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Electric lamp and discharge devices: systems

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11/13/2014 > 29 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140333201 - Method and control unit for adjusting a luminosity of at least one headlight of a vehicle: A method for adjusting a luminosity of at least one headlight of a vehicle is described. The method includes a step of ascertaining an illumination intensity, the illumination intensity representing light that is incident at the vehicle. Furthermore, the method includes a step of determining a setpoint value for the... Agent:

20140333202 - Spot mode operation for a discharge lamp: A lighting device and a method for operating a discharge lamp (10) are de-scribed. The discharge lamp (10) comprises a sealed discharge vessel and two electrodes (22) to produce an arc. A driver circuit (20) delivers electrical power to the electrodes (22). In a run-up interval (56), electrical power is... Agent:

20140333203 - Red emitting phosphor for plasma display panels and gas discharge lamps: The invention provides a lighting unit (100) comprising (1) a vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) radiation based source of radiation (10) configured to generate VUV radiation (11), and (2) a luminescent material (20) configured to convert at least part of the VUV radiation into visible luminescent material light (21), wherein the luminescent... Agent:

20140333204 - Led backlight driving circuit, lcd device, and method for driving the led backlight driving circuit: A light emitting diode (LED) backlight driving circuit includes an LED light bar, a power supply that drives the LED light bar to light, a short-circuit protection unit, and a divider resistor. An output end of the LED light bar is coupled to the short-circuit protection unit and the divider... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd

20140333205 - Stabilization circuit for low-voltage lighting: An electronic transformer stabilization circuit includes a detection circuit and a reactive load. The detection circuit may be configured to receive a transformer output or a transformer signal derived from the transformer output. The detection circuit may determine whether the transformer that generated the transformer output is an electronic transformer.... Agent: Cirrus Logic, Inc.

20140333207 - Lighting system and method of retrieving status information of a lighting system: A method of retrieving status information of a lighting system includes propagating a command signal from a controller to a node of the lighting system by operating upstream transceivers that are upstream of the node in a transmitting mode and operating downstream transceivers that are upstream of the node in... Agent:

20140333206 - System and method for commissioning lighting using sound: A system and methods for automatically commissioning electrical fixtures using sound are disclosed. Electrical fixtures (140-149) detect sounds produced by a sound generator moved along a path (300) through installed fixtures according to a building plan (100). Each electrical fixture may be associated with a mapped fixture location in the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v. A Corporation

20140333208 - Lamp color matching and control systems and methods: Some embodiments include a method of generating a color mixing plan for a light module. The method can include: generating a color mixing plan based on manufacturer specification of light emitting diodes (LEDs) in a lighting node; selecting constraints for the LEDs based on electrical or physical properties of the... Agent:

20140333209 - Intelligent illumination control method, apparatus, and system: Disclosed are an intelligent illumination control method, apparatus, and system. The method includes a step of obtaining at least one image of a predetermined lighting area captured by at least one stereo camera; a step of determining, based on the at least one image, one or more target illuminance values... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20140333210 - Automatic configuration of a load control device: A load control system for controlling an electrical load may include a sensor, a remote control, and a load control device. The remote control may comprise a button and may be configured to wirelessly transmit a digital message in response to an actuation of the button. The load control device... Agent: Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

20140333211 - Information processing apparatus, and method: An LED emits light according to a light emission pattern identified based on a set of light emission parameters indicating characteristics of light emission. An action control unit controls the light emission pattern of the LED based on a relationship between the self apparatus and a group to which the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140333212 - Pixel circuit and display device: A pixel circuit able to prevent a spread of the terminal voltages of drive transistors inside a panel and in turn able to reliably prevent deterioration of uniformity, wherein a source of a TFT serving as a drive transistor is connected to an anode of a light emitting element, a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140333213 - Field emission device with ac output: A field emission device is configured as a heat engine with an AC output.... Agent:

20140333214 - Pixel circuit and driving method thereof: A pixel circuit including a light emitting element outputting a gray scale based on a current supplied thereto, a first transistor configured to control an amount of current supplied to the light emitting element based on a gray scale data voltage supplied to a gate electrode of the first transistor,... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140333215 - Multi-segment led driving circuit: Disclosed is a multi-segment LED driving circuit used in an AC operating mode for outputting a drive current to drive a plurality of serially connected LED strings. The LED driving circuit includes at least one detection part, at least one comparison part and at least one adjusting part. The detection... Agent: Anwell Semiconductor Corp.

20140333216 - Multi-string dimmable led driver: An apparatus includes a first LED driver configured to control a first string of LEDs, a second LED driver configured to control a second string of LEDs, a third LED driver configured to control a third string of LEDs, and a control circuit configured to receive a control signal and... Agent: Marvell World Trade Ltd.

20140333217 - Feedback control circuit and led driving circuit: A feedback control circuit, adapted to control a converting circuit to transform an input power into an output voltage for driving an LED module. The feedback control circuit comprises a detection circuit, a PWM circuit, a PWM logic control circuit and a PWM control circuit. The detection circuit is coupled... Agent: Green Solution Technology Co., Ltd.

