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Motor vehicles

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04/10/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140097029 - Working vehicle: To achieve a simplification and a weight saving of a support structure to a track frame and a travel machine body a working vehicle is provided with the travel machine body which mounts an engine thereon, the track frame which is arranged in a lower portion of the travel machine... Agent:

20140097030 - Pneumatic powertrain for an automotive vehicle: A pneumatic vehicle is provided with a chassis, wheels, a compressed air tank, a heat exchanger to heat the compressed air, and an air motor driven by the heated air and connected to at least one wheel. A pneumatic vehicle is provided with a chassis, wheels, a compressed air tank,... Agent: Deakin University

20140097031 - Wheelchair: A front wheel drive powered wheelchair is provided and may include a support frame, a pair of opposing drive wheels, a pair of drives, and a pair of rear wheels. The frame may include a front portion, a seat post, and two independent arms extending rearward from the front portion.... Agent: Pride Mobility Products Corporation

20140097032 - Snowmobile suspension: A suspension system for a snowmobile has a rail for engagement with an endless drive track, and first and second suspension arms having upper ends adapted for pivotally connecting to the chassis and lower ends pivotally connected to the rail. The upper end the second suspension arm includes a shaft.... Agent: Bombardier Recreational Products Inc.

04/03/2014 > 16 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140090906 - Hull robot drive system: A hull robot includes a robot body, at least one drive module for maneuvering the robot about the hull, an on-board power source, and a motive subsystem for the drive module powered by the on-board power source. A plurality of permanent magnet elements are associated with the drive module and... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140090907 - Self-propelled work machine: A self-propelled work machine, in particular a mobile crane, comprises an undercarriage configured for moving the work machine, a superstructure which is rotatably mounted on the undercarriage, and a drive device comprising a drive motor. The drive device comprises a moment transmission which is formed between the superstructure and the... Agent: Manitowoc Crane Group France Sas

20140090908 - Electric vehicle: An electric vehicle includes a plurality of electric devices; and a power control unit having a housing, the power control unit is arranged within a motor room, the housing has an upper case, a lower case, and a heat sink housing, the heat sink housing has a heat sink portion,... Agent:

20140090910 - Foldable mobility device: A foldable mobility device includes a chassis assembly, a steering assembly rotatably coupled to the chassis assembly, a seat assembly coupled to the chassis assembly through a first folding mechanism configured to convert the seat assembly between a first folded position and a first unfolded position, a front wheel assembly... Agent: Acton, Inc.

20140090909 - Wheel bearing unit, and motor vehicle having wheel bearing unit: A wheel bearing unit comprises an inner ring and an outer ring. The outer ring is mounted rotatably and is arranged concentrically with respect to the inner ring. The inner ring serves to receive a wheel and the outer ring serves for fastening to a wheel support of a motor... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140090911 - Attachment structure for adjustable air diffuser: An adjustable air diffuser is disposed in an airflow channel into which travelling wind is directed through an opening provided in a bumper face. The diffuser substantially opens and closes the airflow channel by using a movable louver blade driven by an actuator. An upper part of the diffuser is... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140090912 - Front air guide structure for a motorcycle: In a motorcycle with a cowl, a bent portion which has an upright wall facing forwardly and is bent in an upward and downward direction is provided at an intermediate portion in a forward and backward direction of an air intake duct. A plurality of dewatering devices are provided, and... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140090913 - Manned vehicle and cabin structure thereof: A cabin is formed as a casing body partitioned and separable from a vehicle body and includes an air purifier for introducing purified air into the casing body to maintain the pressure inside the cabin at a positive level by the air purifier.... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140090914 - Motorized sled for stair chairs: A lightweight motorized and tracked sled for attachment to a variety of stair chairs is described. A power supply or power source provides power to a motor driving a track configured to engage a set of stairs. The motor and track can lift and support the stair chair and a... Agent: Stryker Corporation

20140090915 - Snowmobile suspension: A suspension system for a snowmobile comprises first and second suspension arms pivotally connected to a chassis and to a rail, and extending forwardly and upwardly from the rail. A bracket arm is fixedly connected to the first suspension arm. A link is pivotally connected to the bracket arm. A... Agent: Bombardier Recreational Products Inc.

