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Stoves and furnaces

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04/16/2015 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150101585 - Campfire cooking assembly: A campfire cooking assembly for placement over a campfire that includes: a first vertical post and a second vertical post. The vertical posts are mounted on each side of an open campfire and include adjustable brackets on each post. The brackets may be adjustable vertically along the posts and receive... Agent:

20150101591 - Gas fired infrared burner with auxiliary flame arrangement: A gas fired infrared burner includes a burner body with a primary inlet for gaseous fuel and air, the burner body defining a primary premixing chamber for receiving gaseous fuel and air from the primary inlet. An emitter arrangement is configured and positioned such that gaseous fuel and air flows... Agent:

20150101593 - Broil baffle for an oven: A broil baffle for an oven may be provided. The oven may include a broil burner configured to distribute heat. The baffle may be positioned such that the broil burner distributes heat toward the baffle. The baffle may include a plurality of dimples configured to disperse infrared radiation from the... Agent: Electrolux Home Products, Inc.

20150101592 - Double oven appliance: Double oven appliances are provided. In one embodiment, a double oven appliance includes a cabinet that extends between a top portion and a bottom portion along a vertical direction, an upper cooking chamber defined adjacent the top portion of the cabinet, the upper cooking chamber including a top wall and... Agent: General Electric Company

20150101586 - Expanding oven gasket for an oven appliance: An oven gasket is provided for improved sealing between the door and oven body of an oven appliance as the oven is heated. The oven gasket expands when heated so as to help improve sealing. The expansion of the gasket provides additional compression of the gasket and closes gaps that... Agent: Genral Electric Company

20150101587 - Decorative appliance door: A transparent glass appliance door is provided with a reflective coating in the shape of a frame, resembling the conventional metal frame which usually surrounds and supports the glass. The reflective frame leaves a clear area through which the interior of the appliance can be viewed.... Agent:

20150101589 - Cooking exhaust filter system: A cooking exhaust filter system 10 includes a collection duct structure 12 positionable over a cooking location CL. The transfer duct 14 receives the cooking exhaust from the collection duct structure 12 and changes the direction of flow of the cooking exhaust to direct such exhaust against an abutment. From... Agent: John Bean Technologies Corporation

20150101588 - Grease filter, manufacturing method thereof and cooking device having the same: A grease filter, which includes a first channel having an inlet portion through which oil particles flow in, and a first guide unit configured to guide the oil particles flowing in through the inlet portion, and a second channel having an outlet portion through which the oil particles and air... Agent:

20150101590 - Spring loaded shelf for an oven appliance: A shelf assembly is provided with a spring-assisted shelf for an oven appliance. A spring is placed into tension as the oven door is closed and the oven shelf is slid towards the rear of the oven cavity. As the door is opened, the spring retracts so as to cause... Agent: General Electronic Company

04/09/2015 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150096550 - Double oven range appliance and a gas burner and floor assembly for an oven appliance: A double oven range appliance and a gas burner and floor assembly for an oven appliance are provided. The gas burner and floor assembly includes a cooking chamber bottom panel with a projection defining a plurality of openings. A gas burner is positioned above the plurality of openings. A floor... Agent: General Electric Company

20150096549 - Door for a cooking oven for food use and cooking oven for foodstuffs: d

20150096552 - Linear solar energy collector system and solar power generator system: A linear solar energy collector system includes reflective lines arranged in parallel in a south-north direction, heliostats mounted on the reflective lines, respectively, each comprised of mirror segments to reflect solar radiation, a light receiving line set above the reflective lines in a east-west direction, a receiver mounted on the... Agent:

20150096551 - Solar thermal lamps and globes for heating water in a water tank: A solar thermal lamp used for heating water inside a tank. The thermal lamp includes a transparent glass bulb with a threaded male coupling for attaching to a female coupling in the tank. The lamp also includes a heat tube with an enlarged water heating condenser. The condenser is received... Agent:

20150096553 - Support device for solar concentrator with flat mirrors: The invention relates to a hexagonal parabolic solar concentrator consisting of the union of different radial layers of support cells formed by two types of pre-assembled modules, wherein said pre-assembled modules are made up of bars and connecting elements. Using these pre-assembled modules significantly reduces the time for manufacture of... Agent:

20150096554 - Central solar water heater system (cswhs) for a typical floor in multi-stores building: Systems and methods for solar fluid heating in a multi-story building. A system in accordance with an aspect of the present disclosure includes solar collectors installed in solar-facing walls of the multi-story building, in which fluid receives thermal energy from the solar collectors. The system also includes fluid storage vessels.... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150090247 - Cooking device with pyrolysis function: The cooking device with pyrolysis function includes a cooking cavity, a heating means located within the cooking cavity for emitting heat, a combustion tube having a hollow portion formed to surround the heating means, the combustion tube being heated by the heating means and radiates its heat to the center... Agent:

20150090249 - Burner for a gas-heated cooking appliance: A burner for a gas-heated cooking appliance includes a pipe for mixing burnable gas with primary air, and a deflecting element which is arranged in an interior space which is bounded by the pipe. The pipe has one end which points toward a nozzle of the burner and another end... Agent:

20150090246 - Cooking stove: The invention relates to a stove that operates using liquid fuel of alcohol and water that can be diluted to concentrations as low as 50% alcohol by volume.... Agent: International Clean Energy Solutions, Ltd.

