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04/16/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150101522 - Arctic rapid disconnect and reconnect floating driller: A system, including: a floating drilling unit; a buoyancy hull plug releasably connected to the floating drilling unit; mooring lines with first ends secured to a seafloor and second ends secured to the buoyancy hull plug; and a riser that is collapsible through a water column, wherein the buoyancy hull... Agent:

20150101523 - Wake-modifying device for a boat: A recreational sport boat includes a hull, having starboard and port sides and a transom, and a pair of wake-modifying devices positioned aft of the transom. One of the wake-modifying devices is positioned on a port side of the boat's centerline and another of the wake-modifying devices is positioned on... Agent:

20150101524 - Boat anchors: The invention provides boat anchors wherein lightweight working parts such as trowels or plows are affixed to heavier, usually metallic frame components that provide desired weight to the composite anchors.... Agent:

20150101525 - Water sports equipment storage rack for a boat: A rack for holding water sports equipment includes a substantially upright surface, an arm, a pedal, and a linkage between the pedal and the arm. The arm is configured to hold a piece of water sports equipment between the arm and the substantially upright surface. The arm is movable away... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150096483 - System for refloating grounded vessels: A system for refloating a grounded floatable vessel uses cylinder-shaped inflatable buoyant rollers that are placed under the vessel hull, inflated until they support the bottom hull and then caused to roll seaward while carrying the vessel into the water. An independently propelled vehicle pulls the vessel resting on the... Agent:

20150096484 - Wing releasing system for a navigation control device: A wing releasing system is provided for releasing at least one wing of a set of wing or wings of a navigation control device. The navigation control device is adapted for controlling depth and/or lateral position of a towed acoustic linear antenna and includes a body to which is attached... Agent:

20150096485 - Personnel transport and transfer system: A crew boat for transporting personnel to and from an offshore platform is equipped with a passenger capsule and a basket-like cradle, which retains the passenger capsule adjacent a passenger deck during the voyage. The passenger capsule forms a watertight enclosure, which can serve as a life raft in emergency.... Agent:

20150096486 - Auxiliary deck for pontoon boat: An auxiliary deck assembly for a pontoon boat includes a stowable auxiliary deck and mounting structure. The mounting structure swingably supports the auxiliary deck for swinging movement between stowed and operating positions. The auxiliary deck is configured so that the auxiliary deck surface is generally aligned with the primary deck... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150090176 - Rail system of an oil supply ship, a method of positioning and arresting a hose, and an oil supply ship: A rail system (40, 40′) of a ship (30) for positioning and arresting a hose (28) for supplying fluid material to an oil rig (10) from the ship (30) or supplying fluid material to the ship (30) from the oil rig (10). The rail system (40, 40′) comprises a rail... Agent: Sp/f 18.10.11

20150090170 - Dual rudder watercraft steering control system for enhanced maneuverability: A steering control system for ski boat with an inboard motor and a single, non-steerable propeller. The control system augments the traditional aft rudder with a forward rudder (located immediately in front of the propeller), and controls one or both rudders to improve steering when backing and in low forward... Agent: Enovation Controls, LLC

20150090171 - Dual axis chain support with chain guide: A chain support, hinged on two perpendicular axes to allow chain movement in two perpendicular planes is disclosed. The apparatus provides an improved arrangement to allow chain to be pulled at an angle above the chain support while maintaining straight pull across a stopper mechanism.... Agent: Sofec, Inc.

20150090172 - Variable rigidity tow cable: A variable rigidity tow cable for attaching a first vehicle with a second vehicle. The tow cable includes a tension control cable having a first end and a second end. Tension on at least one of the ends of the tension control cable can be controlled to increase or decrease... Agent:

20150090173 - Floating element and method of forming a buoyancy system: A floating element is for forming a modularly constructed buoyancy system. The floating element is provided with a cavity. At least the first side face of the floating element is provided with at least one first cut-out which, at its first end, is connected to a first channel whose mouth... Agent: Akvadesign As

20150090174 - Vessel comprising a lifting device: A vessel for installing a platform on an offshore support structure comprises a floating body, a lifting device which is tiltable about a tilting axis with respect to the floating body and a tilting force member for applying a tilting force to said lifting device. The lifting device is provided... Agent: Ihc Holland Ie B.v.

20150090175 - System for attitude control of underwater vehicle and method for attitude control of underwater vehicle: A system for attitude control of an underwater vehicle 20 of the present invention includes an underwater vehicle 20 with a thruster 65, an assist device 10 that is coupled to the underwater vehicle 20 with a cable 1 and has cable handling equipment 2 and a thruster 58, a... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20150083034 - Hydrofoil watercraft: A hydrofoil section comprises first and second faces that create, in operation at speeds above a ventilation speed, a ventilated cavity defined by a first cavity face which departs from the first hydrofoil face and a second cavity face which departs from the second hydrofoil face. Each cavity face represents... Agent:

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