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Fluid handling

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04/10/2014 > 27 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140096828 - Apparatus for rinsing chemical containers: An apparatus for rinsing inverted chemical containers includes two main assemblies, namely a gravity flow valve assembly and a rinse adapter assembly. The gravity flow assembly is inserted into the throat of the container. The rinse adapter assembly is detachably secured to the throat of the inverted container. When the... Agent:

20140096830 - Continuous process for conversion of lignin to useful compounds: This specification discloses an operational continuous process to convert lignin as found in ligno-cellulosic biomass before or after converting at least some of the carbohydrates. The continuous process has been demonstrated to create a slurry comprised of lignin, raise the slurry comprised of lignin to ultra-high pressure, deoxygenate the lignin... Agent: Chemtex Italia, S.p.a.

20140096832 - Dual tank structure integrally supported on a portable base frame: A dual tank structure includes first and second tanks with a common secondary containment structure which are all integrally supported on a common base frame. The common base frame includes longitudinal skids so as to be suitable for transport using a conventional winch truck. A passageway with an integral valve... Agent:

20140096829 - Fluid connector with integrated excess flow valve: A connector for fluids has a pipe through which the fluid flows. The pipe has a diameter, an inlet end, an outlet end, an expanded area relative to the diameter. The connector also has an excess flow cartridge disposed in the pipe, the excess flow cartridge having a housing for... Agent: Brasscraft Manufacturing Company

20140096827 - Gas turbine engine with a multiple fuel delivery system: The present application provides a multiple fuel delivery system for use with a gas turbine engine. The multiple fuel delivery system may include a first fuel tank with a first fuel therein, a second fuel tank with a second fuel therein, a mixing chamber, and a flow divider downstream of... Agent: General Electric Company

20140096834 - Method for supplying vaporized precursor: A method for supplying vapor to a chamber includes providing a first diverter valve that, when open, diverts vapor away from the chamber, and a second diverter valve that, when open, supplies the vapor to the chamber; supplying a carrier gas to the chamber; after supplying the carrier gas, creating... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

20140096833 - Microfluidic connector: A microfluidic connector comprises an enclosure, a fluidic inlet port and a fluidic outlet port, in the enclosure, in which the inlet and outlet ports are movable with respect to each other, for example, mutual spacing between the inlet and outlet ports is variable. A port is in a fixed... Agent: Stokes Bio Limited

20140096831 - Multi-valve microfluidic devices and methods: Multi-valve autoregulatory microfluidic devices and methods are described. The described devices and methods offer improved performance and new means of tuning autoregulatory effects in microfluidic devices.... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20140096835 - Neck assembly: A neck assembly of a fuel system component comprises a housing. The housing comprises a sleeve having a first end portion positioned exterior to the fuel system component and a longitudinally opposed second end portion. The housing further comprises an encapsulation ring extending radially outwardly from the second end portion... Agent: Salflex Polymers Limited

20140096836 - Method and automated system for control of oil well production and modular skid for use in said method: Automated measurement and oil well production control may be achieved by using a vertical separator, the discharge flow of which is continuously adjusted by setting the opening of a control valve, determined by the liquid level inside the separator. The automation of the control method allows real-time measurements of several... Agent: Ypf Tecnolog&#xcd A S.a.

20140096837 - Gas supply shock absorber for datacenter power generation: Gas supply pressure spikes are absorbed and leveled-out by a gas supply shock absorber comprising gas storage, which is charged during positive pressure spikes and utilized during negative pressure spikes. The gas supply shock absorber also comprises pressure sensing and regulating valves, which direct positive pressure spikes to the gas... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140096838 - Double seat valve with isolated vent chambers: A valve comprising sealing members configured to allow the valve to achieve an open position, a closed position, lower seat clean position and an upper seat clean position is described. A method including opening a valve, closing a valve, moving the valve to a lower seat clean position, and moving... Agent: Spx Corporation

20140096839 - Method and apparatus for bias member adjustment without disassembly: A process control valve with a spring rate adjustment and a spring force adjustment, thereby accommodating tight spring tolerances, such as those encountered in low power and proportional applications. The spring rate and spring force may both be adjusted after the valve has been fully assembled, thereby reducing manufacturing costs.... Agent: Automatic Switch Company

20140096840 - Air release vent valve: An air release vent valve having a valve body with an inlet port and a venting orifice; a direct float configured with an axial passageway; and a displaceable orifice closure rod deployed in at least a portion of the axial passageway, the displaceable orifice closure rod being longitudinally displaceable therein,... Agent: Bermad Cs Ltd.

