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Stoves and furnaces

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09/04/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140238379 - Non-stick, pyrolytic coatings for heating devices: In accordance with one aspect of the present invention, a heating device is presented. The heating device includes a pyrocatalytic, non-stick coating disposed on at least one surface. The pyrocatalytic non-stick coating includes (i) a binder derived from a silane, a polysiloxane, a polysilazane, or combinations thereof; and (ii) a... Agent: General Electric Company

20140238380 - Oven exhaust hood methods, devices, and systems: An exhaust device for convection or combi ovens captures exhaust from opening side-opening oven doors with minimal energy waste.... Agent: Oy Halton Group Ltd.

20140238381 - Oven having pyrolysis function: The oven having combustion function includes a cooking cavity; a heating means for emitting heat; a combustion tube for surrounding the heating means, and the combustion tube also being in fluid communication with the cooking cavity and a flow supply unit; a combustion space wherein odor-producing materials are removed by... Agent:

20140238377 - Simple camp grill: A simple grill comprised of a body made from a circular section of seamless metal. The grill consists of an open top and an open bottom, with the grill used by placing vertically on a surface with the open bottom in contact with the surface. A support structure is welded... Agent:

20140238385 - Cookware leveling solutions: Solutions for leveling the surface of cookware are disclosed. In one embodiment, at least one detachable adjustable leg makes contact with the stove surface to tilt the cooking surface to make it level. The pressure on the stove surface can be increased or decreased, thereby increasing the tilt until the... Agent:

20140238384 - Multi-ring gas burner: A multi-ring gas burner for a cooktop appliance is provided. The multi-ring gas burner includes an inner burner ring, an outer burner ring, and a carryover slot that extends between about the inner burner ring and about the outer burner ring. A pair of restrictors defines a Venturi throttle therebetween.... Agent: General Electric Company

20140238378 - Pellet burning fire pit: Provided is an apparatus for burning biomass fuel sources, such as a fire pit for burning wood pellets. A fire pit of the present invention may include a burning chamber having a floor and an opening at the top, and a secondary chamber having a bottom, at least one air... Agent:

20140238382 - Reducing pre-heat time in an oven: A heating assembly is provided to reduce the pre-heat time of an oven. The heating assembly vaporizes a phase change fluid in an evaporator, allows the phase change fluid vapor to travel to a reactor in thermal communication with a cooking chamber of an oven appliance. In the reactor, the... Agent: General Electric Company

20140238383 - Appliance with vertically adjustable rack: An appliance is provided having one or more racks or shelves the position of which may be adjusted vertically. Multiple different positions along the vertical direction can be made available for selection by a user of the appliance. The rack can also be supported from multiple locations to increase its... Agent: General Electric Company

20140238386 - Radiation absorbing metal pipe: Such tubular units with absorbing coatings of their external surfaces can be applied in following solar thermal systems: parabolic trough collectors; solar thermal collectors with usage of linear Fresnel reflectors; for a system with an array of tracking mirrors and a central receiver mounted on a tower or on the... Agent:

20140238387 - Devices, methods, and systems for control of heliostats: Adherence to flux or resultant measurable parameter limits, ranges, or patterns can be achieved by directing heliostat mounted mirrors to focus on aiming points designated on the surface of a solar receiver. Different heliostats can be directed to different aiming points, and a heliostat can be directed to different aiming... Agent:

08/21/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140230803 - Burner for oven or grill: A burner for an oven or grill may include a flat and elongated body extending in a major longitudinal direction and confining an inner chamber configured to receive a comburent and combustible mixture. The body may include two half-shells mutually superposed and coupled in mirror-image relationship and including edge portions... Agent: Ac.tek S.r.l.

20140230809 - Gas-fired heater with environmental detector: Provided is a portable heater supplied by an associated fuel source, comprising a housing, a fuel connection fitting, an orifice, a burner assembly, a regulator, a controller for selectively switching among operation states including at least a 4000 BTUs and a 9000 BTUs per hour state, a power source adapted... Agent: Enerco Group, Inc.

20140230804 - Solar tracker: Methods and systems for use with solar devices. The present invention may be used with solar panels, solar dishes, or any other devices for which an optimal exposure to the sun is desired. The present invention first adjusts an azimuth of the solar device until an optimal solar exposure, from... Agent: The University Of Western Ontario

20140230805 - Gas hot water heating device and system: A gas hot water heating device and a system with heating function are disclosed. The device includes a combustion device (1), an inlet (E) and an outlet (G) of a hot water pipeline (2), an inlet (I) and an outlet (H) of a heating loop (3), and a water tank... Agent:

20140230806 - Multi-tube solar collector structure: A collector system (12) is disclosed that comprises a row of linearly conjoined collector structures (13). The collector system is arranged to be located at a level above a field of reflectors (10) and to receive solar radiation reflected from the reflectors within the field. The collector structure (13) comprises... Agent: Areva Solar Pty Limited

20140230807 - Solar furnace and methods of use thereof: A solar furnace for heating a target having a heliostat with a reflective surface having a reflective portion, a surface altering mechanism capable of altering the shape of the reflective portion, and a target having a target area, the reflective surface capable of reflecting radiant energy toward a target.... Agent:

20140230808 - Solar energy receiver: Solar receiver having a receiver funnel, a solar absorber, and an absorber rotation drive mechanism. The receiver funnel has a funnel entrance and a funnel exit. The solar absorber may have a spherical shape and has an absorber rotation axis. The solar absorber is rotatably positioned in the funnel exit.... Agent:

08/14/2014 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140224238 - Portable filtration apparatus and method of using same: A lightweight, portable filter system that is especially adapted for use in commercial kitchen cleaning services such as hoods used in commercial kitchens is described. The invention is defined by a container adapted for holding a filter and which has a drain opening that may be connected to the usual... Agent: Cleanway Environmental Partners, Inc.

20140224239 - Process for manufacturing a cooking oven, particularly for food, and an oven so obtained: A process for manufacturing a cooking oven, particularly for food, comprising a step of making a part of the outer covering of the oven as one prefabricated fiberglass piece, is described.... Agent: Tek Ref S.r.l.

20140224240 - Barbecue grill apparatus: A barbecue grill apparatus includes a casing, a cover, two cooking grills, two warming grills and two supporting elements. The cover is pivotally connected to the casing. The cooking grills are pivotally connected to the casing. The warming grills are pivotally connected to the cover. Each of the supporting elements... Agent:

20140224241 - Kamado style cooker and fireplace: A combination manufactured Kamado style insulated cooker and fireplace with fireplace door or doors on the front lower section of the Kamado/cooker. The fireplace doors can be opened to give access to place, attend and remove fuel burning sources, including gas logs and food items. When the fireplace door or... Agent:

20140224242 - Chemical reaction heating system: A chemical reaction heating system includes a valved mask to capture and direct carbon dioxide from a user's exhaled breath into a tube or air intake chamber, a connecting mechanism to attach and control flow of carbon dioxide stored within prefilled carbon dioxide gas cartridges or containers, a heating system... Agent:

20140224243 - Method for producing a direct flow aluminium absorber for a solar thermal collector: The application relates to a method (100) for producing a direct flow aluminium absorber of a solar thermal collector, the absorber including an absorber plate having at least one tube for a heat transport fluid, and at least one end tube for a heat transport fluid, the at least one... Agent: Savo-solar Oy

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