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Radiant energy

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04/16/2015 > 36 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20150102205 - Photoelectric sensor: Provided is a photoelectric sensor that detects a workpiece by measuring light transmission time. A photoelectric sensor includes: a light emitting element which repeatedly generates detection light; a light receiving element which receives reflected light of the detection light; a binarization processing section which binarizes a light receiving signal; a... Agent:

20150102207 - Display device and method for driving display device: A display device includes a pixel which includes a first photosensor portion having a first photodiode for detecting visible light, which is provided together with a display element portion; and a pixel which includes a second photosensor portion having a second photodiode for detecting infrared rays, which is provided together... Agent:

20150102206 - Readout circuit for image sensors: The present description relates to a readout circuit for digitizing an analog input signal of an imaging device into a digital output. The readout circuit comprises a pixel signal input for providing an analog signal from at least one imaging pixel element, a variable gain amplifier for providing an amplified... Agent:

20150102208 - Wearable system and method to measure and monitor ultraviolet, visible light, and infrared radiations in order to provide personalized medical recommendations, prevent diseases, and improve disease management: A wearable sensor device, system, and methods for electronically monitoring safe ultraviolet and infrared radiations and beneficial visible light exposure based on sensor data and clinical information data relevant to estimate a personalized radiation pattern for disease prevention, a personalized radiation pattern for an evolution in disease activity or skin... Agent:

20150102209 - Optical sensor arrangement and method for light sensing: An optical sensor arrangement (10) comprises a photodiode (11) for providing a sensor current (IPD) and an analog-to-digital converter arrangement (12) which is coupled to the photodiode (11) and determines a digital value of the sensor current (IPD) in a charge balancing operation in a first phase (A) and in... Agent:

20150102210 - Electrically conducting thin films and methods of making same: The present invention relates conductive nanostructured copolymer materials, such as thin film. In particular, the nanostructured copolymer material comprises plurality of chains substantially parallel to each other, each conductive chain comprising a plurality of conductive polyacetylene polymer blocks positioned along the chain and a plurality of polar poly(vinyl alcohol) polymer... Agent:

20150102211 - Telecentric optical assembly: The present disclosure provides a telecentric optical assembly comprising a first portion of a telecentric optical link including a first kinematic mount having alignment structures, where the first kinematic mount can be attached to a first substrate having a first array of active optical elements; and a second portion of... Agent:

20150102212 - Electronic device having light sensor with molded diffuser: An electronic device display may have a display cover layer. The cover layer may have a border that has an opaque masking material with an opening defining a light window for an ambient light sensor. The ambient light sensor may have a photodetector mounted in a light sensor housing. A... Agent: Apple, Inc.

20150102213 - Electrode device with pre- and/or postfilters and manufacturing method therefor, as well as a mass spectrometer with such an electrode device: A method manufactures a multipolar electrode device, in particular a multipole for use in a mass spectrometer, wherein the electrode device includes at least one main filter and at least one pre- and/or postfilter. The electrode blanks are separated in several sections for producing the pre- and/or postfilters, which are... Agent: Vacutec Hochvakuum- & Pr&#xc4 Zisionstechnik Gmbh

20150102216 - Classification generation method using combination of mini-classifiers with regularization and uses thereof: A method for classifier generation includes a step of obtaining data for classification of a multitude of samples, the data for each of the samples consisting of a multitude of physical measurement feature values and a class label. Individual mini-classifiers are generated using sets of features from the samples. The... Agent:

20150102215 - Collision cell multipole: Mass spectrometer collision/reaction cell multipole and method. The multipole may have first and second portions and an intermediate portion therebetween, the first and second portions operating at first and second q values lower than a third q value at the intermediate portion. A low-mass cut-off of the multipole may be... Agent: Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh

20150102214 - Identification of surgical smoke: A method includes assessing tumor margins and discriminating between tumor and non-tumor tissues by analyzing the compositional make-up of smoke produced during cautery resection of tissues.... Agent:

20150102217 - Introduction of ions into ion cyclotron resonance cells: The invention relates to a method and a device for introducing ions into an ICR cell of Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometers, in particular with a reduced the magnetron orbit. The invention is based on applying at least one gated DC voltage to a mantle electrode of the... Agent:

20150102218 - Systems and methods for sample analysis: The invention generally relates to systems and methods for sample analysis. In certain embodiments, the invention provides a system for analyzing a sample that includes a probe including a material connected to a high voltage source, a device for generating a heated gas, and a mass analyzer.... Agent:

20150102219 - Tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer: Prior to multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) measurement condition optimization, an analysis operator prepares, for each precursor ion of an objective compound, two lists on a product-ion selection condition setting screen 200, i.e. a list 203 which shows ions to be preferentially selected as product ions for which the optimization needs... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20150102220 - Method and system for inspecting an euv mask: A structure for grounding an extreme ultraviolet mask (EUV mask) is provided to discharge the EUV mask during the inspection by an electron beam inspection tool. The structure for grounding an EUV mask includes at least one grounding pin to contact conductive areas on the EUV mask, wherein the EUV... Agent:

20150102221 - Charged particle beam device: Provided is a charged particle beam device to improve energy solution of its energy filter. In one embodiment, a charged particle beam device includes a deflector to deflect charged particles emitted from a sample to an energy filter, and a change in brightness value with the change of voltage applied... Agent:

20150102222 - Photomixer for generating and detecting terahertz continuous wave and method of manufacturing the same: Disclosed is a photomixer for generating and detecting a terahertz continuous wave, including: an optical conductor to which beating light is incident; and a plurality of antenna feeding electrodes formed on both side surfaces of the optical conductor, and configured to receive a current of a terahertz frequency.... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150102223 - Dispersion spectrometer: A dispersion spectrometer comprises a wavelength dispersive element located within a path of incoming radiant energy; and a first detector disposed to detect incoming radiant energy dispersed by the dispersive element, The spectrometer further comprises a second detector disposed to register the intensity of at least a portion of the... Agent: Foss Analytical Ab

