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Prime-mover dynamo plants

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02/05/2015 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150035285 - Electric unit for a pumped-storage power plant: A pumped-storage power plant, such as an electric unit can include a frequency converter and a rotating electric synchronous machine, the machine being provided in a cavern. The frequency converter can include at least two elements which can be used as inverters or as rectifiers according to the operating mode... Agent:

20150035277 - Gas power plant: A method for operating a gas power plant is provided, having a gas turbine which has a compressor stage and a turbine stage, and is connected to a generator via an axle, wherein the generator is designed to also be operated as a motor, wherein the method involves the operation... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150035278 - Distributed auxiliary power unit: Various methods and systems are provided for an auxiliary power unit. In one embodiment, an auxiliary power unit comprises a plurality of independent modules configured to be installed in respective different locations within a rail vehicle or other vehicle. Each module of the plurality of independent modules is configured to... Agent:

20150035286 - Methods of operating dual fed systems: A method of operating a dual fed system is described where power is supplied to a electrical load from first and second ac busbars at a ratio that achieves a desired level of exhaust emissions such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon dioxide (CO2) and other pollutants produced by the prime... Agent: Ge Energy Power Conversion Technology Ltd.

20150035287 - Block loading of generator set: Method of operating a generator set, comprising a combustion engine with a drive shaft coupleable with a generator to supply electrical power, and at least one internal appliance coupleable to the drive shaft creating resistance to the drive shaft, particularly a fan, wherein a rotary speed of the drive shaft... Agent:

20150035279 - Wave energy conversion system: The Wave Energy Conversion System is a fresh or salt water wave induced land based system to convert wave action into circular power for compressed air, water pump, hydraulic oil pump and/or by attaching same to one or more high voltage generators. The system is capable of extracting tremendous power... Agent:

20150035280 - Device for the adjustment and stabilization of wind turbines: This invention pertains to a device by which electrical wind turbine generators are aligned to the wind by means of a wheel or wheels operated by electrical or hydraulic power, said wheel or wheels being in contact with the ground. The present invention also increases the stability of electrical wind... Agent:

20150035282 - Power control system of an electrical generation unit description: The present invention can be included in the technical field of power control systems of electrical generation units comprising a supervisory regulation link applicable to a generation unit which calculates operating parameters or orders based on temporary averages of the power measurement.... Agent:

20150035281 - Smart power management during voltage dip in wind turbines: The present invention is directed to a method of reducing a mechanical load on the occurrence of voltage dip in the wind turbines. The wind turbine generator controller and the converter control unit work in combination to control the oscillation generated due to voltage dip in the wind turbine 100.... Agent: Gamesa Innovation & Technology, S.l.

20150035283 - Wave power generating apparatus: This disclosure relates to a wave power generating apparatus capable of operating a generator with a tidal motion and wave energy of the tide to be converted into electric energy, and more particularly, to a wave power generating apparatus capable of generating power by transmitting a rotating force to a... Agent:

20150035284 - Power conversion system and method: An exemplary power conversion system includes a first power conversion module, a second power conversion module, and a controller. The first power conversion module includes a first source side converter, a first load side converter, and a first DC link coupled between the first source side converter and the second... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 13 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150028597 - Swashplateless coaxial rotary wing aircraft: A main rotor system of an aircraft is provided including a first rotor coupled to a transmission and configured to rotate about an axis in a first direction. A second rotor is similarly coupled to the transmission and is configured to rotate about the axis in a second direction. At... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20150028598 - Magnetic power generation: A magnetic power generating machine, including a central magnet, which is configured to traverse a path having first and second ends, and is connected by a linkage to rotate a shaft as the central magnet traverses the path, first and second side magnets, which are respectively disposed adjacent to the... Agent:

20150028588 - Generator system and method of operation: A generator system includes an AC generator having one or more phases; a transformer having the same number of phase as the generator; for each phase of the AC generator, a capacitive element having a first terminal electrically connected to an output winding of the AC generator and a second... Agent:

20150028599 - Electromagnetic relay: An electromagnetic relay for starting a motor of a starter includes a resistor to reduce an activation current that flows through the motor from a battery for activation of the motor, a relay contact that causes the starting current to flow while bypassing the resistor, a relay coil that forms... Agent:

20150028600 - Method for limiting an inrush current in an electrical power circuit of a motor vehicle starter, and corresponding electrical circuit, current limiter and starter: A method for limiting an inrush current, which is implemented in an electrical power circuit (1) of a motor vehicle starter (15). The starter includes an electromagnetic contactor (12) and an electric motor (7) comprising motor windings (6) having a rated inductance (L0). The method consists in controlling the rate... Agent:

20150028589 - Underwater power generator with dual blade sets: A power generation apparatus for generating power from water flows is described. The power generation apparatus includes: a generator; a first blade set operatively mounted to the generator for rotation in a selected direction in response to flowing water from a selected direction; a second blade set operatively mounted to... Agent: Atlantis Resources Corporation Pte Limited

20150028590 - Modular electric generator for variable speed turbines: An electric power generation system may be constructed of multiple similar generator modules arranged between a rotor and a stator. The rotor may be coupled to and/or integrated with a turbine that is configured to rotate in the presence of a fluid stream such as wind or water. Each generator... Agent: Unimodal Systems LLC

20150028593 - Operating method for a wind park: The present invention concerns a method of operating a wind park having a plurality of wind power installations. A wind power installation includes an electrical energy storage means associated with the wind power installation to store electrical energy which is consumed for starting up the wind power installation after stoppage... Agent:

20150028592 - Power generating apparatus exploiting wind energy and method for operating thereof: The invention is on the one hand a power generating apparatus exploiting wind energy, comprising a body (10), a main rotor unit (12) comprising a front rotating part being fitted with front blades being adjustable at an angle, and a rear rotating part being fitted with rear blades adjustable at... Agent: Elite Account Kft.

20150028591 - Vertical axis windmill with a deceleration control system: A vertical axis windmill with a deceleration control system includes: a stationary shaft, a rotary shaft rotatably sleeved onto the stationary shaft, plural blades fixed to the rotary shaft, and a generator disposed between the stationary shaft and the rotary shaft. The deceleration control system includes a damping plate, a... Agent: Hi-vawt Technology Corp.

20150028594 - Reversible electrical machine for an aircraft: A reversible electrical machine (1) comprising: a first electrical device (10) having a first stator (11) and a first rotor (12); a second electrical device (20) including a second rotor (22) and a second stator (21) together with an outlet shaft (50) and first disengageable coupling means (30) enabling said... Agent: Eurocopter

20150028595 - Device for converting wave energy into mechanical energy: A wave power plant for extracting power from the wave movement of a water surface area, said wave power plant comprising a frame construction in which at least one rotor is journalled, and wherein the rotor is suspended in the frame construction on a rotor shaft which is, in the... Agent:

20150028596 - Electric power generation assembly: An electric power generation assembly includes a frame, an intake unit, an air storage unit, two water tanks, two pulling units and a power generating unit. The intake unit has an air bag to which an inhale tube and an exhale tube are connected. The air storage unit has an... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 14 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150021923 - Gravity-assisted rotational mechanism and generator device cooperating therewith: A gravity-assisted rotational mechanism and a generator device cooperating therewith. The gravity-assisted rotational mechanism includes multiple concentric rotational members having different sizes and rotatable about the same rotational center, several link members having equal weights for driving the same, and at least one connection member for pivotally connecting the rotational... Agent:

20150021924 - System and a method of operating a plurality of geothermal heat extraction borehole wells: A system and method of operation are shown where the system includes a plurality of geothermal wells, each well having a heat exchanger therein including closed cycle system piping to and from the surface, each well having plurality of appendages drilled in multiple directions in relation to the central borehole... Agent: Gtherm Inc.

20150021925 - Method to control temperature of engine of generator system: A method to control temperature of an engine of a generator system during a load test is provided. The generator system includes a generator, one of a liquid load bank and an air resistive load bank, a reversible fan, and a heat exchanger. The method includes heating of the engine... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150021914 - Apparatus and method for reducing current ripple in double fed induction wind power generating system: The present invention relates to an apparatus and a method for reducing current ripple in a double fed induction wind power generating system. More particularly, the apparatus comprises: a ripple current sensing unit for classifying the current of a rotor of a generator into normal current and ripple current which... Agent:

20150021915 - Apparatus and systems which generate electric power from wind: An apparatus comprising: (a) a bladeless rotatable element with a smooth outer surface, said rotatable element connected to a drive mechanism; and (b) a dynamo powered by said drive mechanism so as to output an electric current.... Agent: Re10 Ltd.

