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Electric lamp and discharge devices: systems

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10/02/2014 > 42 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20140292189 - Focused ion beam apparatus and control method thereof: A focused ion beam apparatus is configured to perform at least one of a process of controlling an operation of a cooling unit so that a temperature of a wall surface contacting a source gas in an ion source chamber is maintained at a temperature higher than a temperature at... Agent: Hitachi High-tech Science Corporation

20140292190 - Electron tube: An electron tube includes a shell that encloses a helix inside, and a plurality of support rods that support and fix the helix inside the shell, a part of each support rod that is in contact with an inner wall of the shell being covered with a conductive material, another... Agent: Netcomsec Co., Ltd.

20140292191 - Traveling wave tube system and control method of traveling wave tube: A traveling wave tube system includes a traveling wave tube, and a power supply device for supplying required power supply voltages to the respective electrodes of the traveling wave tube. The power supply device includes a control voltage generation circuit for generating a control voltage which is a negative DC... Agent: Netcomsec Co., Ltd.

20140292192 - Led light: An LED bulb comprises a structural shell formed by folding a flat PCB into a three-dimensional polyhedron shape and a fitting for removably coupling the bulb to a light socket. The PCB comprises a plurality of LEDs, at least one LED mounted electronically on a plurality of faces of the... Agent:

20140292194 - Led lamps with enhanced wireless communication: An LED lighting device includes a light emitting assembly including at least one LED and a wireless network interface connecting the LED lighting device to a network. The wireless network interface includes a RF transceiver. An antenna is in electrical communication with the RF transceiver. A thermally conductive housing receives... Agent:

20140292193 - Plasma apparatus and substrate-processing apparatus: Provided are a plasma generating apparatus and a substrate processing apparatus. The plasma generating apparatus includes a plurality of dielectric tubes mounted in a plurality of through-holes formed in a vacuum container, respectively; antennas comprising or divided into a first group of antennas and a second group of antennas based... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20140292195 - Plasma wavguide using step part and block part: In a magnetron and a plasma waveguide through which a microwave oscillated from the magnetron moves, there is provided a plasma waveguide including a plurality of step parts formed at any one side on an inner side surface of the waveguide, and a block part of a predetermined height formed... Agent: Triple Cores Korea Co., Ltd.

20140292196 - Thin profile electronic ballast and fabricating method thereof: A thin profile electronic ballast for a lighting device includes a metal casing, a circuit board, and a metal cover. The metal casing includes an entrance and a receptacle. The circuit board includes a plurality of electronic components. The circuit board is accommodated within the receptacle of the metal casing.... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20140292197 - Apparatus, method, and system for event and backup lighting: An apparatus, system, and method for solid state lighting is envisioned which, according to aspects of the invention, provides primary event and/or utility lighting during normal power conditions, and which, during periods of interrupted power, provides uninterrupted event lighting for a desired duration, provides a gradual transition from event lighting... Agent: Musco Corporation

20140292198 - Multiple application led illumination system: An illumination system which houses LEDs on Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) in a lightweight, metal or plastic housing that can be configured as a stand-alone interior lighting fixture or retrofitted to a common two, three, or four tube fluorescent drop in a ceiling (troffer) light fixture. The system can also... Agent: American Machine Vision LLC

20140292199 - Power circuit for a gas discharge lamp: A power circuit for at least one gas discharge lamp comprising a first filament and a second filament, the power circuit including an electronic driver circuit, preferably for generating a first alternating voltage between the first and second filament for starting up the gas discharge lamp and for generating a... Agent: N.v. Nederlandsche Apparatenfabriek Nedap

20140292200 - Backlight driving circuit, lcd device, and method for driving backlight driving circuit: A backlight driving circuit includes a power module and a constant current driver chip. The power module includes a first controllable switch. An adjustable load is connected between the first controllable switch and a round terminal of the backlight driving circuit, and the adjustable load includes a switching module controlling... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140292201 - Driver circuit for efficiently driving a large number of leds: A circuit can be used for controlling a plurality of LEDs coupled in series. A switching converter operates as a current source coupled to the plurality of LEDs to provide a constant load current thereto. The switching converter includes an inductor coupled in series with the plurality of LEDs such... Agent:

20140292202 - Led backlight driving circuit and backlight module: An LED backlight driving circuit has a voltage converting unit having an output terminal connected to a positive electrode of an LED to provide a driving voltage required by the LED, a driving unit to control the voltage converting unit to achieve a voltage conversion, and a protection unit connected... Agent:

20140292203 - System for apparel-related and other illumination: A system for apparel-related and other illumination includes an electro-luminance portion defining a graphic image having regions of differing optical transmissibility, the electro-luminance portion further configured to removably join to a back surface of a garment or pendant related to the graphic image; a housing configured to removably join to... Agent:

20140292204 - Underwater led light with replacement indicator: Disclosed is a method of determining depreciation of a lumen output of an LED. More particularly, disclosed is a method of determining depreciation of a lumen output of an LED comprising monitoring, by a processing device, an operating characteristic of an AC power source operatively coupled to the LED; determining,... Agent: Hayward Industries, Inc.

20140292205 - Lamp with passive infrared sensor: A sheet processing device includes a supporting plate, a stapler, a casing, a protrusion structure, and a swinging arm. The casing is disposed over the supporting plate. A sheet conveying channel is formed between the supporting plate and the casing. The protrusion structure is disposed on a lower surface of... Agent: Livingstyle Enterprises Limited

20140292206 - Methods and apparatus for control of illumination in an interior space: Methods and apparatus related to controlling illumination in a space. The method may include determining a heading of a daylight blocking element and/or a lighting fixture (301) and automatically adjusting at least one characteristic of the daylight blocking element and/or the lighting fixture based at least in part on the... Agent:

20140292207 - Auto commissioning of light fixture using optical bursts: Methods and systems herein provide for determining lighting contributions of light fixtures to an environment. In one embodiment, a system includes a light sensor and a controller. The light sensor generates light level data based on measured light levels. The controller determines a nominal light level based on the light... Agent: Mojo Labs, Inc.

20140292208 - Methods, systems, and apparatus for intelligent lighting: An ambient light sensor measures an ambient light level at one point in an illuminated environment, such as a warehouse, office, shop, cold-storage facility, or industrial facility, and provides an indication of the measured ambient light level to a processor. The processor maps the measured ambient light level to an... Agent: Digital Lumens Incorporated

20140292209 - Intelligent lighting control apparatus and method: The present invention relates to an intelligent lighting control apparatus and method, which control an intelligent lighting unit including multiple sensors depending on time, place, scene, environment, or the like, based on the results of sensing by the sensors. The intelligent lighting control apparatus includes a multi-sensor unit including multiple... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140292210 - Low power standby shutdown circuit: A shut down circuit is disclosed that allows an electronic device such as a lamp driver to be turned-off with a small signal current. The shut down circuit requires only few components and allows a low-power consumption standby state since some or all of functionality of the electronic device can... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140292211 - Power system for an led module including multiple leds: A power system for a group of LED modules each of which includes a plurality of LEDs or series-connected LEDs, utilizes a plurality of polarized direct current power supplies with one electrical polarity separated, and the other electrical polarity commonly connected. Each individual LED, or each set of series-connected individual... Agent:

20140292212 - Device for improving power efficiency for power factor corrections: A device for improving power efficiency for power factor correction is disclosed, which comprises a primary load, a power module, a power factor correction module, a current source module, and a secondary load. The power module rectifies an alternating current (AC) voltage to a pulsating direct current (DC) voltage. The... Agent:

20140292213 - Ac led lighting apparatus: Embodiments of the invention provide AC LED lighting apparatuses. The AC LED lighting apparatuses may increase luminous flux and provide optimal efficiency through novel arrangement of a plurality of light emitting blocks on a circuit board and a plurality of LEDs and drive ICs included in each of the light... Agent:

20140292214 - Interconnectable led module for use in a direct current circuit: A system and method for interconnecting LED modules that receive electrical energy from a direct current electrical energy power supply includes a first type of mating connector to provide an input of direct current electrical energy to a printed circuit board contained within an interconnectable LED module and a second... Agent:

20140292215 - Led lamp with remote control: Various apparatuses and methods are disclosed for a remotely controllable LED lamp. One embodiment of an LED lamp includes at least one LED in each of a plurality of colors, a power supply, and a controller connected to the power supply and the at least one LED in each of... Agent:

20140292216 - Circuit and method for independent control of series connected light emitting diodes: Described herein is a circuit and method for independent control of series connected light emitting diodes (LEDs). The circuit includes a first light emitting diode (LED) connected in series with a second LED. A current source is connected in series with the first LED and the second LED and a... Agent: Flextronics Automotive Inc.

