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Adhesive bonding and miscellaneous chemical manufacture

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09/04/2014 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > 45 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.

20140238574 - Design of a mold for forming complex 3d mems components: A mold structure having high-precision multi-dimensional components includes: depositing an oxide layer on a top surface of a plurality of semiconductor substrates, patterning a design integrated in one or more of the oxide layers; repositioning the substrates to enable the oxide layers make contact with one another; bonding in sequential... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140238575 - Method for formation and application of adhesive: An improved approach toward the formation of an adhesive comprising a separated liquid component and solid component and application of the adhesive to a substrate immediately upon mixing the liquid and solid components.... Agent:

20140238576 - Low cost high performance electrode for energy storage devices and systems and method of making same: The present invention is directed to a low cost, high performance electrode for energy storage devices and energy storage systems and a method for making same is disclosed, where a flexible binder is mixed with partial active and conductive materials in the electrode formulation and activated by mixing with a... Agent:

20140238577 - Adjustable pant-like disposable undergarment with fully severed front panel and method of manufacture with product defect detection system: A method that includes conveying a moving web for use as a body panel on a web stability control module is disclosed. A fastener assembly is supplied that may be used to attach and connect portions of the moving web. Prior to attaching the fastener assembly to the moving web,... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20140238578 - Method for manufacturing monolithic ceramic electronic component: In a method for manufacturing a monolithic ceramic electronic component, electrically conductive paste layers are formed such that each of the electrically conductive paste layers includes a plurality of electrically conductive paste portions isolated from each other and each of the plurality of electrically conductive paste portions includes a first... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140238579 - Structural bonded patch with tapered adhesive design: A method and apparatus for reworking a composite structure. A composite rework patch system comprises a composite rework patch and a plurality of adhesive layers. The composite rework patch includes a first side having a contour conforming to an inconsistent area on the composite structure. The composite re patch comprises... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140238580 - Dual-curable adhesive composition, use thereof, and process for bonding substrates: The present invention provides a dual-curable adhesive composition, comprising: component (a): an epoxy resin; at least one selected from component (b) and component (c), wherein component (b) is a (meth)acrylate monomer, and component (c) is an oligomer containing a (meth)acryloxy group; component (d): a thermal polymerization catalyst which catalyzes the... Agent:

20140238581 - Method for preparing a tension member, in particular a carbon tension member, in the production of a belt: A method for treating a tension member in the production of a belt. The belt includes at least a belt body made of a polymer material having elastic properties, a cover layer as a belt backing, and a substructure having a force-transmission zone. The tension member has a ribbed design... Agent: Contitech Antriebssysteme Gmbh

20140238582 - Flexible substrates and method of manufacturing the same: A flexible substrate includes a flexible mother substrate and a planarization layer on the flexible mother substrate. Here, the flexible mother substrate includes a transparent textile and a resin layer. The transparent textile includes a plurality of first transparent fibers and a plurality of second transparent fibers crossing the plurality... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140238583 - Methods for manufacturing a paint roller and component parts thereof with strips of compounded material: Described are methods of making a paint roller using preformed strips or core material made from a compound of polypropylene and calcium carbonate having between 5% and 66% calcium carbonate by weight. One or various compounds may be used to form portions of one or multiple components that make up... Agent:

20140238584 - Methods for manufacturing a paint roller and component parts thereof with composite cover having compounded material: Described are methods of making a paint roller using material made from a compound of polypropylene and calcium carbonate having between 5% and 66% calcium carbonate by weight. One or various compounds may be used to form portions of one or multiple components that make up the paint roller, including,... Agent:

20140238585 - Radio-frequency sealable polymer and articles thereof: The present invention relates to a reactor-grade copolyester composition having radio-frequency sealing capability. The present invention further relates to films and thermoformable packaging prepared from the reactor-grade copolyester composition and the methods for making such films and articles therefrom.... Agent: Eastman Chemical Company

20140238586 - Adhesive having insulative properties: An improved adhesive composition having increased insulative properties is provided. The adhesive composition having improved insulative properties includes a starch component; an alkaline component; sodium tetraborate; water; and a plurality of expandable microspheres. Products having improved insulation capabilities and methods of making the products having improved insulation capabilities are also... Agent: Henkel USIPLLC

20140238587 - Method for producing an interior trim part of a vehicle: A method of producing an interior trim part of a vehicle. The method includes forming a carrier having a carrier surface. The carrier surface is at least partially uneven. The method further includes applying a decorative paper layer on the carrier surface. The decorative paper layer is selectively folded at... Agent:

