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Electricity: motive power systems

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12/04/2014 > 20 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140354191 - Inverter device for driving electric motor: An object of the present invention is to provide an inverter device for driving an electric motor, which allows control stability and efficiency to be ensured over a wide region of the speed of the electric motor. The inverter device includes a rotational-speed detection section which detects a rotational speed... Agent: Sinfonia Technology Co., Ltd.

20140354192 - Driving apparatus for analyzing apparatus: Disclosed is an analyzing apparatus including a first drive part (71) for rotating a turntable (101) on which an analyzing device is set, a second drive part (72) selectively engaged with the first drive part (71) to reciprocate the analyzing device, and a third drive part (73) for relatively moving... Agent:

20140354193 - Driving apparatus for analyzing apparatus: Disclosed is an analyzing apparatus including a first drive part (71) for rotating a turntable (101) on which an analyzing device is set, a second drive part (72) selectively engaged with the first drive part (71) to reciprocate the analyzing device, and a third drive part (73) for relatively moving... Agent:

20140354194 - Motor drive system: There is provided a motor drive system in which an inverter integrated motor unit 200 and an upper control device 100, which controls an inverter 205 and a motor 207, are formed separated from each other. Various commands for controlling the inverter 205 and motor 207 are wirelessly transmitted to... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20140354195 - Power system switching between charge-discharge function and driving function and electric vehicle comprising the same: A power system switching between a charge-discharge function and a driving function and an electric vehicle including the same are provided. The power system includes a power battery; a charge-discharge socket; a bidirectional DC/DC module; a driving control switch connected with the power battery and the bidirectional DC/DC module; a... Agent: Byd Company Limited

20140354196 - Motor controller: A motor controller configured to control an SRM includes an inverter connected to an SRM, a torque and flux estimator configured to estimate a torque and a flux generated in the SRM as an estimated torque and an estimated flux, based on output from the inverter and a rotor angle... Agent:

20140354197 - Motor controller and construction machine provided therewith: There is obtained a configuration capable of rapidly decelerating a motor even if a failure occurs in the communication between a controller and a motor control unit in a motor controller in which a speed command is input from the controller to the motor control unit. A motor controller 1... Agent: Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20140354198 - Actuator control device: An actuator control device includes an upper-level control unit that sets an upper-level target value of a predetermined control factor relating to driving an actuator, a lower level control unit, and an intermediate control unit. The lower-level control unit has a command input element that receives an input of the... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20140354200 - Apparatuses for controlling operation of a motor of a fan assembly based on an induced voltage or a back electromotive force: An integrated circuit for controlling operation of a motor of a fan assembly. The fan assembly includes a housing and a fan. The motor is in the housing. The housing is void of sensors. The motor is configured to rotate the fan. The integrated circuit includes a detection module and... Agent:

20140354201 - Switching controller for electric motors and related method of controlling electric motors: A switching controller of a poly-phase electric motor may generate, in a fully digital manner, a replica of the phase current and/or of the phase (star) voltage of one or more windings of the motor. The switching controller may use digital signals already available for driving the motor to reconstruct... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20140354199 - Active voltage controller for an electric motor: A method for controlling an electric motor. A desired speed is identified for the electric motor during operation of the electric motor. A voltage is identified to cause the electric motor to turn at the desired speed. The voltage is applied to the electric motor and actively controlled during operation... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140354202 - Motor control device: A motor control device controls a speed of a motor. The motor control device includes: a target speed generating unit that generates a target speed; a speed detecting unit that detects a current speed of the motor; a speed comparing unit that compares the target speed with the current speed... Agent: Ricoh Company, Limited

20140354203 - Reverse rotation detection and overspeed protection for power tool with brushless motor: A reverse rotation detection module is provided for a power tool having an electric motor intended to rotate in a first direction but not an opposite second direction. The reverse rotation detection module is comprised of: a switching arrangement having a plurality of motor switches; three position sensors; a first... Agent: Black & Decker Inc.

