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Electricity: battery or capacitor charging or discharging

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01/22/2015 > 23 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150022140 - Electricity storage system and cartridge: An electricity storage system comprising: a plurality of cartridges connected together in parallel, each cartridge comprising a plurality of cells connected together, and a circuit for preventing cross current, which restricts the current in each cartridge so as to cause the current to flow in one direction selected from a... Agent: Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.

20150022141 - Charger and electronic apparatus system: A charger capable of charging an electronic apparatus includes a charger main body having a power output unit which output charging power, a connection unit which is attached to the charger main body, which is configured to be connected to the electronic apparatus, and which is configured to supply the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20150022147 - Device and method for wirelessly transmitting power: There are provided a device and a method for wirelessly transmitting a power in which a power is wirelessly transmitted to a power receiving device with high transmission efficiency. The wireless power transmitting device includes a first power transmitting coil configured to transmit a first power signal, a second power... Agent:

20150022144 - Electric vehicle: An electric vehicle includes a charging circuit and a control apparatus. The charging circuit includes a reception coil and a battery. The reception coil is configured to receive wirelessly AC power transmitted from an electrical transmission circuit outside of the electric vehicle. The battery is configured to be charged with... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150022148 - Electrochemical cell labels and accessories: A battery includes a first terminal, a second terminal, body connecting the first and second terminals, and an outer layer or label. The label may be provided with a power indicator apparatus and a visual charge indicator having improved visibility. The label may alternatively or additionally be provided with a... Agent:

20150022142 - Integration of electronic components in inductive power transfer systems: In a particular embodiment, a wireless power receiver apparatus includes a coil configured to wirelessly receive power via a magnetic field generated by a transmitter. The wireless power receiver apparatus can include a housing that includes a first volume configured to house the coil. The housing can also include a... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150022145 - Method and apparatus for transmitting communication power in wireless power transmission system: A method of operating a wireless power transmission apparatus includes receiving, from a wireless power reception apparatus, information on an operating power of a micro control unit (MCU) of the wireless power reception apparatus and information on an output of a direct current-to-direct current (DC/DC) converter of the wireless power... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150022143 - Smartkey operating system equipped with wireless charging function and operating method thereof: Provided are a smartkey operating system equipped with a wireless charging function and an operating method thereof, which controls performing of a wireless charging function equipped in a smartkey system, thereby preventing an overlap of frequencies even when there is an overlap section between a wireless charging operating frequency and... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20150022146 - System composed of a hand tool case and a hand tool battery: A system having a hand tool case which includes at least one inductive charge receiving area, and at least one hand tool battery which is provided for being inductively charged. The inductive charge receiving area is provided for storing the hand tool battery at least partially in close proximity to... Agent:

20150022149 - Wireless power receiver and method of managing thereof: A receiver to wirelessly receive power from a transmitter, and including a receiving unit to receive AC power from the transmitter; a rectifying unit to rectify the received AC power to DC power, a power management unit to manage power to be transferred to a load based on the rectified... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20150022150 - Battery overcharge monitoring system and method: An exemplary battery charge monitoring method includes, among other things, calculating expected charge data for a battery using at least a capacity of the battery and a charge rate, and comparing actual charge data to the expected charge data to identify differences between the actual charge data and the expected... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150022153 - Detection of a leakage current comprising a continuous component in a vehicle: The invention relates to a device for detecting a leakage current, comprising means (124) for measuring a current from an electrical circuit of a vehicle, in particular a motor vehicle, said detection device being configured to be placed on board said vehicle and being such that the measuring means (124)... Agent:

20150022151 - Vehicle authentication for a bev charger: A vehicle system has a first communication device configured to selectively associate with a second communication device of a premise system based on a location of the vehicle with respect to the premise system and a vehicle identification. A charging control system is configured to permit charging of the vehicle... Agent:

20150022152 - Vehicle charging apparatus: A vehicle charging apparatus mounted on a vehicle for charging an on-vehicle battery from an external power supply, with a charging plug connected to the vehicle, includes a communication device that is configured to perform communication with a charging facility providing the external power supply with the charging plug connected... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20150022154 - Power source device having standby power-cutoff function, and method for controlling same: Disclosed is a power source device having a standby power-cutoff function, which is to be used to charge a battery. The power source device comprises: a micro-USB connector (24) for connecting to the power source unit (20) of a smartphone when the battery of the smartphone or the like is... Agent:

20150022155 - Battery cell voltage equalization circuit: A battery cell voltage equalization circuit 1 equalizes the voltages of battery cells B1 and B2 that are connected in series. A switch S1 is electrically connected to the positive electrode of the battery cell B1 via a first path, is electrically connected to the negative electrode of the battery... Agent:

20150022156 - Battery module, method for managing supply of electrical power by the battery module, and power supply device having the battery module: A battery module includes a plurality of battery units, each of which supplies electrical power to a load through a respective linear regulator. In a method for managing supply of electrical power by the battery module, a number of battery units that supply electrical power to the load is controlled... Agent: Lite-on Technology Corp.

20150022157 - Control apparatus and control method for secondary battery: A control apparatus has a controller configured to control charge and discharge of a secondary battery. The controller acquires a positive electrode potential and a negative electrode potential of the secondary battery. The controller controls the charge and discharge of the secondary battery such that each of the positive electrode... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150022158 - Control device for secondary battery, and soc detection method: A control device of a secondary battery using, as positive electrode material, positive electrode active material showing a difference of an open circuit voltage curve between during charge and discharge, detects whether the secondary battery is in a charge state or a discharge state. When the secondary battery is in... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20150022159 - Detection of a malfunction in an electrochemical accumulator: An electrochemical accumulator, including a casing, at least two electrodes and an electrolyte contained in the casing. There is a ferromagnetic material contained in the casing and having remanent magnetization. There is also a magnetic sensor arranged outside the casing and capable of measuring a remanent magnetic field of said... Agent:

20150022160 - Adaptive effective c-rate charging of batteries: The disclosed embodiments provide a system that manages use of a battery in a portable electronic device. During operation, the system obtains a voltage of the battery and a state-of-charge of the battery. Next, the system calculates an effective C-rate of the battery using the voltage and the state-of-charge. Finally,... Agent:

20150022161 - Electric vehicle and method of operating same: An electric vehicle charges a battery through an electric vehicle power supply apparatus, and periodically checks a current charged state of the battery during a charging operation. During the charging operation, the electric vehicle transmits to a user terminal a first charging information notifying message including information on a current... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150022162 - Discharge circuit unit and image forming apparatus having the same: A discharge circuit unit for minimizing standby power occurring in a standby mode and an image forming apparatus having the same are provided. The discharge circuit unit is connected to an input line of alternating current (AC) power and discharges a capacitive element for reducing noises. The discharge circuit unit... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

01/15/2015 > 35 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150015179 - Charge power control apparatus, charge power control method, program, and solar power generation system: The present disclosure relates to a charge power control apparatus, a charge power control method, a program, and a solar power generation system, for improving charge efficiency. A solar power generation system includes a solar panel that receives sunlight to generate power, a PV power conditioner that performs DC/AC conversion... Agent: Omron Corporation

20150015181 - Dc/dc converter: In a DC/DC converter for bidirectional power transmission, a first switching circuit is connected between a first winding of a high-frequency transformer and a DC power supply, and a second switching circuit is connected between a second winding and a battery. In the first and second switching circuits, capacitors are... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150015180 - Portable power charger with wireless and direct charging connectivity: A portable charger is provided for charging one or more electronic devices from a rechargeable internal battery. The portable charger includes wireless power transmission components, such as a transmitter and a receiver for recharging the charger as well as electronic devices via wireless power transmission methods. The portable charger also... Agent:

20150015182 - System and method for charging mobile devices at a venue: Systems and methods for charging mobile devices are described, embodiments of the systems including: a base station; and a plurality of satellite charging units; each of the satellite charging units include a rechargeable power supply which can be recharged by the base station; each of the satellite units are arranged... Agent:

20150015183 - Battery electric vehicle jumper cable and jump starting method: A battery electric vehicle jumper cable includes a first battery electric vehicle electrical plug adapted for connection to a standard charging port interface on a first battery electric vehicle; a second battery electric vehicle electrical plug adapted for connection to a standard charging port interface on a second battery electric... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150015191 - Charger for blocking standby power and method of controlling same: The present invention discloses a charger (10) for blocking power when charging a battery (21). The charger includes a charging voltage generating unit (15) that generates a charging voltage for charging a battery. The charger comprises: a control unit (12) that includes at least one microprocessor for controlling calculation, comparison... Agent:

20150015187 - Control circuit and method for electronic cigarette box: A control circuit and method for use with an electronic cigarette box, the control circuit includes a charge management module, an inner battery, a control module, a voltage booster, a batter voltage detective module, a load detective module and an indicative module. According to received signals form the battery voltage... Agent:

20150015185 - Cut-off structure of a charger: A cut-off structure of a charger contains a power supply unit and a cutting-off set. The power supply unit includes a voltage converting portion, a connector member, and an extension cord connecting with the voltage converting portion and the connector member. The voltage converting portion has a transforming coil for... Agent:

20150015190 - Electrical load management system and method: A load management system provides an interface between a power input and several switched power outputs and un-switched power outputs. A controller groups the switched power outputs into one or more load groups based on a switched current limit determined for the system and the measured currents of the electrical... Agent:

20150015189 - Portable power source providing support by notch: A portable power source includes a housing and a support member. The housing has a power supply module. The support member includes a main body detachably mounted in the housing and the housing has the appearance of being notched when the support member is inserted therein. A notch is defined... Agent:

20150015188 - Power supply system and power receiving facility: A power supply system includes: a vehicle; a power cable; and a distribution board configured to be capable of exchanging electric power with an electric power system and the power cable. The distribution board includes: an operation unit operated by a user to select one of a first mode in... Agent:

20150015186 - Usb charger for electronic cigarettes: A USB charger for electronic cigarettes, comprising a USB interface configured for connecting with a power supply and a load end configured for connecting with a load, wherein, the USB charger for electronic cigarettes further comprises a voltage comparison unit, a benchmark circuit, a sampling circuit, a current detecting element,... Agent:

20150015184 - Usb charging circuit: A USB charging circuit includes a mating hub module including a USB input port for the connection of an external computer and a USB main hub control circuit electrically connected to the USB input port, a power supply module including a power supply device and a synchronization/charge mode switching circuit... Agent:

20150015199 - Apparatus for inductive power transmission: Apparatus for inductively transmitting power, which apparatus comprises a primary unit with a primary coil and a secondary unit with a secondary coil, and in which the primary coil induces a magnetic transmission field in a transmission area between the primary unit and the secondary unit, and which has an... Agent:

20150015197 - Double-sided lcc compensation method for wireless power transfer: A double-sided LCC compensation network and a tuning method are proposed for a wireless power transfer system. With the proposed topology, the resonant frequency is independent of coupling coefficient and load conditions. The parameter values are tuned to realize zero voltage switching (ZVS) for the sending side switches. A wireless... Agent:

20150015196 - Personal wireless charging system: The present disclosure provides wireless personal electronic charging systems including a personal storage item including a storage location for a portable electronic device, the personal storage item further includes a power section including a wireless induction charger receiver and a system battery configured to receive and store power from the... Agent: Everpurse, Inc.

20150015195 - Portable wireless charging pad: The present disclosure provides a method and apparatus for improved wireless charging pads for charging and/or powering electronic devices. Such pads may not require a power chord for connecting to a main power supply, for example a wall outlet. In contrast, power may be delivered wireless to the foregoing pads... Agent: Dvinewave Inc.

20150015193 - Vehicle positioning system for wireless charging stations: A system for positioning a vehicle over a wireless charging station. The system includes a plurality of ultra wideband transceivers (UWBX) installed on the vehicle and the wireless charging station, and a controller configured to determine various distances between the various UWBXs.... Agent:

20150015194 - Wireless charging and powering of electronic devices in a vehicle: Configurations and methods of wireless power transmission for charging or powering one or more electronic devices inside a vehicle are disclosed. A transmitter capable of single or multiple pocket-forming may be connected to a car lighter, where this transmitter may include a circuitry module and an antenna array integrated within... Agent:

20150015198 - Wireless charging device and method for controlling wireless charging: A wireless charging device (40) arranged in a vehicle including an in-vehicle device (20). The in-vehicle device transmits a wake signal in intervals until receiving a response from an electronic key (10) and communicates with the electronic key when receiving the response to determine whether the electronic key is authentic.... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150015192 - Wireless tracking pocket-forming: The present disclosure describes a wireless tracking system for tracking the location of living beings or objects. This wireless tracking system may operate by using the wireless power transmission methodology which may include one transmitter and at least one or more receivers, being the transmitter the source of energy and... Agent:

20150015200 - Add-on communication apparatus attached to cable installment type charging control device: An add-on communication apparatus is attached to cable installment type charging control device integrally attached to an electric vehicle charging cable assembly. A wireless communication unit wirelessly communicates with a terminal device. An infrared light receiving diode receives an infrared light having a digital pattern representing an attachment check response... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150015202 - Charger for electric vehicle: Provided is a charger for an electric vehicle. The charger for an electric vehicle includes a light emitting unit displaying charging operation information of the charger, a communication unit performing near-field wireless communication with an external device, a guide guiding visible light of the light emitting unit, and a control... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150015201 - Charging device assembly for electric vehicle: Provided is a charging device assembly for an electric vehicle. The assembly includes a cable connecting the electric vehicle to a power supply unit, a charge control device coupled with the cable, a main bracket, to which the charge control device is attached to be detachable, and an ad-on communication... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150015203 - Power receiving connector, charging system and communication system: Provided a power receiving connector and a charging system that, during a communication such as inband communication wherein a communication signal is superposed in a control wire incorporated in a charging cable connecting a vehicle and a feed device, can reduce the mutual effect resulting from electromagnetic waves caused by... Agent:

20150015204 - Detachably integrated battery charger for mobile cell phones and like devices: A cell phone charger comprises a main body having embedded therein a charging circuit configured to receive line AC voltage and to convert it to a DC voltage suitable for charging the mobile device. AC prongs fold into the body in a stowed position and a connection structure formed integrally... Agent:

20150015205 - Charger, battery pack charging system and cordless power tool system: A charger (40; 240; 340) charges a battery pack (20) that is detachably attachable to a cordless power tool (12). The charger has at least a first side wall (44b) that at least partially defines a battery pack receiving hole (44; 244) shaped to receive and accommodate the battery pack.... Agent:

20150015206 - Electrical charging/discharging controller, charging control method, discharging control method, and program: A peak cut power calculation unit calculates peak cut power transmittable to an overhead wire as power exhibiting monotonic non-increase with respect to a resistance value of the overhead wire between a vehicle and a substation. In addition, a peak cut unit controls electrical charging/discharging of a rechargeable battery with... Agent:

20150015207 - Electric automobile and discharging device thereof: A discharging apparatus for an electric vehicle and an electric vehicle are provided. The discharging apparatus comprises: an AC charging interface; a charging connection device, having a first terminal connected with the AC charging interface and a second terminal connected with an exterior equipment, and configured to transmit an AC... Agent: Shenzhen Byd Auto R&d Company Limited

20150015208 - Discharge control device, discharge control method and computer readable medium: A discharge control device for controlling discharge in an energy storage device disposed in an electric apparatus, wherein the discharge control device includes a first determination unit adapted to determine whether or not an electric apparatus's status is being outside a predetermined first range and a discharge controller adapted to... Agent:

20150015209 - System and methods for current balancing: A battery module includes: a battery pack including multiple cells; control circuits corresponding to the cells, each control circuit including a control unit for managing the corresponding cell and a compensation unit for generating a corresponding compensation current such that the sum of the corresponding consumed current and the corresponding... Agent:

20150015211 - Add-on communication apparatus attached to cable installment type charging control device: An add-on communication device attached to a cable installment type charging control device attached to a cable assembly for charging an electric vehicle is disclosed. The add-on communication device includes a first communication unit wirelessly communicating with a terminal device, a second communication unit wirelessly communicating with the cable installment... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150015212 - Capacitive welder and method for charging same: The capacitive welder includes a charging circuit, a welding transformer, a capacitor, a discharging switching element connected in parallel with a primary winding of the welding transformer and the capacitor that are connected in series, a bypass switching element connected in parallel with the primary winding, welding electrodes connected in... Agent: Origin Electric Company, Limited

20150015213 - Frequency responsive charging system and method: In some embodiments, the present invention includes the use of one or more electric power supply system, or systems, and the electric vehicle, or vehicles, connected thereto, to provide load-based utility grid frequency regulation by varying the amount of power drawn by the vehicle or vehicles.... Agent: Aerovironment, Inc.

20150015210 - Voltage-enhanced energy storage devices: The present disclosure provides an energy storage device comprising at least one electrochemical cell comprising a negative current collector, a negative electrode in electrical communication with the negative current collector, an electrolyte in electrical communication with the negative electrode, a positive electrode in electrical communication with the electrolyte and a... Agent: Ambri, Inc.

