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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 25 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150145442 - Control device and control method for hybrid vehicle power unit: A power unit includes a first rotating electrical machine and a second rotating electrical machine as prime movers. The first rotating electrical machine, the second rotating electrical machine and a drive wheel are respectively connected to a ring gear, sun gear and carrier of a planetary gear mechanism. When a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150145443 - Autonomous battery balancing: A device is introduced for cell-balancing a plurality of battery cells connected in series. The device includes a measuring device which is connectable to each of the battery cells and which is configured to generate a current which is proportional to a minimum cell voltage of all the cell voltages... Agent:

20150145444 - Battery-powered cordless cleaning system: A cleaning system including a motor, an impeller driven by the motor, a battery receptacle, and a motor controller. The battery receptacle is configured to receive a battery pack. The battery pack includes one or more battery cells and a battery controller. The motor controller is configured to receive from... Agent:

20150145445 - System for controlling motor of hybrid electric vehicle: A system for controlling a motor of a hybrid vehicle determines a current of a first axis and a current of a second axis according to a driving condition, converts the currents of the first and second axes into a 3-phase AC current, and drives the motor by applying the... Agent:

20150145447 - Motor control device and image forming apparatus with the same: A motor control device includes a motor device, a speed command section, and a load detecting section. The motor control device includes: a motor configured to drive a rotating body and output a speed notification signal having an oscillation frequency corresponding to a rotational speed of the rotating body; and... Agent:

20150145448 - Rotating electric machine driver and electric power steering device: A rotating electric machine driver apparatus and an electric power steering apparatus using the same includes a controller section that obtains a detected current value and generates a high-side instruction signal and a low-side instruction signal to switch an upper arm element and a lower arm element based on the... Agent:

20150145450 - Control circuit for a dc motor: A control circuit for a DC motor, has: a first and second input ports for connection to a DC source; a H-bridge driving circuit, having first and second switches connected in series between the input ports, and third and fourth switches connected in series between the input ports, a first... Agent:

20150145449 - Rotating electric machine driver and electric power steering device: A rotating electric machine driving apparatus includes a controller section that obtains an electric current detection value and generates instruction signals for switching ON and OFF of switching elements based on the electric current detection value. The rotating electric machine driving apparatus also includes an IC that is provided with... Agent:

20150145451 - Control apparatus for synchronous rotary machine enabling suppression of rotor vibration: In a synchronous rotary machine such as a synchronous motor, respective values of the number of pole pairs of the rotor and the number of stator slots are predetermined such as to enable drive currents to be passed through the stator windings which suppress specific varying electromagnetic forces that act... Agent:

20150145452 - Power converting circuit: A power converting circuit for supplying power to an inductive load, includes an inductance, a switching circuit and an energy saving circuit. The inductance is charged when the switching circuit is conductive and discharges energy to the energy saving circuit and the inductive load when the switching circuit is nonconductive.... Agent:

20150145453 - Power converting circuit: A power conversion circuit for supplying power to an inductive load, includes a switching circuit and an energy saving circuit. The inductive load is supplied with electrical power and the energy saving circuit is charged when the switching circuit is conductive, and the inductive load is disconnected from the electrical... Agent:

20150145446 - Motor drive device: A motor drive device includes a constant voltage power supply and a motor drive control unit. The constant voltage power supply includes an AC/DC converter, a zero-cross detector, a switching control unit and a switching regulator. The AC/DC converter converts an AC voltage supplied from an AC voltage source into... Agent:

20150145454 - Motor control apparatus for sensorless motor, and image forming apparatus: A motor control apparatus includes: a supply unit configured to supply a current for excitation to a plurality of coils of a motor; a first detection unit configured to detect a physical quantity which varies depending on a change in inductance of at least one of the plurality of coils;... Agent:

20150145455 - Phase current regulation in bldc motors: A method is provided for determining a phase current direction and a zero-crossing moment of the phase current in a sinusoidally controlled brushless direct current motor. The brushless direct current motor comprises a coil per phase and the phase of the brushless direct current motor is driven by a half... Agent:

20150145456 - Control system for an electric motor based on a pulsed control signal: The present invention concerns a control system for an electric motor, wherein an operating mode with predetermined value assignments is selected for a parameter set for controlling an electric motor and the pulse frequency of a control signal for the electric motor is set in accordance with the selected operating... Agent:

20150145457 - Control circuits for motors and related methods: Control circuits and related methods are provided. One exemplary control circuit includes a solid state switching device for coupling to a first tap of a motor and a control device coupled to the solid state switching device. The control device is configured to switch the solid state switching device to... Agent: Emerson Electric Co.

