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Stoves and furnaces

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08/07/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140216434 - High efficiency infra-red cooking oven: A high efficiency cooking system includes a thermal enclosure having an open mouth at its front, the mouth in communication with the ambient atmosphere, the enclosure having hinged frontal doors below the open mouth, an interior of doors defining an upward air path provided by an air blower for blowing... Agent:

20140216436 - Barbecue, apparatus, and method for improved temperature distribution, heat retention, and flare-up prevention: Provided is a barbecue apparatus for preventing flare-ups and improving temperature distribution and heat retention when cooking on a barbecue. The apparatus comprises at least one plate that is movable between a first position lying atop a respective side of at least one burner tent and a second position withdrawn... Agent:

20140216439 - High temperature food preparation device: The high-temperature food preparation device of the present invention is an air-cooled high-temperature food preparation device that may be used in a large number of cooking methods and styles. Specifically, the present invention consists of a chassis, a range top, a heat source, and a support structure positioned above the... Agent: Town Food Service Equipment Co., Inc

20140216435 - Cooking hob with window, cooking appliance, and process for manufacturing the hob: A cooking hob, or a ceramic hob, for a fixed or mobile cooking appliance, the hob including at least one cooking area and at least one control and/or information area, the control and/or information area being formed by a window separated from the cooking area by at least one joint... Agent: Eurokera S.n.c.

20140216437 - Hydronic surface heating system: A mobile surface heater is disclosed having a heat generation loop and a heat dissipation loop. The heat generation loop can include a heat generating device, a storage tank, and a first pump for circulating a fluid. The heat dissipation loop can be placed in fluid communication with the heat... Agent:

20140216438 - Home appliance with improved oven rack: A home appliance having an oven rack including an appliance body having a plurality of oven walls defining an oven cavity; an oven rack for removable disposition in the oven cavity, wherein the oven rack includes two flat side panels and a plurality of straight cross members extending laterally therebetween... Agent: Bsh Home Appliances Corporation

20140216440 - Tracker support system for solar sensor: Tracker support system (1) for solar sensor comprising:—a fixed structure (2) for anchoring to the ground exhibiting several anchoring points (21) defining an anchoring plane and separated from one another by distances termed ground prints, including a larger ground print distance (DE) established between at least two anchoring points (21);... Agent: Prestige Solaire

20140216441 - Solar receiver panel: A solar receiver panel comprising a header comprising header body (18, 18′) having a header wall surrounding an inner chamber (11, 11′), at least one access opening (21, 21′) communicating with the inner chamber (11, 11′) with a substantially spherical shape for connecting a fluid pipe, and a plurality of... Agent: Sener, Ingenieria Y Sistemas, S.a.

07/31/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 10 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140202444 - Vortex shedding heat transfer method and apparatus: A heating transfer method and apparatus that has a fixed physical obstruction placed in the air path causing the airflow to cause the airflow to shed into alternating patterns. A column is placed perpendicular to the airflow path to provide an obstruction to the airflow. The cross-section of the column... Agent: Standex International Corporation

20140202442 - Condensing heat exchanger fins with enhanced airflow: A plate fin for a heat exchanger is provided including a base plate having a plurality of holes formed therein. The plate fin also includes a plurality of generally annular collars. Each collar is positioned substantially coaxially within one of the plurality of holes. The plurality of first collars is... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20140202443 - Fuel/air furnace mixer: A heating, ventilation, and/or air conditioning (HVAC) furnace has a venturi premixer and a disturber disposed downstream relative to the premixer and in an undivided output of the venturi premixer.... Agent: Trane International Inc.

20140202445 - Exhaust hood methods, devices, and systems: Exhaust hood methods, devices, and systems are disclosed herein that improve the performance of short-circuit hoods. Such improvements can be provided relatively inexpensively by utilizing existing features of the structure of short-circuit hoods. The resulting enhancement in performance may exceed that of a regular exhaust hood while avoiding the pitfalls... Agent: Oy Halton Group Ltd.

