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Supports: cabinet structure

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09/04/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140246963 - Ironing board storage device assembly and method: The present invention is an ironing board storage device that removeably attaches to a wall and rests on a support surface. The device includes an ironing board moveably mounted to a frame assembly within a housing for vertical movement between different elevations and pivotal movement of the ironing board between... Agent: Household Essentials, LLC

20140246964 - Mobile cart for dispensing medicine: A mobile cart for dispensing medications has an automated locking mechanism for selectively opening the drawers of such cart. The locking/unlocking both unlocks and moves a respective drawer on command from a signal panel that is connected to a computerized controller. The caregiver enters an authorizing codes and patient identifiers... Agent:

20140246965 - Apparatus and methods of forming molded parts: Various embodiments may relate to an apparatus including a first molded part including a first portion extending along a first axis, and a second portion extending along a second axis having a different orientation to the first axis; and a second molded part, molded to the first molded part, and... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140246966 - Compact holding cabinet: A food holding cabinet for holding food with a carrier that can be moved in and out of the cabinet be either a front door or a rear door. The food holding cabinet comprises an assembly with slots and fixtures that facilitate the motion of the carrier.... Agent: Manitowoc Foodservice Companies, LLC

20140246967 - Portable folding closet: A collapsible closet assembly has a pair of generally vertical rigid walls, and a plurality of generally flexible panels extending between the pair of rigid walls. A plurality of supports pivotally connect between the pair of vertical rigid walls and attach to the plurality of generally flexible panels, for movement... Agent: Houeshold Essentials, LLC.

20140246968 - Lift assist: A power assist device for use in a luggage bin with a drop-down shell has a load measuring mechanism, a power assist mechanism, and an actuation mechanism. The load measuring mechanism is changed from the inactive operating state to the active operating state by the actuation mechanism when the load... Agent: General Aerospace Gmbh

20140246969 - Slide arrangement for cable drawer: A drawer slide having first and second rails interconnected by a center rail. The center rail includes a spool configured to provide half-speed travel of the center rail relative to the travel of the first rail. The drawer slide is configured for use with a drawer assembly having a drawer... Agent: Adc Telecommunications, Inc.

20140246970 - Refrigerator: Disclosed is a refrigerator including a main body provided with a storage chamber; a door to respectively open and close the storage chamber; a control unit installed the door to select an operation; a reception part provided in the door to receive the control unit; and an installation hole provided... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

08/28/2014 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140239781 - Electronic device having a display and method of manufacture: A housing comprises a first housing component with a plurality of dovetail protrusions, at least one dovetail protrusion of the plurality having a first pin hole through a thickness of the protrusion, and a second housing component with a plurality of matching dovetail cuts, at least one dovetail cut containing... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140239782 - Adjustable swinging bracket: A universal cable bracket that enables one or more cables to be secured to a telecommunications chassis accommodates cables of various sizes and styles. The cable bracket is configured to be mounted in one of multiple orientations relative to the chassis. One or more fasteners can be inserted through apertures... Agent: Adc Telecommunications, Inc.

20140239784 - Dishwasher: A dishwater includes a basket unit including an upper basket and a lower basket. The upper basket is separated from the lower basket so that cutlery in the upper basket is easily separated from the upper basket.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140239783 - Multipurpose household appliance for complete cleaning and organizing to help improve the hygiene of baby bottles and also more distinct washable items used for babies and toddlers: d

20140239785 - Piece of furniture: The present invention concerns a piece of furniture (1) having a first piece (4) attached to second and third pieces (2) being perpendicular to the first piece (4) and where two opposing edges (5) of the first piece (4) are attached to one of the second and third pieces (2)... Agent: Ikea Supply Ag

20140239786 - Articulation structure for sliding shelf stem: An articulation mechanism for a sliding shelf stem of a household appliance and a method for constructing the articulation mechanism are disclosed. The articulation mechanism may operate without the use of an additional piece and may be made only with a stamping on the counter-door itself of the household appliance.... Agent: Electrolux Do Brasil Sa

20140239787 - Drawer with front door provided with locking-regulating apparatus of said front door: A drawer has a front door and a locking-regulating apparatus of the front door. The apparatus has a first locking-regulating device of the door with respect to the drawer according to the “X” horizontal axis and to the “Y” vertical axis.... Agent: Essetre S.r.l.

20140239788 - Appliance and a rack assembly for the same: An appliance and a rack assembly for the same are provided. The rack assembly includes a geared rack and a pair of gears. The gears of the pair of gears mesh with each other and the geared rack. The rack assembly also includes a shelf and a support link that... Agent: General Electric Company

20140239789 - Fitting: A fitting, in particular for a piece of furniture or a domestic appliance, comprises a first storage element, which is mounted such that it can be displaced from a rear storage position into an access position, and a second storage element, which is coupled to the first storage element via... Agent: Paul Hettich Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140239790 - Refrigerator: A refrigerator capable of varying the positions of a plurality of door guards provided at an opening of a refrigerating door, in which when an outer door configured to open and close the opening is closed in a state that a door guard is withdrawn, the door guard comes into... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140239791 - Refrigerator: A refrigerator includes a compressor to compress refrigerant, a condenser to liquefy the refrigerant supplied from the compressor, a capillary tube to decompress and expand the refrigerant supplied from the condenser, an evaporator to vaporize the refrigerant supplied from the capillary tube, a shutoff valve installed at an inlet of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140239792 - Refrigerator appliance and a shelf assembly for the same: A shelf assembly for a refrigerator appliance is provided. The shelf assembly includes a pair of brackets, a fixed shelf mounted to the pair of brackets, and a movable shelf. The shelf assembly also includes features for slidably mounting the movable shelf to said fixed shelf and for limiting movement... Agent: General Electric Company

