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Chairs and seats

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05/21/2015 > 13 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150137564 - Autonomous vehicle with reconfigurable seats: A vehicle includes a passenger compartment and a bench seat located in the passenger compartment. The bench seat has a bottom portion and a back portion and is configured to move from a front-facing position to a rear-facing position by moving the back portion toward a front of the passenger... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150137566 - Collapsible chair having a removable seat pad: A collapsible chair has a frame selectively moveable between a collapsed configuration of the chair and an extended configuration of the chair, and a seat that is coupled to the frame. The seat has a first material layer and a second material layer wherein the first layer and the second... Agent:

20150137565 - Highchair: The present invention relates to a highchair for babies or small children, comprising a lower base part (11) and an approximately bowl-shaped seat (12), which is attached in the upper area of the base part and which comprises an outer seat bowl (20) that is somewhat larger in holding volume... Agent:

20150137567 - Lifting and lowering chair: A lifting and lowering chair is provided. The lifting and lowering chair includes a base having an upper side and a lower side. The lower side is formed to rest on a surface, supporting the lifting and lowering chair in an upright position. The present invention further includes a lifting... Agent:

20150137568 - Vehicle seat suspension mat: A suspension mat (14) for a vehicle seat comprises one or more suspension springs (16) for supporting a cushion (28), a support plate (18) attached to the one or more suspension springs, a mobile plate (34) coupled with the support plate, a flat spring (26) arranged between the support plate... Agent:

20150137569 - Vehicle seat suspension mat: A vehicle seat suspension mat (10) comprises one or more suspension springs (16) for supporting a seat cushion (22) and an occupancy sensor module (24) supported by at least one suspension spring. The module includes a first plate (26) having a switch element (38) arranged thereon and a second plate... Agent:

20150137570 - Rocking chair apparatus: A rocking chair including a base portion having at least one retaining member, a rockable seat portion mounted upon the base portion, an axle mounted on the seat portion, the axle being arranged for pivotal movement about an axis, at least one toothed rack mounted upon the axle and arranged... Agent:

20150137571 - Seat: A seat cushion is arranged on a riser. A strut is coupled, at lower end, to the rear end of the riser, and is provided at the back of the seat cushion. The seatback is secured to the strut, and is isolated from the seat cushion. The seatback and the... Agent:

20150137572 - Swivelling assembly for a vehicle seat: A swivelling assembly comprising a swivel, the swivel comprising a swivel bottom element and a swivel top element rotatable relative thereto; a gear provided with gear teeth along at least a portion thereof, the gear being mounted to the swivel top element; an actuator operatively coupled to the gear teeth... Agent:

20150137573 - Travel pillow: A travel pillow that assists in maintaining an upright and healthy posture while sleeping in public or private transportation. The pillow is an elongated plush, padded fabric tubular body filled with padding material. The pillow has flexible sewn pleats as folding points. The pillow wraps around a user's neck and... Agent:

20150137574 - Work-assist devices: A work-assist device includes a chest-support member configured to support a user's chest when the user is using the work-assist device. The work-assist device also includes a knee-support member configured to support the user's knees when the user is using the work-assist device. The knee-support member includes a pad having... Agent:

20150137575 - Foot rest device for a child installed in a child car seat: A foot rest device for a child installed in a child car seat fixed to a seat or bench of a vehicle passenger compartment, includes an upright to be installed in a vertical median plane of the child car seat, a rotation-proof bar and a foot rest bar each transverse... Agent:

20150137576 - Web strap attachment to metal frame: A seating product is provided which comprises a metal frame, straps of webbing joined to the metal frame with wire hooks. Each of the wire hooks has a main portion inside a loop created in the strap of webbing and two L-shaped portions extending through openings in the metal frame.... Agent: L&p Property Management Company

05/14/2015 > 26 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20150130230 - Chair with coupling companion stool base: A chair with a coupling companion stool base includes a frame that has: a claw extending downward from a second portion of a lower portion of the frame; a latch extending downward from and movably connected with a first portion of the lower portion; two legs adapted to support the... Agent:

20150130231 - Vehicle seat assembly with changing station: A vehicle includes a seat base and a folding seat back pivotally connected to the seat base. The folding seat back includes at least one of a contoured rear surface for retaining a child lying thereon when the seat back is folded onto the seat base in a fold-down position... Agent:

20150130232 - Child head restraint system and methods of using same: A head restraint system includes a first support arm formed of a flexible material. The head restraint further includes a first clamp arm coupleable to a child seat. A first joint for coupling the first support arm to the first clamp arm is configured to allow actuation of the first... Agent:

20150130233 - Blow molded resin furniture having a stabilizing box structure: The invention involves a system and method for constructing lawn furniture. The system includes box type beam members as well as a large box structure supported above a ground surface. The box structure provides rigidity and stability to the furniture while also functioning as storage space. The components are formed... Agent:

20150130234 - Lightweight bicycle seat assemblies: A bicycle seat apparatus including at least one rail and a saddle shell. The at least one rail can include a first mounting portion. The first mounting portion can include an ankle. A cross section of a terminus of the ankle can be larger than a cross section of the... Agent: Trek Bicycle Corp.