20140238588 - Devices and methods for introducing a disposal bag into the production of disposable diapers: The invention discloses methods and devices for inserting compressed plastic disposal bags into a diaper production line. The bags are generally placed between the inner rear wall and an absorbent layer of the diaper so as to allow both facile access to the bag as well as protection of the... Agent:

20140238589 - Methods for joining strips of synthetic turf and for covering a site with synthetic turf: A method for covering a site with synthetic turf includes laying down a first elongate strip of synthetic turf, laying down a second elongate strip of synthetic turf, with the second elongate strip of synthetic turf is laid down substantially adjacent to the first elongate strip of synthetic turf in... Agent: Watershed Geosynthetics LLC

20140238590 - Method for manufacturing a composite: A method for manufacturing a composite using an adhesive for fixating different layers of fibre material in a correct position is provided. The method includes at least partly dissolving the adhesive by wetting the adhesive with a thermoset resin containing components acting as solvents for the adhesive. The adhesive may... Agent:

20140238591 - Method of transferring graphene: A method of transferring graphene is provided. A method of transferring graphene in accordance with an exemplary embodiment of the present invention may include forming a graphene layer by composing graphene and a base layer, depositing a self-assembled monolayer on the graphene layer, and separating a combination layer comprising the... Agent:

20140238592 - Selective laser-assisted transfer of discrete components: Electronic components are often assembled using robotic equipment, such as pick-and-place machines, that is not optimized for components such as ultra-thin semiconductor bare dice. Selective laser-assisted die transfer is described based on the unique blistering behavior of a multilayer dynamic release layer when irradiated by low energy focused laser pulse(s)... Agent: Ndsu Research Foundation

20140238593 - Multiple-layer edgebanding: Composite of shaped bodies made from wooden materials with film-shaped substrates, wherein a surface of the shaped body has a first layer comprising a crosslinked radiation-curing hot-melt adhesive, said layer is covered with a second adhesive layer of a hot-melt adhesive, and said second adhesive layer is adhesively bonded to... Agent:

20140238594 - Method for manufacturing colorless transparent glass-fabric reinforced polyimide film for flexible displays: A method of manufacturing a colorless transparent polyimide film having reinforced glass fabric for flexible displays, suitable for use in increasing optical transmittance of a polyimide substrate having reinforced glass fabric for flexible displays. This method enables the glass fabric and the colorless transparent polyimide film to be matched in... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20140238595 - Joining a thermoplastic material and a metal: A method and apparatus comprising a sol-gel solution. Zirconium n-propoxide is aged in a solvent to form a first part for the sol-gel solution. The first part is combined with deionized water to form a second part for the sol-gel solution. Aminoaryltrialkoxysilane is combined with an alcohol to form a... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140238596 - Method for making multi-ply fibrous structures: Embossed multi-ply fibrous structures and methods for making such embossed multi-ply fibrous structures are provided.... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140238597 - Composite pressure vessel and method of assembling the same: A method for assembling a composite pressure vessel includes disposing a sealant into each of a plurality of annular slots defined in an exterior surface of a body portion of an end cap. The end cap is aligned with an end portion of a tubular member such that the exterior... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140238598 - Laminate structure, method for forming, and method of use thereof: A method for forming a laminate structure is provided. The method includes selecting a sheet layer that includes a melamine-based resin and selecting a substrate that includes wood, phenolic resin, zinc borate, and a water repellant agent. Heat and pressure are applied to the sheet layer and substrate at a... Agent:

20140238599 - Laminated microfluidic structures and method for making: A method for making a polymeric microfluidic structure in which two or more components (layers) of the microfluidic structure are fixedly bonded or laminated with a weak solvent bonding agent, particularly acetonitrile or a mixture of acetonitrile and alcohol. In an aspect, acetonitrile can be used as a weak solvent... Agent: Rheonix, Inc.

