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Electrical generator or motor structure

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04/16/2015 > 18 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150102709 - Stator assembly for motor: Disclosed herein is a stator assembly for a motor including: a stator core which includes a rounded base having a plurality of first holes formed in the vertical direction and a plurality of teeth radially formed on the outer circumferential surface of the base; an insulation coating layer formed on... Agent:

20150102693 - Electric motor: An electric motor for an adjusting device of a motor vehicle, particularly of a gearbox actuator, has a stator energized by an electronic mechanism and a rotor for powering the motor. The stator is disposed in a metallic stator housing on which a contact point for connecting an earth cable... Agent: Brose Fahrzeugteile Gmbh & Co. Kommanditgesellsch- Aft W&#xdc Rzburg

20150102692 - Terminal assembly for starter motor of vehicle: A terminal assembly coupled to a starter motor terminal mounted to a vehicle includes a first terminal having a terminal engaging part engaged with a terminal of a starter motor, and a first terminal coupling part extending from one side of the terminal engaging part. A second terminal is detachably... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150102694 - Rotor structure of electric motor, and method for manufacturing the same: A rotor for preventing breakaway includes a shaft, a rotor core configured to be coupled to the shaft, and multiple permanent magnets configured to be inserted into the rotor core, wherein a cylindrical metallic ring is inserted and fixed on an outer surface of the rotor core.... Agent:

20150102695 - Electric machine: An electric machine includes a stator core, a rotor core, a shaft and at least one pair of magnets. The stator core surrounds the stator core. The rotor core enfolds the shaft and includes at least one groove. The groove includes a pair of sub-grooves. The sub-grooves define an angle... Agent:

20150102696 - Armature, rotating electrical device, and armature manufacturing method: An armature provided with: plural core configuration members that configure an armature core and are segmented from each other on progression along the circumferential direction of the armature core; plural insulators that each include plural insulating portions mounted to the core configuration members and a coupling portion that couples the... Agent:

20150102698 - End-ring for induction motor, rotor having the same: A rotor comprises a rotor core comprising a rotational axis and a plurality of slots, a plurality of rotor bars inserted in the plurality of slots, and a plurality of holders arranged around a rotational axis of the rotor. Each holder comprises an insertion groove configured to receive and engage... Agent:

20150102697 - Rotor with 2-step shaped slot and induction motor having the same: A rotor with a two-step shaped slot may include a rotor core configured to include a plurality of shoe structures which have a two-step shaped slot, a plurality of rotor bars configured to be inserted into and coupled to the two-step shaped slot, and end rings configured to be coupled... Agent:

20150102699 - Stator: Stators (1) for electrical machines, in particular a rotating field machine, such as a motor or generator, in particular for an electric vehicle, wherein a stator (1) has slots separated by stator teeth, into which shaped bars (3, 4), formed from a plurality of individual wires (10), are deployed, characterised... Agent: Brusa Elektronik Ag

20150102700 - Electric motor capable of reducing cogging torque: An electric motor including a rotor including magnetic pole units and a stator including slots facing an outer peripheral surface of the rotor. Each of the magnetic pole units is bulged to an outside in a radial direction so that a waveform of a magnetic flux density generated from the... Agent:

20150102701 - Micro-electro-mechanical system device with enhanced structural strength: The invention provides a MEMS device with enhanced structural strength. The MEMS device includes a plurality of metal layers, including a top metal layer with a plurality of metal segments. The metal segments are individually connected to an adjacent metal layer immediately under the top metal layer through at least... Agent: Pixart Imaging Incorporation

20150102702 - Thermal power cell and apparatus based thereon: e

20150102703 - Vibrator, oscillator, electronic device, and moving object: A MEMS vibrator includes: a substrate; a supporting portion which is connected to the substrate; a base portion which is connected to the supporting portion; and a plurality of vibration portions which is separated from the substrate and extends in different directions from each other from the base portion, and... Agent:

20150102704 - Super-piezoelectric composite fiber mats for power generation and soft actuators: A piezoelectric device includes a fiber mat comprising polymer fibers with ferroelectric particles embedded in the polymer fibers. The ferroelectric particles are oriented to generate a net polarization in the fiber mat. The ferroelectric particles may comprise barium titanate particles. The polymer fibers may comprise polylactic acid (PLA) fibers. The... Agent: Kent State University

