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Electricity: battery or capacitor charging or discharging

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07/10/2014 > 29 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140191704 - Solar electric panel cellular phone charger hand-held computer charger lap-top computer charger electronic wrist watch charger: P

20140191706 - Article of clothing and related methods: A device for charging portable electronic devices via a motorcycle, said device comprising: (a) a connector for a portable electronic device; and (b) said connector electrically connected to a vehicle's battery.... Agent:

20140191705 - Power supply apparatus: A battery charger in a power supply apparatus is mechanically and electrically connectable to and disconnectable from a battery that is for supplying electric power to a power-assisted bicycle, and includes an AC outlet and a USB connecting terminal that are electrically connected with the other apparatus and supply the... Agent:

20140191708 - Charging device: A charging device includes a power converting unit and a power output unit. The power converting unit comprises a first conductive pin, a second conductive pin, and a converter. The first conductive pin and the second conductive pin are electrically connected to an alternating current (AC) power. The converter converts... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140191707 - Universal charging dock with a wall mount: A universal charging dock for charging a mobile device includes a base portion defining an opening, a back support portion connected to the base portion, a connector housing within the opening, and a wall mount module. The base portion has grooved sidewalls adjacent a track within the opening, and the... Agent: Superior Communications, Inc.

20140191719 - Electric power charge and discharge system: An electric power charge and discharge system for an electronic device having a battery, by which the electronic device can be used for a long period of time. In a wireless communication device including a wireless driving portion including a first battery and a wireless charging portion including a second... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20140191709 - Handheld medical device simultaneous charging and in vivo analyte sampling systems and methods: A handheld medical device that simultaneously charges its re-chargeable battery and measures one or more characteristics of a bodily fluid is taught. The handheld medical device includes a re-chargeable battery, a wireless power receiver, a battery charging module, and a measurement module. The re-chargeable battery is electrically connected to provide... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20140191711 - Kinetically chargeable stylus device: There is provided a system and method for a kinetically chargeable stylus device for use with an interactive device. The method comprises charging the kinetically chargeable stylus device using one of a first mode and a second mode, wherein the first mode includes receiving a movement of a magnet in... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20140191715 - Method for detecting an electrically conductive foreign body and device for inductively transmitting electrical energy: In a method for detecting an electrically conductive foreign body at a device for inductively transmitting electrical energy from a stationary unit having an electrical power supply unit and a primary inductor to a mobile unit having a secondary inductor and an electric load, electrical power is initially fed from... Agent: Conductix-wampfler Gmbh

20140191713 - Mobile terminal: A mobile terminal comprises a terminal body having a battery; a contact unit formed at one side of the terminal body, and to which an adaptor is coupled; and a plurality of conductive lines configured to connect the contact unit with the battery such that the battery is charged, wherein... Agent:

20140191712 - Power delivery including out-of-band communication: This disclosure is directed to power delivery including out-of-band communication. In general, a device to be charged and a charging device may interact using two separate wireless signals. A first wireless signal (e.g., a radio frequency (RF) signal) may be employed to charge the device. A second wireless signal of... Agent:

20140191718 - Secure authentication for fueling of vehicles: Systems, methods, and devices for refueling a vehicle are discussed herein. According to one embodiment, a vehicle charging station includes a power distribution interface, a receiver component, and an authorization component. The power distribution interface is configured to electrically couple with and provide electrical power to a power receiving interface... Agent:

20140191716 - Soft magnetic layer, receiving antenna, and wireless power receiving apparatus comprising the same: A soft magnetic layer for a receiving antenna of a wireless power receiving apparatus includes a first soft magnetic member containing a Mn—Zn ferrite material, and a second soft magnetic member containing a Ni—Zn ferrite material. Accordingly, electromagnetic energy collecting performance of the receiving antenna of the wireless power receiving... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140191710 - Wireless charger: A wireless charger is disclosed. The charger contains a coil with a plurality of taps, thereby facilitating charging according to different frequencies and standards. Detection of the standard appropriate to a particular receiver may be accomplished by modulation of the power carrier or via low power modalities, including NFC or... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140191717 - Wireless power transmitter: A wireless power transmitter includes a body having a coil module therein, and configured to transmit power in a wireless manner, a blowing module configured to cool the coil module by moving a fluid by convection and a guide module extending from the blowing module to outside of the body... Agent:

20140191714 - Wireless transmitting device for wireless charging: A wireless transmitting device for wireless charging includes a main body, a first encapsulated transmission coil and a second encapsulated transmission coil. The first encapsulated transmission coil and the second encapsulated transmission coil are disposed in the main body, and the second encapsulated transmission coil is adjacent to the first... Agent: Primax Electronics Ltd.

20140191720 - Charging system and charging control method of electric powered vehicle: A power storage device mounted on an electric powered vehicle is configured to include a plurality of battery units. A charger outputs onto power lines the charging power for charging the power storage device by a power supply external to the vehicle. A plurality of relays switch the electrical connection... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140191722 - Charging system, server device, and program for server device: A charging system includes central server capable of communicating with electric vehicles, and charging stations. Central server receives travel information on the electric vehicles and remaining charge information on rechargeable batteries from the electric vehicles, forecasts demanded power in a predetermined area, and issues a charge schedule change request to... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140191721 - Electric automobile charging system and electric automobile charging device: An electric automobile charging system wherein a center device, an electric automobile, and a charging device that charges a storage battery section in said electric automobile are connected by power lines. The center device acquires information of the amount of power generated and the amount of power used, decides on... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140191723 - Belt battery charger: A belt battery charger includes a belt having a first end, a second end and an elongated central portion extending between the first and second ends. A plurality of electrically connected rechargeable batteries are carried by the central portion of the belt. A belt buckle located at the first end... Agent: Innovative Accessory Products, Inc.

