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Electric lamp and discharge devices: systems

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12/04/2014 > 43 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20140354148 - Impedance tuning of an electrode-less plasma lamp: A method for operating a plasma lamp apparatus. The method includes providing a resonator structure configured with a bulb comprising a fill mixture. The bulb is coupled to an output coupling element. The method applying an RF power source to a resonator structure configured with an input coupling element and... Agent: Topanga Usa, Inc.

20140354149 - Apparatus for generating a hollow cathode arc discharge plasma: An apparatus for generating a hollow cathode arc discharge plasma, including two plasma sources, each including a hollow cathode and an electrode which is associated with the hollow cathode and which has an opening that extends through the electrode, wherein the hollow cathodes of the two plasma sources are connected... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur F&#xf6 Rderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20140354150 - Systems and methods for providing a self-adjusting light source: System, methods, and apparatus, including devices and software, for providing self-adjusting light sources. In one aspect, a lighting unit includes one or more LEDs and an ambient light sensor. The light sensor measures ambient light in synchronization with intermittent off periods of light generated by the LEDs. For example, the... Agent: Smart Fos, Inc.

20140354151 - Method of reducing visibility of pulsed illumination while acquiring high quality imagery: A method of providing active illumination during biometry that utilizes pulsed lighting synchronized to frame acquisition. Two distinct illumination modalities are provided: the first maximizes the quality of images captured by the imaging system, and the second minimizes the overall illumination perceived by the user in combination with the first.... Agent: Global Rainmakers, Inc.

20140354153 - Lighting system: A lighting system mounted on any surface, such as on an article of clothing. The light system comprises at least one illuminating object. The illuminating object is connected to a power source and a processing unit. The processing unit is capable of analyzing the rhythm of music and commanding the... Agent:

20140354152 - Luminous device for a vehicle: A luminous device for a vehicle includes a plurality of light-emitting diodes, a series resistor connecting the plurality of light-emitting diodes to a voltage source, and a control unit configured to control the light-emitting diodes by means of pulse widths modulation (PWM).... Agent: Lisa Dr&#xe4 Xlmaier Gmbh

20140354154 - Harmonic cold plasma device and associated methods: A method for generating atmospheric pressure cold plasma inside a hand-held unit discharges cold plasma with simultaneously different rf wavelengths and their harmonics. The unit includes an rf tuning network that is powered by a low-voltage power supply connected to a series of high-voltage coils and capacitors. The rf energy... Agent:

20140354155 - Fan cooled led light and housing: A light emitting diode (LED) system that includes a LED, a heat sink, a fan housing, a fan, and a cover is disclosed. The heat sink is typically coupled to the LED, and the fan housing is typically coupled to the heat sink opposite the LED. The fan housing is... Agent:

20140354157 - Current steering module for use with led strings: In an embodiment, a lamp control circuit is provided. The lamp control circuit includes an intermediate current steering block configured to be coupled to a cathode of a first light-emitting device of a plurality of light-emitting devices and a final current steering block configured to be coupled to a cathode... Agent: Isine, Inc.

20140354156 - Led luminaire having high power led drive circuit: An LED luminaire according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes a rectifier outputting a first rectified voltage generated by rectifying AC voltage and flattening the rectified voltage, a power factor correction unit receiving the first rectified voltage output from the rectifier and generating and outputting a drive... Agent:

20140354158 - Lighting circuit and luminaire: A lighting circuit includes an input unit, an output unit, a rectifying circuit, first and second switching circuits, a dimming signal generating circuit, and first and second control units. The input unit is connected to a control device that outputs an alternating-current voltage. The output unit is connected to a... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140354159 - Led driver system, controller and associated method: A LED driver system includes a LED converter converting an input voltage to an output voltage to drive a LED load via a main switch; a sensing circuit generating a feedback signal on the output terminal according to a load current through the LED load; an over-shoot detecting circuit generating... Agent: Chengdu Monolithic Power Systems Co., Ltd.

20140354160 - Interactive user interface functionality for lighting devices or system: An example of a lighting system includes intelligent lighting devices, each of which includes a light source, a communication interface and a processor coupled to control the light source. In such a system, at least one of the lighting devices includes a user input sensor to detect user activity related... Agent: AblIPHolding LLC

20140354161 - Lighting network with autonomous commissioning: Networked intelligent lighting devices and other elements connected to the network of a lighting system are readily adaptable to desirable networking arrangements as well as logical functional groups, for example by each storing communication provisioning data and/or configuration data for logically associating system elements into one or more groupings or... Agent: AblIPHolding LLC

20140354162 - Led lighting device and led control system: LED lighting device and LED control system are provided. An LED lighting device includes an LED power supply unit, a controller unit, a microphone module, a wireless communication module, and an LED light source assembly. An LED control system includes at least one LED lighting device, at least one of... Agent: Zhejiang Shenghui Lighting Co., Ltd

20140354163 - Led driving device: An LED driving device includes: a rectifying circuit for outputting a DC voltage to a string of M LED units; (M−1) first switching circuits each coupled between a corresponding one of first to (M−1)th LED units and ground; and a second switching circuit coupled between an Mth LED unit and... Agent: Richtek Technology Corp.