20150102705 - Elastic wave device: An elastic wave device includes a high acoustic velocity film configured such that a bulk wave propagates at a higher acoustic velocity than an elastic wave that propagates in a piezoelectric film, a low acoustic velocity film configured such that a bulk wave propagates at a lower acoustic velocity than... Agent:

20150102706 - Piezoelectric element and vibrator including the same: There is provided a piezoelectric element including: a piezoelectric body including positive electrode layers and negative electrode layers alternately stacked on element layers; a polymer layer stacked on at least one surface of the piezoelectric body; a first external electrode stacked so as to contact the polymer layer; and a... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150102707 - Composite substrate: A composite substrate 10 includes a supporting substrate 12 and a piezoelectric substrate 14 which are bonded to each other. In this embodiment, the supporting substrate 12 and the piezoelectric substrate 14 are bonded to each other by an adhesive layer 16. In the composite substrate 10, since the supporting... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20150102708 - Piezoelectric device and method of fabricating the same: There is provided a piezoelectric device including: a body portion having a plurality of piezoelectric layers stacked therein; and internal electrodes disposed in the body portion with at least one of the plurality of piezoelectric layers interposed therebetween and including a shrinkage inhibitor having at least one of a flake... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

04/09/2015 > 22 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150097449 - Driving apparatus: A driving apparatus (101) is provided with: a base part (110); a driven part (130) which is capable of rotating; an elastic part (120a, 120b) which connects the base part and the driven part and which has elasticity for allowing the driven part to rotate around a rotational axis which... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20150097451 - Motor with cooling device: A motor includes a main body and a cooling device. The cooling device includes a mounting seat defining an inlet hole and an outlet hole spaced from the inlet hole, and a cooling pipe communicating with the inlet hole and defining a plurality of ejection holes on a sidewall. The... Agent:

20150097450 - System and method for cooling an electric motor: A frame for an electric motor, the frame including an outer frame layer, an inner frame layer, and a liquid coolant passage positioned between the inner frame layer and the outer frame layer, wherein the inner frame layer includes a first opening to allow air from an air passage among... Agent:

20150097470 - Inverter module: Provided is an inverter module for use in an inverter-integrated motor, the inverter module being arranged at an axial end portion of a motor, the inverter module including trapezoidal power modules, each of which has a single-phase inverter circuit mounted thereon, and includes an electrical connection terminal for a power... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20150097454 - Direct drive for a rotation machine, particularly for a container treatment machine: A direct drive for a rotation machine, particularly for a container treatment machine, this drive including a fixed machine part (1) and a machine part (2) rotating around a vertical machine axis, wherein the rotating machine part (2) is rotationally connected to the fixed machine part (1) by a roller... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150097452 - High voltage bushing connection and maintenance: A method of maintaining a high voltage bushing can comprise inspecting a high voltage bushing connection, the high voltage bushing connection comprising a tubular lead, a lower stud connector, and the high voltage bushing. A method of maintaining a high voltage bushing can also comprise restoring the high voltage bushing... Agent: Agt Services, Inc.

20150097453 - Rotary electric machine: Obtain a rotary electric machine in which an insulation capability of bus-bar units is maintained in order to supply current to a coil of a stator of the rotary electric machine, and the whole stator can be downsized. In the arc-shaped bus-bar units which are laminated and arranged on a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150097455 - Electromechanical actuator: An electromechanical actuator is provided whose structure is simplified and made small, and with which an output portion can be driven even if a jammed state occurs in a screw mechanism. An electromechanical actuator is configured that includes an electric motor having a first rotor portion and a second rotor... Agent: Nabtesco Corporation

20150097456 - Cantilevered-shaft electric motor: This cantilevered-shaft electric motor has no bearing on the load side, and since there also is no end bracket, which is present in ordinary electric motors, the internal stator and rotor are in an unprotected state in a bare state. The present invention provides a cantilevered-shaft electric motor that prevents... Agent:

20150097457 - Machine having a back-up bearing having a hybrid arrangement: A machine having a stator and a rotor having a rotor shaft supported in bearings, such that the rotor is rotatable about a rotation axis. The bearings are designed as active magnetic bearings in which the rotor is supported without contact. A respective back-up bearing is associated with each active... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150097458 - Permanent magnet electric machine: A rotor for a permanent magnet electric machine includes a rotor core and a plurality of permanent magnet bundles located at the rotor core. Each permanent magnet bundle includes a first magnet of a first magnetic material and a second magnet of a second magnetic material located radially outboard of... Agent: Otis Elevator Company

