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Fluid handling

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11/13/2014 > 24 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140332082 - Leakage protection pads: The invention relates to the prevention of small leakages from transfer lines used for transferring liquids, e.g. oil, between ships, oil platforms and other structures or vessels, where the transfer lines extend over open water. In such situations, small amounts of oil can leak from e.g. a corroded joint, causing... Agent: Conocophillips Company

20140332081 - Manifold designs, and flow control in multichannel microchannel devices: Novel manifolds and methods of flow through manifolds are described. Apparatus and techniques are described in which flow from a relatively large volume header is equally distributed to process channels. Methods of making laminated, microchannel devices are also described.... Agent: Velocys, Inc.

20140332083 - Microfluidic device: The present disclosure teaches an apparatus and a method for providing one or more substance liquids to a microfluidic channel network (30). The microfluidic apparatus includes valves for switching the one or more substance liquids to a microfluidic channel network (30). The apparatus can be used to generate a sequence... Agent:

20140332084 - Systems and methods for preventing or reducing contamination enhanced laser induced damage (c-lid) to optical components using gas phase additives: Systems and methods for preventing or reducing contamination enhanced laser induced damage (C-LID) to optical components are provided including a housing enclosing an optical component, a container configured to hold a gas phase additive and operatively coupled to the housing; and a delivery system configured to introduce the gas phase... Agent:

20140332087 - Control of low energy nuclear reaction hydrides, and autonomously controlled heat: A treatment of a possibly powdered, sintered, or deposited lattice (e.g., nickel) for heat generating applications and a way to control low energy nuclear reactions (“LENR”) hosted in the lattice by controlling hydride formation. The method of control and treatment involves the use of the reaction lattice, enclosed by an... Agent: Brillouin Energy Corp.

20140332086 - Fluid supplying system and method for supplying fluid: The present invention relates to a fluid supplying system which includes a supplying chamber including a supplying conduit, a first inlet and a first outlet, wherein the conduit has one end interconnected to the first outlet and the supplying chamber, and the other end interconnected to production equipment for supplying... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140332085 - Self-activated draining system: A method of managing leakage of liquid inside a battery system comprises: containing leaking liquid in a non-liquid sensitive region of the battery system so as to protect internal electrical components of the battery system from coming in contact with the leaking liquid; and in direct response to the leakage,... Agent: Tesla Motors, Inc.

20140332088 - Method and apparatus for monitoring a network of conduits: Apparatus for a network of conduits distributing liquid that is coupled to a supply of liquid and to a network. At least one sensor is coupled in fluid communication with the network and derives a level of demand of liquid from the network. At least one valve is coupled in... Agent:

20140332089 - Angle valve with hammerless grinding: In an angle valve, an externally threaded sleeve within the yoke surrounds the stem at an upper end of the stem. A yoke bushing fixed to the valve has internal threads matching with the external threading of the sleeve. A split collar assembly is located on the stem above the... Agent: Bray International, Inc.

20140332090 - Method for reducing a release of environmental contaminants through a thief hatch: A method for reducing a release of environmental contaminants through a thief hatch is described. The method involves a step of securing a drainage conduit to a storage tank to divert environmental contaminants from a top of a storage tank to a contaminant capture area below. A further step involves... Agent:

20140332091 - Connector: A connector includes a housing having a flow path through which liquid passes, and a male connector connecting portion having a substantially circular tube hole communicating with the flow path; and a valve formed of an elastic material and adapted to block the male connector connecting portion of the housing.... Agent:

20140332092 - Inflator for an airbag, an airbag module and a vehicle comprising such an airbag module: A vehicle air-bag inflator includes a container initially containing a pressurised gas and having a vent opening in a wall thereof. A rupturable element, attached to a container wall, covers the vent opening, sealing the interior of the container. The rupturable element is attached to a first support, which supports... Agent: Autoliv Development Ab

20140332093 - Multi-port modular valve with snap-in seat: A solenoid operated modular valve includes a solenoid body having a coil and a pole piece positioned in the solenoid body. A valve body cartridge is connected to the solenoid body. A polymeric snap-in seat assembly includes first and second deflectable claw arms each having a barb engaging the valve... Agent:

20140332094 - Parts washer assembly with externally mounted pump motor: A parts washer assembly containing a volume of cleaning solution and a receptacle disposed on top of a tank holding the cleaning solution may comprise a control unit disposed on top of the tank and covering a portion of an opening of the tank and a pump assembly including a... Agent: Safety-kleen Systems, Inc.