20140202446 - Traction bearing and rod joint from the sliding shelf set: Traction bearing and rod joint to anchor a sliding shelf set to an oven door, the bearing (1) being made of engineering plastic, stainless steel or another compatible material, and is designed to be installed on the internal glass or surface of the counter door (P) of the stove (F1)... Agent:

20140202447 - Nitrogen based thermal storage medium: A thermal storage and transfer method for use in both indirect and direct heating solar power plants that involves the use of nitrogen gas as a thermal storage medium for heat transfer in circumstances where little or no solar radiation is available to produce the thermal energy needed to convert... Agent: Maarky Thermal Systems Inc.

20140202448 - Production of electricity and heat storage using solar mirrors: A solar energy collection array includes a plurality of individual mirrors and a plurality of receiver facets. The mirrors form a fixed multifaceted curved collection of mirrors. Each individual mirror is less than 1 square meter and is constructed of inexpensive and easily replaceable surfaces. The receiver facets are disposed... Agent:

20140202449 - Multiplatform heating ventilation and air conditioning control system: A multiplatform heating ventilation and air conditioning control system configured to maximize energy efficiency in maintaining desired conditions within an area through beneficial use of natural energy sources. In some embodiments, the multiplatform heating ventilation and air conditioning control system can include sensors and a control system. In some embodiments,... Agent: Global Solar Water And Power Systems, Inc.

20140202450 - Solar array, arrangement with a plurality of solar arrays and use of the solar array or the arrangement: A solar array is provided with a first heat-transfer fluid transporting line (parabolic trough loop) for transporting a first heat transfer fluid, and at least one further heat-transfer fluid transporting line for transporting a further heat transfer fluid arranged to receive solar energy from, for example, a parabolic-trough solar array.... Agent: Ksb Aktiengesellschaft

20140202451 - Solar switching system: A method and a control system for a hot water supply system, wherein the hot water supply system includes at least one boiler having a heating fluid input pipe line, the control system comprising: a motorized valve; installed upon the heating fluid input pipe line; a first thermistor installed upon... Agent:

07/17/2014 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140196711 - Control system for cooking appliance during jewish holidays and sabbath: A cooking appliance control system for use during the Jewish Holidays or Sabbath. A timer is in communication with the oven heater element programmed to provide for scheduled activations and deactivations of the element during the Holidays. Prior to the Holiday the timer is programmed, the oven is activated to... Agent:

20140196713 - Gas burner assembly for an oven appliance: A gas burner assembly for an oven appliance is provided. The gas burner assembly includes a pair of burner tubes and a runner tube that extends between the pair of burner tubes. The gas burner assembly also includes features for obstructing a flow of gaseous fuel within the pair of... Agent: General Electric Company

20140196712 - Oven appliance and a gas burner assembly for the same: A gas burner assembly for an oven appliance is provided. The gas burner assembly includes a pair of burner tubes. A runner tube extends between and can fluidly connect the burner tubes of the pair of burner tubes. The runner tube can assist with carrying flames between the burner tubes... Agent: General Electric Company

20140196709 - Protective accessory device for freestanding outdoor cooking units: A safety device for outdoor cooking grills having a plurality of base pieces that are linearly joined such that they may be folded together for transportation or unfolded for use by interlocking the first piece with the last piece to form an enclosure. Depending on the number of base pieces... Agent:

20140196710 - Footwear warming devices, systems, and kits: Footwear warming devices, systems, and kits. In an exemplary embodiment of a footwear warming device of the present disclosure, the device comprises a top portion coupled to a unitary portion, the unitary portion having a first side portion, a second side portion, and a front portion, and a bottom portion... Agent: Indytradecenter In LLC

20140196714 - Fireplace disposable tray: The Fireplace Disposable Tray is placed inside of a fireplace on the floor, which has handles to lift tray from the fireplace to dispose of burnt ash without messing spills and easy disposal. This invention can be in different dimensions of fireplace in home setting. The invention sole purpose is... Agent:

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