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Chairs and seats

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04/23/2015 > 25 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20150108797 - Adjustable height furniture and method: An adjustable height chair has a pair of side frames and a seat frame with two seat/backrest portions secured together, with the seat frame pivotably mounted in the side frames. The chair height is changed by rotating the side frames in a direction opposite to the rotation of the seat... Agent:

20150108798 - Seat-mounted supports for personal electronic devices, and associated systems and methods: The present technology relates generally to seat-mounted supports for personal electronic devices (“PEDs”), and associated systems and methods. Particular embodiments are directed to tablet or smartphone supports for mounting on an airplane seat. In some embodiments, a support system for restraining a PED includes a first panel configured for attachment... Agent:

20150108799 - Orthopedic cushion for a seat: An orthopedic seat cushion for placement on a seat for supporting the weight of an occupant includes an envelope comprising an upper sheet and a lower sheet sealed together to define an interior volume. The interior volume is subdivided into a plurality of depressible cells wherein adjacent cells are in... Agent:

20150108800 - Child car seat with height-adjustable seat cushion: A juvenile vehicle seat includes a seat bottom and a seatback. The juvenile vehicle seat also includes a child-restraint harness coupled to the seat bottom and seatback to restrain a juvenile seated on the seat bottom.... Agent:

20150108801 - Car seat and base with a locking mechanism: A car seat and base with a locking mechanism are disclosed, in which the locking mechanism is mounted on the base, and a release mechanism is mounted on the car seat. The locking mechanism comprises a hooking element can be rotated to a locked position for retaining the car seat... Agent:

20150108802 - Reversible orthopedic seat cushion: A reversible orthopedic seat cushion can include a right leg support channel, a left leg support channel, a rear cutout, and a front contoured protuberance, which can allow a person sitting in the cushion to experience reduced pressure on the persons coccyx, while having support and guidance to the position... Agent:

20150108803 - Ergonomic gobelek chair: The present invention includes an ergonomic chair that is useful for people who sit for an extended period of time at work, in avoiding work station related back pain and neck pain. The present invention incorporates a hemispherical seat which can be locked in position and comprises a fixed inner... Agent:

20150108804 - Independently articulating seat pan for aircraft seat: A seat pan assembly including a fixed seat pan frame defining a substantially horizontal forward portion and a rear portion at an angle to horizontal, and a seat pan pivotally supported on the fixed seat pan frame, the seat pan having a pivot axis established through a width of the... Agent:

20150108805 - Vehicle seat: Vehicle seat (1) having a seat part (2) and a backrest (3), wherein the supporting structure (44) of the seat part or the backrest, in particular the side part thereof, integrally has at least one spring element (40, 31) a pivot point (P) and/or a safety belt connection.... Agent:

20150108806 - Conveyance seat: A conveyance seat includes a seat frame; a seat pad; and a support body disposed based on a center portion of a distribution of a sitting pressure applied by a seated occupant to the seat pad. The support body is supported with respect to the seat frame such that a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150108807 - Booster seat for a barber chair: A booster seat apparatus mounted to a chair is provided. The booster seat apparatus may include a lift assembly with a seat pad. The chair may be a salon or barber chair and may include a chair base frame, a chair back substantially perpendicular to the chair base frame, and... Agent:

20150108808 - Vehicle seat with an actuating element coupled with a fitting lever via a coupling element: A vehicle seat comprises a seat part, a backrest part and a least one fitting which connects the backrest part with the seat part pivotally about a pivot axis and in a locked condition is formed to hold the backrest part in position to the seat part, and in an... Agent:

20150108809 - Chair with seat depth adjustment and back support: An office chair including a linking mechanism between a movable chair seat and a pivotable chair back. The mounting arrangement between the chair back and the chair seat includes swing arm assembly that is pivotally connected to the chair seat. When the chair seat moves forward, the swing arm assembly... Agent: Office Master

20150108810 - Supporting structure of a seat for working vehicle: A seat support structure for a working vehicle comprises a fixed plate, a parallel link mechanism, a supporting plate, a rotation shaft, a rotation plate, a seat, a rear upper shaft, and a rotation lock unit. The fixed plate is fixed on a vehicle body of the vehicle. The parallel... Agent:

20150108811 - Adjustable seat support: An adjustable seat support permits attaching and adjusting an operator's seat on a vehicle for both forward and rear facing operation. Also disclosed is a method for attaching and adjusting an operator's seat on a vehicle can be selectively positioned for both forward and rear facing operation.... Agent: Amerequip Corporation

