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Radiant energy

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09/18/2014 > 154 patent applications in 77 patent subcategories.

20140263945 - Floating-gate transistor photodetector: A field effect transistor photodetector that can operate in room temperature includes a source electrode, a drain electrode, a channel to allow an electric current to flow between the drain and source electrodes, and a gate electrode to receive a bias voltage for controlling the current in the channel. The... Agent:

20140263944 - Light sensing device with outgassing hole: A light sensing device includes a substrate, a light sensing area on the substrate, and a light shielding layer over the substrate. The light shielding layer does not cover the light sensing area. At least one outgassing hole is formed through the light shielding layer.... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20140263946 - Avalanche photo diode detector systems: An avalanche photo diode detector including an avalanche photo diode, an adjustable voltage source, a current mirror coupled to the voltage source output of the adjustable voltage source and having a current measurement output, and a processor coupled to the adjustable voltage source and the current mirror. The processor implements... Agent:

20140263947 - Enhanced dynamic range imaging: A pixel element for an image sensor comprises a semiconductor substrate; a radiation-sensitive element configured to generate electric charges in response to incident radiation, and provided with a charge accumulation region configured to accumulate at least a portion of said electric charges; a passive potential barrier region; and a capacitive... Agent: Caeleste Cvba

20140263948 - Optical biosensor and biosensing system: An optical biosensor is provided. The optical biosensor includes a biosensing unit, a detection unit, and a feedback circuit. The biosensing unit is configured to receive an input optical signal, sense a biomaterial, and generate a sensed optical signal. The detecting unit is configured to convert the sensed optical signal... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140263949 - Method and apparatus for photon counting: A method and apparatus for photon counting are disclosed. In an implementation, the present disclosure provides a dynamic-range photon-counting spectrometric sensor for low signal detection embedded in large parasitic background light signal. Rather than using a known forward illuminated imager approach of counting photons directly, embodiments of the present disclosure... Agent: Her Majesty The Queen In Right Of Canada, As Represented By The Minister Of National Defence

20140263964 - Cmos image sensor with column-wise selective charge-domain binning: An imaging device and method for operating the imaging device. Some embodiments comprise a pixel array configured as rows and columns of binning pixel units, each binning pixel unit including a plurality of photosensors that generate respective charge signals in response to incident light. Each binning pixel unit is configured... Agent:

20140263968 - Color imaging device: An imaging apparatus 10 according to one implementation of the present invention includes: a plurality of photodetectors 5a and 5b; a transparent layer 2 provided at the side of a light-receiving surface 15a, 15b of the photodetectors 5a and 5b; a plurality of spectroscopic portions 3 provided between a light-entering... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140263954 - Focal plane array periphery through-vias for read out integrated circuit: A focal plane array (FPA) including a photodiode array (PDA) and a read out integrated circuit (ROIC). The PDA can include a plurality of conductive through-vias extending through the PDA and electrically isolated from the PDA. The plurality of conductive through-vias can be electrically coupled to circuitry on the ROIC... Agent: Sensors Unlimited, Inc.

20140263967 - Full color single pixel including doublet or quadruplet si nanowires for image sensors: An image sensor comprising a substrate and one or more of pixels thereon. The pixels have subpixels therein comprising nanowires sensitive to light of different color. The nanowires are functional to covert light of the colors they are sensitive to into electrical signals.... Agent: Zena Technologies, Inc.

20140263952 - High performance digital imaging system: A sensor array including sensor pixels is disclosed. A sensor pixel includes a detector and a readout circuit operatively coupled to the detector. The readout circuit includes at least one readout element formed from an amorphous metal oxide alloy semiconductor. Also disclosed is an image detector panel including a sensor... Agent: Perkinelmer Holdings, Inc.

20140263956 - High-k dielectric grid structure for semiconductor device: The present disclosure provides an image sensor device and a method for manufacturing the image sensor device. An exemplary image sensor device includes a substrate having a front surface and a back surface, a plurality of sensor elements disposed at the front surface of the substrate. Each of the plurality... Agent:

20140263962 - Image sensor including planar boundary between optical black and active pixel sensor areas: An image sensor includes a substrate including a sensor array area, a pad area, and a circuit area, a wiring layer on the pad area, and a light-shielding pattern on the sensor array area. The sensor array area includes a first area including active pixels and a second area including... Agent:

20140263951 - Image sensor with flexible pixel summing: An image sensor can include pixels that are grouped into subsets of pixels, with each subset including three or more pixels. A method for asymmetrical high dynamic range imaging can include capturing an image of a subject scene using a single integration time for all of the pixels. In a... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140263953 - Image sensor, operation method thereof, and system including the same: A motion sensing method is implemented by an image sensor, the image sensor including a first pixel and a second pixel. The method includes outputting a first pixel signal of the first pixel during a first integration time of a frame period, outputting a second pixel signal of the second... Agent:

20140263957 - Imaging systems with switchable column power control: Electronic devices may include image sensors having image pixel arrays with image pixels arranged in pixel rows and pixel columns. Each pixel column may be coupled to a column line having column readout circuitry and column power control circuitry that selectively enables or disables the column readout circuitry for various... Agent:

20140263959 - Method and apparatus for image sensor packaging: A device having a sensor die with a sensor and a control circuit die with at least one control circuit disposed therein, the control circuit die on the sensor die. A plurality of mounting pads is disposed on a second side of the sensor die. A first electrical connection connects... Agent:

20140263969 - Moving image sensor having multiphase digital summation: The invention relates to time-delay and charge integration image sensors employing active CMOS technology pixels. The sensor comprises N rows of pixels and each pixel of generally square shaped comprises two (though possibly also three or four) photodiodes and charge storage nodes, having means for transferring charges from each photodiode... Agent: E2v Semiconductors

20140263958 - Oxide film formation of a bsi image sensor device: Disclosed is a method of fabricating an image sensor device, such as a BSI image sensor, and more particularly, a method of forming a dielectric film in a radiation-absorption region without using a conventional plasma etching causing roughness on the surface and non-uniformity within a die and a wafer. The... Agent:

20140263961 - Performing spatial & temporal image contrast detection in pixel array: An imaging device has an array with pixels that can image an aspect of an object. In addition, pixels in the array can be used to perform motion detection or edge detection. A first and a second pixel can integrate light non-concurrently, and then their outputs may be compared. A... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140263965 - Pixel, method of manufacturing the same, and image processing devices including the same: A pixel of an image sensor includes a color filter configured to pass visible wavelengths, and an infrared cut-off filter disposed on the color filter configured to cut off infrared wavelengths.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140263955 - Read out integrated circuit input/output routing on permanent carrier: A focal plane array (FPA) comprising a photodiode array (PDA) and a read out integrated circuit (ROIC), wherein the FPA can include a plurality of conductive bumps that electrically couple PDA circuitry to ROIC circuitry. In an embodiment, an optically transparent lid can include a plurality traces electrically coupled to... Agent: Sensors Unlimited, Inc

20140263950 - Single-exposure high dynamic range cmos image sensor pixel with internal charge amplifier: A single-exposure high dynamic range (HDR) image sensor utilizes a charge amplifier having two different charge-to-voltage conversion capacitors that read a single photodiode charge during a two-phase readout operation. The first capacitor has a lower capacitance and therefore higher conversion gain (sensitivity), and the second capacitor has a higher capacitance... Agent: Tower Semiconductor Ltd.

20140263960 - Solid-state imaging device: According to one embodiment, a solid-state imaging device includes a pixel array, a digital gain circuit, and a shading correction circuit. In the pixel array, pixels that accumulate photoelectrically converted charge are arranged in a matrix and the pixel array can control an exposure time of the pixels for each... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140263966 - Solid-state imaging device, and imaging device: A solid-state imaging device according to the present invention includes: a pixel block in which pixels are arranged in a matrix; vertical common signal lines each provided for a corresponding one of columns of the plurality of pixels, and reads signals of pixels in the corresponding column; and a column... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140263963 - Volume imaging with aliased views: Images are detected in a manner that addresses various challenges as discussed herein. As may be consistent with one or more embodiments, aspects are directed to an apparatus having sets of photosensors that detect light rays received at different angles from a specimen via a microlens array, with the light... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

20140263971 - Active monitoring of multi-laser systems: A monitoring system for a multi-laser module includes detectors corresponding to each laser and situated to receive a portion of the associated laser beam uncombined with other beams. Laser characteristics are measured and stored, and in operation are used to identify device failures. A comparator receives a reference value and... Agent: Nlight Photonics Corporation

20140263970 - Actively aligned detectors for optical and optoelectronic arrays: A multi-channel optical device and method of making the same are disclosed. The optical device includes a plurality of detectors on a detector mounting substrate, and a corresponding plurality of lenses on an interior surface of the optical device. Each detector detects light having a unique center wavelength. Each center... Agent:

20140263972 - Ambient light sensing with stacked photodiode: A stacked photodiode structure comprises a first-conductivity-type substrate, a second-conductivity-type well region and a first-conductivity-type well region. The first-conductivity-type substrate has a first surface for light incidence and a grounding terminal. The second-conductivity-type well region is formed in the first-conductivity-type substrate and adjacent to the first surface. The first-conductivity-type well... Agent: Lite-on Singapore Pte. Ltd.

20140263973 - Integrated module having multiple light emitters or sensors for televisions and other appliances: Compact optoelectronic modules are described and can be used in various electronic or other appliances, such as television units. For example, a light emitting device, a first sensor or sensor module such as an infra-red sensor or an infra-red receiver module, and a second sensor or sensor module such as... Agent: Heptagon Micro Optics Pte. Ltd.

20140263975 - Light detection device: A semiconductor light detection element includes a plurality of avalanche photodiodes operating in Geiger mode and formed in a semiconductor substrate, quenching resistors connected in series to the respective avalanche photodiodes and arranged on a first principal surface side of the semiconductor substrate, and a plurality of through-hole electrodes electrically... Agent: Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

20140263974 - Methods and devices for optically determining a characteristic of a substance: Using an optical computing device includes optically interacting electromagnetic radiation with a sample and a first integrated computational element arranged within a primary channel, optically interacting the electromagnetic radiation with the sample and a second integrated computational element arranged within a reference channel, producing first and second modified electromagnetic radiations... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140263976 - High frequency modulation circuits based on phtoconductive wide bandgap switches: Methods, systems, and devices for high voltage and/or high frequency modulation. In one aspect, an optoelectronic modulation system includes an array of two or more photoconductive switch units each including a wide bandgap photoconductive material coupled between a first electrode and a second electrode, a light source optically coupled to... Agent: Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC

20140263980 - Imagers with depth sensing capabilities: An imager may include depth sensing pixels that provide an asymmetrical angular response to incident light. The depth sensing pixels may each include a substrate region formed from a photosensitive portion and a non-photosensitive portion. The depth sensing pixels may include mechanisms that prevent regions of the substrate from receiving... Agent: Aptina Imaging Corpoation

20140263977 - Light measurement and/or control translation for daylighting: Systems and methods are disclosed to translate a desired light level at a particular task location to a light level measured by a light sensor at a non-task location such as a wall location or a light switch location. For example, the light measured on the wall may be used... Agent: Mojo Labs, Inc.

