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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 34 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20150145408 - Illuminated mirror device and method for controlling illumination thereof: Provided is an illuminated mirror device including: a mirror; a light-emitting part for illumination disposed near the mirror; and driving means for driving the light-emitting part, and detection means for detecting a direction of a face of a person in front of the mirror with respect to the mirror, wherein... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20150145409 - Automotive led bleed resistor circuit and body control module interrupt wakeup circuit: A motor vehicle includes a processor having an interrupt input. A battery includes a positive terminal. A switch interconnects the positive terminal of the battery and the interrupt input of the processor. A first resistor interconnects the positive terminal of the battery and the interrupt input of the processor. A... Agent: Panasonic Automotive Systems Company Of America, Division Of Panasonic Corporation Of North America

20150145410 - Method for controlling an interior lighting system in a vehicle and interior lighting system: In a method of controlling an interior lighting (25) in a vehicle (18), having a plurality of separately drivable lamps (26a-26g), provision is made that a motion light pattern, in particular a wave light pattern, is generated as a function of vehicle operating data by separately driving the individual lamps... Agent:

20150145411 - Light control apparatus and method for vehicle: A light control apparatus for a vehicle may include: an operation unit configured to receive a selection for an auto-light function; a control unit configured to determine whether or not a light operation condition is satisfied based on position information provided from a GPS module and plural pieces of information... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20150145412 - Lamp with electrical components embedded in an insulation compound: A lamp (10) is described comprising a burner (14) fixed to a lamp base (12). The lamp base (12) includes a top wall oriented towards the burner (14). Within the top wall, an opening (28) is provided. The lamp base (12) further comprises an insulation chamber (42) where an electrical... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N..v.

20150145413 - Process chamber apparatus, systems, and methods for controlling a gas flow pattern: Process chamber gas flow control apparatus may include, or be included in, a process chamber configured to process a substrate therein. The gas flow control apparatus may include a valve configured to seal an exhaust port in the process chamber. The valve may be moveable in the X, Y, and... Agent:

20150145414 - Microwave pulse generator with variable frequency emission: A variable frequency microwave pulse generator that includes a high voltage charger for charging with a high voltage, a high pressure gas tank for supplying insulation gas, and an electrode discharge unit. The electrode discharge unit includes a case, an accommodation section defined inside the case, and a pair of... Agent:

20150145415 - Led array member and integrated control module assembly with built-in switching converter: A LAM/ICM assembly comprises an integrated control module (ICM) and an LED array member (LAM). The ICM includes interconnect through which power from outside the assembly is received. In a first novel aspect, active circuitry is embedded in the ICM. In one example, the circuitry monitors LED operation, controls and... Agent:

20150145416 - Electrical wiring device: The present invention is directed to an electrical wiring assembly that includes a wall plate cover, a housing portion and an electro-optical assembly coupled to a plurality of wiring terminations. The assembly includes a circuit configured to provide an output signal in response to an external input signal. The assembly... Agent: Pass & Seymour, Inc.

20150145417 - Driver circuit with a semiconductor light source and method for operating a driver circuit: A driver circuit for a semiconductor light source and to a method for controlling the brightness thereof are provided. When a pulse width modulated semiconductor light source reaches a duty cycle threshold value, the voltage is increased or decreased through a variable voltage source in order to achieve a higher... Agent:

20150145418 - Ambient light regulation methods: A lighting fixture includes a solid-state light source and control circuitry. The control circuitry is configured to receive one or more ambient light level measurements corresponding to the amount of ambient light detected by an ambient light sensor, and determine a range of values for the one or more ambient... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20150145419 - Methods and apparatus for automatically adapting light output of a lighting unit: Methods and apparatus related to controlling illumination on a lighting unit (10). The method includes reading orientation data from an orientation sensor (17) on the lighting unit as well as reading distance data from a distance sensor (15) on the lighting unit. A controller (63) is provided to control various... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150145420 - Switch discriminating touchless lightswitch: Control of one or more switches arrayed in a multi-gang switch box is disclosed. One or more sensors may receive or provide an indication of a gesture near one of the switches. An indication of the switch determined to which a gesture is determined to be directed toward may be... Agent: Google Inc.

