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Electrical generator or motor structure

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11/13/2014 > 32 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140333154 - Multistage ferrofluid sealing apparatus for superconducting rotating machines: Disclosed is a multistage magnetic fluid sealing apparatus for superconducting rotating machines. According to the present invention, the magnetic fluid sealing apparatus, which is provided with a first magnetic fluid chamber and a second magnetic fluid chamber that are arranged in a multi-stage manner so as to contain a magnetic... Agent: Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

20140333155 - Method for producing a useful temporary modification of fermion mass at room temperature in certain metalloids: A useful technique for the temporary modification of Fermion mass at room temperature in certain metalloids is disclosed. This technique has demonstrated an easily observable weight modification effect, using novel but comparatively inexpensive materials, in an industrial or every-day environment, at room temperature. Various simple and easily engineered methods for... Agent:

20140333156 - Electric power generation device: An electric power generation device comprising: a support member; a first magnetostrictive member with one end attached to the support member; a second magnetostrictive member with one end attached to the support member and disposed in parallel with the first magnetostrictive member; a vibration linking member connecting the first and... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140333157 - Press forming machine, press forming method using press forming machine and rotor core of ac generator for automobiles manufactured by press forming method: A taper shaped steel rod-like member allows a cold press molding apparatus to reduce burrs generated in tooling without the use of lubrication while also extending tool live. The method and process is characterized by holding the preshaped processed material on a backside tool, while press-contacting the processed material to... Agent: Sigma & Hearts Co., Ltd.

20140333158 - Stator of electric motor including resin injected by injection molding: In a stator of an electric motor having a resin molding portion formed in an inner circumferential portion and an outer circumferential portion by means of injection molding, a partition member for partitioning the inner circumferential portion and the outer circumferential portion of the stator is provided in an axial... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140333159 - Hybrid step motor: A stepper motor is provided in which a permanent ring magnet is sandwiched in an outer part of the stator winding assembly located far from the gap between rotor and stator teeth, so that magnetic flux in the gap is dominated by the Ampere-turns of energized stator coils and therefore... Agent:

20140333160 - Thermal conductor for use in an electric machine and method of forming the same: An electric machine includes a housing, a stator core positioned within the housing, a wire wound about the stator core to form a plurality of end-turns that extend from an end of the stator core, and a thermal conductor positioned between the plurality of end-turns and the housing. The thermal... Agent: General Electric Company

20140333162 - Electric drive device for motor vehicle: The present invention relates to an electric drive device for driving of a motor vehicle comprising an electric motor arranged to be media supplied, the electric motor having a jacket surface and an essentially ring shaped cross section, wherein said media supply is arranged to be effected via a connection... Agent:

20140333161 - Electric machine having a cooled rotor shaft: An electric machine (1) has a hollow rotor shaft (3) and a stationary cooling lance (13) that penetrates the hollow shaft (3) axially. The cooling lance (13) has an inlet (16) and an outlet (17) for a cooling medium. A cooling duct (18) penetrates the cooling lance (13) axially and... Agent: Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft

20140333163 - Embedded permanent magnet rotary electric machine: Ventilation apertures are respectively formed circumferentially so as to pass axially through an inner circumferential side of a rotor core, rotor grooves are respectively formed circumferentially on an outer circumferential surface of the rotor core so as to have groove directions in an axial direction, and a centrifugal fan is... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140333185 - Thermostat clamp for electric motors: An electric motor assembly including a housing, a rotor, a stator supported in the housing, the stator having a plurality of individual windings, at least one thermostat for monitoring a temperature of at least one winding, and a thermostat clamp interposed between adjacent windings of the stator, the thermostat confined... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20140333164 - Bearing: A bearing includes at least an inner ring (12), an outer ring (11), and rolling bodies arranged between the inner and outer rings, one of the rings being designed to turn and the fixed, and one of the rings (11) including an inducing element (30) is designed to generate an... Agent: Aktiebolaget Skf

20140333165 - Magnet-type generator: A magnet-type generator 1 has a stator 20 having a stator core 21, bobbins 40, 41 and a coil 60. The stator core has through holes 35A, 35B, 35C passing through the stator core along a rotation axis of the rotor so that lead wires 64A, 64B, 64C for outputting,... Agent: Denso Trim Co., Ltd.

