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Electricity: motive power systems

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04/16/2015 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150102750 - Apparatus for driving piezo actuator and method of driving the same: There are provided an apparatus for driving a piezo actuator and a method of driving the same. The apparatus includes: a control unit generating a digital control signal and converting the digital control signal into an analog control signal; a driving unit amplifying and not inverting the analog control signal... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150102751 - Motor acceleration apparatus and method: Embodiments of the invention provide a motor acceleration apparatus and a motor acceleration method. According to at least one embodiment, the motor acceleration apparatus includes a rectifier converting household power into direct current (DC) voltage to output the converted DC voltage, a switching converter switching the DC voltage output from... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150102752 - Braking system for vehicle: A braking system for a vehicle is provided. The braking system includes a traction motor configured to provide traction during a driving mode. The traction motor is further configured to act as a generator during a braking mode. A resistor grid is configured to dissipate power from the traction motor... Agent: Electro-motive Diesel, Inc.

20150102753 - Method and system for controlling motor of environmentally-friendly vehicle: A method and system for controlling a vehicle motor are provided. The system includes an inverter that controls the motor to receive a torque command from an external system and output a torque based on the torque command. Additionally, a current command is generated based on the torque command and... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150102754 - Apparatus for driving motor and controlling method thereof: Disclosed herein is an apparatus for driving a motor, the apparatus including: an inverter applying a direct current voltage to each phase of a brushless direct current (BLDC) motor by a switching operation; a reference voltage generating unit generating at least one reference voltage using a voltage of a neutral... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150102755 - Device and method for operating an electromechanical adjustment device: A device and a method for operating an electromechanical adjustment device having an electric drive device, include a control unit that detects the reaching of a mechanical end stop of the adjustment device and controls and/or regulates the electric drive device. After a mechanical end stop of the adjustment device... Agent: Johnson Controls Metals And Mechanisms Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150102756 - Controller and control method for machine tool capable of changing motion depending on motor temperature: A controller and a method for a machine tool, capable of discriminating the factors in overheating, and taking appropriate measures depending on each factor. A first amplifier of the controller has an acceleration/deceleration judging part which judges as to whether the spindle motor is accelerated or decelerated; a first temperature... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20150102757 - Monitoring motor condition: In various implementations, a condition of a motor may be monitored based at least partially on time required to achieve a change in speed. A notification may be transmitted based on the condition of the motor.... Agent:

20150102758 - Motor drive controller, motor drive control method and motor system using the same: There are provided a motor drive controller, a motor drive control method, and a motor system using the same. The motor drive controller may include: a voltage-vector providing unit generating voltage vectors having the same magnitude; an inverter unit applying the voltage vectors to multiple phases of a motor device;... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150102759 - Power conversion device, motor drive control apparatus including the power conversion device, air blower and compressor including the motor drive control apparatus, and air conditioner including the air blower or the compressor: A power conversion device includes a switching control unit that controls respective switching elements constituting a plurality of chopper circuits, a rectified-voltage detection unit, a bus-bar voltage detection unit, and a bus-bar current detection unit. The switching control unit includes an on-duty calculation unit that calculates a reference on-duty of... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150102760 - Power supplying method for injection molding machine having transformer: An injection molding machine has a first servo amplifier configured to operate with a first voltage, a second servo amplifier configured to operate with a second voltage, and a transformer which has a primary side terminal and a secondary side terminal and transforms voltages mutually in a predetermined voltage ratio.... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 14 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150097498 - Power minimizing controller for a stage assembly: A method for moving a stage includes coupling a stage mover to the stage, and directing current to the stage mover with a control system. The stage mover includes a magnet array and a conductor array positioned adjacent to the magnet array. The conductor array includes a first layer of... Agent:

20150097499 - Thrust reverser control system: A control system for a thrust reverser with a movable cowl includes an electromechanical actuator to actuate the movable cowl, an electric drive unit (M) driving the actuator, and a power control unit capable of controlling the electric drive unit (M). The power control unit moves the movable cowl to... Agent:

20150097500 - Stator resistance estimation for electric motors: A method of controlling an electric motor (motor) includes providing a processor having an associated memory storing a stator resistance (Rs) estimation (RSE) algorithm that is programmed to implement the RSE algorithm to execute steps including injecting a current waveform at an arbitrary frame of reference into the stator using... Agent:

20150097502 - Method for estimating motor parameter in a load commutated inverter arrangement, and a load commutated inverter arrangement therefor: A method for estimating a motor parameter in a load commutated inverter arrangement, including the steps of: measuring a motor side ac-voltage; detecting commutation interval information of the measured motor side ac-voltage; estimating a motor parameter based on the detected commutation interval information; and indicating when the estimated motor parameter... Agent:

20150097501 - Electric vehicle power conversion system: An electric vehicle power conversion system may include an exclusive discharge circuit for discharging stored charges of a smoothing condenser. The electric vehicle power conversion system may also include a discharge controller for driving a DC/DC converter if a control circuit for controlling the electric vehicle power conversion system detects... Agent:

20150097503 - Image forming apparatus, motor control apparatus, and method of controlling motor: An image forming apparatus includes an engine portion configured to perform image forming, a direct current (DC) motor configured to mechanically operate the engine portion, a driver including a resistor to measure current that flows to the DC motor according to the measured current and configured to provide a predetermined... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150097504 - Electrical apparatus and control system: In a system that receives power from an electric power grid, a variable frequency AC drive has an output connected to an AC electric motor, and an input connected to the power grid. The motor is in 1 connection with a load, and the AC drive includes an active converter... Agent: Harold Wells Associates, Inc.

20150097505 - Current source inverter device: A current source inverter device according to an embodiment includes an inverter that supplies AC power to a number n (integer of 1 or greater) of AC motors each having a number m (integer of 2 or greater) of windings per phase; and a controller that controls the inverter and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150097507 - Motor driving apparatus: A motor driving apparatus may include a bidirectional converter including an energy storage unit and converting power bidirectionally; an inverter receiving the power from the bidirectional converter and driving a motor; and a power passing unit transferring energy stored in the energy storage unit of the bidirectional converter to the... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150097506 - Voltage step-up six-phase autotransformer passive rectification ac-dc converter: A three phase step-up autotransformer construction is discussed herein. The passive 12-pulse AC-DC converter offers simplicity, high reliability and low cost solution to AC-DC power conversion. The autotransformer is a component of the passive 12-pulse AC-DC converter. The autotransformer converts three-phase AC power into six-phase AC power. With appropriate vector... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150097508 - Method for measuring displacement of planar motor rotor: t

20150097509 - Electric motor control device: An electric motor control device includes a torque command generation portion that outputs a torque command τc generated on the basis of a rotation speed R and specifying an output torque, a minimum energization point number generation portion that generates a minimum number of energization points, Nmin, indicating the minimum... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150097510 - Motor driving device and control method of motor driving device: A motor driving device includes a control unit which outputs a pre-driving signal to control a motor based on command information of an input target number of rotations and detection information of a number of rotations of the motor, and a motor driving unit which drives the motor based on... Agent:

20150097511 - Ceiling fan motor with a switch device for controlling rotation speed and direction of the ceiling fan motor: A ceiling fan motor with a switch device for controlling rotation speed and direction includes a motor starting capacitor, a multi-stage switch and an AC power source. The motor has a main coil and a secondary coil. The motor starting capacitor is electrically connected between the main and secondary coils.... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 19 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20150091475 - Efficient energy recovery in disk drive during power loss: A back electromotive force of a rotating motor is converted into a voltage for a load by driving, in accordance with a duty cycle, at least one switching circuit that couples the back electromotive force to a load through a rectifying circuit. An error signal is generated that is a... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20150091477 - Capacitive electromechanical transducer: The present invention relates to an electromechanical transducer capable of arbitrarily varying the amount of deflection of a vibrating membrane for every element. The electromechanical transducer includes a plurality of elements including at least one cell that includes a first electrode and a second electrode opposed to the first electrode... Agent:

20150091476 - Device for driving piezo-actuator and driving method therefor: A device for driving a piezo-actuator comprises: a signal generating unit for generating signals having a constant frequency; and a modulation unit for modulating the signals generated from the signal generating unit and outputting the modulated signals, wherein the modulation unit comprises a density modulation unit which performs a first... Agent:

20150091478 - Solid state energy storage and management system: Systems and methods for energy storage and management may be useful for a variety of applications, including launch devices. A system can include a direct current (DC) bus configured to operate within a predetermined range of voltages. The system can also include an array comprising a plurality of ultra-capacitors connected... Agent:

20150091479 - Electric vehicle propulsion system using magnetic piston engine: An electrical vehicle propulsion system having dual electric magnetic piston engines is disclosed. The first magnetic piston engine is used to provide propulsive force to the vehicle while the second magnetic piston engine is used to drive a DC electric generator. The first and second electric piston engines are driven... Agent:

20150091480 - Method for braking an electric drive motor: The invention is directed to a method for braking an electric drive motor having a stator and a rotor. The stator has field coils which have electrical phase connections for three motor phases. To generate an electromagnetic rotating field driving the rotor, the phase connections are connected to a supply... Agent:

20150091482 - Variable speed fan motor: A variable speed fan motor, including a variable speed motor body and a motor controller. The motor controller includes a microprocessor, an inverter circuit, a gear detection circuit, and a power supply. The gear detection circuit includes a plurality of current sensing units. Only one of the power input lines... Agent:

20150091481 - Power converting device and power converting system: In a power converting device, a controller determines a combination pattern of a first energization pattern for the first set of the at least one-phase winding and a second energization pattern for the second set of the at least one-phase winding. The first and second energization patterns respectively include at... Agent:

20150091483 - Electric motor control device: An electric motor control device is capable of reducing vibration in a speed fluctuation range at a high frequency. The electric motor control device includes a target rotation speed setting unit that sets the target rotation speed of an electric motor, a rotation speed estimation unit that calculates an estimated... Agent: Calsonic Kansei Corporation

20150091484 - High dynamic control apparatus for current source converter: Current source converters and control methods are presented for high dynamic performance by implementing a DC link current control loop parallel to one or more motor control loops, with a DC link current control command value for operating the current source rectifier being derived at least partially independent of the... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20150091485 - Systems and methods for controlling a disconnect switch via a network: A system for controlling a disconnect switch via a network may include a disconnect switch and a drive. The disconnect switch may receive alternating current (AC) power from an AC power supply, and the drive may then receive the AC power via the disconnect switch. The drive may include a... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20150091486 - Method and apparatus for detection of drive misconfiguration in a multi-axis configuration: A system for detecting a mismatch between how a motor drive is connected electrically and how it is configured for operation is disclosed. The motor drive may either be connected in a stand-alone mode to control operation of a motor from an AC source without connection to another motor drive... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20150091487 - Method and arrangement for operating a pump: A method and arrangement for operating a pump system are disclosed, the pump system including a pump arranged to be rotated with an AC motor, an inverter, the output of which is electrically connected to the AC motor, and a photovoltaic panel system electrically connected to feed DC power to... Agent: Abb Oy

20150091488 - Method and system for driving electric machines: A system for driving an electric machine is provided. The system includes a power converter coupled to an input source and the electric machine. The power converter includes a leg that includes a first and second string. The first string includes plurality of controllable semiconductor switches, a first and second... Agent: General Electric Company

20150091489 - Apparatus for finding a machine tool origin: An apparatus for finding a machine tool origin includes a base and a sensor positioned on a first side of the base. The sensor includes probe engagement components and electronic circuitry. The probe engagement components are configured for movable engagement with a probe of the machine tool to produce electronic... Agent: Beneficial Photonics, Inc.

