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Electricity: measuring and testing

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07/10/2014 > 35 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20140191746 - Method and system for localisation on a dc lighting and power grid: The present disclosure is directed to methods and apparatus for locating luminaires within a lighting system where multiple luminaires are located on a grid of DC power rails. The AC signal generator connects to each DC power rail and transmits an AC signal along each DC power rail in turn... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140191747 - Dynamic power consumption real-time display device: The embodiments of the present disclosure disclose a dynamic power consumption real-time display device, which includes: a first power consumption determining module, according to a current PWM value of a backlight of an LCD panel as well as a corresponding relationship between PWM values of the backlight and the power... Agent: Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

20140191748 - Signal test device: A signal test device includes a probe column, a probe pin, and a cable. The probe pin includes a first end contacted with an electronic device and a second end located inside the probe column. A first conductive piece set in the probe column is connected to a signal line... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140191749 - Measuring system: A measuring system is provided that includes a magnetic field sensor array, an evaluation circuit for evaluating measurement signals of the magnetic field sensor array, and a rotatable encoder that has a mass element to change a magnetic field vector in the magnetic field sensor array. The encoder has a... Agent: Micronas Gmbh

20140191750 - Sensor for locating metal objects and associated coil: A sensor for locating metal objects has coils or coil parts which form at least one transmitting coil (5.1) and at least one receiving coil (7.1) which are inductively coupled to one another and are arranged such that said coils partially overlap for the purpose of interaction decoupling, wherein optimum... Agent:

20140191751 - Magnetic testing method and apparatus: A magnetic testing apparatus comprises a first magnetizing device for applying a DC bias magnetic field to a test object P in substantially parallel to the direction in which a flaw F to be detected extends, a second magnetizing device for applying an AC magnetic field to the test object... Agent: Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

20140191752 - Spectral decomposition of composite solid state spin environments through quantum control of spin impurities: Methods and systems are described for spectral decomposition of composite solid-state spin environments through quantum control of electronic spin impurities. Δ sequence of spin-control modulation pulses are applied to the electronic spin impurities in the solid-state spin systems. The spectral content of the spin bath that surrounds the electronic spin... Agent: President And Fellows Of Harvard College

20140191753 - Method and apparatus for obtaining magnetic resonance image: An MRI method includes: defining image regions on an object; setting imaging conditions for the defined image regions; and acquiring MR images for the image regions according to the set imaging conditions. The imaging conditions may be set by displaying information about the defined image regions and setting the imaging... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140191754 - Method for determining the effect of a medical device on the image data of a magnetic resonance examination and/or examination subject examined by means of magnetic resonance: In a method and magnetic resonance apparatus for determining at least one datum providing a measure for the effect of at least one medical device that is to be connected to, or is connected to, an examination subject in the scope of a magnetic resonance examination that is to be... Agent:

20140191756 - Medical image imaging device: A technique in a medical imaging apparatus being capable of setting any plane in three-dimensional space as an imaging slice is provided, allowing an automatically-set imaging slice to be configured to suit user's preferences, and determine a position of the imaging slice being configured, with respect to an imaging target... Agent:

20140191755 - Method and magnetic resonance apparatus for automated analysis of the raw data of a spectrum: In a method and magnetic resonance apparatus for automating the analysis of MR raw data representing a spectrum, at least one post-processing procedure is applied to the raw data, so as to obtain a processed spectrum. The number of numerical values depicted by the processed spectrum is lowered to a... Agent:

20140191757 - Radiofrequency coils:

20140191758 - Transmit antenna selector and magnetic resonance imaging system: A transmit antenna selector includes a control circuit, a body coil signal output interface, a local coil signal output interface, a radio-frequency signal input interface, and a dummy load. The control circuit includes a plurality of diodes. The control circuit electrically connects, according to a control signal and via the... Agent:

20140191759 - Multi-frequency locating systems and methods: Multi-frequency buried object location system transmitters and locators are disclosed. A transmitter may generate and provide output signals to a buried object at a plurality of frequencies, which may be selected based on a connection type. Corresponding locators may simultaneously receive a plurality of magnetic field signals emitted from the... Agent:

20140191760 - Method and apparatus for suppression of the airwave in subsea exploration: The far zone “airwave” that arises when surveying subsea formations is greatly diminished by deployment of the transmitter combining mutually orthogonal horizontal electric and magnetic dipoles with the electric and magnetic dipole moments being locked in a special relationship. At each of the operating frequencies, the amplitude and phase characteristics... Agent:

20140191761 - Fiberoptic systems and methods for subsurface em field monitoring: A disclosed subsurface electromagnetic field monitoring system employs at least one fiberoptic cable to optically communicate measurements from an array of electromagnetic field sensors in a borehole. A data processing system that receives the measurements and responsively models the subsurface electromagnetic field, which in at least some cases is generated... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc. ("hesi")

20140191762 - System and method for imaging properties of subterranean formations: A system and method for imaging properties of subterranean formations in a wellbore is provided. The system comprises a formation sensor for collecting currents injected into the subterranean formations, the formation sensor positionable on a downhole tool deployable into the wellbore. The system comprises a controller for controlling the formation... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140191763 - Detection device for lithium-ion battery: The present disclosure provides a detection device for lithium-ion battery, which comprises an insulative housing having a receiving chamber; an insulative separator positioned between the positive electrode sheet and the negative electrode sheet when the positive electrode sheet and the negative electrode sheet are received in the receiving chamber; a... Agent: Ningde Amperex Technology Limited

20140191764 - Method for determining response characteristics of battery: A method for determining response characteristics of a battery includes: pressurizing the battery in a direction to reduce a distance between electrode surfaces of the battery; and applying a voltage or a current to the pressurized battery to determine response characteristics of the battery.... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20140191765 - Battery monitoring system and battery monitoring device: A battery monitoring system includes: plural battery monitoring devices that are serially connected to each other; and a control circuit connected to one battery monitoring device and that transmits a first activation signal to the one battery monitoring device, wherein each particular one of the plural battery monitoring devices includes:... Agent: Lapis Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

20140191766 - Device and method for monitoring the state of a system component: In order to detect the current state of a system component, e.g. to display whether an electrical conductor, a cable or the like, is currently live, a field generator that generates a magnetic field in the environment of the system part is provided, which generator is connected to an organic... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140191767 - Detection and location of electrical connections having a micro-interface abnormality in an electrical system: A method of detecting and locating a micro-interface abnormality within an electrical system having a plurality of conductors and a plurality of electrical connections includes identifying a subset of the plurality of electrical connections by detecting an acoustic signal within the electrical system and analyzing the detected acoustic signal and... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140191768 - Method and system for measuring the resistance of a resistive structure: Method and system for measuring the resistance of a resistive structure having at least three nodes. A first calibration signal is determined by measuring a voltage at an output of the resistance structure when no calibration current is injected into a third node between the first and second nodes of... Agent: Linear Technology Corporation

20140191769 - Multitouch tactile device with multi frequency and barycentric capacitive detection: The general field of the invention is that of touchscreen devices with projected capacitive detection comprising a matrix touchpad comprising a plurality of conducting rows and of conducting columns, the said pad being linked to electronic control means. The electronic control means generate two periodic emission voltages emitted at two... Agent:

20140191770 - Capacitive sensing device: A capacitive sensing device including logic components and a capacitive sensor having at least one electrode, said logic components and capacitive sensor being arranged to form an oscillator, where the capacitive sensor includes a plurality of capacitive sensing electrodes, as well as a selector arranged to form an oscillator selectively... Agent:

20140191771 - Touch panel sensor: A touch panel sensor for sensing a contact position of a target object may include an insulating substrate, electrode patterns formed on the bottom surface of the insulating substrate and for sensing the target object accessing thereto, a window decoration provided on the bottom surface of the insulating substrate in... Agent: Samwon St

20140191773 - Control device for oxygen concentration sensor: A control device for controlling an oxygen concentration sensor includes: a voltage sweeping unit for applying a voltage to the sensor for a time interval during an impedance detection process; a pre-sweeping voltage memory for storing a terminal voltage of the sensor as an initial terminal voltage just before applying... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140191772 - Differential current sensor: The invention relates to a differential current sensor for measuring a differential current (ΔI) between an electric current (IH) through a delivery conductor (H) and an electric current (IR) through a return conductor (R), with two low-ohmic current-measuring resistors (RH, RL) for measuring the currents (IH, IR) in the delivery... Agent: Isabellenhuette Heusler Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140191774 - Apparatus and a method for testing winding resistances of transformers: The present invention relates to an apparatus for measuring winding resistances of windings in a delta-connected transformer, comprising at least a first and a second DC current source (S1, S2) connected each between the phase ends of a first (A) and a second leg (C; B) respectively of the primary... Agent: Haefely Test Ag

20140191775 - Redox method of forming a coaxial probe structure of elongated electrical conductors projecting from a support structure: The present invention is directed to structures having a plurality of discrete insulated elongated electrical conductors projecting from a support surface which are useful as probes for testing of electrical interconnections to electronic devices, such as integrated circuit devices and other electronic components and particularly for testing of integrated circuit... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140191776 - Method and system for testing indirect bandgap semiconductor devices using luminescence imaging: Embodiments of methods and systems for identifying or determining spatially resolved properties in indirect bandgap semiconductor devices such as solar cells are described. In one embodiment, spatially resolved properties of an indirect bandgap semiconductor device are determined by externally exciting the indirect bandgap semiconductor device to cause the indirect bandgap... Agent: Bt Imaging Pty Ltd

20140191777 - Monitoring system for detecting degradation of integrated circuit: A monitoring system for detecting stress degradation of a semiconductor integrated circuit has an amplifier circuit and degradation test transistors. Multiplexers are provided that have an output coupled to a respective electrode of the degradation test transistor. Each of the multiplexers has an input coupled to one of the monitor... Agent:

20140191778 - On chip electrostatic discharge (esd) event monitoring: An approach for monitoring electrostatic discharge (ESD) event of an integrated circuit. The approach includes a canary device for exhibiting an impedance shift when affected by an ESD pulse, wherein circuit drain of the canary device is connected to an input terminal of the circuit structure. The approach further includes... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140191779 - Crosstalk suppression in wireless testing of semiconductor devices: An integrated circuit integrated on a semiconductor material die and adapted to be at least partly tested wirelessly, wherein circuitry for setting a selected radio communication frequencies to be used for the wireless test of the integrated circuit are integrated on the semiconductor material die.... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20140191780 - Apparatus for testing a power source: A load device for applying an active load to a power source such as a wind turbine is characterized by an inductance and a resistive element both connected in parallel with the source. A relay is connected in series with the inductance and the resistive element and a controller is... Agent: Experium Technologies, LLC

07/03/2014 > 74 patent applications in 61 patent subcategories.

