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Electricity: electrical systems and devices December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/13

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12/26/2013 > 94 patent applications in 58 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130342938 - Short sensing circuit, short sensing method and power supply device comprising the short sensing circuit: A short-circuit sense circuit and a power supply according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention use an auxiliary voltage, which is a both-end voltage of an auxiliary coil coupled with a predetermined turn ratio to a secondary side coil coupled to an output voltage. After termination of a... Agent:

20130342939 - Circuit protector: A circuit protector includes a plurality of detection lines that connect between a battery pack and a monitoring circuit, an overvoltage protection element connected between the detection lines that keeps the voltage applied to the monitoring circuit at a fixed voltage, and a circuit protection element disposed in each detection... Agent: Denso Corporation

20130342942 - Ac power conditioning circuit: A multi-coil choke for an AC power conditioner includes a magnetic core having first, second and third parallel legs. A first coil wrapped around the first leg terminates in first and second leads at respective ends. A second coil wrapped around the second leg terminates in first and second leads... Agent: Uses, Inc.

20130342940 - Electrostatic discharge protection circuit: Electronic device comprising an electronic circuit and an ESD protection circuit is provided. The ESD protection circuit comprises a first and a second protection stage, wherein the second protection stage comprises at least one high side CMOS-transistor and a low side CMOS-transistor acting as power dissipating rail clamps. The at... Agent: Texas Instruments Deutscland Gmbh

20130342941 - Sige based gate driven pmos trigger circuit: Some embodiments of the present disclosure relate to a low-power, area efficient ESD protection device that provides ESD protection to an ESD susceptible circuit. The ESD protection device has a trigger circuit with a resistor. The resistor has a first terminal connected to the first external pin and a second... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20130342943 - Input protection circuit: In an input protection circuit, one end of a resistive element of a protection circuit is connected to an intermediate impedance point of a terminating device, which is connected between a pair of external terminals of a low amplitude differential interface circuit. The other end of the resistive element is... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20130342944 - Electronic circuit: An electronic circuit is provided that has a function of protecting an IC element (10) from excess current cause by latch-up. The electronic circuit includes an IC element (10) having a terminal (N1) connecting to power voltage (VCC) and a terminal (N2) connecting to ground voltage, and an automatic reset... Agent: Gvbb Holdings S.a.r.l.

20130342945 - Method for monitoring a disconnection device, in particular a service plug or a service socket, in a battery system, and corresponding monitoring device: A method is used to monitor a disconnection device of a battery system having a battery with a plurality of battery cells. The method includes using a monitoring device, which is connected to the disconnection device, to detect a negative voltage or a positive voltage which is applied to connections... Agent:

20130342946 - Parallel protection circuit for solar module: A parallel protection circuit for a solar module, comprising a field effect transistor for blocking current reversal, a driver module for driving the field effect transistor, and a protection module for preventing the gate of the field effect transistor from high-voltage puncturing. The driver module and the protection module are... Agent:

20130342947 - Abnormal voltage detecting device: An abnormal voltage detecting device monitors abnormal decrease in monitoring voltage during a start up period of a voltage generating apparatus. The abnormal voltage detecting device comprises a level shift circuit that generates a reference voltage for a start up period by reducing, in a predetermined amount, voltage from a... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20130342948 - A protection system for an it electrical distribution system having a floating reference conductor: A protection system for an IT electrical distribution system (EDS) has a floating reference conductor and two electrical conductors in the form of an active conductor and a neutral conductor. System includes two input terminals for electrically connecting to an MEN electrical power source that is upstream of system. Two... Agent: Protectelec Pty Limited

20130342949 - Lightning protection radio remote unit, distributed base station, lightning protection system and method: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a lightning protection radio remote unit RRU, which includes a primary circuit, a secondary circuit, and a working circuit, where the primary circuit and the secondary circuit are configured to convert a power supply output by a power supply system into a working power... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20130342950 - Systems and methods for determining actuation duration of a relay: An example system for determining the actuation duration of a relay can include a relay, a current-sensing device, and a controller. The relay can have an actuation coil, and armature, and a first and second contact. The current-sensing device can measure a current through the actuation coil. The controller can... Agent: AblIPHolding LLC

20130342952 - Substrate mounting table and substrate processing apparatus: A substrate processing apparatus includes a processing chamber and a substrate mounting table. The processing chamber defines a processing space. The substrate mounting table includes a base and an electrostatic chuck, and is disposed in the processing space. The base has a coolant path formed therein. The electrostatic chuck is... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20130342951 - Techniques for reducing arcing-related damage in a clamping ring of a plasma processing system: A clamping ring configured to be coupled to a chamber structure of a plasma processing chamber is disclosed. The clamping ring has a plurality of holes for accommodating a plurality of fasteners. The clamping ring includes a plurality of flanges disposed around an outer periphery of the clamping ring, adjacent... Agent:

20130342953 - High voltage non-coplanar interdigitated varactor: A high voltage varactor that provides a large tuning ratio and a high DC biasing capability includes a non-coplanar interdigitated structure having a stacked structure with a plurality of substantially parallel coplanar first electrode fingers and a plurality of substantially parallel coplanar second electrode fingers. The plurality of substantially parallel... Agent:

20130342954 - Electronic device having variable capacitance element and manufacture method thereof: An electronic device having a variable capacitance element, includes a support substrate providing physical support, a pair of anchors formed on the support substrate, and having support portions in a direction perpendicular to a surface of the substrate, a movable electrode supported by the support portions of the pair of... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20130342955 - Metal-oxide-metal capacitor: A semiconductor structure may implement a metal-oxide-metal capacitor. When layer design rules change from one layer to the next, the structure may change the direction of the interleaved plates of the capacitor. For example, when the metallization width or spacing design rules change from layer M3 to layer M4, the... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20130342957 - Dielectric ceramic, method of manufacturing dielectric ceramic, and multilayer ceramic capacitor: A dielectric ceramic whose primary component is an ABO3 compound (A contains Ba and B contains Ti) has a per-layer thickness of approx. 0.5 μm or less, where the volume ratio to all dielectric sintered grains of those whose grain size is in a range of 0.02 μm to 0.15... Agent:

20130342956 - Laminated ceramic electronic component: A laminated ceramic electronic component has electrode layers stacked with ceramic layers, where the thickness of each electrode layer is controlled to 0.5 μm or less and the average size of crystal grains constituting the electrode layer is controlled to 0.1 μm or less. The occurrence of structural defects in... Agent:

20130342958 - Multilayer ceramic capacitor, dielectric ceramic, multilayer ceramic electronic component, and method for manufacturing multilayer ceramic capacitor: A dielectric ceramic that can be sintered at a sufficiently low temperature and has a desired specific resistance at a high temperature, and a multilayer ceramic electronic component (a multilayer ceramic capacitor and the like) using the dielectric ceramic are provided. The multilayer ceramic capacitor includes a multilayer body having... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20130342959 - Capacitors comprising organized assemblies of carbon and non-carbon compounds: This invention relates generally to capacitors comprising organized assemblies of carbon and non-carbon compounds. This invention further relates to methods of making such organized structures. It also relates to devices containing such structures. In preferred embodiments, the organized structures of the instant invention take the form of nanorods or their... Agent:

20130342960 - Thin film capacitor: A thin film capacitor includes a lower electrode layer, a dielectric layer that is provided on said lower electrode layer, and an upper electrode layer that is formed on the dielectric layer. Wherein, the lower electrode layer contains at least a Ni electrode layer, the upper electrode layer configured with... Agent:

20130342963 - Arrangement for supercapacitor device, supercapacitor device comprising the arrangment, method for fabricating an arrangement: The arrangement for supercapacitor device comprises an electrode (1) provided with an electrically conductive element (4). It also comprises a separator element (3) fixed against a first face (4a) of the electrically conductive element (4), the arrangement being perforated with a plurality of through holes (5) which pass through both... Agent:

20130342962 - High temperature supercapacitor: A supercapacitor device having a housing and at least one supercapacitor cell disposed in the housing, where the supercapacitor cell may include: two working electrode layers separated by an electrode separator wherein each working electrode layer is electrically connected to a current collector supported upon an inert substrate layer; an... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20130342964 - Highly porous activated carbon with controlled oxygen content: Nanoporous activated carbon material having a high specific capacitance in EDLCs and controlled oxygen content, and methods for making such activated carbon material. Reduction of oxygen content is achieved by (a) curing a carbon precursor/additive mixture in an inert or reducing environment, and/or (b) refining (heating) activated carbon material after... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20130342961 - Membrane: A membrane includes a base material and a glued fixture. The base material has a plurality of pores, and is selected from a fiber fabric film, a blended fabric film and a non-fabric film. The glued fixture has a polymer material and a plurality of inorganic materials. The inorganic materials... Agent:

20130342965 - Carbon nanostructure, capacitor, method for processing carbon nanostructure, and method for producing carbon nanostructure: A carbon nanostructure's geometry and electrical characteristics can be controlled. A method for processing a carbon nanostructure according to the present invention includes the steps of: preparing a carbon nanostructure (e.g., a carbon nanotube) (a CNT preparation step); and exposing the carbon nanotube to an energy beam (e.g., an electron... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20130342966 - Solid electrolytic capacitor and method of producing same: To provide a solid electrolytic capacitor capable of high performance, the capacitor including: an anode element made of tantalum or niobium; a dielectric film disposed on the anode element; and a solid electrolytic layer disposed on the dielectric film, the dielectric film including: a first dielectric film made of an... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20130342967 - Method for preparing conductive polymer dispersion, conductive polymer material made therefrom and solid electrolytic capacitor using the material: The present invention provides a method for preparing a conductive polymer dispersion, including: adding a conductive compound, a polyanion, and an oxidant to a solvent; and polymerizing the conductive compound with microwaves. The present invention further provides a conductive polymer material made from the conductive polymer dispersion and a solid... Agent: Far Eastern New Centuty Corporation

20130342968 - Enclosure power distribution architectures: Computational enclosures may be designed to distribute power from power supplies to load units (e.g., processors, storage devices, or network routers). The architecture may affect the efficiency, cost, modularity, accessibility, and space utilization of the components within the enclosure. Presented herein are power distribution architectures involving a distribution board oriented... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20130342969 - Apparatus for securing an electronic device to the body of a user: The present invention relates generally to an apparatus for securing an electronic device to the body of a user and more particularly, relates to an apparatus that includes an elongated band that may be secured around a user's arm, wrist, or waist that also includes a pouch for holding an... Agent:

20130342972 - Apparatus pertaining to a deployable keyboard and corresponding bottom surface: A housing has a front surface and a back surface. A keyboard and a corresponding bottom surface move between a non-deployed configuration and a deployed configuration. A tray slides in and out of the housing along one or more slots that are formed internal to the housing. This tray can... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20130342971 - Edge armored display cover plate: A display device comprising a display panel and a display cover plate positioned between the display panel and an observer. The display cover plate is housed within a protective frame (edge bracket) that protects edges of the display cover plate from damage. The edge bracket supports the edge portions of... Agent:

20130342973 - Electronic device: An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a metal housing, a first opening, a first metal line, a first grounding point and a first current zero point. The first opening passes through the metal housing. The first metal line is disposed inside the first opening, wherein a first... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20130342978 - Electronic device with slidable tray: An electronic device includes a housing, a tray, and a latching mechanism. The housing defines a receiving channel and an opening communicating with the receiving channel. The tray is slidably received in the receiving channel and slidable out of the housing through. The latching mechanism includes a hook, at least... Agent:

20130342974 - Hinge structure and portable device using the same: A hinge structure of the present disclosure to be used with an electrical conductor is provided. The hinge structure comprises a first positioning member, a second positioning member, and at least one electrical conductor. One side of the first positioning member forms a plurality of first fixing portions, the other... Agent: Ant Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20130342970 - Low-force dust seal: An electronic device may have polarizer layers, color filter layers, thin-film-transistor layers, and other display layers. A display layer may be separated from structures such as a display cover layer formed from clear glass or plastic and a touch sensor layer mounted on an inner surface of the display cover... Agent:

20130342977 - Method and apparatus for processing housing: A method for processing a housing for devices such as electronic devices. A hairline is formed on an inner surface of an inmold mold. In addition, a hairline is formed on an inmold film. The inmold film is positioned inside the inmold mold and a housing representing the hairline of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20130342975 - Panorama display device, method of manufacturing the panorama display device, and display device: A panorama display device includes a first display panel flexibly hinged to provide a hinged part and a non-hinged part of the first display panel, a first polarization unit on the first display panel, the first polarization unit including a separated part separated from a remaining part of the first... Agent:

20130342979 - Power device: A power device suited for being assembled in a chassis and connected with a plug is provided. The power device includes a housing, and a receptacle, a spring clamp, a position limiting element disposed on the housing. The plug is removably connected to the receptacle. The spring clamp has a... Agent: Fsp Technology Inc.

