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Electric lamp and discharge devices: systems

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07/10/2014 > 35 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20140191654 - Distributed coupling high efficiency linear accelerator: A microwave circuit for a linear accelerator includes multiple monolithic metallic cell plates stacked upon each other so that the beam axis passes vertically through a central acceleration cavity of each plate. Each plate has a directional coupler with coupling arms. A first coupling slot couples the directional coupler to... Agent:

20140191655 - Circuit board for supporting semiconductor light-emitting device mounted thereon, light-emitting module, lighting apparatus, and lighting system: The present invention provides a technology related to an improvement in the performance of releasing heat generated in a semiconductor light-emitting device. In a light-emitting module including a semiconductor light-emitting device provided with at least a semiconductor light-emitting element and a phosphor, and a circuit board, on the circuit board,... Agent: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

20140191656 - Magnetron and device using microwaves related applications: The magnetron according to the present invention includes an anode portion, a cathode portion arranged in a central portion of the anode portion, an output antenna connected to the anode portion, an exhaust pipe arranged around the output antenna to serve as a part of a vacuum tube, and an... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140191657 - Coaxial magnetron: The object of the presently disclosed embodiment is to improve heat dissipation and an overall cooling efficiency to raise a peak oscillation output. To achieve the object, there is provided a coaxial magnetron having the following configuration: Around a cathode, vanes and an anode cylinder form an anode resonant cavity,... Agent: New Japan Radio Co., Ltd.

20140191658 - Self-ballasted lamp and lighting equipment: The invention provides a self-ballasted lamp having high heat radiation performance, which is lightweight and inexpensive. A substrate having LED elements mounted is provided at one edge side of the radiator, and a cap is provided at the other edge side the radiator. A lighting circuit is accommodated between the... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140191659 - Led lamp control circuit: An LED lamp control circuit comprises a rectifier circuit, an LED light source load, a constant current circuit, and a first temperature detect switch circuit. The LED light source load comprises at least one group of LEDs. The constant current circuit comprises at least one group of constant current source... Agent: Nanker (guang Zhou) Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp.

20140191660 - Lighting fixture with integral circuit protection field: A lighting fixture includes a power input configured to be coupled to a power source, a power output configured to be coupled to an external load and a lighting device, such as a light emitting diode (LED) device, coupled to the power input and configured to provide illumination. The lighting... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20140191662 - Led lighting system and controlling method using the same: A LED lighting system and a controlling method using the same is disclosed. In accordance with the present invention, a central controller extracts an ID information assigned to each of one or more LED lighting devices using a power line communication and classifies the extracted ID information into ID groups... Agent: Tvlogic Co., Ltd.

20140191661 - Multi-zone control system: A multi-zone control system is provided. The multi-zone control system may include a system unit, zone wiring, a plurality of zone connection terminals and a first microcontroller. Each zone connection terminal may link at least one motion sensors and at least one security device to a first microcontroller. The first... Agent:

20140191663 - Organic light emitting display device and method of driving the same: There is provided an organic light emitting display device capable of reducing power consumption by adjusting a voltage according to an input image and deterioration of the organic light emitting display device and a method of driving the same.... Agent:

20140191665 - Daylight sensing arrangement for a hybrid luminaire: The disclosed embodiments relate to a daylight harvesting system (1). The daylight harvesting system comprises a light distribution device comprising a light inlet (2) for receiving incident light (3), and a light outlet (4) for providing output light (5) received by the light inlet into an interior space. A light... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140191664 - Hands-free lighting system: A hands-free lighting system comprising: a master control unit, a light unit, and a remote control unit. The master control unit is configured for controlling the operation of a remote light unit based on a signal received from a remote control unit. The light unit comprising at least one light... Agent: Raptor Inventions, LLC

20140191666 - Auto commissioning and energy saving lighting system: The invention relates to a network of luminaires for an automatic lighting system comprising at least two luminaires (1) and at least one controller, each luminaire comprising a light source (4) and at least two communication ports (3, 6, 9, 12), wherein the communication ports have predetermined configuration and orientation... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140191667 - Light source controller: A light source control system using output feedback, comparing the current output to a previous output level of a light source and modulating a control signal to maintain the light source output at a predetermined percentage of its maximum.... Agent: Oldenburg Group Incorporated

20140191668 - Retractable lighting fixture: Disclosed is a retractable lighting fixture having a retractable LED lighting layer. One or more optical layers (40, 240A/B, 340A/B, 440) may optionally be provided over the LED lighting layer (30, 230, 330, 430). The optical layer(s) and the LED lighting layer may optionally be movable relative to one another... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140191669 - Driving circuit and method for pixel unit, pixel unit and display apparatus: The present invention provides a driving circuit and method for a pixel unit, a pixel unit and a display apparatus. The driving circuit for a pixel unit comprises: a driving thin-film transistor, a first switching element, a storage capacitor and a driving control unit; said driving control unit is used... Agent: Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

20140191670 - Circuit for adjusting led current: Provided is a circuit for adjusting light-emitting diode (LED) current; the circuit comprises: a single-output constant current source (21), a multi-path LED output circuit (22) and a control bus (20) connected to the multi-path LED output circuit (22); any given LED output circuit comprises: a load circuit (23), an adjustment... Agent: Inventronics (hangzhou), Inc.

20140191671 - Light emitting diode load driving apparatus: An LED load driving apparatus including a power conversion circuit and a control chip is provided. The power conversion circuit receives an input voltage and drives an LED load in response to a PWM signal. The control chip includes a control core circuit and a memory unit. The control core... Agent: Beyond Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.

20140191672 - Load adapter with total harmonic distortion reduction: A low THD load adapter system is disclosed. The load adapter system includes a first lighting module and a second lighting module connected parallel to the first lighting module. During each AC cycle the first lighting module conducts current for a first portion of the cycle and the second lighting... Agent: Q Technology, Inc.

20140191674 - Dimmable led light fixture having adjustable color temperature: Electronic circuitry for color-mixing in an LED light fixture during AC power dimming is disclosed to achieve adjustable color temperature. According to one embodiment, a dimmable LED light fixture has first, second, and third LED light sources, the first and second LED light sources producing white light, the third LED... Agent: Juno Manufacturing, LLC

20140191673 - Led driving circuit having vcc stabilization circuit: An LED driving circuit includes: a bridge rectification circuit configured to receive an AC voltage and perform full-wave rectification on the AC voltage, the bridge rectification circuit including a first LED block, a second LED block, a third LED block, and a fourth LED block each including n LEDs (where... Agent: Posco Led Company Ltd.