20150021912 - Method and arrangement for controlling a wind turbine: It is described a method and an arrangement for controlling a wind turbine (811) having a rotor (813) and being connected to a utility grid (831), the method comprising: increasing a rotational speed (205) of the rotor from a typical rotational speed (209, 505) to an increased rotational speed (211,... Agent:

20150021913 - Solar powered wind turbine apparatus for reducing or eliminating wind cut-in speed: A method and an apparatus are provided for initiating rotation of blades of a wind turbine when wind speed is less than a cut-in speed. A solar powered wind turbine apparatus includes a solar dome with photovoltaic cells, operably connected to a rotor assembly, and an electric motor. The photovoltaic... Agent:

20150021916 - Vehicle and method of controlling vehicle: A vehicle (100) includes a motor generator (130) generating driving power for running the vehicle (100), and an ECU (300) for controlling the motor generator (130). The ECU (300) causes driving power variation operation to be performed on the motor generator (130) in which the motor generator is switched between... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150021917 - Power generating apparatus: A power generating apparatus is provided. The power generating apparatus includes a body portion having an inner volume, the body portion having an intake on one end of the body portion and an outlet on an opposing end. The power generating device also includes a rotor operatively coupled within the... Agent:

20150021918 - Device for conversion of mechanical energy from sea waves to electric energy: Device (100) for conversion of mechanical energy from sea waves to electric energy, characterized by:—at least a float (101) and two rigid rods (102), (103), preferably anchored at one end to the seabed (108), and at the other end to the float (101) through flexible cables (106), (107); two respective... Agent:

20150021920 - Hydroelectric generator: This invention is made of a rotational hollow blade (11) turbine, which can be installed in watercourses for power generation. This system may include up to six propellers placed in hexagon shape, since this is the recommended shape for a better collection of the river flow, so that their movement... Agent:

20150021919 - Multi-megawatt ocean current energy extraction device: An underwater apparatus for generating electric power from ocean currents and deep water tides. A submersible platform including two or more power pods, each having a rotor with fixed-pitch blades, with drivetrains housed in pressure vessels that are connected by a transverse structure providing buoyancy, which can be a wing... Agent: Aquantis, Inc.

20150021921 - Power generating hydroconveyor: Hydroconveyors are described which utilize magnetic levitation or magnetic suspension to support a collection of conveyor elements. The hydroconveyors are located above or partially within a flowstream such as a river. Additional versions of the hydroconveyors are described which include velocity increasing waterways located upstream of an end of the... Agent:

20150021922 - Modular alternative energy unit: A wind energy apparatus is made up of a plurality of modular wind energy devices or units. Each unit has a housing and at least two turbines mounted on the housing. Each of the turbines has a blade set extending upward from the housing. Each blade set has a vertical... Agent: Windstream Technologies, Inc.

01/15/2015 > 8 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150014991 - Apparatus and method for generating power: An apparatus (100) couples to a vehicle (101) movable in relation to a medium (103). The vehicle (101) comprises a vehicle wheel (105) attached to an axle (107). The apparatus (100) comprises a driving wheel (110) configured to couple to the vehicle wheel (105) or to a vehicle axle (107)... Agent:

20150014998 - Method and apparatus for efficient fuel consumption: A method for efficient fuel consumption comprises recharging batteries or operating a device carrying out a task, with an engine through an electrical connection. The method also includes monitoring at least one of (i) current in the electrical connection, (ii) voltage of the batteries, and (iii) length of time of... Agent:

20150014992 - Operating wind turbines as damping loads: A control device, method, and computer program for a wind park are provided, the wind park having a plurality of wind turbines for generating electric power, wherein the wind turbines are electrically interconnected by a wind park grid. The control device includes (a) a determining unit for determining whether a... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150014993 - Overrun protection for wind turbines: A braking system for a turbine of a wind powered includes a hydraulic machine connected to a drive shaft of the turbine. A pressure regulating valve in the supply line of the hydraulic machine determines the pressure delivered to the supply line by the hydraulic machine. A control that is... Agent: Orenda Energy Solutions Inc.

20150014995 - Marine power generating system and marine power generating method: [Solution] As an example of a water intake structure (10), a sea surface floatation object, floats on the sea by buoyancy, and has an aperture part (12) through which seawater is taken therein. A water guide pipe (20) is underwater, which secures a space underwater. One end of the water... Agent:

20150014994 - Vehicle recuperator: An engine may have a recuperator that may be powered by an electrical generator driven by the engine. The recuperator may be disposed within or incorporated into a compressor discharge of the engine, such as in the form of a vane or tube. The engine may be configured to operate... Agent: Rolls-royce North American Technologies, Inc.

20150014996 - Energy plant and parts of an energy plant: The invention pertains to underwater energy plants utilizing water movement due to e.g. waves, tide or stream. The invention also relates to parts of such a plant, namely an underwater wing for capturing wave energy, apparatus to convert the mechanical energy to electrical energy, and a connector for transferring the... Agent: Subsea-energy Oy

20150014997 - Machine for recovering energy from a waste heat flow of an internal combustion engine in a vehicle having a working medium circuit: A working medium circuit that includes a conveyor unit, a heat exchanger, an expansion unit, and a condenser, includes a device for recovering energy from a waste heat flow of an internal combustion engine in a vehicle. A Clausius-Rankine cycle is carried out within the working medium circuit, and the... Agent:

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