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Stoves and furnaces

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07/10/2014 > 4 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140190468 - Burner cap and burner: A burner cap and a burner are provided. The burner cap may include a cap body, an opening formed in the cap body, at a location separated from an edge of the cap body, proximate the center of the cap body, a distribution protrusion formed on a bottom part of... Agent:

20140190467 - Multi-ring gas burner for an appliance: A multi-ring gas burner for an appliance is provided. The burner includes an inner burner ring and an outer burner ring. The outer burner ring has a regulator positioned within a fuel chamber of the outer burner ring. The regulator controls a flow of fuel to outlets of the outer... Agent: General Electric Company

20140190466 - Ecological and ergonomic kettle: A kettle includes a water receiving chamber; a water heating chamber; and a water transfer siphon. The water transfer siphon has a siphon inlet aperture in communication with the water receiving chamber, and a siphon outlet aperture in communication with the water heating chamber. The water transfer siphon is preventable... Agent:

20140190469 - Systems and methods for selectively producing steam from solar collectors and heaters: Systems and methods for selectively producing steam from solar collectors and heaters are disclosed. A method in accordance with a particular embodiment includes directing a flow of water to a solar collector, directing the flow of water to a gas-fired heater, and, as a result of heating the flow of... Agent: Glasspoint Solar, Inc.

07/03/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140182581 - Portable grill assembly: A portable grill assembly having a frame and a plurality of legs that are pivotally attached to the frame. A removable tray is matingly received within the frame and a screen is removably nested within the tray in spaced relation to the bottom of the removable tray to provide room... Agent:

20140182575 - Autonomous ventilation system: An autonomous ventilation system includes a variable-speed exhaust fan, a controller, an exhaust hood, and a spillage sensor. The exhaust fan removes air contaminants from an area. The controller is coupled to the exhaust fan and adjusts the speed of the exhaust fan. The exhaust hood is coupled to the... Agent: Oy Halton Group Ltd.

20140182576 - System for improved hybridization of thermal solar and biomass and fossil fuel based energy systems: A hybridization system (15) for use in a hybrid energy plant (35, 50, 60, 70) that includes a first thermal energy unit (10) powered by solar energy and a second non-solar thermal energy unit (11) for providing thermal energy to a user (16) via first and second heat transfer fluids... Agent:

20140182577 - Drive with integrated inclination sensor: A drive can include a positional sensor within an outer housing of the drive so as to provide an output indicative of a position of the drive. The positional sensor can be an inclinometer. The inclinometer can be used for feedback control of an inclination of the drive. The drive... Agent: Sunpower Corporation

20140182578 - Solar concentrators, method of manufacturing and uses thereof: A solar concentrator comprising at least one rigid parabolic self-supporting solar collector comprising at least one parabolic reflector and at least one heat collector rigidly supported above a reflective surface of the parabolic reflector; and a positioning unit configured for positioning the solar collector into an operation position for reception... Agent: 6637418 Canada Inc. Carrying On Business As Rackam

20140182579 - Solar energy collection conduit: A solar energy collection conduit (10) comprising an optical concentrator (40) incorporated into an outer tube (30) having a sunlight-transmitting ceiling (32). The concentrator (40) focuses, guides, directs, and/or otherwise concentrates sunlight towards a pipe (50). Fluid (60) conveyed by the pipe (50) can be heated to very high temperatures... Agent:

20140182580 - Solar collector module: Improvements in the design and construction of solar collector modules. Aspects of the invention include improvements in the layout of a frame for a solar collector module, and in the joining of structural members of the frame at nodes. In one example, a module of a solar collector includes a... Agent: Abengoa Solar Inc.

