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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 15 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150144201 - Engine inlet duct installation: A method of securing two components to each other includes locating a mounting strip at a first mounting flange of a first component. The mounting strip is slidably affixed to the first component and includes a plurality of strip openings and a tightening ramp located at each strip opening of... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20150144202 - Solenoid rebuilding method for automatic transmissions: A method of rebuilding a pressure control solenoid includes uncrimping a housing of the solenoid, and disassembling the solenoid. An original spool valve of the solenoid is removed from a hydraulic bore of the solenoid. The hydraulic bore is reamed such that an inner diameter of the bore is enlarged.... Agent: Advanced Powertrain Engineering, LLC

20150144203 - Frangible closure coupling for liquid natural gas tank: A frangible closure coupling is used with or on pipe of a tank that contains a potentially dangerous fluid, such as liquid natural gas. The closure coupling mitigates the uncontrolled release of fluid from the tank in the event of a rupture of a pipe attached to the tank.... Agent:

20150144204 - Valve assembly for a tank of a vehicle: A valve assembly for a tank of a vehicle is disclosed. A valve body is adapted to be attached to the tank. A seat is disposed inside the valve body and defines an outlet for venting the tank. A float is disposed inside the valve body and is movable between... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20150144205 - Inflation and excess pressure release device for a wheel with pneumatic tire: An inflation device for a wheel with a pneumatic tire. A valve having a seat carried by a body and a head separates a chamber from an output connector. The head is movable within the chamber between a closed position wherein it is in abutment on the seat and an... Agent:

20150144206 - Recirculating bath: A recirculating bath includes a reservoir for receiving a working liquid, a recirculating pump, and at least one thermal element. The recirculating pump and thermal element are located externally to the reservoir so that the reservoir has an unobstructed working space. The thermal element may be thermally coupled to the... Agent:

20150144207 - Hydraulic control unit: A hydraulic control unit is provided. A valve is comprised of a piston having a valve element, a cylinder holding the piston while allowing to reciprocate axially, a positive pressure chamber formed on one side of the piston to which pressure to open the valve is applied, a back pressure... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150144208 - Spherical automatic flow emergency restrictor valve: A ball check valve controls the flow of fluid with a sphere. A body has a fluid path and a recess for receiving the sphere in alignment with the fluid path. The sphere has a retainer which secures a ball check within it. When the valve is in a “Run”... Agent: Mikron Valve & Manufacturer, Inc.

20150144209 - Cover of a pump: Valve seat (1) for a valve for a piston pump, comprising a ring (2) with a flat side and a disc (4) with a flat side received within this ring (2), wherein the flat sides of the ring (2) and the disc (4) lie in one plane, and the ring... Agent:

20150144210 - Valve for pressurized fluid and tank furnished with such a valve: A valve for pressurized fluid, with or without incorporated pressure-reducing valve, comprising a body accommodating a fluid circuit having an upstream end and a downstream end, the circuit comprising an isolation valve element in order to selectively close off the circuit, the valve element being controlled by a lever mounted... Agent:

20150144211 - Control valve of a camshaft adjuster: A control valve (1) of a camshaft adjuster is provided having a multi-part housing (2) that is formed as a screw... Agent:

20150144212 - Cushion valve: A cushion valve includes a housing having a pair of primary chambers and a pair of secondary chambers. A first spool and a pair of second spools are arranged in the housing. Biasing members are respectively arranged between the first spool and the second spool and between the first spool... Agent:

20150144213 - Energy efficient air heating, air conditioning and water heating system: An air heating, air conditioning and water heating system includes a multi-communicative valve unit, a compressor arranged for compressing the refrigerant in a state of superheated vapor, a condenser communicated with the compressor through the multi-communicative valve unit, a heat exchanger communicated with the condenser through the multi-communicative valve unit,... Agent:

20150144214 - Mixed water control valve for faucet: A mixed water control valve for a faucet includes a valve housing, a valve cap mounted on the valve housing, a control bolt rotatably mounted on the valve cap and having a lower end extending into the valve housing and an upper end protruding outward from the valve cap, a... Agent:

20150144215 - Disposable air/water valve for an endoscopic device: An air/water valve assembly for use in an endoscope or other medical equipment is provided. The valve assembly includes a spool and a one-piece sealing member that includes a number of sealing rings. The spool can be injection molded, and the sealing member can be overmolded onto the spool. A... Agent: Bracco Diagnostics Inc.

05/21/2015 > 30 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150136235 - Electronic and manual backup flow control systems: In various embodiments, an electronic flow selector of a fluid flow control system may be used to select a flow rate of a fluid. When the system is in an electronic mode, an encoder may electronically encode the fluid flow selection. A controller may receive the electronically encoded flow selection... Agent: Mindray Ds Usa, Inc.