20140332095 - Pump apparatus: Pump apparatus comprising a base or chassis, a power unit and a reel assembly each operatively mounted to the base or chassis, a flexible conveyor conduit and flexible service line adapted to be payed out from the reel assembly and a work head including a pump operatively connected to the... Agent: Weir Minerals Australia Ltd.

20140332096 - Shut-off device for pipe: A shut-off device for a pipe in a pipeline for operation in response to ingress of water, has a valve for installation in a pipe of the pipeline. The valve has a valve member moving between an open position, when the valve is open, to permit passage of fluid through... Agent: The Hong Kong And China Gas Company Limited

20140332097 - Flow-volume regulator: The invention relates o a flow-volume regulator (1, 110) having a regulator housing (2) which (2) has at least one regulator ring channel (3) which (3) contains an annular flow restrictor (4) made of elastic material which (4) bounds, between itself and a channel wall that bearings a regulator profiling... Agent: Neoperl Gmbh

20140332098 - Method and system for pre-programmed self-power microfluidic circuits: A major challenge for the general use of “lab-on-a-chip” (LOAC) systems and point-of-care (POC) devices has been the generally complex and need for sophisticated peripheral equipment, such that it is more difficult than anticipated to implement low cost, robust and portable LOAC/POC solutions. It would be beneficial for chemical, medical,... Agent:

20140332099 - Filtering device suitable for being coupled to a suction turbine for sucking up excrement and vacuum cleaner including said filtering device: The object of the invention is a filtering device that can be coupled to a suction turbine (30) of the type used to suction pet faeces. Another object of the invention is the vacuum incorporated in said filtering device. The filtering device comprises an outer body (10) and a cartridge... Agent:

20140332100 - Gas supply method: A gas supply system for supplying a gas into a processing chamber for processing a substrate to be processed includes: a processing gas supply unit; a processing gas supply line; a first and a second branch line; a branch flow control unit; an additional gas supply unit; an additional gas... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140332101 - Beverage collector for collecting centrifuged liquid and centrifugal beverage machine using such collector: Beverage collector (11) for collecting a centrifuged brewed liquid coming from a rotating brewing unit (2); said collector comprising: —a collecting track (13) forming an annular cavity and, —at least one outlet (14) extending radially in the collecting track (13) for allowing the brewed liquid received in the collecting track... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20140332102 - Water and energy saving faucet structure: A faucet structure comprises a faucet body and a check valve. The check valve comprises a valve body, a control unit, a movable valve piece, a fixed valve piece and a valve base. The movable valve piece has a mixing cavity, at least one flow channel that is connected with... Agent: Geann Industrial Co.,ltd.

20140332103 - Device for reducing pressure and velocity of flowing fluid: The present invention relates to a device for reducing the pressure and velocity of a flowing fluid. According to the present invention, a cage has discs having through holes which come into close contact with an outer surface of a plug. The discs are stacked in a direction of a... Agent: Sdd Co., Ltd.

20140332104 - Brake hydraulic pressure control apparatus for vehicle: A brake hydraulic pressure control apparatus for a vehicle includes: a base member; a control housing including a storage space for storing an electromagnetic valve on one face of the base member and a coil assembly; and a pump driving motor on a back face of the base member. The... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 28 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20140326321 - Capacitive sensing system and method for operating a faucet: An electronic faucet comprises a spout having a passageway configured to conduct fluid flow through the spout, an electrically operable valve coupled to the passageway, and a single capacitive sensor coupled to a portion of the faucet. The single capacitive sensor provides both a touch sensor and a proximity sensor... Agent:

20140326320 - Cold gas generator for providing cold gas for activating an air bag and method for providing cold gas for activating an air bag: A cold gas generator for providing cold gas for an activation of an air bag, the cold gas generator having a cold gas outlet for connection to the air bag, a first volume for a first cold gas, a first connecting device, a second volume for a second cold gas... Agent:

20140326322 - Method for dispensing a fluid medium: in a further method step the piston (3) reduces the size of the working space (A) to such an extent that the quantity to be metered remains in the working space (A), wherein at the same time a valve (18, 18′) is opened so that the gas volume separated in... Agent: Promera Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140326323 - Apparatus and method for introducing a first fluid into the flow path of a second fluid and use of such an apparatus: An apparatus for mixing a first fluid into a flow path (44) of a second fluid, said apparatus having a chamber (12), which encloses the flow path and exhibits a first inlet (13) for receiving the second fluid, a second inlet (15) arranged downstream of the first inlet for receiving... Agent: Ovivo Luxembourg S.&#xc5 .r.l.

20140326324 - Apparatus and method for sealing a pipe including internal and external gripping means: An apparatus for sealing an open end of a pipe includes a sealing means for forming a circumferential seal between the apparatus and the inner surface of the pipe and first and second “gripping” means for frictionally engaging the inner and outer surfaces of the pipe, respectively, to prevent relative... Agent:

20140326325 - System and method for filling reductant tank: A method for filling a reductant tank is disclosed. The method includes creating a lower air pressure within the reductant tank than a pressure of an external reductant reservoir using the first valve, the second valve, and the venturi. The method also includes determining a level of a reductant in... Agent:

20140326326 - Systems and method for maintaining a liquid free of particles: A system includes a high-pressure liquid supply system including a valve to relieve pressure upon a state change, at least one nozzle in fluid connection with the valve, and at least one filter element, the nozzle at least one being adapted to spray the filter element with high-pressure liquid upon... Agent:

20140326327 - Self-cleaning tank: A tank, such as a fermentation tank, includes a scraper blade assembly slideably coupled to a bottom surface of the tank. The scraper blade assembly includes a blade arranged to displace solids deposited on the bottom surface of the tank out through an aperture arranged flush with the bottom surface... Agent: Spokane Industries

20140326328 - Combination valve assembly with actuatable overfill relief: An exemplary embodiment of a combination valve assembly comprises a valve housing, an overpressure vent valve, a fill valve and a movable liquid overfill seal. The valve housing includes a longitudinal axis. The overpressure vent valve relieves excess pressure from the tank to which the assembly is affixed. The fill... Agent: Ysn Imports, Inc.

20140326329 - Heat exchanger pipe system: A heat exchanger pipe system is provided for transporting viscous fluids, including a plurality of individual heat exchangers designed as pipe elements and having a predefined control temperature and/or pressure distribution along the pipe system and in the cross-section of the pipes. The heat exchangers, which are in the form... Agent:

20140326330 - Wheeled material distributing machinery: In one aspect of the present disclosures, a wheeled material distributing machinery includes a main travel system, a boom system, and a material distributing frame, where an inner end of a root end boom of the boom system is connected to the material distributing frame, the main travel system is... Agent: Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

20140326331 - Efficient water utilization system: A system for collecting and accumulating excess water from one or more in-building sources and delivering it to one or more flushing toilet tanks and possibly also to one or more other in-building consumption devices, such as washing machines or utility faucets. The in-building sources may include any of condensate... Agent:

20140326332 - Water pumping station with an integral valve vault: A waste or storm water pumping station and system used to pump water from a lower elevation to a higher elevation during the process of moving or managing the water is disclosed herein. The pumping station has a wet well collection chamber with a sloped floor and an integral valve... Agent: Oldcastle Precast, Inc.

20140326333 - Liquid replenishment system for a printing apparatus for depositing a liquid composition on a backplane including a dispensing vessel having a self-supporting secondary container: A liquid replenishment system includes a dispensing vessel for holding a supply of a liquid that has an outer can and corresponding lid conjoinable to the outer can in an air-tight manner. The dispensing vessel is improved by the provision of a separate self-supporting secondary inner container removably receivable within... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140326334 - Valve with temperature activated trigger having novel material configuration: A temperature activated valve is provided comprising a trigger for effecting actuation of the valve. The trigger includes a temperature responsive trigger portion including a plurality of constituent trigger segments connected to one another in series. The constituent trigger segments include a plurality of temperature responsive trigger segments. Each one... Agent: Emcara Gas Development Inc.