20150097459 - Homopolar motor-generators: A motor-generator utilizes a multi-part rotor encircling a stator, the rotor including a plurality of rotor segments.... Agent: Rotonix Hong Kong Limited

20150097460 - Ball joint universal rotary motor, a manufacturing method and a working mechanism thereof: Described herein is a ball joints universal rotary motor, a manufacturing method and a working mechanism thereof. The ball joints universal rotary motor comprises a housing, a spherical-cap shaped stator body, and a rotor body configured to be secured within the stator body. The stator body is made from a... Agent:

20150097461 - Rotating electrical machine: A rotary electric machine may include a rotor that includes a laminated core arranged on a rotor shaft, wherein the rotor has at least one end-winding cover that encloses the laminated core in the axial direction of the rotor shaft, and the end-winding cover has an outer face, and a... Agent:

20150097462 - Laminated core and method for manufacturing the same: A laminated core 10 including a plurality of laminated iron core pieces, each of the iron core pieces being connected in a laminating direction by filling resin in a plurality of resin holes penetrating the laminated core 10 in the laminating direction, and a method for manufacturing the laminated core... Agent: Mitsui High-tec, Inc

20150097463 - Stack of laminations and method for the production thereof: The stack of laminations consists of punched laminations (5), which are bonded together by an adhesive agent. The adhesive agent is composed of an adhesive (4) and an initiator (15), which consists of methacrylates, derivative imines and methacrylic esters. The completely cured adhesive bond has long-term resistance when exposed to... Agent:

20150097464 - High speed rotor connection support: A rotor connection support comprising a main connection ring configured to reduce the moment load on fastener locations (such as threaded fastener locations) by integrating stand-off posts into a high strength plate are discussed herein. These stand-offs may be configured to reduce the stresses on the high stress concentration/low cross... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150097465 - Harvesting energy from interaction with papers: There is provided a system and method for harvesting electrical energy from interaction with papers. The system comprising an electret disposed between a first electrode and a second electrode, and an interactive device connected to one end of the first electrode and one end of the second electrode to provide... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20150097466 - Systems and methods for generating high voltage pulses: A high voltage pulse generating system has a latching element coupled in between a ferroelectric generator (FEG) and a load, such as a vector inversion generator. Such a latching element prevents the return of current to the FEG when the FEG undergoes mechanical destruction after depolarization, thereby increasing the useful... Agent:

20150097467 - Strain amplification structure and synthetic jet actuator: A strain amplification structure has a frame with a hexagonal structure incorporating a plurality of rigid beams that are connected to opposing end beams by a plurality of flexible joints. A piezoceramic actuator assembly is connected to the opposing end beams having a collar including an opening. A shaft providing... Agent:

20150097468 - Piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer array with switched operational modes: Switchable micromachined transducer arrays are described where one or more switches, or relays, are monolithically integrated with transducer elements in a piezoelectric micromachined transducer array (pMUT). In embodiments, a MEMS switch is implemented on the same substrate as the transducer array for switching operational modes of the transducer array. In... Agent:

20150097469 - Generator spring bar enhancement for core support system: A generator including a frame (56); first and second frame rings (13) extending radially inwardly from an inside surface of the frame (56); a core (54) within the frame (56); key bars (100) spaced apart circumferentially and extending axially spanning a distance between the first and second frame rings (75A... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 25 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20150091393 - Convection cooling system for motors: An apparatus includes a lamination stack for a motor stator. The lamination stack comprises a plurality of conductive laminates. The laminates are coupled to each other in a stacking direction along a stacking axis. Each laminate comprises a base, a plurality of fins extending from a first side of the... Agent:

20150091394 - Linear motor and method for producing a gas supported runner of a linear motor: A linear motor including a stator including electrical coils; a runner including permanent magnets; and a back iron device, wherein the runner is arranged between the stator and the back iron device and offset from the stator and the back iron device, wherein the runner is moveable relative to the... Agent:

20150091395 - Electro-mechanical reciprocating magnetic piston engine: An electrical engine using a magnetic piston is disclosed. The magnetic piston is contained in a housing which has a passage through which the magnetic piston can freely reciprocate between opposite first and second ends. Electromagnets are mounted adjacent the ends of the passage, the electromagnets configured to generate a... Agent:

20150091396 - End shield with extrusions for mounting the end shield to a stator stack: A mounting feature plate rigidly mounts a mounting feature to a stator of an electrical motor in proximity to an end shield to help maintain a predetermined air gap between a rotor and a stator in the electrical motor. The mounting feature plate includes a planar member, an offset member... Agent: Nidec Motor Corporation

20150091397 - Spintronic generator: A spintronic generator that provides electrical power with the motive force of natural electron spin. The utilization of natural electron spin can be enhanced with carefully matched materials, weights, and magnetic waveforms which provide precise pulsed frequencies in resonance with the materials. This resonance of the magnetic pulses provides clean... Agent:

20150091398 - Electric machine with in slot cooling system: An electric machine that includes a stator core having at least one slot and a winding in the slot. An elongate cooling conduit defines at least one projecting bend that is positioned in the slot. The projecting bend has first and second axially extending legs and an intermediate section. Coolant... Agent:

20150091401 - Dc motor for driving assemblies of a motor vehicle: A DC motor for driving components of a motor vehicle includes a housing radially surrounding a stator and a rotor. An end plate axially bond to the DC motor comprises a center which has a drive shaft project there-through, and two connection contacts projecting therefrom which supply a voltage to... Agent:

20150091400 - Low profile pump motor lead protector: A low profile pump motor lead protector with a head guard and a trailing guard, the head guard including a front section with a front end and a rear section with a rear end, the trailing guard having a pin end for insertion in a head guard socket, the lead... Agent:

20150091402 - Motor: Provided is a motor including a rotor section including a rotor core, a drive magnet attached to the rotor core, and a screw disposed in the rotor core and rotated with the rotor core; a nut member coupled to the screw and vertically moved upon rotation of the rotor section;... Agent:

20150091399 - Systems and methods for preventing electrical arcing between components of an esp motor: Systems and methods for preventing electrical arcing in motors by placing an electrically conductive roller assembly between the stator and rotor of the motor. A rotor is mounted on a shaft, and this assembly is positioned within the bore of a stator. The roller assembly has a stationary portion that... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150091403 - Transverse flux machine and vehicle: A transverse flux machine includes a stator having a circular coil wound in a rotational direction, a plurality of first ferromagnets arranged in the rotational direction, each of the first ferromagnets surrounding a part of the circular coil; and a rotor arranged to face the first ferromagnets across a gap,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150091404 - Rotor for rotating electric machine, rotating electric machine, and magnetizing apparatus for rotating electric machine: A rotor for a rotating electric machine includes a rotor core including a plurality of laminated steel plates; a permanent magnet fixed to an outer peripheral surface of the rotor core, the permanent magnet having a length in an axial direction less than that of the rotor core; and an... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150091405 - Rotating electric machine: An axial gap type rotating electric machine, having a stator with first tooth parts protruding in an axial direction and formed in a concentric arc-like manner, and a rotor with magnetic poles arranged in a distributed manner in the circumferential direction, and the magnetic poles include second tooth parts that... Agent: Nippon Piston Ring Co., Ltd

20150091407 - Embedded permanent magnet rotary electric machine: Permanent magnets that constitute the single magnetic poles are constituted by n permanent magnet segments, the n permanent magnet segments being configured such that shapes and directions of orientation thereof have mirror symmetry relative to a plane that passes through a magnetic pole center and that includes a central axis... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150091406 - Permanent magnet motor: A permanent magnet motor includes a P-pole-implanted permanent magnet rotator containing a ferrite magnet in a laminated silicon steel sheet, wherein, at one pole, a U-shaped permanent magnet comprising three parts, and, at the outer periphery of the U-shaped magnet, one outer-periphery permanent magnet disposed longitudinally in the peripheral direction... Agent: Aida Engineering, Ltd.

20150091408 - Stator structure for rotary electric machine: In a stator constituting a rotary electric machine, a U-shaped first and second divided conductors are disposed at slots. The pitch of a pair of straight parts of the first divided conductor is set larger than that of a pair of straight parts of the second divided conductor. The second... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150091409 - Armature, armature manufacturing method, and rotating electrical device: An armature comprising plural core configuration members; plural insulators integrated with the core configuration members and a coupling portion that couples the pair of insulation portions; and plural coil wires that each includes a pair of wound portions wound onto the respective core configuration members, and a crossing wire that... Agent:

20150091410 - Axial flux electrical machines and methods of manufacturing the same.: An axial flux electric machine comprises a rotor assembly configured to rotate about an axis of rotation. A stator core is coupled to the rotor assembly. The stator core comprises a stator core base and a plurality of circumferentially-spaced stator teeth extending from the base in a direction parallel to... Agent: Regal Beloit America, Inc.