20140333218 - Led light string with open circuit protection: An LED light string with open circuit protection has a first end for receiving a first voltage, a second end for receiving a second voltage, and multiple LED units connected in series between the first end and the second end. Each of the LED units has multiple LEDs and at... Agent:

20140333219 - Led lighting unit with color and dimming control: Method and apparatus for a LED lighting unit (200), including an inverter circuit (210) electrically coupled to a LED module (220) having a pair of antiparallel LED groupings. The inverter circuit (210) provides for color and/or dimming control of the LED module (220). A method of adjusting color and/or dimming... Agent:

20140333220 - Light emitting diode driver: A driver circuit for driving light emitting diodes (LEDs). The driver circuit includes a string of LEDs divided into n groups and the n groups of LEDs is electrically connected to each other in series, where a downstream end of group m−1 is electrically connected to the upstream end of... Agent:

20140333221 - Led light unit and method of operating an led light unit: An LED light unit, in particular for a passenger transport vehicle, such as an aircraft, a road vehicle, a ship or a rail car, is disclosed that has at least one LED and is configured to be used with a high intensity discharge lamp power supply that is adapted to... Agent: Goodrich Lighting Systems Gmbh

20140333222 - Methods, systems, and apparatus for providing variable illumination: Digital Control Ready (DCR) is a two-way open standard for controlling and managing next-generation fixtures. A DCR-enabled lighting fixture responds to digital control signals from a separate digital light agent (DLA) instead of analog dimming signals, eliminating the need for digital-to-analog signal conditioning, fixture-to-fixture variations in response, and calibration specific... Agent: Digital Lumens Incorporated

20140333223 - Dimmable led light unit and method of replacing a light unit: A dimmable LED light unit, in particular for a passenger transportation vehicle, such as an aircraft, a road vehicle, a ship or a rail car, is disclosed that comprises a power input adapted to receive electrical power from a power source, at least one LED, and an LED drive and... Agent: Goodrich Lighting Systems Gmbh

20140333224 - Switched mode power converter and method of operating the same: A switched mode power converter is disclosed, together with a method for operating the same. The power converter is adapted to be operable in the boundary conduction mode, and operation is interruptible in the absence of any load requirement.... Agent:

20140333225 - Light emitting device and system: Devices comprise first and second terminals (1,2) connected to first load circuits (21) comprising first light emitting diodes, and third and fourth terminals (3, 4) connected to second load circuits (22) comprising second light emitting diodes, first connections (11) that interconnect the first and third terminals (1, 3), second connections... Agent:

20140333226 - Mr16 gu5.3 dimmable lamp: A light source for producing variable illumination coupled to at least one device includes a light chip assembly, and an LED driver module. The light chip assembly includes multiple LEDs on a silicon substrate, a heat-sink coupled to the light chip assembly, the silicon substrate being coupled to an inner... Agent: Ledzworld Sdn. Bhd.

20140333228 - Dimmer detector for bleeder circuit activation: A circuit to be utilized for an LED driver bleeder activation. The circuit comprises a circuit block for timing a duration of any removed portion of a rectified line signal. The input of the circuit to be coupled to receive the phase controlled rectified line signal through a voltage divider.... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20140333227 - Light source module, light source module driving circuit and driving method: The present invention discloses a light source module, a light source module driving circuit and a driving method. The driving circuit comprises: a power supply, which provides input voltage; a control signal generating circuit, which inputs the input voltage provided from the power supply and outputs an enable signal and... Agent:

20140333229 - Driver system for driving at least one led: A driver system for driving at least one LED, the driver system includes an LED driver including a current source connected to the at least one LED for providing an LED drive current to the at least one LED, and a control module for controlling a flow of the LED... Agent: Eldolab Holding B.v.

11/06/2014 > 22 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140327355 - Led par lamp in a wireless network environment: A flat LED PAR lamp having an antenna secured to the exterior parabolic wall of the glass reflector for use in a wireless network. The interior wall is coated with an aluminized reflective coating that shields the antenna from the internally radiated noise. The aluminized parabolic reflector, together with its... Agent: Technical Consumer Products, Inc.

20140327356 - Wireless electric power supply type light-emitting element and light-emitting device: A wireless electric power supply type light-emitting element 11 of the present invention includes a substrate 2; a light-emitting structure provided on the substrate 2; and a sealing layer 3 provided on the light-emitting structure, wherein the light-emitting structure includes an electric power receiving antenna 4 and an organic electroluminescence... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140327357 - Compact electromagnetic plasma ignition device: A quarter wave coaxial cavity resonator for producing corona discharge plasma from is presented. The quarter wave coaxial cavity resonator has a folded cavity made of opposing concentric cavity members that are nested together to form a continuous cavity ending in a aperture. A center conductor with a tip is... Agent: West Virginia University

20140327358 - Method of controlling an ion implanter in plasma immersion mode: the method including an implantation stage A-D and a neutralization stage E-H. The method also includes a relaxation stage C-F overlapping the implantation stage and the neutralization stage, during which relaxation stage the plasma power supply is inactivated. Furthermore, the neutralization stage includes a preliminary step E-F for closing the... Agent: Ion Beam Services