20140326335 - Adjustable pressure controlled valve: A pressure controlled valve having a housing with a first pressure chamber for communication to a pneumatically pressurized control source. The housing has an inlet for communication with a pneumatic supply source and outlet selectively in fluid flow with the inlet. A movable valve selectively opens and closes with respect... Agent: Numatics, Incorporated

20140326337 - Integrated valve assembly: A valve assembly for an air flow system, where the air flow system has a turbocharger unit and a venturi valve member for receiving a portion of the pressurized air from the turbocharger unit, and generating back pressure. The valve assembly includes a bypass switching valve and a bypass check... Agent:

20140326336 - Valve, in particular a pressure regulating valve or pressure limiting valve: The invention relates to a valve (1), in particular a pressure regulating valve or a pressure limiting valve four controlling a pressure of a medium (3) that flows through the valve (1), comprising a main stage (5) and a pilot stage (7) which actuates the main stage (5), which is... Agent:

20140326338 - Rotary stem position indicator: A manual gate valve operator used in the oil and gas industry. The operator does not allow an increase or decrease in height when manually rotating the hand wheel. Instead, the operator has an internal indicator nut of the position of the valve. The indicator nut is observable electronically or... Agent: Array Holdings, Inc.

20140326339 - Systems and methods for particle focusing in microchannels: Various systems, methods, and devices are provided for focusing particles suspended within a moving fluid into one or more localized stream lines. The system can include a substrate and at least one channel provided on the substrate having an inlet and an outlet. The system can further include a fluid... Agent:

20140326340 - Corrosion protection performance degradation detection sensor, hot-water supply heating system, and facility apparatus: A corrosion protection performance degradation detection sensor includes a detection electrode that reacts with the corrosion inhibitor dissolved in the solvent and forms on a surface thereof an electrode surface film which inhibits corrosion, a counter electrode that is disposed so as to face the detection electrode, and an AC... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140326341 - Aseptic double seat valve: An aseptic double seat valve has a housing, which has connections for two pipe conduits. A first valve seat and a second valve seat are arranged spaced apart from one another in the direction of a longitudinal axis in the housing between the connections for the two pipe conduits. A... Agent:

20140326342 - Single-lever mixing cartridge: The invention relates to a single-lever mixing cartridge, comprising a head piece (1), which accommodates a bottom piece (8), and a disk control having a control disk (5) that can be displaced via an at least pivotably mounted spindle (2). An outer thread for screwing into a fitting is provided,... Agent: Fluehs Drehtechnik Gmbh

20140326343 - Electrically drivable valve for regulating volume flows in a heating and/or cooling system of a motor vehicle: An electrically drivable valve for regulating volume flows in a heating and/or cooling system of a motor vehicle with a housing, on which at least two connecting pieces are formed, whereby depending on the arrangement of the valve in a heating and/or cooling circuit one or more connecting pieces are... Agent: Behr Thermot-tronik Gmbh

20140326344 - Slide valve having a valve slide able to be impinged upon by an actuator: A slide valve is described, having a valve slide, which is able to be impinged upon by an actuator in a first direction and by an impinging device in a second direction, opposite to the first direction, and which, using control sections is able to connect hydraulically a first working... Agent:

20140326345 - Connector structure for a schrader (american) valve/presta (french) valve: A connector structure for a Schrader (American) valve or a Presta (French) valve contains an air connector connected with a Schrader (American) valve or a Presta (French) valve. The Schrader (American) valve includes Schrader (American) threads and a Schrader (American) inlet part; the Presta (French) valve includes Presta (French) threads... Agent: Birzman Corp.

