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Radiant energy

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12/18/2014 > 45 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20140367550 - Photoelectric conversion device: A photoelectric conversion device includes a first output line, a second output line; and a photoelectric conversion cell. The photoelectric conversion cell further includes, a photoelectric conversion element configured to generate an output current corresponding to an intensity of incident light, a first switch element configured to transmit the first... Agent:

20140367551 - Double data rate counter, and analog-digital converting appratus and cmos image sensor using the same: A double data rate (DDR) counter includes a clock selection unit suitable for selectively inverting a first counting clock based on a control signal and for outputting a second counting clock, a first latch stage suitable for latching the second counting clock based on a counting enable signal and for... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140367555 - Image measurement apparatus and image measurement method: An image measurement apparatus includes: a lighting unit that emits a first narrowband light with a bandwidth (i) narrower than a bandwidth of a visible light and (ii) including a dominant wavelength of a color of a positive cell nucleus; an image obtaining unit that obtains an examination image by... Agent:

20140367552 - Image sensors, methods, and pixels with tri-level biased transfer gates: An image sensor includes at least one pixel with a transfer gate that is controllable among at least three biasing conditions, including a first biasing condition in which electrons are transferable from a photodiode to a potential well under the transfer gate, a second biasing condition in which the electrons... Agent: Alexander Krymski D.b.a. Alexima

20140367554 - Imaging element, method for manufacturing imaging element, pixel design method, and electronic apparatus: An imaging element includes a plurality of pixels that are two-dimensionally arranged and each have a light receiving part including a photoelectric conversion element and a light collecting part that collects incident light toward the light receiving part. Each of the light collecting parts in the plurality of pixels includes... Agent:

20140367553 - System, method and apparatus for deep slot, thin kerf pixelation: An imaging array may comprise a plurality of imaging pixels that form an array, the array having a high energy end, a light exit end and an axis, and each of the pixels has a pixel width PW orthogonal to the axis; septa positioned in the array such that there... Agent:

20140367556 - Image measurement apparatus and image measurement method: A photodetector integrated circuit (IC) having an electromagnetic interference (EMI) sensor integrated therein is provided for sensing EMI at the photodetector. Integrating the EMI sensor into the photodetector IC ensures that the EMI sensor is in proximity to the photodetector so that any EMI that is sensed is actually EMI... Agent:

20140367557 - Optical receiver module: An optical detector module includes a carrier, a photodetector secured to a top surface of the carrier and having a light detecting portion, an anode terminal, and a cathode terminal, an amplifier circuit secured to the top surface of the carrier and having a first edge, an input terminal, and... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140367558 - Methods and apparatus for high speed camera: In exemplary implementations of this invention, a camera can capture multiple millions of frames per second, such that each frame is 2D image, rather than a streak. A light source in the camera emits ultrashort pulses of light to illuminate a scene. Scattered light from the scene returns to the... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140367561 - Measuring apparatus, measuring method, and processing apparatus: A measuring apparatus for performing detection of a signal varying with displacement of an object and measurement of the displacement, includes a clock generator configured to generate, in synchronization with a request signal for requesting measurement data, a first clock signal having a cycle shorter than a cycle of the... Agent:

20140367559 - Motor with encoder: A servo motor includes a motor including a shaft and a bracket on an opposite side of a load side, a disk connected to the shaft and having a plurality of reflecting slits formed along a circumferential direction, a light source configured to emit light to the reflecting slit, a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140367560 - Scale for photoelectric encoder: A scale for a photoelectric encoder includes a scale substrate and a reflection film formed at a predetermined pitch on the scale substrate. A surface of the reflection film forms a reflection surface. A low-reflection surface is formed by etching the scale substrate between reflection films. Accordingly, a scale can... Agent: Mitutoyo Corporation

20140367562 - Thermal and epithermal neutrons from an earth formation: An apparatus and method for detecting radiation in a borehole intersecting an earth formation. The apparatus may include a neutron sensitive scintillation media and at least one optically transparent neutron absorptive material optically coupled to the media, which may be positioned to prevent incident neutrons from reaching a neutron-shaded surface... Agent:

20140367563 - Asymmetric waveform pulse generator and faims ion detector employing same: An asymmetric waveform pulse generator comprises a metallic oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) bridge circuit, which includes a plurality of MOSFETs for inverting high voltage DC voltage to asymmetric waveform pulses. The asymmetric waveform pulse generator further comprises a pulse-width modulating (PWM) circuit for generating PWM signals, and a... Agent:

20140367564 - Method of avoiding space charge saturation effects in an ion trap: A mass spectrometer is provided comprising a first ion trap arranged upstream of an analytical second ion trap. The charge capacity of the first ion trap is set at a value such that if all the ions stored within the first ion trap up to the charge capacity limit of... Agent:

20140367565 - Method of screening a sample for the presence of one or more known compounds of interest and a mass spectrometer performing this method: A method of screening a sample for the presence of one or more known compounds of interest is disclosed. A fragmentation device is repeatedly switched between a fragmentation mode of operation and a non-fragmentation mode of operation. A determination is made whether a candidate parent ion of interest is present... Agent:

20140367566 - Mass spectrometric ion storage device for different mass ranges: The invention relates to devices and methods for the storage of ions in mass spectrometers. The invention proposes the generation and superposition of two multipole fields of different order, independent of each other, in an RF multipole rod system. In an embodiment with eight pole rods, for example, it is... Agent:

20140367568 - Anion generating and electron capture dissociation apparatus using cold electrons: The present invention relates to an anion generating and electron capture dissociation apparatus using cold electrons, which uses an MCP electron multiplier plate for generating an electron beam for ionization within an ion trap of a Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectroscope, injects ultraviolet photons emitted from an ultraviolet... Agent:

20140367567 - Parallel ion mass and ion mobility analysis: The present invention relates to a parallel IMS and MS measurement method where a sample flow is split and delivered to an IMS and a MS in parallel. A parallel acquisition MS/IMS method is used to supplement LC-MS and or MS data by using a synchronized MS/IMS acquisition.... Agent: Excellims Corporation

20140367569 - High performance computing for three dimensional proton computed tomography (hpc-pct): A proton computed tomography (pCT) detector system, including two tracking detectors in sequence on a first side of an object to be imaged, two tracking detectors in sequence on an opposite side of the object to be imaged, a calorimeter, and a computer cluster, wherein the tracking detectors include plastic... Agent:

20140367570 - Substrate inspection method and a substrate processing method: There is provided a substrate inspection method. The method includes: maintaining a vacuum in said inspection chamber; isolating said inspection chamber from a vibration; positioning the substrate on a stage in the inspection chamber; selecting an evaluation parameter according to a kind of said processing apparatus; and determining inspection regions... Agent: Ebara Corporation

20140367571 - Method of welding a frozen aqueous sample to a microprobe: The invention relates to a method of welding a vitreous biological sample at a temperature below the glass transition temperature of approximately −137° C. to a micromanipulator, also kept at a temperature below the glass transition temperature. Where prior art methods used IBID with, for example, propane, or a heated... Agent: Fei Company

20140367572 - Method and apparatus for providing a charge blocking layer on an infrared up-conversion device: Embodiments of the invention are directed to an improved device for sensing infrared (IR) radiation with up-conversion to provide an output of electromagnetic radiation having a shorter wavelength than the incident IR radiation, such as visible light. The device comprises an anode, a hole blocking layer to separate an IR... Agent: Nanoholdings, LLC

20140367573 - Semiconductor device and infrared image pickup device provided with same: Provided is an infrared image pickup device, including: a plurality of bolometer elements that receive light from a subject; and a plurality of readout circuits respectively connected to the plurality of bolometer elements, the plurality of bolometer elements and the plurality of readout circuits being connected to a first input... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140367574 - Shockproof gas sensor: A shockproof gas sensor includes a gas detector, an infrared source, an infrared detector a circuit board and at least one shockproof unit. The gas detector defines a chamber, a first end portion and a second end portion opposite the first end portion. The infrared source is disposed in the... Agent:

20140367575 - Integrated terahertz imaging systems: A low-power 4×4-pixel THz camera with responsivity greater than 2.5 MV/W and sub-10 pW/√Hz NEP at 0.25 THz is integrated in 130 nm silicon without using either high-resistivity substrates or silicon lenses. Imaging results with a fully integrated radiating CMOS power source demonstrate the first entirely silicon-based THz imager.... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20140367577 - Modular positron emission tomography kit: Systems and methods for a positron emission tomography (PET) kit are described. A PET detector kit may include a gantry, a plurality of PET detector modules, and an event processing device. A PET detector module may include a housing, a crystal, a light detector, and a communication component. The housing... Agent:

20140367576 - Photodetector and computed tomography apparatus: A photodetector according to an embodiment includes: a photodetector element unit including a first cell array including a plurality of first cells arranged in an array and a second cell array including a plurality of second cells arranged in an array, each of the first and second cells including a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140367578 - X-ray image sensor: An X-ray image sensor, comprising an X-ray converter layer for converting X-rays into signals received by a semiconductor detector for sampling and detecting converted X-rays as electrical signals, and a connection substrate comprising electrical connections, the X-ray converter layer bonded to a first surface of the semiconductor detector and the... Agent: Forstgarten International Holding Gmbh

20140367579 - Measuring apparatus and specimen information obtaining system: A measurement apparatus includes a first light source unit configured to emit a first light having a first wavelength, and a scanning unit configured to move an irradiation position of the first light with respect to a specimen, so as to scan the specimen with the first light. The first... Agent:

20140367580 - Weld joint design for automatic welding of tubular detectors: A detector includes an outer shell having a shell profile in which a welded portion of the shell profile extends as an annular flange in an outward direction relative to a center axis of the outer shell. The detector further includes an end cap positioned adjacent the welded portion of... Agent: General Electric Company

20140367581 - Radiation image-pickup device and radiation image-pickup display system: A radiation image-pickup device includes: a drive substrate including a transistor used to read, from each of a plurality of pixels, signal charge based on radiation; a charge collection electrode provided on the drive substrate, for each of the pixels; a conversion layer formed on the charge collection electrode, and... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140367582 - Radionuclide detection and identification: Described herein is a method of processing a gamma ray spectrum acquired from a target. The method comprises determining whether the gamma ray spectrum of the target belongs to a first class of a plurality of classes, the first class containing reference gamma ray spectra of one or more radionuclide... Agent:

20140367583 - Annular cooling fluid passage for magnets: A magnet having an annular coolant fluid passage is generally described. Various examples provide a magnet including a first magnet and a second magnet disposed around an ion beam coupler with an aperture there through. Each of the first and second magnets including a metal core having a cavity therein,... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20140367585 - Method for axial alignment of charged particle beam and charged particle beam system: A method for axial alignment of a charged particle beam relative to at least three stages of multipole elements and a charged particle beam system capable of making the axial alignment. Some parts of the orbit of the beam or the distributions of three astigmatic fields, or both, are simultaneously... Agent:

20140367584 - Multi charged particle beam writing method, and multi charged particle beam writing apparatus: A multi-beam writing method includes irradiating a target object with a multi-beam each being one of beams of irradiation time periods of a set of irradiation steps corresponding to writing processing concerned of plural writing processing of the multi-pass writing, for each writing processing of the multi-pass writing, using each... Agent: Nuflare Technology, Inc.

20140367586 - Charged particle beam system and method of operating thereof: A charged particle beam device is described. In one aspect, the charged particle beam device includes a charged particle beam source, and a switchable multi-aperture for generating two or more beam bundles from a charged particle beam which includes: two or more aperture openings, wherein each of the two or... Agent: Ict Integrated Circuit Testing Gesellschaft F&#xfc R Halbleiterpr&#xfc Ftechnik Mbh

20140367588 - Method and system for e-beam lithography with multi-exposure: The present disclosure provides a method for electron-beam (e-beam) lithography patterning. The method includes forming a resist layer on a substrate; performing a first e-beam exposure process to the resist layer according to a first pattern; performing a second e-beam exposure process to the resist layer according to a second... Agent:

20140367587 - Scan head and scan arm using the same: A scan head assembled to a scan arm for an ion implanter and a scan arm using the same are provided, wherein the scan head comprises a case, a shaft assembly, an ESC, a first driving mechanism and a second driving mechanism. The case has a normal center line. The... Agent:

20140367589 - Apparatus for single-molecule detection: An apparatus for detecting an object capable of emitting light. The apparatus includes a light source and a waveguide. The waveguide includes a core layer and a first cladding layer. At least one nanowell is formed in at least the first cladding layer. The apparatus further includes a light detector.... Agent:

20140367590 - High resolution light microscope: The present invention relates to an apparatus for the optical analysis of a sample, also referred to as microscope, which is configured for an optical analysis process having high resolution for the detection of fluorescent molecules. The apparatus and the process applied when using the apparatus are configured for excitation... Agent: Technische Universitaet Braunschweig

20140367591 - Multicolour excitation module for a multiphoton imaging system and associated method and system: A module is provided for a multi-photon imaging system for simultaneously exciting chromophores of a specimen. A first femtosecond laser source emits a first pulsed excitation beam having a repetition rate 1/T and a wavelength λ1 exciting a first chromophores, the absorbed photons originating from the first excitation beam. A... Agent:

20140367592 - Gas refraction compensation for laser-sustained plasma bulbs: A laser-sustained plasma illuminator system includes at least one laser light source to provide light. At least one reflector focuses the light from the laser light source at a focal point of the reflector. An enclosure substantially filled with a gas is positioned at or near the focal point of... Agent:

20140367593 - Extended dynamic range drive circuit for emitter arrays: Drive circuit (100, 200, 300, 400) for LED thermal emitters in pixel elements of an infrared scene projector (IRSP). At least two current sources (Q1, Q2, Q5) provide output currents (I1, I2, I3) which may be summed and provided to a single LED (150), or provided independently to two or... Agent:

20140367594 - Radiation resistant medical gown: Disclosed is a radiation resistant medical gown. More specifically, the invention relates to a medical gown that incorporates a radiation resistant and/or dissipating material into select portions of the garment. The gown further includes an upstanding collar that protects the wearer's thyroid from radiation exposure. The collar includes a Velcro®... Agent:

12/11/2014 > 56 patent applications in 40 patent subcategories.

20140361145 - Laser pulse focusing: In certain embodiments, a system (10) comprises a laser source (20), one or more optical elements (24), a monitoring device (28), and a control computer (30). The laser source (20) emits one or more laser pulses. The optical elements (24) change a pulse length of the laser pulses, and the... Agent: Wavelight Gmbh

20140361146 - Object detection system: An object detection system 1 includes a sensor section 10 configured to detect an object within a detection area A; and an adjuster (remote controller) 20 configured to interactively communicate with the sensor section 10. The sensor section 10 includes a driving machine 6 configured to adjust the detection area... Agent: Optex Co., Ltd.

20140361147 - Systems and methods for monitoring physiological parameters: Described herein are systems and methods for mounting optical sensors in physiological monitoring devices worn by a user to sense, measure, and/or display physiological information. Optical sensors may be mounted in the rear face of the device, emit light proximate a targeted area of a user's body, and detect light... Agent:

20140361149 - Method for synchronizing optical units of a photoelectric barrier and light curtain: The present invention relates to a method for synchronizing the optical units of a photoelectric barrier and to such a photoelectric barrier. The synchronization method comprises the steps of transmitting radiation forming a synchronization signal from a first optical sender of the first optical unit; controlling a plurality of the... Agent:

20140361148 - System and method for hilbert phase imaging: Hilbert phase microscopy (HPM) as an optical technique for measuring high transverse resolution quantitative phase images associated with optically transparent objects. Due to its single-shot nature, HPM is suitable for investigating rapid phenomena that take place in transparent structures such as biological cells. A preferred embodiment is used for measuring... Agent:

20140361150 - Method and device for optical imaging with a resonant amplifier assembly: An optical imaging apparatus includes an optical signal source, an optical signal detector apparatus, and a resonant amplifier assembly. The optical signal source is configured (i) to generate an optical signal including a carrier signal and an imaging signal, and (ii) to guide the optical signal to a sample. The... Agent:

20140361151 - Optical power monitoring device, method, and program: An optical power monitoring device is provided with: an APD as a photodiode that converts the power of light to a current (Iapd); a resistor that is connected in parallel to the APD; a current mirror circuit that detects, as a first current value (I1), the value corresponding to the... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140361152 - System, method and apparatus for polarization control: A polarization control device includes a first wave plate having a first surface profile and a second wave plate having a second surface profile complimentary to the first surface profile. The optical axis of the first wave plate is orthogonal to the optical axis of the second wave plate. The... Agent:

20140361153 - Photoelectric conversion module and optical transmission unit: A photoelectric conversion module includes: a substrate having a wiring layer and a through hole; a photoelectric conversion element having a light emitting unit or light receiving unit and mounted on the substrate such that the light emitting unit or light receiving unit faces the through hole; a protruding portion... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140361154 - Confocal image generation apparatus: A confocal image generation apparatus includes a laser, an objective, an optical path branch element which branches an optical path of an excitation light and an optical path of fluorescence, a scanning optics which shifts alight collecting position of the excitation light on a focal plane of the objective in... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140361155 - Fluid analyzer with plasma emission unit and method of using same: A fluid analyzer of a downhole tool positionable in a wellbore penetrating a subterranean formation is provided. The wellbore has a downhole fluid thereabout. The downhole tool has a downhole flowline for receiving the downhole fluid. The fluid analyzer includes a microflowline fluidly coupled to the downhole flowline to receive... Agent:

20140361161 - Analyser arrangement for particle spectrometer: The present invention relates to a method for determining at least one parameter related to charged particles emitted from a particle emitting sample. The method comprises guiding a beam of charged particles into an entrance of a measurement region by means of a lens system, and detecting positions of the... Agent: Vg Scienta Ab

20140361162 - Imaging mass spectrometer and a method of mass spectrometry: An imaging mass spectrometer comprising an energy source adapted to substantially simultaneously provide energy to multiple spots on a sample to produce ions from the sample by a desorption process; and an analyser adapted to detect the arrival time and spot origin of ions resulting from said desorption process.... Agent: Micromass Uk Limited

20140361159 - Isotopic pattern recognition: A measure of abundance is determined for an element or element combination within a sample, the element or element combination having at least one isotopic variant. An isotopic mass spectral pattern is identified for the element or element combination that indicates an expected abundance and expected mass-to-charge ratio difference for... Agent:

20140361157 - Method of determining the concentration of an element in a solid using relative abundances of isotopes from the solid and a reference solid: A method of determining the concentration of an element of interest in a solid of interest based on the ratio of the measured relative abundances of two isotopes in the solid of interest, one isotope of the element of interest and the second isotope from an element represented in the... Agent: Apatite To Zircon, Inc.