20140354164 - Light-emitting diode lighting device having multiple driving stages: An LED lighting device includes a slave driving stage and a master driving stage. The slave driving stage includes a first luminescent device and a first current controller for providing a constant current setting in an ON phase. The master driving stage includes a second luminescent device and a current... Agent: Iml International

20140354165 - Led light source: Dimmable LED light source comprising: —a rectifier having rectifier input terminals for connection to respective output terminals of a phase cut dimmer of the trailing edge type, input terminals of the phase cut dimmer being connected to the mains supply, and having a first rectifier output terminal and a second... Agent:

20140354166 - Dimming circuit and method for leds: The present disclosure relates to dimming circuit and method for LEDs. The dimming circuit obtains a DC voltage from an external AC power supply by using a TRIAC, an electronic transformer, and a rectifier bridge sequentially. The dimming circuit comprises a first power stage circuit, a second power stage, a... Agent: Silergy Semiconductor Technology (hangzhou) Ltd.

20140354167 - Power supply apparatus and driving method thereof: The power supply apparatus includes: a dimmer controlling externally input power; a converter including a switch, and converting an output of the dimmer according to a duty of the switch and supplying a first current to a load; a dimming feedback unit receiving a first voltage corresponding to the first... Agent: Fairchild Korea Semiconductor Ltd.

20140354168 - Power supply and method for controlling the same: A power supply includes an inputter including an input capacitor and configured to receive an input DC voltage, a converter including an output capacitor and configured to convert the input DC voltage and to output the converted DC voltage, and a controller configured to control the converter to output a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140354169 - Light emitting diode lighting device: A lighting device includes an electrical circuit for energizing an LED light source having a variable illuminating resistance. The electrical circuit includes at least one target parameter, at least one target relationship and is configured for energizing the LED light source with an energizing waveform for the LED light source... Agent:

20140354170 - Load control device for a light-emitting diode light source: A load control device for controlling the intensity of a lighting load, such as a light-emitting diode (LED) light source, may include a power converter circuit operable to receive a rectified AC voltage and to generate a DC bus voltage, a load regulation circuit operable to receive the bus voltage... Agent: Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

20140354171 - Image display device and driving method of the same: An image display device including a light-emitting element configured to emit light corresponding to a current flowing therethrough; a driving element that is connected to the light-emitting element and configured to control light emission of the light-emitting element; and a control unit configured to apply a reverse bias voltage to... Agent:

20140354172 - Illumination systems: An illumination system includes a master power supply providing power to several illumination modules. The master power supply is constructed and arranged to generate high-frequency and low-voltage electrical power provided to a primary wire forming a current loop. Each illumination module includes an electromagnetic coupling element and several light sources.... Agent:

20140354173 - Impedance matching device: An impedance matching device includes an input port connected to a high-frequency power supply, an output port connected to a load, an impedance variable circuit, a T-parameter memory for storing sets of T-parameters in a manner such that each of the sets of T-parameters is related to a corresponding one... Agent: Daihen Corporation

20140354175 - High watt type ceramic metal halide lamp illumination device: A high watt type ceramic metal halide lamp illumination device is provided. The device comprises: ballast receiving a primary input voltage and outputting a secondary voltage, and a lamp having a plurality of arc tubes electrically connected in series inside an outer bulb. The lamp is lighted by receiving the... Agent: Iwasaki Electric Co., Ltd.

20140354174 - Infrared emitting diode driving circuit and remote control: An infrared emitting diode driving circuit includes a first resistor includes a first terminal and a second terminal, a second resistor, and a transistor with the emitter grounded via the second resistor. The circuit further includes an infrared emitting diode with the anode connected to a power source and the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20140354176 - Led backlight driving circuit, lcd device, and method for driving the led backlight driving circuit: A light emitting diode (LED) backlight driving circuit includes a power supply, constant current driving unit that drives LED light bars, a switching unit coupled to the power supply, and M light units that are connected with each other in parallel. Each of the light units comprises at least two... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd

20140354178 - Lighting driver having multiple dimming interfaces: Lighting control techniques and corresponding drivers and ballasts are disclosed. In some embodiments, the driver or ballast receives multiple dimming inputs and has multiple dimming interfaces that produce initial dimming signals or levels. The initial dimming signals are manipulated by a controller to produce a final output dimming signal or... Agent:

20140354177 - Methods and apparatus for management of outdoor lighting networks: Inventive methods and apparatus for management of outdoor lighting networks (130A-C, 230A-C). For example, in some embodiments methods and apparatus are provided that enable communication between a central management system (110, 210) and a plurality of unique outdoor lighting networks (130A-C, 230A-C).... Agent:

20140354179 - Luminaire: A luminaire (1a, 1b) and a method for controlling a luminaire are disclosed. The luminaire (1a, 1b) comprises a light source (2) and an ultrasonic sensor (3). The ultrasonic sensor (3) detects the presence and direction of movement of a person (4) with respect to the light source (2). A... Agent:

20140354180 - Backlight driving circuit, lcd device, and method for driving the backlight driving circuit: A backlight driving circuit includes a light emitting diode (LED) lightbar, a power supply driving the LED lightbar, a constant current driving chip controlling the power supply and the LED lightbar, and a control unit monitoring a voltage of a cathode of the LED lightbar. The constant current driving chip... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd

20140354181 - Led backlight driving circuit, lcd device, and method for driving the led backlight driving circuit: A light emitting diode (LED) backlight driving circuit includes an LED light bar, a power supply that drives the LED light bar, and a control assembly that controls the LED light bar and the power supply. The control assembly is configured with a monitor that reduces brightness of the LED... Agent:

20140354184 - Light control system: The light control system includes command means (640) for outputting a command signal indicating a direction of rotation of the light control means (300), detection means (630) for detecting electromotive force generated in a coil (510), switch means (610) for connecting the coil to drive means (500, 302, 620) in... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140354183 - Method for adjusting a color point of light emitted from an organic light emitting diode oled: The present invention relates to a method for adjusting a color point (507, 509, 511) of light emitted (111) from an organic light emitting diode OLED (107) by using current (115) with a modulated waveform for driving the OLED (107), wherein the waveform is characterized by at least three different... Agent:

20140354182 - Pixel and pixel circuit thereof: A pixel includes an organic light-emitting diode, a driving transistor, a first switch, a third switch and a fourth switch. The driving transistor is electrically coupled to the organic light-emitting diode. When the pixel is in a data writing period, the first switch is configured to write a data voltage... Agent: Au Optronics Corporation

20140354185 - Display device, computer program, recoding medium, and temperature estimation method: There are provided a display device which can accurately estimate an ambient temperature around the display device, a computer program, a recording medium, and a method for estimating an ambient temperature. A panel temperature sensor and a switch board temperature sensor are disposed in different positions of a display device.... Agent: Eizo Corporation

20140354186 - Current ripple canceling led driver: A current ripple canceling light-emitting diode (LED) driver is disclosed. The input current source contains a current ripple. The LED load is connected to the drain of a power switch. The source of the power switch is connected to a current sensing resistor. The gate of the power switch is... Agent: Shanghai Bright Power Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

20140354187 - Distributed processing using resources of intelligent lighting elements of a lighting system: An exemplary lighting system utilizes intelligent system elements, such as lighting devices, user interfaces for lighting control or the like and possibly sensors, and utilizes network communication amongst such intelligent system elements. Some processing functions performed within the system are implemented on a distributed processing basis, by two or more... Agent: AblIPHolding LLC

20140354188 - Remote monitoring systems: According to one embodiment, a remote monitoring system includes a remote apparatus to be remotely controlled according to a specified control signal, and a remote control apparatus to communicate with the remote apparatus by specified communication and to remotely control the remote apparatus, in which the remote apparatus includes a... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140354189 - Dimmable luminary featuring colour change during dimming: A wake-up lamp system (100; 1000) comprises: a light source (130) having a nominal light output intensity (Lmax); and a control device (110) for controlling the light source, the control device receiving a clock signal from a clock device (120). The control device, when operating in a wake-up mode, controls... Agent: Koninkli Philipsn.v.

20140354190 - Methods for adjusting the position of a main coil in a cyclotron: The invention concerns methods for adjusting the position of a main coil assembly in a cyclotron with respect to a median plane (M) and/or to a central axis (Z) of the cyclotron.... Agent: Ion Beam Applications, S.a.