20140333166 - Magnetic drive system and method: A magnetic coupling device for communicating continuous rotational or linear motion through a magnetic coupling of magnetic forces communicated from magnets operatively positioned on an oscillation assembly and a rotation assembly in positions sufficiently proximate to form the magnetic coupling. Employed to communicate an output force in a rotational direction... Agent:

20140333167 - Magnet-type rotating electric machine: There is provided an alternating current generator for a vehicle, including: a rotor (1), a flywheel (3), and main magnets (4) and auxiliary magnets (5) alternately arranged; and a stator (2). Each of the main magnets (4) is magnetized to an N-pole and an S-pole in a radial direction, whereas... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140333168 - Rotor for a rotary electric machine and rotary electric machine comprising such a rotor: A rotor (1) comprising a plurality of alternating magnetic poles formed by permanent magnets (3) distributed regularly between a circumferential portion (5) and a central portion (6) of the magnetic body (2) of the rotor and defining circumferential pole sections (7). The pole sections have a pre-determined pole pitch (Thetarho)... Agent:

20140333169 - Winding arrangement for an electrical machine: A design for and method of winding an electric motor, generator or other electrical machine using multiple strands of wire preformed into a wave shape with a plurality of legs connected by shaped end turns. This results in efficient packing and improved machine performance in terms of both efficiency and... Agent: Hybridauto Pty Ltd

20140333170 - Armature windings of rotating electrical machines: According to one embodiment, there is provided armature windings of a rotating electrical machine, in which a 3-phase winding of two layers including upper and lower layers is constituted of phase belts having an electrical phase difference of 60° in between, pairs of upper coil pieces and lower coil pieces... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140333172 - Automotive rotary electric machine stator and manufacturing method therefor: In the automotive rotary electric machine stator according to the present invention, a stator winding is constituted by distributed windings, slot-housed portions and root portions of coil end portions are formed so as to have flat cross sections, and the slot-housed portions are housed in the slots in contact with... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140333171 - Electric motor: An electric motor is provided having a rotor and a stator and in which the stator has poles which are surrounded by turns of a coil. Each turn is of planar design and the lower faces of subsequent turns rest on the upper faces of the respectively preceding turns. The... Agent: Matuschek Messtechnik Gmbh

20140333173 - Motor having electromagnetic rotor: Disclosed is a motor including: a rotor housing; a stator assembly located inside the rotor housing; a first core located inside the stator assembly; a second core located at the center of the rotor housing; and a coil housing located inside the rotor housing and having a space portion formed... Agent:

20140333174 - Electrical rotating machine: An electrical rotating machine is provided with a salient-pole rotor, which is composed of magnetic field pole bodies integrally formed with a shaft and pole shoes constituting magnetic field pole heads. Each pole shoe is fixedly joined on the corresponding one of the magnetic field pole bodies with a plurality... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140333175 - Electronic component element and composite module including the same: An electronic component element includes a piezoelectric substrate and a comb-shaped electrode located on one principal surface of the piezoelectric substrate. A support layer is arranged around the comb-shaped electrode. A cover layer is disposed so as to cover the support layer and the comb-shaped electrode. Via-hole electrodes extend through... Agent:

20140333176 - Vibration limit switch: A vibration limit switch with a membrane, which can be set into oscillation, and a drive unit for setting the membrane into oscillation and/or for detecting an oscillation of the membrane, with the drive unit comprising at least one electromagnetic drive and one Piezo-electric drive.... Agent: Vega Grishaber Kg

20140333177 - Protected resonator: A bulk acoustic wave resonator structure that isolates the core resonator from both environmental effects and aging effects. The structure has a piezoelectric layer at least partially disposed between two electrodes. The structure is protected against contamination, package leaks, and changes to the piezoelectric material due to external effects while... Agent: Cymatics Laboratories Corp.

20140333178 - Piezoelectric vibrator: Disclosed is piezoelectric vibrator including a piezoelectric vibrator unit. The piezoelectric vibrator has a vibrating portion, a mass attached on the vibrating portion and having an connecting portion attached on the vibrating portion and at least one extending portion extending from the connecting portion and away from the vibrating portion,... Agent: Aac Technologies Pte. Ltd.

20140333179 - Vibration generating apparatus: There is provided a vibration generating apparatus including: a piezoelectric element fixedly attached to a vibration transfer member and expanded and contracted in a direction from an inner surface thereof toward an outer surface thereof or in a direction from the outer surface thereof toward the inner surface thereof when... Agent: Iucf-hyu (industry-university Cooperation Foundation Hanyang University)

20140333180 - Piezoelectric actuation device: THIS invention relates to a piezoelectric actuation device and more particularly but not exclusively, to a piezoelectric actuation device with three piezoelectric actuator sets. The device includes a first clamp arrangement being displaceable between an engaged position and a disengaged position and a second clamp arrangement being displaceable between an... Agent:

20140333181 - Haptic feedback device: Disclosed is a haptic feedback device. The device includes a first frame, a second frame connected with the first frame, a display mounted in the first frame, an actuator for driving the display to vibrate thereby generating sound, and a connecting unit for connecting the first frame and the second... Agent: Aac Technologies Pte. Ltd.