20140238600 - Decal transfer press: A transfer press comprising a frame, an upper platen assembly having an induction heatable upper platen, a lower platen assembly attached to the frame. The lower platen assembly is disposed below the upper platen assembly, and an apparatus is attached to the frame and to the upper platen for moving... Agent:

20140238601 - Applying biaxially oriented polyester onto a metal substrate: The invention is a laminating process which is directed toward economical production methods for scalable amounts of production which develop properties suitable for a broad based product line. In particular, the product is capable of important key components of commercial properties such as adhesion, scratch resistance, chemical inertness, and bending... Agent:

20140238602 - Carpet backing adhesive: The present invention relates to a starch-based binder for carpet backings and carpets made therewith. The binder comprises water, a polymer and an oligomeric or polymeric starch hydrolysate compound.... Agent: Styron Europe Gmbh

20140238603 - Hot melt adhesive comprising cyanoacrylate curing compounds: A curable adhesive composition comprising (i) 10 to 80 wt-% of a derivatives of cyanoacrylic esters, cyanopentadienoate esters, methyliden malonate esters (ii) 15 to 50 wt-% non-reactive (co)polymer(s) based on unsaturated monomers selected from vinyl esters or alkyl(meth)acrylates, iii) hydrocarbon resins and optionally iv) additives.... Agent: Henkel Corporation

20140238604 - Life enhancement of ring assembly in semiconductor manufacturing chambers: The present invention generally relates to a ring assembly that may be used in an etching or other plasma processing chamber. The ring assembly generally includes an inner ring body having a top planar surface and a bottom planar surface, and an outer ring body having a top surface, a... Agent:

20140238605 - Film thickness monitoring method, film thickness monitoring device, and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus: In accordance with an embodiment, a film thickness monitoring method includes applying light to a laminated body, detecting reflected light from the laminated body and outputting signals corresponding to the detected light, and judging whether a film thickness of an opaque film which is a polishing target has reached a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140238606 - Method for manufacturing glass clichÉusing laser etching and apparatus for laser irradiation therefor: A method for manufacturing a glass cliché using laser etching includes a dipping step for dipping a glass cliché, which will be etched, into an etching solution, a patterning step for irradiating laser to the glass cliché dipped in the etching solution to form a pattern therein, and a washing... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20140238607 - Plasma processing apparatus: A plasma processing apparatus includes a processing chamber configured to partition a processing space and a microwave generator configured to generate microwaves for plasma excitation. Further, the plasma processing apparatus includes a dielectric member mounted in the processing chamber so as to seal the processing space, and configured to introduce... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140238608 - Ceramic showerhead with embedded rf electrode for capacitively coupled plasma reactor: A showerhead assembly for a substrate processing system includes a back plate connected to a gas channel. A face plate is connected adjacent to a first surface of the back plate and includes a gas diffusion surface. An electrode is arranged in one of the back plate and the face... Agent: Novellus Systems, Inc.

20140238609 - Mounting table and plasma processing apparatus: A mounting table includes a base and an electrostatic chuck provided on the base. The base has first and second top surface on which the electrostatic chuck and a focus ring are respectively provided. The second top surface is provided below the first top surface. A coolant path in the... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140238610 - Assembling and shaping laminate panel: A method of assembling and shaping a laminate panel. An intermediate member is mounted on a lay-up table and a lay-up is assembling by laying a series of plies onto the intermediate member on the lay-up table. The intermediate member and the lay-up are then removed from the lay-up table... Agent: Airbus Operations Limited

20140238611 - Apparatus for adhering a soft slab and a covering material together: The present invention relates to an apparatus for adhering a soft slab and a covering material together. The apparatus for adhering the soft slab and the covering material together includes: a moving unit consisting of a plurality of rollers for moving the soft slab; a conveyor unit including a belt... Agent: Hyundai Dymos Incorporated

20140238612 - Device for fabricating a composite structure: A device for fabricating a composite structure comprises a multi-axis positioner and an attached end effector comprising an integrated head and creel. The head has a clamp, cut and restart mechanism and a compaction roller with a rotary axis. The creel has a prismatic shape with a coupling device on... Agent:

20140238613 - Labeling machine: A labeling machine with a rotatably driven carousel in which drive shafts for pallet shafts being parallel to the axis of rotation are rotatable, and having shaft control for rotating the drive shafts in an oscillating manner via translating gear mechanisms that are drivable by roller levers co-acting with a... Agent: Krones Ag

20140238614 - Transfer apparatus: To provide a transfer apparatus in which a transferred image is not displaced during image transfer and further, finish is excellent on the rear end side of a recording medium subjected to transfer, in a transfer apparatus for nipping a transfer film 96 and recording medium K with a transfer... Agent: Nisca Corporation

