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Electrical transmission or interconnection systems

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11/13/2014 > 28 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140333127 - Aircraft electrical system: An aircraft electrical network including a first starter generator mechanically coupled to a first shaft of an aircraft main engine. The first starter generator is configured to turn the first shaft of the main engine in a starting mode, and to generate electricity from the first shaft of the gas... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140333128 - Electric power transmission device, vehicle, and non-contact electric power transmission and reception system: An electric power transmission device includes an electric power transmission portion, a first communication portion, and a first control device controlling the electric power transmission portion and the first communication portion. A vehicle includes an electric power reception portion, a second communication portion, and a second control device controlling the... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140333126 - Electrical system for an aircraft: This invention relates to an electrical system for an aircraft, comprising: a first main generator connected to at least one load via a first bus; a second main generator connected to at least one load via a second bus; a first and a second auxiliary generator associated with the first... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140333129 - System and method for compensating for high-frequency leakage currents in a motor vehicle: A system for compensating for a high-frequency leakage current emanating from at least one component of a motor vehicle, connected to a power supply network via a rectifier device, the power supply network having a ground and at least one phase other than ground. For each component, a first compensation... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20140333130 - Charging/discharging harness routing structure in electric vehicle: In an electric vehicle, high-power unit (20) disposed in motor room (2) to supply drive current to motor drive unit (10), and battery pack (30) disposed below vehicle body floor (3) are connected to each other through charging/discharging harness (51). High-power unit 20 includes unit back surface (high-power module back... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20140333131 - Power transmitting apparatus, power transmitting method, and storage medium: A power transmitting apparatus, which simultaneously or sequentially supplies electric power to a plurality of power receiving apparatuses in a wireless manner, includes a power transmitting unit configured to transmit electric power to the plurality of power receiving apparatuses, a reception unit configured to receive a power transmission end request... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140333132 - Battery system: A battery system (201) includes a battery module (314) in which plural battery cells (310) are connected in series, a battery pack (203) in which the battery modules (314) are connected in series, parallel or series-parallel, and a battery block (212) in which the battery packs (203) are connected in... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140333133 - Integrated circuit power management module: An integrated circuit includes a set of electronic circuits, a voltage regulator, and a power management module. The power management module includes a set of dummy circuits connected to the set of electronic circuits, a control signal generator, a counter and a shift register. The control signal generator generates a... Agent:

20140333134 - Power managers for an integrated circuit: A system for an integrated circuit comprising a plurality of power islands includes a first power manager and a second power manager. The first power manager manages a first power consumption for the integrated circuit based on needs and operation of the integrated circuit. The second power manager communicates with... Agent:

20140333135 - High performance voltage compensation: An apparatus for producing a compensated voltage output comprising: a first power source or power sink coupled between a first node and a reference node; a second power source or power sink coupled between a second node and the reference node; a biasing means comprising one portion coupled between the... Agent: Control Techniques Limited

20140333136 - Integrated electronics for perpetual energy harvesting: An apparatus for perpetually harvesting ambient near ultraviolet to far infrared radiation to provide continual power regardless of the environment, incorporating a system for the harvesting electronics governing power management, storage control, and output regulation. The harvesting electronics address issues of efficiently matching the voltage and current characteristics of the... Agent: Banpil Photonics, Inc.

20140333137 - Dc-based uninterruptible power system and method for detecting abnormal voltage: A direct current (dc) uninterruptible power system is disclosed. The dc-based uninterruptible power system includes a multiplexer, a battery unit, a linear regulator, a switch-transistor, a voltage comparator and micro controller. The multiplexer receives a first control signal, a first reference voltage and a second reference voltage and outputs a... Agent: Lite-on Electronics (guangzhou) Limited

20140333138 - System and method for maintaining proper phase neutral wiring in a power system: According to one aspect, embodiments of the invention provide a method of operating a UPS system, the method comprising receiving, at an input of a first UPS, input power from a power source, generating, with a first analysis circuit, a first signal indicative of a characteristic of the input power,... Agent: Schneider Electric It Corporation

20140333139 - Systems and methods of semi-centralized power storage and power production for multi-directional smart grid and other applications: Systems and methods of semi-centralized power storage and distributed power generation comprise at least one power storage facility at a first location, at least one distributed power generation facility at a second location different than the first location, and at least one mobile stored power transportation unit. The power storage... Agent: Expansion Energy, LLC

