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Prime-mover dynamo plants

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05/21/2015 > 8 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150137524 - Electric generator: Electric generator comprising a plurality of symmetrical articulated arms that act as a lever on plunger/piston assemblies to pressurize a fluid used to drive a turbine.... Agent:

20150137525 - Electric generator: An electric generator includes a wheel coupled to an axle of a vehicle which includes battery. A rotator is fixedly mounted to the wheel and includes a series of magnets positioned so that the north pole of one magnet abuts the south pole of an adjacent magnet. A stator is... Agent:

20150137518 - Method of operating a wind park: A method of operating a wind park having a plurality of wind turbines is provided. The method includes determining a grid condition indicator indicative of the condition of a grid into which the wind park feeds; determining a first maximum power value of the wind park on the basis of... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150137519 - Wind power plant frequency control: The present invention relates to a method of operating a wind power plant, with at least one wind turbine generator connected to an electrical grid, wherein the method comprises the steps of monitoring a frequency parameter and comparing it with a frequency set point, as to select a low or... Agent:

20150137520 - Wind-power-plant control upon low-voltage grid faults: A wind power plant connected to an electric grid. A central plant controller is configured to carry out a method of controlling an electric output of the wind power plant in the event of a transient low-voltage fault of the electric grid. The central plant controller is configured, after a... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20150137521 - Air powered electricity generating system: A pneumatic turbine system generates electricity utilizing electrical energy input to produce a constant flow of air that is compressed into pneumatic energy which is transformed into mechanical energy to produce electrical energy so that overall energy output resulting from the combined forces of wind, pneumatic, electrical, and mechanical energy... Agent:

20150137522 - Water flow generator: To efficiently convert energy of the flowing water which flows through a marine area to electric power, a water flow generator integrally includes a power generation tower, a twin float, belts, a center piston, side pistons, and a crank ship. Water flow resistance of stop plates in the center piston... Agent:

20150137523 - Power generating windbags and waterbags: A method of using a bagged power generation system comprising windbags and water-bags for harnessing wind and water power to produce electricity to meet the escalating energy needs of mankind. Windbags integrated with aerodynamically shaped inflatable bodies filled with lighter-than-air gas: HAV, UAV, airplanes; enabling the apparatus to attain high... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 7 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150130192 - Gravity based energy conversion device: The present invention provides a gravity based energy conversion system. The gravity based energy conversion system includes a circular pulley, a first container, a second container, a rotational energy conversion unit, and an electric energy generation unit. The first container and the second container are suspended on either sides of... Agent:

20150130191 - Gravity-based energy-storage system and method: A system for harvesting, storing, and generating energy includes a subsurface structure supporting machinery to convert received energy into potential energy, store that potential energy, and at a later time convert that potential energy into electrical energy. The system includes one or more buoyant chambers that support the subsurface structure... Agent: Seapower Systems, LLC.

20150130186 - Control and power supply system for helicopter turbine engines: An electrical control and power supply system for at least one helicopter motor/generator, the system including a first DC/AC converter selectively delivering AC electrical power to the at least one motor/generator, depending on respective positions of contactors of a connection matrix actuated from an electronic control circuit, the first DC/AC... Agent: Labinal Power Systems

20150130188 - Airborne wind energy conversion system with ground generator and unorthodox power capture or transfer: An airborne wind energy conversion system with a ground generator and unorthodox power capture or transfer means, including such embodiments as: a system with an ultra-long flexible wing, which serves both for power harvesting and power transfer; a system with a tethered wing, the tether having an airfoil cross section... Agent:

20150130187 - Method of operating a wind park: A wind turbine is provided having a first converter connected between an electric generator of the wind turbine and a DC link and a second converter connected between the DC link and an output of the wind turbine connectable to a utility grid. The wind turbine further includes a wind... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150130189 - Regenerative electricity system for electric vehicles: A regenerative electricity system that can be installed in an electric vehicle to recharge the batteries with the movement of the vehicle while it is driven.... Agent:

20150130190 - Mechanical wave/oscillation translator to produce rotary shaft power: Transverse and longitudinal wave energy is transformed into useful mechanical energy. The basic unit is composed of a linkage body with a socket located at each end. A main bevel gear inserted into each socket engages with a bevel gear attached to a transverse power shaft. A one way clutch... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 6 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150123401 - Water-based power generation installations: A water-based power generating installation includes a water based power generating device operable to derive power from a body of water, and to export that power via a power export cable, and an infrastructure arrangement for providing a power export connection from the installation, and including infrastructure equipment for the... Agent:

