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12/26/2013 > 139 patent applications in 76 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130342629 - Apparatus and method for modification of telecommunication video content: A method that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example, utilizing a system including at least one processor for determining a video modification plan for a received video stream of a video call session according to the at least one party associated with the video call session,... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

20130342631 - Multi-user videophone hub: A multi-user videophone hub may include a processor, a video camera, a display, and a wireless communication interface to communicate with at least one local handset. The processor may be configured to receive video from the at least one local handset, and create a composite video stream based on video... Agent: Fugoo Corporation

20130342630 - System and method for initiating video phone calls: The disclosed embodiments include a system and method for initiating a video phone call using a standard phone device. For instance, in one embodiment, a method for initiating a video phone call from a first party to a second party is disclosed. The method includes receiving a call from the... Agent: Centurylink Intellectual Property LLC

20130342632 - Video conference apparatus and method for audio-video synchronization: An audio-video synchronization method is executable in a video conference device. The method includes determining a first presence time of a predetermined visual effect in a captured video sample stream and a second presence time of a predetermined sound effect in a captured audio sample stream, calculating a time difference... Agent:

20130342633 - Information processing device including an image transmission control function: An information processing device including an image transmission control function includes an image pickup unit that picks up an image including a facial image of a speaker; a transmission unit that transmits a picked-up image; a reception unit that receives an image including a facial image picked up by a... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20130342634 - Method and apparatus for mcu to optimize configuration of multiple pictures: A method and an apparatus for Multiple Control Unit (MCU) to optimize configuration of multiple pictures are disclosed. The solutions provided by embodiments of the present invention include: calculating, according to resolutions, bandwidths, frame rates, importance, and volume of received video images sent by N conferencing terminals, the area occupied... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20130342638 - Apparatus and method for integrating computing devices: Methods, systems, and apparatus are provided for physically and/or logically combining two or more smart devices to enhance user experience and help efficiently design, create, implement, or execute desired applications. According to one embodiment, system of the present disclosure provides a smart device apparatus having one or more processors, a... Agent: Arun Sobti & Associates LLC

20130342636 - Image-based real-time gesture recognition: Techniques are provided for image-based real-time gesture recognition. Video data of a person is obtained. Pixels are classified in the video stream at a given time instance during a time period as a foreground or a background pixel. A data entry is generated comprising data indicating foreground history values for... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20130342635 - System and methods for multi-participant teleconferencing using preferred forms of telecommunication: A multi-participant teleconferencing system includes a telecommunication manager that is configured to establish telecommunication connections with participants by instructing and initiating one or more telecommunication devices (e.g., media gateway devices, email servers, web servers, multipoint control units, etc.). Participants can be enabled to provide personal preferences to the telecommunication manager.... Agent:

20130342637 - Video conferencing transitions among a plurality of devices: Embodiments of methods, systems, and storage medium associated with transitioning a video conference session from one device accessible by a user to another device accessible by the user are disclosed herein. In one instance, the method may include detecting at least one condition for transitioning a video conference session from... Agent:

20130342639 - Device and method for the distributed mixing of data streams: The invention relates to a device for the distributed mixing of data streams, including a main multimedia server (10) capable of receiving at least one incoming data stream (A, B, C) and of outputting at least one outgoing data stream (A′, B′, C′), and at least one secondary multimedia server... Agent: Streamwide

20130342640 - Object of interest based image processing: An apparatus, a method and a system are provided, wherein the system includes an encoding engine to encode and/or compress one or more objects of interest within individual image frames with higher bit densities than the bit density employed to encode and/or compress their background. The system may further include... Agent:

20130342641 - Stereoscopic shooting device: A stereoscopic shooting device includes: a first shooting section that obtains a first image; a second shooting section that outputs a second image; an angle of view matching section that cuts image portions to have the same angle of view from the first and second images; a parallax information generating... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20130342642 - Method and device for temporal filtering of disparity maps: The invention consists in a method of and a device for temporal filtering of disparity maps of n different frames, each map indicating the disparity of pixels of 3D images comprising the steps of marking the stationary pixels and the non stationary pixels and implementing temporal filter for stationary pixels,... Agent:

20130342649 - Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving non-real-time stereoscopic broadcasting service: Disclosed are an apparatus and a method for transmitting a broadcasting service capable of signaling non-real-time 3D broadcasting content. An apparatus for transmitting a broadcasting service includes: a non-real-time (NRT) content encoder encoding stereoscopic image content including a reference image and an additional image to generate an NRT stream; an... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20130342644 - Apparatus, a method and a computer program for video coding and decoding: There is disclosed a method, apparatus and computer program product in which a view synthesis prediction utilizes a depth map, disparity information or other ranging information of a co-located reference frame in another view. A first uncompressed texture block of a first texture picture representing a first view and ranging... Agent:

20130342647 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: The viewpoint generation information generation unit generates viewpoint generation information used to generate a color image of a display viewpoint in accordance with a generation method of the color image of the display viewpoint obtained by performing warping processing using multi-viewpoint corrected color images and multi-viewpoint depth images. The multi-viewpoint... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130342645 - Information processing device, information processing method, and program: The present invention relates to an information processing device, an information processing method, and a program, whereby playback of PG and TextST images can be controlled from a BD-J application. There are defined a mono PG/TextST stream of a PG/TextST image that is a mono image serving as a 2D... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130342646 - Method and device for transmitting/receiving digital broadcast signal: The present invention relates to a device and a method for transmitting/receiving a digital broadcast signal having a three-dimensional image. According to one embodiment of the present invention, a device for receiving a digital broadcast signal comprises: a tuner which receives a digital broadcast signal of a transport packet that... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20130342643 - Scalable system and method of providing stereoscopic video in a requested format: Various systems and methods for providing stereoscopic video in the format requested by a user to a recipient are provided. A variable number of users and recipients can be accommodated by dynamically determining the computing resources to utilize in providing requested stereoscopic video. Providing stereoscopic video in the format requested... Agent:

20130342648 - Transmisson apparatus and method and reception apparatus and method for providing program associated stereoscopic broadcasting service: Disclosed herein are a transmission apparatus and method and a reception apparatus and method for a program associated stereoscopic broadcasting service. The transmission apparatus includes: a real time stream encoder generating a real time stream by encoding a reference image; a non-real time (NRT) stream encoder generating an NRT stream... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20130342654 - 3d video reproduction device, non-transitory recording medium, 3d display device, 3d imaging device, and 3d video reproduction method: A stereoscopic video reproduction device comprising a first acquisition unit; a second acquisition unit; a decision unit; a parallax correction unit configured to correct a parallax when the binocular fusion is impossible, such that the binocular fusion becomes possible in the stereoscopic video in a predetermined interval in which the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20130342653 - Cargo sensing: Cargo presence detection systems and methods are described herein. One cargo presence detection system includes one or more sensors positioned in an interior space of a container, and arranged to provide spatial data about at least a portion of the interior space of the container and a detection component that... Agent:

20130342651 - Encoding data in depth patterns: A depth imaging system comprises a depth camera input to receive a depth map representing an observed scene imaged by a depth camera, the depth map including a plurality of pixels and a depth value for each of the plurality of pixels. The depth imaging system further comprises a tag... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20130342656 - Image pick-up apparatus having a function of recognizing a face and method of controlling the apparatus: It is judged whether or not a human face detecting mode is set. When it is determined that the human face detecting mode is set, a two-dimensional face detecting process is performed to detect a human face. When it is determined that a human face has not been detected in... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20130342655 - Method and apparatus for macro photographic stereo imaging: A macro photographic apparatus for creating focus stacked images of a specimen may include a rigid longitudinal member having a longitudinal axis and including a camera mount thereon. A translation device may be fixed to the member for translating the specimen along the member toward and away from the camera... Agent:

20130342650 - Three dimensional imaging device: An imaging device may include a housing and a pair of lenses mounted in the housing. A mechanism maintains the lenses in a horizontal orientation when the housing is rotated about an imaging axis.... Agent:

20130342652 - Tracking and following people with a mobile robotic device: Tracking and following technique embodiments are presented that are generally employed to track and follow a person using a mobile robotic device having a color video camera and a depth video camera. A computer associated with the mobile robotic device is used to perform various actions. Namely, in a tracking... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20130342660 - 3d image taking apparatus: A 3D image taking apparatus includes: a monocular photographic lens; a first and second solid-state imaging devices that receive one part and another part of incident light coming from a subject via the photographic lens in parallel; a light splitting member that splits the incident light into the one part... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20130342658 - Camera system for a motor vehicle: A camera system for acquiring a stereo image of the surroundings of a motor vehicle having two cameras and a control device, the camera system being arranged on the inside of a motor vehicle window and the two cameras looking outward through the motor vehicle window in order to observe... Agent:

20130342657 - Stereo vision camera for laser radar: Stereoscopic imaging systems are coupled to laser radar systems to permit selection of an intended scan area. Such imaging systems can also provide target depth data that can be used in conjunction with laser radar scan data. In some examples, stereoscopic images are presented to an inspector for operation assisted... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20130342659 - Three-dimensional position/attitude recognition apparatus, three-dimensional position/attitude recognition method, and three-dimensional position/attitude recognition program: An objective of the present invention is to provide a three-dimensional position/attitude recognition apparatus, a three-dimensional position/attitude recognition method, and a three-dimensional position/attitude recognition program, that can perform three-dimensional position/attitude recognition on an object by analyzing an image of an edge portion with a simple configuration. A three-dimensional position/attitude recognition... Agent: Dainippon Sceen Mfg. Co, Ltd

20130342661 - Three-dimensional imaging device, image processing device, image processing method, and image processing program: A 3D image capture device according to an aspect of the present invention includes: a light-transmitting section 2 including N different kinds of first filters C1, C2, C3 (where N is an integer that is equal to or greater than two) which are arranged so that light rays are incident... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20130342662 - Image processing device, image processing method, and program: By the prior art, it was not possible to cope with a change in the way colors are viewed depending on the posture of a viewer. An image processing device for an image display system including glasses having polarizing elements and an image display device, characterized by having a color... Agent:

20130342663 - Eyewear device, display device, video system comprising eyewear device and display device, and video system control method: The instant application discloses an eyewear device including: a light amount adjuster which adjusts a light amount transmitted to left and right eyes of an observer to perform assistance operation that assists in observing a video so that the video is stereoscopically perceived; a battery portion which stores power for... Agent:

20130342664 - Switchable imaging device, switchable optical device, and display: A switchable imaging device (1) has a first mode of operation in which the device performs an imaging function and a second mode of operation different from the first mode, for example a non-imaging mode. In the first mode of operation the device comprises at least one first region that... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20130342665 - Deep tissue focal fluorescence imaging with digitally time-reversed ultrasound-encoded light: A device and method for performing fluorescence imaging with digitally time reversed ultrasound encoded light, using a source of ultrasound waves, a coherent light source, a digital optical phase conjugation (DOPC) device comprising a camera and a spatial light modulator (SLM), a detector of fluorescence, and one or more computers,... Agent:

20130342666 - Assistance system for visually handicapped persons: An assistance system for visually handicapped persons with visual impairment in a part of their visual field includes body-worn sensors to inform them actively about objects or movements in the visually impaired sides.... Agent:

20130342667 - Endoscope apparatus, reproducing apparatus, displaying method and inspection report generating apparatus: An endoscope apparatus includes: an image processing portion that performs image processing on a signal of an image picked up by an image pickup device provided at a distal end portion of an endoscope insertion portion to generate an endoscope image; a gravity direction detecting portion that detects information about... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20130342668 - Medical information recording apparatus: A medical information recording apparatus includes: an input portion that includes a plurality of input terminals and into which a medical image can be inputted from a plurality of image pickup apparatuses, and that detects whether the medical image is inputted through any input terminal among the plurality of input... Agent:

20130342670 - Continuous cardiac pulse rate estimation from multi-channel source video data with mid-point stitching: What is disclosed is a novel system and method for extracting photoplethysmographic (PPG) signals (i.e., cardiac signals) on a continuous basis from signals generated from video images captured of a subject being monitored for cardiac function in a non-contact remote sensing environment. In one embodiment, a time-series signal is received.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20130342669 - Method for auto-adjusting audio output volume and electronic apparatus using the same: A method for auto-adjusting audio output volume is disclosed. The method can automatically adjust an output volume according to a distance between a user and a screen. The method may also balance a left and right audio channel according to an angle between the user and the screen to provide... Agent: Wistron Corp.