20140333140 - Power supply apparatus, control method of power supply apparatus, and power supply system: The power supply apparatus according to the present invention is connected in parallel with the grid and includes a voltage sensor 108 configured to obtain a first measured voltage value by measuring a voltage of the grid, a communication interface 114 configured to communicate with another power supply apparatus connected... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20140333141 - Photovoltaic (pv)-based ac module and solar systems therefrom: A photovoltaic (PV)-based AC module (module) includes a PV panel and a three-phase micro-inverter system attached to or integrated directly into the PV panel including a DC/AC inverter stage including first, second and third phase circuitry each having a plurality of semiconductor power switches. A first, second and third control... Agent: University Of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20140333149 - Circuit device: A circuit device includes a semiconductor substrate, a first inductor provided over the semiconductor substrate, and a second inductor provided over the semiconductor substrate and coupled to the first inductor. The first inductor and second inductor are wound in a same direction with each other from respective inner end portions... Agent:

20140333144 - Control apparatus, wireless power transmission system and wireless power transmission apparatus: According to one embodiment, there is provided a control apparatus for a first wireless power transmission apparatus and a second wireless power transmission apparatus. The first wireless power transmission apparatus includes a first inductor and an alternating-current signal source that supplies an alternating-current power to the first inductor. The second... Agent:

20140333145 - Differential load detecting method for detecting a wireless power receiver in wireless power network and wireless power transmitter: A differential load detection apparatus and method are provided for detecting a wireless power receiver in a wireless power network. The differential load detection method includes transmitting first detection power for detecting the wireless power receiver, transmitting second detection power when an impedance variation greater than a first predetermined threshold... Agent:

20140333143 - Electromagnetic coil system for driving control of micro-robot: An electromagnetic coil system for driving control of a micro-robot includes pairs of X-axis and Y-axis Helmholtz coils whose winding central axes are placed on an X axis and Y axis respectively, a position recognition system that detects a position and direction of the micro-robot in a workspace, a controller... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20140333146 - Inductive power transfer: A detection method for use in a primary unit of an inductive power transfer system, the primary unit being operable to transmit power wirelessly by electromagnetic induction to at least one secondary unit of the system located in proximity to the primary unit and/or to a foreign object located in... Agent: Access Business Group International LLC

20140333142 - Limiting wireless power receiver voltage: Disclosed are various embodiments for controlling voltage in a wireless power receiver. A wireless power receiver may comprise an electromagnetic coil configured to receive a current induced by a magnetic flux generated by a wireless power transmitter and a comparator configured to compare a voltage generated by the induced current... Agent:

20140333153 - Non-contact electric power transmission system: Disclosed is a non-contact electric power transmission system including a power feeding unit provided with a power feeding side coil to which electric power is supplied, a power receiving unit provided with a power receiving side coil electromagnetically coupled with the power feeding side coil, and a capacitor connected in... Agent:

20140333152 - Power receiving apparatus and power transmission system: A power receiving apparatus includes a power reception circuit, a first member having a cylindrical shape, a power receiving coil disposed on a cylinder side surface of the first member and connected through wires to the power reception circuit, and a resonance coil configured to be freely movable along the... Agent:

20140333148 - Power receiving apparatus with a plurality of resonance coils: A power receiving apparatus includes a plurality of resonance coils, a power receiving circuit, and a single wire configured to start at a first terminal of the power receiving circuit and to end at a second terminal of the power receiving circuit, the single wire forming one coil or a... Agent:

20140333150 - Power transmitting apparatus and power transmitting method: A power transmitting apparatus (100, 150) is provided with a first coil (105) and is configured to transmit electric power in a wireless manner to a second coil (204) disposed opposite to and at a distance from the first coil. The power transmitting apparatus is provided with: a first conversion... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20140333151 - Power transmitting apparatus, power transmission system, and power transmission method: A power transmitting apparatus includes a power transmission or reception circuit, a first coil connected to the power transmission or reception circuit through wires, a plurality of resonance coils having respective, different diameters one of which is selectively coupled to the first coil through electromagnetic induction, and a position control... Agent:

20140333147 - Wireless power transmission/reception apparatus and method: A wireless power transmission/reception apparatus includes a wireless power transmission unit. The transmission unit is configured to generate a wireless power signal to be transmitted, transmit the wireless power signal using magnetic resonance, receive a reflected wireless power signal from a wireless power reception unit, determine whether a load device... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 29 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140327302 - Auxiliary power source device for vehicle: An auxiliary power source device for a vehicle is incorporated in an electric vehicle and includes a three-phase inverter that converts an input DC voltage into a desired three-phase AC voltage and applies the three-phase AC voltage to a load. The auxiliary power source device further includes a filter reactor... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140327298 - Energy storage arrangement: An energy storage arrangement includes at least two rechargeable energy storage devices connected in parallel. A first energy storage device has a plurality of lead-based storage elements, and a second energy storage device has a plurality of lithium-based storage elements. Between charge state limits of 0 to 100% a charge... Agent: Audi Ag

