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Electricity: battery or capacitor charging or discharging

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09/04/2014 > 17 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140247004 - Method, apparatus, and computer program product for foreign object detection parameter and charging data communication with wireless charging capable battery pack: Method, apparatus, and computer program product example embodiments provide device-to-device charging. According to an example embodiment of the invention, a method comprises accessing, by an apparatus, parameters relating to power loss in wirelessly charging a rechargeable battery, when the battery is located in a device to be powered by the... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140247005 - Adaptive remote battery charging: A battery charger device and controller is provided. The battery charger includes a DC/DC converter operative to convert an input current and an input voltage to an output current and an output voltage. The controller is configured to determine whether the input voltage is between a minimum voltage and a... Agent: Littelfuse, Inc.

20140247010 - Charger, control method and terminal apparatus: A charger includes a contactless charging unit that contactlessly charges an apparatus to be charged, a position aligning unit that performs position aligning of the apparatus to be charged, and a reducing unit that reduces an effect of the position aligning unit.... Agent: Nec Casio Mobile Communications, Ltd.

20140247006 - Combined transformer, and non-contact battery charging device using the same: A non-contact battery charging device is for charging a touch pen using a combined transformer. The combined transformer includes a primary winding wound around a tubular insulating spool secured in a receptacle of a pen stand and allowing insertion of the touch pen, and a second primary wound around a... Agent: Uc-logic Technology Corp.

20140247007 - Inductive power transfer system and transmitting and receiving devices thereof: A contactless power transfer system can respectively connect multiple conductive coils in parallel between the power source circuit of a transmitting device and the electric load of a receiving device, and can wind the conductive coils in successively alternating directions. Advantages of the contactless power transfer system include the ability... Agent: Luxx Lighting Technology (taiwan) Ltd.

20140247008 - Information processing apparatus, program, and information processing system: An information processing apparatus is provided. The information processing apparatus includes a communication circuitry with an external apparatus in a noncontact manner by using a carrier of a predetermined frequency and charging an external battery in a noncontact manner; and a control circuitry configured to control a characteristic of at... Agent: Felica Networks, Inc.

20140247009 - Motor vehicle: A motor vehicle includes at least one electric motor for driving the motor vehicle, at least one electrical energy storage device via which the electric motor can be supplied with electrical current, and a charging device having at least one coil via which electrical energy can be inductively transmitted for... Agent: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

20140247011 - Method and apparatus for a multiplexed contact between electrical devices: A method and apparatus for multiplexing an electrical contact interface between two electrical devices uses a time differentiated enablement of two or more different circuit elements in a first electrical device that are accessed via the multiplexed contact by a second electrical device. A timing control circuit in the first... Agent: Motorola Solutions, Inc.

20140247012 - Holding platform for mobile information terminals, desktop telephone, and fixing method connector for mobile information terminals: Provided is a portable information terminal holding base, including: a holding base main body having a main mounting surface inclined with respect to a horizontal surface, the holding base main body being configured to hold, on the main mounting surface, one of a plurality of types of portable information terminals... Agent: Nec Infrontia Corporation

20140247013 - Voltage detection apparatus for battery-pack: In a voltage detection apparatus for a battery pack, a pair of electric paths are respectively connected to a pair of ends of a unit battery defined as one of battery cells configuring a respective cell group or one of serial connections of the battery cells. A voltage detecting unit... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140247014 - Storage battery system and method of controlling the same: A storage battery system includes: electric storage units; and DC-DC converters each provided between one of the electric storage units and a DC bus. Each of the DC-DC converters includes: a voltage sensor for detecting a voltage value at a connection point between the DC bus and the DC-DC converter;... Agent:

20140247015 - Battery of portable electronic device and operating method thereof: A battery is provided. The battery includes a battery cell, a connector, a universal serial bus, a first micro control unit and a second micro control unit. The connector has an enable pin for determining whether the battery is electrically connected to a portable electronic device through the connector. The... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140247016 - Method of making lithium ion batteries: A method for activating lithium ion batteries related to the initial formation cycle (initial battery break in prior to use) is used to improve battery performance. The method involves charging the battery for the first time after being fabricated, to an initial voltage Vi that is above 4.25 Volts vs... Agent:

20140247017 - Method, a control module a server, a system, a computer program and a computer program product for discharging an energy storage of a vehicle in particular and electrical battery of an electric vehicle, having a predetermined discharge limit threshold, in: m

20140247018 - Charge control apparatus and charge control method: ECU executes program including the steps of turning on an overcharge tentative determination flag and performing limitation on Win in a case where a rising rate ΔTB is higher than or equal to ΔTB(0), and a current average value IBs is a value on a side of charging, and the... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140247019 - Method and system of dynamically charging electric vehicle: A method for dynamically charging an electrically powered apparatus includes receiving a selection of a charging mode from a user, such that the selected charging mode is a fast charging mode or a slow charging mode. The method also includes dynamically scheduling a charging mode for charging the apparatus according... Agent: Lg Cns Co., Ltd.