20140191724 - Electronic device case: A protective case for an electronic device is provided. The protective case includes an interface for connecting to a rechargeable battery, a group of display elements, a device interface for electrically interfacing with the electronic device, and an external interface. The protective case also includes electrical circuitry configured to receive... Agent:

20140191725 - Method and device for equilibrating electric accumulator batteries: A method and a device for equilibrating an accumulator battery including a battery including accumulators connected together in series and in which a charging current charges the accumulators, the accumulators exhibiting a maximum charge state. The accumulators are charged during a charging to increase the charge of the accumulators up... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20140191726 - System and method for powering and monitoring an automated battery powered dispenser: A system and method for powering and monitoring use of battery powered automated dispensers is provided. In one embodiment, a pseudo battery assembly comprised of a pseudo battery and a plurality of battery spacers powers and monitors use of an automated hand hygiene dispenser. More specifically, the pseudo battery receives... Agent: Proventix Systems, Inc.

20140191728 - High output electrical energy storage device: The present invention relates to an electric energy storage device such as a capacitor, a secondary battery, or the like, and more particularly, to an electric energy storage device capable of improving high output characteristics by using a voltage terminal The electric energy storage device according to an exemplary embodiment... Agent: Kim's Techknowledge Inc.

20140191727 - Metal-air accumulator with air electrode protection device: The present invention relates to a rechargeable accumulator comprising one or more metal-air cells, each cell comprising a first terminal (1) and a second terminal (2), a metallic negative electrode (3) for metal-air cell, connected to the first terminal (1), a first positive electrode (4) for releasing oxygen, a second... Agent: Electricite De France

20140191729 - Computer cart: A computer cart has removable electrical connector management system which may be removed from the computer cart to install portable electronic device electrical transformers, and then reinserted into the computer cart to enable multiple electrical transformers to be installed into the cart as a group. An electrical charging system uses... Agent: Bretford Manufacturing, Inc.

20140191730 - Converter and method for extracting maximum power from piezo vibration harvester: A system (1-2) for efficiently transferring harvested vibration energy to a battery (6) includes a piezo harvester (2) generating an AC output voltage (VP(t)) and current (IPZ(t)) and an active rectifier (3) to produce a harvested DC voltage (Vhrv) and current (Ihrv) which charge a capacitance (C0). An enable circuit... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140191731 - Method for charging lithium ion secondary battery: CCCV charging is applied to a lithium ion secondary battery. During CC charging, a transition point Ta appears in temperature rise gradient when battery temperature rises along with the charging, and with the transition point Ta being a border, a temperature rise gradient in an initial T1 period is steeper... Agent: Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.

20140191732 - Bootstrap circuit and method for controlling the same: A bootstrap circuit includes: a charging voltage source; a charging diode, having an anode coupled to the charging voltage source; a high-voltage transistor, having a control terminal defined as a first connecting node and a channel coupled between a cathode of the charging diode and a bootstrap capacitor; a logic... Agent: Richtek Technology Corp.

07/03/2014 > 38 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140184137 - Charging system for electronic device: A charging system may include a switching device to receive an output voltage from an alternative power source and to provide an output voltage of the charging system, and an algorithm device to provide a control signal to the switching device based on a sensed power from the power source... Agent:

20140184136 - Power management systems with dynamic target state of charge: A power management system includes an energy storage device and a control system coupled to the energy storage device. The control system is configured to execute a control routine to determine whether to charge or discharge the energy storage device using a target state of charge and a current state... Agent:

20140184138 - Semiconductor chip and solar system: There is provided a semiconductor chip having four sides and being substantially formed in a rectangle, the semiconductor chip including: a first terminal which is located along one side of the four sides of the semiconductor chip and which is to be electrically connected to a solar cell outside the... Agent:

20140184140 - Charger and driving method thereof: A charger for charging a high voltage battery and a low voltage battery, includes a bidirectional buck boost converter, a first full duty converter and a second full duty converter. The bidirectional buck boost converter is configured to supply power to the high voltage battery or supply power to the... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140184139 - Clip-type mobile power supply: This invention is a Clip-type mobile power supply. The mobile power supply and a protective sleeve is connected through a sliding buckle to form an organic whole. Mobile terminal is connected to the power supply through connectors pins. Data on the mobile terminal can also interface with external devices through... Agent:

20140184142 - Battery charging device for motor vehicle: A battery charging device for a motor vehicle capable of enabling the charging of a low voltage battery by a high voltage battery, without using a transformer such as a DC/DC converter, is disclosed. A battery pack 30 has a plurality of battery modules 31 having an output equivalent to... Agent: Suzuki Motor Corporation

20140184141 - Method and apparatus for high-voltage dc charging of battery-electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles: A portable charging device can provide controllable fast DC charging of an electric vehicle (EV) high voltage battery by a separate EV high voltage battery. The charging device can be configured to comply with universal standards for EV charging so as to be compatible with various automobile models of various... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140184145 - Control circuit for a power supply: The invention relates to a control circuit (250) for a power supply unit (200) that has an input (207, 209) for receiving a mains supply (208), the control circuit (250) configured to: sample the input (207, 209) in order to obtain a first sample value; sample the input (207, 209)... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140184144 - Coverage robot docking station: A coverage robot docking station includes a base having a robot receiving surface. The base defines a power receptacle for receiving a power supply. The base also defines a beacon receptacle for receiving a beacon. A side wall extends from the base, where the side wall and the receiving surface... Agent: Irobot Corporation

