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Electrical transmission or interconnection systems

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04/23/2015 > 24 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150108831 - Reserve power system for internal combustion engine: According to one embodiment, an electrical power management system for an internal combustion engine system with a power consumption device includes a battery and a supercapacitor. The battery is coupleable in electrical power providing communication with the power consumption device. The supercapacitor is coupleable in electrical power providing communication with... Agent: Cummins Ip, Inc.

20150108830 - Smart power outlet system: A smart power outlet system for a vehicle has a power outlet control module and a plurality of power outlets. Each power outlet has an associated set of power switching devices with each power switching device of a set of power switching devices coupled to a different power source. The... Agent:

20150108832 - Enclosed power outlet: Power outlets adapted for installation within an enclosure are provided. Power outlets are provided having a safety interlock adapted to prevent the creation of a hazardous condition within the enclosure as a result of the continued operation of an electrical device within the enclosed space. The safety interlock may include... Agent: Jtech Solutions, Inc.

20150108833 - Distribution board and electric power control method: A distribution board includes: a storage battery including one or more storage batteries and electrically connected to a predetermined load; a detector which detects a power outage state in which no electric power is being supplied from a power system; a first switch between the power system and the storage... Agent: Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co.,ltd

20150108835 - Dual input rtc supply generation with replica power path and autonomous mode of operation from the system supply: Circuits and methods providing a electronic power supply applicable to any dual supply rail systems, which require a smooth and uninterrupted output supply and a replica power path and autonomous mode of operation from the system power supply are disclosed. In a preferred embodiment of the invention the power supply... Agent:

20150108834 - Electronic device with power generation means: An electronic device includes an auxiliary battery and an input device. The input device includes a pressing layer and a piezoelectric layer which is located below the pressing layer. The piezoelectric layer is connected to the auxiliary battery. The pressing layer can be pressed to be elastically deformed. The pressing... Agent:

20150108837 - Audio-power converter: An apparatus and method for converting audio signals to power supply signals that includes a step-up transformer, rectifier, and energy storage device on each channel, and uses information on one channel to control the output voltage sources.... Agent:

20150108836 - Power boost circuit: The invention relates to a voltage boost circuit, and more particularly, to a power boost circuit formed by a plurality of voltage boost circuits.... Agent:

20150108838 - Solar power system for retail environments: A solar power system configured for use in a retail environment comprising at least one solar panel, a charge controller, a battery, and various electrical and electronic devices operatively connected to a low-voltage power control and distribution system which may include a Tag Area Controller, a system controller, a low-voltage... Agent: Tagnetics, Inc.

20150108839 - Intelligent and efficient off-grid solar home energy system and method thereof: The various embodiments herein provide an energy efficient DC off-grid home system and a method for operating the same. The system generates, stores and delivers the solar energy to the connected equipments in a controlled and efficient manner. The system has several solar panels, a battery bank, a home control... Agent:

20150108841 - Multifunctional power supply device: Embodiments of the invention include multi-functional power supply devices and related methods. In an embodiment, the multi-functional power supply device can include a base monument and a detachable accessory module. The base monument can include a first housing, an integrated power and support socket, an internal circuitry, AC electrical outlets,... Agent:

20150108840 - Remote isolation system, method and apparatus: A remote isolation system for a plant using a plurality of plant equipment items and a plant control system in communication with these equipment items. The plant control system enables isolation, from an energy source, of the plant equipment items. The plant control system includes selecting means for selecting a... Agent: Icm Technologies Pty Ltd

20150108842 - Systems and methods for reducing cross-supply current: Techniques for reducing cross-supply current are described herein. In one embodiment, a power circuit comprises a bypass switch coupled between a first power supply and an internal power supply, and a voltage regulator coupled between a second power supply and the internal power supply. The power circuit also comprises a... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150108843 - High efficiency control system for the conversion of electrical energy to thermal energy: An improved control arrangement is used in a high power rectifier and comprises two or more power controllers ganged together in parallel. Each power controller rectifies an AC voltage signal using zero voltage crossing switching to produce a binary switched signal and each power controller is connected to an independent... Agent:

20150108845 - Energy supply system and conductor loop enclosure: An energy supply system for supplying electrical energy to a building, comprising a grid connector unit for providing a connection to an external power grid, a load connector unit for connecting to a building power grid, a conductor loop for electrically connecting the grid connector unit to the load connector... Agent: Prosol Invest Deutschland Gmbh

20150108844 - Hybrid energy storage system: A power converter is provided. The power converter includes a converter leg comprising a plurality of active power link modules coupled to each other. Each of the plurality of active power link module includes exactly two semiconductor switches comprising antiparallel diodes and wherein the antiparallel diodes are coupled in parallel... Agent: General Electric Company

20150108846 - Method and apparatus for mitigating sub-synchronous resonance in power transmission system: Method and apparatus for mitigating SSR in power transmission system are provided. The method comprises: checking whether the sub-synchronous resonance (SSR) happens in the power transmission system; checking whether the sub-synchronous resonance is undamped; providing a command to bypass the SC unit when the SSR happens and is undamped. In... Agent: Abb Technology Ltd.

20150108848 - Antenna resonance frequency control driver: An antenna control circuit including: an H-bridge circuit including three half-bridge circuits; and a controller configured to control the H-bridge circuit; wherein a first half-bridge circuit and a second half-bridge circuit of the three half-bridge circuits are configured to electrically connect across a resonant antenna with a first resonant frequency... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20150108849 - Method for detecting and identifying a receiver in an inductive power transfer system: A method for detecting the presence of a receiver in an inductively coupled power transfer system having a transmitter and receiver. The method includes switching on a transmitter converter at a first frequency, measuring the inrush current and determining whether there is a receiver present. In another method, the inrush... Agent: Powerbyproxi Limited

20150108847 - Wireless power communication: A remote device in accordance with the present invention includes an adaptive power receiver that receives wireless power from the wireless power supply by induction. The adaptive power receiver may be switched among two or more modes of operation, including, for example, a high-Q mode and a low-Q mode. By... Agent: Access Business Group International LLC

20150108850 - Wireless power transmission method and apparatus for improving spectrum efficiency and space efficiency based on impedance matching and relay resonance: Provided is a wireless power transmission method and apparatus for improving spectrum efficiency and space efficiency based on impedance matching and relay resonance, the method including detecting an input impedance at a resonant frequency, matching a transmitting port impedance to a real number value of the detected input impedance, and... Agent:

20150108851 - Photovoltaic systems with shaped high frequency electric pulses: At least one photovoltaic (PV) cell comprising a semiconductor material having p-n junctions formed therein, and configured to generate a PV output voltage in response to light; and a pulse generator coupled to receive a PV output voltage and generate electric output pulses therefrom, and apply such pulses to the... Agent:

20150108852 - High voltage pulse generator: The present invention relates to a high voltage pulse generator which can operate for a long time and has high pulse frequency. In the preferred embodiment of the invention, the air stored in the air container is transmitted to the air duct by means of a hose over the regulator... Agent: Aselsan Elektronik Sanayi Ve Ticaret Anonim Sirket

20150108853 - Storage battery system: By voltage sensors (CT1, CT2, and CT3), a voltage is detected in a primary side electric path (22) of a protective instrument (16) of a distribution board (11) into which commercial AC electric power is input, and secondary side electric paths (23 and 24) of the protective instrument (16) to... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

