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Adhesive bonding and miscellaneous chemical manufacture

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05/21/2015 > 34 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150136301 - Adhesive material composition and method: An adhesive material includes a vinyl polymer and a solvent that includes xylene and toluene. The adhesive material has a viscosity in the range from about 1.0 cP to about 20.0 cP such that the adhesive material can be applied to a surface using an ink jet print head.... Agent:

20150136303 - Method for manufacturing compound heat sink: The present invention provides a method for manufacturing a compound heat sink. Firstly, providing an artificial graphite sheet, and then performing a surface treatment process on the artificial graphite sheet to form a rugged structure on the artificial graphite sheet as a first embedding structure. Finally, forming a metal layer... Agent:

20150136300 - Method for producing a formed article comprised of a fiber: A task of the present invention is to provide a method for producing a formed article comprised of a fiber without using a frame having a fixed form. A method for producing a formed article having a layer comprising a fiber, wherein the method comprises the steps of: (1) forming... Agent: Nomaguchi Incorporation

20150136299 - Polymeric composition with intermixed color balloons: According to one or more embodiments, a polymeric article includes a polymeric composition which in turn includes a volume of polymer intermixed with a number of color balloons, at least a portion of the number of color balloons each including a shell enclosing a colored agent.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150136302 - Valve impact type dispensing pump: A dispensing pump, and more particularly, a valve impact type dispensing pump that may be used in a process of manufacturing an electronic product and may dispense an accurate amount of a liquid, such as a liquid synthetic resin, at high speed. The valve impact type dispensing pump can descend... Agent:

20150136304 - Method of friction welding and apparatus of friction welding: To provide a method of friction welding and an apparatus of friction welding in which a length of time for manufacturing one product is reduced as much as possible regardless of the dimension errors of works. The fast forwarding distance Lx1 is calculated for the fast forwarding by using the... Agent: Nittan Valve Co., Ltd.

20150136305 - Rotor blade production device and corresponding method: A device is proved for measuring surfaces of joint locations of at least two joint parts to be connected, e.g., for connection thereof. The device comprises an application mechanism for applying an application agent to the joint locations, at least one measurement mechanism for measuring the surfaces of the joint... Agent:

20150136306 - Method for manufacturing light distribution member, and method for manufacturing light emitting device: A method for manufacturing a light distribution member has steps of providing a plurality of first light blocking film members, each of which including a first light blocking film covering a surface of a light-transmissive board, bonding a plurality of first light blocking film members, such that each first light... Agent:

20150136307 - Method and apparatus for punching and connecting plastic parts: A top tool and a bottom tool which can be set relative to one another along an axis perpendicular to a workpiece plane are provided in an apparatus for punching and welding plastic parts. A punch die and a sonotrode are fastened to one of the tools.... Agent:

20150136308 - Field repair kits for structural panel: A kit for repairing an opening formed in a composite panel having a laminate skin arranged on opposing sides of a first core material is provided including a plug and a patch. The plug is formed from a second core material and has a cured filler material arranged within at... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20150136309 - Strip rubber adhering method and strip rubber adhering apparatus: A strip rubber adhering method includes: extruding strip rubber of a shape having an apex portion in cross section from an extruder and moving the same forward toward a drum; pressing a surface of the strip rubber on the apex portion side by a pressure bonding roller, adhering the strip... Agent: Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

20150136310 - Method for producing composite member: The invention provides a novel method for producing a composite member by fixing a surface member to the outer peripheral surface of a core member. A method for producing a composite member having a core member and a surface member fixed to the outer peripheral surface of the core member... Agent:

20150136311 - Fillable stencil pattern: A pool stencil pattern includes a frame anchoring hard curing decorative material in a swimming pool plaster coat. The frame includes a perimeter wall with an exterior surface and interior surface, both having ridges near their centerlines. The frame also includes interior walls circumscribed by the perimeter wall defining compartments... Agent:

20150136312 - Workpiece processing method: A method for processing a workpiece including: a supporting plate preparing step of preparing a supporting plate having, on a top surface side of the supporting plate, a recessed portion configured to house a projecting portion provided in a device region of the workpiece; a positioning step of mounting the... Agent:

20150136313 - Lift systems with continuous in-rail charging: Rail-mounted lift systems are disclosed. In one embodiment, the lift system includes a rail having at least one conductor positioned on an upper interior surface of the rail. A carriage may be slidably disposed in the rail for relative movement to the rail. The carriage generally includes a carriage body,... Agent: Liko Research & Development Ab

20150136314 - Methods and systems for installing screen protectors for electronic devices: In some embodiments, the instant invention is a kit having at least: a tray, having: a first cutout, a second cutout, and a third cutout; and a protective film for an electronic device, where a first alignment tab and a second alignment tab are attached to the protective film, where... Agent:

20150136315 - Transfer film for attaching protection film to flat panel display and method for manufacturing the flat panel display using the same: The present disclosure relates to a transfer film for attaching protection film to flat panel display and method for manufacturing the flat panel display using the same. The present disclosure suggests a transfer film comprising: a lower film; and a protection film temporarily attached on the lower film and including... Agent: Lg Display Co., Ltd.