20130342671 - Systems and methods for tracking human hands using parts based template matching within bounded regions: Systems and methods for tracking human hands using parts based template matching within bounded regions are described. One embodiment of the invention includes a processor; an image capture system configured to capture multiple images of a scene; and memory containing a plurality of templates that are rotated and scaled versions... Agent:

20130342672 - Using gaze determination with device input: A computing device, in a locked operational state, captures image information of a user which is analyzed to determine the direction of the user's gaze. When the user's gaze is determined to be substantially in the direction of the device, a predetermined input from the user, such as a tap... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20130342675 - Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and information processing method: An information processing apparatus includes a storage unit and an output unit. The storage unit is capable of storing an image of a slide including both images of a sample and a label, which are obtained by shooting the slide. The slide holds the sample and has a front surface... Agent:

20130342673 - Method and device for focussing a microscope automatically: A method for automatic focusing of a microscope with a microscope objective on a selected area of a specimen, in which a digital hologram of the selected area of the specimen is generated in an off-axis mode and a microscope with which the method is implemented. The digital hologram is... Agent: Carl Zeiss Microscopy Gmbh

20130342674 - Pathology slide scanners for fluorescence and brightfield imaging and method of operation: An instrument for scanning a specimen has a two-dimensional sensor array, the sensor array containing a mosaic colour filter array or a scanning colour filter array. The instrument can be operated in fluorescence or in brightfield. The scanning colour filter array has the same colour throughout each row with adjacent... Agent:

20130342676 - Medicine inspection device, and medicine packaging device: A medicine inspection device includes an inspection unit for inspecting a medicine disposed on the inspection unit; a vibrator to impart vibration to the medicine disposed on the inspection unit; and a shooting means capable of photographing the medicine disposed on said inspection unit. The medicine inspection device further includes... Agent:

20130342677 - Vision testing device using multigrid pattern: Provided is a vision testing device using a multigrid pattern for determining good or bad of a testing object by photographing the testing object assembled or mounted during the component assembly process and comparing the photographed image with a previously inputted target image, comprising: a stage part for fixing or... Agent: Mirtec Co. Ltd

20130342678 - Visual monitoring, or imaging, system and method for using same: The present invention relates generally to both a system and method for visually (e.g., via a video-based system or some other visual system) monitoring one or more objects where such objects are obscured by a high intensity light source such as a plasma, flame, or welding arc. In one embodiment,... Agent:

20130342679 - Video inspection method for inspecting welds, structural beams, and underdecks of marine vessels and like structures: A method for inspecting a marine vessel underdeck utilizes a video camera such as a digital video camera with a magnifying or telephoto lens. The method produces a magnified image on a monitor for viewing by an inspector that appears to be no more than about 24 inches (61 cm)... Agent: Ultrasonics And Magnetics Corporation

20130342681 - Compressive sensing based bio-inspired shape feature detection cmos imager: A CMOS imager integrated circuit using compressive sensing and bio-inspired detection is presented which integrates novel functions and algorithms within a novel hardware architecture enabling efficient on-chip implementation.... Agent:

20130342685 - Lubricant distribution acquisition device and lubricant distribution acquisition method: In this lubricant distribution acquisition device (1), neutron beams that have been transmitted through a bearing (X) are converted into electromagnetic waves, and, by using the received electromagnetic waves to form images based on rotation angle signals that are output from an encoder (5) and show a rotation angle of... Agent:

20130342684 - Method and system for determining particle size information: The invention concerns a method and system for determining particle size information of particles contained in a sample, the method comprising illuminating the particles with at least three light sources placed on different locations, detecting light reflected from the particles using a detector capable of spatial resolution, and processing the... Agent: Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus Vtt

20130342680 - Multi-spectral infrared imaging system for flare combustion efficiency monitoring: The multi-spectral imaging system for real-time measurement of combustion efficiency of an industrial flare is provided. The system includes four spectral bands, one for a hydrocarbon group (fuel), one for carbon dioxide (CO2), product of complete combustion), one for carbon monoxide (CO, product of partially completed combustion), and one for... Agent:

20130342683 - System and method for detecting environmental conditions using hyperspectral imaging: A system and method for detecting environmental conditions using SWIR hyperspectral imaging. A method may comprise collecting a plurality of interacted photons from at least one location and passing the interacted photons through a tunable filter, filtering the interacted photons into a plurality of wavelength bands. These filtered photons may... Agent:

20130342682 - Systems and methods of using digital photograph of a structure to quantify its dimensions, weight, volume, and the amount of material associated therewith: A method in a computer system for estimating an area of an object comprises the step of placing a scaling object adjacent a first side of the object. A first digital image of the object first side and the scaling device is taken. The scaling device is then placed adjacent... Agent:

20130342686 - Method for calibrating a measuring station for measuring a vehicle: A method for calibrating a measuring system for measuring a vehicle, including a measuring plane for accommodating a vehicle to be measured and two measuring sensors, each of the measuring sensors having at least two camera systems, includes: positioning at least four measuring panels on the measuring plane; orienting the... Agent:

20130342693 - Baby monitoring system including video enhancement capability operable at various frequencies: A video-enabled baby monitoring system including at least two separate units, and typically at least three separate units. The first unit is a transmitter with a camera feature which captures motion and includes microprocessors which generate a series of video signal codes which are transmitted at specific radio frequencies to... Agent:

20130342691 - Infant monitoring systems and methods using thermal imaging: Various techniques are disclosed for systems and methods using thermal imaging to monitor an infant or other persons that may need observation. For example, an infant monitoring system may include an infrared imaging module, a visible light camera, a processor, a display, a communication module, and a memory. The monitoring... Agent: Flir Systems, Inc.

20130342692 - Ptz video visibility detection method based on luminance characteristic: Disclosed is a PTZ video visibility detection method based on luminance characteristic, which includes acquiring a road condition video image by utilizing a PTZ video camera, extracting the region of interest ROI of the road surface to obtain high constancy of selected pixels; acquiring precise road surface region by utilizing... Agent: Nanjing University

20130342688 - Security system and method using wireless adapters and poe cameras: A wireless adapter and method for providing a wireless connection to at least one wired security device includes at least one combined data/power physical port to which the wired security device connects. A power supply module receives power from an external power source and a power injector provides power to... Agent: Sensormatic Electronics, LLC

20130342687 - System and method for defining an area of interest of an imaging occupancy sensor: A system and method are disclosed for adjusting a field of view of an image sensor to correspond to an outer dimension of a monitored space. The image sensor may be part of an occupancy sensor configured to sense movement within the space and to adjust lighting in the area... Agent: Leviton Manufacturing Company, Inc.

20130342690 - Technique for enhancing the quality of compressed video images: s

20130342689 - Video analytics test system: Various embodiments are directed to a system for testing a video analytics system. In one embodiment, an apparatus comprises a processor circuit executing a sequence of instructions causing the processor circuit to receive a first data specifying boundaries of a first rectangular region indicated as comprising an image of a... Agent: Intel Corporation

20130342694 - Method and system for use of intrinsic images in an automotive driver-vehicle-assistance device: In a first exemplary embodiment of the present invention, an automated, computerized method is provided for processing an image. According to a feature of the present invention, the method comprises the steps of arranging a digital camera on a vehicle body, operating the digital camera to provide an image file... Agent: Tandent Vision Science, Inc.

20130342698 - Method of processing images and apparatus: A method of processing an image includes a region of a highway in front of the vehicle captured using an imager having a two dimensional array of image capturing pixels. The array includes a first set of pixels substantially independent of hue and a second set of pixels dependent of... Agent: Trw Limited

20130342696 - Monitoring through a transparent display of a portable device: Traffic obstacles or other objectives in front of a person is monitored by using a monitoring system including a portable device, a camera unit, and a control unit. The portable device can be a helmet or glasses, which includes a display unit with a transparent display allowing a user to... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20130342695 - Vehicle display system: A method and apparatus comprising a view generator. The view generator is configured to identify a position of a mobile display device relative to an exterior of a vehicle. The view generator is further configured to identify image data from a sensor system for the vehicle that corresponds to a... Agent: The Boeing Company

20130342697 - Vehicle-mounted video system with distributed processing: A vehicle-mounted system for recording video and audio. The system uses distributed processing, including encoding the video and audio at their source(s), and a high-speed, e.g., Ethernet, bus connecting the various system components and external devices. The system may include a display monitor which is integrated into the same housing... Agent: Digital Ally, Inc.

20130342699 - Rfid tag read triggered image and video capture event timing system and method: A system for automatically taking an image of a participant in an event with a timing system determining a time of a passing a detection line on a route by a participant having an RFID tag, the system includes a RFID tag reader system obtaining the RFID tag numbers of... Agent: Innovative Timing Systems, LLC

20130342700 - System and method for using pattern matching to determine the presence of designated objects in digital images: A system and method for determining a presence of a designated object in digital images is provided. Images may be acquired by cameras configured to record events that take place in a region of interest. Processing means may perform pattern matching. The cameras may be controlled by the processing means... Agent:

20130342701 - Active adaptive thermal stealth system: The present invention relates to a thermal vision countermeasure system to enable concealment of objects from identification by thermal imaging night vision systems, including a screen made of thermoelectric modules, disposed between the target object and an IR detector. The screen, formed of at least one thermoelectric unit, is coupled... Agent: Eltics Ltd

20130342704 - Interactive audiovisual device: Disclosed is a portable low-power audio-visual (A/V) device including: a housing enclosing a computer board, a projector, a speaker, a power supply and optionally a webcam. The power supply may be one or more power converters connected to a DC battery. The A/V device may include a user interface enabling... Agent:

20130342703 - System and method for identifying human face: The present invention discloses a system for identifying a human face, which includes a visible light camera, an infrared (IR) camera, a non-contact temperature sensing device and a processing unit. The visible light camera and the IR camera aim at a same photograph zone for respectively photographing at least one... Agent:

20130342702 - Systems and method for facial verification: Systems and methods for detecting a live human face in an image are disclosed. The methods and systems are capable of receiving multispectral image data that includes a human face. The multispectral image data can comprise visible light image data and near-infrared (NIR) image data. The multispectral image data can... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20130342705 - Background model update method for image process: The present invention relates to a background model update method for image process. The accuracy of distinguishing a foreground image from the background model can be improved by adjusting the background model update level according to image variations such as brightness variation, motion variation, color variation, etc.... Agent: Pixart Imaging Incorporation

20130342706 - Camera calibration application: A method and system for camera calibration comprises configuring a calibration target comprising calibration reflectors on a test vehicle. Video of a test scene is collected. Next the test vehicle is identified as it enters the test scene and recorded as it passes through the test scene. The position of... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20130342710 - First information processing apparatus, second information processing apparatus, information processing system, and information processing method: There is provided a first information processing apparatus capable of wirelessly communicating with a second information processing apparatus, the first information processing apparatus including a storage unit configured to store a maximum number of connections that the first information processing apparatus is able to establish with an apparatus in a... Agent:

20130342711 - Image capture apparatus: An image capture apparatus includes an image capture unit, an image processing unit, an image quality adjusting unit, and an output unit. The image capture unit generates first image data using an image capture device. The image processing unit generates second image data from the first image data so that... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20130342709 - Image processing apparatus and information processing method: An image processing apparatus includes an acquisition unit configured to acquire a first finite spatial filter having image resolution anisotropy, and a calculation unit configured to compute a second spatial filter by convolving a finite filter with respect to the first spatial filter, the finite filter having a sum of... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20130342708 - Image transfer apparatus and method thereof: An image transfer apparatus and a method thereof comprise: capturing at least one first image, wherein the first image includes at least one face image; performing a face detection to obtain at least one face feature; a database has at least one identification information which comprises at least one face... Agent: Altek Corporation

20130342707 - Methods and systems for providing an online poll via a symbology: Methods and systems for managing, receiving, responding to, and preparing polls accessible via mobile electronic devices are disclosed. A mobile electronic device may capture an image of a poll symbology and determine whether the poll symbology is in an expected format. The mobile electronic device may decode the poll symbology... Agent: Paychief LLC

20130342713 - Cloud service based intelligent photographic method, device and mobile terminal: Provided in the present invention is a cloud service based intelligent photographic method, device and mobile terminal. The cloud service based intelligent photographic method includes: acquiring current environment information and device information of a mobile terminal, transmitting the environment information and device information to a cloud service device, so that... Agent: Xi'an Lianke Information Technology Co., Ltd.

20130342712 - Photographing control apparatus and photographing control method: A photographing control apparatus for controlling a shooting direction of a camera determines as to whether the shooting direction of the camera is controlled or not according to a designation of a position in a display area in which an image captured by the camera is displayed, based on a... Agent:

20130342715 - Image blur correction apparatus, image blur correction method, and imaging apparatus: Provided is an image blur correction apparatus including a lens unit having an imaging optical system and an imaging unit configured to generate an image signal of a captured image, a blur detection unit configured to detect blurring occurring in the lens unit, a first correction unit configured to perform... Agent:

20130342716 - Zoom lens, imaging optical device, and digital device: Disclosed is a zoom lens that forms an optical image of an object on a light receiving surface of an imaging element converting the optical image to an electrical signal, having the diagonal length of 2Y max, is constituted by a positive first group, a negative second group, a negative... Agent:

20130342714 - Automated tripod detection and handling in video stabilization: An apparatus, method, and computer-readable medium for motion sensor-based video stabilization. A motion sensor may capture motion data of a video sequence. A controller may compute instantaneous motion of the camera for a current frame of the video sequence. The controller may compare the instantaneous motion to a threshold value... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130342717 - Apparatus, system, and method of use of imaging assembly on mobile terminal: A system for collecting data comprising a mobile terminal for capturing a plurality of frames of image data, the mobile terminal having a first imaging assembly and a second imaging assembly, the first imaging assembly for capturing a first frame of image data representing a first object and the second... Agent:

20130342718 - Devices and methods involving enhanced resolution image capture: Devices and methods involving enhanced resolution image capture are provided. A representative electronic device includes: an image capture sensor having a plurality of pixels, the image capture sensor being operative to acquire a frame of image information by converting light incident upon the pixels during an exposure duration into electrical... Agent:

20130342719 - Display control apparatus, display control method, display control system, and storage medium: A display control apparatus, which executes control required to display a moving image, received via a network, on a display unit, the apparatus comprising: an input unit configured to input an operation instruction required to operate the display control apparatus; and a control unit configured to execute control required to... Agent:

20130342720 - Imaging apparatus, imaging method, imaging system, and program product: An imaging apparatus includes: an imaging unit that generates first image data by an imaging process; a receiving unit that receives view angle change request information to instruct a change in angle of view on which an imaging process is performed, and number-of-pixels information related to the number of pixels... Agent:

20130342721 - Lens barrel and imaging apparatus: For a lens barrel that restricts the rectilinear of a lens group using a restricting portion, the light-shielding property for external light, the degree of freedom of design relating to the arrangement of the interlocking section for a cam ring, and a change in the relative distance between a front... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20130342722 - Solid-state imaging device, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic apparatus: A solid-state imaging device includes: pixels each including a hybrid photoelectric conversion portion and pixel transistors, wherein the hybrid photoelectric conversion portion includes a semiconductor layer having a p-n junction, a plurality of columnar or cylindrical hollow-shaped organic material layers disposed in the semiconductor layer, and a pair of electrodes... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130342723 - Video processing apparatus, video processing system, and video processing method: A video processing apparatus includes an image capturing apparatus and a processing apparatus connected to the image capturing apparatus. The image capturing apparatus includes an image obtaining unit that obtains a frame image; a frame image transmitting unit that transmits the frame image to the processing apparatus; a transformation parameter... Agent:

20130342724 - Image processing apparatus and control method therefor: An image processing apparatus is provided that allows accurate white balance gains to be obtained by accurately estimating the illuminant colors of various objects in an image. The white balance gains are obtained based on values of white pixels that have been extracted from an input image and have colors... Agent:

20130342725 - Methods and systems for automatic white balance: A method for calibrating automatic white balance (AWB) in a digital system is provided that includes capturing an image of a test target under a natural lighting condition, generating a first color temperature reference from the captured image, and outputting AWB configuration data for the digital system, wherein the AWB... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20130342726 - Imaging apparatus: An imaging apparatus is provided in which a flicker is prevented. The imaging apparatus includes an imaging part that includes an optical system to form an image of a subject and an imaging element to generate an image signal by photoelectrically converting an optical image of the subject formed by... Agent:

20130342727 - Electronic camera: An electronic camera includes a first exposer. A first exposer exposes an imager in a plurality of exposure amounts different from each other when an exposure operation is accepted. An acquirer acquires a plurality of electronic images generated by a process of the first exposer, from the imager. A reproducer... Agent:

20130342728 - Solid-state image capturing device, method of driving solid-state image capturing device, and image capturing apparatus: A solid-state image capturing device includes: a pixel array unit including plural pixels each converting light selectively incident through a mechanical shutter into charges to be stored in a storage portion and having an overflow path through which charges exceeding a saturation charge amount are discharged; and a driving unit... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130342729 - Method and apparatus for processing image data in terminal: A method for processing a photo image in a terminal comprises displaying a photo image if photographing is requested in a preview mode, setting a touch memo area by rearranging the displayed photo image, generating an edited photo image by displaying a pen touch input in the touch memo area,... Agent:

20130342730 - Mobile terminal and audio zooming method thereof: The present disclosure relates to a mobile terminal and an audio zooming method thereof capable of effectively capturing audio based on an image while capturing and reproducing video. According to the present disclosure, if an event for changing the capture location or range or capture mode of a subject occurs... Agent:

20130342731 - Mobile terminal and audio zooming method thereof: The present disclosure relates to a mobile terminal and an audio zooming method thereof capable of effectively capturing audio based on an image while capturing and reproducing video. According to the present disclosure, if an event for changing the capture location or range or capture mode of a subject occurs... Agent:

20130342732 - Image processing method, image processing apparatus and image pickup apparatus: The image processing method disclosed includes acquiring an input image produced by image capturing through an image capturing optical system, storing image restoration filters to be used for an image restoration process to a memory, acquiring information showing an image capturing state that is a state of the image capturing... Agent:

20130342733 - Optoelectronic device and method for brightness correction: An optoelectronic device (10) is provided having an image sensor (20) for generating pixel images of a detection area (12) and a brightness correction unit (28) configured to modify brightness values of the pixels with a correction factor (Hmul) to obtain a more homogeneously illuminated image. A respective correction factor... Agent:

20130342734 - Super-resolution digital zoom: When a user selects digital zooming in a camera such as might be included in a wireless telephone or PDA, a series of images are automatically obtained and superimposed using super-resolution techniques to produce an improved digital zoom image transparently to the user.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130342736 - Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, image processing method, and program: An image processing apparatus includes: a noise-removed image generation unit which, on the basis of an input image and a reduced image obtained by reducing the input image at predetermined magnification, generates a noise-removed image with noise in the input image removed; and a corrected image generation unit which generates,... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130342735 - Image processing method and image processing apparatus for performing defocus operation according to image alignment related information: An image processing method includes: receiving a plurality of input images; deriving an image alignment related information from performing an image alignment upon the input images; and generating a processed image by performing a defocus operation upon a selected image selected from the input images according to the image alignment... Agent:

20130342737 - Information processing apparatus and method: An image processing method, for correcting a blur a due to an optical system of an image capturing apparatus, the image processing method including, storing a plurality of representative filters in a memory, selecting a subset of representative filters from the plurality of representative filters based on a pixel position... Agent:

20130342738 - Tone mapping for low-light video frame enhancement: A technique is provided for generating sharp, well-exposed, color images from low-light images. A series of under-exposed images is acquired. A mean image is computed and a sum image is generated each based on the series of under-exposed images. Chrominance variables of pixels of the mean image are mapped to... Agent: Digitaloptics Corporation Europe Limited

20130342739 - Dual processing of raw image data: Systems, methods, and devices for dual processing of raw image data by main image processing and alternative image processing capabilities of an electronic device are provided. According to an embodiment, alternative image processing may analyze a first copy of a frame of raw image data before a second copy of... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130342740 - Method, apparatus and computer program product for capturing video content: In accordance with an example embodiment a method, apparatus and computer program product are provided. The method comprises receiving a first set of frames corresponding to a scene captured by a color image sensor and a second set of frames corresponding to the scene captured by a panchromatic image sensor.... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20130342741 - Method and apparatus for correcting for vignetting in an imaging system: A method and apparatus for correcting for vignetting include associating each pixel in the two-dimensional array with a pair of polar coordinates referenced to a preselected origin pixel and partitioning the two-dimensional array of image pixels into a plurality of sectors. For each sector, the method includes computing an average... Agent:

20130342743 - Driving method of a semiconductor device: A horizontal scanning period is divided into n parts (n is a natural number), so that horizontal scanning can be performed (n×y) times in one frame period. That is, n signals can be outputted from each pixel, and storage times of the n signals are different from one another. Then,... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20130342742 - Imaging enhancements for mobile devices using optical path folding: Disclosed are various embodiments for an image capture device using a folded optical pathway. The optical pathway comprises a primary mirror and an image sensor centered on a first reflective surface of the primary mirror. The optical pathway further comprises a secondary mirror positioned with a second reflective surface facing... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20130342744 - Solid-state imaging device, method of driving the same, and electronic apparatus: A solid-state imaging device includes: a photoelectric conversion section configured to perform photoelectric conversion on incident light, and to store obtained photoelectric charge; a voltage conversion section configured to convert the photoelectric charge transferred from the photoelectric conversion section into a voltage signal; a first gate section configured to transfer... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130342745 - Imaging apparatus: An imaging apparatus includes a solid-state imaging element and a substrate. The solid-state imaging element includes a pixel array having a plurality of pixels in a two-dimensional matrix and pads that correspond to pixel columns of the pixel array and output signals of pixels in the pixel columns. Signal output... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20130342746 - Display system and image pickup system: A display system includes: a display unit; a holding member containing the display unit; and an attaching member provided between the display unit and the holding member. The attaching member includes a rim section opposed to a side surface of the display unit, a first attaching section provided in the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130342747 - Digital photographing apparatus and control method of the same: A control method of a digital photographing apparatus includes displaying an image that is being input through a photographing unit on a touch screen, recognizing touch inputs with respect to two points on the touch screen, detecting a focusing area by using coordinate values of the two touched points, and... Agent:

20130342748 - Camera module having tightening ring for fixing lens to lens holder: A camera module includes a lens and a lens holder. The lens has a connecting barrel. The lens holder includes a base plate, a number of claws extending up from the base plate and sleeving on the connecting barrel, a fixing block extending up from the base plate and defining... Agent:

20130342749 - Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same: A zoom lens includes, in order from an object side to an image side, a first lens unit having a negative refractive power, a second lens unit having a positive refractive power, and a third lens unit having a negative refractive power. Each distance between two adjacent lens units varies... Agent:

20130342751 - Image pickup apparatus and its control method: An image pickup apparatus including an image pickup unit for outputting image signals obtained by respectively photoelectrically converting light passing through different exit pupil areas of a focusing optical system, and a setting unit for setting a focus detection area into an image pickup area of the image pickup unit,... Agent:

20130342752 - Image pickup apparatus and method of controlling the same: An image pickup apparatus including an image pickup optical unit which picks up an object image focused by an optical system including a focus lens and acquires an image data from which a refocus image is reconstructable, a driving unit which drives the focus lens, an object detection unit which... Agent:

20130342753 - Imaging device, imaging method and program storage medium: An imaging device includes an AF section that determines in-focus positions for subjects; a determination section that determines a main subject; a shifting section that, if a difference between an in-focus positions of the main subject and a non-main subject is a first threshold value or greater, shifts a focal... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20130342750 - System and method for performing auto-focus process: The method includes changing a focal length of a camera device while capturing one or more frames of sensor data from a sensor array of the camera device by sequentially reading signals from different areas of the sensor array, such that different sections of each of the one or more... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (research & Development) Limited

20130342754 - Autofocus device and digital camera: An autofocus device is provided that includes a lens drive system, an imager, a contrast detector, first and second peak detectors, and a backlash detector. The lens drive system translates a lens. The imager captures an image through the lens. The contrast detector detects the contrast of an image captured... Agent:

20130342755 - High-resolution imaging system: The invention relates to a high-resolution imaging system for recording images of the same scene, that are sampled in a complementary manner. To this end, an image filter (2) is arranged in an intermediate focusing plane (P1), and a matrix (3) of microlenses is arranged at a distance from the... Agent:

20130342756 - Enabling hybrid video capture of a scene illuminated with unstructured and structured illumination sources: What is disclosed is a system and method for enabling hybrid video capture of a scene being illuminated with structured and unstructured illumination sources over a wavelength range of interest that significantly intersects with each other. In one embodiment, the present system comprises a video capture device for capturing video... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20130342757 - Variable flash control for improved image detection: Example apparatus and methods concern controlling a variable flash to improve image detection. One example apparatus includes a digital camera and a variable flash configured to be controllable to operate at different selected illumination levels. The apparatus may be configured to identify a current imaging condition associated with the digital... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20130342758 - Video retargeting using content-dependent scaling vectors: Techniques are disclosed for retargeting images. The techniques include receiving one or more input images, computing a two-dimensional saliency map based on the input images in order to determine one or more visually important features associated with the input images, projecting the saliency map horizontally and vertically to create at... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20130342759 - Electronic apparatus and display control method: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a receiver, a reproducer, a display, a transmitter, and a processor. The receiver receives video content data. The reproducer generates first video data by reproducing the video content data. The display displays an image corresponding to the first video data on a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20130342760 - Methods and systems for transmitting synchronized visual and audio media: Systems and methods according to the present invention provide methods, devices and systems for delivering media content to users. Broadcast audio and video streams can be synchronized for substantially simultaneous output by users. User feedback can be used to compose playlists of synchronized media.... Agent:

20130342761 - Video transmission apparatus, video display apparatus, video transmission method and storage medium, and video display method and storage medium: A video transmission apparatus includes a video data transmission unit configured to transmit video data to an external apparatus, an image quality parameter acquisition unit configured to acquire an image quality parameter to be used for display of the video data, an image quality parameter generation unit configured to generate,... Agent:

20130342762 - Device and method for multimedia communications with picture orientation information: Systems, devices, and methods for capturing and displaying picture data including picture orientation information are described. In one innovative aspect, a method for transmitting media information is provided. The method includes obtaining picture or video information, said picture or video information including image data and orientation information of a media... Agent:

20130342763 - System and method for processing digital data: This system for processing digital data may include a set of slave processing units for the execution of elementary functions, an interconnection module, which is designed to communicate with a data transfer network and to transfer data between the processing units, on the one hand, and the data transfer network,... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (grenoble 2) Sas

20130342764 - Signal processing device, signal processing method, and program: The present technology relates to a signal processing device, a signal processing method, and a program capable of appropriately demodulating a desired signal from a multiplexed signal obtained by multiplexing a plurality of signals. A preamble signal is detected from a multiplexed signal obtained by multiplexing a plurality of signals.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130342765 - Video display device and cooling system: A video display device includes: a video processing unit including a light source and optical components, which generates and displaying video signals; and a cooling mechanism unit cooling the light source and the optical components, wherein the cooling mechanism unit includes an air cooling fan generating cooling air for cooling... Agent:

20130342766 - Illumination device, display device, and television reception device: The illumination device 10 according to the present invention includes: a housing member 22 having a bottom plate 22a and a side wall 22b; a light guide plate 26 disposed on the inside of the side wall 22b in a manner so that a gap is formed between the side... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20130342767 - Touch display module and positioner thereof: A positioner is provided for positioning a major optical sensing unit and an auxiliary optical sensing unit on a first screen. The positioner includes a body, and a first mounting hole and a first auxiliary mounting hole are formed on the body, and the first mounting hole and the first... Agent:

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20130335505 - Live teleporting system and apparatus: A telepresence system includes a projector for generating an image, a projection screen for reviewing the image generated by the projector and generating a reflected image and a foil for reviewing the reflected image generated by the projection screen. The foil generates and directs partially reflected image toward an audience,... Agent:

20130335506 - Managing the layout of multiple video streams displayed on a destination display screen during a videoconference: A system includes a network interface for sending and receiving at least video data between two or more endpoints, where each endpoint includes a display screen. A camera may be located at more than one endpoint capturing video data. The system also includes a control unit for controlling spatial arrangement... Agent:

20130335508 - Adaptive switching of views for a video conference that involves a presentation apparatus: Techniques are provided for dynamically adapting the view from a conference endpoint that includes a presentation apparatus, such as a whiteboard. A first signal is received that includes a video signal derived from a video camera that is viewing a room during a conference session in which a person is... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20130335514 - Apparatus, system, and method of controlling connection among terminals and recording medium storing connection control program: When a request for participating in a session being performed by a plurality of participating terminals is received from a terminal that is not participated in the session, a system extracts identification information of one or more candidate terminals that are associated with the participating terminal for each one of... Agent:

20130335512 - Apparatus, system, and method of managing data transmission, and recording medium storing data transmission management program: A transmission management system obtains, in response to a communication start request for starting communication between a first transmission terminal and a second transmission terminal, first reservation identification information for identifying communication reserved for the first transmission terminal and second reservation identification information for identifying communication reserved for the second... Agent:

20130335513 - Collaboration conference linking in a telecommunications network: Aspects of the present disclosure involve systems, methods, computer program products, and the like, for linking a plurality of conferences that are occurring on separate conference bridges. In one embodiment, the network is configured to determine when two or more related conferences are occurring on separate conference bridges. Related conferences... Agent: Level 3 Communications, LLC

20130335507 - Flattened light reflection for telepresence: Embodiments include a telepresence system operative to carry out a teleconference, a lighting arrangement for a telepresence system operative to carry out a teleconference, and a planar panel having a reflective front surface that includes indentations having variable depth operative such that that when the reflective surface is illuminated by... Agent:

20130335509 - Methods, systems, and articles of manufacture for online video dating: Disclosed is a method, system, and article of manufacture for implementing online video date that identifies a list of potential dates for a requesting user based on the requesting user's preferences or criteria, the personal data of the requesting user, or the personal data of a potential date. The method... Agent: Mobile Video Date, Inc.

