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Electricity: measuring and testing

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04/10/2014 > 43 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20140097824 - Current measurement via gate of external transistor: A control circuit for a switch, configured to measure the drain-to-source current of the switch is described. The control circuit is configured to control an external transistor and comprises a control pin coupled to the gate of an external transistor. The external transistor and a level shifting unit are coupled... Agent: Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh

20140097825 - Duty cycle detecting circuit for pulse width modulation: A duty cycle detecting circuit for pulse width modulation (PWM). The circuit includes a clock generating circuit, a sampling circuit and a calculation circuit. The clock generating circuit is for generating a clock signal. The sampling circuit receives a PWM signal and the clock signal, samples the PWM signal based... Agent:

20140097826 - Current sensor: A current sensor includes first and second current paths each including a first conductive portion and second and third conductive portions extending in the X direction from both ends of the first conductive portion, and being neighboring and apart in the Y direction; and first and second magnetoelectric conversion elements... Agent: Alps Green Devices Co., Ltd.

20140097827 - Banana jack adapter for test switch: An improved banana jack adapter assembly is provided for use in connection with a test switch in a utility meter application. The banana jack adapter assembly improves connectability of testing equipment to a meter box test switch when a field operator desires to calibrate a meter of a utility box.... Agent:

20140097828 - Current-monitoring apparatus: A local area networking apparatus comprises a power stage for connecting to a network cable for carrying power and data. The power stage comprises a main current flow path which includes a switch comprising at least one transistor positioned in the main current flow path and a current monitoring apparatus... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140097829 - Search coil: A device includes an excitation coil, a detector coil, and a processing circuit. The excitation coil is aligned about a volume. The excitation coil is configured to carry a first and second biasing current and generate a magnetic field in the volume. The detector coil is configured to generate an... Agent: Regents Of The University Of Minnesota

20140097830 - Location detector device: A permanent magnet 60 for biasing is placed between opposite surfaces of a second stationary magnetic body 20 and a third stationary magnetic body 30, and a range in magnetic flux density detected by a magnetic sensor 50 is changed to thus include zero in the magnetic flux density. A... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140097831 - Shieldings for metal detector heads and manufacturing methods thereof: Systems and methods for shielding a metal detector head include placement of conductive shielding around the coils of the head to reduce the effects of capacitance variation between the coils and their surroundings.... Agent: Niitek, Inc.

20140097832 - Integrated automatic compass for vehicle: An integrated automotive compass suitable for use in a vehicle includes an application specific integrated circuit that includes at least first and second magnetoresponsive sensing elements. The first and second magnetoresponsive sensing elements and at least a portion of associated circuitry are established on a common semiconductor substrate using CMOS... Agent: Donnelly Corporation

20140097833 - Position detecting device: To provide a position detecting device capable of easily obtaining a stable recording state without using “absence of record” upon reproducing a binary signal. The position detecting device is provided with a scale unit 10 having an absolute track 11 in which non-repetitive signals composed of binary information are recorded... Agent: Dmg Mori Seiki Co., Ltd.

20140097834 - Systems and methods for steam generator tube analysis for detection of tube degradation: The systems and methods of the invention pertain to analyzing steam generator tube data for the detection of wear. Further, the invention is capable of performing a comparison of current tube signal data to baseline or historic tube signal data, e.g., from previous and/or the first, in-service inspection of the... Agent: Westinghouse Electric Company LLC

20140097835 - Method and apparatus for detecting direction of a magnetic field: An integrated system of sensors that can be used to detect a direction of an externally applied magnetic field is disclosed. In one embodiment, the system can be incorporated into a compact package that can be used within an electronic device. A processor can use signals provided by the sensor... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140097836 - Differential transformer type magnetic sensor and image forming apparatus: A differential transformer type magnetic sensor includes a first coil layer, a second coil layer, and an insulating layer formed between the first coil layer and the second coil layer. The first coil layer includes a detection coil and a first drive coil. The second coil layer includes a reference... Agent: Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

20140097837 - Optically pumped magnetometer, magnetoencephalography meter, and mri device: An optical pumping magnetometer measures a magnetic field of a measurement object using optical pumping. The optical pumping magnetometer includes a nonmagnetic cell in which at least an alkali metal is enclosed and which has optical transparency and heat resistance, a laser beam irradiation unit which radiates a laser beam... Agent: Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140097839 - Magnetic resonance image (mri) apparatus and method for obtaining mri image by modifying motion of subject: Provided are a method and apparatus for obtaining a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) image of a subject. Typically, MRI image processing that incorporates fat suppression takes a large amount of time to complete. According to various aspects, image processing that incorporates fat suppression may be postponed until MRI data is... Agent:

20140097838 - Split birdcage coil, devices, and methods: This disclosure describes, in one aspect, a device that includes a dual-tuned birdcage coil. The dual-tuned birdcage coil generally includes an inner multinuclear coil and a plurality of outer 1H coils separated from the inner coil. Also, the dual-tuned birdcage coil is generally configured so that the inner coil may... Agent: University Of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc.

20140097840 - Method and magnetic resonance apparatus for image acquisition: A method and magnetic resonance apparatus for image acquisition using a magnetic resonance sequence (in particular a PETRA sequence) in which k-space corresponding to the imaging area is scanned, with a first region of k-space, which does not include the center of k-space, being scanned radially along a number of... Agent:

20140097842 - Electron spin resonance for medical imaging: A method includes generating, from an integrated oscillator circuit, an oscillating output signal and generating, by an integrated power amplifier (PA) circuit, an amplified oscillating output signal based on the oscillating output signal. The method further includes receiving, by integrated receiver amplifier circuit, an electron spin resonance (ESR) signal from... Agent: William Marsh Rice University

20140097841 - Spinwave based nondestructive material, structure, component, or device testing tools: Systems and methods for spinwave-based metrology in accordance with embodiments of the disclosure involve generating and detecting spinwaves in a sample having a ferromagnetic material; and determining a material thickness, a material integrity measure, a presence of a manufacturing defect, a categorical type of manufacturing defect, and/or a manufacturing process... Agent: National University Of Singapore

20140097844 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and bed device: According to one embodiment, an MRI apparatus (20A to 20C) includes a supporting unit (80a to 80c), a first radio communication unit (200), a second radio communication unit (300A to 300C) and a power supply unit (320a, 320b, 550, 572, 574 and 610). The supporting unit supports a table inside... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140097843 - Nmr spinner: There is disclosed an NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) spinner having a turbine structure and a rotor whose spinning rate can be increased. A vortical channel (44) is formed around the rotor (12). The vortical channel (44) consists of a chamber (66) and a nozzle array (68) mounted inside the chamber... Agent: Jeol Resonance Inc.

20140097846 - Active transmit elements for mri coils and other antenna devices, and method: Apparatus and method that includes amplifiers for transceiver antenna elements, and more specifically to power amplifying an RF (radio frequency) signal using a distributed power amplifier having electronic devices (such as field-effect transistors) that are thermally and/or mechanically connected to each one of a plurality of antenna elements (also called... Agent: Life Services, Inc.