20150102224 - Methods of measuring the fouling tendency of hydrocarbon fluids: A stability of at least one foulant within a hydrocarbon-based fluid sample may be determined where the hydrocarbon-based fluid sample may have or include, but is not limited to a hydrocarbon fluid and foulant particles. The fluid sample may have a viscosity ranging from about 0.5 cSt to about 5000... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150102225 - Non-contact probe measurement test bed for millimeter wave and terahertz circuits, integrated devices/components, systems for spectroscopy using sub-wavelength-size-samples: A test fixture for characterizing a device-under-test (DUT) includes first and second planar antennas and a planar waveguide arranged to guide terahertz (THz) and/or millimeter wave (mmW) radiation between the first and second planar antennas. The planar waveguide is further configured to couple THz and/or mmW radiation guided between the... Agent: Ohio State Innovation Foundation

20150102226 - Passive infrared sensor system for position detection: According to the invention, a PIR sensor system (100) comprises a first PIR sensor (1) associated with a first sensing region (11) and a second PIR sensor (2) associated with a second sensing region (12). The first and second sensing regions partially overlap and are divided into detection cells (46a-46f)... Agent:

20150102227 - High throughput detector array: A detector has a 2-dimensional matrix of pixels that includes at least one group wherein there is coupled to each pixel in the group a respective electronic circuit being responsive to a discrete photon striking the pixel for generating and storing a corresponding analog pixel level signal fed to a... Agent: Nygon As

20150102228 - Method and device for measuring radon by electrostatic collection method without influence of environmental temperature and environmental humidity: A method and device for measuring radon by an electrostatic collection method without an influence of an environmental temperature and humidity is by reducing a pressure that in an electrostatic collection and measuring chamber to below a certain threshold value, in an operation temperature range of 0-45 degrees, and an... Agent:

20150102229 - Defect inspection apparatus and defect inspection method: Method for realizing an inspection with short wavelength, high power light source and large numerical aperture, high performance optics to improve defect inspection sensitivity is disclosed. Short wavelength high power laser is realized by using a pulse oscillation type laser suitable for generation of high output power in a short-wavelength... Agent:

20150102231 - Blanking device for multiple charged particle beams: A blanking device for multiple charged particle beams includes plural shift registers, arranged in two dimensions, to form plural groups each including shift registers, connected in series, of the plural shift registers, plural blankers to respectively provide a blanking deflection to a corresponding beam of multiple beams each controlled through... Agent: Nuflare Technology, Inc.

20150102230 - High voltage isolation of an inductively coupled plasma ion source with a liquid that is not actively pumped: An inductively-coupled plasma source for a focused charged particle beam system includes a plasma chamber and a fluid that is not actively pumped surrounding the plasma chamber for providing high voltage isolation between the plasma chamber and nearby parts which are at ground potential, such as a conductive shield. One... Agent: Fei Company

20150102232 - Ionization method, ionization apparatus, and mass analysis system: In order to achieve an ionization method of high robustness with a small carry-over or less crosstalk, an ionization method is disclosed. A method includes the steps of: joining an ionization unit to a tube; sucking the sample from a sample container into a sample holder of the ionization unit... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20150102233 - Medium current ribbon beam for ion implantation: A method of setting up a medium current ribbon beam for ion implantation is provided. It includes providing an ion source fed with a process gas and a support gas. The process ion beam is separated from the support gas beam with a mass analyzing magnet, and the intensity of... Agent:

20150102234 - Systems and method for fluorescence imaging: An apparatus for producing an image of blotting membranes includes an enclosure, light source, optical system, photodetector, and beamsplitter. The enclosure supports a blotting substrate comprising a first probe characterized by an excitation wavelength and an emission wavelength and a second probe characterized by an excitation wavelength and an emission... Agent:

20150102235 - Universal uv sterilizer: Disclosed is a UV sterilizer. The UV sterilizer includes a body including a top surface and a sidewall, at least one first UV LED chip disposed on the top surface of the body, and at least one second UV LED chip disposed on the sidewalls of the body. The body... Agent:

20150102236 - Electron beam exposure apparatus and method of detecting error using the same: An electron beam exposure apparatus includes an electron beam source, a stage, and an error detection device. The electron beam source radiates a first electron beam corresponding to first input data and a second electron beam corresponding to second input data. The stage includes a mask on which the first... Agent:

20150102237 - Techniques for processing a substrate: Herein, an improved technique for processing a substrate is disclosed. In one particular exemplary embodiment, the technique may be achieved using a mask for processing the substrate. The mask may be incorporated into a substrate processing system such as, for example, an ion implantation system. The mask may comprise one... Agent:

20150102238 - Radioactive glass source: A glass radiation-source with customized geometries to maximize receipt of radiation into treatment areas that is formed from either neutron-activated glass, radioisotopes molecularly bonded to glass, or radioisotopes encased within glass.... Agent: Ip Liberty Vision Corporation

20150102239 - Extreme ultraviolet light generation system: The extreme ultraviolet light generation system may be configured to irradiate a target with a first pulse laser beam and a second pulse laser beam to turn the target into plasma thereby generating extreme ultraviolet light. The system may include a chamber having at least one aperture configured to introduce... Agent:

20150102240 - Gas detection system using intracavity fiber laser with loop cavity having saturated absorption fiber: A gas detection system with an inner ring cavity fiber laser using saturated absorption optical fiber is provided. The system comprising a ring fiber laser consisted of a pump source, a wavelength division multiplexer, a first active optical fiber, a first coupler, a fiber Bragg grating and a second coupler... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 23 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20150097105 - Photodiode with compensated spectral response: An optical detector includes a first set of one or more photodiodes configured to generate a first photocurrent according to a first spectral response function of an incident light, a second set of one or more photodiodes configured to generate a second photocurrent according to a second spectral response function... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20150097107 - Apparatus for generating extreme ultraviolet light using plasma: Disclosed is an apparatus for generating EUV light by means of plasma, the apparatus comprising: a laser source for outputting laser; a tunable laser mirror (TLM) for reflecting laser beams from the laser source; a focusing mirror (FM) for focusing the laser beams reflected from the TLM; a gas cell... Agent:

20150097108 - Method and apparatus to use array sensors to measure multiple types of data at full resolution of the sensor: An actuator is configured to move a sensor array between first and second positions in order to provide color image data and other data with full resolution of the sensor array. In many embodiments, the output resolution of the sensor array for each type of data comprises twice the resolution... Agent:

20150097106 - Optical lens for capturing image and image capture module: The invention discloses an optical lens for capturing image and an image capture module. In order from an object side to an image side, the optical lens along the optical axis comprises a first lens element with positive refractive power having a convex object-side surface; a second lens element with... Agent: Ability Opto-electronics Technology Co. Ltd.