20140184192 - Device for locating objects and collecting debris and associated method: A stud finder in one embodiment includes a first surface configured to be positioned adjacent to an object, a second surface generally opposite the first surface, an orifice opening to the first surface and to the second surface, a stud sensor configured to sense a structure through the object, and... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140184193 - Apparatus and method for selecting optimum electrical power converter for variable power source: A method and apparatus use a programmable logic circuit to receive data representing environmental conditions such as irradiance, temperature, wind, snow, elevation, and the like, in a given location, to provide an input signal to a simulated variable power source which produces an output that approximates the output of a... Agent: Inventus Holdings, LLC

20140184194 - Measurement apparatus and electronic device: Provided is a measurement apparatus that measures an input signal, comprising a plurality of first comparators that each receive the input signal, have a common first reference level set therein, and compare a signal level of the input signal to the first reference level; and a level-crossing timing detecting section... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20140184195 - Power quality measuring device used in distribution line for integrated voltage and var control: A power quality measuring and controlling device used in a distribution line includes: a current-voltage sensor part converting a first voltage received through the distribution line into a second voltage, converting a first current into a second current, and signal-processing the converted second voltage and the converted second current and... Agent: Vitzrosys Co., Ltd.

20140184196 - Nanoscale wires, nanoscale wire fet devices, and nanotube-electronic hybrid devices for sensing and other applications: The present invention generally relates to nanotechnology, including field effect transistors and other devices used as sensors (for example, for electrophysiological studies), nanotube structures, and applications. Certain aspects of the present invention are generally directed to transistors such as field effect transistors, and other similar devices. In one set of... Agent: President And Fellows Of Harvard College

20140184197 - Characterization and calibration of large area solid state photomultiplier breakdown voltage and/or capacitance: Exemplary embodiments are directed to characterizing a solid state photomultiplier (SSPM). The SSPM can be exposed to a light pulse that triggers a plurality of microcells of the SSPM and an output signal of the SSPM generated in response to the light pulse can be processed. The output signal of... Agent: General Electric Company

20140184198 - Power meter with automatic configuration: A power monitoring system includes a plurality of current sensors suitable to sense respective changing electrical current within a respective conductor to a respective load and a conductor sensing a respective voltage potential provided to the respective load. A power monitors determines a type of circuit based upon a signal... Agent: Veris Industries, LLC

20140184199 - Method and system for calibrating a shunt resistor: A shunt resistor includes: two measuring terminals for applying a measuring current flowing through the shunt resistor along a main flow direction; slot structures dividing the shunt resistor along the main flow direction to include two side flow areas of respective first widths and a main flow area of a... Agent:

20140184200 - Methods and apparatus for a current sensor having fault detection and self test functionality: Methods and apparatus for an integrated circuit having a magnetic sensing element, a fault detection module including circuitry to detect a fault condition and to self-test operation of the circuitry to detect the fault. The integrated circuit includes a fault pin to indicate the fault condition.... Agent:

20140184202 - Scale, displacement detection apparatus, lens apparatus, image pickup system, and assembling apparatus: A scale is used in a displacement detection apparatus (100) which detects a position of an object, the scale includes a pattern periodically formed in a measurement direction (an X direction), and the pattern is configured so as to change a physical property in a direction (a Y direction) perpendicular... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140184203 - Position detector: A position detector includes a magnet disposed between first ends of first and second magnetic flux transmission parts and a magnet disposed between second ends of the first and second magnetic flux transmission parts. The position detector also includes a Hall IC that moves within a gap and relative to... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140184204 - Position detector: A position detector has a gap for providing a detection range. The gap has a gap width that is greater at the ends of the gap than at a center. Therefore, an amount of a spill magnetic flux and an amount of a direct magnetic flux respectively flowing through a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140184205 - Position detector: A position detector has first and second magnets with a magnet width that is different from a gap width of a gap. As a result, the gap width and the magnet width are independent of each other. The gap width is minimized relative to a molding member that molds a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140184206 - Device for determining motion parameters: A device for determining motion parameters includes a magnetic multipole that generates an alternating magnetic field, at least one magnetic sensor for measuring the magnetic field of the magnetic multipole, and an evaluation and control unit for evaluating the signals from the magnetic sensor. The magnetic sensor includes a magnetizable... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140184201 - Position detector: A position detector provides a wide dynamic range for detecting a magnetic flux density. The position detector has a magnetic flux detector with a Hall IC disposed within a gap between first and second magnetic flux transmission parts that allow rotation of the Hall IC relative to a rotating body... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140184207 - System for capturing the position of an object: A system for capturing the position of a moving object, using a marker that is a passive component, and a sensor that is an active component. The sensor is carried or attached to the moving object and the marker placed at a stationary location. When the distance between the sensor... Agent:

20140184208 - Position detector: A position detector has a Hall IC movably disposed on a mold within a gap between a first magnetic flux transmission part and a second magnetic flux transmission part for outputting a signal according to a density of a magnetic flux passing therethrough. Movement of the Hall IC relative to... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140184209 - Position detector: A position detector includes a magnet disposed between first ends of first and second magnetic flux transmission parts and a magnet disposed between second ends of the first and second magnetic flux transmission parts. The position detector also includes a Hall IC that is positioned within a gap and moves... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140184210 - Non-contact magnetostrictive sensing systems and methods: A system for sensing stress in a ferromagnetic material is provided. The system includes at least one magnetic flux device configured to induce a conditioning magnetic flux in the ferromagnetic material. The system also includes a sensor positioned proximate to the ferromagnetic material. The sensor includes a core, at least... Agent: General Electric Company

20140184211 - Hall device, magnetic sensor having same, and signal correcting method thereof: In order to obtain linearity of the temperature characteristics of the constant-current sensitivity, there is provided a Hall device including a p-type impurity region 1 and an n-type impurity region 2 that is disposed on the p-type impurity region 1 and that serves as a magnetosensitive portion, wherein an n-type... Agent: Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation

20140184212 - Current detection circuit module: A current detection circuit module can correct the sensitivity of current detection before a finished product is fabricated, with high impact resistance. The current detection circuit module has a circuit board on which a control IC is mounted. A magnetic core has a gap at a part thereof. A magnetic... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140184213 - In-plane sensing lorentz force magnetometer: A magnetic field sensor includes a driving element through which an electric current circumnavigates the driving element. A Lorentz force acts on the driving element resulting in a torque about a first axis in response to a magnetic field along a second axis substantially parallel to a plane of a... Agent: Invensense, Inc.

20140184214 - Magnetic field sensor linearization architecture and method: A method of processing an output signal and a readout circuit for a magnetic field sensor are disclosed. The purpose of the readout circuit is to generate a digital representation of the magnetic field vector strength. It comprises an input stage for receiving an output signal of the magnetic field... Agent:

20140184215 - Eddy current testing apparatus, eddy current testing probe, and eddy current testing method: An eddy current testing apparatus includes: an eddy current testing probe having an eddy current testing coil arranged on a bottom portion of a casing; a pressing mechanism configured to press the eddy current testing probe so that the bottom portion of the eddy current testing probe is placed in... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140184216 - Systems and method to substantially mitigate ac stark shift effects in a sensor system: One embodiment includes a sensor system. The system includes a cell system comprising a pump laser configured to generate a pump beam to polarize alkali metal particles enclosed within a sensor cell. The system also includes a detection system comprising a probe laser configured to generate a probe beam. The... Agent:

20140184217 - Multi-nuclear receiving coils for magnetic resonance imaging (mri): A system includes a multi-nuclear magnetic resonance (MR) receiving coil, wherein the receiving coil includes a frequency tuning component configured operate the receiving coil at either a first frequency or a second frequency. The receiving coil also includes an impedance matching component configured to maintain a substantially constant impedance of... Agent: General Electric Company

20140184219 - Apparatus and method for conductivity and susceptibility reconstruction: An apparatus, a method, and a recorded medium for conductivity and susceptibility reconstruction are disclosed. The apparatus for conductivity and susceptibility reconstruction includes: a susceptibility reconstruction part configured to reconstruct a susceptibility from a change in phase according to an increase in time of a multi-echo gradient echo image; a... Agent: Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University

20140184221 - High-speed magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus: Provided are high-speed magnetic resonance imaging methods and apparatuses that enable simultaneously obtaining magnetic resonance images with different resolutions. The present embodiments may produce magnetic resonance images with different resolutions more quickly by decreasing time taken to complete scan operations that are performed for producing the magnetic resonance images.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140184220 - Method for nuclear magnetic resonance diffusion measurements: A method and system for determining a property of a substance using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is described herein. The method includes applying a NMR pulse sequence to the substance. The NMR pulse sequence includes a first set of pulses and a second set of pulses. The first set of... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140184218 - Systems and methods for landmarking for subject imaging: An imaging system includes an imager adapted to obtain an image of a desired region of interest of a subject and a coil positioned on the desired region of interest of the subject. The coil includes a plurality of markings disposed at a plurality of locations on the coil. The... Agent: General Electric Company

20140184224 - Magnetic resonance method for analyzing pore size distribution: A method of magnetic resonance analysis of a porous structure is disclosed. The method comprises: obtaining a recorded magnetic resonance signal as a function of both a magnetic resonance wavevector and a magnetic resonance angle, in response to a series of magnetic resonance experiments, each featuring a plurality of pairs... Agent: Ramot At Tel-aviv University Ltd.

