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Electrical generator or motor structure

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08/28/2014 > 36 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140239745 - Rotary to linear converter for downhole applications: A device generates electrical energy from mechanical motion in a downhole environment. The device converts rotary motion into a linear strain in a magnetostrictive material. The device includes a rotor, a magnetostrictive element, and an electrically conductive coil. The rotor rotates within a stator of a drill string. The magnetostrictive... Agent: Oscilla Power Inc.

20140239746 - Inertial drive actuator: An inertial drive actuator includes a displacement unit, a vibration substrate, a first magnetic field generator which generates a magnetic field, a movable body disposed on a flat surface of the vibration substrate, and which includes a first yoke that concentrates a magnetic flux of an N-pole and an S-pole... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140239747 - Inertial drive actuator: An inertial drive actuator includes a displacement unit, a vibration substrate, a movable body, a first magnetic field generator which generates a magnetic field so that, a magnetic attractive force or a magnetic repulsive force acts in a direction opposite to the movable body, a first yoke, and which induces... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140239748 - Magnet carrier: A rotor, in particular a permanent magnet rotor, for an electrical machine, with a magnet carrier arranged concentrically with an axis of the rotor, wherein the magnet carrier has protrusions on its outer face, a number of magnets arranged on the outer face of the magnet carrier, which are arranged... Agent: Wittenstein Ag

20140239750 - Rotating electrical machine: This disclosure discloses a rotating electrical machine including a rotating electrical machine main body portion including a stator and a rotor, and a winding switching unit configured to switch windings of the stator. The winding switching unit includes a housing including a flow passage through which a coolant is circulated... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140239749 - Rotor: Rotor, in particular permanent magnet rotor, for an electric machine, having a magnet support, a plurality of magnets which are arranged on the magnet support, and a rotor core which is arranged between a shaft and the magnet support, wherein the rotor core comprises plastic.... Agent: Wittenstein Ag

20140239751 - Electric power tool: An electric power tool including: a housing; a brushless motor accommodated in the housing; a fan attached to a rotation shaft of the brushless motor; a switching element configured to control the brushless motor; and a substrate on which the switching element is mounted, wherein a first through-hole is provided... Agent: Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd.

20140239752 - Stepper motor rotor with internal damper: A rotor for an electric motor with improved oscillation settling characteristics has a shaft rotatable about a longitudinal axis, a rotor section, disposed on the shaft for rotation together with the shaft, and, in certain arrangements, a permanent magnet disposed adjacent to the rotor section for rotation together with the... Agent: Kollmorgen Corporation

20140239753 - Motor housing assembly and method: A motor housing assembly is formed by positioning a stator relative to a motor housing to configure a fillable gap between the stator and the motor housing, and filling the fillable gap is at least partially with a polymeric material to form a thermally conductive layer. The polymeric material may... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140239754 - Rotary electric machine: In a rotary electric machine, a cylindrical stator core holding frame is cantilevered on a housing. A cylindrical stator core is fitted together and held inside the stator core holding frame. The stator core holding frame includes: a flange portion that is fixed to the housing; and a frame cylindrical... Agent:

20140239755 - Rotating electrical machine: This disclosure discloses a rotating electrical machine including a rotating electrical machine main body portion including a stator and a rotor, a winding switching unit including a plurality of electronic components and configured to switch windings of the stator, and a wiring chamber including a first terminal base configured to... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140239756 - Radial vent composite heat pipe: A radial vent composite heat pipe system for cooling and increasing the power density of an electrical machine is provided. The system comprises a plurality of radial vent composite heat pipe assemblies each comprising a slot portion thermally connected to a vent portion. The slot portions are disposable within respective... Agent: Hpev, Inc.

20140239757 - Housing arrangement for an electrical machine: A motor/generator unit is disclosed which is arranged to be fitted in the drive train of a vehicle, such as a hybrid vehicle. The unit comprises an electrical machine (10, 12) and a housing arrangement (14, 16). The housing arrangement comprises an inner housing (14) arranged to accommodate the electrical... Agent: Cummins Generator Technologies Limited

20140239780 - Integral-type electric power steering device: An integral-type electric power steering device is configured in such a way that a motor component (40), a reduction mechanism (20), and a control device (50) are integrally fixed, and the control device (50) includes at least heating elements (531) having the control-circuit elements, which are operated so as to... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140239779 - Inverter-integrated rotating electrical apparatus: An inverter-integrated rotating electrical apparatus includes a rotating electrical machine and an inverter case. The rotating electrical machine has a housing. The housing has an end wall, which is located at an axial end of the rotating electrical machine. The inverter case accommodates inverter components fixed to the outer surface... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20140239778 - Rotating rectifier assembly and method: A rectifier assembly and method are provided. The rectifier assembly includes a cover comprising a flange having an annular channel extending around an outer circumference of the flange, an annular bus bar, an insulator ring, and an outer housing for receiving the insulator ring, the annular bus bar and the... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140239777 - Rotating rectifier assembly for electric machine: An electric machine having a rectifier assembly placed within a rotating shaft of the electric machine to convert the AC output of the electric machine to DC prior to transmission of the electricity from the electric machine.... Agent: Ge Aviation Systems LLC