20150097109 - Optical element and optical system including the optical element: An optical element, which is composed of at least three optical members including a resin layer sandwiched between two optical members, has a high environmental resistance and optical performance, and has an excellent chromatic aberration correction effect. In the optical element, the resin layer is formed on one of light... Agent:

20150097110 - Light guide sensor, and method of forming light guide sensor: A light guide sensor includes a light source, a light guide member comprising a core which guides light radiated from the light source, a cladding formed around the core, and at least one detecting portion is formed, and a light receiving unit which receives the light that has been guided... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150097111 - Optoelectronic sensor and method for the production of such: An optoelectronic sensor, in particular used for the detection of an angle of rotation, includes a dimensional scale, a light transmitter, which transmits transmission light in transmission light directions, and a light receiver having a light reception surface, which is arranged in such a way that the light reception surface... Agent:

20150097112 - Shock mounted sensor package with thermal isolation: A logging while drilling (LWD) tool can include a shock mounted sensor package with thermal isolation. For example, a LWD tool can include a pressure housing surrounding a cavity. A sensor package that includes at least one end connection can be coupled within the cavity. The LWD tool can also... Agent:

20150097114 - Excitation of reagent molecules withn a rf confined ion guide or ion trap to perform ion molecule, ion radical or ion-ion interaction experiments: A mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising an RF ion guide or ion trap and a device arranged and adapted to supply a reagent gas within the RF ion guide or ion trap. The mass spectrometer further comprises a photo-ionisation device and a control system arranged and adapted: (i) to cause... Agent:

20150097113 - Modulation of instrument resolution dependant upon the complexity of a previous scan: Systems and methods are used to analyze a sample using variable detection scan resolutions. A tandem mass spectrometer is instructed to perform at least two scans of a sample with different detection scan resolutions using a processor. The tandem mass spectrometer includes a mass analyzer that allows variable detection scan... Agent: Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.

20150097115 - Method and apparatus for a combined linear ion trap and quadrupole mass filter: An apparatus for a mass spectrometer comprises: a set of four rod electrodes defining an ion occupation volume therebetween having entrance and exit ends, at least one of the rod electrodes having a slot passing therethrough; first and second ion optics disposed adjacent to the entrance and exit ends, respectively;... Agent: Thermo Finnigan LLC

20150097116 - Inspection apparatus: An inspection apparatus includes: beam generation means for generating any of charged particles and electromagnetic waves as a beam; a primary optical system that guides the beam into an inspection object held in a working chamber and irradiates the inspection object with the beam; a secondary optical system that detects... Agent:

20150097117 - Photovoltaic power generation system: According to an embodiment, a solar cell string 8 including solar cell modules 1 connected in series and each configured to generate DC power by being irradiated with light; and a junction box 2 configured to receive the DC power from the solar cell string are included. The junction box... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150097118 - Method and apparatus for optical asynchronouos sampling signal measurements: A method and a system for measuring an optical asynchronous sample signal. The system for measuring an optical asynchronous sampling signal comprises a pulsed optical source capable of emitting two optical pulse sequences with different repetition frequencies, a signal optical path, a reference optical path, and a detection device. Since... Agent: Beihang University

20150097119 - Photovoltaic power generation system: According to an embodiment, a solar cell string 8 including solar cell modules 1 connected in series and each configured to generate DC power by being irradiated with light; and a junction box 2 configured to receive the DC power from the solar cell string are included. The junction box... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150097120 - In-situ fluid analysis sensor bolt: A sensor and associated methods wherein a bolt or rod stem includes a flow path through and across the stem. A source of radiation within the stem is configured to direct radiation through the flow path and a detector subsystem in the stem is configured to detect radiation passing through... Agent: Spectro, Inc.

20150097121 - System, machine and method for characterizing wooden part-components in order to make food-grade wooden containers: A method for characterizing food-grade wooden part-components, characterized in that it comprises the steps of: emitting an IR radiation beam towards food-grade wooden part-components, receiving radiations reflected/transmitted by the radiated wooden part-components, processing said radiations reflected/transmitted by the radiated food-grade wooden part-components to generate information indicative of the radiation spectrum,... Agent: Giobatta E Piero Garbellotto S.p.a.

20150097122 - Neutron detector: A neutron detector with a unique neutron detecting element is disclosed. The neutron detecting element has an inner cylindrical neutron scintillator where a neutron detection body including a ZnS phosphor, and a neutron converter material which contains 6Li or 10B is arranged outside of the cylindrical substrate; a scintillator fluorescence... Agent:

20150097123 - Charged particle beam apparatus: In order to achieve the above object, the charged particle beam apparatus of the present invention includes a sample chamber that maintains a space containing an electrostatic chuck mechanism (5) in a vacuum state; and in which the charged particle beam apparatus includes an ultraviolet light source (6) to irradiate... Agent:

20150097124 - Shutter assembly for a luminescence-based sample analyzer: A shutter assembly includes a first shutter blade having a first toothed arm extending therefrom and a first light transmitting aperture therein, and a second shutter blade positioned adjacent and parallel to the first shutter blade. The second shutter blade has a second toothed arm extending therefrom and a second... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

20150097125 - System for use to energize luminescent objects: The present invention relates to a system for providing a light source for activating a luminescent object. In general, the system comprises a housing formed of at least two portions that are either separable or form a unitary housing depending on the embodiment. A first portion of the housing forms... Agent:

20150097126 - Alignment sensor and height sensor: One embodiment relates to a device that senses alignment and height of a work piece. The device may include both an alignment sensor and a height sensor. The alignment sensor generates a first illumination beam that illuminates an alignment mark on the work piece so as to create a first... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20150097127 - Radiation image capture device, control method for erasing light source, and computer-readable storage medium: A radiation image capture device is provided that are capable of obtaining radiation images with better image quality than hitherto in both an imaging mode in which a radiation irradiation duration is comparatively short and radiation images are successively captured, and in an imaging mode in which the radiation irradiation... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

04/02/2015 > 49 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20150090862 - Lens and manufacturing method for the same: a quasi-periodic structure layer. A plane of the quasi-periodic structure layer is divided into unit cells and is filled with the unit cells in a two-dimensional period. The unit cell has a first region and a second region. An occupancy rate is changed as a distance from a center of... Agent:

20150090863 - Stacked photodiodes for extended dynamic range and low light color discrimination: The invention provides the art with novel image sensor pixel designs comprising stacked, pinned photodiodes. The stacked pinned photodiodes provide pixels with greatly increased dynamic range. The stacked pinned photodiodes also allow improved color discrimination for low light imaging, for example utilizing pixels with no overlaying color filter array.... Agent:

20150090864 - Optically enabled multi-chip modules: An optically enabled multi-chip module has an optical engine transceiver and a host system chip. The optical engine transceiver has an optical engine front-end and an optical engine macro. The optical engine front-end has multiple laser diodes, laser driver circuitry electrically interfaced with each of the laser diodes, multiple photodiodes,... Agent:

20150090865 - Proximity sensing configuration: Embodiments are provided for intelligently revealing selectable icons on a control panel of a playback device based on proximity detection. In one example, an ambient light level may be determined based on a detection of ambient light by a light sensor of a control area for a playback device. Based... Agent: Sonos, Inc.

