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20150145485 - Power-factor-correction (pfc) apparatus and method: The various embodiments may include a power supply having a first loop in communication with a power stage of the power supply. A second loop in communication with the first loop may generate a negative reactance value that increases a power factor for the power supply to approximately one. A... Agent:

20150145486 - Digital controller for switched mode power converter: In one example, a method includes receiving a voltage value and comparing the voltage value to a reference voltage value to determine a delta voltage value. The method may also include determining a reference current value based on the delta voltage value. The method may also include receiving a current... Agent: Infineon Technologies Austria Ag

20150145487 - Method and device for generating an adjustable bandgap reference voltage: According to an embodiment, generating an adjustable bandgap reference voltage includes generating a current proportional to absolute temperature (PTAT). Generating the PTAT current includes equalizing voltages across the terminals of a core that is designed to be traversed by the PTAT current. Generating the adjustable bandgap reference also includes generating... Agent:

20150145490 - Control method and control circuit for switching power supply: In one embodiment, a method of controlling a switching power supply can include: (i) generating an ideal on time signal according to an input voltage and an output voltage of the switching power supply; (ii) generating a ripple voltage signal having a predetermined constant value when a power switch of... Agent:

20150145491 - Power converter: There is provided a power converter that is operated by using a power supply of one system and effectively using a current flowing in a load. A charging operation that supplies a charging current and the like to a load 13 and a discharging operation that outputs a discharging current... Agent: Toyo System Co., Ltd.

20150145492 - Power supply control apparatus: A power supply control apparatus includes a first adder configured to generate a difference signal based on a target value and a feedback signal; a compensator having a first transfer function Wc(z) and configured to generate a control signal based on the difference signal; a control target having a second... Agent:

20150145488 - Switching overlap avoidance system for controlling power supply system: A method according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, controlling a power supply system to avoid an over-voltage event across one or more switching devices of the power supply system, the controlling step based on switching overlap information that includes instructions for either advancing... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150145489 - Zero-crossing detection circuit and method for synchronous step-down converter: In one embodiment, a zero-crossing detection circuit for a synchronous step-down converter, can include: (i) a state determination circuit configured to compare a drain voltage of a synchronous transistor of the synchronous step-down converter against a reference voltage, and to generate a state digital signal indicative of whether a body... Agent:

20150145493 - Circuit with controlled inrush current: A circuit is provided with inrush current protection through control of the output current at start-up by a current source that does not rely on the output capacitor and which provides a smooth transition from a controlled current mode during a start-up phase to a voltage regulation mode.... Agent:

20150145494 - Device and method for tracking maximum power: Provided is a maximum power tracking device. The device includes: a battery outputting a first power; a switching unit changing the first power into a second power in response to a switching control signal; and a pulse modulation generation unit adjusting a pulse width of the switching control signal on... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150145496 - Method of forming a switched mode power supply controller device with an off mode and structure therefor: At least one embodiment is directed to a semiconductor voltage controller comprising: a start-mode circuit associated with a start-mode; and an off-mode circuit associated with an off-mode, where the voltage controller can be configured to receive a feedback signal and an off-mode signal from a single input and provide an... Agent:

20150145495 - Switching regulator current mode feedback circuits and methods: The present disclosure includes circuits and methods for controlling the operation of a switching regulator. In one embodiment, the present disclosure includes a circuit comprising a switching regulator with a current control loop comprising a capacitor configured to store a first voltage during a first phase and configured to boost... Agent:

20150145497 - Low-loss step-up and step-down voltage converter: A switch-mode DC-DC voltage converter including a boost stage in the form of a charge pump and a buck stage. Control circuitry is provided that enables the operation of the buck stage while the charge pump stage is also enabled, followed by disabling of the charge pump stage as the... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150145498 - Pwm generation for dc/dc converters with frequency switching: A method for generating a pulse width modulation (PWM) control signal includes generating a sawtooth ramp signal at a first frequency under standard operating conditions using a ramp generator, generating a PWM square wave having a rising edge at a falling edge of the sawtooth ramp signal and a falling... Agent: Continental Automotive Systems, Us, Inc.

20150145499 - Interrupt protection circuits, systems and methods for sensors and other devices: Embodiments relate to circuits, systems and methods for providing interruption protection for sensors and other devices. One example embodiment includes an interruption protection circuit comprising at least one charge pump and at least one buffer capacitor configured to maintain and/or provide sufficient voltage for output signals of sensors or other... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 18 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150137772 - Power factor correction sub-system for multi-phase power delivery: Systems and methods are disclosed for providing power factor correction (“PFC”) for multi-phase power delivery. A PFC sub-system can include multiple active PFC modules and multiple isolated DC-to-DC converters. Each active PFC module can increase a respective power factor associated with a respective phase of the multi-phase power system. Each... Agent:

20150137774 - Current limit control with constant accuracy: The present document relates to a current sensing and/or control circuit with reduced sensing errors. A current control circuit for controlling a load current into an electronic device is described. The current control circuit comprises an array of control transistors configured to adjust the load current provided at an output... Agent: Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh

20150137773 - Load sensing voltage charge pump system: A load-sensing voltage charge pump system may include a plurality of reference voltage inputs including a target voltage input. The system may also include a plurality of voltage charge pump segments equal in number to the plurality of reference voltage inputs. A voltage charge pump segment may include: a regulator... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150137775 - Control circuit applicable to power converter and operation method thereof: A control circuit includes an auxiliary pin for receiving an auxiliary voltage of an auxiliary winding of a power converter; a first detection unit for detecting a first time point when the auxiliary voltage begins resonance, and outputting a first detection signal according to the first time point; a second... Agent:

20150137778 - Dc-dc converter: According to one embodiment, a DC-DC converter includes a comparator circuit that compares a feedback voltage of an output voltage with a reference voltage and a control circuit that controls an output voltage based on an output signal of the comparator circuit. The comparator circuit performs a discrete-time operation in... Agent:

20150137776 - Dc-dc converter with enhanced automatic switching between ccm and dcm operating modes: A DC-DC converter transitions between continuous conduction mode (CCM) and discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) without causing any overshoot or undershoot deviation output voltage. The DC-DC converter operates in a PWM mode in CCM. During DCM, it skips PWM pulses when a sustained negative current is detected in an output inductor.... Agent: Stmicroelectronics International N.v.

20150137777 - Electronic system, voltage conversion circuit and method thereof: A voltage conversion circuit is disclosed. The voltage conversion circuit comprises an energy-storing inductor, an N-type transistor, a P-type transistor, a current comparator, a multiplexer, a first driver and a second driver. When load connected to the voltage conversion circuit is a light load, the P-type transistor will be switched... Agent: Anpec Electronics Corporation

20150137779 - Matrix converter and method for controlling matrix converter: A matrix converter according to an embodiment includes a plurality of bidirectional switches disposed between an AC power source and an AC load, and a controller that controls the bidirectional switches. The controller corrects an output voltage reference based on an oscillation component of an input current and/or an input... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150137781 - Low dropout circuit capable of controlled startup and method of controlling same: A low dropout (LDO) circuit capable of controlled startup and a method of controlling the same are disclosed herein. The LDO circuit includes an amplifier, a pass element, and a startup control circuit. The amplifier receives a feedback voltage determined by an output voltage and a predetermined reference voltage, and... Agent: Silicon Works Co., Ltd.

20150137780 - Self-adjustable current source control circuit for linear regulators: A self-adjustable current source control circuit utilizes a replica output stage, a sink current source that generates a reference current, and a negative feedback circuit to generate a sink current between a linear regulator output terminal and ground only when a load circuit connected to the linear regulator is in... Agent: Tower Semiconductor Ltd.

20150137783 - Method, apparatus and system for controlling an electrical load: Disclosed is a system, apparatus and method for controlling an electrical load. A bypass device is provided in parallel with the electrical load, which in use, adopts a high conduction or low impedance state when a controller controlling the electrical load is in a low conduction or off state. In... Agent:

20150137784 - Switching power supply circuit: A switching power supply circuit includes a semiconductor switching element that is ON/OFF-controlled and controls current through an inductance, an output capacitor that stores power delivered from the inductance through a boost diode, a bypass diode that bypasses the inductance and delivers a DC voltage given to the inductance to... Agent:

20150137782 - Systems and methods to monitor current in switching converters: Various embodiments of the invention increase current monitoring accuracy in switching converters. In particular, certain embodiments of the invention allow reduce noise associated with transients that are typically generated at transitions when power FETs are turn on and off and allow to accurately sense inductor DC current of switching converters,... Agent: Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

20150137785 - Output regulation with nonlinear digital control loop compensation: A digital compensator combines a version of the input voltage with a version of the output current or voltage in such a way as to eliminate dependence on variations in the input voltage.... Agent:

20150137786 - Overvoltage limiter in an aircraft electrical power generation system: A method of limiting a generator voltage in an overvoltage condition includes the steps of determining an amount of overvoltage of a generator output voltage exceeding a specified voltage and calculating a reference threshold voltage based upon the duration of overvoltage. A switch is modulated according to a voltage error... Agent:

20150137787 - Dc-dc converter circuit arrangement: DC-DC converter circuit arrangement (1) consisting of one multiphase DC-DC converter (MW1, . . . , MWn) for transporting energy between two electrical systems, comprising of several converter circuits (WS1.1, . . . , WS1.m, . . . , WSn.1, . . . , WSn.m), whereby each converter circuit (WS1.1,... Agent:

20150137788 - Buck circuit: An apparatus may be provided. The apparatus may comprise a first circuit portion, a second circuit portion, and a third circuit portion. The first circuit portion may comprise a voltage supply having an input voltage level (Vin) and a first switch. The second circuit portion may comprise a plurality of... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20150137789 - System and method for a serial bus interface: In accordance with an embodiment, a method of operating a charging port having a power connection and a first data connection includes determining whether a compatible device is coupled to the charging port and receiving a serial data stream from the compatible device via the first data connection. The serial... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

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