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Prime-mover dynamo plants

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11/13/2014 > 4 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140333069 - Method and apparatus for integrating on-shore green and other on-shore power sources with a compressed air energy storage system on a floating power plant.: The invention relates to a method and apparatus that shares the cost and areal footprint of the barge floatation platform for a floating power platform (FPP) with the cost and aerial footprint of the high pressure vessels of the compressed air energy storage (CAES) system. The integration of these two... Agent:

20140333070 - Power harvesting bearing configuration: A power generating bearing assembly comprising a bearing retained by a bearing housing is provided. The bearing housing includes a bearing cooling passage system comprising at least one integrated liquid cooling passage is integrated within the bearing housing. A turbine assembly is inserted within the integrated liquid cooling passage, wherein... Agent:

20140333071 - Hydroelectric power generating apparatus without dam: Various examples provide a large scale hydroelectric power generating apparatus without dam, which includes a base and a turbine frame mounted on the base; a turbine shaft mounted within the turbine frame, connected to at least one generator, a first support assembly and a second support assembly mounted within the... Agent:

20140333072 - Airflow power generator: Converting an air flow into a source of electricity by an airflow generator includes disposing the airflow generator in an air flow path of a machine for receiving the air flow to rotate a turbine bladed portion of the airflow generator that causes a plurality of permanent magnets disposed along... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140327245 - Generator and flywheel: An engine and generator arrangement includes an engine having a rotatable output shaft and a flywheel located in a bell housing and operably connected to the output shaft. The flywheel includes a permanent magnet located at a radially distal end of the flywheel that magnetically interacts with a radially adjacent... Agent:

20140327246 - Self-contained underground power plant: The present invention is a self-contained, EMP shielded underground power plant. The power plant includes a housing with a round aluminum cover, a round gravity dish bottom, a carbon steel, cylindrical side connecting the cover and the bottom, and eight turnbuckles for securing the cover to the side. A generator,... Agent:

20140327247 - Multisource renewable energy generation: A multisource generator system and associated processes generate electricity using one or more of wind power, hydropower, mechanical power, and solar power. The power sources may be selectively attached and activated to generate the electricity. A rotor may be actuated in response to both the wind power and the hydropower.... Agent:

20140327248 - System and method for operating a diesel engine: A power generating set includes an engine operable in response to a flow of fuel to produce a flow of exhaust gas. A generator is coupled to the engine and is operable in response to operation of the engine to produce a total electrical power, a primary load is electrically... Agent: Clark Equipment Company

20140327243 - Wind turbine generator with adaptive locked speed operation: An adaptive wind turbine generator (WTG) control system comprising a measurement system MS with sensors A1, A2, MC arranged to perform measurements of mechanical vibrations of one or more mechanical components of the WTG, at a plurality of operating conditions for the WTG. A storage unit SU stores, in a... Agent:

20140327244 - System for energy production from renewable sources: A system for energy production from renewable sources comprising a support structure comprising a first and second pole (11) with a vertical axis wind generator (10) positioned on each of said poles; said first and second poles each comprising a connection element (29) positioned at their summit with a first... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 10 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140319843 - Micro gas turbine engine for powering a generator: A unique, small microturbine engine adapted to integrate with an electrical generator for producing electrical power has been developed. The microturbine includes an ejector cooling scheme, a prevaporizing combustor, and a combustor air bypass. The ejector cooling scheme uses energy in the hot exhaust gas stream of the microturbine to... Agent:

20140319844 - Meta-meterial vibration energy harvester: A meta-material vibration energy harvester includes a housing element encapsulating a multiplicity of oscillators capable of harvesting a significant percentage of the total mechanical energy diffusely distributed throughout the vibrating structure, the harvester design resulting in a rapid transfer of mechanical energy entering it via the housing element from the... Agent:

20140319845 - Rotation assistance device, rotation assistance method, and power generation device: A rotation assistance device (1) is equipped with a rotating shaft body (11) and multiple rotation assistance bodies (20), which are equipped with rotating bodies (40). The rotating bodies are equipped with a rotation-promoting body (22), having a mass that maintains rotation, and with a spring shaft (23), one end... Agent: Napone Co., Ltd

