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Electricity: power supply or regulation systems

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12/04/2014 > 16 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140354245 - System, a method and a computer program product for controlling electric power supply: A method for controlling electric power supply, the method comprising: (a) controllably down converting by a step-down power converter entry voltage from a power source and preventing up-conversion by a step-up power converter, substantially when the entry voltage is larger than a measured exit voltage and is in compliance with... Agent: Elta Systems Ltd.

20140354246 - Bridgeless pfc power converter with high efficiency: A bridgeless PFC boost converter has two auxiliary transistor switches coupled to an input AC voltage source and two boost inductors coupled to opposing ends of the input AC voltage source. A first boost inductor is coupled to a junction node of a first rectifying diode and a first transistor... Agent: Flextronics Ap, LLC

20140354247 - Bridgeless pfc power converter with reduced emi noise: A bridgeless PFC boost converter has either a single switching cell or two identical switching cells configured to operate 180 degrees out of phase. A switching cell includes first and second transistor switches coupled to opposing ends of an input AC voltage source, and first and second rectifying diodes, one... Agent: Flextronics Ap, LLC

20140354248 - Method for controlling multilevel converter: The present disclosure provides a method for controlling a multilevel converter, the method including, detecting modulation state values and current directions of sub-modules, and designating, by one sub-module, an average number of switching for each period of an output waveform, wherein the step of designating the average number of switching... Agent: Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University

20140354250 - High efficient control circuit for buck-boost converters and control method thereof: A controller used in a buck-boost converter includes a clock generator, an error amplifying circuit, a comparing circuit, a proportional sampling circuit, a logic circuit, a pulse width increasing circuit, first and second driving circuits. Based on a clock signal generated by the clock generator, the proportional sampling circuit samples... Agent: Chengdu Monolithic Power Systems Co., Ltd.

20140354251 - Multiple output dual-polarity boost converter: A dual-polarity multiple-output boost converter that includes an inductor coupled in series between a high-side switch and a low-side switch. A first terminal of the inductor is coupled to an output of the high-side switch and the second terminal of the inductor is coupled to an input of the low... Agent:

20140354249 - Voltage regulator: Provided is a voltage regulator having satisfactory transient response characteristics. The voltage regulator includes: a first amplifier for detecting that undershoot occurs in an output voltage; a second amplifier for detecting that overshoot occurs in the output voltage; a first constant current circuit for increasing a bias current of an... Agent: Seiko Instruments Inc.

20140354252 - Apparatus providing an output voltage: Apparatuses and methods are provided where a predefined voltage may be applied in a feedback circuit of a voltage regulator, the feedback circuit coupling and output terminal with an adjust terminal of the voltage regulator.... Agent:

20140354253 - Power conversion circuit and electronic device with the same: A power conversion circuit includes an input port, an output port, a power conversion chip, a path switch, and a protection module. The input port is electrically connected to a power source and the output port is electrically connected to a function module. The power conversion chip includes a voltage... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140354254 - Power converter: A series circuit of a diode Da1, capacitors Ca1, Ca2 and a diode Da2 is connected in parallel to a series circuit of switching elements S1 and S2. A common junction between the capacitors Ca1 and Ca2 is connected to an emitter of the switching element S2. A series circuit... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140354255 - System, method and apparatus for controlling converters using input-output linearization: A system, method and apparatus for controlling boost and buck-boost converters using input-output linearization and leading-edge modulation is provided. The controller includes a summing circuit connected to the converter to create a third voltage representing a difference between the first voltage and the second voltage. A gain circuit is connected... Agent: The Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20140354256 - Switch-mode power supply, charging current source and associated method: A switch-mode power supply includes a converter, a controller and a charging current. The charging current includes a logic circuit, a first current source and a second current source, to generate a charging current proportional to an input voltage of the switch-mode power supply, and also to generate a logic... Agent: Chengdu Monolithic Power Systems Co., Ltd.