20130335510 - System for exchanging ptt messages for brief multi video conferences: The invention relates to a system which can be used for exchanging short multimedia messages between two or more users. The system is used, without distinction, for client-server implementations (31, 32, 33) or for server-free client-client implementations (41, 42). The system has the following essential technical features: (i) the session... Agent: Telefonica S.a.

20130335511 - Transmission management system, transmission terminal, transmission system, method of managing data transmission, and recording medium storing data transmission management program: An apparatus, system, and method of managing data transmission are provided, each of which is capable of generating reservation information regarding communication reserved for at least one of a first transmission terminal and a second transmission terminal, in response to a communication start request that requests to start communication between... Agent:

20130335515 - Call movement in a conferencing system: Providing high availability multi-way conferencing. Separate signaling and media components may be provided within an MCU or among a cluster of MCUs. A signaling server may control signaling aspects of a conference while a media server may provide media support for the conference. In the event of media server failure,... Agent:

20130335517 - Information processing apparatus, conference system, and computer program products: An information processing apparatus which controls transmission and reception of information is provided. The information processing apparatus includes a transmitting and receiving unit which transmits and receives, as the information, at least one of voice information, video information, and screen information; a necessity identifying information defining unit which allocates necessity... Agent:

20130335518 - Method and system for sending and playing media data in telepresence technology: The present disclosure discloses a method and system for sending media data in telepresence technology. By collecting audio or video data corresponding to a spatial area, the collected data is processed respectively to acquire multiple streams of data distinguished by a collecting spatial area and corresponding collecting spatial information; the... Agent: Zte Corporation

20130335516 - Relaying apparatus, and communication system: A control device according to an embodiment of the present disclosure controls communications between a plurality of information terminals at a first site and an information device at a second site. The control device includes: an interface that obtains class information indicating what class is allocated to each of those... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20130335519 - Multicast media notification for queued calls: Multicast media notifications are provided when unicast media encoders are unavailable to serve endpoints that send a communication session request to a call control device. When the call control device receives a communication session request from an endpoint, a determination is made as to whether any one of a plurality... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20130335521 - Method of synthesizing stereo 3d panorama image and related 3d camera: A method of synthesizing a stereo three-dimension (3D) panorama image for a 3D camera is disclosed. The 3D camera comprises at least two lenses. The method comprises capturing a pair image, wherein the pair image comprise a first side image and a second side image; separating the first side image... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20130335520 - Robotic camera system with context display: Remotely operated camera systems and methods of operating a remote camera. A camera platform may include a primary scene camera having a first field of view, a context camera optically aligned with the primary scene camera and having a second field of view larger than the first field of view,... Agent:

20130335522 - Derivation of depth map estimate: In some example techniques for generating and updating depth map estimates used for inter-view motion prediction and/or inter-view residual prediction for coding multiview video data, each of a plurality of dependent views is associated with a dependent depth view estimate, which may be generated or updated based on coding of... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20130335525 - Image processing device and image processing method: The present technique relates to an image processing device and an image processing method for realizing accurate depth image warping operations at the receiving side when depth images with reduced resolutions are transmitted. A parallax image generating unit reduces the resolutions of parallax images B1′ and C1′. A boundary information... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130335527 - Image processing device, image processing method, and program: The present technique relates to an image processing device, an image processing method and a program which can calculate a vector which is precisely predicted as a predicted motion vector of a disparity vector. A predicted motion vector generation unit 243 generates a predicted motion vector of a disparity vector... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130335524 - Method and device for obtaining a stereoscopic signal: The invention relates to a method of obtaining a stereoscopic signal from a sequence of monoscopic images. The method includes a step of obtaining a sequence of monoscopic images having been captured by an image acquisition apparatus in an acquisition mode enabling several images to be shot in the course... Agent: Canon Research Centre France

20130335523 - Moving image distribution server, moving image reproduction apparatus, control method, and recording medium: Rendering processing is performed such that a distribution screen is rendered in rendering processing of a subsequent stage by referring to a Depth map generated by rendering processing of a preceding stage. A moving image distribution server selects the Depth map for coding determination during execution of rendering processing of... Agent: Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.

20130335526 - Multi-view video encoding/decoding apparatus and method: A multi-view video encoding/decoding apparatus and method are provided. The multi-view video encoding/decoding apparatus encodes the current block which is to be encoded and which belongs to a frame of a first view point, wherein the encoding is performed in accordance with a first skip mode using the frame of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20130335531 - Apparatus for projecting grid pattern: The present invention relates to an apparatus for projecting a grid pattern, and more particularly, to an apparatus for projecting a grid pattern that projects an image of a grid pattern onto a test object during a three-dimensional measurement. The apparatus for projecting a grid pattern comprises: a camera which... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20130335529 - Camera pose estimation apparatus and method for augmented reality imaging: An apparatus for providing an estimate for a 3D camera pose relative to a scene from 2D image data of a 2D image frame provided by the camera is provided, the apparatus using four types of observations: (a) detected 2D-3D point correspondences; (b) tracked 2D-3D point correspondences; (c) motion model... Agent: Metaio Gmbh

20130335528 - Imaging device capable of producing three dimensional representations and methods of use: Described herein is a system and method to create a 3D representation of an observed scene by combining multiple views from a moving image capture device. The output is a point cloud or a mesh model. Models can be captured at arbitrary scales varying from small objects to entire buildings.... Agent:

20130335530 - System and method for visual inspection and 3d white light scanning of off-line industrial gas turbines and other power generation machinery: Internal components of gas or steam turbines are inspected with a 3D scanning camera inspection system that is inserted and positioned within the turbine, for example through a gas turbine combustor nozzle port. Three dimensional internal component measurements are performed using projected light patterns generated by a stripe projector and... Agent:

20130335532 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program: The present disclosure is directed to an apparatus and a method for generating an image. A plurality of image capturing devices capture images including objects reflected by a curved mirror from predetermined angles. Image units included in a captured image are analyzed; and a distance for an object included in... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130335533 - Image pickup unit, image pickup device, picture processing method, diaphragm control method, and program: The technology relates to an image pickup unit, an image pickup device, a picture processing method, a diaphragm control method, and program that are capable of suppressing deterioration in quality of a stereoscopic picture. A parallax detection pixel 230 receives object light by a plurality of photodetectors covered with one... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130335535 - Digital 3d camera using periodic illumination: A method of operating a digital camera, includes providing a digital camera, the digital camera including a capture lens, an image sensor, a projector and a processor; using the projector to illuminate one or more objects with a sequence of patterns; and capturing a first sequence of digital images of... Agent:

20130335534 - Focal depth expansion device: m

20130335536 - Head mount display: In a worn state, a forehead support 102 comes in contact with the forehead of the user, and an upper band 104 and a lower band 105 of the headband come in contact with the back of the head. That is, the head mount display is worn on the head... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130335538 - Multiple viewpoint image display device: A multi-viewpoint image display device is provided, which includes an image panel including a plurality of pixels configured to be arranged in a plurality of rows and columns, a backlight unit configured to provide light to the image panel, a parallax portion configured to be arranged in front of the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20130335537 - Three-dimensional display apparatus: In a 3D image display apparatus, a display unit includes a plurality of pixels and alternately displays a left-eye image in a first group of the pixels and a right-eye image in a second group of the pixels along a first direction, a barrier unit includes a light blocking portion... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20130335539 - Multi-view device, display apparatus and control methods thereof: A multi-view device includes a lens unit which operates to selectively transmit or block light; a communication unit which communicates with a display apparatus which is displaying an image; and a controller which receives, from the display apparatus via the communication unit, a beacon signal which synchronizes with a display... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20130335540 - Stereoscopic image display apparatus: A stereoscopic image display apparatus is described. The stereoscopic image display apparatus includes a display panel, a film-type patterned retarder (FPR) and a barrier layer. The display panel comprises a plurality of scan lines, first data lines, second data lines and pixel units. Each of pixel units comprises a major... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

20130335542 - Electronic device: An electronic device includes a main body, a magnetic plate, an integrated circuit (IC) plate, and a display. The main body includes a first surface, a second surface opposite to the first surface, and a side surface connected substantially perpendicularly to the first and second surfaces. The second surface defines... Agent:

20130335541 - Method and mobile device for video or picture signing of transactions, tasks/duties, services, or deliveries: A method and system for digitally signing utilizes a mobile device with an image capture device to electronically record the signing. A signer may accept, reject, or partially accept/reject a transaction or contract. The signer selects which action to take, and one or more images and possibly audio are captured... Agent:

20130335543 - Apparatus and method for enhancing human visual performance in a head worn video system: Visual impairment, or vision impairment, refers to the vision loss of an individual to such a degree as to require additional support for one or more aspects of their life. Such a significant limitation of visual capability may result from disease, trauma, congenital, and/or degenerative conditions that cannot be corrected... Agent:

20130335544 - Endoscopic system: An endoscopic system includes an endoscope including: a light source of illumination light that illuminates inside of a test subject; an illumination light exit, from which the illumination light is emitted; and an objective optical system configured to form an image of the inside of the test body illuminated by... Agent:

20130335545 - System for integrated wound analysis: A system for integrated wound analysis; said system including sensing and image recording elements; sensed data and images of at least a first recording session stored for analysis; said system including a reference system whereby sensing and image recording of any subsequent said recording session substantially repeats sensing and recording... Agent:

20130335546 - Selective imaging: In embodiments of selective imaging, an imaging system includes an imaging sensor implemented to capture an image of a target within a field of view of the imaging system. The imaging sensor is divided into zones of pixel arrays. The imaging system also includes optics that can be positioned to... Agent:

20130335547 - Signal processing apparatus for focus detection, signal processing method, and image pickup apparatus: A signal processing apparatus for obtaining a correlation between an A-image signal and a B-image signal which are output from an image pickup unit to be input and calculating a defocus amount includes: a near-in-focus detection unit for detecting a pixel signal in an in-focus state between the A- and... Agent:

20130335548 - Quantitative phase microscopy for high-contrast cell imaging using frequency domain phase shift: Some systems described herein include a frequency dependent phase plate for generating multiple phase-contrast images of a sample, each from a different frequency range of light, each phase-contrast image for frequency range of light formed from light diffracted by the sample interfered with undiffracted light that has a frequency-dependent baseline... Agent: General Electric Company

20130335550 - Infrared sensor systems and methods: Infrared imaging systems and methods disclosed herein, in accordance with one or more embodiments, provide for a wireless thermal imaging system comprising one or more wireless thermal image sensors adapted to capture and provide thermal images of structural objects of a structure for monitoring moisture of the structural objects and... Agent: Flir Systems, Inc.

20130335549 - System and method for optical inspection of off-line industrial gas turbines and other power generation machinery while in turning gear mode: Internal components of gas and steam turbines are inspected with an optical camera inspection system that is capable of automatically and/or manually positioning the camera field of view (FOV) to an area of interest within the turbine along a pre-designated navigation path and capturing images with or without human intervention.... Agent:

20130335551 - Device for inspecting a steam generator: An inspection device for inspecting a steam generator having a first long and flexible video probe intended to be inserted inside the housing of the steam generator and configured to be moveable through a fluid passage orifice defined by a spacer plate and a flow tube, all arranged inside the... Agent: Sra Savac

20130335552 - Method for mask inspection, and mask inspection installation: The invention relates to a method for mask inspection and to a mask inspection installation. A method according to the invention involves a lighting system lighting a mask with a lighting beam pencil, and said mask being observed with an observation beam pencil which is directed onto a sensor arrangement,... Agent: Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh

20130335553 - Method and system for determining an ego-motion of a vehicle: A method for determining an ego-motion of a vehicle is described, which is carried out in driver assistance systems, particularly in parking assistance systems. The method involves: taking a sequence of images, successive in time of a vehicle surroundings by a vehicle camera; determining, based on the image sequence, at... Agent:

20130335554 - Adaptive estimation of frame time stamp latency: A mobile device compensates for a lack of a time stamp when an image frame is captured by estimating the frame time stamp latency. The mobile device captures images frames and time stamps each frame after the frame time stamp latency. A vision based rotation is determined from a pair... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20130335557 - Container with detection device for determining a status of the container and monitoring system for dynamic status monitoring with at least one such container: A container for the transport and/or the storage of objects is described. A container of this type features a detection device for determining information on the occupancy status and/or the filling status of the container. The detection device is capable of detecting different light intensities in the region of the... Agent: Wurth Elektronik Ics Gmbh & Co. Kg

20130335556 - Day night classification of images using thresholding on hsv histogram: A method (300) is provided for classifying an image as being one of a daytime image or a nighttime image. The method includes: obtaining an image to be analyzed (302); determining a first parameter (nH) representative of a first amount of pixels in the image that are sufficiently red or... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20130335555 - Determining a maximum inscribed size of a rectangle: Embodiments perform an iterative process for enlarging a rectangle having a fixed aspect ratio within a convex polygon to find the largest rectangular area within the convex polygon. The iterative process includes detecting an intersection of one or more corners of the rectangle with the convex polygon and adjusting a... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20130335559 - Mobile measurement devices, instruments and methods: A portable instrument or apparatus includes a portable device and a rangefinder module. The rangefinder module can be attached to the portable device, which may be any suitable smartphone, tablet or other consumer electronics device having a camera. By suitable alignment of the rangefinder and camera, the device is capable... Agent: Surveylab Group Limited

20130335558 - Optical automatic attitude measurement for lightweight portable optical systems: An optical automatic attitude measurement device for a lightweight portable optical system is disclosed. In one embodiment, a first optical device is configured to provide an attitude beam. A second optical device mechanically coupled to the first optical device to a lose tolerance. The second optical device is configured to... Agent:

20130335560 - Imagaging apparatus, imaging method, and imaging program: In the case where an imaging apparatus is not able to detect the distance to an object placed over an imaging surface thereof, if the area of a bright region in an image of the object captured by an imaging unit with light emitted from a light emitting unit is... Agent: Fujitsu Frontech Limited

20130335561 - In-vehicle camera and in-vehicle camera system: In the present invention, images at a front side or a rear side of a vehicle are obtained from a plurality of image capturing devices and a disparity and a distance to the captured object are calculated from the images, if the disparity is not sufficiently obtained, pattern light is... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20130335562 - Adaptive switching between vision aided ins and vision only pose: A mobile device tracks a relative pose between a camera and a target using Vision aided Inertial Navigation System (VINS), that includes a contribution from inertial sensor measurements and a contribution from vision based measurements. When the mobile device detects movement of the target, the contribution from the inertial sensor... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20130335563 - Method, apparatus, and computer program product for replenishment of articles in a dispensing system: Example embodiments of the present invention may provide an efficient method of replenishing canisters of an automated dispensing device off-line. In particular, methods may include automatically causing an image to be captured at each of two or more stages of a replenishment process, where respective images are of a loading... Agent: Mckesson Financial Holdings

20130335564 - System with article surveillance device, article surveillance device and method for displaying configuration information: The present invention relates to a system with article surveillance device and method for displaying configuration information. The system comprises: at least one article surveillance device; a server which is connected via a communication connection to the at least one article surveillance device and which is adapted to store information... Agent: Cross Point B.v.