20150090866 - Optical sensor sensing illuminance and proximity: An optical sensor includes photodiodes and optical filters that are arranged on the photodiodes. The photodiodes and optical filters may be spaced apart from each other. The optical filters include an infrared blocking filter and at least one visible light filter and the optical sensor measures a light quantity of... Agent: Magnachip Semiconductor, Ltd.

20150090868 - Resin encoder scale, mold for resin encoder scale, method for producing resin encoder scale, and encoder: A purpose is to provide a resin encoder scale a cost of which can be reduced by making processing easy by producing the encoder scale as a resin molded piece including a scale pattern. A resin encoder scale is used in a reflection-type optical encoder and a scale pattern for... Agent:

20150090867 - Transmissive optical encoder having optical waveguide: A transmissive optical encoder includes a light emitting element, a light receiving element, a rotatable disk provided with slits and rotatable together with an object of detection, and an optical waveguide having an inlet facing the light emitting element and an outlet facing the light receiving element. The light emitting... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20150090869 - Object observing apparatus, object observing method, and storage medium: In order to solve a problem that a local optical characteristic-changed region inside an object cannot be accurately estimated, an object observing apparatus includes: a light intensity information acquiring unit that acquires light intensity information received by each light-receiving probe; a light intensity change information acquiring unit that acquires, for... Agent: Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International

20150090871 - Downhole cement evalution using pulsed neutron measurements: Estimating cement voids in between a casing and a borehole wall of a borehole penetrating the earth formation includes forming with a computing device an actual ratio of radiation induced by a neutron source and measured by a first detector and a second detector when the tool is at two... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150090870 - Formation imaging using neutron activation: A method for determining azimuthal formation information using neutron activation, wherein the formation is activated by a neutron source and the activation signal is measured by at least one detector trailing the neutron source during the logging operation. The number of detected gamma rays as a function of the detector... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150090872 - Mass spectrometer: A hardware module which operatively carries out a method of compressing mass spectral data, the method comprising: receiving a first signal output from an ion detector of a mass spectrometer; processing the first signal to a digital signal at an output being data frame types representative of the first signal... Agent:

20150090874 - Method and apparatus to provide parallel acquisition of mass spectrometry/mass spectrometry data: A system and method for acquisition of mass spectrometry data is configured to provide a stream of charged particles (e.g., from an analytical volume). A primary mass spectrometer (e.g., time-of-flight mass spectrometer) may be used to separate charged particles of the stream of charged particles based on their mass-to-charge ratio... Agent:

20150090875 - Method of ms mass spectrometry: A method of mass spectrometry is disclosed comprising alternating between a first mode in which parent ions are analysed and a second mode in which parent ions are fragmented and their fragment ions are mass analysed. In the first mode the parent ions are charge reduced before being analysed, so... Agent:

20150090873 - Method of single point internal lock-mobility correction: A method of mass spectrometry is disclosed comprising passing ions through an ion mobility spectrometer and acquiring first ion mobility drift time data. A calibration function is applied to the first ion mobility drift time data to determine a physico-chemical property (e.g. CCS) of the ions. Second ion mobility drift... Agent: Micromass Uk Limited

20150090876 - Method to detect and sequence post translationally modified peptides: A method of detecting and sequencing post translationally modified peptides is disclosed wherein a negative ion precursor scan is performed. A negative ion high resolution MS scan is then performed and then MRM channels in positive ion mode are determined and monitored. A positive ion MS/MS scan is then performed.... Agent:

20150090879 - Charged particle multi-beam inspection system and method of operating the same: A charged particle multi-beam inspection system comprises a beam generator directing a plurality of primary charged particle beams onto an object to produce an array of beam spots; an array of a first number of detection elements generating detection signals upon incidence of electrons; imaging optics imaging the array of... Agent:

20150090877 - Enhanced defect detection in electron beam inspection and review: One embodiment relates to an electron beam apparatus for inspection and/or review. An electron source generates a primary electron beam, and an electron-optics system shapes and focuses said primary electron beam onto a sample held by a stage. A detection system detects signal-carrying electrons including secondary electrons and back-scattered electrons... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20150090878 - Preparation of cryogenic sample for charged-particle microscopy: e

20150090880 - Optical spectrometer: An optical spectrometer (102) comprises an adjustable sampling space (104) having two generally opposing, relatively movable, side-walls (106,108) which are here substantially formed of optically translucent material and between which in use a sample for analysis is charged and an actuator (116) mechanically coupled, here via a worm drive (118),... Agent: Foss Analytical A/s

20150090881 - Methods, sampling device and apparatus for terahertz imaging and spectroscopy of coated beads, particles and/or microparticles: A holder and apparatus for terahertz imaging and/or spectroscopy of beads, particles or microparticles, and methods for terahertz imaging and/or spectroscopy of beads, particles or microparticles and making the holder are disclosed. The holder includes a tray having a substantially planar upper surface, and one or more offsets above or... Agent:

20150090882 - Situ blade mounted tip gap measurement for turbines: Turbine blade tip clearance is measured in a fully assembled turbine casing by mounting a contact or non-contact displacement probe on a turbine blade that generates data indicative of probe distance from the turbine casing that circumferentially surrounds the blade. Variations in probe distance data are recorded as the blade... Agent:

20150090883 - Tunable laser-based infrared imaging system and method of use thereof: Methods, devices, and systems for imaging tissue and other samples or samples using infrared (IR) transmissions from coherent transmission sources, such as a wide range, tunable, quantum cascade laser (QCL) designed for the rapid collection of infrared microscopic data for medical diagnostics across a wide range of discrete spectral increments.... Agent:

20150090884 - Compact opto-electronic sensor modules for detecting gestures or other movements by a user: Compact opto-electronic sensor modules are described that allow detection of an object's motion occurring in spatial regions (e.g., quadrants) that are located primarily directly about the surface of a device in which the module is located. For example, light (e.g., infra-red) from a light emitting element in the module can... Agent:

20150090885 - Material property measuring apparatus: A material property measuring apparatus includes a radiation source irradiator configured to irradiate a measurement target material with radiation beams having n different wavelengths, a detector configured to detect intensities of radiation beams having the respective wavelengths after the irradiation of the measurement target material, and a processing unit configured... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20150090886 - Scintillator crystal and radiation detector: A scintillator crystal includes a plurality of first crystal phases and a second crystal phase located around the plurality of the first crystal phases, in which each of the plurality of the first crystal phases contains a sulfate, the second crystal phase contains an alkali halide that emits light by... Agent:

20150090888 - Analyzer device for compensating a scintillator and method of using the same: A radiation detection system can include a scintillator capable of emitting scintillating light in response to capturing radiation, a photosensor optically coupled to the scintillator, and an analyzer device electrically coupled to the photosensor. The analyzer device can include a plurality of circuits and can be configured to receive a... Agent:

20150090887 - Imaging detector with per pixel analog channel well isolation with decoupling: An imaging apparatus (400) includes a detector array (412) with at least one detector tile (418). The detector tile includes a photosensor array (422) with a two dimensional array of individual photosensitive detector pixels (424) located within a non-photosensitive area (426) and readout electronics (432) coupled to the photosensor array.... Agent:

20150090889 - Radiation detection apparatus and radiation detecton method: A radiation detection apparatus includes a selecting unit that allows a light having a light emission wavelength and a polarization direction to pass thorough the selecting unit, an optical system that forms an image of the light, a photon detecting unit that observes the image formed by the optical system,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150090890 - System and method for attenuation correction of phantom images: A method for attenuation correction of a phantom image in a PET imaging system includes obtaining raw scan data of a scanned phantom, a non attenuation corrected template image of a stock phantom of like type to the scanned phantom, and an attenuation map of the stock phantom. The method... Agent: General Electric Company

20150090891 - Spect/pet imaging system: An imaging system (100) includes a set of detector modules (108) that detect gamma rays, which have energy in a range of 40 to 140 keV and 511 keV, emitted by a radioisotope in an examination region, wherein 511 keV gamma rays are detected in singles mode in which individual... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150090892 - Radiation measurement device: A radiation measurement device comprising a case which is formed of insulating material to be flat, a common electrode substrate having a common electrode which is provided at one surface and a signal electrode substrate having a plurality of signal electrodes which are provided at one surface, wherein the common... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150090893 - Counting digital x-ray image detector with two switchable modes: The embodiments relate to a counting digital x-ray detector for recording x-ray images of an object irradiated by x-ray radiation with at least one detector module, which includes a flat direct converter for converting x-ray radiation into an electrical signal and a matrix with a plurality of counting pixel elements,... Agent:

20150090895 - Target processing unit: The invention relates to a projection lens assembly for directing a beam toward a target. This assembly includes a lens support body (52) that spans a plane (P), and has a connection region (58) and a lateral edge (56). The lens support body is arranged for insertion into a frame... Agent:

20150090894 - Particle beam scanning: An example particle therapy system includes: a synchrocyclotron to output a particle beam; a magnet to affect a direction of the particle beam to scan the particle beam across at least part of an irradiation target; scattering material that is configurable to change a spot size of the particle beam,... Agent:

20150090896 - Drawing apparatus, and method of manufacturing article: The present invention provides a drawing apparatus which performs drawing on a substrate with a plurality of charged particle beams, the apparatus comprising two blanker arrays each including a plurality of first blankers which blank a plurality of charged particle beams individually and a plurality of second blankers which blank... Agent:

20150090898 - Ion source: The invention provides an ion source comprising first and second cathode pole pieces spaced apart from one another to form a cavity therebetween, an edge of the first cathode pole piece being spaced apart from an edge of the second cathode pole piece to define an elongate cathode gap between... Agent:

20150090897 - Sic coating in an ion implanter: An ion implanter has a coating of low resistivity silicon carbide on one or more of the conductive surfaces that are exposed to ions. For example, ions are generated in an ion source chamber, and the interior surfaces of the walls are coated with low resistivity silicon carbide. Since silicon... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20150090899 - Preparation of specimen arrays on an em grid: The invention provides methods and compositions for preparation of complex specimen arrays for analysis by electron microscopy. These methods and compositions can permit high throughput screening of samples on single EM grid supports using sample volumes in the nanoliter and picoliter range.... Agent:

20150090900 - Multi-channel fluorometric sensor and method of using same: An optical sensor may include multiple optical emitters configured to emit light into a fluid sample via an optical pathway. Light from the emitters can cause fluorescence from the sample and/or scatter off of the sample. Scattered and fluoresced light can be received by an optical detector in the sensor... Agent:

20150090901 - Trays for use in security screening: The present invention the present invention relates to methods and systems for performing security screening using trays which may be identifiable by a unique tray identification number.... Agent:

20150090902 - Method for analyzing mushrooms: The invention discloses a method for rapidly quantitative and qualitative analyzing active ingredients of mushrooms. The method for analyzing mushrooms uses a 3-D fluorescence-detecting system to analyze a sample of mushrooms, with an excitation wavelength and an emission wavelength being 250 nm and 310 nm, respectively.... Agent: Han Sheng Biotech Co., Ltd.