20140184146 - Heat-resistant mobile device charging cable: The invention relates to a heat-resistant cable for charging a mobile device from a vehicle. In particular, the cable can be used to connect to a power source on a vehicle that does not have a standard cigarette lighter power source. The complete cable can be constructed as a single,... Agent:

20140184143 - Power management system and method: An apparatus including a storage area to store instructions and a controller to control power in a first device based on the instructions. In operation, the controller generates one or more signals to combine power from a first power source and a second power source for a hybrid power operation.... Agent:

20140184147 - Power transmitting device, power receiving device, and non-contact charging method: In a non-contact charging method, variable information with which a resonance frequency of a resonance circuit of an equipment device having maximum charging power as the power transmitting frequency, and a resonance frequency or a Q value of a resonance circuit of a power receiving unit of an equipment device... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140184151 - Coil for cordless charging and cordless charging apparatus using the same: There are provided a coil for cordless charging, which may be formed as a thin coil in spite of the presence of a plurality of coils included therein, and a cordless charging apparatus using the same. The cordless charging apparatus includes: a coil unit including coil substrates having a coil... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140184154 - Electronic component, power receiving device, and power feeding system: An electronic component includes: a switching element to be connected to a resonant circuit, the resonant circuit including a power receiving coil to be supplied with power from a power feeding coil and a resonant capacitor configured to resonate with the power receiving coil, in which the switching element is... Agent: Seiko Instruments Inc.

20140184150 - Method and system for wireless power transfer calibration: In a WPT system, varying parameters, such as coupling coefficient, may cause the system to fall out of resonance and/or tuning. By monitoring one or more signals within a coil module of the WPT device, this detuning can be detected. Moreover, the WPT system can retune itself by modifying one... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140184153 - Method for recharging a pair of vehicle batteries of different nominal voltages, and associated system: A system supplying electrical power to a vehicle including: a network of electricity consuming units; a first electrical accumulation battery connected to the network, exhibiting a first maximum voltage when unloaded less than a maximum network voltage; a second electrical accumulation battery connected to the network, exhibiting a second maximum... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20140184149 - Method in wireless power transmission system, wireless power transmission apparatus using the same, and wireless power receiving apparatus using the same: Disclosed herein are a wireless power transmission control method in a wireless power transmission system, including receiving awake-up signal from a wireless power receiving apparatus and transmitting a wireless power transmission signal to the wireless power receiving apparatus through a transmission coil of a wireless power transmission apparatus while activating... Agent: Hanrim Postech Co., Ltd.

20140184152 - Power transfer architecture employing coupled resonant circuits: An apparatus and method are disclosed to control the mutual coupling between wireless power transfer (WPT) enabled devices. Wireless power transfer is best achieved when both the transmitting and receiving device are tuned to substantially the same frequency. Because WPT-enabled devices are coupled to one another during WPT, tuning one... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140184148 - Power transfer architecture with charging history: An apparatus and method are disclosed to increase the efficiency of communications between wireless power transfer (WPT) devices. During an initial power transfer and/or communication between WPT devices, characteristics regarding the operation and capabilities of the devices are shared and stored on one or both of the WPT devices. On... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140184159 - Hybrid storage cell, vehicle and power storage unit employing same, smart grid vehicle system employing vehicle, and power supply network system employing power storage unit: Provided is a hybrid storage cell that can prevent overcharge, despite lacking an expensive protection switch or other device adapted to deal with high current or high voltage, in order to proactively prevent rupture or ignition of lithium ion storage cells or other organic solution storage cells in the event... Agent: Connexx Systems Corporation

20140184157 - In-vehicle charging control device, vehicle charging system and vehicle: An in-vehicle charging control device may comprise a control module, a charging socket, and a switching circuit. The charging socket has a charging connection confirming terminal (CC) and a protective grounding terminal (PE). The switching circuit is connected with the charging connection confirming terminal (CC) and the protective grounding terminal... Agent: Shenzhen Byd Auto R&d Company Limited

20140184156 - System and method for charging batteries of vehicles and returning charge from batteries to utility companies: A monitoring module monitors a charge level of a battery in a vehicle. A network interface module transmits a first set of charging parameters for charging the battery to a utility company and receives a reply and a charge return request from the utility company for returning charge from the... Agent: Marvell World Trade Ltd.

20140184155 - Transmitting antenna and transmitter for wireless power charging: The present invention has been made in an effort to overcome the disadvantage that a user has to consciously adjust the positions of a wireless power transmitter and a wireless power receiver. The transmitting antenna for wireless power charging, which wirelessly transmits power to charge a device, includes a first... Agent: Korea Electronics Technology Institute

20140184158 - Vehicle charging device: A vehicle charging device configured such that both connectors 10, 20 are locked in a connected state by a movement to a locking portion 43 to a position where the locking portion 43 is locked to a locked portion 18 after the both connectors 10, 20 are connected includes a... Agent: Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.

