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Prime-mover dynamo plants

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12/18/2014 > 8 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140367966 - Oil sand slurry transportation system and method for variable slurry flow rates: Provided is a system for transporting an oil sand slurry, comprising a pump, upstream and downstream lines, a shaft connectable to the pump, a driving mechanism driving the pump and a regulator for regulating the torque applied to the shaft between positive and negative torque modes, to pump the slurry... Agent:

20140367968 - Device and method for protecting a wind generator in the event of violent winds and wind generator provided with such a device: A device making it possible considerably and remotely to reduce the diameter of the rotor of a wind generator (1) includes a connecting piece (5) connecting the blade (6) to the hub (4) of the wind generator (1), the central axes (B1-B2) of the respective ends (5.1-5.2) of which components... Agent:

20140367967 - Wind turbine electric generator with torque limiting brake: A wind turbine system includes turbine blades (16) that turn a low speed shaft (18). A shrink disc coupling (24) radially connects the low speed shaft to a low speed gear box input shaft (22). A brake (26) for the gear box input shaft is operatively connected with the coupling.... Agent: Cooper Industries Holdings

20140367969 - System and method for generating electricity using grid of wind and water energy capture devices: A system for maintaining buoyant, energy-capture devices in general relative position in water in the presence of surface waves allows heeling of the energy capture devices while preventing collision. The system includes a grid of structural members that resists compression while permitting limited relative surface displacement between the first and... Agent:

20140367971 - Dynamoelectric machine support system having bolted springbar: A support system for a dynamoelectric machine is disclosed. In one embodiment, the support system includes: a mounting pad having a first face and a second face, the second face including a pair of slots; a pair of spring bars bolted to the mounting pad at the pair of slots;... Agent:

20140367970 - Power harvesting bearing configuration: A power generating bearing assembly (100) comprising a bearing (120) retained by a bearing housing (110). The bearing housing (110) includes a bearing cooling passage system comprising at least one integrated liquid cooling passage (130) is integrated within the bearing housing (110). A turbine receiving bore (160) is formed through... Agent:

20140367973 - Power generator utilizing fluid flow around an airfoil: The invention is a power generator using fluid flow which may include intermittent fluid flow. The invention facilitates the harnessing of electric power from intermittent wind sources but may also be deployed in near constant winds. The apparatus includes airfoils that are pivotally to vertical supports. The supports are attached... Agent:

20140367972 - Wind energy electricity generator for low wind velocity: According to the present invention, use is made of a drag-type blade in which the blade is constituted vertically and in multiple blocks while the inside thereof is formed so as to have an overlapping region, thereby achieving an aerodynamic characteristic whereby there is a large initial torque for rotating... Agent:

12/11/2014 > 14 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140361549 - Method and system for controlling a portable power system: A method for controlling a portable power system, comprising: using a processor, selecting an engine efficiency range for a engine of a generator set of the portable power system, the engine efficiency range corresponding to a power output range of the generator set and to a power demand of a... Agent: Eco-h Technologies Inc.

20140361536 - Charging in multiple voltage start/stop bas system: An alternator-starter system and method is disclosed. A method of operating an alternator-starter having an inverter/rectifier for starting an engine and charging a plurality of batteries includes providing two switches for each battery, monitoring voltages of each of the plurality of batteries, and switching the switches to selectively charge individual... Agent:

20140361538 - Methods for operating wind turbine system having dynamic brake: Wind turbine systems and methods for operating wind turbine systems are provided. In one embodiment, a method includes gating on a dynamic brake switch of a dynamic brake in a wind turbine power converter when an experienced direct current (DC) bus voltage is equal to or greater than a threshold... Agent: General Electric Company

20140361537 - Power oscillation damping by a converter-based power generation device: A power generation park is provided including a power output for providing electrical output power to an electricity network. A power generation device includes a converter device configured for receiving input power from a power generator and providing, in response hereto, the electrical output power to the power output. The... Agent:

20140361541 - Power transfer station: A power transfer system comprising a turbine for capturing wind energy; a plurality of driven devices which can be coupled to the turbine to be driven thereby; and a controller adapted to monitor a parameter relating to the energy output of the turbine and selectively load or unload one or... Agent:

20140361539 - Proportional moving air power transmission and energy collection and control system: A proportional moving air power transmission and energy collection and control system includes a fixed vertical spindle, a vertical rotational hub and a plurality of wings being supported around the vertical hub in 360°. Each of the wings has a blunt leading end and a pointy trailing end and defining... Agent:

20140361540 - Wind energy devices, systems, and methods: Wind energy systems and devices comprise a nacelle, a rotor driven alternator housed in the nacelle, a rotor connected to the alternator, and a load control system in communication with the alternator. The rotor includes a rotor hub and three or more rotor blades, and each blade has a foil... Agent: Uprise Energy, LLC

20140361542 - Systems and methods for storing and generating energy: A method for storing potential energy and generating electrical energy. The method has the steps of accumulating and storing potential energy, converting the potential energy to mechanical energy at the election of a user, and converting the mechanical energy to electrical energy. There are various embodiments of energy storage and... Agent:

20140361547 - Direct-drive wind turbine: A direct-drive wind turbine comprising an external rotor having an external annular body and a stator, a nacelle which is mounted on an upper part of a tower and which houses a shaft-holder mechanism for supporting the horizontal shaft, a plurality of blade-holder structures arranged equidistantly on external peripheral portions... Agent: Gamesa Innovation & Technology, S.l.

20140361545 - Hybrid vertical axis wind turbine: A hybrid vertical axis wind turbine using a highly aerodynamic blade-profile is disclosed. The blade-profile is simple, asymmetrical with unequal upper and lower surfaces cambers and is capable of generating high starting torque even at low wind. Wind tunnel tests demonstrated that this aerodynamic profile would generate high torque of... Agent:

20140361546 - Stator assembly for a wind turbine generator: It comprises stator segments forming a stator structure and a transverse structure connected to the stator structure and arranged between at least two stator segments. The transverse structure may have reinforcing ribs extending therealong and a handling device at longitudinally opposite portions of the transverse structure. A wind turbine generator... Agent:

20140361548 - Wind power plant having a fire protection module for a transformer in the tower: The invention relates to a wind power plant having a tower that has at least one bottom tower segment and a pre-manufactured fire protection module for fireproof receiving of a transformer. The fire protection module is placed within the bottom tower segment.... Agent:

20140361543 - Wind powered apparatus having counter rotating blades: A wind powered apparatus (or wind turbine) comprising a stator blade assembly and a rotor blade assembly wherein said stator blades assembly and said rotor blade assembly have counter rotating blades. Both sets of blades assemblies are connected to a generator and are operable to rotate the stator and rotor... Agent:

20140361544 - Wind turbine tower enclosure: An enclosure associated with a wind turbine tower includes a plurality of pre-assembled sections configured to be attached to a section of the wind turbine tower. The plurality of pre-assembled sections form an enclosure around the section. The enclosure is configured for storage of electrical components associated with a wind... Agent:

12/04/2014 > 10 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140353970 - Methods and apparatus for control of biomechanical energy harvesting: An apparatus for harvesting energy from motion of a human or animal body segment and providing the energy to an electrical load is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a generator operatively coupled to the body segment such that particular movement of the body segment causes the generator to output a generator... Agent: Bionic Power Inc.

20140353979 - Method for operating a converter for a starter motor: A method is described for operating a converter for a starter motor, in particular a belt-driven starter motor, of a vehicle, including the steps of detecting a temperature of the converter, and controlling a current supplied to the converter as a function of the detected temperature using a setpoint temperature... Agent:

20140353971 - Magnetic bearings and related systems and methods: An energy recovery system may comprise a stationary structure and a rotatable structure configured to rotate relative to the stationary structure about an axis of rotation. The energy recovery system may also comprise at least one blade member mounted to and extending radially outward from the rotatable structure, the at... Agent: Oceana Energy Company

20140353974 - Power generating device utilizing oscillating water for converting into wave power: A power generating device utilizing oscillating water for converting into wave power (1) includes: a power generating tank (10) formed with a first chamber (11), a second chamber (12) and a communicating hole (13); a quantitative liquid (20) filled in the first chamber (11) and the second chamber (12); a... Agent: Smart Energy Inc.

20140353973 - Power generation apparatus using wave energy conversion by gravity: A power generation apparatus (1, 1a) using wave energy conversion by gravity includes a sealed body (10, 10a), a rotor (20, 20a), a gear box (30,30a), a power generation motor (40, 40a), and a pontoon (50, 50a). The rotor (20, 20a), disposed in the sealed body (10, 10a), includes an... Agent: Smart Energy Inc.