20130335565 - Self-correcting adaptive long-stare electro-optical system: An imaging platform minimizes image distortion when there is relative motion of the imaging platform with respect to the scene being imaged where the imaging platform may be particularly susceptible to distortion when it is configured with a wide field of view or high angular rate of movement, or when... Agent:

20130335566 - Systems, methods and devices for repeat pass imaging for wide area intermittent video: This application relates to techniques for obtaining wide area intermittent video (WAIV). Some embodiments disclosed herein include a method of obtaining WAIV. The method can include, for example, capturing images at a series of sensor stations having pre-determined locations along a flightline. The flightline can be repeated one or more... Agent:

20130335568 - Multi-camera vehicular image recorder: A multi-camera vehicular image recorder has a hollow body and a first image capturing module and a second image capturing module mounted in the body. The body has a first lens opening and a second lens opening formed through a front cover thereof. A lens of the first image capturing... Agent:

20130335570 - Pop-up test reference image: An apparatus for deploying test images for a preset period within the field of view of a camera, and having; a panel supporting the test image, and moveable transmission connected with the panel and operable to deploy, and retrieve, the panel.... Agent:

20130335567 - Vehicle event data recorder set capable of retaining a handset: A vehicle event data recorder set capable of retaining a handset; comprises a main body of a vehicle event data recorder; the main body including a processor; the main body being installed with: a display screen at a front side of the main body; a handset retaining seat extending from... Agent:

20130335569 - Vehicle with improved traffic-object position detection: v

20130335572 - End cap analytic monitoring method and apparatus: Methods and apparatus for monitoring and ranking end caps in a store include video monitoring one or more parameters of end caps, including dwell times, item removal, traffic monitored parameters to determine for example one or more of end cap efficiency, product desirability, and location desirability.... Agent:

20130335571 - Vision based target tracking for constrained environments: A system and method includes obtaining and storing video frames from a series of video frames on a computer readable storage device, calculating probability estimates for target locations in each frame for targets in a constrained environment, and determining candidate target locations in each frame.... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20130335573 - Input method designed for augmented reality goggles: Apparatuses, methods, systems and computer-readable media for using proximity inputs on or near a touch screen lens to select objects within a field of view are presented. In some embodiments, a viewing apparatus (e.g. head mounted display, augmented reality goggles) may include at least one lens, wherein the lens can... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20130335574 - Light emitting device and luminaire having the same: According to an embodiment, an illumination control system includes a luminaire, plural monitoring cameras and a central control device. The central control device receives monitoring images that include one monitoring image picked up by each of the plural monitoring cameras. The central control device integrates the monitoring images and generates... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20130335575 - Accelerated geometric shape detection and accurate pose tracking: A reference in an unknown environment is generated on the fly for positioning and tracking. The reference is produced in a top down process by capturing an image of a planar object with a predefined geometric shape, detecting edge pixels of the planar object, then detecting a plurality of line... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20130335577 - Camera device and method for determining field of view of the camera device: In a method for determining a field of view of a camera device, a location device sends position information to establish anchor points. The camera device captures images of the anchor points, and obtains vertical angles of the anchor points, horizontal angles of the anchor points, and distances between the... Agent:

20130335576 - Dynamic adaptation of imaging parameters: Representative implementations of devices and techniques provide adaptable settings for imaging devices and systems. Operating modes may be defined based on whether an object is detected within a preselected area. One or more parameters of emitted electromagnetic radiation may be dynamically adjusted based on the present operating mode.... Agent:

20130335578 - Ambient adaptive objective image metric: A system and method are provided for measuring image quality using an ambient adaptive objective brightness metric. The method accepts an electronically formatted original image (I), and also accepts an electronically formatted brightened image (B), obtained by modifying the original image. For example, the brightened image (B) may be an... Agent:

20130335579 - Detection of camera misalignment: A camera system (10) includes: a camera (12) that obtains a test image (200); and an image processor (30). The image processor (30): analyzes said test image (200) to detect an object (22) appearing in the test image (200); determines a location where the detected object (22) appears in the... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20130335580 - Imaging data correction system and method: Methods and systems for use in calibrating imaging data, are provided that include using a calibration array to generate a test pattern. The calibration array can emit a test pattern having geometric, temporal, and electromagnetic characteristics. The collected data can be compared with the geometric, temporal and electromagnetic characteristics to... Agent: Electronic Warfare Associates, Inc.

20130335581 - Method and apparatus for measuring audiovisual synchronization: There is provided a method of measuring audiovisual synchronization between at least one encoded audio stream and at least one encoded video stream, comprising measuring the time of input into an audio encoder of source audio data to be encoded into said encoded audio stream, measuring the time of input... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20130335584 - Image pickup apparatus, portable terminal, image pickup method and storage medium: An image pickup apparatus includes a communication unit, a process unit, a transmission control unit, an obtaining unit and a process control unit. The communication unit is connected to an external device via a predetermined communication line so as to establish communication with the external device. The process unit successively... Agent:

20130335583 - Imaging device and method, and program: Disclosed herein is an imaging device including: a light emission control section configured to obtain a delay time from issuance to a flash of a light emission trigger indicating light emission start timing of the flash to reaching of a predetermined value by light emission luminance of the flash; an... Agent:

20130335582 - Method of controlling information processing apparatus and information processing apparatus: A method of controlling an information processing apparatus causes contents in a first terminal to be shared with a second terminal. The method includes receiving sharing information for sharing the content from the second terminal, sending, by a processor, an acquisition request of the contents to the first terminal on... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20130335586 - System and method for efficiently transferring data from an electronic camera device: A system and method for efficiently transferring data from an electronic camera device includes a camera device that is configured to capture image data and temporarily store the image data into an economical limited local buffer memory. A transfer manager from the camera device may then periodically arbitrate for access... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130335585 - Wireless modem module server system: An apparatus and method for managing data for a wireless device, which includes a first memory for storing received data of a wireless device, a second memory for storing a network operational file, the operational file consisting of instructions for selecting a destination using a wireless module of the wireless... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130335587 - Terminal device and image capturing method: An information processing apparatus that acquires image data captured by an image capturing device; detects whether a hand exists in the image data; and controls a state of an image capturing operation performed by the image capturing device in accordance with a command corresponding to at least one of a... Agent:

20130335588 - Imaging optical system, imaging device, and digital apparatus: where f1 is a focal length of the first lens element, f is a focal length of the entire optical system, RS1, RS3, RS2, RS4 are curvature radii of the object-side surface and the image-side surface of the first and second lens elements, d2 is an optical axis distance between... Agent:

20130335591 - Imaging apparatus, imaging method and storage medium, image coding apparatus, image coding method and storage medium: A multi-viewpoint image which has been captured with respect to an object from a plurality of viewpoints is coded by setting a base viewpoint among the plurality of viewpoints. An image captured from a viewpoint that is not the base viewpoint is then coded using a reference image selected based... Agent:

20130335589 - Imaging device: An imaging device comprises a lens barrel including an optical system that collects light from a predetermined viewing area and that defines an optical axis; an imaging unit that receives the light collected by the optical system and generates image data, the image data defining a main image that includes... Agent: Olympus Imaging Corp.

20130335590 - Solid-state image sensor, method of manufacturing the same, and camera: A method of manufacturing a solid-state image sensor includes preparing a structure including a photoelectric converter formed in an image sensing region and a pad electrode formed in a pad region, forming a first organic film including a first organic portion arranged in the image sensing region of the structure... Agent:

20130335592 - Information communication device: An information communication method includes: obtaining a first image by capturing a subject; detecting a range of the subject from the first image; determining, from among a plurality of exposure lines, predetermined exposure lines for capturing the range of the subject; setting an exposure time so that, in a second... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20130335593 - Method and apparatus for estimating point spread function: A method of estimating a point spread function (PSF) includes: estimating a global motion between a short-exposure image and a long-exposure image that are continuously captured using different exposure times, and compensating for the global motion; calculating a first resultant image by applying a band pass filter to the short-exposure... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20130335594 - Enhancing captured data: Captured data is obtained, including various types of captured or recorded data (e.g., image data, audio data, video data, etc.) and/or metadata describing various aspects of the capture device and/or the manner in which the data is captured. One or more elements of the captured data that can be replaced... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20130335595 - Event-based image processing apparatus and method: Provided is an event-based image processing apparatus and method, the apparatus including a sensor which senses occurrences of a predetermined event in a plurality of image pixels and which outputs an event signal in response to the sensed occurrences, a time stamp unit which generates time stamp information by mapping... Agent:

20130335597 - Apparatus and method for providing image: Disclosed are an apparatus and a method for providing an image to provide real-time image data photographed by an image photographing apparatus. The apparatus includes a real-time image data receiving unit to receive the real-time image data; a real-time image data filtering unit to image-process the real-time image data; a... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20130335596 - Combining multiple images in bracketed photography: Embodiments provide a unified method for combining images such as high dynamic range images, flash-no-flash image pairs, and/or other images. Weight masks are defined for each of the plurality of images by calculating coefficients for each of the weight masks. Calculating the coefficients includes, at least, performing histogram alignment between... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20130335598 - Array camera imaging system and method: Aspects of the disclosed technology relate to an imaging system and method in which an array camera is employed along with an image processor to make use of parallax convergence differences in color and luminance between different cameras or groups of cameras within an array camera to provide improved super... Agent: Sony Mobile Communications Ab

20130335600 - Array camera imaging system and method: Aspects of the disclosed technology relate to an imaging system and method in which an array camera is employed along with an image processor to make use of parallax convergence differences between different cameras or groups of cameras within an array camera to provide improved super resolution performance.... Agent: Sony Mobile Communications Ab

20130335599 - Camera imaging systems and methods: A video imaging system including: a low resolution colour digital video camera and a high resolution monochromatic digital video camera operably connected to a digital processing system.... Agent: University Of New Brunswick

20130335601 - Imaging apparatus which suppresses fixed pattern noise generated by an image sensor of the apparatus: An imaging apparatus detects and registers fixed-noise pixels as those pixels of the image sensor which produce fixed pattern noise, and includes an optical element which disperses light that is incident on the image sensor. The detection is performed by identifying isolated high-luminance pixels within captured images and, for each... Agent:

20130335602 - Method of processing image signals and related method of image capture: A method of processing image signals comprises determining whether each of multiple units of input pixel data received from an image sensor is bad pixel data generated by a bad pixel of the image sensor or normal pixel data generated by a normal pixel of the image sensor, and performing... Agent:

20130335603 - Color imaging device: A color filter array of a color imaging device is formed by repeatedly arranging a basic array pattern in which RGB filters are arrayed in an array pattern of 8×12 pixels, in a horizontal direction and a vertical direction. The basic array pattern is arranged in a matrix manner in... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20130335604 - Solid-state imaging device, signal processing method thereof, and image capturing apparatus: A solid-state imaging device includes a color filter array based on a checkered pattern array and in which two pixels adjacent to each other in at least one of upper/lower and right/left directions have the same color. The color filter array is a color filter array in which a spatial... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130335605 - Image capture lens assembly and image capture device thereof: This invention discloses an image capture lens assembly and an image capture device thereof. The image capture lens assembly, sequentially on an optical axis, includes: a prism, a first lens-group, a second lens-group and a third lens-group. The prism is a full reflective lens. The first lens-group with negative refractive... Agent:

20130335606 - Imaging device and focus control method: Provides an imaging device including, imaging element in which plural first lines arrayed with first phase difference detection pixels, and plural second lines arrayed with second phase difference detection pixels, are arrayed alternately; reading out section read out signals of the phase difference detection pixels; first correlation computing section carry... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20130335609 - A/d converter, solid-state image pickup device and driving method of the same, and electronic apparatus: The present technology relates to an A/D converter, a solid-state image pickup device and a method of driving the same, and an electronic apparatus which are capable of reducing power consumption while reducing a circuit size. A comparator compares a reference voltage with an input voltage, the reference voltage having... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130335607 - Control circuit, control method of control circuit, and imaging device: To be provided is a control circuit including a horizontal synchronization clock counting unit that counts the number of clock cycles of a horizontal synchronization clock signal for instructing a timing of starting scanning pixels in a horizontal direction of a pixel group arranged in a two-dimensional lattice shape, so... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130335608 - Image sensing system and method of driving the same: In a first operation mode, signals are read from pixels including ranging pixels in a pixel array and ranging and image generation are performed based on the read signals. In a second operation mode, signals are read from the pixels excluding the ranging pixels and exposure is controlled based on... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20130335610 - Image pickup unit and image pickup display system: An image pickup unit includes: a plurality of pixels each including a photoelectric conversion device and a field-effect transistor. Each of the pixels includes a light-blocking layer in a peripheral region of the photoelectric conversion device, and the light-blocking layer is maintained to a predetermined electric potential.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130335611 - Mobile wireless object recognition and control: A system, handheld devices, and methods for object tracking and control. The system tracks and controls items, people, and their interactions. The handheld mobile wireless device provides item specific information, instruction, and supervision. A plurality of handheld devices is configured to be used by different people, and communicate with a... Agent:

20130335612 - Space equipment recognition and control using handheld devices: A system, handheld devices, and methods for space equipment tracking and control. The system tracks and controls items, people and their interactions. The handheld mobile wireless device provides item specific information, instruction, and supervision. A plurality of handheld devices is configured to be used by different people, and communicate with... Agent:

20130335613 - Image production device, image production method, and program for driving computer to execute image production method: The total imaging time period and recorded volume of each image is displayed in association with the imaging date and time of the image. Information on the imaging dates and times and recorded volumes of images is acquired. A period setting part sets the period of a period display. An... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130335614 - Focus adjustment apparatus and control method therefor: A focus adjustment apparatus that displays an in-focus state in a display region in association with control of a focus lens position. The apparatus includes a signal generation unit configured to output a pair of image signals from a focus detection region having a plurality of corresponding display regions, the... Agent:

20130335615 - Imaging device: Provided is an imaging device for mobile devices such as a mobile phone, using a high resolution image sensor such as a charge coupled device (CCD) and a complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS).... Agent: Sehf-korea Co., Ltd.

