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05/21/2015 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150136005 - Semi submarine: Described are submersible assemblies including a support structure comprising a pair of flotation devices and a cabin pivotally coupled to the support structure between the pair of flotation devices having an outer enclosure encapsulating an inner cabin, wherein the cabin is configured to rotate between a raised position above a... Agent:

20150136006 - Floating offshore wind turbine with damping structure: An offshore wind turbine comprising a buoyancy structure intended to provide a buoyancy force to support the wind turbine, wherein said buoyancy structure comprises at least one floater tank and a damping structure extending radially outward from the floater tank to damp forces due to heave, pitch or roll.... Agent: Alstom Renewable Technologies

20150136007 - Rope stopper system: A rope stopper system for a fibre rope (30) is described, where a rope stopper (10) is placed on a deck of an anchor handling vessel (50) or the like, and is arranged to grip and secure the fibre rope (30), that runs through the rope stopper (10), in connection... Agent:

20150136008 - Offshore top site system: The invention relates to an offshore top site system comprising a subsea facility, a floating unit arranged above the subsea facility and at least one transportation line extending between the subsea facility and the floating unit. The floating unit has a bottom facing downwards and an outer periphery of the... Agent: National Oilwell Varco Denmark I/s

20150136009 - Equipment and methods for operating geophysical bottom stations: An equipment complex for deploying and recovering marine geophysical seismic or electric-survey bottom stations is mounted on a ship. The complex includes—a powered capstan, —rotatable turntables and rolls, —load-bearing units connected to the bottom stations by various fasten means and capable of winding onto the capstan and turntables, a work... Agent:

20150136011 - Adjustable planing device for pontoon boats: Adjustable planing device mounted midship on a pontoon boat to provide lift to the pontoon boat, reduce drag, and improve steering. Adjustable planing device includes a planing device having a connector member with a hinge that is rotatably attached to a midship region of the boat wherein the planing device... Agent:

20150136010 - Vessel with improved motion control: The invention concerns a vessel having a planing surface and a transom at a stern of the vessel, mounted on the transom is an interceptor and an actuator to move the interceptor in vertical direction. In accordance with the invention the transom defines a sharp edge with the planing surface... Agent:

20150136012 - Modular rapid development system for building underwater robots and robotic vehicles: A modular system for building underwater robotic vehicles (URVs), including a pressure vessel system, modular chassis elements, a propulsion system and compatible buoyancy modules. The pressure vessel system uses standardized, interchangeable modules to allow for ease of modification of the URV and accommodation of different internal and external components such... Agent:

20150136013 - Deep-drawn marine hull having a sandwich structure with a cellulose-based core and watercraft utilizing same: A deep-drawn, marine hull having a sandwich structure with a cellulose-based core and watercraft utilizing same are provided. The hull includes an outer skin of a fiber-based thermoplastic and having a waterproof outer surface, a first sheet of thermoplastic adhesive, an inner skin of a fiber-reinforced thermoplastic material and having... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150128838 - Apparatus for harvesting algae from open body of water: An apparatus for harvesting algae from an open body of water includes a boat having a pair of spaced apart parallel flotation members and a deck disposed on and connected to the members. The spaced apart members define an area therebetween forming a process channel. A separating mechanism disposed on... Agent:

20150128844 - Type-4 tank for cng containment: The present invention relates to a pressure vessel for containing or transporting pressurized gas. More particularly it relates to such vessels for containing or transporting compressed natural gas. The present invention also relates to a method of storing or transporting gas onshore or offshore. Moreover, the present invention relates to... Agent: Blue Wave Co S.a.

20150128839 - Sail bearing: A bearing for a sail furling apparatus includes a spherical body having a longitudinal axis and containing a cylindrical longitudinal through-opening for receiving a cable of the furling apparatus. The body is freely rotatable on the cable and protects the furled sail from abrasive contact with the cable. The body... Agent:

20150128840 - Frontier field development system for large riser count and high pressures for harsh environments: A system comprising a semisubmersible, at least two offloading terminals and shuttle tankers in optional combination with an FSO may be deployed in deep water harsh environments where riser performance (either SCR or LWSCR) is a key performance parameter. The semisubmersible is used to support the risers because of its... Agent:

20150128841 - Hydrofoil boat stabilizer: A hydrofoil having an integrated yoke-bridge to preclude expansion of the channel defined by the yoke when the hydrofoil is secured to the cavitation plate. The single piece hydrofoil is secured to the cavitation by lateral screws passing through the hydrofoil and engaging the side of the cavitation plate. Additionally,... Agent: Marine Dynamics, Inc.

