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Prime-mover dynamo plants

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10/02/2014 > 8 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140291992 - Electricity-generating system: An electricity-generating system of the invention which includes the following: a carbonization apparatus for carbonizing a carbonization source to form a carbonized product; a heat recovery steam generator for producing first steam through heat exchange with the heat exhausted from the carbonization apparatus; a carbonized fuel steam generator which employs... Agent:

20140291987 - Engine architecture using electric machine: There is described a method for controlling an engine and a system architecture for an engine. The system architecture comprises a first electric machine having a single rotor dual stator configuration for operating as a starter-generator for the engine; a second electric machine having a single rotor dual stator configuration... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20140291993 - Method for operating lean fuel intake gas turbine engine, and gas turbine power generation device: A method for stably operating a lean fuel intake gas turbine engine by controlling the rotation speed of the lean fuel intake gas turbine engine for which it is difficult to control the rotation speed by controlling a fuel flow rate, is provided. In a method for operating a lean... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140291994 - Vehicle and method of controlling vehicle: A vehicle includes a feeding system supplying an electric power to an external device disposed outside the vehicle, a controller controlling the operation of the feeding system, and an information output unit outputting predetermined information. The controller performs the processing of determining whether or not feeding can be performed from... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140291988 - Electric generator: An electric generator (1) for the conversion of energy from a renewable energy source, such as wind energy, into electrical energy to be inserted into a local or remote network (R), which comprises a rotary electric machine (2) provided with means (3) for drawing energy from the renewable source and... Agent: Reel S.r.l.

20140291990 - System for providing electrical power to a wind turbine component: Systems for providing electrical power to one or more wind turbine electrical components is provided comprising an electrical grid and an auxiliary power source for providing electrical power, and one or more wind turbines. Each of the wind turbines includes a wind turbine generator, one or more electrical components, a... Agent: Alstom Renovables Espa&#xd1 A, S.l.

20140291989 - Wind turbine for generating electric energy: A wind turbine configured to generate electric energy and feed electric energy to an electric power grid, the wind turbine having a blade assembly; an electric machine having a stator, and a rotor connected to the blade assembly to generate electric energy; a first switch converter connected to the electric... Agent: Wilic

20140291991 - Method and apparatus for amplifying an ambient wind stream to a wind turbine: A wind speed amplification device that cooperates with a wind turbine to amplify ambient wind speed conditions directed to the blades of the wind turbine. In one embodiment, the amplification device has a conical shape that is configured to generally overly the central hub associated with an axis of rotation... Agent: Roth Renewable Energy, LLC

09/25/2014 > 14 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140284935 - System and method for control of a gas: A system of converting a gas into electricity including: a gas collection system; a conduit and valve assembly fluidly connected to the gas collection system; a second fuel source separate from the gas collection system; a second conduit and the valve assembly fluidly connected to the second fuel source; a... Agent:

20140284936 - Universal power tool battery pack coupled to a portable internal combustion engine: A portable internal combustion engine and a charging device that generates AC power are supported on a manually movable frame. A coupling mechanism which can include a starter circuit and starting device, or a charging circuit and charging device, or both device couples a battery receptacle terminal block to the... Agent: Black & Decker Inc.

20140284938 - Gravitational energy conversion device and application thereof: The invention discloses a gravitational energy conversion device, comprises a device frame, a weight, a luggage carrier, a combined spring, a chain, a ratchet wheels, a transmission shaft, flywheels, a limit latch, and a return spring. The transmission shaft is arranged on the device frame. The flywheels are arranged at... Agent:

20140284937 - Vibration energy harvester: The system is a drilling bearing device. The device includes an outer body structure, and inner body structure, and a loading structure. The inner body structure is disposed at least partially within the outer body structure. The inner body structure moves relative to the outer body structure. The loading structure... Agent: Oscilla Power Inc.