20140263979 - Photoconductive switch with improved life span: Methods, devices and systems enhance the operation and lifespan of photoconductive switches. A photoconductive switch is described that includes a photoconductive material with a first face and a second face, as well as a first contact and a second contact that are positioned above a top surface and below a... Agent: Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC

20140263978 - Self-calibration method for a photoelectric liquid level switch and apparatus using the same: The invention relates to a self-calibration method for a photoelectric liquid level switch and apparatus using the same. The apparatus has a control module, a light emitting module and a light sensing module. The light emitting module emits a light beam into a container. The light sensing module then detects... Agent: Finetek Co., Ltd.

20140263981 - Lighting domes: A lighting dome that can be used to inspect semiconductor wafers can include a small aperture, backlighting, a reflectance gradient and/or a broad spectrum light source.... Agent:

20140263983 - Sealing structure, interference filter, optical module, and electronic apparatus: An interference filter includes a first substrate on which a fixed reflection film is provided, a second substrate which faces the first substrate and on which a movable reflection film is provided, a first bonding film that bonds the first substrate and the second substrate to each other, and a... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140263982 - Sensor including dielectric metamaterial microarray: The present disclosure is directed to electromagnetic radiation sensors including micro-lenses and to methods of constructing and utilizing such electromagnetic radiation sensors. In one embodiment there is provided an electromagnetic radiation sensor comprising a dielectric substrate including a front surface and a rear surface, an electromagnetic radiation detector element disposed... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140263984 - Indexing signal detection module: An indexing signal detection module is configured to index one or more signal detectors past each of a plurality of sources of detectable signal emissions to detect or measure a signal emitted by each source. A plurality of signal transmission conduits transmit signal emitted by the sources from a first... Agent: Gen-probe Incorporated

20140263985 - Optical sensor having fiduciary marks detected by rayleigh scattered light: An optical fiber having at least one fiduciary mark is provided. The at least one fiduciary mark is located at one or more axial positions along the optical fiber. The at least one fiduciary mark is configured to produce at least one change in a Rayleigh backscattering signal in the... Agent: Ofs Fitel, LLC

20140263986 - Position detecting device using reflection type photosensor: A position detecting device using a reflection type photosensor, comprising a reflector fitted to a moving target and having reflecting portions and non-reflecting portions arranged alternately in a moving direction of the moving target, a reflection type photosensor having a light emitting element and a light receiving element with plural... Agent: New Japan Radio Co., Ltd.

20140263987 - Adaptable resolution optical encoder: A flexible optical displacement encoder configuration uses a source grating to illuminate a scale with structured light such that light from the scale is modulated with a beat frequency envelope, which may have a relatively coarse pitch that matches a desired detector pitch. An imaging configuration provides spatial filtering to... Agent: Mitutoyo Corporation

20140263988 - Rotary encoder with free floating flexible sensor carrier: A rotary encoder with free floating flexible sensor carrier provides a sensor carrier that eliminates the traditional need for bearings and a housing in a rotary encoder, as well as allowing for significant cost savings in material and installation costs, improving acceleration and reducing startup and running torque. A bushing... Agent:

20140263989 - Geometry layout and filter packaging for system for wireless, motion and position-sensing, integrating radiation sensor for occupational and environmental dosimetry: A device comprising: a substrate, four or more sensor packages mounted on the substrate, and a respective set of one or more filters for each of the four or more sensor packages, wherein each sensor package of the four or more sensor packages comprises one or more radiation sensors mounted... Agent: Landauer, Inc.

20140263992 - Method of processing image charge/current signals: A method of processing an image charge/current signal representative of trapped ions undergoing oscillatory motion. The method includes applying a validity test to each of a plurality of peaks in the image charge/current signal in the frequency domain, wherein applying the validity test to a peak in the image charge/current... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140263991 - Methods and apparatus for optically encoded position multiple-point scintillation detector using a single collecting light guide: Various embodiments are described herein for a radiation dosimetry apparatus and associated methods for measuring radiation dose. In some embodiments, the apparatus includes multiple scintillating elements for detecting amounts of radiation dose at multiple points within a detection region. Each of the scintillating elements generates light in response to radiation... Agent: Universite Laval

20140263990 - Systems and methods for improved radioisotopic dose calculation and delivery: Disclosed herein are methods including calibrating a radiotherapy machine to identify an effective radiation source size of a radiation source contained within the radiotherapy machine, the radiation source having a nominal radiation source size, to improve accuracy of a predicted dose profile for one or more radiation beams from the... Agent: Viewray Incorporated

20140263993 - Ion source having negatively biased extractor: An ion source for use in a radiation generator includes a sealed envelope containing an ionizable gas therein. The ion source also includes a RF antenna external to the sealed envelope, the RF antenna to transmit time-varying electromagnetic fields within the sealed envelope for producing ions from the ionizable gas.... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140263995 - Photomultiplier for well-logging tool: A photomultiplier includes a tube and plurality of dynodes within the tube and including at least one first dynode and at least one second dynode. A respective insulator is between adjacent pairs of dynodes. The at least one first dynode includes a conductive outer ring and a medial conductive member... Agent:

20140263994 - Radiation detector for well-logging tool: A radiation detector includes a housing to contain a radiation detecting gas. The housing has a first thermal expansion over an operating temperature range. An elongate electrode extends within the housing and has opposing first and second ends, with the first end secured to adjacent portion of the housing. The... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140263997 - Radiation detector for well-logging tool: A radiation detector is used in a well-logging tool for positioning in a wellbore of a geologic formation. The radiation detector includes a photomultiplier housing and a scintillator housing. A housing coupler joins together opposing ends of the photomultiplier housing and scintillator housing. A photomultiplier is contained within the photomultiplier... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140263996 - Radiation generator having bi-polar electrodes: A radiation generator includes an insulator, with an ion source carried within the insulator and configured to generate ions and indirectly generate undesirable particles. An extractor electrode is carried within the insulator downstream of the ion source and has a first potential. An intermediate electrode is carried within the insulator... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140263998 - Ion source having negatively biased extractor: A method of generating ions in a radiation generator includes emitting electrons from an active cathode and on a trajectory away from the active cathode, at least some of the electrons as they travel interacting with an ionizable gas to produce ions. The method also includes setting a potential of... Agent:

20140264000 - Method and apparatus for control of a plasma for spectrometry: A method of and apparatus for controlling the temperature of an inductively coupled or microwave induced plasma for optical emission spectrometry or mass spectrometry in which the intensities of two spectral lines of radiation emitted by the plasma are measured, and the power provided to sustain the plasma is adjusted... Agent: Thermo Electron Manufacturing Limited

20140263999 - Microscale mass spectrometry systems, devices and related methods: Mass spectrometry systems or assemblies therefore include an ionizer that includes at least one planar conductor, a mass analyzer with a planar electrode assembly, and a detector comprising at least one planar conductor. The ionizer, the mass analyzer and the detector are attached together in a compact stack assembly. The... Agent: The University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill

20140264009 - Differential mobility spectrometer and methods thereof: An apparatus and method are provided for analyzing samples of molecules. The apparatus comprises a mass analysis system including a differential mobility spectrometer, which includes at least three filter electrodes defining two ion flow paths where the filter electrodes generate electric fields for passing through selected portions of the sample... Agent: Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.

20140264007 - Identifying the occurrence and location of charging in the ion path of a mass spectrometer: A method is described for identifying the occurrence and location of charging of ion optic devices arranged along the ion path of a mass spectrometer. The method includes repeatedly performing a sequence of introducing a beam of discharge ions to a location on the ion path, and subsequently measuring the... Agent: Thermo Finnigan LLC

20140264002 - Ion trap mobility spectrometer and method of using the same: An apparatus for detecting constituents in a sample includes a casing and an ionization chamber defined by the casing. The apparatus also includes an ion collector positioned downstream of the ionization chamber. The apparatus further includes a spectral analysis device coupled to the ion collector. The spectral analysis device is... Agent: Morpho Detection, LLC

20140264006 - Ion trap with radial opening in ring electrode: Apparatuses and methods for performing mass analysis are disclosed. One such apparatus may include an ion trap device. The ion trap device may comprise a first end cap having a first aperture and a second end cap having a second aperture, wherein the first aperture and the second aperture may... Agent: 1st Detect Corporation

20140264008 - Mass spectrometer: A mass analyser is provided comprising a plurality of electrodes having apertures through which ions are transmitted. A plurality of pseudo-potential corrugations are created along the axis of the mass analyser. The amplitude or depth of the pseudo-potential corrugations is inversely proportional to the mass to charge ratio of an... Agent: Micromass Uk Limited

20140264001 - Method and apparatus for control of a plasma for spectrometry: A miniature electrode apparatus is disclosed for trapping charged particles, the apparatus including, along a longitudinal direction: a first end cap electrode; a central electrode having an aperture; and a second end cap electrode. The aperture is elongated in the lateral plane and extends through the central electrode along the... Agent: The University Of North Carolina Of Chapel Hill

20140264003 - Method for cleaning an atmospheric pressure chemical ionization source: Build-up of surface contamination within an atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI) source of a mass spectrometer (MS) is reversed by switching the APCI polarity to the opposite setting used for analyte ionization after the analytes have been ionized and measured. A solvent or mixture of solvents is passed through the... Agent: Thermo Finnigan LLC

20140264005 - Orthogonal acceleration tof with ion guide mode: Mass spectrometry systems include an electronic controller and a time-of-flight mass analyzer in communication with the electronic controller. The time-of-flight mass analyzer includes a pulsing region defining a channel that extends along an axis. The pulsing region includes: a first electrode extending along the axis, the first electrode defining one... Agent: Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.