20140184160 - Electronic device to be powered by alternative power source: A mobile device may be provided that includes an input port, an adjusting device, and a voltage regulator. The input port may receive power from an alternative power source or a DC power supply. The mobile device may receive the power from the input port, adjust a power characteristic of... Agent:

20140184161 - Solid-state active switch matrix for high energy, moderate power battery systems: A battery management system employs electronic switches and capacitors. No traditional cell-balancing resistors are used. The BMS electronically switches individual cells into and out of a module of cells in order to use the maximum amount of energy available in each cell and to completely charge and discharge each cell... Agent:

20140184162 - Power storage device control system, power storage system, and electrical appliance: Deterioration of a power storage device is reduced. Switches that control the connections of a plurality of power storage devices separately are provided. The switches are controlled with a plurality of control signals, so as to switch between charge and discharge of each of the power storage devices or between... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20140184163 - Battery charge management for electronic device: In one embodiment a method comprises receiving, in the controller, a user profile for usage of an electronic device, the electronic device at least partially powered by a battery and implementing, in the controller, a selected charge routine from a plurality of charge routines for the battery based at least... Agent:

20140184166 - Battery control device and battery system: A battery control device capable of carrying out current limitation in consideration of constraints on other components than a battery main body is provided. A battery control device according to the invention has an average current table describing an average current allowed for each of plural time window widths, and... Agent:

20140184164 - Power management systems with charge pumps: A driving circuit for an N-channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor (NMOS) transistor can include a charge pump unit and a driver coupled to the charge pump. The charge pump can receive a source voltage and output an output voltage higher than the source voltage, where the source voltage is applied to... Agent: O2micro Inc.

20140184165 - Power storage device and power storage system: To provide a power storage device, an operation condition of which is easily analyzed. A secondary battery includes a sensor that is a measurement unit, a microcontroller unit that is a determination unit, and a memory that is a memory unit. With the sensor, conditions of the secondary battery such... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20140184167 - Secondary battery pack system: To provide a secondary battery pack system that controls battery packs which are connected in parallel without requiring a complex system configuration, a secondary battery pack system of the present invention that supplies power to an electronic device includes a plurality of battery packs each having a controller, a main... Agent: Nec Energy Devices, Ltd.

20140184168 - Apparatus and method for equalizing energy of battery cells: Provided are an apparatus and method for equalizing energy of battery cells. The apparatus includes a cell balancing controller, a cell balancing executor, and a temperature detector. The cell balancing controller detects a voltage of each of a plurality of cells included in a battery pack and, when a cell... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co.,ltd.

20140184169 - Battery control apparatus: A battery control apparatus is provided which can keep an inter-terminal voltage of each single cell within a permitted range while permitted power is controlled in units of a battery pack. The battery control apparatus of the invention restricts the permitted power of the battery pack according to a degree... Agent: Hitachi Vehicle Energy, Ltd.

20140184170 - Management of electric power demand in electric vehicle charging stations: The disclosure is related to managing an electric power demand in one or more electric vehicle (EV) charging stations by adjusting a charging condition including charging levels and/or charging prices. Particularly, the charging condition may be adjusted according to a proximity degree between a target power usage amount and a... Agent: Kt Corporation

20140184171 - Mobile terminal in which wired charging and wireless charging are available and method of charging thereof: A mobile terminal with wired charging and wireless charging is provided. The mobile terminal includes a wireless charging interface unit that receives a current provided from a wireless charging apparatus, a wired charging interface unit connected to an external charging device by wire to receive outside power, a detection unit... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140184172 - Power storage device and charging method thereof: An object is to inhibit a decrease in the capacity of a power storage device or to compensate the capacity, by adjusting or rectifying an imbalance between a positive electrode and a negative electrode, which is caused by decomposition of an electrolyte solution at the negative electrode. Provided is a... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20140184173 - Battery charging method and circuit: A method and apparatus for controlling a composite battery charger including a switching regulator and a linear charger charging a battery connected to it, whereby the switching regulator provides the supply voltage for the linear charger and Device Circuits. The control method and circuit fully turns on the pass device... Agent:

06/26/2014 > 46 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140176043 - Charging control unit: The amount of power generated by a solar cell is used for charging more efficiently. An activation determination means 4 activates a charging control circuit 3 by allowing a maximum output current from a solar cell 1 to a GND potential to flow and detecting that the output current is... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140176044 - Generation of renewable energy certificates from distributed producers: A system and method for recorded renewable energy certificates from power produced by small power generators is provided. An appliance can include a renewable energy source and electronics to monitor and control the charging of batteries in the appliance utilizing power from the renewable energy source. Power from the batteries... Agent: Solar Components LLC

20140176042 - Optical charger with light receivers and light emitters: An optical charger includes a fixing block, a number of light receivers, a substrate, and a number of light emitters. The fixing block is used for receiving a battery. The light receivers are fixed on the fixing block. The battery is electrically connected to the light receivers. The substrate has... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140176041 - Semiconductor thermoelectric module charger for mobile computing device: A system and method for recycling the electrical energy that has been consumed and converted into unwanted thermal energy. A power source for supplying power to a mobile computing system comprises a rechargeable battery and a semiconductor thermoelectric module coupled to the rechargeable battery and a charring circuit. The thermoelectric... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140176046 - Apparatus and method for controlling a terminal having a multiple battery configuration: A terminal includes a first battery to supply power to the terminal if a power level of the first battery is above a first reference threshold, a second battery to supply power to the terminal if the power level of the first battery is below the first reference threshold, and... Agent: Pantech Co., Ltd.

