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12/04/2014 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140352592 - Method of transporting a hydroelectric turbine system: The present invention is concerned with a method of transporting a hydroelectric turbine system, and a vessel suitable for use in implementing said method, whereby the vessel comprises a raised or raisable section, which enables the vessel to pass over a portion of a base of the hydroelectric turbine system,... Agent:

20140352594 - Apparatus for dousing a sail: An apparatus for dousing a spinnaker sail on a sailboat. The apparatus can include a remote releasable line lock device attached to a lower portion of the spinnaker. A retrieval line for dousing the spinnaker can pass through the remote releasable line lock device and can be attached to an... Agent:

20140352593 - Sail assembly using slugs and flakers: A sail assembly using slugs and flakers is presented. The sail slug has a plurality of rollers positioned along an inner edge that are received within a groove of a mast. The outer edge of the sail slug has a swivel platform that attaches to straps positioned on a sail.... Agent:

20140352595 - Automatic thruster control of a marine vessel during sport fishing mode: A marine vessel is disclosed having a control system for automatically controlling thrusters for steering the marine vessel for the purpose of aiding an angler who has hooked a fish. The control system will automatically control the thrusters based on the positions of the propulsion unit control levers if the... Agent:

20140352596 - Anchor reeling: Apparatus for anchor line reeling to raise or lower an anchor using a cranked reel employing a clutch bearing and a drag, which drag is controllably released by reverse rotation of the crank. An additional reel drag is used to prevent reel overturning when the anchor is lowered and hits... Agent:

20140352597 - Shallow water anchor: A shallow water anchor to anchor a water craft in a shallow body of water comprising an anchor positioning assembly mounted on or to the water craft and an anchor member, the anchor position assembly comprises at least one anchor engaging member coupled to an anchor positioning device to raise... Agent:

20140352598 - Water ski rope safety device: This discloses a water ski rope safety device. Water ski ropes can become disconnected from the tow boat. They can also become loose or gain excessive slack. In such cases, the rope can whip around or entangle the skier. Any of these might injure the skier. The safety device prevents... Agent:

20140352599 - Cover system: A cover system for protecting boats, vessels, and other various shaped vehicles and objects is disclosed. A plurality of separate and distinct inflatable bladders supports a cover whereby a dome-like shape is produced. The resulting shape of the cover resists pooling of water and snow thereby reducing or even eliminating... Agent:

20140352600 - Windshield sliding door/window assembly: A sliding window assembly includes a window frame and a window cooperable with the window frame and displaceable on the window frame between an open position and a closed position. Operating components of the assembly include a counterbalance connected between the window frame and the window and an optional motor... Agent: Taylor Made Group, LLC

11/27/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140345510 - Movement inhibiting apparatus for floating offshore wind turbine and floating base used for offshore wind turbine: A movement inhibiting apparatus for a floating offshore wind turbine and a floating base with the apparatus. The movement inhibiting apparatus for the floating offshore wind turbine comprises at least one layer of an annular shake-reducing panel placed horizontally and surrounding the floating base. A plurality of shake-reducing fins is... Agent:

20140345511 - Systems and methods for deploying autonomous underwater vehicles from a ship: Systems and methods are described herein for launching, recovering, and handling a large number of vehicles on a ship to enable lower cost ocean survey. In one aspect, the system may include a shipping container based system with an oil services vessel. The vessel may include rolling systems through end... Agent: Hadal, Inc.

20140345512 - Disconnectable production dock (dpd) for turret free disconnectable weather vaning fpso: System for mooring a large vessel for production of hydrocarbons, such vessel for example being a FPSO vessel, the mooring system comprising at least two floating bodies of the hang-off type, moored by means of differentiated compliance spread anchoring system to the sea bed, allowing partly weathervaning of the large... Agent:

20140345513 - High speed surface craft and submersible vehicle: a plurality of nozzles disposed on the outer surface of said hull, aft of said inlet, wherein said plurality of nozzles are configured to release a friction-reducing fluid, whereby the friction-reducing fluid displaces water from the surface of said hull so as to diminish friction on the outer surface of... Agent:

11/20/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140338579 - Ellipsoidal v-hull: An improved boat hull design includes a region of ellipsodal fulness in the forward portion of the hull, ellipsiodal curvature over the remainder of the hull, a chine with a chine flat with an increasing width as it approaches the stern and one or more strakes. One of the strakes... Agent:

20140338580 - Method and apparatus for automated control of marine vessel: An improved autopilot system securely attached to a steering helm unit and mounted within the dashboard or pedestal of a marine vessel for automatic control over a vessel's direction of movement. One embodiment of an improved actuator utilizes endless belt members 212, a driven pulley 210 attached to a steering... Agent:

20140338581 - Load compensating mooring hooks: A mooring apparatus that includes an actuator connected to a mooring hook and the mooring base. The actuator provides translational movement of the mooring hook towards the mooring base. The mooring apparatus also includes a vessel motion detection system and a mooring apparatus control system. The mooring apparatus may include... Agent:

20140338582 - Method of single line mooring: The method of mooring buoyant equipment at the surface of a body of water in a controlled position using a single line by connecting a first line from the buoyant equipment to a first diameter drum on a subsea mooring tower, connecting the first diameter drum to a second diameter... Agent:

20140338583 - Underwater man-powered mechanical propeller: An underwater man-powered mechanical propeller includes a screw propeller arranged on a screw propeller shaft, the screw propeller is provided with a first bevel gear arranged at the back part thereof, and is provided with a concentric protective ring on the outer side; one side of the protective ring is... Agent:

20140338584 - Dual keel kayak: Described herein is a more ergonomic, more stable kayak design including parallel port and starboard keels protruding from a hull of the kayak, the keels are sized and positioned such that a paddler can rest a heel and/or foot in each keel at a lower elevation than the paddler's hips,... Agent:

20140338585 - Fire pit: A fire pit for use on water crafts, particularly pontoon and house boats. In certain embodiments, the fire pits are floor mounted units affixed within the deck of the boat and in other embodiments, the fire pits are table mounted units. In each embodiment, the fire pits include a base... Agent: Leisure Activists, Inc.

11/13/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140331912 - Apparatus using an electro-catalytic coating to reduce ship's friction and prevent biofouling: An apparatus for friction reduction and biofouling prevention is invented, which consists of an anodic electro-catalytic layer and a cathodic electro-catalytic layer installed on the submerged surface of a carrier. There is an insulating filling between the anodic layer and the cathodic layer. The layered coatings are applied with the... Agent:

20140331907 - Marine aft bulkhead and window system: A marine aft bulkhead and window system in a fully framed assembly includes a port side glass assembly that is fully retractable below a lowest edge of a window opening, a starboard side glass assembly that is fully retractable below the lowest edge of the window opening, a door glass... Agent:

20140331908 - Heave compensation and tensioning apparatus, and method of use thereof: A heave compensation and tensioning apparatus for use on a floating vessel during “locked-to-bottom” operations is provided. The apparatus includes a pair of hydraulic cylinders that are fixed to a lower section of a frame. Respective free ends of piston rods of the hydraulic cylinders are operatively associated with an... Agent: Icon Engineering Pty Ltd

20140331909 - Resilient mount for interchangeable foil: A mounting assembly for a removable foil improves acceleration, maneuverability, and control of craft such as boats or rideable boards (surfboards, sailboards, and the like) and also reduces repetitive stress exerted on the hull by foil bending and torsion. An off-center ball-and-cup joint in the mounting allows the foil to... Agent: Sft Industrie Corp.

20140331910 - Device and method for hauling in an unmanned submersible: The invention relates to a device and a method for recovering an unmanned underwater vehicle. In order to ensure a safe recovery of an unmanned seconder underwater vehicle 2 by the primary underwater vehicle 1, the invention provides a recovery into a tender garage 4 for receiving the underwater vehicle... Agent: Atlas Elektronik Gmbh

20140331911 - Device for providing protection against the rain, for loading bulk material on board a vessel: A device for providing protection against the rain, for loading bulk material on board a vessel, includes a receiving device and a covering device, which are independent from one another, the receiving device being installed on the hatchway of the vessel and the covering device on the telescopic tube of... Agent: Tmsa - Tecnologia Em Movimentacao S.a.

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