20140327359 - Illumination apparatus and light emitting module: An illumination apparatus includes: a plurality of light emitting modules connected in series; a constant current source; and a fault detection circuit for detecting that the plurality of light emitting modules have at least one thereof with a short circuit fault. The light emitting module includes: an organic EL panel;... Agent:

20140327361 - High colour quality luminaire: A colour tunable lighting module is described which includes at least three solid state lighting emitters (such as light emitting diodes) and at least two wavelength converting elements (such as phosphors). The three solid state lighting emitters are formed of the same semiconductor material system and the light generated by... Agent: Photonstar Led Limited

20140327360 - Light source apparatus and method for controlling same: The light source apparatus includes: a light source substrate having a light emission unit; an optical sheet facing the light emission unit; a plurality of detection units configured to detect light; and an adjustment unit configured to adjust light emission brightness of the light emission unit on the basis of... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140327362 - Lighting control system responsive to ambient lighting conditions: A controller, method and system, for controlling lighting responsive to ambient lighting conditions are described. In particular, disclosed is illumination system and method for controlling illumination of a workspace near a display. The illumination system includes an illumination controller compares the reading with the user's preference, and sends a command... Agent:

20140327363 - Menial power consumption light emitting diode (led) lamp device: The various embodiments herein provide a very low or menial power consumption LED lamp with a radiance angle of 360 degrees. The LED lamp requires less time for exhibiting maximum radiance. The LED lamp has a long life of operation and is physically safe to use. The LED lamp an... Agent:

20140327364 - Configuration of operating devices for lighting means: The invention relates to a mobile device (10) for the configuration of at least one operating device (20) for operating a lighting means (22) and/or a luminaire, wherein the mobile device (10) comprises at least one optical sensor (12) provided for detecting technical lighting parameters, e.g. by way of device-internal... Agent: Tridonic Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140327365 - A constant current source circuit and a sampling circuit: A constant current source circuit includes a main circuit, wherein the main circuit includes a first three-terminal regulator, a transistor, a sample resistor and a load, an output terminal of the first three-terminal regulator is connected with a control Electrode of the transistor, a reference Electrode of the transistor is... Agent: Osram Gmbh

20140327367 - Control circuit of light emitting element: A control circuit of a light-emitting element comprises a rectifying unit which full-wave rectifies an alternating current power supply, a clock generator which generates and outputs a clock signal (CLK), a first comparator which compares a comparison voltage (CS) corresponding to a current flowing to the light-emitting element and a... Agent:

20140327366 - Illumination device and led dimming circuit thereof: An illumination device includes a light-emitting diode (LED) lamp and a LED dimming circuit. The LED dimming circuit includes a power converting module, a sensing unit and a dimming module. The power converting module is used to generate a driving voltage to drive the LED lamp. The sensing unit is... Agent: Lextar Electronics Corporation

20140327368 - 3-way led bulb: A lighting circuit for a light emitting diode (LED) bulb capable of operating at different light output levels depending on received AC power includes a first group of LEDs and second group of LEDs, each of which is configured to emit light as a group. The lighting circuit also includes... Agent:

20140327369 - Three-level led bulb microprocessor-based driver: An LED bulb is described, comprising LEDs within a shell and a driver circuit to operate the LEDs at a plurality of brightness levels. The driver circuit comprises first and second inputs to receive AC, a neutral input, a converter circuit, first and second rectifier circuits, a detector circuit, and... Agent: Switch Bulb Company, Inc.

20140327370 - Gas light system and method: A writing gas light system has a gas tube with a first end and a second end. A first cathode is attached to a first end of the gas tube and a second cathode is attached to a second end of the gas tube. An isolated conductor runs along a... Agent:

20140327371 - Electical device and method for compensating an effect of an electrical current of a load, in particular an led unit, and driver device for driving a load, in particular an led unit: Electrical device (30) for compensating an effect of an electrical current (1L) of a load (14; 34), in particular an LED unit having one or more LEDs, when the load is supplied via a phase cut dimmer, which is normally conceived for traditional filament lamps. The electrical device comprising a... Agent:

20140327373 - Led drive device, and lighting system incorporating the same: An LED drive device includes: a drive module generating, based on a control signal, a drive current that flows through an LED-based load, and generating, based on the drive current, a sampling current associated with the drive current; a voltage detection module detecting a voltage across the LED-based load, and... Agent: Ili Technology Corporation

20140327372 - Method and apparatus for dimmable led driver: Aspects of the disclosure provide a method for driving dimmable load. The method includes detecting a dimming characteristic in an energy source from which a load draws a first energy according to the dimming characteristic. The dimming characteristic requires a second energy in addition to the first energy to be... Agent: Marvell World Trade Ltd.

