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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 18 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150145468 - Device and chip for controlling charging, and user terminal: A device, a system and a chip for controlling charging, and a user terminal are provided. The device for controlling charging includes: a battery detection circuit, a charging control circuit, a charging circuit and a charging interface circuit, wherein the charging circuit is connected with a battery, the battery detection... Agent:

20150145469 - Electronic device and car battery charger: An electronic device includes a heat-dissipating base, a first printed wiring board assembly, and a second printed wiring board assembly. The first printed wiring board assembly is disposed on the heat-dissipating base. The first printed wiring board assembly includes a first printed wiring board and at least one first electronic... Agent:

20150145470 - Micro-energy harvesting device for space-limited applications: Implementations of the present invention relate to apparatuses, systems, and methods for harvesting mechanical energy from micro-energy sources and converting that energy into electrical energy. Such mechanical energy sources may be from common motions or processes such as the movement of cars or people. A device for the harvesting of... Agent:

20150145467 - Rechargeable battery temperature detection method, power management device and electronic system: A rechargeable battery temperature detection method adapted to an electronic system includes detecting a status of a processor of the electronic system when an external power is input to a power conversion module of the electronic system; determining whether a thermistor of the electronic system is conducted to a fuel... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150145471 - Bank card presence detection to avoid a wireless charger demagnetizing a bank card: Various embodiments relate to a method, machine-readable medium, and a system for preventing demagnetization of a magnetically sensitive object comprising detecting, by a first identification sensor at a wireless charging transceiver, a foreign object; determining, by a processor using information from the first identification sensor, whether the foreign object is... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20150145474 - Device for wireless charging of a terminal, intended to be installed in an automobile: A device (100) for wireless electrical charging, intended to be installed in an automobile has a coil referred to as the “emitter coil” and a circuit for supplying the emitter coil, a first part (101) and a second part (102), at least one of which can move relative to the... Agent:

20150145475 - Efficiency and flexiblity in inductive charging: A system and method for improved efficiency and flexibility in inductive charging. In accordance with an embodiment, the system comprises a base unit having one or more primary coils, wherein each primary coil is configured so that when a current is passed through it, a magnetic field is generated in... Agent:

20150145473 - Method for transmitting data and wireless charger for implementing same: A method for transmitting data and a wireless charging equipment using the same are disclosed. When the wireless charger transmits data, an output current of the wireless charger is controlled at a preset current value so that there is a higher variation in amplitude of a current or a voltage... Agent:

20150145472 - Motor vehicle having an energy storage device: A motor vehicle is disclosed having an energy storage device that is replenished with energy by inductive coupling with a fixed inductive charging point using a vehicle mounted inductive coupling member. A three dimensional positioning mechanism is used to position the inductive coupling member so that it is aligned with... Agent:

20150145477 - Method and device for charging electric vehicle in power system: A method and a device for charging an electric vehicle in a power system are provided. The method includes: obtaining a first electric vehicle connected to the power system, and obtaining a rated charging power and a first charging requirement; determining a first charging period corresponding to the first electric... Agent:

20150145478 - Method and device for charging electric vehicle in power system: A method and a device for charging an electric vehicle in a power system are provided. The method includes: obtaining a plurality of electric vehicles connected to the power system at a dispatching time, and obtaining a rated charging power and a charging requirement at the dispatching time; determining a... Agent:

20150145476 - Power supply apparatus: A power supply apparatus includes: a connection unit to which a battery pack is connected; a power conversion unit which converts direct current power output from the battery pack via the connection unit into a first power; a power plug which is connected to an external power source; a power... Agent:

20150145479 - Status indicating electric vehicle charging station, lightguide assembly and methods: An electric vehicle charging apparatus is disclosed. The electric vehicle charging apparatus has a housing having a body, and a light guide assembly adapted to display a status of the electric vehicle charging apparatus as a halo. The light guide assembly generates and displays one or more colors, flashing lights,... Agent:

20150145480 - High capacity batteries with on-demand fast charge capability: An embodiment provides an apparatus, including: apparatus components; a battery pack comprising a high charge rate cell component, the battery pack supplying power to one or more of the apparatus components; a processor; and a memory device accessible to the processor and storing code executable by the processor to: apply... Agent:

20150145481 - Battery control device and electricity storage device: A battery control device that controls a battery module in which a plurality of cell groups, in each of which a plurality of cells are connected in series, are connected in series or series-parallel, includes: a plurality of cell controller ICs that control each of the plurality of cell groups;... Agent:

20150145483 - Device of controlling charge and discharge of battery, method and storage medium: A device of controlling a charge and discharge of a battery, the device includes, a storing device configured to store a plurality of charge and discharge control plans and an unplanned use history list, and a control device configured to acquire the charge and discharge state of a first battery,... Agent:

20150145482 - Novel lithium ion batteries: A lithium ion battery having a plurality of cells connected in series, in parallel, or both internally within a sealed case. Also provided is a lithium ion battery having externally connected cells.... Agent: Lanyang Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

20150145484 - Protection circuit for secondary battery, battery protection module, battery pack, and method: A protection circuit for protecting a secondary battery includes a controller that closes a charging path for charging the secondary battery with a charger when a charge preventing condition is satisfied, the charging path being between a terminal of the secondary battery and an input-output terminal for connecting the charger... Agent: Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.

05/21/2015 > 40 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150137733 - Electronic apparatus and method of charging the same: An electronic apparatus includes a user interface configured to display preset information, a battery configured to supply a power to the user interface, and a charger provided with a vibrator that is movable in the electronic apparatus and configured to convert kinetic energy caused by movement of the vibrator into... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20150137731 - Protection case: A protection case for protecting a wearable electronic device includes: a protection case body that comprises first and second cases; and one or more coupling parts that are provided in the protection case body. The coupling parts couple the first and second cases to each other and couple the wearable... Agent:

20150137732 - Wireless charging storage stand: The present disclosure provides a wireless charging storage stand comprising a body and a power control circuit. The body has a plurality of containing portions. Each containing portion comprises a wireless charging unit, a wireless charging indication unit and a sensing circuit. The wireless charging unit is coupled to the... Agent: Auden Techno Corp.

20150137734 - Power management in electronic device case: A method of performing power management in a protective case for a mobile computing device is provided. The method includes receiving electrical current from a power source connected to the protective case. The methods also includes commanding the mobile computing device to consume no more than a specified amount of... Agent:

20150137736 - Charge balancing in a battery: A device for balancing charge in a battery (2) having a set of electrochemical storage cells (C1, C2, . . . , CR), and a charging means (R1, . . . , Rs) able to recharge a plurality of combinations of at least one cell, in which for each combination... Agent:

20150137735 - Flash charger for electric/hybrid vehicles in locations with limited electrical service: A matrix of immobile batteries/battery packs automatically connected in optimized serial/parallel structure to provide optimum current at optimum potential to charge a mobile battery pack in the shortest practical time by direct DC connection. The immobile matrix, immobile battery packs or individual immobile batteries can be charge from limited electric... Agent:

20150137741 - Adaptive charging technique and circuitry for a battery/cell using multiple charge circuits and temperature data: A system to recharge a battery including a first current-voltage source to generate a first signal, a second current-voltage source to generate a second signal, a first inductor-capacitor circuit to generate the first DC current-voltage signal using the first signal, a second inductor-capacitor circuit to generate the second DC current-voltage... Agent:

20150137739 - Charging system, charging system control method, and control program: [Means for solving the problems] An operation combination determination unit 145 selects a case of which a charger's electric power consumption is between a charger's maximum electric power consumption and a charger's minimum electric power consumption from a database 146, selects a table corresponding to a remaining amount of a... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150137738 - Desk storage device with power charging function: A desk storage device includes a housing including an accommodation chamber, a front cover panel for controlling access to the accommodation chamber and a plurality of partition boards adjustably mounted in the accommodation chambers at selected elevations and defining an insertion slot between each two adjacent partition boards for storing... Agent: Chung Chiao Holding Corp.