20130342982 - Security system including modular ring housing: A modular building system arrangement includes a plurality of electrical building systems. Each electrical building system has a housing with a mechanical connector that is connectable with a like connector of each other building system housing. Members of any subset of the building system housings are connectable with each other... Agent: Bosch Security Systems, Inc.

20130342976 - Support mechanism and electronic device using same: A support mechanism includes a housing, a securing portion and a stylus. The housing defines a groove. The securing portion includes a plurality of arcuate portions and a slot defined among the plurality of arcuate portions, the slot communicating with the groove. The stylus includes a stylus tip, a stylus... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20130342980 - Surface mount device: A surface mount device in which a pin adapter that is integrally formed with a plurality of pins connects a base board and a main board is provided to enable an automatic mounting, to enable a reflow soldering, to increase the flexibility of design, and to satisfy requirements of customers.... Agent:

20130342981 - Wearable electronic device: An electronic device including a frame and a plurality of capsules is provided. The frame is configured to be wearable on a user, and the frame includes a bridge portion having a first mountable section, a first arm portion having a second mountable section, and a second arm portion having... Agent: Cape Evolution Limited

20130342985 - Computing device protector: A computing device protector. A faceplate to limit access to an exposed surface of a computing device. The exposed surface of the computing device comprises control features and the faceplate is configured limit access to only a portion of the control features. The faceplate is configured to be positioned relative... Agent:

20130342983 - Electronic device and expansion card of the same: An electronic device includes an enclosure with a bottom wall and a sidewall, a motherboard mounted on the bottom wall, an expansion card, and an expansion unit. The sidewall defines a first opening and a second opening. The expansion card includes an edge connector, a number of first sockets exposed... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20130342984 - Electronic module with connector and electronic device using same:

20130342986 - Pin connector structure and method: Embodiments pin connections, electronic devices, and methods are shown that include pin configurations to reduce voids and pin tilting and other concerns during pin attach operations, such as attachment to a chip package pin grid array. Pin head are shown that include features such as convex surfaces, a number of... Agent:

20130342987 - Method, apparatus, and system for dissipating heat of memory with liquid cooling: An apparatus can be used to dissipate heat from a memory with liquid cooling. A liquid-cooling block is disposed on a main board such that the liquid-cooling block is adjacent to a memory slot. The liquid-cooling block includes a metal block, metal spring leaves fixed on two sides of the... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20130342988 - Fastening device for hard disk drive: A fastening device for two hard disk drives (HDDs) includes a tray, two brackets, and an engaging member. A first side plate of the tray defines a first slide slot extending forward, and a second slide slot extending backward. The brackets are respectively fastened to the HDDs. One of the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20130342989 - Disk drive carrier apparatus for a computer system: An apparatus for supporting a disk drive in a computer system may include a drive carrier and a drive carrier support configured to receive and support the drive carrier. The drive carrier may include a drive housing configured to house a disk drive, which may include an opening for providing... Agent:

20130342990 - Hard drive tray device: A hard drive tray device applied in a server is provided. The server includes a housing. The hard drive tray device includes a rail member and a tray. The rail member is disposed at the inner wall of the housing. The tray is slidably engaged with the rail member so... Agent: Quanta Computer, Inc.

20130342991 - Server rack: A server rack includes a rack, a first electronic device, a second electronic device, and an air block plate. The first electronic device is mounted in the front of the rack and arranged close to a left side of the rack. An opening is defined between the first electronic device... Agent:

20130342992 - Passive noise cancellation for computer cooling systems: Methods and systems may provide for a computing system including an electrical component, a heat exchanger coupled to the electrical component, and a fan having a rotor with a plurality of blades, one or more inlet sides and one or more outlet sides disposed adjacent to the heat exchanger. The... Agent:

20130342993 - Air flow management device for use in an electronics system: A heat management system may include a generally planar printed circuit board extending in a first plane, heat-generating electrical components mounted on a first side of the PCB, and an air baffle coupled to the PCB and configured to direct air flow across some of the components. The air baffle... Agent:

20130342995 - Adjustable air suction device: The present disclosure relates to an adjustable air suction device, comprising a driving structure, an air suction structure, and a link structure. The driving structure and the air suction structure are disposed on a housing of an electronic device. The link structure is disposed inside the housing. Both ends of... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20130342994 - Electronic device having fixing member: An exemplary electronic device includes an electronic component, a heat dissipation device, a fixing member and a casing contained the electronic component, the heat dissipation device and the fixing member therein. The heat dissipation device thermally contacts the electronic component. The fixing member includes a main body and an engaging... Agent: Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

20130342996 - Electronic interconnect method and apparatus: An electronics chassis has many removable boards on sleds that are interconnected by a honeycomb interconnect structure. Interconnect boards in Y-planes and Z-planes are orthogonal to each other and form cells. Cooling air flows through the cells in an X direction, parallel to surfaces of the interconnect boards. The removable... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20130342997 - Electrical connector assembly and retaining device thereof: An retaining device of an electrical connector assembly for use with a heat dissipating device, includes a first chip, a fixing lever, and a second chip. The fixing lever has one end pivotally mounted to the first chip and another end capable of locked by the first chip. The second... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20130342998 - Electronic assembly with detachable components: An electronic assembly including a substrate, an electronic component, a fixture, and a housing. The substrate includes a first contact array. The electronic component includes a second contact array. The fixture includes an opening adapted to position the electronic component on the substrate and to connect the second contact array... Agent:

20130342999 - Semiconductor module: A semiconductor module can be attached to a heat sink. The semiconductor module includes a case housing a component of the semiconductor module, and an elastic member having one end engaging with the case and an opposite end in abutting contact with the heat sink. The elastic member forms a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20130343001 - Heat dissipation system for power module: Disclosed herein is a heat dissipation system for a power module, the heat dissipation system including: first and second heat dissipation plates spaced apart from each other while facing each other, to form a cooling medium flow passage; first and second inflow lines extended to the cooling medium flow passage... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20130343002 - Heat dissipation system for power module: Disclosed herein is a heat dissipation system for a power module, including: first cooling medium flow parts and second cooling medium flow parts allowing cooling media to flow in first and second directions, respectively.... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20130343000 - Thermal management circuit board for stacked semiconductor chip device: A method of assembling a semiconductor chip device is provided. The method includes providing a first circuit board that has a plurality of thermally conductive vias. A second circuit board is mounted on the first circuit board over and in thermal contact with the thermally conductive vias. The second circuit... Agent:

20130343003 - Heat dissipation device with fastener and flange: A heat dissipation device includes a base and a fastener. The fastener includes a neck portion, a head portion formed at one end of the neck portion, and an engaging portion formed at another opposite end of the neck portion. The base defines a receiving portion through the base. The... Agent: Furui Precise Component (kunshan) Co., Ltd.

20130343004 - Thermally actuated printed circuit board retainers: Thermally actuated printed circuit board (PCB) retainer assemblies that utilize at least one thermally actuated element to secure a received PCB to a heat sink in accordance with embodiments of the invention are disclosed. In one embodiment, a thermally actuated PCB retainer assembly includes a heat sink having an elongated... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20130343005 - Thermal transfer structures coupling electronics card(s) to coolant-cooled structure(s): Cooling apparatuses and coolant-cooled electronic systems are provided which include thermal transfer structures configured to engage with a spring force one or more electronics cards with docking of the electronics card(s) within a respective socket(s) of the electronic system. A thermal transfer structure of the cooling apparatus includes a thermal... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20130343006 - Electrical module for being received by automatic placement machines by means of generating a vacuum: The invention relates to an electrical module (100) for being received by automatic placement machines by means of generating a vacuum, comprising a carrier substrate (10), at least one component (20, 21) disposed on the carrier substrate (10), and a cover element (30) disposed above the at least one component... Agent: Epcos Ag

20130343007 - Method for mounting connection pins in a component carrier, a die tool for mounting connection pins, a component carrier forming a module for an electronic assembly, and such an assembly: A method for mounting connection pins in respective through-holes. Each pin having an anchoring part for insertion into said through-hole, a contact part to extend outside said through-hole and having a contact end for contact with the surface of another module of the electronic assembly, and a flange part to... Agent: Tekefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20130343008 - Circuit board system with mechanical protection: A circuit board system including mechanical protection of electrical components includes a circuit board (101) furnished with electrical components (103-111) and a protection element (102) attached to areas of the circuit board which are free from the electrical components. The protection element has thickness in the direction perpendicular to the... Agent:

20130343010 - Conductive substrate and electronic device comprising same: Disclosed are an electric conducting substrate, comprising a transparent substrate and an electric conducting pattern comprising an electric conducting line provided on the transparent substrate, and an electronic device comprising the same.... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd

20130343009 - Deflecting device for electromagnetic radiation: An apparatus includes active layers, and a first high resistive layer disposed between the active layers. The apparatus further includes second and third high resistive layers disposed on respective surfaces of the active layers, the second and third high resistive layers including first and second strip conductors, respectively, the first... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20130343011 - Medical or dental handle: A medical or dental handle for driving a medical instrument, comprises a housing with a drive device accommodated therein and/or a supply line for a drive device, a first connection device for detachably connecting a medical or dental instrument and a second connection device for detachably connecting the handle to... Agent: W&h Dentalwerk Burmoos Gmbh

20130343012 - Display device: A display device includes a set bracket having end portions bent in a predetermined angle, a display panel including a display formed on the set bracket, a bending portion integrally extended from the display and bent to correspond to a bent form of the set bracket, and a fastening portion... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20130343013 - Portable terminal: Disclosed herein is a portable terminal, including: a case; a first substrate disposed at one side of the case; a second substrate spaced from the first substrate to form a battery installing space; and a connection substrate electrically connecting between the first substrate and the second substrate and disposed in... Agent:

20130343017 - Circuit housing having a printed circuit board which is positioned in said circuit housing by means of positioning elements: A circuit housing having a printed circuit board and a circuit and holes in which peg-like positioning elements projecting away from the housing engage for positioning the PCB relative to the housing, at least one positioning element projecting without play into one circular hole, another positioning element, accommodated in another... Agent:

20130343016 - Electronic device and housing thereof: A housing for an electronic device includes a upper housing and a lower cover. The upper housing has an open end including two opposite inwardly protruding tabs. Each protruding tab defines a through hole. The lower cover has an inner surface including four posts, each of which includes a projection... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20130343015 - Electronic devices with printed circuit boards having padded openings: An electronic device may be provided with a printed circuit board having padded through-holes. The padded through-holes may be formed from openings in a printed circuit board substrate and elastomeric members in the openings. The elastomeric members may be conductive elastomeric members such as electrically or thermally conductive elastomeric members.... Agent:

20130343014 - Inductively coupled shelving system: A shelving system for the display of items, such as retail products and merchandise, is disclosed. The shelving system includes a first sheet that forms a bottom layer. This first sheet rests on top of an existing display shelf. A second sheet is placed over the first sheet. The second... Agent: L & P Property Management Company

20130343018 - Electrical junction box: An electrical junction box (10) has a main body-side connector (40) provided in a box body (12). An attachment body-side connector (76) is provided in an attachment body (14) that is separate from the box body (12) and is connected to the main body-side connector (40) by rotating the attachment... Agent: Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.

20130343019 - Retainer assembly having positioning features for processing circuitry used within an image forming device supply item: A retainer mountable on an exterior surface of an insertable supply item of an image forming device for holding a circuit board having processing circuitry with a plurality of contacts. A reference datum point in the retainer aligns the circuit board with the retainer while a pair of alignment devices... Agent:

20130343021 - Display device: A display device includes a display panel, a first film-like printed circuit board including a first terminal portion, the first film-like printed circuit board extending from one side of the display panel in a direction away from the display panel, a touch panel provided so as to be opposed to... Agent: Japan Display Inc.

20130343020 - Electro-static shielding apparatus, electronic device, and method for manufacturing said electro-static shielding apparatus: This invention provides an Electro-Static shielding apparatus, an electronic device, and a method for manufacturing said Electro-Static shielding apparatus. Said Electro-Static shielding apparatus comprises: a base layer; a printed circuit block embedded into the base layer; an Electro-Static shielding layer located on an upper surface of the base layer and... Agent: Ericsson (china) Communications Co., Ltd.