20140247020 - Energy extraction: This disclosure describes techniques and systems for extracting energy from the endocochlear potential (EP) in animal subjects (e.g., human subjects) and using the extracted energy to operate circuits (e.g., electronic device, sensors, and transmitters). The subject matter of this disclosure is embodied, for example, in a system for extracting energy... Agent: Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary

08/28/2014 > 44 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140239878 - Balancing apparatuses for balancing cells included in batteries and battery modules: An apparatus for performing balancing on cells connected in series and included in a module may comprise a first switching unit including first cell selection switches respectively connected to the cells, and configured to connect a first cell to be balanced to a balancing unit; a second switching unit including... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140239877 - Two-way direct balance circuit for series cells: In a two-way direct balance circuit for series cells, a control unit activates a pulse generator to transmit high frequency switch control signals, and a flyback converter is utilized to perform electromagnetic transition between the cells that rapidly conveys power from the cells with high RSOC to the flyback converter... Agent:

20140239879 - Battery charging system: A charging system for a traction battery is disclosed. The charging system includes a power grid, a stationary battery, a first controlled power supply, a second controlled power supply, and a switching unit. The first controlled power supply is configured to provide electrical power from the power grid to the... Agent: Electro-motive Diesel, Inc.

20140239882 - Apparatus for charging battery through programmable power adapter: An apparatus for charging a battery is provided and includes a power adaptor and a controller. The power adaptor has a communication interface coupled to a cable of the power adapter for receiving command-data and generates a DC voltage and a DC current according to the command-data. The controller is... Agent: System General Corporation

20140239886 - Automatic protocol (ap) for usb charger system: An automatic protocol (AP) for a USB charger is provided, that enables recognition of the voltage pin (D−) and pin (D+) needs of the device being charged, and controls the voltage level to charge the device, based on the recognized voltage needs.... Agent:

20140239887 - Battery charger: A battery charger on which power conversion components for converting commercial power to direct current power are mounted, includes a core frame formed into a C-letter shape in horizontal cross section. The components at least producing heat among the power conversion components are mounted on one side confined by a... Agent:

20140239884 - Charge and discharge control circuit and battery device: Provided is a charge and discharge control circuit and a battery device which ensure high safety, even when a charger is reversely connected. The charge and discharge control circuit includes a consumption current increase circuit for supplying a current from a power supply terminal to a ground terminal, the consumption... Agent: Seiko Instruments Inc.

20140239885 - Control circuit for charging battery through programmable power supplier: A charging circuit for charging a battery is provided. A power supplier has a communication interface coupled to a cable for receiving command-data and generates a DC voltage and a DC current in accordance with the command-data. A controller is coupled to the battery for detecting a battery-voltage and generates... Agent: System General Corporation

20140239880 - Electrical system, input apparatus and charging method for input apparatus: An electrical system, an input apparatus and a charging method for the input apparatus are provided. The input apparatus includes a main body, a processor, an antenna module, an energy storing component and an electrode. The main body includes a stylus body and a stylus head. The processor, antenna module... Agent: Htc Corporation

20140239883 - Secure device charging: One embodiment of the invention is an apparatus for determining the initiation of a charging process for a secure charging apparatus. The apparatus has circuitry for authorising a user, circuitry for confirming connection of a device, and circuitry for confirming charging of the device.... Agent: Chargebox Ltd

20140239881 - Universal battery charger system and method: A system and method for a universal battery charger is presented. An RFID tag on a battery-powered device communicates battery information to the charger to allow the charger to optimally charge the battery. The battery charger has a charging cord with a charge plug at an end of the cord... Agent: Bby Soluions, Inc.