20140327299 - Rigid raft: The present invention provides a rigid raft. The raft has an electrical system including electrical conductors embedded in the raft. The raft further has one or more sensors embedded therein for monitoring parameters, for example the temperature and/or strain of the raft itself.... Agent:

20140327301 - Wireless energy transfer antennas and energy charging systems: A resonant wireless energy transfer system comprises first and second antennas made up of dual parallel wire helixes wherein the wires are terminated by short wires. Voltage controlled variable capacitors are connected into the antennas to permit progressive variation between folded dipole and normal dipole operating modes such that optimum... Agent:

20140327300 - Wireless network having a local electrical power supply in aircraft: A network node for a network provided in a transport means, in particular in an aircraft, the network node being coupleable to a supply line provided for supplying electrical energy to the transport means, in particular the aircraft, in such a way that it can draw a leakage current of... Agent:

20140327303 - Ground connection structure: A ground connection structure is a structure for collectively connecting, to a body of a vehicle, a plurality of grounding wires which are connected to respective electrical components installed in the vehicle. The ground connection structure includes: a connection box to which the plurality of grounding wires are connected; a... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20140327304 - Method for providing control power: A method providing control power for an electrical grid; an energy generator feeds energy to the electrical grid or an energy consumer takes energy from the electrical grid. The energy generator and/or energy consumer are/is operated together with an energy store connected to the electrical grid to provide the control... Agent: Steag Power Saar Gmbh

20140327305 - Phase balancing of power transmission system: Phase balancing techniques for power transmission systems are disclosed. In one embodiment, a phase balancing protocol (240) includes executing a first phase balancing protocol (350) in relation to a first power transmission section (400a). A second phase balancing protocol (370) may be executed if the first phase balancing protocol (350)... Agent:

20140327306 - Power conversion device: A power conversion device connected between a storage battery and AC system charges the storage battery with power from the AC system and discharges power from the storage battery to the AC system. The power conversion device includes a DC/DC conversion circuit performing conversion between a storage battery voltage and... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140327309 - Electric power demand regulating system, electric power demand regulating device, and electric power demand regulating method: A power demand regulation system has a power demand regulation device that regulates the load applied to equipment of an electrical power system by a load apparatus operating by means of power from the electrical power system, which supplies power to consumers. When regulating the load to the equipment, the... Agent:

20140327308 - Solid-state bi-directional balanced energy conversion and management system: The present invention is a modular solid-state bi-directional energy conversion system, which regardless of scale and directional flow, measures, adjusts, harvests, and manages the conversion of frequency, phase, and voltage between the primary and secondary sides providing for safer, efficient, lower-cost energy distribution. The system may include voltage suppression devices... Agent: Palmetto Power, LLC

20140327307 - Voltage tracking circuit: A voltage tracking circuit, which comprises a voltage generating device, a first operational amplifier, a first voltage generator, and a diode-connected device. The voltage generating device provides a fixed voltage. The first operational amplifier has a first input terminal that can receive the fixed voltage, a second input terminal that... Agent: Nanya Technology Corporation

20140327310 - Power management system and hierarchical power switches and sockets thereof: A power management system and hierarchical power switches and sockets thereof are mainly used to divide power source of one area into multiple ratings, and to layup supply lines and set the hierarchical power switches and the control switch based on this rating, thus to control the supply state of... Agent:

20140327311 - Intelligent power strip: A method and implementing computer system are provided in which a smart power strip is controlled by a master device which is also plugged-into the power strip. In an exemplary implementation, a computer or PC operates as a master device and a direct line of communication from the computer allows... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140327312 - Sequentially operated modules: Method, modules and a system formed by connecting the modules for controlling payloads. An activation signal is propagated in the system from one module to the modules connected to it. Upon receiving an activation signal, the module (after a pre-set or random delay) activates a payload associated with it, and... Agent:

20140327313 - System and method for low-cost, high-efficiency solar panel power feed: A cascading regulation system connected to a number of serially connected power sources and uses multiple regulators having different cutoff voltages to provide an output for the local power consumption unit. Each of the regulators is connected to a subset of serially connected power sources and so configured that if... Agent: Tigo Energy, Inc.