20140354257 - Discrete narrow-band switching frequency avoidance of a switch mode power converter: The switching frequency of a switch mode PFM power converter is compared with a predetermined frequency range that contains the operating frequency of a nearby clocked sub-system. In response to the switching frequency coming into the range, a parameter of the power converter is changed from an original value, so... Agent:

20140354258 - Supply voltage circuit: A method includes using a charge pump to receive a first supply voltage and generate a voltage in response thereto. The method includes using the voltage generated by the charge pump to bias a supply voltage circuit to generate a second supply voltage. The second supply voltage is greater than... Agent:

20140354259 - Bandgap reference voltage generating circuit and electronic system using the same: A bandgap reference voltage generating circuit for providing a reference voltage is disclosed. The bandgap reference voltage generating circuit includes four-terminal current source circuit, a regulator circuit and a temperature-compensating circuit. The four-terminal current source circuit outputs a first voltage, a second voltage and a first current which are independent... Agent: Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc.

20140354260 - Integrated circuit: An integrated circuit includes a node setting block connected to a reference node and suitable for setting a voltage level of the reference node to a reference voltage level, a plurality of control voltage generation units connected in series to a reference node and suitable for generating a plurality of... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

11/27/2014 > 12 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140347020 - Method and arrangement for feeding electrical power from a wind energy installation into an ac voltage system: Electrical power is fed from a wind energy installation into an AC voltage system via an energy transmission path, which is delimited by an installation-side transformer and a system-side transformer. A power factor correction device is connected, at a common node between the energy transmission path and the AC voltage... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140347021 - Sampling negative coil current in a switching power converter and method thereof: An electronic circuit and method for sampling negative coil current in a power converter includes a zero crossing detector and a sample-and-hold circuit. A switch determines whether a charging or discharging current is flowing through a coil.... Agent:

20140347022 - Voltage regulator: Provided is a voltage regulator capable of accurately adjusting a tail current of a differential amplifier circuit without adding a test terminal. The voltage regulator includes: a constant current circuit for causing the tail current of the differential amplifier circuit to flow; a protection circuit; a current output circuit for... Agent: Seiko Instruments Inc.

20140347023 - Semiconductor integrated circuit: A reference power supply is built into a semiconductor integrated circuit, receives an input voltage VDD, and supplies an internal power supply voltage VREG to a second power supply line. The reference power supply comprises (i) a current source which generates a bias current, and (ii) a reference voltage circuit... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20140347028 - Boost regulator incorporating peak inductor current modulation: A boost switching regulator incorporates a peak inductor current modulation circuit to modulate the peak inductor current as a function of the load current, the input voltage, the regulated output voltage, and a fixed current value. In this manner, the switching frequency of the boost regulator can be maintained above... Agent:

20140347026 - Circuit for voltage regulation: A voltage regulator circuit is provided that includes a pass circuit including a field effect transistor (FET) having a gate coupled to the output of a comparison circuit. The comparison circuit is configured to provide a signal to the pass circuit that is based on a comparison of a first... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140347024 - Current divider for extended current measurement: A power controller controls power to a load and includes a primary conductor, a current divider, first and second current sensors, and a controller. The primary conductor carries a primary current to the load. The current divider is connected between the primary conductor and the load and includes a first... Agent:

20140347029 - Dc-dc converter with circuit for reproducing a current flowing through a storage inductor: p

20140347025 - Integrated voltage regulator substrate system and methods having a coupled-magnetic-core inductor: An integrated voltage regulator substrate or interposer system includes a control system and coupled-magnetic-core inductors. The control system is integrated within a package. The coupled-magnetic-core inductors are integrated in the package. The control system is configured to utilize the coupled-magnetic-core inductors to generate a selected regulated voltage for drastically electrical... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

20140347027 - Optimal ripple injection for a boost regulator: A boost switching regulator incorporates a ripple injection circuit to generate a voltage ripple signal for feedback control that mimics the actual ripple signal of the regulated output voltage. In this manner, the ripple injection circuit achieves optimal ripple injection for stable and enhanced feedback control. In one embodiment, the... Agent:

20140347030 - Ramp circuit and direct current (dc)- dc converter thereof: Provided are a ramp circuit and a DC-DC converter. The ramp circuit generates a current flowing in a resistor using voltages affected by an output voltage and an input voltage of a DC-DC converter, and generates a ramp signal through copying of the current and charging and discharging of a... Agent: Magnachip Semiconductor, Ltd.