20140292217 - Dimming system of lamp using light-emitting device: A dimming system of a lamp using a light-emitting device includes: a power source including a power input terminal, a dimmer connected to the power input terminal, and a rectifier circuit; a lighting unit including light-emitting devices from a first light-emitting device to an nth light-emitting device; a light-emitting drive... Agent:

20140292218 - Transistor led ladder driver with current regulation and optical feedback for light emitting diodes: Ladder network circuits (100) for controlling operation of light emitting diodes (LEDS, 110) using current regulation. The circuits include a number of light sections (110) connected in series and a current regulation circuit (130) configured to limit a LED current flowing through the plurality of light sections (110).... Agent:

20140292220 - Driver circuit and method for driving an electrical load: A driver circuit (11) for a current regulator (13), which can be coupled in series to an electrical load (14), comprises a control circuit (12) for controlling the current regulator (13). The control circuit (12) is designed to determine at least two target current values (SW1) for the current regulator... Agent: Ams Ag

20140292219 - Power-supply device and illumination device: A power-supply device includes a rectifying unit configured to rectify a phase-controlled AC voltage; a current limiting unit including a current limiting resistor, which limits an input current flowing from the rectifying unit at rise of a rectified voltage outputted from the rectifying unit; and an adjustment unit configured to... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd.

20140292221 - Light-emitting device and electronic apparatus: A light-emitting device includes a drive transistor that controls a current to be supplied to a light-emitting element from a power supply line, an element continuity portion that electrically connects the drive transistor with the light-emitting element, an initializing transistor that is turned ON to diode-connect the drive transistor, and... Agent:

20140292222 - Wireless controller for lighting system: The present invention provides a system and method for controlling at least one lighting system by means of a portable wireless remote control device. The system comprises a portable wireless remote control device, a lighting system controller, and at least one lighting system coupled to the lighting system controller. Each... Agent:

20140292223 - Lighting apparatus and light emission control method: A lighting apparatus includes: a plurality of light emission units that respectively emit lights in luminescent colors different from each other; and a control unit that controls in luminance the respective light, which are emitted from said plurality of light emission units, for the respective luminescent colors. In response to... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20140292224 - Luminaire and lighting control system: According to one embodiment, a storing section stores a first group address allocated to a luminaire, stores, as a second group address, the first group address allocated to another luminaire, and stores control information corresponding to the second group address. A control section subjects, when the receiving section receives a... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140292225 - Method for addressing lamp operating devices: The invention relates to a method for controlling at least one lamp, comprising at least one operating device for operating the lamp, wherein the operating device has a first interface and said interface is connected to a control device and to other operating devices, wherein the operating device operates the... Agent:

20140292226 - Chaotic approach to control of lighting: At least one controllable source of visible light is configured to illuminate a space to be utilized by one or more occupants. A controller causes the source(s) to emit light in a manner that varies at least one characteristic of visible light emitted into the space over a period of... Agent:

20140292228 - Driving apparatus for led chips of different specifications: A driving apparatus for LED chips includes: a driving unit, a voltage measuring unit, and a feedback control module. The driving unit provides a driving voltage and a driving current to a LED chip; the voltage measuring unit measures the driving voltage; the feedback control module is built-in with a... Agent: Hep Tech Co., Ltd.

20140292227 - Led backlight driving circuit and lcd device: A light emitting diode (LED) backlight driving circuit of the present disclosure includes a constant current driver chip, a power module, an LED lightbar coupled to the power module, a dimming module coupled to the LED lightbar, and a low-pass filter. The constant current driver chip comprises a multiplier, and... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140292229 - Electromagnetic coupling multi-output control circuit: Disclosed is an electromagnetic coupling multi-output control circuit having a detection unit, a switching unit and a coupling unit, and the coupling unit is coupled to a side of a transformer of a power driving device to sense and produce a second driving voltage, such that the transformer has a... Agent: Anwell Semiconductor Corp.

20140292230 - Method of driving led chips of different specifications: A method of driving LED chips, wherein the LED chips have different specifications, includes the steps of: A. defining a plurality of setting currents; B. connecting a LED chip; C. selecting one of the setting currents which matches a rated current of the LED chip; and D. providing power with... Agent: Hep Tech Co., Ltd.

09/25/2014 > 34 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140285086 - Device for generating microwaves: A device for generating microwaves has a plurality of separately controlled microwave generators. Each of the generators includes a resonator, each with a capacitor structure formed with two electrodes that are separated by a spark gap. A high voltage supply charges the individual capacitor structures, which can be discharged by... Agent: Diehl Bgt Defence Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140285087 - Smart led controller: A device (201) is provided which includes a smart LED controller (203), an LED assembly (205) and a synthetic jet ejector (259). The smart LED controller controls the operation of both the LED assembly and the synthetic jet ejector.... Agent: Nuventix, Inc.

20140285088 - Light-emitting diode module and method for operating a light-emitting diode module: In at least one embodiment of the LED module (10), said LED module comprises a first LED chip (1) that is based on the AlInGaN material system and designed to emit a first radiation type in the blue spectral range. Furthermore, the LED module (10) comprises at least one second... Agent:

20140285089 - Power supply circuit and illuminating device: According to one embodiment, a power supply circuit includes: a DC-DC converter which converts a first DC voltage supplied from a power supply flow path into a second DC voltage having a different absolute value, to supply the voltage to a DC load; and an overcurrent protection unit which is... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140285090 - Lighting fixtures and methods of commissioning lighting fixtures: In embodiments of the present invention, a method and system is provided for commissioning improved intelligent, LED-based lighting systems. The LED based lighting systems may include fixtures with one or more LED light bars, integrated sensors, onboard intelligence to send and receive signals and control the LED light bars, and... Agent: Digital Lumens, Inc.

20140285091 - Method and apparatus for the zonal transmission of data using building lighting fixtures: This invention relates to systems and methods for the transmission of data by a wireless controller connected between a power source and a lighting device. The wireless controller wirelessly receives control signals to control dimming and on/off operation of the lighting device. Furthermore, energy use of the lighting device is... Agent: Convergence Wireless, Inc.

20140285092 - Magnetic coil / transformer modulation: A communication system with SSL light bulb assemblies comprises a first and a second transceiver. The first transceiver comprises a magnet, and the second transceiver comprises a switched-mode power converter which comprises an inductor element with an inductor core material having a magnetic field dependent permeability. The magnet and the... Agent: Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh

20140285094 - Light dimming system: A light dimming system includes a plurality of luminaires, an illuminance measuring unit configured to measure illuminances of the respective luminaires, and a dimming signal output device. The dimming signal output device includes a main control unit, a correction-table-data creating unit configured to calculate, for each of the luminaires, delay... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140285093 - Lighting control system and lighting control method: According to one embodiment, a lighting control system includes a camera unit which pick up an image of a region which is illuminated by a lighting fixture, and outputs image data, and a control device. The control device performs a dimming control of a lighting fixture so that brightness in... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140285095 - Lighting fixtures and methods of commissioning lighting fixtures: In embodiments of the present invention, a method and system is provided for commissioning improved intelligent, LED-based lighting systems. The LED based lighting systems may include fixtures with one or more LED light bars, integrated sensors, onboard intelligence to send and receive signals and control the LED light bars, and... Agent: Digital Lumens, Inc.

20140285096 - Coded light transmission and reception: There is provides an illumination system which comprises a plurality of luminaries or light sources. Each luminary or light source comprises a light driver capable of receiving and storing a dynamic light effect pattern, and from the dynamic light effect pattern creating a light effect. The color and/or intensity of... Agent:

20140285097 - Synchronous regulation for led string driver: A light emitting diode (LED) based luminaire driving arrangement constituted of: a switched driver; a plurality of LED based luminaires arranged to receive power from the switched driver; at least one electronically controlled switch in series with at least one of the plurality of LED based luminaires and arranged to... Agent:

20140285098 - Multi-channel led driver arrangements: LED driver arrangements are disclosed comprising: an input; a plurality of switched mode boost converters, each connected to the input; and a plurality of outputs, each output having a different voltage and being for driving at least one LED string; wherein each of the plurality of switched mode boost converters... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140285101 - Lighting power source and lighting device: According to one embodiment, a lighting light source including a current control element and a voltage-dividing resistor is provided. The current control element has a first main electrode, a second main electrode series-connected with respect to a lighting light source, and a first control electrode for controlling a current flowing... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140285099 - Power supply circuit and illumination apparatus: According to one embodiment, there is provided a power supply circuit including a power conversion unit, a current regulator, a controller, and a controller power supply. The power conversion unit converts an AC voltage with a controlled conduction angle into a different voltage. The current regulator includes a branch path... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140285100 - Power supply circuit and illumination apparatus: According to one embodiment, provided is a power supply circuit including a power conversion unit, a controller, and an integrated circuit. The power conversion unit converts an AC voltage into a different voltage. The integrated circuit includes a current regulator that can switch between a first state in which a... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140285102 - High power factor, electrolytic capacitor-less driver circuit for light-emitting diode lamps: A driver circuit for use with LED lamps. The driver circuit uses a rectifier, a power factor correction subcircuit, a voltage conversion subcircuit, and a semiconductor switch. The power factor correction subcircuit uses a film capacitor instead of an electrolytic capacitor. As well, the power factor correction subcircuit uses either... Agent:

20140285103 - System and method for controlling maximum output drive voltage of solid state lilghting device: A programmable driver for driving a solid state lighting device includes a processing circuit, a voltage feedback loop and a power stage. The processing circuit is configured to determine a voltage reference signal based on a nominal current setting and a predetermined power limit. The voltage feedback loop is configured... Agent:

20140285105 - Communication protocol for lighting system with embedded processors and system operating with the protocol: A system (100, 200, 300) includes a lighting unit (120, 320, 320), an optical isolator (220, 320) and a primary processor (110, 210, 310). The lighting unit includes a lighting module (250, 350), and a lighting driver (240, 340) supplying power to the lighting module. The lighting module includes: one... Agent:

20140285104 - Method and apparatus for regulating the brightness of light-emitting diodes: Embodiments of the present invention relate to methods and circuits for brightness regulation for at least one light-emitting diode in the field of general lighting, more particularly, for incandescent lamp replacement by means of a supply voltage comprising a brightness level signal, wherein the brightness level signal contained in the... Agent:

20140285106 - Detection circuit, power circuit, and luminaire: According to one embodiment, a detection circuit including first and second comparators and a determining unit is provided. The first comparator includes a first input terminal for inputting a first detection voltage, a second input terminal for inputting a first threshold voltage, and a first output terminal configured to output... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140285110 - High-efficiency bias voltage generating circuit: Disclosed are bias voltage generating circuits and methods for a switching power supply. In one embodiment, a switching power supply can include: (i) a driver circuit configured to receive a bias voltage, and to drive a switch in a power stage of the switching power supply; (ii) where a ratio... Agent: Silergy Semiconductor Technology (hangzhou) Ltd

20140285109 - Light emitting device driver circuit and control circuit and control method thereof: The present invention discloses a light emitting device driver circuit and a control circuit and a control method thereof. The light emitting device driver circuit converts an input voltage to an output voltage, and provides an output current to a light emitting device circuit. The present invention detects whether the... Agent: Richtek Technology Corporation

20140285108 - Light-emitting contorl circuit, light-emitting control method and shift register: A light-emitting control circuit, a light-emitting control method and a shift register. The light-emitting control circuit comprises an inputting terminal (Input), an input sampling unit (11), an outputting unit (12), a resetting unit (13), an output pulling-down unit (14) and an outputting terminal for a light-emitting control signal (EM[n]). The... Agent:

20140285107 - Lighting requirements generation system and method: An OLN lighting requirements generation system and method including a lighting requirements generation system for an outdoor lighting network (OLN, 90) having lighting units (82), the system having a central control apparatus (40); a plurality of lighting unit control apparatus (50); and a communication system (60) operably connecting the central... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140285111 - Lighting control system and lighting control method: According to one embodiment, a lighting control system includes information on a corresponding relationship between each of a center area and a peripheral area and each of lighting fixtures which illuminates each of the one region and the peripheral region, in a gradation control region including the center area and... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140285112 - Organic electroluminescent display device: The present invention overcomes image defects such as the brightness inclination or smears by reducing the line resistance of a power source bus line which supplies electricity to organic EL elements. A plurality of pixels which are arranged in a matrix array is connected to power source lines, and the... Agent: Japan Display Inc.

20140285113 - Illumination control system: An illumination control system provides wireless data transmission with a lamp through a mobile communication device. The lamp has a built-in wireless communication module and a microcontroller. The microcontroller stores a location of the lamp with latitude-longitude values and height values. Accordingly, a user may use the mobile communication device... Agent: International Mobile Iot Corp.

20140285114 - Led lighting device, system, and method with air quality detection: LED lighting devices/systems having air quality detection functions and methods for detecting air quality using the LED lighting devices/systems are provided. Exemplary LED lighting device includes an air quality detection unit configured to detect air quality parameter; a controller unit connected to the air quality detection unit to process data... Agent:

20140285115 - Multi-channel driver and illuminating device: A multi-channel driver for driving an illuminating unit includes: a plurality of output channels for coupling with the illuminating unit; a power supply unit for supplying a driving current; a current distributing unit, which includes at least one current distributing circuit, wherein the at least one current distributing circuit includes... Agent: Osram Gmbh

20140285116 - Light source operation: In one example implementation in accordance with the present disclosure, a process is provided. The process includes entering a first mode of operation where a plurality of light sources are permitted to illuminate. The process further includes entering a second mode of operation where the plurality of light sources associated... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140285117 - Lighting baton: According to one embodiment, a lighting baton includes at least one relay to switch between ON and OFF of power supply to at least one LED lighting load based on a control signal from outside.... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140285118 - Light emitting apparatus capable of suppressing noise: A light emitting apparatus capable of suppressing noise includes: a plurality of light emitting chips and a drive circuit. Each light emitting chip includes a plurality of light emitting units and a scanning circuit. The scanning circuit is electrically connected to the light emitting units, so as to receive a... Agent: Nisho Image Tech Inc.

20140285119 - Adapter cable having light source for lighting: An adapter cable includes a first adapter, a second adapter, and a wire. The first adapter includes a sensor, a light source, and a processor. The sensor generates a detecting signal when sensing that the first adapter is picked up. The processor is connected between the sensor and the light... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

09/18/2014 > 115 patent applications in 51 patent subcategories.

20140265826 - Asymmetrical slow wave structures to eliminate backward wave oscillations in wideband traveling wave tubes: In various embodiments, a traveling wave amplifier circuit is disclosed. The traveling wave amplifier circuit is configured to receive an RF wave and an electron beam. The traveling wave amplifier effects synchronized interaction between the RF wave and the electron beam. The traveling wave amplifier circuit comprises a waveguide. The... Agent:

20140265827 - Current regulation method of multiple beams: A current regulation method of multiple beams includes acquiring a current density distribution; selecting at least one beam whose current density is equal to or more than a threshold; measuring a current value of the at least one beam respectively by varying a voltage applied to the Wehnelt electrode and... Agent: Nuflare Technology, Inc.

20140265828 - Enhanced photoelectron sources using electron bombardment: A method of achieving heightened quantum efficiencies and extended photocathode lifetimes is provided that includes using an electron beam bombardment to activate color centers in a CsBr film of a photocathode, and using a laser source for pumping electrons in the color centers of the photocathode.... Agent:

20140265829 - Method and apparatus to enhance output current linearity in tandem electron multipliers: A tandem electron multiplier device includes an input end position electron multiplier generating an electron emission; an output end position electron multiplier receiving the electron emission and generating an output electron emission; an electron collector to receive the output electron emission; a power supply; and an electrical biasing network coupled... Agent: Exelis, Inc.

20140265831 - Multi-spectral electrodeless ultraviolet light source, lamp module, and lamp system: An elongated light source envelope is disclosed. The elongated light source comprises an inner wall and an outer wall formed around a longitudinal axis. The inner wall and the outer wall may be connected at a first axial end by a first side wall and a second axial end by... Agent: Heraeus Noblelight Fusion Uv Inc.

20140265832 - Multiple coil inductively coupled plasma source with offset frequencies and double-walled shielding: A plasma reactor has an overhead multiple coil antennas including a parallel spiral coil antenna and symmetric and radial RF feeds and cylindrical RF shielding around the symmetric and radial RF feeds. The radial RF feeds are symmetrically fed to the plasma source.... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140265830 - Uv lamp and a cavity-less uv lamp system: A UV lamp includes a UV lamp unit including a tubular bulb and an antenna inserted in the tubular bulb, and an antenna lead for supplying microwave energy from a microwave energy source to the UV lamp unit. The antenna lead includes a bent portion, one end of which is... Agent: Heraeus Noblelight Fusion Uv Inc.

20140265833 - Chamber matching using voltage control mode: Systems and methods for compensating for harmonics produced during plasma processing in a plasma chamber are described. One of the methods includes retrieving a measurement of a combined waveform. The combined waveform includes a fundamental waveform and a harmonic waveform. The combined waveform defines a voltage proximate to a surface... Agent:

20140265834 - Electrical discharge lighting: An electrical discharge lighting apparatus includes: a bulb including a chamber section comprising transparent material and containing a gas that is responsive to electric current to emit light; an ionizing conductor configured and disposed to provide a voltage across the gas to ionize and break down the gas; and an... Agent: Lux Montana LLC

20140265835 - Three-way led bulb driver: An LED bulb is described. The LED bulb comprises a shell, a plurality of LEDs within the shell, a driver circuit connected to the plurality of LEDs, and a base connected to the shell. The driver circuit comprises a first input to receive AC voltage, a second input to receive... Agent:

20140265836 - Modular led bulb with user replaceable components: A modular LED light bulb is presented. The bulb comprises a bulb envelope and a removable screw base. A power supply within the bulb envelope connects to an electrolytic capacitor within the screw base. When the electrolytic capacitor in the screw base requires replacement, the screw base is detached from... Agent: Bby Solutions, Inc.