20140096841 - Anti-surge valve for vehicle: An anti-surge valve includes a diaphragm partitioning an internal space formed by a valve body and a cover into spaces in which a pressure chamber connected to a connection port, an air inlet and an air outlet are formed; a valve cup assembled to the diaphragm; a coupling member that... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140096842 - Circular shower machine: Most of modern people take a shower with hot water when cleaning the body, indeed, that would be an enjoyment, especially in winter or chilling weather, people keep showering after cleaning body, thus, cause the waste of water and heating energy, thus, present invention provides a shower machine that can... Agent:

20140096843 - Valve in particular for tanks carried by vehicles: s

20140096845 - Hydration manifold with adjustable check valve: Embodiments of the apparatus is a personal hydration apparatus comprising a drink manifold with a receptor configured such that a water tight seal can form between a threaded bottle and the receptor. A check valve is coupled to the drink manifold configure to allow air into manifold and a first... Agent:

20140096844 - Hydration manifold with flow divider: Embodiments of the apparatus is a personal hydration apparatus comprising a drink manifold with a receptor configured such that a water tight seal can form between a threaded bottle and the receptor. A check valve is coupled to the drink manifold configure to allow air into manifold and a first... Agent:

20140096846 - Pressurized hydration manifold: Embodiments of the apparatus is a personal hydration apparatus comprising a drink manifold with a receptor configured such that a water tight seal can form between a threaded bottle and the receptor. A check valve is coupled to the drink manifold configure to allow air into manifold and a first... Agent:

20140096847 - Water tank of water-cooled heat dissipation system: A water tank includes a box, an air valve body, a valve core, a cap, and an elastic element. The box defines an accommodating space and a vent communicating with the accommodating space. The air valve body is extended out from the box and adjacent to the vent. The valve... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140096848 - Pressure relief valve: The present invention provides an improved pressure relief valve comprising a tubular main body with a pressure relief peroration, a pressure adjustor with an anti-leakage rubber and an anti-reverse unit; wherein the main body comprises a mount opening, an air outlet and a conduit between the air intake and outlet.... Agent:

20140096849 - Fuel supply device: A fuel supply device is obtained in which joint strength can be maintained in a joint portion of plural filter members configuring a fuel filter. A fuel filter (16) with an overall bag shape is configured by welding together an upper face filter cloth (16U) a lower face filter cloth... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140096850 - Visual indicator for a safety shut off valve: A valve assembly may have a visual valve position indication mechanism that is non-invasive relative to the body of the valve containing the fluid whose flow is controlled by the valve assembly. Valve position indication may be displayed with a lighted arrangement. The proof of closure sensor may provide position... Agent:

20140096851 - Flow passage network: An exemplary embodiment of the present invention relates to a manufacturing method of a flow passage network and a flow passage network for minimizing energy loss occurring during fluid flow, and there are effects in which flow loss is reduced during fluid transport and the energy efficiency of flow passages... Agent: Postech Academy-industry Foundation

20140096852 - Hydraulic pressure supply system of automatic transmission: A hydraulic pressure supply system of an automatic transmission generates low and high hydraulic pressures using oil stored in an oil pan and supplies the low and high hydraulic pressures respectively to a low and a high pressure portions. The system may include: a low-pressure hydraulic pump pumping the oil... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140096853 - Distributing boom for concrete pumps: The invention relates to a distributing boom (14) for stationary or mobile concrete pumps. The distributing boom (14) consists substantially of a rotary head (22), which can be rotated about an axis of rotation (18) in the form of a vertical axis, and of an arm assembly (24), which is... Agent: Putzmeister Engineering Gmbh

04/03/2014 > 24 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140090716 - Devices and methods for flow control in microfluidic structures: An apparatus for controlling flow in a fluid flow path can include a chamber containing an expandable material, the expandable material being configured to expand out of the chamber into a portion of the fluid flow path so as to at least partially block the fluid flow path. The apparatus... Agent: Applied Biosystems, LLC

20140090714 - Lead-free high temperature/pressure piping components and methods of use: A piping component for controlling the flow of high-temperature fluids that includes a piping body having an inlet end and an outlet end, including methods of operating such components within a piping system. The piping body may be sized for fluids operating at temperatures from approximately 350° F. up to... Agent: Nibco Inc.

20140090715 - Microfluidic surface processing systems with self-regulated distance-to surface control: A microfluidic surface processing system includes a microfluidic probe head having a processing fluid circuit configured to dispense a surface processing fluid from a processing fluid aperture thereof; a linkage mechanism, configured to apply a force to or modulate a force applied to the microfluidic probe head towards a surface... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140090712 - Steam trap monitor with diagnostics: A steam trap monitor includes a process variable sensor configured to sense a process variable related to operation of a steam trap. A memory contains information related to a baseline parameter of the process variable. Diagnostic circuitry calculates a current parameter of the process variable sensed by the process variable... Agent:

20140090713 - Vented ball valve: A ball valve is disclosed having a pipe with two openings. The ball valve selectively permits the passage of liquids or gasses through the two openings. The ball of the ball valve includes a vent hole that communicates with only one of the openings when the ball valve is in... Agent: Gem Products, Inc.

20140090717 - Upstream sense for balance port: A fluid regulating device includes a regulator valve having a valve body defining an inlet and an outlet and a valve port disposed between the inlet and the outlet. A housing assembly is disposed adjacent the valve port, and the housing assembly includes a first aperture adapted to receive a... Agent: Emerson Process Management Regulator Technologies, Inc.

