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Adhesive bonding and miscellaneous chemical manufacture

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07/10/2014 > 27 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20140190612 - Protective film with release surface: Films (10) for use in protecting surfaces are disclosed and comprise at least one release layer (14) and optionally an adhesion layer (12) and/or an intermediate layer, the release layer (14) having a plurality of three-dimensional protrusions (13) that are either formed integral with the release layer or are discrete... Agent: Tredegar Film Products Corporation

20140190613 - Moulded article and label therefor: The invention provides an in mould label for injection moulding that comprises a vacuum metallised layer of metal for creating a barrier to oxygen ingress. The invention further provides a moulded article including such an in-mould label, as well as a method of manufacture of such an article.... Agent: Encore Holdings Limited

20140190614 - Method for finishing seamless sportswear and outdoor clothing: Provided is a finishing treatment method of seamless sportswear and outdoor clothing, including: welding two or more moisture-permeable waterproof fabrics with an ultrasonic welder in a state of overlapping end parts thereof each other; and finishing the end parts of the moisture-permeable waterproof fabrics with a seal sealing tape, whereby... Agent: Korea Institute Of Industrial Technology

20140190615 - Process for fixing an article to a substrate: A process for fixing an article to a substrate with a mounting set including two receptacles storing an aerobic adhesive and a hydrophilic substance, respectively. The aerobic adhesive and the hydrophilic substance are removed from the two receptacles and then mixed together to prepare the fastening. A layer of the... Agent: Glabete Ag

20140190616 - Double-sided adhesive membrane for finish material installation: A finish material installation membrane is described. The membrane includes: a first adhesive layer; a structural layer coupled to the first adhesive layer; a second adhesive layer coupled to the structural layer, and a backing layer coupled to the second adhesive layer. A double-sided adhesive membrane adapted to secure finish... Agent:

20140190617 - Pneumatic tire production method and pneumatic tire: An objective of the present invention is to reduce the development of defect during vulcanization. A method for producing a pneumatic tire comprises: a carcass ply forming step to cover both surfaces of a code array made of the carcass cords of the carcass ply with a topping rubber; a... Agent: Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

20140190618 - Assembly and a method of manufacturing a green tire and/or an uncured spring: The invention relates to an assembly and a method for manufacturing a green tyre and/or a green air spring. The device comprises a template having a shaping surface (2) for placing a tyre component thereon comprising a layer of unvulcanized rubber for the green tyre and/or green air spring. The... Agent: Vmi Holland B .v.

20140190619 - Strip, method for manufacturing the same, and method for manufacturing pneumatic tire: The present invention is a strip of a thermoplastic elastomer composition to be wound spirally on a cylindrical drum to form an inner liner for a tire. The strip is composed of a layer stack of a first layer made of a thermoplastic elastomer composition containing 0.1 part by mass... Agent: Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

20140190620 - Layer systems and methods using such layer systems: A layer system comprises an application layer assembly including a functional layer and an adhesive for adhering the application layer assembly to a carrier, and a transport layer assembly including a carrier layer and an adhesive for adhering the transport layer assembly to the application layer assembly. The application layer... Agent:

20140190621 - Method of manufacturing display device: According to one embodiment, a method of manufacturing a display device, includes preparing a first substrate in which a first display element part, a first extension part, a second display element part, and a second extension part, are formed, preparing a second substrate in which a first peeling auxiliary layer,... Agent: Japan Display Inc.

20140190622 - Method of making open-ended thermoplastic belting: A system and method of making an open-ended, reinforced, layered belt having a profile layer, a top layer material, and tensile cords fully encapsulated there between. The method includes engaging portion of the profile layer on a rotatable cylindrical mandrel with an engaging roller, disengaging with a take-off roller, and... Agent: The Gates Corporation

20140190623 - Protective safety wrap for baseball bat: A protective wrap for application to a wooden baseball bat to prevent the release of fragments should the baseball bat shatter during use is formed of an elongated piece of polymeric film that has a first end and an opposite second end, a first side edge, and an opposite second... Agent: Major League Baseball

20140190624 - Mechanism for automatically cutting and placement of resin impregnated fibers: Mechanism for automatically cutting and placement of resin impregnated fibers in a carrier setting to the carriage that moves longitudinally and transversely relative to the axis of the wound part and where is provided more pneumatic cylinders one of which is rotational and other are used for longitudinal movement of... Agent: Tekon D.o.o.

20140190625 - Method and apparatus for fabricating contoured laminate structures: A plurality of identical fabrication modules are linked together and configurable to fabricate any of a plurality of differing laminate structures in a family of structures having common features. Each of the fabrication modules is locally adapted to fabricate a section of the laminate structure on a corresponding tool. A... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140190626 - Method of production of web member including tow: The method of production of a web having a tow according to the present invention has a transfer step of transferring a product form web member which is formed by a continuous web member being cut, which product form web member is configured having a plurality of fibrous members formed... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20140190627 - Modular decorating machine for conical products: A decorating machine applies artwork to a product having a central axis and a frustoconical surface around its central axis. The decorating machine includes a film with artwork, a moveable deck, and a roller. The moveable deck includes a rotating mount on which the product is rotatably mounted. The product... Agent:

20140190628 - Embellishment transfer delivery system: An embellishment transfer delivery system (ETDS) uses an embellishment, such as glitter, and combines it into a transfer adhesive that is combined with a carrier sheet and finally transferred to a sticky substrate, such as a double sided tape. The result is the clean, particle-free, non-tacky, dry transfer of the... Agent: Zoom Creative Products, LLC

20140190629 - Induction heating compaction system: An induction heating compaction system is provided. The system includes an induction heating member and a compaction member. The induction heating member is configured to generate an electromagnetic field at a select frequency. The select frequency causes at least one of the fibers and matrix in pre-preg material to heat... Agent: Alliant Techsystems Inc.

