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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 24 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150145291 - Furniture member and power lift mechanism: A lift chair includes a frame assembly including a chair portion rotatable with respect to a base portion. A lift mechanism portion is positioned in a base portion cavity. The lift mechanism portion includes a lift motor and a drive assembly connected to the lift motor having a slide. A... Agent: La-z-boy Incorporated

20150145292 - Carry-on passenger seat: A carry-on passenger seat adapted to mount upon a support pedestal in an aircraft, the seat including a seatback pivotably connected to a seat bottom such that the seatback is configured to fold against the seat bottom, and an elongate slot formed in an underside of the seat bottom, an... Agent:

20150145293 - Sitting assembly: A sitting assembly is disclosed including a first and a second saddle pad for a transition between a first state and a second state. In the first state, the saddle pad will hang down, such that a user may step over the saddle pad. In the second state, the saddle... Agent:

20150145294 - Adjustable cycle seat: An adjustable cycle seat includes a seat post configured as an I-beam with front and rear flanges and a web therebetween defining side channels. A sleeve about the post is attached to the cycle. At least one spring is interconnected between the post and the sleeve biasing the post upward.... Agent: Rase Components, LLC

20150145295 - Bucket seat with changing kinematics: A seat having a bucket and a supporting structure on which the bucket is fixed. The height of the bucket on the supporting structure is adjustable. A lower sub-assembly of the supporting structure forms a seat subframe and of which at least one bucket support is mounted movable in height... Agent:

20150145296 - System, methodologies, and components acquiring, analyzing, and using occupant body specifications for improved seating structures and environment configuration: Equipment and processes generate a seating solution by obtaining occupant data, calculating body dimensions from the occupant data, and calculating a best-fit body arrangement for an occupant. Occupant data may be obtained in various ways using available computational devices and software or by manually measuring the relevant dimensions on the... Agent:

20150145297 - Combined car seat cover and infant seat: The present invention relates to a combined car seat cover and infant seat, which is normally used as a seat cover for improving a riding comfort and can be transformed into an infant seat when an infant or a child is a passenger, wherein a seat fixing means for fixing... Agent:

20150145298 - Telescopic seat rail cover: A seat rail cover for a seat rail includes a first longitudinal section and a second longitudinal section. The first longitudinal section includes a first cover element and a first support element. The first support element extends in a longitudinal direction of the seat rail cover and protrudes from the... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20150145299 - Child seat having an anchoring harness: A child seat includes a seat portion and an anchoring harness. The seat portion has a lower surface facing downward, an upper surface facing upward for providing sitting support, a rear edge defining a rear border of the lower and upper surfaces, and a slot formed through the seat portion... Agent: Wonderland Nurserygoods Company Limited

20150145300 - Method and apparatus for adjusting the spacing of vehicle seats based on the size of the seat occupant: A passenger seat assembly for permitting adjustment of the spacing of a passenger seat row relative to a fore or aft passenger seat row that includes first and second seat tracks for being positioned on the deck of an aircraft and extended along a longitudinal axis of an aircraft passenger... Agent:

20150145301 - Electric rocking chair: An electric rocking chair equipped with an electric device engendering automatically an in and out movement of the chair without there being a push by the user. The chair includes an armature deposited on the top of a support base containing a displacement device. The armature is fixed to the... Agent:

20150145302 - Adjustable seat cushion assembly: An adjustable seat cushion assembly is disclosed which exhibits a first seat element and a second seat element moveable relative to the first seat element. A cover piece straddles a variable gap between cushion parts of the first and second seat elements. The adjustable seat cushion assembly is configured to... Agent:

20150145303 - Flexible seatback system: A vehicle seat suspension system includes first and second side supports that define a seatback frame. A front trim piece is coupled between the first and second side supports. A suspension component is coupled with a central area of the front trim piece and has flexible members protruding forward and... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150145304 - Backrest adjustor and baby carriage: A backrest adjustor comprises a shell, a rotary gear located inside the shell, a winding wheel which is driven by the gear and located inside the shell, a knob for driving the gear to rotate, and a button capable of controlling the gear to rotate, moving and being reset by... Agent:

20150145305 - Seat assembly having a cross member: A seat assembly having a seat back and a support post for supporting a headrest. The seat back may have a cross member that may include a support post opening and a flexible arm that may have a barb. The flexible arm may flex between a latched position in which... Agent:

20150145306 - Seat assembly having a cross member: A seat assembly having a seat back that may include a cross member that is mounted to a side frame member. The cross member may have a support post opening, a collar, and a spacer band. The spacer band may be disposed in the support post opening between the collar... Agent:

20150145307 - Seat headrest: A seat headrest having at least one side cushion, a base and a plurality of headrest connection points for use in conjunction with existing, standard car headrests. The seat headrest may have a first side cushion and a second side cushion to provide head and neck support by serving as... Agent:

20150145308 - Headrest support structure: A headrest support structure includes: a metal tubular support bracket configured to be provided in a seatback frame; a resin headrest support configured to support a headrest stay and inserted into the support bracket; and a spring disposed between the support bracket and the headrest support. The headrest support is... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150145309 - Headrest support structure: Two headrest stays-are supported such that, when the tilting amount in the seat front-rear direction of the headrest stays-relative to a seatback frame is within a specified range, the support stiffness of a headrest relative to the seat front-rear direction is reduced in comparison to when the tilt amount is... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150145310 - Headrest moving device: Disclosed is a headrest moving device. The headrest moving device includes: a cover including a front wall and a rear wall a middle cover disposed inside the cover and formed with a hollow portion; a locking cover inserted into the hollow portion, connected to the cover, and formed with teeth... Agent:

20150145311 - Prisoner safety seat and method of use: A prisoner seat security device includes a retractable strap which hooks or clasps onto a prisoner, preferably by a restraint device on the prisoner, such as hand-cuffs. As the prison seats in the seat, the strap retracts. The officer can then lock the retraction mechanism so that the strap will... Agent:

20150145313 - Hybrid seat frame for vehicle: The present invention relates to a hybrid seat frame for a vehicle and provides a hybrid seat frame for a vehicle including a main frame formed of glass fiber and a reinforced frame formed of carbon fiber to secure stiffness in a direction perpendicular to the longitudinal direction and torsional... Agent:

20150145312 - Vehicle seat tubing having variable wall thickness: Tubular bodies for use in frames for seats of vehicles such as aircraft are described. A tube can include a sidewall that has a variable thickness along the length of the tube. The variable thickness of the sidewalls can result in the tube having a variable inner diameter along the... Agent:

20150145314 - Polyester fiber for seat belt and method of preparing the same: Disclosed is a high strength polyester fiber for a seat belt, and in particular, a polyester fiber for a seat belt, which has intrinsic viscosity of 0.8 to 1.5 dl/g, tensile strength of 8.8 g/d or more, and total fineness of 400 to 1800 denier. A method of preparing the... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc.

05/21/2015 > 13 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150137564 - Autonomous vehicle with reconfigurable seats: A vehicle includes a passenger compartment and a bench seat located in the passenger compartment. The bench seat has a bottom portion and a back portion and is configured to move from a front-facing position to a rear-facing position by moving the back portion toward a front of the passenger... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150137566 - Collapsible chair having a removable seat pad: A collapsible chair has a frame selectively moveable between a collapsed configuration of the chair and an extended configuration of the chair, and a seat that is coupled to the frame. The seat has a first material layer and a second material layer wherein the first layer and the second... Agent:

20150137565 - Highchair: The present invention relates to a highchair for babies or small children, comprising a lower base part (11) and an approximately bowl-shaped seat (12), which is attached in the upper area of the base part and which comprises an outer seat bowl (20) that is somewhat larger in holding volume... Agent:

20150137567 - Lifting and lowering chair: A lifting and lowering chair is provided. The lifting and lowering chair includes a base having an upper side and a lower side. The lower side is formed to rest on a surface, supporting the lifting and lowering chair in an upright position. The present invention further includes a lifting... Agent:

20150137568 - Vehicle seat suspension mat: A suspension mat (14) for a vehicle seat comprises one or more suspension springs (16) for supporting a cushion (28), a support plate (18) attached to the one or more suspension springs, a mobile plate (34) coupled with the support plate, a flat spring (26) arranged between the support plate... Agent:

20150137569 - Vehicle seat suspension mat: A vehicle seat suspension mat (10) comprises one or more suspension springs (16) for supporting a seat cushion (22) and an occupancy sensor module (24) supported by at least one suspension spring. The module includes a first plate (26) having a switch element (38) arranged thereon and a second plate... Agent:

20150137570 - Rocking chair apparatus: A rocking chair including a base portion having at least one retaining member, a rockable seat portion mounted upon the base portion, an axle mounted on the seat portion, the axle being arranged for pivotal movement about an axis, at least one toothed rack mounted upon the axle and arranged... Agent:

20150137571 - Seat: A seat cushion is arranged on a riser. A strut is coupled, at lower end, to the rear end of the riser, and is provided at the back of the seat cushion. The seatback is secured to the strut, and is isolated from the seat cushion. The seatback and the... Agent:

20150137572 - Swivelling assembly for a vehicle seat: A swivelling assembly comprising a swivel, the swivel comprising a swivel bottom element and a swivel top element rotatable relative thereto; a gear provided with gear teeth along at least a portion thereof, the gear being mounted to the swivel top element; an actuator operatively coupled to the gear teeth... Agent:

20150137573 - Travel pillow: A travel pillow that assists in maintaining an upright and healthy posture while sleeping in public or private transportation. The pillow is an elongated plush, padded fabric tubular body filled with padding material. The pillow has flexible sewn pleats as folding points. The pillow wraps around a user's neck and... Agent:

20150137574 - Work-assist devices: A work-assist device includes a chest-support member configured to support a user's chest when the user is using the work-assist device. The work-assist device also includes a knee-support member configured to support the user's knees when the user is using the work-assist device. The knee-support member includes a pad having... Agent:

20150137575 - Foot rest device for a child installed in a child car seat: A foot rest device for a child installed in a child car seat fixed to a seat or bench of a vehicle passenger compartment, includes an upright to be installed in a vertical median plane of the child car seat, a rotation-proof bar and a foot rest bar each transverse... Agent:

20150137576 - Web strap attachment to metal frame: A seating product is provided which comprises a metal frame, straps of webbing joined to the metal frame with wire hooks. Each of the wire hooks has a main portion inside a loop created in the strap of webbing and two L-shaped portions extending through openings in the metal frame.... Agent: L&p Property Management Company

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