20140319836 - Method and system for controlling hydroelectric turbines: A control system for controlling an operation of a hydroelectric turbine. The control system comprises a converter system to convert AC power, supplied by a generator connected to the turbine, and having a voltage and frequency that is a function of a rotational speed of the turbine, to AC power... Agent: OpenhydroIPLimited

20140319837 - Method and system for controlling hydroelectric turbines: A control system for controlling an operation of a hydroelectric turbine. The control system comprises a converter system to convert AC power, supplied by a generator connected to the turbine, and having a voltage and frequency that is a function of a rotational speed of the turbine, to AC power... Agent: Openhydro Limited

20140319838 - Switching-based control for a power converter: A method for operating a power generation system that supplies power for application to a load is disclosed. The method may generally include receiving, at a power converter, an alternating current power generated by a generator operating at a speed that is substantially equal to its synchronous speed and converting,... Agent: General Electric Company

20140319839 - Wave power plant: The invention relates to a wave power plant, comprising a floating body (1) and means for converting the wave energy received by the body into electric power. The front side of the cross-section of the body (1) opposite to the main incoming direction (A) of the waves is designed to... Agent:

20140319840 - Hydroelectric system: A hydroelectric system is disclosed. The hydroelectric system may include a water reservoir, a water channel, a plurality of power generating units, a water pumping unit and a cover. In one embodiment, the water reservoir is on the ground and capable of receiving and storing water, such as a pond,... Agent:

20140319841 - Waste heat utlization system and method of manufacturing a generator component: A waste heat utilization system including a generator configured to receive a flow of an organic working fluid and a method of manufacturing the generator component is provided. The method includes preheating the generator component. The method also includes applying a varnish or an encapsulating layer to the generator component.... Agent:

20140319842 - Device for recovering energy from a moving fluid: A device for recovering energy from a moving fluid includes at least one first turbine and at least one second turbine with each mounted between a first guiding element and a second guiding element and with the guiding elements being shifted in relation to one another in a first direction... Agent: Geps Innov

10/23/2014 > 8 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140312619 - Drive train for a hybrid electric vehicle and a method of operating such a drive train: A method of operating a drive train (110) for a hybrid electric vehicle, and a drive train, is disclosed. The drive train comprises an internal combustion engine (120), a first electrical machine (130) and electrical energy storage means (150). The internal combustion engine is coupled to drive the first electrical... Agent:

20140312626 - Control device for internal combustion engine: There is provided a control device for an internal combustion engine. An electricity generator is configured to be driven by the internal combustion engine. A battery is configured to store electricity generated by the electricity generator. A discharge amount detection section is configured to detect a discharge amount of the... Agent: Suzuki Motor Corporation

20140312620 - Method and apparatus for improving grid stability in a wind farm: A method for operating a wind farm having at least two wind turbines includes measuring wind velocity at a selectable distance in front of at least one wind turbine of the wind farm in an upwind direction of the wind turbine, generating a signal from said measured wind velocity, estimating... Agent: General Electric Company

20140312622 - Wind turbine and a method of operating thereof: A wind turbine is provided. The wind turbine comprises a generator, a power converter for converting at least a portion of electrical power generated by the generator, an energy dissipating unit and a controller. The power converter comprises a generator-side converter, a grid-side converter and a DC (direct current) link... Agent:

20140312621 - Wind-power generator control system, and method: A wind-power generator control system is provided. The wind-power generator control system includes a wind turbine, a power generator, a normally closed relay, and a control unit. The wind-power generator has a first output terminal and a second output terminal, and outputs a power output via the first and second... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20140312623 - Power generator: The power plant disclosed is an engine that derives is usefulness in the pursuit of energy generation by utilizing natural pressure differentials found in various liquids and gases, such as but not limited to water and air. It is generally a two-stroke piston cycle engine, wherein the actions of the... Agent:

20140312624 - Turbo-generator of electrical energy: The present invention is an improvement in electrical energy turbo-generator, of a type employing an integrated set for generating electrical energy from a water-flow. The present invention includes a turbo-generator (1) comprises a modular arrangement to convert hydraulic energy into electrical energy whereof said arrangement is made by four integrated... Agent:

20140312625 - Wind turbine: A wind turbine that includes a rotor and a generator is described. The rotor includes a rotor hub that is rotatably mounted on a frame and one or more rotor blades. The generator includes a generator stator and a generator rotor with a carrying structure that carries magnetic or electromagnetic... Agent:

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