20140191676 - Led arrangement: An LED arrangement includes a first LED chain having first LEDs; a second LED chain having second LEDs; a circuit arrangement for coupling the first and second LED chains to a supply source; wherein the circuit arrangement is configured such that the first and second LED chains can be coupled... Agent: Osram Gmbh

20140191677 - Light emitting module and lighting unit including the same: A light emitting module includes a body, first to Mth (wherein, M is an integer of 2 or greater) light emitting devices provided on the body to be spaced apart from each other, and a turn-on controller controlling the first to Mth light emitting devices to turn on. An mth... Agent:

20140191678 - Power converter for an led assembly and lighting application: A power converter for an LED assembly includes a switched mode power supply arranged to power the LED assembly, an AC/DC converter arranged to provide a DC supply voltage to the switched mode power supply, and a control unit arranged to receive an input signal representing a required load voltage... Agent: Eldolab Holding B.v.

20140191675 - System and method for controlling a light emitting diode fixture: One embodiment in accordance with the invention can include a circuit for controlling a light emitting diode (LED) lighting fixture via a power line. The circuit can include a power switch coupled to the power line and is for outputting a firing angle. Additionally, the circuit can include a control... Agent: Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

20140191679 - Dimming circuit and lighting device using the same: A dimming circuit and a lighting device using the same are provided. The dimming circuit comprises an interface trigger unit, an average duty cycle calculating unit, a control voltage calculating unit and a comparing unit. The interface trigger unit receives an on-time of each pulse width from each period in... Agent: Lextar Electronics Corporation

20140191680 - Backlight dimmer circuit and backlight dimming method: The present invention relates to a backlight dimmer circuit and a backlight dimming method. The backlight dimmer circuit includes a PLL dimming module, which detects a rising edge of a 3D synchronous signal to generate multiple channels of 3D mode dimming signal in phase with the 3D synchronous signal; a... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd

20140191681 - Circuitry for current regulated, externally controlled led driving: A current driver circuit for regulating a light emitting diode (LED) is disclosed. An example driver circuit uses one input node of the driver circuit for controlling both maximum brightness and dimming of an LED coupled to an output node of the driver circuit. The driver circuit supplies a reference... Agent:

20140191683 - Device for improving compatibility of solid state light sources with phase-cut dimmers: A device suppresses flicker and improves compatibility of a lamp including at least one solid state light source, the lamp being operably connected to a control circuit, such as a dimmer circuit. The device includes a connector enabling connection of the solid state light source to a lamp socket configured... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140191682 - Led light control and management system: An LED light and communication system is in communication with a broadband over power line communications system. The LED light and communication system includes at least one optical transceiver light fixture. The optical transceiver light fixture includes a plurality of light emitting diodes, at least one photodetector, and a processor.... Agent: Federal Law Enforcement Development Services, Inc.

20140191686 - Adaptable biologically-adjusted indirect lighting device and associated methods: An LED lamp includes a frame, a power circuit, a driver circuit coupled with the power circuit, an optical member comprising a reflective surface and a lower surface, the reflective surface defining an optical cavity, a light source support member defining a first aperture, and a light source comprising a... Agent: Biological Illumination, LLC

20140191685 - Discharge lamp lighting device, discharge lamp lighting method, and projector: A discharge lamp lighting method for controlling lighting of a discharge lamp includes varying an amount of generation (current value) of overshoot and undershoot generated in a waveform of a drive current that is applied when driving the discharge lamp, according to a magnitude of drive power supplied to the... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140191684 - Systems and methods for a hysteresis based driver using a led as a voltage reference: The present disclosure is directed to a hysteresis based driver that incorporates the forward voltage of the LEDs being driven into the design of the driver itself. Instead of providing a typical fixed voltage reference, the forward voltage of one or more LEDS driven by the driver is used as... Agent:

20140191687 - Music flasher controller and the control system and control method thereof: A music flasher controller comprises a central control module, a plurality of execution modules, a plurality of light-emitting units, a power supply module, a music encoding module, a player, a signal collecting module, and a signal analysis module, thereby allowing rhythmed on/off change of the control lamp with music, exhibiting... Agent:

20140191688 - Circuit for and method of receiving data to control the operation of a configurable light timer: A circuit in a configurable light timer for receiving data to control the operation of the configurable light timer is described. The circuit comprises an input portion coupled to receive first data from a portable memory device by way of a connector on the configurable light timer; and a data... Agent:

07/03/2014 > 45 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20140184061 - Array structures for field-assisted positron moderation and corresponding methods: Apparatuses and methods for the moderation of positrons are provided herein. The apparatus may include a structure consisting of linear arrays of electrode and semiconductor structures of generally planar or cylindrical form with vacuum gaps between each element electrode. This structure may be contained within a vacuum chamber. The positron... Agent:

20140184062 - Systems and methods for a light emitting diode chip: Provided is a light emitting diode (LED) chip. The LED chip includes a substrate and a mesa structure formed from a heterostructure grown on the substrate. The mesa structure includes an LED mesa portion and a photo diode (PD) mesa portion. A channel separates the LED mesa portion from the... Agent: Ge Lighting Solutions, LLC

20140184063 - Microwave disinfection and sterilization: A method and apparatus comprising microwave radiation pulses to reduce a microorganism population in an object.... Agent: Microzap, Inc.

20140184064 - Gas discharge tubes: An novelly designed gas discharge tube (GDT) comprising at least two electrodes and at least one hollow insulating ring fastened to at least one of the electrodes, wherein the hollow insulating ring has an inductive property or a variable resistance property, thereby the new gas discharge tube can provide another... Agent: Chang Gung University

20140184065 - Pool cleaner generator module with magnetic coupling: Embodiments of the invention provide a pool cleaner generator module with magnetic coupling. The generator module can include a housing, a paddle wheel, a magnetic follower, and a generator. The generator can power components of the pool cleaner, such as light emitting diode (LEDs). The housing can be removably coupled... Agent:

20140184066 - Lighting control system and lamp: A lighting control system performs a lighting control on slave lamps under the control of a master lamp communicating with and connected to a management apparatus. The master lamp includes an adding unit that adds the slave lamps placed under the control of the other master lamp to the slave... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140184067 - Vehicle lighting control system and method: A lighting control system for a wheel of a vehicle, the lighting control system including a brush configured to statically mount to a body of the vehicle; a hub for the wheel; and a plurality of arcuate contacts statically mounted to the hub, each of the plurality of contacts comprising... Agent: Revolights, Inc.