20140184222 - Matrix shim coil apparatus: A matrix shim coil apparatus includes a plurality of coils configured to provide high order shimming. Each coil has a figure eight shape and a first loop and a second loop. In another embodiment, each coil is further folded along an axis of the coil creating a folded coil with... Agent: General Electric Company

20140184223 - Nmr analyzers for clinical evaluation of biosamples: The clinical analyzers automatically electronically monitor selected parameters and automatically electronically adjust parameters to maintain the analyzer within desired operational ranges. The clinical NMR analyzers can be configured as a networked system with a plurality of clinical NMR analyzers located at different use sites.... Agent: Liposcience, Inc.

20140184225 - Patient tables and magnetic resonance imaging equipment: A patient table includes a table body configured for bearing a patient, a connecting rod structure configured for supporting the table body, and a spring structure. The connecting rod structure is operable such that the table body may perform a lifting motion between a high position and a low position.... Agent:

20140184226 - System and apparatus for active high order shimming: A gradient coil apparatus for a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system includes an inner gradient coil assembly having at least one inner gradient coil and an outer gradient coil assembly disposed around the inner gradient coil assembly and having at least one outer gradient coil. A matrix shim coil is... Agent: General Electric Company

20140184227 - Collecting and transmitting control source electromagnetic signals: Concurrently measuring, correlating, and processing magnetic and electric field data includes measuring base band signals, and then up-converting those band signals to a higher frequency for filtering, while at the same time preserving phase and amplitude information. All timed elements in the system are rigorously synchronized. The increased data set... Agent: Deep Imaging Technologies, Inc.

20140184228 - Method for treating and measuring subterranean formations: A method of treating a subterranean formation penetrated by a wellbore comprising injecting electrically conductive or electromagnetic fibers into the subterranean formation during hydraulic fracturing is provided. Suitable metallic materials, organic polymers, and organic polymers coated with or containing conductive or electromagnetic materials are described. The treatment is followed by... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140184229 - Systems and methods for resistivity measurement at multiple angles of rotation: Systems and methods are provided to obtain multiple resistivity measurements using a resistivity tool eccentered and rotating in a wellbore, which may be used to ascertain information relating to a drilling fluid in the wellbore. One such system includes a resistivity tool and data processing circuitry. The resistivity tool may... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140184230 - Matrix permitivity determination (is10.0565-us-pct): A method and system for determining a rock matrix dielectric permittivity. The method and system use a matching liquid with a temperature dependant permittivity. The matching liquid may be used in an automated and/or downhole system for measuring matrix dielectric permittivity of rock formations.... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140184231 - Test system for a dome switch: A test system having a piece of film type pressure sensor configured under a dome switch for collecting a physical parameter selected from a group consisted of Actuation Force (AF), Timing T1, Contact Force (CF), Timing T2, On-Force (OF), Snap Ratio, and Key Journey of the dome switch is provided... Agent: Universal Cement Corporation

20140184232 - Tester for lightning arresters counter: The designed circuit is used for testing all kinds of discharge counter for lightning arresters. Discharge counter for lightning arresters are used in substation and all power plants with various voltages and discharge currents. The lightning arresters counter tester creates the needed voltage and current that operates the counter and... Agent:

20140184233 - Method for checking deterioration of battery: A method of checking deterioration of a battery includes: measuring a power input by a charger in a specific SOC range, when the battery is being charged; and determining a current deterioration rate of the battery by applying the measured power to a function having, as an input, a power... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140184234 - Storage cell state notifying system, storage cell state notifying method, and storage cell state notifying program: There is provided a storage cell state notifying system capable of properly determining a frequency to notify a state of a storage cell being monitored. The storage cell state notifying system includes a storage cell state measuring means 81, a frequency determining means 82, and a storage cell state notifying... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140184235 - Circuit and method for determining internal short-circuit, battery pack, and portable device: An internal short-circuit determination circuit includes a current detecting unit, a voltage detecting unit, a short detecting unit, and first and second acquiring units. The first acquiring unit acquires first and second capacity values based on first and second voltage values. The second acquiring unit acquires a third capacity value... Agent: Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.

20140184236 - Battery control apparatus and battery system: A battery control apparatus which can calculate a state of charge of a battery with high accuracy is provided. The battery control apparatus of the invention determines whether or not an open circuit voltage of a battery cell is within a high sensitivity range in which the open voltage of... Agent: Hitachi Vehicle Energy, Ltd.

20140184237 - Packaged device for detecting factory esd events: An ESD monitor device may take the form of an integrated circuit with a plurality of monitor components available at each I/O site of the ESD monitor device. Each monitor component has a physical structure which provides scalable ESD robustness. The monitor components are connected in parallel to an ESD... Agent:

20140184238 - Cabling system and method for monitoring and managing physically connected devices over a data network: The present disclosure relates to a method and system configured to monitor devices that are physically connected over a data network, said system comprising at least one scanner configured to monitor said data network and to determine devices that are physically connected over said data network, said at least one... Agent: Hcs Kablolama Sistemleri Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.s.

20140184239 - Semiconductor device with fuse sensing circuit: A semiconductor device may include a fuse unit configured to include a fuse and generate an output voltage according to whether the fuse is ruptured, and a fuse sensing circuit configured to sense whether the fuse is ruptured in response to a reference voltage and the output voltages The reference... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140184240 - Testing system with an isolated switching module: Since the ground of the switching module is not directly connected to the ground of the DUT and the tester, the rectifying device will keep the voltage difference between the ground of the switching module and the DUT in a range between zero and the cut-in voltage of the rectifying... Agent:

20140184241 - Electromagnetic compatibility testing system: An electromagnetic compatibility testing system includes an anechoic chamber. The anechoic chamber includes a testing table, an antenna, an amplifier, and a receiver. A test sample is placed on the testing table. The antenna receives electromagnetic signals emitted by the test sample and transmits the electromagnetic signals to the amplifier... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140184242 - In-line transistor bandwidth measurement: A method and apparatus measure transistor bandwidth of a device under test in-line and on-wafer. The method includes disposing a measurement circuit on a chip within a wafer, the measurement circuit including a ring oscillator generating an oscillation frequency for transition through the device under test on the wafer, and... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140184243 - Adaptive digital delay line for characterization of clock uncertainties: An integrated circuit (IC) measures uncertainties in a first signal. The IC comprises a programmable delay circuit to introduce a programmable delay to the first signal to generate a first delayed signal. The IC further comprises a digital delay line (DDL) comprising a first delay chain of delay elements having... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20140184244 - Inductive sensor: An inductive sensor comprises a window-less full metal housing which is designed as a single-piece injection molded component and is completely produced from amorphous metal.... Agent: Sick Ag

20140184245 - Position indicator and capacitor: A position indicator includes a resonance circuit housed in a casing and having an inductance element and a capacitor variable in capacitance, such that the resonance circuit resonates at a predetermined frequency. The position indicator is electromagnetically coupled to a position detecting device. The capacitor includes a dielectric, an electrode... Agent: Wacom Co., Ltd

20140184246 - Passenger detecting sensor and method of manufacturing the same: The present invention relates to a passenger detecting sensor which is installed in a seat to detect whether a passenger is seated on a seat, and a method of manufacturing the same. A method of manufacturing a passenger detecting sensor includes printing corrosion preventive ink on aluminum bonded on a... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20140184247 - Wading vehicle depth measurement apparatus: A vehicle (100) comprises a water depth sensing apparatus (114) comprising a capacitive resistive sensor.... Agent: Jaguar Land Rover Limited

20140184248 - Capacitance measurement of high voltage device: Described herein are systems and methods that facilitate the measurement of the capacitance of high voltage devices while shielding an active device involved in the measurement from the high voltage. The systems and methods employ capacitors to store the high voltage such that the active device does not experience the... Agent: Semtech Corporation

20140184249 - Smart paint: A condition monitoring paint is formed of a base material, and conductive components for forming a conductive network. The conductive components may include nano-particles or nano-structures. The paint in used in a condition monitoring system for monitoring the integrity or condition of structures, such as bridges.... Agent: University Of Strathclyde

20140184250 - Method for measuring electric potential difference: A method for measuring electric potential difference comprises following steps. A carbon nanotube composite layer is located on an object and electrically connected to a first region and a second region spaced from each other in the object, wherein an unknown electric potential difference U exists between the first region... Agent: Tsinghua University

20140184251 - Wide dynamic range conductivity measurements in water: A conductivity meter for measuring the conductivity of a fluid is provided. The conductivity meter has a cell circuit and a control unit circuit. The cell circuit has a square wave drive amp, a cell, and a trans-impedance amplifier. The fluid flows through the cell. The control unit circuit and... Agent: General Electric Company

20140184252 - Open potentiometer detection system: A system to detect whether a potentiometer is in an open circuit condition is disclosed. The system includes a potentiometer having a resistive element coupled between a voltage input and ground and an adjustable arm determining the resistance of the resistive element. A low pass filter is coupled to the... Agent: Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.