20150108812 - Movable backrest of an adjustable chair: The invention is directed to a movable backrest of an adjustable chair, which can include: a backrest assembly, a first backrest support, a first backrest connector, a second backrest support, a second backrest connector, and a backrest guiding apparatus; the backrest assembly is connected to the first backrest support through... Agent:

20150108813 - Seat inclination adjustment mechanism, vehicle seat, and method for mounting said vehicle seat: An adjustment unit for a vehicle seat is disclosed. Said adjustment unit comprises an inclination adjustment mechanism for the backrest of the vehicle seat. The inclination adjustment mechanism comprises a first rocker which is mounted in such a way as to be rotatable about a transverse direction extending perpendicular to... Agent:

20150108814 - Removable arm rest shroud for aircraft seating: An aircraft passenger seat having a seat bottom, a seat back, and right and left armrests. The arm rests include structural arm rest assemblies for attachment to the seat bottom, and arm rests for being removably-positioned on the structural arm rest panels. Upholstery shrouds are adapted for being positioned on... Agent:

20150108815 - Arm rest stop assembly: Described are arm rest stop assemblies including an arm rest pivotally coupled to a fixed portion of a passenger seat and a down-stop mechanism comprising an adjustment pin inserted through the fixed portion of the passenger seat and an adjustment fastener coupled to the adjustment pin and the fixed portion... Agent:

20150108816 - Thigh support for customer accommodation seat: A vehicle seating assembly includes a seatback. A seat base includes a first thigh support and a second thigh support. A self-locking cam system is operably coupled with the first thigh support and the second thigh support, including a torque tube. A plurality of cams are disposed along the torque... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150108817 - Linearly deployable aircraft seat legrest: A legrest assembly adapted for use with an aircraft passenger seat including a pair of spaced parallel support members adapted to extend forward from the front of the seat, a legrest pivotally supported on ends of the support members configured to pivot from near vertical when stowed to near horizontal... Agent:

20150108818 - Power seat device: Provided is a power seat device in which an operator can intuitively recognize an operation of a movable member. Operation units are provided in movable members in a power seat body. Each of the operation units includes a pair of electrodes and a dielectric layer formed between the pair of... Agent: Sumitomo Riko Company Limited

20150108819 - Seat cushion frame for vehicle and production method therefor: A seat cushion frame for a vehicle includes a composite material containing reinforcing fibers which extend in at least the frame extension direction is integrated with an injection molded thermoplastic resin. The weight of the entire seat cushion frame can be greatly reduced, the rigidity and strength required for each... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20150108820 - Seat: A belt-shaped support member 30 for seat back is supported on an upper portion of a seat back frame 10, a belt-shaped support member 40 for seat cushion having end portions 42, 43 connected to a front portion of a seat cushion frame 20 is connected to a lower portion... Agent: Delta Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20150108821 - Leg stabilizing apparatus: An apparatus including a first member, a second member and a cross member. The first member has an upper end, a lower end, and a non-slip surface along at least a portion of an inner surface of the first member. The second member has an upper end, a lower end,... Agent:

04/16/2015 > 12 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150102640 - Systems and methods for providing an ergonomic car seat and handle: An infant car seat configured to allow a substantial amount of the car seat's weight to rest on a user's arm is described herein. The car seat generally has an ergonomic handle and a seat shell. The handle includes a handgrip that has a first handle arm and a second... Agent:

20150102641 - Motor vehicle seat having an armrest: A vehicle seating assembly includes a first seating unit having a backrest, which includes a front side and a back side. An armrest I operably coupled with an intermediate portion of the back side and is configured for use by a passenger seated in a second seating unit disposed behind... Agent:

20150102642 - Piece of seating furniture having a saddle-form seat surface: A piece of seating furniture has a saddle-form seat surface, wherein the seat surface is arranged on a saddle support. The seat surface here is mounted between a front saddle member on a front member support and a rear saddle member on a rear member support.... Agent:

20150102643 - Bicycle saddle: A bicycle saddle of the type comprising a shell, a padding and an overlying covering for the padding wherein the shell has at least one part thereof which is formed with a concavity directed upward in the configuration for use, so as to accommodate a corresponding portion of padding.... Agent: G.r. Bike S.r.l.

20150102644 - Occupant support system: Human support systems for one or more of the safety, convenience, comfort of the user.... Agent:

20150102645 - Universal cover for seat and back support: A universal seat cover including an expanse of fabric with a top end and a bottom end, and an inverted pocket with a contractible opening containing an elastic braid such that the inverted pocket hugs the seat over which it is fitted or placed. The universal seat cover also has... Agent:

20150102646 - System for engaging multi-component carseat: A carseat system comprising a base, a child seat, and four locking points. The base comprises an upper surface that receives a child seat and a lower surface that rests upon a vehicle seat, left and rights sides, and first and second ends. The child seat comprises a seating surface,... Agent: Artsana Usa, Inc.