20130335616 - Zoom lens and imaging apparatus: There is provided a zoom lens including a first lens group having negative refractive power, a second lens group having positive refractive power, a third lens group having negative refractive power, and a fourth lens group having positive refractive power, the lens groups being arranged in order from an object... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130335617 - Zoom lens system, interchangeable lens apparatus and camera system: A zoom lens system, in order from an object side to an image side, comprising: a first lens unit having positive optical power; a second lens unit having negative optical power; a third lens unit having positive optical power; a fourth lens unit having negative optical power, and a subsequent... Agent:

20130335618 - Image recording apparatus and image reproducing apparatus: An image recording unit obtains image data which is obtained by a photographing operation, and can reconstruct a refocus image, and photographing information, generates a parameter used to reconstruct a refocus image in relation to an object included in an image based on the obtained photographing information, and records the... Agent:

20130335619 - Imaging device and imaging method: An imaging device includes an imaging element configured to output an image signal in accordance with a target image acquired via an imaging lens, an autofocus detector configured to decide a focus in accordance with image data obtained from the image signal, a lens movement section configured to move the... Agent:

20130335620 - Focus position searching method: A focus position searching method is used to determine an optimum position of a lens module, the lens module being driven by a voice coil motor (VCM), the VCM according to an input current to drive the lens module. The focus position searching method is used to search a left... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20130335621 - Geometrically distorted luminance in a multi-lens camera: Spatial resolution can be improved in multi-lens digital cameras. Each lens can have the same or similar field of view, but can be associated with different geometric distortions defining, for example, a magnification at various field of view portions. A final image can be generated based on an initial image... Agent: Opera Imaging B.v.

20130335622 - Imaging lens: Disclosed herein is an imaging lens suitable for a camera module using a high resolution imaging sensor, decreasing a flare phenomenon and reducing the sensitivity. The imaging lens comprises, in order from the object side, a first lens having positive (+) refractive force; a second lens having negative (−) refractive... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20130335624 - Component assembly for simplified installation on a vehicle: The invention relates to a device, particularly for a tailgate (1) of a vehicle, comprising a camera unit (10) which is used to capture images of the outer region (4) of a vehicle, and a drive (20) by means of which the camera unit (10) can be transferred between a... Agent: Huf Hulsbeck & Furst Gmbh & Co. Kg

20130335623 - Lens barrel and image pickup apparatus: A lens barrel includes: a lens holding frame holding a lens; a mounting member to which the lens holding frame is mounted; an inclination regulating member regulating a position of the lens holding frame with respect to the mounting member, thereby regulating inclination of the lens holding frame with respect... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130335625 - Lens with sapphire substrate and lens module: A lens includes a substrate and an infrared-cut (IR-cut) filtering film. The substrate is made of sapphire, is configured for converging or diffusing light rays and includes an object-side surface and an image-side surface opposite to the object-side surface. The IR-cut filtering film increases the reflectivity of the substrate in... Agent:

20130335626 - Objective for an image recording device: The invention relates to an objective for an image recording device for reproducing an image, which is created by a far-optical device. A housing, which is detachably connectable to an eyepiece of the far-optical device, has a greater inner diameter than the exterior diameter of an eyepiece housing. Both an... Agent: Swarovski-optik Kg.

20130335627 - Customization of multimedia: Disclosed are methods and apparatus for processing video content. The method comprises receiving the video content, processing the received video content, and providing, for display on a client device (e.g., a television, computer display, etc.), the processed video content. The processing of the video content uses one or more rules,... Agent: General Instrument Corporation

20130335628 - Video processing device, and video display system containing same: Provided is a video processing device capable of displaying an easily viewable video utilizing a broader area in a display. A video processing unit that is included in the video processing device and processes an input video includes a first memory that stores the input video, a second memory that... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20130335629 - Method for synchronizing multimedia flows and corresponding device: The present invention relates to a reception device and a method for the processing of multimedia data flows in said device comprising an interface to a first network and an interface to a second network, said method comprising the following steps: receive, from the first network, a first flow comprising... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20130335630 - Video processing device and video display device using same, and synchronization signal output method: There is provided a video processing device capable of reducing the influence of a disturbance of an input vertical synchronization signal. When the synchronization signal detecting unit detects an input of the input-side vertical synchronization signal at a predetermined cycle, the synchronization signal control unit outputs the input-side vertical synchronization... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20130335631 - Video device and method for starting application: An application starting method is applied to a video device. The video device can display television programs and perform other functions and applications. The application starting method includes providing a channel table, the channel table listing television channel numbers, and collections of information, each relating to a particular television channel,... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20130335632 - Phase-adjustment processing for broadcast channel signals: Various embodiments are described herein for a universal television receiver that is capable of processing a television channel signal to provide phase-adjusted video information for the desired television channel signal.... Agent:

20130335633 - Image sharpness device and method for the same: An image sharpness device and a method for the same are disclosed. The image sharpness device includes a DC removal unit, at least one filter, at least one noise estimation unit, at least one soft threshold processing unit, and a summing unit. The DC removal unit receives a luminance signal... Agent: Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.

20130335634 - Noise reduction device and noise reduction method: A noise reduction device and a noise reduction method are disclosed. The noise reduction device includes a DC removal unit for removing a DC component of a luminance; a first wavelet transform unit for performing a wavelet transform on an output of the DC removal unit for outputting a first... Agent: Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.

20130335635 - Video analysis based on sparse registration and multiple domain tracking: A video of a scene includes multiple frames, each of which is registered using sparse registration to spatially align the frame to a reference image of the video. Based on the registered multiple frames as well as both an image domain and a field domain, one or more objects in... Agent:

20130335636 - Method for outputting image and electronic device for using the same: A method for outputting images adopted by an electronic device having a display unit and at least one connection port is provided. The method comprises displaying options of available external devices, wherein each of the options of the available external devices respectively corresponds to an external display device connected to... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20130335637 - Program guide with past history display and program selection: A method includes receiving, at a set top box, an instruction or command from a user to view program listings associated with programs that were broadcast by a television service provider during a first period of time that is prior to a current time. The method also includes identifying at... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20130335638 - Television reception apparatus, board module, and electronic apparatus: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a housing, a board in the housing, an electrically conductive shield unit, a connector, and an extending portion. The housing includes an opening. The electrically conductive shield unit includes a first section and a second section intersecting the first section at an... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20130335639 - Configurable buffer for an integrated circuit: In one embodiment, an internal buffer may be provided within an integrated circuit (IC) to convert a signal to an output current to be output via a pin of the IC, under control of a switch which can be controlled based on a configuration setting of the IC, and may... Agent:

20130335642 - Image projection apparatus and method of controlling light source: To control a laser used as a light source according to an input image, while satisfying a safety standard, a projector includes lasers provided for each of a plurality of colors, a dichroic mirror that synthesizes laser beams emitted by the lasers, an LCOS panel that modulates synthesized light by... Agent: Nec Display Solutions, Ltd

20130335640 - Information processing apparatus and conference system: An information processing apparatus is connected to a projecting unit that projects an image and a gesture recognizing unit that recognizes a gesture by a person. The information processing apparatus includes: a projection image transmitting unit that inputs a projection image to the projecting unit; an image capturing unit that... Agent:

20130335641 - Projection system, projection-type image display device, and multi-projection system: A projection screen includes: phosphor regions arranged cyclically in an in-plane direction of a display region; a plurality of black stripes and reference black stripes that partition the display region into the phosphor regions; and an optical information formation unit that is provided in a specific position within the display... Agent:

20130335643 - Projection-type image display device and light quantity adjustment method: A projection-type image display device includes: a light source; a display element that displays an image based on an input video signal; a trapezoidal distortion correction unit that performs pixel conversion in which pixel data of the input video signal are compressed or interpolated and supplies the display element with... Agent:

20130335644 - Television and electronic apparatus: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a housing and a component. The housing includes a synthetic resin portion and a metal portion. The synthetic resin portion includes a first portion exposed to an outside of the electronic apparatus and a second portion including a nip portion. The metal... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

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20130328997 - Multiple channel communication using multiple cameras: A method for video image sharing and control comprises activating video communication between electronic devices. Transmission of multiple video feeds is controlled using multiple cameras from a first electronic device.... Agent:

20130328996 - Supporting continuation of a data session after performance of a circuit switched fallback procedure: A method of supporting continuation of a data session at a wireless communication device after performance of a circuit switched fallback (CSFB) procedure is provided. The method can include establishing a data session while connected to a first network and determining an initiation of a voice call while the data... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130328998 - Automatic video layouts for multi-stream multi-site presence conferencing system: A videoconference multipoint control unit (MCU) automatically generates display layouts for videoconference endpoints. Display layouts are generated based on attributes associated with video streams received from the endpoints and display configuration information of the endpoints. An endpoint can include one or more attributes in each outgoing stream. Attributes can be... Agent: Polycom, Inc.

20130328999 - Optical adapters for mobile devices with a camera: Portable, mobile, lightweight, removable, low cost, easy to manufacture, easy to ship, easy to transport, easy to store, and easy to use optical adapters that provides an effective means of videoconferencing over a mobile phone or other mobile device with a camera. Embodiments include landscape and portrait adapters that can... Agent:

20130329000 - Providing spontaneous connection and interaction between local and remote interaction devices: Embodiments of methods, systems, and storage medium associated with establishing a persistent connection between local and remote interaction devices are disclosed herein. In one instance, the method may include operating the local interaction device in a first power state when a motion of a local user within an area proximate... Agent:

20130329005 - Adaptive around-view monitoring device: An adaptive around-view monitoring device comprises a plurality of wide-angle cameras, a top-view image integration unit, a real-time image encoding/decoding unit, and an adaptive display processing unit, wherein the top-view image integration unit is further configured with a tuning/calibrating circuit which provides an acquisition and a calibration of erroneous parameters... Agent: Acard Technology Corp.

20130329002 - Adaptive image blending operations: Special blend operations (referred to as “image seam-matching”) are described that keep the pixel values in the two images being blended the same along their transition border or seam, and smoothly increases/decreases pixel values on either side of the seam through the images' transition band (an area around the seam... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130329004 - Method of and apparatus for image enhancement: Image enhancement by separating the image signals, either Y or RGB, into a series of bands and performing noise reduction on bands below a given frequency but not on bands above that frequency. The bands are summed to develop the image enhanced signals. This results in improved sharpness and masking... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130329001 - Motion adaptive image slice selection: Systems, methods, and computer readable media for adaptively selecting what portion (aka slice) of a first image (aka frame) is selected to overlap and blend with a second frame during frame capture operations are disclosed. In general, for every new frame captured in a sequence the overlap between it and... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130329003 - Video camera positioning system and control method thereof: A method for controlling a video camera positioning system includes the steps of controlling a motor for driving a video camera to capture a panoramic frame, dividing the panoramic frame into a plurality of frames, controlling the motor for driving the camera lens to turn to the frame corresponding to... Agent: Aver Information Inc.