11/27/2014 > 30 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140346949 - Hf resonator and particle accelerator with hf resonator: The invention relates to an HF resonator comprising a cylindrical cavity made of a dielectric material. An inner face of the cavity has an electrically conductive coating which is divided into a first inner coating and a second inner coating by an electrically insulating gap that encircles a lateral face... Agent:

20140346950 - Compact discharge lamp: Disclosed is a compact discharge lamp capable of preventing the heat from a discharge tube from damaging circuit elements of a stabilizer. The compact discharge lamp includes: the discharge tube having a structure that provides a stabilizer-accommodating space at the center thereof and including an electrode; a bulb base coupled... Agent:

20140346951 - Led device with power removal detection and method for using the same: An LED lamp is placed in service on an automotive vehicle to enhance nighttime visual ability or anywhere where increased lighting is needed. The LED lamp utilizes a multi-stage power and control design, where the LED drive current is managed by an LED constant current controller that is coupled to... Agent:

20140346952 - Remote plasma system having self-management function and self management method of the same: A remote plasma system having a self-management function measures an operating state of a remote plasma generator while a remote plasma generator operates, which generates plasma and remotely supplies the generated plasma to a process chamber, thereby allowing a process manager to check the measured operating state and performing a... Agent:

20140346953 - Driving circuit of light-emitting diode and driving method thereof: The present invention relates to a driving circuit of LED and a driving method thereof, which comprise a converting circuit and a driving unit. The converting circuit receives a pulse-width modulation (PWM) signal and generates an adjusting current according to the PWM signal. The driving unit receives the adjusting current... Agent: Getac Technology Corporation

20140346954 - White led light emitting device driven directly by constant alternating current: The present invention discloses a white LED light emitting device driven directly by constant current in manner of being supplied with alternating current. N parallel branches, consisting of LED modules and constant current units which are in series connection with the LED modules, are connected to an output terminal of... Agent:

20140346956 - Method of forming a semiconductor device and structure therefor: In one embodiment, a method of forming an LED control circuit may include configuring the LED control circuit to receive a sense signal that is representative of a value of an LED current flow through a plurality of LED strings wherein each LED string includes a plurality of series coupled... Agent: Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC

20140346955 - Protection circuit with low energy-consumption and driving circuit thereof: The present invention provides a protection circuit with low energy-consumption and driving circuit thereof, including a detection circuit and a switch circuit, with switch circuit disposed between power supply circuit and peripheral step-down shunt; detection circuit and switch circuit connected for controlling. Switch circuit includes a PNP triode or P... Agent:

20140346957 - Medical lighting system, in particular an operating lighting system, and a method of controlling such a lighting system: e

20140346958 - Load driving device, and lighting apparatus and liquid crystal display device using the same: A load driving device disclosed in the specification includes a power supply circuit for supplying to a load an output voltage converted from an input voltage, a detection voltage generation circuit for generating a detection voltage which varies depending on a magnitude of a voltage drop which across the load,... Agent:

20140346959 - Circuit arrangement and method for operating an led chain on ac voltage: A circuit arrangement for operating a chain comprising at least one light emitting diode on an AC voltage, in particular mains voltage, comprising a rectifier with an input circuit for drawing the AC voltage and an output circuit, into which a rectified AC voltage is output. An energy store is... Agent:

20140346960 - Constant power led circuit: A constant power drive for light emitting diodes, such that there is automatic compensation for variation in forward voltage of the LED, both in a single unit with temperature, and also due to unit-to-unit variations.... Agent:

20140346961 - High-wattage ceramic metal halide lamp: Aspects of the disclosure include a ceramic metal halide lamp in which two arc tubes are arranged electrically in series inside the same outer globe. By arranging the two arc tubes in such a way that light-emitting parts thereof do not overlap, decline in lifespan due to the heat of... Agent: Iwasaki Electric Co., Ltd.

20140346962 - Switched-capacitor isolated led driver: A switched-capacitor voltage converter which is particularly well-suited for receiving a line voltage from which to drive current through a series of light emitting diodes (LEDs). Input voltage is rectified in a multi-level rectifier network having switched capacitors in an ascending-bank configuration for passing voltages in uniform steps between zero... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140346964 - Application circuit and control method thereof: An application circuit includes a dynamic load circuit and a control circuit. The dynamic load circuit is electrically connected to a light source. The control circuit is electrically connected to the dynamic load circuit and a TRIAC. The control circuit controls the load status of the dynamic load circuit based... Agent: Lextar Electronics Corporation

20140346963 - Light source driving apparatus and light source system: A light source driving apparatus includes a triac configured to control a phase of an output voltage, a diac connected to a gate of the triac and configured to apply a trigger signal, a voltage charger configured to provide a breakover voltage to the diac, a variable resistor unit configured... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140346965 - Operating device with power factor correction and ripple limitation by change in operation: Operating device (A) for a luminous means, the operating device having at least one driver circuit for operating at least one luminous means (Last), an energy store (Cbulk) which supplies the driver circuit, a power factor correction circuit which is in the form of a boost converter, supplies the energy... Agent:

20140346966 - Lighting device: A lighting device includes a switch element coupled to a power source; a bridge current rectifying unit in communication with the switch element for converting alternating current received from the power source into direct current; a driving and light-emitting module in communication with the bridge current rectifying unit; and a... Agent:

20140346967 - Secondary-side sensing of phase-dimming signal: Current is regulated in an LED lamp by sensing, in a manner electrically isolated from a primary side of a transformer, an LED current in an LED; creating a digital control signal based on the LED current; transmitting the digital control signal from the secondary side of the LED circuit... Agent:

20140346968 - Pixel unit driving circuit and driving method, pixel unit and display apparatus: There are provided a pixel unit driving circuit and driving method, pixel unit and display apparatus. The pixel unit driving circuit is used for driving a light-emitting device to emit light, and comprises a first thin film transistor (T1), a second thin film transistor (T2), a third thin film transistor... Agent:

20140346969 - Dual function light controller with stand-alone and peripheral mode of operation: The present invention relates to a dual function light controller for a lighting system comprising a number of light emitting devices. The dual function light controller acts in a stand-alone mode of operation as an independent light controller controlling the lighting system and acts in a peripheral mode of operation... Agent:

20140346971 - Light emitting device and organic el element driving method: Provided are a light emitting device and an organic EL element driving method wherein a light emission quality can be maintained by a self-repair without degrading the uniformity of light emission. A light emitting device is characterized in that the light emitting device comprises: a plurality of organic EL elements... Agent:

20140346970 - Powerline communication control of light emitting diode (led) lighting fixtures: A powerline communication control system for controlling a lighting unit, such as an LED lighting unit, including a master controller for receiving lighting unit control inputs from a lighting controller and generating corresponding lighting unit command outputs in a lighting system command format and transmission mode and superimposing the lighting... Agent:

20140346974 - Smart fet circuit: A lighting module has at least one array of solid-state lighting elements, a variable resistor having an input of an intensity control voltage for the array of solid-state lighting elements, the variable resistor having an output electrically connected to an input of the array of solid-state lighting elements, and a... Agent:

20140346972 - Solid state light system with broadband optical communication capability: Systems and methods are disclosed for use in conjunction with a standardized electrical connector of a conventional light bulb or tube with one or more light emitting diodes (LEDs) electrically coupled to at least one electrical connector compatible with a conventional light connector, wherein the LEDs include at least one... Agent:

20140346973 - Systems and methods for dimming control using triac dimmers: System and method for dimming control of one or more light emitting diodes. An example system includes one or more signal processing components configured to receive a first signal associated with a TRIAC dimmer, process information associated with the first signal, determine whether the TRIAC dimmer is in a first... Agent:

20140346975 - Multi-electrode field emission device having single power source and method of driving same: A field emission device and a method of driving the multi-electrode field emission device having a single driving power source are disclosed. The field emission device includes a cathode electrode, one or more gate electrodes, a voltage division unit, and a power source unit. The cathode electrode is figured such... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140346976 - Method for manufacturing nanostructures and cathode for field emission lighting arrangement: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a plurality of nanostructures comprising the steps of providing a plurality of protruding base structures (104) arranged on a surface of a first substrate (102), providing a seed layer mixture, comprising a solvent/dispersant and a seed material, in contact with the... Agent:

20140346977 - Controller for a fluorescent lamp: A controller for a fluorescent lamp comprises a toggle arrangement adapted to turn the lamp on, in response to a user performing an on-off-on power toggle, wherein the on-off-on power toggle comprises a first on-period, during which the controller prevents the lamp from being turned on.... Agent: Easy Solution Holdings Limited

20140346978 - Light emitting surface: An electronic device whose housing can be electronically changed in look. The housing can have at least one curved surface, an electronic device, in the housing, the electronic device carrying out a function and displaying information. The housing has a controllable color portion on the outer surface. That color portion... Agent:

11/20/2014 > 21 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140339980 - Electron beam plasma source with remote radical source: In a plasma reactor for processing a workpiece, an electron beam is employed as the plasma source, and a remote radical source is incorporated with the process chamber.... Agent:

20140339981 - Antenna for plasma generation, plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method: An antenna for plasma generation radiates a microwave transmitted through a coaxial waveguide into a processing chamber and propagates the microwave on a metal surface of the processing chamber to convert gas into surface wave plasma. The antenna includes a gas flow path for passing the gas through the antenna,... Agent:

20140339982 - Modular rechargable headlamp: A portable illuminating device is provided. The device has a rechargeable battery that can be re-charged using a wide variety of power sources, making is especially appropriate for use away from conventional power sources. The device can be connected to a wide variety of fittings that allow the device to... Agent:

20140339983 - Color tunable lighting assembly, a light source and a luminaire: A color tunable lighting assembly (100), a light source and a luminaire are provided. The color tunable lighting assembly (100) comprises a light emitter (110), a luminescent layer (108) and a temperature controlling means (106). The light emitter (110) emits light (112) of a first color distribution. The luminescent layer... Agent:

20140339984 - Led switch circuitry for varying input voltage source: An LED array switching apparatus, comprises: a plurality of LED segments D1 to Dn connected in series, each LED segment having a forward voltage; a voltage supply coupled to the plurality of LED segments; and a plurality of constant current sources G1 to Gn, coupled to outputs of LED segments... Agent: Huizhou Light Engine Ltd.