20140333182 - Ultrasonic generator: An ultrasonic generating element is accommodated in an accommodation space that is formed by a first case member and a second case member. The ultrasonic generating element is secured to the first case member via a plurality of first supporting members. The first supporting members are provided so that, in... Agent:

20140333183 - Piezoelectric device and method for manufacturing same: A resin is provided so as to cover four side faces of a piezoelectric multilayer body integrally and thus is effectively prevented from peeling from the piezoelectric multilayer body, whereby high adhesion is attained between the piezoelectric multilayer body and the resin. At the same time, the resin covers dicing... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20140333184 - Nanoporous piezoelectric polymer films for mechanical energy harvesting: Piezoelectric materials based on nanoporous polymer foams are provided. Also provided are nanogenerators incorporating the piezoelectric materials, piezoelectric energy harvesters incorporating the nanogenerators and methods of making and using the same. The piezoelectric materials comprise a unitary nanoporous matrix composed of a piezoelectrically active organic polymer, in which the pores... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

11/06/2014 > 21 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140327327 - Magnetic suspension planar motor with structure of superconductor excitation: A magnetic suspension planar motor comprises a structure of superconductor excitation. A primary base plate is in a shape of board. Armature windings are fixed on an air gap side of the primary base plate. A secondary base plate in a secondary structure is evenly divided into 2 h*2 h... Agent:

20140327328 - Deformation control device for a resonant spring in a linear driving unit: The present device is applied to a linear driving unit which comprises: a linear electric motor (M) formed by a motor housing (C) which is electrically excited and affixed to a fixed structure (1), and by a magnetic armature (A) which is displaced in a reciprocating axial movement; and a... Agent: Whirlpool S.a.

20140327329 - Fixing resin composition, rotor, automobile, and method of manufacturing rotor: A solid fixing resin composition, which has excellent filling properties, and a rotor using the same are provided. The fixing resin composition is used to form a fixing member constituting a rotor which includes a rotor core (110) which has a laminate formed by lamination of a plurality of plate... Agent:

20140327330 - Dynamoelectric machine having enhanced rotor ventilation: A rotor and a dynamoelectric machine including a rotor are disclosed. In an embodiment, the rotor includes a rotor body having a plurality of axially extending slots disposed radially about the rotor body, and at least one coil having at least one turn positioned within each of the plurality of... Agent:

20140327344 - Induction motor capable of being housed in a tubular actuator and method of assembling this motor: Induction motor capable of being housed in a tubular actuator and method of assembling this motor. This motor (1) comprises: (i) a stator (2), (ii) a rotor assembly, (iii) a bowl (9) capable of protecting a bundle formed at one end (7) of the stator (2), the bowl (9) comprising... Agent:

20140327343 - Machine for augmentation, storage, and conservation of vehicle motive energy: A device for addition of motive force to a vehicle, with rotor-plate, rotor-arms, rotor permanent magnets, stator-plate, stator columns, stator electromagnets, and battery, cell, or other energy storage device. The device is retro-fittable on existing wheel assemblies, and installation coverts an internal combustion vehicle to a hybrid with electric propulsion.... Agent:

20140327345 - Noise shield unit in wound rotor synchronous motor (wrsm) motor: A noise shield unit in a WRSM drive motor has a rotor wound with coils with a slip ring disposed thereon. A brush is mounted to a brush holder to be in contact with the slip ring, and a position sensor is mounted to an end portion of the rotor.... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140327346 - Multi-phase electric circuit: A multi-phase electric circuit including an electric machine and an inverter, wherein machine encompasses a rotor connected to the inverter via at least two brushes for each phase, wherein each of the brushes of each phase is connected to the inverter via a separate brush line.... Agent: Ge Energy Power Conversion Technology Limited

20140327332 - Connecting structure for motor: A rotational axis of a first motor 102A and a rotational axis of a second motor 102B are disposed on the same straight line. A connector 72 of the first motor 102A and a connector 72B of the second motor 102B are disposed substantially in mirror symmetric positions, and a... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140327331 - Magnet-type generator: A magnet-type generator 1 has a stator 20 having a stator core 21 and a coil 60, and fixed on an engine cover. The stator core has an annular base portion 26 and salient pole portions 27 extended in a radial direction from the annular base portion. The coil is... Agent: Denso Trim Co., Ltd.

20140327347 - Sternboard drive for marine electric propulsion with speed control and wireless communication connectivity: The present invention deals with electric sternboard drives for marine electric propulsion with speed control and wireless communication connectivity.... Agent: Pure Watercraft, Inc.

20140327333 - Brushless electromagnetic motor: A brushless electromagnetic motor, preferably for use in dental handpieces, has a rotor set, a stator set, a plug set, a magnet, a motor cover kit and a motor end cap. The magnet is fixedly fitted in an interior space between said plug and said rotor. After connection of said... Agent: Codent Technical Industry Co., Ltd.