01/08/2015 > 25 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150008864 - Distributed energy storage and power quality control in photovoltaic arrays: A solar electric system comprises photovoltaic elements having integrated energy storage and control, ideally on each PV-panel. The energy storage media may be primary or secondary cylindrical cells interconnected into a battery and/or an array of capacitors (or super-capacitors) and are accompanied by an electronic control circuit which may perform... Agent:

20150008865 - Solar power converter and method of controlling solar power conversion: A controller (306) executes a method (400) of controlling a solar power converter (20, 300) connected to receive output power from a solar power source (10). The method comprises: measuring (430) an open circuit voltage (VOC) of the solar power source; determining a short circuit current (ISC) output by the... Agent:

20150008866 - Electric automobile and discharging device thereof: A discharging apparatus for an electric vehicle and an electric vehicle are provided. The discharging apparatus comprises: an AC charging interface; a charging connection device, configured to transmit an AC output from the AC charging interface to another electric vehicle; an instrument, configured to send a discharging preparation instruction; a... Agent: Shenzhen Byd Auto R&d Company Limited

20150008872 - Autonomous power supply system: An autonomous power supply system includes a generation control circuit which controls power generation efficiency of a power generation element, a group of storage elements for charging electric power generated by the power generation element, and a charging control circuit which controls a charging operation and a discharging operation of... Agent:

20150008868 - Cell hotel: The Cell Hotel gives the authoritative power back to the teacher by providing a positive, easy, and secure way to store the student cell phone during instructional time. The Cell Hotel is a kit. The kit contains everything a classroom teacher needs to get started eliminating the distractions brought on... Agent:

20150008867 - Charge pump battery charging: Charge pump battery charging is disclosed. Charge pump battery charging can include accumulating charge on a charge storage device. The accumulated charge can be selectively discharged to facilitate recharging a battery. The discharge current can generally be at a higher average current than the charging current. The selective discharge can... Agent:

20150008869 - Charging system having circuit for delaying power supply: The circuit for delaying power supply blocks the power supply to the Vcc power terminal in the case in which the GND ground power terminal and the D signal terminal are not in an electrically shorted state and releases the blocking of the power supply to the Vcc power terminal... Agent: Sps Inc.

20150008873 - Electric vehicle charging lock: Embodiments disclosed herein describe systems and methods for a charging system with a charging lock to couple a charging converter and a charging handle. In embodiments, the charging converter may also be coupled to a charging port of an electric vehicle. The charging lock may secure the charging converter and... Agent:

20150008874 - Hierarchical system for controlling a battery of electrical energy storage devices: The solution relates to the field of electrical engineering and can be used for producing high-voltage batteries of electrical energy storage devices for transport and power engineering requirements. What is proposed is: a hierarchial three-level system for controlling a battery of electrical energy storage devices, in which a lower control... Agent:

20150008871 - Method of preventing inversion of output current flow in a voltage regulator and related voltage regulator: The reversal of the flow of output current in a voltage regulator is prevented by equipping the voltage regulator of a regulation transistor controlled by an analog voltage control, having its current terminals connected between the control terminal of the fifth transistor power of the regulator and the power supply... Agent:

20150008870 - Standby battery product and stackable charging system thereof: An electrical charging system includes a charging socket and a standby battery product. The charging socket has a socket casing, and a power input interface on the socket casing and electrically connected to a first conductive contact that extends above the socket casing. The standby battery product has a battery... Agent: Sun Pleasure Company Limited

20150008877 - Vehicle: A vehicle includes a power receiving portion that contactlessly receives electric power from a power transmitting portion provided outside the vehicle and includes a shield member that is arranged around the power receiving portion in the same plane as a plane in which the power receiving portion is arranged, wherein... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150008875 - Wireless charging holder and assembly of electronic device and wireless charging holder: A wireless charging holder and an assembly of an electronic device and the wireless charging holder are provided. The wireless charging holder includes a body, a fixing element, a power line, a first coil, and a first magnetic element. The body is used to hold the electronic device. The fixing... Agent: Askey Computer Corp.