20140353972 - Water flow regulating device and ocean power generating device using the same: The present invention provides a water flow regulating device and an ocean power generating device using the same. The water flow regulating device includes a main body, a water deflector, a rotating shaft, a winding shaft, a rope or cable, and a driving unit. The water deflector is pivotally connected... Agent: Hangzhou Lhd Institute Of New Energy, LLC

20140353975 - Efficient thermal hydraulic power generators: System, method and apparatus providing power generation and demand management using a thermal hydraulic generator. Also a more efficient (full time cycle) and stable thermal hydraulic generators and heat exchangers are disclosed.... Agent:

20140353976 - Hybrid electro magnetic hydro kinetic high pressure propulsion generator: An apparatus includes an electro-magnetic metallurgy high powered electric energy density push-repel two stage magnetic stack cylinder drive motor and a hydro-kinetic high pressure hydraulic and nitrogen gas piston drive pump propulsion motor arrangement. A linear electric generator can be coupled to the arrangement to generate electric energy or the... Agent:

20140353977 - De-humidifying system: The invention relates to a de-humidifying system of a wind turbine. In a wind turbine tower de-humidifying system the tower comprises a chamber in its interior. The chamber comprises an electrical arrangement that admits waste heat. A first tube connects the interior of the chamber to the exterior of the... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140353978 - Wind turbine and compressed gas storage system for generating electrical power: A wind turbine and compressed gas storage system for producing electrical energy. A plurality of wind turbines is serially interconnected for staged compression to output high pressure compressed gas. Each wind turbine includes an upper head portion with two or more propellers, a gear box, a rudder and fin assembly,... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 10 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140346780 - Connection assembly for a power system: A connection assembly for a power system is disclosed. The connection assembly may have a housing configured to be connected to a stationary portion of a generator and a bearing operatively connected to the housing. The connection assembly may also have a shaft supported by the bearing and configured to... Agent: Progress Rail Services Corporation

20140346781 - Airflow control arrangement: An airflow control arrangement for a direct-drive wind-turbine with a generator comprising a rotor and a stator, which airflow control arrangement comprises an outflow fan arranged to draw an exit airflow through an exit duct, which exit duct extends from an interior cavity of the stator to the exterior of... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140346783 - Hydraulic energy transfer: A regenerative shock absorber that include a housing and a piston that moves at least partially through the housing when the shock is compressed or extended from a rest position. When the piston moves, hydraulic fluid is pressurized and drives a hydraulic motor. The hydraulic motor, in turn, drives an... Agent: Levant Power Corporation

20140346782 - Micro power generator and power generation method using liquid droplet: The present invention relates to a micro power generator and power generation method using a liquid droplet to produce electricity using alternating current (AC) power induced by changing the contact areas of a liquid droplet between two electrode plates by vibration. The micro power generator according to the present invention... Agent: Pusan National University Industry-university Cooperation Foundation

20140346774 - Doubly-fed induction generator wind turbine system having solid-state stator switch: Wind turbine systems and methods are provided. An exemplary system includes a wind driven doubly fed induction generator having a rotor and a stator, the stator providing AC power to a stator bus. The system further includes a power converter coupled to the rotor of the doubly fed induction generator,... Agent: General Electric Company

20140346775 - Shovel and control method of shovel: A shovel includes: an engine generating a drive power; a generator performing a generating operation using the drive power transmitted from the engine; an electric accumulator having a plurality of electric storage cells in which an electric power generated by the generator is accumulated, the electric accumulator supplying an electric... Agent:

20140346776 - Generator-type pressure relief device for water supply and drainage pipes: A generator-type pressure relief device includes: a housing; a propeller disposed in the housing; a shaft fixed to the center of rotation of the propeller; a generator unit that generates electricity by receiving rotational torque from the shaft; an electricity storage unit that stores electricity generated by the generator unit;... Agent:

20140346777 - Electric apparatus using eddy current generation for transmitting torque between two adjacent rotors: An electric apparatus comprises a stator having an array of coils positioned within its periphery and a first rotor having an array of magnet pairs positioned within its periphery. The first rotor has one face adjacent to the stator. A second rotor made of conductive material is positioned adjacent to... Agent:

20140346778 - Rotary electric generator stator, rotary electric generator comprising said stator and wind turbine incorporating said rotary electric generator: It allows a more complete cooling of the generator, comprising: a magnetic core with a crown (3) from the periphery whereof emerge teeth (4) which have coiled windings (5); an external cooling circuit (9) to carry a coolant fluid; at least one through-hole (12) running along the interior of each... Agent: Acciona Windpower, S.a.

20140346779 - Windmill generator: A windmill generator is provided configured to produce electric current to a receiving device when flux lines of a magnetic field are crossed by a coil. The windmill generator comprises a coil frame armature around which a coil is wrapped. Rare earth magnets are disposed in proximity to the coil.... Agent: Nuspecies Global Machines Corporation

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