20150090904 - Portable light fastening assembly: A portable light fastening assembly for use with the human interface of an electronic device includes a lamp housing and an adjustable attachment device extending from the lamp housing. An ultra-violet (UV) light source is at least partially enclosed in the lamp housing such that the adjustable attachment device includes... Agent: Uv Partners LLC

20150090903 - Uv germicidal system, method, and device thereof: A germicidal system for use in disinfecting a human interface device includes at least one human interface device. One or more ultra-violet (UV) light sources are used in proximity to the at least one human interface device for disinfecting a touch surface of the human interface device below a surgical... Agent: Uv Partners LLC

20150090905 - Micromagnet based extreme ultra-violet radiation source: An embodiment includes a magnetic wiggler comprising: first and second magnets adjacent each other in a line of at least 50 magnets; a pathway, adjacent to the line, along which an electron beam may travel that is to couple to a particle accelerator; and a plurality of vias on multiple... Agent:

20150090907 - Radiation source for generating short-wavelength radiation from plasma: A radiation source is provided for generating short-wavelength radiation from plasma in which a molten liquid metal is used as a source material. In the radiation source having a revolving element for providing the source material, unused source material exiting from the plasma zone has to be reliably collected to... Agent:

20150090906 - Terahertz continuous wave emitting device: Provided herein is terahertz continuous wave emitting device having: a plurality of laser light sources generating a plurality of laser lights; and an absorption area formed between the plurality of laser light sources in order to adjust interaction of the plurality of laser lights, wherein the absorption area is configured... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150090908 - Light microscope and microscopy method for examining a microscopic specimen: Examination of a microscopic specimen is described. Height information for a respective plurality of lateral regions of the specimen is obtained from each of multiple specimen recordings, in which the height information of each specimen recording is limited to a respective height measurement range and the height measurement ranges of... Agent:

20150090909 - Selectable view angle optical sensor: A selectable view angle optical sensor is disclosed. The selectable view angle optical sensor comprises a substrate, a photodiode array disposed on the substrate, a first optical shielding modulation layer disposed on a first plane and a second optical shielding modulation layer disposed on a second plane. The first plane... Agent:

20150090910 - Radiographic image reading device, computer readable medium, and radiographic image reading method: A radiographic image reading device includes a reading unit configured to photoelectrically read photostimulated luminescence light produced from a storage phosphor sheet illuminated with excitation light, the storage phosphor sheet, at which a radiographic image is stored, being scanned by a scanning unit using the excitation light; and a control... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 53 patent applications in 39 patent subcategories.

20150083890 - Ultra low power solid state spectral radiometer: A spectral radiometer system, measures incoming light intensity and spectral distribution in different wavelength-bands. An additional data storage device allows recording of the measured data. The inclusive sensor system yields very high sensitivity to incoming light. Furthermore, outstanding linearity of the detector response over several orders of magnitude of incoming... Agent: Us Gov't Repersented By The Secretary Of The Navy Chief Of Naval Research Onr/nrl

20150083891 - Touch-sensitive apparatus with improved spatial resolution: A touch-sensitive apparatus is configured to define a touch surface on a panel by propagating diverging energy beams (e.g. of radiation) across the touch surface inside the panel. Two rows (20A, 20B) of components (2, 3) of a first type that emits energy as a diverging beam and a second... Agent: Flatfrog Laboratories Ab

20150083894 - Imaging device with filtering of the infrared radiation: An imaging device includes at least one photosite formed in a semiconducting substrate and fitted with a filtering device for filtering at least one undesired radiation. The filtering device is buried in the semiconducting substrate at a depth depending on the wavelength of the undesired radiation.... Agent:

20150083893 - Method and device for preserving and imaging specimens while retaining information on the spatial orientation of specimens with respect to reference objects: An object, such as a tumor from a breast lumpectomy, is placed into an object positioning device that can hold the object without deforming it. Such a device can include a container with a deformable foam, gel, or other material. The object positioning device is moved into an imaging device.... Agent: The Research Foundation For The State University Of New York

20150083895 - Solid-state imaging apparatus: A solid-state imaging apparatus comprising a plurality of pixels generating a photoelectric conversion signal, a column amplifying unit corresponding to columns of the pixels, for outputting a first and second signals generated by amplifying the photoelectric conversion signal at a smaller first gain and larger second gain respectively, an analog... Agent:

20150083892 - Thermal-contraction matched hybrid device package: A hybrid device package comprising a baseplate, a balanced composite structure (BCS) on the baseplate, a first IC on the BCS, and at least one additional IC physically coupled to the first IC. The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) for the stack formed from the B CS and the first... Agent:

20150083896 - Optical sensor arrangement and method for light sensing: An optical sensor arrangement (10) comprises a light sensor (11), a current source (41), an analog-to-digital converter (12) and a switch (44) which selectively couples the light sensor (11) or the current source (41) to an input (14) of the analog-to-digital converter (12).... Agent:

20150083898 - System and method for controlling droplet timing in an lpp euv light source: A method and apparatus for improved control of the trajectory and timing of droplets of target material in a laser produced plasma (LPP) extreme ultraviolet (EUV) light system is disclosed. A droplet illumination module generates two laser curtains for detecting the droplets. The first curtain is used for detecting the... Agent: Cymer, Inc.

20150083897 - Method and device for daytime motor vehicle driving assistance: A method for assisting the daytime driving of a motor vehicle, including the steps of: placing at least one variable-transmission screen between the driver of the motor vehicle and the road scene in front of the vehicle, measuring, by means of at least one sensor, the brightness of the road... Agent: Valeo Vision

20150083899 - Light panel, optical assembly with improved interface and light panel with improved manufacturing tolerances: Light panels, and methods of providing the light panels, are described. The described light panels are substantially transparent and can operate as an illumination device or as a solar panel. An example light panel includes a first optic layer for transmitting light; a second optic layer with a reflective surface... Agent:

20150083900 - Proximity sensor including reference detector for stray radiation detection: A proximity sensor includes a radiation source configured to emit a primary radiation beam and a primary detector configured to pick up a reflected primary radiation beam. The radiation source is further configured to emit stray radiation. The sensor further includes a reference detector arranged to receive the stray radiation.... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (crolles 2) Sas

20150083901 - Probe for detecting underground substances, and method: A probe for underground sensing of materials of interest, for example chemicals such as explosives, includes a probe body that is capable of being inserted into the ground, and one or more sensors that are able to sense one or more materials in the vicinity of at least a portion... Agent: Raytheon Company

20150083902 - Method and apparatus for radiation dosimetry utilizing fluorescent imaging with precision correction: A method comprising the following steps: (a) adjusting a radiation dose measurement for a fluorescent nuclear track detector based on a plurality of fluorescence contrast images for the fluorescent nuclear track detector to thereby produce a calibrated radiation dose measurement, and (b) displaying the calibrated radiation dose measurement to a... Agent:

20150083903 - System and method for fluorescence and absorbance analysis: A system or method for analyzing a sample include an input light source, an excitation light source positioned to receive light from the input light source and to sequentially illuminate the sample with each of a plurality of wavelengths, a fluorescence detector positioned to receive and substantially simultaneously detect multiple... Agent:

20150083904 - Optical cable, downhole system having optical cable, and method thereof: An optical cable includes an outer tubing. At least one optical fiber disposed within the outer tubing. A stiffening member configured to bend with bending of the outer tubing; wherein the stiffening member shifts a neutral plane of the cable away from the at least one optical fiber. Also included... Agent: Baker Hughes Incoporated

20150083905 - Pulsed neutron tool for downhole oil typing: Methods for determining a value indicative of liquid density of a formation include obtaining an inelastic count rate and a capture count rate of a gamma detector for a particular borehole depth, calculating a ratio of an inelastic count rate to a capture count rate for the particular borehole depth,... Agent:

20150083906 - Biomarkers for monitoring intervention therapies for diabetes: The use of N-linked glycosylation pattern of serum proteins as a biomarker for evaluating the efficacy of intervention therapies for diabetes is disclosed. As disclosed herein, changes in the N-linked glycosylation of total plasma proteins precedes and predicts the decrease in glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) associated with successful treatment of diabetes.... Agent:

20150083908 - Inspection or observation apparatus and sample inspection or observation method: A sample observation method uses a charged particle beam apparatus comprising a charged particle optical column irradiating a charged particle beam, a vacuum chamber, and a sample chamber being capable of storing a sample. The method includes maintaining a pressure of the sample chamber higher than that of the vacuum... Agent:

20150083907 - Method and device for measuring unoccupied states of solid: Intensity of near-ultraviolet light or visible light of 180 to 700 nm emitted from a solid sample, such as an organic semiconductor, irradiated with an electron beam is measured, while kinetic energy (accelerating energy) of the electron beam is changed in a range of 0 to 5 eV so as... Agent:

20150083910 - Charged particle beam apparatus: Aiming for easily carrying out an energy discrimination or an angle discrimination of a secondary particle emitted from a sample or easily setting an optimal observation condition, a charged particle beam apparatus is provided with a charged particle source for emitting a charged particle beam, a lens for focusing the... Agent:

20150083912 - Charged particle beam apparatus: The present invention provides apparatuses to inspect small particles on the surface of a sample such as wafer and mask. The apparatuses provide both high detection efficiency and high throughput by forming Dark-field BSE images. The apparatuses can additionally inspect physical and electrical defects on the sample surface by form... Agent:

20150083911 - Method of detecting electrons, an electron-detector and an inspection system: An electron-detector comprises a scintillator plate 207, electron optics 204 for directing a plurality of electron beams 9 onto the scintillator plate so that the electron beams are incident onto the scintillator plate at locations of incidence disposed at a distance from each other, a light detector 237 comprising a... Agent:

20150083909 - X-ray analyzer: The X-ray analyzer generates a spectrum of X-rays obtained from an area on a sample where the intensity of X-rays whose energy is not included in an already set-up ROI is high and then, from the generated spectrum, identifies a new element for which an ROI is not set up.... Agent:

20150083913 - Radiation detector and sample analyzer: A radiation detector is offered which can suppress generation of sum peaks. The radiation detector (100) has a radiation detection portion (2), a first differential filter portion (10) for converting the output signal S2 from the detection portion into a first pulsed signal S10, a second differential filter portion (20)... Agent:

20150083915 - Optical sensor device: An optical sensor device includes at least two light receiving units in which a plurality of types of light receiving elements is integrated in the same vertical structure. In addition, the optical sensor device further includes a switch unit configured to select at least one of the light receiving elements... Agent:

20150083914 - Railway reference machine having a collapsible projector assembly: A railway reference machine is provided for surveying and aligning a railroad track, and includes a collapsible projector assembly having a pusher buggy assembly, and a lifting device. A plurality of projectors is mounted to a projector cart. The pusher buggy assembly has extendable and retractable linkage sections such that... Agent:

20150083916 - Interferometer having multiple scan carriages: An interferometer includes a first assembly having a base, a beam splitter assembly to split light into first and second portions, and a fixed mirror for reflecting the first portion of light; and a second assembly movable with respect to the first assembly, and having first and second scan carriages,... Agent:

20150083917 - Infrared light director for gesture or scene sensing fsc display: This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for touch and gesture recognition, using a field sequential color display. The display includes a processor, a lighting system, and an arrangement for spatial light modulation that includes a number of apertures, and devices for opening and shutting the apertures. A light directing... Agent:

20150083918 - Method of detecting a propellant gas: A method and a system for detecting the presence of propellant gas in a gaseous sample exploit laser light especially in the 3.30-3.5 μm range. The propellant can be propane, n-butane, i-butane, dimethyl ether, methyl ethyl ether, HFA 134a, HFA 227, or any other propellant exhibiting absorption in the requisite... Agent:

20150083919 - Background radiation measurement system: A turbine section according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, an airfoil including an edge and a probe positioned a distance from the airfoil. The probe is configured to detect radiation emitted from a radiation source. A sensor is operatively coupled to the probe... Agent:

20150083920 - Nondestructive testing active thermography system and method for utilizing the same: An assembly including an optically excited infrared nondestructive testing active thermography system is disclosed. The optically excited infrared nondestructive testing active thermography system includes one or more illumination sources, at least one first reflector, at least one second reflector and a computing resource. The at least one first reflector is... Agent:

20150083921 - Approaching vehicle detection apparatus and method: An approaching vehicle detection apparatus mounted to a subject vehicle includes a ranging device for detecting a distance to a different vehicle based on receipt of an infrared light reflected by the different vehicle, a communication device for exchanging an infrared signal with the different vehicle when the different vehicle... Agent:

20150083922 - Spectroscopy system using waveguide and employing a laser medium as its own emissions detector: An intracavity laser absorption infrared spectroscopy system for detecting trace analytes in vapor samples. The system uses a spectrometer in communications with control electronics, wherein the control electronics contain an analyte database that contains absorption profiles for each analyte the system is used to detect. The system can not only... Agent: Emx International LLC

20150083923 - Linear-response nanocrystal scintillators and methods of using the same: Systems and devices incorporating radiation detection, and techniques and materials for improved radiation detection are provided that involve a nano-scintillator exhibiting a linear luminescent emission response to stimulating electromagnetic radiation. The nano-scintillator can include at least one nanocrystal comprising a rare earth element, a lanthanide dopant, and a spectator dopant,... Agent: Duke University