20150130235 - Vehicular seat: In one aspect, the present invention is directed to a vehicular seat, comprising: a niche in a backrest of the vehicular seat, for placing therein a baby seat in a stowed state thereof; a baby seat, in which the size thereof enables placing thereof into the niche in a stowed... Agent:

20150130236 - Chair with cushion and stackable configuration: A chair has a frame with legs, a seat hoop carried by the legs, and a backrest extending above the seat hoop. A seat is carried by the seat hoop of the frame, and has a seat base with a cushion. A perimeter lip circumscribes the seat base and rests... Agent: Mity-lite, Inc.

20150130237 - Seat for moving body: Disclosed is a seat for a vehicle including a seatback portion and a seat portion. The seatback portion includes a lower portion of the seatback portion that supports a lower part of an upper body of an occupant sitting in the seat portion, and an upper portion of the seatback... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150130238 - Anti-tip chair foot: Disclosed is an anti-tip chair leg extension device that is attachable to the foot of a chair leg to prevent or reduce the risk of the chair from tipping over backwards. This feature of the device is especially beneficial when a child is using the chair. The anti-tip leg extension... Agent:

20150130239 - Active dynamic chair: The invention relates to an active dynamic stool comprising the following: a seat part, a three-dimensional articulation system made up of at least three legs with foot parts at the lower end thereof, wherein the legs each have their upper end mounted on the seat part for movement on seat-part-mounted... Agent: Aeris Gmbh

20150130240 - Seat apparatus for vehicle: A seat apparatus for a vehicle includes a first adjustment portion which adjusts a position of a vehicle seat in a front/rear direction, a second adjustment portion which adjusts a position of the vehicle seat in an up/down direction, a third adjustment portion which adjusts a tilt angle of a... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20150130241 - Adjustable seating and furniture: Self-adjusting furniture, seating, and accessories disclosed. When the user applies a force to the seating by shifting his or her center of gravity, the backrest and/or seat/bed portions of the seating/furniture move in response to the force to recline or adjust the seating/furniture or accessories. The user can return the... Agent:

20150130242 - Longitudinal adjuster for a vehicle seat and vehicle seat: A longitudinal adjuster for a vehicle seat (1) includes a lower rail (5) and an upper rail (3) guided displaceably in the longitudinal direction therein. An upper clamp (30) is connected to the upper rail (3) and has at least one upper blocking region (39). A lower clamp (50) is... Agent: Johnson Controls Components Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150130243 - Chair with reclining seat back: A juvenile seat assembly includes a seat back mounted for pivotable movement relative to a seat bottom. The seat back can be locked in different positions relative to the seat bottom.... Agent:

20150130244 - Aircraft seat with taxi, takeoff and landing lie flat capability: A side-facing aircraft passenger seat having a head rest, seat back, seat bottom and leg rest moveable between an upright seating position and a lie flat sleeping position, and including a plurality of air bags positioned in at least partially surrounding orientation in relation to the seat and inflatable to... Agent:

20150130245 - Vehicle seat: The present invention relate to a vehicle seat (1) having a backrest (3) which is provided to be pivotable on a seat part about a pivot axis.... Agent:

20150130246 - Angle adjuster: An angle adjuster (71) is equipped with a first arm (1) provided with a winding-and-tightening member (5) and a second arm (10) provided with a rotation shaft portion (13). As seen in the axial direction of the rotation shaft portion (13), one end portion (5a) and the other end portion... Agent:

20150130247 - Articulating head restraint: A head restraint includes a base bracket with support posts that are configured to easily engage a seatback during vehicle assembly and to provide an electrical connection for adjustment actuation of the head restraint. A front link and a rear link pivotally couple with an upper portion of the seatback.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150130248 - Powered head restraint electrical connector: A powered head restraint includes a base bracket with elongate supports that are configured to easily engage a seatback guide during vehicle assembly and to provide an electrical connection for adjustment actuation of the head restraint. A first electrical connector is fixedly attached to the elongate support of the head... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150130249 - Aircraft passenger seat device: An aircraft passenger seat device comprises an aircraft passenger seat with at least one armrest element which is provided for delimiting a seating area of the aircraft passenger seat, and a seat blocking device which is provided for blocking a seating area of the aircraft passenger seat in a mounted... Agent: Recaro Aircraft Seating Gmbh & Co. Kg.

