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Electricity: motive power systems

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02/05/2015 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150035456 - Drive system for a vehicle trailer maneuvering drive: Disclosed are drive systems for a vehicle trailer maneuvering drives, some embodiments having a motor unit and a voltage source for supplying the motor unit, wherein the motor unit comprises a brushed electric motor with motor shaft and a motor controller that may include a speed detection unit for detecting... Agent: Truma Geraetetechnik Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150035457 - Furniture arrangement and a method for the parallel control of at least two electromotive furniture drives of a furniture arrangement: The invention relates to a furniture arrangement (200) comprising at least two pieces of furniture (1, 1′), each respectively having an electromotive furniture drive (100, 100′) for adjusting at least one movable part (4, 5) of each at least two pieces of furniture (1, 1′), wherein each electromotive furniture drive... Agent:

20150035458 - Linear motor system: A linear motor system includes a stator, a mover, and a controller. The stator includes a plurality of armature coil units arranged so as to be spaced apart from one another at certain intervals. The mover includes a permanent magnet. The controller is configured to sequentially select, as a power-feeding... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150035459 - Electric vehicle and power system and motor controller for electric vehicle: An electric vehicle and a power system and a motor controller for an electric vehicle are provided. The power system includes a power battery; a charging-discharging socket; a bidirectional DC/DC module connected with the power battery; a driving control switch connected with the power battery and the bidirectional DC/DC module;... Agent: Shenzhen Byd Auto R&d Company Limited

20150035460 - Electric motor driven pushers for automated clipping packaging apparatus: Methods, devices and computer program products automatically package an object, such as, for example, whole muscle meat pieces, in a covering material, such as, for example, netting. The devices include a pusher assembly, an electric motor, preferably a servo motor with a gear box, that drives a linear drive assembly.... Agent:

20150035461 - Electric motor control device and electric motor control method: An electric motor control device that performs a voltage phase control includes a voltage generator configured to calculate a d-q axis voltage command value, a stabilization filter having first to fourth filters determined based on a transfer characteristic from an applied voltage to an output electric current and configured to... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20150035462 - Motor controller: A motor controller includes an inverter portion having an upper switching element and a lower switching element which are connected in series, and an inverter control portion generating control signals and controlling a drive of each switching element. The inverter control portion generates the control signals such that (i) different... Agent:

20150035464 - Inverter device and power steering device: An inverter device includes a switch circuit configured by series-connecting two N-channel semiconductor switching elements in opposite directions so that the switch circuit makes or breaks electrical connection between a DC power supply and an inverter circuit and a control circuit carrying out a protecting operation in which when the... Agent: Nsk Ltd.

20150035463 - Vehicle control system: A SBW-ECU prohibits driving of an electric motor by turning off power supply to the motor by a drive prohibition device, when a diagnosis part of a by-wire control circuit determines that a shift-by-wire system is abnormal or a monitor circuit determines that the by-wire control circuit is abnormal. In... Agent:

20150035465 - Rotating electrical machine control apparatus and rotating electrical machine system: A rotating electrical machine control apparatus includes a position information generator and a controller, where a reset request is given from the controller, the position information generator stores position information in accordance with a first signal indicating the rotation position of a rotating electrical machine in a position storage portion,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150035466 - Distributed gap inductor filter apparatus and method of use thereof: The invention comprises a high frequency inductor filter apparatus coupled with an inverter yielding high frequency harmonics and/or non-sixty Hertz output. For example, an inductor/converter apparatus is provided that uses a silicon carbide transistor to output power having a carrier frequency, modulated by a fundamental frequency, and a set of... Agent: Ctm Magnetics, Inc.

20150035468 - Control method implemented in a variable speed drive: e

20150035467 - Permanent magnet inductor filter apparatus and method of use thereof: The invention comprises a high frequency inductor filter apparatus coupled with an inverter yielding high frequency harmonics and/or non-sixty Hertz output. For example, an inductor/converter apparatus is provided that uses a silicon carbide transistor to output power having a carrier frequency, modulated by a fundamental frequency, and a set of... Agent: Ctm Magnetics, Inc.