20140264004 - Systems and methods for analyzing a sample using a mass spectrometry probe configured to contact the sample: The invention generally relates to systems and methods for analyzing a sample using a mass spectrometry probe having a tip that is configured to contact a sample and retain a portion of the sample once the probe has been removed from the sample.... Agent: Purdue Research Foundation

20140264010 - Ionization within ion trap using photoionization and electron ionization: A mass spectrometer is disclosed. The mass spectrometer may include an ion trap configured to trap and analyze an ionized sample. A first aperture may be provided having a first diameter, and a second aperture may be provided having a second diameter. The first aperture may be configured to receive... Agent: 1st Detect Corporation

20140264011 - Orthogonal acceleration system for time-of-flight mass spectrometer: An orthogonal pulse accelerator for a Time-of-Flight mass analyzer includes an electrically-conductive first plate extending in a first plane, and a second plate spaced from the first plate. The second plate includes a grid that defines a plurality of apertures each having a first dimension extending in a first direction... Agent: Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.

20140264013 - Mass spectrometer having an external detector: A mass spectrometer system is disclosed. The mass spectrometer includes a vacuum chamber defining an enclosed evacuated space and an ion trap disposed in the enclosed space. The ion trap is configured to trap an ionized sample. The mass spectrometer further includes an ion detector coupled to the chamber at... Agent: 1st Detect Corporation

20140264012 - Portable field 3he/4he stable isotope detector for use in survey work and autonomous monitoring: An instrument is described for measurements of the isotopic abundance of 3He and 4He stable isotopes remotely and in near real time. It is designed to work autonomously in the field in harsh environments, and is composed of modestly priced materials, vacuum and electronic subsystems for economical use as a... Agent:

20140264014 - Ion trap device: An ion trap device is disclosed. The device includes a series of electrodes that define an ion flow path. A radio frequency (RF) field is applied to the series of electrodes such that each electrode is phase shifted approximately 180 degrees from an adjacent electrode. A DC voltage is superimposed... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20140264015 - Dynamic peak tracking in x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy measurement tool: Systems and methods for performing X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) measurements in a semiconductor environment are disclosed. A reference element peak is selected and tracked as part of the measurement process. Peak shift of the reference element peak, in electron volts (eV) is tracked and applied to other portions of acquired... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140264016 - Measurement of line-edge-roughness and line-width-roughness on pre-layered structures: Measurements of line roughness are separated into groups depending upon pre-layers. Image data collected from similar pre-layer types are considered together in order to separate effects of line roughness from distortion of measurements caused by the pre-layers. The resulting line roughness measurements are used to estimate an aspect of line... Agent: Macronix International Co., Ltd.

20140264018 - Observation specimen for use in electron microscopy, electron microscopy, electron microscope, and device for producing observation specimen: The electrical charging by a primary electronic is inhibited to produce a clear edge contrast from an observation specimen (i.e., a specimen to be observed), whereby the shape of the surface of a sample can be measured with high accuracy. An observation specimen in which a liquid medium comprising an... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140264017 - Transmission electron microscope, and method of observing specimen: Provided is means which enables observation of the shape of a specimen as it is without deforming the specimen. Observation is made by allowing a specimen-holding member having an opening (for example, microgrid and mesh) to hold an ionic liquid and charging a specimen thereto, to allow the specimen to... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140264019 - Electron gun arrangement: A gun arrangement configured for generating a primary electron beam for a wafer imaging system is described. The arrangement includes a controller configured for switching between a normal operation and a cleaning operation, a field emitter having an emitter tip adapted for providing electrons and emitting an electron beam along... Agent: Ict Integrated Circuit Testing Gesellschaft F&#xfc R Halbleiterpr&#xfc Ftechnik Gmbh

20140264020 - Compact thermal aiming sight: A sight attachable to a weapon and comprising an objective lens, an image display, and a digital reticle. The objective lens focuses infrared light received from a scene onto a thermal imager, which is comprised of a focal plane array that detects infrared radiation in the scene focused by the... Agent: Rochester Precision Optics, LLC

20140264021 - Ion mobility spectrometry (ims) device with charged material transportation chamber: An ion detection assembly is described that includes a drift chamber, an inlet assembly, and a collector assembly. The drift chamber is formed of substantially non-conductive material and/or semi-conductive material. A patterned resistive trace is deposited on one or more of an interior surface or an exterior surface of the... Agent: Smiths Detection Montreal Inc.

20140264026 - Cross antennas for surface-enhanced infrared absorption (seira) spectroscopy of chemical moieties: A device for Surface Enhanced Infrared Absorption (SEIRA) that includes at least one pair of metallic antennas deposited on a substrate, wherein the pair of metallic antennas are collinear. The length, width, and height of the metallic antenna determines an infrared absorption of the pair of metallic antennas. The device... Agent: William Marsh Rice University

20140264027 - Gas analysers and a method of making a gas analyser: A method of making a measuring instrument, such as a gas analyser (20), comprises the steps of: selecting one or more measuring devices, such as an electrochemical cell (9) and/or an infrared gas analyser (14), from a group of measuring devices; selecting a tubular profile (5) of the appropriate length... Agent: Ag Instruments Ltd.

20140264022 - Infrared sensor of rear surface irradiation type: A rear-surface-irradiation-type infrared sensor includes a substrate having a through hole passing through between an upper surface and a lower surface; an infrared absorption part on the substrate on a side of the upper surface separate from the substrate by the through hole; and a temperature sensor part detecting a... Agent:

20140264023 - Lobed aperture radiant sensor: A radiant sensor includes a modified, e.g. lobed, aperture for modifying the sensor response to heat sources with its field of view to achieve a mean radiant temperature measurement.... Agent:

20140264024 - Specimen inspection apparatus: A specimen inspection apparatus includes: a transportation unit which includes a transportation surface on which a specimen as an inspection object is loaded and is configured so as to transport the specimen; a terahertz wave generation unit which is positioned on the transportation surface side of the transportation unit and... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140264025 - Systems, apparatuses and methods for converting light wavelengths: In one aspect, an apparatus for converting light having a first wavelength to a light having a second wavelength is provided. The apparatus includes an interband light detector configured to detect light with the first wavelength, a light emitting device configured to emit light with the second wavelength, and a... Agent:

20140264028 - Sensor: A sensor includes a first electrode, a second electrode, a ferroelectric element that is disposed between the first electrode and the second electrode and that has a ferroelectric film formed of a ferroelectric substance, and a detector configured to read an electric charge generated in the ferroelectric element. The detector... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140264029 - Terahertz wave detection device, camera, imaging device, and measuring device: A terahertz wave detection device which includes an absorption portion which absorbs a terahertz wave and generates heat and a conversion portion which converts the heat generated by the absorption portion into an electric signal, wherein the absorption portion includes a dielectric layer, a plurality of metal structures which are... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140264030 - Methods and apparatus for mid-infrared sensing: A chip-scale, air-clad semiconductor pedestal waveguide can be used as a mid-infrared (mid-IR) sensor capable of in situ monitoring of organic solvents and other analytes. The sensor uses evanescent coupling from a silicon or germanium waveguide, which is highly transparent in the mid-IR portion of the electromagnetic spectrum (e.g., between... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140264031 - Trace gas detection system: The present invention relates to a trace gas detection system. At least one embodiment includes a frequency spectrum comprising a 1st comb and an enhancement cavity characterized by having a 2nd comb of spectral resonances. The enhancement cavity contains a sample gas for spectroscopic measurement. A dither mechanism is configured... Agent: Imra America, Inc.

20140264032 - Terahertz time-domain spectroscopic ellipsometry system: A terahertz time-domain spectroscopic ellipsometry system includes a sample stage, a terahertz emitter configured to provide pulses of terahertz radiation with preselected polarization components to illuminate a sample on the sample stage along an incident direction, and a coherent terahertz detection system arranged to coherently detect pulses of terahertz radiation... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20140264034 - Near-field optical sensing system: This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for sensing touch and/or gestures in the near-field area overlying a light-guiding layer within a device or other optical sensing system. In one aspect, modulated infrared light is emitted into the overlying area, and the... Agent: Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

20140264035 - Infrared presence detector for detecting a presence of an object in a surveillance area: The present invention relates to a detection device and a method for detecting a presence of an object in a surveillance area. The device comprises at least one infrared radiation sensing element each adapted for generating a sensor signal related to a quantity of infrared radiation received from within the... Agent: Vlaamse Instelling Voor Technologisch Onderzoek Nv (vito Nv)

20140264036 - Assembling infrared touch control module: An assembling infrared touch control module is provided and includes four L-shaped first frame members and a plurality of straight second frame members matched in pairs. Each first and second frame member has a space therein and two openings at two ends thereof, respectively, in communication with the space. Each... Agent:

20140264037 - Rotational sensor and methods therefor: The invention is a rotational sensor to sense an object's angle and methods to analyse the sensor output. The sensor has a first emitting source, to either emit onto, or from the object, a first receiving sensor, to receive emissions from the first emitting source, either directly or indirectly, the... Agent: Airway Limited

20140264038 - Tomography apparatus and electromagnetic pulse transmitting apparatus: To provide an electromagnetic pulse transmitting apparatus and a tomography apparatus capable of shortening an electromagnetic pulse. The apparatus performs processing such that two electromagnetic pulse portions emitted to an object have an electric field intensity of mutually opposite polarity and the time difference between pulse peaks of the two... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140264039 - System and method to electronically determine adequate gamma radiation sterilization time: An integrated circuit includes a sensing module, a measuring module, a comparing module, and memory. The sensing module senses radiation incident on the integrated circuit. The measuring module communicates with the sensing module and measures an amount of the radiation incident on the integrated circuit. The comparing module communicates with... Agent:

20140264041 - Positron emission tomography and/or single photon emission tomography detector: An imaging system includes a magnetic resonance portion that produces an electric field and a second imaging portion, including a detector with a two dimensional array of detector tiles, wherein adjacent tiles along an axial direction are spaced apart by an electrically conductive material, which shields the tiles from the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N. V.

20140264042 - Rugged scintillation crystal assembly: A rugged scintillation crystal assembly includes several scintillator crystals, which are optically coupled to each other by resilient optical-coupling material such as silicone pads and/or grease. The scintillator crystals are configured to collectively emit optical signals. Such a stack may combine the advantages of both a long form-factor for the... Agent: Cbg Corporation

20140264040 - Segmented fiber nuclear level gauge: A nuclear level sensing gauge for measuring the level of product in a bin utilizes a plurality of scintillators arranged in a serial fashion. A source of nuclear radiation is positioned adjacent the bin, and the scintillators, which may be bundles of one or more scintillating fibers or scintillating crystals,... Agent: Vega Americas, Inc.

