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Adhesive bonding and miscellaneous chemical manufacture

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02/05/2015 > 25 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20150034228 - Method for forming a seal or cover on an opening of a vehicle body: A method for forming a seal or cover on an opening of a vehicle body. An extruded strand made of an elastomer material is adhered to a body support surface which receives the strand, and the support surface and/or a strand surface to be adhered is supplied with adhesive material... Agent: Cqlt Saargummi Technologies S.&#xe0 .r.l.

20150034229 - Sonotrode tool having an integrated cooling device: The invention relates to a sonotrode (100; 100′; 100″), comprising a sonotrode body (10; 10′; 10″), which has at least one contact region (12; 12′; 12″) for applying high-frequency mechanical vibrations, introduced at at least one introduction region (14; 14′; 14″) of the sonotrode body (10; 10′; 10″) by a... Agent:

20150034230 - Method for retreading a tyre of which the crown area is provided with a sub-layer comprising a thermoplastic elastomer: e

20150034231 - Sealing and de-stacking: When being sealed, insulating glass blanks (5) are held in a sealing station (2) gripped at the base by grippers (17) of a gripper arrangement (16) and/or by suction heads (15) and rest at the top against a roller beam (7) fitted with rollers (8). As the insulating glass blank... Agent:

20150034232 - Chip card assembling structure and method thereof: Disclosed are a chip card assembling structure and a method thereof, including at least one base plate, at least one fixing element having a side forming a fixing trough corresponding to the base plate, at least one adhesive film disposed on one side of the fixing element to cover the... Agent: A-men Technology Corporation

20150034233 - High-pressure gas tank production method: The FW technique is employed to suppress a non-fiber-wound space from being left during formation of a fiber layer for reinforcement on a liner. A process of forming a fiber-reinforce resin layer on a liner winds and fixes a winding start end fiber of a resin-impregnated carbon fiber on a... Agent:

20150034234 - Composite material; a ballistic resistant article made from same and method of making the article: A fiber reinforced resin composite for ballistic protection comprising a plurality of first and second plies wherein the first and second plies further comprise a woven fabric and a polymeric resin. The fabric has a Russell tightness factor of from 0.2 to 0.7 and a cover factor of at least... Agent:

20150034235 - Formed sheet metal composite tooling: A method and apparatus for manufacturing a tool for creating composite components. A sheet metal material is secured over a forming tool in an incremental sheet metal forming machine. The sheet metal material is incrementally shaped with a stylus to form a shape for the tool. The tool is removed... Agent:

20150034236 - Sports ball with integral ball casing and bladder body: A sports ball includes a barebone ball and an outer ball layer. The barebone ball includes an inflatable bladder body and a ball casing. The ball casing, which is formed in an integrated structure, has an outer circumferential surface, an inner circumferential surface to define an interior cavity to fittingly... Agent:

20150034237 - Roll-to-roll manufacturing processes for producing self-healing electroactive polymer devices: A process for producing a corrugated electrode for use in an electroactive polymer cartridge is disclosed. A laminated web comprising a support sheet laminated to a dielectric elastomer film is positioned. The support sheet defines areas exposing portions of the dielectric elastomer film. A force is applied to the positioned... Agent: Parker-hannifin Corporation

20150034238 - Laminate body, method, and materials for temporary substrate support and support separation: A laminate body, method, and materials for temporary substrate support are provided. The laminate body can hold N and protect thin, brittle substrates such as flexible glass or thin semiconductor wafers during further processing such as vapor deposition or thinning by grinding. The provided laminate body, in one embodiment, includes... Agent:

20150034239 - System and method for sealing open ends of multi-wall sheets: A device and a method allow for adhering sealing tape to open end of a multilayer sheet, usable at the production line and at the installation site. The device comprise means for applying pressure and heat onto the sealing tape and cutting blades for removing protruding edges of the sealing... Agent: Palram Industries (1990) Ltd.

20150034240 - Method of bonding glass substrate and metal substrate: A bonding method for glass and metal requires a glass substrate and a metallic oxide film to be coated on a side of the glass substrate. A plurality of metallic oxide beads are impressed on a side of a metal substrate to be bonded. The glass substrate is placed on... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150034241 - Stretch release article: Provided are adhesive articles and assemblies that include a flat and at least partially elastic backing along with a patterned adhesive coating on each side of the backing. When viewed from directions perpendicular to the backing, the adhesive on one side of the backing does not substantially overlap the adhesive... Agent:

20150034242 - Scaffold and method of forming scaffold by entangling fibres: A porous scaffold is provided, which comprises tangled fibres. A porous scaffold can be formed by applying a fluid to fibres to entangle them. The fibres comprise a polyelectrolyte complex and a cross-linker. The cross-linker links polyelectrolytes within individual fibres and inhibits secondary polyelectrolyte complication between adjacent fibres.... Agent: Agency For Science, Technology And Research

20150034243 - Resin composition: The present invention relates to a resin composition comprising (a) an unsaturated polyester resin and/or a methacrylate functional resin, wherein the resin composition further comprises an aromatic amine (b) according to formula (1) in which P1 is an organic residue, R1=H or a C1-C6 alkyl, R2=H or CH3.... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20150034244 - Adhesive and use for attachment to microfiber garments: The present invention relates to an adhesive and its use for attachment to microfiber garments. The adhesive provides peel strength, complex modulus and glass transition properties suitable for this application.... Agent: Mcneil-ppc, Inc.

