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Electric lamp and discharge devices

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01/22/2015 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150022073 - Led bulb emitting light ray in a downward direction and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention relates to a LED bulb emitting light ray in a downward direction and a manufacturing method thereof. The LED bulb emitting light ray in a downward direction comprises a screw head, a base, a lamp body, and a lampshade integrally connected in order, wherein a PCB board... Agent:

20150022074 - Spark plug having an embedded tip that is prevented from detachment due to thermal stress: A spark plug includes a center electrode, a ground electrode, and a ground-electrode-side tip joined to the ground electrode such that at least a portion of the tip along its thickness direction is embedded in the ground electrode. The ground-electrode-side tip is joined to the ground electrode through a fusion... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20150022075 - Dielectric barrier discharge apparatus: This invention relates to dielectric barrier discharges devices. More particularly, it relates to dielectric barrier discharge apparatus which employ a dielectric barrier disposed within the discharge gap between spaced apart electrodes to generate a plasma when subjected to pulsed high voltages. The dielectric barrier material has a high thermal conductivity... Agent: Anderson Remplex, Inc.

20150022076 - Electron-emitting cold cathode device: One or more embodiments of the invention concern a device comprising: a cathode that lies on a cathode plane and includes, in an active region one or more cathode straight-finger-shaped terminals with a main extension direction parallel to a first reference direction; for each cathode terminal, one or more electron... Agent:

20150022077 - Electron-emitting cold cathode device: A display screen includes a substrate and a fluorescent material. The substrate includes a plurality of pixel regions arranged in an array, wherein each pixel region includes a fluorescent region and a transparent region, and the area of the transparent region is larger than the area of the fluorescent region.... Agent:

20150022078 - Organic electroluminesence display: A display includes a substrate; an electrode layer formed on the substrate and having an electrode pattern; and an organic material layer formed on the electrode layer, wherein a plurality of pixel units are configured by the combination of the electrode pattern and the organic material layer. At least one... Agent:

20150022079 - Display device and method for manufacturing display device: A display device includes: an element substrate on which light-emitting elements are arranged, the light-emitting elements being arranged in a display region of the element substrate; a sealing resin layer located over the light-emitting elements arranged on the element substrate; and an opposite substrate located opposite the element substrate with... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

01/15/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150015134 - Led lamp: An LED lamp includes an envelope, a circuit board, a plurality of LEDs, a lamp body and a lamp holder. The LEDs are arranged on the circuit board. The envelope covers the LEDs. The lamp body is connected between the envelope and the lamp holder. The lamp body includes a... Agent:

20150015135 - Ionizing electrode with integral cleaning mechanism: Ionizing electrode with a cleaning mechanism including a solenoid with a bushing, a magnetic conductor, a coil housing a core having first and second ends, a return spring and a terminal for high voltage supply mounted on its body. The ionizing electrode is mounted inside the bushing and is configured... Agent:

20150015136 - Silicon oxynitride phosphore, production method for same, and optical element comprising same: The present invention relates to a silicon oxynitride phosphor, a production method for same, and an optical element comprising same. According to one embodiment of the present invention, the silicon oxynitride phosphor is a silicon oxynitride phosphor comprising a compound represented by the following chemical formula 1, which emits light... Agent:

20150015137 - Dc-dc converter, organic light emitting display having the dc-dc converter and method for operating the dc-dc converter: A direct current-to-direct current converter includes: a buck-boost unit configured to receive an input power source supplied through an input power line, where the buck-boost unit outputs a first power source obtained by boosting the input power source and a second power source obtained by dropping the input power source;... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150015138 - Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same: A display device according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes a substrate, a display panel disposed on the substrate, a sealing substrate which is disposed opposite to the display panel, and a sealing unit disposed between the substrate and the sealing substrate, enclosing the display panel. The... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

01/08/2015 > 6 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150008818 - Phosphor compositions and methods of making the same: Disclosed herein are emissive ceramic elements having low amounts of certain trace elements. Applicants have surprisingly found that a lower internal quantum efficiency (IQE) may be attributed to specific trace elements that, even at very low amounts (e.g., 50 ppm or less), can cause significant deleterious effects on IQE. In... Agent:

20150008817 - Red light-emitting fluorescent substance and light-emitting device employing the same: In the formula (1), M is an element selected from the group consisting of IA group elements, IIA group elements, IIIA group elements, IIIB group elements, rare earth elements and IVA group elements; EC is an element selected from the group consisting of Eu, Ce, Mn, Tb, Yb, Dy, Sm,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150008816 - Wavelength conversion structure, apparatus comprising wavelength conversion structure, and related methods of manufacture: A wavelength conversion structure comprises a sintered body comprising a mixture of a wavelength conversion material and a glass composition, wherein the wavelength conversion material comprises a phosphor and the glass composition comprises ZnO—BaO—SiO2—B2O3.... Agent:

20150008819 - Oled panel and package method thereof: The present invention provides an OLED panel and the package method thereof. The OLED panel comprises: a substrate 40, multiple OLED devices 42 formed on the substrate 40, a package cover 20 attached oppositely to the substrate 40 and multiple sealed plastic frame 60 provided between the substrate 40 and... Agent:

20150008820 - Organic light emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same: An organic light emitting display device includes a spacer on a pixel defining layer. The pixel defining layer includes openings corresponding to pixels. The device further includes first pixels to third pixels emitting light having different colors. The first pixels and the second pixels are alternately disposed in a row... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150008821 - Hermetically sealed ceramic discharge lamps: A discharge lamp including an arc envelope defining a chamber and a first opening. A plug is positioned in the first opening through a first seal. The lamp further includes a dosing tube extending away from the chamber, and having a passageway extending into the chamber through a second opening... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150002009 - Metal hexaboride cold field emitter, method of fabricating same, and electron gun: A metal hexaboride nanowire such as LaB6 with the formed metal-terminated (100) plane at the tip has a small work function, and can emit a very narrow electron beam from the (100) plane. In such emitters, contamination occurs in a very short time period, and the output current greatly decreases... Agent:

20150002010 - Polarizing plate for oled and oled display including the same: A polarizing plate for an OLED and an OLED display, the polarizing plate including a polarizer; a first retardation layer on a lower side of the polarizer; a second retardation layer on a lower side of the first retardation layer; and a pattern layer on a lower side of the... Agent:

20150002011 - Spark plug: A sparkplug includes a ground electrode forming a gap with a front end surface of the center electrode. A front end portion of the ground electrode includes an opposed surface facing the center electrode, and a pair of tapered surfaces sandwiching the opposed surface. A shortest distance between the center... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20150002012 - Light emitting device and method of fabricating the same: Exemplary embodiments of the present invention provide a light emitting device enabling correction of color coordinates into a desired target bin, and a method of fabricating the same. The method includes forming a first resin containing phosphors inside a cavity of a package body on which a light emitting diode... Agent:

20150002013 - Green-emitting (oxy)nitride-based phosphors and light-emitting device using the same: A green-emitting phosphor having the formula AaBbCcOdNe,:RE, wherein A is a positively charged divalent element; B is a positively charged trivalent element; C is a positively charged tetravalent element; and RE is a rare earth activator. The parameter a ranges from about 0.5 to about 1.5; the parameter b ranges... Agent: Intematix Corporation

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