20150035469 - Sensing pm electrical machine position: An electrical machine includes a stator having a stator winding and a secondary transformer coil. A rotor is operatively connected to rotate relative to the stator, wherein the rotor includes a plurality of embedded permanent magnets. A primary transformer coil is wound on the rotor and is operatively connected to... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150035470 - Electric power assembly for a vehicle: An electric power assembly for a vehicle is disclosed. An electric motor includes a stator and a rotor being rotatable about a pivot axis relative to the stator. An inverter is coupled to the electric motor and includes a power switching device that outputs an electrical signal from the inverter... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150035471 - Field winding type synchronous motor: A field winding type synchronous motor comprises a stator, a rotor with field windings, a brushless exciter, and a rectification circuit rectifying an output of the brushless exciter. A first circuit in parallel with the field windings includes a discharge resistor and a first switching device with a backward diode.... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

01/29/2015 > 15 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150028779 - Electric machine: An electric machine, including a set of at least six windings, voltage supply devices capable of supplying an electrical phase, and a circuit for controlling the voltage supply devices controlling phase shifts between the phases supplied by the voltage supply devices, each voltage supply device supplying a phase at the... Agent:

20150028780 - Air conditioner: An air conditioner includes: an outdoor fan provided in an outdoor unit; a permanent magnet synchronous motor that drives the outdoor fan; an inverter that uses a DC power source as a power source and applies a voltage to the permanent magnet synchronous motor; an inverter control means that controls... Agent: Miitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150028782 - Traction motor retarding flux reference: A traction motor system calculates motor flux by generating a real time effective resistance of a resistance grid calculated from motor torque and measured voltage on a DC link. Calculating effective resistance avoids solely relying on DC link voltage, which can be influenced by conditions such as wheel slip and... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150028783 - Motor control device, brushless motor, and motor control system: A motor controller comprises a PWM demodulation processor for re storing speed command value Vr from PWM command signal Si, a rotatio n control section for generating drive value Dd of a motor according to the speed command value Vr, a power drive section for generating driving vol tages Uo,... Agent:

20150028781 - Method for actuating a bldc motor: A method for actuating a BLDC motor for reducing the current ripple in an intermediate circuit capacitor includes means for monitoring pulse width modulated signals (PWMU, PWMV, PWMW) for each motor phase (U, V, W), which add motor phase currents Iu, Iv, Iw) of two adjacent phases in a first... Agent:

20150028784 - Parallel structure power apparatus and control method thereof: Disclosed herein are a parallel structure power apparatus and a control method thereof. There are provided a parallel structure power apparatus, including: an alternating current-direct current (AC-DC) converting unit, a main driving unit, a sub-driving unit, a temperature sensor unit measuring and outputting a temperature of the main driving unit... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150028785 - Electric vehicle motor torque safety monitor: A safety system for an electric motor controller is provided. The safety system includes a torque safety monitor having a first processor distinct from a second processor of a main motor controller. The first processor is configured to one of decrease or shut down AC (alternating current) power, sent from... Agent: Atieva, Inc.

20150028787 - Conveyance cart: A conveyance cart includes: a body frame; a deck provided liftably against the body frame to load a burden; an electric actuator electrically driven to expand or contract to lift or lower the deck; a current detection element that detects an electric current value supplied to the electric actuator; and... Agent: Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd.

20150028786 - Drive system with energy store and method for operating a drive system: A drive system with energy store and method for operating a drive system, an inverter powering an electric motor, the inverter being supplied from a unipolar DC-link voltage, an energy store being connected in parallel to the inverter, in particular, a film capacitor being connected in parallel to the inverter,... Agent:

20150028788 - Enforced zero voltage loop: A method of controlling a motor is provided. The method may determine one of a switching period, a fundamental cycle, and a current target per phase leg of the motor having at least one high voltage transition point; determine a dwell period to be enforced at the transition point between... Agent: Caterpillar, Inc.

20150028789 - Motor drive control and operating method therefor: A digital control section generates a digital drive voltage command signal in response to a digital drive current command value and to a drive current digital sensing signal. A digital-to-analog converter generates an analog drive voltage command signal from the digital drive voltage command signal. In response to the analog... Agent:

20150028790 - Current regulation blanking time apparatus and methods: Stepper motor winding current regulation methods and apparatus adapt a maximum blanking period to generate an adapted blanking period that is proportional to a currently-selected current regulation set-point. Sensed winding current feedback is ignored at a current regulation controller during the adapted blanking period or during a minimum blanking period,... Agent:

20150028791 - Image forming apparatus: An image forming apparatus drives and rotates at least one of a photosensitive drum and a transport roller with use of a stepping motor in a multi-phase excitation mode. The image forming apparatus includes: a constant-voltage control unit controlling the stepping motor by applying a constant voltage for each phase;... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20150028792 - Induction motor flux and torque control: An induction motor controller is provided. The induction motor controller includes a first module that derives a commanded stator voltage vector, in a stator flux reference frame, via a rotor flux regulator loop and a torque regulator loop, which process at least partially in the stator flux reference frame. The... Agent: Atieva, Inc.