20130329006 - Coordinated illumination and image signal capture for enhanced signal detection: Signal detection and recognition employees coordinated illumination and capture of images under to facilitate extraction of a signal of interest. Pulsed illumination of different colors facilitates extraction of signals from color channels, as well as improved signal to noise ratio by combining signals of different color channels. The successive pulsing... Agent: Digimarc Corporation

20130329008 - Encoding apparatus, encoding method, decoding apparatus, and decoding method: There is provided an encoding apparatus including a setting unit configured to perform setting in a manner that encoding parameter used when encoding a color image of a multiview 3D image and a depth image of the multiview 3D image is shared in the color image and the depth image,... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130329009 - Image encoding apparatus: The invention significantly decreases the number of buffers for an encoding delay and a data delay without lowering the prediction performance in predication encoding. To this end, a frame, at the same time, of a right neighboring camera is referred to, and the encoding timing of a reference destination image... Agent:

20130329007 - Redundancy removal for advanced motion vector prediction (amvp) in three-dimensional (3d) video coding: In general, techniques are described for performing motion vector prediction in 3D video coding and, more particularly for managing a candidate list of motion vector predictors (MVPs) for a block of video data. In some examples, a video coder, such as video encoder or video decoder, includes at least three... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20130329010 - Three-dimensional (3-d) image review in two-dimensional (2-d) display: A method of providing three-dimensional (3-D) image effects comprises capturing, using the electronic device, three or more two-dimensional (2-D) image layers for an image, stacking the three or more 2-D image layers to create a 3-D effect for the image, activating the 3-D image effect for displaying the image in... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20130329012 - 3-d imaging and processing system including at least one 3-d or depth sensor which is continually calibrated during use: 3D imaging and processing method and system including at least one 3D or depth sensor which is continuously calibrated during use are provided. In one embodiment, a calibration apparatus or object is continuously visible in the field of view of each 3D sensor. In another embodiment, such as a calibration... Agent:

20130329014 - Electronic device, image display method, and image display program: According to an aspect, an electronic device includes: an imaging unit for capturing a subject; and a storage unit for storing therein an image captured by the imaging unit. The image stored in the storage unit is an image that forms a three-dimensional image when displayed in combination with other... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20130329013 - Hand held dimension capture apparatus, system and method: A method of determining dimension information indicative of the dimensions of an object is disclosed, the method including: receiving a depth image of the object; and processing the depth information. The processing may include: determining a region of interest (ROI) in the image corresponding to a corner of the object;... Agent: Proiam, LLC

20130329011 - Probabilistic and constraint based articulated model fitting: A depth sensor obtains images of articulated portions of a user's body such as the hand. A predefined model of the articulated body portions is provided. Representative attract points of the model are matched to centroids of the depth sensor data, and a rigid transform of the model is performed,... Agent:

20130329016 - Apparatus and method for generating a three-dimensional image using a collaborative photography group: A communication network comprising a collaborative photography group including a plurality of cameras having synchronized photographing times, is provided. The plurality of cameras may share location information, direction angle information, and image information generated by photographing an object, and generate a three-dimensional (3D) image of the object.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20130329015 - Techniques for generating robust stereo images: Techniques for generating robust depth maps from stereo images are described. A robust depth map is generated from a set of stereo images captured with and without flash illumination. The depth map is more robust than depth maps generated using conventional techniques because a pixel-matching algorithm is implemented that weights... Agent:

20130329017 - Vehicle-mounted camera device: Vehicle-mounted camera device includes first imaging unit, second imaging unit, image control unit for outputting imaging timing signals for controlling imaging timings of first imaging unit and second imaging unit to the first imaging unit and the second imaging unit, and outputting transmission timing control signals for controlling transmission timings... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20130329018 - 3d geometric modeling and 3d video content creation: A system, apparatus and method of obtaining data from a 2D image in order to determine the 3D shape of objects appearing in said 2D image, said 2D image having distinguishable epipolar lines, said method comprising: (a) providing a predefined set of types of features, giving rise to feature types,... Agent: Mantisvision Ltd.

20130329019 - Image processing apparatus that estimates distance information, method of controlling the same, and storage medium: An image processing apparatus free from the inconvenience of an increase in the number of focal positions for image pickup or reduction of the distance accuracy. An optical imaging system forms an object image and an image pickup device picks up the formed object image. A first range image is... Agent:

20130329020 - Hybrid stitching: In a system or method where three-dimensional data is acquired as a sequence of frames of data along a camera path, disparate sequences are related to one another through a number of geometric stitches obtained by direct registration of three-dimensional data between frames in the disparate sequences. These geometric stitches... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20130329021 - Display device with movement elements for obtaining a high resolution and/or a 3d effect: A display device (A) for the display of image information, which consists of at least one or a plurality of picture elements and may be modified by means of a frame rate (R), having at least one light source (L) for the generation of a picture element of the image... Agent:

20130329022 - Stereoscopic display system: The present invention discloses a stereoscopic display system, which includes a phase retarder, a display panel, a detector unit, and a processing unit. The phase retarder has a plurality of first strip shapes and a plurality of second strip shapes. The first strip shapes and the second strip shapes are... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd

20130329023 - Text recognition driven functionality: Various approaches for providing textual information to an application, system, or service are disclosed. In particular, various embodiments enable a user to capture an image with a camera of a portable computing device. The computing device is capable of taking the image and processing it to recognize, identify, and/or isolate... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20130329025 - Image pickup apparatus and image pickup system: An image pickup apparatus includes: an image pickup device for picking up an image of an object; a reception portion that is provided in a processor including a signal processing portion processes an image signal obtained by picking up the object with the image pickup device, and that receives a... Agent:

20130329026 - Imaging mechanism, endoscope, and method of manufacturing imaging mechanism: An imaging mechanism includes: an imaging device; a light receiving section that is provided on one surface of the imaging device; a cover member that covers the one surface of the imaging device and the light receiving section; and a lens unit that has a plurality of lenses including a... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20130329024 - Medical image processing apparatus:

20130329027 - Endoscope apparatus: An endoscope apparatus includes: a light source device radiating at least one or more illumination lights having a predetermined wavelength band to a subject, and an image pickup device picking up an image of a return light from the subject. A band decomposition processing section of a video processor performs... Agent:

20130329028 - Image pickup system: An image pickup system is an image pickup system in which an image pickup device arranged at a distal end of an insertion section of an endoscope and a processor can communicate with each other. A group of multiple control parameters to be collectively transmitted and checksum codes related to... Agent:

20130329030 - Apparatus and methods for masking a portion of a moving image stream: Apparatus and methods are described for imaging a portion of a body of a subject that undergoes a motion cycle, including acquiring a plurality of image frames of the portion of the subject's body. A given feature is identified in at least some of the image frames. At least some... Agent: Sync-rx, Ltd.

20130329031 - Blood vessel image pickup device, and organism authentication device: An authentication apparatus that authenticates individuals with the use of features of a living body includes an input device for placing the living body thereon, an imaging device that images the living body, an image processing unit that processes an image taken by the imaging device, the features of the... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20130329029 - Digital camera system: A digital camera system capable of operating by detecting a feature point, which has not been accomplished, in addition to ordinary functions of a conventional camera is provided. According to an aspect of the present invention, a digital camera system includes a detecting means that detects a given feature point... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20130329032 - Fundus camera and method of capturing fundus image: A fundus camera having an autofocus function which automatically drives a focus lens, the camera includes a general-purpose digital camera having a live view function, an acquisition unit which acquires a live view image captured by the general-purpose digital camera, and a control unit which drives the focus lens based... Agent:

20130329034 - Defocus amount estimation method, imaging apparatus, and transparent member: A defocus amount estimation method for an imaging apparatus that captures, using an image sensor, an image of a specimen formed by an imaging optical system includes a captured image evaluation step of fixing the specimen using a transparent member including a mark that applies at least one of a... Agent:

20130329033 - Microscope system: A microscope system comprises: a stage carrying a sample; an optical system forming an sample image; a driver driving at least the optical system or stage to relatively moves the sample and optical system; an imaging section capturing a reference viewing field image as an image of a predetermined viewing... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20130329036 - Automated stent inspection system: A method for the rapid optical inspection of stents is described wherein a stent is mounted on a mandrel with optical properties suitable for machine vision inspection of the stent is conveyed to a first inspection station containing a camera and illumination light source. A driving member securely contacts the... Agent:

20130329035 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: The present invention provides a structure which reduces erroneous estimation when a state of a work is estimated. An image processing apparatus includes: a camera which inputs an image of a work; a work state estimation unit which estimates a state of the work from the image which has been... Agent:

20130329037 - Noncontact caliper measurements of sheet products using intersecting lines in sheet manufacturing or processing systems: A method includes obtaining multiple images of a sheet of material. The images contain a first line projected onto a first side of the sheet and a second line projected onto a second side of the sheet. The images include (i) at least one first image containing the first line... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20130329038 - System and method for detecting and tracking a curvilinear object in a three-dimensional space: A system for detecting and tracking a curvilinear object in a three-dimensional space includes an image acquisition system including a video camera arranged to acquire a video image of the curvilinear object and output a corresponding video signal, the video image comprising a plurality n of image frames each at... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20130329039 - Defect inspection method and device thereof: In order to highly sensitively detect fatal defects present in the vicinity of a direct peripheral circuit section in a chip formed on a semiconductor wafer, in the defect inspection device, which is provided with an illumination optical system that illuminates an inspection subject at predetermined optical conditions and a... Agent:

20130329040 - Method of measuring the accuracy of a mechanical watch: A method of measuring accuracy of a watch including a visual display device, including: storing a first instant, at which the display is in a first display position corresponding to a first image, with a corresponding time reference source; determining a first display value for the first image and stored... Agent: The Swatch Group Research And Development Ltd.

20130329041 - Device, system and method of orientation estimation of a mobile device: Some demonstrative embodiments include devices, systems and/or methods of orientation estimation of a mobile device. For example, a mobile device may include an orientation estimator to detect a pattern in at least one image captured by the mobile device, and based on one or more geometric elements of the detected... Agent:

20130329042 - Image pick-up device, image pick-up system equipped with image pick-up device, and image pick-up method: An image pickup apparatus includes: a lens optical system including six regions having such optical characteristics that focal characteristics are made different from one another; an image pickup device having a plurality of pixels on which light beams having passed through the lens optical system are incident; and an arrayed... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20130329044 - Anti-theft stand including a viewing system: The invention relates to an anti-theft stand provided with at least two diametrically opposed cameras secured to the frame in the upper central area thereof, directed towards the sides and suitably connected to an image receiving source, such as a computer, an image recorder or another similar device. The stand... Agent:

20130329043 - Transmissions of images in a remote recognition system: A method and apparatus for selective transmission of color information to a remote recognition system is provided herein. During operation, a central server may determine that at least one region in an image is ambiguously recognized, or unrecognized. In response, the central server will send a request for the image/video... Agent: Motorola Solutions, Inc.

20130329045 - Apparatus and method for removing a reflected light from an imaging device image: Disclosed herein is an apparatus for removing a reflected light from an imaging device image, including a processor on a controller configured to output at a predetermined interval to a windshield or an imaging device lens, a control signal for controlling an on or off operation of at least one... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20130329046 - Vehicle-mounted camera: A vehicle-mounted camera includes a camera module mounted on a vehicle such as an automobile, and further includes a mirror occupying at least a part of an imaging range of the camera module. The camera module may be arranged to face a forward vehicle traveling direction. The mirror may occupy... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20130329047 - Escort security surveillance system: An escort security surveillance system is described. The system includes a gateway, a web server, a mobile communication device, and a client device of the gateway. The web server introduces the mobile communication device to a corresponding gateway based on a selection of a security monitoring service from the mobile... Agent: Next Level Security Systems, Inc.

20130329048 - Multi-function safety hamlet: A multi-function safety hamlet includes a hamlet body having a lining for covering wearer's head and a camera for recording video. The camera is arranged to the hamlet body facing ahead so as to record the sight in front of the user.... Agent:

20130329051 - Communication device: A system may include a personal electronic device having a housing and an ultra-wide band transceiver disposed within the housing. The system may also include a stereophonic system for sending audio information to a right ear and a left ear of a user, the stereophonic system having a second ultra-wideband... Agent:

20130329049 - Multisensor evidence integration and optimization in object inspection: Video image data is acquired from synchronized cameras having overlapping views of objects moving past the cameras through a scene image in a linear array and with a determined speed. Processing units generate one or more object detections associated with confidence scores within frames of the camera video stream data.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20130329050 - Remote streaming: Method, device, and storage medium for logging on to a network that provides a streaming service for content pertaining to video cameras located at customers' premises; attempting to receive streaming content from a video camera located at a customer's premises based on one of a request to open a port... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20130329052 - Surveillance system and a method for detecting a foreign object, debris, or damage in an airfield: A surveillance system and method for detecting a foreign object, debris, or damage in an airfield, the surveillance system comprising: one or more cameras for capturing images of the airfield; a processing unit for detecting the foreign object, debris or damage in the airfield from the images captured by the... Agent: Stratech Systems Limited

20130329054 - Infrared camera system housing with metalized surface: A housing for an infrared camera module may be implemented with a substantially non-metal cover configured to substantially or completely enclose various components of an infrared imaging device. A metal layer may be disposed on various interior and/or exterior surfaces of the cover. Such implementations may be used to reduce... Agent: Flir Systems, Inc.

20130329053 - Systems and methods for creating full-color image in low light: Full-color images of low-light scenes are generated by the systems and methods described herein using only two light channels. An array of photosensitive pixels includes two sets of pixels, the first sensitive only to light associated with a first light channel, the second only to light associated with a second... Agent: Tenebraex Corporation

20130329055 - Camera system for recording and tracking remote moving objects: A camera system for detecting and tracking moving objects located at a great distance includes a camera having a camera lens system, and a position stabilizing device. The camera includes a first image sensor and a second image sensor. The camera lens system includes optical elements for focusing incident radiation... Agent: Eads Deutschland Gmbh

20130329056 - Color calibration of an image capture device in a way that is adaptive to the scene to be captured: c

20130329057 - Systems and methods for dynamic dwelling time for tuning display to reduce or eliminate mura artifact: Systems and methods for calibrating an electronic display to reduce or eliminate a mura artifact are provided. The mura artifact may be due to differential behavior of common voltage layers (VCOMs) in the electronic display. One method for reducing or eliminating the mura artifact may involve turning on an electronic... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130329061 - Method and apparatus for storing image data: A method of processing image data is provided. The method includes receiving input image data, determining whether the input image data matches stored image data which is pre-stored in a database, storing, in the database, the input image data which is determined to match the stored image data, and providing... Agent:

20130329060 - Overlay image providing system, server and method: An overlay image providing system, server and method is disclosed. The method comprises an overlay image providing server receiving download request information for an overlay image transmitted by a download device and returning a corresponding overlay image to the download device according to the download request information for an overlay... Agent:

20130329059 - Person detection system: Detection of a specific person with a specific person detecting system using surveillance cameras installed in various environments has not been successfully accurate. A monitoring system of the present invention includes an image pickup device capturing images, an updating type specified person detection server receiving captured images, extracting image feature... Agent: Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

20130329058 - System and method of pill identification: A system and method for identifying pills by determining a size and shape of each pill in a digital image. The system includes a background grid organized as a grid of alternating-colored shapes. The system also includes a digital camera, a processor and a memory. The processor is used to... Agent: Medsnap, LLC

20130329062 - Stationary camera detection and virtual tripod transition for video stabilization: An apparatus, method, and computer-readable medium for motion sensor-based video stabilization. A motion sensor may capture motion data of a video sequence. A controller may compute instantaneous motion of the camera for a current frame of the video sequence and accumulated motion of the camera corresponding to motion of a... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130329065 - Image blur correction unit, image blur correction device, and optical apparatus: An image blur compensation unit and image blur compensation device that can be made smaller in size. Wedge prisms, which refract light that is guided to an imaging element after passing through a lens group, are disposed on the same plane perpendicular to a central axis, and are supported by... Agent: Alpha Labo Solution, Ltd