20140176045 - Balancing of battery cells connected in parallel: Systems and techniques for parallel battery balancing are described. A battery assembly comprises a first battery interface and a second battery interface; the first battery interface may connect to a first battery exhibiting a first voltage profile and the second battery interface may connect to a second battery exhibiting a... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140176047 - Handheld tool battery device: A handheld tool battery device includes: a communication unit; at least one cell unit for storing energy; and at least one induction charging unit for charging and/or discharging the at least one cell unit. The communication unit transmits design-specific parameters to a charging device during a charging process.... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140176048 - Ac adapter for electronic device: An electronic device may include an alternating current (AC) adapter to receive AC power and to provide a direct current (DC) voltage. The AC adapter may include a transistor and a capacitor. The capacitor to store a voltage based on the received AC power, and the transistor to remove a... Agent:

20140176053 - Battery charger, voltage monitoring device and self-diagnosis method of reference voltage circuit: A battery charger includes a battery cell, a reference voltage generating section, an A/D converting section including an A/D converter and a control section. The reference voltage generating section includes a first reference voltage circuit generating a first reference voltage and a second reference voltage circuit generating a second reference... Agent:

20140176049 - Charging device: A charging device has a rectifier circuit that rectifies an AC voltage supplied from an AC power supply, a power factor correction circuit that is connected to an output terminal of the rectifier circuit, a capacitor that is connected to a pair of output lines of the power factor correction... Agent: Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140176051 - Charging system, charging apparatus, and charging method: A charging system can be connected to a power system and a storage battery unit, including: a charging apparatus that charges the storage battery unit; a measurement unit that measures at least one piece of information on a current, a voltage, and a harmonic wave of the power system; and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140176050 - Power recovery controller: The inventive subject matter provides a circuit and a method for efficiently charging a battery. In one aspect of the invention, the circuit includes a constant current circuit configured to provide a direct current through the battery. The circuit also includes a pulsing current circuit that works with the constant... Agent: Colorado Energy Research Technologies, LLC

20140176052 - Power recovery controller: The inventive subject matter provides a circuit and a method for efficiently charging a battery. In one aspect of the invention, the circuit includes a constant current circuit configured to provide a direct current through the battery. The circuit also includes a pulsing current circuit that works with the constant... Agent: Colorado Energy Research Technologies, LLC

20140176061 - Ad-hoc wireless sensor package: Systems, methods, computer-readable storage mediums including computer-readable instructions and/or circuitry for control of transmission to a target device with communicating with one or more sensors in an ad-hoc sensor network may implement operations including, but not limited to: generating electrical power from at least one ambient source via at least... Agent: Elwha LLC

20140176065 - Battery charging device for a handheld machine tool: A battery charging device of a handheld machine tool has a primary inductive charging unit provided to charge handheld machine tool battery devices using at least two different nominal voltages.... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140176068 - Charging system, electronic apparatus, charge control method, and program: A charging system, electronic apparatus, charge control method, and program applicable also to a movable-coil-type charging system are provided. A power receiving unit includes a charging section charging a secondary battery by using current induced in a power receiving coil; a charge state determining section monitoring a charge state of... Agent: Nec Casio Mobile Communications, Ltd.

20140176066 - Communication and charging circuitry for a single-coil implantable medical device: Communication and charging circuitry for an implantable medical device is described having a single coil for receiving charging energy and for data telemetry. The circuitry removes from the AC side of the circuit a tuning capacitor and switch traditionally used to tune the tank circuitry to different frequencies for telemetry... Agent: Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

20140176067 - Contactless rechargeable secondary battery and contactless battery charger: A contactless rechargeable alkaline secondary battery includes an alkaline secondary battery; a power receiver circuit having receiver coils and a resonance capacitor and adapted to receive AC power via magnetic field resonance, the resonance capacitor connected with the receiver coils L1 to L4; a rectifier circuit adapted to rectify the... Agent: Fdk Corporation

20140176059 - Magnetic connector apparatus for charging electric vehicle: A magnetic connector apparatus that charges an electric vehicle through contactless magnetic coupling. The magnetic connector apparatus includes an external charger, an inlet, and a magnetic connector. The inlet is connected to a rechargeable battery of the vehicle. The magnetic connector is connected to a power source of the external... Agent:

20140176063 - Method and apparatus for supplying energy to an implant: A system is disclosed which comprises an implantable electrical medical device (100) with an internal energy receiver (102). The system also comprises an external energy source (104) located externally for supplying wireless energy to the internal energy receiver (102). The external energy source (104) has a primary coil (11) for... Agent: Milux Holding S.a.

20140176060 - Miniature low-power remote battery charging systems and methods: In some embodiments, the charging magnetic field produced in an air gap within an inductive charger for a hearing aid or other miniature device is shaped by lateral protrusions, which draw the magnetic field away from a body of a device battery situated behind a receiver inductor. Shaping the magnetic... Agent:

20140176058 - Reducing inductive heating: An apparatus including a magnet assembly having at least two magnet assembly components; and an eddy current heating reduction system configured to reduce heating of the magnet assembly by magnetic fields. The eddy current heating reduction system includes electrical insulation between the at least two magnet assembly components, and includes... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140176064 - System: A charging system for a battery device of a handheld tool includes a charging device provided to inductively charge the battery device in a charging operation, the charging device having at least one induction charging unit which has at least one charging coil having a main coil extension. A gap... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140176057 - System of securing a wide-range of devices during wireless charging: A system for securing and wirelessly charging a chargeable device on a charger, particularly in a vehicle, is provided. The system includes at least one transmitting coil in proximity to a charging surface and an adjustable retaining assembly configured to substantially engage at least a portion of a perimeter of... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140176055 - Wireless charger: An apparatus (pad) and method for wirelessly charging a receiver are disclosed. The pad includes one or more NFC antennas which can receive an NFC signal from the receiver. The pad also contains one or more charging coils. Measurement of the signal strength at each charging NFC antenna helps determine... Agent: Nxp B. V.