20140347031 - Control device for a dc-dc converter: A control device for a dc-dc converter. The control device is designed for an increase and a decrease in the output power of the dc-dc converter, and the increase in the output power occurs at a different speed than the decrease.... Agent:

11/20/2014 > 14 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140340057 - System and method for reducing power consumption in a power supply circuit: A system for reducing power consumption in a power supply circuit including: a transformer including: a core; a first winding including a first end and a second end of a first wire wound on the core; a second winding including a first end and a second end of a second... Agent: Ecrtech Holdings Pty Ltd

20140340058 - Nmos ldo psrr improvement using power supply noise cancellation: Power-supply ripple rejection (PSRR) at high frequencies is improved for an LDO voltage regulator with an NMOS pass transistor (MN1). A ripple voltage (Vripple) present on the input voltage causes a ripple current (Iripple) through parasitic gate-drain capacitance of the pass transistor. A small ripple current (Ifraction) proportional to the... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140340059 - Timing generator and timing signal generation method for power converter: A timing generator and a timing signal generation method for a power converter are provided. The timing generator includes an adjusting circuit and a timing generation unit. The adjusting circuit receives an error signal related to an output voltage of the power converter. The adjusting circuit generates an adjusting signal... Agent: Upi Semiconductor Corp.

20140340060 - Voltage regulator with improved line rejection: Devices and methods are provided for generating a regulated output voltage with improved line rejection based on an input voltage and a reference voltage. The device may include a pass transistor and a replica transistor, wherein source ports of the pass transistor and the replica transistor are coupled to the... Agent:

20140340061 - Dc-dc converter control circuit and dc-dc converter: A DC-DC converter control circuit has an inductor configured to be interposed between a first node which is set to a first direct current voltage or a second direct current voltage and a second node which outputs an output voltage at a predetermined direct current voltage level, an error signal... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140340063 - Integrated circuit for controlling an inductive boost converter: An integrated circuit for controlling a boost converter. The integrated circuit includes a gate pin, a source pin, a feedback pin, a current mirror sub-circuit, and a control sub-circuit. The current mirror sub-circuit is connected to the source pin to produce an output current from a reference current flowing between... Agent:

20140340062 - Single-stage solar-photovoltaic power conversion circuitry: A DC-to-DC power converter includes an input to receive an input voltage and an input current from a solar panel, an output to provide an output voltage and an output current, and a single-stage switched-mode power-conversion circuit, coupled between the input and the output, to convert the input voltage and... Agent: Navsemi Energy Private Limited

20140340064 - Power converter and operating method thereof: A power converter is disclosed. The power converter includes a comparator and a timing generator. The comparator compares a first input signal with a second input signal to provide a control signal. The timing generator is coupled to the comparator. The timing generator includes a plurality of timing generating units,... Agent: Upi Semiconductor Corp.

20140340065 - Adaptive low-power zero-cross comparator for discontinuous current mode operated switching mode power supply: A time off estimator and an adaptive controller implemented on an integrated circuit to emulate current dependent zero crossing circuitry to permit improved performance of a buck type switching mode power supply. The time off estimator circuit is enhanced by an automatic correction circuit for the timing of a zero... Agent: Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh

20140340066 - Timing generator and timing signal generation method for power converter: A timing generator for a power converter is provided. The timing generator includes a threshold voltage generation circuit and a timing generation unit. The threshold voltage generation circuit receives an error signal related to an output voltage of the power converter. The threshold voltage generation circuit generates a threshold voltage... Agent: Upi Semiconductor Corp.

20140340067 - Output voltage variation reduction: A method of reducing voltage variations in a power supply may include generating an intermediate voltage and setting a first-transistor gate voltage at a first-transistor gate of a first transistor of the power supply based on the intermediate voltage. The method may also include setting an output voltage at an... Agent: IntelIPCorporation

20140340068 - Bandgap reference circuit: A bandgap reference circuit is provided and which includes an operating voltage, a current mirror, a first p-channel metal-oxide semiconductor (PMOS) transistor and an amplifier. The current mirror is coupled to the operating voltage. The first PMOS transistor is coupled to the operating voltage and the current mirror. The amplifier... Agent: Upi Semiconductor Corp.