20150091490 - Electromechanical system for operation without intermittency of an irrigation equipment: An electronic control by frequency inverter of the displacement system of an irrigation or fertirrigation set is made up of structured pipelines, in which the water distribution sprayers are mounted, and which are coupled to each other, and supported by movable towers which are moved by gear motors driving by... Agent: Fockink Ind&#xfa Strias El&#xe9 Tricas Ltda

20150091491 - Reluctance motor system: A method and apparatus for controlling operation of an electric motor. A controller is configured to identify a position of a disc relative to a plate with coils physically associated with the plate. The controller is further configured to control a current sent to the coils based on the position... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150091492 - System, method and apparatus for computing, monitoring, measuring, optimizing and allocating power and energy for a rod pumping system: A system and methods are provided for controlling a motor of a rod pumping system using previous RPMs of the motor and predicting an RPM of the motor; correcting a power factor of a motor of a rod pumping system; allocating energy consumption and allocating energy generation for a set... Agent: Long Meadow Technologies, LLC

20150091493 - Using pulse width modulation in a single phase drive system: Embodiments herein disclose a method for enabling operation of a single phase induction motor, the method comprising applying space vector Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to the single phase induction motor; determining pulse width using location of the space vector associated with space vector PWM; and enhancing voltage levels of the... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 26 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150084551 - Motor driving circuit, motor device, and electric vehicle: A motor driving circuit has a supply line connected to a DC power source, an inverter whose input side is connected to the supply line and whose output side is connected to a motor, a power switch inserted in the supply line for switching the supply line between conducting and... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20150084552 - Energy transfer between data storage devices with moving parts: A system that includes a first data storage element actuated by a first electric motor. The system also includes a second data storage element actuated by a second electric motor. An electrical connector assembly transfers electrical energy from a back electromotive force generated in the first electric motor, by movement... Agent:

20150084553 - Synchronous transfer control system in an arc resistant enclosure: A synchronous transfer control system includes an arc resistant enclosure having a main housing having an open top portion and an arc plenum, the arc plenum having a closed front portion, a closed rear portion, and at least one open side portion, and a plurality of synchronous transfer control components... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20150084554 - Electric power tool: An electric power tool includes a rechargeable battery, a motor, a detector that detects a parameter that affects a voltage drop of the rechargeable battery and outputs a detection signal corresponding to the detected parameter, a controller that receives the detection signal and generates a control signal in accordance with... Agent:

20150084555 - Motor control apparatus and motor control method: A motor control apparatus includes a calculator, a determinator, and a selector. The calculator calculates a zero vector current predicted to flow through a three-phase AC motor when an inverter operates in a first mode for applying no voltage to the motor. The determinator determines whether a difference between the... Agent:

20150084556 - Motor driving method and operating method thereof: Provided is a motor driving circuit which transmits a driving signal to a motor, including a gate driver generating the driving signal corresponding to a pulse width modulation signal, a pulse width modulation signal generator generating the pulse width modulation signal according to Hall sensor signals received from Hall sensors... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150084557 - Motor driving control device and control method of motor driving control device: There is provided a motor driving control device including a state determining unit which determines whether a motor can perform a slow start operation based on a rotating state and a driving state of the motor, a control unit which generates command information corresponding to a speed at which the... Agent:

20150084558 - Electric motor phase control system: A method and apparatus for controlling an electric motor. A controller is configured to identify a start time for a signal based on a back electromotive force present in an electric motor during operation of the electric motor. The start time is for a position of a rotor relative to... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150084559 - Motor driving device: A motor driving device includes a clock oscillator configured to generate a clock signal; and a logic unit configured to receive the clock signal, control conduction of a 3-phase brushless direct current (DC) motor, and generate a revolutions per minute (RPM) detection signal. The clock oscillator is configured to switch... Agent:

20150084560 - Phase current detection system: A motor control system includes an inverter and a plurality of current sensors each positioned in-line between the inverter and a phase coil of the motor. Each current sensor measures the current provided to each phase coil of the motor and provides a signal indicative of each phase current to... Agent: Regal Beloit America, Inc.