20140190630 - Method for forming catheter balloon: Method of making a balloon catheter includes providing an elongated shaft having a proximal end and a distal end and an inflation lumen extending therein, providing a multilayer tube, forming a multilayer balloon by blow-molding the multilayer tube such that the multilayer balloon is blown, in at least a first... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20140190631 - Fluid activatable adhesive for glue-free, liner-free, labels for glass and plastic substrates and methods of use thereof: Methods for applying a liner-free, or liner-less label, to a substrate, particularly glass or plastic (e.g., PET) substrates are described herein. The method includes applying an adhesive composition, such as a polymeric coating, to a label face sheet, activating the adhesive composition with an activating fluid, and contacting the label... Agent: Nulabel Technologies, Inc.

20140190633 - Substrate cleaning apparatus and polishing apparatus: A substrate cleaning apparatus capable of efficiently cleaning a substrate, such as a wafer, is provided. The substrate cleaning apparatus includes: a substrate holder for holding and rotating a substrate; a chemical liquid nozzle for supplying a chemical liquid onto the substrate; a two-fluid nozzle for supplying a two-fluid jet... Agent: Ebara Corporation

20140190634 - Method and apparatus for drying a wafer: The present disclosure provides a method of fabricating a semiconductor device. The method includes dispensing a liquid on a wafer. The method includes raising the wafer. The method includes lowering the wafer after the raising. The wafer is spun as it is lowered, thereby removing at least a portion of... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20140190632 - Method and apparatus for photomask plasma etching: A method and apparatus for etching photomasks is provided herein. In one embodiment, a method of etching a photomask includes providing a process chamber having a substrate support pedestal adapted to receive a photomask substrate thereon. An ion-radical shield is disposed above the pedestal. A substrate is placed upon the... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140190635 - Plasma chamber and apparatus for treating substrate: Provided are a plasma chamber and a substrate treating apparatus. The plasma chamber includes a housing in which a gas is injected to generate plasma, a first coil disposed on one surface of the housing, and a second coil disposed on the other surface of the housing.... Agent: Psk Inc.

20140190636 - Substrate processing apparatus: A substrate processing apparatus includes a processing chamber for processing a substrate, a shield at an inner wall of the processing chamber, and a connector attaching the shield to the inner wall of the processing chamber. The connector includes a groove and a protrusion respectively on opposing surfaces of the... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd

20140190637 - Method and machine for labelling bunches of cloths: The method comprises the steps of arranging a bunch of cloths stacked onto one another; taking a label (4) containing a respective identifying code of the upper cloth (30) of the bunch, laying onto the label one end (23), provided with a cavity, of a gripping element (21) and creating... Agent: Morgan Tecnica S.p.a.

20140190638 - Sonotrode and anvil energy director grids for narrow/complex ultrasonic welds of improved durability: A specially designed sonotrode and anvil are adapted to be used in combination for ultrasonic welding of work pieces, to produce a narrower weld region, but one exhibiting greater durability, thereby permitting use of less packaging material. The contact surfaces comprise a surface of the anvil having a plurality of... Agent: Rinco Ultrasonics Inc.

07/03/2014 > 30 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140182760 - Attachment device for securing items: An attachment device for securing an item inside a container for shipping or storage. The attachment device can be used for a wide variety of items of varying size and shape, and allows them to be shipped in any existing box which is larger than the item. The attachment device... Agent:

20140182761 - Bonding apparatus and bonding process method: According to one embodiment, a bonding apparatus for processing a retained substrate includes a main body unit, a nozzle, a gas supply unit, and a substrate support unit. The nozzle opens on a face of the main body unit on a side that a first substrate is retained. The gas... Agent:

20140182765 - Insulation system and method of application thereof: A system of insulation and jacketing of industrial equipment comprises an insulation layer comprising one or more layers of insulation, applied to an outer surface of the equipment and a jacketing layer applied and adhered to an outer surface of the insulation layer. An outer surface of an outermost layer... Agent:

20140182764 - Methods for using durable adhesively bonded joints for sandwich structures: Systems, methods, and apparatus for increasing durability of adhesively bonded joints in a sandwich structure. Such systems, methods, and apparatus includes an. first face sheet and an second face sheet as well as an insert structure, the insert structure having a first insert face sheet, a second insert face sheet,... Agent:

20140182763 - Polymer matrices for polymer solder hybrid materials: Embodiments of the present invention provide various polymeric matrices that may be used as a binder matrix for polymer solder hybrid thermal interface materials. In alternative embodiments the binder matrix material may be phophozene, perfluoro ether, polyether, or urethane. For one embodiment, the binder matrix is selected to provide improved... Agent:

20140182762 - Securing mechanism and method for wafer bonder: Disclosed are various features associated with a securing mechanism for a wafer bonder. In certain situations, operation of securing mechanisms can generate undesirable particles and debris, and some them can be introduced to a wafer being bonded. In certain implementations, a securing mechanism can be configured to reduce the likelihood... Agent: Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

20140182766 - Method and apparatus for manufacturing an insulation panel: A microporous insulation material mixture is blended and the blended mixture is spread across a lower conveyor belt which is trained over rollers. To aid the spreading of the mixture a spreading device is used. The mixture is delivered by the conveyor to a pressing system which in this case... Agent: Kingspan Holdings (irl) Limited

20140182768 - In-line gift card personalization and packaging process: A machine that processes gift cards in an in-line process where the gift cards travel along a generally straight transport path from a card feed mechanism to a delivery end where the cards and carrier combinations are discharged. During the in-line processing, a magnetic stripe, integrated circuit chip or RFID... Agent:

20140182767 - Method of producing cleaning member: To provide a novel production method and a novel production system that are suitable for producing a cleaning member having an excellent cleaning performance and that realize efficient production. The present invention is a method of producing a cleaning member obtained from a multi-layer web comprising at least a fiber... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20140182769 - Ultrasonic press using servo motor with delayed motion: An ultrasonic welding system includes an ultrasonic welding stack that is movable to initiated a welding operation. A plurality of sensors measure respective control variables and output control signals corresponding, respectively, to the control variables. A motion control system is coupled to and causes controlled movement of the welding stack,... Agent: Dukane Corporation

20140182770 - Tactile relief films, decals and stickers for indicating object characteristics: A system and method of making and using tactile relief stickers, decals or moldings to indicate object characteristics, for example to indicate object color. The system can include a plurality of stickers. Each sticker can have a first surface with a relief texture and a second surface opposite the first... Agent:

20140182771 - Sonication for improved particle size distribution of core-shell particles: In one or more embodiments, a porous composite particulate material includes a plurality of composite particles including an acid-base-resistant core particle at least partially surrounded by one or more layers of acid-base-resistant shell particles. The shell particles are adhered to the core particle by a polymeric material. The shell particles... Agent:

20140182772 - Aqueous-based composition suitable for use in threadlocking applications: The present invention relates to aqueous-based compositions suitable for use in threadlocking applications comprising: a) at least one carboxyl group containing (co)polymer; b) at least one polymerizable monomer A containing one acryloyl group; c) at least one polymerizable compound B containing at least two acryloyl groups; d) at least one... Agent: HenkelIP& Holding Gmbh

20140182773 - Fastener with adhesive base and twist-tie and method of making the fastener and of using the fastener: A fastener and a method of making and using the fastener is provided in which the fastener includes a base having a top portion and a bottom portion. The bottom portion includes an adhesive layer portion. An elongated pliable core member is coupled to the base, with the core member... Agent:

20140182774 - Light-weight strengthened, low-emittance vacuum-insulated glass (vig) windows: Vacuum-insulated glass windows include two or more glass panes, and glass-bump spacers formed in a surface of one of the panes. The glass-bump spacers consist of the glass material from the body portion of the glass pane. At least one of the glass panes comprises chemically-strengthened glass. Methods of forming... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140182775 - Manufacturing method of structure and manufacturing apparatus: A manufacturing method of a structure includes providing a stack of a first material layer to be a part of the structure and a restricting member wherein the first material layer is provided on a surface of the structure in the process of formation, and a part of the restricting... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140182777 - Method of making composite stone panels: A composite stone panel can comprise a stone slab. A partially metallic panel backer is coupled to the stone slab and can further comprise a core material layer, a first interface layer disposed on a first surface of the core material layer, and a second interface layer disposed on a... Agent: Forzastone LLC

20140182776 - Methods for producing rectangular seeds for ingot growth: A method of producing rectangular seeds for use in semiconductor or solar material manufacturing includes connecting an adhesive layer to a top surface of a template, the template including a plurality of parallel slots, and drawing alignment lines on the adhesive layer, the alignment lines aligned with at least some... Agent: Memc Singapore, Pte. Ltd (uen200614797d)

20140182778 - Sealing sheet: (3) the sample is left standing at ambient temperature, normal humidity for 24 hr, the sample is fixed horizontally with the tape side facing downward, a 30 gf plummet is hung at one end in the tape length direction, the time from hanging the plummet to reaching a tape peel... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140182779 - Method of producing opened fiber bundle, method of producing cleaning member, apparatus which opens fiber bundle, and system which produces cleaning member: A method of continuously producing an opened fiber bundle for a cleaning member while conveying a fiber bundle, includes the steps of applying a tensile force to the fiber bundle; relaxing the tensioned fiber bundle to open the fiber bundle; and blowing air in a direction intersecting with the machine... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20140182780 - Automatic bonding system for liquid crystal display device and automatic bonding method using the same: Disclosed is an automatic bonding system for an LCD device. The automatic bonding system includes a bonding unit configured to perform a process of bonding a first substrate to a second substrate, a first substrate supply unit configured to include an inverting arm and supply the first substrate to the... Agent: Lg Display Co., Ltd.