20140327374 - Light bulb and florescent tube replacement using fipel panels: A lighting device formed of a FIPEL panel driven by electrical connection. For example, a frequency generator can create a frequency that creates a light output having any frequency in the spectrum. The light emitting panel can be flexible, and can be coded along a curved surface, such as the... Agent:

20140327375 - Modular led lighting system: According to various embodiments of the invention, an LED lighting system is providing having a replaceable driver module. In some embodiments, the replaceable driver module comprises a component that is physically attachable to an LED illumination module, whereby the attached components have a combined physical profile dimensioned for installation in... Agent: Pacific Dynamic

20140327376 - Method and apparatus for measuring injection energy of organic light emitting diode display: A method is used for measuring injection energy associated with an organic light emitting diode display device. The method includes disposing the display panel inside a chamber and controlling temperature inside the chamber. The method further includes determining a plurality of electric current values corresponding to a plurality of temperature... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

10/30/2014 > 41 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20140320004 - Rf induction lamp with ferrite isolation system: An induction RF fluorescent lamp includes a lamp envelope with a re-entrant cavity both covered on a partial vacuum side with phosphor and filled with a working gas mixture; a power coupler on the non-vacuum side of said re-entrant cavity comprising a ferromagnetic core overwound with at least one turn... Agent:

20140320005 - Rf induction lamp with isolation system for air-core power coupler: An induction RF fluorescent lamp includes a lamp envelope with a re-entrant cavity both covered on a partial vacuum side with phosphor and filled with a working gas mixture; an air-core power coupler on the non-vacuum side of said re-entrant cavity comprising a coil composed of at least one turn... Agent:

20140320006 - Rf device for synchrocyclotron: RF device (1) able to generate an RF acceleration voltage in a synchrocyclotron. The device comprises a resonant cavity (2) formed by a grounded conducting enclosure (5) and enveloping a conducting pillar (3) to a first end of which an accelerating electrode (4) is linked. A rotary variable capacitor (10)... Agent: Ion Beam Applications

20140320007 - Power converter for interfacing a fluorescent lighting ballast to a light emitting diode lamp: An AC/DC power converter is coupled between a fluorescent ballast circuit and a set of light emitting diodes (LEDs) forming an LED lamp. The power converter converts an AC output from the ballast circuit to a DC current applied to drive operation of the LEDs. The power converter transforms and... Agent: Stmicroelectronics, Inc.

20140320009 - Processor-based dimmable induction rf fluorescent lamp: A processor controlled induction RF fluorescent lamp, where the processor controls a dimming function, the lamp comprising a bulbous vitreous portion of the induction RF fluorescent lamp comprising a vitreous envelope filled with a working gas mixture; a power coupler comprising at least one winding of an electrical conductor; and... Agent:

20140320008 - Processor-based fast start induction rf fluorescent lamp: A processor controlled induction RF fluorescent lamp, where the processor controls a rapid startup function, the lamp comprising a lamp envelope filled with a gas mixture at less than typical atmospheric pressure, wherein the lamp envelope comprises at least one metallic structure for collecting mercury; a power coupler comprising at... Agent:

20140320010 - Spark plug: A spark plug for an internal combustion engine, including: a center electrode having a first noble metal pin of a first diameter mounted thereon, and a ground electrode having a second noble metal pin of a second diameter mounted thereon, the noble metal pins of the center electrode and of... Agent:

20140320011 - Emergency lighting monitoring and reporting system: An emergency lighting system with central batteries power remote LED fixtures and exit signs, with all components integrated throughout a single or multiple buildings. Status reports are available on demand and the system will generate written records required by the Life Safety Code. A wide range of fixtures optimized for... Agent: Signtex, Inc.

20140320013 - Multiple radio frequency power supply control of frequency and phase: A system has a first RF generator and a second RF generator. The first RF generator controls the frequency of the second RF generator. The first RF generator includes a power source, a sensor, and a sensor signal processing unit. The sensor signal processing unit is coupled to the power... Agent: Mks Instruments, Inc.

20140320014 - Pulse mode capability for operation of an rf/vhf impedance matching network with 4 quadrant, vrms/irms responding detector circuitry: A physical vapor deposition system may include an RF generator configured to supply a pulsing AC process signal to a target in a physical vapor deposition chamber via the RF matching network. A detector circuit may be coupled to the RF generator and configured to sense the pulsing AC process... Agent: Comet Technologies Usa, Inc.

20140320015 - Reducing stored electrical energy in a lead inductance: According to a first aspect of the present invention, reducing electrical energy stored in a load or in one or more leads for connecting a power supply with the load is achieved by plasma process power circuitry including a switch in operative connection with at least one of the leads... Agent:

20140320012 - Self-cleaning radio frequency plasma source: A self-cleaning radio frequency (RF) plasma source for a semiconductor manufacturing process is described. Various examples provide an RF plasma source comprising an RF antenna and a rotatable dielectric sleeve disposed around the RF antenna. The dielectric is positioned between a process chamber and cleaning chamber such that portions of... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20140320016 - Plasma generating apparatus and substrate treating apparatus: A plasma generating apparatus and a substrate processing apparatus are disclosed. The plasma generating apparatus includes a disk-shaped first electrode receiving first RF power of a first frequency to generate plasma, a washer-type second electrode disposed around the circumference of the first electrode and receiving second RF power of a... Agent:

20140320017 - Plasma generating device, method of controlling the same, and substrate processing device including the plasma generating device: Provided is a plasma generating device. The plasma generating device includes: an RF power supply providing an RF signal; a plasma chamber providing a space where gas is injected to generate plasma; a first electromagnetic inducer installed at one portion of the plasma chamber and inducing an electromagnetic field in... Agent: Psk Inc.