20150145458 - Controlling circuit for outputting a square wave signal to control a fan rotating speed: A controlling circuit for outputting a square wave circuit to control a fan rotating speed is disclosed, where an output unit continuously outputs the square wave signal and the output unit is electrically connected to a time-delaying adjustment circuit, so that a duty-ratio formed not equal to 50% is outputted... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20150145459 - Methods and systems for controlling an electric motor: A system and method of controlling an electric motor using a motor drive controller are provided. The motor drive controller includes a rectifier configured to convert an AC input voltage to a DC voltage, a DC bus electrically coupled to the rectifier, an inverter electrically coupled to the DC bus... Agent: Regal Beloit America, Inc.

20150145460 - Motor controller having abnormality detection function of power transmission unit between motor and main shaft: A motor controller includes: a motor rotation angle acquisition unit acquiring the rotation angle of the motor; a main shaft rotation angle acquisition unit acquiring the rotation angle of the main shaft; a one-rotation signal acquisition unit acquiring a one-rotation signal output every time the main shaft rotates once; a... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20150145461 - Input emi filter for motor drive including an active rectifier: A poly-phase motor drive includes an input EMI filter having a poly-phase filter input and a poly-phase filter output and an active rectifier connected to the filter output. The input EMI filter includes notch filters tuned at active rectifier and motor drive inverter switching frequencies and diverts common-mode current into... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150145462 - Method and apparatus for current auto balancing for parallel converter systems: Parallel converter current imbalance control apparatus and methods in which individual converter AC currents are measured for each phase, and the AC voltage control modulation indices associated with the converters having the highest and lowest AC currents for a given phase are adjusted to counteract current imbalance between the converters.... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20150145463 - Method and apparatus for reducing radiated emissions in switching power converters: A filter for reducing radiated emissions in switching power converters such as a motor drive is disclosed. The switching power converter modulates a DC voltage input to generate a desired AC voltage output. Capacitors are connected in parallel between each output phase and a common connection, which may be a... Agent:

20150145464 - Controller and control method: A controller has a control unit generating a control signal to control a drive motor and a friction compensation unit adding a friction compensation signal to the control signal for compensating for a positioning error caused by friction in a guide unit. When reversing the direction of movement of the... Agent:

20150145465 - Servo controller having function for reducing dropping when braking: A servo controller having a function for reducing an amount of dropping of a gravity axis provided with a machine. The Servo controller is configured to control a servomotor for driving a gravity axis of the machine, and includes a brake signal outputting part configured to output a brake activation... Agent:

20150145466 - Double wound rotor type motor with constant alternating current or direct current power supply input and control method thereof: A double wound rotor type motor with a constant alternating current or direct current power supply input and a control method thereof is disclosed. The wound rotor type motor includes: a stator in which a coil directly connected to a single phase grid power supply or a direct current power... Agent: Snu R&db Foundation

05/21/2015 > 19 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150137712 - Multi-actuator design and control for a high-speed/large-range nanopositioning system: Multi-actuator system. The system includes at least two nano positioners having different ranges and bandwidths located in cascaded serial form to contact and move an object. A control system employs data-based control design to combine the at least two nano positioners so as to apportion actuation responsibilities among the at... Agent:

20150137713 - Adaptive linear resonance actuator controller: A system includes a controller to control movement of a linear resonant actuator (LRA). The system includes a monitor in the controller to monitor a back electromotive force (BEMF) signal from the LRA representing the movement of the LRA. The monitor generates an indicator that indicates whether or not movement... Agent:

20150137715 - Controlled power fade for battery powered devices: A method is provided for operating a power tool having a motor powered by a battery. The method includes: delivering power from the battery to the motor in accordance with an operator input; detecting a condition of the power tool indicating a shutdown of the power is imminent; and fading... Agent: Black & Decker Inc.