20130343022 - Single layer low cost wafer level packaging for sff sip: In one embodiment of the invention, a system in package (SiP) is described which includes a plurality of device components with different form factors embedded within a molding compound layer. A surface for each of the device components is coplanar with a surface of the molding compound layer, and a... Agent:

20130343023 - Electronic component module and method for manufacturing the same: In a bond portion between an electrical conductive land and a connection terminal member, an intermetallic compound producing region in which at least a Cu—Sn-based, an M-Sn-based (M indicates Ni and/or Mn), and a Cu-M-Sn-based intermetallic compound are produced is arranged so as to be present at a connection terminal... Agent:

20130343024 - Printed circuit board and printed wiring board: On a surface layer of a printed wiring board, main power supply patterns to be applied with different DC voltages are disposed in a second region. Power supply patterns are disposed on the surface layer, and the power supply patterns are led from the main power supply patterns to a... Agent:

20130343025 - Modular electronic building systems with magnetic interconnections and methods of using the same: Electrical connectors, electrical modules, and systems are provided. In one aspect, an electrical connector includes a housing defining a side surface, an electrical conductor supported by the housing and including an engagement portion proximate the side surface of the housing. The engagement portion is adapted to engage another electrical conductor... Agent: Littlebits Electronics Inc.

20130343026 - Control panel: A control panel designed to be placed in a vertical plane, the control panel comprising the layered assembly of a flat base, of an elastomer sheet mounted against the base, the sheet being provided with openings and optionally with domes, and of a decorative fascia. The control panel is in... Agent:

20130343027 - Method for stacking electronic components: c

20130343028 - Electronic component and method for producing the electronic component: The invention specifies an electronic component which has a first electrode (10), a second electrode (20), an active region (30), which is electrically coupled to the first electrode (10) and to the second electrode (20), and a housing (100), wherein the housing (100) contains carbon layers which are monoatomic at... Agent: Epcos Ag

20130343029 - Capacitor with multiple elements for multiple replacement applications: A capacitor provides a plurality of selectable capacitance values, by selective connection of six capacitor sections of a capacitive element each having a capacitance value. The capacitor sections are provided in a plurality of wound cylindrical capacitive elements. Two vertically stacked wound cylindrical capacitance elements may each provide three capacitor... Agent: American Radionic Company, Inc.

20130343030 - Electrical junction box: An electrical junction box has a fuse module (40) with a plurality of fuse attachment portions (102) open into a first side face (132) and arranged side by side in a plurality of tiers that are placed one above another. A plurality of connector attachment portions (128) and (130) in... Agent: Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.

20130343031 - Electrical junction box: An electrical junction box has fuse attachment portions arranged side by side and open to a lateral side of a box body. Recesses (88) are formed at opposite side edges of an L-shaped bend (78) of each of connecting terminals (48a-48c), and in a terminal support block (42) in which... Agent: Summito Wiring Systems, Ltd.

12/19/2013 > 81 patent applications in 52 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130335861 - Method and system for detecting an arc fault in a power circuit: The method of detecting an arc fault in a power circuit includes determining a first signal related to current flowing in the power circuit is determined and analyzing the first signal to determine whether the signal indicates the presence of an electric arc in the power circuit. In case the... Agent: Sma Solar Technology Ag

20130335862 - Overvoltage protection system for power system with multiple parallel-connected switching power supplies: An OVP system which includes a plurality of OVP circuits coupled to respective parallel-connected switching power supplies. Each OVP circuit comprises a bus voltage overvoltage detection circuit having a first output which toggles when the voltage on the common power bus exceeds a reference voltage, a modulation flag detection circuit... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20130335863 - Protecting an operation control unit connected to an electric machine via a long cable: A system for operating an electric machine and a method for protecting an operation control unit in such a system. The system includes an operation control unit, an alternating current cable connecting the machine with the operation control unit and an electric short-circuiting arrangement. This arrangement is connected to terminals... Agent: Abb As

20130335864 - Electronic ignition system for an engine of a vehicle in case of failure: An electronic system to discharge a transformer in case of a failure during a charging phase of the transformer. The system includes the transformer having a primary winding with a first terminal connected to a battery voltage and with a second terminal for generating a primary voltage signal, includes a... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.i.

20130335866 - Electrical wiring device: The present invention is directed to an electrical wiring device that includes a detection assembly coupled to a plurality of line terminals and a plurality of load terminals, the detection assembly being configured to detect a wiring state associated with the plurality of line terminals and the plurality of load... Agent: Pass & Seymour, Inc.

20130335865 - Interface unit having overcurrent and overvoltage protection device: An interface unit that interrupts overcurrent or overvoltage resulting from a ground voltage difference between electronic products interconnected through interface devices, so as to prevent damage to the products and risk of fire. The interface unit, which connects a first electronic product and a second electronic product to each other,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20130335867 - Charge injection and drain-based electrical overstress (eos) protection apparatus and method: An electrical overstress (EOS) protection circuit that at least partially neutralizes or compensates for undershoot and overshoot in first and second signals that are communicated using differential signaling, such as with USB communications. For an undershoot, the EOS protection circuit injects charge into pads that receive the first and second... Agent: Intel Corporation

20130335871 - Electrostatic discharge protection device and composite electronic component including the same: Disclosed herein are an electrostatic discharge protection device including: a substrate; a pair of electrodes formed on the substrate so as to be spaced apart from each other; and an insulating layer formed on the electrodes, wherein each of the electrodes has a shape in which it protrudes from a... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20130335870 - Electrostatic protection circuit and semiconductor device: The electrostatic protection circuit includes a first resistor connected between the power supply terminal and the grounding terminal. The electrostatic protection circuit includes a first capacitor connected in series with the first resistor. The electrostatic protection circuit includes a first inverter to which a signal based on a signal at... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20130335868 - Method and apparatus to improve esd robustness of power clamps: A power clamp circuit having improved robustness to electrostatic discharge (ESD) events includes a voltage regulation circuit and a current controlled switch. The voltage regulation circuit and the current controlled switch may be used to modify a snapback voltage of the power clamp in a manner that enhances the power... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, Inc.

20130335869 - Overvoltage protection devices including wafer of varistor material: An overvoltage protection device includes first and second electrically conductive electrode members and a varistor member formed of a varistor material and electrically connected with each of the first and second electrode members. The overvoltage protection device has an integral fail-safe mechanism operative to electrically short circuit the first and... Agent: Raycap Corporation

20130335872 - System and method for controlled overvoltage detection: An overvoltage detection system includes a sensed voltage; an active reference module that generates an active reference signal having a magnitude that varies inversely with a magnitude of the sensed voltage; and a timed trip module that includes a resistor and capacitor, and detects an overvoltage condition as a function... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20130335873 - Overvoltage protection circuit and method thereof: The overvoltage protection circuit in accordance with the present invention includes a resistor divider, a reference voltage supply unit, a comparator, and an inverter, wherein the inverter consists of a series-parallel combination circuit of first to third semiconductor switching elements which are driven by receiving an output of the comparator... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20130335874 - Electronic device: The present disclosure presents an electronic device includes:an electronic element with a first electrode and a second electrode disposed on the opposite sides thereof; a first terminal and a second terminal; a first support mounted to and electrically connected with the first terminal, the first support comprising a first contact... Agent:

20130335875 - Integrated circuit with automatic deactivation upon exceeding a specific ion linear energy transfer (let) value: Integrated circuits as well as fabrication and operating methods are presented in which user circuitry of the IC is selectively disabled in response to detection of a single event latchup condition in a sensing circuit that is prone to latchup in response to ionic radiation at a specific linear energy... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20130335876 - Method of discharging static electricity from water sliders: The present invention provides a water slider that features a method of discharging static electricity from a water slider by providing an electrically insulative body extending along a longitudinal axis and having opposed surface with a perimeter edge extending therebetween; and conducting static electricity accumulated on one of the opposed... Agent:

20130335877 - Separate connection device for grounding electrical equipment comprising a plurality for separate electrical components: A separate connection device (40) intended to be inserted between a metal frame (3), of an electrical component (1), and a metal supporting structure (20) in order to connect, electrically and separately, the frame to the supporting structure. The connection device (40) comprises a metal blade manufactured from spring steel... Agent: Mobasolar Sas

20130335878 - Mems lifetime enhancement: The present invention generally relates to methods for increasing the lifetime of MEMS devices by reducing the number of movements of a switching element in the MEMS device. Rather than returning to a ground state between cycles, the switching element can remain in the same state if both cycles necessitate... Agent: Cavendish Kinetics Inc.

20130335879 - Double-sided adhesive tape or sheet, and adherend processing method: The present invention relates to a double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive tape or sheet, containing a heat-releasable pressure-sensitive adhesive layer containing a heat-expandable microsphere on one side of a substrate and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer for temporary fixing on another side of the substrate, in which the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer for temporary... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20130335881 - Capacitor device: one or a plurality of capacitor elements; a pair of electrode plates disposed and connected substantially in parallel to the capacitor element(s); an insulating layer formed between the pair of electrode plates; an insulating adhesive layer formed between the capacitor element(s) and the pair of electrode plates; a case body... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20130335880 - Capacitor, structure and method of forming capacitor: There is provided a capacitor including a dielectric layer having a first plane, a second plane opposite to the first plane, and a plurality of through-holes communicated with the first plane and the second plane, including a plurality of arrangement regions where arrangement directions of the plurality of through-holes are... Agent:

20130335882 - Method of making dielectric capacitors with increased dielectric breakdown strength: The invention is directed to a process for making a dielectric ceramic film capacitor and the ceramic dielectric laminated capacitor formed therefrom, the dielectric ceramic film capacitors having increased dielectric breakdown strength. The invention increases breakdown strength by embedding a conductive oxide layer between electrode layers within the dielectric layer... Agent: Uchicago Argonne, LLC.

20130335884 - Carbon supercapacitor: The invention relates to the field of electrochemical capacitors and, in particular, electrochemical supercapacitors. More specifically, the invention is directed towards the production of an electrochemical supercapacitor with an electric double layer, in which the energy accumulators and electrodes consist exclusively of materials based on various forms of carbon. The... Agent:

20130335883 - Porous carbon material and method of producing the same, and electric double-layer capacitor using the porous carbon material: A porous carbon material, in which a total pore volume is 1 mL/g or more, and in which a ratio of a mesopore volume to the total pore volume is 50% or more; a method of producing the same; and an electric double-layer capacitor containing the same.... Agent: Toyo Tanso Co., Ltd.

20130335885 - Multi-element electrochemical capacitor and a method for manufacturing the same: The invention relates to electrical engineering. The multi-element electrochemical capacitor of this invention comprises at least one layer of electrical insulation film with alternating opposite-polarity electrode films placed thereon in succession and interspaced by a porous ion-permeable separator, coiled into a roll. Each electrode sheet is a substrate of nonwoven... Agent:

20130335886 - Solid electrolytic capacitor containing an improved manganese oxide electrolyte: A solid electrolytic capacitor that contains an anode body formed from an electrically conductive powder and a dielectric coating located over and/or within the anode body is provided. The powder may have a high specific charge and in turn a relative dense packing configuration. Despite being formed from such a... Agent: Avx Corporation

20130335887 - Resistor, method of assembling the same, and switchgear: A resistor for suppressing magnetizing inrush current includes a container made of an insulating material and at least one resistive element housed in the container, the resistive element being connected to two bushings provided at the container, the outer surface of the container being coated with a conductive paint, and... Agent:

20130335888 - Automatic actuator for breakers or switches: A load center includes a housing, a cover, and a circuit breaker. The load center can be retrofitted to further include a rotational motor, an actuator member, and a guide insert. The rotational motor includes a threaded drive shaft positioned through an aperture formed in the cover. The actuator member... Agent: Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.

20130335889 - Electrical junction box: An electrical junction box includes a box body in which electrical parts are mounted and that has a water draining hole provided at a bottom wall part of the box body and a waterproof wall that is provided inside the box body along a periphery of an opening of the... Agent:

20130335897 - Adapter holder and display device provided with adapter holder: An adapter holder includes: a mounting portion that detachably mounts an adapter; and an attaching portion that is provided at an opposite side to the mounting portion and is configured to attach to and detach from a separate member.... Agent: Nec Display Solutions, Ltd.

20130335892 - Bracket for a display panel and display device including the same: A bracket for a display panel, the bracket including a first plate for contacting the display panel, a second plate facing the first plate and having an area smaller than that of the first plate, and partitions between the first plate and the second plate.... Agent:

20130335896 - Chip card holder with protective cover for portable electronic devices: A chip card holder includes a housing defining a hole, a receiving frame, an ejecting member, a tray, an elastic member, and a protective cover. The receiving frame is mounted on the housing. The ejecting member is positioned at one end of the receiving frame. The tray is slidably received... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20130335895 - Driving mechanism for driving display module to move relative to host module and portable electronic device therewith: A driving mechanism for driving a display module to move relative to a host module includes a display module fixing component disposed in the display module, a host module fixing component movably disposed in the host module, and a pivoting component . An end of the pivoting component is pivotally... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20130335891 - Electronic device and support mechanism thereof: An electronic device is provided, including a main body and a support mechanism. The main body forms a U-shaped recess. The support mechanism includes a U-shaped support, two pivot members and an electrical connection port. The support forms two ends, and the pivot members rotatably connect the two ends to... Agent: Wistron Corp.