20140184068 - Bi-color illuminated emblem: A bi-color illuminated decorative device for an automobile includes a metal-look portion having a metal look layer, a substrate layer that supports the metal look layer, and a plurality of illuminating elements; and a controller that is electrically connected to the illuminating elements and that controls the light intensity of... Agent:

20140184069 - Door-mounted cabinet lamp: A battery powered LED lamp suitable for mounting on the inside surface of a cabinet door is described. The LEDs are arranged such that their light will illuminate the inside of the cabinet and its contents when the cabinet door is opened and left in a position roughly ninety degrees... Agent:

20140184070 - Luminarie: A luminaire is provided. The luminaire includes a housing, at least one light source, and a light control module. The housing has a cavity for embedding the light control module and another cavity for embedding the light sources. The light control module includes a current control unit, at least one... Agent: Radiant Opto-electronics Corporation

20140184071 - Method and apparatus for monitoring led beacon lights: The present disclosure is directed to a method, computer-readable medium and apparatus for monitoring a plurality of light emitting diode (LED) light banks for each one of a plurality of LED beacon lights. In one embodiment, the method includes determining an amount of ambient light, selecting an operating mode for... Agent: Dialight Corporation

20140184072 - Cold plasma annular array methods and apparatus: Methods and apparatus are described that use an array of two or more cold plasma jet ports oriented to converge at a treatment area. The use of an array permits greater tissue penetration by cold plasma treatments. This approach enables treatment of deeper infections of soft and hard tissues without... Agent: Cold Plasma Medical Technologies, Inc.

20140184073 - Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (pecvd) source: One embodiment is directed to a plasma source comprising a body in which a cavity is formed and at least two self-contained magnetron assemblies disposed within the cavity. The magnetron assemblies are mutually electrically isolated from each other and from the body. In one implementation of such an embodiment, the... Agent: Sputtering Components, Inc.

20140184074 - Ion source using field emitter array cathode and electromagnetic confinement: An ion source for use in a radiation generator tube includes a back passive cathode electrode, a passive anode electrode downstream of the back passive cathode electrode, a magnet adjacent the anode, and a front passive cathode electrode downstream of the passive anode electrode. The front passive cathode electrode and... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140184075 - Outdoor led lamp with heated cover: An outdoor LED lamp assembly includes a light transmissive cover disposed over at least one LED chip of the lamp assembly. A heating element is provided for providing heat to the cover. A sensor may be used to detect cover conditions, such as the accumulation of condensation, ice or snow... Agent: The Artak Ter-hovhanissian Patent Trust

20140184076 - Low intensity dimming circuit for an led lamp and method of controlling an led: A driver is connectable to an external power supply and configured to output a variable driving current for one or more loads, such as LEDs. A low intensity dimming module is operable to divert some or all of the driving current away from the LEDs when a user selects a... Agent: Rudd Lighting, Inc.

20140184081 - Color temperature adjustment for led lamps using switches: A light-emitting diode (LED) lamp includes a number of different color LEDs that can be turned on and off in different combinations using an external switch operable by a user. A user or a controller can adjust the color temperature of light output by the lamp. The color temperature change... Agent: Tsmc Solid State Lighting Ltd.

20140184079 - Driver circuit of light sources and vehicle light provided with said driver circuit of light sources: Driver circuit of light sources, particularly of the LED type, comprising a first and at least a second group of light sources, each connected to a common power supply terminal, a first and at least a second regulation circuit, each suitable for regulating the current absorbed by a respective group... Agent:

20140184077 - Light emitting diode driving apparatus: There is provided a light emitting diode (LED) driving apparatus configured such that a waveform of current input to an LED follows a sine wave, the LED driving apparatus including, a switching unit switching an LED unit having a plurality of LEDs receiving rectified power and emitting light, a driving... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140184078 - Light emitting diode driving device: There is provided a light emitting diode driving device capable of preventing a number of switches from being turned on simultaneously when a plurality of light emitting diodes are respectively driven using a plurality of switches, the light emitting diode driving device, including: a light emitting diode unit having a... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140184080 - Light emitting diode light structures: A Light Emitting Diode (LED) light includes a bridge rectifier configured to be powered by an alternating current power source and to produce a rectified output. Control circuitry couples to the bridge rectifier and is configured to produce a shunt signal when the rectified output is less than a threshold... Agent: AustinIPPartners

20140184082 - Led lamp failure alerting system: A lighting system includes at least one LED and at least one regulator in communication with the at least one LED. The at least one regulator is configured to supply a substantially constant current to the at least one LED while allowing a light output from the at least one... Agent: Ilumisys, Inc.

20140184083 - Distributed lighting control that includes satellite control units: Systems, methods and apparatuses of lighting control are disclosed. At least one lighting control system includes a central controller, a plurality of M satellite control units, a plurality of N light fixtures, and a central controller. Each satellite control unit includes an AC to DC converter and a power meter.... Agent: Enlighted, Inc.

20140184084 - Electronic incense assembly: An electronic incense assembly includes a burning chamber, an electronic stick, a camera module, an image processor and a controller. The burning chamber includes a sidewall. The electronic stick is positioned on the burning chamber, and includes a light guide bar and a light source. The light guide bar includes... Agent:

20140184085 - Electronic device and control method thereof: According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes, a light source, LED protective elements, a detecting module, a determining module, and a setting module. The light source includes LED elements connected in series. The power supplying module configured to supply a drive voltage to the light source. The LED protective... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140184086 - Apparatus for driving light emitting diode: There is provided an apparatus for driving a light emitting diode (LED), performing switching-operation with respect to a pair of LED groups by a phase difference of 180 degrees. The apparatus includes a switching unit that alternately switches a first LED unit and a second LED unit of at least... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140184087 - Luminaire: When an operator operates an operation tool of a dimming operation terminal device in order to set the brightness of a lighting load to desired brightness, an energization electric signal, for example, a voltage level detected by a dimming control section changes. The dimming control section generates a dimming signal... Agent: Toshiba Lighting And Technology Corporation

20140184088 - Light source apparatus: A light source apparatus includes a light-emitting module and a control unit. The light-emitting module is for providing a light. The control unit switches the light emitted from the light-emitting module between a first light and a second light, wherein the circadian stimulus value (CS/P value) of the second light... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140184089 - Light source, pulse controller and method for programmabale pulse generation and synchronization of light emitting devices: An LED (Light Emitting Device) light source (100), a pulse controller or pulse control module (130) for an LED light source, and a method are provided, for controlling relative timing and phase of LED light pulse generation and operation of peripheral devices, relative to a common timing reference. A system... Agent: Lumen Dynamics Group Inc.