20140090718 - Magnetic coupling for faucet handle: A fluid delivery device including a body having at least one waterway, a valve assembly in fluid communication with the at least one waterway, the valve assembly including a movable valve member configured to control the flow of water through the at least one waterway and a stem operably coupled... Agent: Masco Corporation Of Indiana

20140090719 - Self aligning valve plug: A balanced pressure regulator includes a valve body having a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet connected by a fluid passageway. A valve seat is disposed within the fluid passageway. A self-aligning valve plug is at least partially disposed within the fluid passageway, the self-aligning valve plug interacting with the... Agent: Emerson Process Management Regulator Technologies, Inc.

20140090720 - Automatic water supply control device: An automatic water supply control device is disclosed. A power processing unit processes an alternating current outputted by a micro hydro generator and provides a stable direct current. The automatic water supply control device uses a capacitor and a capacitor matrix for storing electric energy. A sensing unit detects changes... Agent:

20140090721 - Pipe system for a fluid, a method and an apparatus for connecting at least one duct part of a pipe system: A pipe system for a fluid, in particular a gas of an intake system (10) or a turbocharger of an internal combustion engine is disclosed. Also disclosed is a method and an apparatus for connecting at least one duct part (12) of a pipe system (10). The pipe system (10)... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20140090722 - Single-lever mixing cartridge: The invention relates to a single-lever mixing cartridge, comprising a head piece (1), which accommodates a bottom piece (8), and a disk control having a control disk (5) that is arranged in a rotatable and pivotable manner via a rotatably and pivotably mounted spindle (2). The bottom piece (8) is... Agent:

20140090723 - Electronically operated pressure reducing regulator: A pressure-reducing regulator for CNG fuel includes a high pressure sensor that detects fuel pressure at an inlet, a filter element that filters fuel, an orifice that provides access to a pressure reduction chamber, and a movable pintle located within the orifice, such that a flow rate of fuel through... Agent: Dexen Industries, Inc.

20140090724 - Pilot-operated regulator with balanced port: A fluid regulating device includes a regulator valve, an actuator and a pilot regulator valve assembly. The pilot regulator valve assembly provides a pressure load to a surface of a diaphragm of the actuator in response to changes in downstream pressure being applied to the opposite surface of the diaphragm.... Agent: Emerson Process Management Regulator Technologies, Inc.

20140090725 - Pilot operated relief valve with dual pilot regulators: A pilot operated pressure relief valve includes a valve body having a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet connected by a fluid passageway. A valve plug may be disposed within the fluid passageway, the valve plug cooperating with a valve seat to control fluid flow through the fluid passageway. An... Agent: Emerson Process Management Regulator Technologies, Inc

20140090726 - Dynamic pressure registration device for internally registered actuators and over pressure protection devices: A fluid regulating device includes a regulator valve having an inlet, an outlet, and a valve port disposed between the inlet and the outlet. An actuator is coupled to the regulator valve and includes a valve disc that displaces between a closed position and an open position. The device also... Agent: Emerson Process Management Regulator Technologies, Inc.

20140090727 - Balanced valve port for fluid regulator: A balanced port control assembly includes a control element with a valve plug coupled to a valve stem and a pressure sensing labyrinth defined at least partly by the valve plug. The pressure sensing labyrinth provides for fluid communication between a sealing surface of the valve plug and a balancing... Agent: Emerson Process Management Regulator Technologies, Inc

20140090728 - System for supercritical fluid extraction: A supercritical fluid extraction system including a housing, motor, linkage assembly, and carriage coupled to the linkage. A piston assembly includes a piston housing with a chamber, back check valve, and piston coupled to the carriage and movable within the piston housing. The piston assembly includes a fluid inlet fluidly... Agent:

20140090730 - Device for separating a fluid mass flow: A device separates a fluid mass flow in a nuclear plant. The device contains a primary end piece for conducting the fluid mass flow and a plurality of secondary end pieces for conducting a plurality of separate partial flows of the fluid mass flow. A number of separating elements is... Agent: Areva Gmbh

20140090729 - Natural gas manifold for dual-fuel trailers: A fuel delivery system comprising: a fuel source; a first trailer comprising a first manifold in fluid communication with a first fuel train; and a second trailer comprising a second manifold in fluid communication with a second fuel train, wherein the first and second manifolds are connected in series to... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140090731 - Dosing manifold and system: A dosing system for delivering a dosing fluid includes a dosing manifold having a front panel and a rear panel with a plurality of channels and a plurality of inlet and outlet ports in fluid communication with corresponding channels. The front panel holds a plurality of flow control devices in... Agent: Grundfos Holding A/s

20140090732 - Compact pneumatic nailer with supplemental air tank: A pneumatic nailer system for use with a compressor having a main storage tank, includes a first air hose connected at one end to the compressor, a supplemental air storage tank connected to an opposite end of the first hose, and connected at a supply end to at least one... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140090733 - Adjustable damping valve arrangement: An adjustable damping valve arrangement includes an actuator for controlling a main stage valve. The main stage valve has a rigid main stage valve body which carries out an axial operating movement relative to a valve seat surface of the main stage valve. A pre-opening valve having at least one... Agent:

20140090734 - Hydroelectric control valve for remote locations: The present disclosure describes a hydroelectric control valve (HCV) for a fluid pipeline including an inlet and outlet (or input and output) section attached to the same pipeline wherein fluid flows into and out of the HCV comprising a bell reservoir section and a seat reservoir section which are both... Agent:

20140090735 - Valved, microwell cell-culture device and method: A valved microfluidics device, microfluidics cell-culture device and system incorporating the devices are disclosed. The valved microfluidics device includes a substrate, a microchannel through which liquid can be moved from one station to another within the device, and a pneumatic microvalve adapted to be switched between open and closed states... Agent: Emd Millipore Corporation

03/27/2014 > 36 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140083510 - Electric actuated rotary valve: A rotary valve adapted for use in utility scale fluidic systems improves over conventional valving schemes by affording reductions in weight, pressure drop, cost, and actuation time, as well as providing improvements in decompression performance, higher pressure capability, and longer operational life. One embodiment of a three way valve assembly... Agent: General Compression, Inc.

20140083511 - Nitrogen gas system with diverter valve: A nitrogen gas system for an aircraft is provided and operable in warm-up and normal modes. The system includes an air separation module (ASM), a line to transport nitrogen enriched air (NEA) from the ASM to a fuel distribution system and a diverter valve disposed on the line and configured... Agent:

20140083512 - Refillable ampoule with purge capability: A fluid delivery system adapted to isolate an ampoule and/or process line during purge, including an inlet control valve connecting a source of pressurized gas to a refillable ampoule, an outlet control valve connecting the refillable ampoule to a location of use, a process control valve connecting a process line... Agent: Advanced Technology Materials, Inc.

20140083509 - Water storage reserve and return method and apparatus: An apparatus consisting of check valves (1, 2, 3) and one or more pressure tanks (4) plumbed into a water service line to provide a method of storing, reserving and delivering said stored water through the water service line to both the water user and the water supply. This method... Agent:

20140083513 - Self-aligning valve port: A regulator comprises a regulator valve and an actuator. The actuator is coupled to the regulator valve and comprises a control element for controlling the flow of fluid through the regulator valve. The regulator valve is equipped with a self-aligning valve port that includes a retaining portion, a biased portion... Agent: Emerson Process Management Regulator Technologies, Inc.

20140083514 - Method and apparatus for self verification of pressured based mass flow controllers: A mass flow control system can be self verified for its accuracy when controlling a flow to a process. The system comprises: a control valve for controlling the flow of fluid through the system as a function of a control signal; a controller for generating the control signal as a... Agent: Mks Instruments, Inc.

20140083515 - Slam shut safety device having disc anti-rotation: A slam-shut safety device includes a valve body and defining a flow path, a valve disc mounted on a valve disc support is movable between an open first position spaced away from the valve seat and a closed second position seated against the valve seat. A reset pin is operatively... Agent: Emerson Process Management Regulator Technologies, Inc.

20140083517 - Adapter and drug cartridge alignment device: An alignment device for coupling a liquid drug cartridge with a longitudinal cartridge axis and a constricted neck portion with a cap and a piercable septum distal from the neck portion with an adapter is presented. The septum is perpendicular to the cartridge axis. The device comprises an adapter cannula... Agent: Roche Diagnostics International Ag

20140083516 - Adjustable liquid strainer: Provided herein is a shallow-liquid strainer apparatus with an intake assembly that can be adjusted to keep the inlet opening completely submerged beneath the surface of the liquid to avoid letting the surrounding atmosphere into the device where it can cause inefficient flow. The intake assembly can comprise a sliding... Agent:

20140083518 - Structural element of an air vehicle air intake composed of an array of passages with a hexagonal cross section: An air vehicle powered by a gas turbine engine, particularly, but not exclusively, an air vehicle having a blended wing body includes a gas turbine engine disposed in the body of the vehicle including an inlet face. An inlet channel having a convoluted geometry is configured such that air flow... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20140083519 - Fluid regulator, actuator and method of improving stability of a fluid regulator: An actuator for a fluid regulator includes two or more control springs operatively connected to a diaphragm such that at least two of the control springs bias the diaphragm independently in parallel and have different natural frequencies. A method for retrofitting a prior art actuator to include a second control... Agent: Emerson Process Management Regulator Technologies, Inc.

20140083520 - Device for consecutive consumption of liquid from container and smoke: A device for use with a container containing liquid and having an opening for the consecutive consumption of the liquid and of smoke that has been drawn into the container. The device comprises a body, a combustion receptacle, and a tubular structure. An inlet end of the body engages the... Agent:

20140083521 - Quick-attaching ceiling leak diverter devices: A leak diverter includes a liquid collection tray structured and arranged to be positioned below and supported by a suspended ceiling; a drain in flow communication with the liquid collection tray; and a plurality of magnetic suspension assemblies connected to the liquid collection tray, the magnetic suspension assemblies being structured... Agent:

20140083523 - Apparatus and method for purging gaseous compounds: A processing chamber is described having a gas evacuation flow path from the center to the edge of the chamber. Purge gas is introduced at an opening around a support shaft that supports a heater plate. A shaft wall around the opening directs the purge gas along the support shaft... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140083522 - System and method for storing and dispensing fuel and ballast fluid: A system for storing and dispensing fuel and a ballast fluid is disclosed. The system may be employed in a vehicle or facility having a power plant. Fuel and ballast fluid may be stored cryogenically in a liquid phase and dispensed to the vapor phase. The system may employ a... Agent: Elwha LLC

20140083524 - Float switch of a humidifier: A float switch of a humidifier at least includes a main body, a water tank and a float switch. The main body has a base located at a bottom and provided with a water tank groove and a water basin having a projected portion formed at a bottom. The water... Agent:

20140083525 - Slam shut safety device with guided plug support: A slam-shut safety device includes a valve body, a valve disc, a reset pin, a and a guide collar. The valve disc is shiftable between an open position spaced away from a valve seat, and a closed position seated against the valve seat. The reset pin operatively is coupled to... Agent: Emerson Process Management Regulator Technologies, Inc.

20140083526 - Slam shut safety device with guided valve disc: A slam-shut safety device includes a valve body, a valve disc, a reset pin, and a guide collar. The valve disc is disposed within the valve body and shiftable along a slam-shut axis between an open position and a closed second position. The reset pin is operatively coupled to the... Agent: Emerson Process Management Regulator Technologies Inc.

20140083527 - Apparatus for flamer fuel pressure control: A flamer may be used to sterilize poultry litter, soil, concrete, etc. The stationary or mobile flamer disclosed comprises a hood to contain the heat, an external frame, and burners. A fuel tank may be carried on the flamer or on a tractor. An additional embodiment provides for mounting the... Agent: Flame Engineering, Inc.

20140083528 - Adjustable fixed pressure relief assembly and regulator comprising same: A pressure relief assembly may include an actuator stem having a plurality of retaining grooves. A relief plate may be operatively connected to the actuator stem and a diaphragm plate may be operatively connected to the actuator stem. A diaphragm may be least partially disposed between the relief plate and... Agent: Emerson Process Management Regulator Technologies, Inc.

20140083529 - Systems and methods for infusion of fluids using stored potential energy and a variable flow resistor: Systems and methods for infusion of fluids using stored potential energy and a variable flow resistor. In one aspect of the present disclosure, there is provided an infusion device that includes a plunger situated within a vessel so as to define a chamber within which a volume of fluid can... Agent: Pavilion Holdings Group LLC

20140083530 - Balanced regulator with inlet pressure sensing tube: A balanced pressure regulator includes a valve body having a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet connected by a fluid passageway. A valve seat is disposed within the fluid passageway. A valve plug is at least partially disposed within the fluid passageway, the valve plug interacting with the valve seat... Agent: Emerson Process Management Regulator Technologies, Inc.

20140083531 - Valves: Valves, and particularly check valves, are detailed. The valves may isolate a spring or other biasing member from flowing fluid so as to reduce the possibility of damage to the spring caused, for example, by chemicals contained in the fluid. In some versions of the valves, the spring may be... Agent: Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc.

20140083532 - Gas charging check valve and precision container apparatus with gas charging check valve: A gas charging check valve uses a first elastic element and a second elastic element, which respectively provide elastic force on a top valve and a bottom valve. The top valve and the bottom valve correspond to each other as a set. When the gas charging device is moved to... Agent: Gudeng Precision Industrial Co,ltd

20140083533 - Columnar submersible pump system: A columnar submersible pump system for use in a pump station having a wet well, the pump system including a vertical discharge control column with a support structure that is connected to the bottom of the wet well of the pump station to support the vertical discharge control column in... Agent:

20140083535 - Fitting for an intake line: A fitting for an intake line is provided. The fitting includes a connector piece having an intake end and a foot valve end. The intake end couples to an intake line and the foot valve end couples to a foot valve. A flange circumvents the connector piece. The intake end... Agent:

20140083534 - Low turbulence valve: A positive displacement pump fluid end with multiple fluid chambers and each fluid chamber comprising a valve body, valve seal, seat, spring, and external guide. External top male stem guide is integral to the fluid end discharge cover or the suction valve spring retainer. Female guide is internal and integral... Agent:

20140083536 - Working fluid supply device of electric discharge machine: A working fluid supply device of an electric discharge machine draws up a cleaned fluid from a cleaned-fluid tank by means of a pump and supplies it to a working tank. The pump is connected with a first fluid circuit configured to supply the drawn cleaned fluid to the working... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140083537 - Y-channel and method for production thereof: The technical problem of providing a channel, which is more reliable, prevents contamination of guided liquids and which can be produced in an easy and cost saving way, is solved by an apparatus, comprising a plastic part, a channel within said plastic part configured to guide at least one fluid,... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20140083538 - Electrohydraulic control valve: An electrohydraulic control valve comprising a valve element that is displaceable in a first direction by a pressure in a first pressure chamber and in a second direction by a pressure in a second pressure chamber. The first pressure chamber is connectable to a high pressure supply and a low... Agent:

20140083540 - Autonomous valve assembly for the regulation, depressurization and pressurization of pneumatic equipment: An autonomous valve assembly for the regulation, depressurization and elevation of the pressure in pneumatic equipment that presents a valve body 22 and an air regulator body 4 with a compressed air intake 54 connected to a source of compressed air, whereby the body 4 presents two pressure regulators 45,... Agent: Col-ven S.a.