20140265838 - A vehicle control device comprising a coded resistor and a passive temperature sensor: A control device for lights having at least one input wherein a coded resistor can be connected to the input, and having at least one input wherein a passive temperature sensor 20a, 20c, particularly a PTC or an NTC, can be connected to the same. The invention also relates to... Agent: Hella Kgaa And Company

20140265841 - Automatic lighting system and method for vehicle: An automatic lighting system and method for a vehicle are provided and the automatic lighting system includes a sun visor switch operated by a controller and configured to be turned on when a sun visor is lowered and turned off when the sun visor is raised. A mirror cover sensor... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140265840 - Current control module for a vehicle: A current control module is used in a vehicle having a marker or tail lamp, a stop lamp, a left turn signal and a right turn signal. The current control module includes a circuit board and at least one wire coupled to the circuit board, the at least one wire... Agent:

20140265843 - Systems and methods for replicating vehicular illumination: Systems and methods for replicating vehicular illumination are disclosed. According to an aspect, a system includes a detector configured to sense light emitted by a host light of a host vehicle for detecting a lighting state of the host light. The system also includes a communications system configured to communicate... Agent:

20140265837 - Trailer wiring over-current protection: An electrical power supply device for a trailer lighting system behind a truck is disclosed. The trailer lighting system including at least two FMVSS 108 compliant LED stop-tail-turn lamps. The electrical power supply device has an outer casing including a terminal to be electrically attached to and become part of... Agent:

20140265842 - Underwater lighting system with bather detection circuitry: The present disclosure relates to a lighting fixture for use in connection with a swimming pool or spa. The lighting fixture includes a light source, and a detection device for detecting the presence of a bather in a pool or a spa. A microprocessor is in electrical communication with the... Agent: Hayward Industries, Inc.

20140265839 - Vehicle lighting outage detection circuit: A vehicle lighting outage detection circuit is disclosed having a plurality of parallel branches connected at a common positive reference node. Each parallel branch comprises a branch resistor and a current controlled branch switching device connected in series. A constant current source is connected to the positive reference node and... Agent:

20140265844 - Ripple reducing led driver: An LED driver with current limiter and output ripple reduction.... Agent:

20140265845 - Lighting device: In one embodiment of lighting devices and lighting systems, the lighting device has a connection for connecting to a primary power supply and has a secondary power supply, such as a battery. A measuring circuit is operable to measure an impedance of the primary power supply connection and to determine... Agent: Litonics Limited

20140265846 - Scalable and uniformity controllable diffusion plasma source: A method of treating a substrate with plasma is described. In particular, the method includes disposing a substrate in a plasma processing system, disposing a hollow cathode plasma source including at least one hollow cathode within the plasma processing system, and disposing a grid between the cathode outlet of the... Agent:

20140265847 - Soft-start adapter for ac heated electron gun: A circuit to power an electron source includes a filament transformer comprising a primary side and a secondary side, a high-voltage transformer coupled to the filament transformer and the electron source, and an alternating current (AC) current limiter coupled in series with the primary side or the secondary side of... Agent: Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

20140265851 - Chamber matching for power control mode: Systems and methods for performing chamber matching are described. One of the methods for performing chamber matching includes executing a first test within a first plasma chamber to measure a variable and executing a second test within a second plasma chamber to measure the variable. The first and second tests... Agent:

20140265852 - Dual control modes: Systems and methods for using variables based on a state associated with a plasma system. A method includes determining whether the state associated with the plasma system is a first state or a second state and determining a first variable upon determining that the state is the first state. The... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

20140265849 - Hardware plasma interlock system: A hardware interlock system for monitoring operation of RF plasma sources. The hardware interlock system includes an RF generator operative to transmit a forward RF power used to generate plasma in a plasma chamber. A derivative based hardware interlock circuit is coupled in series with the RF generator. The derivative... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20140265848 - Micro-plasma generation using micro-springs: An ionic wind engine unit for cooling semiconductor circuit assemblies includes a curved micro-spring and an associated electrode that are maintained apart at an appropriate gap distance such that, when subjected to a sufficiently high voltage potential (i.e., as determined by Peek's Law), current crowding at the spring's tip portion... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20140265850 - Waveguide-based apparatus for exciting and sustaining a plasma: An apparatus includes an electromagnetic waveguide; an iris structure providing an iris in the waveguide. The iris structure may define an iris hole, a first iris slot at a first side of the iris hole, and a second iris slot at a second side of the iris hole. A plasma... Agent:

20140265855 - Electron beam plasma source with segmented suppression electrode for uniform plasma generation: A plasma reactor that generates plasma in a workpiece processing chamber by an electron beam, has an electron beam source and segmented suppression electrode with individually biased segments to control electron beam density distribution.... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140265854 - Ion source: An ion source is provided that includes at least one electron gun. The electron gun includes an electron source for generating a beam of electrons and an inlet for receiving a gas. The electron gun also includes a plasma region defined by at least an anode and a ground element,... Agent: Nissin Ion Equipment Co., Ltd.

20140265853 - System and method for plasma control using boundary electrode: An ion source may include a chamber configured to house a plasma comprising ions to be directed to a substrate and an extraction power supply configured to apply an extraction terminal voltage to the plasma chamber with respect to a voltage of a substrate positioned downstream of the chamber. The... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20140265856 - Magnetic field sources for an ion source: An ion source is provided that includes an ionization chamber and two magnetic field sources. The ionization chamber has a longitudinal axis extending therethrough and includes two opposing chamber walls, each chamber wall being parallel to the longitudinal axis. The two magnetic field sources each comprises (i) a core and... Agent: Nissin Ion Equipment Co., Ltd.

20140265857 - Apparatus and arrangements of magnetic field generators to facilitate physical vapor deposition to form semiconductor films: Embodiments relate generally to semiconductor device fabrication and processes, and more particularly, to an apparatus and arrangements of magnetic field generators configured to generate rotating magnetic fields to facilitate physical vapor deposition (“PVD”). In one embodiment, a magnetic field generator apparatus can include a rotatable magnetic field and a counterbalance... Agent:

20140265858 - Ion source having negatively biased extractor: An ion source for use in a radiation generator includes an active cathode configured to emit electrons on a trajectory away from the active cathode, at least some of the electrons as they travel interacting with an ionizable gas to produce ions. In addition, there is at least one extractor... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140265860 - Apparatus and system for providing power to solid state lighting: An apparatus and computer readable storage medium are disclosed for supplying power to a load such as a plurality of light emitting diodes. A representative apparatus comprises a primary module, a first secondary module couplable to a first load, and a second secondary module couplable to a second load. The... Agent: Point Somee Limited Liability Company

20140265859 - Half- or quarter-cycle current regulator for non-isolated, line voltage l.e.d. ballast circuits: A current regulator for non-isolated, line voltage LED Driver circuits solves the problem of LED flicker caused by line noise in the visible frequency range. In one aspect of the invention, LED flicker frequency may be increased beyond the line frequency. In another aspect, line voltages in excess of LED... Agent: 4382412 Canada Inc., D/b/a Illumination Devices

20140265861 - Current limiter with active damping: This relates to a current limiter circuit that can be used in a power conversion system having a triac dimmer. In one example, the power conversion system may be used in an off-line LED driver. The current limiter circuit may be coupled to a power converter of the power conversion... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20140265862 - Simplified lamp design: Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to simplified, high voltage, tungsten halogen lamps for use as source of heat radiation in a rapid thermal processing (RTP) chamber or other lamp heated thermal processing chambers. Embodiments include a lamp design that includes an external fuse while reducing the number of... Agent:

20140265863 - Identification of load control devices: A load control system may include a load control device for providing power to an electrical load and a control device that may send instructions to the load control device for providing the power to the electrical load. The control device may communicate with the load control device using a... Agent: Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

20140265864 - Systems and methods for providing a lighting effect: Systems and methods for creating and previewing a lighting effect, such as displaying an array of colors across a number of lighting fixtures are provided. A user may specify some of the colors for the array, as well as relative positions of the colors. A lighting management system determines transitional... Agent: AblIPHolding LLC

20140265865 - Systems and methods for providing a preview bar of a light show: A lighting management system for managing a light show displayed by at least one lighting fixture. The lighting management system includes a controller configured to receive at least one input related to a light show via one or more input devices coupled to the controller. The controller generates a light... Agent: AblIPHolding LLC

20140265866 - Constant brightness led drive communications port: A light emitting diode (LED) is driven with a plurality of pulses having controllable pulse widths and positions within clock time periods that provide for both LED light intensity control and digital information communications from a single output node of an integrated circuit (IC) device. The LED light intensity is... Agent: Microchip Technology Incorporated

20140265869 - Light source apparatus: A light source apparatus is adapted to be shared by excimer lamps. An IC tag is disposed at each lamp, and the IC tag stores information identifying the lamp. A storage unit of the light source apparatus stores information identifying a usable lamp (or usable lamps) for the light source... Agent: Ushio Denki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140265868 - Lighting calibration for intensity and color: Systems and methods for lighting calibration are disclosed. A brightness level for a first color, a brightness level for a second color, and a brightness level for a third color are detected for at least a portion of the plurality of light sources. A desired brightness value for the first... Agent:

20140265867 - Smart light emitting diode driving apparatus: A smart light emitting diode driving apparatus includes a micro processing unit and a light emitting diode driving circuit. An optical detection equipment is configured to send an optics characteristic signal to a computer after an optics characteristic of a light emitting diode is detected by the optical detection equipment.... Agent: Hergy Lighting Technology Corp.