20140176056 - Wireless charging apparatus and method: A charging pad capable of charging a receiver according to a predetermined procedure is disclosed. The charging pad may have a plurality of charging coils and a controller for selecting an appropriate coil for charging the receiver. The receiver communicates with the charging pad via NFC, thereby indicating to the... Agent: Nxp B. V.

20140176054 - Wireless charging optimization: Described herein are techniques related to near field coupling and wireless charging or wireless power transfer (WPT). More particularly, an induced current at a receiving coil antenna is measured and utilized as a basis for re-alignment with a transmitting coil antenna is described.... Agent:

20140176062 - Wireless power transmitting apparatus for vehicle: Disclosed herein is a wireless power transmitting apparatus for a vehicle, including: a support module including a support body having a first connection part, a connection jack configured to be connected to the support body and be connected to a power supply jack of the vehicle, and a first terminal... Agent: Hanrim Postech Co., Ltd.

20140176070 - Device for establishing and disconnecting a charging connection for a plug-in vehicle in an automated manner: Charging device for the automatic establishment and disconnection of a charging connection for a plug-in vehicle, whereby the charging device of the plug-in vehicle includes a charging electrical unit, a charging station with a charging cable to charge an energy storage unit of the vehicle through a cable-based charging connection.... Agent: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

20140176069 - Vehicle: In a vehicle, a lamp for illuminating a charging connector is provided in a charging port, and lighting and extinction of the lamp are controlled by a light emission controller. The light emission controller causes the lamp to emit light when an outer door is opened. Further, the lamp is... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140176071 - Cell phone charger: A cell phone charger that charges a cell phone and includes: prongs that are retractable and are plugged into an electrical outlet, a prong base that the prongs are assembled on, a rack gear that is connected to the prong base and has a rack gear hole, an extension gear... Agent:

20140176072 - Portable electrical energy source: A portable electrical energy source provides power for a portable electronic device and includes a base, a chargeable battery, and a connector. The base includes a first surface and a second surface facing away from the first surface. The base defines a receiving room between the first surface and the... Agent:

20140176073 - Electric vehicle battery systems with exchangeable parallel electric vehicle battery modules: Systems and methods for electric vehicle battery systems with replaceable parallel electric vehicle battery modules are described herein. The electric vehicle battery system includes a plurality of electric vehicle battery modules connected in parallel. Each electric vehicle battery module includes a battery. Each electric vehicle battery module can also include... Agent:

20140176074 - Electric storage device: Provided is an electric storage device including a positive electrode, a negative electrode, a separator disposed between the positive electrode and the negative electrode, a nonaqueous electrolyte solution in which an electrolyte is dissolved in a nonaqueous solvent, wherein an inorganic filler layer is disposed between the positive electrode and... Agent: Gs Yuasa International Ltd.

20140176077 - Metal cyanometallate electrode with shield structure: A mechanism is presented for shielding a cathode in a metal cyanometallate battery. A battery is provided with an anode, a cathode, an electrolyte, and an ion-permeable membrane separating the anode from the cathode. The cathode is made up of a plurality of metal cyanometallate layers overlying the current collector.... Agent: Sharp Laboratories Of America, Inc.

20140176076 - Power storage device and method for charging the same: A decrease in the capacity of a power storage device is inhibited by adjusting or reducing imbalance in the amount of inserted and extracted carrier ions between positive and negative electrodes, which is caused by decomposition of an electrolyte solution of the negative electrode. Further, the capacity of the power... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20140176075 - Supercapattery and method for controlling charge/discharge of the supercapattery by using a magnetic force: A supercapattery includes at least one tank filled with a conductive material. The conductive material has an arrangement-variable crystal lattice. The conductive material is graphite, grapheme, graphene oxide, a composite of graphite, metal, and a polymer, or a composite of graphene, metal, and a polymer. A magnetic member is mounted... Agent: National Pingtung University Of Science And Technology

20140176078 - Battery cell balancing control system and battery management method thereof: A battery cell balancing control system and a battery management method thereof are disclosed. The battery cell balancing control system is used for managing a battery apparatus, wherein the battery apparatus has a plurality of battery cells. The battery cell balancing control system comprises a detection module, a battery management... Agent: Lite-on Clean Energy Technology Corp.

20140176079 - Battery system: The controller calculates a first limit based on received information about the battery packs and the schedule for charging and discharging plan, and supplies the first limit which serves as a control command to a master battery management unit (BMU), a master BMU receives the first limit. The master BMU... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140176080 - Load/charger detection circuit, battery management system comprising the same and driving method thereof: Disclosed are a load/charger detection circuit, a battery management system comprising the same and a driving method thereof. The load/charger detection circuit includes a current source; a current mirror connected to the current source to copy a current of the current mirror; at least two resistors connected between a first... Agent: Fairchild Korea Semiconductor Ltd.

