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Chairs and seats

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10/02/2014 > 18 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140292041 - Ichair: The present invention is a foldable chair assembly for providing comfort to a user in outdoor environments comprising a folding chair having a frame structure defined by a pair of vertical front frame members coupled to a pair of vertical rear frame members by way of a plurality of pairs... Agent:

20140292042 - Tray table structure: Described are tray table assemblies comprising a table body including a frame. The frame is formed of an upper bar and a lower bar that connect a pair of slide guides, wherein the upper bar, the lower bar, and the pair of slide guides are integrally formed as a single... Agent: Zodiac Seats US LLC

20140292043 - Conveyance seat: A conveyance seat includes: a seat cover; a seat pad foamed so as to be integrated with part of the seat cover; and an interrupting portion provided in part of the seat cover and inhibiting integration of the seat pad with the seat cover.... Agent: Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

20140292044 - Seat structure for vehicle: A vehicle having a single seat for a plurality of occupants sitting side by side in a lateral direction of the vehicle. The seat has a front end recessed rearwardly at a center seat portion so as to form a substantially U-shaped recess as viewed in a plan view. The... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140292045 - Mechanism for increasing the distance traveled during a forceful change in velocity: The mechanism has the ability to be designed with a slide attached to the vehicle and a track attached to the seat. For ease of understanding, references to the mechanism herein disclosed will be to a mechanism which is designed for a track to be attached to the vehicle and... Agent:

20140292046 - Modular display assembly: Described are display assemblies having a display coupled to a passenger seat back, a video shroud coupled to the passenger seat back and with an inner opening positioned adjacent the display, wherein a gap is positioned between an outer edge of the display and an edge of the inner opening,... Agent:

20140292047 - Detachable seat mounted audio-visual entertainment system with locally storable, selectable, and updatable content: A detachable seat mounted audio-visual entertainment system. The system has locally storable, selectable, and updatable content. The passenger in-flight entertainment device terminal has passenger selectable controls, a video display, an audio output, storage media such as a magnetic or “hard disk”, and a payment interface device such as a card... Agent:

20140292048 - Sofa kit: This sofa invention accomplishes the objective of flat small packing by means of having a cross supporting bar in the base be removable, so that the sofa arms can be placed inside of the sofa base during storage and shipping. The invention accomplishes the objective of easy assembly by having... Agent:

20140292049 - Child carrier and car seat combination: A rigid wearable child carrier with shoulder strap, restraint system with integrated handle, and kickstands to be used with a corresponding car seat wherein the child carrier operates both independently and in conjunction with the car seat and the car seat operates independently and also operates normally when the carrier... Agent:

20140292050 - Unlocked-state retention device and seat assembly having the same: An unlocked-state retention device is adapted for use in a seat assembly. The seat assembly includes a base frame and a seat body, which is mounted removably on the base frame through a locking unit to lock or unlock the seat body relative to the base frame such that the... Agent: Bp Children's Products Hk Co., Limited

20140292051 - Device for adjusting the seat length for a motor vehicle seat and seat comprising such a device: The invention relates to a device for adjusting seat length, comprising a seat front plate (12) that is movable relative to a seat frame (11), the plate (12) being mounted on a carriage that is slidably guided on a stationary mounting attached above said frame, the carriage and the mounting... Agent: Faurecia Sieges D'automobile

20140292052 - Chair and supports: A chair has a supporting frame 1, a seat portion 101, a back portion 201 that has an upper end, a lower end, and is pivotally mounted relative to the supporting frame at a position above its lower end, and a recline mechanism 601. The recline mechanism 601 lifts the... Agent:

20140292053 - Dual thrust bearing chair swivel: The present invention relates to chair swivel mechanisms with an automatic return-to-center function when the occupant exits the chair or changes the loading on the chair. The chair swivel of the present invention improves upon existing chair swivels through use of dual thrust bearings to manage repeated and uneven loading... Agent: Catapult Global, LLC

20140292054 - Component for a vehicle seat: A component, in particular for a vehicle scat, has an opening for the fastening of the component, the opening having a centre point and a radius. The component is locally hardened at at least one point in the vicinity of the opening and at a distance from the opening. The... Agent: Keiper Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140292055 - Seat reclining apparatus for vehicle: A seat reclining apparatus for a vehicle includes an inner gear plate, an outer gear plate, a first wedge member and a second wedge member positioned within a clearance formed between a peripheral of a center opening of the outer gear plate and a center cylindrical portion of the inner... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140292056 - Head restraint for a vehicle seat and method for producing said head restraint: A head restraint for a vehicle seat has a holding element whih, in the fitted state, is fastenable to a backrest of the vehicle seat. A support element for holding a pad formed from a foamed material is fastened to the holding element. The support element is formed from a... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20140292057 - Electromechanical retractable head restraint: A seat assembly comprises a seat cushion and a seat back having a bottom portion coupled to the seat cushion and an opposite top portion. A head restraint is coupled to the seat back for movement between a stowed position adjacent the top portion of the seat back and a... Agent:

20140292058 - Method of determining optimal seat surface contours and seat having an optimized seat surface contour: A method of mathematically defining seat surface contours from quantitative definitions of relevant back, buttock and under-thigh surfaces of a sample of individuals, the method including adjusting a mathematical summary of the surfaces of the sample of individuals by means of a mathematical function of a summary statistic of the... Agent: B/e Aerospace, Inc.

