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Supports: cabinet structure

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01/22/2015 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150022065 - Interchangeable breech lock for glove boxes: A breech lock for a glove box is provided that may be used to transfer one or more items into the glove box. The breech lock can be interchangeably installed in place of a plug, glove, or other device in a port or opening of a glove box. Features are... Agent:

20150022066 - All-acrylic display case: A transparent display case system that includes transparent hinges and a transparent case body. The case body is rotatable along an axis which is in alignment with the hinges.... Agent: 2 Face Case, LLC

20150022068 - Front frame for a cooking device: A front frame for a cooking appliance having at least one first cooking chamber which has a loading opening and a cooking chamber door for closing the loading opening. The front frame includes at least one first front frame unit. The at least one first front frame unit is configured... Agent:

20150022067 - Storage having pair of drawers drawn in opposite directions: A storage including a main body with a storeroom. The storeroom having a first opening and a second opening opposite to the first opening. The storeroom also having a first drawer that is drawn through the first opening and a second drawer drawn through the second opening. The storeroom further... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150022069 - Storage device carrier: A storage device carrier includes a first frame, a first support member, a second frame and a second support member. The first frame includes a first base plate and a first side plate. The first side plate is extended from the first base plate. The first support member is pivotally... Agent:

20150022070 - Latch assembly for multiple doors: A self-contained latch module in combination with a pusher and catch (collectively “latch assembly”) allows for the locking of two doors with a single lock. The latch module contains two spring-loaded bolts, one active and one passive. Pushing the active bolt into the latch housing, the passive bolt extends out... Agent: Compx International Inc.

20150022071 - Bracket supporting apparatus of vending machine: The separating plate comprises a hook, an inserting tab and a second flange. A resisting bracket diagonally extends from the inserting tab. When the hook is passed through the first slot and resists against a bottom of the base plate, the second flange resists against a top of the base... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150022072 - Traveling harness system: A traveling harness system is provided for an appliance to maintain electrical connections between the appliance and a drawer, while allowing the drawer to move. Wiring harness guides formed in the drawer force the wiring harness to maintain a predictable and desirable loop radius to reduce stress on the wiring... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150015128 - Configurable system for corrugated storage containers: The present application provides a system that includes a storage container system, at least one additional element, and one or more connector members for connecting the at least one additional element and the storage container system. The storage container system includes a drawer sleeve and a storage box slideably received... Agent:

20150015129 - Bezel assembly of electronic device enclosure: A fastener-free bezel assembly includes a panel and a bracket. The panel includes a front plate defining two stopping holes and a resilient piece extending from the front plate and defining a latching gap. The bracket includes two side plates and two latching hooks, and a blocking tab extends from... Agent:

20150015130 - Case: A case including a first housing and a second housing. The first housing includes a first board, a first side board extending upward from the first board, and a limiting board unit connected to the first side board. The limiting board unit and the first side board define a positioning... Agent: 3y Power Technology (taiwan), Inc.

20150015131 - Modular electronics chassis: An apparatus for removing a modular electronic device from a chassis and a method for assembling thereof are provided. The apparatus for removing the modular electronic device from the chassis comprises a door pivotally coupled to the chassis, a sliding element in slidable engagement with the door, an ejection actuator... Agent: Exablox Corporation

20150015132 - Foldable rack for a refrigerator: A refrigerator comprising a cabinet, a liner disposed within the cabinet and defining an interior fresh food compartment, a wine rack rotatably mounted within the fresh food compartment, the wine rack comprising a substantially planar plate having a first end and a second end with at least one aperture sized... Agent:

20150015133 - Pivoting mullion for a temperature-controlled storage device: A pivoting mullion for a temperature-controlled storage device is provided. The pivoting mullion includes a mullion body pivotally attached to a display case door of the temperature-controlled storage device. The mullion body is rotatable relative to the display case door between a first position when the display case door is... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150008805 - Reduced profile pop-up electrical receptacle assembly: A pop-up enclosure system (30) for electronic equipment, includes a receptacle (31) adapted for mounting in a work-surface (15) and containing one or more electrical outlets (32) for connection of equipment thereto, and a bezel (33) supported by the receptacle and adapted for countersinking in said work-surface. A top plate... Agent: Kramer Electronics Ltd.