20150091411 - Method of manufacturing a device with a cavity: A micro-device includes a substrate with a cavity. The cavity is covered with a porous layer that is permeable to vapor hydrofluoric acid (HF) etchant. The micro-device comprises a Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) device with a component that is moveable in operational use of the MEMS device. The component is arranged... Agent:

20150091412 - Mechanical resonating structures including a temperature compensation structure: Mechanical resonating structures are described, as well as related devices and methods. The mechanical resonating structures may have a compensating structure for compensating temperature variations.... Agent: Sand 9, Inc.

20150091413 - Flexible display device: A flexible display device includes a display panel having pliability and a dielectric elastomer unit on the display panel. The dielectric elastomer unit is reversibly deformable by an applied voltage to provide stiffness to the display panel.... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150091414 - Piezoelectric device and an apparatus: A piezoelectric device comprises at least one element comprising at least one sheet of piezoelectric material. The element is mounted on a circuit board comprising at least one conductive layer having at least one opening. The element is located on the opening and supported by edges of the opening in... Agent:

20150091415 - Autonomous intracorporeal capsule with energy harvesting by piezoelectric transducer: An autonomous intracorporeal capsule comprises a body containing electronic circuits and an energy harvesting module. The energy harvesting module comprises a moveable surface on the body of the capsule, subjected to pressure variations and to produce a mechanical stress under the effect of the pressure variations, and a transducer comprising... Agent:

20150091416 - Composite substrate, piezoelectric device, and method for manufacturing composite substrate: A composite substrate 10 includes a piezoelectric substrate 12 and a support layer 14 bonded to the piezoelectric substrate 12. The support layer 14 is made of a material having no crystalline anisotropy in a bonded surface thereof and has a smaller thickness than the piezoelectric substrate 12. The piezoelectric... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20150091417 - Piezoelectric ceramics, piezoelectric ceramic compositions, and piezoelectric elements: A piezoelectric ceramic contains as a main component an oxide which is represented by the general formula: sA1B1O3-t(Bi.A2)TiO3-(1-s-t)BaMO3 (where A1 is at least one element selected from among alkali metals; B1 is at least one element selected from among transition metal elements and contains Nb; A2 is at least one... Agent: Toyama Prefecture

03/26/2015 > 48 patent applications in 39 patent subcategories.

20150084440 - Energy harvesting device: Energyharvesting device The present invention relates to a very simple and robust wireless batteryless device (100) for harvesting energy. The actuation upon button pressure/release results in a rotation of a first member (1) around its central axis (11) leading to a move of an element (3), which is loosely fixed... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150084441 - Linear motor unit: A linear motor unit includes at least one first linear motor in which an armature is disposed spaced from a shaft guide supporting section which is provided at a distal end of a frame, and a shaft guide is disposed on a proximal side of the shaft guide supporting section;... Agent:

20150084442 - Linear motor: A linear motor includes an excitation unit including a shaft and a plurality of permanent magnets located in the shaft, and an armature including a plurality of coils surrounding the excitation unit and a magnetic cover covering the coils. The plurality of coils of the same phase group are continuously... Agent:

20150084443 - High energy density vibration energy harvesting device with high-mu material: The present disclosure describes a vibration energy harvester with increased output power density. The vibration energy harvester has two magnetic solenoids, each with cores that include multiple layers of high permeability materials. The two magnetic solenoids are fixed at two sides of a movably supported hard magnetic core, such as... Agent: Northeastern University

20150084446 - Direct drive stacked motor acuator: A motor actuator includes multiple rotors and stators arranged in an alternating configuration. Each rotor is located between two adjacent stators. Each rotor includes magnets assembled on a shaft. The stators are secured to a housing, and each stator has multiple coils embedded as traces within a printed circuit board... Agent:

20150084445 - Electric machine: An electric machine comprises a sealed outer casing defined by a body and by a cover coupled to the body, a stator and a rotor the latter two being mounted inside the casing; the stator is of a wound type and comprises a core having at least two pole pieces... Agent:

20150084444 - Mold stator, electric motor, and air-conditioner outdoor unit: A mold stator is configured to include a stator core and a mold resin that covers the stator core. A divided-core part includes a yoke part that is arranged coaxially with a rotor that is provided in the stator core, a teeth part that extends from the yoke part in... Agent:

20150084448 - Rotating electrical machine and method for manufacturing rotating electrical machine: A rotating electrical machine includes a rotor and a stator positioned circumferentially around the rotor. The stator includes multiple core elements arrayed in a circumferential direction of the rotor such that the core elements form multiple slots arrayed in the circumferential direction, and a unitary cylindrical coil resin structure including... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150084447 - Stator including a bracket, electric motor including a stator, and method of producing an electric motor: A method of producing an electric motor which can prevent resin from ending up leaking from an opening for lead wire use when performing a step of filling a resin in the internal space of the electric motor, provided with a step of attaching a bracket which has an opening... Agent:

20150084449 - Rotary electric machine: Obtain a rotary electric machine by which a share of coil slots for a stator winding in slots, which are formed in a stator core, can be increased, and heat generation at a central portion of a stator can be decreased. The stator winding is composed of coil slots, which... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150084450 - Rotating electric machine: This rotating electric machine has a rotor, stator core, field windings for multiple poles, and armature windings for the multiple poles. The rotor is rotatably supported about a shaft. Convex-shaped multiple salient pole sections are formed on the outer circumference of the rotor while arranged in the circumferential direction. The... Agent: Toshiba Mitsubishi-electric Industrial Systems Corporation

20150084451 - Switched reluctance motor and switched reluctance apparatus for hybrid vehicles: An improved hybrid drive apparatus with a switched reluctance hub motor. The switched reluctance motor eliminates any drag caused by the existing magnetic fields of the motors used in the prior art by turning off the magnetic fields when not being used. It also is cleaner and more efficient to... Agent:

20150084452 - Interior permanent magnet machine with pole-to-pole asymmetry of rotor slot placement: An interior permanent magnet machine includes a rotor having a plurality of slots. First and second slots are disposed in a first pole and the third and fourth slots are disposed in a second pole. A first angle is defined between respective centerlines of the first and second slots. A... Agent:

20150084453 - Electrical machine for use in the automotive sector: An electrical machine for an automotive vehicle has a housing (4). A stator arrangement (8) and a rotor arrangement (6) are disposed in the housing (4). At least one clearance (10) is formed in the housing (4) in proximity to the stator arrangement (8) and the rotor arrangement (6). A... Agent:

20150084454 - Pole unit and stator assembly for a wind turbine generator, and methods of manufacturing the same: A pole unit for a stator assembly of a wind turbine generator, the pole unit including (a) a laminated body structure having a base portion, an intermediate portion, and a top portion, and (b) a coil wound around the intermediate portion, wherein (c) the intermediate portion extends from at least... Agent:

20150084455 - Flux directing, pole span setting, feature on rotor lamination of air-cooled electric motor/generator: A rotor having a plurality of laminations joined together and mountable on a shaft for rotation relative to a stator of a rotary electric machine arrangement has a solid section that surrounds an opening within which the shaft is receivable. The solid section includes an outside diameter, magnet receiving voids,... Agent:

20150084456 - Electric motor: An electric motor includes a stator operable to produce a magnetic field and defining an opening, and a rotor at least partially disposed within the opening. The rotor includes a shaft extending along a rotational axis, a plurality of first core portions each including a plurality of laminations stacked contiguously... Agent:

20150084457 - Electric machine stator with radial vent: An electric machine stator is provided and includes laminations consolidated along an axial direction to form a core element such that the core element includes an end lamination at an axial end of the core element. The end lamination includes a body extending in a plane and a plurality of... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20150084458 - Electric motor: An electric motor includes: a ring-shaped stator attached to an inside of a tubular body part; a rotor rotatably arranged inside in a radial direction of the stator; and a tabular member attached to one end of the body part and including a power supply cable through-hole through which a... Agent: Komatsu Ltd.