20150102647 - Dynamic lumbar support for a chair: A dynamic lumbar support located within the back of an office or home chair to enable a user to be seated close to a work surface (e.g., a desk or a table). The chair back rocks back and forth when the user shins his weight backwards and forwards. The dynamic... Agent:

20150102648 - Tilting type chair: Disclosed is a tilting type chair. The chair includes: a seat on which a user is seated; a back support configured to support a back portion of the user seated on the seat; and a tilting section interposed between the back support and the seat to couple the seat to... Agent:

20150102649 - Leg support for vehicle occupant: Described are leg supports for a vehicle occupant having a leg support base and a leg engagement member that is positionable to support the lower leg of the vehicle occupant such that the upper leg and the lower leg extend in a common plane that is substantially parallel to the... Agent:

20150102650 - Composite modular rear seat structure frame: A vehicle seating assembly includes a plurality of horizontal members, a plurality of vertical members, and a plurality of corner members, which define a seat frame. The plurality of corner members are configured to snap-fit into the plurality of horizontal and vertical members. A seatback is disposed behind the seat... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150102651 - Sofa stretcher rail: A symmetrical sofa stretcher rail for compact assembly of a furniture item is provided. Embodiments of the invention include a symmetrical sofa stretcher rail with two ends that are mirror images of each other, which can thus be coupled to a seat box frame and installed inside a sofa frame... Agent: L & P Property Management Company

04/09/2015 > 13 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150097398 - Table with inner row seating: A table having inner row seating comprising a table top having a central opening, outer seating, a center mounting assembly and inner seat positioned on center mounting assembly. The inner seat provides inner row seating for children. Table top and outer seating both have removable portions that provide entry into... Agent:

20150097399 - Heated flight attendant jumpseats for commercial airplane applications: The disclosure provides systems and methods for a heating system with a seat having a first heating element, a floor heating panel located at least partially under the seat, and a controller operatively coupled to the first heating element and the floor heating panel and configured to implement control logic... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150097400 - Lateral back support: The lateral back support includes a pair of wedge-shaped pads adjustably connected to one another for positioning on a vehicle seat to support a torso of a user when subjected to lateral forces. The pair of pads act as a shim sandwiched between the torso and a side bolster of... Agent:

20150097401 - Cruise saddle: A split-nose touring bicycle seat for touring, comprising: a rigid plastic base provided with attachment points for mounting the seat to a bicycle frame; a total length of the seat of about 230-265 mm; a total width of about 270-310 mm; a split nose section formed by two elongated protrusions... Agent:

20150097402 - Portable seat protector: A portable seat protector comprises a flexible cover portion that can be deployed over a seating surface, for example a seat in a motor vehicle. The protector includes mounting straps designed to secure the protector to a car seat headrest either when in use or when not in use. Storage... Agent:

20150097403 - Mounted seatbelt buckle stabilizer retrofit device, incorporated seatbelt buckle stabilizer booster seat, & incorporated seatbelt buckle stabilizer booster seat cover device: An incorporated booster seat device, an incorporated booster seat cover device, and a mounted attachment configuration for stabilizing a flexible female seatbelt buckle from primarily, but not limited to, a booster seat or other proximity structure; having a structured configuration that includes suspending, saddling and enclosing the flexible female seatbelt... Agent:

20150097404 - Device with frame: In a vehicle seat having a seat cushion frame and a rear side link including a metallic sector gear, a first revolving arm of the rear side link is assembled to the one-end-side frame made of CFRP in the seat cushion frame. Furthermore, in order to assemble the first revolving... Agent:

20150097405 - Vehicle seat with at least one fitting and an actuating shaft: A vehicle seat comprises a seat part, a backrest part and at least one fitting which connects the backrest part with the seat part pivotally about a pivot axis and is formed to hold the backrest part in position to the seat part, when it is in a locked condition,... Agent:

20150097406 - Vehicle seat: A vehicle seat having a tiltable unit provided in a receiving recess formed in a seatback, the vehicle seat including a stopper structure configured to keep the tiltable unit in the receiving recess, wherein the stopper structure is configured so that a protrusion piece provided to one of an inner... Agent: Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

