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Stoves and furnaces

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12/04/2014 > 6 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140352681 - Propane swivel burner: The present invention relates to a propane swivel burner which is comprised of a pair swivel legs and a leg that is stationary making the burner portable, a hinge that offer durability and stability to the legs of the burner, a grill/grid that provides safety a slot that will allow... Agent:

20140352682 - Epicatalytic thermal diode: An Epicatalytic Thermal Diode (ETD) includes one or more ETD cells. Each cell comprises first and second surfaces with a cavity between them, which contains a gas that is epicatalytically active with respect to the pair of surfaces. The surfaces chemically interact with the gas such that the gas dissociates... Agent:

20140352683 - Heated container having chemical heating mechanism: A self-heating food container configured to hold food and to heat food within the container is provided. The container includes a body wall. A space is defined within the body wall. A chemical heater is located within the space, which upon activation, is configured to generate heat, thereby increasing the... Agent:

20140352684 - Linear slide damper system: A damper system comprises a damper blade having open and closed states. The damper blade is movable in a linear direction only between the open and closed states. The damper blade may fully overlap with a flue passage in the closed state, and the damper blade may lack any overlap... Agent: Field Controls, LLC.

20140352686 - Solar concentrating systems: A solar concentrating system for concentrating sunlight by tracking the sun, including concentrator support structure, an annular track mounted on an upper surface of a base, the center of mass of the concentrator support structure being off-axis relative to curvature center of annular track, enclosures provided at comers and comprising... Agent:

20140352685 - Weatherable solar reflector with high abrasion resistance: Described herein are solar reflectors which provide a low cost reflector construction that has a unique set of attributes: high solar reflectance, abrasion resistance, UV stability, mechanical integrity, and flexibility. The abrasion resistance is enabled through incorporation of an abrasion-resistant coating into a polymer film metal mirror construction. Methods of... Agent: Skyfuel, Inc.

11/27/2014 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140345594 - Barbeque apparatus: A portable barbecue apparatus (1) comprises a base unit (2) adapted to contain a source of heat, a support structure (6) for the base unit by which the base unit (2) can be mounted outdoors for use, and a plurality of cooking units (3, 4, 5) selectively mountable on the... Agent:

20140345593 - Through-type barbecue driving device allowing arbitrary adjustment of installation position of rotating rod: The present invention is to provide a through-type barbecue driving device which includes a housing fixedly installed at a top edge on one side of a barbecue stove, a motor positioned in the housing and provided with an output shaft at one end, a drive gear set positioned in the... Agent:

20140345598 - Burner for cooking equipments: The present invention refers to a burner for cooking equipments which comprises a configuration whose purpose is to ensure the integrity of the flames of the main openings by maintaining the pressure originated in the burner. Particularly, the present invention refers to a burner which comprises a base (1) containing... Agent:

20140345597 - Cooking appliance and burner: Provided is a burner. The burner includes a burner body receiving a gas and air, a burner head seated on the burner body, the burner head including an inner burner head and an outer burner head, and a burner cap seated on the burner body to cover the burner head.... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140345590 - Grid for cooking equipment: The present invention relates to a grid used in stoves which comprises innovative technical and functional characteristics capable of increasing the thermal efficiency of the burners. More preferably, the grid according to the present invention comprises an upper crown (1) provided with a series of fins (2) arranged around the... Agent: Whirlpool S.a.

20140345591 - Flame gas burner diffuser for cooking equipments: The present invention generally refers to a flame gas burner diffuser to be used in stove-type cooking equipments, more preferably in household stoves, comprising technical and functional features capable of improving the efficiency of exchanging heat with the bottom of cooking utensils. More particularly, said diffuser, according to the present... Agent: Whirlpool S.a.

20140345592 - Device for heating liquid and generating steam: The present disclosure relates generally to devices and systems to heat a liquid and/or generate steam from a liquid. In a specific embodiment, the present disclosure relates generally to devices and systems to heat a liquid and/or generate steam from a liquid using molecular friction and/or nucleation. The devices and... Agent:

20140345595 - Heating tool: Provided is a superior heating tool which is capable of producing desired aromatic properties upon usage even after being stored for a long period of time. A heating tool comprising: an exothermic composition containing an oxidation accelerator having an iodine adsorption of not higher than 500 mg/g, an oxidizable metal... Agent:

20140345596 - Domestic cooking appliance with embossed locking system for a gas flue: A domestic cooking appliance is provided. The appliance has an inner space for cooking a food item; a gas burner; an exhaust opening; and a gas flue for directing exhaust gases from the inner space to the exhaust opening. The gas flue has a first part having a plurality of... Agent: Bsh Home Appliances Corporation

20140345599 - Oilfield application of solar energy collection: Solar energy is collected and used for various industrial processes, such as oilfield applications, e.g. generating steam that is injected downhole, enabling enhanced oil recovery. Solar energy is indirectly collected using a heat transfer fluid in a solar collector, delivering heat to a heat exchanger that in turn delivers heat... Agent: Glasspoint Solar, Inc.