20140327314 - Grid tie solar system and a method: A grid tie system includes a plurality of solar panels, a plurality of inverters, wherein each of the inverters is in electrical communication with at least one of the solar panels to convert a direct current to an alternating current, wherein each of the inverters has an active state and... Agent:

20140327315 - Power supply apparatus, power supply system, and method for controlling power supply system: A power supply system (101) includes a first power supply apparatus (111a) and a second power supply apparatus (111b) connected to a load in parallel, for supplying power to the load (115). The first supply apparatus (111a) includes a first controller that controls the output voltage of the first supply... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20140327316 - Power system and control method of the power system: Provided is a power system that can arbitrarily set output power while stabilizing output voltages. Connection terminals 13 and 23 of lower power sources 1 and 2 are connected to external connection terminals 41 in parallel. Voltage measurement section 31 measures voltage values of external connection terminals 41 as measured... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140327318 - Electromagnetic connectors: An electromagnetic connector well suited for use in harsh environments. The connector used an E-core or C-core magnetic members for coupling power such as from a backplane to a module mounted on the backplane and using I-cores for coupling signals to and from the module. Separation of the power and... Agent: Bedrock Automation Platforms Inc.

20140327322 - Plug device for contact-free inductive energy transfer and operating method for such a plug device: A contact-free electrical connector arrangement is provided for transferring inductive energy from a primary connector component to a secondary connector component, comprising a pair of connector components each including a housing containing a chamber, a ferrite core arranged in the chamber, and a coil arranged in the chamber for cooperation... Agent:

20140327320 - Wireless energy transfer: A wireless energy transfer system includes wirelessly powered footwear. Device resonators in footwear may capture energy from source resonators. Captured energy may be used to generate thermal energy in the footwear. Wireless energy may be generated by wireless warming installations. Installations may be located in public locations and may activate... Agent:

20140327317 - Wireless power transfer system transducers having interchangeable source resonator and capture resonator: A wireless power transfer system that transmits electrical power from an electrical power supply to an electrical load using a source transducer and a capture transducer. The wireless power transfer system may be part of a wireless charging system for an electric vehicle. The source resonator coil in the source... Agent:

20140327323 - Wireless power transfer system, transmission device, and controlling method of wireless power transfer system: A wireless power transfer system includes a power receiving device that receives transmission by wireless power transfer, a transmission device that has a transmission element that transmits transmission power to the power receiving device, the transmission device having a control mechanism that controls an oriented direction of the transmission element,... Agent: The Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc.

20140327321 - Wireless power transmission system, power transmitting device and power receiving device: A wireless power transmission system that transmits alternating-current power includes a power-transmitting device including first and second electrodes spaced apart and having a total width of λ/2π or less, i.e., a near field range, and a first inductor between the first and second electrodes and a AC power-generating section, and... Agent:

20140327319 - Wireless power transmitter, wireless power receiver and control method thereof: A control method for transmitting charging power to a wireless power receiver in a wireless power transmitter is provided. The control method includes receiving a Power Transmission Unit (PTU) searching signal for searching for a wireless power transmitter, from the wireless power receiver; obtaining information about an identifier of a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140327324 - Method and apparatus for removal of harmonic noise: An apparatus for removing harmonic noise from a power transmission line transmitting electricity at a primary frequency includes a filter and a controller coupled to the sensor and to an actuator-generator. The filter separates electricity at a harmonic of a primary frequency from the electrical signal transmitted by the power... Agent: Elwha LLC

20140327325 - Disconnect cabinet with wireless monitoring capability: A disconnect system for a solar installation shuts down power upstream from an inverter, so that it is safe for solar field personnel to perform work related to a solar installation. The system actuates multiple disconnect devices in one motion by a linkage assembly which can associate 2-4 disconnect switches... Agent:

20140327326 - Light controlled timing device and method: A dual mode light operated timing device includes a light sensor for generating a light sensor signal when light is detected; a first input device for generating a first programming signal; a second input device for generating a second programming signal; a switch for connecting and disconnecting power from a... Agent: Asia Connection LLC.

10/30/2014 > 28 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140319907 - Electric vehicle: An electric vehicle equipped with an automotive battery. The automotive battery has a charging unit on the left side surface, discharging units on the right side surface, and a battery-side power supply terminal on the lower surface. The automotive battery drives an electric motor when the vehicle is moving, supplies... Agent:

20140319908 - Secured and regulated continuous power supply system with multiple inputs: A continuous power supply system suitable for input connection to N continuous power supply networks that are distinct and connected to a single ground potential, where N is an integer greater than or equal to 2. Said continuous power supply system comprises means for switching/selecting one of the power supply... Agent: Thales

20140319906 - Tug boat - lng barge system with an umbilical power line: The disclosure relates to a transport-cargo vessel system configured for travel on water. The vessel system either includes a tug boat section and a barge section configured to interlock. The barge section is configured to carry liquefied natural was (LNG) and includes an LNG electric generator. In some embodiments, the... Agent: Martin Operating Partnership L.p.