20140320018 - Retrofit lamp: A retrofit lamp includes at least one series circuit having a multiplicity of LEDs having a circuit arrangement. The at least one series circuit including is coupled between a first rectifier output connection and a second rectifier output connection. A breakdown apparatus is coupled between a third connection terminal and... Agent: Osram Gmbh

20140320019 - Method and system for light array thermal slope detection: A system and method for operating one or more light emitting devices is disclosed. In one example, the light emitting devices may be deactivated in response to a rate of temperature rise of the light emitting devices.... Agent: Phoseon Technology, Inc.

20140320020 - Control system: A control system includes a load including an operative part, and a control device for supplying AC power to the load through a power line and operating the operative part. The control device includes an interruption mechanism and a transmission mechanism. The load includes a controller. The transmission mechanism transmits... Agent: Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140320022 - Led lighting control system: Provided is a light-emitting diode (LED) lighting control system, and more particularly, an LED lighting control system capable of controlling not only a lighting module supporting unidirectional communication, but also a lighting module supporting bidirectional communication, notifying a central control device of any fault or failure in the unidirectional communication... Agent:

20140320021 - Smartphone-based methods and systems: Arrangements involving portable devices (e.g., smartphones and tablet computers) are disclosed. One arrangement enables a content creator to select software with which that creator's content should be rendered—assuring continuity between artistic intention and delivery. Another utilizes a device camera to identify nearby subjects, and take actions based thereon. Others rely... Agent: Digimarc Corporation

20140320023 - Lighting systems and methods providing active glare control: A light fixture includes a dimmable light source that emits light downwardly, and a downward-looking rangefinder proximate and operatively coupled with the light source. When the rangefinder detects an object at a measured height that exceeds a first threshold, the light source dims according to the measured height. A light... Agent: Ge Lighting Solutions, LLC

20140320024 - Multimode color tunable light sources: Described herein are ambient lighting devices, methods, and systems that utilize at least one multimode artificial ambient light source, a control unit, and a remote image sensor. The control unit couples to at least one artificial ambient light source and is configured to output at least one control signal to... Agent: Osram Sylvania Inc.

20140320025 - Road illumination system: A road illumination system having sensors detecting approaching vehicles and operating thereupon and via a controller switches associated with street lights is provided herein. The system turns street lights off when no vehicles are present and spares thereby electricity. The system activates the street lights groupwise, to supply enough illumination... Agent:

20140320027 - Apparatus and method of energy efficient illumination: An illumination system correlates solar time to a clock and controls lighting or illumination based on time. The illumination system may turn ON light source(s) at a first level at a turn ON time, correlated to be around or at dusk, and turn OFF light source(s) at a turn OFF... Agent:

20140320026 - Lighting device: A lighting device includes a lighting unit, a control unit, and a brightness adjusting unit connected between the control unit and the lighting unit. The brightness adjusting unit includes an operational amplifier and a number of branch circuits parallel connected between the control unit and a positive input terminal of... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20140320028 - Master illuminating device, illuminating device and illumination control system: A master illuminating device may include an illuminating module, and a signal acquisition and processing unit for detecting the surrounding and outputting a control signal. The illuminating module is designed to receive the control signal and is driven according to the control signal. The illuminating device further include a signal... Agent:

20140320029 - Power converter circuit and solar power system having same: A power converter circuit includes: a first transistor being connected with a positive node and a negative node of a photovoltaic panel; a second transistor being connected with the first transistor and the negative node of the photovoltaic panel; a first controller circuit being configured to measure the voltage at... Agent: Zeta Far East Limited

20140320030 - Programmable controller of light string: The present invention relates to a programmable controller of light string characterized in that the controller of light string is provided with a bluetooth receiver and a main IC electronically connected with the bluetooth receiver so as to further corporate with a smart phone to download a new song or... Agent:

20140320032 - Controlling an led string using a current sink with low side voltage regulation: A method of controlling an LED string having a first end coupled to a power source and a second end coupled to a first end of a current sink is provided. The method include generating a target voltage at a first end of an external inductor coupled to the second... Agent:

20140320031 - Variable power dimming control circuit: Disclosed is a variable power dimming control circuit for driving and linearly adjusting the illumination brightness of a plurality of light emitting diodes (LEDs), and the circuit includes a dimming stabilization unit and a control unit. The control unit is provided for detecting an input current of a circuit, and... Agent:

20140320033 - Dimmable screw-in compact fluorescent lamp having integral electronic ballast circuit: A dimmable ballast circuit for a compact fluorescent lamp controls the intensity of a lamp tube in response to a phase-control voltage received from a dimmer switch. The ballast circuit generates a lamp current through the lamp tube having a substantially constant envelope such that flicker in the lamp tube... Agent: Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

20140320034 - Luminaire: According to an embodiment, there is provided a luminaire including a light-emitting unit and a cap. The luminaire is attached to a socket including first and second sections to be fit. The light-emitting unit includes a first terminal, a second terminal, and a light-emitting element electrically connected between the first... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140320035 - Electronic device with led: An electronic device comprises a control unit, a power supply, a switch unit, a driving unit, and an illumination unit. The control unit generates a pulse width modulation (PWM) signal with a first level signal and a second level signal. The switch unit establishes a connection between the power supply... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen)co., Ltd.