20140097845 - Dynamic image reconstruction with tight frame learning: A computer-implemented method for learning a tight frame includes acquiring undersampled k-space data over a time period using an interleaved process. An average of the undersampled k-space data is determined and a reference image is generated based on the average of the undersampled k-space data. Next, a tight frame operator... Agent: Siemens Corporation

20140097847 - Optical angular momentum induced hyperpolarisation in interventional applications: A magnetic resonance spectroscopy assembly includes a magnet to generate a steady magnetic field, an RF transmit/receive antenna to transmit an RF excitation field into an examination region and acquire magnetic resonance signals from the examination region and a magnetic resonance spectrometer coupled to the RF transmit/receive antenna to collect... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140097848 - Fiberoptic systems and methods detecting em signals via resistive heating: Fiberoptics can be employed to detect downhole electromagnetic signals via resistive heating. A disclosed electromagnetic energy detector embodiment includes an optically-interrogated temperature sensor; and a conductive element thermally coupled to the sensor, the conductive element having a temperature response to incident electromagnetic energy. The optically-interrogated temperature sensor may be a... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140097849 - Method of detecting a led failure, a controller therefor, a lighting unit and lighting system: Disclosed herein is a method of detecting an LED failure in a series-connected string of LEDs using a parameter indicative of a voltage difference between a voltage across the string at a predetermined relatively high current and a voltage across the string at a predetermined relatively low current. The disclosure... Agent: Nxp B. V.

20140097850 - Terminal blocks including integral safety relays having independently testable contacts: Terminal blocks including integral safety relays having independently testable contacts are disclosed. An example apparatus includes a terminal block body couplable to an electronics cabinet or mounting rail. The terminal block body includes a first slot to receive a first circuit and a second slot to receive a second circuit.... Agent: Fisher-rosemount Systems, Inc.

20140097851 - Method for transmitting data between a control device and at least one measurement device by means of a bus system, and a battery management unit: The disclosure provides a method for transmitting data between a control device and at least one measurement device via a bus system. The method includes recording first measurement data relating to at least one measurement variable with the at least one measurement device with a first measurement data resolution within... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140097852 - Voltage monitoring device: A voltage monitoring device monitors voltage of a battery pack having a plurality of battery cells connected in series. This device is provided with a capacitor circuit including a pair of independent terminals, a plurality of capacitors connected in series between the pair of independent terminals, and at least one... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140097853 - Interference compensated photoionization detector: An integrated sensor of volatile organic gas can include a photoionization detector (PID) and one or more additional detectors such as an infrared detector, a catalytic combustion detector, or an electrochemical detector. One embodiment includes a methane detector that allows correction of the PID measurements for the interference of methane... Agent: Rae Systems, Inc.

20140097854 - Isolation monitoring using a test signal of variable frequency: In monitoring an isolation of an ungrounded power grid an AC voltage source is connected to the power grid via at least one test resistor. A test signal with a periodic continuous voltage course with regard to ground and with a frequency is applied to the power grid by means... Agent: Sma Solar Technology Ag

20140097855 - Test and connection apparatus arrangement, and test apparatus: A testing arrangement for testing the electrical circuits of a terminal block assembly, comprising a generally rectangular testing unit housing formed of insulating material and containing a chamber, at least one connection device mounted in chamber and having an elongated connector body formed of insulating material and including center and... Agent: Weidmueller Interface Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140097856 - Circuit aging sensor: An integrated circuit includes a circuit aging sensor that provides information regarding operational degradation of the integrated circuit due to aging. The aging sensor includes a ring oscillator that includes inverting drivers and tuning circuits. The drivers are sequentially coupled to form a ring. An output of each of the... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140097857 - Capacitive touch keyboard: A capacitive touch keyboard includes a shielding layer, a intermediate layer, and a one-dimensional sensor layer where the soft intermediate layer is interposed between the other two to form a capacitor structure. The shielding layer includes a ground plane, and plural first key areas at its outer surface. The one-dimensional... Agent: Touchplus Information Corp.

20140097859 - Multiaxial motor drive system and multiaxial motor drive device: A multi-axis motor driving apparatus includes: a plurality of drivers individually connected to corresponding ones of the plurality of motors, for supplying electric power to the corresponding ones of the plurality of motors for driving; and an integrated controller for sequentially supplying electric power to the plurality of motors via... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140097858 - Ring oscillator testing with power sensing resistor: A test circuit for a ring oscillator comprising a plurality of inverting stages includes a power supply, the power supply configured to provide a voltage to the plurality of inverting stages of the ring oscillator at a power output; and a power sensing resistor located between the power output of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140097860 - Thermally adaptive in-system allocation: An integrated circuit device comprises component devices (that include primary and alternate devices) and storage elements connected to the component devices. The storage elements store different sets of repair addresses indicating which of the primary devices and alternate devices are to be enabled. Further, a controller is connected to the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140097861 - Semiconductor device and test method: A semiconductor device includes a semiconductor substrate including an element region, an inner sealing and an outer sealing which are formed on the element region and have a first opening part and a second opening part, respectively, a multilayer interconnection structure which is formed on the substrate and stacks multiple... Agent: Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

20140097862 - Test structure for wafer acceptance test and test process for probecard needles: Provided is a test structure for wafer acceptance test (WAT). The test structure includes a row of a plurality of first pads electrically connecting to each other, a second pad, a third pad, a first peripheral metal line, and a second peripheral metal line. The second pad is disposed in... Agent:

20140097865 - Circuit board having bypass pad: An electronic device having a printed circuit board is provided. In one embodiment, the printed circuit board includes a plurality of external pads to be coupled with an external device and a plurality of bypass pads for testing an electric circuit. The external pads are exposed and at least one... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140097864 - Semiconductor device test structures and methods: Semiconductor device test structures and methods are disclosed. In a preferred embodiment, a test structure includes a feed line disposed in a first conductive material layer, and a stress line disposed in the first conductive material layer proximate the feed line yet spaced apart from the feed line. The stress... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140097863 - Test method and test arrangement: A test method in accordance with one or more embodiments may include: providing a semiconductor device to be tested, the semiconductor device including at least one device cell, the at least one device cell having at least one trench, at least one first terminal electrode region and at least one... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140097866 - Method of evaluating metal contamination in semiconductor sample and method of manufacturing semiconductor substrate: An aspect of the present invention relates to a method of evaluating metal contamination in a semiconductor sample by DLTS method, which includes obtaining a first DLTS spectrum by measuring a DLTS signal while varying a temperature, the DLTS signal being generated by alternatively and cyclically applying to a semiconductor... Agent: Sumco Corporation

04/03/2014 > 50 patent applications in 38 patent subcategories.

20140091781 - Security system: Systems, apparatus, and methods disclosed herein feature a housing defining an interior cavity, a flexible cable including an electrically conductive body extending from a first end to a second end, at least a portion of the first and second ends of the cable configured to be held within the interior... Agent:

20140091782 - Galvanically isolated voltage measurement: In a voltage measurement apparatus high—i.e. un-attenuated—voltages are connected to an attenuator 12, which then feeds attenuated voltage waveforms to a microprocessor-based analogue-digital converter/voltage measurement circuit 14. A representative digital voltage signal 16 and a synchronising signal 18 are then sent across an optical isolation barrier 20, and are then... Agent: Northern Design (electronics) Limited

20140091783 - System and method for monitoring ac ripple: A system capable of identifying various possible technical malfunctions with an uninterruptible power supply system by detecting AC ripple on a power bus of the UPS system. A battery monitor is positioned on the terminal posts of one or more batteries of the UPS system. The monitor, since it is... Agent: Canara, Inc.