20140090916 - Electric scooter assemblies: In some embodiments, an electric scooter comprises a deck configured to support a rider, front and rear wheels, a handlebar assembly that includes a handlebar, a left handle, and a right handle, a steering column that includes a steering tube and the handlebar assembly, and an electric motor configured to... Agent: Bravo Sports

20140090917 - Constant velocity joint with cooling ring: A constant velocity joint includes an outer housing and an inner race disposed inside the outer housing and spaced therefrom. The outer housing and inner race are respectively rotatable about a first and second rotation axes, and moveable relative to one another to change an angle between the rotation axes.... Agent: Bombardier Recreational Products Inc.

20140090918 - Side-by-side atv: The present invention relates to all terrain vehicles having at least a pair of laterally spaced apart seating surfaces. More particularly, the present invention relates to trail compliant side-by-side all terrain vehicles.... Agent: Polaris Industries Inc.

20140090919 - Saddle-riding type automotive vehicle: A motorcycle frame assembly (FR) for a motorcycle includes a main frame (1), which extends from above a combustion engine (E) in a direction rearwardly, and a subframe (4) having front and rear end portions connected with the main frame (1) and also having an intermediate portion positioned laterally outside... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140090920 - Exhaust system of saddle-ride type vehicle: A saddle-ride type vehicle that allows easy axle adjustment even if the exhaust system has such a structure wherein a muffler is close to an axle of a rear wheel. The exhaust system includes a tubular muffler connected to an exhaust pipe for discharging the exhaust of an engine. In... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140090921 - Nylon resin driven pulley: A torque transmitting assembly is provided. The assembly includes a ball nut having an outer diameter and keyway slot therein, and a pulley positioned on the ball nut. The pulley includes a cylindrical outer surface, a bore extending through the pulley such that the pulley includes an inner surface, and... Agent: Steering SolutionsIPHolding Corporation

03/27/2014 > 14 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140083781 - Hydraulic excavator: A hydraulic excavator includes an undercarriage having a crawler and a rotating superstructure. The rotating superstructure includes a plate-shaped rotating frame, an engine, a fuel tank a counterweight and a fuel line. The engine is mounted inside the rotating frame. The fuel tank is disposed on one side of the... Agent: Komatsu Ltd.

20140083782 - Ground-engaging track system, link for a track chain, and method: A ground-engaging track system for a machine includes a track extending about a rotatable track engaging element, and having a track chain with a plurality of elongate links each including an upper rail surface formed of a sacrificial wear material and having a convex longitudinal profile configured to delay scallop... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140083783 - Cooling of electric storage units in a vehicle: A vehicle includes a front wheel, a rear wheel, an electric driving motor, which is designed to drive the rear and/or front wheel, and several electric storage units, which are accommodated inside a storage housing. The storage housing has at least one air duct for discharging thermal energy of the... Agent: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

20140083784 - Working vehicle: The present invention provides a working vehicle, including a power source unit, an air intake passage, and an air exhaust passage all of which are arranged inside a roof portion, wherein the power source unit is disposed in a portion close to a center in a vehicle body width direction,... Agent: Kubota Corporation

20140083785 - Steerable wheel assembly for a vehicle, and vehicle including such an assembly: Another aspect of the invention provides a vehicle suspension system comprising a mounting bracket (20) for attachment to a vehicle body or chassis, and a wheel-mounting arm (21) pivotally attached to the mounting bracket and having a wheel mounted thereon. A spring and shock-absorber unit (22) extends between the mounting... Agent:

20140083786 - Engine hot air deflector: An engine hot air deflector for a work machine having an articulated frame pivotally coupled to a main body by a hitch assembly having a hitch link includes a resilient hot air deflector panel mounted proximate to and overlaying an open end of the main body. The deflector panel includes... Agent: Caterpillar Paving Products Inc.