20140327334 - Method for producing a corona shield, fast-curing corona shield system, and electric machine: The corona shield can be applied in electric machines in a faster manner by using radiation-cured materials.... Agent:

20140327335 - Electromagnetic coils, method of manufacturing same, and insulating tapes: An electromagnetic coil having an insulating coating formed by alternately laminating, on a coil conductor, a mica layer including mica and a reinforcing layer including fiber reinforcing material, inorganic particles and resin, wherein the inorganic particles include secondary agglomerate particles formed by agglomeration of primary particles of hexagonal crystal boron... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140327336 - Winding carrier for use in an electrical machine and winding arrangement: The invention relates to a winding carrier (1) for the defined application of a coil winding, comprising: a winding section (2) for placing onto a cylindrical tooth component; a groove structure (3), which is arranged in at least one region of the winding section and extends transversely to the winding... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140327337 - Vibration sensor and external detection device: A vibration sensor has a first substrate, a second substrate relatively movable by an external vibration while opposed to the first substrate, an electret group having a plurality of electrets that are arrayed in a relative movement direction on a side of one of surfaces of the first substrate, and... Agent: Omron Corporation

20140327338 - Ocean wave energy converter and method of energy storage and retrieval utilizing a phase change material: v

20140327339 - Piezoelectric resonator: A piezoelectric resonator including a base part, a first support part fixed to the base part, a beam part fixed to the first support part, a weight part fixed to the beam part, a drive unit provided on the beam part, and an adjusting magnet movable on a main surface... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140327340 - Piezoelectric material, piezoelectric member piezoelectric element, and pressure sensor: The present invention has an object to provide a piezoelectric material that endures high temperatures, the resources of raw materials of which are abundant, and that is stably suppliable. Disclosed is a piezoelectric element, including: a piezoelectric member having a surface for receiving external stress and a side surface that... Agent: Energy Storage Materials LLC

20140327341 - Crystal resonation device and production method therefor: A crystal resonation device that includes a base plate, a cap, a joining material, and a crystal resonator. The cap is provided on the base plate. The cap forms a sealed space with the base plate. The joining material joins the base plate and the cap. The joining material contains... Agent:

20140327342 - Resonator element and resonator having a tapered arm next to the base: A resonator element includes: at least one resonating arm which performs flexural vibration; a base portion connected to an end of the resonating arm; and a tapered portion which is axisymmetrical with respect to a centerline which bisects the width of the resonating arm, and which has a width increasing... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 44 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20140319934 - Shaft rotary type linear motor and shaft rotary type linear motor unit: The present invention provides a shaft rotary type linear motor that enables a movable element to rotate and linearly move by using a simple structure, and can therefore support compact, space-saving and lightweight designs. The shaft rotary type linear motor includes: a shaft; an outer cylinder; a hollow movable element... Agent: Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd.

20140319935 - Mover and stator assembly of electric machine: A mover and stator assembly of an electric machine includes at least one stator and at least one rotor. Each stator includes multiple magnetic components each including a first surface and a salient portion protruding from the first surface. The rotor includes multiple second magnetic components each including a second... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140319937 - Armature of rotating electrical machine: A coil end of a coil is insulated from a stator core by a molded member made of an insulating resin, and the coil, which is positioned in a slot, is insulated by insulating paper. In an armature of a rotating electrical machine, the molded member is divided into a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140319936 - Motor and method of manufacturing motor: A motor includes a housing, a stator holder, a stator, and a flow path for a cooling fluid. The cooling flow path is provided between the housing and the stator holder. A coil of the stator is covered by a resin portion. The stator holder may include a holder cylindrical... Agent: Nidec Corporation

20140319938 - Electric motor having a stator and a rotor: An electric motor includes a stator, and a rotor which has a rotor shaft. At least one rotor position magnet is disposed on the rotor shaft, and is configured to provide a magnetic signal that can be evaluated, upon a rotation of the rotor shaft, at least for the purpose... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140319939 - Rotary electric machine: A rotary electric machine includes a stator around which coil conductor wires for a plurality of phases are wound, a housing that contains the stator, and a terminal block that is mounted on the housing and connects end portions of the coil conductor wires for the respective phases led from... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140319940 - Orbital motor and generator: Described herein is a technology for an electric motor system that reduces stress in motor shaft bearings. Furthermore, the electric motor system that provides an adequate heat ventilation is described herein.... Agent:

20140319976 - Hobby servo motor linear actuator systems: Hobby servo motor linear actuator systems are provided. In certain circumstances, a linear actuator system includes a lead screw attachment mechanism and a lead nut. The lead screw attachment mechanism is configured to be rotatably connected to an output shaft of a hobby servo motor assembly. The lead nut is... Agent:

20140319977 - Generator of a gearless wind turbine: The invention relates to a generator of a gearless wind turbine, having a stator and a rotor, and comprising stator windings for generating several alternating currents, in particular at least three alternating currents phase-shifted from each other, rectifying means for rectifying the alternating currents, and at least two direct-current bus... Agent:

20140319944 - Electrical collecting and distributing ring: An electrical collecting and distributing ring is composed of an annular bus ring including a plurality of terminals and a plurality of circular arc portions therebetween, respectively, and a holding member, which at least partially molds the bus ring. The plurality of terminals include respective one pair of extended portions... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.,

20140319945 - Electrical collecting and distributing ring: An electrical collecting and distributing ring is composed of an annular bus ring including a plurality of terminals and a plurality of circular arc portions therebetween, respectively. The plurality of terminals include respective one pair of extended portions, which extend in a radial direction of the circular arc portions to... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20140319941 - Printed circuit intended to ensure connection of an electric motor and electric motor comprising the printed circuit: An electric motor and a printed circuit to ensure the electrical connection of the motor are provided. The printed circuit comprises: a central part to cover a first face of the electric motor; flexible tongues extending from the central part and to partly cover a second face of the motor... Agent: Aldebaran Robotics

