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Optics: measuring and testing December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/13

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12/26/2013 > 31 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130342822 - Laser radar device: A laser radar device mounted on a vehicle includes a first laser emission part configured to generate a measuring laser beam by using a laser beam emitted from a laser source and to illuminate a predetermined area in a front traveling direction and a second laser emission part configured to... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20130342823 - Marking or scanning apparatus with a measuring device for measuring the speed of an object and a method of measuring the speed of an object with such a marking or scanning apparatus: Apparatus for marking and/or scanning (m/s) an object comprising a m/s head (20) having a plurality of receiving spaces (24) for m/s devices (40), a driving mechanism for moving the object, a measuring device (50) for measuring the object speed comprising a transmitter having a transmitting fibre (56) for transmitting... Agent:

20130342825 - Diode laser based broad band light sources for wafer inspection tools: Disclosed are methods and apparatus for performing inspection or metrology of a semiconductor device. The apparatus includes a plurality of laser diode arrays that are configurable to provide an incident beam having different wavelength ranges. The apparatus also includes optics for directing the incident beam towards the sample, a detector... Agent:

20130342826 - Method and apparatus for analyzing subsurfaces of a target material: A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a method for aligning first and second light signals on an optical path directed to a target, where the first light signal provides a visualization of the target, and a portion of the second light signal reflects... Agent: Welch Allyn, Inc.

20130342824 - System and method for improved visual detection of protective coatings: The present disclosure provides a system and method for providing an improved protective coating for a substrate that may be inspected using the unaided eye or other apparatus under available light. The protective coating is mixed with an additive comprising flakes or particles that, when applied to the substrate as... Agent: The Boeing Company

20130342827 - Linear stage and metrology architecture for reflective electron beam lithography: A stage metrology suitable for REBL includes an interferometer stage metrology system configured to measure the position and rotation of a short-stroke wafer scanning stage, wherein the interferometer metrology system includes two or more interferometers for each axis of measurement, wherein a first interferometer mirror is disposed on a first... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20130342828 - Aircraft shock strut having a fluid level monitor: A system for monitoring a liquid level in an aircraft shock strut includes a cylinder having an internal chamber sealed by a piston telescopically movable within the cylinder. The chamber contains a gas and a liquid, and a sensor assembly is provided for monitoring a condition of a level of... Agent: Goodrich Corporation

20130342829 - Parallelism measuring system and method thereof: Provided is a parallelism measuring system and a method thereof, wherein the system includes a measured module, which includes a measured unit; a reference unit; and an optical measuring unit including an optical measuring module and a shift module. A lower surface of the measured unit is a measured surface... Agent:

20130342830 - Wheel toe and camber measurement system: A method for measuring wheel alignment of a test wheel rotating about a z-axis using at least one camera and a processor includes obtaining a calibration point from a calibration image of a zero-offset wheel that is the same size as the test wheel and that rotates about the z-axis,... Agent:

20130342831 - Device-like scatterometry overlay targets: In one embodiment, a semiconductor target for detecting overlay error between two or more successive layers of a substrate or between two or more separately generated patterns on a single layer of a substrate is disclosed. The target comprises at least a plurality of a plurality of first grating structures... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20130342832 - Laser crystal degradation compensation: Method and system for laser crystal degradation compensation are disclosed. The method includes: defining a plurality of sites on a frequency converting crystal; determining a degradation rate associated with each of the plurality of sites; determining an amount of time T wherein a site is continuously operable within a tolerated... Agent:

20130342833 - System with polarized scattered light: An optical collection and detection system for use in a surface inspection system for inspecting a surface of a workpiece. The surface inspection system has an incident beam projected through a back quartersphere and toward a desired location on the surface, which is a scanned spot having a known scanned... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20130342834 - Confocal laser scanning microscope and a method for examining a sample: A confocal laser scanning microscope for examining a sample has a light source, which generates an illumination light beam, and a scanning unit which deflects the illumination light beam such that it optically scans the sample. A main beam splitter separates the illumination light beam from detection light emerging from... Agent: Leica Microsystems Cms Gmbh

20130342835 - Time resolved laser raman spectroscopy using a single photon avalanche diode array: A Raman spectrometer that employs a time-gated single photon avalanche diode array as a sensor is described. The spectrometer can also perform fluorescence spectroscopy and laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS). A laser is used to provide an excitation signal to excite a specimen of interest. A spectrometer is used to... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20130342836 - Comb-based spectroscopy with synchronous sampling for real-time averaging: A method of comb-based spectroscopy for measuring a CW source at time-bandwidth limited resolution by using frequency combs with a high degree of mutual coherence (<1 radian phase noise).... Agent: The National Institute Of Standards And Technology, Government Of The United States Of

20130342837 - Method and flow cell for characterizing particles by means of non-gaussian temporal signals: The present disclosure relates to the field characterization of particles in a sample solution. More specifically, the present disclosure relates to a flow cell and a method for characterizing particles by means of collected non-Gaussian temporal signals. The present flow cell and method rely on an excitation fiber with a... Agent: Handyem Inc.