20150136234 - Pipeline leakage protection vault system: A pipeline leakage protection vault system includes a plurality of leakage protection vault modules and a central control unit adapted to be communicably configured to each other. Each module includes a retrofittable configuration adapted to include sub-modules coupled around the pipeline. Each sub-module includes a protective casing, spacer rings and... Agent:

20150136236 - Method of operating a valve: Method of operating a valve (1) which connects openings (2, 3) of at least two chambers (4, 5) to one another and, for closing the openings (2, 3) of each of the chambers (4, 5), has at least one dedicated closure member (6, 7), wherein for opening one of the... Agent: Vat Holding Ag

20150136237 - Container and liquid collection methods: A method for permitting the removal of a canister of fluid from a source of fluid is provided that includes loosening a canister of fluid from a source of fluid to expose a connection between the two, providing a form fitting non-permeable bag for collecting where the bag includes means... Agent:

20150136238 - Conduit connection apparatus with purge gas: An apparatus connects first and second conduits that convey a flow of gas. The apparatus includes a first flange element fixed to the first conduit, and a second flange element fixed to the second conduit. The flange elements are coupled together to permit fluid communication in an internal environment between... Agent: Hatch Ltd.

20150136239 - Methods and apparatus for conserving electronic device manufacturing resources: A method for operating an electronic device manufacturing system is provided that includes introducing an inert gas into a process tool vacuum pump at a first flow rate while the process tool is operating in a process mode; and introducing the inert gas into the process tool vacuum pump at... Agent:

20150136240 - Method for cleaning the piping of a pneumatic materials handling system, and a cleaning apparatus, and a system: Method for cleaning the conveying pipe of a pneumatic material conveying system, such as of a waste conveying system, and/or for conveying material that is in the piping, in which method at least one cleaning member is fed into a conveying pipe, and a pressure difference is achieved in the... Agent: Maricap Oy

20150136241 - Liquid storage and delivery system: A liquid storage and delivery system includes a reservoir and a storage container. The storage container has a main body with a hollow interior, and is configured to hold a reserve volume of the water. The main body has an upper wall and a lower wall. The hollow interior is... Agent:

20150136242 - Quantitative liquid discharge device capable of discharging liquid in container at present liquid level: Disclosed is a quantitative liquid discharge device capable of discharging liquid in a container at a preset liquid level. The device comprises a liquid discharge pipe, an outer sleeve and a liquid level control rod. The liquid discharge pipe is provided with a full-discharge liquid discharge port and at least... Agent: Shenzhen Xingrisheng Industrial Co., Ltd.

20150136243 - Water knock out bottle and process for making the same: Apparatus for stopping fluid flow when liquid is present in the fluid flow. The apparatus generally includes two parts, an internal structure with a float valve, and an external tank. The internal structure includes a plurality of fluid entry holes positioned, sized, and numbered relative to a drain hole. The... Agent:

20150136244 - Wheel module comprising an elastically deformable inflation valve for a tyre pressure monitoring system: A wheel module for a tire pressure monitoring system includes an inflation valve of the “snap-in” type and an electronic casing fixed thereto in a reversible manner. This valve is produced from a resiliently deformable material and includes a valve body and a metal conduit extending therethrough for introducing inflation... Agent:

20150136245 - Waterway adapter with multi-angle adjustment: A waterway adapter with multi-angle adjustment includes a rotary joint, a connector, a rotating shaft, a turning block, an upper arm, and a position unit. A lifting rod rotates around the connector to adjust the distance from the wall. An upper-arm rotates around the rotating shaft and a shower head... Agent:

20150136246 - Flood water removal system: Flood water removal systems including a motor, a vacuum generating device, a discharge pump, and a vacuum tank can be efficiently arranged to be transversely mounted to a vehicle. Certain flood water removal systems can include a supercharger driven by the engine to generate vacuum. The systems can include a... Agent:

20150136247 - System and method to monitor characteristics of an operating fluid in a process line: A system that provides localized monitoring of characteristics of instrument gas that a valve assembly uses to modulate the flow of a working fluid. The system includes components that generate an output in response to, for example, particulates, humidity, temperature, and other characteristics of the instrument gas. Processing of data... Agent: Dresser, Inc.