20140361160 - Methods for detecting lacosamide by mass spectrometry: Provided are methods for determining the amount of lacosamide in a sample using mass spectrometry. The methods generally involve ionizing lacosamide in a sample and detecting and quantifying the amount of the ion to determine the amount of lacosamide in the sample.... Agent:

20140361158 - Methods for predictive automatic gain control for hybrid mass spectrometers: A method for mass analyzing ions comprising a restricted range mass-to-charge (m/z) ratios comprising (i) performing a survey mass analysis, using a first mass analyzer employing indirect detection of ions by image current detection, to measure a flux of ions having m/z ratios within said range and (ii) performing a... Agent: Thermo Finnigan LLC

20140361156 - Methods for simultaneous quantification of thyroid hormones and metabolites thereof by mass spectrometry: The invention provides methods for simultaneously detecting or simultaneously quantifying any combination of thyroxine (T4), triiodothyronine (T3), 3,3′-diiodo-L-thyronine (3,3′-T2), 3-iodothyronamine (T1AM), and, optionally, reverse T3 (rT3) in a sample obtained from a human. The method involves a simple, sensitive, accurate, and specific isotope dilution tandem mass spectrometry method for the... Agent: Georgetown University

20140361163 - Mass spectrometer and method of driving ion guide: A method of operating an electrode changeover switch which switches the connection state of electrodes, the electrode changeover switch is provided in the wiring path between eight electrodes through, arranged rotation-symmetrically about ion optical axis, and voltage generation switch which generates square wave high voltage ±V. When switch is switched... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140361164 - Electron beam inspection apparatus: An electron beam inspection apparatus includes an electron beam irradiating unit, an electric field generating unit, an energy analyzing unit, and a detection unit. The electron beam irradiating unit irradiates an electron beam on a sample. The electric field generating unit generates an electric field in an irradiation direction of... Agent:

20140361166 - Interface, a method for observing an object within a non-vacuum environment and a scanning electron microscope: An interface, a scanning electron microscope and a method for observing an object that is positioned in a non-vacuum environment. The method includes: passing at least one electron beam that is generated in a vacuum environment through at least one aperture out of an aperture array and through at least... Agent:

20140361165 - Method for imaging a sample in a charged particle apparatus:

20140361168 - Electron beam apparatus: An electron beam apparatus includes at least one electron beam column. The at least one beam column includes an electron beam optical system to irradiate an electron beam on a surface of a sample, and a detection system to detect electrons generated from the electron beam. The electron beam optical... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140361167 - Scanning electron microscope: To provide a low acceleration scanning electron microscope that can discriminate and detect reflected electrons and secondary electrons even with a low probe current, this scanning electron microscope is provided with an electron gun (29), an aperture (26), a sample table (3), an electron optical system (4-1) for making an... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140361169 - Terahertz wave detecting device, camera, imaging apparatus and measuring apparatus: A terahertz wave detecting device includes: a substrate; and a plurality of detection elements that is arranged above the substrate, wherein the detection element includes a first metal layer that is provided on the substrate, an absorbing section that is provided to be spaced from the first metal layer and... Agent:

20140361170 - Terahertz wave detecting device, camera, imaging apparatus and measuring apparatus: A terahertz wave detecting device which includes a substrate and a plurality of detection elements arranged above the substrate, wherein the detection element includes a first metal layer that is provided on the substrate, a support substrate that is provided to be spaced from the first metal layer, an absorbing... Agent:

20140361171 - Two-channeled measurement apparatus: The invention relates to a measurement apparatus for the determination of gas concentrations. The apparatus comprises two spectral channels, wherein the channels are separated by a single chopper wheel. The chopper wheel has several functions. On the transmitting side, it brings the light of the two light sources on the... Agent: Sick Ag

20140361172 - Detection of h2s in natural gas and hydrocarbon streams using a dual-path near-ir spectroscopy system: Methods and systems for real time, in situ detection of a contaminant in a fluid, and particularly the determination of hydrogen sulfide concentration in a natural gas or other hydrocarbon stream, are provided. The system may include a scanning source with wavelength scanning range of 1560-1610 nm and wavelength resolution... Agent:

20140361173 - Device and method for identifying refrigerants: A device for identifying refrigerants includes a gas cell, which has a test gas inlet and a test gas outlet, an infrared source that radiates through the gas cell, and at least one sensor that detects the infrared radiation that passes through the gas cell. At least one wide-band filter... Agent: Inficon Gmbh

20140361175 - Device for extracting depth information using infrared light and method thereof: Disclosed is a device for extracting depth information using infrared light which can be provided at low cost in such a way to apply a nonlinear crystal and a photonic crystal to a depth camera and comprises infrared light emission unit which emits a first infrared light toward a subject;... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20140361176 - System and method of monitoring composition of a flow of breathable gas using a detector and emitter positioned on the same side of the flow of breathable gas: A gas measurement module (16) for use with an airway adapter (22) is configured such that both an emitter (48) and a detector (52, 54) are disposed on the same side of a sampling chamber (46) formed within the airway adapter. Optical elements (56) that guide electromagnetic radiation from the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140361177 - Apparatus configured to generate terahertz wave and apparatus configured to detect terahertz wave: An apparatus including: an element configured to generate or detect a terahertz wave; a semi-spherical lens configured to guide the terahertz wave outgoing from the element or entering the element; and a holder configured to hold the semi-spherical lens and the element in a state in which a flat surface... Agent:

20140361178 - Terahertz wave detecting device, camera, imaging apparatus and measuring apparatus: A terahertz wave detecting device includes: a substrate; and a plurality of detection elements that is arranged above the substrate, wherein the detection element includes an absorbing section that absorbs a terahertz wave to generate heat, and a converting section that converts the heat generated in the absorbing section into... Agent:

20140361179 - Device for neutron imagery in immersion and imaging method using said device: A device designed to be used for neutron imaging, immersed in a medium containing specimens to be analyzed, comprises a first converter comprising a first material capable of converting thermal neutron radiation into remnant beta radiation and a second converter comprising a second material capable of converting a remnant beta... Agent:

20140361180 - Radiation image-pickup device and radiation image-pickup display system: A radiation image-pickup device includes: a plurality of pixels configured to generate signal charge based on radiation; a first substrate including a transistor configured to read out the signal charge; a second substrate disposed to face the first substrate; a conversion layer provided between the first substrate and the second... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140361181 - Tile mounting for pet detectors: A nuclear scanner includes an annular support structure (32) which supports a plurality of detector modules (30). Each detector module includes a cooling and mounting structure (34) to which a plurality of tiles (40) are mounted by passing pins (46-49) through holes (38) in the cooling and mounting structure (34)... Agent:

20140361182 - Radiographic image conversion panel: The invention provides radiographic image conversion panels which ensure a high image quality (brightness) of the obtainable radiographic images and have excellent moisture proofness. The radiographic image conversion panel includes a photoelectric conversion element and a scintillator layer including a phosphor and one or more activators, the phosphor being in... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20140361183 - Electric device, method for manufacturing the same, and radiation inspection apparatus: An electric device, comprising a conductive guard ring formed on a substrate along an outer periphery of the substrate, an electrode formed inside the guard ring on the substrate, and a connecting portion formed above the electrode, for connecting an external apparatus and the electrode, wherein the connecting portion includes... Agent:

20140361184 - Radiation imaging apparatus and radiation imaging system: A radiation imaging apparatus comprises a conversion element and a transistor. A drive unit performs a reset operation at a plurality of times, by supplying a conducting voltage to gates of the transistors, successively, one row by one row, an operation of stopping the supplying of the conducting voltage responsive... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140361185 - Eyewear with radiation detection system: Eyewear having radiation monitoring capability is disclosed. Radiation, such as ultraviolet (UV) radiation, infrared (IR) radiation or light, can be measured by a detector. The measured radiation can then be used in providing radiation-related information to a user of the eyewear. Advantageously, the user of the eyewear is able to... Agent:

20140361187 - Detector and method for simultaneously detecting gamma ray and neutron ray using same: The present invention discloses a detector. The detector includes a detector crystal, configured to detect incident rays therein; a plurality of moderator layers, configured to moderate neutrons entering the moderator layer; and a plurality of converter layers, configured to react with said moderated neutrons. The moderator layers and the converter... Agent:

20140361186 - Method for detecting and identifying nuclear material in a container and radiation monitoring arrangement for conducting the method: The invention relates to an improved method for detecting and possibly identifying and/or characterizing nuclear and/or radiological material in a container, vehicle, or on a person, comprising the steps of: a. providing at least one detector, which is capable of detecting radiation events being interrelated to nuclear or radiological material;... Agent:

20140361188 - Detection of neutrinos: A flux detection apparatus can include a radioactive sample having a decay rate capable of changing in response to interaction with a first particle or a field, and a detector associated with the radioactive sample. The detector is responsive to a second particle or radiation formed by decay of the... Agent: Purdue Research Foundation

20140361189 - Radiation imaging system: A radiation imaging system includes: a sensor unit including a plurality of pixels arranged in a matrix, and configured to convert a radiation into an electric charge and to output a pixel output value; a detecting unit configured to detect an irradiation start of the radiation; and a control unit... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140361190 - System and method for detecting and positioning a radioactive source: The present disclosure describes systems and methods for the detection and positioning of a radioactive source. In an exemplary embodiment, a detector array is placed in a four-quadrant formation to allow for self-shielding of the individual detectors from the radiation emitted by a radiation source. A further embodiment utilizes a... Agent: University Of Tennessee Research Foundation

20140361191 - Apparatus, method, computer-readable medium, and system for adjusting data acquisition parameters during a scan performed by a positron emission tomography scanner: An apparatus, method, computer-readable medium, and system for adjusting data acquisition parameters during a scan performed by a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanner. The method includes obtaining, during the scan, a current temperature of a detector of the PET scanner, and adjusting, based on the current temperature, the data acquisition... Agent:

20140361192 - Periodic pattern detection apparatus and method: The image obtaining unit obtains a radiation image from the radiation detector, the radiation field area detection unit detects a radiation field area from the radiation image. The analysis area setting unit detects a direct radiation area, a superabsorbent body area, and a high noise area as the areas where... Agent:

20140361193 - Multi charged particle beam writing method, and multi charged particle beam writing apparatus: A multi charged particle beam writing method includes dividing a maximum irradiation time per a shot into a digit number of first irradiation time periods, each of which is calculated by multiplying a corresponding second gray scale value by the quantization unit, where second gray scale values are gray scale... Agent: Nuflare Technology, Inc.

20140361194 - Sample holder for electron microscopy for low-current, low-noise analysis: A novel specimen holder for insertion in electron microscopes, wherein the novel specimen holder is designed to minimize electrical noise so that signal integrity can be maintained during in situ electron microscopy.... Agent:

20140361195 - Detection of contaminated areas: The present invention describes a method for the detection of contamination on a surface before performing a coating of the surface, said method comprising bringing a marker into contact with the surface, wherein the marker has the ability of accumulating at a contaminated area on the surface, and detecting the... Agent:

20140361196 - Light source device, light irradiating apparatus equipped with light source device, and method of patterning self-assembled monolayer using light irradiating apparatus: A light source device is disclosed that can be regarded as a point light source and that emits vacuum ultraviolet light at a sufficiently high optical intensity. The device has a lamp housing to house a flash lamp and a parabolic mirror. Light emitted from the flash lamp is converted... Agent: Ushio Denki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140361197 - Workpiece carrier: A workpiece carrier comprises a first plate having a first outer diameter, a first inner diameter, and a first recess extending a first distance from the first inner diameter toward the first outer diameter. The workpiece carrier further comprises a second plate having a second outer diameter, a second inner... Agent:

20140361198 - Apparatus for holding radioactive objects: An apparatus for holding radioactive objects includes a base and a central pillar extending upwardly between a bottom end coupled to the base and a top end above the base. A plurality of inner segments are spaced around the central pillar, and a plurality of outer segments are spaced around... Agent:

20140361199 - Use of a mixture comprising erbium and praseodymium as a radiation attenuating composition, radiation attenuating material, and article providing protection against ionising radiation and comprising such a composition:

20140361200 - Opto-electronic modules, in particular flash modules, and method for manufacturing the same: The opto-electronic module comprises a substrate member (P); at least one emission member (E1; E2) mounted on said substrate (P); at least one detecting member (D) mounted on said substrate (P); at least one optics member (O) comprising at least one passive optical component (L); at least one spacer member... Agent:

20140361201 - Apparatus, system and method for reading out x-ray information stored in storage phosphor panels: An apparatus, a corresponding system, and a method for reading out X-ray information stored in a storage phosphor panel includes an input device, into which a cassette with a storage phosphor panel therein can be input, and a read-out device, in which the storage phosphor panel can be irradiated with... Agent: Agfa Healthcare Nv

12/04/2014 > 65 patent applications in 47 patent subcategories.

20140353467 - Object location determination: A system for determining a location of an object on a planar surface includes a time-of-flight sensor having sensing elements that provide a field of view for the time-of-flight sensor. The system also includes a mirror attached to the shaft of a motor for reflecting the field of view of... Agent: 1 Oak Technologies, LLC

20140353470 - Detection apparatus, method of manufacturing the same, and radiation detection system: A method of manufacturing a detection apparatus including pixels is provided. The method includes forming an organic insulation layer above a substrate above which a switching element is formed, forming pixel electrodes divided for individual pixels above the organic insulation layer; forming an inorganic material portion above a portion of... Agent:

20140353469 - Image sensor, semiconductor device and image sensor system: The present technology provides a semiconductor device that includes a substrate including an active region and an device isolation region, a plurality of micro insulation structures formed in the substrate of the device isolation region and spaced from each other, and an impurity region suitable for filling spaces between the... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140353468 - Isolation structure and method for forming the same, and image sensor including the isolation structure and method for fabricating the image sensor: An isolation structure and method of forming the same. The isolation structure includes a first isolation structure having including an insulation layer formed in a trench in a substrate and a second isolation structure, formed on the first isolation structure. The second isolation structure includes a first impurity region formed... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140353471 - Dark current calibration for a photosensitive device: An imaging circuit includes at least one photosensitive device that provides an output in response to at least one photon and a compensation circuit configured to provide dark current compensation for the output of said photosensitive device. The applied compensation uses temperature information and temperature dependent calibration information.... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (research & Development) Limited

20140353472 - Enhanced dynamic range imaging: A pixel element for an imaging sensor comprises a semiconductor substrate, a radiation-sensitive element configured to generate electric charges in response to incident radiation, a charge accumulation region provided in the semiconductor substrate configured to accumulate at least a portion of the electric charges, and an electrode arranged on the... Agent:

20140353473 - System and method for determination of flames in a harsh environment: A system for determination of presence of flames is provided. The system includes a photosensitive transducer configured to generate a response signal that is a function of electromagnetic radiation from a flame source. The system also includes a signal processing unit that includes a modulation unit and a demodulation unit.... Agent: General Electric Company

20140353474 - Sensor device: A sensor device for detecting moisture on a windscreen has a transmitter and a receiver and optics arranged between the transmitter and the receiver. The optics have an upper plane for connection to a windscreen, a decoupling region serving to decouple the electromagnetic rays from the optics into the windscreen,... Agent: Hella Kgaa Hueck & Co.

20140353475 - System and processor implemented method for improved image quality and enhancement based on quantum properties: A method and system for generating an image utilizing entangled quantum particle pairs comprising at least one processor; at least one source of entangled quantum particles having first and second channels, the first and second channel s outputting first and second pairs of entangled quantum particles, respectively, a first beam... Agent: U.s. Army Research Laboratory

20140353476 - Fiber optical superconducting nanowire single photon detector: A fiber optical superconducting nanowire detector with increased detector efficiency, fabricated directly on the tip of the input optical fiber. The fabrication on the tip of the fiber allows precise alignment of the detector to the fiber core, where the field mode is maximal. This construction maximizes the coupling efficiency... Agent:

20140353477 - Optical encoder: An optical encoder includes: a first wavelength division multiplexer; a first set of optical launches including at least one optical launch, operatively connected to the first multiplexer; and an encoder plate including at least one patterned track; wherein each optical launch of the first set is positioned to direct light... Agent:

20140353478 - Angle of rotation sensor: An angle of rotation sensor having a rotatable first code disc (2), at least one first image sensor (8) and at least one optics (18), which images an optical code (14) of the code disc (2) onto the first image sensor (8), wherein at least one second rotatable code disc... Agent: Sick Stegmann Gmbh

20140353479 - Injection for sampling heavy oil: A downhole tool is conveyed within a borehole extending into a subterranean formation. A void is created in a sidewall of the borehole by extending a rotating member from the downhole tool into the sidewall. A portion of the sidewall surrounding the void is mechanically compressed, and the viscosity of... Agent:

20140353480 - Target assembly including temperature activated coupler and related methods: A target assembly for a radiation generator may include a target body and a beam dump. The target assembly may also include a temperature activated coupler between the target body and the beam dump to move the beam dump between a non-contact position with the target body and a contact... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140353481 - Fluid analyzer with mirror and method of using same: A fluid analyzer of a downhole tool is provided. The downhole tool is positionable in a wellbore penetrating a subterranean formation. The wellbore has a downhole fluid thereabout. The downhole tool has a housing with a flowline therethrough for receiving the downhole fluid. The fluid analyzer includes at least one... Agent:

20140353482 - Device and method for reading a machine-readable code printed on an object and system for reading and validating such a code: A device and method for reading a machine-readable code printed on an object, the device includes a reading device intended for reading a machine-readable code printed on an object; a detection device intended for detecting whether the printed code read with the reading device has been altered; an alteration device... Agent:

20140353483 - Ion processing utilizing segmented vacuum manifold: An ion processing device includes electrically conductive vacuum manifold segments serially positioned and enclosing a volume along an axis. The segments are electrically isolated from each other and independently addressable by a voltage source. An ion optics device is positioned in the volume. A voltage differential between each manifold segment... Agent:

20140353489 - Collision ion generator and separator: According to some embodiments, systems and methods for surface impact ionization of liquid phase and aerosol samples are provided. The method includes accelerating a liquid or aerosol sample, colliding the sample with a solid collision surface thereby disintegrating the sample into both molecular ionic species (e.g., gaseous molecular ions) and... Agent:

20140353491 - Creating an ion-ion reaction region within a low-pressure linear ion trap: Methods and systems for creating a region for ion-ion reactions within a mass spectrometer are described. In various aspects, the methods and systems can confine a first group of ions in a sub-volume of a multipole ion trap, and introduce a second group of oppositely-charged ions into the multipole ion... Agent: Dh Technologies Development Pte,ltd.

20140353487 - Ion mobility separation device: An ion mobility separator 4 and a method of separating ions according to their ion mobility are disclosed. An RF ion guide is provided having a plurality of electrodes that are arranged to form an ion guiding path that extends in a closed loop. RF voltages are supplied to at... Agent:

20140353492 - Mass spectrometric determination of eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid: The invention relates to the detection of DHA and EPA. In a particular aspect, the invention relates to methods for detecting DHA and EPA by mass spectrometry and kits for carrying out such methods.... Agent:

20140353490 - Mass spectrometry systems and methods for improved multiple reaction monitoring: The present teachings are directed to methods and apparatuses for mass spectrometry that include configuring mass spectrometry apparatus to perform a plurality of separate assays on ions fragmented from a given analyte, where each such analysis by the spectrometry apparatus is targeted at a different respective associated mass-to-charge ratio and... Agent: Dh Technologies Ptd. Ltd.

20140353485 - Measurement plate for maldi mass spectrometry: A measurement plate 10 for MALDI mass spectrometry consists of a base plate 11 having an upper surface and a carbon sheet 12 laid on at least a portion of the upper surface. The carbon sheet 12 is a highly-oriented graphite sheet with the orientation direction being parallel to the... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140353486 - Methods for determining total body skeletal muscle mass: The present invention is based on the finding that enrichment of D3-creatinine in a urine sample following oral administration of a single defined dose of D3-creatine can be used to calculate total-body creatine pool size and total body skeletal muscle mass in a subject. The invention further encompasses methods for... Agent:

20140353484 - Strategic dynamic range control for time-of-flight mass spectrometry: A mass spectrometer of the type useful in mass cytometry includes an ion detector. A digitizing system for converting analog signals from the ion detector includes two analog-to-digital converters. The analog-to-digital converters are configured to provide an increased dynamic range for a targeted period while limiting the amount of data... Agent:

20140353488 - System and method for rapid evaporative ionization of liquid phase samples: According to some embodiments, systems and methods for rapid evaporation of liquid phase samples are provided. The method includes directing liquid samples to a thermal evaporation ionizing device, thermally evaporating the liquid samples to create gaseous molecular ions, and directing the gaseous molecular ions to an ion analyzer to analyze... Agent: Medimass, Kft.

20140353493 - Ion mobility spectrometry-mass spectrometry (ims-ms) with improved ion transmission and ims resolution: An interface for an ion mobility spectrometry-mass spectrometry (IMS-MS) system includes a first ion guide for receiving ions from an IMS drift cell, and a second ion guide for receiving ions from the first ion guide, and positioned in a chamber separate from the first ion guide. Electrodes of the... Agent:

20140353494 - Electrode structure for ion drift tube and ion drift tube including the structure: An electrode structure for an ion drift tube and an ion drift tube with the electrode structure are disclosed. The electrode structure comprises an annular electrode. The annular electrode has an inner edge bent towards one side such that a section of a central portion of the annular electrode has... Agent:

20140353495 - Nebulizer and analysis equipment: A nebulizer characterized in being provided with: an inner tube, which is disposed coaxially with an outer tube in which a nebulizing outlet is formed and which, together with the outer tube, forms a gas channel therebetween; a sample channel, which is formed inside the inner tube and through which... Agent:

20140353496 - Gas diffuser ion inlet: In some embodiments, a gas diffuser for use in a mass spectrometer is disclosed that can provide a controlled expansion of an ion-containing gas so as to reduce gas velocity for entry into subsequent stages of the mass spectrometer, e.g., a mass analyzer. In some embodiments, the controlled expansion of... Agent: Dh Technologies Development Ple.ltd.

20140353499 - Sample holder for electron microscope: A sample holder for an electron microscope has multiple sample stands, can allow at least one sample stand to move, and enables multiple samples for a transmission electron microscope to be prepared by a focused ion beam apparatus. A holder tip opening is provided in a tip of the sample... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140353498 - System and method of sem overlay metrology: The present disclosure is directed to a method of performing SEM overlay metrology with scan direction substantially aligned with or parallel to feature placement or patterning of overlay target structures. By scanning target structures in the same or similar direction to the feature placement, blurring at the edges of interest... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20140353497 - Transmission electron microscope sample fabrication: A method of preparing a transmission electron microscopy (TEM) sample from a semiconductor structure may include milling a region of the semiconductor structure with a focused ion beam and generating the transmission electron microscopy (TEM) sample. The focused ion beam providing the milling may include a rotation angle relative to... Agent:

20140353500 - Charged particle beam microscope, sample holder for charged particle beam microscope, and charged particle beam microscopy: The apparatus includes: a sample mounting base having at its tip portion a mounting portion for mounting a sample thereon; a rotating jig having a mounting base holding portion that holds the sample mounting base; a sample holding rod that includes a holding portion that holds the rotating jig; a... Agent:

20140353501 - Night vision attachment for smart camera: A night vision attachment for a SmartPhone by which the camera of the SmartPhone is enabled to view or take digital photos of objects under very low light ambient light levels. The night vision attachment comprises a housing for receiving and locating components of the attachment and has portions adapted... Agent:

20140353502 - Photodetector and upconversion device with gain (ec): Embodiments of the invention are directed to IR photodetectors with gain resulting from the positioning of a charge multiplication layer (CML) between the cathode and the IR sensitizing layer of the photodetector, where accumulating charge at the CML reduces the energy difference between the cathode and the CML to promote... Agent: Nanoholdings, LLC

20140353503 - Use of nuclear magnetic resonance and near infrared to analyze biological samples: In one aspect, the disclosure provides methods for using NMR and NIR to evaluate biological samples. In some embodiments, the methods include a step of performing a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) analysis on a sample to obtain an NMR spectrum, a step of performing a Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR) analysis... Agent: Biogen Idec Ma Inc.

