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Electricity: power supply or regulation systems

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02/05/2015 > 14 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150035502 - Power supply systems and methods: Aspects include a power supply system. The system includes an oscillator system configured to generate a clock signal at a clock node. The oscillator system includes a comparator configured to compare a first variable voltage at a first comparator node and a second variable voltage at a second comparator node.... Agent: Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

20150035503 - Power supply systems and methods: One aspect includes power supply systems. The system includes an error amplifier system configured to generate an error voltage based on a feedback voltage of the power supply system relative to a reference voltage. The system also includes a PWM generator comprising a comparator configured to generate a PWM signal... Agent: Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

20150035504 - Switching regulator input current sensing circuit, system, and method: A Buck switching regulator includes first Buck switching regulator circuitry is operable to generate a first output voltage from an input voltage and operable to generate a first sensed voltage having a value that is proportional to an output current being provided by the first Buck switching regulator circuitry. The... Agent:

20150035506 - Low drop-out voltage regulator: The voltage regulator comprises a regulation loop (2), which comprises at least a pass transistor (18), a source transistor (28), a sensing transistor (22) and a retention transistor (24), and a stability compensation circuit (10), which comprises a first MOS resistor (12) and a second MOS resistor (14) coupled with... Agent: Em Microelectronic-marin S.a.

20150035505 - Slow start for ldo regulators: Techniques for generating a control voltage for a pass transistor of a linear regulator to avoid in-rush current during a start-up phase. In an aspect, a digital comparator is provided to generate a digital output voltage comparing a function of the regulated output voltage with a reference voltage, e.g., a... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150035507 - Dual mode voltage regulator with dynamic reconfiguration capability: A dual mode voltage regulator according to one embodiment includes a passive regulator circuit; a switching regulator circuit; and a controller circuit configured to monitor operational parameters of the dual mode voltage regulator and selectively couple either the passive regulator circuit or the switching regulator circuit between an input voltage... Agent:

20150035508 - Mode selection circuit and switch control circuit including the mode selection circuit and multi functions pin: A mode selection circuit generates a mode voltage according to a clamping current flowing when a voltage of a multi-pin is clamped to a predetermined clamping voltage, and selects one of a plurality of mode signals according to the mode voltage. The mode voltage is controlled according to a passive... Agent:

20150035509 - Control circuit and dc-dc converter: To provide a control circuit in a DC-DC converter, which includes transistors with the same conductivity type. The control circuit generates a pulse signal (GS), and includes a hysteresis comparator, a logic unit, a digital-analog converter circuit, and a comparator. The hysteresis comparator converts a signal (FB) based on an... Agent:

20150035510 - Switching power supply control circuit: A switching power supply control circuit has a switching element, a smoothing circuit, and a switching control circuit configured to control the switching element. The switching control circuit includes I-V converter configured to multiply an output current flowing into the switching element by a predetermined conversion coefficient and generating an... Agent:

20150035511 - Low power switching mode regulator having automatic pfm and pwm operation: A circuit and method for operating a switching mode power supply. A clock is driven by a current source to generate pulses at a fixed frequency using pulse width modulation for normal load demands. For light load demands, the current to the clock is reduced, and therefore the clock generates... Agent:

20150035512 - Charge pump and switch control circuit: A charge pump includes: a first diode that is connected to a first node; a second diode that is connected to a second node; a pump capacitor that is connected to a third node to which the first diode and the second diode are connected; a power supply capacitor that... Agent:

20150035513 - Reference current generator: Exemplary embodiments are related to current generators. A device may include a first integration path for charging a first integration capacitor during a first phase and a second integration path for charging a second integration capacitor during a second phase. The first integration capacitor may be configured for charging a... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150035514 - Dc-dc converter and semiconductor device: A DC-DC converter with low power consumption and high power conversion efficiency is provided. The DC-DC converter includes a first transistor and a control circuit. The control circuit includes an operational amplifier generating a signal that controls switching of the first transistor, a bias circuit generating a bias potential supplied... Agent:

20150035515 - Dc-to-dc converter input stage with capacitive current limit: A power converter may have an input stage that includes a pair of transformer coils, switching circuitry to energize the pair of transformer coils according to an input supply voltage provided by an input source, and a limiting circuit coupled between the pair of transformer coils to cause the input... Agent: National Instruments Corporation