20150097408 - Headrest and vehicle seat: A headrest comprising a pad member that includes a recess shaped housing portion open to a rear side when the headrest is assembled to a vehicle seat and that is a resilient body that supports the head of an occupant; and an attachment member that has a portion housed in... Agent:

20150097407 - Headrest assembly for an aircraft seat: A headrest assembly for an aircraft seat includes a headrest frame having a body portion, a top member interconnected with the headrest frame, a spring clip member interconnected with the top member, a bracket member with a locking rivet, and a headrest tube having a longitudinal slot. The top member... Agent: Ami Industries

20150097409 - Headrest, vehicle seat: There is provided a headrest including a main body member, a stay member, and a stopper member, the stopper member including a circular cylinder shaped circular cylinder portion, a cantilevered portion, a projection portion, and a restriction portion that is formed extending from the circular cylinder portion so as to... Agent:

20150097410 - Vehicle seat provided with compact fast-installing safety belt system: A vehicle seat is provided with a safety belt system having compact size and rapid installation, which can be preassembled and installed simultaneously with the framework of the seat-back.... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 28 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150091335 - Compact, collapsible, swivel camping chair: A compact collapsible chair includes upper tubes, leg tubes, a central tube connector and a seat back. The upper tubes are formed from detachable sections. Lower ends of the upper tubes are inserted into upper holes in the central tube connector, and upper ends of the leg tubes are inserted... Agent: Fimax International Co., Ltd

20150091336 - Self-aligning, compactable chair: A self-aligning, compactable, collapsible seating structure formed by sections of hollow tubing, each hollow tubing component has a first end having a first diameter and a second opposing region having a second, reduced diameter. Reduced diameter regions are insertable into said tubing regions having a first diameter to form a... Agent:

20150091337 - Passenger seating assemblies and aspects thereof: Multiple features of seating assemblies are detailed Innovations in or to tray tables, luggage bars, arm rests, seat backs, and seat frames are included, with features being incorporated into seating assemblies either separately or in any combination. The assemblies are configured principally for passenger aircraft but may be used elsewhere... Agent:

20150091338 - Conveyance seat: A conveyance seat includes: a seat frame; and an attachment device attached to the seat frame. The seat frame includes two members rotating relative to each other around their respective shafts parallel to each other, and respective connecting structures configured to connect the attachment device to one of the two... Agent: Shiroki Corporation

20150091339 - Cooling liner: A liner for a car seat, stroller seat or other similar seat for a child can have cool water circulating therethrough to help keep the child cool. The liner includes a tube disposed throughout the liner that is interconnected to a cooling chamber. A pump, typically disposed in the cooling... Agent:

20150091340 - Button-tufted trim style for climate comfort seat: A vehicle seating assembly includes a seat base and a seat back. A coverstock is disposed over the seat base and the seat back. A plurality of button-tufts are disposed on a top surface of at least one of the seat base and the seat back and are operably coupled... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150091341 - Seating device: A device suitable for sitting or reclining, the device including a base portion having upper and lower surfaces and at least one depression which extends into at least the upper surface of the base thereof; and a body portion having at least one surface region adapted to be received within... Agent:

20150091342 - Passenger seating assemblies and aspects thereof: Multiple features of seating assemblies are detailed Innovations in or to tray tables, luggage bars, arm rests, seat backs, and seat frames are included, with features being incorporated into seating assemblies either separately or in any combination. The assemblies are configured principally for passenger aircraft but may be used elsewhere... Agent:

20150091344 - Energy-dissipation system: A child restraint includes a juvenile vehicle seat and an energy-absorption apparatus coupled to the juvenile vehicle seat. The energy-absorption apparatus is configured to absorb external energy associated with an external impact force applied to the energy-absorption apparatus.... Agent:

20150091343 - Seat buffering device and vehicle safety seat having the same: A seat buffering device and a vehicle safety seat including the seat buffering device are provided. The seat buffering device is disposed on a base of the vehicle safety seat. The seat buffering device includes a reinforcing component and at least one concave structure. The reinforcing component is disposed inside... Agent:

20150091346 - Seat frame of conveyance seat: A seat frame of a conveyance seat includes: a cushion frame that has cushion side frames disposed on left and right sides; a back frame that has back side frames disposed on left and right sides; recliners that serve as rotary joints, each cushion side frame and the corresponding back... Agent: Shiroki Corporation

20150091347 - Vehicle seat: Provided is a vehicle seat which has a simple structure, prevents the lower back region of an occupant from sinking into the seat back, induces backward rotation of the entire upper body when a rear-end collision occurs, and reduces the degree to which the neck region of the occupant independently... Agent:

20150091345 - Vehicle seat with a lumbar support: Vehicle seat (1), with a seat part (2) and a backrest (3), which comprises a lumbar support (7), wherein the lumbar support (7) has a lumbar apex (7.1) towards the back of a seat occupant and tapers from there and that the lumbar support comprises a suspension 9, 11, 12)... Agent:

20150091348 - Child restraint system with user interface: A child seat or child restraining system for securing a child to a vehicle seat, and method of installing the car seat are provided. The child seat, which is configured to be secured to a seat of a vehicle, includes: a seat base secured to the seat of the vehicle;... Agent:

20150091349 - Lumbar support of car seat: A lumbar support of a car seat according to the present invention includes: a support plate to support user's back and made of elastic material; a support frame to which the support plate is rotatably engaged; a slider member mounted on the support frame in a movable manner in a... Agent:

20150091350 - Conforming back for a seating unit: According to the present invention a back for a seating unit is provided. The back comprises a plurality of flexible finger elements. Each of the plurality of flexible finger elements has a distal end. The back further comprises a retainer connecting at least two of the flexible finger elements proximate... Agent:

20150091351 - Collapsible aquatic chair: A portable aquatic chair that is suspendible within a contained body of water such as, but not limited to, a pool or spa. The chair includes an at least partially collapsible and lightweight frame that facilitates installation and transport of the chair. The chair is supported during use by the... Agent:

20150091352 - Compact, collapsible, swivel beach chair: A collapsible beach chair includes upper tubes, leg tubes, a central tube connector, a seat back and a fabric support base. Lower ends of the upper tubes fit into upper holes in the tube connector, and upper ends of the leg tubes fit into lower holes in the tube connector.... Agent: Fimax International Co., Ltd.

20150091353 - Chair, especially, office chair: A chair, especially an office chair, includes a seat that is fastened on a base support unit, a backrest that includes a back lower region and an upper shoulder region and is fastened to a back support, the back support being supported by the base support unit in a manner... Agent:

20150091354 - Recliner: A recliner that connects a seatback to a base in a manner in which a backrest angle is adjustable includes one disc-shaped connecting member and another disk-shaped connecting member, a locking mechanism that locks the relative rotation of the two connecting members, and an outer peripheral ring. The one connecting... Agent: Shiroki Corporation

20150091355 - Seat frame for conveyance seat: A seat frame for a conveyance seat includes a cushion frame, a back frame, and a recliner. The side frame on a back side is structured by a panel extending in a front-back direction. Flange parts directed towards a center side in a seat width direction are provided in both... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150091356 - Headrest support structure of conveyance seat: A headrest support structure of a conveyance seat includes: an upper frame that is provided with a pair of fitting holes and that constitutes a back frame; and a pair of cylindrical headrest holders, each of which fits in one of the pair of fitting holes to be fixed to... Agent: Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

20150091357 - Portable bolster: A portable bolster having a substantially cylindrical configuration, the bolster being composed of filler padding retained within a fabric body, a high-friction, non-slip bottom external layer or member, and an internal weight member located in the bottom of the interior of the fabric body. Preferably, the bolster comprises an inner... Agent:

20150091359 - Conveyance seat: A conveyance seat includes a pair of side frames and a lower frame. The lower frame is formed to have a U-shaped section, an upper part of which is open, a center part position of a front side area of the U shape is recessed backward relative to both side... Agent: Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

20150091360 - Conveyance seat: A conveyance seat includes a seatback frame disposed in a seatback and supporting an end of a wire member for supporting an occupant in a manner such that the wire member is movable. The seatback frame includes a supporting plane part that the end of the wire member is disposed... Agent: Shiroki Corporation

20150091361 - Conveyance seat: A conveyance seat includes: a seat frame; a seat pad that covers the seat frame; and a seat cover that covers the seat pad and that is fixed to the seat frame. The seat pad has a U-shaped portion formed by a supporting portion, a side surface portion that is... Agent: Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

20150091358 - Conveyance seat: A conveyance seat includes a seat frame, and a rod that extends to a region on a seat inside, and that is connected to the seat frame. The rod is connected to the seat frame via a shaft member. The shaft member includes a tubular portion having a through-hole, and... Agent: Shiroki Corporation

20150091362 - Ventilated foam spring with twisting action for vehicle seat: A spring for a vehicle seat comprising a foam body having an outer surface and a plurality of outwardly-extending walls defining a plurality of recesses, wherein top and bottom surfaces of the foam body are operable between an extended position and a compressed position, wherein the plurality of recesses are... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

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