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Electricity: motive power systems

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10/02/2014 > 22 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140292231 - Control unit for robots: In a control unit for a robot, an inverter which drives a motor installed in a robot. A control circuit controls drive of the motor. A drive power circuit supplies DC power to the motor, and a control power circuit DC power to the control circuit. A backup power circuit... Agent:

20140292232 - Motor controller for synchronously controlling multiple motors: A motor controller includes: a converter for converting an alternating current to a direct current; a first inverter for converting the direct current in a direct-current link of the converter to an alternating current for driving a first motor; a second inverter for converting the direct current in the direct-current... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140292233 - Driving circuit for vibration-type actuator: A driving circuit to drive a vibration member comprising an electro-mechanical energy conversion element includes a transformer connected in parallel to the electro-mechanical energy conversion element. The transformer includes a primary coil configured such that an alternating voltage is applied to the primary coil, and a secondary coil connected to... Agent:

20140292235 - Electric vehicle and driving method of electric vehicle: An electric vehicle comprises an electric motor for driving a wheel; a main battery for activating the electric motor; a case to which a sub-battery for activating the electric motor is detachably mounted; a connection terminal to which a terminal of the sub-battery is connected; a mounting detecting sensor for... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140292234 - Plasma hydrogen generation device for new energy car: A plasma hydrogen generation device includes a liquid fuel storage bottle, an air filtering element, a large capacitor battery and a fuel cell power set. In operation, the carbon hydrogen compound is decomposed into hydrogen and carbon without carbon dioxide generation when a liquid carbon hydrogen compound is decomposed in... Agent: National Cheng Kung University

20140292236 - Bidirectional motor driver low voltage power supply (lvps): A bidirectional low voltage power supply (LVPS) for providing power to motor drive electronics. The bidirectional LVPS includes two simple, discrete converters. A first converter is used to provide power to an output and the second converter recycles power from the output to the power source. The first converter powers... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140292237 - Motor control apparatus and magnetic-pole position estimating method: A motor control apparatus according to an embodiment includes a power conversion unit and a control unit. The power conversion unit supplies power to a motor having salient pole characteristic. The control unit performs proportional-integral control on the deviation between a current reference and a current flowing into the motor... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140292239 - Motor control device and motor control method: This motor control device generates a voltage command value from a current command value and performs feedback control by means of a detected current flowing through a motor. The motor control device is provided with: a correction control unit that, when the motor is being rotated at a set speed,... Agent:

20140292238 - Power conversion device: A power conversion device includes a switching circuit with multiple series circuits having upper arm switching elements connected in series with lower arm switching elements, receives DC power to generate AC power for a permanent magnet motor; a control circuit that calculates a state of the switching elements based on... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20140292240 - Control device for vehicle generator-motor and control method therefor: Provided are a low-cost control device and the like for a vehicle generator-motor for minimizing the number of current sensors and the like, and estimating an output torque and a current consumption during drive of the generator-motor. The output torque and the current consumption during the drive of the generator-motor... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140292241 - Motor control device: A motor control device includes a PWM signal generating unit comparing PWM command voltage and carrier wave with each other to generate pulse signal so that duty is increased or decreased in both directions of phase lag and phase lead with one phase within carrier period as reference regarding one... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140292242 - Actuator having a multiphase motor, and a method of controlling such an actuator: An actuator comprising at least one multiphase motor having phases facing a rotor secured to an outlet shaft associated with a braking member and provided with a connection to a movable element that is to be moved, the motors and the braking member being connected to at least one motor... Agent:

20140292243 - Power module and electric device for the combined powering and charging of an accumulator and a motor respectively: The invention relates to a power module (9) for converting an electric current flowing between an accumulator and an alternating-current motor, said module (9) comprising switching means (10) that can be controlled to authorise the powering of the motor and/or the charging of the accumulator, and an intrinsic control unit... Agent: Valeo Systemes De Controle Moteur