20150028793 - Motor control apparatus: A motor control apparatus includes a secondary-magnetic-flux-command calculating unit including a minimum-current-secondary-magnetic-flux-command calculating unit that calculates a secondary magnetic flux command for minimizing a current root-mean-square value due to a torque current and an excitation current and a PWM-signal generating unit that generates a torque current command for outputting a... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150022125 - Electric tool: An electric tool for driving a tip tool, the electric tool includes: a removable battery; the brushless motor configured to generate a driving force for driving the tip tool; an inverter circuit configured to supply drive power from the removable battery to the brushless motor using a plurality of semiconductor... Agent:

20150022124 - Self sustainable automobile: A self-sustainable automobile is disclosed in the present invention. Said self-sustainable automobile uses chargeable batteries as its power source. The motor and chargeable batteries is matched in such a way that the time for fully charging the batteries is faster than the time for fully discharging the batteries. Thus engine... Agent:

20150022127 - Current control device of synchronous motor: A current control device of a synchronous motor comprises a provisional d-phase current command calculation unit; a voltage amplitude calculation unit calculating a magnitude of a voltage command vector in a previous sampling period; a voltage ratio calculation unit determining a voltage ratio between the magnitude of the voltage command... Agent:

20150022126 - Method and apparatus for monitoring a permanent magnet electric machine: A controller-implemented method for monitoring a permanent magnet electric machine includes determining a threshold direct-axis (d-axis) current corresponding to inception of irreversible demagnetization of the permanent magnet based upon material properties of a permanent magnet mounted in a rotor of the PM electric machine and a temperature of the permanent... Agent:

20150022128 - Method and related driver of a permanent magnet synchronous electric motor: A method of driving a permanent magnet synchronous electric motor includes sensing or estimating a back electromotive force induced in at least a winding of the motor by the rotation of a rotor of the motor; and reading, from a memory, values of a first voltage waveform having a phase... Agent:

20150022129 - Hybrid controller for brushless dc motor: A circuit includes a processor that analyzes a pulse width modulated (PWM) signal feedback from a brushless DC motor to determine a transition between a mutual inductance zero crossing condition and a Back Electro Motive Force (BEMF) zero crossing condition of the brushless DC motor. A mutual inductance controller is... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150022130 - Motor control apparatus, motor-driven apparatus, method of controlling motor and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium storing a computer program: The motor control apparatus controlling rotation of a brushless motor includes a controller to control an angular velocity of the motor, and a load torque calculator to calculate a load torque at which the motor drives a driven member, by using a detection signal output from a rotation detector to... Agent:

20150022131 - Electric circuit and method for estimating the angular position of a rotor of an electric motor, and device for controlling an electric motor: Electric circuit for estimating the angular position of a rotor of an electric motor, including: a sensing module configured to receive at least one electric signal representative of a drive current of the electric motor and to generate a measurement signal indicative of a switching of the at least one... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20150022132 - Method for operating an electrical machine: A method for operating an electrical machine having a stator 1 with a coil from electrical conductors, which has two coil ends 2 lying opposite each other. The method includes simultaneously recording vibration measurements by means of which the elliptic vibration modes of the two coil ends 2 can be... Agent:

20150022133 - Circuit for thermal protection and power regulation of electric motors: A circuit for thermal protection and power regulation as a function of the current winding temperature of phase windings of an electric motor. The circuit including at least one temperature monitor switch (TW1, TW2) that measures the winding temperature of the phase windings, and that upon attainment of a specific... Agent: Ebm-papst Mulfingen Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150022134 - Machine tool and control method for the same: A machine tool includes a rotational drive unit that rotationally drives a main spindle to which a tool is attached, a moving unit that relatively moves the tool with respect to the workpiece, and a rotational speed adjustment unit that adjusts a rotational speed of the main spindle by controlling... Agent:

20150022135 - Multilevel inverter: The present disclosure discloses a multilevel inverter configured to output a 3-phase voltage to a motor by allowing a plurality of unit power cells forming one phase to be serially connected, the multilevel inverter, the multilevel inverter including a plurality of current sensors configured to detect an output current of... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150022136 - Device, method and system for controlling rotation speed of motor: The present application discloses a device, method and system for controlling a rotation speed of a motor. The device includes: a reference voltage generating module generating a reference voltage; a PWM signal converting module converting a PWM signal into a voltage signal; a first comparator outputting a first level or... Agent: Delta Electronics (dongguan) Co., Ltd.

