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Stoves and furnaces

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04/10/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140096761 - Home appliance with improved griddle cover: A home appliance having a griddle cover includes an appliance body; a cooktop on the appliance body and having a griddle; a griddle cover for removable disposition on the griddle for protecting the griddle from contaminants, the griddle cover including a cover body having a plurality of support elements on... Agent: Bsh Home Appliances Corporation

20140096762 - Solar collector, collector element, building roof, building, and solar energy recovery system: The invention relates to a solar collector (1) comprising a collector element plane comprising a set of parallel metallic collector elements (2) for collecting solar energy. The collector element plane, on its side to be arranged to face the sun, comprises a set of parallel, elongated ridges (R, r) formed... Agent: Double M Properties Ab

20140096763 - Modular, fluid thermal transfer device: A modular thermal panel can include a heat exchanger having connected top and bottom plates with channels formed there between for receiving a heat exchange fluid. An architectural tile (e.g., a paver, stone, acoustic tile, or any other architectural element) can rest on the top of the modular thermal panel,... Agent: Therma-hexx, LLC

04/03/2014 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140090635 - Propane tank fuel gauge for barbecue grill: A propane tank fuel gauge for use with a barbecue grill that measures the weight of the tank and thereby provides a readily perceived indication of the amount of propane gas remaining therein. The fuel gauge comprises a base, a tank mount adapted for mounting a propane tank, a spring-loaded... Agent: The Brinkmann Corporation

20140090634 - Reduce impact by barbecue smoke: A barbecue grill device may include a base member to form a base for the barbecue grill device, a burner housing to be positioned on the base member and an airflow diverter to form an airflow between the user of the barbecue grill device and a burner housing. The barbecue... Agent:

20140090636 - Gas burner for domestic cooktop: A gas burner for a domestic cooktop of the type having a burner cup suitable to be fixed to the cooktop and provided with at least part of the structure for at least one primary-air gas mixer, a burner body that may be joined to the burner cup, the burner... Agent: Sabaf S.p.a

20140090633 - Barbecue grill having handle with lighting device: A barbecue grill comprising a grilling surface, a hood, a handle for opening the hood, and a lighting device interconnected with the handle. The lighting device is mounted in such a way that when the hood is opened, the lighting device can be used to illuminate the grilling surface.... Agent: The Brinkmann Corporation

20140090637 - Integrated torque coupling and mount: A sun tracking solar energy collection system can include torque tubes formed with a plurality of rotatable shafts connected to each other in an end to end fashion. The ends of the shafts can be connected with coupling devices in the form of an integrated coupling flange and mounting devices.... Agent: Sunpower Corporation

20140090638 - Sun tracking system: A sun tracking solar power generation system can include drive members for driving a plurality of parallel sun tracking assemblies. The drive components of the drive system can be arranged in a recess or trench created in the ground. This arrangement can reduce the material and labor costs for constructing... Agent: Sunpower Corporation

20140090639 - Process for producing an element for absorbing solar radiation for a thermal concentrating solar power plant: A solar radiation absorber element for a thermal concentrating solar power plant is achieved by forming a selective coating on an outer surface of a substrate made from stainless steel, chosen from stainless steels presenting an aluminium content of more than 0.5% by weight. Formation of the selective coating includes... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

03/27/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140083409 - Apparatus and methods for providing an improved cooking grate for an outdoor cooking grill: Provided is a cooking grate for improving cooking performance on an outdoor cooking grill. The cooking grate has a metallic plate, configured to be placed over a heat source in the outdoor cooking grill, where the metallic plate has a plurality of perforation holes. The cooking grate further includes a... Agent: 1 W.c. Bradley Company

20140083408 - Methods and devices for heating liquid for injection into a wellbore or pipeline system: Super heater systems include self-contained units which are easily transported to remote locations. Such super heater systems include heat exchanger assemblies adapted to heat liquid on-the-fly (i.e., directly from the supply source to a wellbore or pipeline system. A heat exchange assembly may include a first header with a plurality... Agent:

20140083410 - Component for an appliance, arrangement with a component of this type and appliance with a corresponding arrangement: A component for a household appliance includes a thin-walled sub-element having a connecting region configured for connection to at least one further component part. The connecting region has a funnel-shaped receptacle which is configured at least as a dual receptacle with at least two adjacent separate holes for passage of... Agent: Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausger&#xc4 Te Gmbh

20140083411 - Stove base, with storage area: Stove base with storage area, where this base is designed as a box-like body or as a plate-like body on supporting elements, with the upper, mostly flat, surface adapted for placement of the stove and where this base includes a storage area, and the storage area (12) is equipped with... Agent: Firefoot A.s.

20140083412 - Built-in retractable ventilation hood assembly: A built-in ventilation hood assembly is designed for installation into a kitchen cabinet immediately above a built-in cooking device. The assembly includes a housing and a retractable hood unit, which may include at least one air intake into which air is drawn; and the housing may include at least one... Agent:

20140083413 - Method and apparatus for mapping cloud shading on the ground in a large area: Shading by clouds can affect the amount of flux on a heliostat which in turn can affect the energy generated by the solar device. Real-time monitoring of cloud shading of at least a portion of the solar field can allow for more efficient operation of the entire solar power system.... Agent: Brightsource Industries (israel) Ltd.

20140083414 - Solar heater for liquids: This invention refers to an improved solar fluid heater with respect to the one submitted in patent application MX/a/2010/005129, which main improvement consist of a protective elastic membrane in the solar collector, allowing for the heating of any kind of liquid besides water, in which the solar collector design allows... Agent:

20140083415 - Solar system for reproducing the effect of a combustion flame: i

03/20/2014 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140076303 - Burner for a gas cooktop: A burner for a gas cooktop comprising a main body provided with a first plurality of holes capable of producing first flames at a first angle with respect to a horizontal reference plane, and a second plurality of holes capable of producing second flames at a second angle with respect... Agent:

20140076302 - Fire pit burner: A fire pit burner having an inlet hub adapted to be fluidly connected to a fuel source, a fuel supply spoke, and a burner tube. The fuel supply spoke is fluidly connected to the inlet hub at a first end and the burner tube at a second end at such... Agent:

20140076307 - Infrared tube heater: An infrared tube heater includes at least one burner device and a beam tube. The burner device includes a burner and a fan. The fan is constructed to supply air to the burner and the burner is constructed to emit a flame into the beam tube. The burner is equipped... Agent: Gogas Goch Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140076300 - Protective grill for an infrared heater: A protective grill is provided for a portable infrared heater which reduces the possibility of a person from coming into contact with the radiation disk of the heater. The protective grill of this invention may be selectively detachably secured to the wheeled frame of a heater wherein the radiation disk... Agent:

20140076301 - Defrosting device: A defrosting device for use in a household or commercial environment to effectively defrost frozen food packages is described. The device consists of three major parts; a top shell, a bottom shell and a hinge mechanism connecting the top shell and the bottom shell to allow the top shell to... Agent:

20140076304 - Fire grate for enhanced combustion with vertical and horizontal expansion sleeves: An improved fire grate may provide fresh oxygen rich air to a secondary combustion zone, created by the improved fire grate, of a combustion chamber where a combustion gas stream is typically oxygen starved assisting in the burning process of incompletely burned particulates and reducing other harmful emissions. A baffle... Agent: Earth's Flame, Inc.

20140076305 - Solar thermal energy capture system with overheating protection and cold temperature bypass: A thermoregulation apparatus for a solar thermal energy capture system comprising a piping infrastructure in fluid communication with a fluid storage tank and one or more solar thermal energy collectors. The thermoregulation apparatus comprises: (i) a thermostatically actuated valve interposed the piping infrastructure downstream from the one or more solar... Agent: Trathom Corporation

20140076306 - Concentrating solar energy collector: Systems, methods, and apparatus by which solar energy may be collected to provide heat, electricity, or a combination of heat and electricity are disclosed herein.... Agent: Cogenra Solar, Inc.

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