20150145421 - Light control system added security function based on cpted and method thereof: The present invention relates to a lighting control system with a security function based on a CPTED, which is capable of acquiring detailed video information on a desired object in interlocking with a video device such as a DVR based on sensing information collected through sensors included a local lighting... Agent: Best Digital Co., Ltd.

20150145422 - Lighting device and illumination apparatus including same: A lighting device includes: a plurality of DC power supply circuits. A plurality of light sources and switching units are connected to each of the DC power supply circuits, the switching units being configured to respectively switch electrical connection between the light sources and said each of the DC power... Agent:

20150145423 - Organic light emitting display device: An organic light emitting display device includes a pixel unit, a first voltage supply unit, a second voltage supply unit, and a selection unit. The pixel unit includes a plurality of pixels coupled to power lines. The first voltage supply unit is configured to output a first voltage. The second... Agent:

20150145425 - Cascode-type dimming switch using a bipolar junction transistor for driving a string of light emitting diodes: The invention comprises a dimming switch for use with a string of light emitting diodes (LEDs). The dimming switch comprises a bipolar junction transistor (BJT) driven in a cascode scheme. The dimming switch also comprises circuitry to offset the current that drives the base of the BJT to provide a... Agent: Microchip Technology Inc.

20150145424 - Lcd backlight driving circuit and liquid crystal device: A LED backlight driving circuit is disclosed. The LED backlight driving circuit includes a driving module, a detecting module, and an adjusting module. The driving module receives a control voltage generated by a voltage control module, receives a feedback voltage generated by a feedback voltage module, and generates driving signals... Agent:

20150145426 - Apparatus and method for driving semiconductor light-emitting device assembly: The disclosure provides a driving apparatus and a method for driving a semiconductor light-emitting device assembly. The apparatus includes: a driving unit configured to drive the semiconductor light-emitting device assembly; and a cycle by cycle control unit. The cycle by cycle control unit may include: a sampling circuit configured to... Agent:

20150145427 - Boost and linear led control: A light emitting diode (LED) lighting system includes a switching power converter having an input for coupling to an alternating current (AC) power source, an output, and a switch. The LED lighting system also includes an LED lighting subsystem coupled to receive power from the output of the switching power... Agent: Cirrus Logic, Inc

20150145428 - Compact fluorescent lamp three-way ballast driver: A compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) ballast driver includes first, second and neutral AC voltage terminals, a full wave rectifier between the first AC voltage terminal and the neutral AC input terminal, and a separate branch between the second AC voltage terminal and the neutral AC input terminal. A resonator circuit... Agent:

20150145429 - Electronic ballast circuit for lamps: An electronic ballast circuit includes a power factor correction circuit, a control and amplifier circuit, a ballast controller circuit and a ballast driver circuit. The ballast driver circuit includes a resonant circuit that connects to a lamp and a strike voltage limiter circuit that regulates the behavior of the resonant... Agent:

20150145430 - Combined digital modulation and current dimming control for light emitting diodes: A method includes providing an input signal identifying a desired brightness for one or more LEDs to first and second parallel control paths. The method also includes generating a digital modulation control signal using the first control path, generating a current control signal using the second control path, and driving... Agent:

20150145431 - Voltage-controlled dimming of led-based light modules coupled in parallel to a power supply: Some embodiments include a LED-based light module. The LED-based light module can include a memory to store a color mixing plan; a regulator that receives a variable output voltage from a power supply; a voltage measurement component, coupled in parallel to the regulator and the power supply, configured to measure... Agent:

20150145432 - Drive system of semiconductor light source, and semiconductor lighting device: Disclosed are a driving system for a semiconductor light source and a semiconductor lighting device. The driving system includes a transformer, the transformer comprising a first coil (201) and a second coil (202) coupled to each other, the second coil (202) being used for receiving an input voltage; a switching... Agent:

20150145433 - Lighting apparatus: A lighting apparatus includes a light source module and a power supply module. The light source module includes an electrical light source and a transmitter circuit configured to transmit a wireless signal containing information about the light source. The power supply module is connected to the light source module and... Agent:

20150145434 - Backlight unit: A backlight unit includes a first switch receiving a constant current applied from an outside circuit and a sensing current, a first comparator receiving an output of the first switch, a second switch receiving an output of the first comparator, a second comparator receiving an output of the second switch;... Agent: Lg Display Co., Ltd.