20140184090 - Light-emitting diode driving circuits and driving methods thereof: A driving circuit includes a first PWM driving module and a second PWM driving module. The first PWM driving module generates a first square-wave signal to drive a first illumination unit according to a first data signal of a data stream, wherein the first square-wave represents an illumination period of... Agent: Princeton Technology Corporation

20140184094 - Connector position device: A connector position device includes a light emitting diode (LED) and a switch. The LED is fixed facing a connector of a motherboard. An anode of the LED is connected to a power supply; a cathode of the LED is connected to a south bridge chip. The switch is connected... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140184091 - Dc boost topology circuit for backlight driving: The present invention provides a DC boost topology circuit for backlight driving, which includes a coupling inductor including a primary coil having an end connected to a DC voltage input terminal and an opposite end connected to a secondary coil and a field-effect transistor that has an end grounded. An... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd

20140184095 - Dc power-supply apparatus: A DC power-supply apparatus of converting an AC input voltage rectified to a DC voltage and supplying it to a load, by performing on-and-off control of a switching element connected in series to a reactor, includes a control circuit, which operates in floating state with respect to a after-rectified ground... Agent: Sanken Electric Co., Ltd.

20140184092 - Field emission cathode device and driving method: A driving method includes providing a field emission cathode device. The field emission cathode device includes a cathode electrode, an electron emission layer electrically connected to the cathode electrode, a first gate electrode spaced from the cathode electrode by a first dielectric layer, and a second grid electrode spaced from... Agent: Tsinghua University

20140184093 - Single stage forward-flyback converter and power supply apparatus for light emitting diode: There is provided a single stage forward-flyback converter including a power converting unit switching input power to perform a forward power conversion operation while being switched on and perform a flyback power conversion operation while being switched off, a path providing unit clamping power formed by the forward power conversion... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140184096 - Minimized color shift lighting arrangement during dimming: An illumination device, system, and method are disclosed. The illumination system includes a first set of light sources and a second set of light sources, driven by a first driver and second driver, respectively. The system further includes a dimming control system that implemented dimming control logic. The dimming control... Agent: Avago Technologies GeneralIP(singapore) Pte., Ltd.

20140184098 - Automatic input impedance control: The present disclosure is directed to an input impedance control circuit. In one embodiment, the automatic input impedance control circuit includes a circuit controller that comprises a module for calculating an impedance and a control logic module, wherein the control logic module provides a current enable signal and a current... Agent: Dialight Corporation

20140184101 - Controller for light-emitting devices: The present invention relates to a controller (30) for controlling the light- output of two light-emitting devices (10, 20). The two light-emitting devices are adapted to provide a McCandless effect on an illuminated object (40). The controller (30) comprises a first user interface for a user to set a first... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140184097 - Economical power and data track lighting system: A track lighting system incorporates an elongate track that includes a plurality of longitudinal guideways. Multiple light fixtures selected from a group consisting of LED, incandescent, quartz halogen, compact fluorescent (CFL), high intensity discharge (HID) and ultra-violet (UV) luminaires are supported on the track. Conductors are arranged in at least... Agent:

20140184099 - Illumination apparatus, illumination system, and illumination apparatus control method: An illumination apparatus includes a determination unit that determines whether or not the supply of power from the system power supply is performed. In addition, the illumination apparatus includes a control unit that performs control such that power is supplied to the light source from the battery based on setting... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140184100 - Illumination control device and illumination control system: An illumination control system includes an illumination control device, and a plurality of illumination lamps that are connected to the illumination control device via a network and are controlled by a control signal from the illumination control device. In addition, the illumination control device includes a reception unit configured to... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140184104 - Dimming system and dimming converter and load dimming method thereof: A dimming system and a dimming converter and load dimming method thereof are provided. In the dimming converter, a cutting phase determination unit is connected with an input terminal and configured to determine phase angle information of a power supply signal of an output of a load terminal in a... Agent: Schneider Eelctric (australia) Pty Ltd.

20140184103 - Feedback control circuit and power supply apparatus using dimming adjustment and forward voltage control: There are provided a feedback control circuit and power supply apparatus using dimming adjustment and forward voltage control. The feedback control circuit includes: a voltage detection unit detecting an output voltage from a transformer and providing a detection voltage; a dimming unit generating a varied dimming signal; and a feedback... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140184102 - Light emitting diode driving device: An LED driving device includes a DC to DC converter module and a driving module. The DC to DC converter module includes a full-bridge switching circuit for converting a first DC electric power into an AC electric power, a rectifier circuit for converting the AC electric power into a second... Agent: I Shou University

20140184105 - Driving circuits and driving methods thereof: A driving circuit includes a first PWM driving module and a second PWM driving module. The first PWM driving module generates a first square-wave signal to drive a first illumination unit according to a first data signal of a data stream, wherein the first square-wave signal, having a rising edge... Agent:

06/26/2014 > 46 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20140175977 - Display device including driving unit: A display device according to an embodiment includes a display panel including a display area having pixel areas, and a non-display area surrounding the display area. The display area includes first power lines for providing a first power to the pixel areas. The display device further includes a driver electrically... Agent:

20140175978 - Automotive headlamp apparatus: An automotive headlamp apparatus includes a light source, in which a plurality of LED chips are arranged at intervals from each other, and a projection lens for projecting the light, emitted from the light source, toward a front area of a vehicle as a light source image. The semiconductor light-emitting... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co.,ltd.

20140175979 - Light emitting plasma lighting apparatus having rf shielding baffles: A light emitting plasma lighting apparatus includes at least one conductive RF shielding baffle located in a reflector housing between an emitter and a window. The at least one RF shielding baffle includes a planar body portion aligned generally perpendicular to an outer surface of the plasma bulb to minimize... Agent:

20140175980 - System and method for improved rapid cycling performance of instant start fluorescent lamps: Provided is a system for improving rapid cycling performance of instant start compact self-ballasted fluorescent lamps. The system provides a ballast driver circuit including a lamp driver, a lamp voltage detector, an additional cathode heating driver, and a wire lamp. The additional cathode heating driver applies an additional amount of... Agent: General Electric Company

20140175981 - Method of configuring an led driver, led driver, led assembly and method of controlling an led assembly: A method of configuring an LED driver is disclosed. The LED driver being arranged to provide a supply current to an LED fixture comprising a plurality of LEDs. The method comprises: identifying the LED fixture (LF), sending via a communication network (NTW) a configuration request to a configuration database (DB),... Agent: Eldolab Holding B.v.