20150008806 - Cabinet for housing plug-in cards: A cabinet for housing electronic plug-in cards has front and rear card baskets for inserting plug-in cards and first and second vertical backplanes. The front side of the first backplane faces the front of the cabinet and the front side of the second backplane faces the back of the cabinet.... Agent:

20150008807 - Washing machine: A washing machine in which a touch panel is placed at a door so that an exterior of the washing machine can be improved, the washing machine including: a body in which an opening is formed; and a door disposed to open and close the opening, wherein the door includes:... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150008808 - Washing machine: A washing machine including an attachment groove on or in a top portion or surface of a cabinet; a joint member coupled to the cabinet and in the attachment groove; a door configured to open and close an inlet of the cabinet, and a damper connected to the joint member... Agent:

20150008809 - Cabinet for storing ink-, enamel- and the like jet printing modules: A cabinet for storing printing modules with inkjet, enamel and the like, the printing modules being equipped with at least one tank containing ink, enamel and the like and with at least one colour print bar, in turn equipped with at least one digital printing head, the latter provided with... Agent:

20150008810 - Wall-mounted articulating half rack cabinet system: A half-rack electronics cabinet coupled to a wall mount by two doubly-nested four bar mechanisms that are operable to articulate the cabinet by ninety degrees to bring the back planes of any installed electronic modules to the top for easy access. The function of admitting outside signal and power cables... Agent:

20150008811 - Stowable folding door device: A stowable folding door device includes a slider to move the folded door in a depth direction of an article of furniture, a hook supported by the slider so as to rotate about a first rotation shaft and to engage with an engaging section provided on the article of furniture,... Agent:

20150008812 - Customizable modular storage unit organizer apparatus, system and method of using same: A customizable modular storage unit organizer apparatus with a pair of slides, a pair of slide covers, a pair of hollow cross bars, a pair of retainer clips, and a container for storing articles within the apparatus. The cross bars extend between, are affixed to the slide covers, and have... Agent:

20150008813 - Top mount adjustable cabinet mounted frame: A container assembly for recyclable materials mounted within a cabinet for movement between an extended position in which the open tops of the bins or containers are exposed for receiving recyclable materials and a retracted position in which the bins are concealed. The container assembly is supported for movement between... Agent:

20150008814 - Storage case: A storage case includes a frame, a top plate, and a drawer. The top plate covers an open upper side of the frame. The drawer is movable through an open front side of the frame. A bottom plate of the frame includes grooved rails and guide walls. The grooved rails... Agent:

20150008815 - Hydrophilic structures for condensation management in appliances: An appliance that includes a cabinet having an exterior surface; a refrigeration compartment located within the cabinet; and a hydrophilic structure disposed on the exterior surface. The hydrophilic structure is configured to spread condensation. The appliance further includes a wicking structure located in proximity to the hydrophilic structure, and the... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

01/01/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150002003 - Vending machine enclosure: A vending machine enclosure includes a chassis, a bottom frame, a door, and a support member. The bottom frame is secured to the chassis. A first end of the door is rotatably mounted to the chassis for opening or closing the chassis. The support member is secured to the bottom... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150002004 - Mounting apparatus for securing member: A mounting apparatus includes a case and a bracket attached to the case. The case includes a retaining member and a clasping member attached to the retaining member. The retaining member includes a stopping tab and a limiting panel. The clasping member includes a clasping piece. The clasping piece is... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150002005 - Dishwasher: A dishwasher having an improved structure by which a basket is easily withdrawn, the dishwasher including a case, a basket arranged within the case to receive objects to be washed, a rail provided on an inner wall of the case in order to guide the basket such that the basket... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150002006 - Electronics cabinet: An electronics cabinet having a cabinet frame, a front equipment rail, and a structural air dam. The cabinet frame includes a first pair of front-to-back beams connected to a pair of top side-to-side beams to form a top frame, a second pair of front-to-back beams connected to a pair of... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20150002007 - Portable drawer and door lock for retrofit applications: A lock for retrofitting onto a drawer or a door includes a drawer having a front panel. The drawer slidingly engages an item of furniture having a front face that is positioned above the front panel when the drawer is closed. A bracket has a vertically disposed flat front plate,... Agent: Triteq Lock And Security, L.L.C.

20150002008 - Carcass rail for a guiding device, guiding apparatus, item of furniture and method for producing a carcass rail: A carcass rail for a guiding device, by way of which a movable furniture part during opening and/or closing is guidable on a furniture carcass of an item of furniture. The carcass rail has a cross sectional profile including several even profile portions extending along a longitudinal axis of the... Agent: Grass Gmbh

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