20150034245 - Substrate treatment apparatus: An inventive substrate treatment method includes a silylation step of supplying a silylation agent to a substrate, and an etching step of supplying an etching agent to the substrate after the silylation step. The method may further include a repeating step of repeating a sequence cycle including the silylation step... Agent:

20150034246 - Chemical mechanical polishing fastening fixture and fastening base: A chemical mechanical polishing fastening fixture includes a fastening base and a fastening ring. The fastening base includes an annular substrate having a first combining face and a plurality of protruded blocks annularly aligned on the first combining face. Each protruded block is made of polyphenylene sulfide and includes a... Agent: K-chwen Technology Corporation, Ltd.

20150034247 - Automated resin and fiber deposition for resin infusion: A composite structure is fabricated by laying up at least one ply of fiber reinforcement and at least one layer of resin on a tool. The resin film layer is formed by laying strips of resin film. The fiber reinforcement is infused with resin from the resin layer.... Agent:

20150034248 - Apparatus and system for three dimensional infrared gradient heating for curing powder coatings on porous wood products: The present invention has to do with an apparatus for generating a three dimension heating gradient field for curing powder coated wood products. The three dimension heating gradient field is generated with catalytic heater panels having independently adjustable angles and adjustable heat outputs.... Agent:

20150034249 - Apparatus for preparing electrode assembly: The present disclosure provides an apparatus for preparing an electrode assembly, comprising a printing unit including a charging mean for bringing polymer particles into electric charging to obtain electrically charged polymer particles, and a transferring mean for coating the electrically charged polymer particles by way of transferring on at least... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150034250 - Laminating apparatus: The present invention is to provide a laminating apparatus which significantly improves the laminating efficiency of a workpiece such as a photovoltaic module. In order to significantly improve the laminating efficiency of a workpiece such as a photovoltaic module, at least one sub-laminating apparatus is disposed subsequent to a main... Agent:

20150034251 - Manufacturing apparatus of absorbent-article: A manufacturing apparatus of an absorbent article with which stripe-shaped elastic members conveyed continuously are mounted on a web conveyed continuously includes a first rotation mechanism configured to convey the elastic members and a second rotation mechanism configured to convey the elastic members supplied from the first rotation mechanism. The... Agent: Unicharm Corporation A Corporation

20150034252 - Device for the creation of packaged units: An apparatus for receiving, from a wide container stream upstream from the apparatus, single-lane container streams and creating package units of containers includes a separating and/or combining unit, application elements, and a linear transporter. The unit separates and/or combines containers to form partial packaged units that are then combined into... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 30 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20150027614 - Decorative molding film: A decorative molding film has a laminated structure in which a coloring layer, protective layer and a base film are stacked in that order or in which the base film is disposed between the coloring layer and the protective layer, wherein the rupture elongation of said base film and the... Agent:

20150027613 - Electrochromic films and related methods thereof: EC film stacks and different layers within the EC film stacks are disclosed. Methods of manufacturing these layers are also disclosed. In one embodiment, an EC layer comprises nanostructured EC layer. These layers may be manufactured by various methods, including, including, but not limited to glancing, angle deposition, oblique angle... Agent:

20150027615 - Methods of making multilayer energy storage devices: The present invention provides additive manufacturing methods of forming multilayer energy storage devices on a surface by formulating all components of the multilayer energy storage device into liquid compositions and: (1) applying a first liquid current collector composition above the surface to form a first current collector layer above the... Agent: William Marsh Rice University

20150027616 - Device for holding multiple semiconductor devices during thermocompression bonding and method of bonding: Disclosed is a device for holding a plurality of semiconductor devices during thermocompression bonding, comprising: a body; a plurality of support surfaces at a first side of the body, each support surface being configured for holding at least one semiconductor device during thermocompression bonding; and a plurality of internal conduits... Agent:

20150027618 - Method for monitoring the quality of an adhesive application during a lamination process: A method for monitoring the quality of an adhesive application during a lamination process for manufacturing a packaging laminate includes conveying a first film or foil web in a longitudinal direction, applying an adhesive material over the whole surface or in a pattern onto the moving first film or foil... Agent: Amcor Flexibles Italia S.r.l.

20150027617 - Single facer and inspection method therefor: Disclosed is a single facer for producing a single-faced corrugated paperboard. The single facer comprises a first corrugating roll pivotally rotatably supported at axially opposite ends thereof; a second corrugating roll pivotally rotatably supported at axially opposite ends thereof through respective bearing units, and disposed in opposed relation to the... Agent:

20150027619 - Seal provided with non-adhesive holding part on top surface thereof and method for manufacturing the same: The present invention relates to a seal provided with a holding part not adhered to a part of the top surface thereof, and a manufacturing method therefor. The container seal provided with a holding part not adhered to a part of the top surface thereof has the holding part (Tap... Agent:

20150027620 - Once-through, twin-drum forming machine for motor tires and method therefor: A bead ring and a belt-tread component are prepared in advance, and a forming drum capable of axially moving carries a tire body component to enter a forming pressing workstation. The forming machine comprises a main machine and a servicer, wherein a belt drum laminating workstation at one side of... Agent: Mesnac Co., Ltd.