20150136316 - Method of manufacturing a structured adsorbent bed for capture of co2 from low pressure and low concentration sources: A method of forming a structured adsorbent sheet is provided. The method includes, combining a nano-adsorbent powder and a binder material to form an adsorbent material, and sandwiching a porous electrical heating substrate between two layers of adsorbent material. The nano-adsorbent powder may be a nano-particle adsorbent. The nano-adsorbent powder... Agent: L'air Liquide Societe Anonyme Pour I'etude Et I'exploitation Des Procedes Georges Claude

20150136317 - Double-sided adhesive tape and adhesion method using double-sided adhesive tape: A double-sided adhesive tape (1) having adhesive layers (3, 4) comprising an adhesive composition, provided on both surfaces of a base material (2). The adhesive composition is a thermoplastic elastomer-based adhesive or an acrylic-based adhesive. The thickness of the adhesive layers (3, 4) is set to at least 70 μm.... Agent: Hayakawa Rubber Co., Ltd.

20150136318 - System and method of controlled bonding manufacturing: A controlled-bonding manufacturing system for creating objects from a material sheet without the use of adhesives. The system comprises a flat base, a laser welding assembly, a feeding element, and a computing element. The flat base is adapted to receive a plurality of layers of the material sheet layered thereon.... Agent:

20150136319 - Uv-curing hot melt adhesive containing low content of oligomers: A reactive hot melt adhesive comprising a blend of a (meth)acrylate polymer, a polyurethane polymer containing (meth)acrylate groups and a polyurethane prepolymer containing NCO-groups wherein the content of low molecular weight (meth)acrylate urethanes is less than 1 wt % of the adhesive. The adhesive provides a fast and improved green... Agent:

20150136320 - Manual and automatic fastening device for a bonding element and method therefor: A manual and an automatic fastening device for fastening a bonding element to a surface by means of a light-curing adhesive is disclosed. The fastening devices apply the bonding element to the surface with a specific contact pressure, before the light is irradiated onto the bonding element for curing the... Agent:

20150136321 - Method of bonding a thermoplastic component to a carpeted component and the carpeted component to a cellulose-based core in a single pressing step: A method of bonding a thermoplastic component to a carpeted component and the carpeted component to cellulose-based core in a single pressing step is provided. The method includes providing a base component of a reinforced thermoplastic material, the thermoplastic component, a fibrous thermoplastic carpet or mat between the components, a... Agent:

20150136322 - Curable resin composition and primer composition: wherein in the general formula 1, n represents 0 to 2, R each independently represents an alkyl group having 1 to 10 carbon numbers or a derivative of the alkyl group, R′ represents methyl group, ethyl group or propyl group, and in the general formula 2, m represents 1 to... Agent:

20150136323 - Anaerobic curable compositions: The invention provides anaerobic curable compositions comprising a (meth)acrylate component, at least a portion which comprises a (meth)acrylate-functionalized bio-renewable oleaginous polyurethane polymer, and methods of their production and use. These compositions provide excellent adhesion especially on oily surfaces.... Agent:

20150136324 - Imprint lithography method and apparatus: In an embodiment, there is provided an imprint lithography method that includes providing a first amount of imprintable medium on a first area of a substrate, the first amount of imprintable medium, when fixed, having a first etch rate; and providing a second amount of imprintable medium on a second,... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

20150136325 - Plasma processing using multiple radio frequency power feeds for improved uniformity: A system for modifying the uniformity pattern of a thin film deposited in a plasma processing chamber includes a single radio-frequency (RF) power source that is coupled to multiple points on the discharge electrode of the plasma processing chamber. Positioning of the multiple coupling points, a power distribution between the... Agent:

20150136326 - Screen printer and component mounting line: A screen printer includes: a mask with a pattern hole; a substrate holder that clamps and holds a substrate at sides of the substrate by a pair of clamping members below the mask; a substrate holder elevation mechanism that moves the substrate holder up and down to contact the substrate... Agent:

20150136327 - Method and apparatus for making fiber reinforced composite tubes: A composite tube is made by applying a mixture of individual reinforcing fibers and a resin onto the interior cylindrical wall of the spinning mandrel.... Agent:

20150136328 - Apparatus for applying film material to elongate members: An apparatus including a carriage adapted to be mounted on and movable along the elongate composite stringer, and a compaction roller mounted on the carriage for compacting film material against the flange surface as the carriage moves along the stringer. The apparatus also includes a film feed roll assembly on... Agent:

20150136329 - Novel positioning and application device for the placement of adhesive tapes and the like: An adhesive tape application placement device for applying an elongated adhesive material to an adherend is disclosed. In preferred embodiments, the device comprises: an elongated connection rod having a first end and a second end configured to pass through a plurality of connection rod receiving apertures; a spool having a... Agent:

20150136330 - Method and apparatus for providing liquid-proof seams for corrugated elastic laminates and articles made therefrom: A liquid-proof seamed article including an elastic laminated panel and a corrugated elastic laminated panel joined at the sealing regions of the laminated panels is provided. In exemplary embodiments, both of the laminated panels are corrugated. The laminated panels each include a textile layer and a protective layer. At least... Agent:

20150136331 - Peeling system: Disclosed is a peeling system which includes a peeling device, a plurality of first cleaning devices, an inversion device, a second cleaning device, and first to third conveyance devices. The peeling device is configured to separate a superimposed substrate into a first substrate and a second substrate. The plurality of... Agent:

20150136332 - Device for feeding self-adhesive or \"pressure sensitive\" labels to a labelling machine: A device (1) for feeding self-adhesive or “pressure sensitive” labels to a labelling machine comprises a frame (2) and supporting means (3) comprising a supporting plate (17) for supporting a reel (4) of web (5) with labels applied to it, and also comprises at least one guide element (28, 29)... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 38 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20150129103 - Method for bonding a pellicle, and a bonding apparatus used in this method: Here is proposed a method for bonding a pellicle to a stencil such as mask plate, which is characteristic in that the stencil-bonding agglutinant layer of the pellicle is warmed under load while the pellicle is being bonded to the stencil, preferably at a temperature in a range of 35... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20150129102 - Method for coating solid substrates: A method for coating a solid substrate, which comprises coating the substrate with a coating slip comprising PVA and particles coupled to the PVA, followed by grafting of fatty acids.... Agent:

20150129104 - Valve accelerating type dispensing pump: A dispensing pump, and more particularly, a valve accelerating type dispensing pump that may be used in a process of manufacturing an electronic product and may dispense an accurate amount of a liquid, such as a liquid synthetic resin, at high speed. The valve accelerating type dispensing pump can descend... Agent:

20150129105 - Hybrid mixed media decorative articles and methods for making the same: Various decorative articles and methods of manufacturing same are described in which decorative elements are mixed or combined with one another to form highly attractive, dimensionalized articles.... Agent:

20150129107 - Apparatus that sandwiches electrode sheet with separators: An apparatus including: a first bonding unit that at least partially bonds a first separator strip and a second separator strip in a width direction at a first position; a first feeding unit that supplies the first separator strip to the first position; a second feeding unit that supplies the... Agent:

20150129106 - Process for bonding arrays of ceramic filters: A method comprising; a) assembling a plurality of ceramic filters, into an array wherein two or more of the outer surfaces of each filter are located adjacent to outer surfaces of other ceramic filters with removable spacers located between the adjacent surfaces of ceramic filters such that the spaces between,... Agent:

20150129108 - Resistor and manufacturing method for same: In a method of manufacturing a resistor, a sheet-shaped resistive element having formed thereon a plurality of belt-shaped electrodes is cut in a direction crossing these belt-shaped electrodes to produce strip-shaped resistive elements. On the other hand, a metal paste containing a glass frit is printed in a pattern of... Agent:

20150129109 - Methods and means for improving the interior surfaces of pools: A liner for finishing an interior pool surface is disclosed, the liner including a water resistant material; and a predetermined decorative pattern or design, wherein the pattern or design is applied onto at least one side of the liner. The patterns and designs may be either two- or three-dimensional, and... Agent: Alliance Trading, Inc.

20150129110 - Energy director joint design for ultrasonic welding of thermoplastics: An ultrasonic welding system and method for joining first and second thermoplastic parts includes least one energy director formed on at least one surface of the first thermoplastic part, with the energy director projecting from the surface of the first thermoplastic part toward an opposed surface of the second thermoplastic... Agent:

20150129111 - Stabilization device, stabilization method and method for producing fiber composite components: A stabilization device includes a molding tool onto which at least one fiber layer having a binder material is placed. The device also includes a consolidation device having sonotrode that applies ultrasonic energy to the fiber layer. The molding tool positions the fiber layer in a predetermined position relative to... Agent:

20150129112 - Shower head assembly, plasma processing apparatus and method for manufacturing a shower head assembly: A shower head assembly includes an electrode plate, and a laminate base that is constituted of ceramic sheets and provided to hold the electrode plate. The laminate base includes no bonding surface between the ceramic sheets. The laminate base includes a first gas diffusion space formed in its central area... Agent:

20150129113 - Multi-layer metallic structure and composite-to-metal joint methods: A composite structure comprises stacked sets of laminated fiber reinforced resin plies and metal sheets. Edges of the resin plies and metal sheets are interleaved to form a composite-to-metal joint connecting the resin plies with the metal sheets.... Agent:

20150129114 - Method for manufacturing a multiple-axis thermal convection-type accelerometer: A thermal convection-type accelerometer includes a first insulating substrate, a circuit formed on the first insulating substrate, a first acceleration-sensing device coupled with the circuit, and a first supporting layer attached on the insulating substrate. The first acceleration-sensing device includes two temperature-sensing components and a heater disposed between the temperature-sensing... Agent:

20150129115 - Method for production of structure composite truss frame products by three-dimensional malleable molds: Some embodiments relate to three-dimensional molds and methods of forming such molds. A mold can be prepared by combining three-dimensional molds together. Then, a composite material, such as carbon fiber wetted with epoxy or another reinforcement material, is inserted into column gaps and beam holes in the mold. A joint... Agent:

20150129116 - Crash-resistant structural part for automobile and manufacturing method thereof: A method of manufacturing a crash-resistant structural part for an automobile, the crash-resistant structural part including a beam element for receiving an impact force during a crash of the automobile is provided. The method comprises a step of arranging at least one layer of fibers having a length of 100... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20150129117 - Method and unit for forming tubular lengths of web material particularly in a labelling machine: An example includes a method for forming tubular lengths of linear web material. The example can include winding a portion of linear web material in a tubular configuration such that opposite vertical ends of said linear portion overlap. The example can include welding said overlapping ends to fix said linear... Agent:

20150129118 - Compression molding of composite structures using flexible tooling: A tool for compression molding a composite laminate charge has a tool face for compressing the charge. A flexible tool feature on the tool face forms a shape in the charge and compensates for tool surfaces that may be out-of-tolerance.... Agent:

20150129119 - Method of calculating the pathway of rigid strip over objects of complex curvature and covering object surface with fiber steering: A method for strip draping fiber to form a composite using a complex 3D mould surface is disclosed. A strip pathway is calculated without any widthwise steer across fiber length, i.e. to demonstrate a strip natural pathway. Widthwise steering defined by natural bending of the strip to cover tool surface... Agent:

20150129120 - Film for decorative forming and production method for decorative formed body: m

20150129121 - Tri-modal carrier for a semiconductive wafer: A tri-modal carrier provides a structural platform to temporarily bond a semiconductive wafer and can be used to transport the semiconductive wafer or be used to perform manufacturing processes on the semiconductive wafer. The tri-modal carrier includes a doped semiconductive substrate, a plurality of electrostatic field generating (EFG) circuits, and... Agent:

20150129122 - Method of manufacturing flexible display panel and method of manufacturing flexible display apparatus: A method of manufacturing a flexible display panel includes forming an adhesive layer by depositing an inorganic material on a flexible substrate, forming a hydroxyl group on a surface of the adhesive layer by modifying the surface of the adhesive layer, laminating a glass substrate to the modified surface of... Agent:

20150129123 - Bone regeneration using biodegradable polymeric nanocomposite materials and applications of the same: A method for producing a biocompatible structure includes: obtaining a load graph and a stress graph representing a relationship between a weight percentage of tissue forming nanoparticles and a maximum load or maximum stress of a polymer film, respectively; determining a first and second weight percentage corresponding to a peak... Agent:

20150129124 - Surface enhancement by incorporation of magnetic particles by electromagnetic molds, rollers, coating blades and brushes: A method for applying a magnetic element to a surface includes the steps of providing a magnetized surface capable of holding a magnetic element, providing a substrate having a surface to be modified by the addition of the magnetic element, bringing the magnetic element into contact with the surface of... Agent:

20150129125 - Plastic film joining method: Plastic films are prevented from being peeled off from each other at a joining portion. A composite film has superposed external and internal films and is superposed with an additional body. The films and the body are joined with each other to form a first joining portion between the films,... Agent: Totani Corporation

20150129126 - Bonding method and bonding tool, and method for producing structural body: A bonding method and a bonding tool that enable quick and reliable bonding of an optical fiber to a structural body by a simple process, and a method for producing a structural body are provided. In an optical fiber (1), a strand is coated with a coating portion of a... Agent:

20150129127 - Method and composition for sealing and assembling components of a power train: The present invention relates to a cross-linkable, elastomeric silicone composition and to a method using the composition according to the invention to form seals for sealing and assembling components of a power train. The silicone elastomers prepared from the composition according to the invention have: good resistance to ageing in... Agent:

20150129128 - Method for making improved composite materials: A strip of curable prepreg comprising unidirectional fibres aligned with the length of the strip, the fibres being at least partially impregnated with curable thermosetting resin and comprising a flexible polymeric sheet on an outer face of the strip, wherein the strip has a substantially rectangular cross-section defining a width... Agent:

20150129129 - Plasma processing apparatus: A plasma processing apparatus includes a process chamber including a sidewall, a mounting table disposed in the process chamber, a shield member which is disposed along the inner surface of the sidewall to surround the mounting table and has an opening facing the transfer port, and a shutter configured to... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150129131 - Semiconductor processing apparatus and pre-clean system: A semiconductor processing apparatus includes an electromagnetic generator, an analog signal module, and an electromagnetic shield. The electromagnetic generator is capable of generating an electromagnetic field. The analog signal module is located adjacent to the electromagnetic generator and capable of generating an analog signal. The electromagnetic shield is capable of... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150129132 - Showerhead and apparatus for processing a substrate including the same: A showerhead includes a body configured to receive a reaction gas, a nozzle on the body configured to inject the reaction gas to a substrate, and a plurality of conducting members in thermal contact with the body to conduct heat generated from the substrate.... Agent:

20150129130 - Systems to improve front-side process uniformity by back-side metallization: Systems to improve front-side process uniformity by back-side metallization are disclosed. In some implementations, a back-side process system deposits a metal layer on the back-side of a wafer prior to performing a plasma-based process on the front side of the wafer. Presence of the back-side metal layer reduces variations in,... Agent:

20150129133 - Plasma device: The plasma device is disclosed, the plasma device including a chamber configured to accommodate a substrate, and a plasma source formed at one side of the chamber to excite a reaction gas of the substrate introduced into the chamber in a plasma state, wherein the plasma source moves in parallel... Agent: Allied Techfinders Co., Ltd.