20140319909 - Power control unit: This power control unit, which stores a power conversion module and a rapid charging device used when charging a battery, is provided with a power conversion chamber, which houses the power conversion module, and a charging device chamber, which houses the charging device, the power conversion chamber and the charging... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140319910 - Dynamic power flow controllers: Dynamic power flow controllers are provided. A dynamic power flow controller may comprise a transformer and a power converter. The power converter is subject to low voltage stresses and not floated at line voltage. In addition, the power converter is rated at a fraction of the total power controlled. A... Agent: Varentec, Inc.

20140319911 - Systems and methods for uninterruptible power supplies with generators: Systems and methods where a power-packet-switching converter is used to interface a synchronous AC connection (e.g. to the utility power grid, or to a microgrid) to a DC source (e.g. a battery bank, or possibly a photovoltaic cell bank) and to a non-synchronous AC power source (e.g. a wind turbine... Agent: Ideal Power, Inc.

20140319912 - Metering optimal sampling: The present disclosure is directed to providing voltage via a power distribution system. A computing device receives delivered voltage information from metering devices metering power distributed to sites by a controller. The computing device determines a number of metering devices to use to generate a control signal to control operation... Agent: Utilidata, Inc.

20140319913 - System and method for creating a networked infrastructure distribution platform of small fixed and vehicle based wind energy gathering devices along roadways: A roadway system for energy generation and distribution is presented. In accordance with one embodiment of the invention, the roadway system comprises a plurality of wind energy generating devices, and a roadway system electricity grid. The wind energy generating devices are electrically connected to the roadway system electricity grid and... Agent:

20140319914 - Battery system and its control method: A battery system includes a battery, a control section that controls the battery to charge electric power supplied from the electrical grid and to discharge electric power to the electrical grid; and a system controller. The system controller controls the control section such that the battery system operates in a... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140319915 - Power adapter with proportional current sharing and mobile electronic device having the same: A power adapter with proportional current sharing is provided to supply power for a mobile electronic device. The power adapter includes a plurality of power modules. Each power module has a power unit, a current-sharing integrated circuit, and a shunt resistor. The power unit receives an external power source and... Agent: Chicony Power Technology Co., Ltd.

20140319916 - Architecture for power plant comprising clusters of power-generation devices: Various techniques are employed alone or in combination, to reduce the levelized cost of energy imposed by a power plant system. Solar energy concentrators in the form of inflated reflectors, focus light onto photovoltaic receivers. Multiple concentrators are grouped into a series-connected cluster that shares control circuitry and support structure.... Agent:

20140319917 - Architecture for power plant comprising clusters of power-generation devices: Various techniques are employed alone or in combination, to reduce the levelized cost of energy imposed by a power plant system. Solar energy concentrators in the form of inflated reflectors, focus light onto photovoltaic receivers. Multiple concentrators are grouped into a series-connected cluster that shares control circuitry and support structure.... Agent:

20140319918 - Maximum power tracking among distributed power sources: Optimum power tracking for distributed power sources may be provided by a family of power system architectures having distributed-input series-output (DISO) converters. The DISO converters may be controlled to achieve uniform input voltages across their respective distributed power sources while also tracking an optimum power point of the power system.... Agent: The Aerospace Corporation

20140319920 - Grid interconnection apparatus: A grid interconnection apparatus includes a voltage conversion section including DC/DC converters to step up or down output voltages of DC power sources. The voltage conversion section combines DC power outputs from the DC/DC converters into combined DC power and output the DC power. A power conversion section converts the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140319919 - Soft switching inverter device and method: An inverter comprises a first switch coupled to an input of an output filter and a positive dc bus, a second switch coupled to the input of the output filter and a negative dc bus, a first freewheeling apparatus coupled to the first switch, the second switch and ground, a... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20140319923 - Apparatus and method for transmitting wireless power: The present invention relates to an apparatus and a method for transmitting wireless power, and more particularly, to an apparatus and a method for transmitting wireless power that rapidly and precisely adjusts impedance so as to transmit desired power. Disclosed an apparatus for transmitting wireless power that performs wireless power... Agent: Intellectual Discovery Co., Ltd.