20150130250 - Height adjustment device in fixture, and armrest device for chair provided with height adjustment device: An armrest device for a chair includes a lower support rod that rises at a side of a chair seat and has a tubular upper end portion; and an upper support cylinder that has an armrest provided in an upper end thereof, is externally fitted to the lower support rod... Agent: Okamura Corporation

20150130251 - Seat elastic support structure: A seat elastic support structure includes: a slide adjuster; a foot member; and an elastic support body interposed between the slide adjuster and the foot member and having an outer tube member, an inner tube member arranged inside the outer tube member, and an elastic body interposed between the outer... Agent:

20150130252 - Arrangement of components, vehicle seat, and production method: An arrangement of components, in particular for a vehicle seat, includes a first component and a second component which are interconnected by a connector. The connector includes a nail-shaped pin that has a grooved drive stud.... Agent: Johnson Controls Gmbh

20150130253 - Furniture assembly system: An assembly system permitting separate construction and transport of subcomponents for seating furniture items. The disassembled subcomponents allow for more efficient transportation by eliminating the dead space created by transporting irregularly shaped assembled furniture items. The assembly system includes a seat box having a rectangular frame defining an accessible internal... Agent:

20150130254 - Seat cushion frame for vehicle: A seat cushion frame for a vehicle, wherein the weight of the entire frame can be reduced as a result of changing the raw material to a resin; and to give a desired submarine prevention function to the front section of the frame, to greatly reduce the number of components... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20150130255 - Securing seat trim covers to foam cushions: A seat trim cover includes a flexible web and a plurality of molded clips spaced-apart at predetermined intervals along a distal edge of the web. Each of the clips includes a base attached to the web and one or more latch elements extending from the base to a point beyond... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 20 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150123431 - Computing device tray for folding attachment to a chair: A platform assembly mountable on a back rest of the chair with a mounting feature and including a platform rotatable connected to a frame member engaged to the back rest of the chair by the mounting feature. The frame member can extend above the mounting feature to position the platform... Agent:

20150123432 - Surgeon's assistant: p

20150123433 - Holder for personal electronic devices: A display apparatus for the presentation to a user of a personal electronic device (PED), including a horizontal flexible member effective for the insertion of a portion of a PED so that the display of the PED is orientated towards a user. The disclosed apparatus is useful in conjunction with... Agent: Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems Corp.

20150123434 - Load transfer structure against side impact: A load transfer structure includes a seatback frame, and a load receiving member disposed on the seatback frame to contact with a side wall of a vehicle body when the side wall is moved toward a vehicle cabin by a side impact. The load receiving member includes a horizontal portion... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20150123435 - Vehicle seat: A seat back pad 70 has a groove 73 for tucking a skin material therein, formed at borders between a central portion 71 and side portions 72. A hole (slot hole 74) is formed in a bottom of the groove 73 along the groove 73. A tuck-in wire 76 for... Agent:

20150123437 - Head restraint and method for operating a head restraint: A head restraint for a vehicle seat has at least one sensor. The sensor is intended to determine the relative position of the head restraint in relation to the head of an occupant sitting in the vehicle seat. The sensor can include an optical sensor.... Agent: Johnson Controls Gmbh

20150123436 - Pressure-responsive seat occupancy sensor unit: A pressure-responsive seat occupancy sensor unit (10) for detecting an occupancy state of a seat comprises a support plate (12) with a support area (14), a pressure-responsive membrane switch (15), one or more spacers (16) arranged around the support area and a compressible foam. The membrane switch comprises a first... Agent:

20150123438 - Seating with enhanced grip and posture correction: A seating mat providing enhanced grip and posture correctional features includes an upper surface for supporting a user when seated and an array of flexible papillae extending from the upper surface and positioned around a focus area on the upper surface. Each papilla includes a tapered projection with a curvature... Agent: Smarter Posture Company Limited

20150123439 - Outdoor cushion cover sleeve: The present invention is an improved outdoor cushion sleeve that is adapted to fit existing outdoor furniture cushions. The cushion sleeve, in its preferred embodiment, includes a rectangular prism shape with an opening for inserting a seat cushion. The opening is attached to a short flap and a long flap,... Agent:

20150123440 - Seat attachment for a stroller: The invention relates to a seat attachment for a stroller, single stroller and double strollers. The seat attachment includes left and right seat attachment portions, wherein the seat attachment portion comprise a connector portion capable of removably connecting to a stroller frame and a left seat support element removably connecting... Agent: Baby Jogger, LLC