01/29/2015 > 24 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150028821 - Control circuit for reducing touch current of a power converter and operation method thereof: A control circuit for reducing touch current of a power converter includes an auxiliary pin, a zero-crossing signal generator, a frequency limiting signal generator, and a gate signal generator. The auxiliary pin is used for receiving a voltage generated by an auxiliary winding of the power converter. The zero-crossing signal... Agent:

20150028822 - Device for influencing reactive-power flows: The invention relates to a device for influencing reactive power flows in multi-phase alternating current systems comprising a plurality of thyristor-controlled or thyristor-switched coil branches, each of which comprises a first partial coil and a second partial coil, and a first partial coil and a second partial coil respectively form... Agent: Coil Holding Gmbh

20150028825 - Control circuit, control method, dc-dc converter and electronic device: A control circuit (115), a control method, a DC-DC converter and an electronic device are provided. The control circuit (115) is used to control the DC-DC converter to switch its operation modes. In the control circuit (115), whether mode of the DC-DC converter is to be switched is judged according... Agent: St-ericsson Sa

20150028823 - Pulse width modulated power regulator with loop stabilizer: A circuit may include a detector, a modulator, a switch, and a stabilizer. The detector may detect current supplied to an output of the circuit to generate an overcurrent signal. The modulator may modulate a pulse signal based upon the output of the circuit. The switch may control a power... Agent: Analog Devices Technology

20150028824 - Usb power supply: A universal serial bus (USB) power supply is disclosed as including a main body (12) and a cable (24) releasably connectable with each other, the main body (12) being releasably connectable to a direct current (DC) power source and having a USB receptacle (20) electrically connectable with the DC power... Agent: City University Of Hong Kong

20150028826 - Control circuit: There is a control circuit comprising first and second DC terminals for connection to a DC network, the first and second DC terminals having a plurality of modules and at least one energy conversion element connected in series therebetween to define a current transmission path, the plurality of modules defining... Agent:

20150028827 - Transformer core flux control for power management: An electromagnetic device may include a magnetic flux core and an opening through the magnetic flux core. A conductor winding may be received in the opening and extend through the magnetic flux core. An electrical current flowing through the conductor winding generates a magnetic field about the conductor winding and... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150028828 - Voltage conversion circuit and electronic system using the same: A voltage conversion circuit is disclosed. The voltage conversion circuit includes an inductor, a first switch transistor, a second switch transistor, a first resistor, a second resistor and a P type transistor. When an input voltage is larger than an output voltage and a switch signal is transited to low... Agent: Anpec Electronics Corporation

20150028830 - Current-mode buck converter and electronic system using the same: A current-mode buck converter is disclosed, wherein the current-mode buck converter operates in a pulse width modulation (PWM) mode or a pulse frequency modulation (PFM) mode. When the current-mode buck converter enters into the PFM mode, the voltage level of the parking voltage is maintained at the voltage level of... Agent: Anpec Electronics Corporation

20150028834 - Dc-dc converter for envelope tracking: Embodiments provide a DC-DC converter (DC-DC=direct current to direct current) for envelope tracking. The DC-DC converter includes a digital control stage and a driving stage. The digital control stage is configured to provide a digital control signal based on digital information describing an amplitude of a digital baseband transmit signal.... Agent:

20150028829 - Envelope tracking power supply with direct connection to power source: A communication device, such as a smart phone, includes an envelope tracking power supply. The envelope tracking power supply is configured for direct connection to a supply voltage. The direct connection may be made without connection through an intermediate voltage regulator, such as a low drop out regulator. The supply... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150028833 - Naturally freewheeling alternating current chopper main circuit structure: The present disclosure provides a naturally freewheeling alternating (AC) current chopping main circuit structure. The naturally freewheeling AC chopping main circuit structure includes an AC chopping main circuit (1) and inductive load (2). The AC chopping main circuit includes a chopping switch element assembly (3), two inductance coils (L1 and... Agent:

20150028832 - Switching regulator circuits and methods: The present disclosure includes switching regulator circuits and methods. In one embodiment, multiple switching regulator stages are coupled to an output. A first switching regulator stage is operated at a different frequency than a second switching regulator stage. In another embodiment, one switching regulator stage is operated at a different... Agent:

20150028831 - Voltage setting device: A voltage setting device has at least one multi-step voltage output, at least one power converter unit, which has at least one first power element that forms at least a part of a power converter branch, and a control unit that controls the first power element according to a first... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150028835 - Area-efficient frequency compensation: A DC-to-DC converter includes an error integrator that further includes a first amplifier and a second amplifier that each includes a first input for receiving a reference voltage and a second input for receiving a feedback voltage, a capacitor to an output of the second amplifier, and a resistor including... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20150028837 - Dcdc converter: To provide a DCDC converter achieving low power consumption. A clock generation circuit, an error amplifier, a comparator, and a timer are included in a control circuit. The clock generation circuit, the error amplifier, and the comparator each include a bias circuit and a potential hold portion for intermittently holding... Agent:

20150028836 - System and method for a converter circuit: In accordance with an embodiment, a circuit includes a switch coupled between a first reference terminal and a first output terminal, an inductive element coupled between an input terminal and a second output terminal, and a diode coupled between the first output terminal and the input terminal. The circuit further... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20150028838 - Electronic apparatus and power controlling method: An electronic apparatus and a method of controlling power thereto are disclosed. The electronic apparatus including: a signal receiver configured to receive an input signal; a power supply configured to supply power to elements of the electronic apparatus; a controller configured to controls power supplied to the power supply; and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150028840 - Control of an inductive load by pulse width modulation: Method and device for controlling an inductive load by pulse width modulation, on the basis of a periodic set point control signal having a given set point duty cycle. The set point control signal is, in each period of the set point control signal, in a first logic state determined... Agent: Continental Automotive France

20150028841 - Dc/dc converter: A DC/DC converter has an active energy store, such as an inductance, which can be periodically charged and discharged by one or more semiconductor switches, such as transistors. To avoid voltage overshoot, an RCD element is provided for at least one semiconductor switch, wherein a capacitor and a diode of... Agent:

20150028839 - High efficiency switched capacitor voltage regulator: A high efficiency switched capacitor voltage regulator circuit and a method of efficiently generating an enhanced voltage from an input voltage supply. An input voltage Vin from a main power source is the base voltage to be pumped to an enhanced voltage. Auxiliary voltage sources V1 and V2 are from... Agent: Entropic Communications, Inc.

20150028842 - Integrated limiter and active filter: An integrated limiter and active filter constituted of: an input node; an output node; a transistor coupled between the input node and the output node; a first control circuit coupled to the control terminal of the transistor and arranged to limit the amount of current flowing through the output node... Agent:

20150028843 - Method for remote control of a power converter module and a device: The present disclosure relates to methods, systems and a module for operating a power converter module, the power converter module comprises a voltage source, a remote control terminal configured to be connected to a voltage potential for remote control of the power converter module. A voltage converter is configured to... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L.m. Ericsson (publ)

20150028844 - Coupling device for a multi-phase converter: The invention relates to a coupling device (4) for four phases of a multi-phase converter (2). Said coupling device (4) includes four coupling modules (6, 8, 12, 14), each of which encompasses four parallel through-holes. At least one section of a conductor loop (18, 20, 22, 24) for a phase.... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

01/22/2015 > 17 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150022163 - Pfc circuit: In one embodiment, a power factor correction (PFC) circuit can include: (i) a rectifier bridge and a PFC converter coupled to an input capacitor; (ii) a harmonic wave compensation circuit configured to shift a phase of a DC input voltage provided from the rectifier bridge, where the harmonic wave compensation... Agent:

20150022164 - Power factor correction converter and control method thereof: A power factor correction converter and a control method are disclosed. A power factor correction converter includes a power conversion module, a capacitor, a third switch unit, and a fourth switch capacitor. The power conversion module includes a first switch, a second switch, a first switch unit, a second switch... Agent: Delta Electronics (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

20150022165 - Switching power supply device and pulse width modulation circuit used therein: A problem of the present invention is to provide a switching power supply device and a pulse width modulation circuit capable of operating stably in synchronization with a clock signal. To solve the problem, a pulse width modulation circuit 3A in a switching power supply device 1A includes square-wave voltage... Agent:

20150022166 - Low-dropout voltage regulator: A low-dropout voltage regulator includes a power transistor configured to receive an input voltage and to provide a regulated output voltage at an output voltage node. The power transistor includes a control electrode configured to receive a driver signal. A reference circuit is configured to generate a reference voltage. A... Agent:

20150022172 - Dc to dc converter: A DC to DC converter includes an inductor having a first terminal and a second terminal, the first terminal coupled to an input of the DC to DC converter and the second terminal being coupled to an output of the DC to DC converter. A first switch is coupled between... Agent:

20150022170 - Driver and driving control method for power converter: A driver and a driving control method for a power converter are provided. The driver includes a level shift circuit, a negative voltage generator and a first PMOS transistor. The level shift circuit provides an output signal, wherein the output signal has a first operation voltage and a second operation... Agent: Upi Semiconductor Corp.

20150022169 - Feedback/feed forward switched capacitor voltage regulation: A method of controlling a switched capacitor voltage regulator includes modifying a topology factor associated with the switched capacitor voltage regulator in response to a change in output voltage associated with the switched capacitor voltage regulator, thereby maintaining an average output voltage associated with the switched capacitor voltage regulator. The... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20150022174 - Method and apparatus for control of switched-mode power supplies: The present invention relates to nonlinear and time-variant signal processing, and, in particular, to methods, systems, and apparatus for adaptive filtering and control applicable to switching power supplies.... Agent: Avatekh, Inc.

20150022168 - Output current control in a boundary conduction mode buck converter: A switching power converter has an input voltage source. An output load is coupled to the input voltage source. An inductive element is coupled to the load. A switch is coupled to the inductive element. A control circuit is coupled to the switch and the inductive element for activating and... Agent:

20150022171 - Phase adjustment circuit of power converter, power converter, and control method thereof: A phase adjustment circuit of a power converter, the power converter, and a control method of the power converter are provided. The control method includes following steps. A delay signal is generated according to an error signal, and the error signal is associated with an output voltage of the power... Agent: Upi Semiconductor Corp.

20150022173 - Reconfigurable power regulator: The present disclosure shows ways to use multiple “integrated voltage regulator (IVR) units” to offer IVRs that can cover a wide range of specifications without having to design separate IVRs for different specifications. Instead of designing separate IVRs and paying for separate mask sets for IVRs targeting different specifications (e.g.,... Agent:

20150022167 - System and method to eliminate transition losses in dc/dc converters: Various embodiments of the invention reduce switching losses associated with existing non-zero volt switching and non-zero current switching in DC/DC converters without the need for a resonant design. Certain embodiments of the invention provide for improved efficiency by reducing switching losses related to the simultaneous presence of current and voltage... Agent:

20150022175 - Voltage limiter and use of a voltage limiter to determine values of a power semiconductor element: A voltage limiter for power components includes: a unipolar primary transistor, including a drain terminal connected to an input of the voltage limiter, a source terminal connected to an output of the voltage limiter, and a gate terminal connected to a predetermined potential. The gate terminal connected to the predetermined... Agent:

20150022176 - Power converter with inductance invariance: An improved power converter is disclosed.... Agent: Supertex, Inc.

20150022177 - Adaptive ldo regulator system and method: An adaptive low dropout voltage regulator (LDO) circuit having low power dissipation, and a method of regulating voltage while maintaining low power dissipation. Power dissipation in an LDO circuit is controlled and held to a low value using an LDO circuit that maintains a constant voltage difference between Vin and... Agent: Entropic Communications, Inc.

20150022178 - Reference voltage generating circuits: A reference voltage generating circuit. A bandgap circuit includes a current mirror circuit and an output circuit. The current mirror circuit generates a first current. The output circuit generates a reference current based on the first current. A compensation circuit is coupled to the bandgap circuit in parallel at a... Agent: Nuvoton Technology Corporation

20150022179 - Voltage transformer having a first parallel connection: A voltage transformer is described, which includes a. first parallel connection of a first capacitor having a number of N>=1 actuators connected in parallel having N-input voltages and N-input currents. A second capacitor is connected to the first parallel connection in series, the capacitor voltage being lower than or equal... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 15 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150015216 - Three-phase power conversion with power factor correction operational day and night: System and method for controlling power factor correction (PFC) for three-phase AC power conveyed via a three-phase AC power grid. Currents and voltages on the grid are monitored and used to generate waveform data enabling dynamic control of switching circuitry used in controlling one or more phase offsets between the... Agent: Hiq Solar, Inc.