20140239758 - Rotating electrical machine: This disclosure discloses a rotating electrical machine including a cylindrical housing, a stator disposed inside the housing, an annular wiring group disposed on one end side of the stator and including an end portion of windings of the stator routed in a circumferential direction, at least one terminal base to... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140239759 - Eco-friendly electric-generating apparatus with power-mutiplying gear mechanisms: The purpose of the present invention is to provide a low-cost, easy-to-set-up and eco-friendly electric-generating apparatus with power-multiplying gear mechanisms. Its technical methods comprises of: an electric-generating apparatus and a base, with the electric-generating apparatus consisting of a drive gear, a driving motor, a transmission gear, a generator, and a... Agent:

20140239760 - Resin gear device with resin lubricating grease composition: An actuator includes a stepping motor; a multi-stage gear device including a first stage gear attached to a rotation shaft of the motor, wherein a gear of each stage engages with a gear of a next stage; and a base member on which the multi-stage gear device and the stepping... Agent:

20140239761 - Bowl for induction motor and induction motor equipped with said bowl: This bowl (10) for an induction motor intended to be housed in the hollow body of a substantially longitudinal actuator for winding/unwinding sheets, screens, blinds or roller shutters, comprises an outer skirt (12) and an inner skirt (13), the outer skirt (12) and the inner skirt (13) defining, between them,... Agent:

20140239762 - Apparatus, systems and methods for reducing noise generated by rotating couplings: A heat sink element for an adjustable speed magnetic drive unit operable by relative rotation of a conductor rotor assembly and a magnet rotor assembly includes a base portion and a plurality of groupings of fins. The base portion includes a mounting face that is sized and dimensioned to be... Agent: Magnadrive Corporation

20140239763 - Dual magnetic phase stator laminations for stator permanent magnet electric machines: A dual magnetic phase stator lamination for use in stator permanent magnet electric machines is disclosed. The permanent magnet electrical machine includes a rotor mounted for rotation about a central axis and a stator positioned about the rotor and comprising a plurality of stator laminations, wherein each of the stator... Agent: General Electric Company

20140239764 - Laminated rotor with improved magnet adhesion and method of fabricating: In one aspect, a moisture resistant rotor sleeve is provided. The rotor sleeve includes a plurality of stacked laminations forming a sleeve having an outer periphery, an inner periphery, and spaces between adjacent laminations. The rotor sleeve also includes a sealant applied into the spaces between the adjacent laminations, wherein... Agent: Regal Beloit America, Inc.

20140239765 - Permanent magnet synchronous motor having a low demagnetization factor:

20140239766 - Generator lead system: A system includes a generator. The generator is equipped with a plurality of field coils. A first collector ring is configured to be coupled to an excitation source. A first main lead is configured to direct a current through the plurality of field coils. The first main lead has first... Agent: General Electric Company

20140239767 - Electric machine with v-riser commutator: A rotor for an electric machine includes a rotor core defining an axis of rotation, a plurality of windings positioned on the rotor core, and a commutator extending from the rotor core. The commutator includes an elongated contact portion and a riser connected to an end of the elongated contact... Agent: Remy Technologies LLC

20140239769 - Capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer (cmut) device with through-substrate via (tsv): A Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer (CMUT) device includes at least one CMUT cell including a first substrate having a top side including a patterned dielectric layer thereon including a thick and a thin dielectric region. A membrane layer is bonded on the thick dielectric region and over the thin dielectric... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140239768 - Capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer (cmut) with through-substrate via (tsv) substrate plug: A Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer (CMUT) device includes at least one CMUT cell including a first substrate of a single crystal material having a top side including a patterned dielectric layer thereon including a thick and a thin dielectric region, and a through-substrate via (TSV) extending a full thickness of... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140239770 - Capacitive micromachined ultrasound transducers with pressurized cavities: A capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer (CMUT) is provided that includes a substrate, a bottom conductive layer disposed on a bottom surface of the substrate, a cavity disposed into a top surface of the substrate, a nonconductive layer disposed on the substrate top surface and on the cavity, a CMUT plate... Agent:

20140239771 - Piezoelectric rotary drive for a shaft: A piezoelectric rotary drive for a shaft, is disclosed which can include a piezoelectric actuator and a coupling portion for driving the shaft as a stick-slip drive. To transmit greater contact forces between the frame and the shaft, at least one piezoelectric actuator and an adjustable and/or deformable frame with... Agent: Physik Instrumente (pi) Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140239772 - Electronic component: In an electronic component, when L0 is a dimension of an electronic component body in a first direction, L1 is a distance between a first outer electrode and a second outer electrode on a first surface in the first direction, and L2 is a dimension of each of the first... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140239773 - Piezoelectric device and electronic apparatus: A piezoelectric device includes an insulating substrate, a piezoelectric vibration device that is mounted on a device mounting pad, a metal lid member that seals the piezoelectric vibration device in an airtight manner, an external pad that is arranged outside the insulating substrate, an oscillation circuit, a temperature compensation circuit,... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140239774 - New processing method for grain-oriented lead-free piezoelectric na0.5bi0.5tio3-batio3 ceramics exhibiting giant performance: Textured ceramic compositions having improved piezoelectric characteristics as compared with their random counterparts are provided. Methods of making the compositions and devices using them are also included. More particularly, compositions comprising textured ceramic Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3—BaTiO3(NBT-BT) materials synthesized from high aspect ratio NBT seeds exhibit improved characteristics, including an increased longitudinal piezoelectric... Agent:

20140239775 - Method for producing flexible eap generators: In a method for manufacturing electroactive polymer generators, a strip, including one layer of an electroactive polymer and electrodes applied to sections of this layer, is spirally wound in such a way that multiple electrodes are situated congruently on top of each other, in each case two electrodes situated on... Agent:

20140239776 - Vibrator element, vibrator, electronic device, electronic apparatus, and moving object: A tuning fork type vibrator element, as a vibrator element, includes a base formed on a plane including a first axis and a second axis orthogonal to the first axis, a connection portion extending in a first axis direction from the base, with a thickness thereof being smaller than that... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

08/21/2014 > 39 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20140232209 - Interior magnet linear induction motor: An interior magnet linear induction motor includes an armature and a line of inductor teeth. The armature includes coils arranged between a plurality of teeth, and the line of inductor teeth is arranged so as to face the armature and includes a plurality of tooth portions arranged at a constant... Agent: Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd,

20140232210 - Core for a primary of a linear induction motor: A core for a primary of a liner induction motor. The core includes a number of laminate sheets positioned between two walls of a frame. Each laminate sheet of the plurality of laminate sheets includes a number of heat dissipating projections positioned in a spaced apart manner along a longitudinal... Agent: Bombardier Transportation Gmbh

20140232211 - Linear vibration actuator and mobile communication device or gaming device including the same: A linear vibration actuator for which the positional accuracy of coils in the casing can be easily increased. A linear vibration actuator (1) in which a magnet (13) and a weight (15) are fixed. The magnet (13) and the shaft (20) form a magnetic circuit within a casing (2) causing... Agent: Nidec Copal Corporation

20140232213 - Brush holder for an electric motor, and gear mechanism drive unit having a brush holder: A brush holder (100) for an electric motor (12a; 12b), having a brush holder main body (20) which has a passage opening (25) for an armature shaft to pass through, having a first receiving region (37) for fastening a printed circuit board (35), on which electrical or electronic components are... Agent:

20140232215 - Bus bar module of rotating electric machine: This bus bar module (26) is created by integrally forming at least one coil bus bar with a power line bus bar by means of resin molding, said coil bus bar for connecting conductive coil wires together, and said power line bus bar for connecting the conductive coil wires with... Agent:

20140232214 - Direct drive rotor with metal coupler: A rotor for an outer rotor-type motor is provided. The rotor includes a metallic coupler and a polymeric frame molded over at least part of the metallic coupler.... Agent: Nidec Motor Corporation

20140232216 - Molded motor: The metal conductive plate 60 electrically connecting the bracket 51 on the output side and the bracket 52 on the counter-output side includes: a first abutting portion 61 formed on one end and abutted on a side of the bearing house 520 on the counter-output side, the first abutting portion... Agent:

20140232212 - Motor: A motor includes a casing which is a resin molded article produced by using a core-back, a plurality of teeth, an insulator, a coil, a metal terminal, and a protection member as inserts. The protection member includes a cover section through which the metal terminal penetrates in the axial direction.... Agent: Nidec Techno Motor Corporation

20140232217 - Mechanically and electrically integrated module: An inverter apparatus is incorporated integrally into a non-load-side of a motor such that an inverter cooler is interposed, and a non-load-side end frame of the motor includes: a flat base portion; a cylindrical non-load-side bearing portion that is disposed so as to protrude axially from near a center of... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140232218 - Cooling system and cooling method for cooling rotating electrical machine: A cooling system and a cooling method, capable of reducing a temperature gradient of a rotating electrical machine by means of a simple structure, in relation to both axial and circumferential directions thereof. The cooling system has a coolant conveying device such as a pump, and a coolant cooling device... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140232219 - Cooling arrangement for a motor assembly and method of cooling a motor assembly: A cooling arrangement for a motor assembly includes a motor operably connected to a load. Also included is a motor controller disposed adjacent to, and fluidly coupled to, the motor, the motor controller disposed within a housing enclosing a cooling fluid for immersion of a plurality of motor controller components.... Agent:

20140232220 - Rotor of an electric machine: A rotor of an electric machine including a rotor body, axial slots in the rotor body, a plurality of tubular conductive bars in each axial slot, and apertures in at least some of the tubular conductive bars. The apertures are provided on walls of tubular conductive bars that intersect a... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20140232245 - Vehicle ac generator: Provided is a vehicle AC generator having a retainer attached on a bearing containing portion of a front bracket, thereby realizing temperature reduction in a bearing without deteriorating the cooling performance as a whole. In the vehicle AC generator, a front bracket 2 has a bearing containing portion 21 supporting... Agent:

20140232221 - Centrifugal heat dissipation device and motor using same: A centrifugal heat dissipation device and a motor using same are disclosed. The centrifugal heat dissipation device includes a main body having a shaft hole, a heat-absorption zone and a heat-transfer zone. The heat-transfer zone has a radially outer side connected to the heat-absorption zone and a radially inner side... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20140232246 - Fan motor: A fan motor includes: a rotor configured to be rotated so as to generate air movement; a stator configured to rotatably support the rotor via a fluid dynamic pressure bearing; and a driving mechanism configured to rotationally drive the rotor with respect to the stator. The rotor comprises a hub... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Japan Advanced Technology Co., Ltd.

20140232222 - Rotary electric machine: An object of the present invention is to provide a rotary electric machine that can improve the reliability of a connection terminal by preventing brazing material applied to butting portions of the connection terminal from flowing out. The rotary electric machine according to the present invention has, on at least... Agent:

20140232223 - Stator for rotary electric machine: A bus bar extended end portion of a bus bar that projects from a main body of a bus bar module and a coil conductor extended end portion extend in the same direction, and are disposed adjacent to each other. The respective distal ends of the coil conductor extended end... Agent:

20140232224 - Angular momentum engine: b

20140232247 - Motor: A coupling portion is provided on either a rotary shaft or a worm shaft in an integrally rotational manner, said coupling portion for connecting the rotary shaft to the worm shaft and having a coupling hole therein. The coupling projection provided on the other of the rotary shaft and the... Agent:

20140232225 - Drive arrangement for an adjusting element of a motor vehicle: The invention relates to a drive arrangement for an adjusting element of a motor vehicle, a clutch arrangement which is connected into the drive train with a drive connection and a driven connection, the clutch arrangement at any rate forwarding a movement which is introduced on the drive side to... Agent: Bose Fahrseugteile Gmbh & Co.kg Coburg

20140232226 - High conical angle touch down bearing: A machine comprises a rotor (101), a stator (102), main bearings (103), and safety bearings (104) for supporting the rotor in a situation where the main bearings are non-operating. When the rotor is supported by the main bearings, there are radial and axial clearances between the rotor and the safety... Agent: Sulzer Pump Solutions Ab

20140232227 - Magnetic transmission: An electromagnetic transmission assembly. The electromagnetic transmission assembly includes a stator having a central axis and a plurality of selectively-energized electromagnetic poles. A first rotor assembly is rotatably supported for rotation about the central axis. The first rotor assembly including a first rotor shaft and a castellated rotor including a... Agent:

20140232228 - Power transmission apparatus: A rotational difference is generated between a first and a second rotor and a third rotor, which causes an induced current to flow in a first rotor winding. This causes a torque to act between the first rotor and the third rotor. The rotary magnetic field generated by the induced... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140232229 - Permanent magnet work generating motor: The device disclosed in this patent is a work generating device composed of magnetically transparent materials and permanent magnets, assembled to make a base, a rotor and a stator. The rotor is comprised of permanent magnet assemblies placed in a magnetically transparent material. The stator is an arrangement of permanent... Agent:

20140232230 - Permanent magnet embedded motor and compressor, blower, and refrigerating and air conditioning apparatus using permanent magnet embedded motor: A permanent magnet embedded motor includes a rotor and permanent magnets. The outer circumferential surface of the rotor is formed by divided outer circumferential surfaces divided at equal angle intervals in a circumferential direction corresponding to permanent magnets. The divided outer circumferential surface is formed by a first curved surface,... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140232231 - Rotor of interior permanent magnet motor, compressor, and refrigerating air-conditioning apparatus: A rotor of an interior permanent magnet motor includes a rotor core; permanent magnet insertion holes formed in an outer circumferential portion of the rotor core along a circumferential direction; a permanent-magnet end-portion air gap formed in each of both end portions of each permanent magnet insertion hole; a permanent... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140232232 - Rotary electric machine: A rotary electric machine includes a rotor, and a stator. The rotor includes poles having slots and magnets. Each of the slots includes a first housing hole, a pair of second housing holes, a pair of first ribs, a pair of second ribs, and an area of a first space.... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140232233 - Multi-gap rotating electric machine: A multi-gap rotating electric machine includes a rotor, a stator core and a stator coil. The stator core has inner and outer core parts respectively located radially inside and outside of the rotor and each having partially or fully closed slots. The stator coil is formed of electric conductor segments... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140232234 - Laminated rotor machining enhancement: A laminated rotor for an electric machine is disclosed. In an embodiment, the rotor comprises a plurality of stacked laminations. Each lamination includes a plurality of radially extending slots arranged about a circumference thereof, and a first chamfer on a surface of each of the slots, wherein the surface mates... Agent: General Electric Company

20140232235 - Apparatus for use as a motor or generator: Apparatus (10) for use as a motor or generator, comprising: a first part (20) defining a first region (22);a second part (40) moveable relative to the first part (20) and spaced therefrom to form a fluid-filled gap (50), the second part (40) defining a second region(42) separated from the first... Agent: Deregallera Holdings Ltd.