20140326346 - Coupling: A fluid coupling member (11) includes a housing (20) having a bore (35). A poppet (41) is slidably disposed in the bore (35). The poppet (41) engages a generally cylindrical seating surface (36) to close the bore when the poppet (41) is in a closed position. The poppet (41) is... Agent: Parker-hannifin Corporation

20140326347 - Pressure relief valve for containers suited for the pneumatic loading of loose solid products, in particular silos: A pressure relief valve for containers suited for the pneumatic loading of loose solid products, in particular silos. The valve comprises a valve body having a first end, which pneumatically communicates with the inside of the container, and a second end, which is associated to a flow control organ, which... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 26 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20140318630 - Handling bituminous crude oil in tank cars: Bituminous heavy crude oil is kept at elevated temperatures in order to flow and may be transported in one direction, and light hydrocarbons typically comprising of mixtures of components of which the majority will have molecular chain lengths of 2 to 12 carbon atoms, such as Natural Gas Liquids (NGL),... Agent: Vopak North America, Inc.

20140318629 - Method for handling bituminous crude oil in tank cars: Bituminous heavy crude oil is kept at elevated temperatures in order to flow and may be transported in one direction, and light hydrocarbons typically comprising of mixtures of components of which the majority will have molecular chain lengths of 2 to 12 carbon atoms, such as Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG),... Agent: Vopak North America, Inc.

20140318631 - Methods and systems for converting food waste oil into biodiesel fuel: This invention provides the market with low-cost retrieval of valuable used cooking oil to customer distribution centers, where a mobile production unit visits to create biodiesel fuel, which can be immediately used by customers to fuel their fleet. In some variations, a method comprises identifying a network of customer distribution... Agent: Revolution Fuels, Inc.

20140318632 - Dual capacity fluid tank assembly: A fluid tank assembly is provided for use with a mobile machine. The fluid tank assembly may have a tank with a lower surface, an upper surface located opposite the lower surface, and at least one side surface joining the lower and upper surfaces. The tank may also have a... Agent: Progress Rail Services Corporation

20140318633 - Multilevel microfluidic systems and methods: Multilevel microfluidic devices include a control line that can simultaneously actuate valves for both sample and reagent lines. Microfluidic devices are configured to contain a first reagent in a first chamber and a second reagent in a second chamber, where either or both of the first and second reagents are... Agent: Fluidigm Corporation

20140318634 - Fuel conditioning system: The present application provides a fuel conditioning system for delivering a flow of fuel to a nozzle in a gas turbine engine. The fuel conditioning system may include a fuel compressor to increase the pressure of the flow of fuel, a pressure reduction valve to decrease the pressure of the... Agent: General Electric Company

20140318635 - Safety system for dangerous substances: An improved safety device, for oil and gas installations, includes one or more conduits for the transport of oil and/or gas, and one or more valves, where the safety system includes a freezing device, which can be provided substantially around a conduit and/or a valve, where the freezing device cools... Agent: Vorscon Holding B.v.

20140318636 - Method and a system for drain liquid collection and evacuation in a subsea compression system: A method for drain liquid collection and evacuation in a subsea compression system using a compressor, wherein an external drainage tank is arranged in direct flow communication with the compressor sump via a sump evacuation valve, the tank is set under compressor discharge pressure via a tank pressurizing line arranged... Agent: Vetco Gray Sandinavia As

20140318637 - Valve for a gas flow circuit in a vehicle: The invention relates to a valve (1) for regulating a gas flow in an EGR loop of a gas supply circuit of a vehicle engine, including a gas inlet (3), a first gas outlet (4) for directly feeding the gases into the supply circuit, and a second gas outlet (5)... Agent: Valeo Systemes De Controle Moteur

20140318638 - Gas distribution trailer for natural gas delivery to engines: A fluid distribution apparatus includes a trailer having a central platform and one or more sets of wheels. The central platform may include two or more hose reels mounted thereto, each of the hose reels including a reel that is rotatable about a rotation axis and a fluid distribution hose... Agent: Encana Oil & Gas (usa) Inc.