20140320036 - Compulsory triggered spark gap system with double gaps in series:

20140320037 - Low dropout light emitting diode (led) ballast circuit and method therefor: A ballast circuit for a Light Emitting Diode (LED) has a regulator element coupled to the LED and to an input voltage source. A control circuit is coupled to the LED and to an input voltage source. A first switching device is coupled in series with the regulator element. A... Agent:

20140320038 - Multiple location load control system: A multiple location load control system comprises a main device and remote devices, which do not require neutral connections, but allow for visual and audible feedback at the main device and the remote devices. The main device and the remote devices are adapted to be coupled in series electrical connection... Agent:

20140320039 - Backlight control module and backlight control method: A backlight control module comprises a backlight computing unit configuring a frequency of at least one PWM signal according to a frequency of a frame, when at least one area frame of at least one display area is used for displaying the frame; a timing control unit configuring at least... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140320040 - Lighting for shelf divider in refrigerator: An apparatus, system and method for illuminating the interior of a refrigerated appliance such as refrigerator, freezer or combination includes storage shelf or surface in the appliance, a divider positioned relative at shelf or storage surface, and a divider lighting subassembly on the divider. Electrical power is provided from an... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20140320041 - Light emitting diode driver: A light emitting diode driver includes: a serial-to-parallel conversion unit converting, based on a reference clock signal, a serial input signal carrying a number (N) of M-bit gray codes into a parallel input signal carrying the M-bit gray codes; a counting unit counting an output control signal to output a... Agent: Richtek Technology Corp.

20140320042 - Method for manufacturing emission panel, and display device provided with emission panel obtained by the method: A method for manufacturing an emission panel which has an emission portion including pixels, through which currents of mutually different values flow under a condition that voltages of mutually identical values are applied to the respective pixels is disclosed. This manufacturing method includes: an acquisition step of acquiring correction coefficients... Agent:

20140320043 - Circuit arrangement for selective powering of distributed loads: A circuit arrangement for selective powering of distributed loads (D1-D7, 220-226, 213a-213e) is provided, comprising a plurality of load segments (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70), each being electrically connected to at least one supply terminal al for receiving a variable voltage, wherein each load segment (10, 20, 30,... Agent:

20140320044 - Rf system for synchrocyclotron: The present invention relates to an RF system (1) able to generate a voltage for accelerating charged particles in a synchrocyclotron, the RF system (1) including a resonant cavity (2) comprising a conducting enclosure (5) within which are placed a conducting pillar (3) of which a first end is linked... Agent:

10/23/2014 > 42 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20140312766 - Symmetrical plural-coil plasma source with side rf feeds and rf distribution plates: A plasma reactor has an overhead inductively coupled plasma source with two coil antennas and symmetric and radial RF feeds and cylindrical RF shielding around the symmetric and radial RF feeds. The radial RF feeds are symmetrically fed to the plasma source.... Agent:

20140312767 - Dielectric window for plasma treatment device, and plasma treatment device: A dielectric window for a plasma treatment device for a plasma treatment device that uses microwaves as a plasma source. The dielectric window is circular-plate-shaped and allows microwaves to propagate. The dielectric window has a recess that has an opening on the lower-surface side and that indents in the plate... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140312768 - Light module with linear led serial group drive device: A light module with linear LED serial group drive device comprises an AC input rectifier unit having an input end coupled to an AC Power to convert an AC half-wave voltage signal into a DC full-wave voltage signal for output, and an intelligent control having a protection unit. when the... Agent: Sunpower Grand Holdings Pte, Ltd.

20140312769 - Lighting dimmer synchronous load device: Method, apparatus and system for efficient driving a lighting means. In accordance with an embodiment of the present invention, there is provided a synchronous load for a lighting system, wherein the lighting system is fed by an AC supply that is potentially produced by a dimmer. The synchronous load is... Agent: Magnitude Lighting Transformers Inc.

20140312770 - Systems and methods for generating electron spiral toroids: A spheromak is a plasma of ions and electrons formed into a toroidal shape. A spheromak plasma can include electrons and ions of nearly equal amounts such that it is essentially charge neutral. It contains large internal electrical currents and their associated internal magnetic fields arranged so that the forces... Agent:

20140312772 - Led replacement kit for high intensity discharge light fixtures: Disclosed is a kit for converting an existing high discharge light unit to an LED based light unit, with the option of including a networked capability among a group of LED light units. The kit includes a drop-in component mounting plate on which are mounted an LED light source, sensors... Agent:

20140312771 - Rectangular led lighting apparatus: A rectangular LED lighting apparatus connected directly to an AC power supply is provided. The rectangular LED lighting apparatus includes: a printed circuit board in which circuit patterns are formed for electrical connection of LEDs; a rectification unit configured to rectify an AC voltage and output a DC rectified voltage;... Agent:

20140312773 - System and method for thermal protection for a universal load control cabinet: A universal load control module may include a power supply that operates over a wide voltage range, a microcontroller, and one or more functional control blocks. A functional control block may include a dimmer circuit for controlling a lighting load that provides reverse phase cut mode dimming, forward phase cut... Agent: AplIPHolding, LLC

20140312774 - Light-emitting diode and method of producing a light-emitting diode: A light-emitting diode includes at least one light-emitting diode chip, a carrier for the at least one light-emitting diode chip, and at least one control device integrated into the carrier, wherein each of the light-emitting diode chips is electrically connected to one of the at least one control devices, each... Agent:

20140312775 - Energy saving dimmer for led luminaire driver: A dimming control and driver for an LED luminaire comprises a shutdown relay connected between an AC source and the driver circuit. The shutdown relay will close above a predetermined control voltage, and will open below the predetermined voltage. The shutdown relay will eliminate parasitic loss by turning the power... Agent: Maxlite, Inc.