20140091784 - Artificial defect for eddy current inspection: A flex circuit for creating artificial defects uses a thin conductive layer with rectangular slots therein representing defects. A thin insulating over-layer is used to protect the conductive layer as well as an eddy current probe. The flexible circuit is then temporarily attached to the surface of the part or... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140091785 - Target clearance measurement device: A target or rotor blade clearance measurement device is disclosed for indicating an interaction of a measurement probe with a target or rotor blade. In a preferred embodiment, the measurement device comprises a measurement probe containing a coil, a frequency source arranged to apply an input alternating signal to the... Agent: Salunda Limited

20140091786 - Method of manufacturing an inductive proximity switch: In order to fabricate a proximity switch with an improved robustness by maintaining its proper functionality, the invention suggests that forming of the enclosure comprises the step of deep drawing a sheet of the non-ferromagnetic metal to a tubular element with a front wall covering its front end and a... Agent:

20140091787 - Method for detecting metal foreign object on contactless power supply device, contactless power supply device, contactless power reception device, and contactless power supply system: With a metal foreign object detecting method, a metal detection circuit arranged in a contactless power supply device transmits an oscillation signal to a modulation circuit of an electric appliance. The modulation circuit generates a square wave pulse signal from the oscillation signal. The cycle of the oscillation signal received... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140091788 - Current detector: A current detector includes a magnetic core that is molded by sintering powder made from a magnetic material, and a current detection busbar. The current detection busbar is a conductor including a penetrating portion that penetrates a hole portion of the magnetic core in a first direction in which a... Agent: Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.

20140091789 - Tunnel water inrush advance prediction device using nuclear magnetic resonance difference and method: An equipment and method for forecasting tunnel water inrush using a magnetic resonance differential, where a computer is connected to a transmitting bridge circuit through a high voltage power supply, to a control unit, a first and second signal modulating circuits and a multi-channel collecting circuit; the control unit is... Agent: Jilin University

20140091790 - Method and magnetic resonance system for time-dependent intensity correction of diffusion-weighted mr images: In a method and magnetic resonance (MR) apparatus for time-dependent intensity correction of diffusion-weighted MR images that are acquired with a sequence of different diffusion gradient fields, different diffusion gradient fields are associated with at least one group, with the association with groups being established so that the diffusion gradient... Agent:

20140091794 - Magnetic resonance apparatus and operating method: In a method to operate a magnetic resonance apparatus with a magnetic resonance sequence—in particular a PETRA sequence—in which k-space is radially scanned for an image acquisition in a first region of k-space that does not include the center of k-space, and in which an excitation pulse is radiated as... Agent:

20140091795 - Magnetic resonance method and apparatus for automatic calculation of a maximum pulse-length of an excitation pulse: In a method and magnetic resonance apparatus for automatic calculation of a maximum pulse length of a non-selective excitation pulse for a magnetic resonance data acquisition pulse sequence in which gradients are switched during the radiation of at least one non-selective excitation pulse, a first parameter, which indicates the field... Agent:

20140091796 - Method and magnetic resonance apparatus to generate an artifact-free magnetic resonance image data set: In a method and magnetic resonance (MR) system for the creation of an artifact-free image data set of an imaging area located in a measurement volume of the MR system, measurement data are acquired from which an image data is to be reconstructed, with gradients for spatially coding of the... Agent:

20140091797 - Method and magnetic resonance system to acquire mr data with diffusion information: In the acquisition of MR data with diffusion information nuclear spins in a volume segment are excited with radiation of a diffusion coding module and a subsequent diffusion decoding module, and at least one RF pulse is radiated after the excitation, and the MR data are read out. At least... Agent:

20140091798 - Method and system for rapid mri acquisition using tailored signal excitation modules (rate): A system and method for rapid acquisition of MRI data at multiple points in time in an. MRI scan using tailored excitation modules, said method comprising the steps of: obtaining tailored signal excitation modules by using RF excitation pulses in combination with one or more magnetic field gradients; acquiring an... Agent:

20140091793 - Method for diffusion magnetic resonance imaging: A method for diffusion magnetic resonance imaging may be provided. The method may comprise steps of performing sampling on an object at N diffusion weighted directions to acquire undersampled but complementary k-space data, combining the complementary data from different directions to obtain a full sampled k-space data, performing initial reconstruction... Agent: Tsinghua University

20140091792 - Method for hyperpolarization transfer in the liquid state: A method for producing a hyperpolarized sample for use in a magnetic resonance investigation has the following steps: a) providing a solid sample (50), containing long T1 nuclei and short T1 nuclei in the same molecules (51); b) hyperpolarizing the short T1 nuclei in the solid sample (50); c) transforming... Agent: Bruker Biospin Ag

20140091791 - System and method for inductively communicating data: A system for inductively communicating signals in a magnetic resonance imaging system is presented. The system includes first array of primary coils configured to acquire data from a patient positioned on a patient cradle. Furthermore, the system includes a second array of secondary coils operatively coupled to the first array... Agent: General Electric Company

20140091799 - Trapping magnetizable particulates: Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus for measuring properties of a fluid stream flowing within a pipeline has one or more magnet systems for applying magnetic field to the fluid stream and also has means for inducing and observing magnetic resonance within the fluid stream as it passes through a said magnetic... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140091800 - Nmr sample containment: Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer for examination of a sample under pressure has a coolant vessel containing a radio-frequency coil cooled by coolant in the vessel while located within the magnetic field of the spectrometer. A pressurizable sample holder comprises a nonmagnetic pressure retaining tube formed of electrically insulating matrix material... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140091801 - Decoupling of split ring resonators in magnetic resonance tomography: An arrangement includes a plurality of split ring resonators on a planar substrate. Each split ring resonator of the plurality of split ring resonators includes two mutually parallel ring structures of a metal conductor element spaced apart by the substrate. The two mutually parallel rings structures are respectively separated by... Agent:

20140091802 - Intergrated electron spin resonance spectrometer: An integrated electron spin resonance (ESR) circuit chip includes a chip substrate, a transmitter circuit, and a receiver circuit. The transmitter circuit and receiver circuit are disposed on the chip substrate. The transmitter circuit includes an oscillator circuit configured to generate an oscillating output signal and a power amplifier (PA)... Agent: William Marsh Rice University

20140091803 - Systems for and methods of monitoring underground co2 storage: In accordance with aspects of the present disclosure, techniques for monitoring subterranean sequestered CO2 are disclosed. Tools for gathering relevant data are disclosed, and techniques for interpreting the resultant data also disclosed. For example, electrodes and micro-gravity sensors may be deployed, and their readings interpreted to detect underground CO2 migration.... Agent: Bp Corporation North America Inc.

20140091804 - Method and device for detecting leakage bright spot: A method for detecting a leakage bright spot includes: providing a driving circuit of data lines and a gate drive of a gate side and connecting a terminal area of the gate side by conductive adhesive; dividing the terminal area of the gate side into a first area and a... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140091805 - Battery module and insulation inspecting method of battery module: A battery module includes a metal casing and a battery cell accommodated in the casing. The casing is provided on its outer surface with an insulation layer and a conductive portion.... Agent: Lithium Energy Japan

20140091806 - Static-electricity-quantity measuring apparatus and static-electricity- quantity measuring method: A static-electricity-quantity measuring apparatus and a static-electricity-quantity measuring method are optimum for a manufacturing site under a difficult-to-measure situation and measure the quantity of static electricity of electronic parts, machine parts, etc. simply with high accuracy. A static-electricity-quantity measuring apparatus of the present invention has: a receiving unit which receives... Agent: National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology

20140091807 - System and method for ground fault detection in a transformer isolated communication channel of a network device: A system and method for non-intrusive fault detection of a ground fault in a communication channel is provided. A bias voltage may be established on a first portion of the communication channel and a second portion of the communication channel. A first voltage may be detected across a first resistor... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20140091808 - Contact separation detector and methods therefor: A device, circuit, system, and method for contact separation detection is described. A contact separation detector includes a capacitive element configured to be coupled across a pair of electrical contacts and a current sensor coupled to the capacitive element, configured to measure a current through the capacitive element and output... Agent: Arc Suppression Technologies