20140264043 - X-ray imager with lens array and transparent non-structured scintillator: An x-ray imager includes a scintillator layer configured to generate light from x-rays, a detector array configured to detect light generated in the scintillator layer, and a lens array situated between the scintillator layer and the detector array. The lens array may be configured to collect light and focus the... Agent: Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

20140264044 - Scintillator material and radiation detector using same: Improvement in luminescence intensity is demanded from a scintillator material. The present invention provides a new scintillator material by adding a specific element selected from thallium and indium to a material having a basic composition represented by an alkali element:copper:a halogen element=3:2:5.... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140264045 - Optically stimulated luminescence dosimetry using doped lithium fluoride crystals: An optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dosimeter system. An OSL reader configured to produce data indicative of a radiation exposure, one or more OSL dosimeters fabricated from a thermoluminescent material, a light stimulation source configured to stimulate the OSL dosimeter to produce luminescence emissions, and a light-detection system that measures the... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20140264047 - Geometry layout for system for wireless, motion and position-sensing, integrating radiation sensor for occupational and environmental dosimetry: A device comprising: a substrate, a sensor package mounted on the substrate, and one or more filters, wherein the sensor package comprises one or more radiation sensors mounted therein, wherein each of the one or more filters is used to attenuate one or more types of radiation that enter an... Agent: Landauer, Inc.

20140264046 - One-dimensional x-ray detector with curved readout strips: A detector for a small-angle x-ray diffraction system uses curved readout strips shaped to correspond to the expected intensity distribution of x-rays scattered by the system. This expected intensity distribution may be a series of concentric circles, and each of the strips has a shape that approximates a section of... Agent: Bruker Axs, Inc.

20140264048 - Neutron radiation sensor: Embodiments utilize high energy particles generated by nuclear reactions involving neutron radiation and neutron-sensitive materials to generate and maintain an electric potential gradient between an electrode and a region separated from the electrode by an electric insulator. System and methods contemplated by the invention thereby enable passive detection of neutrons... Agent: Starfire Industries, LLC

20140264049 - Small anode germanium (sage) well radiation detector system and method: A small anode germanium well (SAGe well) radiation detector system/method providing for low capacitance, short signal leads, small area bottom-oriented signal contacts, enhanced performance independent of well diameter, and ability to determine radiation directionality is disclosed. The system incorporates a P-type bulk germanium volume (PGEV) having an internal well cavity... Agent:

20140264050 - Device for converting current pulses into voltage pulses: An electronic device to simply and efficiently measure energy of incident photons in a very short time and with a very high count rate and high precision, starting from current pulses from an ionizing electromagnetic radiation detector, the electronic device including an analog delay line with switched capacitors with controlled... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20140264052 - Apparatus and method for monitoring semiconductor fabrication processes using polarized light: The inventive concept provides apparatuses and methods for monitoring semiconductor fabrication processes in real time using polarized light. In some embodiments, the apparatus comprises a light source configured to generate light, a beam splitter configured to reflect the light toward the wafer being processed, an objective polarizer configured to polarize... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140264054 - Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method: An apparatus and a method to detect a defect or particle on a surface that involves combining an object radiation beam redirected by the surface with a reference radiation beam having a plurality of intensities lower than the object radiation beam, to produce a plurality of patterns detected by a... Agent: Asml Holding N.v.

20140264053 - Methods and apparatus for vacuum ultraviolet (vuv) or shorter wavelength circular dichroism spectroscopy: A highly efficient vacuum ultraviolet circular dichroism spectrometer is provided; the spectrometer suitable for laboratory use or for integration into a beam line at a synchrotron radiation facility. In one embodiment, a spectroscopic circular dichroism instrument is provided; the instrument configured so as to enable circular dichroism data to be... Agent:

20140264051 - Segmented mirror apparatus for imaging and method of using the same: An apparatus for inspecting a photomask, comprising an illumination source for generating a light which illuminates a target substrate, objective optics for receiving and projecting the light which is reflected from the target substrate, the objective optics includes a first mirror arranged to receive and reflect the light which is... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20140264055 - System and process for detecting phosphonate: The invention is generally a system and process for detecting phosphonate. The system and process detect and monitor phosphonate using optical, electronics and analytical software technology in a side stream to measure the level of phosphonate in the stream and then calculate the amount of the proper chemicals to inject... Agent: Advantage Controls, LLC

20140264056 - Systems and methods for assaying an eluate for technetium and molybdenum content: A system for assaying an eluate for Technetium-99m and Molybdenum-99 content includes an inner ionization chamber including a well configured to receive the eluate, an outer ionization chamber concentric with the inner ionization chamber, and attenuating material positioned between the inner and outer ionization chambers. A computing device is configured... Agent: Mallinckrodt LLC

20140264057 - Neutron detector using gd-based scintillator and wide-bandgap semiconductor photovoltaic: An enhanced neutron sensing device, that couples a gadolinium based scintillator with at least two wide bandgap photodiodes to achieve a high sensitivity, low power, and portable neutron detector with high gamma discrimination. Once coupled with electrical signal processing and read-out electrons, the device will output the incident neutron flux... Agent:

20140264058 - Method for obtaining information signatures from nuclear material or about the presence, the nature and/or the shielding of a nuclear material and measurement setup for performing such method: The invention relates to a method for obtaining information or signatures about the presence or the nature of a nuclear radiation source, especially in a homeland security application, said nuclear radiation source emitting in a time or angle correlated manner at least a first radiation and a second radiation. The... Agent: Arktis Radiation Detectors Ltd.

20140264059 - Light irradiance and thermal measurement in uv and cvd chambers: Embodiments of a semiconductor processing chamber described herein include a substrate support, a source of radiant energy opposite the substrate support, a window between the source of radiant energy and the substrate support, a detector sensitive to the radiant energy positioned to detect the radiant energy transmitted by the window,... Agent:

20140264060 - Radiation image pickup apparatus, radiation image pickup system, method for controlling radiation image pickup apparatus, and program: A radiation image pickup apparatus includes a pixel array including a plurality of pixels arranged in a matrix and configured to convert a radiant ray into electric signals, signal processors configured to output digital signals obtained in accordance with the electric signals output from the pixel array in parallel, and... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140264061 - Mobile radiation imaging apparatus, method for controlling mobile radiation imaging apparatus, and storage medium: A mobile radiation imaging apparatus includes: an irradiation unit that emits radiation; a moving unit that moves with the irradiation unit; an imaging unit that takes an image of an object irradiated with radiation and is able to transmit the image via the wireless communication or the wired communication; an... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140264065 - Energy degrader for radiation therapy system: An energy degrading device for attenuating energy of a particle beam with reduced emittance growth. An energy degrader comprises an emittance control material that can preferentially scatter the beam particles that is incident on a surface with a shallow angle. In one approach, the energy degrader may include alternating layers... Agent: Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

20140264064 - Radiation therapy apparatus with an aperture assembly and associated methods: A radiation therapy apparatus includes a housing, a radiation source carried by the housing, and an aperture assembly carried by the housing. The aperture assembly includes a radiation aperture body, an aperture holder and a cover. The radiation aperture body has a shaped opening therein to control a radiation dosing... Agent: .decimal, Inc.

20140264063 - High brightness electron gun, system using the same, and method of operating thereof: A charged particle beam source device adapted for generating a charged particle beam is provided. The charged particle beam source device includes an emitter tip adapted for providing charged particles. Furthermore, an extractor electrode having an aperture opening is provided for extracting the charged particles from the emitter tip. An... Agent: Ict Integrated Circuit Testing Gesellschaft F&#xfc R Halbleiterpr&#xfc Ftechnik Gmbh

20140264062 - High throughput scan deflector and method of manufacturing thereof: A magnetic deflector assembly configured for scanning a primary electron beam and providing an upgrade kit for a wafer imaging system is described. The assembly includes at least one magnetic deflector for scanning the beam over the wafer in one direction, wherein the at least one magnetic deflector comprises at... Agent: Ict Integrated Circuit Testing Gessellschaft Fur Halbleiterpruftechnik Gmbh

20140264066 - Deflection scan speed adjustment during charged particle exposure: A method for exposing a wafer in a charged particle lithography system. The method comprises generating a plurality of charged particle beamlets, the beamlets arranged in groups, each group comprising an array of beamlets; moving the wafer under the beamlets in a first direction at a wafer scan speed; deflecting... Agent:

20140264067 - Air conditioning device: The air conditioning device discharges ions into air inflowing through an inflow port and outflows the air from the outflow port. The air conditioning device includes an air passage branched into a first passage connected to a peripheral region including a part of a space close to an inner surface... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140264068 - Method and apparatus for tuning an electrostatic ion trap: An apparatus includes an electrostatic ion trap and electronics configured to measure parameters of the ion trap and configured to adjust ion trap settings based on the measured parameters. A method of tuning the electrostatic ion trap includes, under automatic electronic control, measuring parameters of the ion trap and adjusting... Agent:

20140264070 - Ultraviolet disinfection case: A solution for disinfecting flowable products, such as liquids, suspensions, creams, colloids, emulsions, powders, and/or the like, as well as accessories and products relating thereto, such as containers, caps, brushes, applicators, and/or the like, using ultraviolet radiation is provided. In an embodiment, an ultraviolet impermeable cap is configured to enclose... Agent: Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc.

20140264069 - Workpiece support structure with four degree of freedom air bearing for high vacuum systems: A workpiece adjustment assembly is disclosed. The assembly can include a shaft, a spherical bearing, and a wafer support. A spherical housing receives the spherical bearing and allows the bearing to rotate therein. The housing and bearing may form an air bearing. A seal may be formed in the housing... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20140264071 - Apparatus and methods for sanitizing fluids in a chamber: A flow diverting lens through which sanitizing light is transmitted. The flow diverting lens alters fluid flow to enhance fluid exposure to the sanitizing light.... Agent: Gea Farm Technologies, Inc.

20140264072 - Apparatus for infection control: A device that can sterilize material passing through it efficiently by utilizing an appropriate light source that can be powered by external sources (including use of an electromagnetic field to transmit energy) or by a power source that is contained within the device itself, which may include elements to create... Agent:

20140264073 - Photoluminescence quantum yield (plqy) test of quantum dot (qd) films: Photoluminescence quantum yield (PLQY) testing of quantum dots is described. In one embodiment, a method involves heating a sample including quantum dots and illuminating the sample with a light source. The method involves measuring spectra of luminescence from the illuminated quantum dots of the sample at each of a plurality... Agent:

20140264076 - Flexible ultraviolet device: A solution in which an ultraviolet radiation source is mounted on a flexible substrate is provided. The flexible substrate is capable of having a deformation curvature of at least 0.1 inverse meters. The flexible substrate may be incorporated within an existing enclosure or included in the enclosure. The flexible substrate... Agent: Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc.