20140182781 - Sport ball with an inflation-retention bladder: A sport ball may include a casing, a bladder, and a valve. The casing forms at least a portion of an exterior surface of the ball. The bladder is located within the casing for enclosing a pressurized fluid, and the bladder may be formed from a material that includes a... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140182782 - Welding apparatus for conveyor belts and method: A belt welding apparatus is provided for joining together the ends of one or more monolithic conveyor belts. In one form, a belt support is configured to support the belt ends in spaced relation to each other and a non-contact heating device is provided for being disposed between the belt... Agent: Flexible Steel Lacing Company

20140182784 - Poly(hydroxyl urethane) compositions and methods of making and using the same: Methods and compositions relating to poly(hydroxyl urethane) compounds are described herein that are useful as, among other things, binders and adhesives. The cross-linked composition is achieved through the reaction of a cyclic carbonate, a compound having two or more thiol groups, and a compound having two or more amine functional... Agent:

20140182783 - Two-liquid process for synthesizing polyurethane with high heat-resistance and high abrasion-resistance: A two-liquid process for synthesizing polyurethane with high heat-resistance and high abrasion-resistance is disclosed, which utilizes a semi-reactive polymer A solution containing hydroxyl groups and a semi-reactive polymer B solution containing poly-isocyanate groups. The polymer A and B solution are mixed for performing a second reaction and then coated on... Agent:

20140182785 - Multi-functional apparatus for testing and etching substrate and substrate processing apparatus including the same: A multi-functional apparatus for testing and etching a substrate capable of increasing spatial efficiency and manufacturing efficiency by performing testing and etching operations in a same chamber body and a substrate processing apparatus including the same, the multi-functional apparatus including a chamber body having an entrance into which the substrate... Agent:

20140182786 - Etching a laser-cut semiconductor before dicing a die attach film (daf) or other material layer: Semiconductor die break strength and yield are improved with a combination of laser dicing and etching, which are followed by dicing an underlying layer of material, such as die attach film (DAF) or metal. A second laser process or a second etch process may be used for dicing of the... Agent: Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.

20140182787 - Fiber application machine including flexible fibre-conveying tubes provided with flexible blades: The present invention relates to a fiber application machine, for making components out of composite materials, comprising a fiber application head, fiber storing means, and means for conveying the fibers from said storage means to the application head. The conveying means comprises first flexible tubes, that receive one fiber into... Agent: Coriolis Composites

20140182788 - Apparatus for stressing semiconductor substrates: Apparatus for use in preparing heterostructures having a reduced concentration of defects including apparatus for stressing semiconductor substrates to allow them to conform to a crystal having a different crystal lattice constant.... Agent: Sunedison, Inc.

20140182789 - Bonding device: A bonding device includes a first feeding mechanism, a second feeding mechanism, a glue spraying mechanism positioned between the first feeding mechanism and the second feeding mechanism, and a bonding mechanism. The first feeding mechanism comprises a mounting frame and a transmission belt mounted on the mounting frame. The second... Agent: Fu Ding Electronical Technology (jiashan) Co.,ltd.

06/26/2014 > 45 patent applications in 40 patent subcategories.

20140174627 - Multiple bonding layers for thin-wafer handling: Multiple bonding layer schemes that temporarily join semiconductor substrates are provided. In the inventive bonding scheme, at least one of the layers is directly in contact with the semiconductor substrate and at least two layers within the scheme are in direct contact with one another. The present invention provides several... Agent: Brewer Science Inc.

20140174628 - Production process of a nonwoven fabric sheet: A sheet of nonwoven fabric which has surface irregularities, the shape of the surface irregularities being less apt to be changed by external pressure, etc. The sheet has a machine, cross and thickness directions which are perpendicular to one another. The upper surface has a plurality of protrusions continuously extending,... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20140174629 - Method for manufacturing light emitting diode module: A method for manufacturing an LED module includes following steps: providing a SMT apparatus having a CCD image sensor and a nozzle, and providing a PCB having a plurality of LEDs mounted on and fixing the PCB in the SMT apparatus; providing a plurality of lenses each having a plurality... Agent:

20140174630 - Weight applicator for a wheel and method for utilizing the same: A weight applicator for a wheel of a tire-wheel assembly is disclosed. The weight applicator includes an arm portion and an applicator portion connected to the arm portion. The applicator includes a radially-extending flange portion. The radially-extending flange portion is connected to the arm portion. A first plunger portion is... Agent: Android Industries LLC

20140174631 - Incrementally-stretched thermoplastic films with enhanced look and feel and methods for making the same: Methods of increasing the perceived thickness and strength of a thermoplastic film include incrementally stretching thermoplastic films in the machine direction. In one or more implementations, methods of incrementally stretching thermoplastic films include reducing the gauge of the films while increasing a loft of at least a portion of the... Agent: The Glad Products Company