20130342838 - Optical particle detecting device and particle detecting method: An optical particle detecting device including a light source that emits an inspection light, a converting unit that converts the inspection light into collimated light, a focusing reflecting mirror that reflects toward a focal point the inspection light that has been converted into collimated light, a jet mechanism that causes... Agent:

20130342839 - Optical detection system: The present invention provides an optical detection system in which a first mirror of the control unit is used to receive light beam and redirect it into a first one-dimensional off-axis parabolic mirror. The first one-dimensional off-axis parabolic mirror then directs the light beam to a cylindrical lens. Through the... Agent: National Yang-ming University

20130342840 - Optoelectronic sensor element: The invention relates to an optoelectronic sensor element (20) having at least one reception element (22, 22a, 22b, 22c, 22d) in front of which a polarizing structure (24, 24a, 24b, 24c, 24d) is arranged which is manufactured from an electrically conductive material, with the polarizing structure (24, 24a, 24b, 24c,... Agent: Sick Stegmann Gmbh

20130342841 - Moving platform orientation tracking system: An orientation tracking system for a moving platform includes a transmitter which generates an beam having a known polarization with respect to a predefined coordinate system. The moving platform includes an ellipsometric detector capable of detecting the polarized beam when within the line-of-sight of the transmitter, and measuring its polarization... Agent: Teledyne Scientific & Imaging, LLC

20130342842 - Method for monitoring alignment between contact holes and polycrystalline silicon gate: The present invention is related to the semiconductor manufacturing field, especially a method for monitoring alignment between contact holes and polycrystalline silicon gate by setting a plurality of equidistant contact holes with same sharp on poly-silicon and residual active area, and then obtain the process alignment profile of the quantized... Agent: Shangai Huali Microelectronics Corporation

20130342843 - Reflection shadow mask alignment using coded apertures: In a shadow mask-substrate alignment method, a light source, a beam splitter, a first substrate including a first grate, a second substrate including a second grate, and a light receiver are positioned relative to each other to define a light path that includes light output by the light source being... Agent: Advantech Global, Ltd

20130342844 - Sensor for early detection of problems in algae cultures and related system and method: A method includes measuring intensities of light passing through a sample of an algae culture at different wavelengths. The method also includes identifying, using the measured intensities, a peak absorption wavelength of at least one type of chlorophyll in the sample and/or an absorption ratio involving multiple types of chlorophyll... Agent: Honeywell Asca Inc.

20130342845 - Method of multispectral decomposition for the removal of out-of-band effects: A method of multispectral decomposition for the removal of out-of-band effects. A band of a multispectral radiance is measured using at least one optical filter, upon scanning a plurality of original radiances. A spectral range of an integral is partitioned between a maximum cut-off wavelength of the band and a... Agent:

20130342846 - Device and method for ultrasonic nondestructive testing using a laser: Device and method for the nondestructive testing of a part made of a composite material reinforced with fibers, the device including: a) an energizing laser beam generator and elements for producing a photoelastic stress pattern of the surface of the part, in an energizing area, using the laser beam; b)... Agent: European Aeronautic Defense And Space Company Eads France

20130342847 - Optical coherence tomographic detection of organisms: A method is disclosed of detecting the presence of an organism in a medium. In some embodiments, the method includes: obtaining a series of optical coherence tomography measurements of a region of the medium; processing the series of optical coherence tomography measurements to determine information indicative of translational and rotational... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20130342848 - System and method for optical coherence tomography: In order to obtain OCT images in the simplest way possible and with the highest possible resolution and image quality, the light source (20) comprises a radiation source (21) for generating spatially incoherent light, and an optical filter (22) with a bell-shaped or Gaussian-shaped spectral filter characteristic for filtering the... Agent: Agfa Healthcare Nv

20130342849 - Shape measurement device and shape measurement method: The shape measurement device 1 comprises a light source 11, a measuring beam illumination system 13, a reference comb light separator 14, an optical multiplexer 15 and photodetector 16. The reference comb light separator 14 enters with a broadband light, and it separates in a reference comb light with broadband... Agent: National University Corporation Nagaoka University Of Technology

20130342851 - Method for gathering information relating to at least one object arranged on a patient positioning device in a medical imaging device and a medical imaging device for carrying out the method: e

20130342850 - Workpiece engagement checking apparatus: An apparatus and method for measuring the engagement state of two mating work pieces, such as two parts of an electrical connector, includes a 2D scanning profile laser sensor. The laser sensor is located in a measurement position relative to the work pieces being scanned. The laser generates a two... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20130342852 - Optical measuring device: Provided is an optical measuring device capable of easily improving accuracy in measurement of a measurement object. Light is projected from a light projecting unit into a measurement space. Light passing through the measurement space is directed toward a first image sensor through a first optical system, and directed toward... Agent:

12/19/2013 > 28 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130335724 - Continuous range finder: Method and system for obtaining continuous range measurements to a target aimed at by using a laser range finder, and where this is independent of whether a laser beam in the laser range finder is reflected off the target at all time.... Agent: Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace As

20130335726 - Distance-measuring device with increased signal-to-noise ratio and method thereof: A method of increasing signal-to-noise ratio of a distance-measuring device includes a light-emitting component emitting a detecting light to a measured object during an emitting period for generating a reflected light, a delay period after the light-emitting component emitting the detecting light, a light-sensing component sensing the energy of the... Agent: Pixart Imaging Inc.

20130335725 - Color sensor insensitive to distance variations: A system for calibrating a color sensing pixel based upon the distance between the color sensing pixel and an object. The distance is determined by measuring the phase shift of electromagnetic radiation as reflected from the surface of the object compared with the wave profile of the electromagnetic radiation incident... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20130335727 - System and method for post-tensioned tendon monitoring: A system and method for post-tensioned tendon monitoring includes at least one optical sensor arranged in monitoring proximity to a post-tensioned tendon, a test instrument in communication with the optical sensor, and a processor capable of managing operation of the test instrument, a storage device and a display. The system... Agent: Electric Power Research Institute, Inc.

20130335729 - Diagnostic methods for osteoporosis: Methods of diagnosing bone disease such as osteoporosis are provided. The methods comprise detecting changes in the physical or chemical structure of a keratinized tissue as correlates of disease. The methods include detecting changes in the hardness, modulus, or level of sulfur bonding, particularly the level of disulfide bonding, in... Agent: Crescent Diagnostics (ireland) Limited

20130335728 - System and method for monitoring unsaturated zone gas and near-surface atmosphere in real time by using isotope analyzer: Disclosed are a system and a method for monitoring unsaturated zone gas and near-surface atmosphere in real time by using an isotope analyzer. The system includes a near-surface atmosphere analyzer including a fixing member, a plurality of near-surface gas inlets, a plurality of gas transfer members communicating with the near-surface... Agent:

20130335730 - Drift compensated optical current and voltage sensors with an electric reference channel: An electric reference signal channel is added to the main signal in a hybrid optical current sensor or voltage sensor. This reference signal has a frequency that is outside the main signal's frequency band. A summing integrator of a summing amplifier combines the reference signal with the main signal, and... Agent:

20130335732 - Method of authenticating a polymer film: A method of authenticating a polymer film comprises measuring the thickness of a layer therein by white light interferometry and/or measuring the birefringence of a layer therein. The method, and devices to carry out the method, may be used in security applications, for example to test for counterfeit bank notes.... Agent: Innovia Films Sarl

20130335731 - System and method for analyzing water samples in a water processing facility: A system and method for isolating and analyzing a water sample in a water processing facility are disclosed. The system uses a chamber for receiving and isolating the water sample from the main water treatment process. An optical detector views and characterizes the particles in a region of the chamber.... Agent:

20130335733 - System with multiple scattered light collectors: A method for inspecting a surface of a workpiece for asymmetric defects, by scanning an incident beam on the surface of the workpiece to impinge thereon to create reflected light extending along a light channel axis in a front quartersphere and scattered light, the incident beam and the light channel... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20130335734 - Gas cell for the optical analysis of gases: A measuring cell for a gas analysis spectrometer has an inner chamber (23) for a sample gas to be analyzed and an inlet (21) and an outlet (22) which are connected thereto. A traversing optical path for a measuring beam (14) is formed in the inner chamber (23). The measuring... Agent: Bruker Optik Gmbh

20130335735 - Method and system for optical spectroscopy: Two dimensional (2D) optical spectroscopy, wherein the spectrum has an excitation and an emission axis, reveals information formerly hidden in one-dimensional (1D) optical spectroscopy. However, current two dimensional optical spectroscopy systems are complex laboratory arrangements and accordingly limited in deployment. According to embodiments of the invention a monolithic platform providing... Agent:

20130335737 - Electrically-augmented damping: Provided herein are devices, systems, and methods for electrically-augmented damping of an actuator and associated devices. In particular, electrically-augmented damping derived from measurement of voltage across an actuator and current flowing through an actuator is provided.... Agent: Smiths Detection Inc.