20140238615 - Ultrasonic collet horn for ultrasonic welder: An ultrasonic collet horn for an ultrasonic welder has a body and a collet over which a replaceable horn tip is receivable. The collet has a plurality of axial slits therein that divide the collet into sections and a tapered axially extending bore that tapers outwardly as it extends axially... Agent:

20140238616 - Press pads: A press pad is provided for use in a laminate press. The pad comprises a woven fabric of heat resistant strands wherein at least a proportion of the weft comprises a core made up of a bundle of strands within a sheath of an elastomeric material and at least a... Agent: Marathon Belting Limited

20140238617 - System and method for removal of a layer: A system includes a first drive unit used for driving at least one of a release device, a gripper device, and a second drive unit used for driving a support device. The release device is a vacuum device. The vacuum device is coupled to a vacuum source and applies a... Agent: General Electric Company

20140238618 - Die ejector and die separation method: A die ejector includes a supporting unit configured to support a bottom surface of a film on which a die may be attached. The supporting unit may have a hole formed at a center thereof. The die ejector may further include a ring-shaped elevating unit in the hole and configured... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

08/21/2014 > 39 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20140230989 - Method for creating a connection between metallic moulded bodies and a power semiconductor which is used to bond to thick wires or strips: The invention relates to a method for connecting a power semi-conductor chip having upper-sided potential surfaces to thick wires or strips, consisting of the following steps: Providing a metal moulded body corresponding to the shape of the upper-sided potential surfaces, applying a connecting layer to the upper-sided potential surfaces or... Agent: Danfoss Silicon Power Gmbh

20140230988 - Protective material applicator device: Devices, methods and systems disclosed herein relate to the application of a protective film on a surface of an electronic device that instantly reduces air bubbles and eliminates the waiting time usually required when using a wet fluid solution. In one embodiment, a roller apparatus may be used to apply... Agent: Superior Communications, Inc.

20140230990 - Attachment of a cap to a substrate-based device with in situ monitoring of bond quality: Embodiments generally relate to methods for bonding a cap to a substrate. In one embodiment, the method comprises first providing a ring-cap assembly, comprising a cap and an interposer ring comprising a ring material transparent at an illumination wavelength. A peripheral portion of the ring projects outwards beyond the overlying... Agent:

20140230991 - Machine for making absorbent sanitary articles: Described is a machine for making absorbent sanitary articles, such as nappies, sanitary pads and the like, where each article (2) comprises a plurality of components (8,9) progressively positioned relative to each other and assembled along a production line (3) through a plurality of operating stations (24,25,26,27,28,29,32,35) equipped with devices... Agent: Gdm S.p.a.

20140230992 - Quantum dot-wavelength converter, manufacturing method of the same and light emitting device including the same: There is provided a quantum dot wavelength converter including a quantum dot, which is optically stable without any change in an emission wavelength and improved in emission capability. The quantum dot wavelength converter includes: a wavelength converting part including a quantum dot wavelength-converting excitation light and generating a wavelength-converted light... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140230993 - Method and apparatus for fabricating a fibre reinforced thermoplastic composite structure: An apparatus for fabricating a fibre reinforced thermoplastic composite structure is described. The apparatus comprises a localised heat source arranged to heat a portion of a stack of fibre reinforced thermoplastic material layers and an ultrasonic transducer arranged to locally introduce ultrasonic energy waves to the heated portion of the... Agent: Airbus Operations Ltd.

20140230994 - Reshaping method and device for carrying out the method: The present invention relates to a method for reshaping a workpiece, in which a reshaping force is exerted on the workpiece by means of a reshaping tool and the workpiece is heated during or before the reshaping of the workpiece, wherein the heating of the workpiece is performed by the... Agent: Hermann Ultraschalltechnik Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140230995 - Device and method for the amelioration of recesses: The invention relates to a device (1) for the amelioration of a recess (8) e.g. a recess in a (human) bone (7). The device comprises an element (2) for producing or coupling mechanical energy, and a cylindrical collar (4) comprising a cylindrical lateral surface having an outside diameter and having... Agent: Nexilis Ag

20140230996 - Heat shrinkable tube mount method and heat shrinkable tube mounting jig: A heat shrinkable tube mount method includes fitting a terminal of a terminal-equipped electric wire to a terminal fit recess of a lower frame provided on a base, sheathing a core wire crimp section of the terminal led out of the lower frame with a heat shrinkable tube containing therein... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20140230997 - Method of manufacturing fibrous cores: The present disclosure is directed to a method for manufacturing a fibrous core comprises: providing a strip comprising at least one liner, and at least one fluted layer, wherein the strip has a leading edge, a trailing edge, a first strip face, a second strip face, and a strip axis... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140230998 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive label, method of manufacturing pressure-sensitive adhesive label, and label issuing device: A pressure-sensitive adhesive label comprising: recording paper including a recording surface; a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer placed on a rear surface of the recording paper on an opposite side of the recording surface; and a function layer placed on the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, wherein a surface of the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer... Agent: Seiko Instruments Inc.