20130335893 - Hinge device and an electronic apparatus comprising the same: A hinge device includes a shaft, first and second positioning mechanisms and a coupling member. The coupling member includes a surrounding portion rotatably surrounding a surrounding segment of the shaft, and having an inner friction surface that is in contact with an outer surface of the surrounding segment to produce... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20130335901 - Mobile electronic apparatus: The present invention is relates to a mobile electronic apparatus including a packaging structure configured to evade destruction of a display part against an impact applied from outside. In a mobile electronic apparatus (1), if an impact is applied from a direction (B), a casing composed by a casing section... Agent: Nec Casio Mobile Communications, Ltd.

20130335900 - Multi-functional charger for a wireless cleaner: The invention relates to a multi-functional charger for wireless cleaner. The invention includes a case with a docking station at one side and a charging dock at the other side; a first charging terminal provided in the docking station of the case and for being connected to a connection terminal... Agent:

20130335899 - Portable electronic device housing structures: Portable electronic devices are provided. Each device may be formed from two parts. A first part may be provided with components such as a display, a touch screen, a cover glass, and a frame. A second part may be provided with a plastic housing, circuit boards containing electrical components, and... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130335890 - Storable keyboard having a pivoting cover: A keyboard portion is configured to move (with respect to a housing) between a deployed position and a non-deployed position. A cover pivotally couples to the housing and is configured to at least partially cover the keyboard portion when the keyboard portion is in the non-deployed position and to reveal... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20130335894 - Supporting mechanism for a portable electronic device and related rotary electronic system: A supporting mechanism is disclosed in the present invention. The supporting mechanism includes a base, a supporter, a latch and an actuating component. A hole and an accommodating structure are formed on a bottom of the base, and an opening of the accommodating structure faces outward of the base. The... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20130335898 - Systems and methods for applying protective coatings to internal surfaces of fully assembled electronic devices: Methods for applying protective coatings to electronic devices that have already been assembled, and are in a consumer-ready or aftermarket form, are disclosed. In such a method, an electronic device may be at least partially disassembled to expose at least a portion of an interior of the electronic device. A... Agent:

20130335904 - Cover for a portable electronic device: A cover for a portable electronic device includes a keyboard for electrically communicating with the portable electronic device. The cover includes a back cover body for coupling to a back side of the portable electronic device, and a front cover body coupled to the back cover body and foldable relative... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20130335905 - Foldable keyboard: A foldable keyboard includes a first keyboard portion, a second keyboard portion, a third keyboard portion rotatably connected to each other; and a control unit. The control unit includes a detecting module and a processing module. The detecting module detects relative distance between the first keyboard portion, the second keyboard... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20130335906 - Simulated anodization systems and methods: Simulated anodized coating systems and methods are provided. The method can include preparing an exterior surface of a metallic electronic enclosure and applying a translucent powder coating to the prepared exterior surface of the metallic electronic enclosure. The method can also include curing the translucent powder coating to form a... Agent:

20130335902 - Housing vents: Housing vent techniques are described. In one or more implementations, a molding process is used to form a housing of a computing device that includes a plurality of ribs disposed within an internal surface of the housing. A cutting operation is performed to an outer surface of the housing that... Agent:

20130335908 - Container data center and electromagnetic interference inhibiting device for cable of the same: An electromagnetic interference (EMI) inhibiting device which prevents EMI from being transferred through a server cable from the outside to the inside or vice versa. Metal oxide powders packed between the cylinder and the cable act as an absorbant and dissipator of any EMI.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20130335909 - Memory apparatus and electronic apparatus: A memory apparatus comprising a circuit board, a memory portion having a plurality of memory chips arranged on the circuit board, a terminal to provide an interface between an electronic apparatus and the plurality of memory chips being arranged on a first side of the circuit board, and a connecting... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20130335910 - Multi function supporter for a portable terminal: Provided is a multi-function supporter for a portable terminal which has a novel structure so as to stably support the portable terminal. The multi-function supporter has a concave groove 11 having a shape corresponding to that of a second housing 20 on a lower surface of a first housing 10.... Agent:

20130335907 - Tray and chassis blade server architecture: In computing scenarios involving an aggregation of multiple computational units into a server or computer set, many architectures may be devised to provide physical storage and logical aggregation of the computational units. Presented herein are variations of one such architecture, comprising a chassis having a set of slots, into which... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20130335911 - Mounting device for riser card: A device for mounting a riser card includes a base board forming two rods, a motherboard forming an expansion slot to connect the riser card, and a fixing member having two legs at opposite ends. The rods extend through the motherboard and are positioned at opposite ends of the expansion... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20130335912 - Mounting apparatus for hard disk drive: An apparatus for mounting a hard disk drive (HDD) includes a base board and a casing for receiving the HDD. A number of engaging portions and a holding portion protrude from the base board. The holding portion defines a through hole. The casing includes a bottom wall defining a number... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20130335913 - Serviceable hard disk drive trays for a server rack: A sliding mechanism and a swivel mechanism allow a user to quickly and safely access components of a computing system, such as hard disk drives, included in a chassis. A housing affixed to the chassis includes a tray, which is coupled to the housing by the sliding mechanism. The swivel... Agent:

20130335903 - Peripheral device storage: Peripheral device storage techniques are described. In one or more implementations, a computing device includes a housing and a power connection port that is configured to form a physical coupling to a peripheral device sufficient to retain the peripheral device against the housing and form an electrical coupling configured to... Agent:

20130335914 - Docking station for portable terminal: A docking station for a portable terminal includes: a body configured with a connection member to allow the portable terminal to be removably mounted to the body; and the connection member is installed to be movable on the body, the connection member comprising connection terminals, wherein when the portable terminal... Agent:

20130335915 - Elevating mechanism and docking station using the same: A docking station for an electronic device includes a housing, an elevating mechanism, and a connector. The elevating mechanism is received in the housing. The connector is secured to the elevating mechanism and is driven by the elevating mechanism to move between a working position when it is protruding out... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20130335916 - Portable terminal: A portable terminal has a main machine body and a cell, one of the main machine body and the cell is arranged a pushing button moving axially, and a compression spring is arranged between the pushing button and the one of the main machine body and the cell, the other... Agent: Hytera Communications Corp., Ltd.

20130335917 - Informational terminal: An information terminal includes: a front side casing member including in turn a section for clamping on each of two opposite top and bottom sides or on each of two opposite left and right sides of the information terminal when seen from a front side of the terminal, the sections... Agent: Nec Casio Mobile Communications, Ltd.

20130335918 - Power conversion apparatus with grommet inserted into casing: A power conversion apparatus is equipped with grommets each of which hermetically seals between one of a coolant inlet tube and a coolant outlet tube of a cooler. Each of the grommets has a sealing protrusion and is fit in a cut-out formed in an end of a side wall... Agent:

20130335919 - Electronic apparatus for vehicle: An electronic apparatus for a vehicle, includes an electronic device, a waterproof housing that receives the electronic device, and a filter. The housing has a ventilation hole that penetrates through a housing wall of the housing. The filter is attached to a filter attachment portion of the housing wall to... Agent: Denso Corporation

20130335920 - Cooling apparatus: A cooling apparatus includes a case in which a refrigerant passage through which a refrigerant flows is formed inside, and an element module partially disposed within the refrigerant passage and including an element provided inside. A portion of the element module in contact with the refrigerant is formed of an... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20130335922 - Electronic device with heat dissipation apparatus: A heat dissipation apparatus for an electronic component installed in an enclosure of an electronic device includes a bracket and a heat sink. The bracket includes a supporting plate, an elastic positioning plate extending slantingly up from a side of the supporting plate away from the electronic component, and an... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd .

20130335921 - Substrate for power module, substrate with heat sink for power module, power module, method for producing substrate for power module, and method for producing substrate with heat sink for power module: Provided is a power module substrate including a ceramic substrate, and a metal plate which contains aluminum or an aluminum alloy, and which is stacked and bonded on a surface of the ceramic substrate, wherein one or more additional elements selected from Ag, Zn, Ge, Mg, Ca, Ga, and Li... Agent: Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

20130335923 - Pcb for lcd device and lcd device: The invention relates to the field of LCDs, and more particularly to a PCB for an LCD device and an LCD device. The PCB includes a front face and a back face; the front face of the PCB is a face for densely arranging components, and the back face is... Agent:

20130335924 - Option board exchange mechanism in display apparatus, and display apparatus: Different board-type devices can be selectably attached to a device attachment slot of a display apparatus. A first board-type device has a depth corresponding to the device main body thereof. A first female connector of the first board-type device inserted to the device attachment slot is connected to a first... Agent:

20130335926 - Guiding mechanism for guiding flexible printed circuit board connected with display module and host module and portable electronic device therewith: A guiding mechanism includes a first guiding component, a second guiding component, a push rod, a push rod sheath and a driving component. A distance is between the second guiding component and the first guiding component and increases in a first direction. The push rod includes a rod base slidably... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20130335925 - Portable electronic device: A portable electronic device including a first body, a second body, and an assembling structure is provided. The assembling structure includes a first assembling unit and a second assembling unit. The first assembling unit is adapted to hidden in one of the first and the second bodies, and the second... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20130335928 - Carrier and method for fabricating coreless packaging substrate: A fabrication method of a coreless packaging substrate is provided, including the steps of: forming an inner built-up circuit board on a carrier; removing the carrier; and symmetrically forming a first outer built-up structure and a second outer built-up structure on top and bottom surfaces of the inner built-up circuit... Agent: Unimicron Technology Corporation

20130335927 - Planar transformer assemblies for implantable cardioverter defibrillators: A planar transformer assembly, for use in charging capacitors of an ICD, includes windings arranged to minimize voltage across intervening dielectric layers. Each secondary winding of a preferred plurality of secondary windings is arranged relative to a primary winding, in a hierarchical fashion, such that the DC voltage, with respect... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20130335930 - Electronic apparatus: An electronic apparatus aimed to reduce cost, size and thickness is provided. The electronic apparatus includes a flexible circuit, a component mounted on the flexible circuit and a casing having an opening for accommodating the component. The flexible circuit is exposed from the opening when the component is not mounted... Agent: Nec Casio Mobile Communications, Ltd.

20130335929 - Electronic device and method with flexible display: An electronic device (200) and method (300) with flexible display is disclosed. The method (300) can include: providing (310) a flexible chassis module including a front portion having a channel and a rear portion; inserting (320) a display module in the channel; and coupling (33)0) an electronics module to the... Agent: Motorola Mobility, Inc.