20140184253 - In-tool esd events monitoring method and apparatus: In one embodiment of the invention, an apparatus for electrostatic discharges (ESD) events monitoring incorporating a charged device model event simulator (CDMES) unit comprises: at least one antenna positioned in a process area; an ESD detector coupled to said at least one antenna; said ESD detector wirelessly coupled to said... Agent:

20140184255 - Mechanism for facilitating modular processing cell framework and application for asynchronous parallel singulated semiconductor device handling and testing: A mechanism is described for facilitating and employing a modular processing cell framework according to one embodiment. A method of embodiments may include accepting one or more semiconductor devices in one or more media at a modular processing cell framework (“framework”) including a plurality of test cells, moving the one... Agent:

20140184256 - Positioning device and positioning method: An exemplary positioning method controls a capturing unit to capture an image of a product. The method then determines a label in the captured image. Next, the method determines a virtual distance along a X-axis and a virtual distance along the Y-axis between the capturing unit and the label in... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140184257 - Interface for a test system: An example test system includes: a pin electronics board for exchanging signals with a device under test (DUT), where the pin electronics board includes first electrical contacts; an interposer between the pin electronics board and a paddle board, where the paddle board includes second electrical contacts, and where the interposer... Agent: Teradyne, Inc.

20140184254 - Debug card: A debug card includes a connector, a control chip, a pin switching unit, and a control module. The connector is used to connect to a debug signal output port of an electronic device. The connector includes a number of pins. The control chip includes a number of control pins. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140184258 - High power radio frequency (rf) in-line wafer testing: Approaches for performing in line wafer testing are provided. An approach includes a method that includes generating a radio frequency (RF) test signal, and applying the RF test signal to a device under test (DUT) in a wafer using a buckling beam probe set with a predefined pitch. The method... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140184259 - Method and device for testing wafers: Circuits and methods for testing wafers are disclosed herein. An embodiment of a method includes electrically contacting a first probe and a second probe to a wafer. A gas is blown in the areas proximate the first probe and the second probe. An electric potential is then applied between the... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140184260 - Conductive test probe: A conductive probe may include a probe body for communicating with a circuit tester or a jumper. The probe body may be formed of metal and may have a free end. A probe tip may be mounted to the end of the probe body. The probe tip may be formed... Agent: Power Probe, Inc.

20140184261 - Testing apparatus and testing method: A testing method is provided, including providing a testing apparatus including a carrier member and a testing element, the carrier member comprising a first surface, a second surface opposing the first surface, and an elastic conductive area defined on the first surface; disposing an object-to-be-tested on the elastic conductive area;... Agent: Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.

20140184262 - Low-voltage ic test for defect screening: System and method using low voltage current measurements to measure voltage network currents in an integrated circuit (IC). In one aspect, a low voltage current leakage test is applied voltage networks for the IC or microchip via one or more IC chip connectors. One or multiple specifications are developed based... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140184263 - Sensor system and cover device for a sensor system: A sensor system includes a sensor device and a cover device. The sensor device includes an external surface on which at least one electrical test contact is arranged. The cover device includes at least partially an electrically insulating material and is mechanically connected to the sensor device. The cover device... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140184264 - Diagnostic system and method for fuel cell stack: A diagnostic system and method for a fuel cell stack that diagnoses the state and/or failure of the fuel cell stack. More specifically, the diagnostic control analyzer diagnoses and analyzes the state of the fuel cell stack by measuring the voltage and the current received from the fuel cell stack.... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140184265 - Test circuit for power supply unit: A test circuit includes a power supply unit, a number of resistors, a switch, and a number of light-emitting diodes (LEDs). A first pin of the power supply unit is coupled to the switch. A second pin of the power supply unit is coupled to a system power terminal The... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

06/26/2014 > 67 patent applications in 50 patent subcategories.

20140176115 - Resonant signal sensing circuit having a low power mode: An apparatus includes a sensor circuit to receive a varying signal at an input of the apparatus. The sensor circuit provides a sensor signal corresponding to a measurement of the varying signal. The apparatus further includes a timer circuit to generate a signal at various intervals of a plurality of... Agent: Silicon Laboratories Inc.

20140176116 - Quantifying silicon degradation in an integrated circuit: A first instance and a second instance of an oscillating circuit are each formed as part of an integrated circuit and are used to monitor degradation over time of one or more portions of the integrated circuit. The first instance of the oscillating circuit is configured to be coupled to... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140176117 - High speed digital transient waveform detection system and method for use in an intelligent electronic device: A system and a method is provided for the detection and capture, and in particular for an ultra high speed detection and capture, of transients in input voltages by an intelligent electronic device. The system and method detects transients for input voltages in either phase to phase or phase to... Agent: Electro Industries/gauge Tech.

20140176118 - Differential current sensor: A differential current sensor is disclosed. The differential current sensor includes a holder having a plurality of primary wire conduits, a secondary wire located in magnetic proximity to the primary wire conduits, and a magnetic core having a first end receiving a plurality of windings of the secondary wire, and... Agent: Electro-motive Diesel, Inc.

20140176119 - Mains voltage zero-crossing detector: A mains voltage zero-crossing detector has a constant voltage forced on an external node by driving transistor devices with appropriate control signals provided by a feedback loop around a highly power efficient class B configuration comprising an operational amplifier having single ended dual outputs and a class B control circuit.... Agent:

20140176120 - Current monitoring circuits and methods and transistor arrangement: Various automatic range scaling solutions for smart power switches are provided, to enable current monitoring across a wide dynamic range. Use is made of current sensing transistors which implement different current sensing ratios.... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140176122 - Portable self powered line mountable device for measuring and transmitting ambient temperature: A device for attaching to an electric power line conductor includes an electrically conductive housing with an opening for accepting the power line conductor and configured to be grounded to the power line conductor. At least one magnetic core is configured to surround the power line conductor and power a... Agent:

20140176121 - Portable self powered line mountable electric power line current monitoring transmitting and receiving system: A device for measuring current of an electric power line conductor includes a housing with an opening for accepting a power line conductor. A first coil loop including coil windings with a first end spaced from a second end and having a circular shape. The first coil loop is configured... Agent:

20140176123 - Current sensor: A current sensor includes: a core formed by U-shaped flat plates made of a magnetic body and stacked together; a flat plate-like conductor which is inserted on an interior side of a U-groove of the core and through which a current to be measured flows; a detection element which is... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140176124 - Current sensor and manufacturing method for the same: A current sensor includes: a housing that holds a busbar to which a current is applied and a core arranged around the busbar; a circuit board fixed to the housing in the state of being arranged to face the housing; and a detection element for detecting the current; wherein the... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140176125 - Circuits and methods for processing signals generated by a circular vertical hall (cvh) sensing element in the presence of a multi-pole magnet: A magnetic field sensor has a circular vertical Hall (CVH) sensing element with a plurality of vertical Hall elements disposed over a common implant region in a substrate. The plurality of vertical Hall elements is disposed in an x-y plane. The magnetic field sensor is responsive to a magnetic field... Agent:

20140176126 - Magnetic field sensor arrangements and associated methods: Magnetic field sensor arrangements and methods provide a magnetic field sensor positioned proximate to a magnet with an axis of sensitivity aligned relative to the magnet in orientations that provide a good sensitivity and a mechanical difference from other arrangements.... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, Inc.

20140176128 - Actuator and sensor assembly: An actuator and sensor assembly comprising respective sensor and actuator housings defining an interior chamber. Clips on the sensor housing engage the actuator housing for coupling the sensor and actuator housings together. The sensor housing includes a wall defining a pocket. A connector with a sensor couples to the sensor... Agent: Cts Corporation

20140176127 - Apparatus and method for writing a pattern in a substrate: A method and apparatus are described for forming a pattern including one or more markings on a substrate. The method includes the step of forming each marking by locally heating the substrate, for example using a fibre laser. A step is also performed of monitoring the temperature of the substrate,... Agent: Rls Merilna Tehnika D.o.o.

20140176130 - Contactless angular position detection device: The contactless angular position detection device includes a main casing (1) having a through opening (2) formed about a geometric axis (E) and a rotary element (3) to which a permanent magnet (4) is fixed. The rotary element (3) is mounted inside the main casing (1) to rotate with respect... Agent: Piher Sensors & Controls. Sa

20140176129 - Mechanism of interior permanent magnet machine initial position detection: A system for determining an initial rotor position of an interior permanent magnet (IPM) machine having a rotor and a stator is provided. The system may include a drive circuit in operative and electrical communication with each phase of the IPM machine, and a controller in electrical communication with the... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140176131 - Selective slope linear position sensor: A three-magnet assembly configured for use in a position sensing system is disclosed. In an example, the three-magnet assembly establishes a non-linear spatially varying magnetic field configured to be measured by a magnetic field measurement device so that resolvable measurements are spatially distributed in a non-linear fashion. The resolvable measurements... Agent: Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.

20140176132 - Magnetic field sensors and sensing circuits: A magnetic sensor for sensing an external magnetic field includes first and second electrodes and first and second magnetic tunneling junctions. The first and second electrodes are disposed over a substrate; and the first and second magnetic tunneling junctions are conductively disposed between the first and second electrodes and connected... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140176134 - Apparatus for diagnosis of optically identifiable ophthalmic conditions: An apparatus that can measure images of at least a portion of an eye and record data sets indicative of a neurological condition. A method interrelates an image and a data set to provide an interpretive result. The apparatus and method thereby provide guidance as to the presence of a... Agent: Welch Allyn, Inc.