20150022137 - Motor controller controlling two motors for driving single driven object: In a motor controller according to the present invention, a speed control unit 24m includes an integrator calculating an integrated value Sm of a speed error ωm-ωm′ between a speed command value wm and a rotation speed ωm′ and generates a torque command value Tm based on ωm-ωm′, a predetermined... Agent:

20150022138 - Force feedback mechanism and related electronic device and operation method: A force feedback mechanism disposed inside a casing for vibration balance of the casing is disclosed in the present invention. The force feedback mechanism includes an accelerator, a force generator and a controller. The accelerator detects an acceleration parameter of the casing. The force generator respectively generates an effective force... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150022139 - Stepping motor control device, optical apparatus, stepping motor control method, and non-transitory computer readable recording medium: A stepping motor control device includes a position detection sensor configured to detect a rotation position of a stepping motor, a voltage controller configured to drive the stepping motor, an advance angle controller configured to control an advance angle that is a phase difference between an excitation current applied to... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150015168 - Vehicular driving system: A vehicular driving system includes a rotating electric machine, an inverter and a controller. The rotating electric machine is constantly connected to an axle shaft. The inverter has an upper-arm device and a lower-arm device corresponding to each of three phases of the rotating electric machine. The inverter is configured... Agent:

20150015169 - Onboard motor controller: There is provided an onboard motor controller that starts a failsafe process in short time at a vehicle collision. A control circuit in the motor controller acquires an acceleration detected by an acceleration sensor. When the acceleration is equal to or higher than a prescribed value, the control circuit determines... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20150015170 - Method and apparatus for determining position for a permanent magnet elevator motor: A system for determining the angular position of a synchronous motor includes an encoder with a friction wheel engaging a rotating surface of the motor. The friction wheel is spun by the rotation of the motor, and the encoder generates a signal corresponding to the angular position of the friction... Agent:

20150015171 - Apparatus for carrying out improved control of rotary machine: In an apparatus for controlling a variable of a rotary machine based on an AC voltage supplied to the rotary machine via a switching element of a power converter, a generator generates a drive signal including an on-off pattern of the switching element. A driver drives, based on the on-off... Agent:

20150015172 - Motor controller: The present invention relates to a motor controller which includes a motor; an oscillator for generating a clock signal; a speed detection unit for detecting the rotational speed of the motor from a pulse signal generated according to the rotation of the motor and the clock signal; and a sampling... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150015173 - Motor control device: A motor control device includes a model control system that controls a motor machine model position using a target value (a position instruction after differentiation) related to a position instruction, and a feedback control system that controls a motor position using the target value (a position instruction after differentiation) related... Agent: Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd.

20150015174 - Active-active redundant motor gear system: A fault tolerant virtual elliptical electric motor has at least four coil elements constrained in a stator case. A drive plate is supported by a fulcrum for nutating motion and has at least four core segments each associated with a respective one of the at least four coil elements for... Agent:

20150015175 - Position detecting apparatus and driving system: The position detecting apparatus includes a comparing part that compares the value of the digital signal output from the AD converter and a reference value that is based on a preset reference amplitude at the timings and outputs a control signal responsive to a result of the comparison. The position... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150015176 - Digital-to-analog sinusoidal driver apparatus, systems and methods: Input codes are sequenced at a lower-resolution linear DAC and the output is converted to a linear current waveform. A first of two interconnected analog current multipliers multiplies the linear current by itself and by the inverse of a first constant current source to create a quadratic current output. A... Agent:

20150015177 - Dynamic mixed-mode current decay apparatus and methods: Stepper motor winding current regulation methods and apparatus continuously and bi-directionally sense winding current to determine both the magnitude of the winding current and the slope of a waveform representing the winding current. The magnitude and slope information is used to more precisely control periods of current rise and characteristics... Agent:

20150015178 - Method and apparatus for monitoring and controlling a synchronous electric machine: Controlling a synchronous electric machine includes determining a rotor field current of a wound rotor of the synchronous electric machine and determining a time-rate change in field flux linkage. A rotor field voltage is determined based upon the time-rate change in the field flux linkage, and a rotor field resistance... Agent:

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