20150137714 - Vehicle motor drive circuit: Disclosed are a vehicle motor drive circuit and a driving method thereof. In the vehicle motor drive circuit according to the present invention, when the floating voltage is generated on the digital ground line due to a short circuit or a poor contact, the switch control signal is connected to... Agent:

20150137716 - Method for activating an electric machine: In a method for activating an electric machine having a rotor, a stator winding having multiple phases and a rectifier having multiple half-bridges corresponding to the number of phases, which each have active switching elements, alternating current signals, which are phase-offset to one another by switching the switching elements, are... Agent:

20150137717 - Braking apparatus for electric power tool: One aspect of an embodiment of the present disclosure is a braking apparatus for an electric power tool that includes a switching circuit with six switching elements and a brake control unit. The brake control unit switches any one selected switching element of three switching elements forming one selected switch... Agent:

20150137718 - Controlling a motor with two or more hall sensors: A motor system includes a motor including two Hall sensors configured to output binary values, and a controller configured to control the motor. The two Hall sensors are placed 120 or 60 electrical degrees apart. The controller is operable to monitor output signals of the two Hall sensors and to... Agent: Woodward, Inc.

20150137719 - Apparatus for controlling 3-phase motor and method for maintaining high torque therein: Provided are an apparatus for controlling a 3-phase motor and a method for maintaining a high torque therein, which are capable of preventing excessive heat generation in a coil, through which a phase current flows, by causing an AC current to flow in a specific phase when a 3-phase motor... Agent:

20150137721 - Power tool: A power tool comprises a motor, an output torque calculation unit configured to calculate an output torque of the motor based on a current flowing through the motor, a friction torque calculation unit configured to calculate a friction torque of the motor based on a rotation speed of the motor,... Agent:

20150137720 - Synchronous machine control device: A synchronous machine control means is provided with a magnet state output means (7) that estimates the magnetic flux of a permanent magnet forming the magnetic field of a synchronous machine (1); in a magnet state correction value calculation mode, the magnet state output means (7) calculates a magnet state... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150137722 - Dc voltage detector and power converter using the same: In a thyristor control device which converts a first AC voltage to a DC voltage and converts the DC voltage to a second AC voltage to be supplied to a synchronous motor, a DC voltage detector is configured to detect the DC voltage, and is provided with an AC voltage... Agent: Toshiba Mitsubishi-electric Industrial Systems Corporation

20150137723 - Electronic apparatus and protecting method thereof: An electronic apparatus includes a first casing, a protected device, a detector, a first actuator and a controller. The protected device is spaced apart from the first casing by a first shortest distance. The detector is configured to detect a first early sign before a first collision of the first... Agent:

20150137724 - Control device for drive device: Multipliers 21a and 21b output values, which are obtained by multiplying a total drive command value Es by first and second gains G1 and G2, respectively, as first and second drive command values E1 and E2. Controllers 23a and 23b control first and second actuators (motors) 5 and 7, respectively,... Agent:

20150137725 - Control device for drive device: A thrust reverser device for an aircraft includes at least two thrust reversers, and each of them includes a movable cowl movably actuated by an actuator driven by an electric motor. The electric motor is powered by a single power-conversion module including at least one autotransformer which is supplied with... Agent:

20150137726 - Motor controller for protecting tool and object to be processed in emergency stop: A motor controller according to the present invention includes a stop cause detecting unit for detecting a stop cause by which an emergency stop of a motor is carried out, a stop command generating unit for generating a stop command that stops a tool along a command trajectory, and a... Agent:

20150137727 - Motor control apparatus: A motor control apparatus includes a torque-limit output unit configured to output a torque limit with which power consumption of a motor is equal to or smaller than a predetermined motor power limit value and voltage amplitude required for driving the motor is equal to or smaller than a predetermined... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150137728 - Peak detection circuit and method: A circuit is provided for detecting peaks of a sinusoidal input signal includes circuitry for generating first and second sinusoidal output signals that are out of phase with one another and with the sinusoidal input signal. A comparator block compares the sinusoidal output signals to determine instances where the amplitudes... Agent: Magna E-car Systems Of America, Inc.

20150137729 - Rotary actuator: A rotary actuator, in particular for a motor vehicle, has an actuating element which can rotate about an axis, and a position sensor which detects the position of the actuating element in circumferential direction. The rotary actuator is disposed such that the rotational movement of the actuating element is continued... Agent:

20150137730 - Asynchronous motor and method for operating an asynchronous motor: In a method for operating an asynchronous motor including a main winding and an auxiliary winding, a start capacitor is connected in series with the auxiliary winding before the asynchronous motor is started up and is disconnected at a point in time, which is to be determined, after the asynchronous... Agent:

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