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Chairs and seats

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02/05/2015 > 20 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150035321 - Safety frame for baby walking: A safety frame for baby walking, includes: an air filled round rack; a support portions, formed on the round rack; a pen portion, formed on the round rack at one side thereof away from the support portions; and a foot rest portion, formed on the support portions and allowing said... Agent:

20150035322 - Chair: A chair includes a base having a guiding rod. A connecting frame is mounted to a backrest and is pivotably connected to the base. A seat includes a rear end pivotably connected to the connecting frame. An operative frame includes a rear end pivotably connected to the connecting frame. A... Agent:

20150035323 - Multi-contour bladder system: A vehicle seating assembly includes a seat base and a seat back. A cover stock is disposed over the seat back and the seat base. An inflatable bladder is disposed in at least one of the seat base and the seat back and is configured to be in a first... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150035324 - Frameless furniture assembly: A frameless furniture assembly adapted to be converted between an unfilled configuration and a filled configuration including: an outer liner having an inner surface and an outer surface; a plurality of pieces of fill material, wherein the fill material is retained within the outer liner; and a container holder associated... Agent:

20150035325 - Small storage pockets for a vehicle seat assembly: A vehicle seat assembly includes a seat portion disposed adjacent to a seat back having a front surface, a back surface, an inboard surface, and an outboard surface. A side pocket extends across the inboard surface and terminates at a forward edge proximate the front surface at a first end... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150035326 - Stabilizing bicycle seat: A cyclist's desired position on a bicycle seat is maintained by a bicycle seat attachment, a replacement seat for either a new or used bicycle, or a bicycle seat system comprising a seat configured to cooperate in a variety of ways with a lower garment worn by the cyclist. The... Agent:

20150035328 - Leg restraint device for side-facing seated vehicle occupants: A leg restraint for side-seated vehicle occupants, and including a leg-restraining member adapted for being mounted in proximity to a side-facing vehicle seat and selectively moveable between a deployed, outwardly-extending leg-protecting position and a retracted, non-leg interfering position, and an actuator positioned operatively proximate the leg-restraining member and responsive to... Agent:

20150035327 - Vehicle seat with arrester element: The present invention relates to a vehicle seat with a floor component group and a seat frame which is fixed to the floor component group. The seat frame is connected to the floor component group via at least one coupling element and is arranged spaced apart from the floor component... Agent:

20150035329 - Seat with automatic harness strap adjustment mechanism: A seating assembly is disclosed, and includes a seat, at least two harness straps, an adjustment mechanism, and at least one crush feature. The seat has a shell, and the shell has a rear surface. The harness straps each have upper portions. The adjustment mechanism adjusts the upper portions of... Agent: Recaro Child Safety LLC

20150035330 - Travel seat engaging system: A travel seat locking system including a travel seat comprising a front seating surface, a back surface, left and right sides, and left and right stroller securing members respectively positioned on the left and right sides of the travel seat. A stroller is provided comprising a frame having at least... Agent: Artsana Usa, Inc.

20150035331 - Child seat with harness strap pad: A seat assembly is disclosed. The seat assembly includes a shell portion, a pair of harness straps, a seat cover, and a harness pad. The shell portion has an outer surface. The pair of harness straps have an upper portion. The seat cover has an inner surface. The harness pad... Agent: Recaro Child Safety LLC

20150035332 - Chair with a pivoting backrest: A chair having a fixed support structure including two side uprights, a backrest having two side portions, and a pair of elastic joints connecting said side portions of the backrest to said side uprights, wherein each of said elastic joints comprises: a bushing fixed to a respective side upright, a... Agent: Pro-cord S.p.a.

20150035333 - Apparatus for lifting persons: An apparatus to lift persons includes: a base; wheels attached to the base; a vertical assembly including a fixed subassembly and a traveling subassembly; a mechanism such as an actuator that powers vertical movement of the traveling subassembly; a fork system attached to the traveling subassembly and comprises a pair... Agent:

20150035334 - Vehicle seat: A vehicle seat having a seat shell, includes a first upper rail, which is arranged on the tunnel side and is movably guided in a first lower rail, and a second upper rail, which is arranged on the sill side and is movably guided in a second lower rail. The... Agent: Keiper Gmbh & Co. Kg.