20140083539 - Faucet having extendable aerator: A faucet includes an aerator including a projection; a coupling member including a protrusion, a cavity engaging the projection, and a stud; a spout including a well for receiving the protrusion, and an aperture for receiving the stud; a mounting component releasably secured to the spout and including a side... Agent:

20140083541 - Fluid end of a high pressure pump having a groove adapted to receive a spring retainer of a suction valve: A fluid end of a high-pressure pump having a bore, a discharge bore, a suction bore, a valve cover bore, and a cross-bore intersection formed in portions of the fluid end. The bore, discharge bore, valve cover bore, and suction bore each having an opening which opens into the cross-bore... Agent: Gardner Denver, Inc.

20140083543 - Quick connector: A quick connector contains a body, an air inlet seat, a piston pushing device, a fitting device, and a driving device. The body includes an outer screwing section, an upper chamber, a lower chamber, a first air inlet, an air outlet, a connecting tube, an oil seal, and a first... Agent:

20140083542 - Quick coupling: A quick coupling includes a male element including a coupling member at one end and an annular groove adjacent to the coupling member; a valve member including a passageway, a spring activated channel member not communicating the passageway before the male element and the valve member are joined; and a... Agent:

20140083544 - Manifolds and methods and systems using them: Certain embodiments described herein are directed to manifolds that comprise a moveable, internal sealing member that can be used to engage one or more ports of the manifold and prevent or reduce fluid flow from the engaged port into the manifold. In certain examples, the manifold can be used in... Agent:

03/20/2014 > 41 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20140076405 - Framed and quick-leveling liquid collection device: A liquid collection apparatus includes a flexible frame configured to lie substantially in a plane when the apparatus is deployed, the frame being flexible in directions that are substantially in the plane and rigid in directions that are substantially perpendicular to the plane; a flexible barrier material connected to the... Agent:

20140076406 - Methods and apparatus to receive and discharge bulk materials: Methods and apparatus to receive and discharge bulk materials are disclosed. An example method for treating gaseous fluid includes filling a device with ceramic granular material, a ceramic heat storage body, a catalyst body and a particle-shaped bulk material including calcium and/or carbon. The method also includes supplying gaseous fluid... Agent: Luft - Und Thermotechnik Bayreuth Gmbh

20140076407 - Touch-free water-control system: A system and method of Touch Free Automatic faucet controlled by electronic sensors provides a Primary-Water-Flow-Mode, a Continue-Water-Flow-Mode, a Temperature-Control-Mode, a Faucet-Pause-Mode, an Adjust-Water-Flow-Mode and a Flow-Temperature-Default-Setting-Mode for users to control faucet water flow and water temperature without touching any parts of faucet body. The system comprises at least three... Agent:

20140076408 - Method and apparatus for determining and controlling a static fluid pressure through a vibrating meter: A method for operating a fluid flow system (300) is provided. The fluid flow system (300) includes a fluid flowing through a pipeline (301), a first pressure sensor (303) located within the pipeline (301), and a vibrating meter (5). The vibrating meter (5) includes a sensor assembly (10) in fluid... Agent: Micro Motion, Inc.

20140076409 - Pressure control device for a tire inflating system with a rotary feedthrough, and tire pressure changing method: A pressure control device for a vehicle tire inflating system is configured to receive compressed air via a ventilating inlet, activate at least one seal for sealing an air chamber between a stator and a rotor of a rotary feedthrough via a seal actuating outlet, and ventilate a tire at... Agent:

20140076410 - Core annular flow of crude oils: A method is provided for enhancing the shear stability of a high-viscosity fluid-water flow system, such as a core annular flow system. The method employs a family of demulsifier additives for maintaining separation of the fluids in biphasic flow. The additive family is sodium salts of polynuclear aromatic sulfonic acids.... Agent:

20140076411 - Apparatus and methods for evacuating air from a closed area: Apparatus and methods for generating a partial vacuum in a cavity are disclosed. In one method, a suction unit is disposed on a surface and includes a plurality of embedded suction generation devices that suction gas therethrough. The suction generating devices are powered-on to form a cavity defined by at... Agent: Game Changers, LLC

20140076412 - Method of draining heat-transfer oil in a solar power plant, and equipment for draining, storing and replenishing heat-transfer oil in order to implement said method: A method of draining heat-transfer oil in a solar power plant, and equipment for draining, storing and repositioning heat-transfer oil in order to implement the method, includes filling auxiliary ducts, flushing the oil from the solar power plant loop, cooling the outgoing oil and extracting the oil by suction; replenishing... Agent: Logistica Y Acondicionamientos Industriales, S.a.u

20140076413 - Slip on groove coupling with multiple sealing gasket: Methods, gaskets, and couplings for connecting two pipes are disclosed. One embodiment of the method includes the steps of placing the assembled coupling over one end of a pipe, aligning the second pipe with the first pipe, sliding the coupling off the end of the first pipe so that a... Agent: Mueller International, LLC