20140318639 - System, method, and apparatus for monitoring, regulating, or controlling fluid flow: An apparatus, system and method for regulating fluid flow are disclosed. The apparatus includes a flow rate sensor and a valve. The flow rate sensor uses images to estimate flow through a drip chamber and then controls the valve based on the estimated flow rate. The valve comprises a rigid... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20140318640 - Lubrication system thermostat, and method thereof: A lubrication system thermostat for controlling the flow of oil in a lubrication system includes a valve and an actuator. The valve is configured to modulate between an unmodulated position and a modulated position, each of which may be in an open position or a closed position. In the open... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140318641 - Valve sensor arrangement for motor vehicle air conditioning systems: The invention relates to a valve sensor arrangement (1) having a valve body (12) which can be operated electrically, an electric drive (4) which is designed for that purpose, a local open-loop and closed-loop control device (5) and a communication interface (6), wherein the components (2, 4, 6) are embodied... Agent:

20140318642 - Safety device for installation in a gas-supply system, in particular, an acetylene-supply system: Relevant specifications in the field of gas supply provide for different safety devices for installation in a gas-supply system, in particular, an acetylene-supply system. To provide such a safety device, which is characterized by a compact structure and a high level of operational reliability, this invention proposes that a valve... Agent:

20140318643 - Actuator for a water spray structure: An actuator system for a fluid playground including a first elongated tubular member defining a first axially extending enclosure and having a first inlet connectable to a fluid source, and a second elongated tubular member positioned within the first tubular member, the second tubular member defining a second axially extending... Agent: Les Industries Simexco Inc.

20140318644 - Arrangement for sand collection: The present invention regards a subsea sand handling system for limiting abrasion of specific subsea equipment (5), comprising an inlet (10) connectable to a sand separation system (2) upstream of the specific equipment (5) and an outlet (18, 22) connectable to a pipeline (6) downstream of the specific equipment (5),... Agent: Fmc Kongsberg Subsea As

20140318645 - Hydrodynamic focusing apparatus and methods: A microfluidic chip having a micro channel for processing a sample is provided. The micro channel may focus the sample by using focusing fluid and a core stream forming geometry. The core stream forming geometry may include a lateral fluid focusing component and one or more vertical fluid focusing components.... Agent: Cytonome/st, LLC

20140318646 - Controller integrated fuel pump module: A controller integrated fuel pump module for a vehicle, may include a reservoir cup configured to be fixed to an interior of a fuel tank, a fuel pump installed in an interior of the reservoir cup to pump fuel introduced into the interior of the reservoir cup, and a flange... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140318647 - Sizing tank with electro-mechanical controlled water flows: A vacuum sizing tank configured to provide controlled fluid flow. A fluid control system and a vacuum sizing tank utilizing electronic controls to create and maintain controllable fluid flow within the tank. Flow meters may measure the flow in and out of the tank to maintain consistency. Temperature meters may... Agent:

20140318648 - Chassis with air guiding member: A chassis includes a base, a number of fans mounted in the base, and an air guiding member. The base includes a bottom wall and a sidewall perpendicularly connected to a side of the bottom wall. The fans are mounted on the bottom wall. The air guiding member includes a... Agent:

20140318649 - Solenoid valve with magnet filter: A solenoid valve with the magnet filter includes a flange having a guide hollow part formed therein, in which at least one port that communicates with the guide hollow part is formed on an outer circumferential surface of the flange to be spaced apart from each other by a predetermined... Agent: Kefico Corporation

20140318650 - Magnetic breakaway coupling with swivel connection: A breakaway coupling including a pair of sleeves, one sleeve fitting within the other, each sleeve provided with a connector body, and a hose connector secured partially with one of the connector bodies. The first sleeve holds a metal annulus, while the second sleeve secures a ring separator, generally counterbored,... Agent:

20140318651 - Safety valve device: A safety valve device as for use with a compressed gas cylinder and/or a control valve comprising a housing unit, a plug with controlled bleed off channels bored into the plug, an actuator, and an actuating rod, which is designed to engage in the event that a control valve is... Agent:

20140318652 - Valve bleed system: A valve control unit is connected to a control valve and automatically moves a valve spool first and second bleed positions. The control unit prevents valve bleed if the control valve is in its extend or retract position under command of the operator. The control unit prevents a valve bleed... Agent:

20140318653 - Oil-less pressure relief valves: A self contained one-way pressure relief valve for application to product packaging that does not require the addition of a sealing lubricant. Atop a base with an opening extending through the base is an adhesive-like material layer, and a dry strap of a silicone or other release film coated membrane,... Agent: Plitek, L.L.C.