20140312776 - Dimming led lighting system: The present invention relates to a dimming LED lighting system including a separate switch for adjusting the illumination of an LED lamp. The dimming LED lighting system according to the present invention includes a switch unit connected between a lighting switch and an on/off detection means in order to perform... Agent: Planet System Co., Ltd.

20140312778 - Backlight device and backlight control method: A backlight device includes: a light emitting unit that includes a plurality of light sources having different light emission colors from each other; a detection unit that detects light emission states of the plurality of light sources; a temperature sensor that measures a temperature in a proximity of the plurality... Agent:

20140312777 - Systems and methods for controlling color temperature: Controlling the color temperature of a composite light source including at least one discrete-spectrum light source is disclosed. For example, the color temperature of a composite light source including at least one discrete-spectrum light source may be determined and/or adjusted based on one or more of the ambient color temperature... Agent: Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

20140312779 - Presence detection using split beam luminaire: The invention relates to a method for determining presence of objects in an area (207) surrounding a luminaire (200). The luminaire (200) includes a first light source (203), a second light source (205), and a sensor (216). The first light source (203) is configured to emit a first light beam... Agent:

20140312780 - Distance estimation using split beam luminaire: The invention relates to a method for determining a distance from a sensor to a luminaire. The luminaire includes at least a first light source configured to emit a first light beam adapted to illuminate a predefined area and a second light source configured to emit a second light beam... Agent:

20140312781 - Solar powered light assembly to produce light of varying colors: A garden light having a body with a post, the lower end of which is provided with a spike. The upper end of the post receives a lens assembly. Secured to the lens assembly is a cap assembly that has three LEDs that are activated to produce a varying colour... Agent:

20140312783 - Adjusting brightness of an optical touch panel: A method, device, and computer program product are provided for adjusting brightness of an optical touch panel. The optical touch panel comprises a microprocessor, a display module including a back light source, and an optical position detection device including optical transmitting devices and optical receiving devices. The method comprises detecting,... Agent:

20140312782 - Device and method for controlled led lighting: Controlled Light Emitting Diode (LED) driver comprising an AC/DC converter configured to convert an AC voltage at its input to a DC voltage at its output; at least one LED driver coupled to the output of the AC/DC converter and configured to convert the DC voltage to a pulsed output... Agent: Magnitude Lighting Transformers Inc.

20140312784 - Pixel circuit and driving method thereof, organic light-emitting display panel and display apparatus: The present disclosure relates to the field of organic light-emitting display, and provides a pixel circuit, a driving method thereof, an organic light-emitting display panel and a display apparatus, comprising a driving transistor, a first storage capacitor, a collecting unit, a writing unit and a light-emitting unit; wherein, the collecting... Agent: Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

20140312787 - Dimmable led lighting circuits, controllers therefor and a method of controlling a dimmable led lighting circuit: Controllers (360, 360′), lighting circuits and methods are disclosed, for a dimmable LED lighting circuit having a series arrangement of two types of LED, the controller comprising a control circuit (330), a bypass circuit (340) and optionally a further bypass circuit and being operable for controlling a current, the current... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140312788 - Illumination device control systems and methods: In various embodiments, a control system for an electronic circuit iteratively applies voltage to and senses current from a load to regulate operation of the load.... Agent:

20140312786 - Led light strip comprising two or more independent circuits meeting separate power consumption and illumination output requirements: A vending machine includes a controller coupled to at least one light emitting diode (LED) light strip mounted within the vending machine and illuminating an interior thereof. The LED light strip includes an input terminal that receives one or more signals corresponding to a mode of the LED light strip,... Agent:

20140312785 - Light emitting diode lighting device: A lighting device having an electrical circuit includes an LED having a variable illuminating resistance. The electrical circuit is configured for energizing the LED light source with a source of electrical power. The LED light source is energized with an effective power such that the LED light source functions in... Agent:

20140312789 - Optimal trajectory control for llc resonant converter for led pwm dimming: Pulse width modulation is provided for controlling a resonant power converter, particularly for dimming of light emitting diode arrays without loss of efficiency. Dynamic oscillation due to the beginning of a pulse width modulated pulse burst is limited by shortening of the first and/or last pulse of a pulse bust... Agent: Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc.

20140312790 - Pulse switched resistor driver: Pulse switching controller for the LED lighting of the LED drive module for lamps in automobile applications provided with light sources having LED diodes and a drive module for the LED function and excitation, where the drive module (3) comprises at minimum one resistance regulator (38) working in pulse switching... Agent: Varroc Lighting Systems S.r.o.