20140174632 - Curable prepregs with surface openings: Curable prepregs possessing enhanced ability for the removal of gases from within prepregs and between prepreg plies in a prepreg layup prior to and/or during consolidation and curing. Each curable prepreg is a resin-impregnated, woven fabric that has been subjected to a treatment to create an array of openings in... Agent:

20140174633 - Super-hard structure, tool element and method of making same: A method for making a treated super-hard structure, the method including providing a super-hard structure comprising super-hard material selected from polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) material or thermally stable polycrystalline diamond (PCD) material; subjecting the super-hard structure to heat treatment at a treatment temperature of greater than 700 degrees centigrade... Agent:

20140174634 - Manual container assembly and liner integration fixture for pulp-molded shell with polymer liner container systems: A method of using a assembly facilitator for a pulp-molded shell with polymer liner containing systems to precisely create a integral pulp molded shell is disclosed along with the assembly facilitator itself... Agent: Ecologic

20140174635 - Method for repairing a member comprising a fiber-reinforced plastic: There is provided a method for repairing a member comprising a fiber-reinforced plastic, which method can repair a through hole easily at a low cost. When a through hole 20 is repaired, a temporary hole 11 is formed, a fabric sheet 30 comprising reinforcing fibers is rolled into a cylindrical... Agent: Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

20140174636 - Method for fabricating decorative colored glass: Disclosed is a method for fabricating a piece of decorative colored glass, which comprises the following steps: covering a layer of protective film which has a pre-fabricated pattern that can be removed on a piece of glass; removing the pattern from the protective film; sand blasting the surface of the... Agent: China Moon Enterprises Limited

20140174638 - Thread displacement device: A thread displacement device for displacing a thread on a winding body includes a thread guide, which, depending on a movement of the winding body, can be freely selectively moved back and forth along a curved path defined by guide means. The thread guide has a thread guide roller rotatably... Agent: Ssm Scharer Schweiter Mettler Ag

20140174637 - Tool for positioning a strip for producing a tire blank: an arm bearing a strip extrusion member and a strip applicator roller, wherein the arm is articulated with respect to the support about a first axis parallel to a geometric axis of the roller and about a second axis tangential to a circumference of the roller, of the first and... Agent: Compagnie Generale Des Etablissments Michelin

20140174639 - Tyre having a built-in self-sealing layer: A method for protecting a tyre against punctures includes: providing a self-sealing layer; providing an anti-tack layer that includes particles having a shape factor higher than 5; forming a tyre such that the self-sealing layer is built into the tyre during manufacture of the tyre; and applying the anti-tack layer... Agent: Compagnie Generale Des Etablissements Michelin

20140174640 - Methods of transferring graphene and manufacturing device using the same: A method of transferring graphene includes forming a sacrificial layer and a graphene layer sequentially on a first substrate, bonding the graphene layer to a target layer, and removing the sacrificial layer using a laser and separating the first substrate from the graphene layer.... Agent:

20140174641 - Curable prepregs with surface openings: Curable prepregs possessing enhanced ability for the removal of gases from within prepregs and between prepreg plies in a prepreg layup prior to and/or during consolidation and curing. Each curable prepreg is a resin-impregnated, woven fabric that has been subjected to a treatment to create an array of openings in... Agent: Cytec Industries Inc.

20140174642 - Elastomeric riblets: An array of aerodynamic riblets incorporates a high elongation elastomeric layer having spaced tips and optionally a protective cladding. The elastomeric layer may be adhered to an aerodynamic surface directly or as an appliqué in combination with one or more of an adhesive layer, one or more supporting polymer layers... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140174644 - Fabrication method of packaging substrate: A packaging substrate is provided, which includes: a core layer having opposite first and second surfaces; two circuit layers formed on the first and second surfaces, respectively; a plurality of conductive through holes penetrating the core layer and electrically connected to the first and second circuit layers; two insulating protection... Agent: Advance Materials Corporation

20140174643 - Method for preparing coated binder units: A method and apparatus for preparing a plurality of coated binder units are disclosed. A coated binder is divided into a plurality of coated binder units by applying a pair of dividing elements to the coated binder and applying a welding element.... Agent:

20140174645 - Method for producing a card body: A method is for manufacturing a stiff, multilayered card body for a portable data carrier, has steps including: making available a layer of an opaque plastic, making available a carbon fiber layer of carbon fiber fabric, impregnating the carbon fiber layer with epoxy resin, fusing the layers to form a... Agent:

20140174646 - Wrapping an object with a film using a tape for cutting the film: A pressure sensitive adhesive film attached to a surface is cut by pulling a filament from an adhesive tape applied on to the surface through that part of the film over the tape so as to cut the film and to form a cut edge of the film. The filament... Agent:

20140174647 - Composite insulated concrete form and method of using same: The invention comprises a foam insulating panel having an outer surface and a reinforcing member adhered to at least a portion of the outer surface of the foam insulating panel. An insulated concrete form and a method of using the insulated concrete form are also disclosed.... Agent:

20140174648 - Method of producing a composite multi-layered printed absorbent article: A method for producing a composite multi-layered absorbent article. At least two of the layers include a colored region.... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140174649 - Surface treatment by chlorinated plasma in a bonding method: m