20130335931 - Surface mount interconnection system for modular circuit board and method: A surface mount interconnection system provides a method and apparatus for mounting an auxiliary printed circuit board assembly directly to a main printed circuit board assembly without the use of leaded surface mount devices. A linear array of spaced-apart solder pads is arranged on an exposed surface of the substrate... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20130335933 - Circuit board and electronic device: A circuit board includes a substrate having a mounting pad formed thereon, a packaged electronic device having a mounting surface coupled to the mounting pad and an electrode formed on a side surface of the packaged electronic device, and a conductive material that is disposed on a portion of the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20130335932 - System for coupling printed circuit boards: The system includes a first printed circuit board including a first transmission line, the first circuit board may be attached to a chassis and a second printed circuit board including a second transmission line, the second circuit board may be attached to the chassis and/or the first printed circuit board... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20130335934 - Mounting device for connector: A device for mounting a connector includes a base board forming two rods, a motherboard supporting the connector, and a fixing member including a main body and two legs. The rods extend through the motherboard, positioned at opposite sides of the connector. Each rod includes a resilient member, and a... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20130335936 - Interposer substrate, electronic device package, and electronic component: An interposer substrate of the invention includes: a single substrate having a first main surface and a second main surface; and a plurality of through-hole interconnections having first portions formed so as to extend in parallel with each other and connecting the first main surface to the second main surface,... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20130335935 - Protective circuit module and battery pack having the same: A protective circuit module and a battery pack having the same are disclosed. In one embodiment, the protective circuit module includes a printed circuit board, an electronic device mounted on a first surface of the printed circuit board, and a pattern part mounted on a second surface opposite to the... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20130335937 - Integrated circuit packaging for implantable medical devices: A hybrid integrated circuit in a wafer level package for an implantable medical device includes one or more passive component windings formed, at least in part, along one or more routing layers of the package. The windings may be primary and secondary windings of a transformer, wherein all or part... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20130335938 - High-frequency module: A high-frequency module includes first and second switch IC elements and a substrate. The first and second switch IC elements are the same or substantially the same IC chips, and are mounted in the same or substantially the same orientation. The first switch IC element is mounted on the substrate.... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20130335939 - Shaped and oriented solder joints: The present description relates to the field of fabricating microelectronic assemblies, wherein a microelectronic device may be attached to a microelectronic substrate with a plurality of shaped and oriented solder joints. The shaped and oriented solder joints may be substantially oval, wherein the major axis of the substantially oval solder... Agent:

20130335940 - Electronic circuit substrate, display device, and wiring substrate: A wiring substrate (11) includes: a substrate; and, formed upon the substrate, a plurality of wiring lines, a plurality of circuit elements, and a plurality of connecting terminals (51) connected via the plurality of wiring lines. Each of the plurality of connecting terminals (51) includes a pair of protrusion parts... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20130335941 - Television and electronic apparatus: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a housing, a component in the housing, an antenna in the housing, and an electrically conductive wall in the housing. The component is configured to emit electromagnetic noise. The wall is between the component and the antenna.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

12/12/2013 > 74 patent applications in 55 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130329321 - Power distribution system incorporating ground fault interrupt protection: A power distribution system includes multiple uniform power distribution modules and multiple uniform mating connectors. A portion of the mating connectors are connected to the power distribution modules directly and the remainder are connected to the power distribution modules via a ground fault interrupt adapter.... Agent:

20130329324 - Esd path for connector receptacle: Circuits, methods, and apparatus that may provide a separation between a signal ground and an enclosure ground such that EMI and ESD circuits are not bypassed. One example may provide a connector receptacle having fingers for contacting a device enclosure, where the fingers are not directly electrically connected to a... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130329323 - Integrated circuit providing a function of substituting led open and a protection against static electricity and surge: An integrated circuit providing a function of substituting LED open and a protection against static electricity and surge can be coupled and parallelly connected to an LED. The integrated circuit comprises a thyristor, such as SCR, with three electrodes, a transistor for a gate of the thyristor to trigger signals,... Agent: Ceramate Technical (suzhou) Co., Ltd.

20130329322 - Led having two pings that handle contingencies of open, static electricity, and surge: An LED having two pins that handle contingencies of open, static electricity, and surge comprises an LED cell, a thyristor, such as SCR, with three electrodes arranged in series connection to the LED cell, a transistor for a gate of the thyristor to trigger signals, and a voltage detecting circuit.... Agent: Ceramate Technical (suzhou) Co., Ltd.

20130329325 - Method and systems for discharging energy from an electrical fault: An electrical fault mitigation system includes a mitigation device including a containment chamber defining a cavity, a first electrode positioned within the cavity and coupled to a first conductor, and a second electrode positioned within the cavity and coupled to a second conductor. The mitigation device also includes a first... Agent:

20130329326 - Systems and methods for grounding power line sections to clear faults: Systems and methods for dynamically clearing faults in a power transmission line involve automatically terminating ends of a section of the power line while preserving electrical and/or physical continuity of the power line. The terminating of the ends is reversed at about voltage zero-crossings in the power line to clear... Agent:

20130329327 - Installation comprising two batteries joined in parallel: a means (6) of control of the breaker of the said assembly controlled as a function of the voltage difference (V_AB) between the two batteries so that the controlled breaker is closed when the voltage difference becomes less than a first threshold (threshold 1) and that the controlled breaker is... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alterrnatives

20130329328 - Integrated protector having two pins for controlling a breakover voltage to prevent surge from a lighting strike and static electricity: An integrated protector having two pins for controlling a breakover voltage to prevent surge from a lightning strike and static electricity comprises a thyristor with three electrodes, such as an SCR, a transistor for a gate of the thyristor to trigger signals, and a voltage detecting circuit. When static electricity... Agent: Ceramate Technical (suzhou) Co., Ltd.

20130329329 - Solid state power control system for aircraft high voltage dc power distribution: An electrical power distribution system (EPDS) for an aircraft, the EPDS may include a DC bus, a power source port, a solid state power controller (SSPC) of a first type interposed between the power source port and the DC bus, at least one load port and an SSPC of a... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20130329330 - In-rush current limiter and method for stowable and carry-on devices: A system and method for limiting in-rush current from a power source to a load includes sensing that a load has been electrically connected to receive electrical power from the power source. A current limiter circuit is configured to at least inhibit electrical current flow from the power source to... Agent:

20130329331 - Wireless branch circuit energy monitoring system: A circuit breaker (such as a miniature circuit breaker) that wirelessly communicates state and fault information to a main energy monitoring module. The wireless circuit breaker includes a transceiver and a power supply that harvests energy inductively from the line current conductor without the need for a connection to a... Agent: Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.

20130329332 - Power line indicator accessory for fusible circuit protection device array: A power line indicator accessory configured to simultaneously determine an operating state of a plurality of conductors establishing a circuit connection to a plurality of circuit protection devices such as a fusible switch disconnect devices or modular fuse holders arranged side-by-side in an array. The accessory includes an onboard power... Agent:

20130329333 - Fluid transport system for preventing electrical discharge: A method and apparatus for reducing an intensity of an electrical discharge that occurs within a fluid transport system in an aerospace vehicle. The aerospace vehicle is operated. The fluid transport system in the aerospace vehicle is comprised of materials selected such that the fluid transport system has an electrical... Agent: The Boeing Company

20130329334 - Method for manufacturing ceramic electronic component and ceramic electronic component: In a ceramic electronic component, a first internal electrode includes a first opposed section and a first extraction section. The first opposed section is opposed to a second internal electrode with a ceramic layer interposed therebetween. The first extraction section is located closer to a first end surface than the... Agent:

20130329335 - Capacitor: A capacitor is provided, which allows a user to readily change or adjust its capacitance value. The capacitor includes a dielectric film, which includes first and second conductor layers disposed on opposite surfaces thereof, and which is wound into a rod shape. First and second electrodes are led out from... Agent: Wacom Co., Ltd.

20130329336 - Conductive paste composition for external electrode and multilayer ceramic electronic component fabricated using the same: There are provided a conductive paste composition for an external electrode and a multilayer ceramic electronic component fabricated using the same, the conductive paste composition for an external electrode including: a conductive metal powder; and a resin mixture including at least one resin selected from a group consisting of an... Agent:

20130329337 - Capacitor: A capacitor includes a dielectric layer, a first external electrode layer, a second external electrode layer, a first internal electrode portion, a second internal electrode portion, and a close contact portion. The first internal electrode portion is provided on a first through-hole portion, one end of the first internal electrode... Agent:

20130329338 - Ceramic electronic component: In a ceramic electronic component, a section of a first extraction section located closer to a first end surface defines a first thick section. The first thick section is at least about 1.5 times as thick as a first central section of a first opposed section in a direction. The... Agent:

20130329339 - Capacitor: A capacitor includes a dielectric layer, a first external electrode layer, a second external electrode layer, a first internal electrode portion, a second internal electrode portion, and an adsorbing portion. The first internal electrode portion is provided on a first through-hole portion, one end of the first internal electrode portion... Agent:

20130329340 - Electric double-layer capacitor and electrode therefor: An electrode for electric double-layer capacitor includes a collector with a protective layer containing phosphorous on its surface, and a polarizable electrode layer that is formed on this collector and can adsorb and desorb ions. An amount of a phosphorous compound per unit surface area of the collector, eluted when... Agent:

20130329341 - Electrolytic capacitor: An electrolytic capacitor includes a multilayered-capacitor-elements unit, a pair of positive electrode terminals, a negative electrode terminal, and an outer-package resin. The multilayered-capacitor-elements unit includes multiple capacitor elements of which positive electrodes are oriented oppositely to each other. The positive electrodes are connected to the positive electrode terminals, respectively, and... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20130329342 - Electrolytic capacitor: An apparatus is disclosed which includes an electrolytic capacitive element with multiple capacitor sections.... Agent: American Radionic Company, Inc.

20130329343 - Integrated cooling system: The present invention relates to an integrated cooling system 10 for a power station 14 comprising a transformer 16 and at least one of a generator 18 and/or a rectifier 20. The integrated cooling system 10 comprises a cooler 28 for reduction of an operative temperature of a cooling fluid... Agent: Starkstrom-geratebau Gmbh

20130329344 - Intelligent telecommunications patching system: A telecommunications patching system having point-to-point tracing capabilities includes: a plurality of end devices; at least one rack structure; a plurality of patch panels mounted to each rack structure; a plurality of connector ports disposed on each of the patch panels; a plurality of patch cords for selectively interconnecting different... Agent:

20130329348 - Display device mountable on an automotive vehicle and method: A display device mountable on an automotive wiper arm positioned on the rear of an automotive vehicle, comprising a display panel having a front side for presentation of text or graphics and a back side for mounting a connector; an arm-connector for affixing said display device to said automotive wiper... Agent:

20130329345 - Housing structure and electronic device using the same: A housing structure includes a shell integrally formed in aluminum and at least one mounting member. The shell includes a bottom wall, a first end wall, a second end wall and a top wall connected to the first end wall and the second end wall. The first end wall and... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20130329346 - Method and apparatus for bending a glass sheet and an electronic device casing: A method of bending a glass sheet includes placing the glass sheet on a support and heating the entire glass sheet to a first viscosity. A band of heat is applied and translated along the selected region of the glass sheet in which a predetermined is to be formed over... Agent:

20130329347 - Touch panel: A touch panel includes electrodes and routings disposed on a single conductive layer. The electrodes and routings are connected to drivers and sensors to sense mutual capacitance changes induced by a touch among the electrodes. The touch panel includes a first electrode, a second electrode, and a first routing connected... Agent:

20130329349 - Battery structure and integration: A portable electronic device is described. This portable electronic device includes an external housing with a cavity defined by an edge. A keyboard, having a front surface and a back surface, is disposed in the cavity with the front surface facing the external housing. Moreover, a tray is disposed over... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130329350 - Electronic apparatus: Electronic apparatus has touch panel module, display module and flexible circuit board. Touch panel module includes touch panel, screen member protecting touch panel, and adhesive that bonds touch panel and screen member together. Display module includes first substrate, second substrate superposed on part of first substrate, and driver chip that... Agent: Nec Casio Mobile Communications, Ltd.

20130329351 - Portable electronic device and slide rail device: A portable electronic device including a computer body, a display, and a slide-rail structure is provided. The computer body has a first side edge. The display has a second side edge, a display surface and a back side surface. The slide-rail structure includes a sliding element and a connecting arm.... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20130329352 - Solid-state drive with passive heat transfer: The disclosed embodiments relate to a system that facilitates thermal conductance in a system that includes a module comprising a circuit board with integrated circuits, such as a solid-state drive. A thermal-coupling material between one side of the circuit board and an adjacent baseplate is used to increase thermal conduction... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130329353 - Esd discharge path on chasis-mounted pcb assembly: In described embodiments, a printed circuit board assembly capable of discharging electro-static discharge (ESD) surges includes an isolation trench track provided in the printed circuit board in close proximity to the peripheral edges between the peripheral edges and the mounting area, and a discharge path formed of conductive material to... Agent:

20130329354 - Mass storage device with elastomeric material and related portable computing device and method: Absorbers for a mass storage device are provided. The absorbers may be configured to protect the mass storage device from drop events and reduce the transmission of vibrations from and/or to the mass storage device. Additionally, the absorbers may occupy a smaller amount of space than traditional snubber mounting arrangements.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130329355 - Scalable hardware architecture, scalable cooling system, and convection-cooled electrical circuit: s

20130329357 - Gaskets for thermal ducting around heat pipes: The disclosed embodiments provide a component for a portable electronic device. The component includes a gasket containing a rigid portion disposed around a bottom of a heat pipe, wherein the rigid portion forms a duct between a fan and an exhaust vent of the electronic device. The gasket also includes... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130329356 - Thermal dissipation techniques for multi-sensory electromechanical products packaged in sealed enclosures: In general, the disclosure is directed to sealed enclosures and devices that include enclosures for protecting enclosed heat sensitive components from the heat generated by enclosed heat producing components. Heat producing components within the enclosure may be placed to achieve uniform distribution of heat produced by the heat producing components,... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20130329358 - Transient thermal management systems for semiconductor devices: Thermal management systems for semiconductor devices are provided. Embodiments of the invention provide two or more liquid cooling subsystems that are each capable of providing active cooling to one or more semiconductor devices, such as packaged processors. In operation, a first liquid cooling subsystem can provide active cooling to the... Agent:

20130329359 - Portable computing device with a housing secured by a magnetic element and related method: Magnetic elements and attractors may be employed to secure a top case and a bottom case of a housing of a personal computing device. The magnetic elements may include a magnet that produces a magnetic field and a shunt. The shunt may direct the magnetic field through an opening to... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130329360 - Electronic device support with magnetic indexing: An electronic device support has a receptacle with an electronic device receiving cavity and a first magnetic indexing part. A base is hingedly coupled to the receptacle and has a second magnetic indexing part. The first and second magnetic indexing parts are configured to allow the receptacle to rotate relative... Agent:

20130329361 - Projection device: A projection device includes a housing, a projection module, a support member, and a cover. The housing includes a rear wall and a plurality of side walls extending from the rear wall. A cavity and an accommodating groove are defined in the rear wall. A projection module is pivotably mounted... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20130329362 - Board cooling apparatus and information equipment: Embodiments of the present invention relate to a board cooling apparatus comprising a shell and a board, where the board and an interior wall of the shell form a closed space, a cooling medium inlet and a cooling medium outlet are disposed on the shell, a separator plate that separates... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20130329363 - Apparatus and method for assembling large electronic displays: Provided herein is an electronic display assembly for use with a housing as well as a method for assembling an electronic display assembly within a housing. The assembly preferably contains an electronic display module having an electronic display secured within a mounting frame having a top and bottom surface. Top... Agent:

20130329364 - Network communication device: A simple configuration for cooling comprises a front-back air supply and exhaust system. A first circuit board is located in front of a relay circuit board. A cooling unit and a second circuit board are placed behind the relay circuit board in a chassis. A first air passage allows intake... Agent: Alaxala Networks Corporation

20130329365 - Electric device package and method of making an electric device package: A system and method for manufacturing an electric device package are disclosed. An embodiment comprises a carrier, a component disposed on the carrier, the component having a first component contact pad, and a first electrical connection between the first component contact pad and a first carrier contact pad, wherein the... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20130329367 - Electronic device having heat-dissipating structure: An electronic device having a heat-dissipating structure includes a housing, a printed circuit board, a heat-dissipating element, and a thermal conductive element. The housing has an opening and internally defines a receiving space. The printed circuit board is located in the receiving space and has an electronic component mounted thereon.... Agent: Askey Computer Corp.

20130329366 - Integrated graphene film heat spreader for display devices: Disclosed is an integrated graphene film-enhanced display device, comprising: (a) a display device which comprises one or multiple heat sources and a back surface where a localized area is at a higher temperature than an adjacent area; and (b) a heat spreader which comprises at least one sheet of integrated... Agent:

20130329368 - Fasteners and dual-thickness thermal stages in electronic devices: The disclosed embodiments provide a system that facilitates heat transfer in an electronic device. The system includes a heat pipe configured to conduct heat away from a heat-generating component in the electronic device. The system also includes a thermal stage disposed along a thermal interface between the heat-generating component and... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130329369 - Electronic device: An electronic device includes a circuit board, a heat generating component positioned on the circuit board, a casing receiving the circuit board and the heat generating component, and a working medium. The working medium is contained in the casing and covers the heat generating component. The working medium is electrically... Agent:

20130329370 - Electronic device, method for producing the same, and printed circuit board comprising electronic device: An electronic device comprising an electrically conductive core layer with a first layer composed of electrically conductive material, the first layer being applied on both sides and with at least one electronic component arranged in a cutout of the first layer, wherein the first layer is covered in each case... Agent: Schweizer Electronic Ag

20130329371 - Electronic device with connector: An electronic device includes an enclosure, a bracket, a connector, and a fan. The enclosure includes a bottom plate and two side plates located on the bottom plate. The bracket is secured to the side plates and includes a bottom wall. The bottom wall is substantially parallel to the bottom... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20130329372 - Chassis system and method for holding and protecting electronic modules: A chassis system includes a body, a lid, a cavity, a backplane, and an electrically conductive connector. The lid is removably attached to the body such that when the lid is attached to the body a cavity within the body is completely enclosed by the body and the attached lid.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20130329373 - Bio-implantable hermetic integrated ultra high density device: An implantable bio-compatible integrated circuit device and methods for manufacture thereof are disclosed herein. The device includes a substrate having a recess. An input/output device including at least one bio-compatible electrical contact is coupled to the substrate in the recess. A layer of hermetic bio-compatible, hermetic insulator material is deposited... Agent: The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.

20130329376 - Electronic modules: Electronic modules are formed by encapsulating microelectronic dies within cavities in a substrate.... Agent: The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.

20130329374 - Pre-molded cavity 3d packaging module with layout: A pre-molded cavity 3D packaging module with layout is disclosed. The 3D packaging module includes a pre-molded cavity. A wall and a vertical plane of the pre-molded cavity form an inclined angle of more than 3°. An intersecting region between a bottom and a sidewall of the 3D packaging module... Agent: Cmsc, Inc.

20130329375 - Supporting mechanism for supporting a display module on a base and portable electronic device therewith: A supporting mechanism for supporting a display module on a base includes a stand and a buckling structure. An end of the stand is pivoted to the base, and the buckling structure is pivoted to the other end of the stand and for buckling the display module. The buckling structure... Agent:

20130329377 - Module arrangement: A module arrangement including a plurality of functional modules lined up in a stacking direction, which are connected to one another for fluidic and electric communication, wherein a functional module includes a plate-shaped base body having two parallel, opposite joining surfaces which are designed to contact joining surfaces of adjacent... Agent: Festo Ag & Co. Kg

20130329379 - Switching device for supplying high-energy functional components: A high-voltage switching device (1) is described with a charge storage arrangement (3) with a multiplicity of charge storage modules (M1, M2, M3, M4, . . . , MN) connected in series, wherein in each case a certain number of the charge storage modules (M1, M2, M3, M4, . .... Agent: Transtechnik Gmbh & Co. Kg

20130329378 - Universal serial bus device with improved package structure and method thereof: A Universal Serial Bus device includes a PCB module, a plastic package shell and a power module. The PCB module includes a PCB, and a storage chip and a control chip both arranged on the PCB module. The PCB includes opposite front end and rear end, and opposite upper surface... Agent: Gerard Technologies (suzhou) Co., Ltd.

20130329381 - Electromagnetic shielding case and electronic device having the same: An electromagnetic shielding case and an electronic device having the same are introduced. The electronic device includes a PCB, which has at least one electronic component mounted thereon and is provided around the electronic component with multiple positioning holes. The electromagnetic shielding case includes a casing body internally defining a... Agent: Askey Computer Corp.

20130329380 - Method and system for reducing self-interference in a handheld communication device: A method and a system for a handheld communication device is provided. The method includes: a testing a printed circuit board PCB assembly; identifying an emission point in the PCB; allocating a frequency radio (RF) absorber over or close to the emission point where the emission point is a potential... Agent: Psion Teklogix Inc.

20130329382 - Flexible printed circuit board and display device comprising the same: The flexible printed circuit board includes a plane part, a plurality of bending parts extending and bent from the plane part, wherein each of the plane part and the bending parts includes a base film, a wiring pattern, a cover film and a wiring pattern of the plane part and... Agent:

20130329383 - Mounting apparatus for circuit board: A mounting apparatus includes a chassis, two mounting members, and two screws. The chassis includes a sidewall defining two spaced holes. The mounting members are fixed to a front end of a circuit board. A fixing hole parallel to the circuit board is defined in a front end of each... Agent:

20130329384 - Transmission control device and electronic circuit device: An electronic circuit device in which an electronic circuit assembly which controls a transmission and a drive for an automobile, a base which fixes the electronic circuit assembly and lead terminals which are electrically connected with the electronic circuit assembly are sealed by mold resin, adopts a heat dissipation structure... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20130329385 - Electronic device: An electronic device includes: a housing having a concave portion in the first surface of the housing; a lid made of a semiconductor material containing an impurity material; a first metal film formed in a metal film formation region on the first surface of the housing, wherein the metal film... Agent:

20130329386 - Package carrier and manufacturing method thereof: A manufacturing method of a package carrier is provided. A supporting plate is provided, wherein a metal layer is already disposed on the supporting plate. A patterned dry film layer is formed on the metal layer. A portion of the metal layer is exposed by the patterned dry film layer.... Agent: Subtron Technology Co. Ltd.

20130329387 - Circuit board mounting apparatus: A circuit board mounting apparatus includes a circuit board, a chassis, and two mounting members. Two slots are defined in a front side of the circuit board. The chassis includes a side plate. The mounting members are fixed to the side plate and respectively connected to the slots of the... Agent:

20130329388 - Mounting structure and mounting method: A mounting structure includes a first ceramic electronic component including a ceramic body including internal electrodes and outer electrodes. When a voltage is applied to the outer electrodes, the ceramic body is strained with a first strain amount, and a second ceramic electronic component including a ceramic body including internal... Agent:

20130329389 - Chip-component structure: A chip-component structure includes an interposer on which a multilayer capacitor is mounted. The interposer includes component connecting electrodes, external connection electrodes, side electrodes, and in-hole electrodes. The component connecting electrodes and the external connection electrodes are electrically connected by the side electrodes and the in-hole electrodes. Outer electrodes of... Agent:

20130329391 - Printed wiring board, electronic device, and method for manufacturing electronic device: An electronic device comprises: a printed wiring board that comprises a substrate, pads formed on the substrate, and an insulating film layer covering a surface of the substrate on which the pads are formed; and an electronic element that comprises external terminals electrically connected to the pads and that is... Agent: Nec Corporation

20130329390 - Semiconductor devices: A semiconductor device includes a package board having a front side and a back side opposite to each other. A first memory device has data pins and is mounted on the front side of the package board, and a second memory device has data pins and is mounted on the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20130329392 - Backplane configuration for use in electronic crate systems: The invention relates to a backplane configuration for use in an electronic crate system, said backplane configuration comprising a first-type backplane and a second-type backplane; wherein the first-type backplane is coupled to the second-type backplane by mechanical connection means; wherein the first-type backplane and the second-type backplane are spatially separated... Agent:

20130329393 - Printed circuit board with daughterboard: A printed circuit board includes a motherboard and a daughterboard. The motherboard includes at least one first signal pad. The daughterboard includes at least one second signal pad electronically connected to the at least one first signal pad for electronically connecting the daughterboard to the motherboard.... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20130329394 - Portable electronic device: In a portable electronic device that has a first casing 1 and a second casing 2 coupled to each other via a coupling member and can be selectively set in a closed state and an open state, at an opposing portion between the coupling member and the second casing 2,... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

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20130321959 - Method and device to protect an esp power supply from transient over-voltages on the power grid: A power supply converter unit is disclosed, in particular for an electrostatic precipitator, converting the frequency of alternating input supply (1) to high frequency alternating output (Ua, Ub) by rectifying the alternating input supply (1) in a rectifier (12) to a direct current (Udc), which is converted to alternating-current in... Agent: Alstom Technology, Ltd

20130321960 - Apparatus and method for the intelligent protection of an electrical lead: An apparatus for protecting an electrical lead in a vehicle. The apparatus includes a temperature sensor configured to record a temperature value of a conductor path coupled electrically to the electrical lead and a current limitation unit configured to limit a current flowing through the electrical lead when the temperature... Agent: Lisa Draxlmaier Gmbh

20130321963 - Esd protection circuit: An ESD circuit is disclosed. The ESD circuit includes a pad and a ground and a sensing element coupled between the pad and ground for sensing an ESD current. The sensing element generates an active sense output signal when an ESD current is sensed and an inactive sense output signal... Agent: Globalfoundries Singapore Pte. Ltd.

20130321961 - Esd protection device for circuits with multiple power domains: A ESD protection scheme is disclosed for circuits with multiple power domains. Embodiments include: coupling a first power clamp to a first power rail and a first ground rail of a first domain; coupling a second power clamp to a second power rail and a second ground rail of a... Agent: Globalfoundries Singapore Pte. Ltd.

20130321962 - Esd-robust i/o driver circuits: An ESD-robust I/O driver circuit is disclosed. Embodiments include providing a first NMOS transistor having a first source, a first drain, and a first gate; coupling the first source is coupled to a ground rail, and the first drain to an I/O pad; providing a gate driver control circuit including... Agent: Globalfoundries Singapore Pte. Ltd.

