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Fluid handling

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12/18/2014 > 25 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140366949 - Apparatus and method for fluid control: A multi-phase separation flow management system includes a housing with an inlet, a first outlet and a second outlet and in which a movable element is mounted. The movable element has a first passageway with an inlet and an outlet and a second passageway having an inlet and an outlet,... Agent:

20140366950 - Distributing gas within an aircraft: An aircraft comprising a Rubens' tube for distributing gas within the aircraft. The Rubens' tube comprises a tube with a plurality of outlets; an inlet for feeding the gas into the tube; and a loudspeaker arranged to set up a standing acoustic wave within the tube. Typically the Rubens' tube... Agent:

20140366952 - Method and apparatus for gas flow control: A method and apparatus for self-calibrating control of gas flow. The gas flow rate is initially set by controlling, to a high degree of precision, the amount of opening of a flow restriction, where the design of the apparatus containing the flow restriction lends itself to achieving high precision. The... Agent:

20140366951 - Method for controlling lowering of an implement of a working machine: A method for controlling lowering of an implement of a working machine is provided. The working machine has a hydraulic system including a hydraulic cylinder for moving the implement and a first control valve for controlling the flow of hydraulic fluid from the piston side of the hydraulic cylinder, and... Agent: Volvo Construction Equipment Ab

20140366953 - Particle reduction via throttle gate valve purge: Methods and apparatus for particle reduction in throttle gate valves used in substrate process chambers are provided herein. In some embodiments, a gate valve for use in a process chamber includes a body having an opening disposed therethrough from a first surface to an opposing second surface of the body;... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140366954 - Method for repairing and improving structural integrity of storage tanks: In some implementations of ignition-free welding in at least one fastener is attached to a container that resides within a hazardous environment. The fasteners are then used to secure a fill zone to the container. The chamber then receives a sealing material for the purpose of sealing a leak without... Agent: Forge Tech, Inc.

20140366955 - Remote regulator for roof bolter: A regulator for controlling operation of a drill thrust actuator and a drill rotation actuator in a roof bolter, is provided. The regulator includes a first pressure relief unit, a second pressure relief unit and a flow control valve. The first pressure relief unit is configured to selectively allow a... Agent:

20140366956 - Reservoir assembly with breather vent: A vehicle hydraulic oil reservoir assembly includes a main reservoir and an auxiliary reservoir. The main reservoir has a lower portion and an upper portion. The auxiliary reservoir has a lower portion and an upper portion. The auxiliary reservoir has a port formed in the upper portion thereof. The lower... Agent:

20140366957 - Inflating module for use with an inflatable object: An inflating module adapted to an inflatable object includes a pressure controlling assembly configured to monitor air pressure in the inflatable object after the inflatable body has been inflated and a supplemental air pressure providing device. The pressure controlling assembly is configured to automatically activate the supplemental air pressure providing... Agent:

20140366958 - Powder discharge system: A powder discharge system is installed in a circulating water tank for collecting powder generated when an exhaust gas is treated in an exhaust gas treatment apparatus. The powder discharge system includes at least one eductor provided in the circulating water tank. The eductor has a nozzle configured to throttle... Agent:

20140366959 - Seal assemblies for use with fluid valves: Seal assemblies for use with fluid valves are described. An apparatus includes a cage, a plug having a seal gland and a seal assembly to be at least partially positioned in the seal gland. The seal assembly includes a back-up ring having a wedge-shaped protrusion and a seal defining a... Agent:

20140366960 - Multi-functional valve device for expelling humidity and saturated steam for building structures: Multi-functional valve device comprising: a first holding element equipped with a first hollow duct for communicating with outside the device; a second holding element operatively coupled with the first holding element and equipped with a containing seat, the second holding element equipped with a second hollow duct for communicating with... Agent:

20140366961 - Draining device: The present invention relates to a draining device for discharging the water contained in a fuel filter manifold, including a draining solenoid valve comprising a valve body (1′, 2′) provided with a draining channel (17′), a coil winding (10′), a piston (8′, 12′) arranged such as to be movable between... Agent: Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Switzerland Sa

20140366962 - Disposable intravenous flow control device: A disposable intravenous flow control device (20) includes a rigid casing (21) defining a flow passage having a fluid entrance (23) and a fluid exit (22); a flow regulator (10) disposed in the flow passage of the casing (21) and comprising an annular flange (11) extending upward, a hollow, cylindrical... Agent:

20140366963 - Fuel supply device: Provided is a fuel supply device that is able to achieve downsizing of a fuel pump in a configuration in which part of a fuel to be sent outside by driving of the fuel pump is able to be returned to an accommodation portion not provided with the fuel pump.... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140366964 - Reverse flow relief valve: A bleed valve system includes a bleed valve, a valve regulator, a valve actuator and a reverse flow relief valve. The bleed valve is opened and closed to control a flow of bleed air from an upstream inlet to a downstream outlet. The valve regulator provides a servo pressure used... Agent:

20140366965 - Integral filter and regulator for valve: A valve assembly comprises a closure element disposed in a flow control duct, a fluid-driven actuator assembly, a shaft operable to translate linear movement of the actuator assembly into rotation of the closure element, and an integral filter and pressure regulator unit disposed in line with an actuator fluid supply... Agent:

20140366966 - High pressure check valve flange joint: A valve flange joint includes a valve flange and first and second duct flanges. The first and second duct flanges include respective first and second mating portions. The first mating portion includes a first duct rim, a first duct face in contact with a first face of the valve flange,... Agent:

20140366968 - Coating method for gas delivery system: A gas delivery system for a plasma process system such as a plasma etching system wherein inner surfaces of gas passages are coated with a corrosion-resistant material coating formed by curing a layer of fluidic precursor deposited on the inner surfaces. The coating can be formed by (a) flowing a... Agent:

20140366967 - Complex structures in refractory bodies and methods of forming: A method of forming complex structures in a ceramic-, glass- or glass-ceramic-body microfluidic module is disclosed including the steps of providing at green-state refractory- material structure (140) comprising least a portion of a body of a microfluidic module, providing a removeable insert (120) formed of a carbon or of a... Agent:

20140366969 - Container for biopharmaceutical content: A container (10) for receiving biopharmaceutical content (C) in liquid, fluid or gaseous form, includes a peripheral wall (12) that is closed on itself, at least one transfer pipe (22), at least one guiding element (30; 130), and wherein the at least one guiding element (30; 130) includes a gripping... Agent:

20140366970 - Valve sound reducing trim assembly with pressure relief mechanism: A cage for a control valve trim assembly includes a cage body having an opening at one end and a wall extending from the opening, a plurality of cage openings disposed in the wall, and a pressure relief mechanism disposed in the cage wall.... Agent:

20140366971 - Apparatus and method for fluid control: A multi-phase separation flow management apparatus has a housing with an inlet, a first outlet and a second outlet and in which a movable element is mounted. The movable element has a first passageway with an inlet and an outlet and a second passageway having an inlet and an outlet,... Agent:

20140366972 - Arrangement for the fluidic and mechanical connection of two components: An arrangement for a fluidic and mechanical connection of two components may include a first component, a second component, and a coupling. The coupling may include a first coupling part arranged on the first component and a second coupling part. A damping part may moveably connect the second coupling part... Agent: Mahle International Gmbh

20140366973 - Drain arrangement for a mobile liquid storage tank: A mobile liquid storage tank includes a sump located below the floor level of the tank at an end wall of the tank. A suction pipe has an inlet positioned within the sump so that the tank is substantially completely emptied as the liquid is withdrawn from the tank.... Agent:

12/11/2014 > 22 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140360588 - Drag reducing compositions and methods of manufacture and use: A drag reducing composition for use in hydrocarbon streams which contains a finely divided, solid polyolefin friction reducing agent, a suspending medium comprised of water and a liquid organic carrier containing from 10 to 14 carbon atoms and having at least one hydroxyl group and a partitioning agent comprising a... Agent:

20140360586 - Fluid ionization vaporization inlet for introduction of samples to spectroscopy instruments and methods of performing the same: A fluid ionization and vaporization inlet provides for the ionization and vaporization of samples to be delivered to analytical instrumentation of the scientist's choice. A sample may be injected through a septum onto a sample plate whereby heat, direct current, or both can be applied to ionize and/or vaporize the... Agent:

20140360587 - Reducing friction of a viscous fluid flow in a conduit: A device for reducing friction of a viscous fluid flow in a conduit includes a body (10,110) positionable to define at least a segment of a flow path for the viscous fluid in or contiguous with the conduit, a cavity (40,140) in the body for retaining lubricating fluid, and at... Agent:

20140360590 - High reliability pressure relief valve: A pressure relief valve is disclosed with a first stage valve that is in series with a second stage valve, with an enclosed cavity between the first stage valve and the second stage valve. The first stage valve relieves pressure from an enclosure into the enclosed cavity between the stages,... Agent: Prevco Subsea, LLC

20140360589 - Multiple pressure ratio valve assembly: A multiple pressure ratio valve assembly is provided that may be used in a plurality of systems requiring different operating pressures. In one embodiment, a valve assembly and a plurality of interchangeable valves is provided, the interchangeable valves being configured to be installed within the same valve bore diameter, and... Agent:

20140360591 - Underdrain for a filter system for filtering water or wastewater and a method of washing the filter system: An apparatus for use in a filter system for filtering water or wastewater. The apparatus preferably includes an underdrain lateral having a plurality of chambers. Each of the plurality of chambers is preferably configured to direct a combined washing liquid and washing gas into a filter bed during a cleaning... Agent: Roberts Marketing De, Inc.