20140174650 - Ultra-violet curable adhesive: An adhesive may be formulated with a functional component that reacts in the presence of ultraviolet light with a neighboring functional component to form a nonreversible bond therebetween. The functional component may include at least one —C═C— functional group that is able to undergo dimerization with a neighboring component. A... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20140174651 - Method of producing a composite multi-layered printed absorbent article: A method for producing a composite multi-layered absorbent article. At least two of the layers include a colored region.... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140174652 - Self-aligning pick-up head and method for manufacturing a device with the self-aligning pick-up head: A self-aligning pick-up head, a method to manufacture a pick-up head and a method of manufacturing a device are disclosed. In one embodiment a pick-up head includes a nozzle having a first end portion and a second end portion and a base tool comprising a collet head, wherein the first... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140174653 - Methods and assemblies for welding a gasket to a pipe section: The present disclosure is directed to a method of welding a gasket to a spigot portion of a pipe section. The method includes supporting the gasket in a recess on the spigot portion of the pipe section. The gasket includes a seating portion and a sealing portion. The sealing portion... Agent: Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.

20140174654 - Sealing sheet: The present invention provides a sealing sheet containing a flame retardant adhesive sheet having a flame retardant-containing adhesive layer, wherein the flame retardant-containing adhesive layer has a void content of 5-40%.... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140174655 - Polishing tool with diaphram for uniform polishing of a wafer: A chemical mechanical polishing to that can provide uniform polishing across a wafer even when polishing hard wafers such as AlTiC wafers used in the formation of magnetic recording sliders. The chemical mechanical polishing to has a wafer carrier that includes a diaphragm or bladder that is configured such that... Agent: Hgst Netherlands B.v.

20140174656 - Method to improve the operational robustness and safety of combinatorial processing systems: Methods and apparatuses for combinatorial processing are disclosed. Apparatuses include a wet etch module (WEM) operable to combinatorially etch a substrate having at least two site-isolated regions. The WEM includes a dispense manifold operable to dispense fluids and a mixing vessel unit operable to mix fluids. The WEM further includes... Agent: Intermolecular, Inc.

20140174657 - Apparatus for liquid treatment of wafer shaped articles and liquid control ring for use in same: An apparatus for treating a wafer-shaped article includes a rotary chuck configured to hold a wafer-shaped article of a predetermined diameter such that a surface of the wafer-shaped article facing the rotary chuck is spaced from an upper surface of the rotary chuck. A ring is mounted on the rotary... Agent: Lam Research Ag

20140174658 - Etching apparatus and methods: A method is for etching the whole width of a substrate to expose buried features. The method includes etching a face of a substrate across its width to achieve substantially uniform removal of material; illuminating the etched face during the etch process; applying edge detection techniques to light reflected or... Agent: Spts Technologies Limited

20140174659 - Water soluble mask for substrate dicing by laser and plasma etch: Methods of dicing substrates having a plurality of ICs are disclosed. A method includes forming a mask comprising a water soluble material layer over the semiconductor substrate. The mask is patterned with a femtosecond laser scribing process to provide a patterned mask with gaps. The patterning exposes regions of the... Agent:

20140174660 - Plasma processing apparatus: The microwave plasma processing apparatus includes a power feeding rod that applies high frequency wave for RF bias, the upper end of which is connected to a susceptor, and the lower end of which is connected to a high frequency output terminal of a matcher in a matching unit; a... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140174661 - Plasma processing chamber for bevel edge processing: A process chamber includes a wafer support to mount a wafer to be processed in the process chamber, with the wafer having an annular edge exclusion area. A first electrically grounded ring extends in an annular path radially outward of the edge exclusion area and is electrically isolated from the... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

20140174662 - Plasma processing device: A plasma processing device according to one embodiment comprises a processing vessel, a gas supply unit, a lower electrode and an upper electrode. The processing vessel defines a processing space. The gas supply unit supplies processing gas into the processing space. The lower electrode is provided below the processing space.... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140174663 - Plasma stabilization method and plasma apparatus: A plasma technique in which a plasma generation technique frequently used in various fields including a semiconductor manufacturing process is used, and generation of plasma instability (high-speed impedance change of plasma) can efficiently be suppressed and controlled in order to manufacture stable products. An apparatus includes a processing chamber, a... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

20140174664 - Laser beam irradiation apparatus and substrate sealing method: Provided is a laser beam apparatus for sealing a first substrate and a second substrate by irradiating a sealant between the first substrate and the second substrate using a laser beam, the laser beam apparatus including a controller, wherein the controller is configured to defocus the laser beam and to... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140174665 - Process and apparatus for producing pneumatic tyres: Along a building line, a green tyre is built on a rigid toroidal support having an outer surface substantially conforming in shape to an inner surface of the green tyre. The green tyre is then transferred to a bead moulding and prevulcanisation station where each bead of the tyre is... Agent: Pirelli Tyre S.p.a

20140174666 - Laminating apparatus and method of using the same: An apparatus for laminating a film to a substrate and a method of using the same is described. The apparatus comprises a) a heated laminating roller and a second roller, wherein said heated laminating roller and said second roller are opposably mounted and form a nip; b) a drive mechanism... Agent: Macdermid Printing Solutions, LLC

20140174667 - Barrier material roller applicator: A barrier material applicator is disclosed that includes a frame and a roll support member coupled to the frame, the roll support configured to rotatably support a roll of barrier material. The applicator further includes at least two rotatable applicator rollers. A first applicator roller and a second applicator roller... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140174668 - Film adhering mechanism: A film adhering mechanism includes a base, a film adsorbing platform, at least two flexible members, a vacuum generator; and an electromagnetic valve. The film adsorbing platform includes a main body positioned on the base, and a protective pad covered on the main body away from the base. The at... Agent: Fu Ding Electronical Technology (jiashan) Co.,ltd.