20140265870 - Systems and methods for self commissioning and locating lighting system: The present disclosure provides techniques for a self-commissioning and locating lighting system. The system includes a group of light fixtures, each emitting a unique optical data signal. A remote control device detects the unique optical data signal from the light fixtures when the light fixture is within a visual field... Agent:

20140265872 - Device for generating light with a variable color: An illumination system and method is disclosed. In one example, the illumination system comprises a lamp assembly for generating color-variable light, a controller for generating control signals for the lamp assembly, source color input means, preferably a color sensor, for inputting to the controller information defining a source color; a... Agent: Honinklijke Philips N.v.

20140265871 - Programmable floodlight with pushbutton control: A user-programmable, motion-activated fixture application having floodlights, a nightlight or wall wash light, and a user-interface having dedicated pushbuttons for time, sensitivity, and timer functionality selection by the user. Two proximity sensors detect the presence of infrared-emitting bodies both in front of and below the sensor housing. An ambient light... Agent: Coleman Cable, Inc.

20140265874 - Adaptive optical distribution system: Embodiments of the invention include a luminaire that includes a plurality of different light engines. Light engines having different light distributions can be included in a single luminaire and a subset of the light engines selectively driven to dynamically change the light distribution of the luminaire. In this way, a... Agent: AblIPHolding LLC

20140265876 - Automatic color balancing of light-emitting diode-based lighting: Apparatus and method of color balancing LED-based lighting are provided. In one aspect, an apparatus comprises an image sensor that senses images of objects, an illumination device, and control logic. The illumination device comprises an LED that emits red light, an LED that emits green light, and an LED that... Agent:

20140265878 - Coded light detector: A coded lighting system comprises a set of light sources and a remote control unit or an arrangement. The set of light sources emits coded light. In order to do so each light source is associated with a unique identifier. The remote control unit or the arrangement comprises an image... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140265879 - Commissioning lighting systems: A lighting system includes luminaires (L,1, L,2) disposed in a space to be illuminated, a sensor system (S1, S2) to detect user presence within the space, and a controller (2) configured in a commissioning mode to receive data corresponding to the addresses of luminaires which are to be defined as... Agent:

20140265877 - Lighting control device and method: A lighting control system and method. A plurality of light emitting devices, such as light emitting diodes, are controlled by a plurality of control units that comprise a receiver and a transceiver. A server communicates with each of the control units, and a signal is transmitted to and from the... Agent: Barling Bay, LLC

20140265875 - System for integrated lighting control, configuration, and metric tracking from multiple locations: A mechanism for control and configuration of a lighting system from a user interface. For instance, a wall module designed as a user interface for a tenant to control the system may be implemented so as to be used not only to control the lighting system but also to configure... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140265873 - Veiling zone control: Embodiments of the invention include a luminaire that includes a plurality of different light engines. Light engines having different light distributions can be included in a single luminaire and a subset of the light engines selectively driven to dynamically change the light distribution of the luminaire. In this way, a... Agent: AblIPHolding LLC

20140265880 - Digital load control system providing power and communication via existing power wiring: A two-way load control system comprises a power device, such as a load control device for controlling an electrical load receiving power from an AC power source, and a controller adapted to be coupled in series between the source and the power device. The load control system may be installed... Agent:

20140265881 - State change devices for switched electrical receptacles: A state change device may be electrically connected to a switched receptacle, or to both the switched and unswitched receptacles, of an outlet. The state change device may generate a change of state signal when power is applied to, or removed from, the switched receptacle. The state change device may... Agent:

20140265882 - System and method for controlling lighting: A system for controlling a light source to enhance the appearance of one or more objects within an environment illuminated by the light source. The system includes a tunable white light source to illuminate an object and a camera configured to capture one or more digital images the object and... Agent: Osram Sylvania Inc.

20140265883 - Wall switch with nightlight: An electrical device such as a switch includes a light source and light sensor to detect ambient light and actuate the light source when the ambient light is below a predetermined level. The light switch has a pivotally mounted rocker actuator with a first outer face on one side of... Agent: Hubbell Incorporated

20140265884 - Electrical load driving apparatus: An electrical load driving apparatus, comprising a current distribution apparatus having a power source arranged to deliver an input current into a plurality of branches such that the input current is distributed into a plurality of individual branch currents, wherein each of the plurality of branches includes an inductive arrangement... Agent:

20140265889 - Cascade led driver and control methods: An electrical circuit is disclosed and methods for controlling the same. The electrical circuit may comprise a plurality of color strings coupled in series, where each color string has at least one lamp, preferably a light emitting diode. Improved efficiency may be accomplished in some embodiments using certain of the... Agent: Lumenetix, Inc.

20140265890 - Light source control device: Disclosed is a light source control device including a power conversion unit and a control unit. The power conversion unit includes a transfer capacitor provided between a primary side circuit and a secondary side circuit. The primary side circuit is configured such that a first inductor stores energy when a... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140265886 - Lighting apparatus and methods using switched energy storage: A lighting apparatus includes a string of serially-connected light-emitting devices including at least a first segment and a second segment and a control circuit configured to control a relationship of light outputs of the first segment and the second segment by diverting current from a node of the string to... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20140265888 - Lighting apparatus including a current bleeder module for sinking current during dimming of the lighting apparatus and methods of operating the same: A lighting apparatus includes an input power terminal, a light source element coupled to the input power terminal, and a current bleeder module that is connected to the input power terminal and is configured to draw a current from the input power terminal responsive to a phase cut input power... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20140265885 - Multiple power outputs generated from a single current source: A system includes a power converter that is configured to supply current to a plurality of output loads connected in series. At least one of the output loads is connected in parallel with a switch that switches in accordance with a duty cycle. The duty cycle may be set in... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20140265891 - Pulse controlled light emitting diode driver: To avoid clock signals and to separate power wiring from control wiring in a driver, and to avoid three-terminal light emitting diodes with control electrodes, a driver for driving light emitting diode circuits (10, 20, 30) is provided with first and second terminals (1, 2) for receiving a voltage signal... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140265887 - Voltage to current architecture to improve pwm performance of output drivers: Various aspects of the present disclosure include a controlled current path having a load that draws current from the controlled current path. In response to a modulating voltage signal, current is controlled through the load which causes a transistor circuit, including a transistor, to switch between two current modes. Switching... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140265892 - Led linear regulator circuit with improved power factor: The present disclosure involves a device. The device includes a rectifier coupled to receive energy from an alternating current (AC) voltage source. A capacitor is coupled to the rectifier. A plurality of LEDs and a current limiter are coupled in series. The current limiter is configured to limit a current... Agent:

20140265893 - High-efficiency lighting devices having dimmer and/or load condition measurement: A circuit for powering high-efficiency lighting devices from a thyristor-controlled dimmer includes a power converter for powering the high-efficiency lighting devices from input terminals of the circuit. The circuit also includes a control circuit that controls the input current drawn by the input terminals at least while the power converter... Agent: Cirrus Logic, Inc.

20140265894 - Cascade led driver and control methods: An electrical circuit is disclosed and methods for controlling the same. The electrical circuit may comprises a plurality of color strings coupled in series, where each color string has at least one lamp, preferably a light emitting diode. Improved efficiency may be accomplished in some embodiments using certain of the... Agent:

20140265897 - Charging an input capacitor of a load control device: A load control device for controlling the amount of power delivered to an electrical load may include a rectifier circuit configured to receive a phase-control voltage and produce a rectified voltage. A power converter may be configured to receive the rectified voltage at an input and generate a bus voltage.... Agent:

20140265895 - Damping resonance in a converter including a coupling capacitor: A converter circuit includes an input filter including an input capacitor configured to filter electromagnetic interference from an input voltage. The converter circuit includes an output capacitor, a first inductor coupled to the input capacitor, a switch coupled to the first inductor and configured to control a level of current... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20140265901 - Driver for connecting led to electronic ballast: To allow an electronic ballast (3) of a fluorescent tube lamp or a similar lamp to be replaced by a light emitting diode circuit (2) without removing the electronic ballast (3), a driver (1) is provided with a first circuit (10) for detuning a resonant tank of the electronic ballast... Agent:

20140265900 - Fluorescent lamp led replacement: An apparatus for supplying power includes a power input configured to receive electrical current from a fluorescent lamp fixture ballast, a rectifier connected to the power input, a constant current driver connected to an output of the rectifier, and a power output.... Agent:

20140265896 - Light driver control system: A system for controlling a light source includes a control circuit to be coupled to an ac source to receive an ac signal. The control circuit includes an input controller coupled to receive an input control signal and dimming command circuitry coupled to the input controller and coupled to receive... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20140265899 - Linear led driver: A linear driver circuit includes an AC input, a rectifier connected to the AC input, a linear power supply connected to the rectifier, a load output connected to the linear power supply, a current detector connected to the load output, and a controller connected to the current detector and to... Agent:

20140265898 - Lossless preload for led driver with extended dimming: A quasi-phase active preload circuit to be coupled at the output of a non-isolated LED driver converter having a pre-stage phase-angle control dimmer circuit, such as a commonly used leading-edge control Triac dimmer, is disclosed. The quasi-phase active preload circuit may include a preload resistor coupled to a current-controlled current... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20140265902 - Led control apparatus: The present invention provides an LED control apparatus for controlling a color temperature of at least one LED light module, and the LED control apparatus comprises an LED driver electrically connected to the LED light modules; a power conversion module; and a microcontroller unit electrically connected to the power conversion... Agent: Just Power Integrated Technology Inc.