20150129134 - Placement table and plasma processing apparatus: A placement table includes: a base; an electrostatic chuck disposed on the base and including a placement surface on which a workpiece is placed; a plurality of heat generating members disposed at a side opposite to the placement surface of the electrostatic chuck; a power supply configured to generate a... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150129135 - Bonding head and die bonding apparatus having the same: A bonding head and a die bonding apparatus having the same are disclosed. The bonding head includes a body connected to a driving section for transferring the die, a plate heater mounted to a lower surface of the body and a collet mounted to a lower surface of the plate... Agent:

20150129136 - Cure tool with integrated edge breather and method of making the same: A tool for curing a composite layup comprises a tool body having a surface adapted to support a composite layup thereon. The tool includes an integrated breather for allowing removal of air from the layup during curing.... Agent:

20150129137 - Bonding device and bonding system: Provided is a device of bonding substrates together, which includes a first holding unit configured to vacuum-draw a first substrate and to adsorptively hold the first substrate on a lower surface thereof and a second holding unit installed below the first holding unit and configured to vacuum-draw a second substrate... Agent:

20150129138 - System for transfer of nanomembrane elements with improved preservation of spatial integrity: Transfer of nanoscale elements from a substrate on which they were manufactured or transferred to a flexible sheet may be performed by local and progressive deformation of the flexible sheet over the surface of the substrate to attach and lift the nanoscale elements from the substrate with controlled inter-element registration.... Agent:

20150129139 - Unloading mechanism: A unloading mechanism for removing workpieces from a transporting film can include a loading assembly and a unloading assembly coupled to the loading assembly. The loading assembly can include a base, a first driving member and an absorbent member. The base can include a base body, a first guiding member... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 32 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150122397 - Device and method for forming packing units: A container-packer includes a compartment and/or compressor unit, applicators, a linear transporter for transporting along a direction, and displaceable head guides. The unit compartmentalizes and compresses containers into packs. The applicators apply adhesive to a container contact surface. The linear transporter comprises three sections. A first section has first through... Agent:

20150122396 - Sulfur asphalt in roofing, damp-proofing and water proofing: A method of waterproofing or damp proofing a protected member having a surface with a sulfur-extended elastomer asphalt binder composition uses a sulfur-extended elastomer asphalt binder composition that includes elemental sulfur, an elastomer and an asphalt binder. The method includes the steps of combining the elastomer with the asphalt binder... Agent: Saudi Arabian Oil Company

20150122399 - Acoustic absorbent wall coating: A multilayer sound-absorbing covering includes (a) a support layer made of a nonwoven based on organic fibers having a tranverse multilobal cross section, (b) a surface layer formed by a glass textile, having a static air flow resistance, measured according to the standard ISO 9053, between 105 N·s·m−4 and 106... Agent: Saint-gobain Adfors

20150122398 - Sulfur asphalt in roofing, damp-proofing and water proofing: A method of waterproofing or damp proofing a protected member having a surface with a sulfur-extended plastomer asphalt binder composition uses a sulfur-extended plastomer asphalt binder composition that includes elemental sulfur, a plastomer and an asphalt binder. The method includes the steps of combining the plastomer with the asphalt binder... Agent: Saudi Arabian Oil Company

20150122400 - Method of producing composite porous membrane: A method produces a composite porous membrane including a porous membrane A formed of a polyolefin-based resin; and a porous membrane B containing a heat-resistant resin and laminated on the porous membrane A, including: (i) applying a heat-resistant resin solution onto a base film, followed by passing the coated film... Agent:

20150122401 - Device and method for covering false-wall panels with a restoration device: The invention relates to a device for tensioning the fabric of a device for restoring a removable panel, characterized in that it comprises at least one structure, a thermal chamber arranged inside said structure and able to heat said flexible fabric, an internal frame elastically secured to said thermal chamber,... Agent:

20150122402 - Method and system for producing a tyre tread with lugs: A method of producing a tyre tread with lugs; the tread having a tread base, and a number of lugs projecting upwards from the tread base; and the method including the steps of: preparing a green-rubber blank tread thinner at the sides and thicker at the centre to define a... Agent:

20150122403 - Display device with non-transparent heat dissipating layer and manufacturing method thereof: A display device and a manufacturing method thereof are provided. The display device includes a display module with a light emitting surface and a heat dissipating surface opposite to the light emitting surface. A non-transparent heat dissipating layer is affixed to the heat dissipating surface. A plurality of pre-split lines... Agent:

20150122404 - Method of decorating glassware with jewelry: A method for decorating glassware with prefabricated jewelry provides an artistic and aesthetic glassware display piece or glassware for household use. The jewelry is prepared and reshaped to mount onto the piece of glassware, as well as to one another. The jewelry within the plurality of ornaments is stacked and... Agent:

20150122405 - Method to produce plastic tube: A method to produce plastic tube. The material of the plastic tube is fed around a having a same diameter as the inside diameter of the tube. The material is fed as an uninterrupted material flow which, after having settled upon the core, goes forward following essentially the helical line... Agent:

20150122406 - Process for laminating thin glass laminates: A process using a vacuum ring or vacuum bag to produce glass laminates with improved optical distortion and shape consistency using thin glass having a thickness not exceeding 1.0 by using a soak temperatures not exceeding 120° C. or not exceeding 100° C. and a vacuum not exceed about −0.6... Agent:

20150122408 - Napkin: A method of applying adhesive to a napkin includes spraying first and second adhesive portions on to a first surface of a napkin, and folding the napkin along a fold such that the first and second adhesive portions are brought into engagement with each other, in which the adhesive is... Agent:

20150122407 - Polyurethane-based two-component adhesive composition: The present invention relates to a polyurethane-based two-component adhesive composition. The invention also relates to the manufacture of membrane-type filtration cartridges using the two-component adhesive composition according to the invention.... Agent: Bostik Sa