20140174669 - Friction welding element: The invention relates to a friction welding element (10, 30, 40) comprising a friction welding geometry (14, 15) and a head (12, 24, 32, 42) with a driving geometry (16, 34) for connection to a component (18, 20, 50) wherein heat originates during the friction welding process, characterized in that,... Agent: Ejot Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140174670 - Apparatus and method for removing a cmp pad from a platen: A method and apparatus for removing a pad adhesively secured to a platen. The apparatus includes a barrel assembly having a clamp assembly fixedly attached to a perimeter of the barrel assembly; a rotatable handle assembly nested within the barrel assembly; and a ratchet assembly nested between the handle assemble... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140174671 - Apparatus for stripping release paper from workpiece: An apparatus configured for stripping a release paper from a workpiece, including a base defining a through hole, a pushing mechanism mounted on the base adjacent to the through hole; and a stripping mechanism mounted on the base. The stripping mechanism includes a bracket mounted on the base, a driving... Agent: Fu Ding Electronical Technology (jiashan) Co.,ltd.

06/19/2014 > 28 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140166183 - Coextruded foil composite material and its use in card bodies: A composite film material usable in a data carrier card body includes a first outer plastic layer, an inner plastic layer and a second outer plastic layer, all the layers together forming a coextruded composite. The plastic material of the first outer layer is a polyethylene terephthalate glycol copolymer (PETG)... Agent: Giesecke & Devrient Gmbh

20140166182 - Drum slip: An interchangeable drum slip that may be quickly installed to change the appearance of a drum and to provide protection to the drum shell. The drum slip is a rectangular piece of material that is pre-cut to precisely fit specific models of drums. Openings are cut into the material that... Agent:

20140166184 - Limited durability fastening for a garment: A limited durability fastening for a garment. The garment is provided with fastening members which engage to close the fastening and the fastening members are provided with means for controlling the degradation of the closure strength of the fastening as it is opened and closed and thus the number of... Agent: Covidien Ag

20140166185 - Cured-in-place liner material and methods and systems for manufacture: A liner tube for repairing existing pipes is provided. The liner tube is sufficiently flexible to lie substantially flat under its own weight thereby defining an upper portion and a lower portion. The liner tube includes an inner layer, an outer layer disposed around the inner layer, a first intermediate... Agent:

20140166186 - Glass film laminate: A glass film laminate includes a glass film and a supporting glass. The glass film and the supporting glass have surfaces in contact with each other, and each of the surfaces has a surface roughness Ra of 2.0 nm or less.... Agent: Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd.

20140166187 - Method for producing drip irrigation tubes: In a method for producing drip irrigation tubes, a body is extruded, from which the tube is formed and in which metering elements (10) are attached, which are connected to the body by means of ultrasonic welding. For such drip irrigation tubes, the water enters the metering elements (10) from... Agent: The Machines Yvonand Sa

20140166188 - Method of attaching a fastener to a cementitious material body: A method for fastening cementitious components together or for fastening a cementitious component to a non-cementitious component to form a structure. In a preferred embodiment, the apparatus is a screw having a hollow shaft from which threads protrude and a tip comprising a plurality of drilling teeth or a plurality... Agent:

20140166189 - Method and apparatus for building a tire: A tire building system includes a first loop of travel track, a plurality of first carriage housings movably mounted on the first loop, a second loop of travel track, a plurality of second carriage housings movably mounted on the second loop, and a first transfer station of the first loop... Agent: The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

20140166190 - Method for manufacturing pneumatic tire: A method for manufacturing a pneumatic tire may include lap-splicing end parts of a laminate sheet in which a sheet obtained from a thermoplastic resin or a thermoplastic resin composition of a thermoplastic resin blended with an elastomer is laminated with a rubber that undergoes vulcanizing adhesion with the thermoplastic... Agent: The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.

20140166192 - Method of manufacturing a flexible portable electronic device: m

20140166191 - Methods for combining components of varying stages of cure: The present invention provides a method of fabricating a composite structure from components of varying stages of cure while reducing the steps associated with the fabrication process of infusing, curing, and bonding composite materials to form a hybrid unitized structure. The method provides a pre-cured stiffener and a pi-preform having... Agent: Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation

20140166193 - Non-compliant medical balloon: A non-compliant fiber-reinforced medical balloon comprises a first fiber layer and a second fiber layer embedded in a continuous matrix of thermally-weldable polymer material defining a barrel wall, cone walls and neck walls. The fibers of the first fiber layer have a pattern of different lengths and are divisible into... Agent: Bard Peripheral Vascular, Inc.

