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Prime-mover dynamo plants

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08/07/2014 > 18 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140217745 - Systeme de commande pour regulation multivariable de centrale thermique a flamme: Control system for multivariable regulation of a fossil fuel power station comprising: —a boiler (103) and auxiliaries assembly (102), with a fuel supply (GC), which is the heat source of a circuit for fluid in steam phase over part of said circuit, said steam supplying —a turbine (114) at a... Agent:

20140217746 - Method for regulating the operation of a generator set: The present invention relates to a method for regulating the injection of fuel into a combustion engine of an electric generator set including an alternator driven by the electric motor, the electric generator set including at least one sensor sensing the speed of the combustion engine and using a control... Agent: Moteurs Leroy-somer

20140217730 - Power dissipating arrangement in a wind turbine: A power dissipating arrangement for dissipating power from a generator in a wind turbine is provided. The generator comprises a plurality of output terminals corresponding to a multi-phase output. The power dissipating arrangement comprises a plurality of dissipating units, a plurality of semiconductor switches, a trigger circuit for switching the... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20140217729 - Remote sensing system for wind turbines: Embodiments of the invention generally relate to using remote sensing equipment such as a Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) device to detect wind characteristics for use by wind turbines of a wind park. A wind park controller may received raw wind data from the remote sensing device and determine one... Agent: Vestas Wins Systems A/s

20140217731 - Wind turbine generator, method, and program thereof: A rotor having a plurality of wind turbine blades, a generator to be driven by rotation of the rotor, a pitch angle controller for controlling a pitch angle of the wind turbine blades according to a speed of a generator, and a comparing and selecting section are provided. When the... Agent:

20140217732 - Small turbines in water reclamation facilities for generation of electricity: Turbine assemblies including small turbines coupled to generators are sequentially located in a fast-flowing treatment channel of a water reclamation facility. Each turbine assembly may include a vertical turbine shaft mounted on a brace suspended above water level, with the turbine blades submerged in the flow. The distal end of... Agent:

20140217735 - Ocean wave generator and ocean wave generator system: An ocean wave generator device, comprising: a first buoy, a first flared opening, a second flared opening, and a generator component, wherein said first flared opening and second flared opening are respectively disposed on two sides of said generator component and are, along with said generator component, fixed to said... Agent:

20140217736 - Wave-driven power generation system: A wave-driven power generation system that uses a motor reducer to turn a rocker bar in moving wave-making barrels alternatively up and down, causing creation of water waves in water reservoirs so that float boards in the water reservoirs are moved by created water waves to rotate a transmission gearbox... Agent:

20140217734 - Wave-making and power-generating system: A wave-making and power-generating system uses a motor reducer to move a wave-making drum up and down in a water reservoir via a rocker arm, causing a float to rotate a power generator for generating electricity by a transmission mechanism via an inertial wheel set. A small amount of electricity... Agent:

20140217737 - Wave-power electricity generation system: The invention relates to a wave-power system for generating electricity, in which a pendular buoy captures the wave energy and transfers the movement unidirectionally to a flywheel inside a pressurised box. The shaft of the flywheel transmits the energy to a hydraulic pump and the hydraulic flow travels through flexible... Agent:

20140217733 - Waves weight based energy power generation system: e

20140217739 - Electricity generation device and method: There is disclosed a device and method for the generation of zero emission electricity that can be used to provide load balancing and emergency support to a electricity distribution network or back up electricity to a critical consumer such as a hospital or data centre. The system uses a cryogenic... Agent: Highview Enterprises Limited

20140217738 - Water turbine: A hydroelectric machine and system is disclosed comprising an electric generator and water turbine configured for direct immersion into a naturally flowing body of water such as the ocean, stream, or a tidal basin. In one embodiment, the water turbine includes a rotor having plurality of pivotably moveable blades which... Agent:

20140217744 - Air cooling of wind turbine generator: A wind turbine axial flux generator for converting wind into electricity comprises: a generator rotor which is rotatable about an axis; and a stator; wherein one of said generator rotor and said stator is provided with magnets and the other is provided with electrical windings in which electricity is induced... Agent: Sway Turbine As

20140217742 - Power management system: Systems for increasing the power productivity of two bladed teetering hinge, yaw controlled wind turbines by varying rotor shaft restraining torque and yaw angle.... Agent: Condor Wind Energy Limited

20140217743 - Power transmission device: A power transmission device includes: a high speed magnet rotor which includes a magnet array which is magnetized in a radial direction; a low speed magnet rotor which includes a magnet array which is magnetized in a circumferential direction; and an inductor rotor which allows magnetic fluxes from the magnet... Agent: Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd.

20140217741 - System for twisting cables in a wind turbine tower: The invention relates to a wind turbine having a wind turbine tower and a nacelle provided on top of the tower to which a rotor hub with one or more wind turbine blades is rotatably mounted. A cable twisting system is arranged inside the tower and suspended from the bottom... Agent: Envision Energy (denmark) Aps

20140217740 - Variable wing venturi generator: A variable wing venturi generator and a housing for the same are presented. The invention allows for improved efficiency in wind generation. The device accelerates wind speed between a pair of adjustable venturi wings and is especially suited for low wind conditions.... Agent:

07/31/2014 > 18 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 12 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140203568 - Electrical generator: [Solution] A electrical generator (1) has: a rotating body (2) that rotates in a vertical plane about a rotating shaft (21) supported substantially horizontally; a rotation drive means (3) for rotating the rotating body (2); a plurality of power generation motors (4) disposed at equal intervals on the same circular... Agent:

20140203567 - Electrical generator and method of generating electricity: An environmentally friendly and efficient electrical generator and system for and method of generating electricity comprises a source of power having one or more batteries, an electric motor powered by the batteries, a hydraulic pump operated by the motor to pressurize a fluid, a first hydraulic motor powered by the... Agent:

20140203557 - System and method for extending minimum turn down load of combined cycle power plant: A system including a gas turbine system and an electrolysis unit configured to produce a hydrogen gas for reducing a minimum emissions compliance load of the gas turbine system.... Agent: General Electric Company

20140203558 - Kinetic energy harvesting using cyber-physical systems: The present invention provides a system for engaging a fluid flow. The system comprising one or more foil members operationally connected to a feedback control loop system. In one embodiment, the foil member is a hydrofoil member or an airfoil member. The foil members are configured for one or more... Agent: Brown University

20140203559 - Connection for improved current balancing between parallel bridge circuits: A connection for parallel bridge circuits in a power converter is provided. In particular, a power converter can be used to provide a desired power to a load, such as a generator, motor, electrical grid, or other suitable load. The power converter can include a plurality of bridge circuits coupled... Agent: General Electric Company

20140203562 - System and method for controlling a wind turbine including conrolling yaw or other parameters: A system and method for controlling a wind turbine, including controlling yaw or other parameters. In accordance with an embodiment, each of several basic operating parameters of a wind turbine can be measured to provide turbine operating parameters, including both turbine current parameters and turbine operating extremes. Key operating parameters... Agent: Xzeres Corp.

20140203563 - System and method for controlling power output from a wind turbine or wind power plant: A LIDAR or other remote sensing apparatus is mounted on a wind turbine to sense one or more wind parameters. An extreme event detector processing signals from the LIDAR to determine whether a given sensed parameter will, when it arrives at the turbine, exceed a predetermined value and represent an... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20140203561 - Variable input synchronous output drivetrain for wind turbine: A wind turbine drivetrain is disclosed. The wind turbine drivetrain includes a planetary gearbox. The planetary gearbox includes a carrier rotatably driven at a first input rotational speed, and a planet gear rotatably mounted to the carrier. The planetary gearbox further includes a sun gear rotatably coupled to the planet... Agent: General Electric Company

20140203560 - Wind turbine and method for adjusting rotor blade pitch angle in wind turbine: Wind turbines and methods for adjusting pitch angles of rotor blades in wind turbines are provided. A method includes monitoring an operational value of the wind turbine, and providing the operational value to a controller, the controller utilizing a proportional integral derivative control algorithm to adjust the pitch angle. The... Agent: General Electric Company

20140203564 - Platform for generating electricity from flowing fluid using generally prolate turbine: A platform-like device for generating electricity from moving fluids has two has at least two fluid turbines coupled to one another through a frame. The fluid turbines are adapted to rotate in opposite directions. The fluid turbines also provide buoyancy for the platform so that the platform is self supporting... Agent: Natural Power Concepts, Inc.

20140203565 - System and methodology for a wind turbine: A wind turbine having discrete sets of magnets on the turbine support and the turbine rotor, creating repelling forces and spaces therebetween. The reduction of friction between the turbine rotor and the turbine support allows for an increase in energy production and scale of the wind turbines.... Agent:

20140203566 - Wind turbine: A wind turbine is provided to overcome the low conversion rates of existing thermal wind turbines, which are unable to meet the growing demand for power. A wind turbine tower (7) is provided with a shaft (3) that extends vertically from the bottom or the middle of the tower to... Agent:

07/17/2014 > 8 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140197642 - Gravity and bouyancy engine driven generator: An apparatus which generates electric power from a combination of gravity forces and the inherent buoyancy of the collapsible and expandable bellow skit chamber body immersed in a fluid thus the amount of buoyancy a object has is based on the liquid the object displaces and the weight of the... Agent:

20140197643 - Energy transforming unit for distance measurement sensor: The subject invention relates to an air spring (1) with a distance measurement sensor (100), an energy transforming unit (200), a first mounting element (10) being adapted for being mounted to a first vehicle portion (2) and a second mounting element (20) being adapted for being mounted to a second... Agent: Veyance Technologies, Inc.

20140197644 - Power system: A power system may include a power generation component and a sensor configured to measure a parameter. The power system may also include a controller in communication with the power generation component and the sensor. The controller may be configured to run the power generation component in an exercise mode... Agent: Kohler Co

20140197637 - Wave power generation device and method of controlling the same: A wave power generation device has a controller which controls a torque of a power generator, and the controller has a configuration in which a displacement and a speed of a float are estimated from data of a rotation number or a rotation speed of the power generator, a wave... Agent: Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

20140197638 - Control system of variable speed pumped storage hydropower system and method of controlling the same: In one embodiment, a control system of a variable speed pumped storage hydropower system includes an optimization processing unit configured to calculate a flow rate adjusting valve opening demand value and a first command value, a speed control unit configured to generate a secondary current active power component command value... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140197640 - Hydroelectric power generating system: The hydroelectric power generating system incorporates a man-made dam structure configured to completely enclose a body of water. The dam is preferably filled by pumping seawater into the reservoir defined by the encircling dam. A circumferential canal feeds water to one or more penstocks. Each penstock has one or more... Agent:

20140197641 - Hydroelectric power generating system: The hydroelectric power generating system incorporates a man-made dam structure configured to completely enclose a body of water. The dam is preferably filled by pumping seawater into the reservoir defined by the encircling dam. A circumferential canal feeds water to one or more penstocks. Each penstock has one or more... Agent:

20140197639 - Turbine-based energy generation system with dc output: An energy generation system includes a turbine, an electric generator, a step-up transformer, and a converter. The turbine is operable to extract energy from a fluid flow and convert the extracted energy into mechanical energy. The electric generator is operable to convert the mechanical energy from the turbine into AC... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

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