20150015217 - Method for operating a power factor correction circuit: A method for operating a power factor correction circuit is provided which may include the steps of providing a plurality of N switched-mode converter circuits each comprising an nth inductor, where N is at least 2, starting a switching pulse for the nth switched-mode converter circuit when the following conditions... Agent:

20150015218 - Adjusting device of an output voltage of a switch power supply, an adjusting method thereof and an integrated chip: An adjusting device of an output voltage of a switch power supply and an adjusting method are provided. The adjusting device includes a potential setting module generating a high level signal and an adjustor being connected to the potential setting module to receive the high level signal. The adjustor includes... Agent: Delta Electronics Power (dong Guan) Co., Ltd.

20150015220 - Control for switching between pwm and pfm operation in a buck converter: Mode control circuitry is disclosed for use in a buck switching voltage regulator capable of operating in a pulse width modulation (PWM) mode and a pulse frequency modulation (PFM) mode, with the regulator including an inductor having first and second opposite inductor terminals, a first transistor switch connected between the... Agent:

20150015219 - Dc/dc converter: A DC/DC converter comprises: inductors L provided for respective channels; switching circuits provided for the respective channels; and a controller configured to change the number of channels to be activated, i.e., K, according to an amount of a load current IOUT that flows through a load, and to control the... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd

20150015221 - Systems for controlling high frequency voltage mode switching regulators: A circuit for controlling a switching regulator is provided. The circuit includes a first input to receive a feedback signal from the switching regulator proportional to an output voltage of the switching regulator, a second input to receive a voltage reference signal, an output to be coupled to an input... Agent:

20150015222 - Low dropout voltage regulator: Voltage regulators are disclosed herein. An embodiment of a voltage regulator includes a MOS-type pass transistor, wherein a first node of the pass transistor is connectable to a voltage source and wherein a second node of the pass transistor is connected to the output of the voltage regulator. The voltage... Agent:

20150015223 - Low dropout regulator and related method: A device includes an error amplifier, a standby current source, a charging current source, a voltage divider, and a first switch. The error amplifier has a negative input terminal and a positive input terminal. The standby current source has a control terminal electrically connected to an output terminal of the... Agent:

20150015224 - Power supply circuit: A power supply circuit includes a transistor disposed between an input terminal to which an input voltage is applied and an output terminal to which an output voltage is applied, and an error amplifier configured to compare a feedback voltage varied based on the output voltage and a reference voltage,... Agent:

20150015226 - Current driver circuit: A current driver circuit includes a converter part having a switching element and converting an input voltage into an output voltage; a current detector which generates a detection signal indicative of the current of the switching element; an input voltage compensating circuit which generates a compensation signal corresponding to the... Agent: Collobo Innovations, Inc.

20150015225 - Multi-phase buck dc converter: A multi-phrase buck DC converter comprise a plurality of storage inductors, a plurality of low-side switches, a first input capacitor, a second input capacitor, a plurality of high-side switches and at least one clamping capacitor. The storage inductors are used to drive a load. The low-side switches are connected to... Agent:

20150015227 - Boost converter circuit and drive control module thereof: A boost converter and a drive control module thereof are provided. The boost converter includes a inductor, a power switch, a PWM control circuit and the drive control module. The inductor is coupled between the input terminal and the output terminal. The power switch is coupled between a inductor and... Agent:

20150015228 - Control device, digital control power supply, and control method: In a digital control power supply, a mode control unit measures a first frequency and a second frequency for a difference between a second digital value and a target value. Based on the measured first frequency and second frequency and a predetermined threshold set to the first and second frequencies,... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20150015229 - Semiconductor integrated circuit: A feedback loop, which feedbacks information of an output voltage or a load current, is provided. The feedback loop has a first mode, which digitalizes and feedbacks the information of the current voltage or the load current, and a second mode, which feedbacks the information as an analog value.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150015230 - Electronic device and switching circuit capable of switching between power-saving mode and normal mode: An electronic device includes a power-saving mode and a normal mode. When a mechanical button is in a first position, a main control chip outputs a logic high pulse to a switch connected to a voltage converter, such that the switch is turned on, and the voltage converter is disabled.... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shezhen) Co., Ltd.

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