20140318654 - Supply of fluid for a recreational vehicle: An auxiliary fluid supply for a vehicle may include a rigid container including a cavity, and a flexible container is positioned within the cavity to supply the fluid to the vehicle. The flexible container may be filled with a fluid, and the rigid container may be pressurized to compress the... Agent:

10/23/2014 > 27 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20140311578 - Connector with double lumen tube: The present invention relates to the invention relates to an assembly of a dual lumen tubing as described above and a dual bore connector as described above having a first flow conduit along the first lumen and the first bore, and having a second flow conduit from the second bore,... Agent:

20140311576 - Integrated hydraulic accumulator dual shut-off valve: An integrated shut-off valve unit for a hydraulic accumulator comprises primary and secondary shut-off valves. In a first closed state, where only the primary shut-off valve is closed, auxiliary portions of a hydraulic circuit are energized without energizing the power-producing portion. In a second closed state, both valves are closed,... Agent:

20140311577 - Self replenishing accumulator: An accumulator includes a cylinder for containing a working fluid and a first volume of pressurized gas, the gas and fluid being separated by a displaceable piston and a first seal contacting the piston and the cylinder, a reservoir carried on the piston for containing a second volume of pressurized... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140311579 - Breakaway assembly with relief valve: A breakaway assembly including a first connector and a second connector that is releasably coupleable to the first connector. The assembly is movable between a first configuration in which the first and second connectors are coupled and together define a fluid path through which fluid is flowable, and a second... Agent: Opw Fueling Components Inc.

20140311580 - Air intake and a method of controlling the same: b

20140311581 - Pressure controller configuration for semiconductor processing applications: An exemplary semiconductor processing system may include a processing chamber and a first pressure regulating device coupled with the processing chamber. A second pressure regulating device may also be coupled with the processing chamber separate from the first pressure regulating device. A first pump may be fluidly coupled with the... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140311582 - Thermally regulated fluid transport system and methods thereof: A fluid transport system and related methods is disclosed. The fluid transport system includes an elongated conduit having at least one fluid-transporting pathway. At least one heat tracing structure is bonded to a surface of the elongated conduit. A thermal conductor is removably positioned within the at least one heat... Agent:

20140311583 - Device and a method for demounting a flange: The invention also relates to a method for leak-free demounting flanges by using a device according to any of the preceding claims, comprising the step of positioning at a radial outer surface of said coupled flanges said housing, such that a separation seem of said flanges is covered by said... Agent:

20140311584 - Method for discharging liquid from a tank of a stricken ship: This method for discharging liquid from a tank of a ship that is partially out of the water and has at least one technical access (3), comprises the steps of: opening this technical access, introducing a rigid pipe (13) into the interior of the tank (1) through this technical access... Agent: Jlmd Ecologic Group

20140311585 - Filter bypass valve: A piston has a closure face closing off a cavity defined radially inwardly and downstream of an upstream end. The closure face is spaced from the upstream end by a first distance. The piston has a cavity extending in a downstream direction away from an opposed side of the closure... Agent:

20140311586 - Dual poppet proportional solenoid control valve: A control valve for hydraulic media is provided. The control valve includes a valve body having four ports. A first seat, a second seat, and a dual seat are positioned in the valve body between the ports. Two poppets, each including a disc and a cup, with a spring located... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140311587 - Water supply conduit heating device: Embodiments of the Water Supply Conduit Heating are comprised of a control apparatus and a delivery apparatus. The control apparatus is comprised of two electrically actuated solenoid valves, a pump, a hot water connection, a cold water connection, an electronic control, a temperature sensor, and a double-pipe source connection. The... Agent: Plan 9, Inc.

20140311588 - Nuclear grade air accumulation, indication and venting device: A device for accumulating, isolating, indicating and venting accumulated gas in a fluid system pipe includes a main pipe fitting affixed to a system pipe in which a hole has been drilled. A standpipe attached to the pipe fitting houses a magnetic float. A magnetic-float level indicator exterior to the... Agent:

20140311589 - Multi-port connector for fluid assemblies: A multi-port connector is provided with a body having an inlet port associated with a primary outlet port and a plurality of auxiliary outlet ports. The auxiliary outlet ports may include valve systems for selective fluid engagement with a fluid source. The primary outlet port of the body is valve-free... Agent: Eley Corporation

20140311590 - Antioxidant gas supply unit: Provided is an antioxidant gas supply unit including: a base body (10) in a shape of a hollow plate having antioxidant gas flow paths (53) and (54) defined therein; an antioxidation gas inlet (20) for letting an antioxidant gas flow into the antioxidant gas flow paths (53) and (54); a... Agent: Shinkawa Ltd.