20150123441 - Chair and chair tilt control assembly: In an aspect, the invention is directed to a chair that has a pedestal and an upper assembly including a body support assembly and a tilt control assembly. A biasing member is provided to bias the body support assembly towards an unreclined position. When the chair is empty the biasing... Agent:

20150123442 - Seating part of a vehicle seat: The present invention relates to a vehicle seat having a seat member having a seat face and two lateral members.... Agent:

20150123443 - Hinge mechanism for a vehicle seat and method for operating a vehicle seat: A hinge mechanism for a vehicle seat includes an actuating lever, a disengaging lever, a main rotary axis, a deflection lever and a deflection rod. It also includes a separate first operating element for folding a backrest over in the direction of a seat part in the case of a... Agent: Johnson Controls Gmbh

20150123444 - Fitting for vehicle seat: A fitting for a vehicle seat includes a first fitting part, a second fitting part which is rotatable relative to said first fitting part, a peripheral clamping ring which has a substantially L-shaped cross section, and which is connected to the first fitting part and extends over the second fitting... Agent: Keiper Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150123445 - Adjustable head restraint assembly for vehicle seats: A head restraint assembly is provided with a head restraint frame mounted to a post for movement along the post for adjustment relative to a vehicle seat. The head restraint frame has a contact surface. A biasing member is mounted to the head restraint frame for movement relative to the... Agent:

20150123446 - Wheelchair rear wheel support assembly and detachable armrest: A wheelchair rear wheel support assembly and a detachable arm assembly is described. The rear wheel support assembly is adjustable by finite adjustment both in the horizontal and vertical planes whereby to adjust the position of the rear wheels at a center of gravity to suit a user person to... Agent:

20150123447 - Seating device with collapsible arms: A seating device is provided have collapsible armrests. The collapsible armrests are attached to the seating device via brackets that hold the collapsible armest in a secure erect position while allowing the collapsible armrests to be rotated into a collapse position for access to the seating device. The armrests are... Agent: Durfold Corporation

20150123448 - Vehicle seat with a belt buckle: A vehicle seat (1) includes a backrest (10) and a seat part (2) which has a seat cushion (11). The seat cushion (11) has at least one recess (31, 32) for receiving at least one belt buckle (21, 22, 23). The at least one recess (31, 32) is partially delimited... Agent:

20150123449 - Vehicle seat harness anchoring system: A vehicle seat harness anchoring system is disclosed. The vehicle seat harness includes straps which fit over the body of a person and also fit over the legs of a person. Some of the straps are adjustable to securely hold the person in the harness. The harness anchoring system is... Agent:

20150123450 - Posture support system: A posture support system that includes a base portion, a vertical arm portion extending from the base portion, a horizontal arm portion extending from the vertical arm portion, and a support portion extending from the horizontal arm portion. The base portion includes a rectangular board that rests on a flat... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 21 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20150115667 - Antiparallelogram folding structure, stroller, chair, stool, table, pram, trolley: A foldable bearing structure includes a set of coplanar wheels and a folding device including a set of lower arms; at least a rear upper arm; an antiparallelogram deformable in a vertical plane, the antiparallelogram including two crossed segments; at least a first sidebar located in the vertical plane; the... Agent:

20150115668 - Vehicle seat: A vehicle seat (1) includes a backrest (10) and a table unit (40) which is pivotable about a pivot axis (S) from a not-in-use position into a use position. The backrest (10) includes a backrest cover (20), to which the table unit (40) is fastened. A prestressed table spring (34)... Agent:

20150115669 - Climate controlled child transport: A climate controlled child transport. The climate controlled child transport includes a child transport, where the child transport is configured to transport a child. The climate controlled child transport also includes an environmental control, where the environmental control is configured to control an environmental condition within the child transport. The... Agent:

20150115670 - Baby car seat: The invention discloses a baby car seat, which comprises a seat, a backrest with a lower portion being detachably connected with a rear portion of the seat, and a head support detachably connected with an upper portion of the backrest. The backrest comprises a backrest body and a pair of... Agent: Goodbaby Child Products Co., Ltd.