20130321964 - Surge protector: A surge protection circuit having an open circuit voltage surge protector, such as a gas discharge tube (GDT), a closed circuit current surge protector, such as a thermistor, and a thyristor. The GDT has a breakdown voltage that is at least a first defined amount higher than an anticipated highest... Agent: General Instrument Corporation

20130321965 - Residual-current circuit breaker: A residual-current circuit breaker includes switching contacts and at least one residual current detector configured to determine a residual current signal. The residual-current circuit breaker is configured to bring about an opening of the switching contacts upon the detection of a residual current greater than a pre-definable tripping current. A... Agent: Eaton Industries (austria) Gmbh

20130321966 - Overcurrent protection device and method of operating a power switch: An overcurrent protection device comprises a maximum-allowed-current unit and a power switch. The maximum-allowed-current unit determines a maximum allowed current in real-time. The maximum allowed current is determined at least partially on an instantaneous level of a load voltage. The load voltage is a voltage across a load to be... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor

20130321967 - Fault detection circuit, electronic equipment and fault detection method: A fault detection circuit includes: a switching element, disposed between a first node and a second node, configured to perform a switching operation in accordance with a control signal; and a detection circuit configured to detect a temporal voltage change at the second node according to the switching operation of... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20130321968 - Diode protection of cascoded mixed-voltage transistors: A mixed-voltage circuit employs a higher-voltage transistor in series connection with a lower-voltage transistor. To protect the lower-voltage transistor from transient overvoltage events, a series of one or more diodes is connected between the current terminals (i.e., the source and drain terminals) of the lower-voltage transistor so as to limit... Agent: Vixs Systems, Inc.

20130321969 - Integrated micro-plasma limiter: A plasma power limiter fabricated using wafer-level fabrication techniques with other circuit elements. The plasma limiter includes a signal substrate and a trigger substrate defining a hermetically sealed cavity therebetween in which is encapsulated an ionizable gas. The signal substrate includes a signal line within the cavity and the trigger... Agent: Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

20130321970 - Surge protector: A surge protection circuit having an open circuit voltage surge protector, such as a gas discharge tube (GDT), a closed circuit current surge protector, such as a thermistor, and a thyristor. The GDT has a breakdown voltage that is at least a first defined amount higher than an anticipated highest... Agent: General Instrument Corporation

20130321971 - Electronically-controlled solenoid: A solenoid assembly includes a switching regulator and a solenoid electrically connected to an output signal connection of the switching regulator, the solenoid electrically actuable between an extended position and a pull-in position. The assembly includes an output level switch electrically connected to an input switching connection and the output... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20130321972 - Static elimination device and a cassette: A static elimination device is proposed for eliminating static electricity on the surface of a large-size glass substrate. The static elimination device includes a rotation axis and an electrostatic neutralizer. The rotation axis is installed outside a cassette in which the glass substrate is installed. The electrostatic neutralizer is permanently... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

20130321974 - Electrostatic chuck and method for manufacturing electrostatic chuck: An electrostatic chuck plate is connected to a base plate, which includes a cooling mechanism, by an adhesive layer. The electrostatic chuck plate includes a substrate setting surface on which a processed substrate is set, an electrostatic electrode capable of attracting the processed substrate, and a resistance heat generation body... Agent: Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.

20130321973 - Thin substrate electrostatic chuck system and method: In various aspects of the disclosure, a semiconductor substrate processing system may include an electrostatic chuck for holding a semiconductor substrate attached to an electrically insulating carrier; and an AC power supply electrically coupled to the electrostatic chuck.... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20130321975 - Ignition coil having integrated electronics: An ignition coil, in particular for an internal combustion engine in a vehicle, is described. The ignition coil includes a housing, a primary winding and a secondary winding, and an electronic component, a highly heat-conducting, electrically insulating, elastic heat-conducting element, which is situated between the electronic component and the housing,... Agent:

20130321977 - Multilayered ceramic component: Disclosed herein is a multilayered ceramic component having a structure in which internal electrode layers and dielectric layers are alternately multilayered, wherein the internal electrode layer includes 0.01 to 12 wt % of common material based on weight of metal powders, and an average particle size of the common material... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20130321978 - Multilayered ceramic component: Disclosed herein is a multilayered ceramic component having a structure in which internal electrode layers and dielectric layers are alternately multilayered, wherein the internal electrode layer includes 0.01 to 12 wt % of common material based on weight of metal powders, and an average particle size of the common material... Agent:

20130321976 - Nickel nanoparticle, method of preparing the same, and multilayer ceramic capacitor using the same: There is provided a method of preparing a nickel nanoparticle, the method including: forming an aqueous solution by mixing water and a solution containing a hydroxyl group; forming a mixed liquid by adding carboxylic acid to the aqueous solution at a ratio of 10 to 20 wt % with regard... Agent:

20130321979 - Conductive paste composition for internal electrode, multilayer ceramic capacitor, and fabrication method thereof: There are provided a conductive paste composition for an internal electrode, a multilayer ceramic capacitor having the same, and a fabrication method thereof. The conductive paste composition for an internal electrode includes a binder, a solvent, and metal powder for an internal electrode, including a nickel particle coated with a... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20130321980 - Multilayer ceramic capacitor and method for manufacturing multilayer ceramic capacitor: A multilayer ceramic capacitor includes a multilayer body including a plurality of laminated dielectric layers and a plurality of internal electrodes arranged along interfaces between the dielectric layers, and a plurality of external electrodes located on an outer surface of the multilayer body and electrically connected to the internal electrodes.... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20130321981 - Laminated chip electronic component, board for mounting the same, and packing unit thereof: A laminated chip electronic component includes: a ceramic body including internal electrodes and dielectric layers; first and second external electrodes formed to cover both end portions of the ceramic body in a length direction; an active layer in which the internal electrodes are disposed in an opposing manner, while having... Agent:

20130321982 - Electrodes and electric double layer capacitance devices comprising an activated carbon cryogel: The present application is directed to electric double layer capacitance (EDLC) devices. In one aspect, the present application is directed to an electrode comprising an activated carbon cryogel having a tunable pore structure wherein: the surface area is at least 1500 m2/g as determined by nitrogen sorption at 77K and... Agent: Energ2, Inc.

20130321983 - Nano-porous electrode for super capacitor and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention relates to a nano-porous electrode for a super capacitor and a manufacturing method thereof, and more specifically, to a nano-porous electrode for a super capacitor and a manufacturing method thereof wherein pores are formed on the surface or inside an electrode using an electrodeposition method accompanied by... Agent: Sungkyunkwan University Foundation For Corporate Collaboration

20130321984 - Porous capacitor: One object is to provide a porous capacitor having increased insulation reliability. In accordance with one aspect, the porous capacitor includes: a first conductor layer and a second conductor layer opposed to each other at a predetermined distance; a dielectric layer made of an oxidized valve metal and disposed between... Agent: Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

20130321986 - Notched lead tape for a solid electrolytic capacitor: A capacitor containing a solid electrolytic capacitor element including a sintered porous anode body and a relatively large width and/or thickness anode lead tape is provided. The tape is electrically connected to the anode body for connection to an anode termination. Further, the tape has a width that is at... Agent: Avx Corporation

20130321985 - Notched lead wire for a solid electrolytic capacitor: A capacitor containing a solid electrolytic capacitor element including a sintered porous anode body and a relatively large diameter anode lead wire is provided. The lead wire is electrically connected to the anode body for connection to an anode termination. Further, the lead wire has a diameter that is at... Agent: Avx Corporation

20130321989 - Base station: A base station, includes: an electronic unit; a housing, including a resin, configured to accommodate the electronic unit; a valve, provided in the housing and including a communication channel communicating an inside of the housing with an outside, configured to open the communication channel if an internal pressure of the... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20130321992 - Cover assembly and electronic device using the same: A cover assembly for covering a pivot of an electronic device is disclosed. The pivot connects a first component and a second component of the electronic device. The cover assembly is disposed at one side of the pivot, and the cover assembly includes a first covering element and a second... Agent: Asustek Computer Inc.

20130321993 - Electronic device and cover assembly: A cover assembly applied to an electronic device is disclosed. The electronic device includes a first component and a second component, and an opening is formed between the first component and the second component. The cover assembly includes a cover element, at least one first moving element, at least one... Agent: Asustek Computer Inc.

20130321994 - Electronic device and dock: The present disclosure provides an electronic device and a dock. The electronic device includes a first body, an insertion connector for connecting the first body, a second body connected to the insertion connector and physically connected/disconnected to/from the first body via the insertion connector by inserting the first body into... Agent:

20130321988 - Electronic device housing and method for manufacturing the same: An electronic device housing includes a plastic substrate. The plastic substrate includes a first surface. The electronic device housing further includes an activating layer formed on the first surface. The activating layer contains metal powder. The activating layer defines a recessed portion. Some of the metal powder is partially exposed... Agent:

20130321990 - Latching assembly and electronic device using the same: A latching assembly is used in an electronic device. The electronic device includes a first housing and a second housing. The latching assembly includes at least a pair of latching elements and at least a pair of locking elements corresponding to the latching elements. Each latching element includes a hook... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20130321991 - Optically clear adhesive film and electronic device using the same: An optically clear adhesive film which can be used when an electronic device is remanufactured or parts are reused, and an electronic device using the same are provided. The optically clear adhesive film includes: a UV blocking adhesive layer, and a UV curable adhesive layer which is located on one... Agent: Tms Co., Ltd.

20130321996 - Production method for a bezel for a display panel using mould casting, and bezel for a display panel produced thereby: Disclosed is a production method for a bezel for display panels, whereby unnecessary material costs are reduced, a three dimensional surface shape can easily be imparted and deformation can be minimized The production method for a bezel for display panels according to the present invention comprises the steps of: (a)... Agent: Lg Hausys, Ltd.

20130321987 - Sliding protective device for an electronic product: A sliding protective device for an electronic product having a first portion and a second portion is disclosed. The protective device comprises a top cover, a bottom cover, a fixing element, and a sliding element, wherein the fixing element is provided at an inner surface of one of the aforementioned... Agent:

20130321995 - Wireless sensor device: A wireless sensor device capable of constant operation without replacement of batteries. The wireless sensor device is equipped with a rechargeable battery and the battery is recharged wirelessly. Radio waves received at an antenna circuit are converted into electrical energy and stored in the battery. A sensor circuit operates with... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20130321998 - Protection cover for connector: A protection cover for a connector includes a non-conductive installing block. The installation block defines a number of positioning holes and a receiving slot. Some pins of the connector are inserted into the positioning holes, and other pins of the connector are received in the receiving slot.... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20130321997 - Server: A server includes a chassis, a switch cable received in the chassis, and a power cord located out of the chassis. Interfaces for connecting data lines are attached to a front plate of the chassis. A power interface is attached to a rear plate of the chassis. The switch cable... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry(shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20130322001 - Flexible hinge and removable attachment: Flexible hinge and removable attachment techniques are described. In one or more implementations, a flexible hinge is configured to communicatively and physically couple an input device to a computing device and may implement functionality such as a support layer and minimum bend radius. The input device may also include functionality... Agent:

20130322002 - Mobile computer workstation: A mobile computer workstation for use with a computer network is disclosed. The workstation can include a wheeled chassis having a vertical beam that supports a horizontal work surface. An input device tray is located at a front side of the work surface and a bracket located at a rear... Agent: Intermetro Industries Corporation

20130322003 - Soft cover for tablet pc: A support for an object is provided. The support may comprise a bottom part, a sidewall, and a plurality of fasteners. The plurality of sidewalls may be connected to the bottom part. The bottom part and the plurality of sidewalls may be made of essentially one piece of flat member.... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20130322004 - Hinge apparatus and computing apparatus having the same: A hinge apparatus connects a first member and a second member to each other so that the first and second members are mutually foldable, and is usable with a computing apparatus. The hinge apparatus includes first and second main gears which are disposed on the first and the second members,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20130322005 - Electronic device: An electronic device includes a main body, a cover, a pivot mechanism, a main circuit board received in the main body, and a sub-circuit board received in the cover. The pivot mechanism is conductive, the main circuit board comprises a grounded first conductive layer, the sub-circuit board comprise a grounded... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20130322006 - Computer enclosure and mounting assembly for data storage device of the same: A fixing assembly for mounting a data storage device includes a fixing piece mounted to a sidewall of a computer enclosure, and a casing for receiving the data storage device. The casing includes a top wall, a bottom wall, two end walls, and a rear wall. The casing defines an... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20130322007 - Data storage device assembly: A data storage device assembly includes a first data storage device, a second data storage device, a bracket, and a circuit board. The bracket includes a first clamping portion, a second clamping portion, and a connecting portion. The first clamping portion and the second clamping portion extend from the connecting... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20130322008 - Digital furniture piece: An article of digital furniture piece comprises a table and a computer disposed in an accommodating space of the table, the computer comprises a frame, and a power supply, a hard disk and a host are disposed thereon. The frame comprises a first frame body and a second frame body... Agent: Gigazone International Co., Ltd.