20140091809 - Security system for underground conduit: In a method for detecting disruptions proximate to an underground conduit, at least one signal carrying cable is positioned along a length of the conduit and between the conduit and a ground surface. At least one cable engaging member is connected to spaced apart locations on the at least one... Agent: Ohio University

20140091810 - Apparatus for testing electronic devices: An apparatus is described for burn-in and/or functional testing of microelectronic circuits of unsingulated wafers. A large number of power, ground, and signal connections can be made to a large number of contacts on a wafer. The apparatus has a cartridge that allows for fanning-in of electric paths. A distribution... Agent: Aehr Test Systems

20140091811 - Systems and methods for monitoring sensors: A method for multivariable measurements using a single-chip impedance analyzer includes providing a sensor, exposing the sensor to an environmental parameter, determining a complex impedance of the sensor over a measured spectral frequency range of the sensor, and monitoring at least three spectral parameters of the sensor.... Agent: General Electric Company

20140091812 - Method of integrated circuit scan clock domain allocation and machine readable media thereof: A method for deciding a scan clock domain allocation of an integrated circuit includes: utilizing a circuit netlist file and a timing constraints file of the integrated circuit to find out the amount of crossing paths between any two function clock domains of a plurality of function clock domains, and... Agent: Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

20140091813 - Systems and methods related to near-field electromagnetic scanners: Disclosed are systems, devices and methods related to scanners that can be utilized for multiple electrical and/or magnetic field measurements at different locations of a radio-frequency (RF) module. In some embodiments, a scanning system can include a miniature probe such as a magnetic probe, a fixture system configured to hold... Agent:

20140091814 - Fet rf power detector: An FET RF signal detector circuit comprising two unbalanced differential transistor pair circuits is disclosed. A current mirror output circuit is included for generating an output current derived from currents flowing in the differential transistor pair circuits. The first unbalanced differential transistor pair circuit comprises two branches, each with a... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140091815 - Capacitive position sensor system: A capacitive position sensor system for determining the position of an object, in particular on a surface of a contactless smartcard, is provided. The object is positioned within a sensitive area of the capacitive position sensor system and changes the capacitance of capacitors being arranged underneath the object. The capacitive... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140091816 - Precision target methods & apparatus: A method for determining and retrieving positional information includes forming a grid by locating a plurality of first conductive elements on a surface and a plurality of second conductive elements on the surface. A second grid is coupled to the surface and electrically isolated from the grid. The surface is... Agent:

20140091817 - Electronic device equipped with capacitive type touch panel: An electronic device includes a touch panel and a position detection circuit operable to output a position signal indicating a position at which the touch panel operated with an object. The detection circuit is operable perform a correction process to capacitance measurement values of electrodes of the touch panel to... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140091818 - Fine pitch interface for probe card: A probe card for testing integrated circuit devices. The probe card includes a first circuit having a plurality of traces disposed thereon. The probe card also includes a plurality of pins to couple to a device under test. An interface element interfaces a first set of pins of the plurality... Agent: Corad Technology Inc.

20140091819 - Method of testing a semiconductor structure: An integrated circuit (IC) comprises routing circuitry including a plurality of signal line segments in routing layers of the IC, and a plurality of micro-bump contacts coupled to the routing circuitry. The IC includes a plurality of test circuits coupled to respective subsets of the plurality of signal line segments.... Agent: Xilinx, Inc.

20140091821 - Composite wire probes for testing integrated circuits: An electrical probe of an aspect includes a high yield strength wire core. The high yield strength wire core includes predominantly one or more materials selected from tungsten, tungsten-copper alloy, tungsten-nickel alloy, beryllium-copper alloy, molybdenum, stainless steel, and combinations thereof. The high mechanical strength wire core has a yield strength... Agent:

20140091820 - Probe out-of-position sensing for automated test equipment: Detecting misalignment of test probes with component carriers in an automated test system is taught. Automated test systems for testing electronic components can have electronic components held in component carriers in preparation for testing. Testing can include moving test probes through openings provided in the component carrier to contact the... Agent: Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.

20140091822 - Blade type micro probe and method of manufacturing the same: A blade type micro probe and a method of manufacturing the same are disclosed. The method includes forming a plating seed layer on a substrate, a first blade structure on the plating seed layer and a second blade structure on the first blade structure, wherein the first blade structure includes... Agent:

20140091823 - Electrical contact member: Provided is an electrical contact member which is capable of maintaining stable conductivity over a long period of time, while achieving low adhesion to a test subject, in particular, an electrical contact member which is capable of maintaining stable electrical contact over a long period of time by suppressing increase... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20140091824 - Mechanism for facilitating a dynamic electro-mechanical interconnect having a cavity for embedding electrical components and isolating electrical paths: A mechanism is described for facilitating a dynamic electro-mechanical interconnect capable of being employed in a test system according to one embodiment. A method of embodiments of the invention may include separating, via a cavity, a first conductor of an interconnect from a second conductor of the interconnect, and isolating,... Agent:

20140091825 - Fine pitch interface for probe card: A probe card interface for interfacing a probe head with a first circuit. The probe card interface includes an impedance control element to interface a first set of pins of the probe head with the first circuit. The impedance control element is further configured to control the impedance of the... Agent: Corad Technology Inc.

20140091826 - Fine pitch interface for probe card: A probe card interface for interfacing a probe head with a first circuit. The probe card interface includes an impedance control element to interface a first set of pins of the probe head with the first circuit. The impedance control element is further configured to control the impedance of the... Agent:

20140091827 - Probe card for circuit-testing: A probe card for circuit-testing comprising a testing PCB, a probe head, and a silicon interposer substrate is provided. The probe head has a plurality of probes provided with a fine pitch arrangement and held inside. The silicon interposer substrate is used for conveying signals between said probes and said... Agent: Hermes-epitek Corp.

20140091828 - Sort probe gripper: A sort probe gripper includes a body, a jaw mount inserted into the body, a plurality of grippers mounted in the jaw mount and an actuator sleeve slidable along the body to engage the plurality of grippers.... Agent:

20140091829 - Semiconductor device, apparatus of estimating lifetime, method of estimating lifetime: According to one embodiment, a semiconductor device includes a circuit board, a plurality of semiconductor chips stacked above the circuit board, first and second bumps, third and fourth bumps, and first and second detection units. The first and second bumps are provided in either a gap between the circuit board... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140091830 - Test apparatus: A judgment unit judges the pass/fail of DUTs. A power supply circuit has changeable characteristics, and supplies a power supply signal to the DUTs. A condition setting unit performs a pilot test before a main test for the DUTs, and acquires a test condition to be used in the main... Agent: Advantest Corporation

03/27/2014 > 57 patent applications in 43 patent subcategories.