20140166195 - Method and apparatus for production of composite preform: A method of producing a composite preform having a profile with variable profile height or width is provided. The method includes: providing a plurality of first fibre layers overlapping or upon one another in or substantially parallel to a primary plane; inserting a second fibre layer via a guide member... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20140166194 - Method for transferring a graphene sheet to metal contact bumps of a substrate for use in semiconductor device package: A method is provided for transferring a graphene sheet to metal contact bumps of a substrate that is to be used in a semiconductor device package, i.e. a stack of substrates connected by said contact bumps, e.g., copper contact bumps for which graphene forms a protective layer. An imprinter device... Agent:

20140166196 - Golf ball alignment device: The present invention provides an improved method and apparatus for placing alignment marks, such as arrows or lines, on golf balls. An alignment mark composed of dry transfer ink is provided on a clear transfer medium having a backing material. Once the position of the alignment mark is chosen, the... Agent:

20140166197 - Method for transferring graphene layer: The present invention discloses a method for transferring a graphene layer. The graphene layer formed on a metal carrier layer is electrostatically adsorbed on a substrate by electrostatic charges, and then the substrate having the graphene layer formed on the metal carrier layer is immersed in an etching solution to... Agent: National Taiwan University

20140166198 - Method for producing a connection device for use in the negative pressure treatment of wounds: A method for producing a connection device for use in the negative pressure therapy of wounds, includes introducing a flexible conduit into an injection mold, the conduit being constructed for impingement with negative pressure and/or fluid media, and comprising at least two lumens, forming a coupling body at an end... Agent: Paul Hartmann Ag

20140166199 - Methods for processing oled devices: Methods for making electronic devices on thin sheets bonded to carriers. A surface modification layer and associated heat treatments, may be provided on a sheet, a carrier, or both, to control both room-temperature van der Waals (and/or hydrogen) bonding and high temperature covalent bonding between the thin sheet and carrier... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140166200 - Optical device and method of manufacturing optical device: An optical device includes a connector configured to provide a hole, an optical waveguide provided with a core and a clad equipped on an outer periphery of the core and configured to have a refractive index smaller than a refractive index of the core, a first transparent member configured to... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140166201 - Floorboards with decorative grooves: Floorboards are shown, which have a core and a surface layer and are provided with decorative joint edges which are formed by removing the surface layer.... Agent: Valinge Innovation Ab

20140166202 - Bonding of substrates induced by ionizing radiation: A reactive polymer composition is provided, containing a (co)polymer that forms one or more reactive moities, either directly or indirectly, upon application of an ionizing radiation; and a multifunctional curing coagent, along with systems and methods for bonding substrates to one another using such a composition.... Agent: Immunolight, LLC.

20140166203 - Blocking device, sealant curing device, and sealant curing method: The present disclosure provides a blocking device, which includes a blocking plat having a blocking pattern and transparent areas and an electromagnetic suction unit for sucking the blocking plate. In the embodiment, with the electromagnetic suction unit sucking the blocking plate, the requirements about the smoothness and cleanness of the... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd

20140166204 - Adhesive system: The invention concerns an adhesive system comprising (a) a resin component comprising a urea based amino resin having an F/NH2 ratio from 0.3 to 0.65; (b) a hardener component comprising at least one acid, acid generating salt or acidic salt; and, (c) an aqueous polymer dispersion; wherein the adhesive system... Agent: Akzo Nobel Coatings International B.v.

20140166205 - Process monitoring device for use in substrate process apparatus, process monitoring method and substrate processing apparatus: A process monitoring device 11 includes a light source unit that outputs light; a light detection unit that detects an intensity of light; a first optical path 21 that guides the light outputted from the light source unit to a wafer W and guides reflection light from the wafer W... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140166206 - Non-plasma dry etching apparatus: A non-plasma dry etching apparatus is capable of forming textures uniformly only on one side of a silicon substrate. The non-plasma dry etching apparatus includes a stage on which a silicon substrate is placed is used as a base including plural layers. The plural layers include an electrostatic chuck layer,... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140166207 - Device and method for conveying a spring string: A device for conveying a spring string (31) has a first spring conveyor (3) and a second spring conveyor (4). By means of a sensor device, in operation, lengths of a plurality of segments of the spring string differing from one another are detected, while the spring string (31) is... Agent: Spuhl Ag

20140166208 - Preforming pre-preg: A tool for manufacturing a preform assembly; comprising an inverted “Upper Skin” Preform Mold (101) having mold surface (75) turned up-side down so that gravity will help hold pre-preg layers on the mold surface (75) during performing; a “Web” Preform Mold (105) with flanges (76); and a “Lower Skin” Preform... Agent: Iq Tec Switzerland Gmbh

20140166209 - Laminate and method for separating the same: A laminate including a supporter which transmits infrared; a substrate supported by the supporter; an adhesive layer via which the supporter and the substrate are attached to each other; and a separation layer positioned on a surface of the supporter to which surface the substrate is attached, and which is... Agent: Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

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