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Electric lamp and discharge devices: systems

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02/05/2015 > 24 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150035432 - Controlled, dynamic lighting of interior of appliance: An apparatus, system, and method of illumination relative to an appliance. A programmable controller activates one or more light sources automatically based on a trigger or sensed condition. The controller dynamically adjusts the one or more light sources in a closed loop fashion.... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20150035433 - Vehicle accessory control arrangement: An illustrative inventory of vehicle accessory control components includes a plurality of first circuit boards and a plurality of second circuit boards. The first circuit boards each have a substrate with a plurality of circuit elements supported on the substrate. The first circuit board substrates have an overall perimeter shape... Agent: Uusi, LLC D/b/a Nartron

20150035435 - Light switch unit for controlling exterior lighting of a motor vehicle: A light switch unit for controlling the exterior lighting (such as headlights) of a motor vehicle. A rotary actuator can be rotated from a predefined home position into at least one deflected position, different lighting modes being assigned to the home position and to the at least one deflected position;... Agent:

20150035434 - System for controlling exterior lighting of a motor vehicle: A system for controlling the exterior lighting of a motor vehicle has a switch unit having a rotary switch which can be rotated clockwise and counter-clockwise to sequentially activate a plurality of operating modes of the vehicle lights. The rotary switch is a continuously adjustable rotary encoder, and a plurality... Agent:

20150035436 - Apparatus and methods for generating electromagnetic radiation: An apparatus for generating electromagnetic radiation includes an envelope, a vortex generator configured to generate a vortexing flow of liquid along an inside surface of the envelope, first and second electrodes within the envelope configured to generate a plasma arc therebetween, and an insulative housing associated surrounding at least a... Agent: Mattson Technology, Inc.

20150035437 - Led lighting system: A lighting system is provided having a movement system, a light source repositionable via the movement system, a sensor, a controller, and a communication system. The controller may control characteristics of the light emitted by the light source, rotation of the panel by the movement system, and receiving signal information... Agent:

20150035438 - Over-temperature protecting apparatus and over-temperature protecting method thereof: An over-temperature protecting apparatus and an over-temperature protecting method thereof are provided. The method includes following steps: detecting the temperature of the over-temperature protecting apparatus to obtain an adjusting signal and outputting the adjusting signal to a current detection pin of the control chip; adjusting the duty-ratio of the pulse-width... Agent: Cal-comp Electronics & Communications Company Limited

20150035439 - Electric lamp: In various embodiments, an electric lamp includes a light source having at least two supply lines configured to supply electrical energy to the light source, and an outer bulb surrounding the light source. The outer bulb is filled with inert gas. The lamp further includes a disconnection mechanism arranged within... Agent:

20150035440 - Detector controlled illuminating system: An illuminating device coupled with sensors or an image acquisition device and a logical controller allows illumination intensity and spectrum to be varied according to changing user needs. The system provides illumination to areas according to the principles of correct lighting practice for the optimal performance of visual tasks in... Agent:

20150035441 - Illumination apparatus and lighting device used thereby: An illumination apparatus includes light sources differing from one another in terms of light-emission color and voltage drop when identical current flows therein, switches in one-to-one correspondence with the light sources, a DC power supply circuit, and a control circuit. The control circuit performs a first control of the switches... Agent:

20150035442 - Controlling current flowing through leds in a led light fixture: An alternating current (“AC”)-powered light emitting diode (“LED”) driver is described herein for driving one or more arrays of series-connected LEDs. The LED driver includes a first transistor that includes a collector-emitter path connected in series with at least one LED of an array of series-connected LEDs. The LED driver... Agent:

20150035444 - Led lighting device: A control circuit performs ON/OFF control for a switching element so that LED current flowing in an LED unit is within a rated current range. In the case where the LED unit is lit, a voltage applied between both ends of series connection of a reactor and the LED unit... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150035443 - Lighting apparatus for use with controlled current drivers: An apparatus includes a bus configured to be coupled to a controlled current source and at least one light emitting device coupled to the bus. The apparatus further includes a voltage regulator circuit configured to regulate a voltage at the bus and a current regulator circuit configured to control a... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20150035445 - Luminescent system and organic el device: The present invention aims to provide a luminescent system enabling contactless power supply, having a high ratio of light emission region, and securing a desired quantity of emitted light. The luminescent system is constituted by an organic EL device and a fixed-side wall surface. The device is formed by stacking... Agent:

20150035446 - Lighting device and luminaire: A lighting device that lights up an LED and includes a DC power source, a buck converter and a control circuit. The buck converter includes a switching element, an inductor and a diode. The control circuit includes a current detection circuit that detects an electric current flowing through the switching... Agent:

20150035447 - Lighting device and luminaire: A lighting device includes a DC/DC converter (step-down chopper circuit) and a control circuit that includes a correction circuit. The correction circuit corrects the timing at which a switching element included in the DC/DC convertor is turned OFF based on a voltage value across a solid-state light-emitting element (LED unit).... Agent:

20150035448 - Pixel circuit, driving method of the same, and display apparatus: A pixel circuit, a driving method, and a display apparatus, wherein the pixel circuit includes: a first switch transistor having a source connected to a data signal terminal, and a gate connected to a first control signal terminal; a first capacitor having a first terminal connected to a drain of... Agent:

20150035449 - Driver for arrays of lighting elements: A lighting system is disclosed comprising an excitor which drives at least one reactor. The excitor is an electrical waveform generator that creates an AC waveform at a frequency between about 50 kHz and about 100 MHz. The reactor is an under-damped resonant circuit that includes a network of lighting... Agent:

20150035451 - Adjustable light fixture: Methods and apparatus for controlling a light fixture having at least one adjustable attribute are described. In one embodiment, a light fixture having at least one adjustable attribute comprises a housing, a light source disposed within the housing, a cover secured to the housing that allows at least some light... Agent:

20150035450 - Solid state lighting control: This invention generally relates to solid state lighting control, and more particularly to a dimmer interface circuit and a method for reducing ringing on a drive signal to a solid state lighting device. An embodiment is a dimmer interface circuit for controlling brightness of a solid state light emission device,... Agent: Cambridge Semiconductor Limited

20150035452 - Led lighting system: The invention relates to LED lighting system comprising a power supply circuit and one or more LED modules. The power supply circuit is equipped with input terminals (K1, K2) for connection to a supply voltage source and first and second output terminals (K3, K4), and a driver circuit (I, II)... Agent:

20150035453 - Lighting device, luminaire, method for designing lighting device, and method for manufacturing lighting device: A lighting device that is connected to a DC power source and supplies an electric current to a solid-state light-emitting element (LED) whose forward voltage ranges from Vfmin to Vfmax includes a DC/DC converter (buck converter) and a control unit. The DC/DC converter includes a switching element. The control unit... Agent:

20150035454 - Lighting control method and device: The present disclosure relates to a method and apparatus for controlling an illumination device, such as a light bulb, LED light, or the like. In one embodiment, a lighting control adapter is described, comprising a male base for physically attaching the lighting control adapter to a light fixture and for... Agent:

20150035455 - Single wire serial interface: A single wire serial interface for power ICs and other devices is provided. To use the interface, a device is configured to include an EN/SET input pin. A counter within the device counts clock pulses sent to the EN/SET input pin. The output of the counter is passed to a... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 39 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20150028740 - Electric light bulb type light source apparatus: An electric light bulb type light source apparatus includes a light source unit, a power source substrate, a drive substrate, a base, and a casing. On the power source substrate, a power source circuit is mounted, and the power source substrate has one of a through hole and a cutout.... Agent:

20150028741 - Driver assistance system and operating procedure for the latter: A driver assistance system is disclosed which automatically control the high and low beam of a headlamp on a vehicle. The system includes a camera and an image evaluation unit configured to search images acquired by the camera for initial bright zones that correspond with an activated vehicle headlamp, and... Agent:

20150028742 - Headlamp light distribution control device: In a headlamp light distribution control device, a light source configured by a pair of lamps mounted in a forward vehicle is extracted from an image of the forward vehicle if a distance to the forward vehicle is less than a predetermined value, and the number of the extracted light... Agent:

20150028743 - Device for supplying voltage to the cathode of a mass spectrometer: A simplified device for voltage supply of the cathode of a mass spectrometer comprises a push-pull transformer, wherein, apart from the normal rectifier diodes (7, 9), a controlled rectifier (8, 10) is provided. The gate of the first transistor (8) is connected to the second output (30), and the gate... Agent:

20150028744 - Etch rate modeling and use thereof for in-chamber and chamber-to-chamber matching: A method for performing chamber-to-chamber matching includes receiving a voltage and a current measured at an output of an RF generator of a first plasma system. The method further includes calculating a sum of terms. The first term is a first product of a coefficient and a function of the... Agent:

20150028745 - Light emitting diode driving circuit structure: A light emitting diode (LED) driving circuit structure includes a surge absorber unit, a voltage suppression unit connected to the surge absorber unit, a rectifier unit electrically connected to the voltage suppression unit, a control chip connected to a fourth junction of the rectifier unit, and an impedance unit connected... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20150028746 - Augmented reality graphical user interface for network controlled lighting systems: A mobile device having an augmented reality user interface for use in controlling networked light modules. The mobile device can detect via a camera a light module and display an identification of the light module on a user interface such as a touch screen. A user can enter a command... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150028747 - Upgradeable control system for led lighting: An LED-based lighting system having an upgradeable control system and a method thereof are provided. The system includes an LED source having a plurality of LED lights, a control system which comprises a motherboard, a control panel, and a control module. The control module is replaceable with a new control... Agent:

20150028748 - Active flicker cancellation in lighting systems: Compensating for disturbances in light output by a light source includes sensing light output by a light source and generating a light-sense signal based thereon, detecting a disturbance in the light-sense signal, and generating an output signal to compensate for the disturbance. An LED is driven in accordance with the... Agent:

20150028749 - Driving device for driving a light emitting device with stable optical power: A driving device is adapted to drive a light emitting device with stable optical power, and includes a feedback driving circuit, and a pulse wave generating circuit. The feedback driving circuit provides a driving current that is associated with a pulse-wave signal to the light emitting device, and outputs a... Agent: National Chi Nan University

20150028750 - Two-level led security light with motion sensor: A two-level LED security light is operated with a motion sensor. When an electric power is supplied, the LED security light is turned on for a low level illumination. When the motion sensor detects any intrusion, the LED security light is switched from the low level illumination to a high... Agent:

20150028751 - Battery powered light source for compartment illumination: A battery powered LED light source is described for illuminating the inside of a dark enclosure when the enclosure is opened in an environment with ambient illumination. Drive circuitry adapted to the LED light source turns on the LEDs when levels of ambient light above a threshold are detected, which... Agent:

20150028752 - Control circuit of light emitting diodes and operation method of a control circuit of light emitting diodes: A control circuit of light emitting diodes is used for driving at least one series of light emitting diodes. The control circuit includes a current setting pin, a driving current generator, a regulator circuit, and an adjuster. A reference current flows through the current setting pin. The driving current generator... Agent:

20150028753 - Led lighting device: The present disclosure relates to a technology or improving the efficiency of light emitting diode (LED) elements and extending the lifespan thereof, significantly reducing cost and improving efficiency of a power supply while supplying sufficient LED driving power to an LED lamp module without the use of an output-side electrolytic... Agent:

20150028754 - Zero energy storage driver integrated in led chip carrier: LED devices are provided that include LED chips on LED chip carriers. The LED device can in turn be housed in a package, such as a small-outline transistor (SOT) package or a radial LED device package. A single LED device or a serial connection of a plurality of such LED... Agent: Osram Sylvania Inc.

20150028755 - Light emitting diode illumination device: An LED illumination device includes an LED package and a switch electrically connecting the LED package. The LED package includes a first lamp group and a second lamp group installed in parallel. A direction of the current of the first lamp group is inverted to that of the second lamp... Agent:

20150028756 - Led backlight driving circuit and liquid crystal device: A LED backlight driving circuit is disclosed. The driving circuit includes a boost circuit for converting an input voltage to a needed output voltage and for providing the output voltage to at least one LED strings, a follower circuit connecting to a negative end of the LED string, and a... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20150028758 - Isolating minimal switched power supply: Conventional linear or switched power supplies do not sufficiently meet increased requirements for the lowest possible standby losses in idle current mode or ready mode, or for maintaining the charge in storage capacitors or rechargeable batteries even when said supplies have significantly increased circuit complexity. The proposed schematic diagram provides... Agent:

20150028757 - Single wire lighting driver control: In embodiments of the present invention, there is provided a lighting control device connected in series with an AC supply line of a lighting driver at a control access point, wherein the lighting control device comprises an AC/DC converter configured to receive an input AC voltage from the AC supply... Agent:

20150028759 - Led lighting system based on a multiple-output constant current led driver: An LED lighting system includes a multiple output constant current LED driver and a plurality of LED arrays. The LED driver has AC/DC converter, PFC circuit, DC/DC converter and a plurality of DC/DC modules. The PFC circuit is connected to AC/DC converter, the DC/DC converter is connected to the PFC... Agent: Atg Electronics, Inc.

20150028760 - Led luminaire: A light-emitting diode (LED) luminaire includes a light-emitting part, a rectification unit configured to perform full-wave rectification of an alternating current (AC) voltage to supply a first drive voltage to the light-emitting part, a power factor compensation unit configured to be charged with the first drive voltage during a charge... Agent:

20150028761 - Transformer for a lamp, led converter, and transformer operation method: A galvanically isolated transformer (59) for energizing a lamp (5) comprises a primary circuit (60) including a half-bridge circuit that has two reciprocally clocked switches (21, 22), and including an LLC resonant circuit (25-27). The transformer (59) further comprises a secondary circuit (30) including an output (35) for supplying energy... Agent: Tridonic Gmbh & Co Kg

20150028763 - Modulation of light emitted by a lighting device, using plurality of different modulation periods: The possibility to emit and detect coded light, whereby data is modulated into the light, is known. According to one aspect of the present disclosure, to reduce the risk of the modulation going undetected due to possible frequency blind spots in the detection spectrum, the lighting device (2a, 2b, 2c)... Agent:

20150028762 - Pixel circuit and method for driving the same, display panel and display apparatus: A pixel circuit and a method for driving the same, a display panel and a display apparatus are configured to improve the lifespan of the pixel circuit. The pixel circuit comprises: a charging sub-circuit (1), a capacitor (CST), a first driving sub-circuit (2) and a second driving sub-circuit (3); a... Agent:

20150028764 - Two terminal drive of bipolar junction transistor (bjt) for switch-mode operation of a light emitting diode (led)-based bulb: A bipolar junction transistor (BJT) may be used in a power stage DC-to-DC converter, such as for LED-based light bulbs. The BJT may be switched on and off from a controller coupled to two terminals of the BJT. Through the two terminals, the control IC may dynamically adjust a reverse... Agent:

20150028765 - Pixel circuit, driving method thereof and display device: The present invention relates to the field of display technology, and provides a pixel circuit, a driving method thereof, and a display device, so as to compensate for the TFT threshold voltage drift, thereby to improve the brightness non-uniformity of the display device and prolong the service life thereof. The... Agent: Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

20150028766 - Pixel circuit and method for driving the same: The present disclosure relates to a field of display technology, and particularly to a pixel circuit and a method for driving the same. The pixel circuit includes a driving sub-circuit, a resetting sub-circuit, and a charging sub-circuit, wherein the driving sub-circuit includes a driving transistor, a first transistor, a third... Agent: Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd

20150028767 - Method for generating radiation at resonant transitions of metal atoms: The invention relates to methods for generating radiation at resonance transitions of metal atoms in mixtures of inert gases and metal vapors that are excited by an arc electric discharge. The technical effect of the claimed invention is raising the efficacy and service life of radiation sources at metal atom... Agent:

20150028768 - Compensating for a reverse recovery time period of a bipolar junction transistor (bjt) in switch-mode operation of a light-emitting diode (led)-based bulb: A turn-off transition time period, also referred to as a reverse recovery time period, may be compensated for by a controller of a power stage including a bipolar junction transistor (BJT). The reverse recovery time period may be measured in one switching cycle and a subsequent switching cycle may include... Agent:

20150028769 - Driver circuit for at least one load and method of operating the same: A driver circuit (1) for operating at least one load, such as a LED unit (7) is provided, comprising an input (2) for receiving an input voltage (V IN) from a power supply (6), an output (3) for providing an output voltage (V OUT) to said load and a switching... Agent:

20150028770 - Modular light fixture with power pack: A light fixture including a support structure and a plurality of LEDs coupled to the structure and spaced apart along at least a portion of a length of the structure. The light fixture further includes a power pack, the power pack including a driver configured to be electrically coupled to... Agent: Orion Energy Systems, Inc.

20150028771 - Single wire serial interface: A single wire serial interface for power ICs and other devices is provided. To use the interface, a device is configured to include an EN/SET input pin. A counter within the device counts clock pulses sent to the EN/SET input pin. The output of the counter is passed to a... Agent:

20150028773 - Light emitting module thereof: The present invention discloses a light-emitting module using a special circuit design to solve the abnormal breakage of the battery lifetime and comprising a power supply module storing an electrical power; a first sub-circuit and a second sub-circuit, the first sub-circuit comprising a first light-emitting diode module, the second sub-circuit... Agent:

20150028772 - Light-emitting element lighting device, light-emitting module, illuminating apparatus, and light-emitting element lighting method: A light-emitting element lighting device includes: a step-down chopper circuit which outputs a current that flows to a light-emitting element; a current command circuit which selects between a rated mode for passing a rated current for turning ON the light-emitting element and a detection mode for passing an abnormality detection... Agent:

20150028774 - Light-emitting element lighting device, light-emitting module, illuminating apparatus, and light-emitting element lighting method: A light-emitting element lighting device includes: a step-down chopper circuit which outputs current to a light-emitting element; a current command circuit which selects between (i) light-emission mode for causing a light-emission current larger than a constant rated current, which flows to the light-emitting element when continuous light-emission is caused, to... Agent:

20150028776 - Lighting control systems and methods: A circuit includes a dimming controller, an adjustable resistor connected downstream of and in series connection with the dimming controller, a driver connected downstream and in series with the adjustable resistor, and a light connected downstream and in series with the driver. Related methods are also provided. A light emitting... Agent:

20150028775 - Line voltage switch event detection for led assemblies: A controller for controlling the illumination state of a light source of solid state lighting devices such as LED or OLED assemblies, is presented. The controller controls the light source according to a plurality of illumination states subject to determine an event of a plurality of events. The controller controls... Agent:

20150028777 - Single wire serial interface utilizing count of encoded clock pulses with reset: A single wire serial interface for power ICs and other devices is provided. To use the interface, a device is configured to include an EN/SET input pin. A counter within the device counts clock pulses sent to the EN/SET input pin. The output of the counter is passed to a... Agent:

20150028778 - Programmable phase-cut dimmer operation: The present document relates to solid state lighting (SSL) devices. A driver circuit for phase-cut dimmable SSL based lighting assemblies is described. A control circuit for a power converter is provided. The power converter is configured to convert an input power derived from a mains power supply into a drive... Agent: Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh

01/22/2015 > 44 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20150022080 - Cathode assembly for use in a radiation generator: A cathode assembly is for use in a radiation generator and includes an ohmically heated cathode, and a support having formed therein a hole and a recess at least partially surrounding the hole. In addition, there is a mount coupled to the support. The mount includes a larger outer frame... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150022081 - Organic electroluminescent display device having integrated nfc antenna: An organic electroluminescent display device having integrated an NFC antenna (9). The NFC antenna is arranged on a display screen of the organic electroluminescent display device, where the NFC interface is equipped with an output line of the display screen and is connected to a control mainboard of the display... Agent: Truly Semiconductors Ltd.

20150022082 - Dielectric barrier discharge lamps and methods: Electric lamps wherein material inside a bulb is excited using capacitive coupling through the bulb wall to external electrodes, forming plasma which emits light. Methods described include use of light-emitting material including sulfur and/or selenium, and a circuit for driving the external electrodes.... Agent:

20150022085 - Controllable high luminance illumination with moving light-sources: The present invention relates to an illumination device (1) for providing a controllable illumination configuration. The illumination device comprises a light-source unit (2; 20) comprising a plurality of individually controllable solid state light-sources (8); and an optical element (3) arranged to modulate light from the solid state light-sources through a... Agent:

20150022083 - Method for controlling a matrix beam headlamp with adaptive light functions: A method for controlling a matrix beam headlamp (M) with adaptive light functions in which using non-glare lighting and/or targeted lighting of objects (O) with segments (S1-Sn) of the light distribution of the matrix beam headlamp (M). Different switch-on and switch-off boundaries are defined for the individual segments (S1-Sn).... Agent:

20150022084 - Vehicular headlamp: A vehicular headlamp has a light source portion that provides a low beam lighting mode, a high beam lighting mode, and a dimming lighting mode, a light source power supply portion that supplies to the light source portion a lighting current having a current value according to lighting mode, a... Agent:

20150022086 - Plasma processing apparatus, abnormal oscillation determination method and high-frequency generator: Disclosed is a plasma processing apparatus including: a processing container; a plasma generating mechanism including a high-frequency oscillator, and configured to generate plasma within the processing container by using a high frequency wave oscillated by the high-frequency oscillator; an impedance regulator configured to adjust impedance to be applied to the... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150022087 - Method and apparatus for providing supplemental power in a led driver: A DC current driver includes a DC current drive circuit configured to provide a DC supply current and receive a DC return current. A switch is coupled in series with the DC return current, and a supplemental power supply is coupled in parallel with the switch and configured to provide... Agent:

20150022088 - Led array member and thermally decoupled integrated control module assembly: A LAM/ICM assembly comprises an integrated control module (ICM) and an LED array member (LAM). In a first aspect, active circuitry is embedded in the ICM. The circuitry monitors LED operation, controls and supplies power to the LEDs, and communicates information into and out of the assembly. A thermal insulator... Agent: Bridgelux, Inc.

20150022089 - Light-emitting element driving device: Short circuit failures and open circuit failures of light-emitting elements used for the backlight in an LCD panel can be reliably and easily detected. The voltage at the node between each series-connected light-emitting element array and a drive circuit is detected as a monitored voltage. A maximum detector detects the... Agent:

20150022090 - Foldable display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same: A foldable display apparatus, a method of manufacturing the same, and a controlling method of the same are disclosed. The foldable display apparatus includes a substrate including a metal thin film and an insulating layer provided on the metal thin film, an organic light-emitting unit formed on the substrate and... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150022091 - Systems and apparatus for controlling lighting based on combination of inputs: Disclosed are lighting fixtures and lighting systems for controlling lighting based on a combination of inputs. The lighting fixtures may comprise a light source, inputs electrically connectable to sensors for sensing daylight, occupancy and environmental conditions, inputs electrically connectable to a group lighting controller output, a memory, and a lighting... Agent:

20150022092 - Optical sensor: Three light emitting elements and one light receiving element are provided on a surface of a substrate. The light receiving element is disposed within a first triangular region connecting the three light emitting elements. A first rectangle circumscribed around the triangular region is formed. In addition, a second rectangle circumscribed... Agent:

20150022093 - Led light controller and method of controlling led lights: A method controls the light exposure of an individual during a given time period. A control unit is provided for controlling lights. A first sensor is worn by the individual and gathers light exposure data including lighting intensity data and Kelvin temperature data experienced by the individual. Second sensors are... Agent:

20150022094 - Lighting system and method to control a lighting system: An LED lighting system is disclosed, which generally consists of an enclosure, one or more LED modules, one or more transformers, and one or more drivers. A lamp assembly is disclosed, which generally consists of one or more vertically oriented LED chips, thermally conductive shells, and a thermally dissipating means... Agent:

20150022096 - Methods and apparatus for controlling lighting based on combination of inputs: Disclosed are methods and apparatus for lighting control based on a combination of inputs. Local inputs indicative of light levels, occupancy statuses, and environmental conditions near lighting fixtures are received, and group inputs to control the dimming state of lighting fixtures are also received. The group inputs may utilize manipulation... Agent:

20150022095 - Systems and methods for automatically driving art installations using partially complete real-time data: Systems and methods for automatically driving art installations using partially complete real-time data are disclosed. An activation server acquires real-time environment data. The real-time environment data is used by the activation server to generate an estimate of the state of the environment using an environment input model. The estimate of... Agent:

20150022097 - Wavelength sensing lighting system and associated methods: A lighting system includes a light source included in an array of light sources to emit illuminating light, a sensor Included in the array to sense environmental light from an environment, and a controller operatively connected to the sensor and the light source to analyze the environmental light sensed by... Agent: Environmental Light Technologies Corp.

20150022098 - Illumination devices and related systems and methods: Illumination devices and related systems and methods are disclosed that can be used for LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) backlights, LED lamps, or other applications. The illumination devices can include a photo detector, such as a photodiode or an LED or other light detecting device, and one or more LEDs of... Agent:

20150022099 - Touch activated low energy apparatus for illuminating personal portable carrying units: Embodiments of the present invention are directed to a touch or close proximity activated low energy illumination apparatus. The illumination apparatus are configured to be positioned within personal portable carrying units such as purses, handbags, backpack, shoulder bags, computer bags, bags for communication devices or other container. The illumination apparatus... Agent:

20150022101 - Led array member and integrated control module assembly with built-in switching converter: A LAM/ICM assembly comprises an integrated control module (ICM) and an LED array member (LAM). The ICM includes interconnect through which power from outside the assembly is received. In a first novel aspect, active circuitry is embedded in the ICM. In one example, the circuitry monitors LED operation, controls and... Agent: Bridgelux, Inc.