20140084901 - Hand tool having a pivot grip for sensing measurements behind a target surface: An implementation of a system and method for a hand tool having a pivot grip is provided. The pivot grip provides an axis of rotation perpendicular to and centered with a pair of concave finger holds positioned at the grip. The hand tool includes a housing forming the pivot grip,... Agent: Zircon Corporation

20140084902 - Measurement apparatus: A measurement apparatus for surface analysis carried out in a gaseous environment such as air comprises a measurement device capable of measuring a contact potential difference between a probe and a surface, and a light source that triggers photoelectric emission from a sample. The apparatus may operate in “dual” photoemission... Agent:

20140084905 - Method of robust position measurement: A method of improving linear position sensing of clutch actuators with magnetic field sensors utilizes a dedicated magnetic field sensor solely to detect the ambient magnetic field. Typical three position hydraulic clutch actuators include a pair of active magnetic field sensors, one of such active sensors associated with each of... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140084903 - Apparatus and method for providing an output signal indicative of a speed of rotation and a direction of rotation of a ferromagnetic object: An apparatus and a method provide an output signal indicative of a speed of rotation and a direction of rotation of a ferromagnetic object capable of rotating. A variety of signal formats of the output signal are described.... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, LLC

20140084904 - Apparatus and method for providing an output signal indicative of a speed of rotation and a direction of rotation of a ferromagnetic object: An apparatus and a method provide an output signal indicative of a speed of rotation and a direction of rotation of a ferromagnetic object capable of rotating. A variety of signal formats of the output signal are described.... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, LLC

20140084906 - Magnetic field sensor system with a biasing magnet producing a spatially symmetric magnetic field within a plane being defined by magnetoresistive sensor elements: A magnetic field sensor system for measuring rotational movements of a shaft is disclosed. The sensor system includes a biasing magnet configured for generating a biasing magnetic field and a magnetic wheel having a wheel axis and a circumferential surface which comprises a regular structure of teeth and gaps arranged... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140084907 - Electromagnetic induction position detection sensor: An electromagnetic induction position detection sensor includes a plurality of loop coils, each being an N-turn loop coil formed by winding a conductor N times (N is an integer equal to or greater than 2), and each coil turn having long side portions that are separated by a predetermined width... Agent: Wacom Co., Ltd.

20140084908 - Position encoder and associated pedal unit: A position encoder includes a sensor unit and an encoder unit configured to follow a motion of a lever by means of a pusher so as to enable the sensor unit to capture said motion. The encoder unit and the sensor unit include separate housings connected to each other. The... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140084909 - Block made of a building material: A building structure includes a block of building material and a magnetic circuit buried in the block of building material. The structure also includes a plurality of sensing devices buried in the block of building material. Each sensing device may include a contactless power supplying circuit magnetically coupled with the... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20140084910 - Surface property inspection device and surface property inspection method: To provide a surface property inspection device and surface property inspection method with which the surface treatment condition of treated material such as steel subjected to such surface treatments as shot-peening treatment or heat treatment, nitriding, and the like can be non-destructively and precisely inspected, and which offers a high... Agent: Sintokogio, Ltd.

20140084912 - Hall sensor excitation system: A Hall plate excitation system provides reduced offset and temperature dependence. The Hall plate excitation system includes a current source, a switching network, and a controller. The current source is configured to provide an excitation current to a Hall plate. The switching network is configured to switchably connect the current... Agent: Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh

20140084911 - Hall sensors and sensing methods: Embodiments relate to multi-terminal sensor devices and operating methods thereof that can reduce or eliminate offset error. In embodiments, sensor devices can comprise three or fewer terminals, and multiple such sensor devices can be combined. The sensor devices can comprise Hall sensor devices, such as vertical Hall devices, or other... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140084914 - Current detection device: In a current detection device for detecting current in a busbar, a reduction in device size may be realized by employing a small magnetic core. The prevention or reduction of excessive heat generation by the busbar, the facilitation of the attachment task, and a reduction in the amount of space... Agent: Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.

20140084913 - Low-noise magnetic sensors: Magnetic sensors are disclosed, as well as methods for fabricating and using the same. In some embodiments, an EMR effect sensor includes a semiconductor layer. In some embodiments, the EMR effect sensor may include a conductive layer substantially coupled to the semiconductor layer. In some embodiments, the EMR effect sensor... Agent:

20140084915 - Nmr logging apparatus: Technologies including NMR logging apparatus and methods are disclosed. Example NMR logging apparatus may include surface instrumentation and one or more downhole probes configured to fit within an earth borehole. The surface instrumentation may comprise a power amplifier, which may be coupled to the downhole probes via one or more... Agent: Vista Clara Inc.

20140084916 - Magnetic resonance phase contrast angiography with rotating coding gradients: In a method and magnetic resonance (MR) system to generate an MR phase contrast angiography image of an examination subject, velocity-dependent phase information is impressed on moving spins in the examination subject by switching additional bipolar coding gradients that are in addition to the basic phase coding and readout gradients.... Agent:

20140084918 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and flip angle determination method: In order to maximize the SNR of an image in consideration of signal correction in a multi-echo sequence, flip angles of a plurality of refocus high frequency magnetic field pulses are determined in a multi-echo imaging sequence. Using an index that reflects the SNR of an image after signal correction... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20140084917 - Mri scanner: A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner includes a control device, a gradient coil for generating a gradient field, a gradient coil connector for connecting the gradient coil to the control device, and a temperature sensor. The temperature sensor is configured and disposed to detect a temperature of the gradient coil... Agent:

20140084926 - Correcting the static magnetic field of an mri radiotherapy apparatus: A method of correcting a magnetic field of an MRI radiotherapy apparatus (300) comprising a magnetic resonance imaging system (302) and a radiation therapy system (304). The MRI system includes a magnet (306) for generating the magnetic field within an imaging zone 318. The magnet generates a magnetic field with... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140084920 - Imaging the teeth by means of magnetic resonance technology with non-unique gradients: A gradient system according to the invention generates three superimposed gradient fields of which at least one of the three gradient fields is not unique in space (i.e. not bijective) and at least one of the three gradient has areas of the same field strength, which extend in parallel or... Agent:

20140084921 - Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus: In a method and apparatus for automatic magnetic resonance imaging of a patient, an MR overall image is composed from several MR partial images. An MR overview image is received by a process that determines several scanning ranges based on the MR overview image. The MR scanning ranges are characterized... Agent:

20140084924 - Magnetic resonance method and apparatus for correction of magnetic resonance data: In a method and apparatus to acquire correction data in connection with pulse sequences to acquire measurement data whose echo times—the duration between excitation and measurement data acquisition of the pulse sequences—are less than 500 microseconds, the pulse sequences acquire measurement data by repetition of a pulse sequence scheme, wherein... Agent:

20140084923 - Magnetic resonance method, apparatus and radiofrequency coil for acquiring magnetic resonance data of at least one tooth: In a magnetic resonance method and apparatus for the acquisition of measurement data of at least one tooth of an examination subject, a pulse sequence is employed that has an echo time TE of less than 0.5 milliseconds, and spatial coding of the acquired measurement data takes place in only... Agent:

20140084922 - Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging: In a method and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging, a flip angle and/or inversion time of a spectrum suppression pulse is calculated according to a steady state condition of a longitudinal magnetization component of a spectrum composition suppressed by the spectrum suppression pulse and a zero crossing point condition of... Agent:

20140084919 - Method for magnetic resonance imaging using radial cones k-space trajectories: A method for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) using a radial cone k-space trajectory is provided. The radial cone k-space trajectory is defined by the application of a radial magnetic field gradient and one or more oscillating magnetic field gradients. The amplitude of the radial magnetic field gradient increases with time... Agent:

20140084925 - System and method for prepolarizing magnetic resonance- or relaxation-based measurements: The invention relates to a prepolarizing magnetic resonance- or relaxation-based measurement system, comprising a prepolarizing coil for producing a prepolarizing field at the target zone, means for pulsing the prepolarizing field according to a first pulsing scheme, and means for measuring magnetization of a target placed in the target zone.... Agent: Aalto University Foundation

20140084927 - Surface-based nmr measurement: Technologies applicable to surface-based NMR measurement are disclosed. A surface probe is positionable at or above a surface of the Earth and adapted to make NMR measurements of shallow or very shallow subsurface volumes. NMR spectrometer components connected to the surface probe are configured to control electromagnetic pulses produced by... Agent: Vista Clara Inc.

