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11/13/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140331912 - Apparatus using an electro-catalytic coating to reduce ship's friction and prevent biofouling: An apparatus for friction reduction and biofouling prevention is invented, which consists of an anodic electro-catalytic layer and a cathodic electro-catalytic layer installed on the submerged surface of a carrier. There is an insulating filling between the anodic layer and the cathodic layer. The layered coatings are applied with the... Agent:

20140331907 - Marine aft bulkhead and window system: A marine aft bulkhead and window system in a fully framed assembly includes a port side glass assembly that is fully retractable below a lowest edge of a window opening, a starboard side glass assembly that is fully retractable below the lowest edge of the window opening, a door glass... Agent:

20140331908 - Heave compensation and tensioning apparatus, and method of use thereof: A heave compensation and tensioning apparatus for use on a floating vessel during “locked-to-bottom” operations is provided. The apparatus includes a pair of hydraulic cylinders that are fixed to a lower section of a frame. Respective free ends of piston rods of the hydraulic cylinders are operatively associated with an... Agent: Icon Engineering Pty Ltd

20140331909 - Resilient mount for interchangeable foil: A mounting assembly for a removable foil improves acceleration, maneuverability, and control of craft such as boats or rideable boards (surfboards, sailboards, and the like) and also reduces repetitive stress exerted on the hull by foil bending and torsion. An off-center ball-and-cup joint in the mounting allows the foil to... Agent: Sft Industrie Corp.

20140331910 - Device and method for hauling in an unmanned submersible: The invention relates to a device and a method for recovering an unmanned underwater vehicle. In order to ensure a safe recovery of an unmanned seconder underwater vehicle 2 by the primary underwater vehicle 1, the invention provides a recovery into a tender garage 4 for receiving the underwater vehicle... Agent: Atlas Elektronik Gmbh

20140331911 - Device for providing protection against the rain, for loading bulk material on board a vessel: A device for providing protection against the rain, for loading bulk material on board a vessel, includes a receiving device and a covering device, which are independent from one another, the receiving device being installed on the hatchway of the vessel and the covering device on the telescopic tube of... Agent: Tmsa - Tecnologia Em Movimentacao S.a.

11/06/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140326169 - Cylindrical underwater vehicle with vertical end plate attached to partially movable rudder: A cylindrical underwater vehicle with a vertical end plate attached to a partially movable rudder, including a vertical end plate which is formed in a longitudinal direction of the underwater vehicle and is mounted on a circumference thereof so as to improve a control force with respect to the underwater... Agent:

20140326170 - Towing device with a hinged fairlead: A towing device, intended to be fitted to the deck of a ship, comprises a winch, a cable and a fairlead, the cable running through the fairlead under the action of the winch. The fairlead comprises at least a first and a second sector, the sectors allowing the cable to... Agent:

20140326171 - Floating touristic marina located offshore: A floating touristic marina which is separated from the coastline, that is, having no facilities or structures on land, maintaining its stability by means of being supported by multiple piles which are cemented to the bottom of the body of water where the marina is located. The floating marina includes... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140318431 - Wind powered watercraft: A sail driven watercraft includes a hull, a deck coupled to the hull, and a mast coupled to the hull to extend upwardly and carry one or more sails. The hull extends downwardly from the deck into water in which the sail driven watercraft floats.... Agent:

20140318433 - Waterborne antifouling coating composition: The invention provides a waterborne antifouling coating composition comprising (i) a binder polymer, (ii) a pigment and (iii) no biocide or a biocide selected from (a) a copper biocide or a copper biocide in combination with at least one or more co-biocide(s), or (b) a copper-free biocide or a copper-free... Agent: Akzo Nobel Coatings International B.v.

20140318434 - Versatile transport-delivery vessel system: The disclosure relates to a versatile transport-cargo vessel system configured for travel on water. The vessel system either includes a single self propelled vessel or a tugboat section and a barge section configured to interlock. The self propelled vessel or the barge section is configured to carry liquefied natural gas... Agent:

20140318435 - Modular watercraft: A modular watercraft is disclosed which includes plural connectable modules and which can be broken down for ease of handling, transport and storage. The watercraft includes novel means for connecting separate modules. The connectable modules may be storable within a single one of the modules.... Agent: J.p. Murray Company Inc.

20140318432 - Device for controlling trim and/or steering of a boat: The invention describes a device for controlling trim and/or steering of a boat, ship or vessel having an actuator, an actuating means and an interceptor member, wherein the actuator acts upon the actuating means, which acts upon said interceptor member such that the interceptor member is linearly displaceable between a... Agent: Prezip Technology Ab

10/23/2014 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140311393 - Vessel, motion platform, method for compensating motions of a vessel and use of a stewart platform: A method for compensating for motion of a boat as it floats on water includes measuring the motion of the boat relative to another element in an area surrounding the boat, generating a driving signal for driving actuators operatively associated between the boat and at least one carrier based on... Agent: Ampelmann Holding B.v.

20140311394 - Boat with a stern hatch having two opening options: A boat includes a hull having an aft stern hatch located in an inner aft compartment of the aforesaid hull, the hatch having a body with opposing flanks or sides pivoted on the hull, and upper and lower edges. The hatch includes pivot members associated with the flanks or sides... Agent: Ferretti S.p.a.

20140311395 - Protective apparatus for marine structures: An apparatus for inhibiting damage from impact between a marine structure and an adjacent watercraft, and a related method, are described. The apparatus includes a cushion body forming a mounting surface and a watercraft-engaging surface substantially opposing the mounting surface, at least one rigid support member, the rigid support member... Agent:

20140311396 - Divisible spud: A vessel includes a floating body (1), an excavating device (3) having a base member (4), an extendable arm member (5) which at one end thereof is coupled with the base member and an excavating element (6) mounted at the other end of the extendable arm member. The excavating device... Agent: Ihc Holland Ie B.v.

20140311397 - Workstation for transporting equipment to an underwater position: The invention relates to a workstation (1) for transporting equipment to an underwater position. The workstation (1) comprises a tool (23) and a supply line (22) in order to power the tool (23). The workstation (1) comprises a winch (21) for storing at least part of the supply line (22).... Agent: Ihc Holland Ie B.v.

20140311399 - Motorboat with wind shroud: Embodiments of the invention are directed to a boat motor assembly which includes a boat motor with a housing that serves as the body or chassis of the boat motor; a handle, coupled to and extending at length from the housing and configured to be grasped by a user; and... Agent:

20140311398 - Removable windshield for use with a water craft: A removable windshield for use with a boat having a primary ridged transparent material located above a secondary ridged transparent material. The primary ridged transparent material is connected to a frame. The frame is adapted for a user to hingedly fold the primary ridged transparent material to overlay the secondary... Agent:

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