20140292244 - Control apparatus for switched reluctance motor: A control apparatus is provided for controlling a multi-phase, switched reluctance motor. The control apparatus includes voltage adjusters, a controller, and a carrier signal generator. Each of the voltage adjusters adjusts a voltage applied to a corresponding one of voltage application targets on the same salient pole of a stator... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140292245 - Motor-driven appliance system and method for controlling the system: A motor-driven appliance system in one aspect of an embodiment of the present disclosure includes a motor-driven appliance having a motor, at least one control circuit, and a communication device. The control circuit is configured to execute a process related to control of the motor-driven appliance. The communication device is... Agent: Makita Corporation

20140292246 - Medium voltage inverter system: A medium voltage inverter system is provided. The inverter system includes a controller configured to short-circuit the output terminal of the inverter unit when failure occurs, a supply unit configured to supply an electric power to the controller, and an auxiliary rectifying unit configured to rectify the AC voltage provided... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20140292247 - System and method for serial communication by an electronic circuit: A motor driver includes at least two terminals suitable for being coupled to a motor controller and to receive a motor command signal and transmit a motor status signal when the motor driver is controlling a motor. A serial data communication circuit may be configured to send and receive serial... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, Inc.

20140292248 - Motor controller and motor system: A motor controller includes a position speed estimation section and a control section. The position speed estimation section outputs a motor estimated position and a motor estimated speed based on a position estimated error, which is a difference between a motor position of a motor and the motor estimated position.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140292249 - Control techniques for motor driven systems: Embodiments of the present invention provide a motor-driven mechanical system with a detection system to measure properties of a back channel and derive oscillatory characteristics of the mechanical system. Uses of the detection system may include calculating the resonant frequency of the mechanical system and a threshold drive DTH required... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20140292250 - Host controller generating position control gain: A reference value generating unit (14b) generates a reference value which is equal to a speed command value taken when an override value is 1. A speed command value generating unit (14c) generates a speed command value taken when an override value is a set value. A position control gain... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140292251 - Synchronous control unit for synchronizing two shafts with each other: In the first synchronous system of the synchronous control unit (1), movement commands of the first motor (23) and the second motor (13) made by the movement command making section (9), which are synchronized with each other, are respectively supplied to the first amplifier (22) and the second amplifier (12)... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140292252 - Circuit and method for speed monitoring of an electric motor: A method for determining a phase angle between voltage applied to a winding of the electric motor and an electric current flowing through the winding may include receiving a signal from the electric motor, including a value of a voltage applied to a winding of the electric motor. The method... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

09/25/2014 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140285120 - System and method for managing dc link switching harmonics: A distributed motor drive system includes a power management module and multiple inverter modules integrated with the motors and located on a machine or process remote from the power management module. The power management module distributes DC voltage and command signals to each of the inverters, where the DC voltage... Agent:

20140285121 - Modulation scheme for driving a piezo element: The present disclosure is directed to a modulation scheme for driving a piezo element. In one embodiment, a device may comprise, for example, a piezo element, voltage rails and bridge circuitry. The bridge circuitry may be coupled between the piezo element and the voltage rails. The bridge circuitry may include... Agent:

20140285122 - Displacement devices and methods for fabrication, use and control of same: Displacement devices comprise a stator and a moveable stage. The stator comprises a plurality of coils shaped to provide pluralities of generally linearly elongated coil traces in one or more layers. Layers of coils may overlap in the Z-direction. The moveable stage comprises a plurality of magnet arrays. Each magnet... Agent:

20140285123 - Solar a/c direct motor drive: An electrical device comprising: a high voltage DC power storage system; a variable frequency drive comprising DC terminals, a variable frequency inverter, and a variable drive output, wherein said high voltage DC power source is direct fed to said DC terminals; and an AC motor connected to said variable drive... Agent:

20140285124 - Control method and device therefor: In one embodiment, a method of forming a circuit to control an electrical machine may include, configuring the circuit to obtain voltage and current information of the voltage over and current in one or more stator coils; configuring the circuit to determine a stator current vector and a stator voltage... Agent: Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC

20140285125 - Motor control device and motor control method: This motor control device generates a voltage command value from a current command value, performs feedback control by means of a detected current flowing through a motor, and is provided with: a speed control unit that performs speed control of the motor; a voltage measurement unit that measures a voltage... Agent:

20140285127 - Apparatus and method for initially driving a sensorless bldc motor: Provided is a sensorless BLDC motor apparatus for providing a drive current allowing the rotor of the BLDC motor to be aligned in a predetermined direction during an initial position setting section (or for a first period of time), and providing a drive current allowing a frequency thereof to be... Agent:

20140285128 - Motor control device for electric automobile: A magnetic force estimating unit (38) for estimating the magnetic force of a permanent magnet of a rotor of a motor (6), a determining unit (39), and a demagnetization responsive timing changing unit (40) are provided in an inverter device (22) or an electric control unit (21). The magnetic force... Agent: Ntn Corporation

20140285129 - Motor control system that detects voltage saturation: A motor control system comprises a plurality of control apparatuses and a host control apparatus, wherein each of the control apparatuses include a position control unit controlling position based on a position command and commanded speed from the host control apparatus, a speed control unit controlling speed based on a... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140285130 - Circuit device and electronic apparatus: When a counter-electromotive force generated by an inductive load is applied to the drain of a switch element, the gate of the switching element may pull the gate potential toward the direction opposite to its original potential due to capacitance coupling of the drain-gate capacitance, and this may cause a... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140285126 - Method and control circuit for controlling a brushless electric motor: The invention refers to a method for controlling a brushless, electronically commutated electric motor, a main AC voltage being rectified into an intermediate circuit direct voltage and this direct voltage being fed by an intermediate circuit containing an intermediate circuit capacitor to an inverter which is controlled by a motor... Agent: Ebm-papst Mulfingen Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140285131 - Motor driving apparatus with abnormality detection function: The invention provides a motor driving apparatus of the invention comprises a power semiconductor device (11) for power conversion; a driving unit (12) controlling driving of the power semiconductor device (11) to supply power to a motor; a heat transmission structure (13) transferring a heat generated from the power semiconductor... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140285132 - Actuator control circuit: An actuator comprising a single actuator housing containing within it a motor, a controller, a memory, and a position sensor having an output, a user interface for causing a first threshold value to be stored in the memory, and the controller configured and arranged to stop the motor as a... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 55 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20140265941 - Solar powered energy module: Embodiments of a solar powered energy module are provided wherein a solar powered module maybe added to a building or vehicle which is self-powered and need not be connected to the existing power system of the building or vehicle. The solar powered energy module may be utilized to power an... Agent: Dometic Corporation

20140265942 - Electric vehicle with improved electric drive system: An apparatus includes at least one energy source and a drive system coupled to the at least one energy source. The drive system converts electrical power received from the at least one energy source and provides converted electrical power for driving at least one load. The drive system includes a... Agent: General Electric Company

20140265943 - Ultrasonic transducer control: A first controller can have a greater number of output lines than a second controller has input lines. The first controller can receive an ultrasonic transducer control signal and provide a first portion of the control signal to the first processor, where the length of the first portion is less... Agent: Ubeam Inc.

20140265944 - Linear magnetic motor power generation system: A linear magnetic motor power generation system is disclosed. Multiple linear magnetic motors mechanically provide linear forces to equiangularly situated connecting rods pivotally attached to a crankshaft to produce rotary motion in the crankshaft. A control computer is used to implement a motion profile in commanding servo controllers that drive... Agent:

20140265947 - Driver circuit and three phase direct current brushless motor: A driver circuit for a three phase direct current (DC) brushless motor include: three bridge arms each having a first switch, a second switch, and a first diode and a second diode respectively and electrically coupled with the first switch and the second switch in parallel, and three capacitor arms... Agent:

20140265945 - Electric drive system: An electric drive system includes a rechargeable battery and a power supply bus. A first power converter circuit is coupled between the rechargeable battery and the power supply bus. A motor is configured to be coupled to the power supply bus. A control circuit is configured to operate the first... Agent:

20140265948 - Electric power tool: An electric power tool includes a power supply, a motor capable of being driven in a forward rotation mode or a reverse rotation mode, and a voltage step-up unit capable of performing a voltage step-up operation to raise a voltage supplied from the power supply and supply a raised voltage... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140265949 - Motor control devices and methods: A system and method for preventing damage to a controller of an electric motor in a vehicle from back electromotive force, the vehicle having a battery, includes monitoring, in a circuit path, a voltage and a rotational speed generated by back-driving the motor. If power is supplied to the controller... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140265946 - Portable motor drive system: Systems and methods for driving a motor are provided. One implementation of a drive system comprises a user interface, a variable speed drive, and a controller. The user interface enables a user to select an operating frequency set point and an operating voltage set point. The operating frequency set point... Agent:

20140265950 - Switched reluctance motor: A switched reluctance motor (SRM) is disclosed which has a rotor position detecting system with magnetic switches to detect the rotor position and give signals to a logic circuit to trigger electrical phase changes among the coils of the switched reluctance motor.... Agent:

20140265952 - Automated motor control: Input-output linearization (IOL) and extended state observer (ESO) techniques are applied to a Field Oriented Control (FOC) for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM). In one such approach, at least one gain value is determined based at least in part on a given bandwidth value. Operating parameters for the motor are... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140265953 - Generation of a current reference to control a brushless motor: A current reference generator to control a brushless motor in a motor control system is provided. The current reference generator includes a locate peak torque module that determines a maximum possible torque and a direct axis current that corresponds to the maximum possible torque based on motor parameters, a maximum... Agent: Steering SolutionsIPHolding Corporation

20140265951 - Motor control system for determining a reference d-axis current and a q-axis current: A motor control system for determining a reference d-axis current and a reference q-axis current is provided. The motor control system includes a motor, a DC power source and DC input lines, and a current command controller. The DC power source generates a bridge voltage across the DC input lines.... Agent: Steering SolutionsIPHolding Corporation

20140265954 - Rotating electric machine control device and electric power steering apparatus: In a rotating electric machine control device, a voltage command value calculation section calculates a voltage command value based on a current command value and a motor current. An inverter power estimation section estimates an inverter power based on the motor current. A power supply current estimation section estimates a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140265957 - Method for correcting torque for substituting permanent-split capacitormotor by electronically-commutated motor: A method for correcting torque including: presetting rotational speed of each gear by corresponding gear input lines of a microprocessor; providing a mechanism to select one rotational speed set; electing N power points within a range of the rated power, acquiring a set of torque data corresponding to each set... Agent: Zhongshan Broad-ocean Motor Co., Ltd.

20140265956 - Methods and systems for controlling an electric motor: A system and method of controlling an electric motor using a motor controller are provided. The system includes an electric motor controller configured to be coupled to an electric motor and to control the electric motor to produce approximately constant average torque. The controller includes a rectifier configured to convert... Agent: Regal Beloit America, Inc.

20140265958 - Control device and method for controlling an induction machine: A control device for an induction machine includes an angle determining device designed to determine a rotor angle of the induction machine without requiring use of sensors. The angle determining device generates measuring voltage pulses which can be selectively used to replace control voltage pulses used to control the induction... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140265960 - Control system for synchronous motor including abnormality detection and diagnosis function: A control system includes a current control unit providing, in accordance with the magnetic pole position of a rotor in which permanent magnets are disposed, a first current command to a first excitation phase of a stator winding and providing a second current command to a second excitation phase, a... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140265959 - Motor drive device: The present invention relates to a motor drive device having a drive circuit for driving a power supply relay and a phase relay providing a fail-safe function. The motor drive device includes: an inverter circuit for supplying electric power to an electric motor; a power supply relay provided on a... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20140265963 - Method of controlling start-up noise in bldc (brushless direct current) fan motors: A method to reduce acoustic noise in a cooling fan motor is disclosed. The method includes reducing the slew rate of a PWM (pulse width modulation) voltage waveform applied to energize a coil of the fan motor. This slew rate reduction results in lower mechanical vibrations and acoustic noise in... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140265962 - Motor control system having bandwith compensation: A motor control system for determining a ripple compensating current is provided. The motor control system includes a motor having a plurality of motor harmonics and a motor frequency, and a bandwidth compensation controller that is in communication with the motor. The bandwidth compensation controller is configured to determine a... Agent: Steering SolutionsIPHolding Corporation