20150128842 - Variable buoyancy profiling float: In various embodiments a variable buoyancy profiling float is disclosed. The variable buoyancy profiling float may comprise a spherical glass housing comprising a first hemisphere and a second hemisphere. The first and second hemispheres may be coupled by a partial vacuum within the spherical glass housing. A buoyancy system may... Agent:

20150128843 - Inflatable boats: An inflatable boat (1) formed in particular from flexible inflatable tubes (2) which have, substantially at the ends of same, relatively rigid tensioning members (3, 3a), such as rings, holding the walls of the tubes apart in the same shape as when the tube is inflated. The boat also has,... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150122166 - Vessel: A vessel is provided with a hull that includes left and right side walls, a bottom, and a plurality of decks including a freeboard deck; a plurality of rooms divided back and forth in a longitudinal direction of the hull by a bulkhead inside the hull; and flood control watertight... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20150122167 - Reduced moment connection foundation: A turret mooring system (1) is arranged on a vessel for receiving a mooring buoy (6). The turret mooring system includes a turret mooring structure (3) with a receptacle for the reception of the buoy, and at least one structural connector (10). The at least one structural connector secures the... Agent:

20150122168 - Air intake device: An air intake device for a submarine comprises a first fixed member connected to the submarine hull and a second member which is telescopically movable relative to the first member to rise up with an upper end of it above the water's surface to allow air to be taken in... Agent: Calzoni S.r.l.

20150122169 - Means for deploying pullout shade system onboard boat: An improved mounting device and assembled configuration for deploying a manually operated pullout shade system of the type having a tensioned roller member carrying a flexible canvas sheet and parallel tubular actuators therefor. In one embodiment of the present invention, a mounting device is disclosed for securing the manual pullout... Agent:

20150122170 - Adjustable foot brace for watercraft: In one example, a watercraft is provided that includes a hull, and a cockpit connected to the hull. Disposed within the cockpit are first and second adjustable foot braces that are connected to the hull. Each of the adjustable foot braces is operable to define a variety of different foot... Agent: Lifetime Products, Inc.

04/30/2015 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150114273 - Boat cleat: A cleat which has an extended operative position and a retracted position includes a securing portion and a base portion in the form of a housing which can receive the securing portion. The securing portion is shaped for securing thereto a line when the securing portion is in an extended... Agent:

20150114274 - Fender, maritime structure, method for manufacturing: Fender for protecting an object from damage comprising a core of at least a closed cell foam part, an intermediate layer fully enclosing the core comprising at least a fiber reinforced cloth, a coating that at least partly covers the intermediate layer. The invention also relates to a fixed or... Agent:

20150114275 - Mooring system for personal watercraft: A mooring system for a personal watercraft includes a bow bracket, a console bracket and a stern bracket. The bow bracket is secured to the bow of the craft. The console bracket is secured to the console of the craft. The stern bracket is secured to the stern of the... Agent:

20150114276 - Floating dock mover: A floating dock mover that utilizes electrically powered devices to aid in relocating a floating dock whenever water levels change in a lake or reservoir. Electrical powered winching mechanisms are used to adjust cables lengths to maintain a position, or aid to obtain a new position of the dock in... Agent:

20150114277 - Tow line controlling device and method of controlling same: A tow line controlling device and a method of operation of a tow line controlling device in which the tow line controlling device is positioned in a deck of a vessel. The tow line controlling device includes at least two vertical tow pins that are movable between a passive position... Agent:

20150114278 - Stepped hull: An improved watercraft hull providing stability and maneuverability in turns. The hull may include a longitudinal centerline extending from bow to stern, a first and second transverse air channel that are fluidly isolated from the rest of the hull, the first and second air channels separating the hull into a... Agent: Ram Investments Of South Florida Inc.

20150114279 - Folding leg and latch structure for wakeboard tower: A wakeboard tower having a foldable tower leg having a spring loaded latch assembly mounted to the first section of the leg and a lock pin mounted to the second section of the leg, with the spring loaded latch assembly including a handle rotatably mounted to an exterior portion of... Agent: Xtreme Marine Corporation

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