20140176081 - Boost control method and system for boost converter: A boost control method and system for a boost converter by which a stability of parts is secured when a fuel cell vehicle is started up, and the number of parts is reduced by eliminating an additional hardware construction such as a pre-charge relay. The boost control method includes analyzing... Agent:

20140176082 - Antenna arrangement for wireless powering: An antenna arrangement for transmitting energy is described. The antenna arrangement includes a planar array of two or more rectangular loop antennas, adapted to transmit energy at low frequencies via non-radiative resonant coupling and at high frequencies via radiative coupling. The low frequencies correspond to a wavelength with half of... Agent: Stichting Imec Nederland

20140176083 - Method for controlling an euv source: A method for triggering a resonant charging circuit for a device for generating short-wavelength radiation based on discharge plasma is described. Switching times of the resonant charging circuit are determined in a non-time-critical method segment by simulation and are stored to be repeatedly retrievable. Measurement values of the resonant charging... Agent: Ushio Denki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140176084 - System and method for the adaptive management of a battery system: The present invention relates generally to a method and apparatus for the management of individual cells in a battery system. More particularly, the present invention relates to the control of charging a battery system such that the cells stay balanced and the ability to produce a battery system profile and... Agent:

20140176085 - Battery controller of vehicle: This battery controller of a vehicle includes an internal combustion engine, a generator; a battery; a battery state detector that detects a battery state including the remaining capacity of the battery; a degree-of-deterioration determination unit that determines the degree of deterioration of the battery based on the battery state; a... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140176086 - Capacitor charger system, power modulator and resonant power converter: A capacitor charger system has a resonant power converter to connect to a capacitor via a rectifier. The resonant power converter has a switch-based bridge network, an internal transformer, a resonant circuit, and an amplitude stabilization circuit. The switch-based bridge network comprises at least one pair of switches. The resonant... Agent: Scandinova Systems Ab

06/19/2014 > 33 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140167676 - Battery pack having a separate power supply device for a wireless communication device of the battery pack: A battery pack has at least one chargeable battery cell, an electrical interface for charging the battery pack on an external charging unit, a communication device for wireless communication with an external charging unit, and an energy supply device that is independent of the battery cell for the energy supply... Agent:

20140167677 - Long-lasting, high power density and flexible photovoltaic (pv) crystalline cell panel, a method for manufacturing the solar panel and integrated solar power generation and supply system: No glass, thin, low weight, portable/semi-portable solar PV panels are described. They are not for larger, permanently fixed installations, but are for solarizing outdoor consumer/industrial products. Thin (<3-10 mm), high power density, solar PV panels, custom designed for each target product using commercially available, highest efficiency range (18-23%) solar PV... Agent:

20140167678 - Recharging of a pool of batteries:

20140167675 - System for housing and powering a battery-operated device and associated methods: An integral system for housing and powering a battery-operated device includes an integral case adapted to house the battery-operated device, at least one photovoltaic assembly adapted to releasably attach to the integral case, and a first device interface connector adapted to electrically couple the battery-operated device to the integral case.... Agent: Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc.

20140167679 - Accessory or fashion item that charges various electronic devices: A toteable or wearable fashion item configured to provide an electronic charge to a mobile electronic device. The device includes a battery comprising one USB port and one pin port and a pouch secured to the fashion device and containing the battery substantially concealed therein, the pouch defining at least... Agent: Empowered LLC

20140167680 - System and method for periodically charging sub-battery for electric vehicle: Provided is a system method for periodically charging a sub-battery for an electric vehicle. In this method, an SOC self-discharge rate of the sub-battery is calculated. An LDC output voltage and a charging time of the sub-battery are set using the SOC self-discharge rate of the sub-battery and information received... Agent:

20140167686 - Content download and synchronization: Methods, systems, and apparatus for a network-enabled power charging device comprising a processor and a computer readable medium coupled to the processor having instructions stored thereon which, if executed by the processor, cause the network enabled power charging device to perform operations comprising charging, using the network-enabled power charging device,... Agent:

20140167681 - Current regulation system: A current regulation system for generating a charging current curve for charging a rechargeable battery is provided, the system including a current regulation module coupled to a power converter to output a conversion current in a constant current mode and a constant voltage mode, a voltage-to-current regulation module coupled to... Agent: Feeling Technology Corp.

20140167687 - Dedicated power supply apparatus, terminal, power supply system, and power supply method: A dedicated power supply apparatus includes a regulator that receives power from an external power source, two signal lines to which the regulator is connected, and two resistors, each placed between the regulator and an associated one of the two signal lines.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140167685 - Method and system for equalizing and matching lithium secondary batteries: In the present invention, a method and system for equalizing and matching lithium secondary batteries belong to the field of secondary batteries. A lithium secondary battery is divided into more than one grade according to the magnitude of a consumable current Ic, the number of grades is h, the lithium... Agent: Guangzhou Fullriver Battery New Technology Co., Ltd.

20140167683 - Multiple cell battery management: A method and system to manage battery pack having a plurality of rechargeable battery cells connected in series is disclosed. The system comprises a plurality of identical voltage detection and charging modules, one for each of the plurality of battery cells. The system also comprises a multiplexer connected to and... Agent:

20140167684 - Shunt circuit, charging system and integrated circuit: A shunt circuit includes: a shunt resistor; a transistor connected in parallel to a storage element via the shunt resistor; a first OP amplifier configured to compare a battery voltage supplied to the storage element with a detection voltage; and a second OP amplifier configured to shunt a shunt current... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20140167682 - Usb power supply: A power supply system effective to provide power to a plurality of different personal electronic devices includes a source of AC or DC power, a power converter effective to convert the AC or DC power to a useable voltage and amperage, a remote power outlet or a plurality of remote... Agent: Astronics Advanced Electronics Systems Corp.

