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Electricity: power supply or regulation systems

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05/14/2015 > 15 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150130426 - Digital current equalizing device, analog current equalizing device, current equalizing method and system: Provided are a digital current equalizing device, an analog current equalizing device, a current equalizing method and a system. The digital current equalizing device comprises: an output current sampling amplifying module (102), a digital processing module (104), and a main power frequency conversion module (106). An input terminal of the... Agent: Zte Corporation

20150130427 - Low dropout regulator and related method: A device is configured to provide low dropout regulation. An amplifier stage includes a first transistor electrically connected to an output of the device, and a second transistor. A current mirror includes a third transistor electrically connected to the second transistor, and a fourth transistor electrically connected to the third... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20150130429 - Feeding apparatus and feeding method: A feeding apparatus feeds an electric power to an object to which the electric power is fed. The feeding apparatus includes a DC/DC converter and a driver. The DC/DC converter outputs a PWM signal. The driver feeds the electric power to the object to which the electric power is fed... Agent:

20150130428 - Level shift circuit and dc-dc converter for using the same: A level shift circuit and a DC-DC buck converter controller for using the same are disclosed. The level shift circuit is capable of detecting a state of a converting circuit, and avoids a current leakage when determining that the converting circuit is operating under a light-load. Therefore, the level shift... Agent: Green Solution Technology Co., Ltd.

20150130430 - Output switching circuit: An output switching circuit includes a switching circuit having a first transistor connected to a high-voltage power supply, a second transistor connected to a low-voltage power supply, and an output s terminal at a connection node between the first and second transistors; a comparison unit that compares an input signal... Agent: Spansion LLC

20150130431 - Matrix converter and method for compensating for output voltage error: A matrix converter includes a power converter, a command generator, and a commutation controller. The power converter includes bidirectional switches each having a conducting direction controllable by switching elements. The bidirectional switches are disposed between input terminals coupled to phases of an AC power source and output terminals coupled to... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150130432 - Matrix converter and method for compensating for output voltage error: A matrix converter includes a power converter, a control information generator, a commutation controller, a storage, and an error compensator. The power converter includes bidirectional switches each having a conducting direction controllable by switching elements. The bidirectional switches are disposed between input terminals and output terminals. The input terminals are... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150130433 - Constant power availability for load switches with foldback current: Load switch supply circuits and methods are provided that allow a load switch to maintain power delivery without having the load switch encounter thermal or power overload conditions. In an example, a load switch supply circuit can include a multiplier circuit configured to receive a first representation of voltage across... Agent:

20150130434 - Fast current limiting circuit in multi loop ldos: A circuit and method for providing a current limiting feature in a low dropout (“LDO”) linear voltage regulator. A pass element generates an output voltage that is less than the input voltage. The pass element is normally enabled by an error amplifier that compares a feedback signal from the output... Agent:

20150130435 - Timing controlled ac to dc converter and method: A timing controlled converter and method for converting a time varying input signal to a regulated DC output voltage for application to a load circuit. A feedback loop is employed as a control means for switchably coupling the time varying input signal to the load circuit for controlled periods of... Agent: Alfred E Mann Foundation For Scientific Research

20150130436 - Apparatus and system for noise cancellation of power converters: An apparatus and system comprise a noise cancelation power converter being configured for phase inverted synchronous operation with respect to a primary power converter. The primary power converter is operable to supply power to at least one device. The primary power converter produces a first electromagnetic interference during operation to... Agent:

20150130437 - Dc-dc converter: A DC-DC converter includes a main reactor disposed in a main energization path, a first main switching element disposed in the main energization path and on-off controlled to cause current flowing through the main reactor to intermittently flow, a second main switching element forming a discharge loop configured to discharge... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150130438 - Overcurrent detection of load circuits with temperature compensation: An improved current limiting circuit comprising a switch having a first terminal and a second terminal, the first and second terminal configured to connect a power supply to a load. A first resistor connected in series between the first terminal and a first constant current source. A second resistor connected... Agent: Littelfuse, Inc.