20150008876 - Wireless power transmitter and method of wireless power transmission: The present disclosure relates to a wireless power transmitter capable of reducing standby power in the wireless power transmitter, and a method thereof, and the wireless power transmitter according to the present disclosure may include a power supply unit configured to supply a voltage; a receiving unit configured to receive... Agent:

20150008878 - Charging-cable storage device: The present invention is a charging-cable storage device that stores a charging cable and a charging control box each used for an electrically-driven vehicle having an electrically-driven motor for traveling. The charging-cable storage device includes a rotating drum that is rotatable and that rewinds the charging cable, and a fixing... Agent:

20150008879 - Multi-bay battery charger: A battery charger includes a housing and a plurality of charging ports coupled to the housing. Each charging port is configured to connect a battery pack to the battery charger. The battery charger also includes a charging circuit positioned within the housing and electrically coupled to the plurality of charging... Agent:

20150008880 - Power supply system with automatic sensing mechanism and method of operation thereof: A method of operation of a power supply system includes: providing a source voltage with a power source; generating a device voltage with the source voltage; monitoring the source voltage and the device voltage; and supplying the device voltage to a mobile device with the device voltage controlled by a... Agent:

20150008881 - Vehicle charger: A vehicle charger includes a main body, a circuit unit, and a display module. The main body forms a plug portion at one end and an electricity transmission portion at the other end. The circuit unit includes a power supply module, a sensing circuit, a switch module, a charging circuit,... Agent:

20150008882 - Battery module: A battery module is provided. The battery module includes a battery set, a voltage measurement unit, a temperature measurement unit, a matrix calculation unit and a mix algorithm unit. The voltage measurement unit measures a voltage matrix of the battery set. The temperature measurement unit measures a temperature of the... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

20150008885 - Battery control system, battery pack, electronic device and charger: A battery pack (10) includes a plurality of battery cells (100), a measurement unit (measurement unit (200)), and a battery control unit (battery control unit (400)). The plurality of battery cells 100 are connected in series to each other. The measurement unit (200) measures voltages of the battery cells (100).... Agent: Nec Energy Devices, Ltd.

20150008883 - Method for charging an electric emergency energy storage device: A method for charging an electric emergency energy storage device (1) comprising the following steps: predicting the energy demand EB of the energy consumer (2), determining the capacitance C of the emergency energy storage device (1) and the internal resistance Ri of the emergency energy storage device (1), calculating a... Agent:

20150008884 - Storage battery control apparatus, storage battery control method, and storage battery system: A storage battery control apparatus includes: a storage battery state detection unit which obtains a remaining SOC which is an SOC of a storage battery at the start of a supply and demand control period; an offset power value determination unit which determines an offset power value that is a... Agent:

20150008887 - Battery warm up system and method for warming up battery using the same: A battery warm up system according to the present disclosure includes a battery state measuring unit to measure a state of charge (SOC) of each module of a battery pack of a vehicle, a control unit to optionally output a forced discharging start signal and to output a balancing start... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150008886 - System and method of balancing battery cell: A method and system of balancing battery cells are provided that use a data map that includes a balancing duty ratio based on an environment temperature of a battery and the number of balancing target-cells. The method includes measuring, by a temperature sensor, the environment temperature of a battery. In... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150008888 - Electric charging system of a plurality of electric vehicles and method for distributing the electric power delivered by an electric power supply of such a system: This electric charging system (10) of a plurality of electric vehicles (12) comprises, an electric power supply (14) suitable for delivering a maximum electric power, and a plurality of charging points (18). Each charging point (18) is suitable for being connected to an electric vehicle (12) and delivering a plurality... Agent: Schneider Electric Industries Sas

01/01/2015 > 33 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150002073 - Power supply device using secondary battery and method of switching the battery mode: The present invention employs more than two secondary batteries; most output of one battery is supplied to load, and rest output is used to charge another battery for improving the battery efficiency and prolong the battery usable time (discharge time). The object of the present invention is to provide a... Agent:

20150002074 - Electronic speed controller with automatic detection for type of battery: The present invention provides an electronic speed controller capable of detecting a battery type, which comprises a circuit board, a speed control module, a first detection socket, and a power socket. The speed control module has a first power management mode and a second power management mode. The first detection... Agent: Jason Toys & Electronics Co., Ltd

20150002083 - Balance correction apparatus and electric storage system: A balance correction apparatus is stopped at an appropriate timing. Provided are an inductor; a first switching device electrically connected between another end of the inductor and another end of the first electric storage cell; a second switching device electrically connected between another end of the inductor and another end... Agent:

20150002084 - Balance correction apparatus and electric storage system: Excess voltage is prevented from flowing through an electric storage cell. Included are an inductor, a first switching device, a second switching device and a control section supplying a control signal to control ON/OFF operations of the first switching device and the second switching device, to the first switching device... Agent:

20150002078 - Control circuit for reducing charging time and method thereof: A control circuit for reducing a charging time and a method thereof are provided. The charging device includes an input unit configured to receive a control signal indicating that applied power is process power, and a switch configured to cut off a path between a terminal set and a battery... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150002076 - Electronic cigarette case and method for charging an electronic cigarette through it: An electronic cigarette case and a method for charging an electronic cigarette through it are provided. The electronic cigarette case comprises a case body having a charging interface, it further comprises a controller, a trigger switch, a charging detection module and an electronic cigarette charging output module, the trigger switch... Agent:

20150002077 - Electronic device capable of testing usb cable and method for testing usb cable: The present disclosure provides a method for testing a USB cable applied in an electronic device. The electronic device includes a battery charged by a charger via the USB cable. The method can include determining at least two different values of charging currents. The method can further include generating a... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150002082 - Energy storage charging from an adjustable power source: An energy storage device includes an integrated fuel gauge that is operatively connected to the energy storage device. The fuel gauge evaluates an operating parameter of the energy storage device and dynamically determines a state of charge. A charging component is coupled to the energy storage device with a single... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20150002081 - Hand tool battery including a bridge rectifier: A hand tool battery includes a charging coil and a bridge rectifier. The bridge rectifier has at least two rectifying arrangements for synchronous rectification.... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150002075 - Method and apparatus for determination of a non-charging operation: A method comprising determining that a charge session event associated with a charge session between an apparatus and a separate apparatus has occurred, determining a separate apparatus identity of the separate apparatus, determining a non-charging operation based, at least in part, on the separate apparatus identity and the charge session... Agent:

20150002079 - Mobile terminal and method for controlling charging and charger therefor: Provided is a method for controlling charging in a mobile terminal. The method includes, applying a voltage to a charger upon detecting a connection to the charger via a cable; transmitting a signal for requesting charging to the charger, and switching a charging mode; and charging a power that is... Agent:

20150002080 - Wireless charging system: A wireless power transmission system includes a first power transmitter configured to transmit a first electromagnetic field, a first power receiver configured to generate electrical energy using the first transmitted electromagnetic field, a first occupancy sensor configured to indicate a first presence of a first individual within a first sensed... Agent:

20150002086 - Apparatus, systems and methods for wireless charging for pc platforms and peripherals: Disclosed is a wireless charging device for charging electronic devices placed within proximity of the transmitter of the wireless charging device. The wireless charging device includes an inductive coupler, a reflected power detector, a power source and a power control system. The inductive coupler is configured to charge at least... Agent:

20150002089 - Charging device for batteries of hand-held tools: A system includes: a hand-held tool battery, a hand-held tool battery charging device which has a battery accommodating area for accommodating the hand-held tool battery during an inductive charging operation, and a user interface which outputs an item of information about the charging operation.... Agent:

20150002085 - Fixing apparatus with wireless charging: A fixing apparatus with wireless charging is provided, including a base unit, at least a stop element and a charging module. The base unit includes a placement surface, and the stop element is disposed at the base unit and protrudes above the placement surface. When an electronic device is placed... Agent:

20150002087 - Induction charging device: An induction charging device has: at least one charging electronics unit which includes at least one frequency unit situated between at least two DC voltage paths; at least one charging coil connected to a voltage tap of the at least one frequency unit; and at least one control unit provided... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150002093 - Power storage device and semiconductor device provided with the power storage device: An object is to provide a power storage device provided with a battery that is a power storage means, for safe and accurate supply of electric power in a short period of time for drive power supply voltage without checking remaining capacity of the battery or changing batteries with deterioration... Agent:

20150002090 - Power supply device, power receiving device, charging system, and obstacle detection method: Provided are a power supply device, a power receiving device, a charging system, and an obstacle detection method that obtain a sufficient obstacle detection sensitivity even when an obstacle is small. A modulation unit (202) performs amplitude modulation or phase modulation on a test data sequence output from a test... Agent:

20150002092 - Underwater power supply system: An underwater power supply system is provided with an ascending/descending station that ascends and descends underwater between the water depth at which an underwater moving body works and the vicinity of the water surface, and a charging station that supplies electrical power wirelessly to the ascending/descending station in the vicinity... Agent:

20150002088 - Wireless charging device: A wireless charging device comprising a base assembly having at least one first base terminal for input of electrical power and at least one second base terminal placed on a second base terminal housing of the base assembly for output of the electrical power and a head assembly detachably attached... Agent:

20150002091 - Wireless charging system: A wireless charging system includes a first winding portion, a second winding portion which is disposed with an interval between the first winding portion and the second winding portion in an axis direction of the first winding portion, and a pair of magnetic members which are disposed so as to... Agent: Hitachi Power Solutions Co., Ltd.