20140265903 - Light-emitting device package and light-emitting apparatus: A light-emitting device package including: a package substrate; first to fifth conductive patterns disposed on a top surface of the package substrate; a first rectifying circuit disposed on the first and second conductive patterns; a first light-emitting device disposed on the fifth conductive pattern and electrically connected to the first... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140265904 - Dimmer circuit and led lighting device having said dimmer circuit: A dimmer circuit may include: a rectification module, a control module and an output module, wherein the control module receives an input signal rectified through the rectification module and controls the output module to supply a load with an output signal in accordance with the input signal, and a compensation... Agent:

20140265906 - Methods and apparatus for lighting effects in a moving medium: A device for creating moving light effects has a light source that is configured to pulse a light ON and OFF according to a desired pattern so as to create a moving light effect that is visible when the light source is moved. Some such devices can be programmed to... Agent: Emazing Lights, LLC

20140265905 - Switchable light bulb assembly with integral power source: A switchable light bulb assembly with integral power source is disclosed. The assembly has a light bulb, a power supply and a plug cap assembly. The plug cap assembly is configured to provide electrical communication between first and second electrical leads of a conventional light fixture. The light bulb is... Agent:

20140265907 - Circuits and methods for driving light sources: A circuit for powering a LED light source includes a converter and a controller. The converter provides an output voltage, and includes a first switch which is turned on and off alternately according to a driving signal to control a current. The controller generates the driving signal which is a... Agent: O2micro, Inc.

20140265908 - Circuits and methods for driving light sources: A circuit includes a converter and a controller. The converter includes a switch which is turned on and off alternately according to a driving signal to control a current. The controller generates the driving signal which is a periodic signal having a first state in a first time duration and... Agent: O2micro Inc.

20140265909 - Dimmable timer-based led power supply: Various embodiments of a dimmable power supply are disclosed herein. For example, some embodiments provide a dimmable power supply including an input current path, a switch in the input current path, an energy storage device connected to the input current path, a load output connected to the energy storage device,... Agent: Innosys, Inc.

20140265910 - Digital phase controller for two-phase operation of a plasma reactor: Phase angle between opposing electrodes in a plasma reactor is controlled in accordance with a user selected phase angle. Direct digital synthesis of RF waveforms of different phases for the different electrodes is employed. The synthesis is synchronized with a reference clock. The address generator employed for direct digital synthesis... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140265911 - High-voltage inverter, dielectric-barrier discharge evice and cation apparatus: An inverter switches input voltage Vin to flow an excitation current to excitation winding Np of a transformer and output to a discharger an alternating voltage Vout from the output winding Ns. In an output circuit flowing a current to the discharger, a voltage-responsive connector is connected in series with... Agent:

20140265912 - Coil component and electronic device having the same: There is provided a coil component capable of minimizing mutual interference while disposing a plurality of coil parts in a single component. According to an embodiment of the present invention, the coil component includes: a bobbin part including two body parts disposed in parallel, the two body parts having coils... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140265916 - Controlled electronic system power dissipation via an auxiliary-power dissipation circuit: An electronic system and method include a controller to actively control transfer of excess energy to an auxiliary-winding of an auxiliary power dissipation circuit. The excess energy is a transfer of energy from a primary winding of a switching power converter to the auxiliary-winding of the auxiliary power dissipation circuit.... Agent: Cirrus Logic, Inc.

20140265913 - Electrical load driving apparatus: An electrical load driving apparatus comprising a thyristor circuit arranged to control a transmission of electric power to an electrical load, wherein the thyristor circuit is connected to a conversion module arranged to convert a characteristic of the thyristor circuit to operate with a load characteristic of the electrical load.... Agent: City University Of Hong Kong

20140265917 - Facility lighting control system: A lighting control system for municipalities and recreation departments is disclosed. The lighting system can process payments so that a user can pay for usage of a recreational facility at the time of need. The lighting control system can communicate with remote systems such that only a single cellular connection... Agent: Howard Industries, Inc.

20140265914 - Light fixture color roaming techniques: A method for operating a light fixture in a lighting system includes receiving an instruction. If the instruction includes a broad spectrum signal, the roaming range may be set to a broad spectrum. If the instruction includes a first range signal, roaming range may be set to a first range... Agent: Nii Northern International Inc.

20140265915 - Thin film encapsulation battery systems: A battery assembly can be formed on a base layer provided on a substrate, with a thin film battery stack including an anode layer, a cathode layer, and an electrolyte layer between the anode and cathode layers. The thin film battery stack can be encapsulated, and assembled into a battery... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140265918 - Lamp dimmer system: A lamp dimmer system for dimming multiple lamps in a room having unswitched receptacles, and switched receptacles under control of a single wall switch. A user control module connected to an unswitched receptacle transmits momentary wireless brightness command signals in response to user-actuation of a brightness control. Each lamp in... Agent:

20140265920 - Led light control and management system: An LED light and communication system is in communication with a broadband over power line communications system. The LED light and communication system includes at least one optical transceiver light fixture. The optical transceiver light fixture includes a plurality of light emitting diodes, at least one photodetector, and a processor.... Agent: Federal Law Enforcement Development Services, Inc.

20140265919 - Updatable lighting fixtures and related components: Systems and methods related to lighting fixtures for solid-state light sources are disclosed. In one embodiment, a lighting fixture includes a driver module and a communications module. The driver module is configured to execute driver program code, which causes the driver module to generate a drive output that drives one... Agent:

20140265927 - Configuration free and device behavior unaware wireless switch: Apparatuses, methods and systems for controlling lighting, an environment factor, or security of a structure are discloses. A lighting control system includes a plurality of lighting devices, a central server and a switch. The central server communicates with each of the plurality of lighting devices, and controls an operating configuration... Agent: Enlighted, Inc.

20140265926 - Illumination apparatus with gradually changeable color temperatures: The present invention provides an illumination apparatus with gradually changeable color temperatures; the apparatus includes an illumination module and a control module. The illumination module is utilized to generate an illuminating light which has a plurality of different color temperatures. The control module is utilized to control a color temperature... Agent: National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology

20140265925 - Led backlight driving circuit, lcd device, and method for driving the led backlight drving circuit: The present disclosure provides a light emitting diode (LED) backlight driving circuit, a liquid crystal display (LCD) device, and a method for driving the LED backlight driving circuit. The LED backlight driving circuit includes an odd number of LED lightbars and a constant current driver chip including an even number... Agent:

20140265923 - Led bulb with color-shift dimming: A light-emitting diode (LED) bulb comprises a base and a shell connected to the base. A first set of LEDs is disposed within the shell and is configured to emit light at a first color corresponding to a first black-body color temperature. A second set of LEDs is also disposed... Agent: Switch Bulb Company, Inc.

20140265922 - Lighting apparatus and methods using reconfigurable dimming mapping: A lighting apparatus includes at least one light emitting device and a reconfigurable driver circuit configured to drive the at least one light emitting device with an intensity that varies responsive to a dimming signal according to an adjustable mapping of the dimming signal to output of the light emitting... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20140265924 - Lighting system: A lighting system includes at least one lighting control console for controlling lighting devices, at least two redundant data networks, at least one conversion module, and at least one lighting device actuated by the DMX control data of the conversion module. The conversion module includes at least two redundant conversion... Agent: Ma Lighting Technology Gmbh

20140265921 - Solid state lighting apparatus and methods of forming: A light emitting device can include a solid state lighting source and a luminophoric medium for down-converting at least some of the radiation emitted by the solid state lighting source. The luminophoric medium may include a first material that down-converts the radiation emitted by the solid state lighting source to... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20140265928 - Spectrally-controlled backlighting for lcd displays: A display backlight assembly includes a light guide panel having first and second principal faces and at least one edge surface. A display screen is aligned with and substantially perpendicular to the first principal face of the light guide panel. The assembly also includes a light source with one or... Agent: C-marine Dynamics, Inc.

20140265929 - Controlling switching current regulators: A switching current regulator controls a load current flowing through a load. The switching current regulator switches a switch to an ON state after applying a regulating signal to the switch. During an integration period while the switch is in the ON state, the switching current regulator integrates an output... Agent: Atmel Corporation

20140265935 - Digital dimmable driver: A digital dimmable driver system includes an alternating current input, a dimmer operable to perform a phase cut operation on a waveform from the alternating current input, a driver circuit operable to switch from a dimming mode to a universal voltage input mode based on a phase angle of the... Agent:

20140265931 - Electrical power supply with removable plug-in cartridge: A power supply for supplying electrical power at a predetermined level is provided. The power supply includes circuitry configured to receive an electrical input and produce an electrical output. The power supply further includes a housing with an opening configured to receive a removable plug-in cartridge. The removable plug-in cartridge... Agent: Hatch Transformers, Inc.

20140265932 - Electrical power supply with removable plug-in cartridge: A method of supplying electrical power to a load is provided. The method includes the step of providing a removable plug-in cartridge having markings related to a desired value of an electrical output of a power supply unit. The method further includes configuring the power supply unit to receive the... Agent: Hatch Transformers, Inc.