20140265961 - Motor control system to compensate for torque ripple: A motor control system is provided. The motor control system includes a motor having plurality of motor harmonics, and a torque ripple compensation controller in communication with the motor. The torque ripple compensation controller is configured to determine a harmonic ripple current for a corresponding one of the plurality of... Agent: Steering SolutionsIPHolding Corporation

20140265966 - Disk drive: To provide a disk drive capable of inhibiting the occurrence of acoustic noise caused by a voltage pulse when the head is retracted using a speed control method using voltage obtained by rectifying a back electromotive force after the power source has been cut off from the rotation of a... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140265965 - Drive control device and drive control method for motor: The present invention provides a motor drive control device provided with a shutoff circuit employing semiconductor relays and configured to drive a motor by a duty ratio control of an inverter, which stably drives the motor even in an operation state that drive duty ratio of phases are uneven. In... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20140265964 - Three phase brushless dc motor sensor-less control using sinusoidal drive method and apparatus: Back electromotive force (BEMF) of a brushless DC (BLDC) motor may be determined when using continuous sinusoidal drive by computing the voltage to common (ground) of each phase (3) thereof when a phase current is substantially zero. These phase voltages may be computed from the DC supply voltage and the... Agent:

20140265967 - Sine modified trapezoidal drive for brushless dc motors: A pulse width modulated (PWM) trapezoidal commutation drive to a brushless direct current (BLDC) motor is sine modified so that the applied drive voltage substantially matches the induced voltage generated in the BLDC motor. The values of the cosine of the angles between −30 degrees and +30 degrees are used... Agent:

20140265955 - Autotransformer system reducing total harmonic distortion: There is disclosed an apparatus and method to reduce total harmonic distortion input into a 24-pulse autotransformer system and the autotransformer system itself. The 24-pulse autotransformer system is configured to receive an input of a first voltage and produce an output voltage of a second voltage. The system includes a... Agent: Unico, Inc.

20140265968 - Motor control loop with fast response: A system and method of controlling a motor are disclosed. The system comprises a current observer for observing a motor current at a sampling rate and a proportionate-integral controller that provides a proportionate path and an integral path and at least forms part of a proportionate-integral control loop based on... Agent: Cirrus Logic, Inc.

20140265969 - Detection of back emf in two terminal actuator: Back-emf for a motor is measured by measuring a voltage across the input terminals for a two terminal input actuator or motor when a high frequency driver having a recirculation phase for the motor applies an instantaneous high frequency zero voltage during normal operation of the driver. By a further... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140265970 - Electric motor or generator: An electric motor or generator system comprising a rotor having a first set of magnet poles; a stator having a first sensor mounted on the stator and a second sensor mounted in substantially a diametrically opposite position on the stator relative to the first sensor, wherein the first sensor is... Agent: Protean Electric Limited

20140265971 - Battery charger/export power: A system for providing operating or charging current supply in different modes of operation includes an electric machine including a rotor and a stator having stator windings, at least one charge storage device, such as a battery, and an inverter disposed between the charge storage device terminals and the electric... Agent: Kollmorgen Corporation

20140265972 - Load commutated inverter drive systems for high power drive applications: A load commutated inverter (LCI) drive system for a synchronous electrical machine is provided. The system may include a first supply bridge and a second supply bridge, each of which may include an alternating current to direct current (AC-to-DC) source side converter, a DC link circuit, and a DC-to-AC load... Agent: General Electric Company