09/25/2014 > 23 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140284970 - Chair: A chair includes a seat, a back rest, a frame having a curved rail, and a runner moveable along the rail. The seat and back rest are carried by the runner such that the seat and back rest can be moved together along the rail, and the position of the... Agent:

20140284971 - Seating attachment for a vehicle trailer hitch: A seating attachment for a vehicle trailer hitch features two metal bars, the main shaft and the cross member, each with a square cross section and capable of fitting into a standard vehicle trailer hitch mount. The main shaft and cross member are welded together in a “T” configuration. At... Agent:

20140284972 - Cover for a seat in an aircraft or spacecraft: The present invention provides a cover for a seat in an aircraft or spacecraft, including a receiver which is configured to receive in an exchangeable manner an electronic device which is fitted with a screen, at least one recess being provided in the region of the receiver such that the... Agent:

20140284973 - Seat with universal device for receiving an electronic gadget for an aircraft or spacecraft: The present disclosure pertains to a seat for an aircraft or spacecraft, including a receiving device which is integrated inside the seat and is configured to receive, in an exchangeable manner, an electronic gadget fitted with a screen, and including a safety screen which is arranged in the seat such... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20140284974 - Locking and inclination-adjusting arrangement, in particular backrest lock: The invention relates to a locking and inclination-adjustment assembly for locking and adjusting the inclination of a part, especially a pivotable backrest (R, R1, R2) of a vehicle, comprising a lock striker (30) arranged on the car body and a lock (S) arranged on the part, said lock (S) being... Agent:

20140284976 - Seat device comprising improved audio device for use in an aircraft or spacecraft: The present disclosure pertains to a seat device of an aircraft or spacecraft, having a seat which comprises a headrest, and a loudspeaker device which includes at least one pair of loudspeakers which are spaced apart from one another and located in the region of the headrest.... Agent:

20140284975 - Talking car seat: The invention provides an audible security system incorporated in an infant car seat. The Talking Car Seat is a fully functioning vehicle safety seat which comprises an integrated alarm system that provides an audible alert when a parent restrains a child improperly or when a parent fails to remove a... Agent:

20140284977 - Child safety seat assemblies: A child safety seat assembly includes a support base and a child carrier. The support base includes a shell body, an anti-rebound frame and a latch. The shell body has a bottom surface that supports the support base when resting on a support surface, and an upper surface for installing... Agent: Wonderland Nurserygoods Company Limited

20140284978 - Child safety seat: The child safety seat disclosed in the present invention includes a seatback, a headrest and a belt. The headrest is disposed on the seatback, and is adapted to move relative to the seatback up and down. The headrest includes an inclined guiding portion disposed on a bottom portion of the... Agent:

20140284979 - Seat adjustment apparatus for vehicle: A seat adjustment apparatus for a vehicle includes a pair of seat adjustment mechanisms, a drive source positioned close to one of the pair of seat adjustment mechanisms and far from the other one of the pair of seat adjustment mechanisms, and a connecting member transmitting a drive power to... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140284980 - Two-position bolster seat with adjustable height pedestal: s

20140284981 - Vehicle seat: A vehicle seat, which adjusts an inclination angle of a seat back with respect to a seat cushion through a recliner, includes a base member, a bracket, which supports the seat back so that the seat back is able to move, and is fixed to a rotation side of the... Agent: Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

20140284982 - Fitting for a vehicle seat and vehicle seat: A fitting for a vehicle seat, such as a motor vehicle seat, includes a first fitting part, on which a ring gear is formed, and a second fitting part, on which a spur gear is formed, which meshes with the ring gear. The two fitting parts are in transmission connection... Agent:

20140284983 - Vehicle seat operating device: A vehicle seat operating device includes: an input side member that performs an operation input; an output side member that is moved based on an operation of the input side member to operate a seat adjustment mechanism; and a speed change mechanism that changes a rate of change of a... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140284984 - Seat reclining apparatus for vehicle: A seat reclining apparatus for a vehicle: a locking mechanism that is interposed between a seat cushion and a seatback and selectively switches inclining of the seatback between a permitted state and a regulated state with respect to the seat cushion; a first operation member that performs a first unlocking... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140284985 - Height- and/or inclination-adjustable head restraint for a vehicle seat: A height- and/or inclination-adjustable head restraint for a vehicle seat includes at least one holding element, a head restraint cushion, a head restraint structure and an inclination-adjustment mechanism that includes at least one latching plate, a toothed profile and an actuating element. The latching plate is arranged on the holding... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20140284986 - Seat with tipping seating portion for vehicles, in particular for railway vehicles: A seating portion includes a support structure (10); a tipping seating portion (2), movably connected to the support structure to move between an open position and a closed position. At least one movable armrest (31, 32) is movably connected to the support structure to move between an open position and... Agent:

20140284987 - Vehicle seat: A vehicle seat includes, at each side portion of a seatback frame, a side frame base portion that forms a side portion of the seatback frame, and that extends in a seat up-and-down direction; an outer side flange portion that is formed at a seat forward side of the side... Agent: Nhk Spring Co., Ltd.

