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Supports: cabinet structure

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12/04/2014 > 16 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140354120 - Closure system for a drawer cabinet: A closure system for drawer cabinets, comprising locking means (2) with stacked cams (4) and that can be configured in at least a releasing position, in which it enables the opening of a drawer (102), and a locking position, in which it prevents the opening of the drawers (102); activation... Agent: Fami S.r.l.

20140354121 - Anti-tip closure device for drawer cabinet: A closure device for a drawer cabinet, comprising a linear guide (2), activating pins (7) attachable to respective drawers (102), a plurality of cam elements (6) slidably coupled to the guide (2) and stacked along the guide (2), each of said cam elements (6) to receive a translation movement along... Agent: Fami S.r.l.

20140354123 - Casing for housing occupant protection device control unit: A casing for housing an occupant protection device control unit is mounted to a vehicle body. The casing is composed of a metallic base mounted on the vehicle body with its plate surfaces facing upward and downward, respectively, and a main body that is put on and mounted on the... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140354124 - Device for handling value documents: An adapter for connecting first and second modules in a device for handling notes of value. Also disclosed is a cover for such note handling device.... Agent:

20140354122 - Electronic device housing and method for manufacturing the same: An electronic device housing includes a first housing, a second housing, a limiting member, and a fastening member. The first housing includes a bottom wall, a top wall, and a sidewall coupling the bottom wall and the top wall. The bottom wall, the sidewall, and the top wall cooperatively define... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140354125 - Vegetable container for refrigerators and refrigerator having the same: A vegetable container for a refrigerator includes a case having an opening formed at a front thereof, the case being provided with a receiving space to receive objects to be stored, a drawer to seal an interior of the case, a discharge port formed through a bottom surface of the... Agent:

20140354126 - Retractable attic storage system: A closet or enclosure 100 (closet) fit into an attic. A panel (110) forms the bottom of the closet. The panel can be lowered to the living space below manually or by using a return spring or electrical means. The panel holds a cabinet, box, or other storage item (105... Agent: Delorean, LLC

20140354127 - Handle assembly and electronic device chassis having the same: A handle assembly includes a fixing member, a latching member received in the fixing member, and a handle slidably mounted to the fixing member. The latching member includes two resilient arms at opposite ends. Each resilient arm includes a projection. The handle includes a hold portion and two legs extending... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140354128 - Shipping container: A shipping container includes a first wall assembly and a first shelf support member secured to the first wall assembly. The first shelf support member includes a first shelf bearing portion. A second shelf support member is secured to the first wall assembly, and is separate from and spaced apart... Agent:

20140354129 - Modular enclosure: A modular enclosure that can be used as a stand-alone unit or can be ganged together in a multiple unit configuration. The enclosure system consisting of a base frame and front door with open sides which can accommodate various side covers or attachments all using the same common mounting. The... Agent:

20140354130 - Support apparatus usable with electrical enclosure: A support apparatus is usable with an electrical enclosure to provide support to retain a cover portion of the electrical enclosure in proximity to a cabinet portion of the electrical enclosure. The support apparatus includes a shank having a hook-shaped retention element situated at an end thereof that is configured... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140354131 - Patch panel cable retention mechanisms: A device and a system may facilitate access to communication connectors, adapters, and/or ports that are supported within a housing, e.g., a rack or cabinet. The system may include one or more of the devices. The system may also include a device that manages, e.g., guides and supports cables that... Agent: Go!foton Holdings, Inc.

20140354132 - Translatable support mechanism: A translatable support mechanism is provided. The translatable support mechanism includes a storage component, a pair of supports, and a pair of gear sets. The pair of supports and the pair of gear sets support the storage component such that the storage component is translatable between an open and closed... Agent: General Electric Company

20140354134 - Airtight container for refrigerator and refrigerator including the same: A refrigerator includes a case, a drawer, and a ventilation port opening/closing member. The case has a storage space formed therein and the drawer stores food and opens and closes the storage space while being supported by the case so as to be movable with respect to the case. The... Agent:

20140354133 - Vegetable container for refrigerators and refrigerator having the same: A vegetable container includes a case having an opening formed at a front thereof, the case being provided with a receiving space to receive objects to be stored, a drawer to seal an interior of the case, a negative pressure part lower pressure in the case, and a reinforcing part... Agent:

20140354135 - Cooling device comprising a door opening mechanism: The present invention relates to a cooling device (1) comprising a body (2) wherein the objects to be cooled are placed, at least one door (3) providing access into the body (2) and a door opening mechanism (4) situated on each door (3), having a handle (5) that rotates around... Agent: Arcelik Anonim Sirketi

11/27/2014 > 11 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140346932 - Underground enclosure system for storing components, cables, and the like: A pressurized underground enclosure includes a battery venting system having a battery within a battery box in a sealed enclosure. A first pipe is fluidly connected to the battery box and an ambient atmosphere and includes a vacuum generator for reducing a pressure in the battery box. A second pipe... Agent:

20140346933 - Support system: A support system for one or more display items is configured with side walls extending in a longitudinal direction from a base towards a top such that an interior is defined between the base, top and side walls. A plurality of receptacles are configured in the base and a plurality... Agent:

20140346934 - Adjustable storage system: An adjustable storage system provides a space efficient system of storage cabinets. The system includes a rectangular base platform with a pair of primary rails running along the length of the base platform. A plurality of primary storage cabinets is slidably engaged with the primary rails. Each of the primary... Agent:

20140346935 - Electronic device enclosure: An electronic device enclosure includes a rear cover. The rear cover includes at least one first segment and at least one second segmentation. The at least one first segment includes a first securing portion, and the at least one second segment includes a second securing portion. The first securing portion... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140346936 - Protection cover: Disclosed is a protection cover for protecting an electronic device, including: a base; and a conductor formed at least a portion of the base. In some embodiments, the conductor may be located to be spaced apart from a display unit of the electronic device. In some embodiments, the base may... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140346937 - Height adjuster mechanism for a dishwasher dish rack: A dish rack is supported for both selective movement into and out of a washing chamber of a dishwasher tub and vertically relative to the tub, with the vertical adjustment being made by manually grasping and shifting at least one frontal cross bar extending along a front wall of the... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20140346938 - Dishwasher comprising an automatic door opening mechanism: The present invention relates to a dishwasher (1) wherein the door (3) is opened automatically by means of the door opening mechanism (13) at the end of the washing and drying processes and a fast drying is performed by discharging the vapor accumulated in the body (2) at the end... Agent: Arcelik Anonim Sirket

20140346939 - Jewelry and accessory storage cabinet and method of organization: A jewelry and accessory storage cabinet is provided that comprises a cabinet frame having both vertical and horizontal drawers to efficiently store and organize items therein. The drawers are deployable from the frame, wherein the vertical drawers are adapted to supporting elongated, hanging accessory items, while the horizontal drawers are... Agent:

20140346940 - Piece of furniture, guide unit and arrangement and method for fitting a guide unit on a furniture part: A piece of furniture, a guide unit and an arrangement and a method for fitting a guide unit on a furniture part including a receiving device for coupling to hook means on the guide unit prior to the guide unit being fitted on a first furniture part for the first... Agent:

20140346941 - Spring-loaded drive device for a movable furniture element: Spring-loaded drive device for a movable furniture element, especially a drawer, comprising a mechanical deactivation device with which the drive device can be reversibly deactivated.... Agent:

20140346942 - Refrigerator and method of manufacturing the same: A refrigerator uses a vacuum heat insulation material. The refrigerator includes a door including a space part having a predetermined volume and a housing having a hole to allow communication between inner and outer sides of the space part. The space part includes, as a core material, an open cell... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

11/20/2014 > 10 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140339968 - Casing of outdoor unit in air conditioning device: A casing of an outdoor unit includes support pillars, each of the support pillars having standing wall portions arranged along the up and down direction, and a top plate mounted on upper ends of the support pillars. Substantially horizontal abutment portions extending upward from at least a part of the... Agent:

20140339969 - Modular system: Modular system (2) comprising at least two modules (1), said modules comprising a shelf top panel (3) and an oppositely placed shelf bottom panel (4), said two panels being mutually connected by a first shelf side panel (5) and an oppositely placed second shelf side panel (6) for providing a... Agent: Hdn Holdings Aps