20140076414 - Method and device for tapping and tracing a conduit: Disclosed are a method and a device for tapping and tracing a conduit that is obstructed from view such as a subterranean pipe. The invention allows the conduit to be traced while the conduit continues to function. The device includes a tapping tee for tapping into a conduit with an... Agent:

20140076415 - Flow control system: A fluid flow control system having a fluid inlet configured to be operatively coupled to a fluid source, a fluid outlet in fluid communication with the fluid inlet such that fluid may exit the system therethrough, a proximity sensor for detecting the position of an object within a region adjacent... Agent:

20140076416 - Drain hose connector with breather valve: A drain connector attaches a hose to a port from which oil is drained from the chock of an oil film bearing. The drain connector comprises an elbow-shaped conduit having a horizontal leg adapted to be connected to the chock in communication with the port, and an angled leg adapted... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20140076418 - Detachable handle for adjusting a valve and an assembly comprising a detachable handle and a valve: A detachable handle for adjusting a valve by rotation of a rotatable adjustment element. The handle is provided with a body including a front side having an angular scale, an opposite rear side and a circumferential gripping face. The handle is also provided with a coupling element configured to detachably... Agent: Flowcon International Aps

20140076417 - Quickly-operated adaptor: A quickly-operated adaptor is provided. A blocking member is movable in the main body. When a joint of a gas-communicating member is received in an outlet chamber to drive the blocking member, a positioning sleeve positions the joint. The gas-communicating mechanism is movable between a third position and a fourth... Agent:

20140076419 - Self adjusting deturbulator enhanced flap and wind deflector: A self adjusting flap is disclosed. The self adjusting flap comprises a solid body including a hinge. The flap includes a flexible skin stretched across an array of equi-spaced ridges on a convex surface of the hinged solid body, such that lift and drag forces due to fluid flow across... Agent: Sinhatech

20140076420 - Shell coupling and use thereof: The invention relates to a shell coupling (40) for coupling pairs of pipes, having two half-shells (46, 48′) which, in the coupling state, bound a circular opening (60) for through-passage of the pipes and, at their one end, can be pivoted in relation to one another, via an outer articulation... Agent: Putzmeister Engineering Gmbh

20140076421 - Overfill prevention valve: An overfill valve associated with a drop tube segment fluidly connected to a fluid reservoir is described. The overfill valve includes a valve body positioned within the drop tube segment and a non-contact valve actuator positioned exterior to the drop tube segment and operable to actuate the valve body from... Agent: Franklin Fueling Systems, Inc.

20140076422 - Hanging port water indicator: A hanging pot water indicator having a hollow tubular spring housing, a cap on the upper end of the tubular housing, a hollow tubular sliding sleeve telescopically slidable, an opening in the cap, a coiled extension spring within the tubular housing and the sleeve, an upper wire extension portion extending... Agent:

20140076423 - Leak detection, containment and cuttoff system for a pipeline or other conduit: A pipeline leak detection, containment and cutoff system features a flexible tubular jacket fitted circumferentially around the pipeline for expansion by leaking fluid. A coil is wrapped on the jacket and has a terminal fitting that normally resides in an engaged position maintain a predetermined state of a control circuit... Agent:

20140076424 - Flow rate controller and recording medium recorded with program for flow rate controller: A flow rate controller is provided that includes a setting flow rate shaping part that, in the case of receiving an input setting flow rate having a discontinuous point at which a target value discontinuously changes from a first target value to a second target value, outputs a shaped setting... Agent: Horiba Stec, Co., Ltd.

20140076425 - Pneumatic level switch: A pneumatic switch is provided for the pneumatic control of process control components, such as valves and compressors. The pneumatic switch utilizes a slide bar operationally connected to a waggle arm to control valves, which control the introduction of compressed gas to the process control components.... Agent: Kimray, Inc.

20140076427 - Method and apparatus for damping an actuator on a fluid regulator: A damped actuator for a fluid regulator includes a diaphragm disposed in a housing, and a damper arranged to stabilize movement of the diaphragm in response to changes in pressure inside the housing. The damper includes a ball check valve arranged to allow air to exhaust out of the housing... Agent: Emerson Process Management Regulator Technologies, Inc.

20140076426 - Seal disk assembly for a fluid regulator: A seal disk assembly for a flow control valve includes a disk housing having a seating portion with a concave arched profile and a seal disk having a mounting portion that is received in the disk housing. The seal disk has a seal surface for engaging a valve seat.... Agent: Emerson Process Management Regulator Technologies, Inc.

20140076428 - Pressure regulator: A pressure regulator includes a body having a gas inlet for a gas having an inlet pressure and a gas outlet for the gas having an outlet pressure lower than the inlet pressure and a passage connecting the outlet to the inlet. A regulator piston is arranged to control the... Agent: Gce Holding Ab

20140076429 - Pump apparatus: A pump apparatus including a discharge valve including a case member, a valve body within the case member, a seat member having a concaved valve seat, a retainer serving to retain the valve body on the valve seat on a side of one end of the retainer, an elastic member... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20140076430 - Manipulation of microfluidic droplets: The invention provides methods for assessing one or more predetermined characteristics or properties of a microfluidic droplet within a microfluidic channel, and regulating one or more fluid flow rates within that channel to selectively alter the predetermined microdroplet characteristic or property using a feedback control.... Agent: Raindance Technologies, Inc.