20140284988 - Seating aids for paralyzed individuals: The invention provides a seat cushion for an individual suffering from loss of sensation in the buttocks but having sensation in higher regions of the trunk. The cushion may be used, for example, in individuals who have undergone spinal cord injury (SCI). The seat cushion is formed from a flexible... Agent:

20140284989 - Vehicle seat reclining device: A vehicle seat reclining device includes first and second brackets, which are rotational relative to each other, two guide portions provided on the first bracket and forming a guide groove, a pawl, and a protruding portion. The pawl has outer teeth, which can engage with and disengage from inner teeth... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140284990 - Restraint harness assembly for a child safety seat: A restraint harness assembly for a child safety seat includes a strap, an anchoring mechanism and a retractor mechanism. The anchoring mechanism includes a first release button operable to switch the anchoring mechanism from a locked to an unlocked state. The retractor mechanism includes a spool connected with the strap,... Agent: Wonderland Nurserygoods Company Limited

20140284991 - Seat belt for a motor vehicle front seat: A seat belt for a motor vehicle front seat is provided with a belt having a lower branch that has one end designed to be connected to an anchor point in the motor vehicle and is thickened via an additional element; the additional element is arranged on just one of... Agent: Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.a.

20140284992 - Dual seat belt: This invention relates to improvements in safety Seat Belt, and seat Belt devices for drivers and passengers of vehicles, the invention being particularly designed to be applied to various vehicles for securing and retraining the driver and or passengers from being injured in case of a accident, collision, or crash... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 61 patent applications in 53 patent subcategories.

20140265457 - Child's walking and jumping device: An infant support structure includes a frame, at least one sliding or translating member movably coupled to the frame, a seat support, and at least one resilient member coupling the seat support and at least one translating member together. The frame contains at least two substantially parallel members that are... Agent:

20140265458 - Foldable chair assembly: A chair assembly includes two first side rods, two second side rods connected pivotally and respectively to the first side rods, and a seating unit including a loop frame connected pivotally to top ends of the first and second side rods, at least three first elastic cords each having two... Agent: Taiwan Shin Yeh Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20140265459 - Rotatable and collapsible chair: A chair comprises a seat, a back, a pivotal connection between the back and the seat, a pair of arms, each in a pivotal connection with the seat and the back, plurality of legs, a rotational connection between the seat, the back and the pair of arms relative to the... Agent:

20140265460 - Ergonomic productivity workstation having coordinated and harmonized movement of head rest, backrest, seat, leg rest, arm rests, monitor support, and work trays through sitting, standing, and reclining configurations: An ergonomic workstation that includes a base; an effective hip axis affixed to the base; a seat bottom that rotates about the effective hip axis; a seat back that rotates about the effective hip axis; an effective shoulder axis positionally fixed to the seat back; an effective elbow axis positionally... Agent: Sv Tool Corporation

20140265461 - Adjustable child booster seat: An adjustable height child booster seat including a seat and a base configured to be placed on an elevated surface above ground. The seat may be rotated relative to the base to move the seat and the base relative to each other in to adjust the booster seat to a... Agent:

20140265462 - Portable cooling chamber having radiant barrier and cooling system: A compact radiant barrier with applied cooling systems. In accordance with one embodiment, the invention may comprise a folding chair characterized as having a top radiant barrier and deployable radiant barriers on either side as well as the front and rear of the chair. The side radiant barriers are deployable... Agent:

20140265463 - System for preventing accumulation of debris in rails carrying movable seats: A movable track cover includes a cover segment mounted for movement transverse to the direction of tracks that carry a movable seat between first and second positions. The cover segment extends over the track to prevent debris from entering track when the seat is in the first location and the... Agent: American Seating Company

20140265464 - Combination stadium seat cushion and adaptable banner: A compact seat cushion that may be expanded to reveal a banner wherein the banner may be changed in accordance with the desires of the user is provided. In a preferred embodiment, the device comprises a foldable length of material which, when in a folded position, may be used as... Agent:

20140265465 - Portable and collapsible chair: A collapsible and portable chair for storage in a container. The chair includes two separate components: a seat portion and back portion. The back portion is received within an aperture of seat portion and supported by a collar. The back portion and the seat portion are connected with a tether... Agent:

20140265466 - Shell for saddles or seats of vehicles: A shell or support with a holding portion is provided for combining a saddle or seat of vehicles. The shell comprises a top surface, a bottom surface, a front end and a rear end. The contour of the shell includes a narrow front portion and a wide rear portion which... Agent: Velo Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20140265467 - Bicycle seat for reducing pressure on a pubic bone of a user: An ergonomic bicycle seat to reduce pressure on a pubic bone, ischial tuberosity and pudendal surface of a user includes a concave frame with an opening in a central portion of the frame. The concave frame cradles the ischial tuberosity of the user and the opening removes pressure on the... Agent:

20140265468 - Adjustable riding seat: An adjustable seat for a riding device includes a frame adapted to be attached to the riding device. A saddle has an underside and a fastening mechanism is attached to the underside of the saddle. A spring seat is attached to the frame. A removable compression spring is positioned between... Agent:

20140265469 - Method and apparatus for a removable motorcycle seat back: An improved removable seat back for a motorcycle including a cushion, a frame, the frame including an upper portion secured to the cushion and a lower portion having a pair of frame supports, and a pair of frame connection members. Each of the frame connection members includes a connection member... Agent:

20140265470 - Seat structure for vehicle: A seat structure for a vehicle of the present invention comprises a seat cushion frame, slide mechanisms including a pair of guide rails provided at a vehicle floor and a pair of sliders, a pair of connecting members connecting the pair of sliders and the seat cushion frame, a connection... Agent: Mazda Motor Corporation

20140265471 - Child safety seat: The child safety seat for transporting a child in a vehicle is configured for the child to be secured to the child safety seat with a safety belt of the vehicle, and is characterized in that the child safety seat comprises a belt pad which is adapted to be arranged... Agent:

20140265472 - Impact dispersal system for a child safety seat: Apparatus for securing a child safety seat and for impact dispersal. A tether system secures the child safety seat to the LATCH anchors in a vehicle. The tether tightening system attached to a frame tightens the tethers after they are snugged to the vehicle, thereby ensuring the safety seat is... Agent:

20140265473 - Car seat for protecting vertebral column: Disclosed is a car seat for protecting vertebral column, comprising: a backrest and a seat, wherein there is disposed with a troughed recess at a central portion of each of the backrest and the seat, so that when the backrest and the seat are subject to external impact, the impact... Agent: Forsound Corp.

20140265474 - Seat recliner with breakaway connector rod: A recliner assembly for a vehicle seat, and the associated seat, is provided with seat back, a seat base, and a hinge that connects the seat back to the seat base, wherein the hinge includes a recliner assembly having a pair of recliner mechanisms that are disposed on opposite sides... Agent: Lear Corporation

20140265476 - Passenger services provisioning for a means of transport: A passenger seat and a passenger service supply system is provided, comprising a seat with a seating and a backrest, and a passenger service module providing a passenger service such as conditioned air, a personal light, data network access or a similar service. A passenger service module supply line is... Agent:

20140265475 - Seat load detection device: A seat load detection apparatus includes: a load detector detecting part of a load acting on a vehicle seat which is capable of changing the posture of a seatback forward from the first stage position as a most upright position of a seatable position to the forwardly inclined position which... Agent:

20140265477 - Vehicle seat adjustment assembly: A vehicle seat adjustment assembly has an actuator adapted to move a component of the vehicle seat assembly, and a generally planar sensor array in communication with the controller and accessible from an outer surface of the vehicle seat assembly. The sensor array has a plurality of adjacent sensors accessible... Agent: Lear Corporation

20140265479 - Seat adjustment system: Systems an methods of adjusting a seat in a vehicle are discussed. Such a system can include a vehicle seat that can have a plurality of adjustable aspects, such as a headrest, seat back, armrests, lumbar support, etc. The system can also include display component that can visually present one... Agent: Commercial Vehicle Group, Inc.

20140265481 - Seat device for an aircraft or spacecraft: The present disclosure pertains to a seat device for an aircraft or spacecraft with at least one photoelectric device, which is designed to provide electrical energy such that this energy can be used to charge or supply an electrical device, and/or amplify audio signals, and/or transmit data.... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20140265480 - Systems for soothing and prolonging sleep of a child in a car seat: Systems for soothing and prolonging sleep maintain an experience of riding in a vehicle in a car seat, even as a pattern of driving changes, when vehicle motion ceases or when the car seat is removed from the vehicle. Sensors detect one or more of motion, light and sound in... Agent:

20140265478 - Vehicle seat adjustment indicator: An adjustable seat indicating assembly is provided and includes a stationary component attached to a stationary part of an adjustable seat assembly, a movable component attached to a movable part of the adjustable seat assembly, and an indicating component that changes state upon an interaction between the stationary component and... Agent: Commercial Vehicle Group, Inc.

20140265482 - Vehicle seat protector: A vehicle protective seat cover for use under a child safety car seat. The cover includes at least a seat cover bottom panel having upper and lower opposed surfaces. Frictional grip pads are attached to the lower protective panel. In one form, the frictional grip pads include four upper grippers... Agent: Brica, Inc.