20140175982 - Fault protection system and method for fluorescent lamp ballasts: Provided is a lighting ballast system and method for fluorescent lamps. The system and method utilize a lamp current control loop to control the light level of a fluorescent lamp. The ballast includes an open loop detector that recognizes an open current control loop as an indication of a fault... Agent: General Electric Company

20140175983 - Led lamp: A lamp is provided with a full-wave rectifier for convert AC to DC; a SPD electrically connected to the full-wave rectifier for protecting the lamp from voltage spikes; series connected LEDs electrically connected to the SPD; a microprocessor electrically connected to the SPD; series connected MOSFET start circuits electrically to... Agent:

20140175984 - Lighting device with a protection circuit having disable winding: This disclosure describes embodiments of a lighting device with circuitry that can manage current and voltage levels across a plurality of fluorescent lamps. In one embodiment, the circuitry has cross-coupled inductors in series with a pair of lamp sockets. This configuration of components causes fluorescent lamps installed in the lamp... Agent: General Electric Company

20140175985 - Method and apparatus for multiple sensor lighting control systems for daylight harvesting: A multi-sensor lighting control system includes at least two light sensors. Each sensor gathers light from different sources, by comparing and contrasting the output signals from the two sensors, the controller can automate many lighting control and commissioning processes leading to easier, simpler installations and maintenance and happier customers, and... Agent: The Watt Stopper, Inc.

20140175987 - Color temperature adjusting method and illuminating device using the method: A color temperature adjusting method includes steps: providing a controller storing a color temperature setting value therein, a main white light source including first and second sub-main white light sources having different color temperatures, and an adjusting light source comprising red, green and blue light sources; comparing the color temperature... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140175986 - Method of operating a lighting system: A method for operating a lighting system includes a) selecting a color light source; b) emitting a color light signal with the primary color of the selected color light source; c) determining spectral data of the selected color light source using a spectrometer; d) storing the measured spectral data for... Agent: Ma Lighting Technology Gmbh

20140175990 - Automatically commissioning lighting controls using sensing parameters of the lighting controls: Apparatuses, methods, and systems for automatically commissioning lighting controls using sensing parameters of the light controls are disclosed. One embodiment includes a building control system. The building control system includes a plurality of sensors, a plurality of lights associated with the plurality of sensors, and a controller. The controller is... Agent: Enlighted, Inc.

20140175989 - Clothing illumination device and clothing illumination system: A clothing illumination device is switchable between illumination with visible light only and illumination with visible light mixed with ultraviolet light. The clothing illumination device also has an LED light source and an IC tag reader. A clothing illumination system has a first and a second clothing illumination device which... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20140175988 - Led light assembly and system: An LED based light assembly and lighting system is disclosed. The lighting system includes at least one light assembly comprising a plurality of LED chips, a controller and a power supply module. The controller is configured to receive an input signal and to provide an output control signal for controlling... Agent: Dioluce, LLC

20140175991 - Presence sensor-controlled lighting apparatus: A lighting apparatus, in particular a table lamp, includes a light source; a power and control device connected to the light source; and a power line for powering the light source and the power and control device by means of a power unit; the power and control device being designed:... Agent: Artemide S.p.a.

20140175992 - Pixel circuit, driving method thereof, and display device: Provided are a pixel circuit, a driving method thereof, and a display device, which relate to the field of the display technology and can effectively compensate variation in currents due to ununiformity and drift of threshold voltages of driving Thin Film Transistors as well as ununiformity of OLEDs. The pixel... Agent: Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd

20140175993 - Wiring boards for array-based electronic devices: In accordance with certain embodiments, lighting systems include one or more lightsheets each including a plurality of strings of light-emitting elements, control elements, and power conductors for supplying power to the light-emitting elements and control elements.... Agent:

20140175994 - Method for driving a light-emitting unit and circuit therefor: A driver circuit is provided which comprises a series-connected unit having a light-emitting element and a current limiting inductor directly connected to the light-emitting element, a regenerative diode which is connected in parallel to the series-connected unit and which regenerates energy stored in the current limiting inductor, a transistor which... Agent: Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC

20140175995 - Method and arrangement for triggering a series spark gap: A series spark gap includes at least three partial spark gaps. In a continuous operation mode, a supply voltage acting over the partial spark gaps is divided by a first voltage dividing mechanism. During triggering, more than half of the partial spark gaps are bypassed by using a bypass mechanism... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20140175996 - Led lighting apparatus with improved total harmonic distortion in source current: The LED lighting apparatus includes: a rectification block; an LED block including a first light emitting group and a second light emitting group; a charging/discharging block configured to charge electric charges in a charging period, and discharge electric charges in a discharging period; a driving control unit configured to determine... Agent: Posco Led Company Ltd.

20140175997 - Adaptive light emitting diode dimming driving circuit: An adaptive LED dimming driving circuit is disclosed, wherein its control module is disposed with a first resistor, a second resistor, a retainer, a third resistor and a fourth resistor. When the control module receives an input voltage, the retainer is driven to output a retaining current Ihold to the... Agent: Unity Opto Technology Co., Ltd.

20140175998 - Lamp driving apparatus and illumination equipment using the same: A lamp driving apparatus and an illumination equipment using the same are provided. The provided lamp driving apparatus is responsible for driving a lamp. When any one of two terminals of the lamp is opened or the lamp is over-voltage, the provided driving apparatus stops driving the lamp, and thus... Agent: Beyond Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.

20140175999 - Led lighting device and driving method for the same: It is provided an LED lighting device calibratable to 0 to 100% of wide range about a chromaticity and luminance of a illumination light by a simple configuration, and a driving method for the LED lighting device. The LED lighting device is provided with a first light-emitting unit and a... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20140176000 - Circuit for driving lighting devices: The inventive subject matter provides a circuit and a method for efficiently operating a lighting device, such as a light-emitting diode and a fluorescent lamp. In one aspect of the invention, the circuit includes an oscillator that generates a series of current pulses at a frequency that is at least... Agent: Colorado Energy Research Technologies

20140176001 - Dimming control apparatus, light system driving apparatus and dimming control method: There are provided a dimming control apparatus, a lighting system driving apparatus, and a dimming control method, the dimming control apparatus including a voltage converting unit converting a dimming signal from a dimmer into dimming voltage, an analog-to-digital (A/D) converting unit converting the dimming voltage into a digital dimming value,... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140176002 - State cycling apparatus and method, and control circuit for a lamp: A state cycling apparatus uses a capacitor instead of complicated and expensive microcontroller to fulfill a state cycling function of a system. The state cycling apparatus includes an internal circuit in the system connected to the capacitor. In a first embodiment, the internal circuit reads the voltage level on the... Agent: Richpower Microelectronics Corporation

20140176003 - Discharge switch device for ignition excitation system: A discharge switch device is provided that includes a comparator portion, a temperature compensation diode, and a trigger portion. The comparator portion is configured to compare an input voltage value to a reference voltage value. The temperature compensation diode is configured to reduce variation of the reference voltage value. The... Agent: Unison Industries, LLC

20140176004 - Light control circuit and method: A system and method for controlling the dimming of a lighting element, or other electrical load, that uses a timer synchronized to the AC waveform is disclosed. The timer is set up to repeatedly count at a rate equal to twice the frequency of the AC waveform. An output from... Agent: Silicon Laboratories Inc.