20140239893 - Electronic device, feed unit, and feed system: An electronic device includes: a power receiving section configured to receive electric power transmitted using a magnetic field or an electric field; and a state informing section configured to inform a device state of the electronic device, by using the electric power received by the power receiving section. When an... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140239890 - Hands free conductive charging system for electric vehicles: The general field of this invention is electrical connectors and their actuating mechanism. More specifically, this invention teaches a novel connector and its actuating mechanism for establishing an electrical connection between two arbitrarily oriented objects such as an arbitrarily parked EV and infrastructure. In most of the prior art, a... Agent:

20140239892 - Magnetic sheet for non-contact power receiving device, non-contact power receiving device, electronic apparatus, and non-contact charger: A magnetic sheet of an embodiment includes a laminate of a plurality of magnetic thin plates. The laminate constituting the magnetic sheet includes a first magnetic thin plate and a second magnetic thin plate different in kind from the first magnetic thin plate. The first magnetic thin plate has a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140239891 - Vehicle battery charging system and method: A vehicle includes a battery and a charge plate electrically connected with the battery. The vehicle also includes a control system that causes an association signal to be repeatedly transmitted during a battery charge procedure to maintain charging of the battery via the charge plate, and in response to an... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140239888 - Wireless charger: A wireless charger includes an anti-slippery charger mat having a mat, inductive charger, power circuit board, and a plug, and a portable charging connector of the wireless charger including a casing, power inductor, receiving hole, indicator, and a connector terminal. The plug of the mat is inserted into a power... Agent:

20140239889 - Wireless charging system: A wireless charging system includes a power transmission unit for transmitting power and a power reception unit for receiving the power transmitted from the power transmission unit in a non-contact manner and supplying the power to a receiving load. The transmission unit includes a power transmission coil for generating a... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20140239894 - Charging device for electric vehicle: A charging device is provided that can terminate charging an onboard battery at a charging completion time point which is set by an user. The charging device includes: an AC-DC converter that converts AC power supplied from the external power source to DC power; an AC relay that connects and... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140239895 - External adapter for battery pack used to power a portable device: Embodiments include a rechargeable battery pack, system, and power adapter that allow the rechargeable battery pack to both power a host device though a set of host contacts and provide power, through the power adapter, via a set of charging contacts that interface with the power adapter. The power adapter... Agent: Motorola Solutions, Inc.

20140239896 - Charge/discharge control circuit and method for controlling charge/discharge: A charge/discharge control circuit for controlling charging and discharging of multiple secondary batteries includes a series-connection switch part that connects the multiple secondary batteries in series during the charging and connects the multiple secondary batteries in parallel during the discharging.... Agent: Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.

20140239899 - Battery system balancing control method for performing balancing control with aid of reference voltage information and battery system thereof: A battery system balancing control method for performing balancing control with aid of reference voltage information and battery system are provided. The battery system balancing control method includes: after a specific reference resistor of a plurality of reference resistors is installed into a specific battery module of a set of... Agent:

20140239900 - Lead storage battery system: This invention reduces degradation of respective lead storage batteries making up a lead storage battery bank and extends the longevity of the lead storage batteries. A lead storage battery system includes an individual battery state measurement unit 102 that measures current, voltage, temperature etc. of individual lead storage batteries 151... Agent:

20140239898 - Method and apparatus for controlling a power supply device with aid of full-featured modularized functional blocks: A method and apparatus for controlling a power supply device is provided, where the apparatus includes at least one portion of the power supply device. The apparatus includes at least one battery module, each of which is a battery module of a set of battery modules connected in series within... Agent:

20140239897 - Voltage measuring apparatus and battery management system including the same: Disclosed are a voltage measuring apparatus and a battery management system including the same. The voltage measuring apparatus is connected to a plurality of battery cells connected to each other in series to measure respective voltage of the battery cells. The voltage measuring apparatus includes a first node coupled to... Agent: Fairchild Korea Semiconductor Ltd.

20140239901 - Method of forming a balancing circuit for a plurality of battery cells and structure therefor: In one embodiment, a method of forming a balancing circuit for a plurality of battery cells includes configuring the balancing circuit to selectively pre-charge a transfer element from a power source, and to subsequently selectively couple the transfer element to one battery cell of the plurality of battery cells to... Agent:

20140239902 - Method of producing an electrical potential: A method of producing an electrical potential by way of a rechargeable battery with a positive electrode of lead and a negative electrode of highly pure zinc. The electrolyte is an aqueous solution of an alkali metal bisulfate. Upon discharge, lead dioxide is reduced to lead sulfate, zinc is oxidized... Agent:

20140239904 - Compact structure of battery unit: A battery unit is provided which includes a storage case, a battery, a control board, and a pressing mechanism. The battery is disposed in the storage case and pressed by the pressing mechanism against the bottom of the storage case. The control board has mounted thereon electronic components to control... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140239905 - Electrochemical device: Deterioration of a battery is prevented or the degree of deterioration of a battery is reduced, and charge and discharge performance of the battery is maximized and the charge and discharge performance of the battery is maintained for a long time. In a battery such as a sodium-ion secondary battery,... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20140239903 - Power conversion device having battery heating function: A power conversion device having a battery heating function includes a battery, a bidirectional converter including a first circuit unit coupled between the battery and a DC link, a switch between a second node and a first node to which the first circuit unit and the battery are coupled, and... Agent:

20140239907 - Rechargeable metal-ion battery with non-aqueous hybrid ion electrolyte: A method is provided for forming a rechargeable metal-ion battery with a non-aqueous hybrid ion electrolyte. The method provides a transition metal hexacyanometallate (TMHCM) cathode (AXM1YM2Z(CN)N.MH2O), where “A” is from a first group of metals, and M1 and M2 are transition metals. The electrolyte includes a first type of cation... Agent: Sharp Laboratories Of America, Inc.

20140239906 - Redox-active ligand-based transition metal complex flow batteries: Flow batteries including one or more metals complexed by one or more redox-active ligands are disclosed herein. In a general embodiment, the flow battery includes an electrochemical cell having an anode portion, a cathode portion and a separator disposed between the anode portion and the cathode portion. Each of the... Agent: Sandia Corporation

20140239913 - Battery control system, battery control device, battery control method and recording medium: A battery control system, which controls operation of a plurality of batteries connected to an electric power system, comprises: detecting means that detects a delay period of each of the batteries which represents a period that has elapsed after the battery control system supplies the battery with an execution command... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140239914 - Battery controller: A battery controller for charge and discharge control of an assembly battery so that a state of charge of each battery cell forming a battery does not deviate from a predetermined usage range. The battery controller controls an assembly battery comprising a plurality of battery cells. The battery controller calculates... Agent: Hitachi Vehicle Energy, Ltd.

20140239909 - Charge and discharge control circuit, charge and discharge control unit, and battery device: Provided is a highly safe battery device in which the accuracy of an overcurrent detection current value is high. A charge and discharge control circuit includes an overcurrent detecting terminal, an overcurrent detecting circuit for detecting overcurrent of a secondary battery, the overcurrent detecting circuit being connected to the overcurrent... Agent: Seiko Instruments Inc.

20140239915 - Control apparatus and control method for lithium-ion secondary battery: A control apparatus controlling charge and discharge of a lithium-ion secondary battery includes a temperature sensor obtaining the temperature of the lithium-ion secondary battery and a controller. The controller controls the charge and discharge of the lithium-ion secondary battery to maintain the temperature obtained by the temperature sensor at a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140239911 - Control circuit and method of battery branch in battery system: A control circuit of a battery branch in a battery system is provided. The control circuit includes a relay unit, a switch unit and a control unit. The relay unit is coupled to the battery branch. The switch unit is coupled in parallel with the relay unit. The control unit... Agent:

20140239910 - Current steering circuit and current steering method for controlling branch current flowing through branch: A current steering circuit for controlling a branch current flowing through a branch is provided. The branch is coupled to a first main switch. The current steering circuit includes a sensing device, a first auxiliary switch and a control unit. The sensing device is coupled to the branch and arranged... Agent:

20140239912 - Electricity storage device control system: In an electrical storage device management system, a control part monitors the temperatures of electrical storage cells. In electrical storage systems that are in a charging/discharging operating state, if the temperature of any of the electrical storage cells has reached a first threshold temperature, the control part switches an electrical... Agent: Toshiba Mitsubishi-electric Industrial Systems Corporation

20140239908 - Stationary electrical storage system and control method: A stationary electrical storage system includes: a stationary storage battery including nickel metal hydride secondary batteries; and a controller repeatedly carrying out charging with an external power supply and discharging to supply electric power to a load, stopping discharging to the load when an SOC of any secondary battery has... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140239916 - Protective case with switch cover: A protective case can house a portable electronic device. The portable electronic device can have a switch (e.g., for switching an operational mode of the portable electronic device). The protective case can have a switch cover that engages the switch of the portable electronic device when the portable electronic device... Agent: Mophie, Inc.