20140360592 - Oil deflection apparatus: An apparatus for deflecting leaking oil comprising a first L-shaped member comprising a pivot arm and a latch mechanism and a second L-shaped member that is slidably coupled to the first L-shaped member. The pivot arm on the first L-shaped member is configured to pivot on the first L-shaped member... Agent:

20140360593 - Well containment device: A device for containment of fluid escaping from a pipe, comprising a can having a surrounding wall and a bottom: The bottom is formed of bottom segments that combine to form a bottom opening with a bottom inward facing sealing surface for sealing against the pipe. The surrounding wall is... Agent:

20140360594 - Medical fluid machine with supply autoconnection: A system for automatically connecting tubing to a medical fluid machine includes at least one fluid container including a tube having a cap on an end of the tube, a shuttle configured to receive the tube, a driving mechanism configured to translate the shuttle, a cap removal device configured to... Agent:

20140360595 - Method of manufacturing liquid ejection head and liquid ejection head: A print element substrate is absorbed and held by a handling jig to define a predetermined location and position of the print element substrate with respect to the supporting member. In this instance, the handling jig is provided with a convex portion. Therefore, when the print element substrate is joined... Agent:

20140360596 - Liquid supply apparatus, liquid container: A liquid supply apparatus is configured to have detachably installed therein a liquid container 51 including an ink bag 82 that is flexible at least in part and a flow channel member 91 that is in communication with the ink bag 82, and to supply a liquid held in the... Agent:

20140360597 - Double security lockable hydraulic valve: A lockable hydraulic valve for preventing unauthorized use of a system, machinery item or vehicle requiring operation by both electric and hydraulic circuits. The valve comprising a housing provided with a spool bore and at least one hydraulic inlet and at least one hydraulic outlet. A spool allows oil passage... Agent:

20140360598 - Reading and adjusting tool for hydrocephalus shunt valve: A reading and adjustment tool for use with a valve having a pressure or flow setting adjustable to a plurality of pressure or flow settings is disclosed. The tool includes a signal generator and an excitation coil coupled to the signal generator. The signal generator includes an adjustment interface configured... Agent:

20140360599 - Fluid regulator: A fluid pressure regulating unit, comprises a fluid inlet port, a fluid outlet port, a valve comprising a movable valve part, wherein the movable part comprises at least one fluid pressure balancing means and wherein the at least one pressure balancing means comprises a tapered surface, and a main valve... Agent:

20140360600 - Optimized multi-functional flow control device: A multi-functional flow control device optimized for maintaining a substantially specific flow rate of fluid with the requirements to properly connect, commission, set-to-work, maintain, repair, and/or replace hydronic apparatus and equipment. The device includes two valve housings hydraulically communicating with each other, one is fixed to the supply line and... Agent: Advanced Technical Solutions Gmbh

20140360601 - Upper electrode device: An upper electrode device applied to the film coating process has a splitter chamber and at least three gas diversion plates; a gas inlet is set on the splitter chamber; the at least three gas diversion plates were fixed on the inside walls of the splitter chamber and used for... Agent: Everdisplay Optronics (shanghai) Limited

20140360602 - Fuel supply device: A resilient member is accommodated within a single support column, which connects a flange and a pump unit. The resilient member presses the pump unit in an axial direction toward a bottom part of a fuel tank through a holder member. The support column is formed in a polygonal tube... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140360603 - Systems and methods for a vacuum insulated panel: A vacuum insulated panel is disclosed herein. According to an embodiment, the vacuum insulated panel may include a frame having a first side and a second side. The vacuum insulated panel also may include a first convex sheet positioned about the first side of the frame and a second convex... Agent:

20140360604 - Combination isolation valve and check valve with integral flow rate, pressure, and/or temperature measurement: A combination valve includes an isolation shutoff valve to prevent a fluid flow; a check valve to prevent backflow and gravity circulation of fluid flow; a pressure sensor to sense a pressure measurement of fluid flow and determine pressure sensor signaling containing information about a sensed pressure measurement; a temperature... Agent:

20140360605 - Passage-switching valve: Provided is a rotary passage-switching valve having a rotor with an extended service life. The passage-switching valve according to the present invention has a stator and a rotor which is rotatable while sliding relative to the stator. The stator has a plurality of ports whose ends are open on a... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140360606 - Passive injection of a chemical solution into a process stream: A system and method of injecting a chemical into a high pressure process stream without pumps or other active components. The system utilizes the differential pressure created by resistive losses of downstream components within a high pressure process stream. A bypass side stream is taken from an upstream pressure location... Agent:

20140360607 - Aspirators for producing vacuum using the venturi effect: Aspirators are disclosed herein that include a body defining a Venturi gap between an outlet end of a converging motive section and an inlet end of a diverging discharge section and have a suction port in fluid communication with the Venturi gap. The converging motive section defines a circular-shaped motive... Agent: DaycoIPHoldings, LLC