20150022100 - Led driving device and control method: The invention is provided with an LED driving device and the control method. The driving device includes power converter, microprocessor and LED circuit. Wherein the power converter includes impulse transformer and switch control circuit. Primary winding at input side of the impulse transformer connects with rectifier filter circuit by the... Agent:

20150022102 - Omni voltage direct current power supply: A battery operated LED lighting apparatus including: a battery outputting a battery voltage; a light emitting diode or array of light emitting diodes; and a power supply including a boost regulating circuit. The power supply being in communication with the battery and the light emitting diodes such that a constant... Agent:

20150022103 - Light emitting diode driving apparatus and light emitting diode driving method: A light emitting diode (LED) driving apparatus and an LED driving method suitable for driving an LED load are provided. The LED driving apparatus includes a driving circuit, a feedback circuit, and a control chip. The driving circuit provides a driving voltage to one terminal of the LED load according... Agent: Beyond Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.

20150022104 - Led lighting apparatus having improved flicker performance: Provided is a lighting apparatus using LEDs (light-emitting diodes having improved flicker performance. In general, in a direct-drive LED lighting apparatuses of the related art which use no switching-mode power supply (SMPS), percent flicker (hereinafter referred to as “% F”) is 100%. In contrast, the % F of the LED... Agent:

20150022107 - Driver device and driving method for driving a load, in particular a led unit: The present invention relates to a driver device (30) for driving a load (32), in particular an LED unit (32) having one or more LEDs, comprising input terminals (45) for receiving an input voltage (V14) from an external power source (12) for powering the load (32), a current path (46)... Agent:

20150022109 - Driving circuit with dimming controller for driving light sources: A driving circuit includes a power converter, a dimming controller and a current path coupled to the dimming controller. The power converter receives input power from a rectifier and provides output power to a light source. A power switch transfers power from an AC power source to the rectifier when... Agent:

20150022108 - Led light source: The invention relates to a dimmable LED light source comprising:—a rectifier having rectifier input terminals for connection to respective output terminals of a phase cut dimmer of the trailing edge type, input terminals of the phase cut dimmer being connected to the mains supply, and having rectifier output terminals,—a first... Agent:

20150022106 - Light-emitting diode driving apparatus and light-emitting diode illumination system using the same: A LED driving apparatus and a LED illumination system using the same are provided. The LED driving apparatus adapted to drive a LED load having at least one power specification includes a driving circuit, an output detecting circuit and an output adjusting circuit. The driving circuit provides an adjustable output... Agent:

20150022105 - Method and apparatus for extending the power output range of a power converter used for a lighting system: A method and system for extending the power output range of a power converter used for a lighting system is disclosed.... Agent: Supertex, Inc.

20150022110 - Controlled operation of a led lighting system at a target output color: A method for operating a LED lighting system has three or more LED emitters of different colors. The method allows finding the optimal drive setting for each LED emitter of the system, taking into account a specific target color. The method involves providing calibration data for each LED emitter at... Agent:

20150022111 - Led device with built-in fast self-test circuit: An LED device with built-in fast self-test circuit includes at least one LED unit, a data shift and latch register, a control unit, at least one multiplexer, and an LED driver unit. The data shift and latch register receives a serial data signal. The control unit receives the serial data... Agent:

20150022112 - Method for operating a circuit configuration with a control and/or regulating means for a light diode field: A method for operating a circuit configuration which includes a power source, a light diode field switched serially with the power source in which the light diode field comprises at least two serial circuits including at least one light diode and a switch, a control and/or regulating means for the... Agent:

20150022113 - Power factor controller based single-stage flyback driver and light-emitting system: Various embodiments relate to a power factor controller based single-stage flyback driver and a light-emitting system. The driver includes a primary-side circuit, a secondary-side circuit, a power factor controller, a current feedback circuit, a voltage feedback circuit, and a feedback signal generation circuit, wherein, in the secondary-side circuit, the output... Agent: Osram Gmbh

20150022116 - Led-based light bulb device: An LED light bulb device including a bulb body, a flex circuit leg, an LED, conversion circuitry and a cap.... Agent:

20150022115 - Lighting module and a corresponding lighting system: Various embodiments relate to a lighting module. The lighting module includes at least one light source, regulating means for regulating the brightness of the light emitted by the at least one light source, and a control unit configured for receiving a brightness control signal, and driving the regulation means as... Agent:

20150022114 - Tubular light-emitting apparatus: Provided is a light-emitting apparatus and a method of operating the same. The light-emitting apparatus includes: a light-emitting module having a plurality of light-emitting diodes (LEDs); a cylindrical cover housing the light-emitting module, and transmitting light emitted from the plurality of LEDs; with a first socket at a first end... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150022117 - Current balancing circuits for light-emitting-diode-based illumination systems: A system including a plurality of switches and a comparator. The plurality of switches is configured to respectively supply a plurality of currents via respective terminals to a plurality of sets of light emitting diodes. The sets of light emitting diodes are configured to respectively output light having wavelengths in... Agent:

20150022120 - Light emitting diode apparatus with over current protection function and system having the same: A switchable constant current constant voltage supply unit outputs a constant current to drive a plurality of light emitting diode apparatuses when voltages of the light emitting diode apparatuses are not greater than a threshold voltage detected by a voltage detection unit. The switchable constant current constant voltage supply unit... Agent: Energy Pro Technology Co., Ltd.