20130335736 - Optical surface scanning systems and methods: An optical scanning system may include a moving sample positioning stage that supports the sample during an optical measurement of the sample using the light source and the spectrometer. The moving sample positioning stage may move the sample in at least one direction during the optical measurement of the sample.... Agent:

20130335738 - Integrated objective grating camera system for spectroscopy: A system for a fix-positioned camera with an internal diffraction grating for classroom and retail applications that is simple to use and inexpensive, as described in this disclosure. The fix-positioned camera system with an internal diffraction grating having a front cover, a rear cover connected to the front cover, a... Agent:

20130335739 - Measuring device for measuring particulate matter concentrations using scattered light and method for monitoring the measuring device: A measuring unit for measuring a particulate concentration in exhaust gases using scattered light includes a measuring chamber, at least one light source and at least one light sensor, the measuring chamber being situated in the optical path of the light source; and the light sensor records the light scattered... Agent:

20130335740 - Optical characteristic measurement device and optical characteristic measurement method: A linearly polarized light reaches a sample S through a polarizer and receives a retardation from the sample S. Then, the light reaches a movable mirror unit and a fixed mirror unit of a phase shifter through a first polarizing plate and a second polarizing plate. Then, the reflected measurement... Agent: National University Corporation Kagawa University

20130335741 - Polarization based interferometric detector: A sensor and method for determining the optical properties of a sample material is disclosed. The sensor comprises a light source that generates a linearly polarized light beam having a predetermined polarization orientation with respect to the plane of incidence. The linearly polarized light beam is reflected off the sample... Agent:

20130335742 - Spectral sensitive solid-state photodetector: A method for detecting photons includes subjecting a photodiode formed in a semi-conductive material, to a bias voltage such that an avalanche phenomenon can appear when a photon enters the photodiode in an avalanche layer extending into the semi-conductive material down to minimum and maximum depths so that it can... Agent: Universite D' Aix-marseille

20130335743 - Inspection device for glass substrate cassette: The present invention provides an inspection device for glass substrate cassette. Glass substrate cassette is disposed vertically with a plurality of support surfaces for supporting glass substrate. The inspection device includes a plurality of inspection units, vertically disposed and corresponding to the plurality of support surfaces to perform inspection simultaneously... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

20130335744 - Method for determining the doping profile of a partially activated doped semiconductor region: A method is disclosed for determining the inactive doping concentration of a semiconductor region using a PMOR method. In one aspect, the method includes providing two semiconductor regions having substantially the same known as-implanted concentration but known varying junction depths. The method includes determining on one of these semiconductor regions... Agent: Imec

20130335745 - Property measurement system for metal material: A property measurement system for a metal material includes: a laser oscillator that emits a pulse laser beam; a lens array that has small lenses with a same shape, the small lenses being laid in a matrix on a plane perpendicular to an optical axis of the pulse laser beam,... Agent: Toshiba Mitsubishi-electric Industrial Systems Corporation

20130335746 - Device for distance measurement: A device for interferential distance measurement that includes a measurement reflector having a surface and a light source emitting a beam parallel to the surface. The device includes a splitter element including a splitter grating that is disposed perpendicular to the surface, wherein the splitter grating receives the beam and... Agent:

20130335747 - Method and apparatus for determining a property of a surface: Method of determining a property of a sample from a correlogram obtainable by scanning of a surface of the sample through a focal plane of an objective using broad-band interferometry is provided. The correlogram may be displaying interference radiation intensity as a function of the scanning distance from the surface.... Agent:

20130335748 - Fabry-perot interferometer: A Fabry-Perot interferometer includes an input mirror and an output mirror arranged facing the input mirror via a gap. Each mirror includes a pair of high-refractive layers and a space layer arranged selectively between the high-refractive layers. At least one of an input-side bridge part and an output-side bridge part... Agent:

20130335749 - Measurement assembly including a metrology system and a pointer that directs the metrology system: A measurement assembly (12) for measuring a feature (14A) on a surface (16) includes a metrology system (18), a mover assembly (19), a pointer (22), and a control system (24). The metrology system (18) generates a measurement beam (26), and the mover assembly (19) selectively adjusts the direction of the... Agent:

20130335750 - Position-measuring device: A position-measuring device is used to detect the relative position of two machine components that are disposed in a manner allowing movement relative to each other at least along a first and a second main direction of motion in a displacement plane. The device includes at least one measuring standard,... Agent:

20130335751 - Range measurement apparatus and range measurement method: A region projected with pattern light in an image sensed by an image sensing unit which senses an image of a target object projected with pattern light is specified. Geometric features of the target object are searched for from a region other than the region projected with the pattern light... Agent:

12/12/2013 > 24 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130329211 - Target-correlated electronic rangefinder: A viewing device includes a laser rangefinder circuit configured to capture range data associated with a target within a view area and at least one sensor configured to capture orientation data associated with an aim-point of the laser rangefinder circuit concurrently with capturing the range data. The viewing device further... Agent: Trackingpoint, Inc.