12/04/2014 > 42 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20140352791 - Aircraft hydraulic air bleed valve system: An aircraft hydraulic air bleed valve system having an air vent valve connected to an electronic controller where the opening of the air vent valve is permitted only when the aircraft is in a pre-determined flight mode where the aircraft flight mode is determined by a gyroscope connected to the... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140352789 - Charge valve sealing system: A charge valve system includes a valve fitting housing a valve and a cap sealing the fluid from escaping the charge valve system. The valve fitting may include a fitting exterior surface diameter. The cap may include an inner sidewall diameter greater than the fitting exterior surface diameter so that... Agent:

20140352790 - Pneumatic directional valve and method of operation: A pneumatic system for operating a hydraulic valve is provided. The system may include: a first piston set; a first connector attached to the first piston operably connecting the first piston; a first spring biasing the first piston to move in an axial direction; a second port in the first... Agent:

20140352792 - System and method for controlling hydrogen charging for vehicle: A system and method for controlling hydrogen charging for vehicles are provided. The system includes a hydrogen sensor configured to detect a leak in a hydrogen tank and a controller configured to stop an inflow of hydrogen into the hydrogen tank when a hydrogen concentration value detected by the hydrogen... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140352794 - Laser nozzle comprising an element movable in a gas layer: The invention relates to a device for dispensing one or more jets of cryogenic fluid comprising a fluid supply pipe supplying one or more fluid-dispensing nozzles arranged downstream of said pipe, in which the fluid flow section of the fluid supply pipe has a first diameter. According to the invention,... Agent:

20140352793 - Wet connection system, downhole system using wet connection system, and method thereof: A wet connection system including a first connector configured to connect to a first control line. The first connector including at least one first pathway arranged to fluidly communicate with the first control line, and a biased movable plug movable within the first connector; and, a second connector configured to... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140352796 - Fuel tank depressurization before refueling a plug-in hybrid vehicle: Methods and systems for controlling a locking mechanism on a fuel cap for refueling a vehicle are disclosed. In one example approach, a method comprises venting a fuel tank into a vapor absorbent canister in response to a request to refuel and unlocking the fuel cap in response to a... Agent:

20140352798 - Plumbing outlet box: Plumbing outlet boxes, such as for connecting washing machines, ice makers, and other plumbed appliances to plumbing systems, are provided that increase the energy efficiency of a building thermal envelope. In particular, plumbing outlet boxes are described that include a continuous flange and a compressible seal contacting the flange. The... Agent:

20140352797 - Aircraft jet engine: In various embodiments, a jet engine, as described herein, may include a fan case, a fan cowl, and an air inlet. Further, in various embodiments, at least one of the fan case and the fan cowl may be directly coupled to the air inlet. In addition, in various embodiments, the... Agent:

20140352795 - Jet engine with deflector: An air inlet deflector for a structure having an air inlet. The deflector may be retractable within the structure, may be integrally formed with the structure, and may prevent the structure from ingesting foreign matter, such as birds. The deflector may include a series of ribs, spokes, or vanes that... Agent:

20140352799 - Ozone distribution in a faucet: A faucet for dispensing a fluid includes a spout, a pull-out spray head removably coupled to the spout and including an outlet, and a valve assembly in fluid communication with the outlet. Additionally, the faucet includes a fluid treatment assembly configured to output a treatment into the fluid. The faucet... Agent:

20140352800 - System for contaminant isolation and flushing: Disclosed is a hydrant including an upper barrel; at least one hose nozzle; a valve associated with the hose nozzle; an electric motor to open and close the valve; and a controller coupled to the hydrant... Agent:

20140352802 - Drip tray for beverages dispenser: The invention concerns a beverage dispenser (2) comprising :—a beverage module having at least one beverage outlet (21),—a drip tray (1), said drip tray comprising: a collecting tray (11), and a filtering member (12) positioned above at least the front part (111) of the tray, wherein the drip tray comprises... Agent:

20140352801 - Methods for fuel tank recycling and net hydrogen fuel and carbon goods production along with associated apparatus and systems: A fuel tank for use with hydrogen carrier fuels. The fuel tank includes a self-supporting shell having an inward facing surface and an outward facing surface. A fluid-tight inner layer is disposed adjacent the inward facing surface and a fluid-tight outer layer is disposed adjacent the outward facing surface. A... Agent: Mcalister Technologies, LLC

20140352803 - Hollow poppet valve: To provide a hollow poppet valve having an improved heat reduction effect. In a hollow poppet valve (10) having a valve head (14) and a stem (12) integral with the valve head (14), the hollow poppet valve (10) is formed with an internal cavity S that extends in the valve... Agent: Nittan Valve Co., Ltd.

