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Compositions: coating or plastic

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07/10/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140190367 - Galactose-rich polysaccharide, process for the production of the polymer and its applications: This invention concerns a biopolymer consisting of a polysaccharide composed of galactose (50-90%), glucose (1-25%), mannose (1-25%) and rhamnose (0.5-20%), which may additionally contain, in trace amounts, xylose, fucose, ribose, arabinose and/or fructose. The galactose-rich polymer also contains non-saccharide components, namely, acyl groups. This invention also concerns a process for... Agent: 73100- Setenta E Tres Mil E Cem, Lda.

20140190368 - Methods and compositions for coating aluminum substrates: The present invention relates to methods and compositions for coating aluminum substrates. In an embodiment, the invention includes a method of applying a coating on an aluminum substrate including contacting the aluminum substrate with a first solution. The first solution can include a zinc metal salt, a sugar acid or... Agent: Birchwood Laboratories, Inc.

20140190369 - Polyurethane polymers: The present invention relates to polyurethane polymers, a process for their preparation and their use as binders for adhesives, coatings or foams.... Agent: Bayer Intellectual Property Gmbh

20140190370 - Pigment dispersions: This invention relates to compositions that are dispersions of pigments in the form of premixes that may be used to colour a variety of products such as plastics materials, inks and surface coatings and more particularly to compositions that are thixotropic. It also relates to premixes based on water soluble... Agent:

07/03/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140182480 - Ink formulation and manufacture thereof: An ink formulation for marking living tissue comprises a dispersion of carbon black pigment particles encapsulated in water soluble shells, mixed with a pharmaceutically accepted carrier, such as water, and a preservative. A dispersion formulation is preferential to a suspension formulation for marking living tissue because the carbon particles of... Agent: Endochoice Inc.

20140182481 - Renewable self-healing capsule system: A renewable material for releasing a self-healing agent includes a renewable polymeric substrate with capsules and a reactant dispersed in the renewable polymeric substrate. The capsules may be formed from a first renewable shell polymer and may enclose the renewable self-healing agent. The reactant may be suitable for reacting with... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140182482 - Roofing granules with improved luster, roofing products including such granules, and process for preparing same: A coating composition including an inorganic sol material and an organic colorant is applied to mineral particles and cured at a temperature less than 200 degrees Celsius provides roofing granules with improved luster.... Agent:

20140182483 - Titanium containing hydrosilylation catalysts and compositions containing the catalysts: A composition contains (A) a hydrosilylation reaction catalyst and (B) an aliphatically unsaturated compound having an average, per molecule, of one or more aliphatically unsaturated organic groups capable of undergoing hydrosilylation reaction. The composition is capable of reacting via hydrosilylation reaction to form a reaction product, such as a silane,... Agent:

20140182484 - Process for producing polyoxymethylene polymers with long-chain alkyl end groups, and polymers made therefrom: A polyoxymethylene polymer is disclosed that contains long-chain alkyl end groups. The polyoxymethylene polymer may be formed by using a Bis-alkylformal as a chain transfer agent during production of the polymer. In one embodiment, the Bis-alkylformal is dissolved in a monomer, such as trioxane, during production of the polymer. In... Agent: Ticona Gmbh

20140182485 - Polyoxymethylene polymer with long chain alkylene glycol end groups: A polyoxymethylene polymer is disclosed that contains long-chain alkylene glycol end groups. The polyoxymethylene polymer may be formed by using a Bis-oligo-alkylene glycol-formal as a chain transfer agent during production of the polymer. The end groups on the polyoxymethylene polymer may comprise ethylene oxide end groups and/or propylene oxide end... Agent: Ticona Gmbh

20140182486 - Additive for skim coat mortar and skim coat mortar composition containing the same: Provided are an additive for skim coat mortar and a skim coat mortar composition including the same, and the additive is a blend of cellulose ether having hydroxyalkylalkyl cellulose cross-linked with an aldehyde compound and hydroxyalkyl cellulose cross-linked with an aldehyde compound. By applying the additive to a skim coat... Agent: Samsung Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd

20140182487 - Solution comprising propyl-functional alkali siliconates, silicates and method of production thereof: The invention relates to a solution and to methods for producing the solution comprising propylfunctional alkaline siliconates, silicates and, optionally, the cocondensation products thereof.... Agent: Evonik Degussa Gmbh

06/26/2014 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140174319 - Friction material: The present invention relates to the friction material for the use of disc brake pads and brake shoes for automotive brake devices, and an object of the present invention is to provide the friction material with sufficiently stable braking force and sufficient mechanical strength. In the friction material without a... Agent: Nisshinbo Brake, Inc.