20140239793 - Shelf support assembly for a ribbed appliance cavity: A shelf support assembly is provided that may be used with an oven appliance having protrusions along the walls of the cabinet for suspending the shelf support assembly therebetween. The shelf support assembly can include on each side a metal sheet configured to support a shelf that can be selectively... Agent: General Electric Company

08/21/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140232248 - Controlled atmosphere workstation: There is provided a method for initiating a sleeve evacuation process in a controlled atmosphere workstation that comprises a chamber, at least one porthole that may be opened for enabling a user to access the chamber, and a sleeve secured to the least one porthole. The method involves placing the... Agent:

20140232249 - Protection device for hvac units: This disclosure is related to protective devices that can protect and secure various structures. The structures can be disposed on a horizontally disposed surface or a vertically disposed surface. The protection devices can comprise protective cage and protective gate members. The protection devices can also include securing members to prevent... Agent:

20140232250 - Refrigerator having double doors: A refrigerator is disclosed. The disclosed refrigerator includes a body having a storage chamber, a first door pivotably provided at a front side of the body, to open or close the storage chamber, the first door having an opening, and at least one door pocket provided at the opening, a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140232251 - Refrigerator having double doors: A refrigerator includes a first door that is rotatably provided so as to open/close a storage compartment, a second door that is rotatably provided in the front of the first door so as to open/close the first door, and a door anti-opening unit that prevents or allows opening of the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

08/14/2014 > 12 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140225483 - Outdoor telecommunications equipment enclosures having slide lock assemblies: An outdoor telecommunications equipment enclosure includes a dome, a base for receiving the dome, and a slide lock assembly for coupling the dome to the base. The slide lock assembly includes a housing coupled to one of the dome and the base and defining a channel and a slider positioned... Agent: Emerson Network Power, Energy Systems, North America, Inc.

20140225484 - Storage volume: Storage volume having a cubical housing with an interior space and walls, whereby at least the front wall is provided with an opening, and whereby at least the side walls are provided with a coupling on their outward facing sides, which are made in such a way that they allow... Agent: The Chillafish Company Nv

20140225485 - Tool cabinet with downward opening transparent front door: A press brake tool cabinet with a downward opening transparent door. The door included a number of rectangular polycarbonate slats in frame members. The cabinet included a frame assembly and a number of drawers. Left and right door track systems are connected to the cabinet, and the door moves from... Agent:

20140225486 - Mounting fixture and method for using same: A fixture for mounting on a support structure having an outer surface and an inner surface defining a thickness, with a bore therethrough, comprising: a tubular body, having a top section and a bottom externally threaded section; a retaining collar, having an upper portion, the bottom surface thereof larger than... Agent:

20140225487 - Computer case: A computer case includes a first sidewall, a plurality of peripheral walls, a retractable fence, and a second sidewall. One side of each of the peripheral walls connects with the first sidewall in a surrounding manner; one end of the retractable fence is disposed to the other side of each... Agent: Giga-byte Technology Co., Ltd.

20140225488 - Anti-overturn locking system for furniture drawers, with electronic blocking module: the electronic blocking module consists of: tab (2) that can move linearly on casing (1) by the action of a motor (3) that transfers the movement to a cam (4) the shaft of which (4a) continuously supports it due to the force exerted by a tab spring (11); and electronic... Agent: Ojmar, S.a.

20140225489 - Radio-transparent coating for electronic device housing: Electronic devices and other apparatuses adapted to receive electromagnetic wave communications are disclosed. An outer housing encloses various device components, including at least an internal antenna located fully therewithin and adapted to receive/send communications from/to an outside source via RF or other electromagnetic waves. A ceramic coating can be a... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140225490 - Computer case and cooling device thereof: A computer case includes a housing and a cooling device. The cooling device includes a first pillar, a second pillar, a movable element, and a heat-dissipating element. The first pillar penetrates a top guidance slot hole and a bottom guidance slot hole of the housing and has an elongated slot... Agent: Giga-byte Technology Co., Ltd.

20140225491 - Locking bin drawer with slide-out trays for medications cabinet: A controlled access pharmaceutical storage cabinet has at least one pull-out drawer that is divided into a number of locked compartments, arranged in rows. Each row of compartments can be configured as a slide-out tray. A slide bar lock is positioned between rows of the compartments, and has a series... Agent:

20140225492 - Fitting for corner cabinets and pull-in device for said type of fitting: The invention relates to a fitting for corner cabinets (1), in particular for kitchen corner cabinets, with an essentially rectangular interior (2) from the top view, which is accessible from the front side via a corner cabinet door (3). Said fitting consists of at least one support which can be... Agent: Kesseb&#xd6 Hmer Holding E.k.

20140225493 - Piece of furniture: The invention relates to a piece of furniture (1) comprising at least two drawers (2, 3, 4) which lie one above the other and which comprise similar front panels (5) that can be removably connected to lateral walls (6, 7) of the drawers (2, 3, 4) via furniture fittings (10,... Agent: Ikea Supply Ag

20140225494 - Press brake tool cabinet with drawers having rotatable front panels: A press brake tool cabinet having multiple tool carrying drawers where the drawers are formed from a metal sheet base configured as two side panels separated by a bottom panel. A back panel is connected to the base, and a front panel having a first set of openings to receive... Agent:

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