20150083924 - Radiographic imaging device and radiation detector: First TFTs are provided in correspondence with respective intersection portions between plural signal lines and plural first scan lines. Control terminals of the first TFTs are connected to the corresponding first scan lines, and output terminals of the first TFTs are connected to the corresponding signal lines. Sensors are connected... Agent:

20150083925 - Apparatus and method for detecting high-energy radiation: An apparatus for spatially correcting an image frame is disclosed. In some embodiments, the apparatus stores a frame of pixel values and scans a multi-pixel correction window across the frame. Spatial correction is performed on pixels within the window at correction positions during the scan. The spatial correction comprises estimating... Agent: Radiation Watch Limited

20150083927 - Compact/lightweight gantry and particle beam therapy device using same: To provide a preferred device configuration and arrangement capable of forming a large irradiation field, miniaturizing a gantry and reducing weight of the gantry. A gantry includes a bending magnet configured to bend a beam orbit, a plurality of horizontal direction scanning magnets which are first scanning magnets configured to... Agent:

20150083926 - Notched magnetic lens for improved sample access in an sem: A magnetic immersion lens apparatus includes an outer pole piece and an inner pole piece with a gap therebetween proximate a common axis of the first and second pole pieces. The outer pole piece has an opening that permits energetic particles from a target in front of the immersion lens... Agent:

20150083928 - Method for determining beam parameters of a charge carrier beam, measuring device, and charge carrier beam divce: The application relates to a method for determining beam parameters of a charge carrier beam, a measuring device, and a charge carrier beam device. The charge carrier beam (4) from a charge carrier beam device (1) is guided, by means of a beam deflection unit (3), over a slit aperture... Agent: Aixacct Systems Gmbh

20150083929 - Focused ion beam low kv enhancement: The invention provides a charged particle beam system wherein the middle section of the focused ion beam column is biased to a high negative voltage allowing the beam to move at higher potential than the final beam energy inside that section of the column. At low kV potential, the aberrations... Agent: Fei Company

20150083930 - Charged particle microscope: The ionized gas supplied to the emitter tip of a gas field ionization ion source is cooled and purified to enable supplying a reliable and stable ion beam. Impurities contained in the ionized gas destabilize the field ionization ion source. The invention is configured to include a first heat exchanger... Agent:

20150083931 - Ion generating apparatus: A discharge electrode 5 for generating ions and a high-voltage generating circuit unit 2 that supplies the discharge electrode 5 with a high voltage are housed in a housing 3. A discharge opening 12 for discharging the generated ions is formed in the housing 3. The housing 3 is covered... Agent:

20150083932 - Fluorescence imaging system for an operating room: Fluorescence imaging system for an operating theatre, comprising a device illuminating the operating theatre and emitting a white light, and a fluorescence imaging device. Said fluorescence imaging device comprises a light source emitting radiation for excitation of a fluorescent marker in a range of emission wavelengths of between 600 and... Agent: Fluoptics

20150083933 - Multi-wavelength led curing lamp: A curing device may comprise a first array of LED's, each LED of the first array emitting radiation substantially centered at a first excitation wavelength onto a quantum dot layer, the quantum dot layer positioned above the first array of LED's and configured to partially absorb the first excitation wavelength... Agent: Phoseon Technology, Inc.

20150083934 - Device and method for determination of safe tanning time: The invention relates to a container for sunscreen agent in which the sunscreen agent has a specific predetermined sun-protection factor, comprising a sealing device (2) by which the container (1) can be closed to make its opening (8) completely sealed, the container (1) being provided with at least one sun... Agent: Skinplan Ab

20150083935 - Systems and methods of modifying a proton beam in a proton treatment system: Systems and methods of controlling characteristics of a proton beam emitted from a nozzle of a proton treatment system including one or more beam modifying members to define a characteristic of an emitted proton beam, and a clamping member mounted to the nozzle, the clamping member having one or more... Agent:

20150083938 - Cooler for plasma generation chamber of euv radiation source: The disclosure provides a cooler for use in a plasma generation chamber of a radiation source for an extreme ultraviolet wavelength range. The cooler has a heat sink which is at least partially manufactured of a substrate material having a thermal conductivity of greater than 50 W/mK. A coolant duct... Agent:

20150083939 - Extreme ultraviolet light generation device and extreme ultraviolet light generation system: An extreme ultraviolet light generation device may be configured to generate extreme ultraviolet light by irradiating a target with a laser beam to turn the target into plasma. The extreme ultraviolet light generation device may comprise: a chamber provided with at least one through-hole; an optical system configured to introduce... Agent:

20150083937 - Laser-operated light source: A laser-operated light source encompasses a chamber for accommodating a gaseous medium for generating a plasma, which emits radiation in response to the operation of the light source under the impact of the laser radiation. The light source encompasses a housing for accommodating the chamber. The invention provides for optical... Agent:

20150083940 - Microwave excited ultraviolet lamp system with data logging and retrieval circuit and method: A microwave excited ultraviolet lamp system with a data logging and retrieval circuit and method for operating the same. The data logging and retrieval circuit stores operational data in a cache memory using a FIFO data storage protocol. The contents of the cache memory are periodically copied to a larger... Agent:

20150083936 - System and method for creating and utilizing dual laser curtains from a single laser in an lpp euv light source: A method and apparatus for creating and utilizing dual laser curtains from a single laser source in a laser produced plasma (LPP) extreme ultraviolet (EUV) light system is disclosed. A polarizing beam splitter creates two beams of orthogonal polarization from a single laser, and the beams are used to generate... Agent: Cymer, LLC

20150083941 - Apparatuses and methods employing multiple layers for attenuating ionizing radiation: Radiation shields and radiation shielding systems for attenuating ionizing radiation include two or more attenuating elements, such as layers. The two or more attenuating elements may include different attenuating materials. The two or more attenuating elements may be configured to attenuate ionizing radiation differently than one another. In some embodiments,... Agent:

20150083942 - Optical isolator with printed circuit board isolation: An optical isolator is provided. The optical isolator includes a printed circuit board having a first surface and a second surface opposite the first surface. The printed circuit board has a recess extending only partially through the board. The first photoelement has an active surface and is mounted relative to... Agent: Rosemount Inc.

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