20140264075 - Portable electronic device sanitizer: A personal electronic device (PED) sanitization device comprises a compartment configured to receive a plurality of PEDs and one or more emitters configured to emit electro-optical (EO) radiation into the interior of the compartment. The compartment may comprise a support member configured to maintain the plurality of PEDs such that... Agent:

20140264074 - Uv-c catheter hub sterilization and data acquisition system: A hand held hub sterilization and data acquisition device includes a housing having an opening for receiving a medical device, a sterilization chamber formed in the housing, a source of UV radiation disposed within the sterilization chamber for uniform emission of UV-C radiation into the sterilization chamber, and an RFID... Agent:

20140264077 - Fluorometer with multiple detection channels: An optical sensor may have multiple detection channels to detect different characteristics of a fluid. For example, an optical sensor used in industrial cleaning and sanitizing applications may have multiple detection channels to detect when a system is both clean and properly sanitized. In one example, an optical sensor includes... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20140264082 - Fluorescence flow cytometry device and method: A flow cytometer including a laser, indexing structure, adjustment structure, and sensor structure. The cytometer is conventionally used with a removable microfluidic cassette, which is installed at a first position that is enforced by the indexing structure. The adjustment structure changes a relative position between an interrogation aperture of the... Agent: E. I. Spectra, LLC

20140264079 - Luminescent, ultraviolet protected automotive interior members: A component of a motor vehicle comprising a photoluminescent interior member formed of a plastic composition, wherein the plastic composition comprises at least one polymer and a plurality of additives comprising at least one photoluminescent material and at least a first ultraviolet protector, wherein the at least one photoluminescent material... Agent:

20140264080 - Phase-change enabled flow field visualization: A system and method for visualization of fluid flow, includes a light emitting arrangement configured to emit a focused light, a fluid channel configured to hold a fluid including a carrier liquid and a stimuli responsive polymer, wherein the fluid flows though the fluid channel, and an image recording arrangement.... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20140264078 - Radiation image read-out and cropping system: A system comprising a read out device for reading a radiation image stored in a photostimulable phosphor screen and for generating a digital signal representation of a read out image wherein the read out device supports a single format and is coupled to a processing unit which is programmed for... Agent:

20140264081 - Reducing incremental measurement sensor error: For position sensors, e.g., a fiber-based system, that build a shape of an elongated member such as a catheter using a sequence of small orientation measurements, a small error in orientation at the proximal end of the sensor will cause large error in position at distal points on the fiber.... Agent: Hansen Medical, Inc.

20140264083 - Computed radiography imaging plates and associated methods of manufacture: Computed radiography imaging plates incorporating an intensifying material that is coupled to or intermixed with the phosphor layer, allowing electrons and/or low energy x-rays to impart their energy on the phosphor layer, while decreasing internal scattering and increasing resolution. The radiation needed to perform radiography can also be reduced as... Agent: Babcock & Wilcox Technical Services Y-12, L.L.C.

20140264084 - Ultraviolet sanitizer with wand: An ultraviolet sanitizer with flexible wand. A flexible wand is connected to a generator of ultraviolet radiation. The generator is mounted within a housing and connectable to a source of electrical energy. The distal wand end includes a switch for controlling the emission of the ultraviolet radiation from the wand... Agent:

20140264086 - Charged particle lithography system: A charged particle lithography system for exposing a wafer according to pattern data. The system comprises an electron optical column for generating a plurality of electron beamlets for exposing the wafer, the electron optical column including a beamlet blanker array for switching the beamlets on or off, a data path... Agent:

20140264085 - Method for exposing a wafer: A method for exposing a wafer according to pattern data using a charged particle lithography machine generating a plurality of charged particle beamlets for exposing the wafer. The method comprises providing the pattern data in a vector format, rendering the vector pattern data to generate multi-level pattern data, dithering the... Agent:

20140264089 - Apparatus and method for generating extreme ultra violet radiation: An apparatus and method for generating extreme ultra violet EUV radiation includes a light source providing light to a laser medium to generate a first laser, a droplet generator to provide a droplet to reflect the first laser to one end of the laser medium, a laser generator positioned at... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140264091 - Beam position control for an extreme ultraviolet light source: A system for an extreme ultraviolet light source includes one or more optical elements positioned to receive a reflected amplified light beam and to direct the reflected amplified light beam into first, second, and third channels, the reflected amplified light beam including a reflection of at least a portion of... Agent:

20140264092 - Extreme ultraviolet light source: Techniques are described that enhance power from an extreme ultraviolet light source with feedback from a target material that has been modified prior to entering a target location into a spatially-extended target distribution or expanded target. The feedback from the spatially-extended target distribution provides a nonresonant optical cavity because the... Agent:

20140264088 - Infrared selective filter or lens: A number of variations may include an infrared selective filter or lens for use with a vehicle headlamp or light transmitting device. A number of variations may include a vehicle headlamp including an infrared selective filter or lens. A number of variations may include a vehicle including a light transmitting... Agent:

20140264093 - Laser produced plasma euv light source: Methods and apparatus for producing irradiation targets in an extreme ultraviolet (EUV) light source having an irradiation target generating system that includes a nozzle configured for ejecting droplets of a target material, and a subsystem having an electro-actuable element producing a modulation waveform to cause disturbance to the droplets thereby... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

20140264087 - Target for laser produced plasma extreme ultraviolet light source: Techniques for generating EUV light include directing a first pulse of radiation toward a target material droplet to form a modified droplet, the first pulse of radiation having an energy sufficient to alter a shape of the target material droplet; directing a second pulse of radiation toward the modified droplet... Agent:

20140264090 - Target for laser produced plasma extreme ultraviolet light source: Techniques for generating EUV light include directing a first pulse of radiation toward a target material droplet to form a modified droplet, the first pulse of radiation having an energy sufficient to alter a shape of the target material droplet; directing a second pulse of radiation toward the modified droplet... Agent:

20140264094 - Gonadal shield: A gonadal shield for shielding at least a portion of radiation emitted during an x-ray procedure from the gonads of the patient is provided. The gonadal shield comprises a radiopaque protective cover and a radiolucent handle attached to the cover and extending away from the cover radially and/or axially. A... Agent:

20140264095 - Radiation shielding cockpit carrying an articulated robotic arm: A radiation shielded cockpit comprises a radiation blocking material which creates a semi-enclosed work space and which is provided with a structure for receiving and supporting an articulated robot arm and an articulated robot arm that engages the supporting structure in a readily removable manner.... Agent: Corindus, Inc.

20140264096 - Multi-axis optical measurement of fluid streams with sonic cleaning and homogenization: The present application is directed to methods and apparatus for multi-axis optical measurements of a fluid stream flowing or contained in an optically transparent measurement chamber. Sonic energy is directed into the fluid in the measurement chamber to clean interior surfaces of the measurement chamber and promote homogenization of the... Agent:

20140264097 - Beam shaping optics of flow cytometer systems and methods related thereto: In some aspects, a flow cytometer system is provided that includes beam shaping optics positioned to manipulate a light beam and produce a resulting light beam that irradiates the core stream at the interrogation zone of the flow cell. The beam shaping optics include an acylindrical lens positioned to receive... Agent:

20140264098 - Self-alignment filling level detecting device: A self-alignment filling level detecting device has a reflector and a sensor detachable from each other. The sensor has a light emitter, a light sensor, and a controller. The light sensor receives different light intensities when the reflector is assembled to the sensor and when the reflector is not assembled... Agent: Finetek Co., Ltd.

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20140252200 - Polyfocal interferometric image acquistion: A microscope-based system and method for simultaneous imaging of several object planes, of a three-dimensional (3D) sample, associated with different depths throughout the sample. The system includes a polyfocal optical portion, adapted to create a plurality of optical channels each of which is associated with an image of a corresponding... Agent: Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.

20140252207 - Analog-to-digital converter and solid-state imaging device: An ADC includes a comparator and first and second amplifier circuits including a fully-differential operational amplifier. The comparator converts an analog signal output from the operational amplifier into digital data. The first amplifier circuit stores charge corresponding to a signal having a phase reverse to an input signal in each... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140252201 - Charge transfer in image sensors: Apparatuses and methods for charge transfer in image sensors are disclosed. One example of an image sensor pixel may include a first charge storage node and a second charge storage node. A transfer circuit may be coupled between the first and second charge storage nodes, and the transfer circuit may... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140252202 - Column analog-to-digital converter for cmos sensor: A system and method is disclosed for an imaging device and/or an analog to digital converter which converts an analog input signal to a digital data signal using a comparator which compares the analog input signal to a first ramped reference signal to determine an operating point and then uses... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140252206 - Control apparatus, radiation imaging apparatus, radiation imaging system, control method of radiation imaging apparatus, and storage medium: A control apparatus for a radiation sensor, including pixels each for obtaining electric charges, includes: a control unit configured to start driving for imaging in response to radiation irradiation, and stop the driving when a first time elapses after the start of the driving; and a receiving unit configured to... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140252203 - Driving circuit of image sensor and method of operating the same: A driving circuit of an image sensor is provided. The driving circuit can include a pixel array where pixel circuits receiving light and converting the received light into an electrical signal are arranged in columns, an analog-to-digital (ADC) block including a plurality of ADC circuits receiving an analog image signal... Agent: Dongbu Hitek Co., Ltd.

20140252204 - Image sensor: An image sensor is provided. An image sensor can include a plurality of unit pixels. Each of the unit pixels can include a photoelectric converter as a light receiving element. In each unit pixel, a transport switching unit can transport charges in the photoelectric converter to a floating diffusion region,... Agent: Dongbu Hitek Co., Ltd.

20140252205 - Radiation imaging system, control apparatus, control method, and storage medium: A radiation imaging system includes a radiation imaging apparatus including a radiation detection unit in which conversion elements configured to convert radiation into electric charges are arranged and a driving unit configured to drive the radiation detection unit, and a control apparatus configured to control the radiation imaging apparatus. The... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140252208 - Solid-state imaging device and imaging apparatus having the same: A solid-state imaging device includes the following. Pixels arranged in matrix converts received light into signal voltage. A column AD conversion unit, which includes a comparison unit and an up-down counting unit, converts signal voltage to digital signal. The comparison unit compares a value of signal voltage to a gradually... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140252210 - Proximity sensor: A proximity sensor for detecting non-contact detection of a target using a fibre optic strain sensor and a system for operating multiple such proximity sensors is disclosed. The proximity sensor includes an optic fibre that has an optic fibre strain sensor that is coupled to a mass that moves in... Agent: Messier-dowty Inc.

