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Stoves and furnaces

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10/02/2014 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140290644 - Stoves, stove components, and related methods: Stoves and stove-related methods. Some embodiments provide three-piece camping stoves configured for flat storage. Some stoves comprise two flexible and flat panels and a flat crosspiece. The panels define male couplers extending from the panels, female couplers, and crosspiece couplers. The female couplers define slots in the panels while the... Agent: Vertex Outdoors, LLC

20140290639 - Hose burner: Disclosed is a hose burner capable of being carried by a user in a convenient manner. The hose burner comprises: a body unit including a cylindrical body having an open upper surface and having an insertion opening penetratingly-formed at one side thereof, and including an air mixture container accommodated in... Agent: Kovea Co., Ltd.

20140290640 - Hose burner having folding type supporting leg: A hose burner having a folding type supporting leg, comprises: a body unit including a cylindrical body having an open upper surface and having an insertion opening penetratingly-formed at one side thereof, and including an air mixture container having a mixture pipe; a fuel supply pipe having a fuel supply... Agent: Kovea Co., Ltd.

20140290642 - Oven broil burner: Provided is a broil burner including a generally-tubular gas conduit configured to extend between a rearward region of an oven cavity and a forward region of the oven cavity. The gas conduit includes an inlet that cooperates with a gas source to convey a combustible gas from the gas source... Agent:

20140290641 - Recirculating downdraft system for a cooking appliance: Provided is a cooking appliance that includes an oven cavity and an oven door pivotally mounted to a front surface and configured to selectively provide access to an interior of the oven cavity. A cooktop includes a heating element and an inlet of a downdraft system exposed at a top... Agent: Electrolux Home Products, Inc.

20140290643 - Helical fuel burner: A burner for consuming a fuel includes a base with a lower end, an upper end, and at least one side wall. A fuel inlet port of the upper end of the base includes at least an inner wall and a bottom wall. At least one helical conduit is fixed... Agent:

09/25/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140283811 - Oven appliance with dual opening doors: The present subject matter provides an oven appliance. The oven appliance includes a pair of doors. A pair of sprockets or gears, a pair of chains, and a pair of connecting members couple the doors to each other such that the doors open and close simultaneously. The oven appliance also... Agent: General Electric Company

20140283812 - Apparatus and method for flameless thermal oxidation at optimized equivalence ratios: A diptube apparatus for a flameless thermal oxidizer having a matrix bed of media including a vent gas stream conduit at least partially positioned within the matrix bed for delivering a vent gas stream; an oxidizing agent conduit separate from the vent gas stream conduit and at least partially positioned... Agent:

20140283813 - Device for extractor hood: The present invention concerns a device (2) for an extractor hood (1) comprising a tubular portion (21), having a cross section from 5000 to 32000 mm2, wherein an air flow detector (23) is arranged in said tubular portion (21), for detecting the air flow in said tubular portion (21).... Agent: Elica S.p.a.

20140283814 - Appliance shelving system: An appliance shelving system is provided that has multiple different positions along the vertical direction for receipt of a shelf or rack. The construction of the features for supporting the shelf or rack allows for an increased number of vertical positions as compared to certain conventional constructions. The shelving system... Agent: General Electric Company

20140283815 - Solar collector: A solar collector is made primarily of plastic materials. A wide variety of collector configurations may be made from similar parts, and thus the collector may be adapted to mount in locations where traditional flat panel collectors may not be feasible. The collector may conveniently be used with a nanofluid... Agent: Watts Thermoelectric, LLC

20140283816 - Natural circulation solar system with vacuum tubes with an accumulation tank cavity: Natural circulation solar system for the production of sanitary hot water having a double circuit (solar and user ones) and provided with an air gap storage tank, realized so that the connection of vacuum pipes is allowed.... Agent: Giannelli Solare Di Giannelli Mario E C.

20140283817 - Glas tube with infrared light reflective coating, method for manufacturing the glass tube heat receiver tube with the glass tube, parabolic trough collector with the heat receiver tube and use of the parabolic trough collector: A glass tube with a glass tube wall is provided, wherein an inner surface of the glass tube wall comprises at least partially at least one infrared light reflective coating. Additionally a heat receiver tube for absorbing solar energy and for transferring absorbed solar energy to a heat transfer fluid,... Agent:

20140283818 - Solar collector unit and a method of providing such a solar collector unit: The solar collector unit is adapted for reflecting light onto a receiver, and comprises a reflector element, and a support structure supporting the reflector element. The reflector element is flexible and comprises a reflective surface and a substrate having a predefined length and width. The support structure comprises a predefined... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 26 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.
09/11/2014 > 36 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140251316 - Collapsible grill: Disclosed is a collapsible grill comprising a pair of vertical supports comprising a plurality of apertures with a plurality of grill bars. The vertical supports have three types of apertures; the apertures extending along one edge of the vertical supports are tapped, the complementary series of apertures extending along the... Agent:

20140251302 - Thin profile multi-manifold multi-tube burner for gas grills: A barbecue grill and a burner assembly are disclosed, the burner assembly having a venturi tube for conveying gas to the burner, a burner tube having front and back manifolds, with the venturi tube connected to the front and back manifolds and having flow restrictors at the connection interface to... Agent: Char-broil, LLC