20130329212 - Imaging system: An imaging system may be collect information related to a specific gemstone such that a user may later access those images in a manner that allows the user to emulate a microscope. The illustrative embodiment of the imaging system may allow a subject gemstone to be rotated by 360 degrees... Agent: Gemvision Corporation, L.L.C.

20130329213 - Method for measuring light intensity distribution: A method for measuring intensity distribution of light includes a step of providing a carbon nanotube array located on a surface of a substrate. The carbon nanotube array has a top surface away from the substrate. The carbon nanotube array with the substrate is located in an inertia environment or... Agent:

20130329214 - Application of spectral linewidth variation using optical filter: The spectral linewidth variation of the light signal passing through the optical filter is employed to determine or evaluate the property of the analyte sample. By way of the optical filter, the light signal passing through the optical filter is affected by the analyte sample placed in the optical filter... Agent: National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology

20130329216 - Methods and kits for detection of drugs: The present invention discloses a method for determining the presence of a drug or drug mixture in a liquid medium such as a beverage.... Agent: Ramot At Tel-aviv University Ltd.

20130329215 - Nanothin polymer films with selective pores and method of use thereof: One aspect of the invention provides a nanothin polymer film having a plurality of pores defined solely by polymers of the polymer film. The pores have a uniform size. Another aspect of the invention provides a method of using a polymer film capsule with pores defined solely by the film... Agent: University Of Memphis Research Foundation

20130329217 - Laser system for aligning a bed transport mechanism in an imaging system: A system for aligning a bed of an imaging system with an imaging plane. The system includes a laser device which generates a laser beam and a target element having a target detecting surface. The system also includes a reflective element which receives the laser beam. The reflective element includes... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20130329218 - Geodetic target and position determination system: s

20130329219 - Light measurement system: A light measurement system measures light characteristics of a plurality of light sources and includes a processing unit, a plurality of capturing modules, a plurality of signal conversion units, and a demultiplexing unit. The processing unit generates a control signal for controlling the capturing modules to capture the light characteristics... Agent: Askey Computer Corp.

20130329220 - System for measuring light intensity distribution: A system for measuring intensity distribution of light includes a carbon nanotube array and an imaging element. The carbon nanotube array is placed in an environment of inert gas or a vacuum environment. The carbon nanotube array absorbs photons of a light source and radiates radiation light. The imaging element... Agent:

20130329222 - Inspecting apparatus and method for manufacturing semiconductor device: There is provide an inspection apparatus configured to detect a change in shape of a pattern in the depth direction o the pattern, the apparatus including: an illumination section 20 which illuminates a wafer 5 having a periodic pattern with an illumination light having transmittance with respect to the wafer... Agent:

20130329221 - Wafer screening device and methods for wafer screening: Wafer breakage is a serious problem in the photovoltaic industry because a large fraction of wafers (between 5 and 10%) break during solar cell/module fabrication. The major cause of this excessive wafer breakage is that these wafers have residual microcracks—microcracks that were not completely etched. Additional propensity for breakage is... Agent: Alliance For Sustainable Energy, LLC

20130329223 - Optical sensor holder for tracking location of sunlight: A holder having light sensor for tracking location of sunlight is disclosed. The light sensor holder includes a holder 100 in which a first light sensor 401 is set, a first light guide section 141 including a light inputting hole 151 adjacent to a wall 300 at one side 111... Agent: Tm Tech Co., Ltd.

20130329224 - Optical measurement apparatus and probe apparatus: An optical measurement apparatus that measures an optical property of a scattering medium includes a light source that supplies illumination light having at least one spectral component, an illumination fiber for guiding the light supplied by the light source and emitting the light to the scattering medium, a detection fiber... Agent:

20130329225 - Spectral module and method for manufacturing spectral module: The present invention provides a highly reliable spectral module. When light L1 proceeding to a spectroscopic unit (4) passes through a light transmitting hole (50) in the spectral module (1) in accordance with the present invention, only the light having passed through a light entrance side unit (51) formed such... Agent: Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

20130329227 - Optical inspection method and optical inspection apparatus: An optical inspection apparatus is provided which suppresses the influence of quantum noise including: light irradiator which irradiates a sample with light; reference light emitter which emits reference light; light interference unit which generates interfering light through interference between transmitted light, scattered light, or reflected light from the sample irradiated... Agent:

20130329226 - System with diffused illumination for tomographic imaging: The present invention provides an apparatus for tomographic imaging of an object. The apparatus includes a light unit configured to generate illumination, which comprises coherent light and has random phase distribution in a plane perpendicular to an optical axis, for illuminating an object, a coupler which combines a reference beam... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20130329228 - Phase-locked delay device including an optical wedge pair: A phase-locked delay device, including: an input port configured to receive an input electromagnetic radiation pulse; said input pulse being to be propagated along a propagation direction and having a first linear polarization different from both a first direction, which is orthogonal to the propagation direction, and a second direction,... Agent: Politecnico Di Milano