20140319921 - Circuit and method for extracting amplitude and phase information in a resonant system: A resonant power transfer system includes resonant circuitry (26) including an inductor coil (59) and a resonant capacitor (51) coupled to a first terminal (27) of the inductor coil, wherein the inductor coil and the resonant capacitor resonate to produce an excitation signal (IS) and a state variable signal (VCS1).... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140319927 - Power supply and pickup system capable of maintaining stability of transmission efficiency despite changes in resonant frequency: The present invention relates to a power supply and pickup system capable of maintaining stability of transmission efficiency despite changes in a resonant frequency. More particularly, the present invention relates to a power supply and pickup system capable of maintaining the stability of efficiency of transmitting power to a pickup... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20140319922 - Power supply device, power supply method, and program: A power supply device includes a power supply unit that wirelessly supplies power to a power reception device, a reception unit that receives an interrupt request from a second power reception device during power supply to a first power reception device by the power supply unit, a determination unit that... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140319924 - Wireless power transmitter and wireless power transmission method: Disclosed are a wireless power transmitter which wirelessly transmits a power to a wireless power receiver. The wireless power transmitter, which wirelessly transmits a transmission resonance coil for wirelessly transmitting a power source for supplying the power to the transmission resonance coil; and a detector for detecting an existence state... Agent:

20140319925 - Wireless power transmitter, wireless power receiver, wireless power transmission method and wireless power reception method: A wireless power transmission method of a wireless power transmitter for transmitting power to a wireless power receiver, according to the embodiment includes transmitting a connection signal for identifying the wireless power receiver; identifying the wireless power receiver by receiving a response signal to the connection signal from the wireless... Agent:

20140319926 - Wireless power transmitter, wireless power receiver, wireless power transmission method and wireless power reception method: A wireless power reception method of a wireless power receiver for receiving power from a wireless power transmitter, according to the embodiment includes receiving a connection signal for identifying the wireless power receiver from the wireless power transmitter; transmitting a response signal in response to the connection signal to the... Agent:

20140319928 - Auto detection of guard locking device: A safety switching device for driving a plurality of different kinds of guard locking devices is provided. The safety switching device comprises a first terminal and a second terminal for connecting a guard locking device, and a safety processor adapted for controlling drive signals at the first and the second... Agent: Rockwell Automation Germany Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140319929 - Current assignment method and corresponding switch arrangement: A current assignment method and a switch arrangement are disclosed for assigning current, the switch arrangement including two series-connected switches, each including a trigger unit to check whether a preset current condition is satisfied. A signal is sent by the trigger unit of a switch which is postpositionally placed when... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140319930 - Power supply circuit: A power supply circuit which ceases the supply of power to an external device if the ground connection of the external device is broken includes a connector module, a test module, and a switch module. The connector module connects to the external device. The test module tests the connection between... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140319931 - Fluid reservoir level detection system: A fluid level detection device comprising an elongated shaft having a plurality of sensors and associated switches on a distal end thereof. The distal end of the shaft extends into a liquid reservoir with the switches configured to detect multiple predetermined fluid levels. The first fluid level detected is a... Agent: Reliable Pump Stop, Inc.

20140319932 - Systems and methods for adaptive load control: A method for adaptive load control by an electronic device is described. The method includes determining a wiring mode. The method also includes determining a frequency of a power source. The method further includes capturing a voltage waveform. The method additionally includes capturing a current waveform. The method also includes... Agent: Control4 Corporation

20140319933 - Wireless transmission of energy through concentric laser-induced plasma channels in atmosphere: A method and apparatus for transmission of charged particles along a laser-induced conduction path of concentric plasma channels in atmosphere. The apparatus comprises a high power laser array in operable communication with a high energy output means to accomplish initiation of at least two concentric plasma channels in atmosphere, a... Agent:

10/23/2014 > 35 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140312681 - Battery: A battery includes a roll-up unit provided by winding a sheet unit around an axis, the sheet unit including an electrode sheet having an active material and a separator, the roll-up unit having an exposed portion on which the active material is not placed at an end of the electrode... Agent:

20140312683 - Compressed natural gas vehicle safety system and method: A multiply-redundant system that prevents a driver from starting and/or moving a vehicle if a compressed natural gas fill system is not correctly and completely disconnected from the vehicle. One or more sensors in combination with one or more optional microswitches combine to lock-out the vehicle's ignition or otherwise prevent... Agent:

20140312684 - Insulation type switching power supply apparatus: A power supply apparatus comprises: a transformer that includes primary/secondary windings that are electromagnetically connected to each other with polarities opposite to each other, an output switch that activates/inactivates an electric-current route that extends from an application terminal for an input voltage to a ground terminal via the primary winding... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20140312682 - Methods and systems for vehicle communication to a data network: Methods, systems, and an integrated Broadband over Power Line (BPL) module cover assembly for communicating data between an aircraft and a ground-based network are provided. The assembly includes a power receptacle cover plate and a BPL module coupled to said power receptacle cover plate.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140312685 - System and method for high voltage cable detection in hybrid vehicles: A system and method described herein detects the presence of an unconnected condition in high voltage component cables in an electric or hybrid-electric vehicle having a high voltage battery or energy storage system. The system includes a DC-DC converter which is capable of operating in either a step-down mode (e.g.,... Agent:

20140312686 - In vehicle inductive power provision system and method: A vehicle inductive power assembly and method for transferring electrical power inductively to an electrical device, in a motorized vehicle. The system includes an inductive power transfer system which is configured to provide the electrical power to the electrical device as well as a communications security system which is configured... Agent: Powermat Technologies Ltd.

