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Work holders

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05/21/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150137439 - Panel carrier: The present invention is panel carrier for transporting and supporting a panel. The panel carrier includes a frame and a support leg pivotally mounted to the frame. The leg is pivotal between a transport position and a working position. A support surface is provided and is pivotally mounted to the... Agent:

20150137440 - Clamp apparatus: A clamp apparatus includes a pair of first and second clamp arms. A driving force transmission mechanism transmits a driving force of a drive unit, whereby the first clamp arm is operated to rotate via a link arm, while simultaneously, the second clamp arm is rotated, and after being rotated... Agent: Smc Kabushiki Kaisha

20150137441 - Quick bench vise: A quick bench vise includes a base, a movable jaw, a threaded rod, a sleeve, an adjustment member and a board. The movable jaw has two rods which movably extend through the base. The threaded rod extends through the movable jaw and the base. A collar and a spring are... Agent:

20150137442 - Flow path member, and heat exchanger and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus using same: A flow path member includes a lid portion, a bottom plate portion, and side walls provided between the lid portion and the bottom plate portion, a flow path in which a fluid flows is configured with the lid portion, the side walls, and the bottom plate portion, a portion of... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20150130122 - Chattering vibration preventing jig for workpiece: A chattering vibration preventing jig is made of metal, and is L-shaped as viewed from the side. A horizontal plate portion has a pair of cuts extending in the short-side direction from an end of the horizontal plate portion. A vertical plate portion has a plurality of screw holes arranged... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150123330 - New multi-functional splicing clamp: The present invention relates to the technical field of fiber splicing devices, particularly to a multifunctional splicing clamp for fixing an optical fiber during the fiber splicing process. A new multi-functional splicing clamp of the present invention, for use in a fiber splicing device, comprises a clamp body and a... Agent: Dh Infotech (weihai) Inc.

20150123331 - Set of nested cutting boards: An efficient and economical cutting board used for chopping foods that puts multiple cutting boards at your fingertips, is easily stored, and helps prevent cross contamination of food is very useful in the kitchen. A versatile cutting board that has multiple cutting boards nested together, takes up no more space... Agent:

20150123332 - Clamp system for welding applications: A welding clamp system using a fixture plate with a bulkhead that allows the clamp system to be coupled to a robotic arm. The robotic arm supplies air and electricity through pneumatic and electrical ports, enabling operation of the clamp system. The air is routed to pneumatic cylinders, which power... Agent: Nu-way Industries, Inc.

20150123333 - Positioning device: A positioning device includes a fixing mechanism, a first positioning assembly, a second positioning assembly. The fixing mechanism includes a base, a first moving member movably passing through the base, and a second moving member movably passing through the base. The first positioning assembly includes a bottom board and two... Agent:

20150123334 - Vise capable of linear and rotational movement: A multiple-function clamping device includes a rotary base having an annular groove in the top thereof and scale marks are marked along in inclined surface of the rotary base. A positioning unit includes a first positioning member and a second positioning member. The positioning unit is located in the annular... Agent: Vertex Machinery Work Co., Ltd.

20150123335 - Lapping assembly or process utilizing a bar stack extender: A slider bar extender to removably connect one or more slider bars to a processing machine or tool is disclosed. In illustrated embodiments, the extender is coupled to a holder structure through a tongue and groove connection. In illustrated embodiments, the tongue is formed on the holder structure and the... Agent:

20150123336 - Tenter apparatus: A tenter apparatus for clipping a film includes a frame including a supporting surface supporting the film, and a clip arm which is installed to the frame and rotatable relative to the frame, clips the film along with the supporting surface of the frame and includes a plurality of first... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150123337 - Sol gel coated support ring: A support member for a thermal processing chamber is described. The support member has a sol coating on at least one surface. The sol coating contains a material that blocks a desired wavelength or spectrum of radiation from being transmitted by the material of the support member. The sol coating... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150115513 - Precision clamp: A clamp for selectively inhibiting movement of a first object relative to a second object includes (i) a first clamp component coupled to the first object; (ii) a second clamp component coupled to the second object; and (iii) a fluid source that directs a fluid to the second clamp component... Agent:

20150115514 - Control device for machine tool including rotary indexing device: A rotary table is rotated by a machining load. A drive motor tries to return the rotary table to a positioned target position, and increases output torque. When the output torque reaches upper limit torque Tmax or when output torque which is equal to or greater than permissible torque Tp... Agent:

20150115515 - Robot and abutment member for robot: An abutment member having an abutment section abutting a work stand on which a workpiece to which an arm performs work is placed is provided on a front surface of a robot body.... Agent:

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