04/16/2015 > 33 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150102660 - Modular equipment center distributed equipment packaging truss: A modular truss assembly configured to be placed in small or narrow spaces such as within the floor, sidewall, or crown of a vehicle for mechanically and electrically mounting system components of a modular equipment center (MEC). A plurality of MECs is spatially distributed throughout the vehicle to service equipment... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150102661 - Modular equipment center distributed primary power architecture: A plurality of modular equipment centers (MECs) spatially distributed throughout a vehicle servicing equipment loads. Each MEC independently provides localized power and communication to service the equipment loads and each equipment load is serviced by the nearest MEC. In at least one embodiment, only primary power is distributed across section... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150102659 - Modular equipment center lightning threat reduction architecture: A composite vehicle architecture without a current return network for reducing lightning threats. A plurality of modular equipment centers (MECs) are spatially distributed throughout the vehicle. Equipment loads within the vehicle are each serviced by the nearest MEC. Twisted and shielded electrical conductor pairs provide secondary power to the equipment... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150102662 - Modular equipment center zonal standalone power system control architecture: A plurality of modular equipment centers (MECs) spatially distributed throughout a vehicle servicing equipment loads. Each MEC independently provides localized power and communication to service the equipment loads. A zone of electrical loads is assigned to and serviced by the nearest MEC. Power and communication data are synchronized in that... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150102664 - Power supply apparatus: In the power supply apparatus (100), on an upper surface (202a), which is the surface opposing the power-receiving unit (153) of a cabinet (103b), in the portion where a power supply coil (103a) is projected when the power supply coil (103a) is projected on the cabinet (103b) toward the direction... Agent:

20150102663 - Remote modular equipment center architecture: A plurality of remote module equipment centers (RMECs) distributed throughout a vehicle to aggregate sensor and control information into localized areas of the vehicle. The RMECs provide power and bidirectional communications to vehicle subsystems thereby localizing the computing and networking functions close to the associated electrical components of the subsystem.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150102666 - Electric vehicle: An electric vehicle includes: a low-voltage battery, a high-voltage battery having a voltage higher than that of the low-voltage battery; an output detector that detects an output of the low-voltage battery; a collision detector that detects a vehicle collision, an information recorder to which the low-voltage battery is connected as... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150102667 - Propulsion system and method for driving a vehicle: A propulsion system includes a traction drive system, a boost converter, an energy-type energy source, a power-type energy source, and an energy management system. The boost converter includes a high voltage side and a low voltage side. The boost converter is coupled to the traction drive system on the high... Agent:

20150102665 - Self-identifying switch system for vehicle control: A vehicle switch module includes a sub-network having switches connected thereto and a sub-network controller in operative communication with the sub-network and the switches. Each switch includes a microprocessor programmed to generate switch messages that include address and switch logic state data. The sub-network controller transmits switch queries onto the... Agent:

20150102668 - Auxiliary power supply devices and electronic systems employing the same: An auxiliary power supply device can include an auxiliary power source configured to provide auxiliary power. An auxiliary power state detection circuit electrically can be coupled to an input or an output of the auxiliary power source and an auxiliary power supply circuit that can be electrically coupled to the... Agent:

20150102669 - Electrical power distribution system for enabling distributed energy generation: In the present legacy electrical power generation and distribution system, the power quality delivered to end consumers is being degraded by a number of disruptive technologies and legislative impacts; especially with the rapidly increasing myriad of privately owned and operated domestic and commercial distributed energy generation (DEG) devices connected at... Agent:

20150102670 - Method for operating booting and electronic device thereof: A method for operating an electronic device is provided. The method includes charging a battery of the electronic device. The method also includes receiving a booting input. The method further includes determining a remaining capacity of the battery. The method includes determining a charging mode of the battery when the... Agent:

20150102671 - Direct current power transmission system: A system for transmitting direct current (DC) power includes a system DC link for carrying power from a source to a plurality of loads and alternating current (AC) to DC power converter modules coupled in series to the system DC link on a supply side of the system DC link.... Agent: General Electric Company

20150102672 - Power supply control device for inductive loads: In order to avoid the continuation of the abnormality control state by detecting the disconnection abnormality of the ground wiring line of a power supply control device provided between a DC power supply and a plurality of inductive loads, the power supply control device to which electric power is supplied... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150102673 - Power balancing in power distribution networks: Systems and methods for power balancing in power distribution networks are disclosed herein. According to an aspect, a method may be implemented at a power manager in a power distribution network including multiple computing devices. The method may include receiving vital product data associated with the computing devices. The method... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150102676 - Method and apparatus for extracting and conveying electrical energy from the earth's ionosphere cavity: s