20150122409 - Process for applying transfer coatings to substrates: The substrate may have a primer coating layer and/or a pigmented base coat or monocoat layer applied prior to the coating composition. The process of the present invention may be used for applying a two-tone, multi-component coating composition to a substrate.... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20150122410 - Dye sublimation fabric separated elements: A laminate that possesses dye sublimation properties, particularly for use as tagless labels and embellishments for garments, apparel, fabric items and so forth such as sportswear fabrics, clothing and accessories is provided. The laminate includes a dye sublimation ink layer that overlies a substrate in which the dye sublimation ink... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20150122411 - Methods of manufacturing array camera modules incorporating independently aligned lens stacks: Array cameras, and array camera modules incorporating independently aligned lens stacks are disclosed. Processes for manufacturing array camera modules including independently aligned lens stacks can include: forming at least one hole in at least one carrier; mounting the at least one carrier relative to at least one sensor so that... Agent: Pelican Imaging Corporation

20150122412 - System and method for clamping wafers together in alignment using pressure: A system and method for clamping wafers together in alignment using pressure. The system and method involves holding a first wafer and a second wafer together in alignment using a wafer clamp within an ambient environment maintained at a first pressure and creating a second pressure at least partially around... Agent:

20150122413 - Method of manufacturing single piece fuselage barrels in composite material: A vacuum bag (18) is placed around the inner forming surface (IML) of an inner mandrel with radially retractable sectors (11a, 11b) having parallel longitudinal slots (17) with composite stringers (30) in the slots (17). An inner support (31) in each stringer is covered by an impermeable tubular bag (32).... Agent:

20150122414 - Wafer bonding system and method: A wafer bonding system and method using a combination of heat and a pneumatic force to bond two wafers held together in alignment. The wafers are heated via a non-contact, gaseous interface, thermal path between heating elements and the wafers. The pneumatic force is created by a pressure differential between... Agent:

20150122415 - Composite bat with varying barrel thicknesses: A baseball or softball bat includes a composite bat body having a handle and a barrel extending from the handle. The bat body is of a variable thickness along a length thereof. A generally tubular, resilient sleeve is disposed adjacent to an exterior of the barrel intermediate ends of the... Agent:

20150122416 - Method for the treatment of silicon carbide fibres: The invention relates to a method for the treatment of silicon carbide fibres, comprising a step involving the chemical treatment of fibres with an aqueous acid solution containing hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid but free of acetic acid in order to remove the silica present on the surface of fibres... Agent:

20150122417 - Multilumen catheters and method of manufacturing: A multilumen catheter assembly and method of making the catheter assembly is provided that involves providing a plurality of tubes, each tube having a first end, a second end, at least one lumen, and at least one surface, selectively heating at least a portion of the surface of at least... Agent: Angiodynamics, Inc.

20150122418 - Pressure-sensitive adhesives comprising low molecular weight acid-functional acrylic resins and methods of making and using same: Disclosed herein are compositions comprising a first copolymer derived from monomers comprising a (meth)acrylate monomer, an acid monomer, and optionally at least one additional monomer selected from the group consisting of styrene, α-methyl-styrene, vinyl toluene, and mixtures thereof, wherein the first copolymer is derived in the absence of a molecular... Agent:

20150122420 - Plasma processing apparatus: A plasma processing apparatus can control a ratio between an input power during a pulse-on period and an input power during a pulse-off period by a matching operation of a matching device provided on a high frequency transmission line for supplying the high frequency power as a continuous wave without... Agent:

20150122421 - Plasma processing apparatus: In a plasma processing apparatus, target values for feedback control to be applied to a progressive wave power PF as control parameters, i.e., control instruction values Con and Coff are switched during a pulse-on period Ton and a pulse-off period Toff in each cycle of a modulation pulse, respectively. That... Agent:

20150122419 - Laser and plasma etch wafer dicing with a double sided uv-curable adhesive film: Laser and plasma etch wafer dicing using UV-curable adhesive films. A mask is formed covering ICs formed on the wafer, as well as any bumps providing an interface to the ICs. The semiconductor wafer is coupled to a carrier substrate by a double-sided UV-curable adhesive film. The mask is patterned... Agent:

20150122422 - Thermally conductive silicone sheet, manufacturing method thereof, and plasma processing apparatus using the same: A plasma processing apparatus includes a thermally conductive silicone sheet between a mounting table and a focus ring. The thermally conductive silicone sheet has 100 parts by weight to 2000 parts by weight of thermally conductive particles with respect to 100 parts by weight of polyorganosiloxane, and the sheet has... Agent:

20150122423 - Assembly for producing an endless single-face laminated web of corrugated cardboard: The invention relates to an assembly for producing a web of corrugated cardboard. The assembly has a corrugating device for producing a corrugated web, a glue application device for applying glue to the corrugated web and a pressure belt device which has an endless pressure belt guided around a deflection... Agent:

20150122424 - Quick release head for tape applicator: A double sided tape applicator can include a quick release head to facilitate, for example, cleaning and tape threading.... Agent:

20150122425 - Universal heat press machine: A universal heat press machine includes an adjustable supporting frame having, a main body, an actuating handle assembly, and a heat pressing assembly. The heat press assembly includes a first pressing member attaching on the actuating handle assembly, and a second pressing member suspendedly extending from a lower portion of... Agent:

20150122426 - Multiple bonding layers for thin-wafer handling: Multiple bonding layer schemes that temporarily join semiconductor substrates are provided. In the inventive bonding scheme, at least one of the layers is directly in contact with the semiconductor substrate and at least two layers within the scheme are in direct contact with one another. The present invention provides several... Agent: Brewer Science Inc.