20150027621 - Lead assembly with porous polyethylene cover: This document discusses, among other things, a lead assembly including a porous polyethylene cover. In an example, the cover includes sections that have differing pore sizes. In an example, a section of the cover near a distal end portion of a lead assembly includes pores that are large enough to... Agent:

20150027622 - Method and device for producing an interior covering part: i

20150027623 - Wrappable protective sleeve with closure and locating feature and methods of construction and use thereof: A wrappable protective sleeve for providing protection to at least one elongate member contained therein and methods of construction and use thereof are provided. The sleeve includes a flexible textile wall having opposite inner and outer faces bounded by opposite edges and opposite ends. The opposite edges extend generally parallel... Agent: Federal-mogul Powertrain, Inc.

20150027624 - Absorbent article having a fastening system: A method of manufacturing an absorbent article including a fastening system having a primary fastening system and a secondary fastening system is disclosed. In one embodiment, the method can include providing an absorbent assembly, providing a web of primary second fastening component material, and providing a carrier web including a... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20150027625 - Hydrophilic gel materials and methods of making: The present disclosure describes articles, such as medical articles, containing a substrate having disposed thereon a hydrophilic gel material (e.g., a shaped hydrophilic gel material or a coating of a hydrophilic gel material) and methods for making such articles. Methods are provided for making hydrophilic gel materials from a precursor... Agent:

20150027626 - Manufacturing method for liquid crystal display: A manufacturing method for a liquid crystal display panel includes slitting a first optical film having an elongate shape, to have a width corresponding to a pair of opposing sides of a liquid crystal cell, and by rolling the slit first optical film in its width direction to have a... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150027627 - Method of manufacturing rigid-flexible printed circuit board: A method of manufacturing a rigid-flexible printed circuit board, which including: providing a first flexible film having a first metal layer on one or both surfaces; forming a circuit pattern by patterning the first metal layer; forming a second flexible film, which has a second metal layer on one surface,... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150027628 - Method of encapsulating a projection and making an evacuated cabinet: The invention relates to a method of using high velocity metal forming to encapsulate a projection of a non-metallic article by a metallic article and a method of crimping terminal flanges defining an interstitial space therebetween, while trapping a vapor barrier element between the terminal flanges, thereby hermetically sealing the... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20150027630 - Automated door assembly, press, and adhesive therefor: A system and method for making a door having first and second door skins and an internal frame. The top and bottom surfaces of the frame are coated with an adhesive and the frame is placed on a first door skin. The second door skin is then placed on the... Agent:

20150027629 - Septumization of honeycomb sandwiches: An acoustic liner having a honeycomb core is fabricated by forming septa in a sheet of material, and assembling the sheet of material and the core. During the assembly process, the septa are respectively inserted as a group into cells of the core.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150027631 - Hybrid composite structure having damped metallic fibers and method for making the same: A damped composite structure is formed from a matrix material and a plurality of shape memory alloy wire fibers held in the material matrix for damping the structure. The wire fibers may be embedded in a viscoelastic interlayer to increase damping of the structure. The wire fibers may be interspersed... Agent:

20150027632 - Sheet-laminating device and sheet-laminating method: This sheet-laminating device is provided with first and second clamping devices, a first conveyance handler capable of holding a sheet with at least a portion of a periphery thereof protruding, and a control unit. The control unit causes: the first clamping device to move to a first upper position while... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150027633 - Hollow body, process for manufacturing it and use thereof in a vehicle: A process for manufacturing a hollow body including a thermoplastic wall and a fibrous reinforcement welded on at least one portion of the surface of the wall, or its outer surface, the fibrous reinforcement including a thermoplastic similar to or compatible with that of the wall of the hollow body,... Agent: Inergy Automotive Systems Research (societe Anonyme)

20150027634 - Two-component hot-melt adhesive: A moisture-curing two-component composition consisting of a component A containing at least one polyoxyalkylene, polyolefin and/or polyacrylate prepolymer having at least one hydrolysable silane group and at least one solid inert additive selected from hydrocarbons, polyesters or polyamides, a component B containing at least one crosslinking compound for the prepolymers,... Agent:

20150027636 - Scanner overlay correction system and method: A method includes performing a semiconductor fabrication process on a plurality of substrates. The plurality of substrates are divided into a first subset and a second subset. A rework process is performed on the second subset of the plurality of substrates but not on the first subset. A respective mean... Agent:

20150027637 - Plasma processing apparatus: Provided is a plasma processing apparatus in which a variable inductor is installed in series with a variable condenser in a second power feeding unit that distributes and supplies high-frequency power to an inner upper electrode 56. As a result, a characteristic around a resonance point may be broad in... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150027635 - Plasma processing apparatus: A plasma processing apparatus of exciting a processing gas into plasma by applying a high frequency power between an upper electrode and a lower electrode provided within a processing chamber and performing a plasma process on a target object to be processed with the plasma includes a DC power supply... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150027638 - Substrate processing apparatus, substrate processing method and storage medium: A substrate processing unit 14 includes processing modules 2 each performing a process on a substrate, and a substrate transfer device 121 is provided between a mounting unit 11 and the processing modules. A parameter storage unit 3 stores sets of transfer parameter 33 where an operating speed of the... Agent:

20150027639 - Devices for producing a tape product having diagnostic aids: A method for producing an analysis tape for fluid samples, in particular body fluids, is proposed. The method comprises providing a laminate tape having a laminate carrier tape and at least one diagnostic functional layer, and cutting the laminate tape in such a way that a diagnostic auxiliary label arises;... Agent:

20150027640 - Laminating apparatus: A laminating apparatus for a provisionally laminated body is provided and is configured to form an end laminated body including one of a first resin film and a second resin film conforming to protruding and recessed portions of a substrate. The laminating apparatus may include first and second laminating mechanisms.... Agent:

20150027641 - Flexible roll forming device: Disclosed is a flexible roll forming device including bases respectively disposed on opposite sides with respect to a process direction center line in a left/right direction of which rails are configured thereon along a lateral direction of the process, forward/backward moving means having a slide plate provided to be movable... Agent: Sungwoo Hitech Co., Ltd.

20150027642 - Method for isolating flexible film from support substrate: Method for isolating a flexible film from a support substrate and method for fabricating an electronic device are provided. The method for isolating a flexible film from a support substrate includes providing a substrate with a top surface. A surface treatment is subjected to the top surface of the substrate,... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 33 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20150020947 - Method for the manufacture of composite separators: The present invention pertains to a process for the manufacture of a composite separator for an electrochemical cell, said process comprising the following steps: (i) providing a substrate layer; (ii) providing a coating composition comprising: —an aqueous latex comprising at least one vinylidene fluoride (VdF) polymer [polymer (F)] under the... Agent: Solvay Specialty Polymers Italy S.p.a.

20150020948 - Automated detection of urethane application: A detection of urethane applied to a workpiece, and more particularly to automated infrared detection of urethane application on a workpiece in order to detect improper application of the urethane.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150020949 - Method and apparatus for in-line solventless lamination: A method of adhering first and second elongate webs includes depositing a first component of a two-component adhesive on a first face of the first elongate web and depositing a second component of the two-component adhesive on a first face of the second elongate web. The first face of the... Agent:

20150020950 - Method for providing a localized dwell in an advancing web: A method for dwelling a portion of a web is disclosed. A web can be conveyed at a first velocity by an apparatus comprising a first traversing guide and a second traversing guide operatively connected in a fixed spatial relationship. The first traversing guide and the second traversing guide can... Agent:

20150020951 - Vibration welding machine and method for operating a vibration welding machine: The invention relates to a vibration welding machine (1), comprising an upper tool (2) and a lower tool (3), wherein the two tools (2, 3) each accommodate a respective welding part (4, 5), which welding parts are intended to be joined by means of vibration, and means for producing vibrations... Agent:

20150020952 - Melamine resin decorative sheet and method of refurbishing finished surface: A melamine resin decorative sheet of the present invention includes a laminate structure of a surface layer and a core layer, in which the surface layer is configured of a surface layer material composed of a surface layer base material which carries a resin containing a melamine resin on a... Agent: Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.

20150020953 - Process and plant for building tyres for vehicle wheels: Method, process and plant for building tires for vehicle wheels wherein: in a service position of a carcass structure building line, a forming drum is associated with a pair of support elements including a first support element and a second support element; the forming drum is moved, associated with the... Agent:

20150020954 - Apparatus for growing carbon nanotube forests, and generating nanotube structures therefrom, and method: The present invention provides apparatus and methods for growing fullerene nanotube forests, and forming nanotube films, threads and composite structures therefrom. In some embodiments, an interior-flow substrate includes a porous surface and one or more interior passages that provide reactant gas to an interior portion of a densely packed nanotube... Agent:

20150020955 - Adjustable mechanism for motor vehicle: An adjustable mechanism for a motor vehicle is used to adjust an adjustable element in a motor vehicle, especially a seating part. Said mechanism comprises a spindle nut comprising an axis, said spindle nut co-operating with a thread spindle and comprising external toothing on the external surface thereof which is... Agent: Brose Fahrzeugteile Gmbh & Co. Kg, Coburg

20150020956 - Application of a continuous substrate with segmented adhesive: A system for adhering a length of continuous substrate to a mounting surface is disclosed. The continuous substrate can be attached to a mounting surface by a regular array of spaced apart adhesive segments disposed longitudinally along the continuous substrate and between the mounting surface and the continuous substrate.... Agent:

20150020957 - Transparent pressure-sensitive adhesive product for optical use, transparent pressure-sensitive adhesive laminate for optical use and manufacturing method thereof: A transparent pressure-sensitive adhesive product for optical use and its manufacturing method. The adhesive product has, upon affixing, stable peeling site selectivity between release sheets and both faces of a transparent pressure-sensitive adhesive product. The transparent pressure-sensitive adhesive product for optical use has an adhesive face (a) and an adhesive... Agent: Taica Corporation

20150020958 - Method of producing tooling for resin transfer molding: A method of producing tooling for molding a part by resin transfer molding, including: producing a model of the part; producing a countermold with an outside surface presenting an indentation complementary to a first side of the model; placing the model in the indentation of the countermold; draping a plurality... Agent: Snecma

20150020959 - Multi-layer 3d pattern manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus thereof: A multi-layer 3D pattern manufacturing method includes the steps of forming a color film on a surface of a substrate or a third pattern structure by providing a chromogenic material by lithography, gravure, flexographic printing, screen printing and physical vapor deposition in a transcribed printing process. Using the color film... Agent:

20150020960 - Optical display panel production method and optical display panel production system: An object of the invention is to provide a method for manufacturing an optical display panel. The method includes a feeding step including feeding an optical cell with a thickness of 0.2 mm to 1.0 mm by means of a feed roller unit arranged perpendicular to a direction in which... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150020961 - Clean release, stretch releasable tape: Adhesive tape for bonding that can be detached without leaving residue and without damaging the surface of a substrate when stretched in a direction of a bond plane. An adhesive tape includes an elastomeric backing having opposing first and second surfaces an acrylate pressure sensitive adhesive disposed on at least... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150020962 - Label production method: Provided is a label production method capable of significantly reducing production costs by producing many single labels using one member. A label substrate that an adhesive and a release agent are applied to is passed through a laminating device twice, first label substrate passed for the first time and second... Agent: We'll Corporation

20150020963 - Apparatus and method for application of sticky back material: An automatic applicator of a sticky back material to a printing sleeve is disclosed. The applicator includes a controller that is programmable with data relating to the size and desired positioning of the sticky back material to the sleeve. The sticky back material is secured to a transport system and... Agent:

20150020964 - Lens array fabrication method, and film containing base plate and film attaching instrument employed in same: A lens array fabrication method for fabricating a lens array includes: receiving pins (16) of a film attaching instrument (jig) in second guide holes (10) of a film-containing base plate; bonding a placement area and an adhesion layer (F); removing the pins (16); causing a detachment between a first detachment... Agent: Tomoegawa Co., Ltd.

20150020965 - Low temperature curable adhesive compositions: The present disclosure is concerned with improved curable adhesive compositions for anchoring elements in a structural body that exhibit low temperature versus standard temperature degree of cures that are at least 50% or higher. The compositions include, in a first portion, a reactive resin, an acetoacetoxy functional monomer and a... Agent: Simpson Strong-tie Company. Inc.

20150020967 - Substrate processing apparatus: A substrate processing method includes a water removing unit for removing water from a substrate, a silylating agent supplying unit for supplying a silylating agent to the substrate and an etching agent supplying unit for supplying an etching agent to the substrate. A control unit controls the said units to... Agent:

20150020968 - Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method: A substrate processing apparatus of the present invention comprises a cooling mechanism for cooling a processing solution and a filter for removing impurities contained in the processing solution, at some midpoint in a circulation path of the processing solution. With this constitution, the substrate processing apparatus can precipitate the impurities... Agent: Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20150020969 - Air cooled faraday shield and methods for using the same: A processing chamber and a Faraday shield system for use in a plasma processing chambers are provided. One system includes a disk structure defining a Faraday shield, and the disk structure has a process side and a back side. The disk structure extends between a center region to a periphery... Agent:

20150020970 - Plasma processing method and apparatus: Plasma processing of plural substrates is performed in a plasma processing apparatus, which is provided with a plasma processing chamber having an antenna electrode and a lower electrode for placing and retaining the plural substrates in turn within the plasma processing chamber, a gas feeder for feeding processing gas into... Agent:

20150020971 - Mixed mode pulsing etching in plasma processing systems: A method for processing substrate in a chamber, which has at least one plasma generating source, a reactive gas source for providing reactive gas into the interior region of the chamber, and a non-reactive gas source for providing non-reactive gas into the interior region, is provided. The method includes performing... Agent:

20150020972 - Process condition sensing device and method for plasma chamber: A sensing device for measuring a plasma process parameter in a plasma chamber for processing workpieces may include a substrate with one or more sensor embedded in the substrate. The substrate can have a surface made of substantially the same material as workpieces that are plasma processed in the plasma... Agent:

20150020973 - Plasma etching apparatus: A plasma etching apparatus includes: a housing defining a plasma processing chamber; a workpiece retaining unit disposed within the plasma processing chamber of the housing and retaining a workpiece on an upper surface of the workpiece retaining unit; a processing gas injecting unit injecting a processing gas for plasma generation... Agent:

20150020966 - Apparatus and method for forming lubricant recess having minute configuration in curved inner surface: Disclosed is an apparatus and method for forming lubricant recesses having minute configurations by applying a photolithograph method in a curved inner surface, such as a cylinder bore surface of a cylinder block, the inside of a cylinder liner, the inside of a compressor cylinder, a big end of a... Agent: Hwabaek Engineering Co., Ltd.