20140284925 - Tidal stream generator: A generating apparatus for generating electrical power from a horizontal water flow comprises a fixed hub on a support structure and a power wheel arranged for rotation about a vertical axis about the hub. The power wheel includes rotor vanes adapted to cause rotation of the power wheel when the... Agent:

20140284926 - System and method for real-time load control of a wind turbine: A system and method for load control of a wind turbine is disclosed. The method includes: selecting a plurality of wind turbine components for load monitoring; defining a load envelope for each of the selected components and storing the load envelopes in a controller, the load envelopes defining a maximum... Agent: General Electric Company

20140284927 - Wind turbine generator, method of wind turbine generation, and program of the wind turbine generator: When a low voltage event occurs in a utility grid, a load on a spindle system is repressed so that a damage is prevented. A rotor having a plurality of wind turbine blades, a generator to be driven by rotation of the rotor, and a pitch angle controller for controlling... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140284928 - Harnessing electricity from controlled tornado: The invention described herein safely creates, sustains and controls tornado in a structurally sound, heat resistant tower for generation of electricity. Number of new inventions are described. The most unique is delivery of central super cold air via a duct. This feature will be a pull through thread to enhance... Agent: Research Energy LLC.

20140284929 - Concentration difference power generation device and method for operating same: A concentration-difference power generation apparatus in which high-concentration water and low-concentration water which differ in their concentrations are brought into contact with each other through a semi-permeable membrane unit including a semi-permeable membrane, and a resultant increase in an amount of the high-concentration water due to permeation of water from... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20140284933 - Deep water hydro-electric power system: A deep-water power generation system includes an initially evacuated enclosure having walls of suitable strength or reinforcement for maintaining its structural integrity thereof in deep-water pressures; a power axle extending through the enclosure from a north pole to below a south pole of the enclosure; preferably concave blades of a... Agent:

20140284934 - Energy generating unit: An energy generating unit for generating electric energy from water power is provided. At least one turbine system is installed in a conventional standard container in a channel which rungs in the standard container. The channel is arranged in the flow direction of a surrounding body of water. A fishway... Agent: Ksb Aktiengesellschaft

20140284930 - One and two-stage direct gas and steam screw expander generator system (dsg): A method and system for generating electrical power from geothermal, gas pressure let down, and/or heated waste steam sources utilizes a twin-screw compressor reversed to operate as an expander, wherein the expansion provides mechanical power than can be converted to electrical power utilizing a generator, without the need to utilize... Agent:

20140284931 - Power generation apparatus and power generation system: A power generation apparatus according to the present invention includes: an expander; a generator that includes a generator rotor driven by the expander and a stator disposed outside the generator rotor in the radial direction; and a casing that includes an expander chamber accommodating the expander and a generator chamber... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20140284932 - Turbine generator: The invention relates to the generation of electricity from flowing fluid and in the preferred embodiment to a horizontal axis turbine and generator assembly. The present invention is applicable to water turbines and the invention is described in relation to this application. It is however to be appreciated that it... Agent: University Of Southampton

09/18/2014 > 29 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140265348 - Instant entropy system: The instant invention is to a new fuel system, which will allow operation of large scale electrical power generating facilities at a fraction of the cost of coal or natural gas fueled facilities and will not produce significant heat, exhaust emission gases, or particulate pollution. Because of the nature of... Agent:

20140265349 - Multi-fuel engine: Internal combustion engines and methods of operating an internal combustion engine are provided. The engine may include double-ended pistons such that power strokes can be applied to drive the double-ended piston in both directions along the axis along which the piston reciprocates. In some engines, multiple pistons may be connected... Agent:

20140265347 - Universal cross hyperbaric, hybrid, thermal electric engine compressor, expander and universal mobility systems: The invention relates to the universal, and supreme cross hyperbaric, hybrid, direct transformation systems of any and all forms of thermal energies, directly in electric energy, based on the maximum absolute efficiency, of the thermodynamic, cross hyperbaric thermal electric engine, associated with all forms of operations and structures, including, general... Agent:

20140265351 - Method and apparatus for harvesting energy based on the random occurrence of common direction molecules: An energy collecting device is disclosed. For example, the energy collecting device comprises a plate layer having a plurality of perforations for receiving a plurality of molecules, a molecular energy collecting layer, coupled to the plate layer, having an impacting structure for receiving the plurality of molecules, and a substrate... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp.

