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Electricity: battery or capacitor charging or discharging

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05/14/2015 > 32 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.
05/07/2015 > 30 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150123597 - Battery-charging apparatus and method of electronic device: A charging apparatus and a method for a battery-powered electronic device are provided. The charging method includes detecting a connection of a charger, checking a charging power and a discharging power of a battery while charging the battery with an output of the charger, determining whether the electronic device is... Agent:

20150123601 - Bidirectional energy converter with controllable filter stage: The invention provides a bidirectional converter that operates under an AC generation mode or a charge mode. The bidirectional converter may be a single component or circuit, which may include a DC-DC conversion stage using a unique “Smith 2 Stage conversion” technique and a DC-AC conversion stage or AC-DC conversion... Agent:

20150123596 - Charging device: A charging device for charging a storage battery includes a converter module which converts AC power into DC power, and a charging management module which includes a communication unit for data exchange with an external device, a DC charging unit for receiving the DC power, a processing unit receiving input... Agent: Jiunn Yeh Electronic Co., Ltd.

20150123594 - Charging device with auto-on circuit and system: An electronic device having an auto-on circuit is provided. The electronic device can include a power supply or charging circuit and a control circuit. The control circuit can cause the power supply or charging circuit to deliver energy to an external device. The auto-on circuit can activate the control circuit... Agent:

20150123598 - Detachable charging system for a vehicle: A detachable charging system for a vehicle including an interface device that receives power from the vehicle and outputs the power to a detachable charging unit that detachably couples with and electrically connects to the interface device. The detachable charging unit includes a power storage device. The detachable charging unit... Agent:

20150123593 - Hanging folder device charging system: A device charging system includes a base that has two opposing rim edges that are substantially parallel to each other and are spaced apart by a width corresponding to a hanging folder rail width. Several jacks are on a surface of the base, each is electrically connected to a source... Agent:

20150123595 - Intelligent context based battery charging: Aspects disclosed include systems and methods for context based battery charging. In one aspect, context information about usage patterns of an electronic device is used to customize charging a rechargeable battery. In one aspect, a predictive engine accesses context information and generates a predicted charge duration. A charging application customizes... Agent:

20150123599 - Method for rapid charging and electronic device thereof: A method and an apparatus for rapid charging in an electronic device are provided. In a method for charging a battery of an electronic device, an operation environment of the electronic device is determined. A charging current corresponding to the operation environment of the electronic device is set. Battery charging... Agent:

20150123600 - Self-contained automatic battery charging systems and methods: There is disclosed in an embodiment, a charger having a PCB that enable input AC power to flow into the system. A first high frequency switchmode converter converts AC input power into DC power and to provide active power factor correction. The converter comprising a high frequency isolation transformer providing... Agent:

20150123603 - Board assembly and electronic device including the same: There is provided a wireless power transmitter, including: a board having circuit wiring thereon; a connector mounted on a surface of the board; a terminal pin formed on one side of the connector and penetrating through the board; and a battery provided on the other surface of the board to... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150123607 - Charging support method, charging support management device, and charging support system: A system 100 includes a plurality of electronic apparatuses 1 which have a function of feeding power of a battery 11 to other electronic apparatuses and a function of receiving power from other electronic apparatuses and charging the battery 11, a management server 50, and a database 40. The management... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150123602 - Energy transfer optimization by detecting and mitigating magnetic saturation in wireless charging with foreign object detection: A method is provided for optimizing wireless charging of a mobile device by a wireless charger. The method comprises determining whether magnetic saturation occurred in at least one of the mobile device and the wireless charger during a first wireless transmission of power from the wireless charger to the mobile... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20150123604 - Magnetic field shielding sheet for a wireless charger, method for manufacturing same, and receiving apparatus for a wireless charger using the sheet: Provided are a magnetic field shield sheet for a wireless charger, which blocks an effect of an alternating-current magnetic field generated when a charger function for a portable mobile terminal device is implemented in a non-contact wireless manner on a main body of the portable mobile terminal device and exhibits... Agent:

20150123605 - Magnetic film having wireless charging radiator condition, method of manufacturing the same, and wireless charging device using the same: Since the magnetic film of the present invention has a much thinner thickness compared to a corresponding conventional magnetic layer and radiator coil material assembly and has no adhesive layer or air layer between the magnetic layer and the radiator, permeability required at the time of charging can be improved,... Agent:

20150123608 - Microprocessor controlled class e driver: A charger including a class E power driver, a frequency-shift keying (“FSK”) module, and a processor. The processor can receive data relating to the operation of the class E power driver and can control the class E power driver based on the received data relating to the operation of the... Agent:

20150123609 - Parking facility: A parking facility horizontally moving a pallet on which a vehicle is mounted, to store the vehicle in a storage space, includes: the pallet having magnetic field transmissibility in a portion corresponding with a power-receiving coil provided on a bottom surface of the vehicle; a power-supplying coil that is provided... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20150123606 - Wireless charging system with data tunneling: A media system for a vehicle. The media system comprises a vehicle interface, a wireless charger configured for wirelessly charging a personal electronic device, and a gateway. The gateway is coupled to the vehicle interface via a first communications bus conforming to a first protocol and to the wireless charger... Agent:

20150123612 - Adaptable input phase switching: A power supply unit (1) that is to be connected to different types of power supply networks includes an input (2) to receive AC power from the power supply network and an output (3) for providing power to an electrical device. The electrical device may for example be a computer,... Agent: Det International Holding Limited

20150123613 - Charger for electric vehicles with distributed power converter arbitration: The present application relates to a charger for electric vehicles, comprising at least two power exchange ports for vehicles, each port comprising a data communication connection for at least receiving a power request from a vehicle, and a power exchange connection for delivering power to a vehicle; at least one... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20150123611 - Electric vehicle: An electric vehicle is disclosed. The battery unit of the electric vehicle comprises a stationary battery and a removable battery which needs to be exchanged at a battery exchange station. Temporary power shortage problems caused by power supply through a single stationary battery or a single removable battery are solved... Agent: Isuda Recreation & Sports Co., Ltd.

20150123610 - Method for preparing the supply of power to a vehicle: A method for preparing the supply of electrical power to a vehicle having a supply device from a supply apparatus providing at least a supply voltage, wherein the vehicle and the supply apparatus are separate from one another and releasably electrically connectable to one another by a plug contact disposed... Agent:

20150123614 - Apparatus for storing and charging multiple batteries for power tools: A carrying case has portable hand tool battery chargers of different types mounted therein. The carrying case also has a central power strip for powering all of such multiple power tool chargers at the same time.... Agent:

20150123615 - Lithium battery pack and system for charging the same: A lithium battery pack according to the present invention has inherent information stored therein, which may include a nominal voltage, maximal voltage of the cells, range of temperature etc. A charging control signal is determined by a charging controller based on an identified state of the cells and the inherent... Agent: Chervon Intellectual Property Limited

20150123616 - Charger and electronic apparatus system: A charger capable of charging an electronic apparatus includes a charger main body having a power output unit which output charging power, a connection unit which is attached to the charger main body, which is configured to be connected to the electronic apparatus, and which is configured to supply the... Agent:

20150123618 - Balancing voltages between battery banks: A system that balances voltages between battery banks. The system includes battery banks, including a first bank and a second bank, and a first capacitor. The system also includes a first set of switching devices which selectively couple first and second terminals of the first capacitor to first and second... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150123617 - Virtual cell for battery thermal management: A system, method, and apparatus for virtual cells for battery thermal management are disclosed. The disclosed method involves sensing, with at least one temperature sensor, a temperature of at least one battery cell in a battery pack. The method further involves sensing, with at least one current sensor, at least... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150123620 - Charging device with auto-on circuit and system: An electronic device having an auto-on circuit is provided. The electronic device can include a charging circuit and a control circuit. The control circuit can cause the charging circuit to deliver energy to an external device. The auto-on circuit, which can include an active circuit, can activate the control circuit... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20150123621 - Charging method of secondary battery: Disclosed herein is a charging method of a secondary battery including a first charging step of charging the secondary battery at a first C-rate from an initial charge voltage to a first charge voltage and a second charging step of charging the secondary battery to a target voltage while gradually... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150123619 - Methods, systems, and products for charging batteries: Methods, systems, and products charge a battery in a vehicle. A charging station and the vehicle negotiate charging parameters. When the vehicle receives electrical power from the charging station, the vehicle checks the electrical power for the parameters. Should the electrical power fail to exhibit the parameters, charging is terminated.... Agent: At&t Intellectual I, L.p.

20150123622 - Distribution apparatus: Provided is a power system 1 including a distal distributor 5, an electric actuator 15a which receives a supply of power from the distal distributor 5, and a relay device 43. Regenerative power generated by the electric actuator 15a is output to a storage battery 27.... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 36 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150115866 - Electricity storage device for solar energy harvesting device: An electricity storage device for a solar energy harvesting device comprising at least a first electricity storage unit, at least a second electricity storage unit, a battery monitoring unit and a power converter. The second electricity storage unit is for coupled to an exterior power supply system which charges/discharges the... Agent:

20150115868 - Energy harvest and storage system and multi-sensor module: An embodiment includes a system, comprising: a circuit; an energy harvesting device configured to convert energy from the circuit to electrical energy; an energy storage device configured to store the electrical energy; and a power supply configured to supply power from the energy storage device, and multi-sensor module including such... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150115870 - Flexible wrist-worn recharging device: An electrical storage device incorporating embodiments of the invention is capable of converting and/or storing energy provided by light-radiation and ancillary power sources for use intended to provide electrical charge to battery operated and Mobile Electronic Devices. The preferred embodiment of the invention exhibits a form of a Wrist-Worn Device... Agent:

20150115869 - Modular solar power generator: A portable, modular solar array. The array includes a support structure configured to support a plurality of solar panel modules in a side-by-side co-planar arrangement. The support structure can be configured to support the modules in an elevated position to provide an overhead structure that shades an underlying area. The... Agent:

20150115867 - Solar energy harvesting protecting sheath and back-side cover for mobile device: The present disclosure provides a solar energy harvesting protecting sheath for installing to the back-side cover of a mobile device. The solar energy harvesting protecting sheath comprises a body, a solar energy receiving unit, a solar energy harvesting circuit, a thermal resistive layer and an energy transmission interface. A containing... Agent:

20150115871 - Wearable charging device controller and methods: Embodiments relate generally to wearable electrical and electronic hardware, software, wired and wireless network communications, and to wearable/mobile computing devices configured to communicate data. More specifically, disclosed are wearable charging devices, platforms and methods directed to charging, for example, wearable communication devices, such as a headset, among other devices. In... Agent: Aliphcorm

20150115875 - Charging circuit: A charging circuit for charging a rechargeable battery, the charging circuit includes: a switching element connected to a power supply; a pulse width controller configured to control open and close of the switching element; and a MOSFET arranged between the switching element and the rechargeable battery. The charging circuit may... Agent: Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corporation

20150115874 - Method and system for controlling charging of an energy storage device: The disclosure relates to a method for charging an energy storage device in a vehicle using a power supply, the method comprising: determining a first voltage output from the power supply; starting charging; determining a second voltage output from the power supply; determining a first voltage difference based on a... Agent:

20150115876 - Mobile robot, charging apparatus for the mobile robot, and mobile robot system: A charging apparatus is configured to charge a mobile robot. The mobile robot is configured to emit an optical pattern. The charging apparatus includes a main body configured to perform charging of the mobile robot as the mobile robot docks with the charging apparatus, and two or more position markers... Agent:

20150115873 - On-board charger for eco-friendly vehicle: An on-board charger for an eco-friendly vehicle includes a timer-type control pilot (CP) detection circuit, which is connected to electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) using a connector, that: i) detects a CP signal transmitted from the EVSE as an input signal via the connector, ii) outputs the CP signal as... Agent:

20150115872 - Power converter: The invention relates to a method and apparatus for calculating the input current being drawn by a power converter. The power converter may be connected to and charging a battery and the method includes the steps of measuring the current and voltage being supplied to the battery, along with the... Agent:

20150115884 - Controlling field distribution of a wireless power transmitter: Exemplary embodiments are directed to control of field distribution of a wireless power transmitter. A transmitter may include a transmit antenna configured to generate a field. The transmitter may further include least one parasitic antenna proximate the transmit antenna and configured to modify a distribution of the generated field.... Agent:

20150115877 - Method and system to mount a portable electronic device to wirelessly charge: A system and method for mounting and charging a portable electronic device on or in contiguity to a wireless charging device. The wireless power transferring and charging device includes a suction pump that provides a suction vacuum to mount/hold a portable electronic device onto an induction charging surface of the... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150115885 - Variable wireless power transmission: Exemplary embodiments are directed to variable power wireless power transmission. A method may include conveying wireless power to a device at a first power level during a time period. The method may further include conveying wireless power to one or more other devices at a second, different power level during... Agent:

20150115878 - Wireless charging device and control method thereof: There are provided a wireless charging device and a control method thereof, the wireless charging device including: a receiving module receiving power from the outside in a magnetic induction scheme or a magnetic resonance scheme to thereby charge a battery; and an input signal determining unit receiving an input signal... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150115879 - Wireless charging device and control method thereof: There are provided a wireless charging device and a control method thereof, the wireless charging device including: a first receiving module receiving power from the outside in a magnetic induction scheme to thereby charge a battery; a second receiving module receiving power from the outside in a magnetic resonance scheme... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150115883 - Wireless charging system with auto-detection: A wireless charging system with auto-detection with an inductive loop for detecting an induced electric field resulted from the approach of an electrical receiver device to determine whether the electrical receiver device is close enough and thus adjust the output to the inductive loop from the power loop.... Agent:

20150115882 - Wireless charging system with double detecting circuits: A wireless charging system with double detecting circuits comprises a detecting circuit connected to an inductive loop to detect the induced electric field of the inductive loop; an auxiliary detection circuit connected to a power loop to detect the induced electric field of the power loop, wherein when the waveform... Agent:

20150115880 - Wireless inductive charging of weapon system energy source: A charging system for the wireless inductive charging of an energy source in a weapon in a weapon system. The charging system includes a first portion of the weapon system, wherein the first portion has a first inductive coil therein, and a female receiver sized for receiving, in a male-female... Agent: Cynetic Designs Ltd.

20150115881 - Wireless power transceiver and portable terminal having the same: A wireless power transceiver for wirelessly charging a battery of a portable terminal may include a body having a storage space, a power receiving module stored in the body and receiving power wirelessly from an exterior in a preset scheme to charge the battery, and a power transmitting module stored... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150115888 - Charging device having adaptive input: The invention relates to a charging device (2) for a battery (5) of a motorised device, suitable for being supplied by a single-phase alternating input current, and suitable for being supplied by a multi-phase alternating input current, said charging device (2) including a first conversion module (3) and a second... Agent:

20150115889 - Charging system for motor vehicles: Electrical connection arrangement (32) for a charging system (10), especially for charging a vehicle battery (14) of a motor vehicle (12), comprising a first connecting element (28) that can be connected to a charging station (20) and that can establish electrical charging contact with the second connecting element (30) which... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150115886 - Electric vehicle charger and charging method: An example electric vehicle charging method includes charging a battery of a vehicle using an external power source, and adjusting the charging based on a predicted amount of charging generated when driving the vehicle from the external power source to a destination. The external power source is at a higher... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150115890 - Integrated battery unit with cooling and protection expedients for electric vehicles: Methods of and apparatus for removing heat generated by cells of a battery pack. The methods and apparatus may employ one or more fan modules disposed between or next to cells of the battery pack, or one or more fans directly mounted to the battery pack or battery pack case... Agent:

20150115891 - Power-sharing charging system, charging device, and method for controlling the same: The present disclosure provides a charging system including: at least two charging devices including at least two output units configured to supply connected automobiles with charging power, a first bus electrically connected to the output units and configured to transfer charging power to the output units, and a power processing... Agent:

20150115887 - Transport vehicle, charging system and electricity-generating tire: A transport vehicle includes a driving unit, a wheel and a charging system. The charging system includes an electricity-generating tire and a converting unit. The electricity-generating tire has a tire body mounted on the wheel, and a piezoelectricity generating unit disposed at the tire body and configured to output electricity... Agent: National Taiwan Normal University

20150115892 - Charging balancing system based on battery operating process and method thereof: A charging balancing system and method thereof based on a battery operating process and are disclosed. This is done by detecting a state of all cells in a detecting battery assembly to generate detection parameters, analyzing the detection parameters to produce an operating process, selecting at least one of residual... Agent: Metal Industries Research & Development Centre

20150115893 - Array-type multilayer ceramic electronic component and board having the same mounted thereon: An array-type multilayer ceramic electronic component includes a ceramic body including a plurality of first dielectric layers and a plurality of second dielectric layers, first and second internal electrodes disposed on the first dielectric layers and facing each other, third and fourth internal electrodes disposed on the second dielectric layers... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150115894 - Cooler having battery charging system: A portable cooler includes a cooler body formed of an insulating shell defining an interior storage section, a rechargeable battery, and a charging port coupled to the rechargeable battery to guide energy from the rechargeable battery to an external electrical device coupled to the port. The port may be, for... Agent:

20150115896 - Power storage device and power storage device control device: A power storage device includes a positive electrode, a negative electrode, and a non-aqueous electrolyte. The negative electrode comprises a plurality of types of negative electrode active materials, wherein each of the plurality of types has different lithium-ion absorption potentials.... Agent:

20150115895 - System and method of discharging high-voltage battery: A method of discharging a high-voltage battery is provided. The method includes demounting a communication connector of a battery management system (BMS) and connecting the BMS communication connector and a discharge system to enable communication between the BMS and the discharge system. Additionally, the method includes discharging the battery using... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150115897 - Universal power delivery cable, power delivery controller applied to a universal serial bus cable, and universal serial bus cable: A universal power delivery cable includes a first connector, a second connector, and a power delivery controller. The first connector is used for coupling a host, wherein the host has a power delivery function. The second connector is used for coupling an electronic device. When the first connector is coupled... Agent:

20150115898 - Portable power system: A power management system and method are disclosed. The system can be a high availability power delivery system. The system can be GPS tracked. The system can have multiple batteries, multiple input power sources, and multiple loads. The system can switch between the multiple batteries and the power source to... Agent: V5 Systems, Inc.

20150115899 - Method and apparatus for controlling charge of a low-voltage battery: A method and apparatus for controlling charge of a low-voltage battery are provided. The method includes assigning, by a controller, a preset voltage for the low-voltage battery based on an operating mode of a vehicle and a charge state of a high-voltage battery. In addition, the controller compares the preset... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150115901 - Quick discharge circuit: A quick discharge circuit includes a reference voltage source, a power supply voltage monitoring circuit, a control circuit, and a discharge circuit. The reference voltage source provides a threshold voltage for quick discharge; the power supply voltage monitoring circuit collects change conditions of a power supply voltage; the control circuit... Agent: Zte Corporation

20150115900 - Selectable upper voltage range monitoring circuit: A battery voltage measuring circuit for an implantable cardiac device is presented. Since the usable battery voltage for the device is limited to an upper range of voltages, the need for measuring lower voltages at which the battery is approaching end of life is of no use. The disclosed invention... Agent: Cameron Health, Inc.