20140265483 - Furniture cover with strap: A cover is provided for covering a furniture item having a seat and a back. The cover has a seat portion configured to cover the seat of the furniture item. The seat portion has a width generally corresponding to a depth of the furniture item seat and a length transverse... Agent: Sure Fit Inc.

20140265484 - Apparatus for seating two or more children in a backseat of a vehicle: The subject matter discloses a vehicle seat for children, including a bench on which a first child and a second child sit while in the vehicle seat; a back support to provide back support to the child sitting in the children vehicle sit; a partition unit in the center of... Agent:

20140265485 - Inflatable device with straps connected between an upper layer and lower layer thereof: An inflatable device includes an upper layer, a lower layer, and at least one strap alternately connected to the upper layer and the lower layer to form a wavelike pattern between the upper layer and the lower layer so as to limit deformation of both the upper layer and the... Agent:

20140265486 - Pelvis support assembly: A pelvis support assembly is provided. The assembly includes a bottom plate having a first end portion and a second end portion. The assembly further includes a pelvis support plate having a first end portion and a second end portion. The first end portion of the pelvis support plate is... Agent: Posture & Purpose, LLC

20140265487 - Adjustable child booster seat: An adjustable booster seat including a seat and a base configured to be placed on an elevated surface above ground. The seat may be rotated relative to the base to move the seat and the base relative to each other in to adjust the booster seat to a desired height.... Agent:

20140265488 - Juvenile vehicle seat with adjustable base: A child restraint includes an adjustable base for installation on a passenger seat of a vehicle. The child restraint also includes an infant carrier associated with the adjustable base. The adjustable base is configured to be adjusted to tilt the infant carrier relative to the passenger seat.... Agent:

20140265489 - Harness tensioner for child safety seat: A harness tensioner for a child safety seat has a lower lever part pivotable about an axis and an upper lever part above the lower lever part and pivotable about a different axis. A lower portion of the upper lever part contacts with an upper portion of the lower lever... Agent:

20140265490 - Driven infant seat: An infant rocking seat includes a base; a track provided on the base having a first arc-shaped portion and a second arc-shaped portion meeting at a crest; a carriage having a body portion, a first pair of wheels positioned at a first end of the body portion, and a second... Agent: Thorley Industries LLC

20140265492 - Micro-valve assembly: A micro-valve assembly for incorporation into a vehicle seat having an inflatable bladder. The micro-valve assembly includes a first housing that cooperates with two micro-valve sub-assemblies to define a high and low pressure supply chamber. A second housing cooperates with both of the first and second micro-valve subassemblies to define... Agent:

20140265491 - Thoracic region comfort vehicle seating system with pneumatic adjustment: A vehicle seat is provided, in at least one embodiment, comprising a seatback comprising a cushion having a first hardness, and a pneumatic thoracic support structure positioned adjacent the cushion. In at least one embodiment, the pneumatic thoracic support structure comprises a first bladder selectively inflatable to provide a first... Agent: Lear Corporation

20140265493 - Chair with activated back flex: A chair back that includes a back support, an upright frame, and at least one flex wing. The back support is substantially flexible and has a first side portion and a second side portion. The upright frame is substantially rigid and has a first frame side and a second frame... Agent:

20140265494 - Seat back of vehicle seat: A seat back of vehicle seat including: a seat back frame; a support wire element disposed in the seat back frame; a support plate attached to the support wire element such that an upper portion thereof projects upwardly from the support wire element; and a resilient reinforcing element provided to... Agent:

20140265495 - Ergonomic gobelek chair: The present invention includes an ergonomic chair that is useful for people who sit for an extended period of time at work, in avoiding work station related back pain and neck pain. The present invention incorporates a hemispherical seat which can be locked in position and comprises a fixed inner... Agent:

20140265496 - Adjustable support apparatus and method of using same: An adjustable support apparatus used to support a person in a specific position over an extended period of time, and method of using the same. The apparatus has a base, an adjustable plate clamp assembly with upper and lower plates, a pivot within the apertures of the plates and adjustably... Agent:

20140265497 - Medical support apparatus: A medical chair includes a seat supported by a base and actuators adapted to both tilt and lift the seat with respect to the base. A controller controls the actuators to both lift and tilt the seat as the seat moves from the sitting position to the standing position. The... Agent: Stryker Corporation

20140265498 - Vehicle seat of type having upwardly foldable seat cushion: A vehicle seat having an upwardly-foldable seat cushion that includes an engagement piece projecting from the rear end of the seat cushion and an under cover below the seat having an upper panel portion having an upwardly sloped surface. A forwardly-and-rearwardly extending guide groove formed in that upper panel portion... Agent:

20140265499 - Fold up or drop down rear seat incorporating a seatback supported rear facing latch for slidably engaging an elongated striker: A rear row vehicle seat in which a pair of spaced apart and fixed supports are mounted upon a floor of a vehicle. A seat bottom exhibits a pair of side plates pivotally secured between said fixed supports. A seat back is pivotally mounted at its side ends to axially... Agent: Bae Industries, Inc.

