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Stoves and furnaces

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02/05/2015 > 10 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150034064 - Firewood-, coal- or biomass-economizing stove with multiple combustion chamber, thermal insulation, cooking hob and chimney: A “rocket” stove that has a plurality of vertical cylindrical cavities containing a combustion chamber, a fuel compartment and a chimney. The vertical cylindrical cavities are connected to a hot-gas chamber where the gases are utilized to heat a hob used in the manner of a griddle. The hob has... Agent:

20150034065 - Combination barbecue: A combination barbecue including a divergent stepped lower portion, at least one heating device removably locatable within the divergent stepped lower portion and a kettle portion locatable above the lower portion to form the combination barbecue... Agent:

20150034066 - Portable cooking stove: A portable cooking stove is disclosed. The cooking stove includes a base structure. At least one burner is positioned within the base structure. A burner plate is positioned above the burner and also above the base structure. When the stove is in use, a cooking surface may be placed on... Agent:

20150034070 - Gas burner for a cooktop: A gas burner comprises a flame ring, a Venturi tube to feed said flame ring, and a gas injector having a nozzle with an orifice to inject a burnable gas in said Venturi tube to feed said flame ring, wherein a flow perturbation element is provided in a region between... Agent:

20150034069 - Method for operating a gas hob, and gas hob: For operating a gas hob having at least two gas burners which can be operated separately and which each have a nozzle, a dedicated gas valve for adjusting a gas supply to the gas burner is associated with each gas burner. The nozzle of a gas burner has an opening... Agent:

20150034067 - Frost resistant surface: Methods, systems and devices for making a surface resistant to frost are disclosed.... Agent: Engineered Plastics Inc.

20150034068 - Damper opening/closing mechanism and cooking device with same: A damper opening/closing mechanism includes: a damper which swings about a shaft to open and close a flow passage; an actuating lever which swings so as to swing the damper about the shaft; a reciprocating part which moves reciprocatively; and elastic members which are attached to the reciprocating part and... Agent:

20150034071 - Solar concentrator for a solar energy collector and a method of adjusting the solar concentrator: A solar concentrator comprises is provided. The solar concentrator includes at least one row of reflectors comprising mirrors. The row extends along a longitudinal direction and the reflector of the row is pivotally supported with respect to the ground about a pivot axis. The row includes at least a first... Agent:

20150034072 - Flat solar water heater collector: Two sheets of polymer are sealed (S) and produce some dams (Ch1, Ch2, Ch3, . . . ) behind which water is trapped. These dams (Ch1, Ch2, Ch3, . . . ) trap some water around 3-5 liter water per 1 square meter of collector. Water remains behind these dams... Agent:

20150034073 - Hot water supply system and method thereof: The invention disclosure provides a hot water supply system and method thereof which can control a solar heating unit, a first heat-pump unit, a boiler unit, and an electric heater unit through a control unit to heat water. The control unit operates in a pre-heating period and a heating period... Agent: Yuan Ze University

01/29/2015 > 10 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150027429 - Frame structure for an appliance: A frame structure for an appliance, such as an oven appliance, is provided. The frame structure includes a pair of vertical rails and a pair of lateral rails. A pair of hinges is mounted to the vertical rails, and a door is mounted to the vertical rails with the pair... Agent:

20150027432 - Hinged-lid cooking grill for cooking pizza and the like: A cooking grill for improved cooking of pizzas and other foods includes a base portion, a cooking grate supported on the base portion, and a lid hingedly-attached to the base and movable between an open position and a closed position in which a substantially-enclosed cooking chamber is defined between the... Agent:

20150027431 - Partially transparent lid for a cooking device: Embodiments of the present invention generally related to a cooking device, such as an outdoor barbecue grill, having a lid that is partially transparent. The lid having a two-part construction, the first part comprising a substantially transparent material, such as a tempered glass material, and the second part comprising a... Agent: Modern Day Grilling Solutions, LLC

20150027428 - Mobile heating unit operated by means of liquid fuel: A mobile heating device operated with liquid fuel is provided, having: a combustion chamber (2) comprising a combustion air inlet (3), wherein the combustion chamber (2) adjacent to the combustion air inlet (3) comprises a widening portion (20) the cross-section of which widens with increasing distance from the combustion air... Agent: Webasto Se

20150027430 - Ice melting apparatus for ship voyage: Disclosed herein is an ice melting apparatus for a ship voyage including: a boiler configured to heat a thermal medium; a high temperature pump configured to transfer the heated thermal medium; a heating cover unit configured to be heated by the thermal medium transferred by the high temperature pump and... Agent:

20150027433 - Self-regulated hydrogen thermocell and applications: A Hydrogen ThermoCell that generates heat energy through the disassociation and recombination of hydrogen and or the reaction between atomic hydrogen and metal powder and or the reaction between atomic hydrogen, one or more metal powders and or one or more catalysis to accelerate an exothermal reaction. The Hydrogen ThermoCell... Agent:

20150027434 - Devices and methods for thawing biological material: Provided herein are devices and methods for thawing frozen biological material.... Agent: Anthrogenesis Corporation

20150027435 - Method for making an outdoor fireplace: A method for making a modular outdoor fireplace having textured exterior surfaces simulating natural stone or bricks and mortar. At least a fire-box unit and a chimney unit are cast from concrete with textured exterior surfaces. After placing the fire-box unit on a support surface, a fireplace insert is positioned... Agent: Rosetta Hardscapes LLC