20140339970 - Laundry treatment apparatus: A laundry treatment apparatus may facilitate input and removal of laundry items. The laundry treatment apparatus may include a door which may selectively open and close an opening into a receiving space formed in a cabinet in which laundry items may be received for treatment. The door may serve as... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140339971 - Cover for electronic device: A cover for a portable electronic device includes a body arranged to accommodate the portable electronic device in a detachable manner and provide mechanical protection when the cover is attached to the portable electronic device, and a groove provided in a surface of the body that faces the portable electronic... Agent: Sonic Force Oy

20140339972 - Furniture unit: The invention relates to a furniture unit (1) having a frame structure (2), which delimits a box-shaped receiving space (3). On at least one side (4), a partition frame (20) having a partition wall (19) is accommodated. The partition wall (19) can be locked and aligned by means of an... Agent: Fehre Design Gmbh

20140339973 - Slide assembly: A slide assembly includes a first slide, a locking member, a second slide, and a third slide. The first slide defines a first slot, a locking hole, and a first engaging hole. The locking member is attached to the first slide. The locking member includes a body, a first locking... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140339974 - Tool cabinet drawer and latching mechanism: A tool cabinet drawer and latching mechanism for operating a drawer of a cabinet. The latch pivots within a channel disposed in a handle assembly, which itself pivotally mounts to supports, which are themselves mounted to the drawer. The latch engages with a catch in the cabinet itself to secure... Agent: Gill Metal Fabrication, Inc.

20140339975 - Slide assembly: A slide assembly includes a first rail, a second rail, a third rail, and a mounting rack. The first rail includes a first path defined along a longitudinal direction of the first rail. The second rail is movably located in the first path of the first rail. The second rail... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140339976 - Refrigerator drawers with trim: An appliance that includes a storage compartment is provided. The appliance comprises either a drawer or a wire basket located in the storage compartment, a handle, and a trim portion. The drawer or basket is configured for storing at least one item and the drawer is movable relative to the... Agent:

20140339977 - Foot for a computer casing, and computer casing having a foot of said type: A foot for a computer casing includes a base element that contacts a supporting area, a damping element that dampens oscillations and a fastening element that fastens the foot on a computer casing, wherein the damping element is mechanically arranged between the base element and the fastening element such that... Agent: Fjuitsu Technology Solutions Intellectual Property Gmbh

11/13/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140333186 - Mounting apparatus: A mounting apparatus includes a panel cage, a first securing member securing a first LCD, a second securing member securing a second LCD, and a cover secured to the panel cage. One of the first securing member and the second securing member is alternatively secured to the panel cage. When... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140333187 - Cooling systems and heat exchangers for cooling computer components: Computer systems having heat exchangers for cooling computer components are disclosed herein. The computer systems include a computer cabinet having an air inlet, an air outlet spaced apart from the air inlet, and a plurality of computer module compartments positioned between the air inlet and the air outlet. The air... Agent:

20140333188 - File storage cabinet: A cabinet for the storage of files, books or papers comprising a floor panel, a vertically-arranged back panel fixed to the rear edge of said floor panel, vertically-arranged side panels fixed to the side edges of both said floor and back panels, a plurality of divider panels fixed to said... Agent:

20140333189 - Colorpoint process: An apparatus and method for creating a realistic granite or other pattern on a substrate, such as a sink, bath, or piece of furniture. The apparatus and method may use gelcoat to create a regular or irregular pattern. The apparatus may use pressurized air or gear pumps to pump paint... Agent:

20140333190 - Integrated control system for service distribution car using wireless communications and service distribution car: Disclosed is a service distribution car including a heating cabinet and a cooling cabinet for providing meals, the service distribution car including: a body comprising a temperature controller for controlling a temperature of receiving space having the heating cabinet and the cooling cabinet; a plurality of driving wheels fixed to... Agent: Myungse Cmk Co., Ltd.

20140333191 - Refrigerator: A refrigerator includes a body, a first door rotatably coupled to one side of the body, and a second door rotatably coupled to the other side of the body. Both the first door and the second door having pocket portions disposed at rear sides of the doors so as to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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