20150090248 - Hood enclosure assembly for cook-top downdraft ventilation: Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed towards a hood enclosure assembly for cook-top downdraft ventilation and associated systems, techniques, and configurations. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes one or more structural elements for placement on one or both of the cooking surface or a surface adjacent to the cooking... Agent: E-business International, Inc.

20150090250 - Solar energy collector and system for using same: A solar energy collector includes a first member having a cavity and a longitudinal axis. The first member has a longitudinal window forming a part thereof and a body forming another part thereof. The longitudinal window is made of a material adapted to be transparent to solar radiation. The body... Agent:

20150090251 - Device, system and method for high level of energetic efficiency for the storage and use of thermal energy of solar origin: A device (1; 10; 11; 12) for storage and transfer of thermal energy associated with an incident solar radiation, which used in a solar plant for the production of energy, based on an optical plant configuration which makes solar radiation converge from above, and comprises: —a containment casing (2); and—a... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150083106 - Over-the-range oven: Disclosed herein is an over-the-range oven including a body provided with a suction port and an exhaust port, an air blower unit causing air to be suctioned through the suction port and discharged through the exhaust port, and an air curtain unit movably installed at a lower portion of the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150083108 - Cook stove assembly: A combustion chamber, having an upper part and a lower part, may include an annular constriction, in combination with the combustion chamber, to aid in directing partially combusted gases such as carbon monoxide away from the periphery of the combustion chamber back toward its center, and into the flame front.... Agent:

20150083107 - Grilling apparatus: A grilling apparatus (1) with a housing (2), a grilling-product-receiving device (4) held on the housing (2), a heating region (5) arranged below the grilling-product-receiving device (4), an extraction device (6) and at least one filter unit (14, 15, 16, 18) which is connected in terms of flow to the... Agent:

20150083116 - Outdoor heating apparatus: An outdoor heating apparatus may include a top cover, a supporting structure including upper supporting members and lower supporting members, protection members and lower panels. The upper supporting members and the lower supporting members are connected together to form the supporting structure for the heating apparatus. In an exemplary embodiment,... Agent: Ip Power Holdings Limited

20150083117 - Heat dispersing element: A heat dispersing element for a standard propane torch head for the generation of silent heat. This heat dispersing element attaches directly to the head of a propane torch and operates silently. The heat dispersing element accepts the heat of the torch and silently disperses the heat through the burn... Agent:

20150083105 - Diffuser plate for premixed burner box: To substantially reduce inequality in hot combustion flow rates through first and second heat exchanger tubes from a fuel-fired heating appliance burner box connected thereto and internally combusting a fuel/air mixture received therein from a source thereof to create the hot combustion gas, a perforated diffuser member having a non-uniform... Agent:

20150083109 - Cooker: A cooker including a first coating layer that is a general ceramic enamel layer and a second coating layer that includes phosphorus oxide-based components are coated on a surface of a cavity corresponding to the inner surface of the cooking chamber. Therefore, the inside of the cooking chamber can be... Agent:

20150083110 - Steam generator and heating cooker comprising steam generator: A steam generator comprises a water storage chamber which stores water, a steam generating heater which heats water in the water storage chamber, a water supply pump which supplies water stored in a water supply tank through a water supply port provided in the water storage chamber and a water... Agent:

20150083111 - Method and apparatus for operating a solar thermal power plant: A solar thermal power plant, wherein, in an intermediate superheater in the water-steam circuit, steam is heated to a settable setpoint temperature value at the outlet by a heat carrier medium which has been heated solar-thermally, wherein, for the heating of the steam to a set setpoint temperature value, a... Agent:

20150083112 - Heliostat drive-structure mechanical interface: A mechanical interface between the drive and support structure of a heliostat assembly for use in concentrated solar power applications. The heliostat drive is mounted to the support structure by inserting a drive post into a structure post, the structure post having grooves for interfacing with bolts or other fasteners... Agent: Esolar

20150083113 - Construction compromising a building and an installation with solar heat storage: The current invention relates to a building installation comprising a building comprising a slab or cellar floor placed in contact with a piece of earth under the building. A fluid hose is placed in the piece of earth under the slab or cellar floor and contains earth circuit fluid which... Agent:

20150083114 - Solar photo-thermal receiving device: A solar photo-thermal receiving device, consisting of a sealed structure (1) and a solar photo-thermal receiver (2) inside the sealed structure (1); the solar photo-thermal receiver (2) includes a secondary absorption heat-exchange pipe (17) and a primary absorption heat-exchange pipe (16); the temperature of a heat exchange medium inside the... Agent:

20150083115 - Layered construction with tube system: The present invention relates to a device for collecting and utilizing energy generated by the sun, comprising a layered construction provided with a substrate layer and a cover layer comprising a curable mortar, wherein there is arranged on the substrate layer a tube system through which a fluid can be... Agent:

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