20150027437 - Expansion joints for panels in solar boilers: A boiler for a solar receiver includes a first receiver panel having a plurality of substantially parallel boiler tubes fluidly connecting an inlet header of the panel to an outlet header of the panel. A second receiver panel has a plurality of substantially parallel boiler tubes fluidly connecting an inlet... Agent:

20150027436 - Solar heat collector, solar heat collecting multilayer sheet, and solar heat heater: A solar heat collector includes a heat collecting board, a solar radiation absorbing layer provided at one surface in a thickness direction of the heat collecting board, and a low emissivity and low solar reflectance layer provided at one surface in the thickness direction of the solar radiation absorbing layer.... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

01/22/2015 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150020796 - Grill and method of assembling same: A grill includes a cooking unit defining a heating cavity for receiving and heating foodstuff. A base supports the cooking unit above a support surface. The base includes a first side baffle and an opposing second side baffle. The first and second side baffles are movable between a compact configuration,... Agent:

20150020790 - Variable pitch fuel supplier and an oven for use with the same: An oven for use with a variable pitch fuel supplier and for use with biomass fuel. The oven has a body which is able to be placed on the ground. The body has a combustion cabinet and an auxiliary equipment cabinet. The combustion cabinet has a burner received therein and... Agent:

20150020791 - Converging-diverging combustion zones for furnace heat exchanges: A furnace unit comprising a mounting panel, a burner assembly and a heat exchanger. The burner assembly is mounted to one side of said mounting panel, the burner assembly having at least one burner located therein. The heat exchanger is mounted to an opposite side of said mounting panel. The... Agent:

20150020792 - Glass door: Provided is a cooking appliance that includes an oven cavity, at least one heating element for heating the oven cavity, and a door movable between an open position and a closed position for selectively providing access to the oven cavity. The door includes a first glass pane spaced from a... Agent:

20150020793 - Panel-based solar receiver: The invention relates to a panel-based solar receiver for a thermal solar tower power plant (4), which comprises: a front panel (8), the external surface of which receives solar radiation (2) from the field of heliostats (3), a back panel (9), sealing elements (10) between the panels (8, 9), arranged... Agent: Ingenieria Y Dise&#xd1 O Europeo, S.a. (idesa)

20150020794 - Solar heat collector for heating a circulating fluid and process for manufacturing a solar heat collector: A solar heat collector is presented for heating a circulating fluid with an inner glass tube and an outer glass tube. The glass tubes are connected at their open ends, and the space between the inner tube and the outer tube being evacuated, wherein the inner space of the inner... Agent:

20150020795 - Inflatable light weight solar cooker: Disclosed are systems and methods to concentrate sunlight with inflatable enclosures to heat substances, including fluids and for cooking, and to provide concentrated sunlight for other uses. The system includes an inflatable sunlight concentrator (upper balloon), an inflatable cooking housing (bottom balloon), and a cooking container. When inflated, the upper... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150013667 - Foldable barbecue grill: A foldable barbecue grill has a collapsible trolley and a stove removably disposable on the collapsible trolley. The trolley comprises a chassis and a pair of opposed side members foldable between collapsed and erected positions with respect to the chassis. Each side member has a pair of legs hingeably attached... Agent:

20150013662 - Outdoor barbeque grill and oven: An Outdoor Barbeque Grill includes a housing within which is located an oven. The oven may include louvers for admitting heated gases into the oven and an adjustable outlet vent. In one embodiment the grill may include plural cooking surfaces with individual hoods for isolating cooking areas. One or more... Agent:

20150013663 - Universal crossover channel for gas grills: A universal crossover channel that is adapted for use in a wide array of grills. The universal crossover includes a telescopic slide feature that allows it to be extended or shortened and brackets that can be moved both vertically and horizontally to adjust the positioning of the universal crossover channel... Agent: The Brinkmann Corporation

20150013668 - Radiant heater and combustion chamber: An improved radiant heater and combustion chamber for use with radiant heating are described. The combustion chamber is made up of two different materials in different regions, an insulating portion and a conductive portion. Heat transfer is maximized through the conductive portion, whose shape can be altered to modify the... Agent:

20150013660 - Illumination device for a cooking zone element of a cooking hob covered by a transparent panel and a corresponding cooking zone element and cooking hob: The present invention relates to an illumination device (20) for a cooking zone element (10) provided for a cooking hob covered by a transparent panel. The illumination device (20) is provided for a cooking zone element (10) with a central cutout (40) in a central portion of said cooking zone... Agent:

20150013661 - Collapsible grill lid: A drop-in cooking device for installation into an opening in a fixture, including a housing configured to be mounted in the opening in the fixture, a heating element positioned in the housing, and a cover attachable to the housing adjacent the heating element, the cover comprising a thermally insulating material... Agent:

20150013664 - Table: A table including a support structure and a fire chamber configured to house a fire therein. The fire chamber includes an insulation device disposed about the fire chamber. The table includes a tabletop coupled to a top region of the fire chamber. The tabletop includes a cooking region in thermal... Agent:

20150013665 - High temperature direct solar thermal conversion: Technical challenges of efficiently and cost-effectively deriving energy from the sun are addressed using a manifold and an array of evacuated tubes in fluid connection, in a butterfly or other planar arrangement. Tube and manifold fluid guides are plumbed for coaxial flow and/or parallel flow, and thermally protected by sleeves,... Agent:

20150013666 - Solar collector apparatus: In various aspects, a solar collector apparatus includes a lens pivotally mounted about an axis thereof and adapted to gather sunlight into a focal point, and a tracking device adapted to track a position of the sun, the tracking device cooperates with the lens to pivot the lens about the... Agent:

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