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Electric lamp and discharge devices: systems

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05/21/2015 > 33 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150137679 - Led signal lamp: A light emitting diode (LED) signal lamp includes a lamp housing having at least one light opening, a power connection mounted on the lamp housing for connection to a power cable, a plurality of LEDs mounted within the lamp housing to shine through the at least one light opening when... Agent: Virginia Electronic & Lighting, L.L.C.

20150137680 - Automotive lamp: A light emitting lamp according to one embodiment of the present invention includes a laser light source, a scanning unit, which scans the laser light emitted from the laser light source so as to form a visible light distribution pattern, an obstacle detector, which detects an obstacle, if any, in... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150137681 - Plasma generation source employing dielectric conduit assemblies having removable interfaces and related assemblies and methods: Plasma generation source employing dielectric conduit assemblies having removable interfaces and related assemblies and methods are disclosed. The plasma generation source (PGS) includes an enclosure body having multiple internal surfaces forming an internal chamber having input and output ports to respectively receive a precursor gas for generation of plasma and... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20150137682 - Glow discharge lamp: The disclosure includes a glow-discharge lamp including: an elongate casing transparent to illuminating radiation and containing a plasma gas; a device for applying an electric field for maintaining a plasma in the so-called positive column region of the casing, the device including two electrodes forming an anode and a cathode... Agent: Universite Joseph Fourier-grenoble 1

20150137683 - Led lamps and controllers for lighting fixtures: LED lighting systems including mated components such that the LED light source component is separated from the LED controller by a distance and/or by a temperature differential are disclosed.... Agent:

20150137684 - System and method for monitoring street lighting luminaires: A system for identifying a fault in a light source is presented. The system includes at least one luminaire that includes the light source configured to emit light. Also, the at least one luminaire includes a monitoring device disposed proximate to the light source. The monitoring device includes a sensing... Agent:

20150137685 - Lamp fuse in press seal cavity: A lamp (10), such as a rapid thermal processing (“RTP) lamp, is sealed with a press seal (30) that contains a fuse (40). A relatively long press seal region is used that accommodates, in addition to the conventional filament leads to the exterior of the lamp, the fuse as well,... Agent: Osram Sylvania Inc.

20150137686 - Lighting configuration apparatus and methods utilizing distance sensors: Disclosed are methods and apparatus for lighting configuration, contemplating analysis of a plurality of distance values from a plurality of distance sensors to set one or more light output characteristics of a plurality of LEDs. The light output characteristics of the LEDs are set as a function of the distance... Agent:

20150137687 - Led power supply device: An LED power supply device disclosed in the present specification includes a DC dimmer circuit that performs dimming control of an LED such that the higher a reference voltage variably controlled according to a dimmer signal is, the smaller a current flowing in the LED is. This configuration makes it... Agent:

20150137688 - Led driver operating from unfiltered mains on a half-cycle by half-cycle basis: An analog electronic circuit for driving a string of LEDs including input terminals for accepting connection to AC voltage, a current regulation circuit operatively coupled to receive an AC voltage from the input terminals and to provide an output for connection to drive the string of LEDs. Included is a... Agent: Emeray, LLC

20150137689 - Systems and methods for a current sharing driver for light emitting diodes: Systems and methods for a current sharing driver for light emitting diodes are disclosed. One disclosed system includes: a first string of LEDs; a second string of LEDs connected in parallel with the first string; a first current control device connected in series with the first string of LEDs; a... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20150137691 - Half-bridge inverter, electronic ballast and lighting device with the half-bridge inverter: The invention discloses a half-bridge inverter which includes first and second inverter input terminals for receiving a direct current (DC) voltage, first and second inverter switches, first and second drive circuits, and an inverter startup circuit. The first and second drive circuits are adapted to alternatively turn on and turn... Agent:

20150137692 - Load control device for high-efficiency loads: A two-wire load control device (such as, a dimmer switch or an electronic switch) for controlling the power delivered from an AC power source to an electrical load includes a controllably conductive device for controlling the power to the load, a microprocessor operable to generate a control signal that is... Agent:

20150137690 - Power supply module for energy saving lamp: A power supply module (70) is applied to a rectifier (40), a switching apparatus (10) and an energy saving lamp (52). The power supply module (70) includes a power processing unit (742) and a state potential unit (744). The power processing unit (742) outputs a required power to the energy... Agent:

20150137693 - High efficiency power controller for luminaire: Systems, methods and articles for providing lighting or illumination systems having drive circuits that employ a magnetic amplifier (“mag-amp”) and one or more feedback circuits to form a power converter that powers solid-state light sources (e.g., LEDs). The magnetic amplifier includes one or more magnetic cores which provides a controllable... Agent:

20150137694 - Power supply circuit for driving led lamp and power supply method, and primary-side control circuit of flyback transformer: The present invention discloses a power supply circuit for driving an LED lamp and a power supply method. The power supply circuit is constituted by an AC-DC converter by adopting DCM-DCM. Also, the power supply circuit adopts a valley fill circuit to reduce rippling of output current and adopts the... Agent:

20150137695 - Method for driving led: Method and means for driving one or more LEDs. The method includes turning a power switch on to provide current through an inductor and the power switch, measuring voltseconds of the LEDs at a cycle time, comparing the measured voltseconds to a reference signal at an end of the cycle... Agent:

20150137696 - Ac direct drive lighting system for providing uniform light distribution: An AC lighting system for providing uniform light distribution is disclosed. According to one embodiment, the AC lighting system includes an AC driver and LED packages electrically connected to the AC driver. Each LED package includes a plurality of LED elements and is physically distributed over an illuminating surface of... Agent:

20150137697 - Integrated light source driving circuit and light source module using the same: An integrated light source driving circuit including a power transistor, a driving chip and a diode and a light source module using the same are provided. The power transistor includes a substrate, first and second active regions, a gate region and an isolation region. The first and second active regions... Agent:

20150137698 - Method and apparatus for integrated lighting control according to power reserve stage: Disclosed is a method and apparatus for integrally controlling lighting according to the status of power reserve stages. The apparatus for integrally controlling lighting according to power reserve stage, comprises: a lighting control result receiver for receiving lighting control result data generated by integrating a lighting identification number and control... Agent:

20150137699 - Method of associating wireless control devices: A first wireless control device may be associated with a second wireless control device in response to the movement of the first wireless control device in relation to the second wireless control device. The second control device may determine whether the signal strength of the wireless signals received from the... Agent:

20150137701 - Optoelectronic component device: An optoelectronic component device includes a first group of optoelectronic components including at least one first optoelectronic component, wherein the at least one first optoelectronic component provides electromagnetic radiation of a first color valence, a second group of optoelectronic components including at least one second optoelectronic component, wherein the at... Agent:

20150137703 - Powerline luminaire communications: A system and method for a lighting control system to control street lighting fixtures using modified geometric harmonic modulation for communications over a powerline. At least some of the lighting fixtures have another communications capability that enables RF communications. The communications may by messages be sent to the lighting fixtures... Agent:

20150137700 - Systems and methods of driving multiple outputs: Systems and methods of driving multiple outputs are provided in which a single inductor may be used to drive multiple output such as independent strings of LEDs or white LEDs (WLEDs). In an example embodiment, a boost DC to DC converter may be used with a single inductor to drive... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150137702 - Wireless lightning control system for a wind turbine: Provided is a wind turbine that includes a tower, a nacelle, a plurality of light sources mounted within the tower and the nacelle, and a wireless lighting control system. The wireless lighting control system includes a first locally controllable switch for controlling power to the plurality of light sources and... Agent:

20150137704 - Bleeder circuit emulator for a power converter: A bleeder circuit emulator for use in a power converter to compensate and increase the current demand from the Triac dimmer above its holding current. The circuit includes an input voltage modifier and a leading edge dimming detection circuit. The input voltage modifier receives an input voltage signal that is... Agent:

20150137705 - Apparatus and method for driving led display: This disclosure provides an output stage for a LED driver circuit. The output stage has an input module, a regulator module for maintaining a constant internal voltage, and an output module for generating output signals.... Agent: Sct Technology, Ltd.

20150137707 - Light emitting diode driving apparatus: A primary side regulation (PSR) type light emitting diode (LED) driving apparatus may be capable of precisely controlling output power. The LED driving apparatus may include: a power supplying unit converting an input power input to a primary side of the apparatus and supplying a driving power to the LED... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150137706 - Power conversion apparatus and method: The power conversion apparatus converts power among a plurality of ports, and includes: a first voltage conversion unit that converts a voltage of a first port and outputs power having the converted voltage to a second port; and a second voltage conversion unit that performs a first operation of converting... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150137708 - Light control system and light control method thereof: A light control system and a light control method thereof are disclosed. The light control system is used for controlling a light-emitting device. The light control system includes an ambient status sensing module, a storage module, a controlling module, and a driver module. The ambient status sensing module is used... Agent: Gunitech Corp.

20150137709 - Backlight module and method for detecting electrostatic damage thereof: A backlight module is disclosed. The backlight module comprises a circuit board, at least one light source disposed on the circuit board, and a positive probe-point and a negative probe-point, both provided on the circuit board. The positive and negative probe-points are electrically connected to the light source, and the... Agent: Shanghai Avic Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

20150137711 - Lighting device: A lighting device using an electroluminescent material, in which color mixing and dimming can be performed by a simple method, is provided. A lighting device including a first light-emitting element and a second light-emitting element which emits light having a wavelength longer than that of light emitted from the first... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20150137710 - Organic electroluminescence module and organic-electroluminescence- module feeding structure: One aspect of the present invention provides an organic EL module that can easily change a layout according to an installation environment while a characteristic of the organic EL module is taken advantage of. The organic EL module includes: an organic EL device in which a first electrode layer, a... Agent: Kaneka Corporation

05/14/2015 > 26 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20150130348 - Magnetically enhanced, inductively coupled plasma source for a focused ion beam system: The present invention provides an inductively coupled, magnetically enhanced ion beam source, suitable to be used in conjunction with probe-forming optics to produce an ion beam without kinetic energy oscillations induced by the source.... Agent: Fei Company

20150130349 - Locomotive headlight assembly: A light apparatus for use with a power source and a control switch, the control switch including an input node, an output node and at least first and second independently selectable current paths between the input and output nodes, the first selectable current path having a resistance value that is... Agent:

20150130351 - Apparatus intelligent parallel view led light, methods of configuration and controls: Configurable LED light improving community safety and the environment by providing illumination as function of internal self-diagnostics and status of ambient environment, comprising: controller, sensors, LED's, interfaces, enclosure. Sensors include: ambient light, proximity, temperature, voltage, current. Interfaces include: wireless, INTERNET. LED's configurations include: single color, multicolor, flexible PCB. Enclosure configurations... Agent:

20150130350 - Apparatus real time control and navigation system using networked illuminated signs improving safety and reducing response time of first responders: Apparatus networked system of intelligent devices including illuminated street signs. Street signs include: address, name, direction and message signs. Apparatus controller interfacing: sensors, street signs, operator, remote controllers. Interface includes: wireless network and INTERNET. Controller maintains status of a community, including: ambient environment, safety and status of routes within the... Agent:

20150130353 - Arc chamber with multiple cathodes for an ion source: An apparatus for extending the useful life of an ion source, comprising an arc chamber containing a plurality of cathodes to be used sequentially and a plurality of repellers to protect cathodes when not in use. The arc chamber includes an arc chamber housing defining a reaction cavity, gas injection... Agent:

20150130352 - Data center: A data center inside a shipping container having a lower plenum and an upper plenum in its interior. Heated air in the upper plenum exits therefrom into a plurality of heat exchangers adjacent thereto. Air cooled by the heat exchangers travels toward and enters the lower plenum. The data center... Agent:

20150130354 - Frequency tuning for dual level radio frequency (rf) pulsing: Methods and apparatus for frequency tuning in process chambers using dual level pulsed power are provided herein. In some embodiments, a method for frequency tuning may include providing a first pulsed power at a first frequency while the first frequency is adjusted to a second frequency, wherein the first frequency... Agent:

20150130355 - Head-wearable user interface device for lighting related operations: A wearable user interface device provides a display (e.g. an augmented reality display) for a user/wearer. The device includes a camera or other optical sensor and wireless communication capability. The camera or sensor provides an input to detect and possibly communicate with a lighting device or system. The communications and... Agent: AblIPHolding LLC

20150130356 - Led light assembly and system: An LED based light assembly and lighting system is disclosed. The lighting system includes at least one light assembly comprising a plurality of LED chips, a controller and a power supply module. The controller is configured to receive an input signal and to provide an output control signal for controlling... Agent: Dioluce, LLC

20150130357 - Turn-on procedure for a load control system: A load regulation device may be adapted to control an electrical load. The load regulation device may be in a low power state, a ready state, and/or an on state. The low power state may be characterized by the electrical load being unenergized. The ready state may be characterized by... Agent: Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

20150130358 - Led controlling device: A light emitting diode (LED) controlling device may include: a driving circuit unit converting input power into an output voltage and providing the output voltage to an LED module; a detecting circuit unit positioned between the driving circuit unit and the LED module and detecting the output voltage and an... Agent:

20150130359 - Resettable lighting system and method: A lighting system, including: light emitting elements; a reset switch operable in a first and second state; non-volatile reset memory configured to record the state of the reset switch when power is provided to the system; a wireless communication system; non-volatile communication memory configured to store default settings and configuration... Agent:

20150130360 - Compact converter plug for led light strings: Disclosed is a compact converter plug that can be used with LED lighting strings. The converter plug has a size and shape that is comparable to a standard wall plug and is capable of plugging into a standard wall socket. The converter plug is waterproof and can be easily assembled.... Agent:

20150130361 - Led backlight driving circuit and method for driving the led backlight driving circuit: A light emitting diode (LED) backlight driving circuit includes a power supply, at least two connected-in-parallel LED lightbars coupled to an output end of the power supply, a power feedback assembly coupled to each of the LED lightbars, and an adjusting-power block coupled to the power feedback assembly. A reference... Agent:

20150130362 - Spark gap arrangement: A spark gap arrangement comprises a triggerable spark gap (TF) and a trigger circuit (TRG), which comprises a first and a second charge store (C1, C2), a first resistor (R1), a triggerable dissipation element (SF, SF3, TD, TH) and a transformer (T1). The trigger circuit is set up to intermediately... Agent: Epcos Ag

20150130363 - Led driving device, lighting device, and control circuit for led driving device: A light emitting diode (LED) driving device includes a rectifier, a voltage converter, a variable impedance unit, and a controller. The rectifier rectifies an alternating current (AC) voltage to generate a first voltage. The voltage converter generates a second voltage for driving a plurality of LEDs from the first voltage.... Agent:

20150130364 - Display apparatus and method of driving backlight thereof: A method of driving backlight of a display apparatus and the display apparatus are provided. The method includes: generating a control pulse configured to drive a backlight unit, the control pulse including: a first high pulse section configured to turn on the backlight unit; and an afterimage removal section configured... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150130365 - Lighting system and signal converting device therefor: A lighting system includes a digital addressable lighting interface (DALI) master controller, a lighting driver, and a signal converter. The DALI master controller is connected to a management server. The lighting driver operates a lighting device including a light emitting diode (LED). The signal converter is connected to the DALI... Agent:

20150130366 - Led driver with external temperature-compensated illumination control signal modulator: The present invention concerns LED drivers and is in particular directed to signal overlay for feature addition to an existing LED driver. Specifically, the invention is directed to an apparatus (200) for operating a LED driver (100), to a method of operating a LED driver, to a computer program for... Agent:

20150130367 - Display apparatus, power voltage generating apparatus, and method of generating power voltage: A power voltage generating apparatus supplies a power voltage to a plurality of pixel circuits of a display apparatus. The power voltage generating apparatus includes: a high voltage converter to generate a high voltage; a low voltage converter to generate a low voltage; a switching circuit to alternately output the... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150130368 - Multi-port led-based lighting communications gateway: A multi-port communications gateway for one or more LED based illumination devices includes a lighting communications interface that is configured to be coupled to the LED based illumination device(s). The lighting communications interface transmits both data signals and power signals. A lighting control network interface is configured to be coupled... Agent:

20150130369 - Power supply system of one or more lighting modules with light-emitting diodes, associated lighting system and associated power supply method: When the voltage measured on the corresponding electrical connection (16a, 16b, 16c) is greater than or equal to the first voltage threshold (S1) for the direct and inverse polarities of the lighting module (6a, 6b, 6c), the first comparison means (52) are capable of incrementing the first voltage threshold by... Agent: Schneider Electric Industries Sas