20130329229 - Laser gyro comprising a device for protecting from corrosion: The invention relates to a laser gyro that comprises an optical block comprising a glass-ceramic first material comprising apertures, electrodes placed in the apertures of the optical block, and seals) ensuring the hermeticity of the optical block in the location of the apertures. The seal comprises indium of a first... Agent:

20130329230 - Optical sensing devices and methods for detecting samples using the same: An optical sensing device including a source unit configured to generate a polychromatic light beam containing p-polarized beam and s-polarized beam; an interferometric unit configured to introduce birefringent retardation for generating optical path difference between the p-polarized beam and the s-polarized beam; a SPR sensing unit configured to receive both... Agent: The Chinese University Of Hong Kong

20130329231 - Tracking type laser interferometer for objects with rotational degrees of freedom: A laser interferometer and a method for operating a laser interferometer perform a differential position measurement by laser interferometry of two elements while offering a rotational degree of freedom to one of the elements using a reflecting sphere as a mirror for the laser beam. The laser interferometer and method... Agent: Paul Scherrer Institut

20130329232 - Micromechanical tunable fabry-perot interferometer arrangement and a method for producing the same: The invention relates to controllable Fabry-Perot interferometers which are produced with micromechanical (MEMS) technology. The prior art interferometers have a temperature drift which causes inaccuracy and requirement for complicated packaging. According to the invention the interferometer arrangement has both an electrically tuneable interferometer and a reference interferometer on the same... Agent:

20130329233 - System, method, and device for determining a focal position of an objective in a microscopy imaging system: A system and method of determining a focal position for an objective positioned at a measurement location of a sample holder in a microscopy imaging system are provided. The objective is moved to a position relative to the sample holder that corresponds to a distance between the objective and the... Agent: Molecular Devices, LLC

20130329234 - Spatial information detection device: The spatial information detection device emits, to a space including an intended area, signal light defined as light modulated with a modulation signal defined as a square wave signal having high and low level periods appearing alternately, each of the periods having its length randomly selected from integral multiples of... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

12/05/2013 > 37 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130321790 - Three dimensional surface mapping system using optical flow: A method and system for 3D surface mapping system using a plurality of image sensors, each image sensor associated with an optical flow processor, each image sensor sharing a substantially coaxial optical path from the scene to a beam splitter and having substantially non-coaxial optical paths between the beam splitter... Agent:

20130321791 - Multiple channel locating: Methods, systems, and apparatuses are provided for estimating a location on an object in a three-dimensional scene. Multiple radiation patterns are produced by spatially modulating each of multiple first radiations with a distinct combination of one or more modulating structures, each first radiation having at least one of a distinct... Agent: Chiaro Technologies LLC

20130321792 - Universal tool for automated gem and mineral identification and measurement: A tool employs Raman spectroscopy, optical imaging, physical measurements, smart software applications, and custom databases for automated on-site gem and mineral identification, measurement, and authenticity verification. Operators with no technical expertise can perform on-site, fast, nondestructive gem and mineral characterization. A custom smart application for data handling and processing enables... Agent:

20130321793 - Sample analysis: An analyzer for analyzing a composition of a sample, and methods of operating an analyzer. The analyzer may include an optical illuminator and a Raman spectrometer to produce Raman spectral data representative of Raman radiation emitted from the sample in response to the illuminating light. Features to reduce background fluorescence... Agent:

20130321794 - Total luminous flux measurement system and total luminous flux measuring method: The present invention relates to a total luminous flux measurement system and a method thereof for measuring a total luminous flux of a light emitting component. The total luminous flux measurement system includes a light receiving module, a first light detector and a processing module. The light receiving module is... Agent: Chroma Ate Inc.

20130321795 - Defect tester: A defect tester for detecting a defect in an article in a machine arrangement includes a starwheel having one or more pockets configured to hold respective one or more articles. The defect tester further includes one or more disks. Each of the one or more disks has one or more... Agent: Belvac Production Machinery, Inc.

20130321796 - Inspection device: The invention relates to a device for inspecting contact-sensitive planar materials or workpieces, e.g. wafers for the semiconductor industry, solar cells, glasses, FPD substrates, or biologically active substrates for biosensors, as well as materials having contact-sensitive curved surfaces. Said inspection device comprises a support element (1) for supporting a material... Agent: Zimmermann & Schilp Handhabungstechnik Gmbh