20140176133 - Automatic three-dimensional approach method for rf coil assessment in clinical mri: Provided are methods and products for assessing the performance of MRI coils.... Agent: Montefiore Medical Center

20140176135 - Multiturn mri coils in combination with current mode class d amplifiers: Example systems, apparatus, and circuits described herein concern a multi-turn transmit surface coil used in parallel transmission in high field MRI. One example apparatus includes a balun network that produces out-of-phase signals that are amplified to drive current-mode class-D (CMCD) field effect transistors (FETs) that are connected by a coil... Agent: Case Western Reserve University

20140176136 - Cryogen-free cooling system for electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer: In an electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer, a closed cycle cryocooler is used to cool gaseous helium, which is then circulated around a sample to cool the sample by direct convection. Since the sample is not mechanically connected to the refrigerator, no vibrations are transmitted from the refrigerator to the sample... Agent: Bruker Biospin Corporation

20140176137 - Adapter, coil, and magnetic resonance imaging system: An adapter includes a control circuit, a control signal interface, a first input signal interface, a second input signal interface, and a first output signal interface. The control signal interface receives a tuning/detuning signal, and the control circuit switches, according to the tuning/detuning signal, the first input signal interface and... Agent:

20140176138 - Gradient magnetic field coil device, adjustment method therefor, and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: In a gradient magnetic field coil device including: a plurality of main coils generating in an imaging region of a magnetic field resonance imaging device a magnetic field distribution in which an intensity linearly inclines; and a plurality of shield coils, arranged on an opposite side of the imaging region... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20140176139 - Basalt fiber composite for antenna in well-logging: A well-logging tool for a geological formation includes a housing to be positioned in a borehole and an antenna assembly carried by the housing. The antenna assembly includes an antenna housing having a recess therein. A dielectric material layer comprises a basalt fiber composite and is within the recess. At... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140176140 - Switch failure diagnosis device and electric storage apparatus: A switch failure diagnosis device for using in a current path between an electric device and an electric storage device includes plural switches, a switch terminal voltage detector, and a controller. The switches are connected parallel to each other in the current path. The switch terminal voltage detector outputs a... Agent: Gs Yuasa International Ltd.

20140176141 - Battery state monitoring device and battery module having the same: A battery state monitoring device includes a substrate in which a through-hole disposed to be opposite to a safety valve of a battery is formed, a sensor which includes a positive electrode end and a negative electrode end and which is provided on the substrate, a first interconnector which is... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140176145 - Method and apparatus for diagnosing fault of fuel cell stack based on measurement of stack current: Provided is an apparatus and method for diagnosing a fault of a fuel cell stack based on measurement of a stack current. The apparatus includes an alternating-current (AC) generation circuit configured to apply an AC to a fuel cell stack driven by a basic operating current (direct-current: DC), a current... Agent: Hyundai Autron Co., Ltd.

20140176146 - Method for determining a power level of a battery and circuit therefor: A remaining battery power calculation circuit includes: a detection unit configured to detect an output voltage of a battery; a data storage unit configured to store data in an associated manner with each of a plurality of current values for charge or discharge of the battery, the data indicating a... Agent: Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC

20140176142 - Method for diagnosing fault of fuel cell stack: Disclosed herein is a method for diagnosing a fault of a fuel cell stack, the method including: applying a summed current obtained by summing first and second frequencies to the fuel cell stack; diagnosing whether or not a fault has been generated in the fuel cell stack using a higher... Agent: Hyundai Autron Co., Ltd.

20140176144 - Method for diagnosing fault of fuel cell stack: Disclosed herein is a method for diagnosing a fault of a fuel cell stack, including: applying a summed current obtained by summing currents of different frequency regions to the fuel cell stack; passing output voltages of the fuel cell stack through each of the different frequency filters to extract the... Agent: Hyundai Autron Co., Ltd.

20140176143 - Method for generating injected current of fuel cell stack: Disclosed herein is a method for generating an injected current of fuel cell stack, including: generating a synthesized frequency current in a form in which a first frequency current is synthesized with a second frequency current; and applying the synthesized frequency current to the fuel cell stack, wherein the first... Agent: Hyundai Autron Co., Ltd.

20140176149 - Battery monitoring apparatus: A battery monitoring apparatus a plurality of connection lines, a monitoring circuit, a first filter circuit, and a second filter circuit. The monitoring circuit is provided with a pair of sensing terminals for each pair of positive and negative electrode terminals of each of a plurality of battery cells of... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140176147 - System and method for prognosis of batteries: In accordance with one aspect of the present technique, a method is disclosed. The method includes identifying a first change in an excitation direction of a group of cells and determining a first set of characteristics of the group of cells corresponding to the first change. The method also includes... Agent: General Electric Company

20140176148 - Voltage detecting device for assembled battery: In a voltage detecting device, a control unit turns on first switches and fifth switches corresponding to a plurality of unit batteries of an assembled battery to charge electric charge to first capacitors. The control unit simultaneously turns off at least one of the first switches or the fifth switches... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140176150 - Ionization vacuum measuring cell: An ionization vacuum measuring cell has: a) an evacuatable housing (10) with a measuring connection (8) for the vacuum to be measured, b) a first outer and a second inner electrode (3, 4) which are coaxially arranged in an interspaced manner with a common axis (7), whereby a measuring chamber... Agent: Inficon Gmbh

20140176151 - Methods for locating ground faults and insulation degradation condition in energy conversion systems: Methods for determining a ground fault or insulation degradation condition within energy conversion systems are described. A method for determining a ground fault within an energy conversion system may include, in part, a comparison of baseline waveform of differential current to a waveform of differential current during operation for a... Agent: General Electric Company

20140176152 - Method and device for detecting a deterioration in the state of an insulation in an operating electric machine: The invention relates to a method and a device (1) for the online-detection of a deterioration in the state of an insulation in an electric machine (2). A stepped voltage is applied to the winding(s) (3) of the machine (2) with the aid of a converter (41), and the current... Agent: Technische Universitat Wien

20140176153 - Monitoring circuit and system for esd protection device: A monitoring circuit and a monitoring system for electrostatic discharge (ESD) protective device are disclosed herein. The monitoring circuit includes an oscillating unit, a signal processing unit and a comparator. The oscillating unit includes a first monitoring end and a second monitoring end. The first monitoring end is configured to... Agent: Wistron Corp.

20140176154 - Device and method for detecting insertion direction of sim card: Disclosed are a device and a method for detecting a reversed insertion of the SIM card into a SIM card socket unit in the terminal. The device includes a SIM card socket unit including a detection terminal that is disposed at a position to be contacted with a GND terminal... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140176155 - Portable self powered line mountable device for measuring and transmitting solar radiation: A device for attaching to an electric power line conductor includes a housing with an opening for accepting the power line conductor. The housing is configured to be grounded to the power line conductor. At least one magnetic core is configured to surround the power line conductor and power a... Agent:

20140176156 - Time domain network analyzer: An apparatus for measuring s-parameters using as few as one pulser and two samplers is described. The apparatus calibrates itself automatically using the internal calibration standards.... Agent: Teledyne Lecroy, Inc.

20140176157 - Apparatus for monitoring reverse osmosis membrane condition: A microwave imaging sensor is disclosed for continuously monitoring the condition and status of an in situ reverse osmosis membrane that forms a semi-permeable barrier between a region of water containing a dissolved salt and a region of water which is intended to be substantially free of the dissolved salt.... Agent:

20140176158 - Volumetric induction phase shift detection system for determining tissue water content properties: A method and apparatus of determining the condition of a bulk tissue sample, by: positioning a bulk tissue sample between a pair of induction coils (or antennae); passing a spectrum of alternating current (or voltage) through a first of the induction coils (or antennae); measuring spectrum of alternating current (or... Agent:

20140176159 - Inductive touch key switch system including a deflection translation mechanism: A key switch assembly is provided wherein a spacer is used to isolate the key switch sensing circuit from the front panel of the device. A button assembly is provided to translate a deflection of the front panel of the device to a target coupled to a sensor of the... Agent:

20140176160 - Electrode configuration for a capacitive sensor device and a capacitive sensor device for the detection of an approximation: An electrode configuration for a capacitive sensor device has a transmitting electrode and a receiving electrode, wherein the transmitting electrode can be brought into a capacitive coupling with the receiving electrode, wherein the electrode configuration has at least one first and second sensor area, wherein both of the electrode surfaces... Agent:

20140176161 - Portable self powered line mountable device for measuring and transmitting relative humidity: A device for attaching to an electric power line conductor includes an electrically conductive housing with an opening for accepting the power line conductor that is configured to be grounded to the power line conductor. At least one magnetic core configured to surround the power line conductor and power a... Agent:

20140176162 - Arrangement and method for capacitive sensing of the rotary movement of a rotary element: A configuration and a method for capacitative sensing of the rotatory motion of a rotary member are described, whereby the configuration has four electrodes (1, 2, 3, 4) located in one plane, an attached analysis unit (18) and an electrically conducting coupling surface (5), which is located at the rotary... Agent: Techem Energy Services Gmbh

20140176163 - Device and method for estimating the resistance of the ground connection for an electrical apparatus: A device and method for estimating resistance of a ground connection of an electrical apparatus connected to an electrical power network, also connected to ground by an additional resistance, and including at least one impedance disposed at an input of the electrical apparatus, a voltage generator connected to the impedance... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20140176164 - Portable self powered line mounted device and method for measuring the voltage of electric power line conductors: A device for measuring a voltage of an electric power line conductor of a power system according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, a first electrically conductive housing configured to be installed on a first power line conductor and a first virtual grounding member... Agent:

20140176165 - Apparatus for three dimensional integrated circuit testing: A three-dimensional integrated circuit testing apparatus comprises a probe card configured to couple a device-under-test of a three-dimensional integrated circuit with an automatic testing equipment board having a plurality of testing modules, wherein the probe card comprises a plurality of known good dies of the three-dimensional integrated circuit, a plurality... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20140176166 - Electronic load module and a method and a system therefor: The present invention relates to an electronic load module and to a method and a system therefor. The method comprises receiving control data (301) from a connectable power controller via a data bus connector (202), and controlling (302) an active load (203) based on the received control data to sink... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsso (publ)

20140176170 - Test table with dry environment: A test table including a chuck base, a flow guide mechanism and a dry air generator is provided. The chuck base includes a test area. The flow guide mechanism is disposed around the chuck base. The dry air generator connects to the flow guide mechanism for generating a dry air.... Agent: Chroma Ate Inc.