20140232236 - Electrostatic transducer: An electrostatic transducer comprises an electrically conductive first layer (1), a flexible insulating second layer (25) disposed over the first layer, and a flexible electrically conductive third layer (26) disposed over the second layer. Between the first and the second layers are provided spacers (24) and between the second and... Agent: Warwick Audio Technologies Limited

20140232237 - Power generation apparatus: A power generation apparatus includes a dielectric, a movable member being opposed to the dielectric with a predetermined distance, and an electret and an opposing electrode that are formed on the surface of the movable member facing the dielectric so as to generate a fringe electric field penetrating the dielectric... Agent: Kansai University

20140232238 - Piezoelectric component and method for producing a piezoelectric component: A piezoelectric component has at least one piezoelectric ceramic layer and at least one electrode adjacent the piezoelectric ceramic layer. The piezoelectric ceramic layer has a piezoelectric ceramic material of the general formula Pb1-x-y-[(2a-b)/2]-p/2V[(2a-b)/2-p/2]″CupBaxSry[(TizZr1-z)1-a-bWaREb]O3, where 0≦x≦0.035, 0≦y≦0.025, 0.42≦z≦0.5, 0.0045≦a≦0.009, 0.009≦b≦0.011, 2a>b, p≦2a-b, RE is a rare earth metal, and V″... Agent: Epcos Ag

20140232239 - Acoustic wave device and electronic apparatus including same: An acoustic wave device includes a piezoelectric substrate, an IDT electrode including plural electrode fingers disposed above an upper surface of the piezoelectric substrate, a first dielectric film made of oxide disposed above the upper surface of the substrate for covering the electrode fingers, and a second dielectric film made... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140232240 - Electroactive polymer energy converter: A balanced multi-phase energy conversion apparatus configured to convert energy from a mechanical energy source into electrical energy is disclosed. The energy conversion apparatus may comprise a plurality of transducers. Each of the plurality of transducers comprises a dielectric elastomer module comprising at least one dielectric elastomer film layer disposed... Agent: Bayer Intellectual Property Gmbh

20140232241 - Piezoelectric array employing integrated mems switches: Switchable micromachined transducer arrays are described where a MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) switch, or relay, is monolithically integrated with a transducer element. In embodiments, the MEMS switch is implemented in the same substrate as the transducer array to implement one or more logic, addressing, or transducer control function. In embodiments, each... Agent:

20140232242 - Piezoelectric generator, sensor node, and method of manufacturing piezoelectric generator: A piezoelectric generator includes: a base body; and at least one piezoelectric transducer disposed on the base body, and including a first electrode, a piezoelectric body, and a second electrode, wherein the piezoelectric transducer includes a support section fixed to the base body, and a vibrating section disposed apart from... Agent:

20140232243 - Piezoelectric vibration element, piezoelectric vibration device, and portable terminal: A piezoelectric vibration element capable of reducing occurrence of unnecessary vibration, and a piezoelectric vibration device and a portable terminal using the same are disclosed. The piezoelectric vibration element includes a plurality of electrode layers and a plurality of piezoelectric layers being stacked along a first direction, the piezoelectric vibration... Agent: Kyocera Corporpation

20140232244 - Temperature controlled acoustic resonator comprising heater and sense resistors: A bulk acoustic wave (BAW) resonator device comprises a heating cod disposed over a first side of the piezoelectric layer and substantially around a perimeter adjacent to the active area of the acoustic resonator, the heating coil comprising a resistor configured to receive a heater current; and a heat sensor... Agent: Avago Technologies GeneralIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd.

08/14/2014 > 24 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140225459 - Mover and linear motor: A mover, in which at each outer surface of a cornered tubular inner yoke, a flat plate magnet magnetized from inside to outside in a direction perpendicular to the outer surface, a flat plate magnet magnetized in an axial direction of the inner yoke, a flat plate magnet magnetized from... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20140225460 - Electrically powered reciprocating motor: The present invention relates to an electric motor, more particularly the present invention relates to an electric motor to replace conventional electrical motor for general applications comprising at least a propulsion unit (101) and a means for supplying current to the propulsion unit (101). The propulsion unit (101) comprises a... Agent:

20140225461 - Automotive rotary electric machine: The automotive rotary electric machine according to the present invention includes: a rectifier and a voltage regulator that are disposed outside a first axial end of a casing; and a resin protective cover that is formed so as to have a cup shape that is constituted by a bottom portion... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140225462 - Rotor and motor: A rotor includes a first rotor core, a second rotor core, a permanent magnet and a resin layer. The first rotor core includes a first core base and first claw-shaped magnetic poles arranged at equal intervals on a peripheral portion of the first core base. The second rotor core includes... Agent:

20140225463 - Outer rotor type motor: Provided is an outer rotor type motor capable of reducing workload for wiring and connecting coil leads without reducing a coil space factor while keeping the motor small. Coil leads extracted from same-phase coils of respective stator units pass between pole teeth of the stator units, and are respectively connected... Agent: Shinano Kenshi Kabushiki Kaisha

20140225481 - Noise reducing features on cooling fan: A rotor arrangement for an electric machine includes a rotor shaft extending in an axial direction and a fan coupled to the rotor shaft. The fan includes a face with a plurality of arcuate walls extending from the face in the axial direction. Each of the plurality of arcuate walls... Agent: Remy Technologies LLC

20140225482 - Electronic control unit and rotating electric machine: An electronic control unit is equipped with a semiconductor module having a semiconductor chip electrically connected to the first circuit pattern and the second circuit pattern. A resin body is wrapped around the semiconductor chip. A first metal plate has a side connected to the semiconductor chip and an other... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140225465 - Rotary electric machine and stator manufacturing method: In order to provide a rotary electric machine with a reduced size and improved weldability, the stator of a rotary electric machine has a segment coil formed by bending rectangular conductors, and a stator core having slots in which the segment coil is inserted. As for the weld parts formed... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140225464 - Rotating electric machine: A rotating electric machine includes a rotation body driven to rotate, an accommodation body housing the rotation body, a first power-supply member electrically connected to a positive electrode of a power source, a second power-supply member electrically connected to a negative electrode of the power source, an insulation layer contacting... Agent: Asmo Co., Ltd.

20140225466 - Brushless motor, electrical actuator and driving device for opening and closing body for vehicle: A brushless motor includes a magnet rotor including a rotary shaft to be rotatable about the rotary shaft, a stator including plural teeth facing against the magnet rotor, plural drive coils being wound around the teeth and being supplied with a three-phase drive power to rotate the magnet rotor, and... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140225467 - Magnetic gear mechanism with coils around permanently excited magnet poles: The dynamics of a magnetic gear mechanism are intended to be improved. For this purpose, a magnetic gear mechanism with a stator, a first rotor, which has permanently excited magnet poles (2, 3), and a second rotor, which likewise has permanently excited magnet poles, is proposed. The rotors are magnetically... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140225468 - Remote integrated magnetic/elctro-magnetic ac/dc energy device/apparatus: A remote power source/power-supply device and remote integrated electromagnetic/magnetic rotor or armature (17) and shaft (14) device or means (38) including mechanical means (motor) (36) and a cycle loop of transformer network (31) and a digital (24) distributor unit (25) is provided. The electro-magnetic-rotor or armature and fixed member (shaft)... Agent:

20140225469 - Magnet embedded rotor and method of manufacturing the magnet embedded rotor: A magnet embedded rotor configured such that the magnetization ratio of field permanent magnets is improved is provided. The magnet embedded rotor includes a first annular core in which first permanent magnets are embedded, and a second annular core in which second permanent magnets, which are independent from the first... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20140225470 - Rotor for rotating electric machine: A rotor includes a rotor core, a plurality of permanent magnets, and a rotating shaft. The rotor core includes a through-hole, an inner circumference-side rotor core, an outer circumference-side rotor core, an annular portion, a plurality of inner circumference-side ribs, and a plurality of outer circumference-side ribs. The through-hole is... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140225471 - Rotor for rotating electric machine: A rotor for a rotating electric machine includes a rotor core, a plurality of permanent magnets, and a rotating shaft. The rotor core includes a through-hole, an inner circumference-side rotor core, an outer circumference-side rotor core, and a plurality of ribs. Each of the plurality of ribs includes a first... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140225472 - I-layer vanadium-doped pin type nuclear battery and the preparation process thereof: A layer I vanadium-doped PIN-type nuclear battery, including from top to bottom a radioisotope source layer(1), a p-type ohm contact electrode(4), a SiO2 passivation layer(2), a SiO2 compact insulation layer(3), a p-type SiC epitaxial layer(5), an n-type SiC epitaxial layer(6), an n-type SiC substrate(7) and an n-type ohm contact electrode(8).... Agent: Xidian University

20140225474 - Power-generating system: A power-generating system includes a heat source which is able to produce temporal temperature variation, a first device in which polarization occurs based on the temperature change of the heat source, and a second device for taking out a net generating power from the first device, wherein 80% or higher... Agent: National University Corporation Nagaoka University Of Technology

20140225473 - Thermal power generation portable device and power generation control method for thermal power generation portable device: A reduction in power generation efficiency is suppressed in a mounted state to a living body, and a desired power generation capacity is ensured. A thermal power generation portable device 10 is mounted to the living body, is capable of generating power by the heat of this living body, and... Agent: Seiko Instruments Inc.

20140225475 - Ball-electric power generator: A ball-electric power generator is provided, in which triboelectric power can be generated by friction when balls made of one of triboelectric series having different shapes of spheres, sheets, rods, wires and the like move and hit layers or substrates made of one of the triboelectric series in a chamber... Agent: K-technology Usa, Inc.