20140251305 - Gas burner assembly, gas cooking hob and gas burner appliance: Gas burner assembly, gas cooking hob and gas burner appliance The invention in particular is directed to a gas burner assembly (3). It is proposed that the gas burner assembly (3) comprises a cookware support (4), and further a burner crown (5) and burner cap (6) which are attached to... Agent:

20140251299 - Oven having an enclosed heat exchange zone: An oven has an enclosed heat exchange zone for use with biomass fuel. The oven has a body which is able to be placed on the ground. The body has a combustion cabinet and an auxiliary equipment cabinet. The combustion cabinet has a burner received therein. The burner has a... Agent:

20140251300 - Oven appliance: An oven appliance is provided. The oven appliance includes a pair of doors and a pair of flanges. Each flange of the pair of flanges is mounted to a respective one of the pair of doors. The flanges engage and overlap each other when the pair of doors is in... Agent: General Electric Company

20140251301 - Oven appliance: An oven appliance is provided. The oven appliance includes a pair of doors. Each door of the pair of doors includes an outer door panel and an inner door panel. The outer and inner door panels are spaced apart from each other along at least one edge of the door... Agent: General Electric Company

20140251303 - Heating device: There is provided a heating device based on an exothermic reaction between first and second substances. The device comprises a first cavity holding the first substance, a second cavity holding the second substance, and a first barrier layer therebetween. The device further comprises a rotatable breaking element for rotating to... Agent: Genergy Technology Limited

20140251304 - Water drawer and appliance comprising a water drawer: The invention relates to a water drawer (1), comprising a housing element (2) and a drawer element (3), wherein the drawer element (3) is movably guided within the housing element (2) and wherein water can be filled into a water receiving space of the drawer element (3), wherein the drawer... Agent: Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.v.

20140251306 - Fireplace grate for firelogs: A fireplace grate is taught which includes one or more artificial logs which can easily be moved between a combustion position, wherein they are located over a firelog, and a loading position, wherein a firelog can be put into the fireplace and ignited and/or ashes of a firelog can be... Agent:

20140251308 - System and method for collecting solar energy with a stationary thermal storage device: A novel portable solar energy system includes a solar concentrator, a thermal storage device, an azimuth adjustment system, an elevation system, and a heat exchanger, all mounted on a rotatable support frame. In a particular embodiment, the thermal storage device remains at a fixed vertical height and fixed tilt orientation... Agent:

20140251307 - Tilt-able planar reflectors to heat a solar smelter's thermal mass: A tilt-able-central-planar-reflector, a tilt-able-auxiliary-left-planar-reflector, and a tilt-able-auxiliary-right-planar-reflector are hingely attached to a solar-absorbing-thermal-mass. The sun's light is made horizontal to reflect to the interior wall of a reflecting-curved-overhang, capturing the sun's sunrise light and sun's sunset light, and to reflect to the interior wall of a reflecting-parabolic-half-shell capturing the sun's... Agent:

20140251309 - Method and configuration for heating buildings with an infrared heater: A building is heated using an infrared heater with a radiant tube. A heated gas is fed to the radiant tube at a first end and the tube is further fluidically connected at its second end to a heat exchanger. A portion of the thermal energy contained in the heated... Agent: Kuebler Gmbh

20140251310 - High temperature thermal energy storage: The effectiveness of heat transfer to and from a thermal energy storage medium, for example a phase change medium, is enhanced by the inclusion of thermally-conductive elements within the thermal energy storage medium. The thermally-conductive elements may be filler shapes placed in a self-supporting stacking arrangement, which may be a... Agent:

20140251311 - Induced flow solar thermal collector and method: A solar thermal collector is provided. The collector comprises a housing defining an inlet, and an outlet for a heat transfer fluid, said housing comprising a window to allow sunlight to pass there through; a heat transfer core disposed within the interior of the housing said housing designed to be... Agent:

20140251312 - Reflecting parabolic splice solar smelter: A revolution-of-a-parabolic-curve is sliced by two planes to form a reflecting-parabolic-splice-solar-smelter so as to focus the sun's noon light to a crucible for smelting rocks, glass and metals and for processing of chemicals, using zero degrees of freedom. (50 words)... Agent:

20140251313 - Modification of uv absorption profile of polymer film reflectors to increase solar-weighted reflectance: Provided are reflective thin film constructions including a reduced number of layers, which provides for increased solar-weighted hemispherical reflectance and durability. Reflective films include those comprising an ultraviolet absorbing abrasion resistant coating over a metal layer. Also provided are ultraviolet absorbing abrasion resistant coatings and methods for optimizing the ultraviolet... Agent: Skyfuel, Inc

20140251315 - Method and apparatus for orienting arrays of mechanically linked heliostats for focusing the incident sunlight on a stationary object: The present invention is a method and apparatus for periodic orientation of arrays of mechanically linked heliostats positioned on rotatable shafts such that incident sunlight is focused on a stationary object. In each altitudinal orientation a minuscule predefined push is given by an actuator and the time interval between each... Agent:

20140251314 - Solar oven positioning: A positioning system is attached to radiation collection device such as a solar oven. The positioning system is attached to an outside of a building structure, allowing the collection device to be positioned in a plurality of locations. At least one of the plurality of locations is away from the... Agent:

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