20140083787 - Vehicle battery storage compartment: A riding vehicle may include a battery compartment and one or more grip tabs. The battery compartment may be configured to house a battery of the riding vehicle. The one or more grip tabs may be disposed in the battery compartment and may extend from one or more walls of... Agent: Husqvarna Consumer Outdoor Products N.a., Inc.

20140083788 - Step-climbing attachment for a wheeled chair: A step climbing attachment suitable for attachment to a wheeled chair is described. The step climbing attachment includes a chassis for mounting one or more ground engaging units, a first and a second ground engaging unit mounted to the chassis, at least one of the first and second ground engaging... Agent: Mobility 2000 (australia) Limited

20140083790 - Four-wheeled vehicle: A four-wheeled vehicle is provided which increases and secures the volume of an air cleaner while avoiding increase in the number of components and reducing the influence of the air cleaner on other components. The vehicle is equipped with a driver seat and a passenger seat arranged on a vehicle... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd

20140083789 - Motorcycle internal combustion engine: A motorcycle internal combustion engine including engine hangers capable of reducing the size of the internal combustion engine in an up-down direction. A motorcycle internal combustion engine includes a crankcase of the internal combustion engine with an oil filter attached to a front face thereof. Engine hangers are formed integrally... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140083791 - Working vehicle including exhaust gas treatment device: A working vehicle includes an engine, a vehicle body frame on which the engine is mounted, an exhaust gas treatment device for treating exhaust gas of the engine, and a fixing base for fixing the exhaust gas treatment device, and the fixing base is separated from the engine by a... Agent: Kubota Corporation

20140083792 - Steering device of wheel loader: A steering device for a wheel loader includes a rotatable handle, a tiltable lever, a steering cylinder, a steering valve, a pump, a handle control valve, a lever control valve, and a handle prioritization valve. The steering valve controls a supply direction of operating fluid to the steering cylinder with... Agent: Komatsu Ltd.

20140083793 - Electro-hydraulic power steering: A hydraulic steering assist assembly is provided for a vehicle with a mechanical steering assembly operable by a user to steer the vehicle. The hydraulic steering assist assembly includes a hydraulic actuator adapted to be coupled to the mechanical steering assembly and has a first side and a second side.... Agent:

20140083794 - Power steering apparatus and speed reducer for power steering: An apparatus for power steering of a vehicle, comprises: a worm gear arrangement including a worm shaft and a worm wheel engaged with the worm shaft; a bearing to support the worm shaft rotatably; a gear housing structure enclosing the worm gear arrangement, and defining a holder receiving portion; and... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems Steering, Ltd.

03/20/2014 > 16 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140076641 - Self rechargeable synergy drive for a motor vehicle: Wheels may be equipped with a stator and rotor to induce current to generate electricity as the wheels rotate or to slow down the wheels in response to the application of a brake of the vehicle. Air may be sucked through the wheels through mesh screens to create air flow... Agent:

20140076643 - Extendable frame work vehicle: An extendable frame work vehicle offering enhanced versatility, safety and effectiveness. The vehicle includes an adjustable frame with front and rear portions that extend or retract with respect to each other. The front portion is supported by a first pair of wheels and said rear portion is supported by a... Agent: Extendquip, LLC

20140076642 - Robotic system and methods of use: A robotic system that can have a body and four flippers is described. Any or all of the flippers can be rotated. The flippers can have self-cleaning tracks. The tracks can be driven or passive. The robotic system can be controlled by, and send audio and/or video to and/or from,... Agent: Robotex Inc.

