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09/04/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140238287 - Method for dry-docking a floating unit: A system and method of performing a dry-dock operation on a floating vessel, while the floating vessel may maintain operations. The dry-docking may be performed by another vessel, such as a semi-submersible transport vessel. The method may include: submerging the semi-submersible transport vessel, adjusting the positions of the vessels until... Agent: Dockwise Shipping B.v.

20140238291 - Self-powered slip plate to reduce skin-friction drag on a marine vessel: An anti-friction slip plate for mounting on a hull of a marine vessel to reduce skin friction drag by acoustically generating microcavitation bubbles at a wetted area of the hull. The slip plate comprises a plate-like enclosure, an energy extraction mechanism to extract power from water current flowing along the... Agent:

20140238288 - Guide for a sail sleeve, sail collapsing arrangement and methods therefor: The present invention provides for an inflatable sail guide arrangement for use in a sail collapsing arrangement. The sail collapsing arrangement is used for collapsing (also called “dousing” or “snuffing”) a sail such as a spinnaker. The sail guide arrangement can be deflated for convenient storage and handling.... Agent:

20140238289 - Mobile offshore drilling unit: A mobile offshore drilling unit is described that has an operating deck supported on a submersible deck, which may be a pontoon deck or a mat deck, by four or more columns, wherein a ratio of displacement of the mobile offshore drilling unit to total column cross-sectional area is at... Agent: Tsc Group Holdings Limited

20140238290 - Submarine: A submarine is provided with an upwardly directed drilling device (12, 12′). The drilling device (12, 12′) is arranged in a pressure hull (4) of the submarine and has a drill (14, 14′) which can be extended out of the pressure hull (4) through an opening (10) arranged on the... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems Gmbh

08/21/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140230715 - Excitation force reducing type ship: Disclosed is an excitation force reducing type ship. An excitation force reducing type ship according to one embodiment of the present invention comprises: a hull having a rear end with a propeller; and an excitation force reducing module which forms an air layer for generating reflected waves on a surface... Agent: Samsung Heavy Ind. Co., Ltd

20140230709 - Outrigger deployment mechanism: An outrigger deployment mechanism is provided. The outrigger deployment mechanism may include, one or more outrigger adjustment plates; one or more outriggers; one or more outrigger arms operably coupling the one or more outriggers to the one or more outrigger adjustment plates; one or more locking mechanisms operably engaged with... Agent:

20140230710 - System and method for discharging a waste fluid: The embodiments herein relate to a system for discharging a waste fluid from a floating unit (100) adapted to float in a body of water (103). The system is adapted to discharge said waste fluid to said body of water (103) surrounding the floating unit (100). The system comprises a... Agent:

20140230711 - Mobile operations chassis with controlled magnetic attraction to ferrous surfaces: A chassis clings to a ship hull or other ferrous surface by a magnet that moves toward or away from the surface to adjust the magnet air gap and thus the attractive force. The magnet(s) can be the only clinging force or used with other sources such as a suction... Agent: Searobotics Corporation

20140230712 - Docking and drilling stations for running self-standing risers and conducting drilling, production and storage operations: A sea vessel exploration and production system is provided, wherein the system includes a drilling station formed from at least one section of a first sea vessel hull; and a docking station, which is also formed from at least one section of a second sea vessel hull. A mooring system... Agent:

20140230713 - Underwater mobile inspection apparatus and underwater inspection equipment: An underwater mobile inspection apparatus is capable of inspecting a subsea pipeline (inspection object) while cruising. The underwater mobile inspection apparatus includes: a cruising body configured to submerge under water and cruise along the inspection object in such a manner as not to come into contact with the subsea pipeline;... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140230714 - External payload module for an autonomous underwater vehicle: An external payload module or body that is mechanically attached to the exterior of a standard production AUV. The module expands the applications for which the AUV can be utilized and/or enhances an existing application(s), enabling current single or limited use AUV's to have multi-mission capability or enhancing existing capability... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

08/14/2014 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140224160 - Canted sail rig: The present invention entails a canting sailboat sail rig. Mast support struts are attached at one end to the outer edges or railings of the hull(s), to the stern of the mast, and the mast struts attach at the other end to the lower sections of the mast. The mast... Agent:

20140224169 - Lng ship: Provided is a LNG storage tank of a membrane type mounted on a LNG-FPSO or a LNG carrier, wherein volumetric efficiency is high and sloshing does not easily occur at the time of heavy weather. In order to solve this problem, a membrane-type tank is composed of a main tank... Agent:

20140224161 - Frame device for a profiled sail device, and profiled sail device comprising at least one frame device: A frame device for a profiled sail device. At least one frame element has a first profile contour that corresponds to one sail surface and a second profile contour that corresponds to another sail surface. The frame device has a profile contour with at least one profile contour section which... Agent: Softwing S.a.r.i.

20140224162 - Dynamic roll/pitch stabilizer for use during loading and unloading of small passenger boats: A small boat dynamic roll stabilizer. The stabilizer includes two or more pairs of spaced-apart flexible bellows or air bags to receive and support a boat hull during passenger loading and unloading. Dynamic pitch is limited or even stopped for the boat hull by maintaining each of the bellows, which... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20140224163 - Device for and method of tensioning chains, in particular mooring legs: A device for tensioning anchor chains, in particular mooring legs of off-shore vessels and installations, comprises a frame carrying connectors for holding together lower and upper portions of the chain to be tensioned. The frame further carries a tensioning mechanism for pulling at least one portion of the chain towards... Agent:

20140224164 - Dock system including collapsible frame, and method for assembling dock system including collapsible frame: A dock system including a collapsible frame, and method for assembling the dock system including collapsible frame are provided. A collapsible dock system includes a collapsible frame. The collapsible frame includes a first beam, a second beam, a cross-member, and a hinged bracket system. The cross-member system secures the first... Agent: Bellingham Marine Industries, Inc.

20140224165 - Panel supporting device: A device (1) for supporting a photovoltaic panel essentially includes a sealed plastic jacket (2), the plastic jacket (2) forming a lower wall (3), an upper wall (4), and four sidewalls (5, 6, 7, 8), the device including elements for securing a photovoltaic panel to the upper wall (4) of... Agent: Ciel Et Terre International

20140224166 - Variable trim deflector system with protruding foil and method for controlling a marine vessel: A trim deflector apparatus for a marine vessel. The trim deflector apparatus comprises a first control surface movably coupled to the marine vessel, a second control surface movably coupled to the first control surface and configured to be moved relative to the first control surface by a first actuator, and... Agent:

20140224167 - Autonomous underwater system for a 4d environmental monitoring: An autonomous underwater system for environmental monitoring including a multidisciplinary underwater station including onboard instrumentation, at least one autonomous modular underwater vehicle movable inside an area to be monitored along an assigned route, and at least one external instrumental modulus which can be connected to the vehicle, wherein the multidisciplinary... Agent: Eni S.p.a.

20140224168 - Propeller cover: A cover for a propeller, such as a boat propeller, including a face having a topside and an underside, and a sidewall having a first edge and a second edge. The first edge is affixed to the face on substantially all edges of the face, and the second edge forms... Agent: Prop R Safety, LLC

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