20140319942 - Rotating electric machine and method for manufacturing the rotating electric machine: A rotating electric machine includes: a stator core having a plurality of slots aligned along a circumferential direction; a stator having a stator coil with an enamel coating inserted into the slots of the stator core; and a rotor rotatably arranged over the stator core through a given gap. The... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20140319946 - Stator winding of an electric generator: Apparatus for producing electrical power from mechanical power, includes an electric generator with a rotor and with a stator. The electric generator is configured for conversion of mechanical power into a polyphase alternating current. The polyphase alternating current has more than three phases. The stator has a stator core with... Agent:

20140319943 - Technique for electrically connecting a generator and an exciter: A connection device includes a body having a first and a second end, a first connector set at the first end, and a pin type connector set at the second end. The first connector set includes a first strip element and a second strip element, which form an electrical interface... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140319947 - Hybrid machine for sustainable energy: The present invention discloses an apparatus that includes a motor, flywheel, transmission, and generator. The motor converts an input energy into mechanical energy to rotate an output shaft coupled to a shaft of a flywheel. The design characteristics of the flywheel provide substantially uniform rotational speed to its shaft when... Agent: No Fossil Energy, LLC

20140319948 - Electric motor equipped with deceleration device: An electric motor equipped with deceleration device (1) is provided with a main shaft component (200) that is formed substantially in a circular rod shape, and has one end portion (201) that is rotatably supported at a substantial center of a bottom portion (111) of a motor housing (110) and... Agent: Mitsuba Corporation

20140319949 - High acceleration rotary actuator: A high acceleration rotary actuator motor assembly is provided comprising a plurality of phase motor elements provided in tandem on a shaft, each phase element including a rotor carrying magnets which alternate exposed poles, the rotor being connected to the shaft and surrounded by a stator formed of a plurality... Agent:

20140319950 - Disc alternator or motor: The Disc Alternator or Motor utilizes a magnetic field orientation that is parallel to the armature. With this orientation, multiple disc's are utilized to increase square area of induction and to provide a stronger field induction into the coils of a disc alternator or inversely a greater magnetic rotational force... Agent:

20140319951 - Slotless amorphous ferroalloy electric machine with radial magnetic circuit and its manufacturing method: A slotless amorphous ferroalloy electric machine with radial magnetic circuit and a manufacturing method. The invention includes a stator iron core (21), a cylinder formed by winding an amorphous ferroalloy strip, a stator winding (22) is integrally in the shape of a cylinder and fixed on the internal cylindrical surface... Agent: Shenzhen Hopewin Technology Co., Ltd.

20140319952 - Main motor for railway vehicle: The main motor for a railway vehicle is rotationally driven upon receiving an AC power supplied from an inverter circuit that includes a switching element formed by using a wide bandgap semiconductor. The inverter circuit applies a voltage having a PWM waveform to the main motor for a railway vehicle... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140319953 - Bar wound stator winding layout with long-pitched and short-pitched coils: A stator assembly includes a plurality of stator slots defining a plurality of slot layers. The assembly includes a plurality of hairpins each having respective first and second legs positioned in respective ones of the slot layers. Each of the hairpins is one of a short-pitched coil, a long-pitched coil... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140319954 - Electric machine: An electric machine includes a stator and a rotor. The stator is disposed near to the rotor and has at least one first stator unit and at least one second stator unit. The first stator unit has a first tooth and a second tooth, and the second stator unit has... Agent:

20140319955 - Stator for an electrical machine: A stator comprising a coil wound onto a bobbin. The coil is wound as a plurality of layers, each layer comprising a plurality of turns that extend between opposite ends of the bobbin. The outermost layer has a turn pitch greater than that of a lower layer. Additionally, an electrical... Agent: Dyson Technology Limited

20140319956 - Aluminum alloy rotor for an electromagnetic device: A rotor includes a shorting ring defining a plurality of cavities therein, and a plurality of conductor bars each integral with the shorting ring and having an end disposed within a respective one of the plurality of cavities. The shorting ring and each of the conductor bars are formed from... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140319957 - Low torque ripple electric drive system for bas application: A BAS machine that includes a specific combination of the number of stator slots to the number of rotor bars to reduce torque ripple without the need for skewing the rotor bars. Particularly, the ratio of the number of stator slots to the number of rotor bars is selected to... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140319958 - Coil retainer for electric machine rotors: A coil retainer for a rotor includes a flat body and a longitudinal spine. The flat body has a first thickness and the longitudinal spine has a second thickness greater than the first thickness. The coil retainer may also include a central rib, which has a third thickness. The central... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, LLC