20140265973 - System and method for determining rotor shaft position of high voltage pm ac synchronous machines using auxiliary windings: A system and method for determining rotor shaft position of high voltage permanent magnet AC synchronous machines using auxiliary windings utilizes a permanent magnet AC synchronous motor including a stator having a main set of coils and an auxiliary set of coils. A drive controller including a digital signal processor... Agent: Sky Windpower Corporation

20140265974 - Methods and systems for starting an electric motor: Methods and systems for starting an electric motor using a motor controller including a processor are provided. The method includes determining if the electric motor is operating, increasing a failed start counter if the electric motor is determined not to be operating, determining a reverse rotation by comparing a failed... Agent: Regal Beloit America, Inc.

20140265975 - Inverter control method and vehicle having same: A method of controlling a power inverter coupled to an electric motor in a vehicle powertrain having an engine is provided. The method includes generating a voltage waveform signal and a switching frequency signal for the inverter via a controller. At least one of the voltage waveform signal and the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140265976 - Method to implement drive diagnostics and prognostics automatically: An electric motor drive system includes a fan configured to cool power electronic components of the electric motor drive system. The electric motor drive system also includes a temperature sensor disposed proximate an air inlet of the fan and configured to sense an ambient temperature of air entering the air... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20140265977 - Hybrid industrial vehicle: A hybrid industrial vehicle (1) has as a main configuration: an engine (2); a cargo handling generator motor (3) used for cargo handling; a cargo handling apparatus (4) that can be driven by power received from both the engine (2) and the cargo handling generator motor (3); and a hybrid... Agent: Mitsubishi Nichiyu Forklift Co., Ltd.

20140265978 - Motor control devices and methods: A system and method for preventing thermal damage to an electric motor in a vehicle includes arrangements for monitoring the motor and detecting a cycle of the motor. If the cycle occurred within a predetermined increment time, a cycle count is incremented. If no cycle occurs for a predetermined decrement... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140265979 - System and method for fault protection of a motor: An exemplary motor driving system includes a power source, a driving circuit, a controller, a motor, and a protection circuit. The driving circuit including at least one switching device coupled with the power source. The motor includes a plurality of windings. The motor is coupled with the driving circuit and... Agent: General Electric Company

20140265980 - Adjustable rain sensor setting based on proximity vehicle detection: A system for adjusting the wipers of a vehicle based on the use of rain and proximity detecting subsystem on a given vehicle for detecting the presence of rain and one or more other vehicles in proximity to the given vehicle, such that the wipers of the given vehicle can... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140265982 - Control apparatus, control method, and computer readable medium: A control apparatus having high control performance is provided. A control apparatus according to an aspect of the present invention is a control apparatus that controls a DC motor, including a first current detection system that detects a current value of the DC motor, a second current detection system that... Agent: Mitutoyo Corporation

20140265983 - Method and apparatus for monitoring motor current for an electric valve positioner: A system and method for monitoring and controlling the amount of electrical current provided to a motor used to actuate a field device within a control system.... Agent: Fisher Controls International LLC

20140265981 - Methods and systems for controlling a motor: A control system for controlling a motor having a stator and a rotor coupled to the stator is provided. The control system includes a plurality of input taps and an input coupled to the plurality of input taps. The input is configured to transmit an input voltage to at least... Agent: Regal Beloit America, Inc.

20140265984 - System for selecting an output speed for an electric motor: An electric motor has a control circuit that enables an operational speed of the electric motor to be selected with reference to multiple ranges of speeds and the input voltage to the motor. Switching between speed ranges occurs in response to activation of a switch or in response to expiration... Agent: Merkle-korff Industries, Inc.

20140265987 - Methods and systems for inductive energy management: A controller configured to be coupled to an electric motor. The controller including a processor programmed to receive a signal indicating a stopping command of the electric motor, and control a current such that a capacitor coupled to the electric motor is not overcharged by regenerative energy when a stopping... Agent: Regal Beloit America, Inc.