20140352804 - Rinsing arrangement for a domestic appliance for the care of laundry items, and domestic appliance for the care of laundry items: The invention relates to a rinsing arrangement (8) for a domestic appliance (1) for the care of laundry items, comprising a rinsing dish (8a) that has an upper portion (8b) and a lower portion (8c) connectable to thereto, wherein a water supply device (8d) having a water receiving tray is... Agent:

20140352805 - Fresh water supply system for a railway vehicle: A fresh water supply system for a railway vehicle has a fresh water tank, a feed line extending from the fresh water tank for fresh water consumers to be supplied, and a valve that is located within the feed line for metered dispensing of fresh water. The valve is disposed... Agent:

20140352806 - Assembly for transporting liquid via pipes and associated floating structure: The invention relates to an assembly that includes a pipe for transporting liquid, deformable between an internal circular cross-section and a flattened internal cross-section that can be null and that can be folded on itself longitudinally, and a device for installing the pipe. The device includes a rotating turret about... Agent: Via Marina

20140352807 - Pressure washer with hose reel and motor pump assembly: A pressure washer with hose reel and motor pump assembly. The hose reel and motor pump assembly are disposed in side by side arrangement within a barrel of the pressure washer so as to provide a low centre of gravity while accommodating a suitably long hose, and to provide substantial... Agent:

20140352808 - Pressure washer with hose reel and motor pump assembly: A pressure assisted washer or pressure washer with hose reel and motor pump assembly. The hose reel defines a bore in which a motor pump assembly is disposed. The hose reel comprises a cylinder having an aperture through which pressurized fluid can be accessed through a coupling in fluid communication... Agent:

20140352809 - Diverter and lid assembly for use with a rain barrel device and system: A diverter for a rain barrel includes a scoop portion configured to fit within a gutter downspout, a rain barrel fitting portion configured to fluidly attach the scoop portion to the rain barrel, and a wing extending outwardly from the scoop portion to direct a flow of water in the... Agent: Earth Minded LLC

20140352810 - Water drainage device for a sanitary facility, such as a floor-level shower area: A water drainage device for sanitary installations, such as in a walk-in shower stall. The device includes: a pan-shaped water drainage element that is fluidically connected or connectable, to a drain pipe; a channel cover that is inserted into the water drainage element and that covers the water drainage element;... Agent: Wedi Gmbh

20140352811 - Valve assembly: A valve assembly (I) for controlling the supply of water to a reservoir. The assembly (I) has a main body (2) having a floor (4) and side walls (3), an upper float (15) pivotably mounted within the main body (2) and a lower float (21) pivotably mounted beneath the main... Agent:

20140352812 - Temperature controlled purge valve for use in water systems: Applicant discloses a thermally actuated valve having a housing, a resilient seat, a thermally conductive piston, a spring fluid seal, and a working material. The housing defines an inlet and an outlet and has two chambers. The seat is adjacent the inlet and the piston is adapted to move towards... Agent: Baker Products Limited

20140352814 - Balanced fluid valve: It is proposed to design a fluid flux regulating unit, comprising a first fluid port, a second fluid port and a valve comprising a movable valve part and at least one fluid pressure balancing means, wherein the fluid pressure balancing means comprises a surface in fluid communication with the first... Agent:

20140352813 - System and methods for control and monitoring of a field device: A method of collecting data in a field device includes receiving indications of variables for which data is collected, receiving indications of trigger events to trigger collection of data, receiving threshold values associated with each of the trigger events, monitoring the trigger events, and initiating data collection when at least... Agent: Tescom Corporation

20140352815 - Channel drain with integral weep path: A channel drain assembly includes a channel drain and a grate. The channel drain includes a body having at least one sidewall and a bottom wall, a flange extending about a periphery of the body, and a drain pipe. The grate is positionable within the body and includes at least... Agent:

20140352816 - Hydraulic pressure control apparatus: A hydraulic pressure control apparatus includes a first pressure regulating valve for reducing an initial oil pressure (line pressure) of a working oil, a solenoid-operated valve for converting the oil pressure, which has been reduced in pressure, into a solenoid pressure, and a second pressure regulating valve for converting the... Agent: Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.

20140352817 - Fuel tank valve: The present invention includes: a valve main body including a filling port through which a fuel gas is filled in a tank and an output port through which the fuel gas in the tank is output; and a jet flow deflection piece through which the fuel gas to be filled... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140352818 - Apparatus and method for tagging a perpetrator: Apparatus and methods for tagging, or otherwise marking, a perpetrator or suspected perpetrator are provided. The apparatus includes a marker delivery device configured to mark the perpetrator, for example, with a canine scent or fluorescent marker; and a trigger configured to actuate the marker delivery device, for example, a button... Agent:

20140352819 - Membrane microfluidic valve and process for manufacturing a membrane microfluidic valve: A microfluidic valve includes: a first structural layer and a second structural layer; a microfluidic circuit having a first microfluidic conduit and a second microfluidic conduit, which are defined in a superficial portion of the first structural layer, are adjacent, and are separated by a wall; a membrane set between... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20140352820 - Vacuum pump with abatement function: A vacuum pump with abatement function is used for evacuating a chamber of a manufacturing apparatus. The vacuum pump with abatement function includes a vacuum pump having a discharge port to which one or more abatement parts for treating an exhaust gas discharged from the vacuum pump to make the... Agent: Ebara Corporation

20140352821 - System for supplying washing inputs and washing machine provided with system for supplying washing inputs: The present invention relates to a system for supplying washing inputs comprised by at least one hydraulic circuit comprising at least one water inlet pipe (2), at least one reservoir (3) of inputs and at least one inputs outlet pipe (4). It is further provided at least one water spreader... Agent: Whirlpool S.a.

