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Work holders

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10/02/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140291908 - Actuating device: An actuating device has a linearly-movable fluidly operated piston drive (1). A pivot shaft (3) is movably, rotatably mounted in a housing (2). A lever arm (4) is connected with the pivot shaft (3) in a torsionally rigid manner. An adjustment mechanism (5) connects the piston drive (1) with the... Agent: De-sta-co Europe Gmbh

20140291909 - Device for holding workpieces: The device used to hold workpieces is designed in a manner of tongs and is provided with two tong arms (45, 46). The tong arms are held by a tong base (47) and can be arranged at least in an open position and in a closed position. The tong base... Agent: Khs Corpoplast Gmbh

20140291910 - Assembly jig: An assembly jig, includes: a base unit; a first wall unit that is stood on the base unit; a second wall unit that is arranged in parallel with the first wall unit, and forms a member holding unit between the first wall unit and the second wall unit; and at... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

09/25/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140284860 - Clamping device: Clamping device for clamping a workpiece defining at least three protection holes, includes a supporting seat, a pressing plate, a clamping assembly, and an operation assembly. The supporting seat can define a sliding groove, a first receiving groove, a second receiving groove, and a receiving hole, and includes a protrusion... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140284861 - Bar clamp with ratchets: A clamp with a fixed jaw; a groove with the fixed jaw mounted thereon; a moveable jaw slidably mounted on the groove; a connecting member having one end secured to the moveable jaw and including a hollow cylinder at an other end disposed in the fixed jaw, and a strap... Agent:

20140284862 - Jaws and adapter assembly for a machining system: A jaws apparatus and method for using the jaws apparatus within a vise is described herein. A jaws apparatus may include a fixed jaw secured to the vise through an adapter. The adapter may have an adapter contact face and the fixed jaw may have a jaw contact face in... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 20 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140265083 - Apparatus for assisting in handling small items: An apparatus for assisting in beading is provided. The apparatus has an enlarged flat top, akin to a micro-table and may be used as a ring or a wristband. A tacky tape is provided on the flat top. The beads to be thread are placed on top of the tape,... Agent:

20140265085 - Adjustable toggle action quick release locking bar clamp: A bar clamp having a locking pliers, toggle action clamping mechanism is herein disclosed. The locking pliers include a fixed handle, a movable handle, and a toggling linkage arrangement therebetween for toggling the locking pliers from a first open position to a second clamped position. A bar is connected at... Agent:

20140265084 - Clamping and spreading tool: A tool for providing a clamping force and a spreading force in the opposite direction of the clamping force. The tool includes a handle assembly having a trigger and a bar supported by the handle assembly. The bar is configured to move relative to the handle assembly when the trigger... Agent: Techtronic Power Tools Technology Limited

20140265086 - Handtight clamp: A handtight clamp comprising two parallel rods that are press-fit into a stable handle and which have a moving handle that is movable across the parallel rods. The handtight clamp also comprising a first coil spring and a second coil spring around the two parallel rods, the first coil spring... Agent:

20140265087 - Clamping device for a golf club head: A clamping device for use with a golf club head. The clamping device may include a base and a holding device which is rotatably coupled to the base. The holding device may include at least first and second engagement portions. Each engagement portion is configured to at least partially accommodate... Agent: Dunlop Sports Company, Ltd.

20140265088 - Cutting board: A cutting board according to various embodiments of this invention includes a body having top and bottom surfaces, first and second ends, and first and second sides with the top surface being a cutting surface adapted to have a food item such as a piece of meat placed thereon for... Agent:

20140265090 - Substrate support bushing: In one embodiment, a substrate support bushing for a lift pin used in a semiconductor processing chamber is provided. The bushing includes an elongated housing sized to guide the lift pin in a substrate support pedestal. The housing has a longitudinal bore formed through the housing. The housing includes at... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140265089 - Substrate support with advanced edge control provisions: Embodiments of the present invention generally provide an apparatus with a recess and a cavity formed therein for future hardware retrofit and uniformity enhancement and methods for controlling the same. In one embodiment, a substrate support includes a supporting body having an outer wall, a ground path disposed against and... Agent:

20140265091 - Susceptors for enhanced process uniformity and reduced substrate slippage: Apparatus for supporting a substrate are provided herein. In some embodiments, a substrate support includes a susceptor plate having a top surface; a recess formed within the top surface, wherein the recess is defined by an edge; and a plurality of angled support elements disposed within the recess and along... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140265092 - Vacuum-based cleaning apparatus and method: An apparatus and method for cleaning. The original motivation for the creation of the apparatus was the cleaning of shoes or bare feet, but the apparatus can be used in other organic and inorganic applications as well. The apparatus can be used in conjunction with a variety of different vacuum... Agent:

20140265093 - Workpiece support structure with four degree of freedom air bearing for high vacuum systems: A workpiece adjustment assembly is disclosed. The assembly can include a shaft, a spherical bearing, and a wafer support. A spherical housing receives the spherical bearing and allows the bearing to rotate therein. The housing and bearing may form an air bearing. A seal may be formed in the housing... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20140265094 - Die bonder and bonding head device of the same, and also collet position adjusting method: For providing a die bonder, a bonding head device and a collet position adjusting method for enabling an automatic correction (adjustment) of errors, including height and inclination thereof, when exchanging a collet, with a simple structure thereof, in the bonding head device, having a holder 41h for guiding a vacuum... Agent: Hitachi High-tech Instruments Co., Ltd.

20140265095 - Apparatus to support and position crown molding and multi buildup wall and ceiling crown molding: An apparatus that supports and positions multiple build up ceiling and crown moldings during installation. The base of the apparatus is temporarily retained on the wall surface at its top through a centered 45 degree slot and a partially driven nail located approximately ⅞ inch down the wall surface vertically... Agent:

20140265096 - Non-cylindrical mandrels: A mandrel for manufacturing a vascular device for treating a vessel includes an elongate strand and a plurality of bulbs coupled to the elongate strand. The elongate strand may extend through each of the plurality of bulbs. The mandrel may include first and second elongate strands each including a plurality... Agent: Insera Therapeutics, Inc.

20140265097 - Substrate support plate with improved lift pin sealing: Embodiments of lift pin assemblies and substrate supports having such lift pin assemblies are provided herein. In some embodiments, a lift pin assembly includes a body with a first end including a flange and an opposing second end; a bore through the body from the first end to the second... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140265098 - Lift pin for substrate processing: Lift pins and devices having lift pins are provided. According to an aspect, a lift pin may have a tapered distal portion. According to another aspect, a lift pin may have two portions threadedly engaged with each other. According to yet another aspect, a lift pin may be mounted to... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140265099 - Auxiliary clamping tool for welding operation: An auxiliary clamping tool for welding operation includes a pair of pliers, and a resilient clamp set in between two jaws of the pliers for enabling hooks of the jaws to hook in respective hook holes of flat clamping arms of the inserted resilient clamp such that if the handle... Agent: Poul Chang Metal Industry Co., Ltd.

20140265100 - Pipe clamp device and a method for its use: The present pipe clamp device is configured for use with standard vee head jack stands. The present device can be used to secure a pipe or similarly shaped object to a standard vee head jack stand. Specifically, the present pipe clamp device can comprise one or more pivoting arms that... Agent:

20140265101 - Minimal contact edge ring for rapid thermal processing: Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to a support ring for supporting a substrate during thermal processing in a process chamber. The support ring generally includes a ring body, an outer rib extending from a first surface of the ring body, a midrib extending from the first surface of... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140265102 - Sliding table assembly for a saw machine: A sliding table assembly for a main table of a saw machine includes a sliding table member having a planar upper surface, a miter slot, and a rail structure, and a bracket structure configured to be attached to a mounting structure on the main table of the table saw. The... Agent: Robert Bosch Tool Corporation

09/11/2014 > 6 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140252709 - Clean cut: A cutting board assembly including a drip tray having a receptacle and a cutting board removably associated with the receptacle of the drip tray whereby liquid that flows over the edge of the cutting board will flow info and be retained in the receptacle of the drip tray. The cutting... Agent:

20140252710 - Substrate support with integrated vacuum and edge purge conduits: Substrate supports are provided herein, In some embodiments, a substrate support includes a first plate; a plurality of vacuum passages disposed through the first plate; a plurality of vertical passages formed partially into the first plate; a plurality of horizontal passages disposed in the first plate, each of the plurality... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140252711 - Clamp: Embodiments generally relate to a clamp. In one embodiment, the clamp includes a bar, and a first jaw, movable along the bar and positioned on a first side of the bar. The clamp also includes a second jaw positioned on the bar on a second side of the bar, opposite... Agent: Stanley Black & Decker Inc.

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