20140239917 - Energy harvesting system with selectively activatable harvesting interface, and method of energy harvesting: An energy-harvesting system includes a transducer to convert environmental energy into a harvesting electrical signal. A storage element stores electrical energy derived from conversion of the harvested environmental energy. A harvesting interface supplies an electrical charging signal to the storage element. The harvesting interface is selectively connected to the storage... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20140239918 - Combination and modified electrolyte to reduce risk of premature lithium ion battery failure, including in aircraft applications: A combined system reinforces the safety of lithium ion batteries by redesign of electrolyte and the charging current a) modifying the electrolyte to inhibit or prevent dendrite growth preferably by the addition of lithiated polyphenoxy polyethylene glycol and/or a second surface active compound chosen from the family of fluorosurfactants, and/or... Agent:

20140239919 - Inrush current limiting circuit: In various embodiments a circuit is provided including: an input terminal to receive an input voltage; a switch, a first controlled input of which being coupled to the input terminal; an inductor, a first terminal of which may be coupled in series to a second controlled input of the switch;... Agent:

20140239920 - Supercapacitor with metal cyanometallate anode and carbonaceous cathode: A method is provided for charging a supercapacitor. The method initially provides a supercapacitor with a metal cyanometallate (MCM) particle anode, an electrolyte including a salt (DB) made up of cations (D+) anions (B−), and a cathode including carbonaceous materials (□). The method connects an external charging device between the... Agent: Sharp Laboratories Of America, Inc.

08/21/2014 > 38 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140232321 - Charging control system and device: A charging control system for charging a secondary battery from a solar battery, including a first path for transmitting power from the solar battery to the secondary battery, a second path for sensing the voltage of the secondary battery, and a comparison unit for comparing the solar battery voltage with... Agent: Lapis Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

20140232319 - Thermal energy harvesting for dispensing system: Among other things, one or more systems and/or techniques for harvesting thermal energy for utilization by a dispensing system are provided herein. The dispensing system may comprise one or more thermal scavenging devices configured to collect thermal energy from a user. For example, a first thermal scavenging device, coupled to... Agent: Gojo Industries, Inc.

20140232320 - Unit: Increasing numbers of users across the world are increasingly wedded to their electronic devices, particularly portable electronic devices such as laptops, netbooks, portable gaming machines, smartphones or more generally cellphones. Accordingly the present invention provides a unit for charging mobile devices, comprising at least one lockable compartment, at least two... Agent:

20140232322 - Selective current reduction enabled with electrically deactivated key fob: Smart key fob with an integrated rechargeable battery and a replaceable battery. Transfer of charge from the replaceable battery to the rechargeable battery is configured to occur only during a period of time when the key fob remains motionless to reduce RF interference with polling operation of the key fob's... Agent:

20140232323 - Charging system and charging method for use in electric vehicle: A charging system includes a charging station. The charging station includes a charging unit, an input unit, a first communication interface, and a controlling unit. The input unit receives a model number message and a destination of an electric vehicle. The first communication interface receives a residual energy quantity message... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20140232324 - Battery charging system: A battery charging system comprises a battery charger, a first battery, a second battery connected in series with the first battery, and first and second voltage regulation circuits. The battery charger provides a charging output to the series-connected first and second batteries. The first voltage regulation circuit is connected in... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140232326 - Battery pack and charger platform for power tool systems including battery pack identification scheme: A battery pack and charger platform including a voltage coupling circuit comprising an input that receives an input voltage and an output that sends an output voltage, a voltage monitoring circuit having an input coupled to the voltage coupling circuit output and an output, and a power source having an... Agent: Black & Decker Inc.

20140232327 - Charger and method of controlling charger: A charger configured to charge a battery, is provided with a controller configured to control charging of the battery and a communication interface interposed between the controller and an accounting system. The controller waits for an input of a signal from the accounting system via the communication interface. The controller... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd

20140232325 - Display devices, wireless charging system including display devices, and methods of operating the display devices: A display device includes a display panel including at least one electrode, and a panel driving unit configured to drive the display panel. The display device further includes a power storage unit configured to store received power, and a switching unit configured to electrically connect the at least one electrode... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140232333 - Adjusting operation of an electronic device in response to a sudden-power-off (spo) event: A mobile device includes at least one power source, a sudden-power-off (SPO) estimator, and a system. The SPO estimator is configured to detect a state of the at least one power source, determine a probability of an SPO event occurring, and generate an SPO state signal indicating the determined probability... Agent:

20140232332 - Charging circuit for an energy storage device, and method for charging an energy storage device: A charging circuit for an energy storage device having an inductive transmitter element designed to inductively receive a charging AC voltage. In one embodiment, a rectifier is coupled to the inductive transmitter element and designed to convert the received charging AC voltage into a charging DC voltage. The energy storage... Agent:

20140232336 - Charging station: A charging station for inductively charging an electric vehicle includes a movable primary coil that can generate a magnetic field in order to charge the electric vehicle. The primary coil is mounted in a movable manner in such a way that the coil can be moved by the electric vehicle... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140232335 - Contactless charging module, contactless charging device, and method of manufacturing contactless charging module: A contactless charging module, a contactless charging device, and a method of manufacturing the contactless charging module, wherein a magnetic sheet can be prevented from being damaged and giving an adverse effect on power transmission characteristic, by adopting a flexible magnetic sheet having slits, and wherein power transmission efficiency of... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140232328 - Multi-purpose interface for a portable electronic device: A multi-purpose band for use with a portable electronic device comprises a base link, an interface link, and a coupling link. The base link is joined to the interface link by an interface support hinge, and the coupling link is joined among the base link, and the interface link. The... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140232334 - Reconfigurable coil techniques: Techniques are disclosed involving reconfigurable coils. Such coils may be used in applications, including (but not limited to) wireless charging and near field communications (NFC). For instance, a reconfigurable coil may include a first conductive portion and a second conductive portion. Two or more configurations may be established. These configurations... Agent:

20140232329 - Variable orientation for charging coils: An aspect provides an information handling device, including: one or more processors; a memory device assessable to the one or more processors and storing code executable by the one or more processors; one or more rechargeable batteries providing power to one or more of the one or more processors and... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20140232331 - Vehicle wireless charging pad mounting systems: This disclosure provides systems, methods, and apparatuses for mounting vehicle wireless charging pads to other structures, such as a vehicle underbody or frame. In one aspect, a mounting system including a cover adapted to enclose a vehicle wireless charging pad is provided. The cover includes mounting brackets integrally formed in... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140232330 - Wirelessly rechargeable battery and power transmitter: A wirelessly rechargeable battery is provided having coils oriented off major battery axes to facilitate good coupling with power transmitter magnetic fields. A magnetic core may house charging electronics for a compact form factor. A wireless power transmitter that produces fields to maximize coupling with receiver coils.... Agent: Powerbyproxi Limited

20140232340 - Battery use optimization utilizing a reserve fleet: A system for the management of a fleet of battery powered vehicles using a paradigm of a reserve pool of vehicles as opposed to a reserve fleet of batteries. In this system, a reserve pool of vehicles is always maintained in a ready state such that vehicles being returned with... Agent:

20140232338 - Power conduit, charging device, and method of charging a power storage device: A power conduit for charging a power storage device of a vehicle includes an output terminal and locking mechanism operatively disposable in one of an engaged and a disengaged position. The locking mechanism locks the output terminal to the vehicle when the locking mechanism is in the engaged position and... Agent: General Electric Company

20140232337 - Systems and methods for charging multiple vehicle rechargeable energy storage systems: Systems and methods for charging multiple rechargeable energy storage systems (“RESSs”) included in one or more vehicles using a single charging system are presented. In some embodiments, a method for charging one or more RESSs may include receiving an indication that one or more charging ports of a plurality of... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140232339 - Systems and methods for in-vehicle charging of pallet jack batteries: Systems and methods for in-vehicle charging of pallet jack batteries are provided. An example system allows using a power source of a host vehicle configured to provide power at voltage levels lower than the operating voltage of the pallet jack battery stack. The system may allow, for example, charging a... Agent:

20140232341 - Charging stand: A charging stand 100 comprises a housing 110 having a seat portion 114 for placing an electronic apparatus 300 thereon and a charging mechanism for charging the electronic apparatus 300 when the electronic apparatus 300 is placed on the seat portion 114. A cord winding structure 140 for winding thereon... Agent: Nec Infrontia Corporation

20140232343 - Portable charging apparatus: The present invention relates to portable charging apparatus suited for a handheld electronic device, a power supply for use in a portable charging device and a portable charging apparatus for recharging a handheld electronic device. In one embodiment, a portable charging apparatus for a handheld electronic device having a housing... Agent: Sandal PLC

20140232342 - Portable motion activated cell phone charger utilizing a shelled torus permanent magnet generator: A portable motion activated cell phone charger utilizing a shelled torus permanent magnet generator to generates electricity by kinetic energy imparted by the user if strapped to the arm or leg when jogging or may also be waved in the hand in an oscillating motion to generate electricity which is... Agent:

20140232346 - Active cell and module balancing for batteries or other power supplies: A system configured to actively balance power among power cells such as batteries. The system includes a power module of series-coupled power cells, each exhibiting different charge levels during charging and discharging. A power module includes active cell balancing circuitry configured to substantially balance the charges of the power cells... Agent: National Semiconductor Corporation

20140232344 - Circuit and method for voltage equalization in large batteries: A battery equalization circuit is provided, comprising: a positive battery node connected to a positive terminal of a monitored battery cell contained in a battery circuit that includes a plurality of other battery cells connected in series with the monitored battery cell; a negative battery node connected to a negative... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20140232345 - Switch circuit, semiconductor device, and battery device: There is provided a semiconductor device capable of preventing the passage of current that is unexpected in a circuit operation even in the case of reverse connection, thus ensuring higher safety. The semiconductor device has a switch circuit which includes: a first transistor; a second transistor having a drain thereof... Agent: Seiko Instruments Inc.

