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Stoves and furnaces

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11/13/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140331986 - Grill and fireplace coombination with portability options: A combination manufactured grill and fireplace/cooker with an upper lidded grill cooking grated area and a lower fuel burning fireplace/cooking area. The fireplace open section, where access doors can be placed, gives access to place, attend and remove fuel burning sources, including gas logs and food items. When sealable fireplace... Agent:

20140331989 - Glass and metal burner cap and method of making the same: A gas burner assembly may include a gas burner and a burner cap. The burner may include a distribution cavity fluidly coupled with a gas inlet and a plurality of gas discharge ports. The burner cap may have a glass body characterized by a peripheral edge, and a metal element... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20140331987 - Self-heating systems and methods for rapidly heating a comestible substance: Self-heating containers comprise a reaction chamber and a heating chamber. The heating chamber is sized to contain a substance to be heated. The reaction chamber contains reactants which, when contacted, exothermically react. The reaction chamber is divided into a first compartment and a second compartment with a barrier therebetween. The... Agent: Heat Wave Technologies, LLC

20140331988 - Range hood system and method for moving air: A method of moving air comprises providing a recreational vehicle having a range for cooking, and providing a range hood and attaching the range hood to the recreational vehicle above the range, the range hood comprising a body, an outlet for exhausting air, a motor capable of a plurality of... Agent:

20140331990 - Arrangement for level measurement: The invention relates to a measuring device for measuring a level of a fluid in a container for holding a fluid, specifically a level sensor. The container is provided with a conduit for at least one of the supply and the removal of the fluid. A dynamic pressure probe, such... Agent: Marquardt Mechatronik Gmbh

20140331991 - Parabolic reflective solar heater: This product is a solar cooker that combines portability with the precision of a mathematically-designed parabolic reflector. It comprises a rigid framework and a semi-rigid reflector surface. The framework has a cross-shaped footprint. The upper surface of the framework is a parabolic dish roughly two feet in diameter. The contour... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140326233 - Dc pellet burner assembly: A wood-fuel pellet burner assembly, such as for barbecues, includes a gravity-feed pellet fuel hopper positioned in alignment with a pellet fuel intake and a perforated pellet fuel slide that extends to a combustion region. A DC ignitor has a heating element that extends into the combustion region, and a... Agent:

20140326232 - Dual-fuel gas-pellet burner assembly: A dual-fuel gas-pellet barbecue burner assembly includes a combustion chamber, a pellet burner sub-assembly, and a gas burner sub-assembly. The pellet burner sub-assembly includes a motor-driven auger to deliver fuel pellets to the combustion chamber, and the gas burner sub-assembly includes a gas line that extends into the combustion chamber... Agent:

20140326230 - Leveling device for portable stove: A leveling kit for a portable stove is provided. The leveling kit can include plurality of leveling devices. Each leveling device can include a mounting plate having a plurality of openings. Each leveling device can further include a fastener that extends through the mounting plate to couple the leveling device... Agent:

20140326231 - Collapsible combustion container devices and associated methods: Collapsible combustion containers are disclosed and described. Such combustion containers generally include a plurality of vertically oriented panels joined by hinges. The hinges include hinge pins that can be configured to form at least part of a base that supports the container or at least part of a heating platform... Agent:

20140326234 - Direct solar steam generation: Solar energy generates steam in a “once-through” configuration without recirculation, with closely managed steam quality, to produce wet steam from high-contaminant feed water without scaling or fouling. Feed water is pressurized, preheated, and evaporated in a series of pipes exposed to concentrated solar energy to produce a water-steam mixture for... Agent: Glasspoint Solar, Inc.

20140326235 - Volumetric solar receiver: A volumetric receiver vessel for heating a fluid with concentrated solar radiation which includes: an external housing having an aperture at the front end; an internal housing separating fluid entering the vessel from fluid exiting thereof; a window covering the aperture of the vessel, where the window closes and seals... Agent:

20140326236 - High absorptivity, heat resistant coatings and related apparatus and methods: A paint formulation can include an inorganic oxide-based pigment and an organic binder. The organic binder can be irreversibly converted to an inorganic binder upon curing of the paint formulation at a temperature greater than 200° C. The oxide-based pigment and/or the paint formulation itself can have an absorptivity of... Agent: Yissum Research Development Company Of The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem

10/30/2014 > 8 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140318524 - Pellet fueled grill with cleanout port: A pellet-fired grill for barbecue cooking includes a cleanout port in the bottom of the combustion chamber and an access door so that the ash may be cleaned out and removed from the grill without necessitating disassembly of the upper components of the grill. The access door is operated by... Agent:

20140318527 - Burner assembly for cooking equipments: The present invention relates to a burner assembly for cooking equipments that has been designed to provide significant improvement in thermal efficiency of the burner and making easier the cleaning process by the user. The burner assembly comprises a base (2) upon which a spreading cover (3) rests, and wherein... Agent: Whirpool S.a.