20140345600 - Absorber tube: An absorber tube is provided that has a metal tube and a sleeve tube, which is made of glass and encloses the metal tube such that an annular space is formed between the metal tube and the sleeve tube. The annular space is evacuated and has at least one container... Agent:

20140345601 - Solar oven: A solar oven designed for year-round use is readily-accessible and easy to use by simply removing a protective oven cover. The solar oven replicates the mainstream cook's current pattern with standard stoves, requiring little set-up or storage. Access to the solar oven is from the front and solar heat is... Agent:

20140345602 - Solar thermal collector: A trough type solar thermal collector which uses a curved mirror to make a heat tube which is arranged in the front of the curved mirror collect sunlight and to heat a fluid which flows through the inside of the heat tube, the trough type solar thermal collector configured to... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

11/20/2014 > 10 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140338651 - Burner for a portable stove and portable stove: The present invention relates to a burner (2) for a portable stove comprising a burner head (3), a mixing tube (4), a plurality of primary air ports (7) being disposed on the mixing tube (4) and an orifice (5) through which a gaseous combustible enters into the mixing tube (3)... Agent: Fenix Outdoor Ab

20140338660 - Gas powered heater: A gas powered heater (1) for use in a chafing trolley comprises a support element (10) defining a hollow interior region (12) for a disposable fuel gas canister (3), which is coupled to the support element (10) by a coupling element (15). Fuel gas from the fuel gas canister (3)... Agent:

20140338652 - Vessel attachment system for a portable stove: The present invention is directed to a vessel attachment system (1) for a portable stove comprising a vessel (2) and a vessel support (3), wherein the vessel (2) comprises a first attaching means and the vessel support (3) comprises a second attaching means. The first attaching means and the second... Agent: Fenix Outdoor Ab

20140338653 - Apparatus for boosting fire and collecting ash: An apparatus for boosting fire and collecting ash includes a cup, a grate and a gate. The cup includes an upper chamber, a lower chamber, and apertures in communication with the lower chamber. The grate includes at least one aperture. The grate is placed in the cup between the upper... Agent:

20140338654 - Method and apparatus for rapid deployment of a desirable material or chemical using a pyrophoric substrate: A system and method for deployment of a material or desirable product is included. A desirable product can include a combination of a pyrophoric material with a material adapted to be sublimated by pyrophoric effect and produce a desired effect such as, for example, type of dye configured to be... Agent: United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20140338655 - Universal portable kitchen: A universal portable kitchen package is provided for use with aid relief in a disaster zone. A self-sufficient kitchen package includes: a portable kitchen unit that has a sink attached to a drainage hose, a storage space and a workspace; an external firebox; an external water filtration system; a survival... Agent:

20140338657 - Flat termo-solar collector and manufacturing process: Besides this, radical costs reduction arising from the industrial design outlined above, by changing the geometry of solar collector tubes, that tend to have low internal volumes and elliptical shapes, oval, or any non-circular shape, whose largest diameters are positioned facing the sun to receive solar radiation which increase the... Agent:

20140338656 - Layer material for corrosion protection and solar receiver having such a layer material: A layer material for corrosion protection and to a solar receiver having such a layer material is provided. The layer material comprises a binding agent consisting of a resin containing at least one of the following substances: oligo- or polysiloxane, silicone resin, silicone, silicate, polyphosphate, and which is dissolved in... Agent:

20140338658 - System to create rotational energy from a wind-chimmey and solar-smelter: A rotating-air-compressor moves ambient-air into a solar-smelter, which heats and compresses the ambient-air for a wind-chimney. Located in the wind-chimney is a rotating-helix that captures the ambient-air creating rotational energy. An over-spin-valve controls the velocity of the ambient-air to prevent over spinning of the rotating-helix. A rotating-shaft drives a rotating-machine.... Agent:

20140338659 - Single axis solar tracking system: A solar tracking system with a plurality of tracking assemblies moved by a single motor. A method and system that prevents overloading the motor or tripping a circuit breaker due to an obstructed or impeded tracker includes sensing movement of the tracker assemblies and entering into obstruction clearing modes. Obstruction... Agent:

11/13/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140331986 - Grill and fireplace coombination with portability options: A combination manufactured grill and fireplace/cooker with an upper lidded grill cooking grated area and a lower fuel burning fireplace/cooking area. The fireplace open section, where access doors can be placed, gives access to place, attend and remove fuel burning sources, including gas logs and food items. When sealable fireplace... Agent:

20140331989 - Glass and metal burner cap and method of making the same: A gas burner assembly may include a gas burner and a burner cap. The burner may include a distribution cavity fluidly coupled with a gas inlet and a plurality of gas discharge ports. The burner cap may have a glass body characterized by a peripheral edge, and a metal element... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20140331987 - Self-heating systems and methods for rapidly heating a comestible substance: Self-heating containers comprise a reaction chamber and a heating chamber. The heating chamber is sized to contain a substance to be heated. The reaction chamber contains reactants which, when contacted, exothermically react. The reaction chamber is divided into a first compartment and a second compartment with a barrier therebetween. The... Agent: Heat Wave Technologies, LLC

20140331988 - Range hood system and method for moving air: A method of moving air comprises providing a recreational vehicle having a range for cooking, and providing a range hood and attaching the range hood to the recreational vehicle above the range, the range hood comprising a body, an outlet for exhausting air, a motor capable of a plurality of... Agent:

20140331990 - Arrangement for level measurement: The invention relates to a measuring device for measuring a level of a fluid in a container for holding a fluid, specifically a level sensor. The container is provided with a conduit for at least one of the supply and the removal of the fluid. A dynamic pressure probe, such... Agent: Marquardt Mechatronik Gmbh

20140331991 - Parabolic reflective solar heater: This product is a solar cooker that combines portability with the precision of a mathematically-designed parabolic reflector. It comprises a rigid framework and a semi-rigid reflector surface. The framework has a cross-shaped footprint. The upper surface of the framework is a parabolic dish roughly two feet in diameter. The contour... Agent:

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