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Chairs and seats

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11/13/2014 > 17 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140333098 - Lockout mechanism for foldable head rest: A vehicle seat that is foldable includes a lockout mechanism to prevent movement of a head rest to a folded position if an occupant is present in the vehicle seat. In response to pivoting of a back rest relative to a bottom seat cushion, the head rest normally moves to... Agent: Kongsberg Automotive, Inc.

20140333099 - Linkage mechanism and reclining chair having same: The invention discloses a linkage mechanism and a reclining chair having the same. The linkage mechanism has a forward mounting pivot for attaching the actuator to the footrest linkage and a rearward mounting unit for attaching the actuator to the lever link. The lever link is pivotally connected to the... Agent: Hhc Changzhou Inc

20140333100 - Aircraft seating assembly with reduced spacing: An aircraft seating assembly having a back support, a seat bottom, a connection frame, and a convertible armrest. The width of the back support being such that, when two back supports are placed adjacent, the gap between adjacent sides is minor. The convertible armrest having a design which allows the... Agent: Encore Interiors, Inc.

20140333101 - Ventilation system: The present invention is drawn to a ventilation system for a “climate object”, in particular all components with which the user of a vehicle may come in contact in a passenger compartment such as, for example, a steering mechanism for a vehicle, a dashboard, an armrest, a door paneling, a... Agent:

20140333102 - In bicycle seat: Among other things, a compliant element is configured to attach a seat of a device on which a user pedals to a frame of the device. The compliant element has a stiffness that is small enough to permit substantially unimpeded rocking of the seat relative to the frame in a... Agent:

20140333103 - Seat assistance system, seat assistance method, and safety seat: A seat assistance method includes obtaining the inclined angle of a vehicle detected by a gyroscope. The method then determines if the obtained inclined angle of the vehicle is greater than a preset value. Next, the method controls a driving device to drive a seat to rotate towards a center... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140333104 - Moms car seat: s

20140333105 - Safety seat for pregnant mother: A passenger seat and safety belt system in accordance with the principles of the invention provides a comfortable seat having two straps that adjustably and safely restrain the passenger. A restraining mechanism, for example a buckle, may cross over the chest just above the nipple line connecting the two straps.... Agent:

20140333106 - Carrier for infant car seat: A carrier for an infant car seat includes a lower support unit, two pairs of position adjusting units connected with the lower support unit, two pairs of angle adjusting units connected with the position adjusting units, and a pair of upper support bars connected with the angle adjusting units. An... Agent:

20140333107 - Seat cushion device: A seat cushion device capable of adjusting hardness of a seat cushion including a seating surface, on which a user is seated, includes a recessed part that is formed in a back surface of the seating surface in the seat cushion, a left plate that faces a back surface of... Agent: Ud Trucks Corporation

20140333108 - Item of seating furniture and fitting therefore: The movement mechanism is designed for transferring the leg unit from the storage position into the use position. The movement mechanism has an intermediate support displaceable in relation to the seat unit or the base via a first pivoting guide. The pivoting guide has a first rear pivot lever between... Agent:

20140333109 - Headrest fastening system: A headrest for use with a vehicle seat that includes a first and second headrest components; and a fastening system for fastening the headrest components together, the fastening system including a male member and female member, the male member including a body defining a release channel configured to accommodate a... Agent: Lear Corporation

20140333110 - Head and neck protection apparatus for vehicle: A head and neck protection apparatus for vehicle according to the present invention is attached to a vehicle seat, provided with a fixed frame having a mounting stay, a swing frame swingably connected with respect to the fixed frame, and a lock stopper for locking the swing frame with respect... Agent:

20140333111 - Seating furniture structure and item of seating furniture: The tension cord control system includes adjacent deflection elements, wherein a tension cord of the tension cord control system is guided alternatingly deflected in opposite directions over the deflection elements, and a deflection element is dislocatably retained and is in operative connection to the pivot mechanism of the guiding part... Agent:

20140333112 - Rain ready cushion: A portable seat cushion comprising: an outer surface; a four sides, where three sides are sealed by stitching and one side includes a slot; a hook and loop fastener, where the fastener seals the slot in a close position; two foam pads within an inner compartment of the cushion; and... Agent:

20140333114 - Fitting for a vehicle seat, and vehicle seat: A fitting (5) for a vehicle seat, in particular for a motor vehicle seat, includes a first fitting part (7), a second fitting part (8) that can be rotated relative to the first fitting part (7) about an axis (A), a drivable eccentric (11), rotatably supported about the axis (A),... Agent:

20140333113 - Vehicle seat supporting device: To reinforce, with a reinforcing member, a foot bracket which supports a seat on a vehicle body floor, and to suppress increase in a size of the foot bracket due to use of the reinforcing member, left and right end portions of the reinforcing member for reinforcing the foot bracket... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

11/06/2014 > 14 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140327277 - Dine r' tray: A removable tray device is disclosed that offers a simple and easy way to eat or drink when sitting outside. The removable tray device comprises a tray component, an attachment assembly for securing the tray component to a folding chair, and a swivel component secured to the tray component for... Agent:

20140327278 - Configurable tray table: Apparatus and methods provide for a configurable tray table and method of configuring a tray table. According to aspects of the disclosure, a tray table includes a support assembly and a tray assembly. The support assembly is configured to connect to a structure. The tray assembly is coupled to the... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140327279 - Vehicle seat provided with means for attaching a removable tray: A motor vehicle seat including a seat part and a foldable seatback including a rear face configured to be situated in a substantially horizontal position when the seatback has been folded. The rear face of the seatback includes an attachment mechanism configured to engage with an independent tray, to hold... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20140327280 - Seat for two-wheeled vehicle: Provided is a seat for a two-wheeled vehicle provided with a lumbar support portion which can be constructed to not deform rearward without a support element such as a plate and a bottom panel, can produce a sufficient sense of fit adapted to a physique, is lightweight, and is simple... Agent:

20140327281 - Warning device for a car seat base: A warning device for a car seat base includes a car seat base, a support leg and a color signal revealing mechanism. The car seat base is capable of mounting on a vehicle seat and provided with a support face for supporting a car seat thereupon and a signal window... Agent: Lerado (zhong Shan) Industrial Co., Ltd.

20140327282 - Rocker recliner mechanism with changeable features: A rocker-type seating unit that includes a base for providing vertical support, a seat support, and a backrest support. The seating unit adjusts between an upright position and a reclined position. The seating unit includes a support frame, a seat assembly, and a rocker mechanism. The support frame includes lower... Agent: L & P Property Management Company

20140327283 - Vertical seat motion lock: A vertical seat motion lock apparatus is provided and includes a seat base, a locking system coupled to the seat base and disposable in a locking position, at which the locking system is configured to permit upward seat base movement and to prevent uncommanded downward seat base movement, and an... Agent: Ami Industries, Inc.

20140327284 - Slouch rear seat: A slouch rear seat includes a seat bottom, a seat back pivotally mounted to the seat bottom, and a driver for moving the slouch rear seat between a design position and a fully forward position. Characteristically, the seat bottom moves from the design position to the fully forward position by... Agent:

20140327285 - Seat assembly having a foldable seat back: A seat assembly having a foldable seat back. The seat assembly may have an upper bracket that may be connected to a recliner mechanism that may be configured to rotate about a first axis. A rivet may be disposed on the upper bracket and may rotate about a second axis.... Agent: Lear Corporation

20140327287 - Headrest for vehicle seats and method of manufacturing headrest: A headrest that facilitates the assembly of a structural member for absorbing impact, and a method for producing the same. The method for manufacturing the headrest having surface material headrest stay, seal sealing an opening at the bottom of headrest, plate-like impact-absorbing member, one end of which is connected to... Agent: Namba Press Works Co., Ltd

20140327286 - Integral molded seat back for composite seat frame and method: An aircraft seat back including a composite material seat back frame element and a composite seat back diaphragm molded to the seat back frame element during a molding step to provide a composite aircraft seat back formed of a seat back frame element and a seat back diaphragm.... Agent:

20140327288 - Latchable headrest: A vehicle headrest has at least one generally vertical support rod formed with a vertical row of horizontally open notches, a body vertically slidable along the rod, and a latch element shiftable in the body between a first position engaged in one of the notches and impeding sliding of the... Agent:

20140327289 - Portable pedestal stool: A portable stool for providing convenient seating comprising: a base, where the base is placed on a surface during use of the stool; a support post, where the support post extends vertically from the base; a telescoping post connected to the support post, where the telescoping post is vertically adjustable;... Agent:

20140327290 - Frame structure for seat back: A frame structure for a seat back to be provided in the seat back having a seatbelt retractor and a seatbelt guide at a frame top, wherein the frame structure includes an oblique frame and a vertical frame, the oblique frame obliquely extending upward to a seatbelt guide installation section... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 13 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140319883 - Portable folding chair with removable storage module: A foldable, portable chair with at least one removable, user-configurable storage module, preferably a soft-sided cooler, adapted to fit in and hang from one or more chair arms when the chair is deployed for sitting.... Agent:

20140319884 - Convertible stroller seat: A child seat has a seat bottom and a seat back pivotally joined to the seat bottom at a seat bight. The seat back and seat bottom are movable between a toddler seat position with the seat back raised to a non-parallel orientation relative to the seat bottom and a... Agent:

20140319885 - Vehicle seat provided with a removable tray: A motor vehicle seat including a seat part and a foldable seatback including a rear face including a tray, the seatback configured to be folded onto the seat part to bring the rear face thereof into a substantially horizontal position. The tray is affixed against the rear face of the... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20140319886 - Antibacterial, antiviral baby carrier cover with a ventilation system: The invention is directed toward an improved cover for an infant carrier. The cover for the infant carrier comprises a cover, an exhalation valve, a means for affixing the perimeter of the cover to the infant carrier, and a window. The cover is a nonwoven filtering fabric. The exhalation valve... Agent:

20140319887 - Debris catching apparatus: A debris catching apparatus which has an inner rim, a receiver, an outer rim, an outer lip, a top fastening mechanism, and a bottom fastening mechanism. The apparatus is attachable to a chair to catch food debris dropped or thrown by a child.... Agent:

20140319888 - Folding seat assembly for a motor vehicle: A folding seat assembly includes a pair of seats each of which has a backrest and a seat cushion. A luggage compartment cover housing is attached to each backrest so as to cover substantially the entire rear face of each backrest for stowing an individual flexible luggage compartment cover for... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140319889 - Infant carrier holder: An infant carrier holder has a floor with a ramp and sidewalls and is mounted to a shopping cart. The ramp and sidewalls can contribute to stably supporting an infant carrier. The holder serves as a mechanical interface between an infant carrier, which can be received in the holder, and... Agent: Safe-strap Company, Inc.

20140319890 - Seating with adjustable cushions: A seating, including a sling seating, can have adjustable and/or non-adjustable cushions. An occupant of the seating can adjust the thickness and support provided by an adjustable cushion. The adjustable cushion can include an open cell foam in an airtight envelope. The occupant can open a control valve connected to... Agent: Tropitone Furniture Co., Inc.

20140319891 - Wheelchair having an adjustable seat: A wheelchair having an adjustable seat includes a seat frame including first and second side support members. The side support members are extendable between a first position defining a first length and a second position defining a second length greater than the first length. A seat member is coupled at... Agent:

20140319892 - Sofa provided with a sensor: A piece of furniture which is used to sit on or to stretch oneself out on, in particular an armchair, a seat, a bed or a sofa, includes at least a seating part (2) and/or a part (9) which forms a back, and at least one element which can go... Agent:

20140319894 - Adjusting device for a motor vehicle seat, comprising at least one stop: An adjusting device for a hinge mount of a motor vehicle seat has a housing part, a drive unit, a gear unit which is mounted downstream of the drive unit, is driven by the drive unit, has at least one self-locking gear and drives an output shaft, an element which... Agent: C. Rob. Hammerstein Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140319895 - Device and method for adjusting a seat position: A device for adjusting a seat position of a vehicle seat allows for an automatic or automated adjustment of the seat position of the relevant vehicle seat. The device includes at least one vehicle seat, at least one first sensor unit for determining physical parameters of a potential vehicle passenger... Agent: Johnson Controls Gmbh

20140319893 - Fitting for an adjusting device of a motor vehicle seat and a method for the production thereof: A fitting for a motor vehicle seat adjusting device and a method for producing same is based on a relatively adjustable fitting top part and a fitting bottom part, a transmission gear unit, in operative connection with the fitting parts, for adjusting the fitting top part relative to the fitting... Agent:

10/23/2014 > 19 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140312659 - Chair with cold protection hand pockets: A chair with cold protection hand pockets includes a chair body having a seat, a backrest upward extended from a rear edge of the seat, and two armrests located above two lateral side of the seat; and a base located below the chair body to support the seat at a... Agent: Fti Group (holding) Company Limited

20140312660 - Device for the movement of resting components of a sofa, a chair and the like: The present invention relates to a device for the movement of resting components of a sofa, an armchair or the likes, such as a headrest movable between a lowered position and a raised position, a back movable between a substantially erected configuration and a downwardly inclined configuration, a seat movable... Agent:

20140312662 - Modular airplane seat unit: The invention is a Modular Airplane Seat Unit (1), where the seat can be lowered into the floor of a passenger cabin (9) via telescopic structure (14) and covered by sliding covers (12). The modular seat unit is to be utilized in passenger airplanes providing a more comfortable and healthy... Agent:

20140312661 - Suspension chair, modular furniture arrangement and modular furniture kit: A suspension chair includes a first and second back support portion having first and second suspension elements extending in first and second substantially perpendicular directions respectively. The first and second suspension elements are tensioned so as to provide first and second normal biasing forces to the first and second body... Agent: Herman Miller, Inc.