20140353504 - Light source adjustment unit, optical measurement device, subject information obtaining system, and wavelength adjustment program: An optical measurement device includes a light source unit including a first laser light source configured to emit a laser beam having a first wavelength and a second laser light source configured to emit a laser beam having a second wavelength, a measurement wave number setting unit, and a light... Agent:

20140353505 - Defect inspecting apparatus and defect inspecting method: Disclosed is an apparatus for appropriately inspecting a defect on at least one of organic layers stacked on a substrate in an organic light emitting diode. The apparatus includes: an illumination unit configured to irradiate a near infrared light of a wavelength ranging from 0.7 μm to 2.5 μm toward... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140353506 - Electromagnetic wave spectrum analyzer and infrared thermal image analyzer including multiple resonance structures each having different resonance frequency: An electromagnetic wave spectrum analyzer includes a plurality of resonance structures each having a different resonance frequency, a plurality of thermal legs configured to support the plurality of resonance structures, a substrate including circuit elements configured to detect resistance changes in the plurality of thermal legs, and a signal processing... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140353507 - Apparatus for determining and/or monitoring density and/or fill level of a medium in a container: An apparatus for determining the fill level of a medium in a container, comprising: an emitting unit to be monitored in the container and emits radioactive radiation into the container; a first detector unit receives radioactive radiation and forwards measurement data relative to the fill level of the medium to... Agent: Endress + Hauser Gmbh + Co. Kg

20140353508 - Radiographic image conversion panel and radiographic image detector: An object of the invention is to provide radiographic image conversion panels which realize high levels of brightness and sharpness when used as scintillator panels and which also ensure sufficient strength resisting pressure applied in the film thickness direction. A radiographic image conversion panel of the invention includes a support... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20140353509 - Radiographic image detection device: Disclosed is a radiographic image detection device which prevents electrostatic charging without causing absorption loss of radiation. The radiographic image detection device has a solid-state detector 20, a wavelength conversion layer 21, and a support 22 arranged in this order from the incidence side of radiation. The wavelength conversion layer... Agent:

20140353510 - Method to extract photon depth-of interaction and arrival time within a positron emission tomography detector: A method for extracting photon depth-of-interaction of an incident photon in a crystal with a reflective coating optically coupled to all sides of the crystal, except for an opening, wherein a photodetector is optically coupled to the opening. A pulse shape of a photodetector output as a result of detection... Agent:

20140353511 - Neutron camera employing row and column summations: For each photomultiplier tube in an Anger camera, an R×S array of preamplifiers is provided to detect electrons generated within the photomultiplier tube. The outputs of the preamplifiers are digitized to measure the magnitude of the signals from each preamplifier. For each photomultiplier tube, a corresponding summation circuitry including R... Agent: Ut-battelle, LLC

20140353512 - Scanning optical system, optical scanning apparatus, and radiation image readout apparatus: r

20140353513 - Universal kv-mv imagers: An x-ray imaging device may include a detector array and an x-ray converting layer coupled to the detector array. The detector array and the x-ray converting layer may be configured such that x-rays traverse the detector array before propagating in the x-ray converting layer. The x-ray imaging device may also... Agent:

20140353514 - Detector for detecting x-ray radiation parameters: The present invention relates to an X-ray parameter measuring arrangement comprising a detector for measuring said parameter configured to be positioned in a position adjacent to an x-ray source arranged to generate a ray formation having a primary ray portion for radiating an object. The position is chosen in such... Agent:

20140353515 - Sensor unit and solid-state imaging device: A sensor unit includes a metallic base member, a solid-state imaging element, and amplifier chips. The base member has a first placement surface and a second placement surface. The solid-state imaging element has a photodetecting surface, and is disposed on the first placement surface such that a rear surface and... Agent: Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

20140353516 - Optical sensors for monitoring biopharmaceutical solutions in single-use containers: Disposable, pre-sterilized, and pre-calibrated, pre-validated sensors are provided. The sensor comprises a disposable fluid conduit or bioreactor bag and a reusable sensor assembly. An optical bench or inset optical component or module is integrated within the disposable fluid conduit or bioreactor bag, which provides an optical light path through the... Agent:

20140353517 - High-energy ion implanter: A high-energy ion implanter includes a beam generation unit that includes an ion source and a mass analyzer, a high-energy multi-stage linear acceleration unit, a high-energy beam deflection unit that changes the direction of a high-energy ion beam toward a wafer, and a beam transportation unit that transports the deflected... Agent: Sen Corporation

20140353518 - Insulation structure and insulation method: An insulation structure provided among a plurality of electrodes for extraction of an ion beam from a plasma generating section is provided. The insulation structure includes an insulation member including a first part connected to a first electrode and a second part connected to a second electrode and configured to... Agent: Sen Corporation

20140353519 - Attached germicidal lamp assembly: An attached germicidal lamp includes a delivery pipe defining therein an axially extending open hole for delivering a fluid, a compartment formed integral with the periphery of the delivery pipe and defining therein a top-open accommodation chamber, a window provided between the axially extending open hole and the top-open accommodation... Agent:

20140353520 - Optical alignment device and the method thereof: An optical alignment device and method are disclosed. The optical alignment device includes an aligned light source, a carrying mechanism, a masking mechanism, and a transporting mechanism. The carrying mechanism is spaced apart from the aligned light source. The transporting mechanism is for driving the masking mechanism such that when... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140353522 - Apparatus and methodology for flow fluorescence microscopic imaging: The present invention is to provide a flow fluorescence microscopic imaging apparatus. More particularly, it relates to a fluorescence microscopic imaging apparatus which combines the fluorescence microscopy excited by light sheet and flow cytometry. The present invention provides a new methodology in the field of flow cytometry based on the... Agent: Hong Kong Baptist University

20140353521 - Laser scanning microscope system: There is provided a laser scanning microscope system including a mode-locked laser unit configured to radiate a laser beam with a predetermined frequency, an intermittent light-emitting unit configured to intermittently emit the laser beam radiated from the mode-locked laser unit in a predetermined intermittent light-emission period, a detector configured to... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140353523 - Method for inspecting polysilicon layer: A method for inspecting a polysilicon layer includes: radiating excitation light to the polysilicon layer; and detecting a photoluminescence signal generated by the excitation light, wherein average power of the excitation light has a range of 1 W/cm2 to 10 W/cm2, and peak power of the excitation light has a... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140353524 - System and method for dense-stochastic-sampling imaging: Embodiments of the present invention are directed to imaging technologies, and, in particular, to an imaging system that detects relatively weak signals, over time, and that uses the detected signals to determine the positions of signal emitters. Particular embodiments of the present invention are directed to methods and systems for... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Corp.

20140353526 - Method and system for forming high accuracy patterns using charged particle beam lithography: A method and system for fracturing or mask data preparation for charged particle beam lithography are disclosed in which a plurality of charged particle beam shots is determined that will form a pattern on a surface using a multi-beam charged particle beam writer, where the sensitivity of the pattern on... Agent: D2s, Inc.

20140353527 - Using wafer geometry to improve scanner correction effectiveness for overlay control: Systems and methods for providing improved scanner corrections are disclosed. Scanner corrections provided in accordance with the present disclosure may be referred to as wafer geometry aware scanner corrections. More specifically, wafer geometry and/or wafer shape signature information are utilized to improve scanner corrections. By removing the wafer geometry as... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20140353525 - Control module for an ion implanter: The control module also comprises a current measurement circuit AMP for measuring the current that flows between the second pole of the second switch SW2 and the neutralization terminal N. The invention also provides an ion implanter fitted with this control module.... Agent: Ion Beam Services

20140353528 - Extreme ultraviolet light generation apparatus and control method for laser apparatus in extreme ultraviolet light generation system: An extreme ultraviolet light generation apparatus may include a chamber containing a plasma generation region irradiated by a pulse laser beam from a laser apparatus, a target supply device configured to supply a plurality of targets consecutively to the plasma generation region in the chamber, a target detection unit configured... Agent: Gigaphoton Inc.

20140353529 - Optical receiver method and apparatus: A method for making an optical receiver assembly that can receive optical signals via an input optical fiber and can generate output electrical signals, including the following steps: providing an open-ended cavity formed of insulating material, such as a ceramic, comprising a base, peripheral sidewalls, and an open end opposite... Agent: Quantum Electro Opto Systems Sdn. Bhd.

20140353530 - Polarization independent dual usage hcg vcsel-detector with high contrast grating and two dimensional period structure: A dual usage HCG VCSEL detector is provided with a high contrast grating (HCG) reflector first reflector that has a two dimensional periodic structure. The two dimensional structure is a periodic structure that is a symmetric structure with periodic repeating. The symmetrical structure provides that polarization modes of light are... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140353531 - System and method of retrieving mass density distributions and thermal profiles from the atmosphere to identify molecular constituents that may absorb spectral energy: A system and method for the retrieval of mass density distributions or “profiles” for at least a portion of the Earth's atmosphere for one or more molecular constituent within the atmosphere that absorbs spectral energy. The spectral energy may be anywhere within wavelengths of radiation from UV through visible and... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 61 patent applications in 36 patent subcategories.