20150145435 - Control method of mobile device: A control method of a mobile device that controls one or more pieces of lighting equipment that illuminate a space includes: displaying a scene configuration screen that includes a configuration screen for configuring a new scene, and a configuration finish button; transmitting to the one or more pieces of lighting... Agent:

20150145436 - Lighting device and illumination apparatus using same: A lighting device includes: a DC power source circuit; an output control circuit including a chopping switch to adjust an output current by chopping of the chopping switch; light source switches respectively connected to the light sources; and a control unit for controlling a time period for which a current... Agent:

20150145437 - Lighting system with an interface having a power supply unit and at least one light source module: Various embodiments may relate to a power supply unit, including an output for outputting an operating current depending on an internal measurement signal, a communications line, and a current-measuring device, which is connected to the communications line. The current-measuring device is designed to generate a current on the communications line... Agent:

20150145440 - Organic el panel and method for manufacturing light-emitting device using the same: An organic EL panel with less variation in an emission luminance thereof and a method for manufacturing a light-emitting device using the same are provided. The organic EL panel of the present invention includes: a substrate; a light-emitting section of the organic EL panel provided on the substrate; a current... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20150145439 - Pre-charging inductor in switching converter to achieve high pwm dimming ratio in led drivers: In a method for controlling a current regulator for dimming an LED load, a dimming signal has a duty cycle that controls the LED ON-time and LED OFF time at a fixed frequency. The regulator is controlled by the dimming signal to only supply current to the LED load during... Agent: Linear Technology Corporation

20150145441 - Systems and methods of applying bleed circuits in led lamps: A bleed circuit is applied to a transformer based on a bleed-on time and a bleed-off time determined by monitoring an output voltage waveform of the transformer.... Agent:

20150145438 - Variable resistance device for reduced power dissipation in dimmer compatibility circuits: A variable resistance device may be used in a dimmer compatibility circuit to reduce power dissipation in an integrated circuit of the dimmer compatibility circuit. For example, the integrated circuit may include switches coupled to resistors external to the integrated circuit. The integrated circuit may operate the switches to commutate... Agent: Cirrus Logic, Inc.

05/21/2015 > 33 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150137679 - Led signal lamp: A light emitting diode (LED) signal lamp includes a lamp housing having at least one light opening, a power connection mounted on the lamp housing for connection to a power cable, a plurality of LEDs mounted within the lamp housing to shine through the at least one light opening when... Agent: Virginia Electronic & Lighting, L.L.C.

20150137680 - Automotive lamp: A light emitting lamp according to one embodiment of the present invention includes a laser light source, a scanning unit, which scans the laser light emitted from the laser light source so as to form a visible light distribution pattern, an obstacle detector, which detects an obstacle, if any, in... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150137681 - Plasma generation source employing dielectric conduit assemblies having removable interfaces and related assemblies and methods: Plasma generation source employing dielectric conduit assemblies having removable interfaces and related assemblies and methods are disclosed. The plasma generation source (PGS) includes an enclosure body having multiple internal surfaces forming an internal chamber having input and output ports to respectively receive a precursor gas for generation of plasma and... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20150137682 - Glow discharge lamp: The disclosure includes a glow-discharge lamp including: an elongate casing transparent to illuminating radiation and containing a plasma gas; a device for applying an electric field for maintaining a plasma in the so-called positive column region of the casing, the device including two electrodes forming an anode and a cathode... Agent: Universite Joseph Fourier-grenoble 1

20150137683 - Led lamps and controllers for lighting fixtures: LED lighting systems including mated components such that the LED light source component is separated from the LED controller by a distance and/or by a temperature differential are disclosed.... Agent:

20150137684 - System and method for monitoring street lighting luminaires: A system for identifying a fault in a light source is presented. The system includes at least one luminaire that includes the light source configured to emit light. Also, the at least one luminaire includes a monitoring device disposed proximate to the light source. The monitoring device includes a sensing... Agent:

20150137685 - Lamp fuse in press seal cavity: A lamp (10), such as a rapid thermal processing (“RTP) lamp, is sealed with a press seal (30) that contains a fuse (40). A relatively long press seal region is used that accommodates, in addition to the conventional filament leads to the exterior of the lamp, the fuse as well,... Agent: Osram Sylvania Inc.