20150022119 - Programmable light emitting diode (led) driver technique based upon a prefix signal: Provided is a light emitting diode (LED) driver. The LED driver includes a microcontroller for setting a level of an output current of the driver. The driver is configured to receive a prefix as an input, the prefix instructing the microcontroller to enter a programming mode. The microcontroller is responsive... Agent:

20150022118 - Programmable light emitting diode (led) driver technique based upon an input voltage signal: Provided is an LED driver including an amplifier configured to receive a negative voltage input signal and produce a positive voltage output signal in response thereto. Also included is a microcontroller configured for sensing a value of the positive voltage output signal. The microcontroller (i) enters a programming mode when... Agent:

20150022121 - Light-emitting control circuit and electronic device using the same: A light-emitting control circuit includes a light-emitting unit, a switch module, a driving unit, a first energy storage unit, and a second energy storage unit. The driving unit outputs a first signal to turn on the switch module, and outputs a second signal to turn off the switch module. The... Agent:

20150022122 - Backlight unit including a power transmitting wire: The present invention relates to a backlight unit. The backlight unit includes a light source unit, a power supply unit, and a power transmitting wire. The light source includes at least one light source. The power supply circuit is configured to supply a power voltage to the light source unit.... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150022123 - Remote control of light source: A lighting system comprises a set of light sources and a remote control unit. The remote control unit comprises a user interface through which a user may identify an area in an image and a light source. The identified image area is linked with the light source and color information... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 29 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20150015139 - Microwave plasma processing apparatus and microwave supplying method: A microwave plasma processing apparatus includes a processing space; a microwave generator which generates microwaves for generating a plasma; a distributor which distributes the microwaves to a plurality of waveguides; an antenna installed in a processing container to seal the processing space and to radiate microwaves distributed by the distributor,... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150015140 - Plasma generation device with microstrip resonator: A plasma generation device, a system comprising a plasma generation device, and a method of generating plasma and vacuum UV (VUV) photons are described. In a representative embodiment, plasma generation device, comprises: a substrate having a first surface and a second surface; a resonant ring-shaped structure disposed aver the first... Agent:

20150015141 - Igniter-less power supply for xenon lamps in an accelerated weathering test apparatus: A power supply for use in an accelerated weathering test apparatus can ignite the lamp without using a separate igniter and control both the xenon lamp radiated spectrum and its intensity in order to fully simulate the sun's daily cycle, improve the ultraviolet output, reduce the infrared radiation, and compensate... Agent:

20150015142 - Led light bulb with leds mounted on angled circuit board: An LED light bulb has a lamp base for a lamp socket, a heat sink, and a globe. Within the globe on the heat sink is a printed circuit board having tabs or legs projecting from the circuit board. The tabs or legs have one or more LEDs mounted thereon... Agent: Huizhou Light Engine Limited

20150015143 - Light-emitting-diode-driving device, lighting apparatus for vehicle and vehicle including the same: A light-emitting-diode-driving device includes a control circuit that is configured to perform constant current control with a DC-DC converter so that a value of a current detected by a current detection unit agrees with a prescribed reference current value to be supplied to a light source. The control circuit includes... Agent:

20150015144 - High efficiency ceramic lamp: Embodiments provide a ceramic metal halide (CMH) lamp and methods for making the same that provide or achieve, during lamp operation, a correlated color temperature (CCT) greater than 5000 K, a color rendering index (CRI) of 85 or greater, a lumen maintenance percentage (LM %) greater than 90%, and a... Agent:

20150015145 - Handheld device for controlling settings of a lighting fixture: A handheld device having a communication interface configured to wirelessly communicate with a plurality of lighting fixtures and control circuitry is described. In one embodiment, the circuitry is configured to effect selection of a first lighting fixture in a first group of lighting fixtures via the communication interface; identify the... Agent:

20150015146 - Image display device and control method thereof: An image display device including: a light-emitting unit; a display panel including color filters of a plurality of colors and pixels corresponding to the respective color filters; a sensor which detects light from the light-emitting unit and light incident from outside; an acquisition unit configured to acquire, in a state... Agent:

20150015147 - Illumination devices and related systems and methods: Illumination devices and related systems and methods are disclosed that can be used for LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) backlights, LED lamps, or other applications. The illumination devices can include a photo detector, such as a photodiode or an LED or other light detecting device, and one or more LEDs of... Agent:

20150015148 - Led backlight system and display device: The present invention discloses an LED backlight system and a display device. The LED backlight system includes an LED display module and an LED backlight control circuit. The LED display module includes LED string. The LED backlight control circuit includes a current module, a comparison unit, a control switch unit,... Agent:

20150015149 - Led control method and apparatus: An LED control circuit designed for providing stable voltage to LED loads, which is comprised of a bridge rectifier connected with the power supply, at least one LED branch circuit comprised of LED control units in series connection with a current-regulating element. Each LED control unit is comprised of a... Agent:

20150015153 - Circuit and method for driving led lamp with a dimmer: A driver circuit for an LED (light-emitting diode) lamp includes a transformer having a primary winding and a secondary winding, a dimmer circuit coupled to a power source for varying an input voltage to the primary winding, and an output rectifying circuit coupled to the secondary winding for providing an... Agent:

20150015150 - Light emitting diode (led) lamp replacement driver for linear fluorescent lamps: Provided is a driver circuit including an input port configured for coupling to a ballast and a transformer having a first side coupled to the input port. The driver circuit also includes a rectifier having an input portion coupled to a second side of the transformer and an output portion... Agent:

20150015151 - Lighting circuit and luminaire: A lighting circuit include a connecting section connected to a light source module to thereby form at least a first path and a second path, a power supplying section connected to the connecting section and capable of supplying first direct-current power and second direct-current power to the light source module,... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20150015152 - Lighting driver and housing having internal electromagnetic shielding layer configured for direct connection to circuit ground: An apparatus (200, 300, 400, 500) includes a lighting driver circuit (210, 310, 410, 510) and a housing (220, 420, 520) in which the lighting driver circuit is disposed. The lighting driver circuit is configured to receive an input voltage (10) between a pair of input terminals (305) and in... Agent:

20150015154 - Light-emitting diode light tube driving circuit: A light-emitting diode (LED) light tube driving circuit includes a LED driver and a rectifier unit. The LED driver is configured for receiving an operating voltage to drive at least one LED. The rectifier unit has a first input/output terminal and a second input/output terminal and is electrically coupled to... Agent: Lextar Electronics Corporation

20150015155 - Electronic device for driving light emitting diodes: The present invention relates to an electronic device for driving a light emitting diode, which includes a switch (Ts) being adapted to switch a switch-mode power converter, and controlling means (CNTL) being adapted for controlling the switch (Ts) in response to a sensing value (Vs) indicative of a current of... Agent:

20150015157 - Lcd display, a driving device for driving the lcd display, and a driving method for driving the lcd display: The present invention discloses an LCD display and related driving device and driving method. The driving method includes: obtaining an accumulated working time of the LCD display; obtaining a high reference voltage corresponding to the accumulated working time; utilizing the high reference voltage to drive the LCD display; making a... Agent:

20150015156 - Signal transmission method and related device: A method of operating an electrical power supply device having a primary side and a secondary side is provided. The method includes transmitting with an optocoupler arranged between the primary side and the secondary side a wide band control signal and a numerical information signal. The method further includes transmitting... Agent:

20150015158 - Apparatuses for bleeding current from a transformer of a solid-state light emitting diode: A system configured to provide current to power a solid-state light emitting diode in accordance with a dimming level, wherein the dimming level corresponds to an amount of light provided from the solid-state light emitting diode. The system includes a transformer and a switch. The transformer includes a coil. The... Agent:

20150015160 - Converter device: A converter, for feeding a load via an inductor with a current having a controlled intensity between a maximum and a minimum level, includes a switch to permit or prevent, respectively, current towards said inductor, a first current sensor sensitive to the current flowing through switch when the switch is... Agent:

20150015159 - Led driver capable of regulating power dissipation and led lighting apparatus using same: An LED driver having one end coupled with an LED module and another end coupled to a ground, being capable of generating a duty current and a duty in response to a dropout voltage across the LED driver in a way that, the duty current will increase and the duty... Agent:

20150015161 - Medical light-source device: A medical light-source device for securing a long illumination time required for operations in the medical field, has an LED illumination section including an LED element; a holder to put the LED illumination section on a head of the operator; a battery power supply section that supplies power to the... Agent: Acp Japan Co., Ltd.

20150015162 - Lighting device: A trigger-signal-output part sets a burst time cycle to a time period N (integer of two or more) times as long as a constant first cycle, and outputs a trigger signal M (positive integer of N or less) times during an operation period so as to synchronize it with the... Agent:

20150015163 - Dual-purpose lamp: Disclosed is a dual-purpose lamp, which comprises a power-converting module, a light-emitting module and a control unit. The power-converting module is used for generating a direct current. The light-emitting module is electrically connected with the power-converting module, the light-emitting module comprises an illuminative light-emitting body and a scenario light-emitting body,... Agent: Gunitech Corp.

20150015164 - Light-emitting diode lighting device having multiple driving stages: An LED lighting device includes multiple driving stages. A first driving stage includes a first luminescent device driven by a first current, a second luminescent device driven by a second current, a path-controller for conducting a third current, a first current controller for regulating the first current, and a second... Agent: Iml International

20150015165 - Methods and apparatus for configuration of control devices: Methods and apparatus for configuration of a physical control panel (120). In some embodiments at least one property (128) of a physical control panel (120) is detected at a mobile device (150); a plurality of events (122, 124, 126) that can be generated by the physical control panel (120) are... Agent:

20150015166 - Field emission cathode and field emission light using the same: A field emission cathode comprises at least one electron emitting parcel, and at least one ion absorbing parcel each being electrically connected with each of the at least one electron emitting parcel. The electron emitting parcel includes a first substrate and a nano emission component disposed on the first substrate... Agent:

20150015167 - Self-shielded vertical proton-linear accelerator for proton-therapy: A linear proton accelerator includes a plurality of accelerator components arranged after one another, and a proton source and a plurality of accelerating units. The accelerator further includes a reticular support structure for supporting the accelerator components. The support structure is shaped as a prism with a polygonal cross-section, and... Agent:

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