20150123404 - Fault tolerant wind turbine converter: A wind turbine is arranged to operate in a fully-functional converter mode and a faulty-converter mode. A plurality of converters are arranged to share electric current in the fully-functional converter mode. The converters are dimensioned not only to operate at nominal active current but to provide an over-current margin to... Agent:

20150123402 - Magnetic structure combining normal mode and common mode inductance: Magnetic components that can be used to provide normal mode and common mode inductance in a power system, such as a wind-driven doubly fed induction generator system, are provided. The magnetic components can include a structure that combines both normal mode inductors and common mode inductors on a common core.... Agent: General Electric Company

20150123403 - Wind power turbine for generating electric energy: A wind power turbine configured to generate electric energy has: a supporting structure; a nacelle; a blade assembly which rotates with respect to the nacelle; a first and second electric machine having, respectively, a substantially coaxial first and second stator, and a first and second rotor coupled to the first... Agent:

20150123405 - Power production in a completed well using magnetostrictive materials: A device for generating electrical energy from mechanical motion includes a magnetostrictive generator configured to be mechanically coupled to a power conveyance path in a well bore. The power conveyance path is configured to experience an axial force change, and the magnetostrictive generator includes at least one magnetostrictive element that... Agent: Oscilla Power, Inc.

20150123406 - Wave power plant: A wave power plant (1), comprising a body (1) and a rotator (3) supported on the body. The body (1) is a rather flat, panel type element, which is moored with respect to the propagation direction of waves in such a way that the dimension of the body (1) in... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 10 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150115615 - Electrical generator apparatus, particularly for use on a vehicle roadway: An electrical generator system configured to convert an external actuation force applied by a vehicle traveling on a roadway into electrical energy is disclosed herein. The electrical generator system includes at least one electrical generator apparatus and a maintenance access assembly disposed adjacent to the at least one electrical generator... Agent:

20150115614 - Motor assisted power generation system: The inventive technology described herein generally relates to the field of power generation. More specifically, methods and apparatus for a motor assisted power generation system utilizing a motor, coupled to a rotatable drive shaft which may further be connected to a generator such that the motor driven rotation of the... Agent:

20150115616 - Method of operating an internal combustion engine connected to an electric generator: A method of operating an internal combustion engine connected to an electric generator, in particular a synchronous generator, during a network fault, in particular during an electric short-circuit, in a power supply network connected to the generator, wherein a mechanical power delivered by the internal combustion engine is introduced into... Agent:

20150115611 - Fault tolerant wind turbine converter: A wind turbine is arranged to operate in a fully-functional converter mode and a faulty-converter mode. A plurality of converters are arranged to share electric current in the fully-functional converter mode. The converters are dimensioned not only to operate at nominal active current but to provide an over-current margin to... Agent:

20150115610 - Integrated wind turbine acoustic noise and shadow-flicker detection and mitigation system: An integrated wind turbine acoustic-noise and shadow-flicker recognition system, comprising monitors located at nearby locations and base-units installed in each wind turbine, is described. The system comprehensively addresses neighbors' concerns with potential sound- and flicker-based nuisance emissions. Each monitor includes a computer processor; a microphone and light-monitor; a two-way communication... Agent:

20150115609 - Method for configuring a wind energy installation, and wind energy installation: The invention relates to a method for configuring a wind energy installation, comprising the following steps: predetermined parameters associated with the wind energy installation are selected from a control database for the purpose of configuring the wind energy installation, the selected parameters are stored on a mobile data storage medium,... Agent:

20150115607 - Method of increasing of sensitivity and productivity of the wind generator with vertical axis at weak winds and device for his realization: e

20150115608 - System and method for controlling a wind turbine: A method for controlling a wind turbine may generally include operating the wind turbine at an initial power output that is greater than a rated power output associated with the wind turbine. The wind turbine may have an anticipated operational life at the rated power output. In addition, the method... Agent: General Electric Company

20150115612 - Rotor for dynamo-electric machine: The invention relates to a rotor for a dynamo-electric machine having: a rotor body which rotates about a rotation axis which runs in the direction of gravity, winding elements which are arranged in slots which run axially in the rotor body, two winding heads which are arranged above and below... Agent:

20150115613 - Flowing-water driveable turbine assembly: A flowing-water driveable turbine assembly (104) for location in river or sea areas with unidirectional and bidirectional water flows. The turbine assembly comprises a turbine support (106) with positive buoyancy in water. The turbine support (106) is arranged to be anchored by an anchoring system (108) to a water bed.... Agent: Sustainable Marine Energy Limited

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