20140230999 - Composite sheet material and method for forming the same: A composite sheet material and method for forming the same is provided that includes a substrate, a matrix, and a cover sheet. The substrate has a first face surface, a second face surface, and a plurality of edges, and includes a thermoplastic material. The matrix is attached to the substrate.... Agent: Xamax Industries, Inc.

20140231000 - Composite sheet material and method for forming the same: A composite sheet material and method for forming the same is provided that includes a substrate, a matrix, and a cover sheet. The substrate has a first face surface, a second face surface, and a plurality of edges, and includes a thermoplastic material. The matrix is attached to the substrate.... Agent: Xamax Industries, Inc.

20140231002 - High-throughput graphene printing and selective transfer using a localized laser heating technique: A method of high-throughput printing and selective transfer of graphene onto a substrate includes the steps of: providing a thermal release tape having graphene adhered thereto; placing a substrate onto the graphene; pressing the thermal tape and the graphene against the substrate at a uniformly-distributed pressure; heating localized portions of... Agent: The Trustees Of The Stevens Institute Of Technology

20140231001 - Method for manufacturing display panel and system for performing the same: A multi-layered structure includes a first carrier, a second carrier, a first substrate and a second substrate. The first and second substrates are disposed between the first and second carriers. A panel sealant and a dummy sealant are positioned between the first and second substrates, wherein the panel sealant surrounds... Agent: Innolux Corporation

20140231003 - Manufacturing method for laminated core and manufacturing apparatus therefor: A laminated core manufacturing method for performing rotational lamination by conveying a band-shaped material to be stamped 10 to a die apparatus to successively perform presswork, stamping out and dropping manufactured core pieces 20 into a blanking die 21 and rotating the blanking die 21 by a predetermined angle, in... Agent: Mitsui High-tec, Inc.

20140231004 - Method for producing dialysis tank chamber frame: A cut frame 1 is set on an unshown table of an impulse welder 30, distributors 13 are fitted into communicating passage 9 and communicating passages 11, and a net 15 is positioned so as to cover a central opening 3. Welded portions A and B, and the welded portions... Agent: Agc Engineering Co., Ltd.

20140231005 - Producing an electromagnetic isolation cavity by stacking tape layers having conductor-coated edge surfaces facing the cavity: An electromagnetic isolation cavity surrounded by a generally annular solid conductive wall is produced by coating edge surfaces of respective dielectric tape layers with a material containing a conductor. The tape layers are then stacked, with the coated edge surfaces aligned and facing the electromagnetic isolation cavity.... Agent: Sandia Corporation

20140231006 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive label, method of manufacturing pressure-sensitive adhesive label, and label issuing device: A pressure-sensitive adhesive label comprising: recording paper including a recording surface; a barrier layer placed on the recording paper on an opposite side of the recording surface; a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer placed on the barrier layer; and a function layer placed on the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, in which the function... Agent: Seiko Instruments Inc.

20140231007 - Ultrathin laminates: Ultrathin copper clad laminates including a fabric sheet material layer having a first planar surface, a second planar surface and an original thickness of from about 10 to about 30 microns and at least one copper foil sheet that is adhered to a planar surface of the fabric sheet material... Agent: Isola Usa Corp.

20140231008 - Moisture curable hot melt adhesive: Moisture curable hot melt adhesive compositions that contain functionally modified polyolefins and have improved green strength before set are prepared without using added crystalline polyester polyol.... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20140231009 - Galvanized metal bonding adhesive formulation and process for the use thereof: A two-part adhesive formulation is provided that has an adhesive part A and an activator part B. The part A includes a monomer amount of a methacrylate ester monomer, a crosslinker amount of a polyfunctional monomer, an anti-oxidant, a free-radical polymerization inhibitor, and an adhesion promoter system to improve cured... Agent: Illinois Tool Works, Inc.