20150130370 - Method and device for controlling led display of wearable smart equipment: The present invention provides a method and a device for controlling an LED display of a wearable smart equipment, comprising: setting a plurality of LED display patterns which correlate to predetermined information of the wearable smart equipment; if a first display triggering signal is received, then determining a function information... Agent:

20150130371 - Backlight unit and a display device having the same: A backlight unit includes a dimming signal generator configured to generate first and second pulse width modulation signals, first and second driving blocks configured to receive a driving voltage to emit a light, a controller configured to receive the first and second pulse width modulation signals and an output signal... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150130372 - Load control device for a light-emitting diode light source: A load control device for controlling the amount of power delivered to an electrical load is able to operate in a burst mode to adjust the amount of power delivered to the electrical load to low levels. The load control device comprises a control circuit that operates in a normal... Agent: Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

20150130373 - Lighting application for an interactive electronic device: Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, for a lighting application for an interactive electronic device (12). A system (10) includes an interactive electronic device (12) remotely linked to a lighting system (14), the interactive electronic device (12) including a processor (16), a memory (18), the memory including an operating... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

05/07/2015 > 39 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20150123537 - Plasma emission device, and electromagnetic wave generator used therein: A plasma emission device in an embodiment includes: an electromagnetic wave generator; a waveguide transmitting an electromagnetic wave emitted from the electromagnetic wave generator, an antenna receiving the electromagnetic wave transmitted through the waveguide; an electromagnetic wave focuser which is irradiated with the electromagnetic wave from the antenna; and an... Agent: Toshiba Hokuto Electronics Corporation

20150123538 - Magnetron: A magnetron includes a cooling block having an annular continuous portion with opposite end portions opposed to each other, the cooling block being secured to an outer peripheral surface of the cylindrical anode body, the cooling block having a coolant circulation pathway defined therein, a tightening member engageable with the... Agent:

20150123539 - Systems and methods for regulating pressure of a filled-in gas: A system for regulating a pressure of a filled-in gas is presented. The system includes a reservoir that stores a reservoir gas adsorbed in a sorbent material at a storage temperature, a gas-filled tube containing the filled-in gas, a controller configured to determine a pressure change required in the filled-in... Agent: General Electric Company

20150123540 - Device for providing a flow of plasma: A device for providing a flow of non-thermal gaseous plasma for treatment of a treatment region comprises a cell for the generation of the non-thermal plasma, the cell having an inlet for gas and an outlet for the non-thermal gaseous plasma. The cell is in heat conducting relationship with a... Agent:

20150123541 - Particle generation suppresspr by dc bias modulation: Embodiments of the present disclosure generally relate to an apparatus and method for reducing particle generation in a processing chamber. In one embodiment, the methods generally includes generating a plasma between a powered top electrode and a grounded bottom electrode, wherein the top electrode is parallel to the bottom electrode,... Agent:

20150123542 - Wafer grounding using localized plasma source: An apparatus may include a substrate support portion, a plasma generation chamber, electrodes, and a power source. The substrate support portion supports a substrate including an insulating layer and a substrate bulk. The plasma generation chamber may include chamber wall portions, a gas port, and a plasma application aperture and... Agent:

20150123543 - Method and circuit for lighting high-pressure discharge lamp: A method of lighting a high-pressure discharge lamp is configured to change a power to be supplied to the high-pressure discharge lamp in accordance with a luminance parameter of an image content. The method includes switching between a low temperature operation and a high temperature operation so as to maintain... Agent:

20150123544 - Output circuit: There is provided an output circuit for supplying an output current to a load coupled to an output terminal in response to an input signal. The output circuit includes an output transistor for supplying the output current to the output terminal, an output-drive circuit for driving the output transistor, a... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20150123545 - Behavior management system: A behavior management system includes a lighting system formed of a light source, a first detector, a second detector, a controller, a storage device and an output device. The light source is configured to light a display space for displaying articles and a passage space facing the display space. The... Agent:

20150123546 - Methods for adaptively controlling lighting based upon traffic in an outdoor lighting network: Methods for an outdoor lighting network (100) are disclosed. The methods can adaptively control lighting requirements based upon traffic in the outdoor lighting network (100). The adaptive control provides illumination over a certain response range based upon detection of an object (20) and in addition possibly a velocity of the... Agent:

20150123547 - Lighting system: A lighting system includes: a light source for lighting display and passage spaces; a first detector for detecting presence or absence of part of a human body in a first detection area; and a second detector for detecting human presence or absence in a second detection area. The second detection... Agent:

20150123548 - Method and device for regulating an illuminance using an adaptive control loop factor: In order to regulate an illuminance, an actual value of a sensor (3) is queried, said value being dependent on the illuminance to be regulated and being regulated to a setpoint value. In a control step, an electronic computing device (11) determines an actuating step for an illuminant (2) on... Agent: Tridonic Gmbh & Co Kg

20150123549 - Led lighting system: The invention relates to a LED lighting system comprising a power supply circuit and at least one LED module. The power supply circuit comprises input terminals (K1, K2) for connection to a supply voltage source and output terminals (K3, K4),and a driver circuit (I, II) coupled between the input terminals... Agent:

20150123550 - Multi-string led current control system and method: Embodiments described herein provide a LED lighting system and method. A transformer has a primary winding and a secondary winding. A plurality of LED strings are coupled to the secondary winding of the transformer. At least one switch is coupled to at least one of the plurality of LED strings.... Agent:

20150123551 - Structure of led light set: An LED light set includes a controller connected with an electric plug and a main light string of a plurality of main light bulbs in serial arrangement. Each of the main light bulbs is connected with an associate light string of a plurality of associate light bulbs. A main control... Agent:

20150123552 - Overvoltage protection circuit, led backlight driving circuit and lcd: An OVP circuit includes a voltage boost circuit, for boosting an input voltage into an output voltage in need and providing the output voltage to a load, a voltage control module for controlling the voltage boost circuit to boost an input voltage into an output voltage in need and for... Agent:

20150123553 - Multi-control light regulator: A multi-control light regulator includes a microprocessor, a regulator including a rectifier electrically connected to a power source and a LED lamp and a drive circuit electrically connected to the rectifier and the microprocessor, and a sensor electrically connected to the microprocessor and the power source. Thus, the microprocessor determines... Agent: Philio Technology Corporation

20150123554 - Modular constant current regulator: Constant current regulator (10) for supplying a series circuit (9) of a lighting installation with an output electrical power corresponding to a predetermined output power, comprising a plurality of modules (13) electrically connectable for simultaneous operation to jointly provide the output power, the modules being each configured for providing a... Agent: Adb Bvba

20150123555 - Led display systems: An LED display system comprises an LED array and an LED driver circuit. An LED driver circuit comprises components including a phase lock loop, a pulse width modulation engine, a configuration register, a series of gain adjustable fast charge current sources, and a serial input/output interface. The components in this... Agent:

20150123556 - Lighting device and luminaire: A lighting device includes a switching regulator having an inductor and a switching device, and a controller. The controller includes a peak current detector that outputs a peak detection signal when detecting that a current flowing through the switching device reaches a threshold, a zero-cross detector that outputs a zero-cross... Agent:

20150123557 - Organic light emitting display device and method for driving the same: An organic light emitting display device includes a display panel including data lines, scan lines, initialization lines, and a plurality of pixels, wherein a pixel of the pixels includes: a driving transistor including a gate electrode coupled to a first node, a first electrode coupled to a second node, and... Agent:

20150123558 - Display unit and electronic apparatus: A display unit provided with a display panel including a light emitting element and a pixel circuit for each pixel, and a drive circuit configured to drive each of the pixels. The pixel circuit includes: a first transistor configured to sample a voltage corresponding to a picture signal, the first... Agent:

20150123559 - Optical semiconductor lighting apparatus: An optical semiconductor lighting apparatus includes: a housing; a heat discharge block which is made of a metal and is embedded in the housing; an AC direct-connection module which is made of a metal and is embedded in the housing, the AC direct-connection module including a semiconductor optical device which... Agent: Posco Led Company Ltd.

20150123561 - Control of lighting devices: Presence adaptive lighting control strategies are known to be very effective in reducing energy consumption in buildings. Ultrasonic array sensors have been proposed for reliable presence sensing. Systems and methods are disclosed by which additional sensing functionalities may be enabled for providing new control functions, with the array sensor as... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150123562 - Infrared sensor array based temperature monitoring systems for data centers and related methods: Temperature monitoring systems for data centers include a plurality of ceiling-mounted infrared sensor arrays. Each infrared sensor array includes a two-dimensional array of infrared emission sensors, and at least some of the infrared emission sensors have field of view patterns that project onto aisle faces of equipment racks that are... Agent:

20150123560 - Methods and apparatus for interpolating low frame rate transmissions in lighting systems: Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, for interpolating low frame rate transmissions in lighting systems. A method (100) includes, in a microcontroller (22) of a light fixture (14), receiving (102) input data frames at a low frame rate from a light controller (12) over a data bus (16), generating... Agent:

20150123566 - Low voltage lighting power supply systems and methods: The present application discloses systems and methods for providing low voltage power for low voltage lighting sources, e.g., so-called landscape lighting. A low voltage lighting power supply includes an enclosure and a power circuit enclosed in the enclosure. In some embodiments the power circuit has a primary side and a... Agent:

20150123565 - Minimum off time control systems and methods for switching power converters in discontinuous conduction mode: Systems and methods are provided for managing switching operation of a power converter, for example and without limitation, for powering LEDs in an efficient manner. According to one aspect, a system for managing a switching operation of a power converter includes an off time control system for managing operation modes... Agent:

20150123564 - Synthesizing lighting to control apparent colors: Illumination of an environment can be selected based on target colors that the illumination would provide for specific samples. One process for synthesizing the illumination includes repeatedly selecting settings for separate light sources in a luminaire system and determining a difference between the target colors of the samples and apparent... Agent: Telelumen, LLC

20150123563 - Systems and methods for commissioning a lighting system: Embodiments are provided for commissioning a lighting system that includes a plurality of luminaires. According to certain aspects, an electronic device can, for each of the plurality of luminaires, connect to a luminaire and retrieve an identification of the luminaire. The electronic device can associate its location as the location... Agent: Kenall Manufacturing Company

20150123567 - Transformer voltage detection in dimmable lighting systems: An illumination system detects a peak value of a voltage of a transformer supplying an LED module by analyzing the current value of the voltage and an on-time of the voltage. Based on the detected peak value, a property of the illumination system is adjusted.... Agent:

20150123569 - Lighting fixture with touch-sensitive light emitting surface: Disclosed are methods and apparatus related to a LED-based lighting fixture having a touch-sensitive light emitting surface that may be touched by a user to change light output characteristics of LEDs of the lighting fixture. The LED-based lighting fixture may include a flexible touch-sensitive layer and a flexible light emitting... Agent:

20150123568 - Load drive circuit, load drive method, and luminaire: A load drive circuit may include a DC power source configured to provide a DC output voltage for at least one load based on an output voltage of an AC/DC converter, the DC output voltage having a ripple, a variable resistance module connected to the load, a ripple reduction module... Agent:

20150123570 - Method of automatically providing aisle lighting and apparatus to perform the same: A method and system for lighting merchandising aisles, in particular check-out aisles, is disclosed. A control unit activates lighting of the aisles automatically when the presence of a cashier is detected. Communicative links between control units in adjacent aisles allow lights to be controlled despite aisle space between the control... Agent:

20150123571 - Thermal protection structure for multi-junction led module: A system includes a plurality of light-emitting devices electrically coupled together. A temperature of each of the light-emitting devices is correlated with a voltage of said light-emitting device. The system includes a current driver configured to control an amount of current through at least a subset of the light-emitting devices.... Agent:

20150123575 - Communication system: A system according to various embodiments of the disclosure includes a bus and a plurality of devices coupled to the bus, the devices configured to communicate with each other via the bus. The system further includes a power supply coupled to the bus, the power supply for supplying power to... Agent: Osram Sylvania Inc.

20150123572 - Illumination light source: An illumination light source includes: a light-emitting unit; a disturbance detecting unit which detects a specific disturbance; a timer circuit that times a first period and a second period, the first period starting from when the disturbance detecting unit detects the specific disturbance, a second period immediately following after the... Agent:

20150123573 - Led actuating device and method: An LED actuating device comprises an LED actuating module, the LED actuating module comprises a micro-programmed control unit (MCU), a VF-value detection module, an actuator and an LED lamp unit; the MCU receives the VF value detected by the VF-value detection module; when the VF value is greater than or... Agent:

20150123574 - Led actuating device and method: An actuating device comprises an LED actuating module. Said LED actuating module comprises a micro-programmed control unit (MCU), an actuator, a VF-value detection module, a PN-junction temperature acquisition module and an LED lamp unit. The MCU determines the current value matched with the LED lamp unit based on the VF... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 51 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20150115795 - Device for driving a plurality of light blocks of a motor vehicle: A driver device (P) for a plurality of light blocks (LED_DRL/PL, LED_TI) of a motor vehicle comprising at least two inputs (P1, P2), each of the inputs being suitable for receiving, respectively, a first and a second execution control signals (SCF_DRL, SCF_TI/PL), the driver device being suitable for selecting at... Agent:

20150115797 - High-frequency power supply device and ignition voltage selection method: (b) the load-end voltage is increased by selecting the electrical length LE of the power supply unit, which connects between the RF generator and the load to supply RF power, so that the electrical length LE has a predetermined relation with the fundamental wavelength λ of the RF AC. More... Agent: Kyosan Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20150115796 - Pinched plasma bridge flood gun for substrate charge neutralization: A plasma flood gun for an ion implantation system includes an insulating block portion and first and second conductive block portions disposed on opposite sides of the insulating block portion. Conductive straps can be coupled between the first and second conductive block portions. The conductive block portions and the central... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20150115798 - Plasma generator using spiral conductors: A plasma generator includes a pair of identical spiraled electrical conductors separated by dielectric material. Both spiraled conductors have inductance and capacitance wherein, in the presence of a time-varying electromagnetic field, the spiraled conductors resonate to generate a harmonic electromagnetic field response. The spiraled conductors lie in parallel planes and... Agent:

20150115799 - Organic light emitting display device and driving method thereof: An organic light emitting display device, can include a panel, a driving unit driving the panel, a timing controller controlling the driving unit, a power supply supplying power to the panel, a current detection unit detecting a current flowing through power line wiring of the panel and outputting the detected... Agent: Lg Display Co., Ltd.

20150115800 - Sectioned network lighting device using full distribution of led bins: A driver circuit is configured for connection to a power source and includes a plurality of light emitting diodes (LEDs) having at least one performance characteristic that varies according to different performance categories ranging between higher performance and lower performance. The driver circuit also includes a plurality of LED sections... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150115801 - Programmable light timer and a method of implementing a programmable light timer: A programmable light timer for implementing a timing pattern is described. The programmable light timer comprises a memory storing a plurality of timing patterns, each timing pattern being associated with a unique timing pattern code and having one or more on/off settings for a time period; and a user interface... Agent:

20150115802 - Customizable modular luminaire: A luminaire having a body that includes a first portion and a second portion, the second portion including two or more apertures. At least one of the two or more apertures being sized to match a main lighting component, at least one other of the two or more apertures being... Agent: General Electric Company

20150115804 - Apparatus and method for controlling lighting: An apparatus and method for controlling lighting are disclosed. The apparatus includes a reception unit, a determination unit, a state determination unit, and a lighting control command transmission unit. The reception unit receives an event message from a light sensor. The determination unit determines whether the event message is an... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150115805 - Commissioning lighting systems: Commissioning a lighting system is disclosed. A user can be provided with a pointing device capable of emitting or returning a signal which can be received by detectors co-located with each fixture in the lighting system. The user can add a fixture to a group by aiming the pointing device... Agent:

20150115803 - Head lamp: A head lamp assembly wearable by a user or attachable to an object comprising a substrate, a first light source, a second light source, and a sensor. The sensor can turn the first and second light sources ON when light striking the sensor falls below a predetermined intensity level. The... Agent:

20150115806 - Distributed lighting networks: Described herein is an autonomous distributed lighting network which comprises a plurality of luminaires for providing lighting levels in accordance with idle dimming profiles, at least one sensor for sensing ambient conditions, and a communications network. Luminaire nodes, sensor nodes, a timer node and a controller node are connectable to... Agent: Schreder

20150115807 - Luminaire controller: Described herein is a luminaire controller for a luminaire in which dimming signals can be provided to control the operation of the luminaire. The controller also includes an energy measurement module connected to a mains supply, a sensor module, a power switch, a central processing module and a ZigBee transceiver... Agent: Schreder