20140319959 - Insulation system for an electric machine: A bar wound stator includes a stator core defining a plurality of slots. Bar-type conductors are disposed within each slot. Each slot includes a slot liner and an insulator cap. Each slot liner includes an end portion disposed against an inner wall surface, and side portions disposed against a first... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140319960 - Stator of electric rotary machine and fabrication method therefor: One embodiment provides a stator of an electric rotary machine, including: a stator core having plural slots; a segmented coil of plural phases; and plural base plates laminated at each end of the stator core in an axial direction. While the stator core and plural coil bars of the segmented... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140319961 - Vibration-reduced brush holder for an electric motor: A brush holder for an electric motor includes a brush magazine forming a receiving space with a wall surface. A carbon brush having an end face and a side face is arranged in the receiving space. The brush holder also includes a spring, which is in contact with the end... Agent:

20140319962 - Adjustable insulating cover for a bar-to-bar connection of a stator winding in a dynamoelectric machine: An insulated cover (10) for insulating at least two electrically-connected stator bar winding ends (18, 20) in a dynamoelectric machine. The cover (10) comprises a first member (12) for mating with a second member (14), a first interlocking structure (52) on a surface of the first member (12) and a... Agent:

20140319963 - Radioisotope battery and manufacturing method thereof: This invention relates to a radioisotope battery and a method of manufacturing the same, wherein manufacturing the radioisotope battery and shielding radiation emitted from the radioisotope Ni-63 from the outside are achieved simultaneously. This radioisotope battery includes a semiconductor layer, a seed layer formed on the semiconductor layer, a radioisotope... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140319964 - Quartz substrate orientations for compact monolithic differential temperature sensor, and sensors using same: Quartz cuts are provided which exhibit temperature characteristics which are favorable for making differential SAW temperature sensors. Families of Y cuts rotated between 0° and 60° degrees in combination with placement of two resonators at specified angles to each other are disclosed. Further, preferred embodiments in which the resonators are... Agent:

20140319965 - Actuator: An actuator includes the first and the second extendable driver portions. The first extendable driver portion includes an electrolyte layer laminated with electrode layers each including an electroconductive polymer and expands and contracts according to application of a voltage between the electrode layers. The second extendable driver portion includes an... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20140319966 - Vibration-type driving apparatus: A vibration-type driving apparatus including: a vibrator holder wherein a plurality of vibrators each having at least an electro-mechanical energy conversion element and a elastic member having a contact portion formed therein are connected to a vibrator holding member, for generating an ellipsoidal movement of the contact portion, to move,... Agent:

20140319967 - Oscillation actuator: The oscillation actuator of the invention uses ultrasonic vibrations generated in a stator to rotate a rotor, and a pre-load member causes a 30 MPa contact pressure between the rotor and the stator. Furthermore, a supply body impregnated with oil is provided inside a recess section in the stator, such... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20140319968 - Piezoelectric sound-generating body and electronic device using the same: A piezoelectric drive element includes piezoelectric layers, electrode layers between the piezoelectric layers, and electrode layers as the surfaces of the laminated layers. The piezoelectric layers are arranged on the upper side and on the lower side with reference to the center in the thickness direction, and are polarized in... Agent: Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

20140319969 - Flexible structure for generating electrical energy from wave motions: A device for generating electrical energy from the motion of waves includes: at least one flexible, floatable tube which is closed at its two ends and includes a wall having at least one horizontal stack, which extends in the longitudinal direction of the tube and has at least one layer... Agent:

20140319970 - Flow energy piezoelectric bimorph nozzle harvester: A flow energy harvesting device having a harvester pipe includes a flow inlet that receives flow from a primary pipe, a flow outlet that returns the flow into the primary pipe, and a flow diverter within the harvester pipe having an inlet section coupled to the flow inlet, a flow... Agent:

20140319971 - Frameless actuator apparatus, system, and method: A film actuator is disclosed. The actuator includes a frameless actuator film. The frameless actuator film includes at least one elastomeric dielectric film disposed between first and second electrodes, at least one adhesive applied on one side of the frameless actuator film. It can also include a second adhesive applied... Agent:

20140319974 - Electrical component and method for producing an electrical component: An electrical component includes a main body, a metallic contact structure, which is in direct contact with the main body, and an electrically insulating passivation layer provided with an opening. The metallic contact structure is connected to an external contact-making element through the opening. Furthermore, the external contact-making element is... Agent:

20140319972 - Film stack including adhesive layer: An example provides an apparatus including a substrate, a metal layer, and an adhesive layer adhered between the substrate and the metal layer, the adhesive layer comprising zinc-gallium oxide, zinc-indium oxide, zinc-gallium-tin oxide, or zinc-indium-tin oxide.... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, Lp

20140319973 - Piezoelectric device: In a piezoelectric device, an identification pattern provided on a main face of a piezoelectric body is covered with an electrode, so as to inhibit the identification pattern from generating particles, while the identification pattern makes the polarity of the piezoelectric device discernible by the appearance thereof.... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20140319975 - Vibrator element, vibrator, oscillator, and electronic apparatus: A quartz crystal vibrator element having the weight section is provided with the intermediate weight section formed to have an arm width W1 larger (thicker) than the arm width W of the vibrating arm section and smaller (thinner) than the arm width W2 of the tip weight section, thereby making... Agent:

10/23/2014 > 31 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140312716 - Permanent magnet linear actuators: An electromagnetic actuator including: a core comprising a material having a high magnetic permeability relative to air; an array of coils sequentially arranged on the core, each coil of the array of coils being wound around the longitudinal axis of the core; and a magnet assembly movably mounted along the... Agent: Nucleus Scientific, Inc.