20140076431 - Multi-port stopcock valve and flow designating system: A stopcock is provided with multiple ports joining multiple fluid conduits leading between fluid sources and fluid destinations. A central hub manifold resides within a valve body supporting the ports, and can rotate relative to the valve body. Fluid flow paths within the central hub are selectively aligned or not... Agent:

20140076432 - Gas injector and injector pipe thereof: A gas injector which can inject at a uniform velocity and an injector pipe used for the same. The gas injector includes a body, a gas flow path formed inside the body, the gas flow path extending from one end to the other end in a lengthwise direction of the... Agent: Samsung Corning Precision Materials Co., Ltd.

20140076434 - Motor-driven compressor for a vehicle: A first accommodation chamber accommodating therein an inverter unit with a built-in inverter circuit and a second accommodation chamber accommodating therein a filter unit with a built-in filter circuit are formed individually in different positions of a housing of a motor-driven compressor for a vehicle. The input terminals and the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20140076433 - Tank-integrated pump unit and reservoir tank: A tank-integrated pump unit includes a reservoir tank fixed to a pump body. The body of the reservoir tank includes an introduction opening for introducing working fluid from an external hydraulic device into the body. A filter member is arranged in the body for filtering working fluid introduced through the... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems Steering, Ltd.

20140076435 - Gas turbine engine fuel system pump sharing valve: A pump sharing valve for a gas turbine engine fuel system includes a housing having multiple ports. A sleeve is arranged in the housing and includes an inlet window and first, second and third windows axially spaced apart from one another. A spool is slidably received in the sleeve and... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140076436 - Electrowetting-based valving and pumping systems: The present teachings relate to microfluidic valves and pumping systems, which may be suitable for controlling and facilitating liquid flow. Electrodes are disposed proximately to volumes containing a liquid. The liquid flow can be facilitated by electrowetting forces. Processes for controlling the flow of liquids, as well as for pumping... Agent: Applied Biosystems, LLC

20140076437 - Faucet component with improved coating: A component for a faucet includes a substrate including alumina and a first material provided over at least a portion of the substrate. The first material includes titanium and carbon. The component also includes a second material provided over the first material, the second material including carbon and having carbon... Agent: Vapor Technologies, Inc.

20140076438 - Combined changeover and control valve: A slim profile rotary control valve capable of independently modulating fluids into a single heat exchanger from two different and distinct systems that utilize the same type of heat transfer fluid. The valve is capable of monitoring both the supply and return fluid temperatures as well as the mass flow... Agent:

20140076439 - Diverter valve device, in particular for a washing machine, such as a dishwasher: A diverter valve device (10) including a body (12), in which a chamber (14) is defined, which is able to be flown through by a pressurized fluid flow; a rotatory plug (16), which is mounted on the body (12) and is adapted to rotate about a rotation axis (X-X); at... Agent:

20140076440 - Electro/hydraulic interactive double feedback loop: An electro/hydraulic circuit enabling two mechanical devices to shadow each other's movements without any direct mechanically-operative linkage between the devices. The two devices incorporate matching sets of hydraulic actuators for inducing movements of movable components of the devices. For each actuator in a given one of the devices, a system... Agent:

20140076441 - Chock drain connector: A connector attaches a hose to a port from which oil is drained from the chock of an oil film bearing. The connector comprises a conduit having a first leg adapted to be connected to the chock in communication with the port, and a second leg adapted to be connected... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20140076442 - Outlet fitting, basic body and outlet body therefor: An outlet fitting for discharging a fed liquid, in particular a sanitary water supply fitting, has a basic body with a connection for connecting to a liquid supply, and an outlet body connected to the basic body. The disclosure concerns a basic body for use with an outlet body, an... Agent: Hansgrohe Se

20140076443 - Hollow valve plate: The hollow valve plate (1) of a piston compressor includes a single half-shell (3) with cooling channels (4, 5) that are open toward the side of the pressure valves (8), with said half-shell being covered by a reed plate 2 that is preferably welded or glued at least along the... Agent: Hoerbiger Kompressortechnik Holding Gmbh

20140076444 - Systems, assemblies, and methods of reducing head loss in heating devices: Low head loss systems are detailed. The systems may include chambers having low impedance to water flow therethrough and repositionable gates or other valves within the chambers. The valves may direct water as a function of whether an associated heating device is active. At least some gates may incorporate poppet... Agent: Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc.

20140076445 - Quick-install three-way pipe connector: A quick-install three-way pipe connector including a valve body, a lower pipe assembly and a switching element. The valve body has a fitting opening, a water inlet and a lower pipe orifice. The lower pipe assembly includes an on-flow pipe and a counter-flow pipe. The upper ends of the on-flow... Agent: Xiamen Solex High-tech Industries Co., Ltd.

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