20150035335 - Reclinable chair: A reclinable chair includes a seat frame, a backrest frame pivoted to the seat frame, and two armrest units, at least one of which includes a sleeve having a tubular body with an inner peripheral surface defining a passage, a core rod spaced from the inner peripheral surface by an... Agent:

20150035336 - Wheelchair backrest assembly: A backrest assembly for a wheelchair includes a support plate pivotally connected to a seat, wherein the support plate is configured to be pivotally adjusted between upright and reclined positions with respect to the seat; a slide plate slidably secured on a front surface of the support plate; and a... Agent:

20150035337 - Seat reclining apparatus for vehicle: A seat reclining apparatus for a vehicle includes a first bracket, a plurality of pawls, a second bracket being relatively rotatably placed to face the first bracket, a cam mechanism having outer teeth of each of the pawls engage with and disengage from inner teeth of the first bracket by... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20150035338 - Recliner: A recliner has a ratchet and a guide assembled together so as to be rotatable relative to each other, and a pawl supported by the guide in a circumferential direction. The pawl is adapted to inhibit rotational movement of the ratchet relative to the guide when moved to be pushed... Agent:

20150035339 - Recliner: A recliner has a ratchet and a guide assembled together so as to be rotatable relative to each other, and a pawl supported by the guide in its circumferential direction. The pawl has an outer tooth row adapted to mesh with a part of an inner tooth row of the... Agent:

20150035340 - Device for attaching a seat to a vehicle structure and seat comprising such an attachment device: A seat attached to a vehicle structure by at least four attachment points comprises, on at least one of the attachments an extendable connecting element (40) which transmits load between the main structure (11) of the seat and the structure of the vehicle, the extendable connecting element (40) comprising:—a first... Agent: Eads Sogerma

01/29/2015 > 21 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20150028632 - Convertible furniture: Convertible furniture including an outer enclosure and a fill material. The outer enclosure defines an enclosed region. The outer enclosure includes at least one closure mechanism that is positionable in an open configuration and a closed configuration. When the at least one closure mechanism is in the closed configuration, the... Agent:

20150028633 - Table furniture and assembly kit for generating an array of items of furniture: An item of table furniture has a table top and a table frame supporting the table top. The table top, in plan view, is formed with first pair of opposite edges and a second pair of opposite edges. One edge of the first pair of edges is convex and the... Agent: Vs Vereinigte Spezialmoebelfabriken Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150028635 - Fitting part for a vehicle seat, and a vehicle seat: A fitting part for a vehicle seat includes a flap element that is rotatably secured to a backrest of the vehicle seat and can be pivoted between a substantially horizontal use position and a non-use position, as well as a retainer element (11) for locking the flap element in the... Agent:

20150028634 - Vehicle seat, in particular a passenger seat for a bus: A vehicle seat, in particular a passenger seat for a bus, includes a seat member with a seat upholstery carrier and seat upholstery, which is rigidly arranged on the seat upholstery carrier; the vehicle seat also includes a backrest with a back upholstery carrier and back upholstery, which is rigidly... Agent:

20150028636 - Booster seat and table: Aspects of the invention are directed to an apparatus for use with a chair. The apparatus comprises a booster seat, a table, and mounting hardware. The booster seat is adapted to be positioned on a seat of the chair and to act as a seat for a user. The table,... Agent:

20150028638 - Aircraft seal: The invention is a seal assembly, including a polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) film bonded to a polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) substrate and attached to a plastic retainer element for being mounted to an aircraft passenger fixture by mounting holes formed in the retainer element through which fasteners extend into the seat. The... Agent:

20150028637 - Vehicular seat-to-hump gap filler device: A vehicular seat-to-hump gap filler device is inserted between a vehicular seat and hump for filling the gap between the seat and hump. The vehicular seat-to-hump gap filler device includes lower and upper pocket constructions. The lower pocket construction includes a hemi-ellipsoidal outer surface, a hemi-ellipsoidal inner surface, and an... Agent:

20150028639 - Liner with blanket for strollers, car seats, and infant carriers: A liner for child-carriers may be described and disclosed. Child-carriers may comprise strollers, car-seats, booster-seats, and infant-carriers. The liner may be removably disposed between a child located on top of the liner and the child-carrier. The liner may replace existing cushions on child-carrier. The liner may comprise a cushion, a... Agent:

20150028640 - Multi-use protective cover: A safety device for children, specifically a cover for use with a variety of surfaces that provides a barrier to protect a child from the heat and/or contamination of a surface. In some embodiments, the device can prevent a child from being burned or uncomfortable by the heat of a... Agent:

20150028641 - Moveable seat: A seat configured to provide support for a user at various positions, such as standing position or a seated position, is provided.... Agent:

20150028642 - Chair for use in a vehicle: A chair for use with a vehicle is provided. The chair includes a base and a chair assembly slidably coupled to the base. The chair assembly includes a support frame, a seat coupled to the support frame, an upper back support coupled to the support frame, and a lower back... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150028643 - Universal chair lift apparatus: An adjustable lift apparatus for use with a rocking/reclining chair having at least one support leg, the apparatus comprising an upper support having at least one leg stand to securely engage at least one leg, and an adjustment means for adjusting each leg support stand to the desired location to... Agent:

20150028644 - Bearing for use in sliding head restraint: The present disclosure relates to bearings, guide sleeves and head restraint assemblies for automobiles.... Agent:

20150028645 - Adjustable armrest apparatus: An adjustable armrest having a base and an armrest that are coupled together through an articulating joint assembly. The joint assembly includes a body with a first articulating ball joint and a second articulating ball joint. The first articulating ball joint is coupled to the armrest with the second articulating... Agent:

20150028647 - Covered leg rest linkage for furniture member: A furniture member includes a leg rest assembly connected to a base frame of a furniture member and extensible away from a stowed position by movement in a direction coincident with a lateral centerline of the furniture member to a fully extended position. A leg rest mechanism is connected to... Agent: La-z-boy Incorporated

20150028646 - Furniture member with center support leg rest: A furniture member leg rest assembly includes a leg rest mechanism connected to a furniture member base frame. A leg rest mount board is connected to the leg rest mechanism and is extensible by actuation of the leg rest mechanism away from a stowed position by movement in a direction... Agent: La-z-boy Incorporated

20150028648 - Seat with upwardly projecting harness straps: A seat assembly is disclosed, and includes a seat having opposing sides, a back support, and a seat pan. The seat assembly also includes at least two harness straps extending in a generally vertical direction between the back support and the seat pan. The harness straps both have a lower... Agent: Recaro Child Safety LLC

20150028649 - Frameless furniture assembly: A frameless furniture assembly adapted to be converted between an unfilled configuration and a filled configuration including: an outer liner having an inner surface and an outer surface; a plurality of pieces of fill material, wherein the fill material is retained within the outer liner; and at least one configuration... Agent:

20150028650 - Foam seat element, and process and mold for producing same: There is described a padded element comprising a foam substrate having disposed therein a first internal surface and a second internal surface opposed to the first internal surface, the first internal surface being interposed between an outer surface of the foam substrate and the second internal surface, at least one... Agent: Proprietect L.p.

20150028651 - Combination structure of safety vest and safety belt for vehicle seat: Disclosed herein is a combination structure of a safety vest and a safety belt. The combination structure is designed such that the safety vest and the safety belt are integrated with each other, so that a separate additional means for converting the safety vest to the safety belt is not... Agent: Thirdeye Inc.

20150028652 - Belt tensioner for a safety belt system: The invention relates a belt tensioner (10) for a seat belt system comprising a tensioner tube (42) for receiving and guiding a pressurizing element (44) as well as a separate generator housing (46) for receiving a gas generator (48), wherein a coupling element (50) tightly connecting the generator housing (46)... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 15 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150021958 - Vehicle seat: Vehicle seat including: a seat back pivoted to a side of floor; a seat cushion pivoted to the seat back; and a front leg element having an upper end pivoted to the seat cushion and a lower end pivotally locked to the side of floor in a releasable manner, thus... Agent:

20150021959 - Reclining chair: A chair has a seat portion having a front, a rear and sides. The chair also has a footrest adjustable between at least two positions: a retracted position and an extended position. The footrest is cantilevered from the seat portion in the extended position. The chair also has a plurality... Agent:

20150021960 - Portable chair: A portable chair includes an undulating wave-shaped body. The undulating wave-shaped body has a convex lower portion which transitions into a concave mid-section, which in turn transitions into a convex upper portion. The chair further includes a support leg pivotally attached to the body and being movable between a closed... Agent:

20150021961 - Holder for an operating console in an aircraft seat: The invention relates to a holder for a control console or a display device on an aircraft seat, the holder being arranged in an armrest, backrest or the trim of the aircraft seat. The control console is removable from the holder. The holder comprises a support arm, by means of... Agent:

20150021962 - Child car seat, intended to be joined to the seat of a motor vehicle: A juvenile vehicle seat includes a seat bottom, a seat back, and a headrest. The headrest includes a centered head-support panel and left and right side panels arranged to locate the centered head-support panel therebetween.... Agent:

20150021963 - Integral child training toilet: An integral training potty comprised of a child safety seat and waste collection apparatus, allowing a small child to evacuate his or her bowel or bladder. The waste collection apparatus being removable, without disturbing or removing the seated child. The waste collection apparatus optionally having a liner for the waste... Agent:

20150021964 - Telescopic seating systems, and foldable chairs and related components for use within telescopic seating systems: The telescopic seating systems, and foldable chairs and related components for use within telescopic seating systems, of the present disclosure may incorporate occupant support elements within a space between a top surface of a seat frame structure and a bottom surface of the seat frame structure. Springs may be attached... Agent:

20150021965 - Vehicle seat: A vehicle seat (1), in particular a utility vehicle seat, includes a first seat part and second seat part which can be displaced in the longitudinal direction relative to the first seat part in order to set the seat depth. At least one slider (50), which is connected to the... Agent:

20150021966 - Controllable comfort shell for vehicle seat: A vehicle seat includes a seat back having a backrest, a backrest support, and a linkage arranged to interconnect the backrest and the backrest support. The linkage is configured to support the backrest for movement relative to the backrest support.... Agent:

20150021967 - Vehicle seat: A buckle pre-tensioner on a chassis support member, at the left side frame, one of two side frames 14-1 (left and right side frames) holding the seat pad of a seat cushion, respectively. A band 18 extends below the seat pad, extending between the left and right side frames. The... Agent:

20150021968 - Headrest: A headrest that is constructed and arranged to be mounted to one or more support rods that are adapted to be coupled to the backrest of a seat of a vehicle. The headrest has a main body portion and a separate bushing that is positioned at least partially in the... Agent: Bose Corporation

20150021969 - Foldable leg rest: A foldable leg rest has a seat, a first folding frame and a first stage drive mechanism. The first folding frame is pivotally connected to the seat. The first stage drive mechanism includes two angle adjusters, two first stage DC motors and a drive rod. Each of the angle adjusters... Agent:

20150021970 - Selectively assembled freestanding stool and method of assembling the same: A selectively assembled freestanding stool for providing a user such as a baseball coaches on the field with a seat which can be assembled on demand using primarily materials already on the field, comprising a plurality of modified dowel members and an attachment apparatus which together allow a plurality of... Agent:

20150021971 - Internal support for a backrest for a chair: An improved reinforcement backrest for a chair which includes a reinforcement member such as a metal plate inserted into the backrest to provide reinforcement support when a person sitting in the chair leans against the backrest. The reinforcement member includes connection members by which the backrest is removably inserted and... Agent: Minson Corporation

20150021972 - Seat for molded plastic chairs: A seat on a stool, chair or bench has permanent depressions in the surface of the seat that corresponds in shape to an end view of a human iliac bone. A pair of spaced apart permanent depressions are provided on an axis that passes through and is perpendicular to a... Agent: Adams Mfg. Corp.

01/15/2015 > 21 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150015033 - Seating furniture with integrated table function: An item of seating furniture in the form of a bench (10) includes a backrest (11) and a seating surface (12), and has two rear support legs (13) arranged in the backrest (11) plane and two front support legs (14) arranged in each of the front outer corner regions of... Agent: Gusto Products & Services Gmbh

20150015034 - Foldable mobile restaurant booth: A foldable mobile restaurant booth and a method of its use are configured for ease of mobility and storage by allowing the seat portion to fold upward toward the seat back. The booth has a seat back and seat portion coupled to a base, and a linkage arrangement coupling the... Agent: Palmer Hamilton, LLC

20150015035 - Storage chair: A storage chair includes a cylindrical chair body and a cover body. The cylindrical chair body has a closed end and an opening end opposite to each other, and an accommodation space is formed in the cylindrical chair body between the closed end and the opening end. The cover body... Agent: Lion Pencil Co., Ltd.

20150015036 - Rocker: A rocker includes a frame and a seat coupled to the frame for receiving an infant therein. The frame includes a front and a rear frame portion generally oppositely extending along a longitudinal axis. The first and second frame portions are pivotally coupled together to move between an upright configuration... Agent: Kids Ii, Inc.