20140312687 - Multiple battery pack and operating method thereof: A lithium battery system includes a first battery pack including a plurality of first battery cells connected in series. The first battery pack is configured to be connected in parallel to an alternator and a second battery pack, and has a lower capacity than the second battery pack. A negative... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20140312688 - Efficiency monitor for inductive power transmission: An inductive power receiver configured for receiving power transferred from an inductive power outlet having a primary coil includes a secondary coil configured to form an inductive couple with the primary coil thereby facilitating the power transfer. The inductive power receiver further includes a transmission circuit having a variable amplifier... Agent:

20140312689 - Method for providing control power by an energy store by using tolerances in the delivery of power: A method for providing control power for an electricity network in which at least one energy store connected to the electricity network supplies energy to the electricity network as required and/or takes up energy from the electricity network as required, the control power being delivered in dependence on a frequency... Agent: Steag Power Saar Gmbh

20140312691 - Smart power strip with automatic device connection detection: A multi-port power switch device may intelligently detect whether a portable electronic device is connected to one of the output ports provided. The output ports can automatically be switched on and off as needed depending on whether they are connected to a portable electronic device.... Agent:

20140312690 - System and method for sequentially distributing power among one or more modules: A programmable power distributing sequencer including a plurality of internal regulators, an internal memory adapted to store a user programmable script including instructions for sequentially enabling and disabling the regulators, and a controller adapted to enable and disable the regulators based on the script. The controller may receive the user... Agent: Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

20140312692 - Stability analyzing apparatus and stability analyzing method: A stability analyzing apparatus is in cooperation with a DC power system having a bus terminal connected to at least a load, and comprises a perturbation signal generating module, a signal processing module and a determining module. The perturbation signal generating module generates a perturbation signal injected into the bus... Agent:

20140312693 - Voltage conservation using advanced metering infrastructure and substation centralized voltage control: A voltage control and conservation (VCC) system is provided, which includes three subsystems, including an energy delivery (ED) system, an energy control (EC) system and an energy regulation (ER) system. The VCC system is configured to monitor energy usage at the ED system and determine one or more energy delivery... Agent: Virginia Electric And Power Company

20140312694 - Dual-mode power stealing for a climate control system controller: A controller for use in a climate control system. The controller, which may be a wireless-enabled thermostat, includes a power stealing circuit configured to steal power from a first load that is in an “on” mode and from a second load that is in an “off” mode. The stealing is... Agent:

20140312695 - Switch-type interlock arrangement for controlling the neutral output of a portable generator: An interlock arrangement allows a floating neutral electrical generator having a receptacle, such as a duplex receptacle, absent GFCI protection to be used to provide electrical power to the electrical system of a home or other building during utility power interruption. The interlock arrangement includes structure to disable or prevent... Agent:

20140312697 - Active triac triggering circuit: A power supply unit for use with thermostats or other like devices requiring power. A power supply unit may be designed to keep electromagnetic interference emissions at a minimum, particularly at a level that does not violate governmental regulations. A unit may be designed so that there is enough power... Agent:

20140312696 - Mosfet gate driving circuit for transition softening: A power supply unit for use with thermostats or other like devices requiring power. A power supply unit may be designed to keep electromagnetic interference emissions at a minimum, particularly at a level that does not violate governmental regulations. A unit may be designed so that there is enough power... Agent:

20140312698 - Unit having a switching function for ethernet: An arrangement for a switching function unit for Ethernet having a number of active components of the Ethernet which are combined by a switching function unit to form a functional unit; and at least three mutually independent power supplies for supplying power to the active components, wherein a first of... Agent: Knorr-bremse Systeme F&#xdc R Schienenfahrzeuge Gmbh

20140312699 - Constant power supply for led emergency lighting using smart output resetting circuit for no load conditions: A constant power backup power supply for LED lighting fixtures is disclosed. The power supply includes a storage battery that is charged while an AC power source is in an ON condition. When AC power transitions to an OFF conditions, a capacitor bank charged by the battery supplies current to... Agent: Iota Engineering, LLC