20150084460 - Motor: A motor includes a housing, a back cover, a brush card, a brush, and a connector member. The back cover includes a first rear wall portion and a first peripheral wall portion. The first peripheral wall portion includes a through-hole and a cut-out. The through-hole vertically penetrates through the first... Agent:

20150084459 - Windscreen wiper motor and suppression assembly for a windscreen wiper motor: A windscreen wiper motor with a housing is disclosed. In the housing, an armature shaft is arranged with a commutator which cooperates with carbon elements arranged in the region of a carbon holder plate, which elements are connected in an electrically conducting manner with voltage supply lines via electrical connections,... Agent: Valeo Wischersysteme Gmbh

20150084463 - Bearing mechanism, spindle motor including the bearing mechanism and electronic equipment including the spindle motor: A bearing mechanism includes a stationary portion and a rotating portion. The stationary portion includes a shaft portion and a plate portion. The rotating portion includes a sleeve including an annular portion, a cylindrical portion, an annular bottom surface, and a first communication hole. The rotating portion includes a ring... Agent:

20150084461 - Inner-rotor motor: A motor includes a shaft supported by upper and lower bearings and rotatable about an axis; a rotor magnet fixed to the shaft; a stator arranged radially outside and opposite to the rotor magnet with a gap therebetween; an upper bracket holding the upper bearing; and a lower bracket holding... Agent: Nidec Corporation

20150084462 - Rotor structure of rotary electric machine: Provided is a rotor structure of a rotary electric machine, which is easily adaptable to offer a wide variety of products. The rotor structure of a rotary electric machine includes at least: a rotor shaft (3); a rotor core including a first rotor core section (15) and a second rotor... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150084464 - Permanent magnet rotor shaft assembly and method: A permanent magnet rotor shaft assembly for a high speed electrical machine provides a permanent magnet cylindrical core having a longitudinal axis, the cylindrical core being axially compressed by first and second end shafts and being radially compressed by a sleeve made of a non-magnetic high strength metal. At least... Agent: Skf Magnetic Mechatronics

20150084465 - Rotary electric machine, electric motor, machine, electric generator, and electric generating machine: According to one embodiment, a rotary electric machine includes a rotor that is rotatable at a predetermined position and includes a plurality of first magnetic members arranged along an outer circumferential surface, the first magnetic members each including a first magnetic pole and a second magnetic pole. The rotary electric... Agent:

20150084466 - Rotor and motor: A rotor includes first and second rotor cores, a disk magnet, and a rectifying magnet. The first and second rotor cores each include a core base and claw-poles. The disk magnet is magnetized in the axial direction so that the claw-poles of the first rotor core function as first poles... Agent: Asmo Co., Ltd.

20150084467 - Reduced reaction rotary alternating current generator: A reduced reaction alternating current generator including a hollow stator core, a cylindrical rotor within the stator, a freely rotating shaft coupled to the rotor, a first set of magnets in which the south pole of each magnet is coupled to the surface to the rotor and the north pole... Agent:

20150084468 - Rotor for permanent-magnet-embedded electric motor, electric motor including the rotor, compressor including the electric motor, and air conditioner including the compressor: A rotor for a permanent-magnet-embedded electric motor includes slit holes each axially formed near opposite ends of a magnetic pole between an outer peripheral face of a rotor core and a magnet insertion hole, and forming a symmetrical shape in an approximately truncated chevron shape along the outer peripheral face... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150084469 - Rotor for rotary electric machine: A rotor for a rotary electric machine includes a rotor core being rotatable around a rotational axis. The rotor core includes a plurality of steel plates stacked in a stacking direction. Each of the plurality of steel plates includes a plurality of magnet insertion piece holes, a plurality of through... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150084470 - Motor and rotor: A motor includes a rotor and a stator. The rotor includes a first rotor core including a plurality of first claw-like magnetic poles, a second rotor core including a plurality of second claw-like magnetic poles, and a magnetic field magnet arranged between the first and second rotor cores. The first... Agent: Asmo Co., Ltd.

20150084471 - Sensorless electric machine: An electric machine that includes a rotor core made of magnetic steel; a stator configured with stationary windings therein; openings disposed within or on the rotor core; and a rotor circuit that is configured to introduce saliency based on an orientation of part of the rotor circuit in relationship to... Agent:

20150084472 - Electrical power motor-generator excited by magnetic transference: The invention relates to an electrical power motor-generator excited by magnetic transference, and which further comprises a stator (1) and a rotor (2) with an external core (3) stationary relative to the stator and rotor, said external core (3) comprising: an outer axial part, or axial armature (6) joined to... Agent:

20150084473 - Induction motor and manufacturing method thereof: An induction motor includes multiple conductor bars buried and disposed in a rotor core in a circumferential direction, and end rings joined with the multiple conductor bars so as to cause respective both ends thereof to be electrically conducted. Each conductor bar includes a first bar-shape metal portion, and two... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150084474 - Resin molded stator and manufacturing method thereof: A method for manufacturing a resin molded stator may include: preparing a straight winding core in which neighboring partial core backs are coupled by a joint; bending the core at joints and causing distal ends of teeth to face an outer peripheral surface of a core metal to obtain a... Agent:

20150084475 - Outer rotor type brushless motor: An outer rotor type brushless motor of the present invention comprises: a rotor portion having a rotor frame, a shaft, and a rotor magnet; a bearing housing; a stator portion facing the rotor magnet and having a stator core, a plurality of first salient pole portions extending toward the rotor... Agent:

20150084476 - Laminated core of motor having structure suitable for insulation coating: Disclosed herein is a laminated core of a motor including: a first core sheet including a first rounded core base, a plurality of first teeth which are radially formed on the first core base, and first tooth ears formed at the end of each of the first teeth; and a... Agent:

20150084477 - Motor housing and methods of assembling the same: A motor housing for enclosing a first stator module and a second stator module of a motor is provided. The motor housing includes a stator housing. The stator housing has a first module portion coupled to the first stator module, wherein the first module has a first contoured shape complimentary... Agent: Regal Beloit Australia Pty Ltd.

20150084478 - Motor: A stator core is sandwiched between a first frame and a second frame. A fastening member fastens the first frame and the second frame. The first frame includes a ring flange that is in contact with an attachment surface of the motor attachment portion. The flange includes a fixing portion... Agent: Asmo Co., Ltd.

20150084479 - Brush system for an electric motor: A brush system for an electric motor, having a substantially semiannular resistor housing into which an electric flat resistor is introduced, two resistor terminals which protrude from the resistor housing and can be coupled in an electrically conducting manner to a conductor path of the electric motor, and a substantially... Agent:

20150084480 - Device for converting heat energy into mechanical energy with improved efficiency: The invention relates to a device for converting heat energy into mechanical energy comprising a first (4) and a second (6) bistable area passing from a first stable state to a second stable state by means of a thermal effect or mechanical action, said areas (4, 6) being mechanically coupled... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20150084481 - Electronic component and method for manufacturing the same: In an electronic component, an outer electrode includes a sintered layer containing a sintered metal, an insulation layer containing an electric insulation material, and a Sn-containing layer containing Sn. The sintered layer extends from each of end surfaces of an element assembly onto at least one main surface thereof so... Agent:

20150084482 - Power generation device: A device able to generate electrical power through relative rotational motion of first (370, 380) and second (200, 230) principal components around an axis of rotation (220); wherein: the first and second principal components comprise an arrangement of piezoelectric elements (380) and permanent magnets (230, 370) such that the interaction... Agent: Imperial Innovations Limited

20150084483 - Eap transducers with improved performance: The present invention provides electroactive polymer (“EAP”) transducers having improved properties. This improvement is achieved without decreasing film thickness, or by using high dielectric constant and high field, so that this approach does not adversely affect the reliability and physical properties of the resultant dielectric films. Mobile electrically active additives... Agent:

20150084484 - Linear driving device as well as electronic device and human body fitting article both employing such linear driving device: A linear driving device includes a slight rapid vibratory movements producing member coupled with one end of a driving shaft which causes said driving shaft to be moved in said an axial direction, a casing for supporting at least either said driving shaft or said slight rapid vibratory movements producing... Agent: New Shicoh Technology Co., Ltd.

20150084485 - Vibrator: There is provided a vibrator including: a housing having an internal space; an elastic member including a housing fixed part fixed to the housing, a piezoelectric element mounted part disposed so as to face the housing fixed part, and a weight body installed part disposed adjacent to the housing fixed... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150084486 - Piezoelectric element: Disclosed is a piezoelectric element wherein a lower electrode made of Pt, a buffer layer made of PLT, and a piezoelectric thin film to be a perovskite ferroelectric thin film are formed in this order on a substrate. The average crystal grain size of Pt forming the lower electrode is... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20150084487 - Electronic component and method for manufacturing the same: In an electronic component, an outer electrode includes a sintered layer including a sintered metal, a reinforcement layer not containing Sn but including Cu or Ni, an insulation layer, and a Sn-containing layer. The sintered layer extends from each end surface of an element assembly onto at least one main... Agent:

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