20150136248 - Flow control system with build-down system flow monitoring: To provide a flow control system with build-down system flow monitoring that realizes flow monitoring close to real-time monitoring by combining build-down system flow rate measurement with the upstream side of the flow control system without using a thermal type flow sensor by effectively utilizing high pressure fluctuation resistance characteristics... Agent: Fujikin Incorporated

20150136249 - Valve for ventilation of a tank: A tank ventilation valve has a housing (21), a closing member (4), a sealing seat (5) and a first space (17). A second space (18) is connected to the first space (17) via a control opening (19) that surrounds the sealing seat (5). A spring (6) pretensions the closing member... Agent:

20150136250 - Dirt discharge structure and container with the dirt discharge structure: The present invention relates to a dirt discharge structure, comprising: a base including a slanted plate extending inwardly from a peripheral edge of a top of the base toward a bottom of the base, an arcuate plate extending inwardly from an inner peripheral edge of the slanted plate toward the... Agent:

20150136252 - Handheld work apparatus having a pump, said pump and pump bellows therefor: A handheld work apparatus has a fuel supply system and a pump for delivering fuel from the fuel supply system. The pump has an elastic pump bellows which can be actuated by the operator. The pump bellows has a fastening section at which the pump bellows is fastened to a... Agent:

20150136251 - Hydraulic control assembly: A hydraulic control assembly for a plurality of consumers includes, for each consumer, a supply metering orifice configured to control fluid flow. A flow-sensing fluid-flow-path extends over detection orifices positioned hydraulically in series, whereby a detection orifice is assigned to each supply metering orifice. The fluid-flow-path is connected to a... Agent:

20150136253 - Hydraulic control circuit for drive line: A hydraulic control circuit for a drive line includes first and second switching valves and first and second solenoid valves. Each switching valve is alternatively switched by a switching hydraulic pressure to connect any two of three ports. The first port of the first switching valve is connected to a... Agent:

20150136254 - Fluid circulation valve: The invention relates to a fluid circulation valve comprising a body (2) through which said fluid can pass, and a first and second shutoff means (3, 3′), arranged in series, in the direction of flow of the fluid, in said body and each able, by rotation of said means (3,... Agent: Valeo Systemes De Controle Moteur

20150136256 - Fluid collection device: A fluid collection device for withdrawing a fluid from an object includes a chamber having a plurality of apertures and an opening for flow of the fluid. A tube is positioned in fluid communication with the opening of the chamber for withdrawing fluid out of the chamber. At least one... Agent:

20150136255 - Pipe having slits: A pipe is disclosed. The pipe may comprise an inner wall, an outer wall coupled to the inner wall and including a plurality of corrugation crests and a plurality of corrugation valleys, and a plurality of slits positioned within the corrugation valleys, wherein the slits may be evenly spaced relative... Agent: Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.

20150136257 - Control valve structure for a faucet: A control valve structure for a faucet contains two controlling valves, each including: a fitting sleeve having a receiving space, an inlet, a sealing element, and at least one first seal ring, between the at least one first seal ring and the fitting sleeve being defined a plurality of outlets;... Agent:

20150136258 - Spool assembly and a valve comprising the same: A spool assembly includes an mounting base, having a upper mounting section and a lower mounting section arranged in axial direction; a first outlet, disposed between the upper mounting section and the lower mounting section; a stationary member, mounted on the lower mounting section, and having a stationary member diversion... Agent: Guangzhou Seagull Kitchen And Bath Products Co., Ltd.

20150136259 - Valve for controlling a flow of fluid, including a rotary closure means: The valve comprises: a body (2) through which the fluid flows; and a controllable rotary closure means (3) disposed in the body, which can be rotated in relation to the body in order to occupy different angular positions. Advantageously, the body (2) comprises an inner cylindrical housing (4) having a... Agent: Valeo Systemes De Controle Moteur

20150136260 - Electronic expansion valve: An electronic expansion valve includes a drive component including a screw rod which reciprocates axially and a nut which cooperates with the screw rod by screw threads, and a lower end of the screw rod forms the valve needle component. A sleeve is fixed in the main valve cavity, an... Agent: Zhejiang Sanhua Co., Ltd.

20150136261 - Apparatus for creating a swirling flow of fluid: An apparatus for creating a swirling flow of fluid comprises a transmission base (1) with an internal cavity (2) to receive the fluid flow from outside via a side hole (3) which will become a hole side edge (4) to control the flow through of the fluid into the transmission... Agent:

20150136262 - Electronically-controlled pressure regulator system for poultry drinker lines: An electrically-controlled water pressure regulator for use with a poultry watering system receives potable water at a first high pressure level and reduces the water pressure level of the water provided to watering valves that dispense water to the flock within a poultry house. A variable control valve uses a... Agent:

20150136263 - Sawing of hard granites: The invention relates to the use of sodium bentonite as a fluid bed that supports the grit and debris resulting from sawing. The invention also relates to the use of vibrating tables for separating the debris resulting from bentonite sawing. The invention describes a special centrifuge for concentrating the bentonite... Agent:

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