20140312700 - Reconfigurable pv configuration: A PV module is described with an array of PV cells whereby the module is reconfigurable, allowing different configurations to be applied after installation and during operation, i.e. at run-time. The run time configuration of the module has controllable devices. The main controllable devices are any of (individually or in... Agent: Imec Vzw

20140312701 - Power supply circuit in electronic device and control method thereof: A power supply circuit in an electronic device is provided. The power supply circuit includes a connector configured to receive external power and IDentifier (ID) data, a first switch disposed between the connector and a system of the electronic device, a second switch connected to the system, and a controller... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140312702 - Power transmission device and power transmission and reception system: A power transmission device has: a plurality of power transmission units which perform wireless power transmission of strong-coupling system; a communication unit which, when the plurality of power transmission units transmit power at different timings to a power reception device, receives from the power reception device a plurality of reception... Agent:

20140312703 - Supply module and module chain: A supply module for insertion into a module chain of functional modules mounted side by side along a concatenation axis and electrically connected to one another in a Z-linkage comprises includes a first coupling surface having a plurality of electric input terminals, and with a second coupling surface having a... Agent:

20140312704 - Electric power converter system with parallel units and fault tolerance: The present invention relates to an electric energy conversion method and system with at least two conversion units (14), comprising control means (12) establishing the maximum output current of the operative conversion modules, as well as the commutation frequency of the entire or of a sub-group of the operative conversion... Agent: Ingeteam Power Technology, S.a.

20140312709 - Electronic apparatus and transmission system: An electronic apparatus includes a switch control section configured to: determine whether a received signal is any one of a power signal and a data signal based on the received signal, and select any one of a power-reception operation and a data-transmission operation based on the determination of the received... Agent:

20140312706 - Temperature compensation in a wireless transfer system: Described herein are improved configurations for a resonator for wireless power transfer that includes a conductor forming one or more loops and having an inductance L, a network of capacitors, having a capacitance, C, and a desired electrical parameter, coupled to the conductor, the network having at least one capacitor... Agent:

20140312708 - Wireless electric power transmission apparatus, method for controlling wireless electric power transmission apparatus, and storage medium: A wireless electric power transmission apparatus includes a communication unit configured to carry out communication for wireless electric power transmission, a restriction unit configured to restrict the wireless electric power transmission in a case in which the communication unit is unable to communicate with an object disposed within a range... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140312707 - Wireless energy transfer resonator enclosures: Described herein are improved configurations for a resonator enclosure for wireless high power transfer that includes a support plate, a sheet of good conductor positioned on one side of the support plate, a separator piece for maintaining a separation distance between the resonator and the sheet of good conductor, and... Agent:

20140312705 - Wireless power transmission apparatus: A power-supplying module and a power-receiving module are positioned so that a coil surface of a power-supplying resonator in the power-supplying module and a coil surface of a power-receiving resonator in the power-receiving module face each other. On the inner circumferential surface sides of the coils of the power-supplying resonator... Agent:

20140312710 - Multiple output charge pump with peak voltage following frequency divider control: A power converter for a load with varying power requirements dynamically adjusts its supply voltage to the load so as to track the radio frequency (RF) envelope of the signal being carried by the load. The supply voltage can be provided by a multiple-output charge pump providing multiple output voltage... Agent: Ati Technologies Ulc

20140312711 - Genset with integrated resistive loadbank management system and method: An integrated resistive load bank management system (500) uses a load bank (510) to control a flow of electrical energy to an electrically operated system (520). The load bank management system uses a resistive load bank to dissipate power from a generator set (505). The load bank management system can... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140312712 - Laser pen, portable electronic device and laser indicating system: A laser pen includes a laser diode and a plug. The plug is received in an earphone jack of a portable electronic device. The laser pen obtains power from the portable electronic device to turn on the laser diode.... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20140312713 - Depth-activated sensor switch and method: A switch for a marine seismic sensor. The switch includes a bellows having a closed end, a side portion and an open end, wherein the side portion connects the closed end to the open end, the closed end includes a conductive surface, and the side portion acts as a spring;... Agent: Sercel, Inc.

20140312714 - Systems and methods for providing wireless power to a power-receiving device, and related power-receiving devices: In an embodiment, a wireless power distribution system is disclosed. The wireless power distribution system includes a routing module having at least one processor configured to determine a route for a power-receiving device to travel responsive to receiving input about one or more characteristics associated with the power-receiving device or... Agent: Searete LLC

20140312715 - Protection apparatus, method and power supply system: The present invention discloses a protection apparatus for an IT network having a first and a second live line, having a signal generator which is designed to feed a first signal to the first and/or to the second live line, having a detection device which is designed to detect the... Agent:

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