20150137686 - Lighting configuration apparatus and methods utilizing distance sensors: Disclosed are methods and apparatus for lighting configuration, contemplating analysis of a plurality of distance values from a plurality of distance sensors to set one or more light output characteristics of a plurality of LEDs. The light output characteristics of the LEDs are set as a function of the distance... Agent:

20150137687 - Led power supply device: An LED power supply device disclosed in the present specification includes a DC dimmer circuit that performs dimming control of an LED such that the higher a reference voltage variably controlled according to a dimmer signal is, the smaller a current flowing in the LED is. This configuration makes it... Agent:

20150137688 - Led driver operating from unfiltered mains on a half-cycle by half-cycle basis: An analog electronic circuit for driving a string of LEDs including input terminals for accepting connection to AC voltage, a current regulation circuit operatively coupled to receive an AC voltage from the input terminals and to provide an output for connection to drive the string of LEDs. Included is a... Agent: Emeray, LLC

20150137689 - Systems and methods for a current sharing driver for light emitting diodes: Systems and methods for a current sharing driver for light emitting diodes are disclosed. One disclosed system includes: a first string of LEDs; a second string of LEDs connected in parallel with the first string; a first current control device connected in series with the first string of LEDs; a... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20150137691 - Half-bridge inverter, electronic ballast and lighting device with the half-bridge inverter: The invention discloses a half-bridge inverter which includes first and second inverter input terminals for receiving a direct current (DC) voltage, first and second inverter switches, first and second drive circuits, and an inverter startup circuit. The first and second drive circuits are adapted to alternatively turn on and turn... Agent:

20150137692 - Load control device for high-efficiency loads: A two-wire load control device (such as, a dimmer switch or an electronic switch) for controlling the power delivered from an AC power source to an electrical load includes a controllably conductive device for controlling the power to the load, a microprocessor operable to generate a control signal that is... Agent:

20150137690 - Power supply module for energy saving lamp: A power supply module (70) is applied to a rectifier (40), a switching apparatus (10) and an energy saving lamp (52). The power supply module (70) includes a power processing unit (742) and a state potential unit (744). The power processing unit (742) outputs a required power to the energy... Agent:

20150137693 - High efficiency power controller for luminaire: Systems, methods and articles for providing lighting or illumination systems having drive circuits that employ a magnetic amplifier (“mag-amp”) and one or more feedback circuits to form a power converter that powers solid-state light sources (e.g., LEDs). The magnetic amplifier includes one or more magnetic cores which provides a controllable... Agent:

20150137694 - Power supply circuit for driving led lamp and power supply method, and primary-side control circuit of flyback transformer: The present invention discloses a power supply circuit for driving an LED lamp and a power supply method. The power supply circuit is constituted by an AC-DC converter by adopting DCM-DCM. Also, the power supply circuit adopts a valley fill circuit to reduce rippling of output current and adopts the... Agent:

20150137695 - Method for driving led: Method and means for driving one or more LEDs. The method includes turning a power switch on to provide current through an inductor and the power switch, measuring voltseconds of the LEDs at a cycle time, comparing the measured voltseconds to a reference signal at an end of the cycle... Agent:

20150137696 - Ac direct drive lighting system for providing uniform light distribution: An AC lighting system for providing uniform light distribution is disclosed. According to one embodiment, the AC lighting system includes an AC driver and LED packages electrically connected to the AC driver. Each LED package includes a plurality of LED elements and is physically distributed over an illuminating surface of... Agent:

20150137697 - Integrated light source driving circuit and light source module using the same: An integrated light source driving circuit including a power transistor, a driving chip and a diode and a light source module using the same are provided. The power transistor includes a substrate, first and second active regions, a gate region and an isolation region. The first and second active regions... Agent:

20150137698 - Method and apparatus for integrated lighting control according to power reserve stage: Disclosed is a method and apparatus for integrally controlling lighting according to the status of power reserve stages. The apparatus for integrally controlling lighting according to power reserve stage, comprises: a lighting control result receiver for receiving lighting control result data generated by integrating a lighting identification number and control... Agent:

20150137699 - Method of associating wireless control devices: A first wireless control device may be associated with a second wireless control device in response to the movement of the first wireless control device in relation to the second wireless control device. The second control device may determine whether the signal strength of the wireless signals received from the... Agent:

20150137701 - Optoelectronic component device: An optoelectronic component device includes a first group of optoelectronic components including at least one first optoelectronic component, wherein the at least one first optoelectronic component provides electromagnetic radiation of a first color valence, a second group of optoelectronic components including at least one second optoelectronic component, wherein the at... Agent:

20150137703 - Powerline luminaire communications: A system and method for a lighting control system to control street lighting fixtures using modified geometric harmonic modulation for communications over a powerline. At least some of the lighting fixtures have another communications capability that enables RF communications. The communications may by messages be sent to the lighting fixtures... Agent:

20150137700 - Systems and methods of driving multiple outputs: Systems and methods of driving multiple outputs are provided in which a single inductor may be used to drive multiple output such as independent strings of LEDs or white LEDs (WLEDs). In an example embodiment, a boost DC to DC converter may be used with a single inductor to drive... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150137702 - Wireless lightning control system for a wind turbine: Provided is a wind turbine that includes a tower, a nacelle, a plurality of light sources mounted within the tower and the nacelle, and a wireless lighting control system. The wireless lighting control system includes a first locally controllable switch for controlling power to the plurality of light sources and... Agent:

20150137704 - Bleeder circuit emulator for a power converter: A bleeder circuit emulator for use in a power converter to compensate and increase the current demand from the Triac dimmer above its holding current. The circuit includes an input voltage modifier and a leading edge dimming detection circuit. The input voltage modifier receives an input voltage signal that is... Agent:

20150137705 - Apparatus and method for driving led display: This disclosure provides an output stage for a LED driver circuit. The output stage has an input module, a regulator module for maintaining a constant internal voltage, and an output module for generating output signals.... Agent: Sct Technology, Ltd.

20150137707 - Light emitting diode driving apparatus: A primary side regulation (PSR) type light emitting diode (LED) driving apparatus may be capable of precisely controlling output power. The LED driving apparatus may include: a power supplying unit converting an input power input to a primary side of the apparatus and supplying a driving power to the LED... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150137706 - Power conversion apparatus and method: The power conversion apparatus converts power among a plurality of ports, and includes: a first voltage conversion unit that converts a voltage of a first port and outputs power having the converted voltage to a second port; and a second voltage conversion unit that performs a first operation of converting... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150137708 - Light control system and light control method thereof: A light control system and a light control method thereof are disclosed. The light control system is used for controlling a light-emitting device. The light control system includes an ambient status sensing module, a storage module, a controlling module, and a driver module. The ambient status sensing module is used... Agent: Gunitech Corp.

20150137709 - Backlight module and method for detecting electrostatic damage thereof: A backlight module is disclosed. The backlight module comprises a circuit board, at least one light source disposed on the circuit board, and a positive probe-point and a negative probe-point, both provided on the circuit board. The positive and negative probe-points are electrically connected to the light source, and the... Agent: Shanghai Avic Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

20150137711 - Lighting device: A lighting device using an electroluminescent material, in which color mixing and dimming can be performed by a simple method, is provided. A lighting device including a first light-emitting element and a second light-emitting element which emits light having a wavelength longer than that of light emitted from the first... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20150137710 - Organic electroluminescence module and organic-electroluminescence- module feeding structure: One aspect of the present invention provides an organic EL module that can easily change a layout according to an installation environment while a characteristic of the organic EL module is taken advantage of. The organic EL module includes: an organic EL device in which a first electrode layer, a... Agent: Kaneka Corporation

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