20140312717 - Ironless magnetic linear motors having levitating and transversal force capacities: A ironless magnetic motor (21-23) employs a magnetic track (30) and a forcer (40). The forcer (40) is orientated in relations to a magnetic field (β) across a linear air gap of the magnetic track (30) to generate a drive force (FX) parallel to the X drive axis and orthogonal... Agent:

20140312718 - Motor cooling and eddy current suppression structure: A motor cooling and eddy current suppression structure (100), which is attached to the surface of the motor winding (201), includes a first cooling plate (101), a second cooling plate (103,104), and a cooling water circuit located between the first cooling plate and the second cooling plate. The cooling water... Agent:

20140312719 - Linear generator: A linear generator having adjacent coils spaced apart no more than approximately 6 millimeters, and a magnet that moves through the coils. The magnet has a height that is greater than a combined height of at least two of the coils. Preferably, a pair of series-connected coils are spaced apart... Agent: Genneo, Inc.

20140312720 - Electric-motor brake actuator of a motor vehicle parking brake: A particularly cost-effective electric-motor brake actuator which is useable in a highly flexible manner in respect of structural boundary conditions has an integrally formed cup which is equipped with a permanent magnet assembly and can be equipped with a separately manufactured, electromagnetic rotor assembly. In this manner, the equipment outlay... Agent:

20140312721 - Electric power tool including a plurality of circuit boards: An electric power tool, which uses a DC brushless motor as a drive source and controls the DC brushless motor by a switching element, can include a tubular housing main body portion accommodating the DC brushless motor, and a grip portion protruding from a side portion of the housing main... Agent: Makita Corporation

20140312722 - Mast-mounted aircraft generator: A generator with relatively high (Length/Diameter) aspect ratio, which may be mounted within the rotating mast of a helicopter, and which may generate power that is conditioned by a rotating power conditioning unit and delivered to the rotating rotor blades without the use of slip rings, is disclosed. The generator... Agent: Oeco, LLC

20140312723 - Electric motor for vehicle: In an electric motor for a vehicle, a fan integrally rotatable with a rotor is located on one end in a direction of the axis of the rotor, a bracket for accommodating the fan is joined on one end in the direction of the axis of a stator frame for... Agent: Toyo Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20140312745 - Electric motor: An asymmetric brushless direct current (DC) motor having a stator having a plurality of magnets and a rotor having a plurality of armatures where the vector sum of magnetic forces between each armature and each respective magnet is zero at every angular rotation position of the rotor with respect to... Agent:

20140312746 - Rotary electric machine and driving apparatus using the same: A motor includes a stator core fitted to a cylindrical portion of a case, a rotor core being rotatable in the stator core, soft magnetic poles radially extending from the rotor core, and magnet poles disposed between the soft magnetic poles. The case includes a bottom portion having a ring-shaped... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140312724 - Electric push bar assembly: An electric push bar assembly includes an electric push bar including a retractable tube and a connector, and a release mechanism including a connection socket connected to the retractable tube, a fixed socket connected to the connector, a clutch socket axially slidably coupled to the connection socket and having a... Agent: Moteck Electric Corporation

20140312725 - Electric linear drive, in particular for adjusting furniture used for sitting or lying down: An electric linear drive, in particular for adjusting moveably mounted parts of furniture used for sitting or lying down, includes a drive motor, a threaded spindle, a speed reduction gear arranged between the drive motor and the threaded spindle, a spindle nut placed on the threaded spindle, which can be... Agent:

20140312726 - Linear transmission cylinder and driving motor thereof: A linear transmission cylinder with a driving motor includes a case, a stator disposed inside the case and a rotor having a rotary shaft disposed inside the case. The case includes a lower component and an upper component. The lower and upper components include a plurality of lower and upper... Agent:

20140312727 - Rotating electric machine: Provided is a rotating electric machine capable of preventing an outer race of a bearing from rotating because of a reduction in force for coupling a bearing housing portion and the outer race of the bearing. A resin case (24) uses thermal expansion to fill a clearance between the bearing... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140312728 - Driving device: A driving device is provided with a gear unit and a plurality of motors. The gear unit includes a plurality of input shafts supported by a supporting member, and a driven member to which the plurality of input shafts is engaged. Each motor rotor is respectively attached to a corresponding... Agent:

20140312729 - Motor having integral stator core: Provided is a motor having an integral stator core, which includes: stators including a plurality of split stator cores that are annularly disposed, bobbins that are surrounded on respective outer circumferential surfaces of the stator cores, and coils wound on an outer circumferential surface of each bobbin; and rotors that... Agent: Amotech Co., Ltd.