20150122427 - Flexible display panel peeling apparatus and peeling method using the same: A flexible display panel peeling apparatus for peeling a flexible display panel attached to a top surface of a substrate includes a stage fixed to the substrate and a peeling plate comprising a bottom surface that is convex toward the flexible display panel and a plurality of adsorption units defined... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 32 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20150114542 - Biomass article and method of manufacturing: A biodegradable biomass article for use in construction includes a cellulose biomass. The cellulose biomass includes an alkaline crystalline substance. An adhesive layer covers an outer surface of the biomass, and a sealing layer covers the adhesive layer. A method for manufacturing the biodegradable biomass article includes drying a cellulose... Agent:

20150114543 - Fluid feeding method and nozzle: The substance of the invention is a method of fluid feeding by means of at least one nozzle (4, 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D, 4E) onto a carrier (2) in a machine of the tobacco industry wherein the fluid is fed to the nozzle (4, 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D, 4E) from... Agent:

20150114544 - Mounting structure and method of attaching mounting structure to surface: A mounting structure for adhesively bonding onto a surface includes a base, an outer face of the base and an inner face of the base. An adhesive injection port is provided on the outer face of the base for supplying an adhesive. A primary adhesive flow path is provided on... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150114545 - Self-adhesive water-activable glass web: The invention relates to a self-adhesive wall covering comprising a glass textile with a closed structure, consisting of glass fibers and of a water-permeable polymer binder, and an adhesive coating comprising both a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) and a water-activable latent adhesive. The definitive attachment to the wall of this repositionable... Agent: Saint-gobain Adfors

20150114546 - Filmless backsheets with good barrier properties: A multilayer nonwoven structure is described where the nonwoven structure comprises at least two spun bond layers and at least one easily meltable layer. The easily meltable layer is located between the at least two spunbond layers. The easily meltable layer is comprised of a polymer having a melting point... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20150114547 - Plasma crucible sealing: A plasma crucible (92) has a through bore (93) and two tubes (981,982) butt sealed on to the end faces (901,902) of the crucible. One (981) of the tubes is closed prior to the filling of the crucible. The tube is tipped off and worked in a glass lathe to... Agent:

20150114548 - Composite structures having embedded mechanical features: A complex-shaped, three-dimensional fiber reinforced composite structure may be formed by using counteracting pressures applied to a structural lay-up of wetted fibers with mechanical features embedded or encapsulated therein. The mechanical features may be located on or at least partially between two or more pressurizable members, which may be internally... Agent:

20150114549 - System, method and apparatus for tolerance ring control of slip interface sliding forces: A tolerance ring comprising a metallic band for spring features and a complementary low friction material for frictional considerations is disclosed. The tolerance ring is designed to operate within a precisely controlled torque or axial force band to provide a defined amount of resistance and sliding force control between components... Agent:

20150114550 - Method and device for high-temperature welding of a stiffener on a composite panel having a thermoplastic matrix: A device for welding the bottom flange of a stiffener on the side of a skin. The stiffener and the skin are made of a composite comprising a thermoplastic polymer matrix. The device comprises a punch, an anvil and a press to make a clamping between the punch and the... Agent:

20150114551 - Releasable polyester high gloss metal transfer film: A carrier film of thermoplastic polyester has releasable metal adhesive properties suitable for a metal transfer in which the polyester film is metalized and the metal layer is subsequently transferred to a permanent adhesive-coated substrate. The metal layer is in direct contact with the polyester carrier film and no intermediate... Agent: Toray Plastics (america), Inc.

20150114552 - Polymeric composites, resulting panels, and method for producing the same: A polymeric composite derived from a reclaimed polymeric material. The polymeric composite in particulate form can be thermally compressed into panels and other embodiments that require a component that possesses sufficient mechanical strength and moisture resistance. In certain embodiments, the panel may be utilized as one layer in a multilayered... Agent: Magma Flooring LLC

20150114553 - Method of manufacturing glass core: Disclosed herein is a method of manufacturing a glass core capable of continuously manufacturing the glass core by an automated process. The method includes: providing a glass sheet; laminating an insulating sheet on the glass sheet; laminating a copper clad sheet on the insulating sheet to manufacture the glass core;... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150114554 - Optical multiplexer and demultiplexer and a method for fabricating and assembling the multiplexer/demultiplexer: Known semiconductor wafer process technologies are used to manufacture an optical MUX/DeMUX with very precise dimensional control. The manufacturing process eliminates the need to polish optical surfaces of the MUX/DeMUX, which reduces the overall manufacturing costs and the amount of time that is required to manufacture the MUX/DeMUX.... Agent: Avago Technologies GeneralIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20150114555 - Venting array and manufacturing method: The invention relates to a vent array comprising a plurality of venting regions comprising a porous PTFE matrix material and a nonporous material comprising a substrate material having a plurality of perforations, wherein the substrate material fills the pores of a porous PTFE matrix material to form nonporous regions, the... Agent:

20150114556 - Method for bonding plastic micro chip: Disclosed is a method of bonding upper and lower substrates for manufacturing a plastic micro chip comprising the upper substrate, the lower substrate and a sample filling space having a predetermined height for filling a sample between the upper and lower substrates. According to the method, the upper and lower... Agent:

20150114557 - Method and device for fitting inserts by bonding by way of controlled polymerization: A device and a method intended to fit an insert in an orifice formed in a structure. The device is a fitting vehicle comprising the insert to be fitted, a polymerizable adhesive, and an applicator. The applicator comprises: an open enclosure in which the insert and the adhesive can be... Agent:

20150114558 - Pressure-sensitive adhesives for bonding printing plates: d

20150114560 - Substrate processing apparatus and liquid supply apparatus: A substrate processing includes a holding mechanism, a plurality of nozzles, and an adjusting unit. The holding mechanism rotatably holds a substrate. The nozzles are disposed to be arranged in a diametric direction of the substrate held by the holding mechanism and supply a chemical liquid to the substrate. The... Agent:

20150114561 - Liquid processing apparatus: A liquid processing apparatus of the present disclosure performs a liquid processing by supplying a processing liquid to a substrate that is rotating. A substrate holding unit configured to be rotatable around a vertical axis is provided with a holding surface to attract and hold a bottom surface of the... Agent:

20150114562 - Substrate processing apparatus: Any particle adhesion onto the surface of a substrate to be processed is prevented. There is provided a substrate processing apparatus characterized by including a transfer chamber for, via a gate to which a substrate accommodating container for accommodation of the substrate is set, performing transfer of the substrate between... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150114563 - Plasma processing apparatus and probe apparatus: A plasma processing apparatus includes a high frequency power supply turning a high frequency power ON/OFF and supplying the high frequency power to either one of upper and lower electrodes. A matching circuit and a power transmission line are provided between the high frequency power supply and the either one... Agent:

20150114559 - Plasma shielding members, plasma detecting structures, and plasma reaction apparatuses: A plasma shielding member may include a body having a first surface and a second surface that are opposite to each other, and a plurality of through holes each extending from the first surface to the second surface; a narrower portion of a respective through hole formed at one end... Agent:

20150114564 - Substrate processing apparatus and shutter member: In a substrate processing apparatus of the present disclosure, a bearing member includes a decaying mechanism provided with a connecting shaft inserted therein and configured to decay radicals or ions; a first member configured to cover the decaying mechanism; and a second member disposed at the connecting shaft and provided... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150114565 - Apparatus for treating substrate: Provided is an apparatus for treating a substrate which is capable of uniformly controlling a temperature of a support plate. The apparatus for treating the substrate includes a chamber having a treating space with an opened top surface, a support unit disposed within the chamber to support the substrate, a... Agent:

20150114566 - Large area deposition in high vacuum with high thickness uniformity: The invention relates to an effusing source for film deposition made of a reservoir comprising one hole characterized by the fact that the hole diameter is less than one order of magnitude than the mean free path of the molecules determined by the pressure and its thickness is at least... Agent:

20150114567 - Focus ring and plasma processing apparatus: A focus ring to be detachably attached to a top surface of an outer peripheral portion of a mounting table in a processing chamber, includes: an annular main body having a back surface to be attached to the top surface of the outer peripheral portion of the mounting table. And... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150114568 - Plasma processing apparatus: A plasma processing apparatus including a wafer stage disposed in a processing chamber arranged in a vacuum chamber to hold a wafer as a processing object on a surface of the wafer stage, to conduct processing for the wafer by use of plasma, wherein the wafer includes grooves, each of... Agent:

20150114569 - Welding device: A welding device for welding and transmitting belts includes a feeding mechanism, a positioning mechanism, a welding mechanism, and a control unit. The feeding mechanism is used for storing and transmitting the belts to the positioning mechanism. The positioning mechanism receives and positions the belts. The welding mechanism includes a... Agent:

20150114570 - Device for heating and connecting sheets of bituminous or synthetic membranes and a bituminous or synthetic membrane thereof: A device for heating and connecting sheets (11, 12, 111, 121) of bituminous or synthetic membranes (100), comprising at least one sheet (11, 12, 111, 121) of a bituminous or synthetic membrane (100) which is applied to at least one base layer (141), said membrane (100) being formed with a... Agent:

20150114571 - Uni-stage tire building drum: A tire building drum is described which includes a rotatable drum having a center section and a right and left section, wherein the right and left section are each located adjacent the center section, wherein the right and left sections each have a radially expandable bead lock mechanism mounted on... Agent: The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

20150114572 - Devices and methods of operation for separating semiconductor die from adhesive tape: The embodiments described herein provide an apparatus and method for separating dies from adhesive tape. In general, these techniques use applied vacuum and one or more channels in an extractor base surface to progressively peel adhesive tape away from the die. When the adhesive tape has been peeled away from... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20150114573 - Film-removing mechanism: A film-removing mechanism configured to cooperate with a mechanical arm to remove a protecting film from a workpiece can include a base, a blowing member coupled to the base, and a holding assembly positioned adjacent to the blowing member. The base can be configured to support the workpiece. The blowing... Agent:

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