20150137737 - Power supply system for well: Provided is a power supply system capable of being used in a well over a long period of time. A power supply system for a well according to the present invention includes a secondary battery having an operating temperature range including a temperature of the inside of a well and... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20150137740 - System and method for mobile charging: Provided is a mobile charging system, e.g., implemented on a movable cart, that can be easily wheeled or carried to a location of a vehicle. The mobile charging system can be used to not only jumpstart or booster battery, but also to fully charge the battery. In this way, the... Agent:

20150137745 - Hand tool case holding device: A hand tool case holding device including a holding device housing, a case accommodating area, and a charging coil, which is provided for the purpose of transferring energy into a hand tool case situated in the case accommodating area. It is provided that the hand tool case holding device includes... Agent:

20150137748 - Non-contact power supply device and non-contact power supply method: There are provided a non-contact power supply device and a non-contact power supply method, in which a short beacon is transmitted to recognize a power receiving device, a long beacon is transmitted to wake-up a communications circuit of the power receiving device, and charging power is transmitted in a contactless... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150137747 - Photoluminescent disinfecting and charging bin: A charging and disinfecting tray for a vehicle is disclosed. The charging and disinfecting tray comprises a wireless charger for charging an electronic device and a lighting apparatus. The lighting apparatus comprises a disinfecting apparatus, which incorporates at least one photoluminescent indicator. A controller is in communication with the wireless... Agent:

20150137750 - Systems and methods for wireless power and data transfer for electronic devices: Exemplary embodiments are directed to wireless power. A wireless charging device may comprise a charging region configured for placement of one or more chargeable devices. The charging device may further include at least one transmit antenna configured for transmitting wireless power within the charging region. Furthermore, the charging device is... Agent:

20150137744 - Transmitter apparatus of wireless power transmission system for charging vehicle: A transmitter apparatus of a wireless power transmission system for charging a vehicle includes a parking stopper configured to be fixedly mounted on a ground of a parking space. A transmitter is configured to be connected to the parking stopper and to include a transmitter coil which generates a magnetic... Agent:

20150137749 - Wireless charging apparatus and wireless charging method: A wireless charging apparatus and a wireless charging method are provided. The method includes selecting at least one of a wireless power reception mode and a wireless power transmission mode by a wireless charging apparatus, wirelessly receiving electric power when the wireless power reception mode is selected, and wirelessly transmitting... Agent:

20150137742 - Wireless charging receiving device and wireless charging system using the same: A wireless charging receiving device includes a body, a metal housing, a receiving coil, and a power storage device. The metal housing is coupled to the body to form an accommodating space. The metal housing includes an aperture and at least one slit. The slit interconnects the aperture and the... Agent: Htc Corporation

20150137743 - Wireless charging system and wireless charging method: A wireless charging system, which includes a chargeable element and a wireless power supply, is provided. The wireless power supply is configured for generating a wireless power signal to charge the chargeable element, in which the wireless power supply is further configured for detecting a power type required by the... Agent: Inventec Corporation

20150137746 - Wireless power transfer device and wireless charging system having same: The present specification provides a wireless power transfer device formed to transmit power to a wireless power reception device, and a power transfer unit in the wireless power transfer device comprises: a first coil formed to generate a magnetic field so as to transmit power in an induction scheme; and... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150137751 - Apparatus for rapid charging using onboard power electronics and method of manufacturing same: An apparatus for rapid charging using onboard power electronics includes a DC bus, a first energy storage device coupled to the DC bus and configured to output a DC voltage, a first bi-directional voltage modification assembly coupled to the DC bus, and a high-impedance voltage source coupleable to the DC... Agent: General Electric Company

20150137753 - Charging demand verification method of -eco-friendly vehicle and system used therein: In a charging demand verification method of an eco-friendly vehicle (EV), an eco-friendly vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) receives a charging request from a communication controller of eco-friendly vehicle (EVCC). The EVSE receives an identification code value (PEVID), a moving distance value, and a request charging value from the EVCC. The... Agent: Ajou University Industry - Academic Cooperation Foundation

20150137756 - Charging inlet device: A charging inlet device includes: a connector housing provided, on a front wall thereof, with terminal insertion holes through which mating terminals are inserted; a cap arranged to be movable between a closed position where the cap is attached to the front wall to block the terminal insertion holes and... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150137754 - Charging system, vehicle comprising the same and method for controlling charging vehicle with the same: A charging system for a vehicle, a vehicle comprising the charging system, and a method for controlling charging a vehicle with the charging system are provided. The charging system comprises: a battery; a first charging branch comprising a first rectifying unit and a first charging interface, in which the battery... Agent:

20150137755 - Electric vehicle: An electric vehicle includes a battery, a charging lid, a vehicle-side charging connector, a contactor, a contactor welding detector, a DC inlet cover, a DC lock mechanism, and a lock controller. The battery is to be charged with power supplied from an external power supply. The vehicle-side charging connector is... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150137752 - Vehicle-to-grid control: There is provided a system and a computer-implemented method for storing electrical charge in an electric vehicle connected to a charging station. The method includes: attaining a minimum State of Charge (SOC) for the electric vehicle; determining a time to charge the electric vehicle to a maximum SOC; maintaining an... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150137757 - Self unplugging power connector with load current sensing: A self unplugging power connector for charging mobile devices is provided. The self unplugging power connector includes electrical contact members for an electrical outlet, a release mechanism to remove the electrical contact members from the outlet and a current sensing circuit to activate the release mechanism when the circuit senses... Agent:

20150137759 - Automated mobile device battery charging kiosks: The present invention relates to apparatuses and methods for charging mobile devices. More particularly, the present invention relates to a charging station where individuals, who are in need of charging their mobile devices but do not have access to a personal charger, can charge their devices for a small fee... Agent:

20150137758 - Charger: A pair of right and left fixing holes and a pair of strap attachment holes are provided on a rear surface of a main body housing at a position which does not protrude from a side area S in a planar view. A bottom edge portion of an upper recessed... Agent:

20150137762 - Charging apparatus for mobile device and multi-station charging apparatus using the same: Charging apparatuses are provided for charging mobile devices while sterilizing the mobile devices via UV illumination. Such a charging device can include a charging apparatus case having a slot structured to receive a mobile device. The front and rear surfaces of the mobile device are exposed to inner walls of... Agent:

20150137760 - Holding structure: A holding structure adapted to an electronic device is provided. The holding structure includes a base, a carrying component and a position-limiting component. The carrying component is pivoted to the base and adapted to carry the electronic device. The position-limiting component is pivoted to the base. When the electronic device... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150137761 - Holding structure: A holding structure adapted to an electronic device is provided. The holding structure includes a base, at least one positioning assembly and a position-limiting component. The positioning assembly is disposed on the base. The position-limiting component is pivoted to the base. When the electronic device is placed on the base,... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150137764 - Attenuation circuit for an energy storage device and method for attenuating oscillations of the output current of an energy storage device: The invention relates to an attenuation circuit for an energy storage device having one or more energy storage modules which are connected in series in one or more energy supply lines and have at least one energy storage cell and a coupling device which has a multiplicity of coupling elements... Agent:

20150137763 - Electrical storage system and equalizing method: An electrical storage system includes electrical storage elements connected in series with each other and being charged or discharged; discharge circuits respectively connected in parallel with the electrical storage elements and discharging the corresponding electrical storage elements; and a controller controlling operations of the discharge circuits. The controller calculates a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150137765 - Moderating a charging: Systems, methods, and computer-readable and executable instructions are provided for moderating a charging for a number of power resources. Moderating a charging for a number of power resources can include calculating a distinct charging window for each of the number of power resources. Moderating a charging for a number of... Agent:

20150137768 - Charge rate optimization: An electric charging system for a battery pack of an electric vehicle, including a charging station electrically coupled to the battery pack, the charging station transferring charging energy to the battery pack at a maximum fast charge rate in a first operational mode and transferring charging energy to the battery... Agent:

20150137766 - Pre-charging mechanism for multi-input switching charger: A circuit for a switching charger includes multiple input supply nodes, and a number of charging paths. Each input supply node is connectable to a power source. Each charging path may include a middle node connected to a coupling switch and a pass transistor. The coupling switch may be configured... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150137767 - Protection apparatus for rechargeable battery: The described technology relates to a protection apparatus for a rechargeable battery. An example embodiment provides a protection apparatus for a rechargeable battery including a battery unit coupled to a charger through first and second external ports and including a plurality of unit cells charged by receiving a charging current... Agent:

20150137769 - Method for charging a power device of a portable device using a current-adaptive process: In the charging process of a power device of a portable device, a control unit or firmware of the power device dynamically acquires the status of the charging current and the charging voltage, and by incrementing the charging current, the power device correctly obtains maximum charging current affordable by a... Agent:

20150137770 - Power connector with load current sensing: A power connector for use in charging a battery of a device is provided. The power connector has an electromagnetic switch having terminals used to supply power from an external power source to a power adapter which is connected to the battery of the device. A power sensing circuit is... Agent:

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