04/23/2015 > 13 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150108939 - Photovoltaic controller and method for photovoltaic array: A photovoltaic controller for a photovoltaic array of photovoltaic cells. The photovoltaic controller incorporates a capacitor charge circuit electrically connected to each photovoltaic cell, cell capacitors connected to each photovoltaic cell by the capacitor charge circuit, capacitor charge switches, a capacitor discharge circuit electrically connected to each cell capacitor, an... Agent:

20150108940 - Electrical energy store device: An electrical energy store device includes at least two energy storage cells, which are interconnected in series in each case with at least one diode to form a neutral point, the charge states of the energy storage cells being balanceable with the aid of leakage currents of the diodes if... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150108941 - Self contained battery charger: Electrical current passed along a metallic non-generating coil oscillates towards the energy producing coil. The metallic coils are tightly woven around a nonconductive inner cylinder which serves the function of maintaining the integrity of the metallic energy generating and non-generating outer coils. This cylinder also provides housing for the internal... Agent:

20150108942 - Chargeable device: A chargeable device is disclosed. The chargeable device of the present invention comprises a main circuit module with a coil, and at least one integrated circuit module with a compensation capacitor operated with the coil.... Agent:

20150108945 - Device for wireless charging circuit: The present application discloses a device for wireless charging circuit, comprising: a primary circuit box, which comprises at least one first switch unit; a secondary circuit box, which comprises at least one second switch unit; a transmission plate, which comprises a primary inductor of a transformer and a primary compensation... Agent:

20150108943 - Hand tool case holding device: A hand tool case holding device includes at least one charging coil, a case accommodating area and a holding device housing, which includes a first outer side facing toward the case accommodating area. The holding device housing includes at least one second outer side, (a) which, in at least one... Agent:

20150108944 - Wireless charging method and device: A wireless charging method and device have been disclosed. The wireless charging device includes at least two electrodes arranged separately and used for contact with a conductive contact of a power receiving device, and a power supply circuit that is electrically connected to the electrodes and supplies power according to... Agent: Shenzhen Feifan Industrial Co., Ltd.

20150108946 - Charging cable for vehicle: A charging cable to charge an electric power storage device mounted on a vehicle with electric power from an external power source includes a switcher that switches the charging cable between a charging enable state where a charging of the electric power storage device is enabled and a charging disable... Agent:

20150108947 - Method and system for communication between a vehicle and a charging station for unlocking mechanical charging cable coupling: A method for communicating between an electric vehicle and a charging station for electrically charging at least one energy storage device of the electric vehicle. The electric vehicle is connected to the charging station during the charging process by a lockable mechanical coupling between a terminal of charging cable connected... Agent:

20150108948 - System for security and charging of handheld electronic devices of different charging voltages: A system for securing and charging handheld electronic devices of different charging voltages is disclosed. The system can include a security device with two charging ports to provide the ability to charge the battery of the handheld electronic device at two different charging voltages. The system can include an alarm... Agent:

20150108949 - Integrated multiple voltage energy storage system and method: An integrated multiple voltage battery system includes a first pair of output terminals, a second pair of output terminals, a plurality of first battery cells connected in series with each other and operatively connected to the first pair of output terminals, at least one second battery cell operatively connected to... Agent:

20150108950 - Battery pack, energy storage system including battery pack, and method of charging battery pack: A battery pack including: a battery including a battery cell; a temperature sensor for detecting a temperature of the battery; a cell voltage measuring unit for measuring a cell voltage of the battery cell and generating cell voltage data including a cell voltage value; a temperature measuring unit coupled to... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20150108951 - In-vehicle power storage device and control method thereof: An in-vehicle power storage device that discharges a battery in a case where collision of a vehicle is detected or predicted, and stops discharging the battery when an over-discharged state has not been reached, and a control method thereof. The in-vehicle power storage device includes: a battery mounted in a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

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