20140176005 - Method of calibrating a dpp-generated euv light source: A method for controlling a discharge plasma-based radiation source for stabilizing a radiation dose emitted in a pulsed manner is disclosed. A calibration function is determined from a relationship between values of an input quantity and values of an operating parameter of the source by applying different values of the... Agent: Ushio Denki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140176006 - Display panel: An EL light-emitting element is driven digitally to reduce power consumption using a pixel having three transistors and two capacitors. A reset transistor for diode connection writes the threshold voltage of the drive transistor onto a coupling capacitor. The data voltage plus threshold voltage is then written onto the gate... Agent: Global Oled Technology LLC

20140176007 - Light emitting apparatus for method of manufacturing and using the same: An apparatus includes a load circuit operatively coupled to a controller circuit through a drive circuit. The drive circuit provides a drive signal to the load circuit in response to receiving a digital indication from the controller circuit. The load circuit includes first and second light emitting sub-circuits connected in... Agent:

20140176008 - System and method for implementing mains-signal-based dimming of solid state lighting module: A system for implementing mains-voltage-based dimming of a solid state lighting module includes a transformer, a mains sensing circuit and a processing circuit. The transformer includes a primary side connected to a primary side circuit and a secondary side connected to a secondary side circuit, the primary and second side... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140176010 - Color control of dynamic lighting: This invention relates to a method of adjusting the fixture color emitted by a first and a second lighting fixture to a target color, each lighting fixture comprising at least a first and a second light source emitting light having different source colors, and said fixture color is obtained as... Agent:

20140176012 - Current determination apparatus: The invention relates to a current determination apparatus for determining an operational driving current for driving a light source of a group of light sources. A same color shift function defining a light color shift depending on a driving current can be provided for all light sources of the group.... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140176009 - Led lighting system: An LED lighting system is provided for connection to a variable power source providing input power, the LED lighting system having at least one power analyzing and processing circuitry connecting to the variable power source, and being configured to identify one or more characteristics of the input power, where the... Agent: Led Smart, Inc.

20140176011 - Methods and systems for controlling addressable lighting units: Systems and methods that provide improved control of addressable lighting fixtures. Individual lighting units have assigned schedules defining the power levels for the unit at various times of the day. Adjustments to a scheduled level for each unit may be made depending on predefined exceptions, ambient daylight, conservation commands, override... Agent: Cooper Technologies Company

20140176013 - Dimming control method and apparatus and dimming system: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a dimming control method and apparatus and a dimming system. The method according to an embodiment of the invention includes: detecting a conduction angle of a dimming apparatus according to an output signal; and controlling a first shunt load according to the conduction angle... Agent: Schneider Eelctric (australia) Pty Ltd.

20140176018 - Circuitry to control a switching regulator: b

20140176014 - Led backlight driver circuit: A light emitting diode (LED) backlight driver circuit includes an LED lightbar and a driver module of the LED lightbar. The driver module includes a backlight driver integrated chip (IC) regulating an output voltage of the driver module, and the backlight driver IC includes a first comparator correcting the output... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140176015 - Led driving device and lighting device: An LED driving device that performs a dimming operation of an LED module, the device includes: a dimming controller that receives the dimming instruction signal and generates a dimming signal; and a driving circuit that supplies an output current to the LED module based on the dimming signal generated by... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd.

20140176017 - Power supply system, ripple suppression circuit and associated method: A power supply system having a voltage source; a load; a filter circuit to filter the voltage provided by the voltage source and to output a filtered voltage; and a follower circuit configured to generate an output signal at an output of the follower circuit based on the filtered voltage,... Agent: Chengdu Monolithic Power Systems Co. Ltd.

20140176016 - Systems and methods for dimming of a light source: In embodiments, improved capabilities are described for dimming performance of lighting methods and systems, such as the improvement of dimming LED lamps that are dimmed from standard external dimming devices. Methods and systems for improving dimming performance include a fast startup override facility for overriding a default dimming function of... Agent: Ecosense Lighting Inc.

20140176019 - Mood lamp system, method of controlling mood lamp, and mood lamp controlling apparatus: A mood lamp system, a method of controlling a mood lamp, and a mood lamp controlling apparatus that include a mood lamp and a mood lamp controlling apparatus that is configured to select a mode of the mood lamp from a plurality of modes including an off mode, a mood... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140176020 - Protection circuit for backlight driver circuit, backlight module, and lcd device: A protection circuit of a backlight driver circuit includes a backlight driver circuit. The backlight driver circuit includes a backlight driver integrated circuit (IC), and the backlight driver IC includes a protection pin that controls the backlight driver IC to enter a protection mode. The backlight driver circuit further includes... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

20140176021 - Method and apparatus for controlling light intensity of lamp: An apparatus for controlling the light intensity of a lamp includes a light intensity control unit which includes a light intensity signal transmitter for transmitting a light intensity signal based on a user setting and a built-in module inside of the lamp which includes a light intensity signal receiver module... Agent:

20140176022 - Complex compounds having a polydentate, asymmetrical ligand and the use thereof in the opto-electronic field: The invention describes electronic devices comprising a metal complex compound having a first metallic centre M1 and a second metallic centre M2 and a polydentate, asymmetrical ligand L1, which contains a phosphido or amido donor D1 bridging the first and second metallic centres M1 and M2, and a further donor... Agent: Merck Patent Gmbh

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20140167607 - Electrodeless lighting device and method for manufacturing the same: An electrodeless lighting device and methods for manufacturing the same are provided. The method includes inserting a dose into the bulb and at least one of heating a vacuum line for applying a vacuum to the bulb at first predetermined temperature and heating the bulb containing the dose at a... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140167608 - Method for determining a lighting range of a headlight: A method for determining a lighting range of a headlight of a vehicle includes determining the lighting range for the vehicle as a function of a position of a second vehicle driving ahead of the vehicle in the direction of travel. The method includes checking whether a braking process of... Agent: Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft

20140167609 - Light driving apparatus and driving method therefor: There are provided a light driving apparatus capable of being commonly used in various types of dimmers, and a driving method therefor. The light driving apparatus includes: a driving unit supplying driving power to a light emitting device according to controlling to drive the light emitting device; and a general-purpose... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140167610 - Illumination system and illumination driving method: An illumination system includes a light-emitting device, a first switch element, a driving device, a detecting circuit, an arithmetic unit and a power supply unit. The first switch element is configured for receiving an external voltage supplied by an external power source. The driving device is configured for converting the... Agent: Lextar Electronics Corporation