20140352822 - Air bleed valve float arrangement with restrictor: A bleed valve assembly includes a control assembly having a fluid inlet, a fluid outlet and a passageway in fluid communication with the fluid inlet and the fluid outlet. A fluid inlet air pressure is greater than a fluid outlet air pressure. An electromechanical valve is disposed in the control... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140352823 - Systems and methods of handling an off-gas containing carbon monoxide: An uptake apparatus is arranged to extract a stream of off-gas containing carbon monoxide from a process vessel. At least one gas conditioning train receives and conditions the stream. An outlet expels at least a portion of the stream. A portion of the stream is separated to form a recycle... Agent: Hatch Ltd.

20140352824 - Hydraulic pressure control apparatus: A hydraulic pressure control apparatus includes a first pressure regulating valve for reducing an initial oil pressure of a working oil introduced from an inlet port, a solenoid-operated valve, and a second pressure regulating valve for converting the initial oil pressure of the working oil into an actuating pressure. The... Agent: Keihin Corporation

20140352825 - Control valve with contact surface hardened end caps: An end cap assembly configured for use in a control valve and in combination with a spool includes a stater, the stater having a spool stop having a hardened surface.... Agent:

20140352826 - Directional poppet valve: The invention relates to a directional poppet valve (10), comprising valve pistons (16-22) arranged in a valve housing (12) for controlling a plurality of fluid connections (A, B, P, T), wherein the positions of each of the valve pistons (16-22) in the valve housing (12) can be changed by means... Agent:

20140352827 - Flow path switching valve: A base and a stator forming a housing are joined by a stator position adjustment member. The adjustment member is a ring-shaped member having an inner diameter that is equal to the outer forms of the base and the stator, and threads opposite to each other are provided to an... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140352828 - Directional valve and method of operation: A valve is provided. The valve may include: an axially movable spool having a conical valve portion and dissipating disk portion; a valve housing defining a valve cavity in which the spool resides; a first port in the valve housing; a second port in the valve housing; a land defined... Agent:

20140352829 - Connecting seat structure for guide mouth of container: A connecting seat structure for a guide mouth of a container is provided. The air pipe of an air compressor is connected to an air inlet control pipe provided at an air inlet. By a control valve of the air inlet control pipe, high-pressure air is guided into the container... Agent:

20140352830 - Portable liquid transloader: A portable liquid transloader includes a wheeled support vehicle. The wheeled support vehicle includes a chassis and a manually operated extension ladder. The extension ladder includes a base section that is carried by the chassis and a fly section that is extendably connected to the base section. A platform extends... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 38 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20140345697 - Actuator: In order to solve the problem of the generation of the interspace between layers, the present invention provides an actuator including: a conductive polymer layer; an ambient temperature molten salt layer; and an opposite electrode layer; wherein the ambient temperature molten salt layer is interposed between the conductive polymer layer... Agent:

20140345696 - Atmospheric circulation system and method: An artificially created atmospheric circulation system comprising a plurality of vortex generating units (10), wherein each vortex generating unit (10) is configured to generate an upwardly directed vortex 15 within the atmosphere and wherein the plurality of vortex generating units are configured and associated so that all of the vortices... Agent:

20140345695 - Grey water interface for high flow applications in vacuum systems: Embodiments of the present invention relate generally to a flow control unit for controlling liquid flow in a vacuum waste system. In one embodiment, the flow control unit provides a series of valves that direct liquid flow. The unit may also have an intermediate transfer tube that holds a portion... Agent: Mag Aerospace Industries, LLC

20140345694 - Low friction fuel metering valve: A method of metering fuel with a fuel valve. The method includes arranging a spool within to a sleeve along an axis, wherein the spool includes four seal lands. The sleeve includes a fuel inlet aperture, a fuel outlet aperture, and a shutoff port. A first cavity and a second... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140345698 - Multi-vane throttle valve: A multi-vane throttling valve for a vacuum process chamber includes a reciprocal vane pivotally connected to and extending backwardly away from a back side of each of a plurality of rotatable vanes, and a stationary reciprocal vane angling assembly fixed in a predefined position and having an assembly pin extending... Agent:

20140345699 - Vent valve: A vent valve according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, a sensing sleeve defining a sensing chamber and a vent channel for venting fluid out of the sensing chamber. A sensing piston is moveable within the sensing chamber between an open position and a... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140345700 - Pressure monitoring system for a fuel tank and method: A pressure monitoring system for a fuel tank includes a supply line fluidly coupling a fluid source with at least one fuel tank for supplying an inert gas to the at least one fuel tank. Also included is a pressure relief valve in communication with the supply line configured to... Agent:

20140345701 - Electrohydraulic pilot control with two pressure control valves: Electrohydraulic pilot control means (1) for a hydraulic device which can be a proportional directional valve, an adjusting pump or an adjusting motor, which pilot control means contains two proportionally acting pressure control valves (3) and is provided with a control block (2) which accommodates the hydraulic valve parts (4)... Agent: Thomas Magnete Gmbh

20140345702 - Method and apparatus of hot tapping multiple coaxial or nested strings of underwater piping and/or tubing for overturned wells or platforms: A method and apparatus for tapping into a pressurized multiple strings of coaxially situated tubulars for wells and/or platforms which have overturned wherein the tapping occurs underwater via a diver or remotely operated vehicle. The assembly includes a tapping tool connectable to the tubular via a saddle connection and an... Agent: Tetra Applied Technologies, LLC

20140345703 - Fill valve leak prevention device: A device for preventing leaks in a toilet that comprises a fill valve operatively connected to and disposed above a float. In certain embodiments an arm is rotably connected to the fill valve such that the arm comprises a pivot. A lever is, for example, pivotally connected to the pivot... Agent: Fluidmaster, Inc.

20140345704 - Gas valve with multi-fuel capability: A dual flow gas valve suitable for gas grills that allows a user to select the valve for use with gases of different heating values and to select one of a high flow position and a low flow position for each gas. The gas valve includes a body and an... Agent: W.c. Bradley Co.

20140345705 - Flow activated circulating valve: The invention relates to a flow activated circulating valve (1). The valve comprises an outer housing (10) comprising radial ports (11) provided axially between an upper portion (1a) of the valve (1) and a lower portion (1b) of the valve (1). An inner sleeve (20) provided inside the outer housing... Agent: Interwell As

20140345706 - Non-return valve: The invention relates to a non-return valve with a valve sleeve, comprising a valve seat and a flow opening and a sealing body moveable in the valve sleeve, comprising a bulged sealing face, wherein the bulged sealing face is arranged at a head end of the sealing body and the... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140345707 - Direct mount canister purge solenoid with additional vacuum ports: A valve assembly, such as a canister purge solenoid (CPS) having one or more interchangeable components which may be used to reconfigure the valve assembly to have one or more additional vacuum ports. The design of the valve assembly eliminates the need to mold these ports into the intake manifold,... Agent:

20140345708 - Dispenser nitrogen purge: A dispenser nitrogen purge and heater system for a liquid natural gas (LNG) fueling dispenser, comprising a nitrogen purge enclosure; a nitrogen container containing nitrogen; a nitrogen feed line for feeding nitrogen from the nitrogen container to the nitrogen purge enclosure; a heater for heating an interior space within the... Agent:

20140345709 - Mounting configuration for valve assembly: A mounting assembly which provides for a rigid connection between a valve assembly, such as a canister purge valve (CPV), and a component in an air flow system of a vehicle, such as an intake manifold, air box, or the like. The mounting assembly includes two brackets that are connected... Agent:

20140345710 - Poly-metal hose reel water system: An inlet conduit assembly for a hose reel assembly includes a clip assembly that is structured to be accessible from the outer side of the frame assembly. The clip assembly is structured to be operated without the use of tools. The clip assembly, essentially, prevents the inlet conduit assembly from... Agent: The Ames Companies, Inc.

20140345711 - Fluid control valve: [Problem] In a fluid control valve, to make it possible to minimize the phenomenon of valve body fluttering and prevent resulting vibration and any consequent defects such as damage or wear to peripheral components, e.g., a rod, piston, or E-ring, housing-side wear or deformation, or breakage of a coil spring,... Agent:

20140345712 - Lower effort quick-disconnect coupler: This invention relates to an improvement in the manner by which the direct response sealing member (valve) is opened or uncoupled by substantially reducing the required insertion force and hence reducing the work required. A fluid channel opening of the direct response valve is initiated by the insertion of a... Agent:

20140345713 - Suction valve assembly for alternative compressor: The present invention refers to a suction valve assembly for alternative compressors. Said suction valve assembly comprises at least two suction valves (3) independent from one another and disposed at one same blade (1), wherein each of said suction valves (3) comprises a functional edge (4) intended for a sole... Agent:

20140345714 - Quick maintenance undersea check valve: The present invention aims at simplifying maintenance, mounting and disassembly operations which are required with valves, and in particular with check valves. Thus, the present invention proposes a solution according to which the closing element (101) of the valve is rotatably fixed to the valve cover (200) so that said... Agent:

20140345716 - Flow-limiting device: A flow-limiting device comprises a stationary portion and a mobile valve comprising an orifice. The mobile valve is kept closed by a forced closure system that enables the mobile valve to limit the flow of a fluid passing through same and opens same to allow a larger flow to pass... Agent:

20140345715 - Trickle valve assembly and a method of supplying particulate material through such trickle valve assembly: The present invention concerns a trickle valve assembly for supplying particulate material exiting the bottom of a separating cyclone, comprising a separating cyclone outlet conduit having a bottom end with an inclined valve seat and a pivotable valve plate assembly with a valve plate pivoting about a valve hinge and... Agent: Rockwool International A/s

20140345717 - Trim of check valve: A trim of a check valve includes a stem, a fixed member including two opposite through holes, a rotational member secured to the stem and including two opposite recesses, a hollow coupling member including an inlet at one end, a sleeve releasably secured to the coupling member wherein the sleeve... Agent: Fusan Valve (suzhou) Limited

20140345718 - Fluid evacuation valve with break-away groove: A device for removing oils, fuels and other fluids from reservoirs is disclosed that works in conjunction with engine-powered devices via a vacuum-actuated valve containing a multi-tiered U-groove. The U-groove allows a disconnection of the valve bolt shaft from the threaded end that fits inside the reservoir, trapping and holding... Agent: Clean Planet Mfg. & Labs, Inc.

20140345719 - Strainer and fuel pump module having the same: Provided are a strainer and a fuel pump module having the same, and more particularly, a strainer capable of preventing filter paper from stopping since the filter paper contacts each other at a portion at which the strainer is folded, in the strainer connected to an inlet of a fuel... Agent: Coavis

20140345720 - Hydraulic block for a slip-controlled vehicle brake system: A hydraulic block for a slip-controlled vehicle brake system has a plurality of receptacles configured to receive hydraulic components, such as solenoid valves, hydraulic accumulators, hydraulic pumps, and gear pumps, and includes connectors for external components of the vehicle brake system, and facilitates a flat hydraulic block.... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140345721 - Independently operable water storage and distribution system: A water storage system is provided that stores a quantity of fresh, potable water for residential or commercial use when municipal water or ground water is not available. The system comprises several embodiments, including a pressurized system and a non-pressurized system that stores water from a main water line in... Agent:

20140345722 - Emulsion-producing hydraulic circuit and method for re-emulsifying a separated liquid: The present invention relates to an emulsion-producing hydraulic circuit. The hydraulic circuit includes a by-pass loop comprising a first end and a second end, where the first end of the by-pass loop and the second end of the by-pass loop are connected to a supply line of the hydraulic circuit... Agent: Cavitronix Corporation

20140345723 - Water injection device for a bypass steam system of a power plant: A water injection device for a bypass steam system of a power plant, having a flow channel for steam with a steam inlet and a steam outlet, and an injection nozzle which is arranged between the steam inlet and outlet, is provided having a particularly satisfactory cooling action in order... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140345724 - Double-handle faucet: The present invention discloses a double-handle faucet, comprising two valve seats, two spools, two inlet pins, two handles, an outlet pipe, a connecting tube, an upper panel, and a lower panel. The double-handle faucet further comprises two semi-cladding members. The two valve seats, the connecting tube, and the two semi-cladding... Agent:

20140345725 - Novel double-handle faucet: The present invention discloses a novel double-handle faucet comprising two valve seats, two spools, two inlet pins, two handles, an outlet pipe, a connecting tube, an upper panel, a lower panel, a cladding member, and two caps, the two valve seats, the connecting tube, the cladding member, and two caps... Agent:

20140345726 - Touchless, remotely activatable assembly for fluid flow regulation, related systems and methods: The invention includes an assembly for remotely controlling fluid flow between a fluid source, such as a water source, and an outlet that includes at least one electrically operable valve, such as an electromagnetically-actuatable valve, to be interposed between the fluid source and the outlet, the valve being actuatable between... Agent: AsIPHoldco, LLC

20140345727 - Automated dump system for solid separator: An automated dump system for use with a solid removal system is herewith described. The system is for use in the oil and gas industry. The dump system comprises a programmable controller and valve(s) such as a plug valve and a choke valve, whereby the controller operates the valves at... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20140345728 - Valve assembly: A valve assembly comprising an inner housing in which is provided a first port, a second port, and a third port, and a valve member assembly which is movable between a first position, a second position, and a third position. An outer housing is separate from and encloses at least... Agent:

20140345729 - Fine ceramic control vale: A ceramic control valve has a valve shell that orderly has a control shaft, an upper ceramic piece, a lower ceramic piece and a valve base connected underneath to avoid the abovementioned components from falling out. The ceramic control valve can change the water output style of the faucet without... Agent: Hain Yo Enterprises Co., Ltd.

20140345730 - Fine ceramic control vale: A ceramic control valve has a valve shell that orderly has a water control unit, an upper ceramic piece, a lower ceramic piece and a valve base connected underneath to avoid the abovementioned components from falling out. The ceramic control valve can change the water output style of the faucet... Agent: Hain Yo Enterprises Co., Ltd.

20140345731 - Bistable fluid valve: A bistable fluid valve is characterized by two valve chambers which are arranged adjacent to one another and are closed off with respect to one another by a partition and each have an inlet opening and an outlet opening situated opposite one another, by an S-shaped elastic strip element which... Agent:

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