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01/22/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150020723 - Watercraft with improved characteristics for travel in ice: The invention relates to a watercraft having improved characteristics for travel in ice, particularly an icebreaker, supply vessel, cargo vessel or corresponding, which watercraft has a hull, which has at the stem portion a propulsion and steering arrangement, which is mainly responsible for movement and steering of the watercraft and... Agent: Aker Arctic Technology Oy

20150020724 - Method and apparatus for controlling a waterjet-driven marine vessel: A system for controlling a marine vessel having first and second steering nozzles and corresponding first and second reversing buckets, comprises a processor configured to receive a first vessel control signal including at least a component corresponding to a translational thrust command in a port direction, and that is configured... Agent:

20150020725 - Connector: A connector includes first and second connectable parts. Each part has a respective structure, such as an aperture, arranged so that, when the two parts are brought together and appropriately aligned with each other, a locking member, such as a pin, may be engaged with the two structures to connect... Agent:

20150020726 - Lead-in cable with a replaceable portion and method: A lead-in cable used to tow a streamer behind a vessel includes a replaceable portion removably connected between a portion of the lead-in cable attached to the vessel and the streamer. Alternatively a lead-in additional cable is inserted between a lead-in cable and a towed streamer. The replaceable portion or... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

01/15/2015 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150013584 - Floating vessel for servicing air diffusers: A catamaran type vessel for use in a wastewater facility for servicing submerged air diffusers is disclosed. The vessel has spaced apart pontoon having an A-frame spanning between the upper decks of the pontoon and connecting the pontoons. A hook connected to a winch is secured to a cross header... Agent:

20150013585 - Cuddy cabin vessel with separate privacy enclosure: A privacy enclosure separate from the vessel hold and having at least one entranceway accessible from outside the hold of the vessel.... Agent:

20150013586 - High speed surface craft and submersible craft: p

01/08/2015 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150007763 - Ultra large marine floating system: A method to improve the safety and comfort of an ultra large marine floating system is provided. The ultra large marine floating system has a length of 350 to 550 m, a width of 45 to 80 m, and a depth of 25 to 35 m. The ultra large marine... Agent:

20150007761 - Wing profile sail: A wing profile sail for sailboats and sailboards, formed by a flexible sheet having a leading edge configured to be coupled to a mast, includes inflatable bladder means extending along the direction of the leading edge, rearward thereto, to provide a wind profile to the sail. The inflatable bladder means... Agent:

20150007762 - Boat steering latch: A latch for a motor boat steering stick. Also, a motor boat including a stick steering system and latch. The latch includes a base portion directly attached to or continuous with the boat hall and a movable portion winch is selectively positionable so as to engage with the steering stick... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150000577 - Portable catamaran vessel: The present invention relates to a portable boat with catamaran configuration. The boat basically consists of two inflatable floats joined by two connecting bars with plates at their ends for fastening the connecting bars to the floats. A rigid platform can be assembled between the two connecting bars, forming a... Agent:

20150000578 - Twin asymmetrical wing sail rig: The problems associated with rotating a wing sail around a stayed rig mast; changing the airfoil shape of a wing sail on different tacks; and reefing a wing sail may be solved by using an A-frame mast with port and starboard mast extrusions for supporting two asymmetrical wing sails.... Agent:

20150000580 - Device for coupling a boat to a mooring: A device for coupling a boat to a boat mooring. The device comprises an elongate shaft which has first and second ends and the first end has a coupling mechanism for coupling the device to a mooring while the second end supports a hook member having a C-shaped hook base... Agent:

20150000581 - Traction system for operating lines of a vessel: A traction system (11; 60) for operating lines (18), in particular mooring lines and/or riser lines, of a vessel (1), includes at least two work stations (26) distributed along at least two sides of the vessel (1) and engaged by respective operating lines (18). The traction system includes a main... Agent: Sbm Schiedam B.v.

20150000579 - Tensioning and connector systems for tethers: A top connector for a tether of a subsea buoy is disclosed. The connector has a support, a lever member movable about a pivot axis, and a chain stop mechanism mounted on the lever member to be situated below the pivot axis in use. The lever member is pivotably connected... Agent:

20150000582 - Methods and underwater bases for using autonomous underwater vehicle for marine seismic surveys: A recovery underwater base for handling an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) equipped with seismic sensors for recording seismic signals during a marine seismic survey. The recovery underwater base includes a storing part configured to store the AUV; an inlet part configured to control access to the storing part; a control... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20150000583 - Floating offshore structures: A floating offshore structure comprises a buoyancy structure arranged such that in use it remains below the sea level and a tower, wherein the buoyancy structure is attached to a tower by a connecting structure, the connecting structure comprising one or more openings arranged such that in use they remain... Agent:

20150000584 - High speed surface craft and submersible craft: at least one baffle plate positioned about the perimeter of the at least one buoyant tubular foil so as to protrude into the flow of water passing by the perimeter of the at least one buoyant tubular foil, whereby to create a high-pressure zone fore of the at least one... Agent:

20150000585 - Adjustable surfing fin: The invention is a fm for surfboards with a variable stiffness function. This is accomplished by means of a central disc that can be rotated to give different degrees of mechanical support to the fin when rotated to different angles, thus providing variable flexibility.... Agent:

20150000586 - Convertible personal watercraft configuration device and method: A convertible watercraft configuration device may include a plurality of attachments including at least a water shield attachment assembly. The water shield attachment assembly may include a plurality of fabric pole sleeves substantially covering a plurality of rigid poles, a plurality of clear shield sections attached to the plurality of... Agent:

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