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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150144121 - Charcoal chimney: Reusable charcoal chimney devices and inserts which may allow for faster lighting of charcoal material, without any need for lighter fluid. The charcoal chimney device may include a charcoal container including a bottom end, a top end, and a sidewall disposed there between. The charcoal container includes an internal cavity... Agent:

20150144123 - Burner assembly for cooktop appliance and method for operating same: Burner assemblies and methods for operating burner assemblies are provided. A method includes outputting a maximum gaseous fuel supply to a first burner and no gaseous fuel supply to a second burner when a burner assembly knob is in a first position, outputting a minimum gaseous fuel supply to the... Agent: General Electric Company

20150144122 - Heating pack: The present invention relates to a heating pack including: a heating element; a first pack in which the heating element is charged therein and sealed; a second pack sealing the inside thereof in a state where the first pack is accommodated therein, and having a water introducing hole through which... Agent:

20150144124 - Stoking and rearranging combustible matter of a fire: The present invention is directed toward a system for stoking and arranging materials in a fire. An air flow generator is configured to flow air down a passage in a hollow rod that is configured to prod and rearrange the combustible matter of a burning fire. The hollow rod is... Agent:

20150144125 - Concentrating solar power with glasshouses: A protective transparent enclosure (such as a glasshouse or a greenhouse) encloses a concentrated solar power system. The concentrated solar power system includes one or more solar concentrators and one or more solar receivers. Thermal power is provided to an industrial process, electrical power is provided to an electrical distribution... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150136109 - Pellet bin insert and storage system for smoker grills: A pellet bin insert system for a wood smoker grill includes a container with an open top, first and second parallel opposing sidewalls, a back wall, a front wall, a bottom surface and an inclined panel affixed around its perimeter to the side walls, the front wall and the bottom... Agent:

20150136113 - Hopper for a pellet grill: An improved hopper for a pellet grill that permits a first type of flavored pellet to be cleared from the hopper of a pellet grill so that a second type of flavored pellet may be loaded into the hopper for cooking and smoking. The disclosed hopper can also have a... Agent:

20150136112 - Outdoor cooker: An outdoor cooker with a fire pit standing on a plurality of legs. Multiple cooking devices can be pivotally connected with the fire pit and are movable between a position over the fire pit and a position away from the fire pit. For example, a cook top, a Shepard's hook... Agent:

20150136111 - Wide flanged cooking device with collapsible stand: A cooking device having a liquid containing well in a center surrounded by a connected flange positioned or formed at an angle to the well draining liquid into the well, has a controllable flame directed to said well. A collapsible stand has a frame that holds the cooking device and... Agent:

20150136110 - Outdoor cooking apparatus: The outdoor cooking apparatus comprises an enclosed area defining a heat containment structure, a spine operably connected to the heat containment structure, a collar operably connected to the spine, a quick release device or hinge attachable to a collar on the spine or a spine sleeve, and at least one... Agent: Townline Holding, Inc.

20150136114 - Renewable energy storing: A heat buffering system that has a hydrant boiler for storing energy and a hut for housing the hydrant boiler outside a building being heated using the energy stored in the hydrant boiler. The hut is insulated. The system has a heat source coupling for connecting a local solar energy... Agent:

20150136115 - Heat storage tank with improved thermal stratification: Heat storage tank comprising an envelope (2) with a longitudinal axis (X) filled with a heat transfer liquid and solid heat storage elements, a first longitudinal end provided with first means (10) for collecting and supplying a liquid at a first temperature and a second longitudinal end provided with second... Agent:

20150136116 - Heating arrangement for heating a fluid utilizing a solar panel: The present invention relates to a heating arrangement for heating a fluid, comprising a first heat exchanger loop (5), arranged to act on a fluid to be heated, and a second heat exchanger loop (8), arranged to also act on said fluid to be heated, wherein said second heat exchanger... Agent: Soleaer Ab

20150136117 - Solar thermal panel array field arrangement and related vacuum solar thermal panel: The present application relates to a solar array field (100) having an improved configuration, comprising a plurality of vacuum solar thermal panel (1) and a hydraulic circuit (10) for circulating a heat transfer fluid, said hydraulic circuit (10) comprising at least one circulation path (13, 14, 15, 16) connecting a... Agent:

20150136118 - Coating of a glass sleeve: A method of applying a coating to a glass sleeve with an inner surface and an outer surface, the glass sleeve configured as a part of a solar-receiver tube, is provided. Thereby, the coating is solely applied to one of the surfaces of the glass sleeve. A method of fixing... Agent: Siemens Concentrated Solar Power Ltd.

20150136119 - Method for shaping a film of a material that has low resistance to traction, and mirror comprising such a film: A method for shaping a glass sheet having a thickness Ev by applying and adhering a layer of a first material that can be subjected to traction onto a first surface of the glass sheet. The layer has a thickness E1. Either the neutral fiber of the complex moves across... Agent:

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