20140312663 - Bicycle seat converter: A seating device using a bicycle seat post as one leg of a tripod seat base, employs a clamp member attaching to the seat post and receiving two other tripod leg portions therein. A web member extending from lower portions of the two other tripod leg portions passes in front... Agent:

20140312664 - Mounting member and airbag module-equipped seat: An easy-to-attach clip member that makes the surroundings of a stay cloth mounting portion compact while maintaining high airbag deployment performance, and an airbag module-equipped seat with the clip member are provided. A clip member is connected to a cloth-form body that transmits a tensile force. The clip member includes... Agent:

20140312665 - Monitor-mounting system for a land vehicle headrest: A monitor-mounting system for a headrest of a land vehicle includes a bushing subsystem constructed to be coupled to the headrest; and a monitor-mounting plate constructed to be coupled to the bushing subsystem. The monitor-mounting region extends outwardly of the headrest and is constructed for fixedly receiving a monitor. The... Agent:

20140312666 - Child safety seat: A child safety seat includes a seat back and a head rest disposed on the seat back. When a child sits on the child safety seat, his back is against the seat back, and his head is against the head rest. The child safety seat also includes two sliding slot... Agent:

20140312667 - Chair: A chair includes a base, a seat assembly comprising a seat, and a height adjustment mechanism attached between the base and the seat assembly. The height adjustment mechanism vertically moves a position of the seat from a first position to a second position that is higher than the first position.... Agent: Office For Metropolitan Architecture Stedebouw B.v.

20140312668 - Chair: Provided is a chair which comprises a lumbar support that is capable of comfortably supporting the lumbar region and that is capable of providing stable support with a side frame pole of a back frame. This invention comprises: a lumbar support main body (41) in which a lumbar support (10)... Agent:

20140312669 - Single arm adjustment mechanism for supporting an object: Disclosed herein is a single arm adjustment mechanism for supporting an object, the single arm adjustment mechanism comprising: a support arm; an upper adjustment assembly coupled to an upper end of said support arm, said upper adjustment assembly capable of being coupled to said object such that said object pivots... Agent: Singapore Technologies Aerospace Ltd

20140312671 - Vehicle seat: A vehicle seat includes a rotationally moving hook mechanism provided on a seat back, and a striker disposed in a rear of the seat back and fixed onto a vehicle body. The vehicle seat includes a left lock mechanism and a right lock mechanism which fix the seat back at... Agent: Tachi-s Co., Ltd.

20140312670 - Vehicle seat, in particular motor vehicle seat: A vehicle seat, in particular to a motor vehicle seat, having a base structure (3) that is to be connected to the vehicle structure (S) and a backrest (10) that can be moved relative to the base structure (3) by kinematics, such as to transfer the vehicle seat (1) from... Agent:

20140312672 - Adjustable head rest: This invention is directed to a head rest for a vehicle comprising: a concave cradling area to receive a user's head; a plurality of cushioning areas included in the cradling area to provide cushioning for the user's head; a pair of support arms pivotally connected at the cradling area on... Agent:

20140312673 - Easy-to-operate travel sleep bracket: An easy to operate sleep support frame for travelling is disclosed. The support frame includes a movable and curved chest rod which can move from a passenger's chest to the bottom of the seat; a chest cushion connected with the chest rod; and a headrest connected with the chest rod.... Agent:

20140312674 - Vehicle seat: A vehicle seat (car seat (S)) includes a seat cushion (S1), a seat back (S2), and a headrest (S3), the seat back (S2) including a seat back frame constituting a frame of the seat back (S2), and a seat back pad covering the seat back frame, and the vehicle seat... Agent:

20140312675 - Vehicle seat device: In a vehicle seat device including a vibration system formed from a seat back and a headrest being equipped with a dynamic damper, the dynamic damper is formed from an elastic member that is embedded within a cushion member of the vibration system and formed from a rubber or elastomer... Agent: Ts Tech Co., Ltd

20140312676 - Seat back for vehicles: A seat back for vehicles including a seat back pad having supporting bodies fixed on a periphery of an opening or a seat frame, or formed integrally with the periphery of the opening by one or multiple-point support, the supporting bodies aligned at predetermined intervals, each arranged in a direction... Agent: Toyo Seat Co., Ltd.

20140312677 - Emergency vehicle seat with integrated seat belt and height adjustable webbing guide: An arrangement is provided for vertically adjusting a bezel and a bezel support defining a webbing guide for a seat belt webbing integrated into a vehicle seat. The adjustment arrangement includes a bearing block arrangement and a slotted latch plate mounted in a frame channel of the seat. A spring... Agent: H.o. Bostrom Company, Inc

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