20140225476 - Systems and methods for harmonic reduction in capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers by gap feedback linearization: Systems and methods for providing increased CMUT imaging performance are disclosed. The system can comprise CMUT electronics with integrated or derived gap feedback. In this manner, the response of the CMUT membrane can be linearized to improve pressure output and/or harmonic distortion. The system can comprise a CMUT with series... Agent:

20140225477 - Receiving circuit, semiconductor device, and sensor device: A receiving circuit (10) includes an amplifier (15) which amplifies receiving signals (SP, SN) of a piezoelectric sensor (2), and a plurality of transistors (11a, 11b) or (12a, 12b), which are connected in parallel to between one end of the piezoelectric sensor (2) and one end of the amplifier (15),... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20140225478 - Vibration element, method for manufacturing same, and vibration-type driving device: A vibration element includes: a substrate; a ceramic layer containing molten glass and provided on the substrate; and a piezoelectric element fixed to the substrate with the ceramic layer therebetween, wherein the piezoelectric element includes a first electrode layer provided in contact with the ceramic layer, a second electrode layer,... Agent:

20140225479 - Vibration element, method for manufacturing same, and vibration-type driving device: An aspect of the present invention relates to a vibration element comprising: a substrate; a ceramic layer containing glass and provided on the substrate; and a piezoelectric element comprising an electrode layer fixed to the substrate with the ceramic layer therebetween and a piezoelectric layer, wherein the piezoelectric layer, the... Agent:

20140225480 - Resonator element and resonator: A resonator element includes: at least one resonating arm which performs flexural vibration; a base portion connected to an end of the resonating arm; and a tapered portion which is axisymmetrical with respect to a centerline which bisects the width of the resonating arm, and which has a width increasing... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

08/07/2014 > 25 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20140217835 - Levitated-micro manipulator system: A system including a first circuit substrate having conductive traces in layers of the first substrate, the first substrate having a first diamagnetic layer, a second circuit substrate having conductive traces in layers of the second substrate, the second substrate having a second diamagnetic layer, at least one manipulator residing... Agent: Sri International

20140217836 - Arrangement having at least one electrical winding and electric machine with this arrangement: An arrangement has at least one electrical winding having a one-part or multi-part component produced from a soft-magnetic powder composite material, which component conducts an electromagnetic flow of the winding, at least in certain regions, and has a recess provided in the region of this flow conduction, and having a... Agent: Miba Sinter Austria Gmbh

20140217837 - Stator with radially mounted teeth: A stator for an electric motor or generator comprising a circumferential support having a plurality of protrusions circumferentially distributed about the support; and a plurality of teeth arranged to receive coil windings, wherein each tooth includes a recess with interlocking means formed within the recess for engaging with a protrusion... Agent: Protean Electric

20140217838 - Magnetic gear arrangement having a variable gear ratio: A magnetic gear arrangement is provided having a magnetically active gear member that generates a first magnetic field, which is modulated by interpoles. The modulated magnetic field generates magnetic poles on a magnetically passive gear member, and these poles form a second magnetic field. The material of the passive gear... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140217839 - Stator assembly with aluminum windings, electric motor and discharge pump for household appliances comprising said stator assembly: A stator assembly (1) comprising: a ferromagnetic stator core (2); at least two stator coils (3) of enameled aluminum wire wound around said stator core (2); and a heat-dissipating envelope (4; 61) surrounding said stator coils (3), the heat-dissipating envelope (4; 61) comprising one or more degassing holes (5) traversing... Agent: Askoll Holding S.r.l.

20140217840 - Stator for an electric motor: A stator (1) for an electric motor, which comprises a substantially hollow-cylindrical stator stack (2) provided with wire windings and an end winding (6), which adjoins the stator stack (2) in the axial direction, wherein the stator stack (2) comprises a number of slots (4), wherein a coolant line (8)... Agent:

20140217842 - Generator motor and electric vehicle using same: To uniformly cool down armature windings along the circumferential direction of a stator in a generator motor. A generator motor includes a stator 1 fixed to the inner diameter side of a housing 18, a rotor 130 rotatably supported by bearings 5, and armature windings wound around the teeth of... Agent:

20140217841 - High efficiency, low coolant flow electric motor coolant system: A fluid-cooled electric motor includes a generally tubular-shaped motor housing having a plurality of channels through which a coolant can flow. The channels are spaced apart from each other in an annular arrangement around the housing and extend through the housing in an axial direction. Each of the channels is... Agent: Brammo, Inc.

20140217843 - Motor having cooling structure: A motor having a cooling structure includes a rotor fixed to a rotatable motor shaft, a rotor coil formed adjacent the rotor, a coil protection cover disposed adjacent the rotor coil, mounted in the motor shaft, and having a coolant chamber filled with a coolant. The motor further includes a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140217844 - Electrical machines and methods of assembling the same: A housing for coupling to a motor having an axis of rotation is provided. The housing includes an end cap having an outer surface and an inner surface. The housing also includes a plurality of first heat fins coupled to the outer surface. Each first heat fin of the plurality... Agent: Regal Beloit America, Inc.