20150102675 - Power receiver for extracting power from electric field energy in the earth: A resonant transformer connected between a ground terminal and elevated terminal draws current from the earth's electric field through a primary winding of the transformer. An impulse generator applies a high voltage impulse to the primary winding of the resonant transformer to cause current to flow from the ground terminal... Agent:

20150102674 - Renewable energy site reactive power control: Methods, systems, controller devices, and computer program products for reactive power control at a renewable energy site are provided. Embodiments address dynamic performance problems associated with control loop delay and the changing modes of operation for meeting utility voltage and reactive power constraints. Provided is a method for reactive power... Agent:

20150102677 - System and method for using capacitors in remote operations: A battery-free device is provided with one or more series or parallel capacitive networks. One or more solar panels are used to charge the capacitive networks and one or more charging circuits are used to control the charging of the capacitive networks. One or more DC-DC converters maybe used to... Agent:

20150102678 - Parallel inverters connected to one inductor: An inductor device has a plurality of inductor windings arranged on a common magnetic core and electrically connected, parallel to one another, to a common connection at one end of the inductor windings. The inductor windings are implemented by a one-part coil form arranged on the common magnetic core and... Agent:

20150102679 - Inertial response function for grids with high turbine penetration: A method for compensating at least partially a frequency deviation in a grid is provided in which a grid frequency is determined and the grid frequency is applied to a grid frequency criterion. If the grid frequency meets the grid frequency criterion, a determination is made as to a set... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150102688 - Contactless power supply mechanism and secondary coil for contactless power supply mechanism: In a contactless power supply mechanism, a power receiving unit for supplying power to an electric device includes a secondary coil and a power supplying unit for supplying power to the power receiving unit includes a primary coil. The primary coil includes a primary core formed of magnetic material and... Agent:

20150102683 - Electric power supplying device, of a wireless electric power transmission apparatus and method for supplying electric power: A power supply device for a wireless power transmitting apparatus according to an embodiment of the present invention includes a power supply unit to supply DC power, an AC power generating unit to generate AC power by using the DC power, and a harmonic component reduction unit to reduce a... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20150102687 - Power receiving unit, power receiving control method, feed system, and electronic apparatus: A power receiving unit includes: a power generation section configured to generate DC power based on a power signal wirelessly supplied from a power feeding unit; a load connection section configured to turn on or off supply of the DC power to a load; and a control section configured to... Agent:

20150102686 - Power receiving unit, power transmission unit, and feed system: A power receiving unit includes: a power receiving section configured to receive electric power from a power transmission unit; and an electromagnet configured to be magnetized based on the electric power received from the power transmission unit.... Agent:

20150102682 - Soft power wireless transmission induction plate: A soft power wireless transmission induction plate includes a gap adjustment sheet, a shielding sheet and a separation sheet. The gap adjustment sheet includes a power induction module, an LED indication light and an LED indication light bar thereon. Through the power induction module, the present invention can supply power... Agent: Coremate Technical Co., Ltd.

20150102684 - Vehicle capable of contactlessly receiving electric power: A vehicle capable of contactlessly receiving electric power is directed to suppress an electrical device carried by an operator from being affected by an electromagnetic field formed around a power reception unit. The vehicle includes: a connection portion to which an energy supply unit supplying energy is connected; and a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150102681 - Wireless charging and powering of healthcare gadgets and sensors: The present disclosure provides wireless charging and powering methods for healthcare gadgets and wireless sensors. The method may include wireless power transmission through suitable techniques such as pocket-forming. The methods may include one or more transmitters and one or more receivers. In some embodiments the transmitters and receivers may be... Agent: Dvinewave Inc.