20140354204 - Control device and control method for permanent magnet motor: A control device for a permanent magnet motor, including: a rotor position detector configured to detect a rotating speed of a rotor of a permanent magnet motor in a state in which the permanent magnet motor is disconnected from a load by a clutch and rotates without power supply; a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140354205 - Motor controller and construction machine provided therewith: There is provided a motor controller capable of suppressing the rotation of a motor at the time of discharging an electric accumulator, and a construction machine provided with the motor controller. A motor controller 10 is provided with a current controller 1 for controlling an electric current supplied from an... Agent: Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20140354206 - System and method for temperature estimation in an integrated motor drive: A system to monitor the temperature of power electronic devices in a motor drive includes a base plate defining a planar surface on which the electronic devices and/or circuit boards within the motor drive may be mounted. The power electronic devices are mounted to the base plate through the direct... Agent:

20140354207 - Pwm output apparatus and motor driving apparatus: A PWM output apparatus includes a calculating circuit configured to calculate an output width of a PWM output signal of a first signal and a second signal, which have phases different from each other, based on a command value of a PWM output. A comparing circuit compares the output width... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20140354208 - Motor control apparatus: This disclosure discloses a motor control apparatus including a controller. The controller includes a position controller and a speed controller. The controller is configured to control the inverter on the basis of the torque command. The controller includes a torque limiter configured to start first torque limitation which limits a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140354209 - Machine tool and control method therefor: A machine tool according to an embodiment includes a drive mechanism configured to move a control target; a motor configured to operate the drive mechanism; a first encoder configured to detect a position of the control target; a second encoder configured to detect a position of the motor; a servo... Agent: Toshiba Kikai Kabushiki Kaisha

20140354210 - Control device and control method for vehicular power system: A control device for a vehicular power system including an induction motor includes an electronic control unit configured to detect a locked state of the induction motor, calculate a lock-release slip frequency that causes an electric frequency to be outside a lock range, and control the induction motor so that... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

11/27/2014 > 21 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140346979 - Control device and control method for vehicular rotating electric machine: When a command frequency to a rotating electric machine is included in an inverter lock frequency band, a frequency switching section switches the command frequency to a frequency outside the inverter lock frequency band by changing a slip frequency command value. In response to this, a torque command change section... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140346980 - Sensorless position control of active-material actuators: A system for estimating a position associated with a pre-tensioned active material without using a position sensor. The system includes an active material being transformable between a first state and a second state in response to a pre-determined stimulus and pre-tensioned to at least a pre-determined threshold, yielding the pre-tensioned... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140346982 - Method and apparatuses for authenticating measurement data for a battery: A method for authenticating measurement data for a battery that comprises at least one battery module, having an associated module controller, and a central controller has the following steps: capture of measurement data from battery units by the module controller; ascertainment of at least one additional information carrier, which is... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20140346981 - Storage module voltage equalizer, storage device, and operating machine: A storage module voltage equalizer includes a plurality of voltage equalization circuits that are prepared to correspond to a plurality of storage cells which are arranged to be lined up in a first direction, and equalize an inter-terminal voltage of the plurality of storage cells, and a plurality of mounting... Agent: Sumitomo (s.h.i.) Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20140346984 - Magnetic pole position estimating apparatus for electric motor, controlling apparatus for electric motor, and magnetic pole position estimating method for electric motor: A controlling apparatus for an electric motor according to an embodiment includes a superposed component generator, an inverter, a current detector, and a magnetic pole position estimator. The superposed component generator generates, at a predetermined cycle, a superposed voltage reference of which vector is shifted by 90 degrees with respect... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140346983 - Motor control device and motor control method: This motor control device generates a voltage command value from a current command value and performs feedback control by means of a detected current flowing through a motor. The motor control device is provided with: a speed control unit that causes the motor to rotate at a set speed, and... Agent:

20140346985 - Drive inverter having a torque error detector: An inverter, which drives an electric motor installed in a road vehicle, includes sensors, a storage apparatus, a power calculator, a torque calculator, a deviation calculator, and a torque corrector. The sensors measure at least one voltage and at least one current within the inverter. The storage apparatus records values... Agent:

20140346987 - Ec motor with dynamic determination of optocoupler degradation: In an EC motor, comprising a motor electronics, a signal input or a signal output, and an optocoupler for the galvanically isolated transmission of a useful signal between the motor control unit and the signal input or the signal output, the intention is to reliably determine the degradation of the... Agent: Ebm-papst Mulfingen Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140346986 - Parallel harness current imbalance and failure detection: Current imbalance may be detected in a 3-phase power system by monitoring current output between two points of a phase signal provided along wire pairs from an inverter to a motor. In some embodiments, each wire of a wire pair leading to the motor from the inverter may be provided... Agent:

20140346988 - Alternating current electric system and control method thereof: When the current flowing through each electric terminal of an AC motor 21 reaches the vicinity of zero, an operation putting the electric terminals of the AC motor 21 into an opened state, or putting an electric terminal into a conductive state via a reflux diode inside an inverter 11,... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20140346989 - Inverter controller and method of controlling an inverter: A method of controlling a switching frequency of an inverter, the method comprising the steps of: measuring a signal indicative of a temperature variable at a first switching frequency to determine a measured temperature variable; comparing the measured temperature variable to a first threshold; determining if the measured temperature variable... Agent:

20140346991 - Method and system of internal temperatures determination in a synchronous electric machine using state observers: The invention relates to a method of determining internal temperatures (2) (coil and magnet temperatures) in a synchronous electric machine (4) using state observers for the resistance of the coils and the magnetic flux of the magnet. The invention also relates to a diagnostic method, a control method and system... Agent: Ifp Energies Nouvelles

20140346990 - Method of determining the position and the speed of a rotor in a synchronous electric machine using state observers: The invention is a method of determining the position and the speed of the rotor in a synchronous electric machine using a state observer of the currents of the electric machine and the injection of signals. Thus, the invention provides position information which is accurate, notably at low speed, without... Agent: Ifp Energies Nouvelles

20140346992 - Method and apparatus for generating electrical and mechanical energy: A method and apparatus for generating electrical energy comprises driven permanent magnets mounted tangentially on a freely rotating disk attached to a relatively stationary platform, and driver permanent magnets mounted on the platform radially to the disk. As the disk rotates, as a driven magnet approaches a driver magnet, their... Agent:

20140346993 - Fan motor driving device, driving method, and cooling device and electronic machine using the same: A fan motor driving device driven based on a pair of out-of-phase Hall signals may include a first driving portion, configured to (i) amplify a difference of the pair of the Hall signals with a first polarity and generate a first control signal, and (ii) switch between a driving status... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20140346994 - Phase gating controller and method for phase gating control: A phase gating controller includes a thyristor/triac having a control terminal and two power terminals, a sampling device for sampling a voltage present across the power terminals of the thyristor/triac and a control device configured to provide a control voltage at the control terminal in order to trigger the thyristor/triac.... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140346995 - Predictive pulse width modulation for an open delta h-bridge driven high efficiency ironless permanent magnet machine: Embodiments of the present method and system permit an effective method for determining the optimum selection of pulse width modulation polarity and type including determining machine parameters, inputting the machine parameters into a predicted duty cycle module, determining the optimum polarity of the pulse width modulation for a predicted duty... Agent:

20140346996 - Position limiting device and control method: A position limiting device includes a magnetic element, a detecting element, a motor, and a controller. The magnetic element is disposed in the center of the position limiting device, the motor is coupled to the detecting element, and the controller is electrically coupled to the detecting element and the motor.... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20140346997 - Servo door-closer: A power-assisted door closer includes an output shaft, a driving mechanism operatively connected to the output shaft, a mechanical energy accumulator for storing closing energy for the door leaf and acting upon the driving mechanism, a motor/generator unit operatively connected to the output shaft and an electrical energy accumulator for... Agent:

20140346998 - Asynchronous motor unit comprising a frequency converter with electrical isolation in the dc voltage intermediate circuit: The invention relates to an asynchronous motor unit including a frequency converter for regulating the asynchronous motor. The frequency converter comprises an input-side, uncontrolled bridge rectifier, a DC voltage intermediate circuit and an output-side inverter. According to the invention, the DC voltage intermediate circuit furthermore comprises a DC-to-DC converter with... Agent:

20140346999 - Control device and control method: A control device for an induction motor that drives a vehicle includes an electronic control unit. The electronic control unit i) controls torque of the induction motor when an inverter that controls supply of electric current to the induction motor is in a locked state, so as to release the... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

11/20/2014 > 19 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140340001 - Arrangement for driving and drive method for a piezoelectric actuator: A method is disclosed for driving a piezoelectric actuator with a piezoelectric stack, which is operated as an actuating element of an injector. The piezoelectric stack is polarized during production by a polarization process initially with a first field strength, which results in a first length of the piezoelectric stack.... Agent:

20140340002 - Driving control apparatus and driving control method for ultrasonic motor: To keep velocities of a plurality of ultrasonic motors equal; and to suppress the deterioration of the performance, the occurrence of noise and the decrease of the life have been unavoidable problems, a first drive signal and/or a second drive signal are values that are corrected by values obtained from... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140340003 - System and method for controlling the stroke and operation at resonance frequency of a resonant linear motor: Linear compressor comprising a resonant linear motor (4) having a stator (9) and a linear displacer (3), the linear motor (4) cooperating with a resonant spring (2) that is driven by the linear displacer (3) at one of the ends of the resonant spring (2) with the opposite end of... Agent: Whirlpool S.a.

20140340004 - Combination charger and motive power device: A combined battery charger and motor driver circuit assembly includes a rechargeable battery, a traction motor configured to accept a pulse-width-modulated (PWM) drive, a PNP transistor array, a charging source of chopped and rectified DC, and a control circuit configured to apply a discrete PWM drive signal to the gate... Agent:

20140340005 - Power conversion device: In a system for driving an electric motor by an engine generator, there is a possibility that the effects of harmonics and DC voltage fluctuations of a power converter cause shaft oscillation to increase due to a phenomenon in which current pulsations caused by voltage disturbances at a d-axis and... Agent:

20140340006 - Position sensorless step-wise freewheeling control method for switched reluctance motor: A position sensorless step-wise freewheeling control method for a switched reluctance motor having dual switched-mode power converters for each phase doesn't require any additional external hardware, any rotor-position sensor, or storage of flux linkage data of the motor. After the upper and lower tubes of the main switch are switched... Agent: China University Of Mining And Technology

20140340007 - Rotary electric machine control system and rotary electric machine control method: A rotary electric machine control system includes a rotary electric machine (second motor generator), a number-of-revolutions sensor that measures the number of revolutions per predetermined time period of the rotary electric machine, and a controller. The controller has a threshold changing unit for changing a control switching phase that is... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140340008 - Electronic circuit and method for adjusting start-up characteristics of drive signals applied to an electric motor: A motor control circuit and associated techniques can drive an electric motor in a start-up mode of operation followed by a normal mode of operation. The motor control circuit and techniques can receive a selection signal provided by a user that can select one of a plurality of sets of... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, LLC

20140340009 - Electronic circuit and method for synchronizing electric motor drive signals between a start-up mode of operation and a normal mode of operation: A motor control circuit and associated techniques can drive an electric motor in a start-up mode of operation followed by a normal mode of operation. The motor control circuit and techniques can receive a selection signal provided by a user that can select one of a plurality of sets of... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, LLC

20140340010 - Synchronous machine control apparatus: A synchronous machine control apparatus for correcting a rotor position error that is a difference between a rotor position of a synchronous machine and a rotor position detected by a position detection unit is provided with a current control device for performing control in such a way that respective current... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

20140340011 - High efficiency permanent magnet machine: The present invention is a high efficiency permanent magnet machine capable of maintaining high power density. The machine is operable over a wide range of power output. The improved efficiency is due in part to copper wires with a current density lower than traditional designs and larger permanent magnets coupled... Agent:

20140340012 - Motor drive apparatus: To suppress a ripple contained in current flowing into a DC power supply during one-pulse control in a motor drive apparatus receiving electric power from the DC power supply. A motor drive apparatus 1 includes an inverter control device (10) provided with a one-pulse control mode in which, during one... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Automotive Thermal Systems Co., Ltd.