20140265986 - Motor control system having common-mode voltage compensation: A motor control system is provided, and includes a motor, at least one differential amplifier configured to monitor phase current applied to the motor, and a current compensation controller. The current compensation controller is in communication with the at least one differential amplifier, and is configured to periodically determine a... Agent: Steering SolutionsIPHolding Corporation

20140265985 - Systems and methods for controlling electric motors: An electronic control module is provided. The electronic control module includes an input device, and a processor coupled to the input device. The processor is configured to generate a command signal in response to an input supplied by the input device, and transmit the command signal to a plurality of... Agent: Regal Beloit America, Inc.

20140265988 - System and method for a programmable electric converter: An electric converter is provided which uses independently controlled field coils to impress a temporary magnetic field on a rotor movable relative to one or more armatures. In some embodiments, the rotor of the programmable electric converter is rotatable with the axis of rotation being on a horizontal or vertical... Agent:

20140265989 - Methods and systems for programming an electric motor: Methods and systems for programming an electric motor are provided. An electric motor controller configured to be coupled to an electric motor is configured to control the electric motor to produce torque when direct current (DC) link voltage has up to 100% voltage ripple. The controller includes a first power... Agent: Regal Beloit America, Inc.

20140265990 - Methods and systems for controlling an electric motor: A system and a method of automatically determining an electric motor type are provided. An electric motor drive controller is configured to be coupled to an electric motor and to determine running parameters of the drive controller for the electric motor. The drive controller includes a memory device, a processor... Agent: Regal Beloit America, Inc.

20140265991 - System and method for sensorless remote release actuating system: A method for configuring a controller to operate a motor to position a seat, in which the controller includes an integrated current sensor and the seat includes a latch operatively coupled to the motor, includes determining an operating profile of the motor under one or more operating conditions, wherein the... Agent:

20140265993 - Motor control apparatus, motor control system and image forming apparatus: A motor control apparatus controls driving a direct current motor according to a drive condition set by a stepping motor control unit. The motor control apparatus includes a storage unit in which the drive condition is written by the stepping motor control unit; and a direct current motor control unit... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20140265992 - Motor drive apparatus for driving stepping motor and control method therefor: A motor drive apparatus capable of detecting a rotor rotation position of a stepping motor, without causing a substantial cost increase. A CPU of the motor drive apparatus determines a difference between a data number, which corresponds to a timing at which an ENC0 or ENC1 signal changes in level... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140265994 - Dynamically reconfigurable motor and generator systems: An electrical machine comprises a rotor, and a stator magnetically coupled to the rotor and having a plurality of slots and a plurality of windings, wherein each winding is installed in a corresponding slot, a plurality of magnetic poles and a plurality of phases in each pair of poles are... Agent:

20140265995 - Two-step connection of electric motors by means of electromagnetic switches: A method and apparatus using electromagnetic switching in a two-step connection process is provided to minimize surge currents and torque oscillations in three-phase motors during starts.... Agent:

09/11/2014 > 34 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140252995 - Motor controller: The present invention provides a motor controller for controlling a DC motor according to a reference signal. The motor controller includes a compensator, a pulse width modulation unit, and a motor driving unit. The compensator generates a control signal according to the reference signal and a sensing signal from the... Agent: Richtek Technology Corporation

20140252996 - Hybrid electric device: A device includes a housing configured with a working element and a motor configured for urging motion of the working element. The device further includes a power control module. The power control module is configurable for being in electrical connection with at least one of the motor, a first power... Agent: Mtd Products Inc

20140252997 - Secure method of cutting off the power supply of an electric motor and corresponding device: A device is provided for controlling and supplying power to a multi-phase electric motor powered by a main battery. The device includes an electronic power module, a drive module, and a monitoring unit. The electronic power module supplies power from the main battery to phases of the motor. The drive... Agent:

20140252999 - Continuously variable dynamic brake for a locomotive: This disclosure is directed to a traction motor drive system. The traction motor drive system may include a field winding subsystem comprising a field winding associated with a traction motor. The traction motor drive system may also include an armature subsystem arranged in parallel with the field winding subsystem. The... Agent: Progress Rail Services Corp.