20140339985 - Methods and apparatus for sensing light output and controlling light output: Methods and apparatus for lighting control. In some embodiments methods and apparatus are provided that sense a low lighting condition at a location and direct light toward that location after detection of the low lighting condition. In some embodiments apparatus are provided that include a plurality of networked LEDs (20,... Agent:

20140339986 - Optical sensor circuit, luminous panel and method for operating an optical sensor circuit: An optical sensor circuit comprises an optical sensor (DET) designed to provide a sensor signal indicative of light incident on the optical sensor (DET). A clock terminal (CLK) is used to receive a clocked control signal comprising high and low states. A controller unit (CU) is connected to the optical... Agent: Ams Ag

20140339987 - Large area lighting system with wireless control: Sensors and lighting components are provided that are capable of matching an emitted color to a color observed at a remote location. The sensor measures a light characteristic at a first location, and provides data to a remote lighting component, such as via a wireless connection. The lighting component is... Agent:

20140339988 - Lighting control system, arrangement registering method, and recording medium storing arrangement registering program: According to one embodiment, there is provided a lighting control system including an integral control unit capable of a control; a mobile terminal which photographs a plurality of lighting apparatuses among a plurality of lighting apparatuses as a photographing range; and a control unit which performs a first process of... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140339989 - Method for operating a lamp: The invention relates to a method for operating a lamp comprising a first light for direct lighting and a second light for indirect lighting of an object, as well as a controller controlling the first and second light emitting means separately, and at least one light sensor is mounted on... Agent: Herbert Waldmann Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140339990 - Light-emitting diode lighting device having multiple driving stages: An LED lighting device includes multiple driving stages. A first driving stage includes a first luminescent device driven by a first current and a first current controller coupled in parallel with the first luminescent device. The first current controller is configured to conduct a second current according to a voltage... Agent: Iml International

20140339991 - Backlight drive circuit with dual boost circuits: The present invention provides an LED backlight drive circuit, which includes a first power supply module, an electrical inductor, a rectifier diode, a MOS transistor, an electrolytic capacitor, an LED light string, a voltage division module, a voltage comparator, a second power supply module, and an LED constant-current drive chip.... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140339992 - Led device with shared voltage-limiting unit and individual equalizing resistance: The present invention relates to a LED device with shared voltage-limiting unit and individual voltage-equalizing resistance, wherein two ends of a LED set constituted by a plurality of same-polarity series LEDs are in parallel connected with a shared voltage-limiting unit, and two ends of individual LED are respectively in parallel... Agent:

20140339993 - Light emitting diode driving apparatus and light emitting diode backlight system using the same: A light emitting diode (LED) driving apparatus and an LED backlight system using the same are provided. The backlight control circuit suitable for driving an LED string includes a complex function pin, a driving circuit and a backlight control circuit. The backlight control circuit includes a control current generating unit,... Agent:

20140339994 - Lighting module: A lighting module includes a power line for receiving a power supply current and a ground line, a segmentation point for cutting the lighting module into two parts, a first set of light sources upstream of the segmentation point, a second set of light sources downstream of the segmentation point,... Agent:

20140339995 - Single pin control of bipolar junction transistor (bjt)-based power stage: A power stage for light emitting diode (LED)-based light bulbs may include a bipolar junction transistor (BJT). The base of BJT switch may be biased externally and the operation of the BJT may be through a single pin to the emitter of the BJT. A controller integrated circuit (IC) may... Agent: Cirrus Logic, Inc.

20140339996 - Ballast and ballast control method and apparatus, for example anti-arcing control for electronic ballast: A technique for providing control for an electronic ballast by responding to the current in the common bus (DC power rail) betweeen a boost circuit such as a power factor circuit (PFC) and an output (such as a high frequency (HF) inverter) circuit, and adjusting, changing or shutting down either... Agent: Fulham Company Limited

20140339997 - Light emitting element drive apparatus and portable apparatus using same: A light emitting element drive apparatus capable of outputting the lowest voltage satisfying drive conditions and having high light emitting efficiency and low power loss, and a portable apparatus using the same, comprising an LED drive apparatus to which LEDs of different drive voltages required for emitting light are connected... Agent:

20140339998 - Light emitting diode module: A light emitting diode module includes a light emitting unit and a light emitting diode circuit. The light emitting diode circuit includes four transistors and a storage capacitor. A first transistor includes a first end for receiving a data signal, and a control end. The storage capacitor has a first... Agent: Au Optronics Corp.