20140265500 - Medical support apparatus: A medical chair includes a base and a pair of arm rests supported relative to the base for movement between a raised position and a lowered position relative to the base. The raised position of at least one of the arm rests is upward and forward of its lowered position... Agent:

20140265501 - Vehicle seating assembly: A vehicle seating assembly includes a seatback having a panel movable to a reclined position and a cushion slidably coupled with the panel to slide down in the reclined position. A base is pivotally supporting the panel and has a concave portion. A seat has a bottom portion slidably coupled... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140265502 - Medical support apparatus: A medical chair comprising a base having one wheel having a brake; and a manual braking mechanism for selectively actuating the brake at the wheel; and a control system operable to control the brake in response to a signal or lack of signal at the chair. Further, the control system... Agent: Stryker Corporation

20140265503 - Seat mounted buckle presenter: A buckle presenter for moving a seat belt buckle with a vehicle seat of a vehicle is provided. The vehicle seat has a seat frame connected to a seat adjustment mechanism that moves the vehicle seat. The buckle presenter includes an anchor strap and a buckle strap. The anchor strap... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140265504 - Vehicle seat: A favorable appearance can be achieved using a simple configuration, even when the configuration is provided with a back shell that moves up and down relative to a back frame. In a vehicle seat 10, the back of a seated person is adapted to be supported by a movable back... Agent: Nhk Spring Co., Ltd.

20140265505 - Easy operational seat with dual direction torsion bar: A vehicle seat bar assembly having a seat with first and second engagement members. A rear seat bracket extends between the first and second engagement members of a seat. A torsion bar extends between the first and second engagement members and is operably engaged therewith. The torsion bar includes an... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140265506 - Seat with pneumatic headrest and thigh adjustment: A pneumatically adjustable seat includes a seat frame having a seat back frame portion and a headrest coupled to the seat back frame portion. The headrest includes a resilient cushion. A drive assembly includes a contact member operatively associated with the resilient cushion. A first bladder is operatively coupled to... Agent:

20140265507 - Vehicle head restraint with electromagnetic latch release: A head restraint assembly includes a locking mechanism that is electromagnetically actuated and is selectively moveable between a locked and an unlocked position, thereby allowing the head restraint to move between an upright and a folded position. The locked position comprises engagement of a first lock member with a second... Agent: Windsor Machine And Stamping 2009 Ltd.

20140265508 - Adjustable limb support for personal mobility vehicles: An arm support for a personal mobility vehicle can include a first member having a first end that defines a first cavity, and a first attachment member that extends through the first cavity so as to define an axis. The arm support can further include a second member having a... Agent: Pride Mobility Products Corporation

20140265509 - Parking brake nested footrest assembly: A footrest assembly includes a body portion having an upper contact surface adapted to support a vehicle occupant's foot at a predetermined angle. The footrest assembly includes mounting members adapted to couple the footrest assembly to a base unit disposed on a vehicle floorboard. The footrest assembly includes a depression... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140265511 - Double spring leg rest: A vehicle seat can include a seat bottom frame having a front, a back opposite the front, and enclosing a volume. Pivotally connected to the back of the seat bottom frame can be a seat back frame and pivotally connected to the front of the seat bottom frame can be... Agent:

20140265512 - Height adjustment mechanism suitable for a footring: A mechanism for vertically adjusting a component on a shaft has a collet sleeve riding on the shaft. A spiral track of the component's hub receives a radially outwardly projecting pin on the collet sleeve. The outer surface of the collet sleeve and the inner surface of the hub are... Agent: Leggett & Platt Canada Co.

20140265510 - Foot sling for a wheeled chair: Apparatus for a wheelchair foot rest that has two positions: stored and deployed. The foot rest has a base, a heel stop, a toe pocket, and a pair of straps that attach to the side of the base. The ends of the straps attach to extenders connected to the frame... Agent: Storm Showers, LLC

20140265513 - Vehicle seat: A vehicle seat such as an aircraft seat 1 comprises a seat pan 2 and a backrest 3. The backrest 3 includes a movable element 16 which is detachable from the backrest and attachable to the seat pan 2 to extend the seat pan surface. The movable element 16 may... Agent:

20140265514 - Foldable infant positioner with a softgoods seat: A foldable infant positioner with a softgoods seat is a seating apparatus that includes a softgoods seat and a hardgoods foldable support structure. The support structure includes a seat support that is movably coupled to a ground engaging section so that the support structure can move between a deployed configuration... Agent:

20140265515 - Bean bag chairs with piles and related apparatus and manufacturing methods: Bean bag chairs and related manufacturing methods and apparatus. Some methods comprise joining first and second panels defining corresponding surfaces. The second panel further comprises piles projecting from its surface with a portion of its surface being substantially smooth. A seam between the substantially smooth portion and the first panel... Agent:

20140265516 - Aisle-operated locking mechanism for movable seat: A movable seat for a transit vehicle has a folding seat cushion that moves between a use position oriented to support a passenger and a storage position. The seat is supported by at least one pedestal that can be mounted in a vehicle for movement with respect to said vehicle,... Agent: American Seating Company

20140265517 - Belt tensioner for a safety belt system: A belt tensioner for a seat belt system includes a belt shaft housing, a belt shaft pivoted about an axis in the belt shaft housing, a rope reel tightly connected to the belt shaft. A tensioner drive includes a tensioner tube, a deformable plastic element guided to be longitudinally movable... Agent:

09/11/2014 > 64 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20140252810 - Seat assistant side cushion tray: A tray assembly for an associated automotive vehicle includes a tray dimensioned for receipt on a seat portion. Individual compartments along an upper surface are provide to store associated items therein. A leveling mechanism compensates for a slope in the cushion portion of the seat so that the tray compartments... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140252811 - Center console auditorium tray: A tray assembly for an associated automotive vehicle has front, first and second side-by-side seats separated by a console. The tray assembly includes a tray mounted to a side of one of the seats or to the console between the front seats. A mounting assembly receives the tray for movement... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140252812 - Tray devices with multimedia holders: A device having a tray and a multimedia holder is provided. A representative device comprises a base that is configured to couple to an arm rest of a chair; a tray arm that is mechanically coupled to the base at a distal end of the tray arm; a tray that... Agent:

20140252813 - Contactless power transfer system: A system for powering components in a vehicle seat enables electronic components within the vehicle seat to receive power without wires connecting the seat to a vehicle body. The system includes a power transmitter that generates an electromagnetic field, and a power receiver located within the vehicle seat and the... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140252814 - Car seat: Embodiments of a highly protective, safe and strong car seat are disclosed and include an outer protective shell, an inner seat, a suspension system connecting and permitting relative movement between the inner seat and the outer protective shell, and a harness adapted to hold an occupant to the inner seat... Agent:

20140252815 - Child safety seat: A child safety seat is provided with a backrest including two parallel recesses on a back; a headrest including a sliding plate in the recesses; a cover plate secured to the headrest; an adjustment handle slidably secured to the headrest and including opposite first and second wedges; a belt member... Agent: Max-inf (ningbo) Baby Product Co., Ltd.

20140252816 - Seating device: A seating device having a top portion, a bottom portion, a front portion, a rear portion, a first side portion, and a second side portion. The seating device including a foam core; a water repellant cover surrounding the foam core; a handle attached to the water repellant cover on the... Agent: Bleacher Comfort LLC

20140252817 - Collapsible chair with integrated collapsible shade cover: A collapsible chair with an integrated collapsible shade cover for providing shade to an occupant of the chair. The collapsible shade cover can include cover extensions along a fore and aft direction and a cross member in a direction substantially perpendicular to the cover extensions. The cross member can provide... Agent:

20140252818 - Stable mounting system for seatback shelving: This invention relates to a mechanism for attaching shelving, hooks, and organizers to a vehicle seatback. The attachment mechanism fits over the vehicle seat headrest posts, providing stability to the shelving, hooks, or organizers. The mechanism is formed as a single piece, thus it can be installed and removed without... Agent:

20140252819 - Chair or other piece of furniture and method of making same: A chair or other piece of furniture can include a built-up frame including at least a portion of a premade plastic chair, such as an off-the-shelf plastic lawn or deck chair. The frame can have a seat and a backrest shaped to accommodate a person. Cushioning material can be installed... Agent:

20140252820 - Cooperatively coupled holding system and method: A holder comprising a connecting portion, an extension portion, and a receptacle; the connecting portion comprising a generally rectangular piece of material generally conforming to the shape of a channel; the connecting portion comprising an upper portion comprising a spring element biased in an expanded position such that connecting portion... Agent: Botello Design, LLC

20140252822 - Fastening textile for safety belt: A main object of the invention is a textile strip forming at least partially a safety belt intended to be fastened to a fixed structure of a seat or of a passenger compartment, characterised in that a notch is formed on the textile strip (10) in order to allow for... Agent:

20140252821 - Portable passenger seat divider: A portable passenger seat divider and method for providing a protective separator between adjacent seats. The passenger seat divider includes a middle portion formed into a channel that is adapted to be removably mounted to an armrest disposed between the adjacent seats. The passenger seat divider also includes an upper... Agent:

20140252823 - Multi-directional body motion stack chair: The present invention comprises a chair that allows small, subtle multi-directional motion by the user while maintaining the functionality and space requirements of a stack chair. The chair of the present invention comprises motion that is facilitated by flexible supports mounted to the frame of the chair which suspend and... Agent:

20140252824 - Multi-directional body motion stack chair: The present invention comprises a chair that allows small, subtle multi-directional motion by the user while maintaining the functionality and space requirements of a stack chair. The chair of the present invention comprises motion that is facilitated by flexible supports mounted to the frame of the chair which suspend and... Agent: Smith System

20140252825 - Belt-positioning booster seat for vehicles: A belt-positioning booster seat is adapted to be positioned on a passenger seat included in a vehicle and to support a child seated on the passenger seat. The belt-positioning booster seat includes a seat pad to elevate a child above a seat bottom of the passenger seat along with left... Agent: Cosco Management, Inc.