20140340013 - Electric motor and electric generator: An electric motor with a stator having two coil sets arranged to produce a magnetic field of the motor, each coil set having a plurality of coil sub-sets; and two control devices, wherein the first control device is coupled to the plurality of coil sub-sets for the first coil set... Agent: Protean Electric Ltd.

20140340014 - Analog three phase self excited brushless direct current motor: A brushless direct current three-phase motor that is self driven and therefore does not require externally generated waveforms for its operation. The circuit connected to the motor is analog and reduces the complexity and present cost of the driver circuitry. There is no electronic commutation of the currents in the... Agent:

20140340015 - Brushless motor, external ac voltage source, and electric power steering device: The present invention provides a brushless motor in which the voltage utilization ratio can be increased and the torque and output of the motor can thereby be increased, and also provides a drive method for a brushless motor. The brushless motor includes an armature constituted by an armature core having... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140340016 - Power supply compensation for an actuator: A mechanism for compensating power to a motor or actuator. Compensation may counter the effects of changing voltage levels of power to the motor and varying temperatures at the motor. An output of a wave generator may be input to a comparator along with a level of voltage representing the... Agent:

20140340017 - Method for calibrating a multiphase inverter, operating apparatus, computer program, and computer program product: The invention relates to a method for calibrating a multiphase, in particular three-phase, inverter (1) having a respective switching element (T1, T2, T3) on the high-voltage side and a respective switching element (T4, T5, T6) on the low-voltage side for each of the phases thereof as well as a respective... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140340018 - Control device of ac rotating machine: A control device of an AC rotating machine includes a controller receiving a current vector instruction and a detection current vector as inputs and outputs a voltage vector instruction to the AC rotating machine, an alternating current amplitude computation mechanism computing an alternating current amplitude of at least one of... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140340019 - Inverter and method of controlling same: An inverter is provided. The inverter includes a current providing unit providing a first axis current and a second axis current to an induction motor; a revolutions per minute (RPM) measuring unit measuring the RPM of the induction motor; and a control unit changing the second axis current according to... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

11/13/2014 > 21 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140333230 - Device for recovering, storing and retrieving electricity for a handling door: The device for recovering, storing and retrieving electricity from the decelerations of an electromechanical system such as a flexible curtain of a handling door is made up of a management interface (IG) connected to a frequency inverter (VF) and to a control logic board (CC) controlling the opening and closing... Agent: Sofineco

20140333231 - Operating method of a power supply and communication entity and an actuator intended to be part of a home-automation system: Method of operating a power supply and communication entity intended to form part of a system with at least one home-automation actuator comprising an electric motor for driving a movable element in a building, the power supply and communication entity comprising two electrical terminals for linking to the actuator, making... Agent: Somfy Sas

20140333232 - Method and apparatus for controlling a bucket hoist: A control system for a bucket hoist includes a two-axis master switch configured to generate a first and a second command signal responsive to motion along each axis. Each command signal is provided to one of a pair of motor controllers configured to control one of a pair of motors.... Agent:

20140333233 - Remote wireless motor control law processing system: A method and apparatus for operating an electric motor unit. Information is received from the electric motor unit over a wireless communications link between the controller and the electric motor unit. Commands are identified for the electric motor unit from the information received. The commands identified are sent to the... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140333234 - Motor control circuit: In some preferred embodiments, a motor control circuit 1 for controlling driving of a plurality of motors 3 and 4 includes a serial communication circuit configured to perform serial communication with an outside, a received data storage 15 configured to store data from the serial communication circuit, a motor mode... Agent:

20140333235 - Vibrator motor speed determination in a mobile communications device: One embodiment relates to testing and verifying vibrator motor operation during manufacturing of a device and during in-the-field use. The test relies on an integrated motion sensor or other mechanical measurement circuitry, such as, for example, an accelerometer. In one embodiment, a speed determination for a vibrator motor performance during... Agent:

20140333236 - Linear motor device and method for controlling linear motor device: A linear motor device includes a linear motor and a control unit configured to apply a load to a pressurizing object by causing a movable part of the linear motor to move. After causing the movable part to move toward the pressurizing object at a predetermined first speed based on... Agent: Thk Co., Ltd.