20150115671 - Swing chair: A swing chair has a seat having three panels that are pivotally connected to each other including a seatback panel, a seat middle panel, and a seat lower panel. The seat is mounted for reclining. The seat is suspended from the support frame. A front suspension member is suspended from... Agent:

20150115673 - Chair cushion slip cover with pockets: The present application relates to a seat cushion made of a foam cushion enclosed in fabric. The foam cushion is inserted into the fabric through an opening and placed on top of a chairs seat. The fabric also contains integral opposing pockets where personal articles and items can be held.... Agent: Galaroo Nyc, LLC

20150115672 - Assembly composed of a saddle and a saddle compartment for motorcycles: An assembly composed of a saddle (10) and of a saddle compartment (12) for a motorcycle is described. The saddle (10) comprises an upper padded portion which constitutes the seat for the rider and/or passenger of the motorcycle, and a substantially rigid bottom portion (14) operatively connected to the relative... Agent: C/o Piaggio & C.p.a.

20150115674 - Zip-away cover: An apparatus for creating a sterile sitting environment is provided. The apparatus includes a front, a side, and the back. The front and the back are connected by the side so as to create an internal volume bounded by the front, the back, and the side, which internal volume is... Agent:

20150115675 - Personal comfort pad: This invention is a semi-permanent personal comfort pad designed to provide for relief from discomfort produced through pressure points on the human body typically occurring when in a sitting position. It will consist of a visco-elastic polymer with a variation in density and shear properties formed into a variety of... Agent:

20150115676 - Forward and rearward facing child seat with belt tensioning mechanism for improved installation: A child seat including a tensioning mechanism for applying tension to a seat belt to more fully secure the child seat to a vehicle seat is provided herein. The child seat, which may be front- and/or rear-facing, includes a seat base defining a seat portion and a backrest portion. The... Agent: Britax Child Safety, Inc.

20150115677 - Child seat and an impact shield for a child seat for a vehicle: A child seat for a vehicle, particularly a motor vehicle, comprises a base element, if required a back element and/or side elements, as well as an impact shield that can interact with a belt system so as to retain a child. At least two belt section receiver-devices are provided on... Agent:

20150115678 - Manual lumbar pump assembly: A pump assembly for a vehicle seatback includes a plurality of air bladders defining a lumbar support. A valve body has an inlet and a plurality of outlets that are coupled with the associated plurality of air bladders. A selection device is operably coupled with the valve body for engaging... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150115679 - Variable lumbar support assembly: A variable lumbar support including a frame and a support extending between an upper end and a lower end wherein the support bracket includes a first longitudinal direction. A pad having a first surface is provided within the assembly. The first surface of the pad contacts the lumbar portion of... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20150115680 - Seating apparatus for vehicle: A seating apparatus for a vehicle, in which a seat cushion supported on the vehicle body by a link member can be flipped up toward the front of the vehicle from a use position and which includes a locking mechanism that operates only when the seat cushion is acted upon... Agent: Mitsubishi Jidosha Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150115681 - Adjustable vehicle head restraint assembly: A vehicle head restraint assembly includes a support frame for supporting a head restraint cushion, a stay configured to connect with an associated vehicle seatback and a slide pivot bracket mechanism connected with the support frame and the stay. The slide pivot bracket mechanism is configured to allow for selective... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150115682 - Carrier structure for an armrest of a vehicle: A carrier structure for an armrest for pivotal articulation to a mount in a vehicle includes two carrier arms carrying a support body, wherein the carrier arms are connected at one end to a cross member. The cross member has pins for pivotable support in the mount. The cross member... Agent:

20150115683 - Height adjustment mechanism for chair armrest and driving block thereof: A height adjustment mechanism for a chair armrest contains: an inner tube, an adjusting member, an outer tube, a driving block, a fixing member, and a resilient element. The inner tube includes a base, an accommodating groove, and an elongated hole. The adjusting member includes a guiding slot, two toothed... Agent:

20150115684 - Foot support for a vehicle seat and vehicle seat: A foot support (30) for a vehicle seat (1) includes a footrest (32) which is movable from an out-of-use position into a use position. The footrest (32) is guided by a linear guide during the movement from the out-of-use position into the use position. A drive unit (34) is provided... Agent:

20150115685 - Footrest for car seat: A footrest for a car seat is disclosed. The footrest includes a coupling plate including at least one first coupling hole formed in a surface of the coupling plate, a supporting plate including at least one second coupling hole formed in a surface of the supporting plate, and at least... Agent:

20150115686 - Method for making seating from pressure vessels: Disclosed are seating made from pressure vessels, such as cylindrical propane tanks with hemispherical ends, as well as methods for making this kind of seating. The methods involve cutting sections of the reclaimed tanks and placing those sections on a jig that establishes defined, ergonomic positions for seat and back... Agent:

20150115687 - Seat component positioning structure: A seat component positioning structure includes a component of a conveyance seat; a floor having a positioning hole; and a locate pin provided in the component. The component is positioned by inserting the locate pin through the positioning hole in the floor. The locate pin includes a distal-side large diameter... Agent: Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

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