20140318526 - Diffusion cap burner for gas cooking appliance: A gas burner for a cooking appliance includes a frustoconically-shaped crown having a plurality of gas ports defined therein, a cover positioned above the crown, and a shell secured to the cover and positioned on the crown. The shell defines a hollow chamber positioned between the crown and the cover.... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20140318528 - Gas burner with inward facing flame: A gas burner with inward-facing flames has a base body disposed under a cooktop and a discoid lid disposed onto the base body. The base body has a central chamber connected to a horizontal Venturi tube fed by a gas injector. A peripheral annular chamber and partitions-defining apertures provide communication... Agent: Somipress - Societa' Metalli Iniettati S.p.a.

20140318525 - Support stand for a wok: A support stand for a cooking wok includes a plurality of legs and a fuel supporting plate or disc. The legs are attached to the fuel supporting plate or disc intermediate the upper and lower portions of the legs via a plurality of notches provided in the periphery of the... Agent:

20140318529 - Multimedia fireplace console: A multimedia fireplace console comprising a heating unit, a supporting device defining an air chamber, and an entertainment assembly which allows a user to enjoy a movie or music in 3d surround sound in a warm and comfortable environment. The heating unit is housed within the air chamber and is... Agent:

20140318530 - Mining system with sustainable energy reservoir legacy: The present disclosure includes a mining system which comprises ore, waste, and a reservoir which comprises a portion of said waste through which air can flow with low resistance for storing thermal energy from a tempered air source and supplying it to a tempered air consumer, and connections for tempered... Agent:

20140318531 - Device for concentrating energy: e

10/23/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140311473 - Oven cavity and oven: The invention in particular is directed to an oven cavity (3) adapted to be used with a baking and/or steaming oven (1). The cavity (3) comprises several cavity walls (5, 6), wherein at least one load bearing wall section of at least one of the cavity walls (5, 6) is... Agent:

20140311475 - High performance outdoor portable cooking system: A portable cooking system is provided that includes a burner base, a cooking vessel and a canister. The canister may be oriented in an inverted arrangement. The burner may be oriented vertically above the canister. The system may include an evaporator feed tube that includes a heating section that preheats... Agent: Johnson Outdoors Inc.

20140311474 - Warming garment and method for promoting vasodilation: A warming garment and method of making and using are provided. The warming garment may have an inner lining and an outer lining which may form an annular space in which an exothermic composition that is activated upon exposure to oxygen may be disposed. When worn, the warming garment may... Agent:

20140311476 - Range exhaust cleaning system and method: A cleaning system for a cooking range exhaust having a range hood, a backsplash, and an exhaust flue for exhausting cooking effluent is disclosed. The cleaning system can include a fluid delivery system constructed for partial placement within the cooking range exhaust. The fluid delivery system can include a hood... Agent: Kbs Automist, LLC

20140311477 - Control system for monitoring and adjusting combustion performance in a cordwood-fired heating appliance: A system including temperature measuring devices, a controller, and an actuator, maintains a desired gas temperature range in the secondary combustor by proportionally making adjustments to the primary air orifice or other primary air valve of a cordwood burning appliance. Heat output of the appliance is directly related to the... Agent:

20140311478 - Cooling system for gas fireplace: A power vented fireplace uses a single air inlet to pressurize a staging area from where air is distributed along a passageway between viewing panels to cool them as well as into the combustion chamber as a supply of combustion air. A partial restriction at an inlet to the passageway... Agent:

20140311479 - Concentrated solar power solids-based system: A solar power system comprises a solar receiver, a heated solids storage tank downstream of the solar receiver, a fluidized bed heat exchanger downstream of the heated solids storage tank, and means for transporting solid particles from the fluidized bed heat exchanger to a cold solids storage tank upstream of... Agent:

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