20130321798 - Defect inspection method, low light detecting method and low light detector: A defect inspection method includes an illumination light adjustment step of adjusting light emitted from a light source, an illumination intensity distribution control step of forming light flux obtained in the illumination light adjustment step into desired illumination intensity distribution, a sample scanning step of displacing a sample in a... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20130321797 - Super resolution inspection system: The disclosure is directed to a system and method for inspecting a sample by illuminating the sample at a plurality of different angles and independently processing the resulting image streams. Illumination is directed through a plurality of pupil apertures to a plurality of respective field apertures so that the sample... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20130321801 - Filament-based stimulated raman detection: In apparatus and methods of Raman spectroscopy in air, a target region is excited by a laser pump pulse exceeding the critical power for self-focusing in air and having a duration after self-focusing of 15 fs or less. A laser probe pulse having a duration in the range of 200... Agent: Temple University - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

20130321800 - Integrated raman spectroscopy detector: A system and method for performing Raman spectroscopy using a heterodyne detection scheme are described. The heterodyne detection scheme can combine a modulated portion of radiation having passed through a sample to be analyzed with a reference radiation to produce a combined frequency signal. At least a portion of the... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20130321799 - Raman spectroscopy using diffractive mems: A Raman spectrometer including a laser excitation source, edge filters, and detection optics that direct light into a spectrograph. A spectrograph containing a dispersive element and optics that directs various wavelengths of light onto a segmented diffractive MEMS light modulator array. The MEMS array, depending on actuation state, directs light... Agent:

20130321802 - Spectral characteristic measuring device, method for correcting spectral characteristic measuring device and program: Wavelength information indicating a correspondence relationship between a plurality of light receiving elements of a light receiving unit and wavelengths of pieces of lights is stored. First and second intensity distributions of the light related to first and second dispersion images are acquired based on a signal outputted from each... Agent:

20130321803 - Plasma spectrometer: To improve detection sensitivity, detection accuracy, and reproducibility when electric discharge is caused in a sample solution to perform analysis with light emission in the plasma, a flow channel 101 provided with a narrow part is filled with a conductive sample solution, plasma is generated in bubbles formed by applying... Agent:

20130321804 - Electrode-assisted microwave-induced plasma spectroscopy: Particles of a flow of aerosol are collected and analyzed by passing them through a housing having an inlet area, an outlet area, and a collection and analysis area. A collection electrode has a tip disposed in the flow path in the collection and analysis area. Particles are collected on... Agent: Centers For Disease Control And Prevention

20130321805 - Real-time temperature, optical band gap, film thickness, and surface roughness measurement for thin films applied to transparent substrates: A method and apparatus (20) used in connection with the manufacture of thin film semiconductor materials (26) deposited on generally transparent substrates (28), such as photovoltaic cells, for monitoring a property of the thin film (26), such as its temperature, surface roughness, thickness and/or optical absorption properties. A spectral curve... Agent: K-space Associates, Inc.

20130321806 - Image mapped spectropolarimetry: A method for imaging a sample, the method includes, during a single acquisition event, receiving a first polarization-encoded EM field for a first point and a second polarization-encoded EM field for a second point. The method further includes re-directing the first polarization-encoded EM field along a first pre-determined direction to... Agent: William Marsh Rice University

20130321807 - Multi-spectral enhancements for scan cameras: A multi-spectral scan camera and methods are presented. Light beams are emitted from a plurality of light sources comprising a plurality of spectral wavelengths respectively. The light beams from the light sources are scanned across a field of view at a plurality of respective angles using a scan mirror, and... Agent:

20130321808 - Optical imaging system that incorporates an uni-axial optical homogenizer: An optical imaging system (e.g., hyperspectral imaging system) is described herein which includes imaging optics, an uni-axial homogenizer (including a rectangular cross-section light pipe and an astigmatic paraxial optic), and a detector. The uni-axial homogenizer is configured to preserve imaging along one axis while homogenizing (removing all image information) along... Agent:

20130321809 - Solid body: A solid body for adjusting, calibrating and/or function checking of a turbidity sensor, which works with electromagnetic waves, especially light, of at least a first wavelength, and wherein the solid body is transparent at least for the light of the first wavelength, characterized in that at least a first region... Agent:

20130321810 - Small spot size spectroscopic ellipsometer: Methods and systems for small angle CD metrology with a small spot size are introduced to increase measurement sensitivity while maintaining adequate throughput necessary for modern semiconductor manufacture. A small angle CD metrology system includes a small angle spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE) subsystem combined with a small angle spectroscopic reflectometry system,... Agent:

20130321811 - Measuring method, and exposure method and apparatus: A method for measuring a relative position of a first mark and a second mark by using a detection optical system that irradiates a mark formed on the substrate to detect an image of the mark, includes performing a first processing to detect an image of the first mark by... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20130321812 - Optical spectrometer dynamic range balancing methods and apparatus: Methods and apparatus facilitate dynamic range balancing for multi-component peaks of widely varying magnitude in an optical spectrometer. In a specific embodiment, filters attenuate the C—H stretch region to produce a better fit of a multi-component hydrocarbon Raman spectrum to the dynamic range of a CCD detector. The filter may... Agent: Kaiser Optical Systems