20140265350 - System and method for generating electrical power: A system for generating electrical power, including a frame defining a vertical axis and a horizontal axis, and having a support base generally extending along the longitudinal axis. The support base has an input end and an output end. At least a first shear station includes a first shearing blade... Agent:

20140265326 - System, method, and apparatus for generating power from pressurized natural gas: Embodiments of the present disclosure provide systems and apparatus for generating power from pressurized natural gas. The system may include an on-site pressure turbine for using some of the available energy of the pressurized natural gas to power an air compressor and/or electric generator. The turbine is driven by the... Agent:

20140265327 - Systems and methods for variable speed operation of combustion engines: Certain embodiments of the disclosure may include systems and methods for variable speed operation of combustion engines. According to an example embodiment of the disclosure, a method is provided for controlling the operation of the combustion engine. The method can include providing power from a power source to a converter;... Agent: General Electric Company

20140265352 - Electrical system for a vehicle: A vehicle electrical system for a vehicle is described which includes an electrical energy source supplying a first vehicle electrical system branch and a second vehicle electrical system branch. The first vehicle electrical system branch include a first electrical consumer with an inrush current requirement and a first inductance connected... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140265353 - Adaptive variable speed genset control: A method of determining an optimal operating speed of a variable speed genset is provided. The method may include determining whether an actual operating speed of the genset approximates a desired operating speed, the desired operating speed being predetermined based on a measured load value associated with the genset, the... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140265354 - Generator set adaptive droop control method: A method of controlling a plurality of gensets during a failsafe condition is provided. The method may include operating one or more of the gensets according to a modified isochronous control scheme, and operating a remainder of the gensets according an adaptive droop control scheme. The modified isochronous control scheme... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140265328 - Electricity generating arrangement: An arrangement includes a secondary fluid conduit fitted to a primary fluid conduit which is fitted with a pressure reducing valve, a first isolating valve upstream, and a second isolating valve downstream. The secondary fluid conduit defines an inlet for allowing fluid flowing through the primary fluid conduit to enter... Agent:

20140265330 - Method and system for automatically stopping a wind turbine: A system and method for stopping a wind turbine in a battery charging circuit includes a step to terminate battery charging by opening a first switch between an electrical generator coupled to the wind turbine and the battery. A second switch between the electrical generator output terminals is then closed... Agent: Panacis Inc.

20140265329 - Method to de-ice wind turbines of a wind park: A method of de-icing wind turbines of a wind park is provided. At least a first wind turbine and a second wind turbine are assigned to the wind park. The first wind turbine produces a first electrical output power, which exceeds a first power threshold value. The second wind turbine... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140265331 - Alternator-starter assembly having gear reduction system: An alternator-starter assembly for an internal combustion engine having a crankshaft and a drive member operatively connected to the crankshaft. The alternator-starter assembly includes an electric machine, a transmission assembly, and a controller. The electric machine includes a stator and a rotor that is configured for rotation relative to the... Agent: Remy Technologies LLC

20140265332 - Electric machine in a motor vehicle having a rotational speed signal input: A method for operating an electric machine coupled to an internal combustion engine in a motor vehicle, the electric machine having a stator winding, a rotor winding, a field regulator assigned to the rotor winding and a current converter post-connected to the stator winding having controllable switching elements, in which... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140265334 - Energy generator powered by gym facility: An energy generator system for converting mechanical energy from a workout or otherwise physical environment to electricity. The energy generator is integrated within workout machines for converting the kinetic energy or mechanical energy to electricity. At least one battery or electricity storage device is provided wherein the electricity is stored... Agent:

20140265333 - Wood-gas power supply system with steady output voltage: An wood-gas power supply system include: a rectifier filter electrically coupled to a output power terminal of the wood-gas stove; a maximum power tracking circuit electrically coupled to the rectifier filter, providing a larger power; a feedback controller electrically coupled to the rectifier filter and the maximum power tracking circuit,... Agent: Chung Shan Institute Of Science And Technology, Armaments Bureau, M.n.d.