20140340069 - Current generator circuit and methods for providing an output current: Current circuits, circuits configured to provide a bias voltage, and methods for providing a bias voltage are described, including a current circuit configured to receive a reference current and having an output at which an output current is provided. One such current circuit includes a first current mirror configured to... Agent:

20140340070 - Electronic circuit having band-gap reference circuit and start-up circuit, and method of starting-up band-gap reference circuit: A circuit includes a band-gap reference circuit and a start-up circuit. The band-gap reference circuit includes an operational amplifier, a first current path between a power supply node and a reference node, a second current path between the power supply node and the reference node, and a feedback path between... Agent:

11/13/2014 > 13 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140333269 - System and method for sinking excess current and creating a biasing voltage: Data may be encoded onto a direct current power line by modulating the current on that direct current power line. One method of modulating the current is by placing an inductor on the power line and then using a controlled transistor that turns on and turns off. The inductor will... Agent: Neofocal Systems, Inc.

20140333270 - Current ramping during multiphase current regulation: Voltage regulators in a current share arrangement may provide a total current to a common load, and may be simultaneously turned on to ramp up member currents. Each voltage regulator may provide a respective member current in the current share configuration. A target current value may be determined from a... Agent: Intersil Americas LLC

20140333271 - Semiconductor apparatus: A semiconductor apparatus includes a first structural body including a first temperature voltage generation unit configured to generate first and second temperature voltages which have different voltage level variations according to a temperature variation, in response to a temperature measurement command, and a first temperature information determination unit configured to... Agent:

20140333272 - Switching regulator with reduced body diode conduction: A switching regulator that includes a high-side MOSFET, a low-side MOSFET, a high-side driver circuit, a low-side driver circuit, and a capacitive coupling circuit. An output of the high-side driver circuit is coupled to a gate of the high-side MOSFET to control the high-side MOSFET to be substantially depleted during... Agent: Advanced Analogic Technologies Incorporated

20140333273 - Thermal balance conversion circuit: A thermal balance conversion circuit includes a voltage conversion circuit, a temperature detection circuit, a PWM controller, and a signal integration controller. The voltage conversion circuit includes a plurality of voltage conversion units, and each of the voltage conversion units converts the DC voltage of a external power to a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140333274 - Complex power management device and communication device: A complex power management device includes DC/DC converters and a common reference line connected in common to the DC/DC converters. Each of the DC/DC converters includes a first switch element and inductor connected in series between first and second nodes, a second switch element, one end of which is connected... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20140333276 - Dc/dc converter having a step-up converter supplying a step-down converter: There is described a DC-DC converter having a Step-Up stage (10) supplying a Step-Down stage (20). A common Step-Down controller is designed and configured such that a single reference voltage (VREF) is compared to the output voltage (VOUT_SD) of the Step-Down stage by a single comparator (61), producing a single... Agent:

20140333275 - Voltage boosting/lowering circuit and voltage boosting/lowering circuit control method: A voltage boosting/lowering circuit according to an aspect of the present invention includes an output voltage generation circuit 15 that includes a switch element 2 connected between an input terminal 1 and a choke coil 3 and a switch element 7 connected between the choke coil 3 and a ground,... Agent:

20140333277 - Fast transient buck regulator with dynamic charge/discharge capability: Systems and methods are disclosed to control a buck converter with a first switching circuit including a first upper power transistor coupled to a first lower power transistor at a first junction; a second upper power transistor coupled to a second lower power transistor at a second junction; an inductor... Agent:

20140333278 - Dc-dc controller and multi-ramp signal operating method thereof: A DC-DC controller and a multi-ramp signal operating method thereof are provided. The DC-DC controller includes a ramp generating unit, a comparator, a logic circuit and a switch unit. The ramp generating unit generates a first interior-ramp signal and a second interior-ramp signal alternately. The logic circuit generates the first... Agent: Upi Semiconductor Corp.

20140333279 - Choke circuit, and bus power supply incorporating same: The invention relates to a choke circuit and a bus power supply incorporating same. Such a coil choke circuit includes an inductor connected between a first input terminal and a first output terminal, a boost circuit connected between a second input terminal and a second output terminal for increasing the... Agent:

20140333280 - Driving device: A driving device comprises a first transistor (B13), a second transistor (B14), and a resistance element. The first transistor (B13) has one terminal receiving a pulsed current and a control terminal connected to the one terminal. The second transistor (B14) has one terminal connected to at least one load, the... Agent:

20140333281 - Method and devices for non-intrusive power monitoring: A method and device are disclosed for estimating a power demand level of an active circuit on a power supply line. A ripple amplitude and a ripple frequency associated with operation of the active circuit may be monitored on the power supply line. The ripple amplitude and ripple frequency may... Agent:

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