20140176171 - Pre space transformer, space transformer manufactured using the pre space transformer, and semiconductor device inspecting apparatus including the space transformer: Disclosed herein is a pre space transformer including: a substrate having a first surface and a second surface, which is an opposite surface to the first surface; and signal electrodes, power electrodes, and ground electrodes disposed on the first surface, wherein the signal electrodes, the power electrodes, and the ground... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140176169 - Electronic devcie with chip-on-film package: An electronic device with COF package is provided. The electronic device includes a flexible substrate, a core circuit unit, multiple output pads, multiple switching elements, and a common test pad. The flexible substrate includes a non-cutting-out area and a cutting-out area. The core circuit unit and output pads are disposed... Agent:

20140176167 - Semiconductor apparatus: A semiconductor apparatus includes: an output timing controller configured to delay an applied external read command by a predetermined time and generate a normal output enable flag signal, during a normal mode, a test output timing controller configured to generate a DLL clock signal from an external clock signal, delay... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140176168 - Semiconductor apparatus: A semiconductor apparatus includes: a receiver configured to receive a plurality of input signals through a plurality of pads; a signal processing unit configured to process the input signals received by the receiver and output the processed signals as a plurality of internal signals; a MUX unit configured to select... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140176172 - Composite wire probe test assembly: An examples includes a substrate, including a conductive trace and a layer disposed on top of the conductive trace, the layer defining at least one cavity extending to the conductive trace and an electrical probe disposed in the cavity, with solder coupling the electrical probe to the conductive trace. The... Agent:

20140176173 - Probe card for power device: A probe card 10 includes a first probe 11 configured to come into electric contact with an emitter electrode of a power device D; a block-shaped first connecting terminal 12 to which the first probe 11 is connected; a second probe 13 configured to come into electric contact with a... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140176174 - Designed asperity contactors, including nanospikes for semiconductor test, and associated systems and methods: Nano spike contactors suitable for semiconductor device test, and associated systems and methods are disclosed. A representative apparatus includes a translator having a wafer side positioned to face toward a device under test and an inquiry side facing away from the wafer side. A plurality of wafer-side sites are carried... Agent: Advanced Inquiry Systems, Inc.

20140176175 - Dry catheter rf tester: A method and a system of testing an electrical signal path functionality of a sensing catheter in a dry environment. A variety of test input patterns are generated by an arbitrary near field RF signal generator, transmitted into the sensing catheter disposed in a shielded enclosure. B-mode like images corresponding... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20140176176 - High bandwidth differential lead with device connection: A high bandwidth solder-less lead may be connected to an electrical device having land patterns so that signals on the device may be more easily measured through the lead. The lead includes an attachment mechanism to mount the lead on the device, a microspring housing and at least one microspring.... Agent: Tektronix, Inc.

20140176177 - Probe card capable of transmitting high-frequency signals: A probe card which is capable of transmitting high-frequency signals provided by a DUT, and the DUT includes an output pin group and an input pin group for sending and receiving the high-frequency signals respectively. The probe card includes a first signal pin group, a second signal pin group, and... Agent:

20140176178 - Method for automatically sorting leds according to electrostatic resistance and system using the same: Disclosed is a method for automatically sorting LEDs (light emitting diode) according to electrostatic resistance and a system using the same. The system includes a transport carrier for laying LEDs and passing LEDs through an electrostatic discharging zone, a lightening evaluating zone, and a sorting zone in sequence. An electrostatic... Agent:

20140176179 - Pseudo-solar radiation device: A simulated sunlight irradiation apparatus of the present invention (100a) includes: a light guide plate (5) having an irradiation surface and a counter surface opposite to the irradiation surface; and a light absorbing member (8) which is provided on at least one of an irradiation surface side and a counter... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140176180 - Apparatus for testing switching of power semiconductor module: Disclosed herein is an apparatus for testing switching of a power semiconductor module, including: a power semiconductor module including a plurality of power semiconductor devices corresponding to a plurality of phases to test a switching operation of a corresponding power semiconductor device; a power supply unit supplying power to the... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140176181 - Pre space transformer, space transformer manufactured using the pre space transformer, and semiconductor device inspecting apparatus including the space transformer: Disclosed herein is a pre space transformer including: a substrate having a first surface and a second surface, which is an opposite surface to the first surface; individual electrodes disposed on the first surface; and common electrodes disposed in the substrate, wherein the individual electrodes are repeatedly disposed while configuring... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

06/19/2014 > 82 patent applications in 56 patent subcategories.

20140167729 - Systems and methods for locating a circuit: Systems and methods presented herein are generally directed to the location and/or identification of a circuit within a circuital system. In one embodiment, a transmitter is configured for inducing signals upon a plurality of circuit lines (e.g., power lines, communication lines, lighting circuits, etc.) with each circuit line having a... Agent:

20140167730 - Method and device for monitoring contacts of a rotating component of a textile machine: A method for monitoring contact of a rotating component of a textile machine, in particular of a clothing roller of a card, for example a card cylinder, with a further component of the textile machine. The two components are connected to an electrical power source, but are normally electrically isolated... Agent: Maschinenfabrik Rieter Ag

20140167731 - Determining the dopant content of a compensated silicon sample: Method for determining dopant impurities concentrations in a silicon sample involves provision of a silicon ingot including donor type dopant impurities and acceptor type dopant impurities, a step for determining the position of a first area of the ingot in which a transition takes place between a first conductivity and... Agent: Commissariat &#xc0 L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20140167732 - Micromechanical electric field meter as a thunderstorm warning device: A micromechanical structure, in particular a micromechanical electric field meter as a thunderstorm warning device, for detection of an electric field, comprising a substrate having a principal extension plane, a first electrode, a second electrode, and a drive assemblage for producing a relative motion of the second electrode with respect... Agent:

20140167733 - System and method for voltage and current sensing: In accordance with one aspect of the present disclosure, a current sensor configured to measure an AC current of a first conductor includes an outer coil having a first portion and a second portion. Each of the first and second portions are disposed about the first conductor passing through a... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140167734 - Method and device for detecting aircraft radio signals transmitted in the same channel simultaneously: A method for detecting at least two amplitude-modulated transmitted signals contained in a received signal within the same frequency channel with respectively different frequency displacement determines from the received signal a modified received signal by means of a nonlinear signal processing. Following this, the spectrum of the modified received signal... Agent: Rohde & Schwarz Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140167735 - Identifying phase connections in an electric distribution system: Electrical power may be delivered to nodes in a network with a phase that is selected from a plurality of phases. According to various embodiments, the phase with which electrical power may be delivered to a particular node may be determined by varying, or identifying a variation in, the voltage... Agent: Elster Solutions, LLC

20140167736 - Current sensor substrate and current sensor: It is intended to reduce manufacturing cost in a current sensor including a primary conductor having a U-shaped current path. A current sensor includes a primary conductor having a U-shaped current path, a support portion for supporting a magneto-electric conversion element, and a lead terminal connected to the support portion,... Agent: Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation

20140167737 - Ac detection circuit and operating method thereof: There are provided an alternating current (AC) detection circuit and an operating method thereof. The AC detection circuit includes: a power supply unit outputting an AC signal; a filter unit connected to the power supply unit to block a serial signal component; and a detection circuit unit including at least... Agent:

20140167739 - Current detecting circuit board: A circuit board with a current detecting circuit includes an inductor, two short pads, and an integrated chip. The inductor is connected between a first electronic component and a second electronic component. One of the short pads is in tight contact with a first pin of the inductor, and the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140167738 - Electric meter base level printed circuit board: Techniques for construction of an electric meter base level printed circuit board (PCB), such as for use in an electric consumption meter, are described herein. A plurality of heavy copper traces may be embedded in the PCB, thereby eliminating the need for heavy copper bar between connectors and components on... Agent: Itron, Inc.

20140167740 - System and method for voltage and current sensing: A current sensor is disclosed. The current sensor includes a Rogowski coil disposed on a flexible printed circuit board with at least one active lead passing through the Rogowski coil.... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140167741 - Wheel-speed sensor mounting device: A wheel-speed sensor mounting device may be provided. The wheel-speed sensor mounting device includes a reducer case having a first mounting hole, a mounting shell mounted within the first mounting hole and having a first end extending into the reducer case and a second end, a wheel-speed sensor mounted within... Agent: Shenzhen Byd Auto R&d Company Limited

20140167744 - Detector systems: A detection system comprising a plurality of magnetic field generators and a plurality of magnetic field detectors located adjacent to a detection area, and a control system arranged to generate magnetic field using the generators, and, for each of the generators, to make measurements of the magnetic field generated using... Agent: Rapiscan Systems, Inc.

20140167745 - Correcting and/or preventing errors during the measurement of coordinates of a workpiece: An arrangement measures coordinates of a workpiece and/or machines the workpiece. The arrangement has a first part and a second part that can be moved relative to the first part. The relative mobility of the first and second parts is specified in addition to a possible mobility of a probe... Agent: Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik Gmbh

20140167746 - Inductive position-measuring device: An inductive position-measuring device includes a scanning element and a graduation element that are movable relative to each other in a first direction. The scanning element includes exciter conductors and three receiver tracks. The first and the second receiver track are disposed at a distance relative to each other, and... Agent:

20140167742 - Magnetic sensing device: A magnetic sensing device including a U-shaped magnet with a pair of legs and a base defining a first interior channel and a distal plane. A sensor assembly in the first interior channel includes a sensor that extends above the distal plane. The magnet generates a first region of low... Agent: Cts Automotive, L.L.C.