20140252826 - Swing seat adaptors: Swing seat adaptors are disclosed herein. According to an aspect, a swing seat adaptor includes an elongated seat element having a top portion and a bottom portion. Further, the swing seat adaptor includes first and second attachment members each having a first end attached to the top portion of the... Agent:

20140252827 - Child safety seat: A child safety seat includes a seat body, a reclining foot, and a force-generating member. The reclining foot is connected to a lower portion of the seat body such that the reclining foot is capable of rotating and sliding relative to the seat body to be selectively located at a... Agent:

20140252828 - Child safety seat for motorcycles: A motorcycle safety seat is disposed on a rear of a motorcycle. The motorcycle safety seat includes a safety seat, a fixing portion and a pivotal portion. The safety seat includes a seat portion and a joint portion. The joint portion is disposed under the seat portion and connected with... Agent:

20140252829 - Child safety seat assembly: A child safety seat assembly includes a support structure having an upper surface provided with an opening, and a child carrier operable to detachably assemble with the support structure, the child carrier including a seat shell having an outer surface facing downward, and the seat shell being pivotally assembled with... Agent: Wonderland Nurserygoods Company Limited

20140252830 - Stowable aircraft cabin attendant seat: A retractable flight attendant chair includes an anchor box, a sled coupled to the anchor box for horizontal translation of the retractable chair into and out of the stowage compartment, and a chair mounted on the sled. The chair includes an expanding/folding backrest and seat portion that allows the chair... Agent: B/e Aerospace, Inc.

20140252831 - Beach chair: A lightweight, compact foldable beach chair is presented. The present invention beach chair features an upper seatback portion and a lower sand engagement portion. The seatback portion forms the backrest of the chair and the sand engagement portion anchors the chair in sand. The beach sand itself serves as the... Agent:

20140252832 - Reclining seat: A seat for a wheelchair is provided. An exemplary embodiment of the seat includes a seat back portion, a bottom portion, and a linkage coupling the bottom portion to the seat back portion such that the seat back portion is movable relative to the bottom portion. The linkage generally includes... Agent: Invacare Corporation

20140252833 - Seat having a welded transverse shaft: A seat, in particular motor vehicle seat, with a seat part and a backrest pivotally mounted relative to the seat part, which includes a backrest frame with two mutually opposite side bars, is provided. The two side bars are connected with each other via a transverse shaft which is rotatably... Agent:

20140252834 - Luggage retention system: A motor vehicle luggage retention system for a motor vehicle is disclosed. A foldable seat back separates the occupant compartment from the trunk and has an upright position and a folded position that allows pass-through accessibility from the trunk into the occupant compartment. A pivotable bar assembly in the trunk... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140252835 - Vehicle interior fitting: The invention relates to a vehicle accessory, such as a head restraint (10) or armrest, comprising a first element (11) that is mounted movably to at least one second element (14a, 14b), wherein an adjusting device is provided, by means of which the first element (11) and the second element... Agent: Grammer Ag

20140252836 - Anchoring system for seat back: A seating system adapted for use in stadium, auditorium, and/or theater-type settings. The system utilizes seat back pins, support beams, and anchors for installing seat backs in series and without requiring custom components to account for variability in dimensions. A method for installing seat backs provides the installer with multiple... Agent:

20140252837 - Fiber-reinforced resin structure: A fiber-reinforced resin structure having a hole into which a connector that connects to another member is inserted, wherein a bearing strength at a part of an inside surface of the hole on which a load from the connector acts, represented by a stress at which displacement of the part... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20140252838 - Seat pad: A seat pad (10) that is mounted in a vehicle and used as a seating portion is provided with: a first layer (11) that is formed by a first foam body (A), and a second layer (12) that is formed by a second foam body (B) and that is laminated... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20140252839 - Connection element of the headrest poles on a seat structure: A connection element of a headrest pole on a seat structure of a motor vehicle seat, includes a connection profile which receives the headrest pole and/or a headrest pole housing. The connection profile protrudes through a lateral wall of the seat structure.... Agent: Johnson Controls Gmbh

20140252840 - Belt presenter: A belt presenter for a seat belt system of a vehicle includes an arm (22) which is pivotal in a state mounted on the vehicle, wherein the arm (22) can adopt a feeding position (A) and a parking position (P). The arm (22) includes a finger (44) for seizing the... Agent:

20140252841 - Child safety seat with shock absorber having compression-type soft material resilient member: A child safety seat utilizes a compression-type resilient shock absorber in which a soft-material resilient member serves to dampen shocks applied to the seat's harness assembly by undergoing compressive deformation in a way that prevents the harness safety belts from experiencing a “hard stop”. The resilient member (e.g., a foam... Agent: Inspired Products Group, LLC

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