20130322009 - Hard disk cage and electronic device using the same: A hard disk cage for supporting a hard disk includes a frame, and a vibration-proof assembly attached on the peripheral wall of the frame. The vibration-proof assembly absorbs vibration induced by the hard disk and cuts off vibration transmitted by the frame. An electronic device using the hard disk cage... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20130322000 - Flexible hinge and removable attachment: Flexible hinge and removable attachment techniques are described. In one or more implementations, a flexible hinge is configured to communicatively and physically couple an input device to a computing device and may implement functionality such as a support layer and minimum bend radius. The input device may also include functionality... Agent:

20130321999 - Mouse structure: A mouse structure includes a housing defining an opening and accommodating space therein, a pair of track devices fixed onto the housing in the accommodating space, a sliding device slidably coupled with the pair of track devices. Each track device has a sliding channel, a first position portion, and at... Agent: Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20130322010 - Portable device and peripheral extension dock: An electronic device includes a housing, a connector port and a switching device. The connector port receives a peripheral device. The processor is electrically connected to the connector port and includes a detection pin and a 1-wire pin. The switching device is coupled between the connector port and the processor... Agent:

20130322011 - Docking station and portable apparatus: A docking station includes a docking body and a hinge structure. The docking body includes a casing having an articulated portion and an operation interface disposed at the casing. The hinge structure is connected with the docking body vertiginously and includes a hinge assembly and a pivot portion. The hinge... Agent: Pegatron Corporation

20130322012 - Scalable brain boards for data networking, processing and storage: Systems, methods and other means for improving rack based systems are discussed herein. Some embodiments may provide for a module for insertion in a rack based system. The module may include a brain board, a plurality of lobe components, a network switch, and a power lobe component. The plurality of... Agent:

20130322014 - Electronic device with receiving apparatus for portable device: An electronic device includes a chassis, a motherboard received in the chassis, a receiving portion installed in the chassis, a casing received in the receiving portion, and a printed circuit board (PCB) installed in the casing. Two openings are defined in two opposite ends of the receiving portion. One of... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20130322013 - Protective case for a tablet computer: Described is a protective case for a tablet computer providing a compartment for receiving and holding the tablet computer in a watertight environment. The protective case can further include a mounting adaptor attachable to a mounting apparatus for holding the protective case in a fixed or stationary position on a... Agent:

20130322015 - Latching module for housing of portable electronic device: A latching module for latching two housings together includes a rotary member, a compression spring, an elastic sheet, and a magnetic member. The rotary member is attached to one housing, and includes a first surface, a second surface opposite to the first surface, and a peripheral surface. The first surface... Agent: Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc.

20130322016 - Power management systems: Provided are a power management system and method. At least one frame module includes at least one bay and a plurality of first connectors at a rear portion of the at least one bay and at least one power conversion unit positioned in the at least one bay. The at... Agent:

20130322017 - Electric vehicle charging system with robustness features and universal port: An electric vehicle supply equipment may include a first cover element including a well portion to accommodate a first circuitry, wherein the first circuitry includes a chimney stack that couples to a venting hole. Also, the electric vehicle supply equipment may include a second cover element including a recess portion... Agent: Service Solutions U.s. LLC

20130322018 - Heat dissipating module and server cabinet using same: A heat dissipating module is mounted on a server cabinet with several servers and a door and includes a first fan module, a second fan module, a switch module, and a control module. The second fan module is mounted on the door and is aligned with a front end of... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20130322019 - Heat-sink device intended for at least one electronic component and corresponding method: The present invention relates to a heat-sink device intended for at least one electronic component (12), including: heat-sink means; a substrate (11) for the at least one electronic component (12), said substrate covering the heat-sink means; and thermal coupling means provided between the substrate and the heat-sink means and made... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20130322020 - Electronic device and protective element therefor for use in explosion endangered areas: An electronic device for use in explosion endangered areas, comprising a superordinated electronic unit, a plurality of electronic components connected to the superordinated unit and supplied with energy by the superordinated unit, and a protective element installed in a number of connection lines for connecting respective ones of the components... Agent: Endress +hauser Fmbh + Co. Kg

20130322021 - Electrical device: An electrical device has a housing that includes a main body and a lid both of which are electrically conductive. The lid is fastened to a top surface of a sidewall of the main body so as to cover the main body. On at least one of a bottom surface... Agent:

20130322022 - Heat-dissipating apparatus: The present disclosure provides a heat-dissipating apparatus for printed circuit board. The heat-dissipating apparatus adopts a ceramic device arranged between the printed circuit board and ground. Therefore, the apparatus can achieve the purpose of heat dissipation and save space of the printed circuit board and save cost of using a... Agent:

20130322023 - Integrated circuit packaging system with heatsink cap and method of manufacture thereof: A method of manufacture of an integrated circuit packaging system includes: providing a substrate; attaching an integrated circuit to the substrate; molding an encapsulation directly on the integrated circuit and the substrate; forming a trench in the encapsulation having a trench bottom surface and surrounding the integrated circuit; and mounting... Agent:

20130322024 - Cooling an electronic device: The invention relates to the cooling of the item of electronic equipment comprising an electronic compartment formed from a housing and at least one electronic board assembled in the housing. The board is intended to be assembled in a removable manner in the housing by a movement of translation along... Agent: Thales

20130322026 - Electronic device: An electronic device of the invention includes a base and a touch-vibration module. The base has an opening. The touch-vibration module includes a supporting bracket, a mass balancing element, a vibrating unit and a touch unit. The supporting bracket is connected to the base at the opening of the base.... Agent: Compal Electronics, Inc.

20130322025 - Semiconductor module and method for manufacturing the same: A semiconductor module according to one embodiment includes a semiconductor chip, a wiring substrate, a mounting plate provided with the wiring substrate thereon, a frame body defining a case for the wiring substrate, together with the mounting plate, a bus bar extending from the case and being inserted into a... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20130322027 - Electronic device and memory assembly: s

20130322028 - Electronic device with display panel: An electronic device includes a housing and a functional module received in the housing. The housing includes a bottom wall, two sidewalls extending from opposite sides of the bottom wall, and two connecting walls. Each of the connecting walls extends from an edge of each sidewall away from the bottom... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20130322029 - Multilayer electronic structure with integral faraday shielding: A multilayer electronic support structure including at least one metallic component encapsulated in a dielectric material, and comprising at least one faraday barrier to shield the at least one metallic component from interference from external electromagnetic fields and to prevent electromagnetic emission from the metallic component.... Agent:

20130322030 - Printed circuit board: A printed circuit board includes a power supply, a plurality of loads, a copper sheet, and a plurality of metal sheets mounted onto the copper sheet. The copper sheet is electronically connected between the power supply and the loads. The power supply outputs a plurality of currents to the loads... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20130322033 - Display device: A display device in the present invention includes a display panel which is provided with a display screen, a T-substrate which is arranged in a predetermined range narrower than the display panel at the back side of the display panel, first flexible printed circuit substrates which extend downward from the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130322031 - Flexible printed circuit connector: A flexible printed circuit connector structure and assembly method. A panel with a back side that is parallel to a first plane and a flexible printed circuit backer that has a base and a backing structure. The base is attached to the back side of the panel. The backing structure... Agent: Research In Motion Corporation

20130322034 - Method of manufacturing a surface mounted device and corresponding surface mounted device: The inventions relates to a method of manufacturing a flexible surface mounted device, the method including bonding a main face of a conductive layer to an insulating layer; linking electrically and mechanically at least one electronic surface mounted component to the conductive layer; wherein the insulating layer is punched to... Agent: Linxens Holding

20130322032 - Mounting structure for electronic component, input device, and method of manufacturing mounting structure: An input device includes a flexible base, a sensor member that is provided on the surface of the flexible base and can detect the operation position of a finger, connection portions that are provided on a back of the flexible base, a printed circuit board of which an area is... Agent:

20130322036 - Element housing package, component for semiconductor device, and semiconductor device: An element housing package includes a base body having a rectangular shape, having a mounting region for mounting a semiconductor element, a frame body disposed so as to surround the mounting region, a connection conductor disposed from the upper surface to a lower surface of the base body, a circuit... Agent:

20130322035 - Etched multi-layer sheets: A method includes creating an opening in a first outer layer of a multilayer sheet of material, the sheet of material having three or more layers of material, including the first outer layer and a second outer layer. A selective etchant is introduced through the opening, where the etchant selectively... Agent:

20130322038 - Portable wireless device: An antenna includes two elements having an antenna element which resonates by a frequency f1 and a ground wire element which resonates by a frequency f2 higher than the frequency f1. The antenna element is directed so that an antenna radiation part is located to be substantially parallel to a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20130322037 - Spring loaded lid: A method and apparatus for loading IC's into a socket lid is disclosed. The IC is first loaded into a lid. Once the IC has been loaded into the lid, the lid is rotated into a closed position on the frame. The lid is then locked in place on the... Agent:

20130322039 - Cap for a microelectromechanical system device with electromagnetic shielding, and method of manufacture: A cap for a microelectromechanical system device includes a first layer of, e.g., Bismaleimide Triazine (BT) resin material in which a through-aperture is formed, laminated to a second layer of BT resin material that closes the aperture in the first layer, forming a cavity. The first and second layers are... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Pte Ltd.

20130322040 - Electronic circuit module: An electronic circuit module includes a circuit board on which electronic components are mounted, and a metal cover covering the circuit board. The metal cover includes a top plate disposed so as to face the circuit board, side plates, and mounting legs. The circuit board has lands to which the... Agent:

20130322041 - Printed circuit board assembly and solder validation method: A solder validation method for a printed circuit board (PCB) having a pin hole extending through the PCB, an electrically conductive trace on a surface of the PCB, and an electrically conductive pin inserted through the pin hole includes the following. An electrically non-conductive portion is provided on the surface... Agent: Lear Corporation

20130322043 - Explosion-proof electronic device and manufacturing method thereof: An explosion-proof electronic device includes: a first circuit board provided with a first connector on one surface thereof; and a second circuit board provided with a second connector on a surface facing the one surface of the first circuit board, the second connector being fit to the first connector. A... Agent:

20130322042 - Touch panel: Disclosed is a touch panel. The touch panel includes a substrate including a view area and a dead area; a bridge electrode on the view area of the substrate; a print part on the dead area of the substrate; a wire electrode formed on the printed part to make direct... Agent:

20130322044 - Din-rail mount type device: This disclosure discloses a DIN-rail mount type device. The DIN-rail mount type device includes a housing, a rail groove provided along a width direction of the housing on a face of the housing and being capable of fitting with the DIN rail, a slider groove provided along a width direction... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20130322045 - Connection pin and a method for mounting a connection pin in a component carrier for an electronic assembly, and such a component carrier comprising connection pins: A connection pin for mounting in a through-hole of a component carrier, comprising an anchoring part adapted for insertion into said through-hole with a non press fit, a contact part adapted to extend outside said through-hole, and a flange part adapted to abut against said component carrier and located between... Agent:

20130322046 - Method of manufacturing electronic device and electronic device: A method of manufacturing an electronic device, the method includes: preparing a first lead frame having a first lead, the first lead having a first portion located in a first region; electrically connecting the first lead and a first electronic part; bending the first lead such that the first portion... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20130322047 - Emi shielding device and manufacturing method thereof: An electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding device and manufacturing method thereof are provided. The EMI shielding device includes at least one ferrite material outer layer, a first and a second electrodes within the ferrite material outer layer, and a positive temperature coefficient resistor (PTCR) core layer sandwiched between the first and... Agent:

20130322048 - Fixing mechanism and electronic device using the same: An electronic device includes a housing, an electromagnetic shield and a fixing mechanism for securing the electromagnetic shield to the housing. The fixing mechanism includes a first fixing component. The first fixing component includes a first post and two first fixing elements. Free ends of the two first fixing elements... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20130322049 - Terminal block: A male connector (10) comprises: a male-side inner housing (30) which holds a plurality of male terminals (20) so as to expose circular portions (22) of the male terminals (20); and a partition member (40) which includes a rib (41) dividing the circular portions (22) of the plurality of the... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20130322050 - Modular circuit breaker, kit, and methods of manufacture and assembly: Circuit protection products such as a circuit breaker include housings configured for modular assembly with selected ones of a plurality of separately provided and differently configured terminal studs. The nonconductive housing includes at least one aperture, and each of the plurality of differently configured terminal studs includes a common universal... Agent:

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