20140346318 - Method for assembling a circuit carrier with a housing component, and optical unit: The present invention relates to a method for assembling a circuit carrier with a housing component and furthermore to an optical unit for emitting and/or receiving radiation that is fabricated using this particular method of assembling and aligning the circuit carrier with the housing component. The method comprises the following... Agent: Cedes Safety & Automation Ag

20140346317 - Touch screen panel and manufacturing method thereof: A method of manufacturing a touch screen panel includes forming first sensing electrodes on a first substrate, forming second sensing electrodes on a second substrate, and forming a photosensitive layer on the first sensing electrodes. The photosensitive layer is patterned to form photosensitive spacers spaced apart from one another in... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140346319 - Variable rate chemical management for agricultural landscapes using multiform growth response function: An apparatus configured for dispensing nutrients includes a dispensing system configured for dispensing the nutrients for a particular plant hybrid or plant variety and a variable rate controller operatively connected to the dispensing system and configured to control dispensement of the nutrients from the dispensing system. The variable rate controller... Agent:

20140346320 - Integrated circuit, analog-digital converter and cmos image sensor with the same: A integrated circuit includes an analog power domain circuit having more than one stages, a digital power domain circuit having at least one stage receiving the output signal of the analog power domain circuit, and a voltage regulating unit suitable for supplying at least one scaled power to the latter... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140346322 - Manufacturing method for image pickup unit and image pickup unit: A manufacturing method for an optical unit includes: a step of bonding plural lens wafers, on which optical components are formed, and forming a lens unit wafer including plural lens units; a step of bonding a bending optical element wafer including plural bending optical elements to a first surface of... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140346321 - Photoelectric conversion apparatus and imaging system: A photoelectric conversion apparatus includes a photoelectric-conversion element configured to output electric charges generated by photoelectric conversion to a first node, and an accumulation circuit having an input terminal connected to the first node and being capable of changing an integral capacitance value. The number of drain or source of... Agent:

20140346324 - Compensated optical detection apparatus, systems, and methods: In some embodiments, apparatus and systems, as well as methods, may operate to receive radiation at an active detector of a pair of radiation detectors to provide a first signal proportional to an intensity of the radiation, to receive none of the radiation at a blind detector of the pair... Agent:

20140346323 - Receiver optical module for receiving wavelength multiplexed optical signals: A receiver optical module to facilitate the assembling is disclosed. The receiver optical module includes an intermediate assembly including the optical de-multiplexer and the optical reflector each mounted on the upper base, and the lens and the PD mounted on the sub-mount. The latter assembly is mounted on the bottom... Agent:

20140346325 - Digital detector: The present disclosure provides a digital detector apparatus for use with a sensor unit is provided wherein the sensor unit includes an emitter device and a receiver device, the receiver device having a capacitance. The digital detector apparatus comprises at least a first input port, first output port, and a... Agent:

20140346327 - Electro-optical radiation collector for arc flash detection: An electro-optical (EO) radiation collector for collecting and/or transmitting EO radiation (which may include EO radiation in the visible wavelengths) for transmission to an EO sensor. The EO radiation collector may be used with an arc flash detection device or other protective system, such as an intelligent electronic device (IED).... Agent:

20140346326 - Reflector used in a reflex mode detection device:

20140346328 - Extended depth of field three-dimensional nano-resolution imaging method, optical component, and imaging system: An extended depth of field three-dimensional nano-resolution imaging method includes: creating an optical module with a double helix point spread function and multi-stage imaging properties of a defocus optical grating; obtaining double helix image of a molecule by imaging a molecule using the optical module; determining a lateral position of... Agent:

20140346330 - Apparatus for monitoring the process performance of a laser system with a power optical fiber: The present invention relates to an apparatus for monitoring the process performance of a laser system with a high-power optical fiber cable (3), specifically an optical fiber cable made for transmitting power levels up to and exceeding 20 kW. Generally the fiber cable has an entrance end (1) for an... Agent: Optoskand Ab

20140346329 - Photoacoustic transducer with optical feedback: A photoacoustic ultrasound transducer receives excitation light on a bundle of optical fibers. The optical fibers in the bundle are divided to direct the excitation light onto light bars positioned on either side of an imaging stack. A small portion of the optical fibers direct a portion of the excitation... Agent: Fujifilm Sonosite, Inc.

20140346331 - Optical sensor: An optical sensor includes a light source, a characteristic light-guiding member, a characteristic changing part which changes the optical characteristic of light, and a detecting unit which detects the light having the optical characteristic changed by the characteristic changing part and guided by the characteristic light-guiding member. The optical sensor... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140346332 - Endoscope: An endoscope includes: a first objective lens that causes an image of a first object to be observed to be formed; a second objective lens that causes an image of a second object to be observed to be formed; a light guide that guides illuminating light from a light source... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140346333 - Photodetection device: A photodetection device has a light passing part in an upper portion, a light guiding member, and a photodetection element in a lower portion. Light passing through the light passing part is guided by the light guiding member to be detected by the photodetection element. The light guiding member has... Agent: Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140346334 - Controllable optical sensing: An optical sensing device for using light to locate objects or features in a field of view comprises a light source; a controllable lens having two states and being controllable between them, for example a multifocal lens having two or more foci for focusing light from the light source; and... Agent: Pebbles Ltd.

20140346335 - System for manipulating and optically targeting micro objects: The present invention relates to a system 100 for independently holding and manipulating one or more microscopic objects 158 and for targeting at least a part of the one or more microscopic objects within a trapping volume 102 with electromagnetic radiation 138. The system comprises trapping means for holding and... Agent:

20140346336 - Well-logging tool with azimuthal and spectral radiation detectors and related methods: A well-logging tool may be positioned within a borehole of a subterranean formation. The well-logging tool may include a housing having an interior defining a dual-detector receiving chamber extending longitudinally, and having first and second portions, and a first azimuthal radiation detector carried by the first portion of the dual-detector... Agent:

20140346337 - Well-logging tool with first and second azimuthal radiation detectors and related methods: A well-logging tool may be positioned within a borehole of a subterranean formation. The well-logging tool may include a housing having an interior defining a dual-detector receiving chamber extending longitudinally, and having first and second portions, and a first azimuthal radiation detector carried by the first portion of the dual-detector... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140346338 - Target extender in radiation generator: A radiation generator may include a generator housing, a target electrode carried by the generator housing, a charged particle source carried by the generator housing to direct charged particles at the target electrode based upon an accelerating potential, and a suppressor electrode carried by the generator housing having an opening... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140346343 - Collision cell: A method of operating a gas-filled collision cell in a mass spectrometer is provided. The collision cell has a longitudinal axis. Ions are caused to enter the collision cell. A trapping field is generated within the collision cell so as to trap the ions within a trapping volume of the... Agent: Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh

20140346341 - Encoding of precursor ion beam to aid product ion assignment: A method of encoding a parent or precursor ion beam to aid product ion assignment is disclosed. According to an embodiment the energy of parent ions entering a collision cell is progressively increased. Different species of parent ions fragment at different collision energies. Fragment ion intensity profiles are matched with... Agent:

20140346342 - Mass spectrometer with beam expander: A mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising a RF confinement device, a beam expander and a Time of Flight mass analyser. The beam expander is arranged to expand an ion beam emerging from the RF confinement device so that the ion beam is expanded to a diameter of at least 3... Agent:

20140346340 - Method and a mass spectrometer and uses thereof for detecting ions or subsequently-ionised neutral particles from samples: A method is used in a time-of-flight mass spectrometer for analysis of a first pulsed ion beam, the ions of which are disposed along the pulse direction, separated with respect to their ion masses. The ions of at least one individual predetermined ion mass or of at least one predetermined... Agent:

20140346339 - Multi-dimentional ion mobility separator method and apparatus: One aspect of the present invention is to extract multiple ionic species in a FAIMS into one or more IMS drift tubes simultaneously. By adjusting FAIMS operational parameters, ions in FAIMS are detected on IMS detectors through separation in FAIMS and/or separation and collection in the IMS. This method provides... Agent: Excellims Corporation

20140346344 - Direct measurements of nanoparticles and virus by virus mass spectrometry: Apparatus and methods for performing mass spectrometry of a nanoparticle or virus analyte. Apparatus may include a laser desorption plate, a mass analyzer configured to measure mass over the range of m/z from 105 to 1010, an electrical shield surrounding the mass analyzer, and a charge sensitive detector, wherein the... Agent: Academia Sinica

20140346345 - Method of tandem mass spectrometry: A method of tandem mass spectrometry is disclosed. A quasi-continuous stream of ions from an ion source (20) and having a relatively broad range of mass to charge ratio ions is segmented temporally into a plurality of segments. Each segment is subjected to an independently selected degree of fragmentation, so... Agent:

20140346346 - Ac gate ion filter method and apparatus: The present invention uses an AC voltage instead of DC voltage on an ion gate to filter/selectively pass ions. The ions that pass through the AC ion gate can be further separated in a spectrometric instrument. An ion mobility spectrometer using the AC ion gate can achieve better gating performance.... Agent: Excellims Corporation

20140346348 - Apparatus and method for thermal assisted desorption ionization systems: The present invention is directed to a method and device to desorb an analyte using heat to allow desorption of the analyte molecules, where the desorbed analyte molecules are ionized with ambient temperature ionizing species. In various embodiments of the invention a current is passed through a mesh upon which... Agent: Ionsense Inc.