20140167743 - Motor: A motor includes a rotating shaft, a rotor that surrounds the rotating shaft, rotates along with the rotating shaft, and includes a drive magnet, and a sensing unit that surrounds the rotating shaft, is disposed over the rotor, and detects rotation of the rotor, wherein the sensing unit includes a... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140167747 - Welded portion quality determining system: m

20140167748 - Tubing probe bobbin with petal: An apparatus and method for inspecting an elongate tubular member with an eddy current sensor inspection assembly including a bobbin is provided. The bobbin includes a shell defining a hollow interior and axially aligned openings at each end while supporting a sensor. A plurality of petals extend outwardly from the... Agent: General Electric Company

20140167750 - Current sensor: A current sensor includes: a lower housing; a lower magnetic core that is housed in the lower housing, and includes a first gap on which a first hall element for detection of a magnetic field is arrangeable; a central housing that detachably engages with the lower housing, and houses the... Agent: Fujitsu Component Limited

20140167749 - Hall sensor and method of manufacturing the same: Disclosed herein are a Hall sensor and a method of manufacturing the Hall sensor. The Hall sensor includes: a flexible substrate in which a groove is formed; a magnetic field flux concentrator formed in the groove of the flexible substrate; an electrode that is patterned to contact the magnetic field... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140167752 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and correction value calculation method: In order to obtain a high-quality image even in multi-slice imaging in a UTE sequence that uses a half RF pulse, a refocusing pulse of the slice gradient magnetic field is adjusted and applied so that the excitation profiles of positive polarity data and negative polarity data have phase distributions... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20140167751 - Method and apparatus for compensating for gradient delay in magnetic resonance scanning sequence: In a method and MR scanning apparatus for compensating for gradient delay in the MR scanning sequence, a current gradient amplitude of the MR scanning sequence is determined. Based on the current gradient amplitude and a mapping between gradient delay and gradient amplitude, a current gradient delay corresponding to the... Agent:

20140167755 - Determination of a phase difference map: A method is described for determining a phase difference map for generating image data of two different chemical substance types in a defined region of an examination object via magnetic resonance imaging measurement. First and second magnetic resonance raw echo data of the defined region is first captured at two... Agent:

20140167753 - Diffusion spectrum imaging systems and methods: Systems and methods for generating a magnetic resonance (MR) image of a tissue are provided. A method includes acquiring MR raw data. The MR raw data corresponds to MR signals obtained at undersampled q-space locations for a plurality of q-space locations that is less than an entirety of the q-space... Agent: General Electric Company

20140167754 - Magnetic resonance fingerprinting (mrf) with echo splitting: Apparatus, methods, and other embodiments associated with nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) fingerprinting using echo splitting are described. One example apparatus includes an NMR logic configured to repetitively and variably sample a (k, t, E) space associated with an object to acquire a set of NMR signals. Members of the set... Agent: Case Western Reserve University

20140167756 - Sealed magic angle spinning nuclear magnetic resonance probe and process for spectroscopy of hazardous samples: A magic-angle-spinning (MAS) nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) probe is described that includes double containment enclosures configured to seal and contain hazardous samples for analysis. The probe is of a modular design that ensures containment of hazardous samples during sample analysis while preserving spin speeds for superior NMR performance and convenience... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20140167762 - Coil device and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: A coil device (1) in which a first coil (2), a second coil (4) and a third coil (3), each having a flat plate shape, are stacked with one other, wherein the first coil has a clearance section, the third coil has a second clearance section, part or whole of... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20140167761 - Magnetic resonance measuring equipment: A magnetic resonance measuring equipment capable of detecting a nuclear magnetic resonance signal with a higher sensitivity and a higher resolution in comparison with related magnetic resonance measuring equipment. The magnetic resonance measuring equipment modulates a nuclear magnetic resonance signal by applying a vibration (sonic wave) of a known frequency,... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140167758 - Multi-channel endorectal coils and interface devices therefor: An intracavity probe for use with a magnetic resonance system includes: a pair of coil loops arranged in a phased array configuration; a pair of decoupling circuits; a pair of output cables; and a spacer material positioned adjacent to an anterior surface of the coil loops. Each coil loop has... Agent: Medrad, Inc.

20140167759 - Nmr borehole logging device and method of use: This disclosure provides systems, methods, and apparatus related to depth well logging. In one aspect, an apparatus includes a radio frequency (RF) coil and a magnetic field sensing device. The apparatus is configured to be positioned in a first magnetic field. The first magnetic field polarizes nuclear spins of species... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140167760 - System for communication usable by magnetic resonance and other imaging devices: An imaging apparatus and a method of controlling the same are disclosed. The imaging apparatus control method includes generating a pulse signal to an imaging unit, the imaging unit imaging an object to acquire an image signal of the object, generating an antiphase pulse signal based on the generated pulse... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140167757 - Vacuum feed-through assembly: A vacuum feed-through assembly and a method for manufacturing the same including a conductor having a threaded outer diameter end, a plastic seal having a threaded inner diameter matching the threaded outer diameter end of the conductor, and an epoxy to epoxy bond the threaded inner diameter of the plastic... Agent: General Electric Company

20140167764 - Locating technique and apparatus using an approximated dipole signal: Location determination is performed using a transmitter including an elongated generally planar loop antenna defining an elongation axis. The elongation axis is positioned along at least a portion of a path. A magnetic field is then generated which approximates a dipole field. Certain characteristics of the magnetic field are then... Agent: Merlin Technology, Inc.

20140167763 - Tracer wire connector devices and methods for use: Devices for and methods of connecting a buried tracer wire to a buried utility pipe are described. The devices and methods include providing a tracer wire connector connected to a clamp, attaching the clamp to a metal portion of the buried utility pipe, and placing an end of the buried... Agent: Consolidated Edison Company Of New York, Inc.

20140167766 - Sonde devices including a sectional ferrite core structure: Sonde devices for providing magnetic field signals for use with utility locators or other devices are disclosed. In one embodiment a sonde device includes a housing, a core comprising a plurality of core sections, and one or more support structures, which may include windings. Circuit and/or power supply elements may... Agent:

20140167765 - User interfaces for utility locators: The present disclosure relates to user interfaces for enhanced utility locators. Such enhanced utility locators may include a variety of sensors and other such technologies for determining information regarding a buried or otherwise inaccessible utility line. Such information may be displayed in various ways to convey relative characteristics among multiple... Agent:

20140167767 - Modular resistivity logging tool systems and methods: Resistivity logging tool module systems and methods enable efficient logging string assemblies and logging operations. In some of the disclosed embodiments, a resistivity logging tool module includes a mandrel with a connector section at each end and a ring support section between the connector sections. The resistivity logging tool module... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140167768 - Methods and systems for using a combined electromagnetic source electrode and deflector: Disclosed are methods and systems for marine geophysical surveying that include a combined electromagnetic source electrode and deflector. An example embodiment discloses an electromagnetic source assembly comprising: a deflector-source electrode, wherein the deflector-source electrode comprises an electromagnetic source electrode integrated into a deflector; a separate electromagnetic source electrode; and a... Agent: Pgs Geophysical As

20140167770 - Lighting jig: The present invention discloses a lighting jig for testing a backlight module, comprising a switch unit and a delay unit; wherein the switch unit is connected to a power supply, and when the switch unit is in closed position, a power output terminal of the lighting jig is electrically connected... Agent: Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

20140167771 - Method and apparatus for testing light-emitting device: Disclosed is a method for testing a light-emitting device comprising the steps of: providing a light-emitting device comprising a plurality of light-emitting diodes; driving the plurality of the light-emitting diodes with a current; generating an image of the light-emitting device; and determining a luminous intensity of each of the light-emitting... Agent: Epistar Corporation

20140167769 - Organic light emitting display device including a redundant element for a test gate line: An organic light emitting display device according to example embodiments includes a display unit, a test data line to which a test data voltage is applied during a sheet unit test, a test gate line to which a first voltage is applied during the sheet unit test and to which... Agent:

20140167772 - Stacked via structure for metal fuse applications: A back end of the line (BEOL) fuse structure having a stack of vias. The stacking of vias leads to high aspect ratios making liner and seed coverage inside the vias poorer. The weakness of the liner and seed layers leads to a higher probability of electromigration (EM) failure. The... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140167774 - Charging time estimation device and charging time estimation method: A charging time estimation device includes a cell temperature information acquisition unit, a cell capacity information acquisition unit, a current value information acquisition unit, a deterioration state information acquisition unit, a basic estimated value calculation unit, and a charging-required time calculation unit. The charging-required time calculation unit performs correction on... Agent: Mitsubishi Jidosha Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140167773 - Secondary-battery maximum-capacity measuring apparatus: A secondary-battery maximum-capacity measuring apparatus, includes: a current dependency processing unit configured to convert an inter-terminal voltage and an open cell voltage of a secondary battery into values without depending on a load current based on an amount of change in relative value of a voltage during a time period... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20140167775 - Systems and methods for measuring high frequency resistance in a fuel cell system: System and methods for measuring operating parameters of a fuel cell system are presented. In certain embodiments, the systems and methods may be configured to measure a high frequency resistance of a fuel cell system. A method for measuring a high frequency resistance of a fuel cell system may include... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140167778 - Battery management system and integrated battery management device: A battery management system has battery cell management devices that correspond to battery modules in which a plurality of battery cells are connected in series, and a battery pack management device that corresponds to a battery pack in which the battery modules are connected in series. Each of the battery... Agent: Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140167777 - Multiple cell battery voltage measurement: A method and apparatus to detect cell voltage of each of a plurality of battery cells in a rechargeable battery pack is disclosed. The method comprises generating a wave form with a positive phase and a negative phase by a current limited square wave generator. The wave form is a... Agent:

20140167776 - Systems and methods for detecting a weak subdivision in a battery system: System and methods for identifying a weak subdivision in a battery system are presented. In certain embodiments, a system may include a battery pack that includes multiple subdivisions. A measurement system may be configured to determine multiple subdivision electrical parameters associated with the subdivisions. A battery control system may identify... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140167779 - Ground fault detection system for a power supply system: A ground fault detection system may include a direct current (DC) voltage source and an alternating current (AC) device. The ground fault detection system may also include an inverter, coupled to the DC voltage source, the AC device and an electrical ground, including: a positive rail, a negative rail and... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140167780 - Historical analysis of battery cells for determining state of health: Battery cells may be monitored and a historical profile of the battery generated. The historical profile may be used to analyze a state-of-health of the battery cell. For example, the historical profile may be used to determine when a battery cell has developed an internal short that creates a safety... Agent: Southwest Electronic Energy Corporation

20140167781 - Sensor device: An objective of the present invention is to provide a sensor device with an increased accuracy. In order to achieve the objective, provided is a sensor device includes: an external terminal 2 to which an external device is connected; a ground terminal 3 connected to the ground; an internal circuit... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20140167782 - Electromagnetic interference measuring device and electromagnetic interference measuring method: Provided is an electromagnetic interference (EMI) measuring device. The EMI measuring device according to the present invention includes an electromagnetic wave eliminating unit eliminating remaining electromagnetic waves from a DUT in response to an eliminating control signal of the control unit. The control unit may calculate EMI of the DUT... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140167784 - Device for the measurement of microwave signals and a method for the configuration of the same: A method for the configuration of a multi-static measuring device with an antenna arrangement, which is formed from several antenna clusters, each of which comprises several transmitting antennas and several receiving antennas, is characterised by the formation of configuration groups and associated group apertures. A configuration group is configured through... Agent:

20140167783 - Resonator and biosensor system including the same: Provided are a resonator and a biosensor system including the same. The resonator may have a flat plate shape to increase a filling factor of a sample, thereby improving measurement sensitivity. Also, the resonator may be miniaturized, and thus the biosensor system including the resonator may also be miniaturized.... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140167787 - Branch circuit current monitor: An electrical system includes a power distribution system having a plurality of branched electrical circuits and current conductors, each of the plurality of branched electrical circuits being coupled to and receiving electrical power from the power distribution system via an associated current conductor of the current conductors. The electrical system... Agent: Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.

20140167786 - Current sensor for power measurement applications: An electrical system with a power distribution system has a current sensor for directly monitoring electrical power in a current conductor, the current sensor including a printed circuit board (PCB), a current transducer, and integrated conditioning electronics. The PCB has a non-ferromagnetic core through which the current conductor is inserted.... Agent: Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.

20140167785 - Method and apparatus to detect and measure current and transfer charge: A transducer used to measure an unknown current in a circuit is disclosed that includes an inductor. The transducer comprises an electrically conductive sheet adapted to surround the inductor, while being electrically insulated from the inductor, and further including a device used to measure the charge transferred to the electrically... Agent:

20140167788 - Inductive sensor for angular measurement of the position of a moving part and measuring method using such a sensor: An inductive sensor includes a primary winding, two secondary windings and a moveable target, the primary winding being centered about a central axis and carrying a high-frequency alternating current which can induce a voltage in secondary windings, the secondary windings also being centered about the central axis and made up... Agent: Continental Automotive France

20140167789 - Mode-tuning sense interface: A MEMS capacitive sensing interface includes a sense capacitor having a first terminal and a second terminal, and having associated therewith a first electrostatic force. Further included in the MEMS capacitive sensing interface is a feedback capacitor having a third terminal and a fourth terminal, the feedback capacitor having associated... Agent: Invensense, Inc.

20140167790 - Inductive, conductivity sensor and method for its manufacture: An inductive, conductivity sensor comprising a transmitting coil, a receiving coil and, surrounding the transmitting coil and the receiving coil, a housing, which has, for immersion in a measured medium, at least one housing section, whose housing wall surrounds the transmitting coil and the receiving coil. The housing wall of... Agent: Endress + Hauser Conducta Gesellschaft F&#xfc R Mess-und Regettechnil Mbh + Co. Kg

20140167791 - Resistive mems humidity sensor: A semiconductor device includes a substrate, an insulating film provided on a surface of the substrate, and a sensing film formed of a conductive material deposited on top of the insulating film. The sensing film defines at least one conductive path between a first position and a second position on... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140167793 - Measurement system for characterising a device under test: s

20140167792 - Scan testing system, method and apparatus: Test circuits located on semiconductor die enable a tester to test a plurality of die/ICs in parallel by inputting both stimulus and response patterns to the plurality of die/ICs. The response patterns from the tester are input to the test circuits along with the output response of the die/IC to... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140167794 - Methods for validating radio-frequency test stations: A manufacturing system for assembling wireless electronic devices is provided. The manufacturing system may include test stations for testing the radio-frequency performance of components that are to be assembled within the electronic devices. A reference test station may be calibrated using calibration coupons having known radio-frequency characteristics. The calibration coupons... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140167795 - Active feedback silicon failure analysis die temperature control system: Fault analysis of high power integrated circuits face thermal management challenges. This invention employs thermal diodes incorporated in the device undergoing fault analysis, and a closed loop microprocessor controlled feedback system for thermal control during test and fault analysis.... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140167798 - System for post-processsing of electronic components: A method of post-processing a plurality of electronic components in a post-processing machine after fabrication of the electronic components including providing a carrier with align fixtures, which align fixtures have a clamping mechanism, actuating the clamping mechanism to enlarge a size of receptacles, each of the receptacles is assigned to... Agent: Multitest Elektronische Systeme Gmbh

20140167799 - Three dimensional integrated circuit electrostatic discharge protection and prevention test interface: The present disclosure provides a system and method for providing electrostatic discharge protection. A probe card assembly is provided which is electrically connected to a plurality of input/output channels. The probe card assembly can be contacted with a secondary assembly having an interposer electrically connected to one or more wafers... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140167800 - Method for testing semiconductor chips or semiconductor chip modules: A semiconductor chip panel includes a plurality of semiconductor chips embedded in an encapsulation material. At least part of the semiconductor chips comprise a first electrical contact element on a first main face and a second electrical contact element on a second main opposite to the first main face, respectively.... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140167797 - Current monitoring circuits and methods: Various automatic range scaling solutions for smart power switches are provided, to enable current monitoring across a wide dynamic range. In preferred examples, use is made of current sensing transistors. The circuits provide overload protection combined with wide range current measurement.... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140167796 - Wiring structure and display device including the same: There is provided a wiring structure comprising a board, which includes a connection pattern, and a plurality of flexible printed circuit boards (FPCBs). Each of the flexible printed circuit boards includes test patterns connected to the connection pattern. The test patterns included in each of the FPCBs are connected to... Agent:

20140167801 - Rigid probe with compliant characteristics: A probe conducts testing of a circuit. The probe includes a base coupled to a substrate. The probe also includes a cantilever attached to the base at a first end, the cantilever deflecting from a first position to a second position in which a second end opposite the first end... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140167802 - Rigid probe with compliant characteristics: A method of probing compliant bumps of a circuit with probes is described. The method includes disposing the probes on a substrate, a base of each of the probes being coupled to the substrate. The method also includes disposing the circuit such that each of the compliant bumps is in... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140167803 - Testing device and testing method thereof: Disclosed are a testing device and a testing method thereof. The testing device includes a frame, a flexible multi-layer substrate and at least one electrical testing point. The frame is positioned corresponding to a chip. At least one electrical connecting point is formed on a surface of the chip. The... Agent: Princo Middle East Fze

20140167804 - Assembly for optical backside failure analysis of flip-chips during electrical testing: A method and apparatus for testing a digital device. An apparatus for facilitating testing a digital device comprises a flat-top socket and a flat-top carrier board. The flat-top socket has a recess for accepting a carrier board, the recess having electrical contacts disposed in a pattern matching a pattern on... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140167805 - Reduced footprint test socket system: A test socket system has a housing with a screw that extends through central openings in the housing and a pusher block. Positioned below the pusher block is an integrated circuit and positioned below the integrated circuit is a contact set. The contact set is slidably received within slots on... Agent:

20140167806 - Semiconductor device testing apparatus: Provided is a semiconductor device testing apparatus including a first socket configured to load a package, on which a semiconductor device to be tested may be mounted, and a second socket coupled to the first socket. The first socket may include an upper part including a hole configured to accommodate... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140167807 - Probe frame for array substrate detecting apparatus and detecting apparatus having the same: The present invention discloses a probe frame for an array substrate detecting apparatus, the probe frame including a frame body and a signal distribution circuit board provided to the frame body, wherein the probe frame further includes: a circuit board provided to the frame body, the circuit board being provided... Agent: Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

20140167808 - Interconnect solder bumps for die testing: A semiconductor chip may include a die having one or more circuits. The semiconductor chip may include a plurality of die bumps, each having a first geometry, a first vertical profile, and a first volume. The die bumps may be coupled to the die and in electrical communication with the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140167809 - Methods, system and modules for testing uninterruptible power supply (ups) systems with multiple ups modules: A method of operating an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system can be provided by activating an idle state for a UPS module included in the UPS system and providing a UPS module test input to the UPS module in the idle state. A UPS module test response can be provided... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140167810 - Fault detection system and associated method: A method implemented using a controller based device includes receiving a measured electrical signal from an electrical device of an electromechanical device and receiving a measured vibration signal from a mechanical device of the electromechanical device, coupled to the electrical device. The method further includes determining a first signal signature... Agent: General Electric Company

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