20140174320 - Ionic liquid and viscose composition: wherein Ra is a hydrocarbon chain having 2 to 10 carbon atoms and a terminal hydroxyl group and the hydrocarbon chain comprising —O— therein, —CO— therein or comprising both —O— and —CO— therein, Rb is —CxHySO3H, —CxHyPO3H, —CxHyCOOH, —CxHySO3−, —CxHyPO3− or —CxHyCOO−, and x ranges from 1 to 6 and... Agent: Taiwan Textile Research Institute

20140174321 - Coating composition, film prepared from the coating composition, and method for preparing the coating composition: wherein R is independently a hydroxyl group, or C1-8 alkoxy group, R1 is a C3-12 epoxy group, C3-12 acrylate group, C3-12 alkylacryloxy group, C3-12 aminoalkyl group, C3-12 isocyanate-alkyl group, C3-12 alkylcarboxylic acid group, C3-12 alkyl halide group, C3-12 mercaptoalkyl group, C3-12 alkyl group, or C3-12 alkenyl group, and R2 is... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140174323 - Alkoxide compound and raw material for forming thin film: An alkoxide compound represented by the following formula (I), and a raw material for thin film formation containing the alkoxide compound. In the formula, R1 represents a linear or branched alkyl group having 2 to 4 carbon atoms, and R2 and R3 each represent a linear or branched alkyl group... Agent: Adeka Corporation

20140174322 - Organic solderability preservative and method: An organic solderability preservative solution includes pyrazine derivatives which inhibit corrosion of metal. The solution is applied to metal surfaces of components for electronic apparatus to improve solderability of electrical connections between the components in the electronic apparatus.... Agent: Rohm And Haas Electronic Materials LLC

20140174324 - Method and apparatus for baking clinker: To produce cement clinker by baking of raw meal in a kiln, use is conventionally made of a raw meal preheater in which the heat of the flue gas emerging from the kiln is transferred to the raw meal. In order to remove impurities which accumulate in circulation between the... Agent: S&#xfc Dbayerisches Portland-zementwerk Gebr. Wiesb&#xf6 Ck & Co. Gmbh

20140174325 - Process for the production of a rapid hydraulic binder: A process for the production of a hydraulic binder, includes co-grinding a clinker and 0.1 to 5% by dry mass relative to the mass of clinker, of a material including more than 15% by mass of calcium silicate hydrate relative to the solid fraction of the material.... Agent: Lafarge

06/19/2014 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140165873 - Phenylcyclohexanol derivatives as wax modifiers and gelators: wherein R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, R8, R9, and R10 are each independently selected from a member of the group consisting of hydrogen, alkyl, aryl, arylalkyl, alkylaryl, straight-chain hydrocarbon, branched-chain hydrocarbon, halogen, and mixtures thereof; wherein X1, X2, X3, X4, and X5 are each independently selected from a... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140165874 - Thermal ink jet ink composition: A thermal ink jet ink composition includes one or more volatile organic solvents, wherein the one or more volatile organic solvents are selected from C1-C4 alcohols, C3-C6 ketones, C3-C6 esters, C4-C8 ethers, and mixtures thereof; one or more binder resins; and one or more dyes. The ink composition is suitable... Agent: Videojet Technologies Inc.

20140165875 - Additives for ceramic glazes: Use of extruded pellets comprising carboxymethyl cellulose and at least another ceramic glaze additive for the preparation of ceramic glaze slips.... Agent:

20140165876 - Ceramic honeycomb structure skin coating: A porous ceramic (honeycomb) structure skin coating and a method of producing a porous ceramic structure skin coating which provides a hardshell, strong, acid- and alkali-resistant, chip-resistant ceramic honeycomb structure coating which resists pollution control catalyst from being absorbed into the skin coating.... Agent: Unifrax I LLC

20140165877 - Self-binding pigment hybrid: The present invention relates to a process for preparing self-binding pigment particles from an aqueous mineral pigment material suspension having a solid content of 45 to 80 wt.-%, based on the total weight of the suspension.... Agent:

20140165878 - Interference pigment with high color intensity and method of manufacturing the same: The interference pigment with high color intensity includes: a platelet-shaped substrate including at least one of natural mica, synthetic mica, alumina flakes, glass flakes, and iron oxide flakes; a lower first metal oxide layer formed of Fe2O3 on the platelet-shaped substrate; a second metal oxide layer formed of MgO.SiO2 on... Agent: Cqv Co., Ltd.

20140165879 - Process for preparing self-binding pigment particles: The present invention relates to a process for preparing self-binding pigment particles from an aqueous mineral pigment material suspension having a solid content of 45 to 80 wt.-%, based on the total weight of the suspension.... Agent:

20140165880 - Supplementary cementitious material and method for disposing of electric-arc furnace dust (eafd): The present invention contemplates a cementitious additive that contains electric-arc furnace dust (EAFD) and a precursor as a replacement for up to about 30% of the cement in concrete. The additive includes about 50% by weight EAFD and about 50 wgt. % of precursor. The precursor includes about 55 wgt.... Agent: King Saud University

20140165881 - Engineered cellulosic products: The present invention relates to engineered cellulosic products which comprise plant material from plants of the genus Cymbopogon. Methods of making the engineered cellulosic products are also described. The engineered cellulosic products include particle boards and fibre boards.... Agent:

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