20140339999 - Charge pump-based drive circuitry for bipolar junction transistor (bjt)-based power supply: A bipolar junction transistor (BJT) may be used to generate a supply voltage for operating a controller, such as a lighting controller for a LED-based light bulb. A base of the BJT may receive current generated from the supply voltage to control operation of the BJT. Although the base of... Agent: Cirrus Logic, Inc.

20140340000 - Backlight driving circuit, lcd device, and method for driving the backlight driving circuit: A backlight driving circuit includes a constant current driving chip, a power module, and a light emitting diode (LED) lightbar coupled with the power module. The constant current driving chip includes a control module that controls switching frequency of the power module, and an adjusting module that adjusts duty cycle... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd

11/13/2014 > 29 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140333201 - Method and control unit for adjusting a luminosity of at least one headlight of a vehicle: A method for adjusting a luminosity of at least one headlight of a vehicle is described. The method includes a step of ascertaining an illumination intensity, the illumination intensity representing light that is incident at the vehicle. Furthermore, the method includes a step of determining a setpoint value for the... Agent:

20140333202 - Spot mode operation for a discharge lamp: A lighting device and a method for operating a discharge lamp (10) are de-scribed. The discharge lamp (10) comprises a sealed discharge vessel and two electrodes (22) to produce an arc. A driver circuit (20) delivers electrical power to the electrodes (22). In a run-up interval (56), electrical power is... Agent:

20140333203 - Red emitting phosphor for plasma display panels and gas discharge lamps: The invention provides a lighting unit (100) comprising (1) a vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) radiation based source of radiation (10) configured to generate VUV radiation (11), and (2) a luminescent material (20) configured to convert at least part of the VUV radiation into visible luminescent material light (21), wherein the luminescent... Agent:

20140333204 - Led backlight driving circuit, lcd device, and method for driving the led backlight driving circuit: A light emitting diode (LED) backlight driving circuit includes an LED light bar, a power supply that drives the LED light bar to light, a short-circuit protection unit, and a divider resistor. An output end of the LED light bar is coupled to the short-circuit protection unit and the divider... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd

20140333205 - Stabilization circuit for low-voltage lighting: An electronic transformer stabilization circuit includes a detection circuit and a reactive load. The detection circuit may be configured to receive a transformer output or a transformer signal derived from the transformer output. The detection circuit may determine whether the transformer that generated the transformer output is an electronic transformer.... Agent: Cirrus Logic, Inc.

20140333207 - Lighting system and method of retrieving status information of a lighting system: A method of retrieving status information of a lighting system includes propagating a command signal from a controller to a node of the lighting system by operating upstream transceivers that are upstream of the node in a transmitting mode and operating downstream transceivers that are upstream of the node in... Agent:

20140333206 - System and method for commissioning lighting using sound: A system and methods for automatically commissioning electrical fixtures using sound are disclosed. Electrical fixtures (140-149) detect sounds produced by a sound generator moved along a path (300) through installed fixtures according to a building plan (100). Each electrical fixture may be associated with a mapped fixture location in the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v. A Corporation

20140333208 - Lamp color matching and control systems and methods: Some embodiments include a method of generating a color mixing plan for a light module. The method can include: generating a color mixing plan based on manufacturer specification of light emitting diodes (LEDs) in a lighting node; selecting constraints for the LEDs based on electrical or physical properties of the... Agent:

20140333209 - Intelligent illumination control method, apparatus, and system: Disclosed are an intelligent illumination control method, apparatus, and system. The method includes a step of obtaining at least one image of a predetermined lighting area captured by at least one stereo camera; a step of determining, based on the at least one image, one or more target illuminance values... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20140333210 - Automatic configuration of a load control device: A load control system for controlling an electrical load may include a sensor, a remote control, and a load control device. The remote control may comprise a button and may be configured to wirelessly transmit a digital message in response to an actuation of the button. The load control device... Agent: Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

20140333211 - Information processing apparatus, and method: An LED emits light according to a light emission pattern identified based on a set of light emission parameters indicating characteristics of light emission. An action control unit controls the light emission pattern of the LED based on a relationship between the self apparatus and a group to which the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140333212 - Pixel circuit and display device: A pixel circuit able to prevent a spread of the terminal voltages of drive transistors inside a panel and in turn able to reliably prevent deterioration of uniformity, wherein a source of a TFT serving as a drive transistor is connected to an anode of a light emitting element, a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140333213 - Field emission device with ac output: A field emission device is configured as a heat engine with an AC output.... Agent:

20140333214 - Pixel circuit and driving method thereof: A pixel circuit including a light emitting element outputting a gray scale based on a current supplied thereto, a first transistor configured to control an amount of current supplied to the light emitting element based on a gray scale data voltage supplied to a gate electrode of the first transistor,... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140333215 - Multi-segment led driving circuit: Disclosed is a multi-segment LED driving circuit used in an AC operating mode for outputting a drive current to drive a plurality of serially connected LED strings. The LED driving circuit includes at least one detection part, at least one comparison part and at least one adjusting part. The detection... Agent: Anwell Semiconductor Corp.