20140312730 - Rotary electric machine: a rotor; a control device that causes the stator to generate a rotating magnetic field; and a magnetic flux supply element supported by a rotary shaft so as to be rotatable relative to the rotary shaft, disposed radially inward of the rotor across a gap, and having auxiliary magnets. Each... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20140312731 - Motor: A motor includes a rotation shaft, a commutator, power supply brushes, and a brush holder. The brush holder includes an opposing portion that faces an end face of the commutator in an axial direction, a bearing holder, and a diffusion stopper. The diffusion stopper is arranged in a portion of... Agent:

20140312732 - Windscreen wiper motor: A windscreen wiper motor (1), with a shaft (30) carrying an armature (35) and a collector (36), wherein the collector (36) cooperates with brushes (38), which are arranged on a brush carrier device (25), and wherein the brush carrier device (25) is arranged fixedly in a windscreen wiper motor housing... Agent: Valeo Syst&#xc8 Mes D'essuyage

20140312733 - Mems vibrator, electronic apparatus, and moving object: A MEMS vibrator includes: a vibrating portion; an electrode portion provided to face the vibrating portion with a gap therebetween; and a support portion extended in a first direction from the vibrating portion. The vibrating portion includes a functional portion having a different thickness viewed from the first direction.... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140312734 - Vibrator, oscillator, electronic device, moving object, and method of manufacturing vibrator: A MEMS vibrator includes a substrate, a lower electrode provided on a main surface of the substrate, a fixed portion provided on the main surface, and an upper electrode which is separated from the substrate and is supported by the fixed portion. The upper electrode is a vibrating body having... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140312735 - Method of manufacturing an encapsulation device: The invention relates to an element arranged to cooperate with another part so as to form an encapsulation device for a component including the element at least partially coated with a metallization. According to the invention, the metallization includes at least one metal layer protected by an intermetallic compound which... Agent:

20140312736 - Electricoacoustic component with structured conductor and dielectric layer: An electroacoustic component includes a substrate configured to carry acoustic waves. The electroacoustic component can be a guided bulk acoustic wave (GBAW) device, for example. A structured electric conductive layer is arranged on the substrate and an electrically dielectric layer (for example, aluminum oxide) is also arranged over the substrate.... Agent:

20140312737 - Layer composite comprising electroactive layers: The invention relates to a multi-layer composite (2, 2.1, 2.2, 18) comprising at least two electroactive layers (4, 6) positioned between a first electrically conductive layer (12) and a second electrically conductive layer (14), wherein at least one electrically conductive sub-layer (8) is positioned between the at least two electroactive... Agent: Bayer Intellectual Property Gmbh

20140312738 - Ultrasonic motor: A rotor 2 of an ultrasonic motor 1 is pressed to make contact with a pair of supporting parts 11, 12 of a stator 3. Contact surfaces 21, 22 are formed respectively following the shape of an outer circumferential surface 2b of the rotor 2, in the upper portions of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20140312739 - High temperature ultrasonic probe and pulse-echo probe mounting fixture for testing and blind alignment on steam pipes: A high temperature ultrasonic probe and a mounting fixture for attaching and aligning the probe to a steam pipe using blind alignment. The high temperature ultrasonic probe includes a piezoelectric transducer having a high temperature. The probe provides both transmitting and receiving functionality. The mounting fixture allows the high temperature... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20140312740 - Energy harvester device for in-ear devices using ear canal dynamic motion: An energy harvester device located into an in-ear device and harvesting energy from dynamic motion of the wall of the outer ear canal receiving the in-ear device therein, with an external sheath of the in-ear device generally assuming the contour of the ear canal wall. The energy harvester device has... Agent:

20140312742 - Flexure-enhancing system for improved power generation in a wind-powered piezoelectric system: Improving wind-based piezoelectric power conversion is provided. For example, a piezoelectric element affixed to a vibratory member is provided. A rigid mounting system coupled with a rotatable base is provided for said vibratory member on one end of the vibratory member. A solar generator is coupled with the rigid mounting... Agent:

20140312741 - High voltage switches having one or more floating conductor layers: This patent document discloses high voltage switches that include one or more electrically floating conductor layers that are isolated from one another in the dielectric medium between the top and bottom switch electrodes. The presence of the one or more electrically floating conductor layers between the top and bottom switch... Agent: Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC

20140312743 - Ceramic electronic component: A ceramic electronic component includes a ceramic base, first and second internal electrodes, and first and second external electrodes. The first external electrode is disposed at a first end portion of a first major surface in the longitudinal direction. The second external electrode is disposed at a second end portion... Agent:

20140312744 - Multilayer electronic component and method for manufacturing the same: A method for manufacturing a multilayer electronic component includes the steps of preparing a laminate including a plurality of laminated insulating layers and a plurality of internal electrodes disposed along interfaces between the insulating layers, edges of the internal electrodes being exposed at a predetermined surface of the laminate, and... Agent:

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