20140333238 - Shovel: A shovel includes a power storage device, and an electric motor to which electric power is supplied from the power storage device. The power storage device includes a housing; a first power storage module including a plurality of laminated power storage cells stacked in a first direction, a first terminal,... Agent:

20140333239 - Shovel: A shovel includes a power storage module; and an electric motor driven by electric power stored in the power storage module. The power storage module includes a plurality of cell units stacked to form a stacked structure. Each of the cell units has a power storage cell including a pair... Agent:

20140333237 - Shredder load optimization system and method: An electrical power load optimization system operable to regulate a power supply to one or more industrial machines so that a load imposed on the power supply by the one or more machines is consistent and fluctuations are minimized.... Agent:

20140333241 - Optimized control for synchronous motors: Representative implementations of devices and techniques provide optimized control of a three-phase AC motor. A field oriented control (FOC) arrangement uses optimization components and techniques to improve power efficiency of the motor, with fast control response over a full range of motor speeds.... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140333240 - Synchronous machine controller: A synchronous machine controller includes a position detecting unit that detects a position of a rotor, a current detecting unit that detects an armature current, a current command generating unit that generates first and second current commands, a voltage command generating unit that generates a voltage command on the basis... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140333244 - Control of a permanent-magnet electric machine: A method of controlling a permanent magnet synchronous machine including a stator and a rotor. The method includes determining an estimated position of the rotor, and determining a second in-phase voltage setpoint that, in alternation, is equal either to a first in-phase voltage setpoint or else to the first in-phase... Agent: Universite De Lorraine

20140333243 - Motor drive control device and operating method thereof: Motor Drive Control Device configured to properly start up various types of motors under operating conditions where motor operations are performed in a wide range of temperature and power supply voltage, includes output drive controllers that supply PWM drive output signals to an output pre-driver in such a manner as... Agent:

20140333242 - Systems and methods for adaptive motor speed control: A system including memory to store a plurality of sets of values, where each set is used to control speed of a different type of motor. A pulse width modulation (PWM) module receives an input indicating a type of motor sensed in the system, selects a set corresponding to the... Agent:

20140333245 - Protective circuitry for insulation damage due to failure of intermediate circuit capacitors: The present disclosure relates to an intermediate circuit for an EC motor, comprising at least two similar series-connected capacitors for the connection of an electronic commutation device of an EC motor for nominal operation at a nominal voltage. In each case, a varistor is connected in parallel to each series-connected... Agent: Ebm-papst Mulfingen Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140333246 - Control device for semiconductor switch on an inverter and method for the actuation of an inverter: The invention relates to a control device (4) for the actuation of a semiconductor switch (1) on an inverter having an actuation switch (16) that is designed to generate a driver signal (18) depending on a switch signal (5) generated by a control regulation of the inverter, and a driver... Agent:

20140333247 - Reduced torque ripple system: An apparatus with reduced torque ripple is disclosed. The apparatus includes a back electromotive force (BEMF) detector, a harmonic identifier, and a compensator circuit. The BEMF detector is configured to detect a BEMF voltage waveform. The harmonic identifier is configured to receive the BEMF voltage waveform and is further configured... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20140333248 - Servo motor control system: All correction data is stored in the main memory of a numerical controller in advance. Of all correction data, the minimum data required for correction is transferred, for each interpolation cycle, to a built-in memory of a peripheral control LSI included in a servo control unit. A servo control processor... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140333249 - Motor control device for suppressing natural vibrations: A frequency component extracting unit (15) extracts a frequency component included in a control signal at a first frequency step size. A frequency detection unit (16) detects, from the extracted frequency component, a frequency corresponding to a natural frequency of a target object constituted of a motor (3) and a... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140333250 - Image forming apparatus, motor control apparatus, and method of controlling a motor: An image forming apparatus may include an engine portion used to perform an image forming job, a step motor configured to start the engine portion, a driver including a resistor that measures current that flows to a coil of the step motor and is configured to provide a predetermined constant... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

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