20140265337 - Archimedes screw turbine generator: An Archimedean screw turbine generator of increased efficiency is disclosed. Rather than having the helical flighting of the turbine perpendicular to the central torque tube, this design incorporates cupped or cambered flighting. This increases the turbine's overall efficiency, as well as its efficiency across a broad range of fluid flows.... Agent:

20140265336 - Shaft-less radial vane turbine generator: A generator having a coupling adapted to couple at least two fluid conduits together; an axial flow channel defined by the hose coupling and having an axis; a conductive coil in the hose coupling enveloping the axial flow channel; a rotor rotatable relative to the conductive coil and encircled by... Agent:

20140265335 - Ultra high efficiency power generation system and water turbine: An electrical generation system. A floating vessel is anchored in flowing water. Inlets in the hull of the vessel capture flowing water and direct the water to one or more turbines. The system is designed so that all flows are two-dimensional to the extent possible. The latter feature greatly simplifies... Agent:

20140265341 - Apparatus and method for generating electricity using gravity acceleration and buoyancy: Gravitational potential energy of a weight raised to a height is converted into kinetic energy and then into electricity, as the weight falls from the height. An apparatus includes a buoyant weight, a gravity fall chamber including a chain, a buoyancy chamber including a liquid, and a receiving portion connecting... Agent:

20140265338 - Asymmetric floats for wave energy conversion: A wave energy converter (WEC) includes a prismatic float having a quadrilateral-like cross section including a front plate, for facing incoming waves, a top plate, a bottom plate and a back plate. The front plate is connected at its top edge to the front end of the top plate which... Agent:

20140265340 - Maximizing output of a generator operating under the influence of wave motion by applying an optimum restoring force: A system and method for harnessing power associated with ocean waves and converting that power into electricity. The apparatus houses a vertically oriented central shaft, a pendulum, a generator, and other components that operate to optimize power output of the generator. Various operating parameters may be initially set and later... Agent: Neptune Wave Power LLC

20140265339 - Wave energy converter system: The invention is a wave energy device which optimizes energy conversion from waves with a stable submerged platform coupled to compliant chain of floats (“pods”) which are connected to the platform by piston pumps. Wave action drives pumps to deliver pressurized water to a hydro turbine coupled to an electric... Agent:

20140265343 - Electrical power generating system using a water wheel: There is provided a power generating system to recharge the batteries of a boat as the boat moves under power through a body of water. The electrical generating system having a relatively large water wheel connected to a boat. As the boat moves through the water, the water wheel turns... Agent:

20140265342 - Evaporative cooling system comprising energy recovery turbine(s): Energy recovery arrangements are described for evaporative cooling systems in which cooling water undergoes a pressure transition from a pressurized state to a pressure-reduced state at one or more pressure transition locations in the cooling system, with an energy recovery water turbine being positioned at at least one of the... Agent: Tempest Environmental Systems, Inc.

20140265346 - Low-profile power-generating wind turbine: A wind turbine is disclosed which uses energy in air moving relatively toward the turbine to focus and increase the velocity of air entering a turbine inlet air flow passage. The inlet flow passage discharges focused and accelerated air to blades of a rotor where the blades interact with that... Agent: Wattenberg Industries, LLC

20140265345 - Wind powered electrical generator having a variable speed clutch arrangement: The invention provides an apparatus configured to convert kinetic energy of wind flow into electric energy. The apparatus includes a mast, a primary electric generator mounted on the mast, a secondary electric generator mounted on the mast in a tandem arrangement with the primary electric generator, blades affixed to a... Agent:

20140265344 - Wind turbine with movable generator: An electrical generator 46 is driven by a circular rim 30 of a wind turbine 10 in response to atmospheric wind. The generator and its driving wheel 50 are supported on a tiltable platform 60 that is movable on a guide track 56 by linear actuator 66 in response to... Agent:

09/11/2014 > 24 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140252777 - Power generation system with controlled enclosure openings: A power generation system that includes a generator comprising an alternator and an internal combustion engine configured to drive the alternator to generate power. The power generation system may provide power one or more loads. The power generation system may further include an enclosure that houses the internal combustion and... Agent:

20140252766 - Shape changing wave energy converter: A wave energy converter is described that can change shape to mechanically tune itself to change the amount of water that the converter pushes up and down. In effect, the wave energy converter employs variable virtual added mass to tune the wave energy converter to the waves, thereby increasing the... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20140252767 - Power generation apparatus and power generation method: A power generation apparatus according to the present invention includes: an induction generator; a switch that opens or closes an electrical connection path connecting the induction generator to an electrical path in which an alternating current of a predetermined frequency flows; a control unit that controls the opening and closing... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20140252768 - Method of controlling a wind turbine generator and apparatus for controlling electric power generated by a wind turbine generator: A method of controlling a wind turbine generator is provided, the wind turbine generator converting mechanical energy to electrical. The method comprises: determining an electromagnetic power reference representing the electromagnetic power generated by the wind turbine generator, wherein the electromagnetic power reference is determined based on a desired output of... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20140252769 - Gas turbine engine with internal electromechanical device: A gas turbine engine including high and low pressure shafts, an electromechanical device having a rotor and a stator coupled such that the rotor is rotatable with respect to the stator, the rotor having a device gear secured thereto, the device being secured to a support structure in a bearing... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20140252770 - Split collar mountable wind turbine: A split collar mountable turbine is assembled in two separate halves and circumferentially attachable around existing structures. Top and bottom attachment rings each comprise first and second arcuate elements adapted to interconnect circumferentially about an axis to form two rings formed in spaced relation. A fan blade housing ring adapted... Agent: Lilu Energy, Inc.

20140252771 - Energy recovery apparatus for a refrigeration system: An energy recovery apparatus for use in a refrigeration system, comprises an intake port, a nozzle, a turbine and a discharge port. The intake port is adapted to be in fluid communication with a condenser of a refrigeration system. The nozzle comprises a necked-down region and a tube portion. The... Agent:

20140252772 - Spiral turbine operating on pressure principle: An apparatus of a gas turbine for the purpose of converting the pressure and temperature energy of a gas into rotational kinetic energy of a turbine; through an axial injection of such gas into the center of flat disks to perform work as the gas moves outward in one or... Agent: Monarch Power Corp.

20140252776 - High-altitude wind power generation system with cycloidal turbine and motor-generator, and method of operating the same: A high-altitude wind power generation system with a cycloidal turbine and a motor-generator, and a method of operating the same. The system includes a buoyant apparatus configured to be inflated when buoyancy generating gas is injected therein; a cycloidal turbine configured to be placed under the buoyant apparatus, and comprise... Agent: Korea Aerospace Research Institute

20140252773 - Split collar mountable wind turbine: The present invention relates to a split collar mountable turbine that can be assembled in two separate halves and adapted to be attached circumferentially around existing structures such as electrical pole, light poles and traffic poles. Top and bottom attachment rings each comprise first and second arcuate elements adapted to... Agent: Lilu Energy, Inc.

20140252775 - Wind turbine transformer: A transformer assembly for a wind turbine is described. The transformer assembly includes a liquid-filled main transformer and an auxiliary transformer connected on the high-voltage side of the main transformer. The auxiliary transformer benefits from improved power quality in this configuration.... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20140252774 - Wind, solar, and magnetic electrical generation system: The invention provides a system, apparatus and method for generating continuous electricity from a variety of sources, using high torque, high efficiency motors, and optionally a wind turbine to operate at least one generator.... Agent:

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