20140167689 - Vehicle electric power feeding system: A vehicle electric power feeding system that is provided with an electric power feeding device (1A, 1B, 2A, 2B) that is provided at a location at which a vehicle (M) can stop; and a control means (3) that instructs the electric power feeding device (1A, 1B, 2A, 2B) to feed... Agent:

20140167690 - Wireless charging battery module and charging structure of the same: A wireless charging battery module and a charging structure of the same are revealed. The battery module includes a battery and a charging unit while the charging unit having a looped wire and a charging circuit. The charging unit is electrically connected to the battery. The charging structure consists of... Agent:

20140167688 - Wireless charging system: A wireless charging system includes a microelectronic package (110) containing a system on chip (120) (an SoC), an energy transfer unit (140), and a software protocol (127). The SoC includes a processing device (121), a memory device (122) coupled to the processing device, and a communications device (123) coupled to... Agent:

20140167692 - Auto-resettable seismic sensor for evcs: An EVCS equipped with an accelerometer to detect seismic events. Upon sensing a catastrophic environmental event, the EVCS is automatically disconnected from the main utility power source. A controller powered by a backup or alternate power source inside the EVCS monitors the seismic activity, and upon sensing the seismic event... Agent: Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.

20140167697 - Electric battery charging installation and method: An installation and a method for charging an electric battery for an electric vehicle. The electric vehicle comprises an on-board computer. The installation comprises a main power source delivering a charging power Pc1. The charging method comprises the step of determining the charging power Pc to be delivered to the... Agent: Evtronic

20140167694 - Fast charging system for electric vehicles: The embodiments described and claimed herein are apparatus, systems, and methods for charging an electric vehicle at a stationary service station. In one embodiment, the service station includes a power generation component including at least one fuel cell, a fuel supply component for supplying fuel to the power generation component,... Agent:

20140167695 - Lock device: A lock device locks a locking subject to a power port. The lock device is provided with a lock mechanism including a lock member that is movable between a lock position and an unlock position. The lock mechanism moves the lock member to the lock position to lock the locking... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai Rika Denki Seisakusho

20140167696 - Lock device: A lock device includes an inlet arranged in a vehicle and having an inlet housing into which a charge cable is insertable. A lock mechanism is capable of locking the charge cable to the inlet. The lock device includes a lock mechanism attachment portion arranged in the inlet housing and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai Rika Denki Seisakusho

20140167693 - Mounting system for charging equipment: A surface mountable charging device connectable to a power receptacle for charging an electrically powered vehicle is disclosed. The charging device comprises a housing and a first locking portion defining a first locking aperture. The device also comprises an electric charging circuit to supply current to an electric vehicle power... Agent: General Electric Company

20140167691 - Vehicle, charging system and control method for vehicle: In a vehicle, a power storage device mounted thereon can be charged with electric power transmitted from an external power supply device via a power cable. The vehicle includes a PLC communication unit for establishing PLC communication with the external power supply device via the power cable. An ECU starts... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140167698 - Battery block, and power source system: A battery block for use in a power source system including battery blocks is provided with: a secondary battery; a communication circuit which outputs voltage information outside, the voltage information relating to a terminal voltage Vt of the secondary battery; a communication circuit which acquires the voltage information output from... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140167699 - Battery cycling and management: An aspect provides a method, including: setting a battery pack, in an information handling device having two or more battery packs, as a priority battery pack; discharging the priority battery pack and maintaining one or more other battery packs in an idle state; ascertaining if the priority battery pack satisfies... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20140167702 - Charging and discharging control circuit and battery device: There are provided an overcurrent protection circuit which has a smaller circuit area, a charging and discharging control circuit, and a compact battery device. The charging and discharging control circuit includes an overcurrent detection circuit which monitors the voltage of an overcurrent detection resistor connected to an overcurrent detection terminal... Agent: Seiko Instruments Inc.

20140167700 - Power consumption reduction method for a stored battery: A power consumption reduction method controls a rechargeable battery to enter a sleep mode after the electronic system is shutdown with the output current of the rechargeable battery falling under a first current value or the rechargeable battery is in a non-communication status for over a first delay time. When... Agent: Simplo Technology Company, Ltd.

20140167701 - Power converter and its control method: The invention provides a power converter including a plurality of power conversion units each connected to a different feeder, a DC energy interchange unit connected to the power conversion units and connected to a secondary battery, and a power control unit which instructs the regeneration-side power conversion unit connected to... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140167703 - Dynamic line termination of communication buses in monitoring circuits for battery modules and a method for performing the line termination during the initialization of the monitoring system: A monitoring circuit for a battery module includes at least two terminals configured to be connected to bus lines of a bus system, a series circuit having a line terminating resistor, and a switching device. Ends of the series circuit are in each case electrically connected to one of the... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140167704 - Nonlinear system identification for object detection in a wireless power transfer system: A method of detecting whether a foreign object is near a transmit coil in a wireless power transfer system (WPTS), the method involving: applying a pseudo-random signal to the transmit coil; while the pseudo-random signal is being applied to the transmit coil, recording one or more signals produced within the... Agent:

20140167705 - Method of charging battery: A method of charging a battery includes following steps: First, a charging voltage is provided to charge the battery. Afterward, a charging control variable is judged whether to reach to an adjustment value. Afterward, the charging voltage is adjusted with a first voltage difference to continuously charge the battery when... Agent: Dynapack International Technology Corporation

20140167706 - Charging method for a rechargeable battery and charging architecture therewith: A charging method for a rechargeable battery and a related charging architecture are provided. The provided charging method includes following steps. A characteristic curve of the rechargeable battery related to charge cycle vs. a residual capacity of a non-constant voltage charging stage under a warranty life limitation is provided. An... Agent:

20140167707 - Alternator control for battery charging: In accordance with an aspect of the present disclosure, an electrical system for an automotive vehicle has an electrical generating machine and a battery. A set point voltage, which sets an output voltage of the electrical generating machine, is set by an electronic control unit (ECU). The ECU selects one... Agent:

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