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02/05/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150033997 - Multipurpose stabilized water board for recreational use: This invention provides for a new design of recreational water boards that are significantly more stable than traditional boards in the class of standup paddle boards, windsurfing boards, and surf boards. Higher stability is achieved by shifting the primary buoyancy of the board to the “rail hulls” located on each... Agent:

20150033998 - Vessel with a rigid wingsail installation: i

20150033999 - Mast stabilizing device: Some implementations feature a mast stabilizing device that includes a mast comprising a first portion and a second portion, a sensor coupled to the first portion of the mast, and a pivot structure coupled to the mast. The pivot structure is configured to allow the mast to pivot in the... Agent: Maritime Applied Physics Corporation

20150034000 - Twin arm gin pole: A twin arm gin pole is an apparatus that is used for leverage when raising or lowering a deck stepped mast on a sail boat. The apparatus includes a first arm, a second arm, a first lifeline stanchion coupler, a second lifeline stanchion coupler, a winch, and a halyard connector.... Agent:

20150034001 - Steering system for a marine vessel: A steering system for a marine vessel comprises a helm, a control head, and a joystick. The helm and control head may respectively provide user inputted steering commands and user inputted shift and throttle commands on a first CAN network. The joystick and the control head may respectively provide user... Agent:

20150034002 - Disconnectable turret mooring system: Turret mooring system for receiving a mooring buoy, includes a turret mooring structure, and a buoy locking system for locking the mooring buoy, whereby the turret mooring system includes an intermediate connection member, which includes the buoy locking system. The intermediate connection member is rotatably suspended from the turret mooring... Agent: Single Buoy Moorings Inc.

01/29/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150027357 - Ballast system: The present embodiments relate to ballast systems for marine structures. The ballast system comprises a ballast tank and a pump. The pump comprises a low side and a high side and the ballast system comprises a first inlet conduit assembly adapted to provide a fluid communication between the ballast tank... Agent:

20150027358 - Frame shaped submersible deck box structure comprising at least one structural module: A semi-submersible offshore platform comprises a main structure comprising two longitudinal lower side beam structures, two transverse lower side beam structures and four columns, the longitudinal and transverse lower side beam structures are located between the four columns connecting the four columns with each other such that the semi-submersible offshore... Agent: Bassoe Technology Ab

20150027359 - Pneumatic boat ski: A ski structure for increasing the performance of the vessel is intrinsic to or attached to the hull of the vessel. The ski structure includes a bow portion, a stern portion, an amidships portion, plurality of first sidewalls extending downwards to form one or more upside-down U-channel(s) along the length... Agent:

20150027360 - Diving board for use on a boat: A boat including a frame and a diving board mounted to the frame. The diving board includes a base and a board coupled to the base at a pivot location. The board extends from the pivot location to a distal end. An axial spring is interconnected between the base and... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150020723 - Watercraft with improved characteristics for travel in ice: The invention relates to a watercraft having improved characteristics for travel in ice, particularly an icebreaker, supply vessel, cargo vessel or corresponding, which watercraft has a hull, which has at the stem portion a propulsion and steering arrangement, which is mainly responsible for movement and steering of the watercraft and... Agent: Aker Arctic Technology Oy

20150020724 - Method and apparatus for controlling a waterjet-driven marine vessel: A system for controlling a marine vessel having first and second steering nozzles and corresponding first and second reversing buckets, comprises a processor configured to receive a first vessel control signal including at least a component corresponding to a translational thrust command in a port direction, and that is configured... Agent:

20150020725 - Connector: A connector includes first and second connectable parts. Each part has a respective structure, such as an aperture, arranged so that, when the two parts are brought together and appropriately aligned with each other, a locking member, such as a pin, may be engaged with the two structures to connect... Agent:

20150020726 - Lead-in cable with a replaceable portion and method: A lead-in cable used to tow a streamer behind a vessel includes a replaceable portion removably connected between a portion of the lead-in cable attached to the vessel and the streamer. Alternatively a lead-in additional cable is inserted between a lead-in cable and a towed streamer. The replaceable portion or... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

01/15/2015 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150013584 - Floating vessel for servicing air diffusers: A catamaran type vessel for use in a wastewater facility for servicing submerged air diffusers is disclosed. The vessel has spaced apart pontoon having an A-frame spanning between the upper decks of the pontoon and connecting the pontoons. A hook connected to a winch is secured to a cross header... Agent:

20150013585 - Cuddy cabin vessel with separate privacy enclosure: A privacy enclosure separate from the vessel hold and having at least one entranceway accessible from outside the hold of the vessel.... Agent:

20150013586 - High speed surface craft and submersible craft: p

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