20140333216 - Multi-string dimmable led driver: An apparatus includes a first LED driver configured to control a first string of LEDs, a second LED driver configured to control a second string of LEDs, a third LED driver configured to control a third string of LEDs, and a control circuit configured to receive a control signal and... Agent: Marvell World Trade Ltd.

20140333217 - Feedback control circuit and led driving circuit: A feedback control circuit, adapted to control a converting circuit to transform an input power into an output voltage for driving an LED module. The feedback control circuit comprises a detection circuit, a PWM circuit, a PWM logic control circuit and a PWM control circuit. The detection circuit is coupled... Agent: Green Solution Technology Co., Ltd.

20140333218 - Led light string with open circuit protection: An LED light string with open circuit protection has a first end for receiving a first voltage, a second end for receiving a second voltage, and multiple LED units connected in series between the first end and the second end. Each of the LED units has multiple LEDs and at... Agent:

20140333219 - Led lighting unit with color and dimming control: Method and apparatus for a LED lighting unit (200), including an inverter circuit (210) electrically coupled to a LED module (220) having a pair of antiparallel LED groupings. The inverter circuit (210) provides for color and/or dimming control of the LED module (220). A method of adjusting color and/or dimming... Agent:

20140333220 - Light emitting diode driver: A driver circuit for driving light emitting diodes (LEDs). The driver circuit includes a string of LEDs divided into n groups and the n groups of LEDs is electrically connected to each other in series, where a downstream end of group m−1 is electrically connected to the upstream end of... Agent:

20140333221 - Led light unit and method of operating an led light unit: An LED light unit, in particular for a passenger transport vehicle, such as an aircraft, a road vehicle, a ship or a rail car, is disclosed that has at least one LED and is configured to be used with a high intensity discharge lamp power supply that is adapted to... Agent: Goodrich Lighting Systems Gmbh

20140333222 - Methods, systems, and apparatus for providing variable illumination: Digital Control Ready (DCR) is a two-way open standard for controlling and managing next-generation fixtures. A DCR-enabled lighting fixture responds to digital control signals from a separate digital light agent (DLA) instead of analog dimming signals, eliminating the need for digital-to-analog signal conditioning, fixture-to-fixture variations in response, and calibration specific... Agent: Digital Lumens Incorporated

20140333223 - Dimmable led light unit and method of replacing a light unit: A dimmable LED light unit, in particular for a passenger transportation vehicle, such as an aircraft, a road vehicle, a ship or a rail car, is disclosed that comprises a power input adapted to receive electrical power from a power source, at least one LED, and an LED drive and... Agent: Goodrich Lighting Systems Gmbh

20140333224 - Switched mode power converter and method of operating the same: A switched mode power converter is disclosed, together with a method for operating the same. The power converter is adapted to be operable in the boundary conduction mode, and operation is interruptible in the absence of any load requirement.... Agent:

20140333225 - Light emitting device and system: Devices comprise first and second terminals (1,2) connected to first load circuits (21) comprising first light emitting diodes, and third and fourth terminals (3, 4) connected to second load circuits (22) comprising second light emitting diodes, first connections (11) that interconnect the first and third terminals (1, 3), second connections... Agent:

20140333226 - Mr16 gu5.3 dimmable lamp: A light source for producing variable illumination coupled to at least one device includes a light chip assembly, and an LED driver module. The light chip assembly includes multiple LEDs on a silicon substrate, a heat-sink coupled to the light chip assembly, the silicon substrate being coupled to an inner... Agent: Ledzworld Sdn. Bhd.

20140333228 - Dimmer detector for bleeder circuit activation: A circuit to be utilized for an LED driver bleeder activation. The circuit comprises a circuit block for timing a duration of any removed portion of a rectified line signal. The input of the circuit to be coupled to receive the phase controlled rectified line signal through a voltage divider.... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20140333227 - Light source module, light source module driving circuit and driving method: The present invention discloses a light source module, a light source module driving circuit and a driving method. The driving circuit comprises: a power supply, which provides input voltage; a control signal generating circuit, which inputs the input voltage provided from the power supply and outputs an enable signal and... Agent:

20140333229 - Driver system for driving at least one led: A driver system for driving at least one LED, the driver system includes an LED driver including a current source connected to the at least one LED for providing an LED drive current to the at least one LED, and a control module for controlling a flow of the LED... Agent: Eldolab Holding B.v.

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