20140231010 - Chemical supplier, processing apparatus including the chemical supplier: A chemical supplier includes a chemical reservoir containing a chemical mixture at a room temperature, an inner space of the chemical reservoir being separated from surroundings, a supply line through which the chemical mixture is supplied to a process chamber from the chemical reservoir, an inline heater positioned on the... Agent:

20140231011 - Flattening method and flattening apparatus: A flattening method, by utilizing the advantages of the CARE method and making up for the disadvantages, can perform removal processing of a surface of a workpiece at a sufficient processing rate and can provide a processed surface having enhanced flatness without leaving damage in the processed surface. A flattening... Agent: Ebara Corporation

20140231012 - Substrate processing apparatus: A substrate processing apparatus includes a spin chuck for holding a substrate horizontally, a phosphoric acid supply device for supplying phosphoric acid aqueous solution onto the upper surface of the substrate held on the spin chuck to form a liquid film of phosphoric acid aqueous solution covering the entire upper... Agent: Dainippon Screen Mfg, Co., Ltd.

20140231013 - Substrate processing apparatus: A substrate processing apparatus includes a phosphoric acid supply device for supplying phosphoric acid aqueous solution onto the upper surface of a substrate held on a spin chuck, a heater for emitting heat toward a portion of the upper surface of the substrate with the phosphoric acid aqueous solution being... Agent: Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20140231014 - Ballistics systems and methods: A scope may include an adjustment dial, which may be moved among a plurality of positions to configure the scope to compensate for projectile drops. The adjustment dial may be labeled with dial-calibration data, which may include one or more distance indicators and/or one or more windage hold-off indicators. The... Agent: Huskemaw Optics, LLC

20140231015 - Plasma processing apparatus: The object of the invention is to provide a plasma processing apparatus having enhanced plasma processing uniformity. The plasma processing apparatus comprises a processing chamber 1, means 13 and 14 for supplying processing gas into the processing chamber, evacuation means 25 and 26 for decompressing the processing chamber 1, an... Agent:

20140231017 - Plasma etching apparatus: A plasma etching apparatus includes a process chamber, a susceptor, microwave permeable plate that is made of a dielectric material that allows microwaves to pass therethrough, a microwave supplying portion including a microwave generation apparatus that generates microwaves of a predetermined frequency, a gas supplying portion for supplying a process... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140231016 - Plasma processing apparatus: Disclosed is a plasma processing apparatus including a processing container that defines a processing space, a mounting table, and a microwave introducing antenna. The mounting table includes a mounting region where a workpiece accommodated in the processing container is mounted. The microwave introducing antenna includes a dielectric window installed above... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140231018 - Plasma processing apparatus: In one aspect there is provided a plasma processing apparatus including a substrate placing unit configured to be placed a substrate to be processed, and an upper electrode opposed to the substrate placing unit, wherein an outer portion of a main surface of the upper electrode opposed to the substrate... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140231019 - Susceptor: A susceptor 10 includes a ceramic substrate 20 having a wafer-placing surface 20a; a first circular RF electrode 31 buried in the ceramic substrate 20; and a second circular RF electrode 32 buried in the ceramic substrate 20 at a depth different from the depth of the first RF electrode... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140231020 - Round sonotrode: A round sonotrode has a sonotrode body which has a receiving space for a workpiece at its front end. The receiving space is surrounded by an annular web which has a weld surface at its front end face. A workpiece holder is furthermore provided in the receiving space.... Agent: Ms Spaichingen Gmbh

20140231021 - Method and apparatus for three dimensional large area welding and sealing of optically transparent materials: Methods and systems for three dimensional large area welding and sealing of optically transparent materials are disclosed, including generating a beam of ultra-short pulses from an ultra-short pulsed laser; directing the beam to an acoustic-optic modulator to control the repetition rate of the beam; directing the beam to an attenuator... Agent: Polaronyx, Inc.

20140231022 - Elastomeric bladder system: A method for and apparatus for forming a bladder system. A bladder with an open end is formed. The open end of the bladder is placed into an interior of a fitting. The open end of the bladder is connected to the interior of the fitting.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140231023 - Method and apparatus for manufacturing tyres for vehicle wheels: An apparatus for manufacturing tyres for vehicle wheels includes devices designed to form a green tyre, a vulcanisation mould having holding walls defining a moulding cavity, and devices for transferring the green tyre into the moulding cavity. The vulcanisation mould includes a plurality of vent valves, at least one of... Agent: Pirelli Tyre S.p.a.