20130321813 - System and method for assessing tissue oxygenation using a conformal filter: A portable system and method for analyzing biological tissue samples and detecting analytes associated with tissue oxygenation using a conformal filter. A conformal filter, which may comprise a tunable filter, is configured to filter interacted photons conforming to a spectral shape correlated with an analyte of interest. Conformal filter configurations... Agent:

20130321814 - Systems and methods for screening of biological samples: A screening module configured to screen at least a portion of a biological sample disposed on an analysis surface is provided. The screening module comprises a laser source a scanning unit comprising one or more scanning devices, wherein the scanning devices are configured to rotate in an oscillatory scanning motion... Agent: General Electric Company

20130321815 - Gas analysis device: If the specific gas concentration is relatively high, controller sets 0 as the modulation amplitude in a modulation amplitude controlling voltage generator for frequency modulation of laser light, controls a switching unit to select the output of a second ADC, and causes a computation unit to compute according to the... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20130321816 - Fully integrated complementary metal oxide semiconductor (cmos) fourier transform infrared (ftir) spectrometer and raman spectrometer: The CMOS-FTIR spectrometer disclosed herein has high spectral resolution, no movable parts, no lenses, is compact, not prone to damage in harsh external conditions and can be fabricated with a standard CMOS technology, allowing the mass production of FTIR spectrometers. The fully integrated CMOS-FTIR spectrometer is suitable for battery operation;... Agent: Luxmux Technology Corporation

20130321817 - All-fiber interferometric fiber optic gyroscope having a minimum reciprocal configuration: An all-fiber interferometric fiber optic gyroscope having a minimum reciprocal configuration is described. The gyroscope comprises a polarized light source, a light detector, a light source coupler, a fiber optic loop coupler, and a polarization maintaining fiber optic loop. A first port of the light source coupler is counter-axially coupled... Agent: Peking University

20130321818 - Measuring polarization crosstalk in optical birefringent materials and devices based on reduction of line broadening caused by birefringent dispersion: Techniques and devices for measuring polarization crosstalk in birefringence optical media including polarization maintaining fiber.... Agent: General Photonics Corporation

20130321819 - Apparatus and method for generating tomographic image: A method of generating a tomographic includes detecting a coherence signal that is phase-modulated in a first direction with respect to a cross-section of a subject and includes cross-sectional information of the subject as raw data about the subject; generating a reference temporary tomographic image and at least one temporary... Agent:

20130321820 - Ase swept source with self-tracking filter for oct medical imaging: An integrated swept wavelength tunable optical source uses a narrowband filtered broadband signal with an optical amplifier and self-tracking filter. This source comprises a micro optical bench, a source for generating broadband light, a tunable Fabry Perot filter, installed on the bench, for spectrally filtering the broadband light from the... Agent: Axsun Technologies, Inc.

20130321821 - Profile measuring instrument: A profile measuring instrument includes: a fixed member of which position relative to a workpiece having a surface to be profile-measured is fixed; a scanning member supported by the fixed member and movable in a scan direction along the surface of the workpiece relative to the fixed member; a laser... Agent:

20130321822 - System and method for measuring internal dimensions of an object by optical coherence tomography: A system is provided for optically measuring internal dimensions of a sample object comprising internal interfaces at which the refraction index changes so that a portion of incident light is backreflected and/or backscattered and can be detected by means of optical coherence tomography. The system comprises at least one first... Agent:

20130321823 - Form measuring apparatus, structure manufacturing system, scanning apparatus, method for measuring form, method for manufacturing structure, and non-transitory computer readable medium storing program for measuring form: There is provided a form measuring apparatus including: a light generator configured to generate a light; a projector configured to scan the measuring object with the light by changing an irradiation direction of the light generated by the light generator; a controller configured to control the light generator to periodically... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20130321825 - Laser distance measuring device: A laser distance measuring device includes a laser module, a receiving lens, and a photoelectric conversion device. The receiving lens includes a first curved surface and a second curved surface having a curvature different from that of the first curved surface. The second curved surface is used to converge part... Agent: Chervon (hk) Limited

20130321824 - Optical detection of airfoil axial position with nsms: A method for determining axial location of rotor blades is provided. The method may monitor an output signal of a sensor configured to detect the proximity of the rotor blades, wherein at least one of the rotor blades being marked with a position marker that is configured to cause a... Agent: Pratt & Whitney

20130321826 - Motion sensing method for determining whether to perform motion sensing according to distance detection result and related apparatus thereof: A motion sensing method for an object includes: receiving a distance detection result which is used for indicating distance detection information of the object in a neighborhood of a motion sensing apparatus; and determining whether to perform optical motion sensing upon the object of the neighborhood according to the distance... Agent: Pixart Imaging Inc.

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