20150002094 - Automated electric vehicle charging system and method: A system and method for charging an electric vehicle includes identifying vehicle information corresponding to the electric vehicle based on an electronic image of the electric vehicle, retrieving from an electronically stored database a location of a charging port on the electric vehicle based on the vehicle information, and robotically... Agent:

20150002096 - Equalization device: A microcomputer finds a variation in respective unit cells based on an output from a voltage detection circuit, and executes equalization by controlling FETs and connecting unit cells having high both-end voltages in the unit cells to discharge resistors to perform discharging when the variation in both-end voltages of the... Agent:

20150002095 - Parallel electricity-storage system and control method thereof: The present invention relates to a parallel electricity-storage system that includes: a plurality of DC buses; a number of sets of battery banks formed by serially connecting one or a plurality of battery cells capable of charging and discharging, the number thereof being larger than number of the DC buses;... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150002097 - Bi-directional switching regulator and control circuit thereof: The present invention discloses a bi-directional switching regulator and a control circuit of the bi-directional switching regulator. The bi-directional switching regulator includes a power stage, an operation circuit, and a power path management circuit. The operation circuit generates a first operation signal to control a boost conversion operation or a... Agent: Richtek Technology Corporation

20150002098 - Secondary alkali metal/oxygen batteries: Batteries employing an oxygen (air) electrode, particularly those in which the oxygen electrode is combined with an alkali metal or alkaline earth metal negative electrode useful I for bulk energy storage, particularly for electric utility grid storage, as well as for electric vehicle propulsion. Batteries have an electrochemically reversible oxygen... Agent:

20150002100 - Battery control system, battery control device, battery control method, and recording medium: A battery control system that communicates by way of a communication network with a plurality of batteries that are connected to an electric power system includes: communication characteristics detection means that detects characteristics of communication paths between the batteries and the battery control system for each of the plurality of... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150002099 - Battery management converter system: Aspects of a battery management converter system are described. In one embodiment, a battery management converter system includes an arrangement of a plurality of battery converter cells, where each battery converter cell includes one or more battery cells and a switching power converter. The system further includes a battery converter... Agent: One-cycle Control, Inc.

20150002101 - Sulfide solid battery system and method for controlling sulfide solid battery: The present invention provides a sulfide solid battery system including: a solid battery including a cathode layer, an anode layer and a solid electrolyte layer disposed between the cathode layer and the anode layer; and a controller capable of controlling a charge-stopping voltage of the solid battery, wherein: LiNixCoyMnzO2 (x+y+z=1... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150002102 - Storage battery control device, storage battery control method, program, electricity storage system, and power supply system: The present disclosure relates to a storage battery control device that can exert better performance in a configuration in which a plurality of storage batteries are connected, a storage battery control method, a program, an electricity storage system, and a power supply system. A charge order table previously set according... Agent: Omron Corporation

20150002103 - Non-contact charging method: In a non-contact charging method, a battery-equipped device is set on a charging stand, and a power reception coil of the battery-equipped device is electromagnetically coupled to a power transmission coil of the charging stand, and power is transmitted from the power transmission coil to the power reception coil by... Agent:

20150002105 - Apparatus and method for accurate energy device state-of-charge (soc) monitoring and control using real-time state-of-health (soh) data: A device and associated testing method for empirically determining the state-of-charge of an electrochemical energy device, comprising: applying electrical excitations to the energy device at a predetermined electrical excitation frequency ωe; applying mechanical excitations to the energy device at a predetermined mechanical excitation frequency ωm; measuring an electrically-induced phase difference... Agent:

20150002104 - Method and device for adjusting a load current as a function of an internal resistance: The invention relates to a method and a device for adjusting a load current during operation of a load which is connected to a supply line of a power supply system via load connections. An internal resistance of the power supply system effective on the load connections is determined and... Agent:

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