20140252998 - Drive system with a direct current motor brake: One embodiment of a drive system may include a motor shaft coupled to a gear set in connection between an input shaft and an output shaft. The system may also have a direct current motor selectively holding the motor shaft in a fixed position for engaging the input and output... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140253000 - Method of current reference generation for a motor: A motor control system for determining a reference d-axis current is provided, and includes a motor, a DC power source and DC input lines, and a current command controller. The DC power source generates a bridge voltage across the DC input lines. The current command controller is in communication with... Agent: Steering SolutionsIPHolding Corporation

20140253001 - Motor rotational position detecting device, washing machine and motor rotational position detecting method: A motor rotational position detecting device includes a control current command output unit configured to generate and supply a torque current command and an excitation current command according to a control command for a permanent magnet motor having magnetic saliency, when receiving a control command. The control current command output... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140253002 - System for reducing torque ripple in an electric motor: A motor control system is provided. The motor control system includes a motor, a position sensor, a current sensor, and a control module. The motor has a rotor and a stator. The motor generates an output torque based on a phase current applied to the motor. The output torque generated... Agent: Steering SolutionsIPHolding Corporation

20140253003 - Motor control unit: A motor control unit includes: a microcomputer that outputs a motor control signal; a driving circuit that supplies driving electric power to the motor based on the motor control signal; and a capacitor provided at an intermediate portion of a power supply line that connects the driving circuit and a... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20140253004 - Method and system to compensate for dynamic dc offset of measured phase current: A motor control system for determining an offset correction value is provided. The motor control system includes a motor, an inverter, an inverter controller, and a dynamic offset compensation control module. The inverter is configured to transmit the phase current to the motor. The inverter controller determines the phase current... Agent: Steering SolutionsIPHolding Corporation

20140253005 - Thermal stress reduction in aircraft motor controllers: A thermal stress reduction method includes ramping an electric power generator to start an aircraft engine, for a time period associated with the aircraft engine start sequence toggling a three-level inverter switch array to a three-level pulse width modulation mode, determining if a first time interval in the three-level pulse... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140253006 - Power converter: A power converter is for a rotating electrical machine including first and second winding sets, each of which has coils corresponding to phases of the rotating electrical machine. In the power converter, a first inverter energizes the first winding set, a second inverter energizes the second winding set, a current... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140253007 - Method and device for identifying an electric machine: A method for generating a challenge-response pair in an electric machine as a basis for an identification or authentication is described, the electric machine having a stator and a rotor, a first alternating voltage between two points of a first defined point pair of the electric machine being applied as... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140253008 - Fail safe circuit: Apparatus for preventing output of an input signal is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a signal control unit comprising a signal buffering unit having an input and an output, the signal buffering unit arranged to receive an input signal and pass the input signal to the output when the signal buffering... Agent: Control Techniques Limited

20140253009 - Control apparatus for ac rotating machine and electrically-assisted power steering apparatus provided with the control apparatus: A control apparatus for AC rotating machine includes: a voltage command calculation means for calculating voltage commands on two rotational axes; a first voltage application means for applying voltages to first windings of a multiple-winding AC rotating machine having at least the first windings and second windings based on the... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140253010 - Control device for servomotor: A control device of a servomotor includes a current control loop selecting unit configured to select a first current control loop or a second current control loop having a response speed slower than that of the first current control loop, as a current control loop for controlling a current flowing... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140253011 - Motor control system: A motor control system powered by an input power source. The system includes a reactive power reducing input power system in electrical communication with a motor and a constant frequency input power source. The reactive power reducing input power system includes an AC-DC converter and a regulator system, wherein the... Agent: Sky Climber LLC

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