20140265930 - Replaceable lighting fixture components: A lighting fixture includes a driver module and a separate light engine module, which has a solid-state light source and light engine memory. The driver module is electrically coupled to the light engine module and configured to drive the solid-state light source based on drive data. The drive data defines... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20140265933 - System and method for learning dimmer characteristics: Systems and methods for learning dimmer characteristics provide improved efficiency in operating lighting devices. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a lamp controller that is configured to monitor voltage information associated with one or more lamps or a dimmer of a system, adjust one or more parameters of an attach... Agent: Cirrus Logic, Inc.

20140265934 - Vehicle interior lighting: A lighting system and method for a vehicle interior wherein the light system includes an electronic control unit (ECU) and a lighting layer having a plurality of light elements and a proximity sensing system. The lighting layer is coupled to the ECU and each of at least some of the... Agent:

20140265936 - Blood tracking flashlight: A blood tracking light includes a blue LED, a red LED, and a toggle switch that turns off the red LED when actuated, leaving the blue LED on.... Agent: Fiskars Brands, Inc.

20140265937 - Lighting system with reduced physioneural compression and associate methods: A system for generating light with reduced physioneural compression. The system includes a first light source operable to emit light within a first wavelength range corresponding to a first photoreceptor and a second light source operable to emit light within a second wavelength range corresponding to a second photoreceptor. The... Agent: Lighting Science Group Corporation

20140265938 - Illumination apparatus and method for controlling illumination of the illumination apparatus: In a method for controlling illumination of at least one illumination apparatus, the illumination apparatus communicates with one or more mobile devices. The method determines whether at least one of the mobile devices enters into an effective range of a BLUETOOTH unit of the illumination apparatus, and turns on a... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20140265939 - Dual polarity transmission line: A dual polarity transmission line structure that can provide high-voltage pulses of very short duration, such as can be incorporated in a compact accelerator of charged particles as well as other applications, is presented. The exemplary structure has a transmission line, formed a pair of conducting strip with dielectric between... Agent: Compact Particle Acceleration Corporation

20140265940 - Diamagnetic composite material structure for reducing undesired electromagnetic interference and eddy currents in dielectric wall accelerators and other devices: The devices, systems and techniques disclosed here can be used to reduce undesired effects by magnetic field induced eddy currents based on a diamagnetic composite material structure including diamagnetic composite sheets that are separated from one another to provide a high impedance composite material structure. In some implementations, each diamagnetic... Agent:

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20140252946 - Illumination light source and lighting apparatus: A light bulb-shaped lamp according to the present invention includes: a board on which an LED is mounted; a circuit board on which a drive circuit that turns on the LED is mounted; output wires for supplying power for turning on the LED from the drive circuit to the LED;... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140252947 - Illuminant device with over-temperature protecting function: An illuminant device with over-temperature protection is electrically connected to a power source and includes a housing, a illuminant element, a resistor, and an over-temperature protective element. The housing includes an upper portion, a lower portion opposite to the upper portion, and two accommodating spaces communicating with the upper end... Agent: Interlight Optotech Corporation

20140252951 - Dimmable led reading light unit, arrangement of power supply and dimmable led reading light unit, method of operating a dimmable led reading light unit in a power supply system and method of replacing a dimmable light unit by a dimmable led reading light: A dimmable LED reading light unit according to exemplary embodiments of the invention, in particular for a passenger transportation vehicle, such as an airplane, a ship, a bus, or a railcar, comprises an input connectable to a potentiometer being supplied with a constant supply voltage and outputting a direct voltage... Agent: Goodrich Lighting Systems Gmbh

20140252952 - Dimmable led reading light unit, arrangement of power supply and dimmable led reading light unit, method of operating a dimmable led reading light unit in a power supply system, and method of replacing a dimmable light unit by a dimmable led reading light: A dimmable LED reading light unit, in particular for a passenger transportation vehicle, such as an airplane, a bus or a ship, comprises an input which is connectable to a potentiometer that outputs a direct voltage having a voltage intensity corresponding to a selected potentiometer position; a load current source... Agent: Goodrich Lighting Systems Gmbh

20140252948 - Elevator interior illumination: An elevator interior illumination assembly comprising a primary LED driver that provides conditioned DC power to primary and backup LEDs when AC power is available from a primary electric power source. The backup LEDs receive DC power from a backup electric power source when AC power is not available to... Agent: Man-d-tec, Inc.

20140252950 - Semiconductor light source lighting circuit and vehicular lamp: A semiconductor light source lighting circuit includes a voltage step-down unit configured to generate a drive voltage lower than an input voltage by turning on or off a first switching element in a voltage step-down mode, a voltage step-up unit configured to generate the drive voltage higher than the input... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140252949 - Vehicle having lamp: A vehicle having a lamp includes a multi lamp disposed to radiate a first color light for backward movement or a second color light for a turn movement of a vehicle. A turn lamp is disposed near the multi lamp portion to selectively radiate a second color light for a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140252953 - Plasma generator: An arrangement for generating plasma, the arrangement comprising a primary plasma source (1) arranged for generating plasma, a hollow guiding body (11) arranged for guiding at least a portion of the plasma generated by the primary plasma source to a secondary plasma source (25), and an outlet (14) for emitting... Agent:

20140252955 - Systems and methods for power supply load detection with hot-plug compatibility: Systems and methods for detecting an incorrect load and preventing powering of that load, until a load change is detected, are disclosed. An incorrect load can be removed and a newly attached valid load can be operated without requiring a reset. A power supply or driver system for a lighting... Agent: Osram Sylvania Inc.

20140252954 - Systems and methods of preventing strobing light output: Systems and methods for preventing or otherwise reducing cyclic light output caused by failure modes are disclosed, which shut off a power supply to a lighting system susceptible to output cycling (also known as flashing, flickering, or strobing) in a non-latching fashion. A power supply and/or driver system includes a... Agent: Osram Sylvania Inc.

20140252956 - Circuit arrangement and method for operating at least one luminous means: A circuit arrangement may include: an inverter comprising first electronic and second electronic switches coupled in series between a first and second input connections to form a bridge center point; a drive apparatus for the first electronic switch and the second electronic switch; a current-measuring apparatus which is designed and... Agent: Osram Gmbh

20140252957 - Display apparatus and control method for display apparatus: A display apparatus is provided which optimally restores decreased luminance and extends a life of a light emitting element. The display apparatus includes a memory that stores a plurality of trap levels in association with a plurality of use durations of the light emitting element. An obtainer determines one of... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140252958 - Wireless controlled light sources: A network comprises a plurality of modules, wherein each module comprises a communications circuit with an antenna for sending information signals to and receiving control signals from a remote base over a wifi connection. Each module includes either a lighting element or a security camera for providing images. Each module... Agent: Wavien, Inc.

20140252960 - Driver arrangement and method for driving at least one light-emitting diode: A driver arrangement comprises a current regulator (12), to which at least one light-emitting diode (15, 42) can be connected, and a driver circuit (13) that is coupled to the current regulator (12) and features a measurement input (20) for receiving a measurement signal (SM) that is dependent on the... Agent: Ams Ag

20140252961 - Lighting devices with sensors for detecting one or more external conditions and networked system using such devices: Exemplary lighting devices have sensors, intelligence in the form of programmed processors and communication capabilities. Such a device is configured to monitor one or more conditions external to a lighting device not directly related to operational performance of the respective lighting device. One or more such devices can work in... Agent: AblIPHolding LLC

20140252959 - Luminaire, and luminaire control method: In a luminaire, a diffusing unit diffuses the light, which has been emitted from a light source unit, according to light transmissibility. A position information obtaining unit obtains position information which at least indicates the position of a person. A luminance obtaining unit obtains the luminance of a luminous part... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140252962 - Sensor network-enabled light socket adaptor: A light power socket adaptor may be positioned between an energy-saving light bulb and a light socket that may provide electrical power to the light bulb. Light power socket adaptors may be network-enabled, and a sensor network may be ZigBee, which is IEEE compliant and can quickly form a mesh... Agent:

20140252963 - Lighting device, local device, lighting control system, and lighting control method: A lighting control method for use in a lighting control system is disclosed. The lighting control method includes acquiring an influence coefficient of each of lighting devices on at least one local device based on a measured amount of invisible beams and a measured amount of visible light, the influence... Agent:

20140252964 - Display device and common voltage generator thereof: A voltage generator includes a latch and a first voltage adjustment circuit. The latch includes a latch input terminal, a trigger terminal, a positive latch output terminal and a negative latch output terminal. The latch is configured to have the latch input terminal thereof for receiving an input signal, the... Agent: Au Optronics Corp.