20150102685 - Wireless power supply system: A wireless power system for wirelessly transferring power to a remote device from a wireless power supply at a range of distances. Various embodiments are contemplated in which reflected impedance from the remote device can be reduced by reducing coupling outside the desired wireless power transfer path, allowing delivery of... Agent:

20150102680 - Wireless power transmission in portable communication devices: The present invention describes means to intentionally transmit power wirelessly from a portable communication device like a mobile phone, smart-phone, tablet or telephone watch using radio frequency, ultrasound, microwave or laser technologies to power up or charge devices external to the portable communication device. In particular the wireless power transmitter... Agent:

20150102689 - Active filter for resonance reduction: A control unit for an active filter for reducing resonance in an electric system is provided. The electric system comprises a power source distributing an alternating current to an AC conductor connected to a power consuming unit for distributing the AC to the power consuming unit. The active filter comprises... Agent:

20150102690 - Single-power dual-polarity marx bank circuit: A high voltage circuit is provided for electrical pulse generation. The circuit includes an input voltage supply, a ground potential, a difference load, inverting and non-inverting Marx bank circuits connected respectively to output voltage nodes. The voltage supply has positive and negative terminals, with ground connecting to the voltage supply... Agent: United States Government, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20150102691 - Safety circuit for the explosion-proof casing and method of operating said safety circuit: The invention relates to a safety circuit (10) for use in an explosion-proof casing (12). The safety circuit (10) is disposed for discharging a capacitor arrangement comprising at least one capacitor (19) that is associated with an electrical operating means (11). The at least one capacitor (19) is discharged, in... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 28 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150097421 - Isolated signal transmission apparatus: An isolated signal transmission apparatus isolatingly transmits, from a control-side apparatus to a control target apparatus, an electric signal obtained by superimposing a communication signal on a direct-current signal. The apparatus includes a lower limiter circuit configured to output, to the control target apparatus, a direct-current signal, whose value is... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20150097423 - Electric power supply network linked to a transport system: An electric power supply network includes at least one connection point with an upstream electrical network delivering useful power to at least one input of a first electric power supply network of an electrically powered transport system, such as trolley buses, trams, metro, train, or other transport, the first electrical... Agent: Siemens S.a.s

20150097424 - Power distribution device: A power distribution device is electrically connected to a battery, a power control unit that controls electric power in a vehicle, and high-voltage driven devices driven at a specified voltage or higher. The power distribution device distributes electric power supplied from the battery to the high-voltage driven devices, the power... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150097422 - Power distribution system for an aircraft: An aircraft power distribution system includes a first DC power distribution bus, a second DC power distribution bus, and a DC power source coupled with at least one of the first or second DC power distribution buses, wherein the DC power distribution buses are electrically coupled by a plurality of... Agent: Ge Aviation Systems LLC

20150097426 - Electric vehicle power conversion system: A power conversion system includes a controller to control discharge of a smoothing condenser based on at least one signal received through an input. The at least one signal indicates a failure of a discharge circuit configured to discharge the smoothing condenser The controller controls discharge of stored charge in... Agent:

20150097425 - Vehicle: A vehicle includes a motor serving as a driving source configured to run the vehicle, and a high-power and high-capacity assembled batteries, each of the assembled batteries being formed to include secondary batteries configured to supply an electric power to the motor, the secondary batteries of the assembled batteries being... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150097427 - Voltage regulation system: A voltage regulation system, particularly for a motor vehicle, adapted to be connected to a voltage source in order to provide a regulated voltage Vdd to at least one functional component F, the regulation system including a pre-regulator adapted to be connected to a voltage source and a regulator REG... Agent: Continental Automotive France

20150097428 - Portable power station system: A portable power station system for providing access to electrical power and mechanical energy in from stored and renewable sources comprising a housing containing a battery, a brushless DC motor, an inverter, a gear system, an AC motor, an alternator, a rectifier, a reservoir capacitor, a charge controller, sequentially connected... Agent:

20150097429 - Power control system, power control apparatus and power control method: In a power control system including a first controller configured to control supply of power from a photovoltaic module to a plurality of loads and a second controller configured to control charge/discharge of a storage battery, which is one of the plurality of loads, the first controller controls output following... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150097430 - Apparatus for bi-directional power switching in low voltage vehicle power distribution systems: A plurality of modules each including at least a pair of series connected power MOSFETs are configured between a plurality of DC voltage sources, and a plurality output terminals for connection to respective loads, are controlled for selectively applying power to the loads via time delay switching incorporating forward biased... Agent:

20150097431 - Embedded filters for power rail merger: An integrated circuit (IC) can include multiple power domains that are served by a common power source. In an example, a first IC power rail can be coupled to the source and a first consumer circuit. A second IC power rail can be coupled to a second consumer circuit. The... Agent:

20150097432 - Hybrid power generation with variable voltage flux: The present invention generally relates to power production and energy storage methods requiring high efficiency, particularly relating to a power generator and transmission system utilizing a variable voltage flux actuator that varies the output voltage with substantially lower speed interdependency in addition to varying the power output within a range... Agent:

20150097433 - Power transmitting apparatus, control method of the same and storage medium: A power transmitting apparatus which can be driven by a battery and transmits power to one or more power receiving apparatuses acquires, from each of one or more power receiving apparatuses, information for identifying the power receiving apparatus, and decides the amount of transmission power for each of one or... Agent:

20150097434 - Method and apparatus for independent control of multiple power converter sources: A method and apparatus for independently controlling multiple power converter sources. In one embodiment, the method comprises determining a ratio of a first set point for biasing a first DC source to a power converter and a second set point for biasing a second DC source to the power converter,... Agent:

20150097435 - Apparatus for bi-directional power switching in low voltage vehicle power distribution systems: A plurality of modules each including at least a pair of series connected power MOSFETs are configured between a plurality of DC voltage sources, and a plurality output terminals for connection to respective loads, are controlled for selectively applying power to the loads via time delay switching incorporating forward biased... Agent:

20150097436 - Busbar connection assembly: Various embodiments of a busbar connection assembly comprise a first conductive plate and a second conductive plate. The first conductive plate is parallel to the second conductive plate. A slot is formed between the first conductive plate and the second conductive... Agent:

20150097437 - System and method for increasing efficiency of gensets in micro-grid systems: A system and method for running a plurality of gensets in parallel in a micro-grid system is disclosed. The system and method may include at least one genset configured to run at a load factor of greater than sixty percent, the number of the at least one genset supplying power... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150097439 - Apparatus and methods of n-type load switch using bootstrap gate drive for wireless power receiver: Apparatus and methods are provided to power an N-type load switch using a bootstrap capacitor. In one embodiment, an integrated circuit for a wireless power receiver comprises a first rectifier input terminal RX1, a second rectifier input terminal RX2, a first bootstrap terminal HSB1, a second bootstrap terminal HSB2. A... Agent: Active-semi, Inc.

20150097442 - Method and apparatus for wireless power transfer: In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus comprises a wireless power receiver configured to receive a wireless power signal, a communication circuitry configured to transmit one or more change requests associated with a quantity of the wireless power signal, and a control circuit configured to... Agent:

20150097438 - Multimode wireless power transmitters and related methods: A wireless power transmitter comprises a bridge inverter configured to receive a DC power signal and generate an AC power signal according to an operating frequency, a resonant tank configured to receive the AC power signal and generate an electromagnetic field responsive thereto, and control logic configured to cause the... Agent: Integrated Device Technology

20150097440 - Non-contact power supply system, non-contact power supply device, and power supply target device: With a non-contact power supply system, a non-contact power supply device, and power supply target device of the present invention, power is supplied from a power supply coil of the non-contact power supply device to a power receiving coil of the power supply target device by non-contact power supply utilizing... Agent:

20150097444 - Power receiving device and power feeding device: A power receiving device and power feeding device improve convenience of the user by increasing the freedom of configuring the power receiving device with respect to the power feeding device and freedom of configuring the power feeding device with respect to the power receiving device, and inhibit large size of... Agent:

20150097445 - Power supply apparatus, control method, and recording medium: A power supply apparatus includes a power supply unit that wirelessly supplies power to an electronic apparatus, a communication unit that performs wireless communication for acquiring status information from the electronic apparatus, a detection unit that detects an external apparatus different from the electronic apparatus, and a control unit that... Agent:

20150097443 - Reducing power dissipation in inductive energy transfer systems: In an inductive energy transfer system, the phase of a signal that is applied to a transmitter coil to transfer energy is adjusted while energy is transferred from the transmitter device to a receiver device. The phase of the signal can be adjusted by changing a state of a DC-to-AC... Agent:

20150097441 - Supporter: A supporter includes a housing and a guide member formed at one side of the housing. The guide member has an inclined surface. A fixing member faces the guide member to fix an object and a transmission coil is disposed in the housing to wirelessly transmit power.... Agent:

20150097446 - Integrated spdt or dpdt switch with spdt relay combination for use in residence automation: Method and apparatus for integrating one of single and plurality of hybrid SPDT or DPDT switch with one of SPDT and DPDT relay via contactors structured to connect the poles of the relay and the switch directly or via conductive structures including PCB assembly, for operating electrical appliances via the... Agent: Elbex Video Ltd

20150097447 - Power feeding unit, power receiving unit, and feed system: A power feeding unit includes: a power feeding electrode configured to be coupled through an electric field with a power receiving electrode of a power receiving unit; a power feeding section configured to feed the power receiving unit with power through the power feeding electrode; and a power feeding side... Agent:

20150097448 - Self-recharging electric generator system: A self-recharging electric generator system in communication with an external system and that includes a battery unit configured to supply power to the self-charging electric generator system, an automatic switching unit configured to switch between a main power supply source and the self-recharging electric generator system, at least one electric... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 19 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150091374 - Contactless electrical coupling for a rotatable lidar device: A rotatable LIDAR device including contactless electrical couplings is disclosed. An example rotatable LIDAR device includes a vehicle electrical coupling including (i) a first conductive ring, (ii) a second conductive ring, and (iii) a first coil. The example rotatable LIDAR device further includes a LIDAR electrical coupling including (i) a... Agent: Google Inc.

20150091376 - Programmable dynamic voltage control apparatus: The present invention relates to a programmable dynamic voltage control apparatus, and more particularly, to a programmable dynamic voltage control apparatus which is capable of dynamically controlling voltage conversion of an output unit using data set in programmable memories, when various pieces of information sensed by a variety of sensors... Agent: Hyundai Autron Co., Ltd.

20150091375 - Systems, methods, and apparatus for an emergency power generator: Systems, methods, and apparatus are disclosed for generating power for a vehicle. A power generator may include a first loop configured to be deployed from a portion of a vehicle. The power generator also includes a first plurality of resistive devices coupled to the first loop, at least one resistive... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150091377 - Distributed vehicle battery high-voltage bus systems and methods: Systems and methods disclosed herein provide for a distributed high-voltage bus for a battery system included in a vehicle. In certain embodiments, the systems and methods disclosed herein provide for a scalable high-voltage bus architecture utilizing a common high-voltage rail for powering vehicle systems and/or modules. Independent contactors may be... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150091378 - Method for activating or deactivating functions and device for influencing functions in a motor vehicle: A method for activating or deactivating functions in a motor vehicle is provided. A control signal for activating or deactivating at least one function can be input via at least one interface. At least one function includes timer programming and/or at least one function can be activated or deactivated in... Agent:

20150091379 - Wireless power supply system, wireless power transmitting device, and wireless power receiving device: A wireless power supply system includes: a wireless power transmitting device configured to include a variable resonant circuit having a variable-controllable resonant frequency characteristic, and to transmit electric power wirelessly via the variable resonant circuit; a power transmission control unit configured to variably control the resonant frequency characteristic of the... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150091380 - Power conversion device with multiple interfaces: A power conversion device with multiple interfaces generally includes at least one multiple-in-one connector, at least one circuit board, and a power supply module. The multiple-in-one connector and the power supply module are electrically connected to the circuit board. The power supply module satisfies the standard of an electric main... Agent: Kuang Ying Computer Equipment Co., Ltd.

