling front-end circuit: A high-speed sampling front-end circuit is presented that includes a MDAC sampling network, a reference voltage generator circuit, a comparator array, an operational amplifier, an output short-circuit switch, an adjustable clock duty cycle stabilizer, a status control module and a feedback control module. The circuit features low power, high sampling... Agent:

20150137855 - Current to voltage converter: An apparatus for converting current to voltage includes a pair of current inputs, a differential voltage output connected to the pair of current inputs, a current summing node connected to the pair of current inputs through a first resistor branch, a common mode feedback node connected to the pair of... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20150137856 - Input circuit with mirroring: Various aspects are directed to providing an output/state based upon an input value. Consistent with one or more embodiments, an apparatus includes a bias circuit that is connected between power and common rails and includes first and second current paths that provide first and second reference currents. A current-mirroring circuit... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20150137858 - Buffer circuit: In one embodiment, a buffer circuit includes a first transistor, a second transistor, a first current source, a third transistor, a fourth transistor, a second current source, and a third current source. The first transistor has a control terminal connected to an input terminal, and a first terminal connected to... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150137857 - Driving apparatus and electric power converter: A driving apparatus includes a first potential line that applies a first potential, a second potential line that applies a second potential, a coil including a first terminal and a second second terminal that is connected to a control terminal of a switching element, a charging switch connected between the... Agent:

20150137859 - Input current control method, switch control circuit and power supply including the switch control circuit: A switch control circuit that controls a switching operation of a power switch includes: an input current calculator generating an input sense voltage by integrating a sense voltage that indicates a switching current flowing to the power switch for a switching period unit of the power switch; and an input... Agent:

20150137860 - Resonant-recovery power reduction techniques for pulse generation: The disclosed embodiments provide a circuit for driving a capacitive load. The circuit includes a first inductor with an input terminal and a load terminal, wherein the load terminal is coupled to the capacitive load. The circuit also includes four or more switching devices. The switching devices may hold a... Agent:

20150137861 - Unified connector for multiple interfaces: Circuits, methods, and apparatus that may reduce the number of connector receptacles that are needed on an electronic device. One example may provide a unified connector and circuitry that may be capable of communicating with more than one interface.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150137862 - Synchronous on-chip clock controllers: A semiconductor chip includes on-chip clock controllers (OCCs) capable of synchronizing multiple clock signals on the device. Each OCC controller receives a scan enable signal and a unique clock signal that is generated from one or more clock generators. The OCC receiving the slowest generated clock signal passes it through... Agent: Stmicroelectronics International N.v.

20150137863 - Large signal vco: An alternation voltage- or current generator comprises a first switch driving output network whose frequency can be tuned. The tuneable network comprises a first Inductor that is coupled with a first capacitor. A second inductor and/or at least a second capacitor and/or at least a series circuit of a third... Agent:

20150137864 - Circuit delay monitoring apparatus and method: A circuit delay monitoring apparatus has a ring oscillator with a plurality of delay elements, a signal transition being propagated through the delay elements of the ring oscillator, and a plurality N of sampling points being distributed around the ring oscillator. Selection circuitry selects, in dependence on the indication of... Agent: Arm Limited

20150137865 - Phase estimating device, signal generating device, synchronizing system, and signal processing device: According to one embodiment, a phase estimating device includes a periodic signal obtaining unit that obtains a first periodic signal, and a wireless time synchronizing unit that synchronizes a reference time with that of a signal generating device by wirelessly communicating with the signal generating device that outputs a second... Agent:

20150137866 - Apparatuses including scalable drivers and methods: Apparatuses and methods are described that include a plurality of drivers corresponding to a single via. A number of drivers can be selected to operate individually or together to drive a signal through a single via. Additional apparatus and methods are described.... Agent:

20150137867 - Apparatuses and methods for duty cycle adjustment: Apparatuses and methods for duty cycle adjustment are disclosed herein. An example apparatus may include a node, a phase mixer, and a duty cycle adjuster circuit. The phase mixer may have a first step duty cycle response and may be configured to provide a first output signal to the node... Agent:

20150137868 - Cmos logarithmic current generator and method for generating a logarithmic current: A CMOS logarithmic current generator includes current mode circuitry having a design principle based on a Taylor's series expansion that approximates an exponential function. A MOSFET circuit provides a function generator core cell having a biasing current Ib. The FETs of the circuit are matched and are biased in the... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20150137869 - Mixing circuit: A balun converts a single-ended radio-frequency signal into differential signals. A differential matching circuit outputs a maximum-level positive-phase output signal at a lower or higher frequency than the center frequency and outputs a maximum-level reverse-phase output signal at a higher or lower frequency than the center frequency. An amplification circuit... Agent:

20150137870 - Mixer: A mixer includes a first node to which an intermediate frequency (IF) signal is input; first and second transistors that respectively have control terminals supplied with local signals having mutually opposite phases and output terminals connected to the first node; a first filter that is connected between the output terminal... Agent:

20150137871 - Gate driver and power module equipped with same: A gate driver that drives a field-effect transistor on the basis of an input signal includes a comparator that compares an applied voltage applied between the drain and the source of a field-effect transistor to a reference voltage for detecting noise occurring between the drain and the source of the... Agent:

20150137872 - Voltage controlled switching element gate drive circuit: A voltage controlled switching element gate drive circuit makes it possible to suppress an occurrence of a malfunction, while suppressing surge voltage, surge current, and switching noise, when switching in a voltage controlled switching element. A gate drive circuit that supplies a gate voltage to the gate of a voltage... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20150137873 - Fet array bypass module: A bypass module including a plurality of P-Channel MOSFETs connected in parallel to form a P-Channel MOSFET array, a plurality of N-Channel MOSFETs connected in parallel to form a N-Channel MOSFET array, and a control module to control switching of the P-Channel MOSFET array and the N-Channel MOSFET array is... Agent: Eaglepicher Technologies, LLC

20150137874 - Current source array: A Silicon On Insulator current source array includes input control for receiving a control voltage, a first reference input for receiving a first reference voltage, and a second reference input for receiving a second reference voltage. A chain of several Silicon On Insulator MOS transistors, of the same type, have... Agent:

20150137875 - Stacked semiconductor arrangement: Among other things, one or more stacked semiconductor arrangements or techniques for applying voltage schemes to such stacked semiconductor arrangements is provided. A stacked semiconductor arrangement comprises one or more tiers, such as a first tier comprising a first semiconductor structure, a second tier comprising a second semiconductor structure, or... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited

20150137876 - Method of reusing electrical energy and related electrical energy reusing circuit: The present disclosure provides a method of reusing electrical energy for a charge pump. The method comprises operating in a reusing phase after a boosting phase is completed; retrieving energy of parasitic capacitance in the reusing phase; and reusing the energy of the parasitic capacitance for an internal circuit.... Agent: Sitronix Technology Corp.

20150137877 - Bias circuit using negative voltage: Provided is a bias circuit. The bias circuit includes: a first resistor connected between a ground terminal and a first node; a first bias transistor having a drain connected to the first node and a source connected to a second node; a second bias transistor having a drain connected to... Agent:

20150137878 - Method of providing multiple voltage references to a radio-frequency device using a single analog line: A method of providing multiple voltage references to a radio-frequency device using a single analog line includes the steps of setting the analog line voltage level to be a first reference voltage signal; instructing a first voltage reference device to memorize the first reference voltage signal by sending a first... Agent:

20150137879 - Apparatus and method for controlling power supplied to circuits based on time delay to produce data: An apparatus and method for controlling power supplied to data generating circuits based on performance, such as time delay associated with generating data. The apparatus includes a plurality of data generating circuits configured to generate data at respective outputs in response to a first signal; a plurality of timing circuits... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150137880 - System for balancing the voltage of series-connected semiconductor elements: A circuit for balancing a voltage across a semiconductor element series-connected with other semiconductor elements of the same type may include a comparator configured to compare data representative of a voltage across the semiconductor element with a reference voltage, and a resistive element of adjustable value and configured to be... Agent:

20150137881 - High-voltage-tolerant pull-up resistor circuit: A pull-up resistor circuit is provided for an IC, including a voltage source, a voltage output for providing a first voltage to supply power for providing a second voltage for an input/output (I/O) port of the IC, a first PMOS transistor, a second PMOS transistor and a control signal generator.... Agent: Semiconductor Manufacturing International (shanghai) Corporation

20150137882 - Analog active low-pass filters: Apparatus and methods for high-frequency low-pass filtering are disclosed. A first resistor is operatively coupled between a first node and a second node. A second resistor is operatively coupled between the second node and a third node. An amplifier circuit has a first input operatively coupled to the third node... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

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