20140231024 - Tire building applicator members and systems: An applicator assembly for applying a cord to a tire-building surface that rotates during tire construction. The applicator assembly includes an applicator member to apply the cord. A first rotary device rotates the applicator member about a first axis that is transverse to the surface. A first translation device moves... Agent: Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

20140231025 - Device for welding plastic tubes: A device for welding plastic tubes includes a pair of tube holders each of which has a tube clamp which includes an upper jaw and a lower jaw. The jaws in both of the tube clamps of both tube holders have smooth tube contacting walls to permit the tubing to... Agent: Genesis Bps, LLC

20140231026 - Labeling apparatus using vacuum based label transport: An apparatus and method for automatically modulating vacuum applied to a vacuum cup are described herein. More particularly an automated labeling apparatus and method for applying labels onto containers using a vacuum based transport mechanism is described herein.... Agent: Nulabel Technologies, Inc.

08/14/2014 > 25 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140224404 - Method of making a conduit for interventional procedures: A conduit, such as an introducer sheath, catheter, or guide catheter, incorporating two or more separate lumens to prevent the entanglement of guidewires located at least partially within the conduit. The lumens are separated by at least one disruptable barrier that allows multiple lumens to be converted into fewer lumens... Agent: W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

20140224405 - Room-temperature bonding apparatus: A room-temperature bonding apparatus of the present invention includes: a plurality of first beam sources configured to emit a plurality of first activation beams which are irradiated to a first activation surface of a first substrate; a plurality of second beam sources configured to emit a plurality of second activation... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140224407 - Acoustic absorbent wall coating: A multilayer sound-absorbing covering includes (a) a support layer made of an organic polymer foam having an open porosity between 0.50 and 0.995, (b) a surface layer formed by a glass textile, having a static air flow resistance, measured according to the standard ISO 9053, between 105 N.s.m-4 and 106... Agent: Saint-gobain Adfors

20140224406 - Preparation of a thermoset resin system suitable for the preparation of fibre reinforced prepreg, the prepreg obtainable from the resin system, and its applications: The present invention relates to polyisocyanate-based impregnating resin system, which is a liquid polyisocyanate mixture, containing more than 50% by weight MDI based di- and polyisocyanates, and one or more, originally powdery inorganic hydroxides. The resin system of the invention is suitable for the preparation of prepregs. The invention relates... Agent: Polinvent Kft.

20140224408 - Stabilising the honeycomb core for sandwich components: A method for stabilising a honeycomb core for a sandwich-type structural component includes configuring the honeycomb core. A hardenable adhesive layer is applied to at least one exterior surface of the honeycomb core. A semi-permeable membrane is positioned on the at least one exterior surface. The membrane is gas-permeable and... Agent: Premium Aerotec Gmbh

20140224409 - Sintering utilizing non-mechanical pressure: In an exemplary implementation, a system for producing an electrical module includes a pressure chamber configured to receive a first body, a second body, and a sinter material therebetween. The system further includes a pressure generator configured to apply non-mechanical pressure in the pressure chamber to form the electrical module... Agent: International Rectifier Corporation

20140224410 - Apparatus and method for forming fiber reinforced composite structures: A control rod for incorporation into a composite assembly comprising at least a first preform, a second preform, and a cured resin includes a shaft defining an axis, wherein the shaft is disposable within an aperture in the composite assembly and a plurality of threads disposed helically on at least... Agent:

20140224411 - Manufacturing method of cover structure: A method of manufacturing a cover structure is provided. A first insulating layer is provided. The first insulating layer has a first surface and a second surface opposite to each other. A second insulating layer is provided. The second insulating layer has a third surface and a fourth surface opposite... Agent: Subtron Technology Co., Ltd.