20140346347 - Ion detecting apparatus: There is no small ion detecting apparatus that quickly and easily performs mass spectrometry under atmospheric pressure. Therefore, in order to solve the problem, an electrode arrangement and an electrode holding form for enabling water clusters in outside air to be detected with high sensitivity are provided. By using such... Agent:

20140346353 - Charged particle vortex wave generation: A device for imparting an orbital angular momentum to a charged particle wave propagating along a beam axis in a charged particle beam generating apparatus is described. The device comprises a support element having a target region adapted for transmitting a charged particle wave propagating along a beam axis and... Agent:

20140346349 - Drawing apparatus, and method of manufacturing article: The present invention provides a drawing apparatus for performing drawing on a substrate with a charged particle beam, the apparatus comprising an optical system configured to irradiate the substrate with the charged particle beam, a substrate stage configured to hold the substrate, an aperture member provided with the substrate stage,... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140346355 - Electron microscope: An electron microscope is provided. In another aspect, an electron microscope employs a radio frequency which acts upon electrons used to assist in imaging a specimen. Furthermore, another aspect provides an electron beam microscope with a time resolution of less than 1 picosecond with more than 105 electrons in a... Agent: Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University

20140346354 - Generation of charged particle vortex waves: A device is arranged for imparting an orbital angular momentum to a charged particle wave propagating along an axis in a charged particle beam generating apparatus. The device includes a first conductive element comprising a plurality of angularly spaced electrical conductors arranged around the axis, and a second conductive element.... Agent:

20140346350 - Multi-column electron beam inspection that uses custom printing methods: A method of testing for photomask print errors includes dividing a photomask print into sub-regions and inspecting each sub-region with a different (e.g., electron) beam column, each sub-region aligned with a beam column axis during a calibration process. The different sub-regions may be inspected on different photomask prints on a... Agent:

20140346351 - Orientation imaging using wide angle convergent beam diffraction in transmission electron microscopy: Methods of orientation imaging microscopy (OIM) techniques generally performed using transition electron microscopy (TEM) for nanomaterials using dynamical theory is presented. Methods disclosed may use a wide angle convergent beam electron diffraction for performing OIM by generating a diffraction pattern having at least three diffraction discs that may provide additional... Agent:

20140346352 - Sample supporting member for observing scanning electron microscopic image and method for observing scanning electron microscopic image: When injection of electrons into a sample supporting member causes a potential gradient between an insulative thin film and a conductive thin film at a site of electron beam injection, the potential barrier of the surface of the insulative thin film becomes thin, and an electron emission phenomenon is caused... Agent: National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology

20140346356 - Optical detector unit: e

20140346357 - Photoconductive device with plasmonic electrodes: A photoconductive device that includes a semiconductor substrate, an antenna assembly, and a photoconductive assembly with one or more plasmonic contact electrodes. The photoconductive assembly can be provided with plasmonic contact electrodes that are arranged on the semiconductor substrate in a manner that improves the quantum efficiency of the photoconductive... Agent:

20140346358 - Quantum cascade laser suitable for portable applications: A highly portable, high-powered infrared laser source is produced by intermittent operation of a quantum cascade laser power regulated to a predetermined operating range that permits passive cooling. The regulation process may boost battery voltage allowing the use of a more compact, low-voltage batteries.... Agent: Daylight Solutions, Inc.

20140346359 - Apparatus and method for multispectral imaging with three dimensional overlaying: An apparatus and a method for multispectral imaging comprising, representation generator arranged to generate a three dimensional representation of a scene, at least one infrared imaging sensor arranged to obtain an infrared image of the scene, and an image overlaying processor arranged to overlay the infrared image onto the three... Agent:

20140346360 - Three-dimensional hot spot localization: A non-destructive approach for the 3D localization of buried hot spots in electronic device architectures by use of Lock-in Thermography (LIT). The 3D analysis is based on the principles of thermal wave propagation through different material layers and the resulting phase shift/thermal time delay. With more complex multi level stacked... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20140346362 - Integrating sensing systems into thermostat housing in manners facilitating compact and visually pleasing physical characteristics thereof: An occupancy sensing electronic thermostat is described that includes a thermostat body, an electronic display that is viewable by a user in front of the thermostat, a passive infrared sensor for measuring infrared energy and an infrared energy directing element formed integrally with a front surface of the thermostat body.... Agent: Nest Labs, Inc.

20140346361 - Time-of-flight pixels also sensing proximity and/or detecting motion in imaging devices & methods: An imaging device has a pixel array that includes one or more depth pixels. The imaging device also includes a controller that can cause one or more of the depth pixels to image a depth of an object in a ranging mode. The controller can further cause the depth pixel(s)... Agent:

20140346363 - Radiation detector: A radiation detector includes two reflecting plate lattices that are combined into a single reflecting plate lattice. The use of such a structure simplifies the manufacturing of a scintillator. The radiation detector reduces the number of reflecting plate lattices that are stacked when manufacturing the scintillator, enabling the scintillator to... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140346364 - Fluid diagnostic devices and methods of using the same: A diagnostic apparatus includes a measurement head, a translating calibration element, and a calibration element actuator. The measurement head includes a diagnostic light source, a light sensor, and a measurement head body. The diagnostic light source operates at a diagnostic wavelength λD and the measurement head body supports the diagnostic... Agent: Aquionics, Inc.

20140346365 - Radiation detection: An instrument for detecting radiation is provided, which comprises an inner core housing a neutron detector, and another core comprising a neutron-moderating material, the instrument further including at least one elongate thermal neutron guide located within the outer core and having an inner end that terminates proximal to the neutron... Agent: The Secretary Of State For Health

20140346366 - System and method for measuring chlorine concentration in fly ash cement concret: The system for measuring chlorine concentration in fly ash cement concrete utilizes a portable neutron generator and a gamma-ray detector for performing prompt gamma neutron activation analysis of chlorine concentration in a fly ash cement concrete specimen. The system includes a portable neutron generator for generating a pulsed neutron beam... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20140346367 - Radiation image capturing system and radiation image capturing apparatus: Disclosed are a radiation image capturing system and a radiation image capturing apparatus. According to one implementation, the radiation image capturing system includes the radiation image capturing apparatus and a console. The detecting unit of the radiation image capturing apparatus detects start of irradiation using a first detecting method in... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20140346368 - Gun configured to generate charged particles: A gun configured to generate charged particles, comprising a ring-cathode (200) electrically configured to generate a charged particle beam; a lens arranged to focus the charged particle beam on a specimen; and at least one correction focusing electrode (1406) arranged to generate at least one electrostatic/magnetic field to further divergently/convergently... Agent: National University Of Singapore

20140346369 - Multi charged particle beam writing apparatus, and multi charged particle beam writing method: A multi charged particle beam writing apparatus includes a dose calculation unit to calculate a first dose resolving the resist of the target object, for a first beam of the multiple beams, corresponding to a pattern forming region, in which a pattern is arranged, and to calculate a second dose... Agent: Nuflare Technology, Inc.

20140346370 - Reflective transparent optical chamber: A chamber configured to increase an intensity of target radiation emitted therein is provided. The chamber includes an enclosure at least partially formed by a set of transparent walls. Each transparent wall can comprise a first material transparent to the target radiation and having a refractive index greater than 1.1... Agent: Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc.

20140346371 - Fluorescing gel formulations and their applications: Fluorescing gel formulations are disclosed for monitoring cleaning of a surface. The fluorescing gel formulations are stable, fluoresce under UV light, and do not leave a mark after drying and removal. The compositions include an oppositely charged complexing agent which is used in combination with an anionic or cationic optical... Agent:

20140346372 - Uv nail lamp: A lamp includes: a housing; a platform supported by the housing; a left light source disposed on a left side of the lamp; a right light source disposed on a right side of the lamp; a first top light source disposed at least partially above the platform, wherein; the left... Agent: Revlon Consumer Products Corporation

20140346373 - Droplet generator with actuator induced nozzle cleaning: Systems (and methods therefor) for generating EUV radiation that comprise an arrangement producing a laser beam directed to an irradiation region and a droplet source. The droplet source includes a fluid exiting an orifice and a sub-system having an electro-actuatable element producing a disturbance in the fluid. The electro-actuatable element... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

20140346374 - Faraday rotator, optical isolator, laser apparatus, and extreme ultraviolet light generation apparatus: A Faraday rotator may include a magnetic field forming section configured to form a magnetic field at a predetermined magnetic flux density in a predetermined region, a Faraday element disposed in the predetermined region, and a first heat exhaust member, disposed on the side of one primary plane of the... Agent:

20140346376 - Laser apparatus and extreme ultraviolet light generation apparatus: A laser apparatus may include a master oscillator configured to output a pulse laser beam, at least one amplifier provided in a path of the pulse laser beam from the master oscillator, and at least one first optical isolator provided in the path of the pulse laser beam, the first... Agent:

20140346375 - Laser apparatus, laser system, and extreme ultraviolet light generation apparatus: A laser apparatus includes a master oscillator configured to output a pulse laser beam, at least one amplifier disposed in an optical path of the pulse laser beam, an energy detector that is disposed in the optical path on one of an input side and an output side of the... Agent:

20140346377 - Radiation thermometer: The length of the first optical path is substantially equal to that of the second optical path, such that the focussing optics additionally forms a focussed image of the illuminated pattern of the visible light source assembly substantially on the focal plane, the illuminated pattern being configured to mark the... Agent: Land Instruments International Limited

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