06/26/2014 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140174426 - Gas oven: A gas oven configured to use a single cooking cavity being divided into a plurality of individual cooking cavities by mounting a divider at the cooking space. The gas oven includes a forced air supplying device capable of forcedly supplying air to the individual cooking space at an upper portion... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140174427 - Interactive heating and cooking apparatus and disposable tray system therefore: An interactive heating and cooking apparatus (1) including a support structure (2) defining an upper support region (4) with a fire receptacle (9) extending upwardly from the upper support region. The fire receptacle is bound at least partially by a peripheral shield element (10) adapted to allow at least a... Agent:

20140174423 - Waterless humidifier for residential and commercial furnaces: A method and apparatus for humidifying residential and commercial buildings in which a flue gas generated by a residential of commercial furnace is provided to one side of a porous liquid water transport membrane and habitable space air is provided to an opposite side of the porous liquid water transport... Agent: Gas Technology Institute

20140174424 - Heat exchanger and gas-fired furnace comprising the same: A heat exchanger and a gas-fired furnace including the same are provided. The heat exchanger includes at least two heat exchange shell enclosures; and at least three rows of heat exchange tubes arranged along a furnace air flow path. Each of the heat exchange tubes defines a leaving-tube-end and an... Agent: Gd Midea Heating & Ventilating Equipment Co., Ltd.

20140174425 - Easy warmers: A toe warmer assembly attaches to a foot to warm toes directly or through footwear. The assembly includes a pouch having a closed end, an open end, and a perimeter wall extending from the closed end to the open end defining an interior space. A flap extends from the open... Agent:

20140174428 - Self-heating systems and methods for rapidly heating a comestible substance: Self-heating systems for rapidly and effectively heating a comestible substance are disclosed. Self-heating systems generally include a reaction chamber and a heating chamber. The heating chamber contains a substance to be heated. The reaction chamber contains reactants that, when contacted, exothermically react. The containers and reactants can be configured to... Agent: Heat Wave Technologies, LLC

20140174429 - Exhaust hood and method for controlling the operation of an exhaust hood: An exhaust hood has a fan apparatus for drawing away discharge air from a cooking appliance, which is arranged beneath the exhaust hood and which has at least one cooking area. A temperature detection device detects a temperature of at least one cooking area of the cooking appliance and a... Agent: Diehl Ako Stiftung & Co. Kg

20140174430 - Pyramid lamp medallion control for solar thermal power generation system: A method of calibrating a mirror orientation system of a heliostat includes mounting an artificial light source to a heliostat mirror, providing an array of light sensors on a solar thermal tower and positioning the heliostat mirror at a first orientation. A control module is provided a signal indicative of... Agent:

20140174431 - Tracker drive system and solar energy collection system: A tracker drive system is provided for rotatably driving one or more objects, for example solar panels or other equipment. The system comprises a torque element mounted for rotation about a generally horizontal axis, wherein the torque element can support one or more objects for rotation therewith about the generally... Agent:

06/19/2014 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140165993 - High efficiency wind resistant kettle grill: A lower housing has a fuel grate situated at a predetermined level within the lower housing for supporting a fuel source. The lower housing has a first wall defining a plurality of air intake openings proximate the level of the fuel grate.... Agent: W.c. Bradley Co.

20140165992 - Quick assembly grill and method: A grill comprising a firebox assembly for mounting on a cart assembly, the cart assembly having first and second support assemblies interconnected by at least one linking member. A hinge or pivot in the mid-portion of the linking member divides it into first and second linking member portions, and the... Agent: The Brinkmann Corporation

20140165990 - Strain reduction clamshell heat exchanger design: One aspect of this disclosure provides a heating chamber for a gas furnace that comprises opposing halves joined together. The joined opposing halves form a clamshell panel having at least one truncated corner located adjacent a curve located at a back end of a chamber path of the one or... Agent: Lennox Industries Inc.

20140165991 - Burner assembly for a heating furnace: A burner assembly for a fuel-fired heating furnace. The assembly comprises a burner body having an inlet opening to receive fuel delivered by a fuel control module, and, to receive an ambient source of primary air there-through. The furnace also comprises one or more burner heads connected to a common... Agent: Lennox Industries Inc.

20140165994 - Stovetop water heater: A stovetop kettle in which water is poured into an upper reservoir to pass to a lower base that includes a heat transfer structure that defines a meandering path for the water in close proximity to a heat source. Water exits the heat transfer structure at an elevated temperature and... Agent:

20140165995 - Open-flow solar collector: s

20140165996 - Solar heat collector: Solar heat collector with a pipe in which flows an energetic fluid and a structure consisting of a frame of plastic material with metallic profiles encapsulated during the injection of said plastic material, which allows establishing orifices therein, providing a robust and lightweight collector with few components and dimensionally stable.... Agent: Fundacion Cidaut

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