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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150144044 - Catamaran surface vessel with removable mission-specific payload module: A system includes a catamaran configured for use in a body of water and having twin hulls, the catamaran comprising an opening between the twin hulls, the opening having a size and shape substantially the same as a payload module. The system also includes the payload module removably coupled to... Agent: Raytheon Company

20150144045 - Boat having buoyancy unit: A boat includes: a pair of buoyancy units spaced from each other; a bottom plate structure connecting the bottoms of the pair of buoyancy units to each other; and a water storage defined by the pair of buoyancy units and the bottom plate structure, open rearward at the stern to... Agent:

20150144046 - Cabin for a floating installation with lines which contribute to reinforcement: The invention relates to a cabin (70) for a floating installation, in particular for a ship (60), having a room unit (1) which is bounded at least by a ceiling (10) and walls (20), and lines (30) which supply the room unit (1), in particular with air, water, data, power,... Agent:

20150144047 - Fender holder and assembly: The fender assembly has a fender holder. The fender holder includes a base, to be attached to a berthing structure at a position proximate an edge of the berthing structure, and a fender engaging formation attached to said base. The fender assembly further includes a fender body. The fender engaging... Agent:

20150144048 - Tow bar holder: A tow bar holder for securing a tow bar to a boat having an outboard engine has two separate securing elements secured to the stern of the boat. The securing elements each have a fixing element for securing to an engine plate, and a receiving element. The feet of the... Agent:

20150144049 - Buoyant, variably buoyant and non-buoyant foil structures for marine vessels and watercraft: A watercraft including a side-hull extending downwardly from each side of a hull of the watercraft. A foil extends downwardly and inwardly from each side-hull.... Agent: Aeromarine Innovations Inc.

20150144050 - Anchor for the vessels: The invention is an anchor which constitutes a certain weight in the water, when dropped into the water by means of a connection like a rope or chain connected to the mentioned vessel in order to stabilize the vessels at a required area or point over the sea surface. It... Agent:

20150144051 - Methods, systems, and apparatuses for inverting a submersible craft: Autonomous, unmanned submersible can turn upside down in order to use instrumentation placed on one side only. Batteries (106) and instrumentation housing (104) are installed on frame rails (112,14,108,110) and can change their relative positions, thus inverting the relative positions between center of buoyancy and center of gravity and subsequently... Agent:

20150144052 - Storage system for a watercraft: A watercraft is provided. The watercraft includes a cockpit. The watercraft further includes a stern-facing seat having a movable backrest. The seat is outside of the cockpit. An aquatic activity platform extends to a stern of the watercraft from the seat, and defines a foot rest for the seat. An... Agent: Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.s.a.

05/21/2015 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150136005 - Semi submarine: Described are submersible assemblies including a support structure comprising a pair of flotation devices and a cabin pivotally coupled to the support structure between the pair of flotation devices having an outer enclosure encapsulating an inner cabin, wherein the cabin is configured to rotate between a raised position above a... Agent:

20150136006 - Floating offshore wind turbine with damping structure: An offshore wind turbine comprising a buoyancy structure intended to provide a buoyancy force to support the wind turbine, wherein said buoyancy structure comprises at least one floater tank and a damping structure extending radially outward from the floater tank to damp forces due to heave, pitch or roll.... Agent: Alstom Renewable Technologies

20150136007 - Rope stopper system: A rope stopper system for a fibre rope (30) is described, where a rope stopper (10) is placed on a deck of an anchor handling vessel (50) or the like, and is arranged to grip and secure the fibre rope (30), that runs through the rope stopper (10), in connection... Agent:

20150136008 - Offshore top site system: The invention relates to an offshore top site system comprising a subsea facility, a floating unit arranged above the subsea facility and at least one transportation line extending between the subsea facility and the floating unit. The floating unit has a bottom facing downwards and an outer periphery of the... Agent: National Oilwell Varco Denmark I/s

20150136009 - Equipment and methods for operating geophysical bottom stations: An equipment complex for deploying and recovering marine geophysical seismic or electric-survey bottom stations is mounted on a ship. The complex includes—a powered capstan, —rotatable turntables and rolls, —load-bearing units connected to the bottom stations by various fasten means and capable of winding onto the capstan and turntables, a work... Agent:

20150136011 - Adjustable planing device for pontoon boats: Adjustable planing device mounted midship on a pontoon boat to provide lift to the pontoon boat, reduce drag, and improve steering. Adjustable planing device includes a planing device having a connector member with a hinge that is rotatably attached to a midship region of the boat wherein the planing device... Agent:

20150136010 - Vessel with improved motion control: The invention concerns a vessel having a planing surface and a transom at a stern of the vessel, mounted on the transom is an interceptor and an actuator to move the interceptor in vertical direction. In accordance with the invention the transom defines a sharp edge with the planing surface... Agent:

20150136012 - Modular rapid development system for building underwater robots and robotic vehicles: A modular system for building underwater robotic vehicles (URVs), including a pressure vessel system, modular chassis elements, a propulsion system and compatible buoyancy modules. The pressure vessel system uses standardized, interchangeable modules to allow for ease of modification of the URV and accommodation of different internal and external components such... Agent:

20150136013 - Deep-drawn marine hull having a sandwich structure with a cellulose-based core and watercraft utilizing same: A deep-drawn, marine hull having a sandwich structure with a cellulose-based core and watercraft utilizing same are provided. The hull includes an outer skin of a fiber-based thermoplastic and having a waterproof outer surface, a first sheet of thermoplastic adhesive, an inner skin of a fiber-reinforced thermoplastic material and having... Agent:

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