20150020974 - Baffle and apparatus for treating surface of baffle, and substrate treating apparatus: The present invention relates to a substrate treating apparatus, and more particularly, to an apparatus treating a substrate using plasma. In an embodiment, a baffle is formed with holes distributing a process gas excited to a plasma state, and has a surface which is treated with a surface treating material... Agent:

20150020975 - Apparatus for curing a composite part layup: A composite part layup is cured using a set of tools adapted to hold the layup and which include at least one tool face contacting the layup. Means are provided for heating the tool face to cure the part layup, and for selectively cooling sections of the tool face.... Agent:

20150020976 - Apparatus for identifying and gluing the final edge of a log material: An apparatus for identifying and gluing the final edge of a log of web material is disclosed. The apparatus of the present invention uses an upper unwinding roller, a lower unwinding roller, an unwinding nozzle, and an unwinding detector for identifying the final edge of the log of web material.... Agent: Chan Li Machinery Co., Ltd.

20150020977 - Thermoplastic induction-welding systems: A flexible ferromagnetic strip is used to induction-weld seams in polymer pipes. The strip is a blend of strontium ferrite, a surfactant, and an LDPE binder. A process to produce the profile is to mix the ingredients together followed by granulation and extrusion or calendering. The strip is used in... Agent: Magnum Magnetics Corporation

20150020978 - Carousel labeling machine: A carousel labeling machine, comprising a plurality of peripheral seats which are each adapted to accommodate a supporting carriage of a labeling station provided with wheels, each seat being supported integrally by the structure of the carousel and comprising elements adapted to lock a carriage in such a position as... Agent: P.e. Labellers S.p.a.

20150020979 - Peeling apparatus and peeling method: A peeling apparatus for peeling a device substrate from a stacked workpiece obtained by attaching the device substrate through a thermoplastic adhesive to a support substrate. The peeling apparatus includes a first surface plate having a first holding surface for holding the entire surface of the support substrate under suction... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 45 patent applications in 39 patent subcategories.

20150013874 - Method for jacketing elongate material, especially leads or cable looms: P

20150013875 - Method for jacketing elongate material, especially leads or cable looms:

20150013876 - Method for manufactureing solar cell module and laminator: By increasing a pressure in a chamber flange (10) at a predetermined rate, the number of gas molecules that carry inner thermal energy is increased, which results in a uniform temperature distribution. Thus, non-melting residues of, air bubbles in, and insufficient expansion of the sealing resin (43) are reduced. After... Agent:

20150013878 - Adhesive compositions and use thereof: The present invention relates to new formulations for adhesive compositions and also to adhesive compositions particularly for a hybrid adhesive comprising at least one mixture of an amino resin and at least one polyether, and the combination of this mixture with isocyanate, and also to the use of polyethers in... Agent:

20150013877 - Methods for making hydrophobizing compositions by hydrodynamic cavitation and uses thereof: Methods for making emulsified hydrophobizing compositions and uses thereof are provided. In at least one specific embodiment, a method for making an emulsified hydrophobizing composition, can include mixing a hydrophobizing agent, a liquid medium, and a lignosulfonic acid or salt thereof to provide a hydrophobizing composition and emulsifying the hydrophobizing... Agent:

20150013879 - Polychloroprene-based bonding adhesives: An adhesive composition comprising a solids component, said solids component including a rubber component that includes polychloroprene; and a solvent component, said solvent component including t-butyl acetate.... Agent:

20150013880 - Room temperature for crosslinked foam: Foams for filling cavities and crevasses and for forming foamed products are provided. The latex foam may include an A-side containing a functionalized latex and a B-side that contains a crosslinking agent and optionally a non-functionalized latex. The A- and/or B-side contain a blowing agent package or components forming the... Agent:

20150013881 - Method and device for welding casings: The invention relates to a device (1) for producing a case having a large length for food, in particular for sausages, from a plurality of individual case sections made of casings that contain collagens, such as natural casings or collagen-containing artificial casings, comprising a mandrel (2) and at least two... Agent: Cds Hackner Gmbh

20150013882 - Method for laminating glass panels and vacuum lamination device using same: The present invention provides a method for laminating glass panels and a vacuum lamination device using the method. The method includes (1) providing a TFT substrate (240) and a CF substrate (220) to be laminated, the CF substrate (220) being coated with a seal resin (204), the TFT substrate (240)... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20150013883 - Thermoplastic sandwich structures: An apparatus and method are presented. An apparatus comprises a composite structure, a plurality of cavities extending into the composite structure, and a plurality of mandrels located within the plurality of cavities. The composite structure comprises a thermoplastic material that is consolidated. The plurality of mandrels comprises a first material... Agent:

20150013884 - Process for producing a laminated glass pane with sensor window: A process for producing a laminated glass pane made up of a base pane, a first laminating film, a coated polymer film with a coating, a second laminating film, and a top pane having at least one sensor window is described. The process has steps a) to d), wherein a)... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20150013885 - Self supporting prepreg with tack for use in automatic process for laying up prepreg to form three dimensional parts: Self supporting prepreg with tack for use in automatic process for laying up prepreg to form three dimensional parts is provided herein.... Agent:

20150013886 - Methods for manufacturing a paint roller and component parts thereof with adhesive of compounded material: Described are methods of making a paint roller using preformed strips or core material made from a compound of polypropylene and calcium carbonate having between 5% and 66% calcium carbonate by weight. One or various compounds may be used to form portions of one or multiple components that make up... Agent:

20150013887 - Gluing device for gluing the tail of a log and related method: A gluing device including a guide roller to guide the tail of the log; on the guide roller, retaining elements to engage and retain the tail on the guide roller; a gluing member, to apply a glue to the tail retained on the guide roller. There are also provided embossing... Agent: Fabio Perini S.p.a.

20150013888 - Thermoplastic structures: A method of forming a consolidated structure. The method comprises placing a thermoplastic material onto a forming tool to form a structure; positioning the structure within a tool; and consolidating the structure to form the consolidated structure. The tool has a number of die liners configured to generate heat in... Agent:

20150013889 - Fiber optic adapter with integrally molded ferrule alignment structure: A fiber optic adapter is disclosed. The fiber optic adapter includes a main body configured to receive a first fiber optic connector through a first end and a second fiber optic connector through a second end for mating with the first fiber optic connector. The adapter includes a ferrule alignment... Agent:

20150013890 - Protection module architecture and alignment tool, system, and method for protection module placement: A system, topology, and methods placing a protection module on one or more surfaces of a device, in particular on an electronic device. Architecture including multiple layer protection module and alignment tool. Other embodiments may be described and claimed.... Agent:

20150013892 - Short course fiber placement head: A composite automation method and apparatus for the generation of short path course application of a composite lamina is realized by reconfiguring the functional mechanisms of the fiber placement head. Separating the fiber advance and retract functions, nesting the activation cylinders, and making use of push only activation results in... Agent:

20150013891 - Touch screen saver: A shield that is attachable to a touch sensitive screen is disclosed. The shield may be attached to the touch sensitive screen only at its outer peripheral portion. An air gap is enclosed between the shield and the touch sensitive screen to form a planar air bearing. The shield preferably... Agent:

20150013893 - Weighted transaction card: Weighted transaction cards and methods of manufacturing the same. The weighted transaction cards may include a tungsten member that comprises at least a portion of a layer of the transaction card. The tungsten member may be encapsulated and/or disposed in an opening of a surround to define and inlay. The... Agent:

20150013894 - Metallic bladders: A method and apparatus is presented. A method may comprise positioning a metallic bladder within a tool, the tool having a number of die liners that generate heat when exposed to a magnetic field; applying the magnetic field to the number of die liners to heat the metallic bladder; and... Agent:

20150013896 - Graphene nanoribbons and methods: Methods are provided for fabricating graphene nanoribbons. The methods rely on laser irradiation that is applied to a carbon nanotube film to unzip one or more carbon nanotubes of the carbon nanotube film. Graphene nanoribbons can be cross-linked via laser irradiation to form a graphene nanoribbon network.... Agent:

20150013895 - Sealing apparatus and method for fabricating display device using the same: A sealing apparatus for sealing a first substrate and a second substrate by a sealant includes: a stage which supports the first and second substrates, where the sealant is interposed between the first and second substrates along edges of the first and second substrates, and the stage includes a concave... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150013897 - Resin sheet attaching method: A resin sheet attaching method of attaching a resin sheet to a workpiece. The resin sheet attaching method includes a molecular weight reducing step of applying vacuum ultraviolet radiation to the front side of the resin sheet, thereby cutting an intermolecular bond in a surface region having a depth of... Agent:

20150013898 - Method for joining composite materials: r

20150013899 - Method for applying a film to a carrier: An improved process of adhering a film to a carrier substrate, including cards of any type, provides a carrier comprising the card, including the information printed on the card, and any other flat objects provided with the card, and provides a film, wherein a transparent adhesive is disposed between the... Agent:

20150013900 - Slit nozzle and method of manufacturing display apparatus using the same: A slit nozzle includes: a first head, a second head facing the first head; and a plurality of cores located between the first head and the second head, wherein the plurality of cores includes: a first core and a third core for coating a coating solution; and a second core... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150013901 - Matrix defined electrical circuit structure: A system and method for “pixelating” a three-dimensional circuit structure into a three-dimensional matrix of cubes that are located with respect to a coordinate system. The design step is typically performed on a conventional computer using computer aided design software that pixelates the proposed circuit structure into an array of... Agent: Hsio Technologies, LLC

20150013902 - Production of joints: Surfaces 1, 2 are bonded together by a heat activated adhesive 3 that is applied to a surface 2 to cover an area greater than the area that is to form the bond, the two surfaces 1, 2 are brought together and the adhesive 3 activated so that it creates... Agent:

20150013903 - Coupling device for tube with annular corrugations: The disclosure includes the combination of a flexible rubber tube with annular corrugations and a coupling device for connecting the tube to a fitting. The device includes a latch secured to an end of the tube and a catch associated with the fitting. When the latch is engaged with the... Agent:

20150013904 - Compositions containing aromatic isocyanate functional components and aliphatic aromatics isocyanate functional components having improved cure speed: A composition comprising in Part 1: a) one or more isocyanate functional components having aromatic isocyanate functional groups; and b) one or more isocyanate functional components having aliphatic isocyanate functional groups; and in Part 2 c) one or more compounds having more than one isocyanate reactive groups: wherein the ratio... Agent:

20150013905 - Wet processing apparatus and plating apparatus: A wet processing apparatus, such as a plating apparatus, and an etching apparatus, is disclosed. A wet processing apparatus includes a substrate-holder advancing mechanism configured to elevate a movable support to raise a substrate holder until the substrate holder is separated from a fixed support, move the movable support together... Agent:

20150013906 - Hybrid feature etching and bevel etching systems: A plasma processing system having at least a plasma processing chamber for performing plasma processing of a substrate and utilizing at least a first processing state and a second processing state. Plasma is present above the center region of the substrate during the first processing stale to perform plasma processing... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

20150013907 - Microwave plasma processing apparatus, slot antenna, and semiconductor device: Disclosed is a microwave plasma processing apparatus. The microwave plasma processing apparatus includes a cooling plate. In addition, the microwave plasma processing apparatus includes an intermediate metal body installed on a processing container side of the cooling plate to be spaced apart from the cooling plate so that a spacing... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150013908 - Etching apparatus: An etching apparatus includes a controller configured to control a high frequency power supply to supply a high frequency power to a mounting table for etching a polymer layer formed on a base layer placed on the mounting table, using plasma generated from a predetermined gas supplied from a gas... Agent:

20150013909 - Substrate processing apparatus including auxiliary gas supply port: Provided is a substrate processing apparatus. The substrate processing apparatus in which processes with respect to substrates are performed, the substrate processing apparatus includes a lower chamber having an opened upper side, the lower chamber including a passage allowing the substrates to pass therethrough in a side thereof, an external... Agent: Eugene Technology Co., Ltd.

20150013910 - Substrate processing apparatus: A transfer apparatus for transporting substrates in a transfer chamber having a first and second ends and two sides extending between the ends. The transfer apparatus includes a drive section, at least one base arm fixed at one end with respect to the transfer chamber and including at least one... Agent:

20150013911 - Microwave plasma processing apparatus, slot antenna, and semiconductor device: Disclosed is a microwave plasma processing apparatus. The microwave plasma processing apparatus includes a coaxial waveguide installed in a through hole which is formed in the center side portion in the intermediate metal body to extend continuously through the cooling plate and the intermediate metal plate. The coaxial waveguide includes... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150013912 - Microwave plasma processing apparatus, slot antenna, and semiconductor device: A microwave plasma processing apparatus includes an inner slow-wave plate installed above a first slot in an inner waveguide which transmits microwaves to the first slot by transmitting the microwaves in a center side space, which is positioned closer to the center than the convex portion in the space between... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150013913 - Microwave plasma processing apparatus: A microwave plasma processing apparatus including a processing space; a dielectric window having a facing surface facing the processing space; and an antenna plate installed on a surface of the dielectric window opposite to the facing surface, and formed with a plurality of slots configured to radiate microwaves for plasma... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150013914 - Labelling unit of containers: A labelling machine (1) for labelling containers moving on a transport system (2), includes a labelling unit (8) having a supplying roll (19) of a pre-printed label web and a cutting drum (20) providing for both cutting a label from the label web and applying it onto a container. The... Agent:

20150013915 - Fastener material advancing direction changing apparatus: First and second bodies of fastener material 4 and 5 advance in a first direction which is an advancing direction, the advancing direction being changed into a second direction. A pair of turn over bars 12 and 13 are spaced from each other, the first and second bodies of fastener... Agent:

20150013916 - Manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus for a composite sheet associated with an absorbent article: A manufacturing apparatus for a composite sheet associated with an absorbent article including: a conveying mechanism that conveys continuously the continuous body of the sheet; and a guiding member that transports the continuous body of the elastic member, and that bonds the continuous body of the elastic member with the... Agent:

20150013917 - Processing method and processing apparatus: A bonding method including an adhesive layer forming process in which a thermoplastic adhesive is applied to a substrate or a support plate and an adhesive layer is formed; a heating process in which the adhesive layer that is formed on the substrate or the support plate is heated; and... Agent:

20150013918 - Tape dispenser and take-up reel for tape backing: This invention generally relates to a tape dispenser with automatic backing removal more particularly including a spindle rotatably mounted for receiving said supply of tape; a pinch roller set in tension having an adjustment to set the drag for the tape supply passing through the pinch rollers that convert a... Agent:

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