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08/07/2014 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140216319 - Water propelled personal craft: A vehicle for use on the water that can be propelled into the air above the water is provided. The vehicle can include a main body, a board provided on the bottom of the main body, a seat, an inlet for receiving a pressurized incoming water stream, a main nozzle... Agent:

20140216320 - Ship with sinking prevention tank and method for manufacturing the same: The present invention relates to a ship with sinking prevention tanks and a method for manufacturing the same wherein the ship includes: tank-retaining parts formed on the port and starboard sides of the bottom of a hull; the sinking prevention tanks insertedly disposed in the tank-retaining parts and having gas... Agent:

20140216321 - Boat brush tool: A boat brush tool for cleaning a boat pontoon, the boat brush tool having a generally J-shaped tubular support member with an upper section for manipulating the tool and a lower section carrying a plurality of brush bristles and having a curved shape corresponding to the outer surface of the... Agent:

20140216322 - Mooring assembly for a vessel: In a mooring assembly for a vessel, comprising a moonpool defined in the vessel, a turret is rotatably mounted within the moonpool with an upper main bearing for transmitting horizontal and vertical loads between the vessel and turret and with a lower secondary bearing for substantially transmitting horizontal loads between... Agent: Bluewater Energy Services B.v.

20140216323 - Anchor line tensioning method:

20140216324 - Floating platform: A floating (buoyant) platform includes multiple flotation block elements arranged in a general grid pattern, and a structural body supported buoyantly by the floatation elements. An assemblage of floating platforms are joined by one or more connector elements each having a cylindrical body extending across a control joint between opposed... Agent:

20140216325 - Undersea free vehicle and components: A free vehicle suitable to serve as a platform to carry a variety of equipment to the ocean floor, actuate devices at the floor and at intermediate points on the way to and returning from the ocean floor is described. The free vehicle includes standardized power, control electronics, navigation equipment... Agent:

20140216326 - Method for constructing surfboards, river boards, kayaks, and stand up paddle boards: A method and surfboard, river board, kayak, and standup paddleboard with a polyurea force distributing sealing outer coating applied over polystyrene foam shaped or molded cores to provide increased strength and abrasion resistance.... Agent:

20140216327 - Boat seat base assembly: A boat seat base assembly includes a pair of opposed side panels and a pair of opposed end panels joined to the side panels by means of shaped connecting members formed in one of the side panels and end panels and shaped apertures formed in one of the side panels... Agent:

07/31/2014 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140202371 - Drillship having vortex suppresion block with recessed flow stabilizing section in moon pool: Disclosed is a drillship having a vortex suppression block with a recessed flow stabilizing part in a moon pool. The flow stabilizing section is formed so that a bottom of the vortex suppression block that protrudes from a bottom of a hull toward a stern in the moon pool is... Agent: Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd

20140202373 - Interchangeable superstructures and hulls for ocean going vessels: An ocean going vessel with interchangeable superstructure and hull in which the superstructure has control units for controlling propulsion and steering, as well as components for communication and navigation. The superstructure and the hull each have an interface providing quick connect and disconnect capability between the control units of the... Agent:

20140202372 - Water craft having open upper deck, aft swim deck and collapsible bulwarks: Disclosed is water craft providing inventive features to achieve a double-decked vessel having: a) substantially continuous, flat and open upper deck; b.) a substantially continuous and fiat lower deck with an enclosed fore section and an exposed aft section forming a swim deck; and c.) a system of collapsible bulwarks... Agent:

20140202366 - Method and system for measuring motions: The invention is related to a method and system for measuring motions of a moving, essentially rigid, floating (elongated) body such as a boat, yacht or vessel using two motion detectors that are installed near the ends of, or far enough away from each other in the (elongated) floating body.... Agent: Oy Baltic Instruments Ab

20140202367 - Weight distribution device and method for modifying wake: The present invention is a device mounted on a watercraft that creates a method of systematic weight distribution, which modifies a vessel's wake as it travels through water. The device uses systematically moveable ballast object(s) that are supported in a variety of positions along a specified path. As a ballast... Agent:

20140202368 - Method and apparatus for controlling a marine vessel: One embodiment of the invention comprises a method for controlling a marine vessel having a first steerable propulsor, a corresponding first reversing device, a second steerable propulsor and a corresponding second reversing device. The method comprises receiving a first vessel control signal corresponding to a rotational movement and no translational... Agent:

20140202369 - Anchoring, maneuvering, docking and stabalizing apparatus for water vessel: The present invention is directed to an apparatus that allows a boat to be anchored, maneuvered, docking, and stabilized. The invention has a member that can rotate about a first axis from a stowed position to an anchored position. Or the member may be placed downwardly in the ground floor... Agent:

20140202370 - External inflatable drop stitch stability system for boats: An inflatable stability and fender system including high pressure drop stitch D-shaped tubes mounted on a hard sided monohull of a boat or on the side of a dock by extrusions, thru bolting and boat ropes for sealing engagement with the monohull of the boat or the dock.... Agent: Team Scarab, Inc.

07/17/2014 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140196649 - Arrangements for windsurfing: Tills disclosure relates to a windsurfing board kit (100) for assembling windsurfing boards of different types. In light winds a relatively large windsurfing board is suitable, whereas in strong wind conditions a smaller windsurfing board is suitable, in addition, in fight winds a relatively large sail is suitable, whereas a... Agent:

20140196648 - Vertically-variable ocean sail system: Embodiments of the present invention provide mechanical sail systems, methods, apparatus, and code which allow use of the Magnus effect to provide thrust to a ship. In some embodiments, a mechanical sail system is provided which includes a silo, positioned below a deck level of a ship, a lift carriage,... Agent:

20140196650 - Motorized water vehicle adapted for supplying a pressurized fluid and associated delivery system: A Motorized Water Vehicle (MWV) adapted to operate as a fluid-compression station in addition to the primary transport function thereof. Such an MWV can supply compressed fluid to a third device. In a preferred and non-exhaustive manner, such an MWV can supply a passenger propulsion device allowing the propulsion device... Agent: Zapata Holding

20140196651 - Valve assembly for a bilge pump system: A valve assembly for a bilge pump system having first and second bilge pumps each connected to a single hull outlet includes a valve body having a first inlet port for connection to the first bilge pump, a second inlet port for connection to the second bilge pump, and an... Agent:

20140196652 - Solar powered iluminated boat cleat: The boat cleats of the invention are typically mounted on the watercraft and docks adjacent to the water for tying watercraft to piers as well as to other watercraft and disclose a solar powered modular structure supported within a boat cleat mechanical housing support structure. This arrangement provides savings associated... Agent: Herman N. Philhower, As Trustee Of The H N Philhower Family Trust (last Dated 10/31/2012)

20140196653 - Tailbuoy stabilization device and method: Devices and methods for stabilizing a tailbuoy attached to a streamer towed during a marine survey are provided. The tailbuoy includes a floating body configured to be connected to the streamer, and a keel attached to the floating body. The keel is configured to stabilize a motion of the tailbuoy... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20140196654 - Floating wind turbine platform with ballast control and mooring system: A floating wind turbine platform includes stabilizing columns, a tower, water-entrapment plates connected to the stabilizing columns, and a ballast control system. The tower is mounted over one of the columns. The stabilizing columns include internal volumes for containing a ballast. The ballast control system includes an alignment sensor and... Agent: Principle Power, Inc.

20140196655 - Displacement hull form not subject to the limitation of hull speed: A displace hull with a shape that is both laterally symmetric and fore-to-aft symmetric is disclosed. The hull includes a pair of channels that help to manage a flow of water around the hull. The hull also includes sponsons and propellers that are located amidships on the port and starboard... Agent:

20140196656 - Rescue boat: Embodiments of a rescue boat are disclosed. A rescue boat can include a port pontoon, a starboard pontoon, and a deck, the deck being attachable to the port pontoon and the starboard pontoon. A method of launching the rescue boat includes placing a port pontoon, a starboard pontoon, and a... Agent: Tan Vien Dong Co. Ltd.

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