20140311591 - Liquid natural gas cooling on the fly: Described herein are systems and methods for cryogenic fluid delivery to achieve the lowest reasonable saturation pressure while dispensing a cryogenic fluid such as liquefied natural gas to a holding tank on a use device. The systems and methods utilize a liquid nitrogen component and a liquefaction engine, very cold... Agent: Chart Industries, Inc.

20140311592 - Temperature control outlet device: It is a temperature control outlet device, including parts as body, faceplate communicating with the outlet end of the body, and the outlet assembly inside the body. The said outlet assembly includes a valve connected to the said body The said valve includes a mainstream and a diversion vent. There... Agent: Kylin Sanitary Technology (xiamen) Co., Ltd.

20140311593 - Relief valve: A relief valve having a crenelated exhaust ring surrounding the poppet. The crenelated exhaust ring comprises a series of alternating crenels and merlons which together define an increasing cross-sectional exhaust area circumferentially about the poppet during cracking (i.e., once the pressure in the inflatable device exceeds the cracking pressure) as... Agent: Halkey-roberts Corporation

20140311594 - Central valve for pivot motor actuator: The invention relates to a central valve for a pivot motor actuator. A housing tube of the central valve includes radial recesses for operating connections. A piston of the central valve has a center position. In the center position both radial recesses are covered by annular bars of the piston... Agent:

20140311595 - Flapper relief valve: A pressure relief valve is provided including a flapper pivotally mounted to a housing. The flapper is movable between a first position and a second position. A protrusion extends from a first surface of the flapper. A biasing mechanism is positioned near a first end of the flapper. The biasing... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140311596 - Check valve for variable capacity compressor of vehicle: Disclosed is a check valve for a variable capacity compressor of a vehicle, which includes a valve seat including a refrigerant introduction hole, a valve case disposed above the valve seat, and including refrigerant discharge holes along a circumferential surface of a cylindrical body thereof, a spool valve disposed within... Agent:

20140311597 - Compact fuel pressure regulator: A flow-through pressure regulator includes housing structure having a fuel inlet and a fuel outlet. A seal band is defined by the housing structure. A valve element is movable between open and closed positions. The valve element has a sealing surface that engages the seal band in the closed position... Agent: Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.

20140311598 - Rotary flow divider assembly for agricultural product distribution system: A rotary flow divider assembly is provided that includes a housing having an inlet passage configured to receive agricultural product, a first outlet passage configured to discharge the agricultural product, and a second outlet passage configured to discharge the agricultural product. The rotary flow divider assembly also includes a rotary... Agent: Cnh Industrial Canada, Ltd.

20140311599 - System for controlling two positive displacement pumps: A fuel system, such as for use in an aircraft, comprises a main pump, a servo pump, a modulating valve, a shut-off valve, an actuator and a pump sharing valve. The main pump and the servo pump receive fuel from a source. The metering valve receives main flow from the... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140311600 - Drive for switching a double seat valve: A double set valve capable of seat cleaning has a drive and control unit integrated together. The drive switches the valve, and includes two closing elements moveable independently of each other and enclose a leakage cavity.... Agent: Gea Tuchenhagen Gmbh

20140311601 - Steam turbine pipe and pipe: A steam turbine pipe 1 of an embodiment includes: an upper half side main steam pipe 11 that leads steam to a steam turbine; an upper half side main steam control valve 30 that intervenes in the upper half side main steam pipe 11; and a post-valve drain pipe 31... Agent: Toshiba Plant Systems & Services Corporation

20140311602 - Turbo purge valve-check valve obd vacuum relief: An integrated valve assembly, which integrates two check valves and a solenoid assembly which functions as a purge valve. When the solenoid assembly is in an open position, during a first mode of operation, vacuum pressure places the first check valve in an open position and the second check valve... Agent: Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.

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