20140167611 - Light-emitting element repair in array-based lighting devices: In accordance with certain embodiments, patches with replacement light-emitting elements thereon are utilized to repair lighting-system fault locations.... Agent:

20140167613 - Computation of statistics for statistical data decimation: Systems and methods for statistical data decimation are described. The method includes receiving a variable from a radio frequency (RF) system, propagating the variable through a model of the RF system, and counting an output of the model for the variable to generate a count. The method further includes determining... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

20140167612 - Vacuum ultraviolet photon source, ionization apparatus, and related methods: A vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) photon source includes a body, a VUV window, electrodes disposed on the body outside an interior thereof, and a dielectric barrier between the electrodes. A method for generating VUV photons includes generating a dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) in an interior of a photon source by applying... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20140167614 - Arc chamber with multiple cathodes for an ion source: An apparatus for extending the useful life of an ion source, comprising an arc chamber containing a plurality of cathodes to be used sequentially and a plurality of repellers to protect cathodes when not in use. The arc chamber includes an arc chamber housing defining a reaction cavity, gas injection... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140167615 - Heat dissipating method for light emitting diode and lighting device using same: A heat dissipating method for a light emitting diode is provided. The heat dissipating method includes following steps. Firstly, a circuit board with a light emitting diode formed on one side and a heat dissipating fan formed on the other side is provided. The heat dissipating fan is configured to... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140167616 - Automatic mode adjustment techniques for a light fixture in a lighting system: According to techniques of the application, a method for operating a light fixture in a lighting system may include operating the light fixture in a first mode if a voltage is being supplied to the light fixture. The method may further include, while operating the light fixture in the first... Agent: Nii Northern International, Inc.

20140167617 - System and method for communication among linear light modules in a lighting system: Light source systems and methods of operating the light source systems are disclosed. A light source system may include a combination of two lighting modules in communication with each other. The lighting modules can operate in concert, in parallel, or as master or slave. A printed circuit board assembly (PCBA)... Agent: Lumenetix, Inc.

20140167618 - Intelligent lighting system: Intelligent lighting system 100 is configured to operate from an AC source 12. An array of visible light emitting diodes (LEDs) 124 responds to environmental room conditions monitored by a sensor circuit. A microcontroller 146 operates in response to sensor circuit communications to control the state of the visible light... Agent: Power Gold LLC

20140167619 - Light sensors for electronic devices: Electronic devices may include light sensors. A light sensor may be an ambient light sensor that is mounted adjacent to an aperture in an opaque structure. An ambient light sensor may include active light sensor elements located adjacent to the aperture and inactive light sensor elements located adjacent to the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140167620 - Lighting fixture for automated grouping: Control of lighting fixtures in a lighting network may be distributed among the lighting fixtures. The lighting fixtures may be broken into groups that are associated with different lighting zones. At least some of the lighting fixtures will have or be associated with one or more sensors. Within the overall... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20140167621 - Light fixtures, systems for controlling light fixtures, and methods of controlling fixtures and methods of controlling lighting control systems: A fixture comprising a light sensor and an actuator for assigning the fixture to at least one zone. A fixture comprising a light source, a motion sensor and a light sensor. A fixture comprising a motion sensor, a light sensor and a wireless transmitter (optionally also a wireless receiver). A... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20140167622 - Auto commissioning lighting fixture: The present disclosure relates to lighting fixtures for use in a lighting network where the lighting fixtures and other elements are able to communicate with each other via wired or wireless communication techniques. When the lighting network is being formed or modified, the lighting fixtures may be able to communicate... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20140167623 - Commissioning for a lighting network: The present disclosure relates to lighting fixtures for use in a lighting network where the lighting fixtures and other elements are able to communicate with each other via wired or wireless communication techniques. When the lighting network is being formed or modified, a lighting fixture is selected to act as... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20140167625 - Electronic censer: An electronic censer includes a censer body, an incense branch mounted on the censer body, a sensor mounted on the censer body to sense a luminance of the environment, and a controller connecting the light source and the sensor. The incense branch includes a light guiding tube, a light source... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140167624 - Led table lamp: An exemplary LED table lamp includes a hollow lamp housing, a lamp base supporting the lamp housing, an LED module received in the lamp housing for emitting light, and a controlling module electrically connecting to the LED module for automatically adjusting a light intensity of the LED table lamp. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140167627 - Lighting display: A display where lights may be programmed to randomly flash is described. The randomness may be changed by changing the mode of flashing. The lights may extend along strings that are powered by a power supply that may itself be plugged into a socket that had previously served as a... Agent:

20140167626 - Organic light-emitting diode, organic light-emitting display device including the same, and method of controlling dual emission of organic light-emitting diode: An organic light-emitting diode, an organic light-emitting display device including the same, and a method of controlling dual emission of the organic light-emitting diode. The organic light-emitting diode includes: a first electrode and a second electrode facing each other; a common electrode interposed between the first electrode and the second... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140167628 - Illuminating device: Disclosed is an illuminating device which has: a first illuminating lamp which is disposed at a first predetermined position and is identifiable; a second illuminating lamp which is disposed at a second predetermined position having a predetermined relationship with the first predetermined position and is identifiable; a determining means which... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20140167629 - Direct type led backlight and liquid crystal display thereof: The present invention provides a direct type LED backlight and a liquid crystal display thereof. The direct type LED backlight comprises a power converting circuit, which transfers an alternating current voltage generated from an external liquid crystal display into direct an current voltage and outputs it; multiple LED strings connected... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd

20140167630 - Light emitting diode backlight system the driving apparatus and driving method thereof: A light emitting diode (LED) backlight system and a driving apparatus and a driving method thereof are provided. The driving apparatus is suitable for an LED backlight system with N LED strings, where N is a positive integer greater than 1, and which includes an LED driver and a switching... Agent: Power Forest Technology Corporation

20140167631 - Circuit and method for detecting the duration of the interruption of a mains input: A power supply or driver circuit configured to provide electrical energy at a drive voltage. The driver circuit converts electrical energy at an input voltage to the electrical energy at the drive voltage. A controller is configured to control the power converter to provide electrical energy at the drive voltage.... Agent: Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh

20140167632 - Light source comprising a led strip: A LED light source comprising a LED strip supplied by a switch mode power supply is disclosed. The LED light source has a low power dissipation and is to a large extent independent of the magnitude of the DC voltage supplying the switch mode power supply. The LED light source... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140167633 - Backlight driving circuit and liquid crystal display with the same: A backlight driving circuit is disclosed. The backlight driving circuit includes a steady voltage circuit, a boost converter, a current setting circuit, and a control circuit. The steady voltage circuit receives an input voltage, filters the input voltage and outputs a steady DC voltage. The boost converter connects to the... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

20140167634 - Method and circuit for led driver dimming: An LED driver includes a transformer, current control loop and current adjustment circuit. The primary side of the transformer transfers energy to the secondary side of the transformer responsive to an input signal. The secondary side delivers output current to one or more LEDs at a magnitude corresponding to the... Agent: Infineon Technologies North America Corp.