20150084561 - Electric motor signature reduction system: A method and apparatus for controlling a group of electric motors. A controller is configured to identify a group of switching frequencies for a desired signature for the group of electric motors. The controller is further configured to control switching of a current supplied to the group of electric motors... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150084562 - Methods and systems for reducing conducted electromagnetic interference: A drive circuit is provided for reducing conducted electromagnetic interference provided by a power line to a motor controller. The drive circuit includes an EMI filter having first and second EMI filter input terminals, and first and second EMI filter output terminals. The first input terminal is configured to be... Agent:

20150084563 - Modular power conversion system: A modular power conversion system. The modular power conversion system includes at least one first electric resource, a modular power stage, at least one second electric resource, and wherein the modular power stage comprising at last one module including power electronics for converting power between the at least one first... Agent:

20150084564 - Control device of fan motor: A control device of a fan motor includes: a voltage sensor that detects a voltage applied to a fan motor; a switching portion that selectively connects to each of coils of the fan motor and a rectifier circuit; and a switching control portion that reduces a duty ratio of a... Agent:

20150084565 - Protective module and method against torque peaks between a motor and an electric machine: A protective method is provided against torque peaks between a motor adapted for setting a shaft of the motor into rotation and an electric source adapted for electrically powering an electric assembly and including a fixed section and a rotating adapted for rotating with the shaft. The method includes a... Agent:

20150084566 - Device and method for supplying an electric drive with electric current: The present invention relates to a device (100) and a method for supplying an electric drive (101) with electric current. For this purpose, three DC/DC converters (102, 103, 104) are provided for coupling at least two connectable electric energy sources (105, 106) to the electric drive (101). The DC/DC converters... Agent:

20150084567 - The transmission of energy: Apparatus for transmitting energy comprising an electrical machine arranged to convert between electrical and mechanical energy, and comprising a rotor (20) and control means (42, 44, 90) arranged to regulate the motion of the rotor to ensure that the power angle of the electrical machine is maintained within a range... Agent:

20150084568 - Systems, methods, and assemblies for detecting stoppage of electric motors: A motor controller for an electric motor having a stator and a rotor. The motor controller includes a power input for receiving AC power from a power source; a control input for receiving a control signal from a control; and circuitry for switching power from the power source to the... Agent:

20150084569 - Integrated system of circuits for serial fan structure: An integrated system of circuits for serial fan structure includes a first and a second fan connected back to back. A first driving unit and a first control unit for the first fan and a second driving unit and a second control unit for the second fan are sequentially electrically... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20150084571 - Methods and systems for selecting and programming replacement motors: Methods and systems for replacing HVAC blower motors and other electric motors are disclosed including systems and methods for gathering and storing information about motors that may need to be replaced, systems and methods for selecting replacement motors, and systems and methods for programming the replacement motors. The systems and... Agent:

20150084570 - Motor control apparatus: A motor control apparatus controlling a driving of a motor having two pairs of winding sets is provided. The motor control apparatus includes a current command value calculation portion, a first system, a second system, and a temperature difference calculation portion. The first system includes a first power inverter circuit,... Agent:

20150084572 - Servo-parameter adjusting apparatus: A servo-parameter adjusting apparatus includes an acquiring unit that acquires an adjustment result measured by a servo control apparatus concerning position adjustment for a control target performed according to the servo parameters set in the servo control apparatus; a display control unit that simultaneously displays, on a display screen, a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150084573 - Stepping motor and timepiece provided with stepping motor: Disclosed is a stepping motor including a rotor including a cylindrical rotor magnet having an M number of magnetization, M being an even number, in a radial direction, and a stator including a stator body and a coil, the stator body having a rotor accommodating space which accommodates the rotor... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20150084574 - System for controlling a synchronous electric motor: A control system included in a speed selector connected by output phases to a synchronous electric motor, the synchronous electric motor being controlled according to a control law implemented by the speed selector. A first speed of the synchronous electric motor is determined by a first speed estimator. A second... Agent: Schneider Toshiba Inverter Europe Sas

20150084575 - Angle/frequency selector in an electric motor controller architecture: A motor controller architecture and method of operating the same. The motor controller includes a function for estimating the low speed operation of the motor, for example by evaluating the response to a periodic excitation signal injected into the control loop of the controller architecture. A periodic excitation signal in... Agent:

20150084576 - Low speed and high speed controller architecture for electric motors: A motor controller architecture and method of operating the same. The motor controller includes a function for estimating the low speed operation of the motor, for example by evaluating the response to a periodic excitation signal injected into the control loop of the controller architecture. A periodic excitation signal in... Agent:

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