20140252209 - Proximity sensor with combined light sensor having an increased viewing angle: A proximity and light sensing device including a radiation emitter for proximity sensing positioned on a substrate. The device further includes a radiation detector positioned on the substrate, the radiation detector configured to detect radiation from the emitter. An ambient light detector is also positioned on the substrate and around... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140252212 - Signal conditioning circuit for a light sensor, a sensor arrangement and a method for signal conditioning for a light sensor: A signal conditioning circuit for a light sensor, in particular for an ambient light sensor, comprises a first integration stage (INT1) connected to a first sensor input (IN1) to receive a first and second sensor signal and a second integration stage (INT2) comprising a coupling input (IN2) to receive from... Agent: Ams Ag

20140252211 - Ambient light sensor with automatic gain control: An ambient light sensing method, comprising: acquiring the sensitivity settings, an exposure time and obtaining a sensing signal of a light sensor according to the sensitivity settings and the exposure time; determining whether the magnitude of the sensing signal is within a predetermined range when the sensing signal is available,... Agent: Lite-on Singapore Pte. Ltd.

20140252213 - Proximity sensor module with light reflector: A proximity sensor may be mounted below a display cover layer in an electronic device. The proximity sensor may have a light source that emits light and a detector configured to detect reflections of the emitted light from nearby external objects. The light emitted from the light source may pass... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140252214 - Method and device for analysis of a fluid by means of evanescence field spectroscopy and dielectrophoresis: A device for analyzing a fluid by evanescence field spectroscopy. The device includes a waveguide, a source of electromagnetic radiation coupled to the waveguide on the entry side, and a detector coupled to the waveguide on the exit side for detecting electromagnetic radiation, wherein the waveguide is arranged in contact... Agent: Institut Fur Mikrotechnik Mainz Gmbh

20140252216 - Radiation imaging apparatus, determination apparatus, method of controlling radiation imaging apparatus, calibration method, and storage medium: A radiation imaging apparatus comprising: a signal generation unit configured to generate a signal value corresponding to charges detected by a radiation detector; an acceleration detection unit configured to detect acceleration applied to the radiation imaging apparatus; a noise measurement unit configured to measure a noise value based on the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140252215 - Systems and methods for calibrating mass spectrometers: Systems and methods are disclosed for calibrating mass spectrometers. In accordance with one implementation, a system comprises a calibrant chamber within a housing of a mass spectrometer. The system also comprises a permeation tube enclosed within the calibrant chamber, wherein the tube contains a calibrant chemical that continuously outgasses the... Agent: 1st Detect Corporation

20140252217 - Mass spectrometer: A mass spectrometer having a multi-stage differential pumping system with an ion lens provided in a partition wall separating a second intermediate vacuum chamber and a third intermediate vacuum chamber, the incircle radii of ion guides and the size of the opening of the ion lens are determined so that... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140252222 - Automatic gain control with defocusing lens: A method and apparatus for performing mass spectrometry using an electron source, an ion trap, and a voltage-controlled lens located between the electron source and the ion trap. A controller applies a voltage to the lens. Features of the resulting output spectrum can be analyzed to determine whether to adjust... Agent: 1st Detect Corporation

20140252221 - General mass spectrometry assay using continuously eluting co-fractionating reporters of mass spectrometry detection efficiency: The invention provides general methods for quantifying any conceivable compound including small organic molecules and biological molecules in mass spectrometric measurements. The methods include the use of chemical or biological reporters such as artificial polypeptides containing proteolytic cleavage sites, which provide proteolytic reporter peptides for standardization of mass spectrometric detection... Agent: The Uab Research Foundation

20140252220 - Mass spectrum noise cancellation by alternating inverted synchronous rf: A mass spectrometer comprising a controller configured to generate an RF signal to be applied to an electrode during the mass scan, wherein the electrode generates, based on the RF signal, an electric field to be applied to sample ions during a mass scan; an ion detector configured to detect... Agent: 1st Detect Corporation

20140252218 - Methods and apparatus for decomposing tandem mass spectra generated by all-ions fragmentation: A method for tandem mass spectrometry of a plurality of eluting compounds comprises: (a) performing, during a time period, the steps of: ionizing the plurality of eluting compounds to generate a plurality of precursor ion species; introducing the plurality of precursor ions into a fragmentation cell operated at constant fragmentation... Agent:

20140252219 - Methods and systems for applying end cap dc bias in ion traps: A mass spectrometer for analyzing a sample utilizing an ion trap comprises an entrance end cap defining an entrance aperture configured to receive the sample entering the ion trap; a ring electrode defining a ring cavity configured to generate, based on a radio frequency (RF) voltage applied to the ring... Agent: 1st Detect Corporation

20140252223 - Tandem ion trapping arrangement: A mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising a first storage ion trap arranged upstream of a high performance analytical ion trap. According to an embodiment, ions are simultaneously scanned from both the first and second ion trap. At any instant in time, the quantity of charge present within the second ion... Agent: Micromass Uk Limited

20140252224 - Mass spectrometer ion trap having asymmetric end cap apertures: An ion trap for a mass spectrometer is disclosed. The ion trap includes a ring electrode and first and second electrodes which are arranged on opposite sides of the ring electrode. The ring electrode and the first and second electrodes are configured to generate an electric field based on the... Agent: 1st Detect Corporation

20140252225 - Mass selector, and ion gun, ion irradiation apparatus and mass microscope: When a time-of-flight mass selector having a chopper using a deflector selects the masses of the ions, an ion beam is deflected. As a result, at least a part of the ion beams diagonally pass through an aperture electrode with respect to the axis. Accordingly, there has been a problem... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140252226 - Apparatus and method for performing microdiffraction analysis: An apparatus for detecting one or each of Kikuchi and Kossel diffraction patterns is provided. The apparatus comprises an electron column adapted in use to provide an electron beam (101) directed to wards a sample (102), the electron beam (101) having an energy in the range 2 keV to 50... Agent:

20140252227 - Charged particle beam irradiation system and charged particle beam irradiation planning method: A charged particle beam irradiation system includes: an irradiation unit configured to irradiate an irradiation target with a charged particle beam; a radiation resistance state measuring section configured to measure a radiation resistance state of the irradiation target; a region dividing section configured to divide the irradiation target into a... Agent: Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140252228 - Device and method for creating gaussian aberration-corrected electron beams: Electron beam phase gratings have phase profiles that produce a diffracted beam having a Gaussian or other selected intensity profile. Phase profiles can also be selected to correct or compensate electron lens aberrations. Typically, a low diffraction order produces a suitable phase profile, and other orders are discarded.... Agent:

20140252229 - Radiation imaging apparatus: A radiation imaging apparatus includes a casing having an opening at a portion other than a radiation receiving surface thereof, a cover member attached to the opening, and a first seal member for effecting sealing between the interior of the radiation imaging apparatus and the opening arranged at the peripheral... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140252230 - Laser-heated thermoluminescence dosimeter: An improved thermoluminescence dosimeter (TLD) system, which includes a TLD reader configured to produce data indicative of a radiation exposure, one or more dosimeters comprising a dosimeter substrate coated with a thin layer of a light-absorbing material, a light stimulation source configured to heat the dosimeter using light incident on... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20140252232 - Device for the contactless and nondestructive testing of surfaces: A device for the contactless and nondestructive testing of a surface by measuring the infrared radiation thereof has one or more incoherent electromagnetic radiation sources (1) and a detector (14) arranged on a detection axis (9), wherein the radiation sources (1) are arranged at a radial distance from the detection... Agent: Winterthur Instruments Ag

20140252231 - Specimen inspection apparatus: A specimen inspection apparatus includes: a terahertz wave generation unit which generates a terahertz wave; a transportation unit which includes a transportation surface on which specimens as inspection objects are loaded and is configured so as to transport the specimens in an in-plane direction of the transportation surface; an irradiation... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140252233 - Methods, devices and kits for peri-critical reflectance spectroscopy: Spectroscopy apparatuses oriented to the critical angle of the sample are described that detecting the spectral characteristics of a sample wherein the apparatus consists of an electromagnetic radiation source adapted to excite a sample with electromagnetic radiation introduced to the sample at an angle of incidence at or near a... Agent: Rare Light, Inc.

20140252235 - Measurement device and feature measurement method of object to be measured employing same: A measurement device that includes a device main unit including at least one cavity for accommodating an analyte containing a specimen and an aperture array structure including a plurality of apertures extending therethrough in a direction perpendicular to a principal surface thereof. The aperture array structure is fixed such that... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140252234 - Transmission raman sample analysis: Systems and methods for analyzing samples in containers are provided, where an emitter emits radiation at a first location on the container, with a portion of the radiation passing through the container and into the sample, some of the radiation is reflected within the container, a detector receives a transmission... Agent: Smiths Detection Inc.

20140252236 - Enhancing depth perception: Apparatuses and methods enhance depth perception, e.g., the depth perception of a human being using an apparatus worn on the user's head.... Agent:

20140252237 - Methods of detecting the presence of microorganisms in a sample: p

20140252238 - Method for determining the irradiation dose deposited in a scintillator by ionising radiation and associated device:

20140252239 - Digital x-ray image sensor drive: A digital X-ray image sensor device comprising a fibre-optic scintillating layer for converting X-rays into optical radiation and a photoelectric conversion layer for converting the optical radiation into electrical signals, the photoelectric conversion layer comprising an array of CMOS sensor elements, wherein each of the sensor elements has a composite... Agent: Forstgarten International Holding Gmbh

20140252240 - Phase-sensitive two-dimensional neutron shearing interferometer and hartmann sensor: A neutron imaging system detects both the phase shift and absorption of neutrons passing through an object. The neutron imaging system is based on either of two different neutron wavefront sensor techniques: 2-D shearing interferometry and Hartmann wavefront sensing. Both approaches measure an entire two-dimensional neutron complex field, including its... Agent:

20140252241 - Solid state imaging device: A solid state imaging device 1 includes a photodetecting section 10, a signal readout section 20, a controlling section 30, dummy photodetecting sections 11 and 12 including dummy photodiodes, discharging means for discharging junction capacitance portions of the dummy photodiodes, and a scintillator layer 50 provided so as to cover... Agent: Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

20140252242 - System and method for quantum efficiency measurement employing diffusive device: A system for measuring a characteristic of a solar cell is disclosed and includes a light source irradiating an optical signal having a spectral range from about 100 nm to about 3000 nm, a wavelength selector configured to selectively narrow the spectral range of the optical signal, a beam splitter,... Agent: Newport Corporation