20140167635 - Method for starting a high-pressure discharge lamp: A method for starting a high-pressure discharge lamp by means of a starter, having a starting capacitor, a starting switch and a starting transformer, wherein the method comprises the following temporally successive steps: charging the starting capacitor to a predetermined voltage; closing the starting switch; and opening the starting switch... Agent:

20140167637 - Load driving apparatus and driving method thereof: A load driving apparatus and a driving method thereof are provided. The load driving apparatus includes a power conversion circuit and a control chip. The power conversion circuit receives a DC input voltage, and drives an LED load in response to a gate PWM signal. The control chip is configured... Agent: Beyond Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.

20140167636 - Method and apparatus for driving light emitting diode: An LED driving method is provided. The method includes the steps of: receiving a brightness control signal, wherein the brightness control signal represents a duty cycle of an LED within a pulse width modulation cycle, and the duty cycle is indicated by a plurality of illuminating clocks; dividing the PWM... Agent: Princeton Technology Corporation

20140167638 - Portable lighting device: A method for controlling a portable lighting device. The device has a switched-mode power supply, a light source, a high frequency switch, a controller controlling the operation of the light source and a user interface for inputting commands to the controller. A DC power source has a negative pole that... Agent: Mag Instrument, Inc.

20140167640 - Back-up capacitor: This invention relates to driver circuits used within high voltage power supplies, e.g. for light bulb assemblies. A driver circuit providing electrical energy at an output derived from electrical energy at an input is described. The driver circuit comprises a power converter, a controller, a supply voltage capacitor, and is... Agent: Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh

20140167639 - Systems and methods for low-power lamp compatibility with a leading-edge dimmer and an electronic transformer: Methods and systems to provide compatibility between a load and a secondary winding of an electronic transformer driven by a leading-edge dimmer may include: (a) responsive to determining that energy is available from the electronic transformer, drawing a requested amount of power from the electronic transformer thus transferring energy from... Agent: Cirrus Logic, Inc.

20140167641 - High pressure discharge lamp lighting apparatus: In a lighting apparatus containing a high pressure discharge lamp, an alternating current supplied to the discharge lamp at the time of steady lighting of the frequency (basic frequency) selected from a range between 60 and 1000 Hz and a low frequency having a frequency selected from a range between... Agent: Ushio Denki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140167642 - Handheld device for communicating with lighting fixtures: Control of lighting fixtures in a lighting network may be distributed among the lighting fixtures. The lighting fixtures may be broken into groups that are associated with different lighting zones. At least some of the lighting fixtures will have or be associated with one or more sensors. Within the overall... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20140167645 - Lighting apparatus and lighting system: A lighting apparatus (L) includes: a light source section that includes two or more kinds of plural LEDs having different emission colors as light sources; a storage section that stores light color characteristic information that indicates the relation between a light color of an illumination light that is generable by... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140167643 - Method for controlling a light emitting device in a cooktop appliance: Systems and methods of variably controlling a driver signal to a light emitting device located proximate to a burner assembly of an appliance are provided. The driver signal can be adjusted based on a signal indicative of a temperature in a region proximate the light emitting device. The signal indicative... Agent: General Electric Company

20140167644 - Method for mixing light of leds and lighting device using same: A method for mixing light of LEDs includes following steps: Firstly, a substrate with a red light LED, a green light LED and a blue light LED arranged thereon is provided. Secondly, a power source for supplying power to the red light LED, the green light LED and the blue... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140167646 - Polychromatic solid-state light sources for the control of colour saturation of illuminated surfaces: Polychromatic light sources of white light are composed of at least two different coloured emitters, such as groups of light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Disclosed are the spectral power distributions and relative partial radiant fluxes of the coloured emitters that allow controlling the colour saturating ability of the generated light, namely, the... Agent: Vilniaus Universitetas

20140167647 - Power converter circuit for low power illumination device, control circuit thereof and method thereof: A power converter circuit for a low power illumination device includes a boost converter circuit, a buck converter circuit, and a control circuit. The control circuit configures the boost converter circuit to alternately operate in a current conducting mode and an off mode, to draw different values of the current... Agent: Richtek Technology Corporation

20140167648 - Power converter circuit for low power illumination device, control circuit thereof and method thereof: A power converter circuit of a low power illumination device includes a boost converter circuit, a buck converter circuit, and a control circuit, for cooperating with a dimmer and an electric transformer. The control circuit configures the boost converter circuit to alternatively operate in a current conducting mode and an... Agent: Richtek Technology Corporation

20140167649 - Double-output high-efficiency led light-modulating circuit: The present invention relates to a double-output high-efficiency LED light-modulating circuit, comprising: a single-stage flyback power factor corrector, a DC/DC convertor, an LED module, and a light-modulating switch. In the present invention, it mainly utilizes the single-stage flyback power factor corrector for carrying out the purposes of reducing the components... Agent: Chung-shan Institute Of Science And Technology

20140167651 - Electronic censer with control system having wind force sensor to regulate light emitting state thereof: An exemplary electronic censer with control system includes a main body, an LED disposed on the main body and a control system mounted on the main body. The control system includes a driver received in the main body, a wind force sensor exposed out of the main body and a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140167652 - Systems and methods for controlling a power controller: In accordance with systems and methods of the present disclosure, an apparatus may include a power converter and a controller. The controller may be configured to monitor a voltage at an input of the power converter, cause the power controller to transfer energy from the input to a load at... Agent: Cirrus Logic, Inc.

20140167650 - Terminal device and computer-readable storage medium: A CPU lights or extinguishes a display unit after the end of an interrupt event in accordance with a lighting state (lighting, dim-lighting, being unlighted) of the display unit when the occurrence of the interrupt event is detected. It is therefore possible for the CPU to perform appropriate display control... Agent: Casio Hitachi Mobile Communications Co., Ltd.

20140167653 - Efficient routing tables for lighting networks: Control of lighting fixtures in a lighting network may be distributed among the lighting fixtures. The lighting fixtures may be broken into groups that are associated with different lighting zones. At least some of the lighting fixtures will have or be associated with one or more sensors. Within the overall... Agent: Cree, Inc.

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