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07/10/2014 > 10 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140190393 - Tank support structure and floating construction: A tank support structure includes an inclined surface (21) formed on a side surface section of a housing section (2), a plurality of support base sections (22) arranged on the inclined surface (21), and a plurality of support blocks (4) arranged in a bottom surface section (31) of a tank... Agent: Japan Marine United Corporation

20140190384 - Nautical variable steering and propulsion assembly: A nautical variable-trim (10) steering and propulsion assembly that can be associated to the underside of the bottom (11) of a watercraft and in communication with a motor unit (12) located within said watercraft, said assembly (10) comprising a widened base (13) of resting on said watercraft, a shaft (14)... Agent: Fb Design S.r.l.

20140190385 - Mooring system and connector assembly: A mooring system, and connector assembly, which in a preferred embodiment is a vessel mooring and fluid transfer system. The connector assembly has a first portion (2A) configured to be coupled to one or more mooring lines (1), and a second portion (2B) configured to be coupled to a vessel.... Agent:

20140190386 - Offshore drilling vessel: A drilling vessel or drilling platform comprising: a hull with a moonpool; and a hydraulic riser tensioner system configured to apply a tension force from the drilling vessel or drilling platform upon a riser string, the riser tensioner system comprising: a riser ring, wherein the riser tensioner system is fastened... Agent: Itrec B.v.

20140190387 - Trim tab: A trim tab assembly includes a trim tab and a support structure. The trim tab includes first and second ends. The first end includes a member or a curved surface. The member or the curved surface, when in an extended state, adjusts motion of a marine vessel. The second end... Agent: Marine 1, LLC

20140190388 - Trim tab assembly: A trim tab assembly including a hinge assembly and a trim tab. The trim tab includes a wedge-shaped body with a curved surface and a side. The curved surface, while in a deployed state, adjusts pitch, roll or yaw motion of a marine vessel. The curved surface is pivoted about... Agent: Marine 1, LLC

20140190389 - Underwater personal mobility device with on-board oxygen: An underwater personal mobility device is provided. The underwater personal mobility device can include a lower section rotatably connected to a main body comprised of an observation chamber. The device may have at least two configurations, including a folded configuration, to enable ease of transport and storage of the device.... Agent:

20140190390 - Portable foldable boat: A portable foldable boat includes a floating body portion, a base plate portion and a boat shell. The floating body portion is disposed with one or more rows of boat base units, each row including at least one but generally a plurality of boat base units. Several connection holes are... Agent:

20140190391 - Boat windshield with hidden frame structure: The present document describes a boat windshield assembly for installation on a boat deck, the boat windshield assembly comprising a hidden frame structure having an upper frame member; and a windshield comprising a lower edge and an upper edge opposite the lower edge, the lower edge running near the boat... Agent: Prelco Inc.

20140190392 - Wakeboard tower: An arch shaped structural member suitable for use as a wakeboard tower including a pair of legs and a crosspiece supported by the legs, both of the legs and the crosspiece being a coreless cast structural member characterized as a cast structural member and devoid of a hollow interior enclosed... Agent: Xtreme Marine Corporation

07/03/2014 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140182500 - Aerodynamic fairing and flap for generating lift and methods of using the same: Embodiments of the present invention are directed to devices and methods for powering a craft by aerodynamic forces. The device features a fairing member and flap element in which the flap element has a first flap position which creates a aerofoil contour on one face of the fairing member, and... Agent:

20140182501 - Propulsion arrangement in a ship: An exemplary propulsion arrangement is disclosed which includes two propulsion units situated side by side at the stern of a ship at opposite sides of a center line of the hull of the ship. Each propulsion unit can include a hollow support structure attached to the hull, a chamber attached... Agent: Abb Oy

20140182502 - Telescoping anchor pin: An anchor pin for anchoring small water vessels is provided. The anchor pin includes at least an upper pole and a lower pole that may telescope relative to one another. The upper pole may include a substantially hollow center in which the lower pole may be inserted into. The lower... Agent:

20140182503 - Mooring whip vertical mounting swivel support base: An improved mooring whip support base mounted vertically to a dock piling one embodiment having the means to rotate a housing supporting an inserted flexible mooring whip pole and means to lock said rotated mooring whip pole in a vertical position clearing the mooring whip pole from interfering with a... Agent:

20140182504 - Floating dock components and assembly: A dock assembly is made of floats and deck supports on top of the floats. The floats have upwardly opening channels in which utility conduits may be laid from above before the channels are closed by the deck supports. Whalers attached to the sides of the floats and deck supports... Agent:

20140182505 - Floating dock system and dock module therefor: A dock system is formed from a plurality of interconnected dock modules, with adjacent dock modules connected together by means of at least one coupler. The coupler has a connector having a first end, a second end, and a middle portion which is flexible, compressible, and tensionable. Each dock module... Agent:

20140182506 - System and method of transporting over water with multiple vessels: A ship and associated methods of operation. In an example embodiment, a method of transporting includes providing multiple vessels each having a hull defining an air cavity over a water surface. Different ones of the vessels are loaded with material destined for different end locations. The vessels are connected to... Agent:

20140182507 - Sidewall planing boat: A sidewall planing boat includes: a body; sub-bodies; and a power device; wherein the two sub-bodies are mounted on a front portion of the body and are symmetrically provided at two sides of the body; bottom surfaces of the sub-bodies are lower than a bottom surface of the body; wherein... Agent:

06/26/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140174333 - Lng tank mounted on lng ship and method of manufacturing the same: A cold insulator and a membrane are affixed on an inner side of a prismatic tank to fabricate a LNG tank, which is mounted in a hold having a double hull structure. In order to prevent the prismatic tank from deforming at the time of the mounting, strength members are... Agent:

20140174331 - Ship maneuvering device: Provided is a ship maneuvering device that can increase operation sensitivity and enables smooth operation when simultaneously operating the rotation component determination unit and the oblique sailing component determination unit of an operation means. In the ship maneuvering device 1, a control device 31 computes a rotation component propulsion vector... Agent: Yanmar Co., Ltd.

20140174332 - Floating marine dock and connection system therefor: A floating marine dock and connection system there for provides plural elongate rectilinear flotation pontoons having a consistent peripheral configuration with a major dimension and a minor dimension and customizable lengths. Connection apparatus interconnected to the flotation pontoons permits the flotation pontoons to be interconnected end-to-end, in parallel, perpendicular to,... Agent: Knight Ez Dock

06/19/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140165893 - Extendable multihull boat: A motorized or manual extendable and retractable floating device is supported longitudinally by one or more floatation devices. The flotation deck is stored and supported by tracks or rails from beneath and between an upper deck of a houseboat, pontoon boat, tritoon boat, catamaran, floating dock, pier-supported dock or other... Agent: Quadratoon Company LLC

20140165894 - Ship including a device for recovering floating objects: A ship comprising a hull at the bow of which an opening is formed, and on each side of said opening a recovery device designed to recover floating objects and guide them towards said opening, each recovering device comprising: a rigid vane having meshes sized so as to not allow... Agent: Ecoceane

20140165895 - Halyard retrieval device apparatus and method: The apparatus and method of the present invention provide a crewmember with the ability to retrieve the halyard and shackle at the head of a mast of a contemporary sailing vessel from the deck. A clamshell device containing a magnetized component is pre-installed on the halyard shackle and a related... Agent:

20140165896 - Control mechanism: An auxiliary appendage attachable to the steerable nozzle of an existing water craft. A first and second rudder blade attach to steerable nozzle. The first rudder blade includes a torsion spring providing a downward torsion force. A detent attached to steerable nozzle prevents rudder blades from hyper-extending in the direction... Agent:

20140165897 - Chain connector: A chain connector for holding a chain (14) that moors a vessel to the sea floor under perhaps 2000 tons tension, which can be quickly disconnected in an emergency by applying a moderate disconnecting force such as 50 tons. The chain is hold by ratchets (24, 26) that are mounted... Agent:

20140165898 - Unmanned underwater vehicle and method for localizing and examining an object arranged at the bottom of a body of water and system having the unmanned underwater vehicle: The invention relates to an unmanned underwater vehicle for localizing and examining an object, for example a pipeline, arranged at the bottom of a body of water. For this purpose, the underwater vehicle has object localization means and object examination means. The underwater vehicle has a sonar device with 3D... Agent: Atlas Elektronik Gmbh

20140165899 - Escape vessel with detachable landing: A marine evacuation system includes an escape vessel, a conduit adapted to connect the escape vessel to a facility, such as a ship or an offshore platform, and a platform engaged with the escape vessel and the conduit, the platform being removable from the escape vessel to enable movement of... Agent:

20140165900 - Marine evacuation systems and methods: A marine evacuation system includes an escape vessel, a platform removably engaged with the vessel, and a conduit. The conduit can enable direct passage of personnel from the facility to be evacuated to the escape vessel, while the platform and conduit can be configured to engage a stabilization system while... Agent:

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