20150130439 - Current balancing device and method: The present invention discloses a current balancing device and method capable of balancing an output current and an input current of a current loop. Said device comprises: a transmission circuit for outputting an output current and receiving an input current; at least one adjustable resistor set in the current loop... Agent:

20150130440 - Dc-dc converter: A DC-DC converter includes a voltage conversion circuit boosting a voltage of a DC power supply and supplying the voltage to a load, a bypass circuit provided in parallel to the voltage conversion circuit, a drive circuit turning on and off a switching element of the bypass circuit, and a... Agent: Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

05/07/2015 > 20 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150123626 - Power control apparatus, power control method, and power control program: A power control apparatus includes: a first obtainment unit which obtains a power flow value at a power flow measuring point and a voltage value at a voltage measuring point provided; a power flow control unit which calculates a first power change value, to cause the power flow value to... Agent:

20150123627 - Power converters and compensation circuits thereof: In an embodiment, a circuit includes a Direct Current (DC)-DC buck-boost converter and a controller. The controller includes an error amplifier configured to receive a feedback signal responsive to an output signal of the buck-boost converter. The error amplifier is configured to compare the feedback signal and a reference signal... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150123628 - Apparatus and method for a voltage regulator with improved power supply reduction ratio (psrr) with reduced parasitic capacitance on bias signal lines: An apparatus and method for a system with improved power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) over a wide frequency range. The improved PSRR is achieved by negating the influence of the parasitic capacitance associated with the bias lines and the introduction of a regulated power supply with embodiments associated with providing... Agent: Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh

20150123632 - Adaptive dead-time control: A DC-to-DC converter includes first and second switches connected to each other at a node and biased by PWM pulses. A timing module determines a first time difference between a first edge of a first signal at the node and a first edge of a second signal at a control... Agent:

20150123631 - Over voltage protection control method and circuit for four-switch buck-boost converter: In one embodiment, a method of over voltage protection control can include: (i) determining whether an output voltage of a buck-boost converter is in an over voltage condition, where the buck-boost converter includes a first switch coupled to an input terminal and an inductor, a second switch coupled to ground... Agent:

20150123629 - Overcurrent protection power supply apparatus: In a high voltage power supply apparatus, e.g., for an electric or hybrid vehicle, current is supplied from a high-voltage DC power source to a load via a power FET. A voltage detecting circuit detects the drain-source voltage VDS of the power FET when the current flows through the power... Agent:

20150123630 - Voltage converter with vcc-less rdson current sensing circuit: In one implementation, a voltage converter includes a driver providing a gate drive for a power switch and a sense circuit coupled across the power switch. The gate drive provides power to the sense circuit, and the sense circuit provides a sense output to the driver corresponding to a current... Agent: International Rectifier Corporation

20150123633 - Passgate strength calibration techniques for voltage regulators: Systems and methods are provided to regulate a supply voltage of a load circuit. For example, a system includes a voltage regulator circuit that includes a passgate device. The system includes a passgate strength calibration control module which is configured to (i) obtain information which specifies operating conditions of the... Agent:

20150123634 - Integrated regulator, in particular voltage regulator, and controller for passenger protection means, with configurable output voltage of the controller: An integrated regulator, in particular a voltage regulator, for a personal protection arrangement in a vehicle, includes a regulating element that converts an input signal into an output signal having a defined value, and a control application circuit that applies control to the regulating element to generate the output signal... Agent:

20150123635 - Voltage regulator apparatus with sensing modules and related operating method thereof: A voltage regulator apparatus and an associated method are provided, where the voltage regulator apparatus includes: a voltage regulator module for regulating an input voltage according to a bandgap reference voltage to generate an output voltage; and a plurality of sensing modules. Ina situation where the output voltage abruptly decreases,... Agent:

20150123636 - Cuk based current source: Disclosed is a Ćuk based current source, a control circuit for a Ćuk based current source, and a method for providing a current.... Agent:

20150123637 - Power supply device: A power supply device includes an output semiconductor element and a clamp circuit. The output semiconductor element is provided between a power supply line and an output terminal. The output semiconductor element is driven and switched so as to supply electric power to an inductive load connected to the output... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20150123638 - Startup clamp circuit for non-complimentary differential pair in dcdc converter system: A DCDC converter includes a transconductance amplifier, a comparator, a current driving component, an output impedance, a switch, a clamp resistor and a p-channel FET. The transconductance amplifier outputs a transconductance current and a switch control signal. The comparator has a two n-channel FET inputs forming a differential pair and... Agent: Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh

20150123640 - Charge and discharge signal circuit and dc-dc converter: A charge and discharge signal circuit includes: high side transistors connected in series; low side transistors connected in series; high side drive circuits; low side drive circuits; and a drive signal generation circuit, wherein each drive circuit includes: a level shifter; a capacitor switch string connected in series, being connected... Agent:

20150123639 - System for controlling power-up sequence: Disclosed is a system for controlling a power-up sequence applicable to a power controller of a lane departure warning system, including: one DC/DC converter unit configured to convert a first input voltage of input power and output the converted first input voltage as a first output voltage, and including four... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20150123641 - Systems, devices, and methods for control of a power supply connection: A power supply control circuit for a portable electronic device is capable of connecting and disconnecting a power supply with respect to an electrical load of the device. The power supply control circuit offers a relatively quick transition time and low leakage current, making the control circuit particularly suitable for... Agent:

20150123642 - Current generator device and method of generating a current wave: Current generator device comprising a processing unit (2) comprising: —an input module (6) designed to acquire input data representing a desired current wave; —a management and control module (8) connected to the input module (6) and designed for: receiving the input data; generating a primary voltage wave; —an output module... Agent:

20150123643 - Bandgap circuit with temperature correction: A temperature corrected voltage bandgap circuit is provided. The circuit includes first and second diode connected transistors. A first switched compare circuit is coupled to the one transistor to inject or remove a first current into or from the transistor. The first current is selected to correct for curvature in... Agent:

20150123645 - Power supply unit having heat dissipation structure: A power supply unit includes: a transformer; a primary component that constitutes a primary circuit connected to the transformer; a secondary component that constitutes a secondary circuit connected to the transformer; a choke coil; a base plate including the transformer, the primary component, the secondary component and the choke coil;... Agent:

20150123644 - Transformer for power line communication: Disclosed is a transformer for power line communication, capable of performing power line communication without being influenced by voltage attenuation due to voltage conversion. The transformer for power line communication includes: a transforming unit configured to convert a high primary voltage into a low secondary voltage, or convert a low... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

04/30/2015 > 27 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150115905 - Power compensator: A power compensator for compensating voltage at a location along a power transmission line, the compensator having a controller for controlling a voltage generated across the compensator, wherein the voltage is controlled to maintain a power transmission line voltage at a value dependent on the power transmission line location.... Agent: Imperial Innovations Limited

20150115906 - Matrix converter: A matrix converter includes: a power converter configured to couple an AC power supply and a load together; and a controller configured to selectively execute: a first control mode in which the controller is configured to perform power conversion between the AC power supply and the load; and a second... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150115907 - Non-linear system control methods: In various embodiments, a control system for an electronic circuit iteratively applies voltage to and senses current from a load to regulate operation of the load.... Agent:

20150115908 - Phase offset compensation for multiphase dc-dc converter: The present document relates to multiphase DC-DC power converters. In particular, the present document relates to the compensation of the phase offset incurred in multiphase DC-DC power converters which are controlled based on coil current zero crossing. A control circuit for a multiphase power converter is described. The multiphase power... Agent: Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh

20150115909 - Zero voltage switching: A method for providing non-resonant zero-voltage switching in a switching power converter. The switching power converter converts power from input power to output power during multiple periodic switching cycles. The switching power converter includes a main switch and an auxiliary capacitor adapted for connecting to the main switch, and an... Agent:

20150115911 - Adaptive off time control scheme for semi-resonant and hybrid converters: In one implementation, a voltage converter includes a high side power switch, and first and second low side power switches. The voltage converter also includes a driver stage for driving the high side power switch and the first and second low side power switches, and an adaptive OFF-time control circuit... Agent: International Rectifier Corporation

20150115914 - Control circuit, switching converter and associated method: A control circuit and a control method for a switching converter. The control circuit has a clock circuit and a comparing circuit. The clock circuit is configured to generate a clock signal to make at least one switch to operate in a first state once a rising edge of the... Agent:

20150115913 - High frequency series ac voltage regulator: A bidirectional AC series voltage regulator that regulates an output AC voltage level regardless of the varying AC input voltage utilizing high frequency series inductors that only process a proportion of the total output power. The AC series voltage regulator detects the power inductor current direction data signal and can... Agent:

20150115910 - Power supply with enhanced phase current sharing: A system, power supplies, controller and method for enhanced phase current sharing are disclosed. For example, a power supply for enhanced phase current sharing is disclosed, which includes a plurality of power modules, a communication bus coupled to an input of each power module of the plurality power modules, and... Agent:

20150115915 - Power switching voltage regulator: A power switching voltage regulator includes a high-side switch, a low-side switch, an inductor, a detection circuit, and a gate voltage adjusting unit. The high-side switch is coupled to a voltage source; the low-side switch is coupled between the high-side switch and a ground. A connection node is located between... Agent:

20150115912 - Reference voltage generator: Provided is a reference voltage generator having flat temperature characteristics. The reference voltage generator includes a resistor (3) surrounding a periphery of a depletion MOS transistor (1) of a first conductivity type which is connected so as to function as a current source for causing a constant current to flow,... Agent:

20150115917 - Control circuit for interleaved switching power supply: In one embodiment, a control circuit configured for an interleaved switching power supply, can include: (i) a feedback compensation signal generation circuit configured to sample an output voltage of the interleaved switching power supply, and to generate a feedback compensation signal; (ii) a first switch control circuit configured to compare... Agent:

20150115916 - Control method for a power supply system: A control method for a power supply system having at least two power parts with power outputs connected in parallel, wherein each power part is actuated via a separate control and where at least one first power limit is specified for each control, where the control actuates the allocated power... Agent:

20150115918 - Low drop out supply asymmetric dynamic biasing: Methods and apparatus for a dynamic bias generator are provided. In an example, a dynamic bias generator for a voltage regulator can include a slope generator and a peak detector coupled to the slope generator. In certain examples, the slope generator and the peak detector can receive a representation of... Agent:

20150115920 - Continuous comparator with improved calibration: An auto-calibrated current sensing comparator is provided. A secondary dynamic comparator shares the same inputs and acts to adjust a calibration control of the current sensing comparator. The calibration control may be in the form of adjusting the offset of the current sensing comparator or adjusting a propagation delay that... Agent:

20150115922 - Current feedback method, current feedback circuit, driving circuit and switching power supply thereof: In one embodiment, a current feedback circuit can include: (i) a first current mirror circuit having an input terminal coupled to a source of a main power transistor of a switching power supply, and a control terminal configured to receive a PWM control signal, the first current mirror circuit being... Agent:

20150115919 - Programmable current limit circuit for a programmable power supply: A control circuit of a power supply is provided. The control circuit includes a circuit and a PWM circuit. The circuit generates a limit signal in response to an output voltage of the power supply for limiting a switching current of a transformer of the power supply. The PWM circuit... Agent:

20150115921 - Programmable frequency decrease circuit for a programmable power supply: A control circuit and a method for a programmable power supply are provided. The control circuit and the method modulate a switching frequency of a switching signal in response to a feedback signal and an output voltage of the programmable power supply. The switching signal is used for switching a... Agent:

20150115925 - A/d converter and semiconductor integrated circuit: According to one embodiment, an A/D converter includes a first delay cell column in which a plurality of delay cells, to which a first bias current corresponding to a difference voltage between an input voltage and a reference voltage is supplied, is connected in series. The converter includes a second... Agent:

20150115924 - Control circuit module for power factor corrector: A control circuit module for a power factor corrector is provided to convert the operation mode of the inductor current from the boundary conduction mode (BCM) to the discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) when a transistor element is operated under the valley inductor current, thus reducing the switching frequency and increasing... Agent:

20150115923 - Load current readback and average estimation: A switching regulator or other apparatus or techniques can include load current monitoring to provide a digital representation of an estimated load current. Load current monitoring can be performed by a circuit including a counter circuit, a comparator circuit, and a digitally-controlled source coupled to the counter circuit and configured... Agent: Analog Devices Technology

20150115926 - Power supply device: There is provided a power supply device including: a SEPIC/Zeta converter having an energy storage unit; and a power transmitting unit transmitting the energy stored in the SEPIC/Zeta converter to a load stage.... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150115927 - Method and apparatus for generating a direct current bias: A voltage detector operates to detect a system power supply voltage and generate a trigger signal. A control signal generator responds to the trigger signal and generates a control signal. A DC bias generator responds to the control signal by generating a DC bias. The control signal controls the DC... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (shenzhen) R&d Co. Ltd

20150115928 - Input circuit: In aspects of the invention, a zap circuit and a decoder for decoding the output of the zap circuit turn ON only one analog switch in a selector. The selector delivers an electric potential at a node of a dividing resistor selected by the zap circuit. The output of the... Agent:

20150115929 - Method and apparatus for generating piece-wise linear regulated supply: The disclosure provides a voltage regulator for generating piece-wise linear regulated supply voltage. The voltage regulator includes a first clamp circuit that receives a reference voltage and an analog supply voltage. A second clamp circuit receives the reference voltage. A voltage divider circuit is coupled to the first clamp circuit... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150115930 - Reference voltage generator: Provided is a reference voltage generator having flat temperature characteristics. The reference voltage generator includes a depletion MOS transistor (5) of a first conductivity type connected so as to function as a current source and configured to cause a constant current to flow, and a depletion MOS transistor (6) of... Agent:

20150115931 - Power supply device, power supply system and method for controlling the same: A power supply system may include a target device and an adapter. The target device may include an adapter connection switch that receives adapter recognition information to form a connection with the adapter, a voltage detection unit that receives an output voltage from an adapter, and a voltage-change-requesting unit that... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

04/25/2015 > 27 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.
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