20150091381 - Method and an arrangement in connection with a solar energy system: An arrangement and a method are provided in connection with a solar energy system. The arrangement includes solar panels and a converter for converting the DC voltage from the solar panels. The converter is arranged inside a container or a similar closed structure. The arrangement includes means for producing heat... Agent: Abb Oy

20150091382 - Power supply circuit and control method thereof: A power supply circuit according to an embodiment of the invention includes: voltage sources; voltage control circuits that boost an input voltage; and a voltage source connection switch that connects at least one of the voltage sources to one of the voltage control circuits. For example, the voltage source connection... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20150091383 - Combined sensor/emergency light unit for a lightng system: The invention relates to an emergency light unit for a lighting system, in particular an emergency light unit designed according to the DALI standard, having the following features: The emergency light unit is connected to a bus (2) of the lighting system, to a rechargeable store (17) of electrical energy,... Agent:

20150091388 - Inductive charging interface with magnetic retention for electronic devices and accessories: An inductive charging interface with magnetic retention can be used for charging electronic devices and accessories. For example, a magnetic core of an inductive charging configuration may be divided into two magnetic elements, one element can be housed within a receptacle or receiving connector of housing of an electric device... Agent:

20150091387 - Power feeding system, power feeding device, and power feeding method: A power feeding system (100) includes a power feeding device (1) and a power receiving device (2). The power feeding device (1) includes: a drive transistor (13) connected to a feeding coil (11); a drive signal generation section (30) configured to generate a drive signal for driving the feeding coil... Agent:

20150091385 - Power harvest architecture for near field communication devices: A method of charging a power harvested supply in an electronic communication device, which can be an NFC (near field communication) device. The power harvested supply in the electronic communication device is charged without causing dV/V violation and avoids false wake up. An RF (radio frequency) field is received at... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150091384 - Power saving technique for digital to time converters: This document discusses apparatus and methods for reducing energy consumption of digital-to-time converter (DTC) based transmitters. In an example, a wireless device can include a digital-to-time converter (DTC) configured to receive phase information from a baseband processor and to provide a first modulation signal for generating a wireless signal, and... Agent:

20150091386 - Power transmitting apparatus, power receiving apparatus, control methods therefor, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium: A power transmitting apparatus supporting a plurality of wireless power transmission methods, acquires information about at least one wireless power transmission method supported by a power receiving apparatus from the power receiving apparatus, decides, based on the acquired information, a wireless power transmission method to be used for power transmission... Agent:

20150091389 - Wireless power for portable articles: A wireless electrical power system provides access to high voltage and/or low voltage electrical power at portable articles that are positionable at different locations within a work area, and substantially without the use of exposed cabling. The power system includes a portable article that is positionable at two or more... Agent:

20150091390 - Method and apparatus for electrical keying of an integrated circuit package having rotationally symmetric footprint: A method and apparatus for adjusting circuit operation in response to physical orientation of an integrated circuit (IC) coupled to a host site via direct soldering or a socket. The IC can be installed in a correct orientation or rotated and installed in an incorrect orientation. The IC may have... Agent:

20150091391 - Detection and classification scheme for power over ethernet system: In a method performed by a PoE system, a PSE provides data and operating voltage over Ethernet wires to a PD. Before the full PoE voltage is supplied, the PSE generates a low current signal received by the PD. A circuit in the PD, connected across its input terminals, has... Agent:

20150091392 - Portable modular power station: A portable power station including a current, light, and voltage sources as well as a control panel to permit a user to selectively operate the current and light sources. A housing contains the sources and is suitable to contain a main power source that has positionally fixed and polarized power... Agent:

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