20140217857 - Alternator for a motor vehicle: An alternator for a motor vehicle includes a radial fan unit having a fan wheel with a plurality of radial fan blades. A magnetic field generator is arranged in the end region of at least two opposite fan blades. A magnetic coil arrangement is arranged around an outer circumference of... Agent:

20140217858 - Dynamo-electric machine: A structure which enables highly accurate detection of the temperature of the stator windings of a dynamo-electric machine. A terminal base (12) integrated with a stator by resin molding is provided with: positioning sections (13, 14, 15) for three-phase stator windings (100, 101, 102); and a positioning section (16) for... Agent:

20140217859 - Permanent magnet type rotating electrical machine and vehicle using the electrical machine: Permanent magnet type rotating electrical machine with rotor core including a plurality of magnet insertion holes, each having a substantially rectangular cross section, for each magnetic pole. A nonmagnetic section is formed at both ends of the magnet insertion hole in a circumferential direction. Between adjacent magnet insertion holes, a... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd

20140217845 - Device to prevent foreign objects from entering screw holes of brushless motor of ceiling fan: The present invention relates to a device to prevent foreign objects from entering screw holes of a brushless motor of a ceiling fan. The device includes a cover to prevent foreign objects and a motor cover. The cover is adapted to cover screw holes of the motor cover. The cover... Agent: Rhine Electronic Co., Ltd.

20140217846 - Electric motor having an iron-free winding: An electric motor (1), comprising a primary part (2a, 2b) having an iron-free winding device (3) that comprises at least two phases (6) , wherein one phase (6) comprises at least two phase windings (4) and at least one electrical connecting element (5) , a secondary part (7a, 7b) having... Agent: Otto-von-guericke-universitaet Madgeburg

20140217847 - Brushless permanent magnet motor: A brushless permanent magnet electric motor (10) configured to have high saliency and low cogging torque, comprises a stator (30) having a plurality of stator teeth (36), and a rotor (50) having a permanent magnet (56) having a plurality of magnetic poles. The stator teeth (36) contain pole heads (37)... Agent: Johnson Electric S.a.

20140217848 - Interior permanent magnet machine: An interior permanent magnet machine includes a stator including a plurality of electrical conductors. The interior permanent magnet machine further includes a rotor concentrically disposed in relation to the stator. The rotor is configured to rotate relative to the stator about a rotational axis and includes a plurality of polar... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140217849 - Rotor for rotary electric machine: A rotor for a rotary electric machine includes a plurality of magnetic poles in a rotor core, a side barrier as a magnetic air gap, an air gap section as a magnetic air gap. Each of the plurality of magnetic poles includes a magnet insertion hole, a permanent magnet. The... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140217850 - Rotor of superconducting rotating machines: A rotor of superconducting rotating machines according to the present invention comprises: a yoke provided with receiving sections which are consecutively formed on the outer peripheral surface thereof; bobbins received in each of the receiving sections of the yoke; and a superconducting coil coupled with the bobbins, wherein interval-maintaining members... Agent: Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

20140217851 - Electric machine and a method of constructing a commutator for an electric machine: An electric machine and a method of forming a commutator for an electric machine includes forming a commutator assembly including a plurality of commutator bar members linked through a corresponding plurality of bridge elements, rolling the commutator assembly into a commutator form having a substantially continuous, uninterrupted, outer surface, introducing... Agent: Remy Technologies, L.L.C.

20140217852 - Power-generating system: A power-generating system includes a heat source which is able to produce temporal temperature variation; a first device which is able to produce temporal temperature variation so as to include at least partially a temperature range of −20° C. relative to the Curie temperature to +10° C. relative to the... Agent: Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

20140217853 - Piezoelectric generator: The present disclosure provides an ionic ring comprising a number of piezoelectric elements, a piezoelectric device including the ionic ring, and a piezoelectric generator including the ionic ring and host devices incorporating the piezoelectric generator. The piezoelectric generator can be used to generate energy on a portable electronic device in... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140217854 - Ultrasonic transducer: An ultrasonic transducer as an important part of an ultrasonic flow meter is described, with a transducer housing and with a transducer element, the transducer housing having an ultrasound window and a housing tube, the transducer element being made for sending or receiving ultrasonic waves and being either near the... Agent: Krohne Ag

20140217855 - Vibration power-generating strain wave gearing: The strain wave gearing includes a rigid internally toothed gear, a flexible externally toothed gear that is disposed coaxially therein and is flexible in the radial direction, and a wave generator that is disposed coaxially inside the externally toothed gear. The flexible externally toothed gear is bent in the radial... Agent: Harmonic Drive Systems Inc.

20140217856 - Piezoelectric resonator element and piezoelectric resonator: A piezoelectric resonator element includes a piezoelectric substrate formed of an AT-cut quartz crystal substrate in which the thickness direction thereof is a direction parallel to the Y′ axis; and excitation electrodes disposed so as to face vibrating regions on both front and rear principal surfaces of the piezoelectric substrate.... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

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