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Prime-mover dynamo plants

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04/16/2015 > 5 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150102606 - Electric generator system: An electric generator system includes a rotatable shaft that is configured to rotate about a central longitudinal axis of the shaft, and a pilot permanent magnet generator (PMG) mounted to the shaft such that the pilot PMG is configured to rotate about the central longitudinal axis with the rotatable shaft.... Agent: General Electric Company

20150102603 - Method and device for supplying a measurement electronics system with electrical energy: A method and a device for supplying a measurement electronics system in a fitting, through which a fluid flows, with electrical energy, which is generated in a turbine by the fluid flowing through the filling, wherein the flow quantities and pressures vary within wide boundaries, typically 1:1000. A pressure control... Agent:

20150102602 - Power generating device: Provided is a power generating device capable of effectively cooling an expander, a power generator, and a control device even in the outdoors. In the power generating device, an expander driven by steam, a power generator coupled with and driven by the output shaft of the expander, and a control... Agent: Yanmar Co., Ltd.

20150102604 - Energy from ocean waves: The invention provides a very cost effective and very simple option to generate energy from ocean waves with minimum investment possible. It basically is a round shaped floating object with multiple generators on edge evenly part from one another. Each generator tied to the ocean floor with cable on angel.... Agent:

20150102605 - Generator for a gearless wind power installation: The invention concerns a generator for a gearless wind power installation, with a stator and a runner, whereby the stator and/or the runner have windings made of aluminum.... Agent: Wobben Properties Gmbh

04/09/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150097374 - Power generation device and shoe equipment having power generation device: A power generation device includes a first pivot arm having a shank extendable in a predetermined direction, and a rack arranged along the predetermined direction, wherein the shank has a slot between the rack and an end portion of the shank; a second pivot arm having a first end portion... Agent:

20150097371 - System and method for controlling rotational dynamics of a power generator: An electromagnetic braking system includes an electrically conductive disc coupled to a rotatable shaft of a power generation system. The rotatable shaft is operatively coupled to a prime mover and a generator. The electromagnetic braking system further includes an inducting unit for applying an electromagnetic braking torque on the electrically... Agent:

20150097372 - Three phase flux switching generator in a three stage wound field synchronous machine: A brushless, three phase wound field synchronous machine (WFSM) provides an electromechanical power transfer system wherein it may serve as both a starter and a generator. Power for the excitation system of the WFSM is provided by a three phase flux switching generator (FSG). The three phase FSG also provides... Agent:

20150097375 - Auxiliary mesh type starter: An auxiliary mesh type starter, comprising a motor, an electromagnetic switch connected with the motor and relays connected with the electromagnetic switch, wherein the electromagnetic switch comprises a holding coil, an attracting coil, a stop seat arranged at the rear end parts of the holding coil and the attracting coil,... Agent:

20150097376 - Method of operating an internal combustion engine coupled to a generator: A method of operating an internal combustion engine coupled to a generator in the event of a grid fault of a power supply grid connected to the generator, in particular in the event of a dynamic grid voltage drop, wherein the internal combustion engine includes a turbocharger having a compressor... Agent:

20150097373 - System for automatic power estimation adjustment: An automatic adjustment system for a variable-speed wind turbine is provided, having a power vector generator for generating a power vector (Pvec) of wind turbine output power; a mapping unit for establishing relationships (βvec, ωvec) between wind turbine output power and rotational speed and pitch angle on the basis of... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

04/02/2015 > 8 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150091308 - Method and structure for applying frequency resonance in automobile kinetic power generation: A method for applying frequency resonance to electric power generation implemented by using the kinetic energy of a vehicle includes, a sprung vehicle body, through a free vibration at an inherent frequency thereof, exciting a hollow heavy-object supporting plate to have frequency resonance or effective vibration, in which the sprung... Agent:

20150091301 - Units and methods for energy storage: The invention relates to a pumped storage power plant (1) comprising at least one lower storage space (11) that is arranged underground and at least one upper storage space (12) that is separate from the lower storage space and arranged above ground or underground, wherein the lower storage space (11)... Agent: Nasser Berg Energie Gmbh

20150091302 - Wind power generation system, method for controlling wind power generation system, rotary electric machine system, and control device for rotary electric machine: A wind power generation system according to an aspect of an embodiment includes a rotary electric machine and a temperature rise control unit. The temperature rise control unit causes winding of the rotary electric machine to be energized so that the temperature of the rotary electric machine is raised.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150091304 - Energy-capturing floating breakwater: Disclosed is a single degree of freedom (DOF) apparatus of extremely high efficiency, which also serves as an effective floating breakwater. The apparatus comprises a unique asymmetric heaving floating body that exhibits minimal influence from viscosity effects. The asymmetric heaving floating body is coupled to a Permanent Magnet Linear Generator... Agent:

20150091303 - Wings variable tidal and wind power generator increased generation efficiency: Disclosed herein is a variable blade type tidal and wind power generator with increased generation efficiency. The tidal and wind power generator includes an installation frame (10), a vertical rotating shaft (20), blade installation bars (30) and (30′), support rings (40) and (40′), vertical support rods (50); rotor blades (60)... Agent:

20150091305 - Multiple oscillation-type generator: A multiple oscillation-type generator includes: a first reciprocating member arranged inside a fluid and configured to reciprocate by means of lifting force, lowering force, or flow energy resulting from the fluid; a second reciprocating member arranged inside the fluid at a distance from the first reciprocating member and configured to... Agent:

20150091306 - System and method for downhole power generation using a direct drive permanent magnet machine: A system and method for generation of electrical energy by a downhole tool in a wellbore. A downhole tool for use in a wellbore includes a housing and a power generation system disposed within the housing. The power generation system includes a power section and an axial flux generator. The... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20150091307 - Wind power generation system: A wind power generation system includes: blades configured to be rotated by wind; a generator configured to be driven by the rotation of the blades to generate power; a nacelle supporting the blades; and a tower supporting the nacelle rotatably. The wind power generation system is configured to receive the... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 10 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150084344 - Apparatus for road vehicles: An apparatus for road vehicles includes a sealed housing (07) which mounts the shafts (11 & 12) in bearings (10). Closed chain or belt loops (13) are driven by sprockets or pulleys (29) which are supported on the shafts (11 & 12) by one direction clutch bearings (09) such that... Agent:

20150084345 - Motor vehicle electrical system and method for operating a motor vehicle electrical system: A motor vehicle electrical system, wherein a control unit senses or detects a start-stop command for the internal combustion engine, wherein when a start-stop command is sensed or detected a switching element is switched into the first switching state and the voltage at the DC/DC output, which is connected to... Agent: Volkswagen Ag

20150084346 - Power generation control system, power generation apparatus, and control method for rankine cycle system: A power generation control system includes a converter and a controller. The converter controls a generator of a Rankine cycle system, the Rankine cycle system including an expander, the generator, which is interconnected to the expander, a pump which feeds a working fluid, and an evaporator which evaporates a working... Agent:

20150084337 - System and method for controlling switching elements within a single-phase bridge circuit: In one aspect, a method for controlling the operation of switching elements contained within a single-phase bridge circuit of a power convertor may include monitoring gate voltages of a first switching element and a second switching element of the single-phase bridge circuit and controlling the first and second switching elements... Agent: General Electric Company

20150084338 - Wind turbine providing grid support: A variable speed wind turbine is arranged to provide additional electrical power to counteract non-periodic disturbances in an electrical grid. A controller monitors events indicating a need to increase the electrical output power from the wind turbine to the electrical grid. The controller is arranged to control the wind turbine... Agent:

20150084339 - Hybrid energy system and method: A hybrid energy system includes a (GTG) configured to provide a full-load power output and a storage device configured to store energy. The hybrid energy system includes a generator step-up transformer, wherein the GTG and the storage device are electrically co-located on a low side of the generator step-up transformer.... Agent:

20150084340 - Load apparatus and method of using same: A load apparatus generally comprises a load that converts mechanical rotational energy to electrical energy. A rotor assembly is coupled to the load and includes a rotor shaft having at least one end portion with at least one extension portion that extends radially outwardly from a surface of the rotor... Agent:

20150084343 - Electric generator arrangement and method for reducing a rotor eccentricity: An electric generator arrangement with a stator being equipped with at least two opposed phase windings, each winding comprising at least two sub-windings in series is provided. The arrangement also comprises a controlled varistor across the connections of the sub-windings of said opposed phase windings. A current imbalance between two... Agent:

20150084342 - Permanent magnet rotary electrical machine and wind-power generation system:

20150084341 - Vertical axis turbine and constructions employing same: A building with an integrated wind-powered electricity generation system includes a plurality of floors, wherein each of the plurality of floors includes usable space. The building further includes a vacuum space between adjacent ones of the plurality of floors and a plurality of vertical axis wind turbines, wherein each of... Agent: Air Era Technologies, LLC

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