20140232347 - Circuit and method for battery equalization: A battery equalization circuit is provided, including: a positive battery node connecting to a positive node of a battery cell in a battery circuit with a plurality of other battery cells; a negative battery node connected to a negative node of the battery cell; a transformer winding receiving an AC... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20140232348 - Battery holder for battery-powered sensor: A battery holder for use with a battery-powered sensor may be configured such that removing the battery involves at least two distinct motions. The battery holder may include a cradle and a resilient retention strap configured to be deflectable between relaxed and deflected positions. With the retention strap in the... Agent: Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

20140232349 - Metal/oxygen battery with multistage oxygen compression: A vehicular battery system includes an oxygen reservoir having a first outlet and a first inlet, a multistage compressor supported by the vehicle and having a second inlet and a second outlet, the second outlet operably connected to the first inlet, a cooling system operably connected to the multistage compressor... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140232350 - Battery backup system and battery backup module thereof: A battery backup system includes a base and a plurality of battery backup modules. The base has a plurality of receiving portions. Each of the battery backup modules includes a first modular casing, a microcontroller, an energy storage unit and a DC-DC converting circuit. The microcontroller is disposed in the... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20140232352 - Method and device to monitor the current of a battery-operated handheld power tool: b

20140232351 - Voltage monitoring apparatus of assembled battery: A voltage monitoring apparatus of an assembled battery has a voltage monitoring section that monitors each voltage of the assembled battery formed by a plurality of cells, and a power supply circuit that acquires a voltage from the assembled battery to generate a power supply voltage of low voltage, and... Agent: Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140232353 - Apparatuses and methods for removing defective energy storage cells from an energy storage array: Apparatuses and methods for removing a defective energy storage cell from an energy storage array is described. An apparatus includes an energy storage array including a plurality of energy storage cells, and a cell removal circuit coupled to the energy storage array. The cell removal circuit is configured to prevent... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20140232354 - Metal/oxygen battery with multistage oxygen compression: A vehicular battery system includes a vehicular battery system stack including at least one negative electrode including a form of lithium, an oxygen reservoir having a first outlet operably connected to the vehicular battery system stack, a multistage compressor having a first inlet operably connected to the vehicular battery system... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140232355 - Vehicle charging control apparatus and vehicle equipped with the same: A charger is configured to charge a power storage device. An ECU is configured to control charging of the power storage device by the charger. While charging of the power storage device is not executed, the ECU operates in a sleep mode in which power consumption is smaller than that... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140232356 - Electric vehicle battery management: The disclosure is related to a battery management of an electric vehicle. Particularly, the disclosure relates to performing the battery management according to a ‘state of charge’ (SOC) management condition predetermined for an electric vehicle battery.... Agent: Kt Corporation

08/14/2014 > 20 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140225555 - Alternator control system and method: An alternator control system for an alternator having an internal output voltage regulator that measures and regulates the charging voltage through an internal feedback line may include a switch on the internal feedback line; a variable voltage source connected to the internal output voltage regulator; an external feedback line configured... Agent: Canadus Power Systems, LLC

20140225556 - Electronic apparatus charging base and power-supply control method thereof: An electronic apparatus charging base is disclosed. The electronic apparatus charging base is provided for charging at least one electronic apparatus and can be electrically connected to an external power source. The electronic apparatus charging base includes a base, a battery, and a control system. The base includes at least... Agent: Gunitech Corp

20140225557 - System for performing recharging and data communication: A system is provided for performing recharging and data communication. The system includes a terminal and a connection device that connects the terminal and an external device, and that selectively provides the terminal with a recharging function, a data communication function, and a recharging and data communication function, according to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140225560 - Battery with integrated wireless power receiver and/or rfid: A battery includes one or more rechargeable cells, a wireless power coil, a battery charger circuit, and may further include an RFID module. The wireless power coil is operable to generate an AC voltage from a wireless power electromagnetic field. The battery charger circuit is operable to generate a battery... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140225561 - Charging device: A charging device is provided with a charger, a charging time setting unit and a usage latency calculation unit. The charger is configured to charge a vehicle battery. The charging time setting unit sets a charging time for charging the vehicle battery. The usage latency calculation unit calculates a latency... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd

20140225558 - Device and method for controlling charging path of mobile terminal: A device and method for controlling a charging path of a mobile terminal are provided. The charging path control device of a mobile terminal includes a power supply unit touch screen uniting a battery. The charging path control device also includes a charging unit configured to charge the battery by... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140225559 - Motor-driven travelling body and high-speed charge method for motor-driven travelling body: An electrically-driven mobile body (50) which includes a power storing means (85) storing DC power supplied by an external power supply apparatus (10) and is driven with DC power stored in the power storing means (85), includes: a charge controlling means (80) for controlling DC power supplied by the power... Agent: Institute For Energy Application Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140225563 - Power transmitting device, vehicle, and power transfer system: A power transmitting device includes: a power transmitting portion that contactlessly transmits electric power to a power receiving portion spaced apart from the power transmitting portion; a first coil unit that is spaced apart from the power transmitting portion and that supplies electric power to the power transmitting portion; and... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140225562 - Wirelessly rechargeable battery and components thereof: A receiver coil assembly for a wirelessly rechargeable battery including first and second transverse coils and a third coil encompassing the first and second coils. The receiver coil may be employed in a power receiver of a wirelessly rechargeable battery. Also disclosed is a wirelessly rechargeable battery having a power... Agent:

20140225564 - Conditioning an electric grid using electric vehicles: A grid to vehicle system is described. In some examples, the system selectively controls one or more electric vehicles connected to an electric grid based on conditions associated with the electric grid. For example, the system may control charging operations of the electric vehicles based on load balancing conditions associated... Agent: Recargo, Inc.

20140225565 - Method and apparatus for providing electrical energy: Electrical energy is made available incrementally for at least one session (for example for charging an electric vehicle), i.e. to prevent, by way of the delayed provision of the electrical energy, the occurrence of brief severe loading of the energy network. For example, a newly determined load distribution can lead... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140225567 - Method and device for charging an energy store of a vehicle: When an energy store of a vehicle is charged via a charging device, a voltage (U) which is made available by the charging device, at a terminal of the vehicle, is measured. A charging current (I) which is made available by the charging device and which charges the energy store... Agent: Volkswagen Ag

20140225566 - Scalable intelligent power supply system and method: A scalable intelligent power-supply system and method capable of powering a defined load for a specified period of time is disclosed and claimed. Multiple external AC and DC inputs supply power to the system if available and required. An internal DC input from a back-up energy source is on board.... Agent:

20140225568 - Gate driving circuit and battery management system including the same: There are provided a gate driving circuit and a battery management system including the same. The gate driving circuit is coupled to a gate of a charging switch through a charging pin. The gate driving circuit includes a first transistor for performing a switching operation in accordance with a gate... Agent: Fairchild Korea Semiconductor Ltd.

20140225569 - Driving method of electrochemical device: When a hole in a separator is clogged, the cycle characteristics of a battery might be lowered and the internal resistance of a battery might be increased to reduce the output. Thus, a means for suppression of or recovery from degradation due to a clogged separator in a battery such... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20140225570 - Secondary battery control device: A control device of a secondary battery has a current detection unit (103) that detects a charge current to the secondary battery (101) and a discharge current from the secondary battery (101); a calculation unit (107) that calculates, from the charge current and the discharge current, a charge-discharge efficiency and... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd

20140225571 - Control device and control method for nonaqueous secondary battery: A control device that controls discharge of a nonaqueous secondary battery in order that discharge electric power of the nonaqueous secondary battery does not exceed an upper limit value includes a current sensor and a controller. The controller calculates an evaluation value for evaluating a first deterioration component based on... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140225572 - Method and device for the optimized recharging of an electric battery: A method for the optimized recharging of the electric battery of at least one electric system, particularly an electric vehicle, using an electric recharging device, in which the electric battery is recharged during at least one charging time interval which is part of an available charging time period initiated by... Agent: Electricite De France

20140225573 - Rechargeable electrical device: The charging current value in the first trickle charge after the rapid charge is differentiated from the charging current value in the second and subsequent trickle charge. Thus, for example, in the first trickle charge, charging can be performed with the charging current value required to simultaneously activate and charge... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140225574 - System and method for charging an energy source of a portable electronic device: A method and system to charge efficiently and safely batteries that power an electronic device and are comprised in an electronic device. The method and system performs measurement of electrical currents flowing in different branches of an electrical circuit that comprises the batteries and determines if there if there is... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

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