20150115808 - High efficiency leds and led lamps: In various embodiments, lighting systems include an electrically insulating carrier having a plurality of conductive elements disposed thereon, a light-emitting array, and at least one power source. The light-emitting array is disposed over the carrier and includes a plurality of light-emitting strings, each light-emitting string comprising a plurality of electrically... Agent:

20150115810 - Led drive circuit: An LED drive circuit includes: a rectifier circuit that outputs a full-wave rectification waveform voltage; a primary LED row that includes a first partial LED row and a second partial LED row; an auxiliary LED row-; a bypass circuit that is connected to part connecting the first partial LED row... Agent:

20150115809 - Power line communication for lighting systems: Techniques are provided for bi-directional communication between a power supply and one or more light engines (and/or other lighting system components) via the existing power lines so that no additional communication wires are needed. In particular, the power supply can transmit information by modulating its output (voltage or current) and... Agent: Osram Sylvania Inc.

20150115813 - Boost converter with a pulse frequency modulation mode for operating above an audible frequency: The embodiments discussed herein relate to systems, methods, and apparatus for executing a pulse frequency modulation (PFM) mode of a boost converter in order to ensure that a switching frequency of the boost converter is a above an audible frequency threshold. In this way, a user operating a display device... Agent:

20150115811 - Detection of linear and pwm dimming in a solid state lighting device: A lighting device employs an array of LEDs as a lighting source. The array of LEDs may be coupled in series between a power supply node and ground. In order to determine whether the input drive signal to the array of LEDs is a pulse width modulated (PWM) signal or... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20150115812 - Flicker-free converter for driving light-emitting diodes: A spike-free converter for driving light-emitting diodes includes a closed loop direct current-direct current (dc-dc) converting unit, a switch, a first inductor, and a first diode. The closed loop dc-dc converting unit is used for generating a driving voltage to drive at least one light-emitting diode strings according to a... Agent:

20150115814 - Pulse current led driving circuit: In one embodiment, a pulse current light-emitting diode (LED) driving circuit, can include: (i) an AC power supply configured to generate an AC input; (ii) a rectifier circuit that receives the AC input voltage, and generates a DC input voltage; (iii) a sampling circuit that receives the DC input voltage,... Agent:

20150115815 - Light emitting device: A light emitting device includes a rectifier circuit, a mutual inductance device coupled to the rectifier circuit, an energy-storing capacitor coupled to a common node of a primary winding and a secondary winding of the mutual inductance device, a light emitting unit coupled to the mutual inductance device, a switch... Agent:

20150115817 - Construction improvement of led light set: The present invention provides construction improvement of LED light set mainly including a controller connected with an electricity plug and a main light string of a plurality of main light bulbs in serial arrangement while each of the main light bulbs is individually connected with an associate light string of... Agent:

20150115816 - Solid state lighting device and method for operating the same: A lighting device employs at least one string of LEDs as a lighting source. The string of LEDs may be coupled in series between a power supply node and ground. In order to accurately determine a drive current running through or drive voltage across the string of LEDs, the drive... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20150115820 - Apparatus and method for driving led: A light emitting diode (LED) driving apparatus may include: a rectifying unit providing a rectified voltage; an LED array including at least one LED string including first to nth LEDs connected in series; a sink path controller providing first to (n−1)th sink path control signals according to a level of... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150115818 - Led driving circuit: A LED (Light-Emitting Diode) driving circuit including at least one light-emitting unit and a protection detecting circuit, is provided. Each light-emitting unit includes an LED string coupled to a driving voltage, a current regulator and a transistor. The current regulator is coupled to a corresponding LED string and controls a... Agent: Green Solution Technology Co., Ltd.

20150115819 - Light emitting diode driving apparatus: A light emitting diode driving apparatus may include: a light emitting diode emitting light by receiving rectified power; a driver driving the light emitting diode based on a voltage level of the rectified power; and a controller limiting an operation of the driver based on a voltage applied to the... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150115821 - Light emitting diode driver and method of controlling the same: There is provided a light emitting diode (LED) driver including: a power supplying unit including a dimmer and a rectifying unit and supplying a supply voltage to an LED device; and a control unit acquiring section information regarding the supply voltage and setting an LED on-time based on the section... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150115822 - Light emitting diode driving apparatus: A light emitting diode (LED) driving apparatus may include: a power converting unit switching input power to supply driving power to at least one LED; and a driving controlling unit controlling the supplying of the power of the power converting unit based on a switching period of the power converting... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150115823 - Analog circuit for color change dimming: An analog-based dimmable LED lighting system includes a plurality of LED lighting modules, which emit light at different correlated color temperature (CCT) ranges. Each of the LED lighting modules is powered by a common dimming signal in the form of an AC voltage which corresponds to a dimming level in... Agent:

20150115824 - Light emitting diode driver: A light emitting diode driver includes a power supplying unit receiving an alternating current (AC) power and outputting a transformed power according to a predetermined ratio, a rectifying unit rectifying the output power from the power supplying unit, and a double voltage unit receiving the rectified power from the rectifying... Agent:

20150115826 - Display device and driving method thereof: Provided is a display device, including: a plurality of pixels; a scan driver connected to a plurality of scanning lines connected to the plurality of pixels; and a gate signal generator configured to determine a level of a gate-on voltage according to ambient temperature and to supply the gate-on voltage... Agent:

20150115825 - Oled power driver circuit: An efficient, cost effective power driver for OLED panels is configured with a small BOM without compromising the display quality. The power driver adopts only one Inverting Buck-Boost Converter (IBBC) to regulate the necessary output voltage for the OLED panel load. The output voltage to drive the OLED panel load... Agent:

20150115827 - High-frequency discharge ignition apparatus: A high-frequency discharge ignition apparatus includes: a spark discharge path generation apparatus 101 for generating predetermined high voltage and supplying the generated predetermined high voltage to an ignition plug, thereby forming a path for spark discharge in a gap; a resonance apparatus 105 composed of an inductor 117 and a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150115828 - Light emitting diode driving apparatus and light emitting diode lighting appratus: A light emitting diode driving apparatus may include a power supplying unit receiving phase-controlled power and supplying operation power having a preset level, a driving unit receiving the operation power from the power supplying unit to drive a light emitting diode unit receiving the phase-controlled power, and a noise current... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150115829 - Theatrical effects controller: Provided is a system for controlling lighting effects. The system comprises a controller and one or more wireless dimmer devices with incorporated digital effects engine. The controller transmits wirelessly and effects parameters to the wireless dimmer devices. The dimmer devices receive the effects parameters, generate output effects parameters using the... Agent:

20150115831 - Conversion circuit between fluorescent ballast and led: Conversion circuits (1) convert first signals coming from fluorescent ballasts (101) into second signals for light circuits (2) comprising light emitting diodes to replace discharge lamps (102). The conversion circuits (1) comprise input stages (11) with at least two inputs (21-24, 31-32) for receiving the first signals, output stages (13)... Agent:

20150115830 - Power line communication for lighting systems: Techniques are provided for bi-directional communication between a power supply and one or more light engines (and/or other lighting system components) via the existing power lines so that no additional communication wires are needed. In particular, the power supply can transmit information by modulating its output (voltage or current) and... Agent: Osram Sylvania Inc.

20150115835 - Apparatus and method for controlling lighting based on internet protocol network: Disclosed herein is an apparatus and method for controlling lighting based on an Internet Protocol (IP) network. Pieces of input information required to control lighting devices connected to a Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) network are received. An event corresponding to an IP packet, provided via network input among the... Agent:

20150115839 - Configurable led driver/dimmer for solid state lighting applications: A configurable light emitting diode (LED) driver for powering a set of light fixture loads including a power circuit and a primary controller for controlling the power circuit. The driver further includes a set of output current drivers, each of the set of output current drivers connected to one of... Agent:

20150115833 - Control of light having multiple light sources: An illumination control method is disclosed. The illumination control method comprises the steps of: acquiring a list of control information items for satisfying light-emitting conditions for illumination generated by multiple light source elements in order to have a specific color and a specific light intensity; determining control information from the... Agent:

20150115836 - Dimming console: A dimming console serves to store output levels of a plurality of lighting instruments and control the output levels of the plurality of lighting instruments. The dimming console includes an output unit configured to output, to a display, a scene preparation region that displays scenes indicating at least states of... Agent:

20150115837 - Dimming console: A dimming console includes a plurality of physical faders, a display and a control unit. The control unit has a function of displaying a virtual fader for changing an output level of a lighting instrument on a display and a function of displaying a scene icon including scene information on... Agent:

20150115832 - Offset compensation in driving circuits: Apparatus and methods are presented for compensating for offsets in digital-to-analog converters (DACs). An apparatus may comprise a gain block. The non-inverting input of the gain block may be provided with a bias voltage selected to exceed the worst-case expected positive offset of a DAC. Feedback from the output of... Agent: Koninkljke Philips N.v.

20150115834 - Smart home network apparatus and control method thereof: A network apparatus is provided. The network apparatus includes a communication unit configured to perform communication with at least one device. The apparatus also includes a storage unit configured to store information for an illumination device located within a preset distance range from the at least one device. The apparatus... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150115838 - Switching mode power supply apparatus: A switching mode power supply apparatus includes a main transformer converting DC voltage of a predetermined amplitude supplied from a voltage source into DC voltage of a different amplitude; an auxiliary transformer operated by receiving current flowing in a primary winding of the main transformer; a first semiconductor switching element... Agent:

20150115842 - Hf system for a high-frequency lamp: The invention relates to an HF system that comprises an HF device (5), particularly an HF lamp, as well an HF spark-plug or similar HF plasma application, and an HF signal-incoupling device (3) for operating said HF device (5). The HF system comprises an oscillator (7) for generating an HF... Agent:

20150115840 - Light emitting diode driver: There is provided a light emitting diode driver capable of improving power efficiency by using a resistor having a low power consumption rating while controlling an LED channel so that it has constant brightness stably. The light emitting diode driver includes: a power supplying unit converting an input voltage into... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150115841 - Method and apparatus for producing situational acousto-optic effect: A method and an apparatus for producing situational acousto-optic effect are provided. In the method, a sound signal is detected and a fast Fourier transform (FFT) and a normalization calculation are performed on the sound signal to produce a frequency domain signal. Then, a plurality of frequencies having variations between... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150115843 - Light emitting device and system providing white light with various color temperatures: In a light emitting device and system providing white light with various color temperatures are provided, a light emitting device includes a light emitting element (LED) that is operated by a driving bias and emits first light, and a phosphor layer including a phosphor that partially wavelength-converts first light and... Agent:

20150115844 - Short arc type discharge lamp: Provided is a short arc discharge lamp that includes: a body including therein a reflection surface and having a front opening; a cathode and an anode opposed to each other in discharge space defined by the reflection surface surrounding the discharge space; a window member provided in front of the... Agent:

20150115845 - Light sources adapted to spectral sensitivity of diurnal avians and humans: A method of illuminating livestock with artificial light sources. The method includes generating a first light having a first light output that provides white light at typical lumen levels for workers. Then by using a dimming device the light source can be dimmed to provide a blue light at under... Agent:

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