20140252244 - Radiation detection apparatus: A radiation detection apparatus is provided with a detection element group which includes a plurality of detection elements arranged on a support substrate, a shield body of which a pinhole is formed on front surface and a slit is formed on back surface, the shield body putting the detection element... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140252243 - Radiographic apparatus and method for controlling radiographic apparatus: Upon detecting irradiation of X-rays, an X-ray imaging apparatus stops driving scanning lines and makes a transition into an electric charge accumulating state. The X-ray imaging apparatus transmits, to an image processing apparatus, a digital value of a current that flows through a bias line at a timing at which... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140252245 - Electron lens and the electron beam device: There provided a device for effectively drawing a fine pattern using a permanent magnet. The device has an outer cylinder 201 composed of a cylindrical ferromagnet with a Z axis as a central axis, a cylindrical permanent magnet 202 located inside the outer cylinder and polarized along the Z axis... Agent: Param Corporation

20140252246 - System for in vitro detection and/or quantification by fluorometry: The invention relates to a system for the in vitro detection and/or quantification, by fluorometry, of at least one analyte in a sample of fluid constituting a biological material, in particular for an immunological test, including a radiation source, followed by an optical splitter for splitting the main beam into... Agent:

20140252247 - Switch sanitizing device: The invention relates to a family of devices to be used for sanitizing switches. The device is placed around the periphery of the switch and contains a means for exposing the switch touch surfaces to UV light source local to the switch in order to maximize the exposure of the... Agent:

20140252249 - Method of obtaining a uniform beam of electromagnetic radiation of arbitrary geometrical shape and a mechanical-optical device for applications of this method: The method of obtaining a uniform beam of electromagnetic radiation with arbitrary geometrical shape by means of lens optical system consists in that a source of artificial light (2) emitting light is connected to the electric power network and electromagnetic light rays (20) are emitted by the source; then, depending... Agent: Doros Teodora - D.a.glass

20140252248 - Universal mount: A mount for mounting an ultraviolet (UV) lamp assembly or other device to a duct wall of an HVAC system. The mount may have a base having a first side and a second side, an aperture extending through the base from the first side to the second side, one or... Agent:

20140252250 - Apparatus and methods for the characterization of the dielectric response of fluids: A method for characterizing the dielectric response of a fluid includes receiving the fluid into a portion of a flow line that is disposed proximate to a photonic bandgap (PBG) resonant cavity so that a dielectric permittivity of the fluid affects a frequency response of the resonant cavity. The method... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140252251 - Systems and methods for inspecting and monitoring a pipeline: An example method includes introducing a movable inline inspection device into a pipeline, the movable inline inspection device having a housing that defines a conduit therein which provides fluid communication through the movable inline inspection device in the form of a bypass fluid, the conduit having one or more optical... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140252252 - Device and method for reading an imaging plate: A device configured to read an exposed imaging plate, comprises a light-source that generates read-out light. A deflection unit directs the read-out light in a scanning movement over the imaging plate. The deflection unit comprises a micromirror that deflects impinging read-out light towards the imaging plate. The micromirror swivels about... Agent: D&#xfc Rr Dental Ag

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08/28/2014 > 58 patent applications in 42 patent subcategories.

20140239149 - Controlling light transmission through a medium: Methods for controlling light transmission through a medium by transmitting light from a single spatial portion of an input optical field through the medium creating an output optical field, superposing the output optical field with a reference optical field creating an optical interference field, detecting an intensity of a spatial... Agent: University Court Of The University Of St Andrews

20140239150 - Method of evaluating luminance of light source and lighting apparatus: Embodiments provide a method of evaluating luminance of a light source, including acquiring first data including a plurality of luminance values by measuring luminance of the light source, converting the first data into second data corresponding to a plurality of unit cells, acquiring a moving average of the second data,... Agent:

20140239151 - Self-powered optical detector for mechanical gauge instruments: An embodiment of the present invention includes a display device including a mechanical indicator, a reference photodetector, a measurement photodetector, and an opaque shroud. The opaque shroud is connected to the mechanical indicator to variably cover the measurement photodetector based on a position of the mechanical indicator. The opaque shroud... Agent: Rosemount Inc.

20140239157 - Bright source protection for low light imaging sensors: This invention relates to a low light imaging sensors and particularly image intensification and CMOS sensors. To overcome issues of dazzle and halo when operating in areas where the scene encompasses bright light sources, the invention provides material layers in contact with the detector material to spatially limit the generation... Agent:

20140239153 - Correlated double sampling device and image sensor: A CDS device of an image sensor having a pixel array includes first comparators, second comparators and third comparators. The first comparators are coupled to columns of the pixel array, and generate a positive amplified signal and a negative amplified signal by comparing the analog signal and a ramp signal.... Agent:

20140239154 - High dynamic range pixel having a plurality of amplifier transistors: A pixel cell for use in a high dynamic range image sensor includes a photodiode disposed in semiconductor material to accumulate charge in response to light incident upon the photodiode. A transfer transistor is disposed in the semiconductor material and is coupled between a floating diffusion and the photodiode. A... Agent: Omnivision Technologies, Inc.

20140239155 - Image sensor and electronic device: An image sensor includes a plurality of unit pixels formed as a semiconductor chip, each of which has a photoelectric converting unit, a charge holding unit that holds charges stored in the photoelectric converting unit, a charge-voltage converting unit that converts a charge transferred from the charge holding unit to... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140239152 - Image sensor with pixel units having mirrored transistor layout: An image sensor includes a first pixel unit horizontally adjacent to a second pixel unit. Each pixel unit includes plurality of photodiodes and a shared floating diffusion region. A first pixel transistor region of the first pixel unit has a plurality of pixel transistors. A second pixel transistor region of... Agent: Omnivision Technologies, Inc.

20140239156 - Photoelectric conversion element and solid-state image pickup device: A photoelectric conversion element comprises a photoelectric conversion section that includes: a pair of electrodes; and a photoelectric conversion layer disposed between the pair of electrodes, wherein the photoelectric conversion section further comprises between one of the pair of electrodes and the photoelectric conversion layer a first charge-blocking layer that... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140239158 - Photoelectric converter, photoelectric converter array and imaging device: A photoelectric converter includes a first pn junction comprised of at least two semiconductor regions of different conductivity types, and a first field-effect transistor including a first source connected with one of the semiconductor regions, a first drain, a first insulated gate and a same conductivity type channel as that... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20140239159 - Optical sensing device: An optical sensing device includes a plurality of scanning lines having a plurality of first scanning lines and a plurality of second scanning lines, a plurality of sensing lines, a plurality of reading lines, and a plurality of optical sensing modules electrically connected to the scanning lines. Each optical sensing... Agent: Au Optronics Corp.

20140239160 - High-speed optical receiver module and method of manufacturing the same: Provided is a photoreceiver module. The module includes: a ceramic substrate formed by stacking a plurality of metallic layers and a plurality of ceramic layers; a high frequency transmission line formed on the ceramic substrate and configured to transmit a high frequency electrical signal; a photodetector mounted on the ceramic... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140239161 - Pixel array with global shutter: A pixel comprises a pinned photodiode for generating charges in response to incident radiation and a sense node. A transfer gate is positioned between the pinned photodiode and the sense node for controlling transfer of charges to the sense node. A reset switch is connected to the sense node for... Agent: Cmosis Nv

20140239162 - Switch: A switch is disclosed. In some examples, a switch includes a generally cylindrical housing; one or more sets of contact points enclosed by the housing; an indicator module, such as a multi-color LED illuminator, also enclosed by the housing; and a pushbutton actuator disposed to operate the contact points. The... Agent:

20140239163 - Multidirectional input device: A multidirectional input device includes a case; a slider slidable in a first direction and mounted to the case; a movable member mounted on an upper surface of the slider so as to be slidable in a second direction; a first reflection portion provided on any one of the movable... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140239165 - Optical system for detecting the state of winding of a cable on a winch: A system allowing automatic detection of the end of winding of a cable on a winch comprises an optical detector which emits, in the direction of the cable, a light beam which illuminates a given zone through which the cable travels in the course of its winding. The detector is... Agent: Thales

20140239164 - Systems and methods for monitoring materials: The present disclosure provides sensing systems and methods that are useful for monitoring materials (e.g., cement) via light diffusion to identify characteristics thereof and changes therein. The systems can utilize a light source, a light sensor, and light transmitting members combined with the material to be monitored. In use, light... Agent: Research Triangle Institute

20140239166 - Optical fibre grating sensor system and method: The present invention relates to an optical fibre for a fibre optic sensor, comprising a first optical grating adapted to operate over a first range of wavelengths; and at least one set of further gratings adapted to operate over a second range of wavelengths, each grating being adapted to operate... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20140239167 - Submount for optoelectronic, optical, or photonic components: An optical submount has a circumscribed 4-faced depression on its bottom surface and a 3-faced depression at an edge of its bottom surface. An optical signal is transmitted through a face of the 3-faced depression and internally reflected from a face of the 4-faced depression. A set of additional depressions... Agent: Hoya Corporation Usa

20140239168 - Optical window assembly for an optical sensor of a downhole tool and method of using same: An optical window assembly of an optical sensor of a downhole tool positionable in a wellbore penetrating a subterranean formation. The downhole tool has a housing with a flowline therethrough to receive downhole fluid therein. The optical sensor is positionable about the flowline to measure light passing therethrough. The optical... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140239169 - Detection of membrane protein-therapeutic agent complexes by mass spectrometry: According to the present invention, there is provided a method of detecting a complex comprising a membrane protein bound to a therapeutic agent by mass spectrometry. The method comprises: (a) providing a solution comprising a detergent micelle in which said complex is contained; (b) providing a mass spectrometer comprising a... Agent: Isis Innovation Limited

20140239173 - Mass spectrometer: In order to solve a problem in a mass spectrometry that a distribution of an emitted ion and a substance distribution on the measurement object surface are different from each other, which is due to a shaded portion of a irregular surface which falls under a shadow of primary beam,... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140239172 - Method and apparatus for mass spectrometry: A method for analysing ions according to their mass-to-charge ratio and mass spectrometer for performing the method, comprising directing a collimated ion beam along an ion path from an ion source to an ion detector, causing a portion of the ion beam to contact one or more surfaces prior to... Agent:

20140239170 - Tandem mass spectrometer and mass spectrometric method: An ion trap is provided between a collision cell and a time-of-flight mass separator. During a time period in which precursor ions derived from the same compound are selected with a quadrupole mass filter, a collision energy is changed from one to another. Various product ions that are produced by... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140239171 - Techniques for automated performance maintenance testing and reporting for analytical instruments: Techniques are described for performing performance maintenance on a mass spectrometer. Pre-maintenance testing is performed that automating execution of a test sequence in response to a first user interface selection. The maintenance activity performed upon completion of said pre-maintenance testing. Post-maintenance testing is preformed upon completion of said maintenance activity.... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20140239174 - Miniature sensor structures for ion mobility spectrometers: For ion mobility spectrometry applications, a desired shape of a sensor structure may be created by forming a desired shape from a ceramic material, such as aluminum nitride. In various embodiments, the sensor structure may be formed using discrete individual ceramic sheets and/or from a preformed ceramic tube. Via holes... Agent: Implant Sciences Corporation

20140239175 - Focused ion beam low kv enhancement: The invention provides a charged particle beam system wherein the middle section of the focused ion beam column is biased to a high negative voltage allowing the beam to move at higher potential than the final beam energy inside that section of the column. At low kV potential, the aberrations... Agent: Fei Company

20140239176 - Method of electron beam imaging of a specimen by combining images of an image sequence: A method of imaging of a specimen exposed to an electron beam signal includes acquiring an image sequence of sequential images of the specimen. Each subsequent image in the image sequence represents increased cumulative electron beam signal exposure on the specimen. The method includes collecting cumulative exposure data for each... Agent: Direct Electron, Lp

20140239177 - Discrete dynode detector with dynamic gain control: A novel electron multiplier that regulates in real time the gain of downstream dynodes as the instrument receives input signals is introduced. In particular, the methods, electron multiplier structures, and coupled control circuits of the present invention enable a resultant on the fly control signal to be generated upon receiving... Agent: Thermo Finnigan LLC

20140239178 - Object detection device: To provide an object detection device that requires neither the optical adjustment nor the detection area adjustment after the replacement of the battery, the object detection device includes a sensor body, inclusive of a detection element, and a storage enclosure positioned in part or in its entirety in a rear... Agent: Optex Co., Ltd.

20140239180 - Bolometric detector with a temperature-adaptive biasing: An infrared detector including an array of detection bolometers each having a bolometric membrane suspended above a substrate, and associated with each bolometer: a detection branch, including the bolometer and a circuit performing a biasing according to a voltage set point, a compensation branch, including a compensation bolometer thermalized to... Agent: Ulis

20140239179 - Sealed infrared imagers: The architecture, design and fabrication of array of suspended micro-elements with individual seals are described. Read out integrated circuit is integrated monolithically with the suspended elements for low parasitics and high signal to noise ratio detection of changes of their electrical resistance. Array of individually sealed, suspended micro-elements is combined... Agent:

20140239181 - Film thickness measurement method: A measurement target including a semiconductor substrate, and a first epitaxial layer and a second epitaxial layer stacked in this order on the semiconductor substrate and having no difference in refractive index of a real part from the semiconductor substrate is subjected to reflection interference analysis using a Fourier transform... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140239182 - Inspecting device and inspecting method: An inspecting device inspects an inspecting target that is a semiconductor device or a photo device. The inspecting device includes: a stage for holding an inspecting target; a femtosecond laser for emitting pulsed light; a galvano mirror for obliquely irradiating the inspecting target with the pulsed light, while changing an... Agent: Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20140239183 - Imaging device: An imaging device which is highly stable to irradiation with radiations such as X-rays and can inhibit a decrease in electrical characteristics is provided. The imaging device obtains an image using radiations such as X-rays and includes pixel circuits which are arranged in a matrix and which a scintillator overlaps.... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20140239184 - Radiation tomography apparatus: The disclosure has one object to provide a radiation tomography apparatus of a low price that facilitates a design change of a detector ring to suppress costs of development. The radiation tomography apparatus according to the disclosure includes a plurality of modules configured to receive detected data from different radiation... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140239185 - Detector-readout interface for an avalanche particle detector: A detector-readout interface for an avalanche particle detector comprises a resistive layer formed at a bottom side of a gas chamber and a dielectric layer formed under said resistive layer and is adapted for capacitive coupling to an external readout board. This provides a modular detector configuration in which the... Agent:

20140239186 - Radiation imaging apparatus, radiation inspection apparatus, method for correcting signal, and computer-readable storage medium: A radiation imaging apparatus, comprising a pixel array on which a plurality of pixels are arrayed, a readout unit configured to read out a signal from the pixel array, a first unit configured to specify a portion of the signal read out by the readout unit, at which a saturated... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140239187 - Radiation imaging apparatus and radiation imaging system: A radiation imaging apparatus includes a pixel array in which a plurality of pixels which detects radiation are arrayed to form a plurality of rows and a plurality of columns, a detection circuit which detects information having correlation to a radiation dose to the pixel array and output a detection... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140239188 - Radiation imaging apparatus, radiation imaging system, method for radiation imaging, and storage medium: A radiation imaging apparatus includes a reset control unit configured to perform reset scanning to sequentially discharge charges accumulated in pixels; an irradiation detection unit configured to detect a start of radiation irradiation based on charges discharged by the reset scanning; an imaging control unit configured to perform control to... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140239189 - Radiographic image capturing apparatus and radiographic image capturing system: A radiographic image capturing apparatus and a radiographic image capturing system are shown. According to one aspect, the radiographic image capturing apparatus includes the following. A scanning driving unit applies voltage to scanning lines. A switching element releases electric charge upon application of the ON-state voltage. A readout circuit converts... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20140239190 - Micro-column with double aligner: Disclosed herein is a microcolumn with a double aligner. The microcolumn is configured such that when an axis of an aperture of a limiting aperture is spaced apart from an original path of a particle beam, the path of the particle beam can be effectively compensated for in such a... Agent: Industry-university Cooperation Foundation Sunmoon University

20140239191 - Method for uninterrupted production of a polyatomic boron molecular ion beam with self-cleaning: The uninterrupted production of an ion beam with self-cleaning of a discharge chamber and extractor system, including extraction aperture(s), of an ion implantation device. The method increases the time of continuous operation of the ion implantation device, and therefore, increases total implantation time without reducing intensity. As a result, the... Agent:

20140239192 - Illumination and displacement device for a projection exposure apparatus: An illumination and displacement device for a projection exposure apparatus comprises an illumination optical unit for illuminating an illumination field. An object holder serves for mounting an object in such a way that at least one part of the object can be arranged in the illumination field. An object holder... Agent:

20140239193 - Fluorescent light detection device: A fluorescent light detection device includes: an excitation light source; an excitation light fiber; a fluorescent light fiber; a detector configured to receive the fluorescent light emitted from the fluorescent light fiber; a retention member configured to retain the fibers so that an emitting end face of the excitation light... Agent: Nippon Sheet Glass Company, Limited

20140239194 - Method for inspecting contact between mating gears: A method for inspecting contact between mating gears that includes applying a mixture to teeth of a first gear, teeth of a second gear, or the teeth of both the first and second gears. The mixture includes a lubricating oil and a fluorescing dye. The first gear is rotated to... Agent: American Axle & Manufacturing, Inc.

20140239195 - Deposition substrate and scintillator panel: An object of the invention is to provide a scintillator panel which exhibits excellent cuttability and can be cut without the occurrence of problems such as the separation of a scintillator layer and which can give radiographic images such as X-ray images with excellent sensitivity and sharpness. The scintillator panel... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20140239196 - Deposition substrate and scintillator panel: An object of the invention is to provide scintillator panels which can give radiographic images such as X-ray images with excellent sharpness and excellent uniformity of sharpness, which realize devices such as flat panel detectors having uniform image quality characteristics in the light-receiving plane, and which exhibit excellent cuttability, excellent... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20140239197 - Electrostatic trap: An electrostatic trap such as an orbitrap is disclosed, with an electrode structure. An electrostatic trapping field of the form U′(r, φ, z) is generated to trap ions within the trap so that they undergo isochronous oscillations. The trapping field U′(r, φ, z) is the result of a perturbation W... Agent: Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh

20140239198 - External beam radiation therapy for a plurality of compartments: An external beam radiation therapy system including a plurality of compartments separated from one another by radiation shields, each of the compartments including a patient support system that includes a support member and a fixation member for supporting and spatially fixing a target portion of the patient for irradiation thereof,... Agent:

20140239199 - Replaceable light source and radiation generating device including the same: A replacement light apparatus includes a base plate a bearing member, and a light source. The bearing member extends from a portion of the base plate. The bearing member includes a bearing surface. The light source is coupled to the bearing surface of the bearing member and adapted to project... Agent: Southern Linac, LLC

20140239200 - Replaceable light source and radiation generating device including the same: A cathode operating temperature adjusting method includes acquiring an approximate equation approximating a correlation between an emission current value in an electron beam source using a cathode and an operating temperature of the cathode at which a bias voltage becomes saturated at the emission current, measuring a current density of... Agent: Nuflare Technology, Inc.

20140239201 - Anisotropic conducting films for electromagnetic radiation applications: Electronic devices for the generation of electromagnetic radiation are provided. Also provided are methods for using the devices to generate electromagnetic radiation. The radiation sources include an anisotropic electrically conducting thin film that is characterized by a periodically varying charge carrier mobility in the plane of the film. The periodic... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20140239202 - Gas refraction compensation for laser-sustained plasma bulbs: A laser-sustained plasma illuminator system includes at least one laser light source to provide light. At least one reflector focuses the light from the laser light source at a focal point of the reflector. An enclosure substantially filled with a gas is positioned at or near the focal point of... Agent:

20140239203 - Target supply device and extreme ultraviolet light generation apparatus: A target supply device 4 may include a tank 51, formed of a metal, that holds a target material, an insulating member 62 that makes contact with at least part of the periphery of the tank 51, and a heater 58 that is separated from the tank 51 and heats... Agent: Gigaphoton Inc.

20140239204 - Electromagnetically actuated multi-leaf collimator: A multi-leaf collimator with electromagnetically actuated leaves. The multi-leaf collimator includes a plurality of leaves, a leaf guide configured to support the plurality of leaves, and a plurality of magnets. Each leaf includes a blocking portion that is radio opaque, a drive portion connected to the blocking portion, and a... Agent:

20140239205 - Optocoupler arrangement and input and/or output module: An optocoupler arrangement for signal transmission with galvanic separation includes a first optocoupler with a first input path and a first output path, a second optocoupler with a second input path and a second output path, wherein the first and second input paths are arranged in series with a connecting... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140239206 - Stereoscopic optical system: A stereoscopic optical system includes: two objective optical systems arrayed parallel to each other with a space therebetween; two parallelogram prisms that bring optical images close to each other by respectively deflecting lights collected by the objective optical systems twice; an image pickup element arranged at image formation positions of... Agent:

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