20140084928 - Nmr measuring configuration with temperature control device for a sample vial: An NMR measuring configuration has a temperature control device for a sample vial (1). The temperature control device has a temperature sensor with supply wires which are both surrounded by a sensor tube (15). The sensor tube (15) is connected to a measurement space via a sensor flow inlet (26)... Agent:

20140084929 - Magnetic resonance imaging (mri) apparatus and manufacturing method thereof: A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) method and apparatus in which conductors are installed in the space between a static coil unit and a gradient coil unit to eliminate asymmetry of eddy current induced in the static coil unit. The structure permits a symmetrical distribution of eddy current when the concentric... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140084930 - Monitoring the dipole moment vector of an airborne electromagnetic survey system: An airborne electromagnetic survey system that monitors the dipole moment. A TDEM system includes a flexible transmitter loop and a receiver having three sensors with mutually perpendicular sensitive axes. In flight, mechanical and aerodynamic forces cause the transmitter loop to tilt and flex, which affects the direction and magnitude of... Agent: Geotech Airborne Limited

20140084931 - Detection apparatus for light-emitting diode chips: A detection apparatus for light-emitting diode chips comprises a transparent chuck with the light-concentration capability, a probing device and a light-sensing device. The transparent chuck comprises a light-incident plane and a light-emitting plane. The light-incident plane is used to bear a plurality of light-emitting diode chips under detection. The probing... Agent: Genesis Photonics Inc

20140084932 - System and methods for extraction of threshold and mobility parameters in amoled displays: A system reads a desired circuit parameter from a pixel circuit that includes a light emitting device, a drive device to provide a programmable drive current to the light emitting device, a programming input, and a storage device to store a programming signal. One embodiment of the extraction system turns... Agent: Ignis Innovation Inc.

20140084933 - Isolation resistance measuring apparatus having fault self-diagnosing function and self-diagnosing method using the same: Disclosed is an isolation resistance measuring apparatus having a fault self-diagnosing function. The isolation resistance measuring apparatus having a fault self-diagnosing function forms a diagnosis circuit by means of a first isolation resistance measuring unit and a second isolation resistance measuring unit respectively connected to a cathode terminal and an... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20140084934 - System and method for determining an isolation resistance of a battery pack disposed on a vehicle chassis: A system for determining an isolation resistance is provided. The system includes a voltage source that applies an output voltage level between first and second electrical terminals of a battery pack. The system further includes a voltage meter that measures a first voltage level between the first electrical terminal and... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20140084935 - Device for detecting a defect in insulation: An electrical power supply includes DC source outputting Vm and a device that detects insulation defects in the DC source. The device includes input terminals connected to the source's terminals, impedances Z1 and Z2 connected in series between the input terminals, where Z1=Z2=Z and Vm/Imax<z<(3/2)*Vm/Imax, wherein Imax is a maximum... Agent:

20140084936 - Charge pump based over-sampling adc for current detection: Techniques are presented for determining current levels based on the behavior of a charge pump system while driving a load under regulation. While driving the load under regulation, the number of pump clocks during a set interval is counted. This can be compared to a reference that can be obtained,... Agent: Sandisk Technologies Inc.

20140084937 - On-line monitoring of stator insulation in motors and generators: Systems and methods are disclosed for on-line monitoring of the condition of the stator insulation of an AC motor or an electric generator. In certain embodiments, the system includes a transformer surrounding each pair of input and output cables associated with a given phase of power provided to the AC... Agent: General Electric Company

20140084939 - Condition estimation device and method of generating open circuit voltage characteristic: A condition estimation device includes a voltage measurement circuit, memory, and a controller. The voltage measurement circuit measures an open circuit voltage (OCV) of an electric storage device. The memory is configured to store first information on a correlation between a positive electrode potential and an electric storage capacity and... Agent: Gs Yuasa International Ltd.

20140084938 - Sensing element and signal sensing device with the same: A sensing element suitable for sensing an interference signal radiated by an object under test is provided, including a substrate, a ground plane and a sensing antenna. The ground plane is disposed on a first surface of the substrate. The sensing antenna is disposed on the first surface of the... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140084940 - Apparatus and a method for detecting faults in the delivery of electrical power to electrical loads: A method of and apparatus for fault detection utilizing a diagnostic procedure by a diagnostic device to detect a short circuit between at least two of a plurality of load electrical connections, the diagnostic procedure comprising applying a test electrical signal to each of the load electrical connections in turn... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20140084941 - Display device and method for detecting line defects of the display device: A display device, which can prevent defects in a drive power transmission line and damage which is caused to a common electrode by such defects, and a method for detecting line defects of the display device are provided. The display device includes a plurality of drive power transmission lines for... Agent: Lg Display Co., Ltd.

20140084942 - System and method for an arc fault detector: Embodiments of the present disclosure include a method of operating an arc fault detection system, an arc fault detection system, and a system. An embodiment is a method of operating an arc fault detection system coupled to a power line, the method including determining one or more arc fault detection... Agent:

20140084943 - Strain monitoring system and apparatus: This application relates to an apparatus and system for sensing strain on a portion of an implant positioned in a living being. In one aspect, the apparatus has at least one sensor assembly that can be mountable thereon a portion of the implant and that has a passive electrical resonant... Agent: Cardiomems, Inc.

20140084944 - Coaxial probe comprising terminating resistor: A coaxial probe is for a TDR fill-level measuring instrument, in which probe the inner conductor is connected to the outer conductor via a terminating resistor. The terminating resistor is mounted in a cylindrical recess in the inner conductor and sealed with respect to the measuring environment. In this way,... Agent: Vega Grieshaber Kg

20140084945 - Interface detection: The invention relates to a method for determining a level of a material interface in a tank, by means of a radar level gauge system comprising a transceiver; a probe for guiding a transmitted electromagnetic signal towards the material interface. The probe comprises a first plurality of reference impedance transitions... Agent: Rosemount Tank Radar Ab

20140084946 - System and method for wireless power and data transmission in a rotary steerable system: Various embodiments for wireless power and data communications transmissions between a cartridge in a rotary steering system and components within a drill collar are disclosed. In a certain embodiment, magnetic fields are used to transfer power and data between the cartridge of a rotary steering system and electronics and/or sensors... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140084947 - System and method for measuring product quantity in a container: A system for measuring product quantity including a container that defines an internal volume, a plurality of products positioned in the internal volume, a first conductor positioned proximate the container, a second conductor positioned proximate the container, the second conductor being spaced a distance from the first conductor, and a... Agent: Meadwestvaco Corporation

20140084948 - Test vehicles for evaluating resistance of thin layers: Provided are test vehicles for evaluating various semiconductor materials. These materials may be used for various integrated circuit components, such as embedded resistors of resistive random access memory cells. Also provided are methods of fabricating and operating these test vehicles. A test vehicle may include two stacks protruding through an... Agent: Intermolecular, Inc.