20150015037 - Hook-and-loop component embedded with foam material and cushion thereof: A hook-and-loop component embedded with a foam material is disclosed herein and includes a band body having a first surface and a second surface, the first surface and the second surface being opposite to each other and the hook-and-loop component is characterized in that: a plurality of pores disposed on... Agent:

20150015038 - Upholstery chair cover: Upholstery chair covers and methods for upholstering a chair using the same are disclosed. In at least one embodiment, the upholstery chair cover includes a piece of material sized and shaped to cover a body of a chair, and includes a back portion, a seat portion connected to the back... Agent:

20150015039 - Vehicle crewstation seat assembly: A movable seat assembly for a vehicle comprises a predetermined path having an operational location at a first end and an ingress/egress location at a second end, and a seat that travels along the predetermined path between the operational location and the ingress/egress location, wherein the seat has an operational... Agent:

20150015040 - Rolling-and-swinging device and massage chair containing the same: The present invention discloses a rolling-and-swinging device and a massage chair. The rolling-and-swinging device comprises a gear motor, a motor mounting plate, a torque output board, a swing arm, a swing arm synchronizer ring, a damping ring, an optical shutter rotating ring, a swinging monitoring controller, a microcomputer controller, a... Agent:

20150015041 - Office chair with an adaptable lumbar support: An office chair (1) comprising a seat (2), a backrest (3) including a lumbar support (4), an actuator device (8) arranged to enable adjustment of the lumbar support (4) between an inactive position in which it follows the general shape of the backrest (3), and a fully active position in... Agent:

20150015042 - Apparatus and system for dynamically correcting posture: An orthopedic device for improving posture while sitting, having a foundation member including a front portion for upper legs and a bowl portion for lower pelvic area. The bowl portion has a central portion and an upwardly inclined lateral portion. The lateral portion and the front portion collectively surround the... Agent:

20150015043 - Wheelchair with tilt capability: The present disclosure relates to a wheelchair (1) with tilt capabilities. The electric wheelchair comprises a chassis (3), a lift device having a base member which is fixedly arranged to the chassis, and a lifting member arranged to move rectilinearly relative to the base member along an axis defined by... Agent:

20150015044 - Fitting for a vehicle seat and vehicle seat: A vehicle seat fitting includes a relatively rotatable first fitting part, with toothed ring, and second fitting parts, with guide segments. Catches are guided between locked and unlocked states by the guide segments and interact with the toothed ring to lock the fitting. A spring-loaded rotatable eccentric acts such that... Agent:

20150015045 - Vehicle seat and utility motor vehicle comprising a vehicle seat: The invention relates to a vehicle seat, in particular a utility motor vehicle seat, having a seat part, having a backrest comprising a lower backrest part and an upper backrest part, and having a holding device, by means of which the upper backrest part is mounted displaceably with respect to... Agent: Grammer Ag

20150015046 - Vehicle seat and utility motor vehicle comprising a vehicle seat: The invention relates to a vehicle seat, in particular a utility motor vehicle seat, having a seat part, having a backrest comprising a lower backrest part and an upper backrest part, and having a holding device, by means of which the upper backrest part is mounted displaceably with respect to... Agent: Grammer Ag

20150015047 - Vehicle seat and utility motor vehicle comprising a vehicle seat: The invention relates to a vehicle seat, in particular a utility motor vehicle seat, having a seat part, having a backrest comprising a lower backrest part and an upper backrest part, and having a holding device, by means of which the upper backrest part is mounted displaceably with respect to... Agent: Grammer Ag

20150015048 - Folding mechanism for a head restraint: A folding mechanism for a head restraint may include a support member and a latch. The support member may have a first axis and a projection that projects outward from the support member. The latch may be attached to the head restraint and rotatable around the first axis and may... Agent:

20150015049 - Adjustable head restraint assembly: A head restraint assembly is provided with at least one guide post fixedly mounted to a vehicle seat back so that the guide post does not translate relative to the seat back in an upright direction. A head restraint housing is mounted to translate in the upright direction along the... Agent: Lear Corporation

20150015050 - Seat cushion: A seat cushion comprising a seat portion wherein the seat portion is connected to a knee support portion. The knee support portion is connected to a leg support portion. The seat cushion is comprised of a flexible, compressible material.... Agent:

20150015051 - Chair assembly: A chair assembly includes a frame, seat, and a back. The frame has two foot frames and two back supports. The foot frame has an upper rod, and an extending supporting rib is formed to the upper rod. The back support has an assembling sheet. The seat has a cut... Agent:

20150015052 - Chair back with lumbar and pelvic supports: An office chair is provided having a back assembly which is configured to provide supplemental support to the back of a chair occupant in addition to the support provided by the primary support surface of the chair back. The chair back includes a lumbar support unit having a lumbar support... Agent:

20150015053 - Seat for vehicle: A vehicle seat includes: a seat back pad of a vehicle; a rear cover coupled with the seat back pad on the rear side and made of flexible material; and a bracket formed along the periphery of the rear cover, the bracket being coupled with the seat back pad so... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

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