20140224412 - Method for maintaining a fastener in a folded configuration: A method for folding a fastener during a high speed manufacturing process and maintaining the fastener in a folded configuration throughout the high speed manufacturing process. The method includes obtaining an article that has a foldable fastener and moving the article in the machine direction during the high speed manufacturing... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140224413 - Tape dispenser with integrated paper cutter: An apparatus is disclosed which includes a tape dispenser that bears a roll of tape on a cylindrical hub fused to at least one longitudinal wall, in turn fused to an outer wall that parallels the cylindrical hub's walls, and that extends to the right to form an arm bearing... Agent:

20140224414 - Joining method and joining system: The present disclosure is a joining method that joins a target substrate and a support substrate, wherein the method has: a joining operation that includes pressing and joining the target substrate and the support substrate by interposing an adhesive therebetween; and an adhesive removing operation that includes supplying a solvent... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140224415 - Laminating apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display using the same: In a laminating apparatus and a method of manufacturing an organic light-emitting display, the laminating apparatus includes a heater which generates heat and the heating member which transfers heat received from the heater to a donor film. The heating member includes a first conducting layer which receives heat from the... Agent:

20140224416 - Surgical device with tack-free gel and method of manufacture: A process of making a tack-free gel is disclosed comprising the steps of providing a mold defining a mold cavity, the mold cavity comprising a plastic material; pouring or injecting a molten gel having a high molding temperature into the mold cavity; and forming the tack-free gel as a thin... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20140224417 - Organic vehicle for dispersion of glass composition and method of dispersion: A sealing glass composition including about 30-95 wt % glass or ceramic particles, and about 1-50 wt % organic vehicle, wherein the organic vehicle comprises an acrylic resin component and a solvent, based upon 100% total weight of the sealing glass composition, wherein the composition has a viscosity of at... Agent: Heraeus Precious Metals North America Conshohocken LLC

20140224418 - Method for producing electronic component: A method for producing an electronic component including a laminate, a circuit element provided therein, and external conductors electrically connected thereto. The method including steps of obtaining a mother laminate that has a plurality of the laminates arranged in a matrix-like state in a first direction and a second direction... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140224419 - Microelectronic assembly with multi-layer support structure: A method of forming a microelectronic assembly includes positioning a support structure adjacent to an active region of a device but not extending onto the active region. The support structure has planar sections. Each planar section has a substantially uniform composition. The composition of at least one of the planar... Agent: Invensas Corporation

20140224420 - Method and process to produce and attach air spacers: The invention entails the method and process to manufacture air spacers in a radiant reflective insulating, air and moisture vapor venting assembly. An adhesive mixture usually made up of ground wood, various types of binder resins such as formaldehyde based resins, and possibly other materials. The adhesive mixture is applied... Agent:

20140224421 - Procedure on bonding using mechanically-controlled bonding tool: Embodiments herein disclose a mounting device for attaching a quad to an extender during a hard disk drive manufacturing process. Specifically, the mounting device includes a quad clamp for fastening the quad onto the surface of the mounting device and an extender clamp for fastening the extender to the mounting... Agent: Hgst Netherlands B.v.

20140224422 - Method and apparatus for applying heat transfer label: A system and a method for applying a heat transfer label to a substrate to minimize dye migration are provided. The system and the method are configured such that a substrate is arranged between a heated plate and the label, such that heat is applied through the substrate.... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140224423 - Method for producing glass laminates with sound attenuating properties: s

20140224424 - Inhibitor combination, resin mixture containing same and use of same: The use of a mixture of 5-pyrimidinol derivatives with sterically hindered phenol derivatives for adjusting the reactivity and the gel time of resin mixtures and reactive resin mortars based on radically polymerizable compounds is described. Furthermore, a resin mixture containing the inhibitor combination, a reactive resin mortar containing this resin... Agent: Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

20140224425 - Film thickness monitoring method, film thickness monitoring device, and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus: In accordance with an embodiment, a film thickness monitoring method includes applying light to a substrate, which is a processing target, in a semiconductor manufacturing process involving rotation of the substrate, detecting reflected light from the substrate, and calculating a thickness of a film on the substrate. The thickness of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140224427 - Dry etching apparatus and clamp therefor: A dry etching apparatus according to an aspect of the present invention is provided with a stage on which a substrate including a resist mask on an outermost layer thereof is mounted; a clamp for holding down the substrate from above the resist mask to fix the substrate on the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140224426 - Substrate support unit and plasma etching apparatus having the same: A substrate support unit of an etching process chamber includes a substrate support portion configured to support a substrate, a cathode under the substrate support portion, the cathode including an upper surface portion under the substrate support portion, the upper surface portion being smaller than a size of the substrate,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140224428 - Labeling device for a thermoforming system and method: The invention relates to a labeling device (10) for a thermoforming system (100) comprising: a supply device (11) for at least one label reel (12) having a plurality of labels (1); a first cutting device (26) for separating each label (1) from the at least one label reel (12); a... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

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