20140084949 - Surface impedance systems and methods: A surface impedance sensor and method are provided. The surface impedance sensor generally includes first and second electrodes, a driver circuit to drive the electrodes at a plurality of driving frequencies, and a detection circuit to measure the impedance across the first and second electrodes for comparison against a plurality... Agent: Access Business Group International LLC

20140084950 - Cancellation of secondary reverse reflections in a very-fast transmission line pulse system: An approach for cancelling reverse reflections in very-fast transmission line pulse (VFTLP) testing of an electrostatic discharge (ESD) device in a semiconductor is provided. A method includes generating an incident pulse in a VFTLP system for applying to a device under test (DUT). The method also includes generating a delayed... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140084951 - Method for detecting a device that generates spurious signals in an electrical network, an electrical system and an aircraft: A method for detecting a device that generates spurious signals in an electrical network, to which several devices and at least one fault detection device are connected, includes the steps of monitoring the electrical network for electrical spurious signals, sequentially deactivating each device for a predetermined time T when an... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20140084952 - System and method for analyzing electronic devices having opposing thermal components: A system for analyzing electronic devices includes an input station, a transport apparatus, an electric machine interface station, an electric machine interface, a support structure and first and second thermal components. The input station receives a plurality of electronic devices and the transport apparatus transports each of the electronic devices... Agent:

20140084953 - Compliant thermal contact device and method: Examples of thermal contact devices and methods are shown. Compliant thermal contact devices are shown that include interleaved conducting structures to provide a high thermal conduction contact area. Selected examples include a thermal interface material located at the interleaved interface between the conducting structures. Selected examples also include designs for... Agent:

20140084954 - Testing device for validating stacked semiconductor devices: By utilizing HDI substrates, embodiments of the invention enable “breaking out” the signal pins on multiple layers, perhaps double or triple the routing layers of the package channel; however, the geometry of the transmission lines and other factors may be chosen to ensure channel parameters such as impedance and crosstalk... Agent:

20140084955 - Fine pitch interposer structure: A fine pitch interposer structure includes a Multi-core base substrate and a plurality of buildup laminates. A surface of each Multi-core base substrate has a first circuit layer, and a second circuit layer which is electrically connected to the first circuit layer. The buildup laminates are stacked on the surface... Agent: Chunghwa Precision Test Tech Co., Ltd.

20140084956 - Probe head test fixture and method of using the same: Various probe testing load board structures and methods of using the same are disclosed. In one aspect, a method of testing a load board of a probe testing system is provided. The method includes electrically engaging a shorting substrate with conductor structures of the load board. The shorting substrate is... Agent:

20140084957 - Wiring check device and wiring check system: An objective of the present invention is to provide a wiring check device with which it is possible, with respect to finding a risk of deterioration of electromagnetic noise characteristics, to take into account the presence of a plane conductor other than a plane conductor located closest to the wiring.... Agent: Nec Corporation

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20140077793 - Piezoelectric element feeder capable of measuring electric characteristics of piezoelectric element and method of measuring electric characteristics of piezoelectric element: A piezoelectric element feeder for feeding a piezoelectric element, includes a drawing unit that draws a first electrode surface of the piezoelectric element with use of negative pressure and transfers the piezoelectric element onto the actuator attaching part and a probe movably supported with the drawing unit and used to... Agent: Nhk Spring Co., Ltd.

20140077794 - Position detection device: A position detection device includes a first component provided by molding of a first mold resin with a first hall IC, a second component provided by molding of a second mold resin with a second hall IC, a terminal connected to a first wiring of the first component and to... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140077795 - Position-measuring device and method for operating the same: A position-measuring device includes a code carrier having a first graduation track and a second graduation track, the second graduation track being an incremental graduation track. A first detector system is configured to scan the graduation tracks so as to generate first position signals. A second detector system is configured... Agent: Dr. Johannes Heidenhain Gmbh

20140077796 - Apparatus and method for measuring magnetic fields: An apparatus for measuring a magnetic field is described, which comprises a core and an exciter coil for remagnetizing the core material. The remagnetizable core material is embodied as a layer or as multiple layers disposed at a distance from one another, and the core has a maximum total extension... Agent:

20140077797 - Current sensor: A current sensor includes: a current bar through which a current flows; a first cover that covers the current bar and includes a cutout portion formed in at least a part thereof; a magnetic substance core that covers at least parts of the current bar and the first cover and... Agent: Fujitsu Component Limited

20140077798 - Integrated triaxial magnetometer of semiconductor material manufactured in mems technology: Two suspended masses are configured so as to be flowed by respective currents flowing in the magnetometer plane in mutually transversal directions and are capacitively coupled to lower electrodes. Mobile sensing electrodes are carried by the first suspended mass and are capacitively coupled to respective fixed sensing electrodes. The first... Agent:

20140077799 - Integrated magnetic spectrometer for multiplexed biosensing: A magnetic spectrometer is integrated in a semiconductor substrate and provides high sensitivity without using an external magnet field. The spectrometer includes one or more highly stable on-chip oscillator and LC resonator. A current caused to pass through the inductor generates a magnetic field and polarizes the nanoparticles placed in... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20140077800 - Magnetic field apparatus and method of operating a magnetic field apparatus: A magnetic field apparatus comprises a generator for generating a magnetic field of the magnetic field apparatus and a sensor for measuring the interaction between electrical charge carriers in an object and the magnetic field, wherein the electrical as charge carriers and the magnetic field are in relative motion to... Agent: Max-delbrueck-centrum Fuer Molekulare Medizin

20140077803 - Combined hf/shim/gradient signal routing: A method and a magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) system are provided. The MRT system includes at least one cable. The MRT system is configured to transmit high frequency (HF) signals for at least one HF transmitting coil, and shim signals for at least one shim coil and/or gradient signals for... Agent:

20140077805 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and flip angle determination method: The purpose of the present invention is to obtain an image with a desired contrast while minimizing specific absorption rate and without deteriorating image quality in a variable refocus flip angle sequence. To this end, Teequiv specified by a signal decay pattern SSP obtained by a flip angle changing pattern... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20140077802 - Method and control device to control a magnetic resonance system: A method and control device operate a magnetic resonance system in order to execute a first pulse sequence that includes an excitation phase and an acquisition phase. In the excitation phase, a first gradient is applied in a gradient direction to generate a spatially dependent basic magnetic field. A selective... Agent:

20140077804 - Methods for truncation error minimization in an mri device: Devices and methods for the truncation of signal data in a system of a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) device are provided. A device includes a demodulator that provides multiple truncation of signal data on a route between an input and an output of a system for the respective reduction of... Agent:

20140077801 - System and method for parallel magnetic resonance imaging with optimally selected in-plane acceleration: A method for three-dimensional parallel magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) using an MRI system is provided. The method includes determining in-plane acceleration factors that optimize a selected criterion, such as an image quality criterion defined by maximal noise amplification in a reconstructed image. The estimated in-plane acceleration factors are used to... Agent:

20140077806 - Multi-phase metering device for oilfield applications: This application is related to a system and methods for sampling fluids and gases using nuclear magneto resonance (NMR) technology. Specifically the system is related to an improved metallic pipe design for use at oil and gas well has that includes integral coils for transmitting an NMR pulse sequence and... Agent: Perm Instruments Inc.

20140077810 - Magnetic resonance system and method to acquire at least two measurement data sets from an examination subject: In a magnetic resonance data acquisition of at least two measurement data sets of an examination subject, each of the at least two measurement data sets is acquired in at least three partial measurements. Each partial measurement covers a partial region of k-space corresponding to the examination subject to be... Agent:

20140077809 - Method and apparatus for producing a series of image data sets for an examination region located in a measurement volume of a magnetic resonance apparatus: Multiple scanning of regions of the k-space corresponding to a mapping region, containing the k-space center, takes place by a single-point imaging sequence and the less frequent scanning of the remaining k-space corresponding to the peripheries of the mapping region by means of a radial scanning, enables a creation of... Agent:

20140077808 - Method of generating a susceptibility weighted image: A method of generating a susceptibility weighted image of an object in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) apparatus includes: acquiring at least one first complex data piece corresponding to a radio frequency (RF) signal received from the object by using the RF signal; applying a predetermined filter to the at... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140077807 - System and method for imaging of vascular structures using non-contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imaging: A system and method is provided for acquiring a medical image of a portion of a vascular structure of a subject using a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system. At least one radio frequency (RF) saturation pulse is applied to a selected region of a subject that is free of exogenous... Agent:

20140077811 - Wireless prospective motion marker: A magnetic resonance system includes a magnetic resonance scanner (8) and a magnetic resonance scan controller (24). A plurality of markers (40, 140) are attached to the subject to monitor motion of a portion of a subject within an examination region. A motion control unit receives motion data from the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140077812 - System and method for maintaining soft switching condition in a gradient coil driver circuit: In one embodiment, a system includes a gradient coil driver configured to supply electrical signals to a gradient coil of a magnetic resonance imaging system. The gradient coil driver includes an electronic circuit. The electronic circuit includes a first H-bridge circuit electrically coupled to a power source. The first H-bridge... Agent: General Electric Company

20140077813 - Intra-blade filter for motion corrected magnetic resonance data: In an embodiment, a method includes processing magnetic resonance (MR) data according to a process including applying a density filter to blades of k-space data rotated about a section of k-space. Each blade may include a first set of encode lines weighted in a first signal weighting and a second... Agent: General Electric Company

20140077814 - Method and system for testing matrices and method for controlling voltage clocks: The present invention discloses method and system for testing matrices and method for controlling voltage clocks, comprising the steps of: providing a matrix circuit comprising a plurality of first end points and a plurality of second end points, wherein there is a path having a switch thereon between each of... Agent: Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140077815 - Method and apparatus for determining a capacity of a battery: Some embodiments of the present invention provide a system that accurately and reliably updates a full charge capacity of a battery. During operation, the system charges the battery from an initial state to a rest point prior to reaching a fully charged state. The system then interrupts the charging process... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140077816 - Sensor device and method for producing a sensor device for accommodation in a galvanic cell: A sensor device for accommodation in a galvanic cell, having a sensor for detecting a predetermined measured quantity of the galvanic cell. The sensor device includes a sensor housing for receiving the sensor, the sensor being disposed in a recess in the sensor housing, and a measured-quantity transfer medium that... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140077817 - Method for the control and handling of electrochemical cells or batteries, electrochemical cell and battery: The invention relates to a method for handling and servicing an electrochemical cell (1), preferably a battery having a number of electrochemical cells (1), comprising a controller (3), in particular a cell controller, preferably a battery controller, at least one sensor (4) connected to the controller (3) for acquiring parameter... Agent: Li-tec Battery Gmbh

20140077818 - Methods for testing lithium ion battery and evaluating safety of lithium ion battery: A method for testing a lithium ion battery is disclosed. An under-test lithium ion battery including a cathode active material is provided. A reference voltage value is set according to the cathode active material. The under-test lithium ion battery is over charged, while an actual voltage change of the under-test... Agent:

20140077819 - Voltage monitoring device: Device to monitor the voltage of battery cells. The device includes a control device, voltage taps configured to tap the voltages of the battery cells, a holding plate having a first holding plate part and a second holding plate part, and a stamped-out circuit having measuring lines configured to electrically... Agent: Magna E-car Systems Gmbh & Co Og

20140077820 - Gsm/gprs based method, system and computer programs to determine and locate high impedance faults on medium voltage distribution networks in high resistivity: Embodiments of the present invention include systems, methods, computer-readable media, and computer programs to determine and locate one or more faults on a distribution network in a high resistivity area. Embodiments of the present invention include a plurality of open conductor devices positioned on lateral ends of a plurality of... Agent: Saudi Arabian Oil Company

20140077821 - Method and apparatus for preventing electricity meter failure: A method and apparatus that monitors and controls the operation of an electricity meter and prevents a failure of and/or damage to the electricity meter. A potential failure condition of an electrical connection between an electricity meter and a meter socket in an electrical line that provides power from a... Agent: Sensus Usa Inc.

20140077822 - Noise measurement for measured displacement: An apparatus including a first plurality of electrodes and a second plurality of electrodes is disclosed. Each electrode of the first plurality of electrodes is configured to measure an electric field associated with a position of a moving object. The second plurality of electrodes is disposed further away from the... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20140077823 - High signal to noise ratio capacitive sensing analog front-end: Capacitance sensing circuits and methods are provided. The capacitance sensing circuit includes a capacitance-to-voltage converter configured to receive a signal from a capacitance to be sensed and to provide an output signal representative of the capacitance, an output chopper configured to convert the output signal of the capacitance-to-voltage converter to... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.i.

20140077824 - Humidity sensor and method of manufacturing the same: A humidity sensor includes a humidity detention section, a pad section, and a dam section. The humidity detention section includes a pair of detection electrodes facing each other on a predetermined surface of a substrate and a humidity-sensitive film covering the detection electrodes. The pad section is spaced from the... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140077826 - Collision detection device for vehicle: A collision detection device for a vehicle detects a collision to the vehicle from any direction. Smoothing capacitors (510, 520) and an inverter are housed within a case (10). Electrode bus bars (12, 14) are connected to the positive electrode plates and negative electrode plates of the smoothing capacitors (510,... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140077825 - Method for the measurement of water and water-soluble components in non-aqueous liquids: A method is provided for assigning a grade to a liquid hydrocarbon fuel is relation to the potential for a water or water-based phase to form in the fuel. The method comprises sensing the electrical resistance of the fuel, sensing the capacitance of the fuel, determining the amount of water... Agent:

20140077827 - Method for improving scan time and sensitivity in touch sensitive user interface device: System and method for optimizing the consumption of power while maintaining performance in capacitive sensor arrays. A limited sensing area is used to improve the update rate and sensitivity of a row/column array of capacitive sensors. According to one embodiment, a method is provided for scanning a plurality of capacitive... Agent: Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

20140077828 - Method and device for the detection of properties of fluid media: A method and apparatus for detecting properties of fluid media within a predefined process using impedance spectroscopy, the method detecting an initial impedance curve, including a plurality of characteristic points on said initial impedance curve determining an initial value of the properties of the fluid medium, determining respective surrounding frequency... Agent: Seuffer Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140077829 - Test handler that rapidly transforms temperature and method of testing semiconductor device using the same: A test handler and a test method of a semiconductor device using the same includes a plurality of chambers to provide a sealed inner space accommodating a first tray on which semiconductor devices are mounted, a test module electrically connected to the semiconductor devices in the chambers to perform a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20140077830 - High speed, high current, closed loop load transient tester: The present document relates to voltage regulators (101). In particular, the present document relates to the testing of voltage regulators subject to load transients. A test device (110) configured to generate a load current to be drawn at an output of a voltage regulator (101) is described. The test device... Agent: Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh

20140077831 - Linear motor for a device for testing printed circuit boards and device for testing printed circuit boards: The invention relates to a linear motor for a device for testing a printed circuit board. The linear motor comprises a stator and a rotor, wherein the stator comprises a row of permanent magnets arranged side by side and alternating in their polarity, and wherein the rotor is formed from... Agent:

20140077832 - Test and connection apparatus arrangement, and connection apparatus: A testing arrangement is provided for testing the electrical circuits of an assembly of terminal blocks arranged in side-to-side relation, each of the terminal blocks including two mutually-insulated collinearly-arranged horizontal bus bar sections that are normally electrically connected by first and second pairs of leaf spring contacts arranged above and... Agent: Weidmueller Interface Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140077833 - Probe card and manufacturing method thereof: A probe card for being abutted against a plurality of probes is provided. The probe card includes a substrate, at least two IC boards, and a plurality of probe pads. The IC boards are located on the substrate, and a predetermined distance is formed between the IC boards. Each of... Agent: Mpi Corporation

20140077834 - Printed wiring board, crack prediction device, and crack prediction method: A printed wiring board includes: a laminated body that has a plurality of wiring layers laminated therein; a first through hole that electrically connects two or more wiring layers with each other; and a second through hole that has strength to expansion and contraction of the laminated body less than... Agent:

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