20140252965 - Methods of operating switched mode power supply circuits using adaptive filtering and related controller circuits: A method of operating a switched mode power supply circuit can be provided by determining an error in a control signal for the switched mode power supply circuit. The error can be compared to an error threshold value to provide a filtering selection. The error can be adaptively filtered of... Agent:

20140252966 - Current split circuit for equally splitting current between parallel connected led luminaire strings: A system and method for equally splitting the current supplied to parallel connected strings of LEDs. The system and method includes a current splitting circuit such as a mirror circuit that divides the current substantially equally between two or more parallel connected strings of LEDs. The current splitting circuit ensures... Agent: General Electric Company

20140252967 - Solid state lighting apparatus and circuits including led segments configured for targeted spectral power distribution and methods of operating the same: A dimmable solid state lighting apparatus can include a plurality of light emitting diode (LED) segments including a first LED segment that can have a targeted spectral power distribution for light emitted from the apparatus that is different than spectral power distributions for other LED segments included in the plurality... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20140252968 - Light emitting diode driver: A driver circuit for driving light emitting diodes (LEDs). The driver circuit includes: a string of LEDs divided into n groups, the n groups of LEDs being electrically connected to each other in series, a downstream end of group m-1 being electrically connected to the upstream end of group m,... Agent:

20140252970 - Dynamic step dimming interface: A dynamic step dimming interface is provided that allows a ballast to energize a lamp in a dim mode or a normal mode. The ballast includes a lamp controller that energizes the lamp using an oscillating current. The oscillating current is also provided to a voltage monitor, which indicates the... Agent: Osram Sylvania Inc.

20140252972 - Led light source with reduced flicker: An illumination control system includes a rectifying device, a damping device for inhibiting flickering, and a load circuit, wherein the illumination control system further comprises a recognizing control circuit connected between the rectifying device and the damping device, and wherein the recognizing control circuit includes a recognizing signal output module... Agent: Osram Gmbh

20140252971 - Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device: An electromotive force generated by electromagnetic induction is rectified and shaped by using primary coils formed on a check substrate and secondary coils formed on an array substrate, whereby a power source voltage and a driving signal are supplied to circuits or circuit elements on a TFT substrate so as... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20140252969 - Pfc led driver having a flicker control mechanism: A PFC LED driver having a flicker control mechanism, including: a bridge rectifier, used to generate a full-wave-rectified line input voltage according to an AC power; a single stage PFC constant average current converter, coupled with the bridge rectifier and used for forcing an input current to track the full-wave-rectified... Agent: Immense Advance Technology Corp.

20140252973 - Ripple cancellation converter with high power factor: Provided are circuits and methods for use with a power supply that provides a main output including a main DC voltage having a first AC voltage ripple, or a main DC current having a first AC current ripple. A ripple cancellation converter provides a second AC voltage ripple connected in... Agent: Queen's University At Kingston

20140252974 - Lighting apparatus: The present invention relates to a lighting apparatus which stably performs dimming control on a lamp implemented with light emitting diodes (LEDs) or the like. The lighting apparatus may improve power efficiency by driving power supplied to a lamp in a current regulation method, perform constant current control such that... Agent: Silicon Works Co., Ltd.

20140252975 - Reduction of supply current variations using compensation current control: A power distribution system and method includes a controller that is configured to control a switching power converter. In at least one embodiment, the controller includes a compensation current control circuit to control a compensation current that reduces and, in at least one embodiment, approximately eliminates variations in current drawn... Agent: Cirrus Logic, Inc.

20140252976 - Ignition device with ignition coil: An ignition device includes an ignition coil with a primary coil and a secondary coil, a spark plug with center and ground electrodes for discharge therebeteween, and a voltage limiting circuit. The voltage limiting circuit limits voltage applied between the electrodes of the spark plug such that the voltage has... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140252977 - Dimmable led reading light unit, arrangement of power supply and dimmable led reading light unit and method of replacing a dimmable light unit by a dimmable led reading light unit: A dimmable LED reading light unit includes comprises a dimming module and an LED module, connected in series. The dimming module has an input being connectable to a power supply supplying direct voltage and includes a potentiometer allowing section of a dimming rate and a current controller providing an operating... Agent: Goodrich Lighting Systems Gmbh

20140252978 - Electronic ballast circuit for lamps: An electronic ballast circuit includes a power factor correction circuit, a control and amplifier circuit, a ballast controller circuit and a ballast driver circuit. The ballast driver circuit includes a resonant circuit that connects to a lamp and a strike voltage limiter circuit that regulates the behavior of the resonant... Agent: Genesys Systems, LLC

20140252980 - Load control device with an adjustable control curve: A load control device, such as a dimmer switch, for example, may provide for user adjustment of the shape of a control curve, such as a dimming curve, for example. The load control device may generate a control curve that has a non-linear relationship between a minimum power level, such... Agent: Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

20140252979 - Pulse-excited mercury-free lamp system: A pulse-excited mercury-free lamp system, and method of sustaining the emission of light emission from such a lamp, is provided. The system includes a light-transmissive envelope having an inner surface and a phosphor layer coated thereon. A discharge-sustaining gaseous mixture of a noble gas, at a low pressure, and a... Agent: Osram Sylvania Inc.

20140252982 - Led-airfield light: A method for driving a LED-airfield light by a controller 18, being at least connected two LED-modules 20, 30, wherein the LED-modules 20, 30 each comprise a memory 28, 38, permits to drive the LEDs at equal luminosity if the method comprises at least the steps of storing status information... Agent:

20140252981 - Utilizing secondary-side conduction time parameters of a switching power converter to provide energy to a load: A power distribution system includes controller of a switching power converter to control the switching power converter and determine one or more switching power converter control parameters. In at least one embodiment, the switching power converter utilizes a transformer to transfer energy from a primary-side of the transformer to a... Agent: Cirrus Logic, Inc.

20140252983 - Method for controlling lamps and computer program product thereof: A method for controlling a plurality of lamps is disclosed. The method is applied to an electrical apparatus, such that the user can control the plurality of lamps by the electrical apparatus. The method includes the following steps: receiving a plurality of different identification codes, wherein the identification codes represent... Agent: Gunitech Corp.

20140252985 - Electronic device and light-emitting module: A light-emitting module includes at least one first light-emitting component, at least one second light-emitting component, a first driving component, a second driving component, and a control component. The first light-emitting component is configured to emit a white light having a first predetermined color temperature according to a first power... Agent: E Ink Holdings Inc.

20140252984 - Led backlight driving circuit, lcd device, and driving circuit: The present disclosure provides a light emitting diode (LED) backlight driving circuit, a liquid crystal display (LCD) device, and a driving circuit. The LED backlight driving circuit includes a timing control module, an LED lightbar, and a driver module coupled with an output end of the LED lightbar. The driver... Agent: Shenzhen Chiina Star Optoelectronics Technology Co Ltd.

20140252986 - Smart multi-dimensional light cell arrangement: The present invention relates to a novel arrangement of light cells on a flexible or solid background into a smart multi-dimensional light source capable of unlimited configuration, which comprises of a mother cell that is connected to one source of electrical power and gets charged, subsequently charging all the other... Agent:

20140252987 - Method of prioritizing and synchronizing effect functions in an illumination device: The present invention relates to an illumination device comprising a number of light sources arranged in a first group and in a second and controlling means adapted to control the first group and said second group individually. The controlling means is further adapted to control of light sources based on... Agent: Martin Professional A/s

20140252989 - Active avalanche protection for fly back converter: The present document relates to power converters. In particular, the present document relates to the protection of the power switches of power converters. A controller configured to control a switched-mode power converter is described. The controller comprises a control pin for controlling a state of a power switch of the... Agent: Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh

20140252991 - Electronic ballasts: Methods and apparatus are described that can provide improved power factor correction and total harmonic distortion, efficiency and/or direct feedback of load current variations to a power source inverter. In one example, a power supply, for example, a ballast, can have an input circuit, an output circuit and an inverter... Agent: Fulham Company Limited

20140252988 - Pixel circuits for amoled displays: The OLED voltage of a selected pixel is extracted from the pixel produced when the pixel is programmed so that the pixel current is a function of the OLED voltage. One method for extracting the OLED voltage is to first program the pixel in a way that the current is... Agent: Ignis Innovation Inc.

20140252990 - Quantization error reduction in constant output current control drivers: An electronic system and method includes a controller to control a switching power converter in at least two different modes of operation, a normal mode and an error reduction mode. The controller controls an amount of charge pushed (i.e. delivered) by the switching power converter to a load to reduce... Agent: Cirrus Logic, Inc.

20140252992 - System and method for controlling dimming of solid state lighting device: Determining an amount of light output from a solid state lighting (SSL) unit based on a dimmer setting includes determining the dimmer setting of the dimmer during a readout mode by analyzing a power signal received from the dimmer, the dimmer setting indicating a desired level of light, determining power... Agent:

20140252993 - Lighting control device: A lighting control device controls a turn-on state and a turn-off state of a lighting apparatus in a room where an air-conditioning apparatus is provided. In the lighting control device, a temperature sensing section is provided in the air-conditioning apparatus and senses temperature of the room to allow the air-conditioning... Agent: Denso Wave Incorporated

20140252994 - Non-scaling fixed field alternating gradient permanent magnet cancer therapy accelerator: A non-scaling fixed field alternating gradient accelerator includes a racetrack shape including a first straight section connected to a first arc section, the first arc section connected to a second straight section, the second straight section connected to a second arc section, and the second arc section connected to the... Agent:

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