20140312791 - Solid-state lighting apparatus and methods using energy storage: Some embodiments provide a lighting apparatus including a plurality of lighting circuits coupled in series. Each lighting circuit includes a control circuit configured to selectively provide current to at least one LED and at least one charge storage device coupled to the at least one LED. The control circuit may... Agent:

20140312792 - Backlight driving module: A backlight driving module including a power converter module and a processor module is provided. The power converter module is configured to convert a first power to a second power to drive the backlight module according to a driving parameter set. The processor module is configured to provide the first... Agent: Compal Electronics, Inc.

20140312793 - Apparatus for driving leds using high voltage: An apparatus for driving LEDs using high voltage includes a plurality of LEDs divided into a plurality of LED segments connected in series and a plurality of three-terminal voltage controlled current limiting devices. Each of the current limiting devices is associated with one of the LED segments and has a... Agent: Vastview Technology Inc.

20140312795 - Driver device and driving method for driving a load, in particular an led unit: The present invention relates to a driver device (60) for driving a load (12), in particular an LED unit (84) having one or more LEDs, comprising: input terminals for receiving an input voltage (V10) from an external power source (16) for powering the load (12), connection means (64) for connecting... Agent:

20140312794 - Three-way omni-directional led lamp driver circuit: An LED driver circuit has a rectifier circuit including a first input terminal coupled to a first AC voltage line and a second input terminal coupled to a second AC voltage line. The rectifier circuit is configured to convert a first AC voltage on the first AC voltage line and... Agent: Technical Consumer Products, Inc.

20140312796 - Circuit arrangement for operating a low-power lighting unit and method of operating the same: A circuit arrangement (3) is provided for operating at least one low-power lighting unit with a power supply (4) and in particular with a self-oscillating power supply. The circuit arrangement (3) comprises at least an input (12) for receiving an operating voltage (28) from said power supply (4) and an... Agent:

20140312797 - Self-oscillating resonant converter-based light emitting diode (led) driver: A self-oscillating resonator (SOR) may be used to control current through light emitting diodes (LEDs). The SOR may be started and stopped by a controller coupled to a transistor switch in the SOR. The controller may output a control signal that starts and stops the SOR by coupling a supply... Agent: Cirrus Logic, Inc.

20140312798 - Universal load control module: A universal load control module may include a power supply that operates over a wide voltage range, a microcontroller, and one or more functional control blocks. A functional control block may include a dimmer circuit for controlling a lighting load that provides reverse phase cut mode dimming, forward phase cut... Agent: AplIPHolding, LLC

20140312799 - Display device and controller therefor: A display device includes a voltage supply unit to output a first voltage, a switch unit to selectively output the first voltage or a second voltage, a coupling member to transfer a third voltage to a display panel, and a feedback unit to selectively feed back the first voltage or... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140312800 - Driver circuit for led backlight of liquid crystal display device: A driver circuit driving an LED backlight of a liquid crystal display device includes a determination unit and a drive current output unit that receives a luminance adjustment signal from the determination unit and supplies a drive current to the LED backlight. The determination unit determines whether or not a... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140312803 - Circuit for actuating an illumination component: A circuit for actuating an illumination component is disclosed. A control voltage for actuating the illumination component can be tapped off at a capacitor which can be charged via a charge current proportional to the voltage at the capacitor. The capacitor can be charged with a substantially exponential voltage profile... Agent:

20140312801 - Driver circuit for electroluminescent element: A driver circuit for an EL element is proposed. The driver circuit for the EL element includes a first TFT, a second TFT, a third TFT, a storage capacitor, and an EL element. The EL element includes an anode connected to a first supply voltage and a cathode connected to... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140312802 - Wireless lighting network with external remote control: In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for systems and methods that provide for a power outage lighting management within an environment, comprising a power outage detection device adapted to detect a power outage condition and to wirelessly transmit power outage indication data to a plurality of... Agent: Wireless Environment, LLC

20140312805 - Led lighting device and led lighting control method: An LED lighting device comprises an LED light source unit; a light intensity control unit configured to provide a light intensity control signal for controlling a light intensity through a plurality of steps in a light intensity control mode; and a light source driving unit configured to provide power to... Agent: Silicon Works Co., Ltd.

20140312804 - Operation of a lamp with an autonomous energy store: An operating device (1) for operating an illuminant (2) is proposed, having: an energy storage unit (3) for storing electrical energy, a charging circuit (4), requiring the supply of a mains voltage (Vin), for charging the energy storage unit (3) during a charging mode of operation, a driver circuit (7),... Agent: Tridonic Gmbh & Co Kg

20140312806 - Light emitting diode lighting system: An LED lighting system is provided. The LED lighting system includes a main transformer, a voltage detector, a current controller, a second reference voltage supplier, and a power factor compensation circuit. The main transformer transforms an input signal to supply the transformed input signal to an LED group. The voltage... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140312807 - Method of transmitting signals: A method of transmitting signals applied for a loading control system, which includes a phase angle control module and a driving module, wherein the phase angle control module is electrically connected to an input interface. The method includes the following steps: A. switch the input interface from a first status... Agent: Hep Tech Co., Ltd.

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