20140076644 - Powered patient support apparatus: Powered patient support apparatuses—such as beds, cots, stretchers, or the like—include a plurality of user controls that allow a caregiver to control the steering and/or driving of one or more powered wheels from multiple different locations around the patient support apparatus (e.g. head end, foot end, and/or the sides). The... Agent: Stryker Corporation

20140076645 - Stow-away air dam: A system for controlling airflow through an under-hood compartment of a vehicle body includes a stow-away air dam assembly disposed on the body and configured to control the airflow between the body and a road surface from outside the vehicle to the under-hood compartment. The air dam assembly includes a... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140076646 - Variable or stepped louver activation for active grille system: An active grille system which is mounted to a fascia, grille, or carrier, or is part of the carrier of an automobile. Two sets of louvers are rotatably mounted to a frame, and a camming mechanism provides selective actuation of both sets of louvers, and an actuator controls the camming... Agent: Magna International Inc.

20140076647 - Manned vehicle cabin structure and manned vehicle for special environment use: A cabin 14 is formed as a casing body with a protection structure. The casing body is partitioned and separable from the vehicle body and has on a bottom side thereof support pillars 42 for secure attachment to the vehicle body 13 with restraint at least in planar coordinate directions.... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140076648 - Snowmobile: A vehicle is shown such as a snowmobile, where a frame includes a tunnel and a front frame portion comprised of cast halves. A suspension system is comprised of upper and lower control arms connected to the front frame portion. Some of the frame components are adhesively fixed together. A... Agent:

20140076650 - Electric bicycle: An electric bicycle configured to generate electricity by pedals thereof, the electric bicycle includes a front frame provided with a front wheel and a handle; a center frame provided with pedals and a saddle, a rear frame provided with a rear wheel; a pedal housing provided at the a front... Agent: Mando Corporation

20140076652 - Electric bicycle: An electric bicycle having an enhanced fixing structure of an electronic control unit, the electrical bicycle having an electronic control unit built in an a center frame along with a generator in a state of the electronic control unit is directly fixed at an upper portion of the generator, the... Agent: Mando Corporation

20140076649 - Folding type bicycle: A folding type bicycle is disclosed. The disclosed folding type bicycle includes a front frame provided with a front wheel and a handle, a center frame provided with pedals and a saddle, a rear frame provided with a rear wheel, a hinge device to enable the front frame, the center... Agent: Mando Corporation

20140076651 - Folding type bicycle: A folding type bicycle including a front frame provided with a front wheel and a handle, a center frame provided with pedals and a saddle, a rear frame provided with a rear wheel, and a hinge device to enable the front frame, the center frame and the rear frame to... Agent: Mando Corporation

20140076653 - Electric power steering device: An electric motor (5) includes a motor case (30) in which a motor rotating member of which one end is opened and is formed in a cylindrical shape, and a substantially disc-shaped flange member (31) linked so as to close an opening of the one end of the motor case.... Agent: Nsk Ltd.

20140076656 - Relative rotational angular displacement detection device, torque detection device, torque control device, and vehicle: A permanent magnet includes magnetic poles that are arranged so as to alternate in polarity in the circumferential direction of the axis of rotation. The magnet is attached to one of a pair of rotatable members. The rotatable members are relatively rotatable about an axis of rotation. A magnetic flux... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140076654 - Torque sensor and power steering system using the torque sensor: Torque sensor detects torque of steering shaft formed by first and second shafts which are connected through torsion bar. Torque sensor has: a magnetic member provided at the first shaft and having magnetic poles alternately arranged in circumferential direction concentrically with rotation axis; a first yoke member provided at the... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems Steering, Ltd.

20140076655 - Torque sensor and power steering system using the torque sensor: Torque sensor has: magnetic member; first yoke member having (a) first nail portions arranged concentrically to face the magnetic member in radial direction and (b) first ring portion; second yoke member having (c) second nail portions arranged concentrically so that the first and second nail portions are circumferentially alternately arranged... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems Steering, Ltd.

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