20130329063 - Noise reduction based on motion sensors: A method for reducing noise in a sequence of frames may include generating a transformed frame from an input frame according to a perspective transform of a transform matrix, wherein the transform matrix corrects for motion associated with input frame. A determination may be made to identify pixels in the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130329064 - Temporal aliasing reduction and coding of upsampled video: Embodiments of the invention provide techniques for upsampling a video sequence for coding. According to the method, an estimate of camera motion may be obtained from motion sensor data. Video data may be analyzed to detect motion within frames output from a camera that is not induced by the camera... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130329066 - Hardware-constrained transforms for video stabilization processes: The video stabilization method can generate output data for an output frame from input data of an input frame according to a perspective transform of a transform matrix. The input data used for the perspective transform can be obtained from a buffer of a predetermined depth. The transform matrix can... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130329067 - Capturing control apparatus, capturing control method and program: It is an object to allow a shooting direction to be changed in a direction intended by a user. An apparatus includes: an acceptance unit configured to accept one of a first instruction to rotate a captured image by a predetermined angle and a second instruction to rotate a coordinate... Agent:

20130329068 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: In the case of a conventional image apparatus that generates refocus image on the occasion of image display, there is a waiting time because the image apparatus generates the refocus image in response to an operation of a user and requires the time to generate the refocus image. To address... Agent:

20130329069 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program product: An image processing apparatus includes: an imaging device; a main memory that stores motion picture data acquired by the imaging device; a motion picture compressing unit that compresses the motion picture data stored in the main memory; a still image frame acquiring unit that acquires a still image frame at... Agent: Jvc Kenwood Corporation

20130329073 - Creating adjusted digital images with selected pixel values: Creating adjusted digital images with selected pixel values includes taking multiple digital images of a view where at least two of the digital images are taken with light from different angles and selecting pixels values from the at least two digital images to create an adjusted digital image.... Agent:

20130329075 - Dynamic camera mode switching: A method for automatic image capture control and digital imaging is described. An image buffer is initialized to store a digital image produced by an image sensor, through allocation of a region in memory for the buffer that is large enough to store a full resolution frame from the image... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130329079 - Eye beautification under inaccurate localization: Sub-regions within one or more face images are identified within a digital image, and enhanced by applying an artificial glint symmetrically and/or synchronously to image data corresponding to sub-regions of eyes within the face image. An enhanced face image is generated including an enhanced version of the face that includes... Agent: Digitaloptics Corporation Europe Limited

20130329071 - Image blending operations: Procedures are described for blending images in real-time that avoid ghosting artifacts (attributable to moving objects), maintain the proper appearance of contiguous edges in the final image, and permits the use of fast (real-time) blending operations. A “guard-band” may be defined around an initially identified seam that perturbs the path... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130329078 - Imaging device, information processing method, and computer program: An imaging device including a data processor configured to execute processing for selecting picture portions corresponding to important scenes from captured picture data, on the basis of input information that is input during a period of taking a picture. The data processor generates highlight point information that allows identification of... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130329076 - Method and apparatus for pixel data extrema detection and histogram generation: Imaging devices may include an array of image pixels arranged in rows and columns coupled to processing circuitry. The processing circuitry may include histogram generation circuitry and extremum pixel value identification circuitry. The histogram generation circuitry may include sub-histogram generation circuitry that generates pixel value sub-histograms each of which includes... Agent:

20130329077 - Methods of image acquiring and electronic devices: Disclosed is a method of image acquiring and an electronic device. The method comprises: obtaining first image purpose information, wherein the first image purpose information corresponds to a first application; determining a first algorithm corresponding to the first image purpose information from at least two algorithms which are different from... Agent: Lenovo (beijing) Limited

20130329072 - Motion-based image stitching: Systems, methods, and computer readable media for stitching or aligning multiple images (or portions of images) to generate a panoramic image are described. In general, techniques are disclosed for using motion data (captured at substantially the same time as image data) to align images rather than performing image analysis and/or... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130329070 - Projection-based image registration: Systems, methods, and computer readable media to register images in real-time and that are capable of producing reliable registrations even when the number of high frequency image features is small. The disclosed techniques may also provide a quantitative measure of a registration's quality. The latter may be used to inform... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130329074 - Shutter release using secondary camera: A method of capturing an image includes activating a first image sensor and capturing a sequence of images with a second image sensor. A determination is made as to whether the sequence of images captured by the second image sensor includes a shutter gesture. If a shutter gesture is included... Agent: Omnivision Technologies, Inc.

20130329080 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: For each of respective viewpoints, the capturing condition at the viewpoint, and each frame image captured from the viewpoint in accordance with the capturing condition are acquired. One of the viewpoints is selected as a reference viewpoint by using the acquired capturing conditions. Predicting coding and intra-coding are performed for... Agent:

20130329081 - Portable electronic equipment and method of recording media using a portable electronic equipment: A portable electronic equipment comprises a first sensor to record media and at least one second sensor to capture data representing a physical condition of a user of the portable electronic equipment, the at least one second sensor being configured to capture the data in response to the first sensor... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20130329082 - Information input apparatus and method: An electronic camera is capable of recording image, voice, text, line-drawn information and the like. A release switch in the electronic camera is operated to photograph a subject image. When recording voice with the electronic camera, shutter sound effects are not output with the recorded voice. Further, the photographic operation... Agent:

20130329083 - Recording operation control device for camera: A recording operation control device for a camera, which can perform time-lapse photography at a predetermined time interval, comprises an external memory control unit and an image data writing unit. The external memory control unit opens or closes a file defined in the external memory, which is detachably attached to... Agent: Pentax Ricoh Imaging Company, Ltd.

20130329085 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method and electronic equipment: Disclosed herein is an image processing apparatus including: a storage section configured to store a correction matrix correcting crosstalk generated by a light or electron leak from an adjacent pixel existing among a plurality of pixels for receiving light in an imaging device; and a processing section configured to carry... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130329084 - Method and system of image capture based on logarithmic conversion: Image capture based on logarithmic conversion. At least some of the illustrative embodiments are methods including capturing an image by: reading a plurality of analog signals from an array of light sensitive elements; performing logarithmic analog-to-digital conversion on the plurality of analog signals which creates a corresponding plurality of digital... Agent: Qbiz, LLC

20130329086 - Method for voice command activation, multi-media capture, transmission, speech conversion, metatags creation, storage and search retrieval: This invention relates to a network interface device a first capture device interfacing with a first external information source to capturing first external information. A processor processes the captured first external information and storing it in a first media, the processor initiating the storage of the first captured information at... Agent: Myport Technologies, Inc.

20130329087 - High dynamic range image registration using motion sensor data: Motion sensor data may be used to register a sequence of standard dynamic range images for producing a high dynamic range (HDR) image, reducing use of computational resources over software visual feature mapping techniques. A rotational motion sensor may produce information about orientation changes in the imaging device between images... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130329088 - Image enhancements through multi-image processing: Embodiments of imaging devices of the present disclosure automatically utilize sequential image captures in an image processing pipeline. In one embodiment, control processing circuitry initiates a sequential capture of a plurality of images by an image sensor; and image processing circuitry generates a composite image comprising at least portions of... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20130329089 - Imaging apparatus and image display method therefor: Provided is an imaging apparatus including a display device for suppressing a motion blur during a panning operation and displaying a picture with high simultaneity. An imaging apparatus includes: an imaging unit including a lens and an imaging element; a display device including a pixel whose light emission period is... Agent:

20130329091 - Image capture device, method for generating composite image, and storage medium: The image control unit (51) controls the image capture unit (17) so as to acquire data of captured images successively. The shading correction unit (61) performs the shading correction on the data of captured images captured successively. The moving object detection accuracy control unit (101) controls a detection accuracy of... Agent:

20130329090 - Image capturing apparatus and control method thereof: An image capturing apparatus comprising an image capturing unit is provided. A zoom control unit controls a zoom ratio during shooting. An image capture control unit controls the image capturing unit such that a plurality of images with different exposure conditions are captured in a predetermined period. A generation output... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20130329094 - Computational imaging using variable optical transfer function: In selected embodiments, improved image restoration is realized using extensions of Wiener filtering combined with multiple image captures acquired after simple, fast reconfigurations of an optical imaging system. These reconfigurations may yield distinct OTF responses for each capture. The optical imaging system may reduce fabrication cost, power consumption, and/or system... Agent: Ziva Corporation

20130329095 - Imaging device and focusing control method: An imaging device includes an image pick-up device including phase difference detection pixel pairs, each formed from a pair of phase difference detection pixels respectively having their openings eccentrically formed on opposite sides of a main axis of an imaging lens, and imaging pixel pairs; a reading section that reads... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20130329092 - Intelligent auto-exposure bracketing: Techniques to adaptively select bracket settings during auto-exposure bracket (AEB) operations are described. In general, AEB settings for a current image may be based on the evaluation of prior bracketed images. For example, the current exposure setting established by an auto-exposure mechanism (EV0) may be compared with a prior EV0... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130329093 - Nosie-constrained tone curve generation: Methods to generate, and devices to use, an adaptive tone curve generation operation are disclosed. Tone curves so generated have been found to produce stable tone mapping in a wide range of operational environments, including during multi-exposure fused images (e.g., during high dynamic range image fusion). In general, techniques are... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130329096 - Eye defect detection in international standards organization images: A method and apparatus for providing image processing. For one embodiment of the invention, a digital image is acquired. One or more relatively large candidate red eye defect regions are detected in at least a portion of the image. Face detection is applied to at least a portion of the... Agent: Digitaloptics Corporation Europe Limited

20130329097 - Image processing apparatus that corrects for chromatic aberration for taken image, image pickup apparatus, method of correcting for chromatic aberration of magnification therefor, and storage medium: An image processing apparatus which is capable of accurately correcting for chromatic aberration of magnification in an area peripheral to a taken image using the taken image. Areas including edges in image data are extracted, and the amount of chromatic aberration of magnification is calculated as the amount of area... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20130329099 - Method, apparatus, and system providing a rectilinear pixel grid with radially scaled pixels: Pixels in an imaging device pixel array are sized according to their geographic location in the pixel array to compensate for various optical characteristics/issues. In one example, pixel size is increased according to the distance of the pixel from the x-axis and/or the y-axis of the pixel array to correct... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20130329098 - Systems and methods for defective pixel correction with neighboring pixels: The present disclosure generally relates to systems and methods for image data processing. In certain embodiments, an image processing pipeline may detect and correct a defective pixel of image data acquired using an image sensor. The image processing pipeline may receive an input pixel of the image data acquired using... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130329100 - Continuous video capture during switch between video capture devices: A method provides capturing video information in an electronic device. Capturing video information comprises capturing video, using a first video capture device of the electronic device, switching video capture between the first video capture device and a second video capture device of the electronic device, and continuing video capture while... Agent:

20130329101 - Camera system with multi-spectral filter array and image processing method thereof: A camera system with a multi-spectral filter array and an image processing method thereof are disclosed. The method of processing an image that is output from an image sensor including a multi-spectral filter array including a color filter and a near infrared (NIR) filter includes interpolating an NIR channel of... Agent: Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.

20130329102 - Image sensor having compressive layers: An image sensor device including a semiconductor substrate that includes an array region and a black level correction region. The array region contains a plurality of radiation-sensitive pixels. The black level correction region contains one or more reference pixels. The substrate has a front side and a back side. The... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20130329103 - Imaging device and method for high-sensitivity optical scanning and integrated circuit therefor: An inspection system includes a CMOS integrated circuit having integrally formed thereon an at least two dimensional array of photosensors and providing an inspection output representing an object to be inspected. A defect analyzer is operative to receive the inspection output and to provide a defect report.... Agent: Orbotech Ltd.

20130329104 - Solid-state imaging device, method for driving solid-state imaging device, and electronic device: A solid-state imaging device includes a pixel array unit composed of pixels including photoelectric conversion elements which are arranged in a matrix, and a pixel drive unit configured to perform a row selection operation of simultaneously selecting plural rows when a row is selected in accordance with an address signal... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130329105 - Imaging device: An imaging device includes an image capturing unit configured to capture an optical image of a corresponding one of pixels included in a screen, and the image capturing unit of part of the pixels in the screen includes an adjustment unit which contains an electric field responsive material and is... Agent:

20130329106 - Mems fast focus camera module: An auto focus camera module includes a camera module housing defining an aperture and an internal cavity to accommodate camera module components, an image sensor coupled to or within the housing, a lens barrel within the housing that contains an optical train including at least one movable lens disposed relative... Agent:

20130329108 - Method and system for processing an image: The present invention includes a method and system for processing images captured with an image-capturing device. According to the present invention, a method and system includes reconfiguring a display of an image based on the orientation of the image-capturing device when the image is captured. Through the use of the... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20130329107 - Streaming light propagation: A method is provided for streaming light propagation with particular application for feature films and other demanding content creation using scenes of high complexity requiring art directed global illumination. By attaching a data recording shader or equivalent functionality to any tracing based renderer that can provide multi-pass global illumination, the... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20130329111 - Contextual help guide: A method of providing contextual help guidance information for camera settings based on a current framed image comprises displaying a framed image from a camera of an electronic device, performing contextual recognition for the framed image on a display of the electronic device, identifying active camera settings and functions of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20130329110 - Image capturing apparatus and control method therefor: An image capturing apparatus comprises a unit which accepts a switching operation of switching a display mode, a display switching unit which switches, in response to the switching operation, to a next display mode in a predetermined order from a plurality of display modes including a first display mode wherein... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20130329109 - Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof: A mobile terminal and controlling method thereof are disclosed, by which a capture image is created or various side functions are performed in accordance with a user's command input in a specific mode in the course of playing a video. The present invention includes playing a video on a touchscreen,... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20130329112 - Prompting system: This invention teaches a new generation of prompting system which allows an ordinary user to conveniently couple a LCD based prompting box to a video camera or a camcorder using a universal mounting and adjustment assembly by few steps which are as simple as loosening and fastening few fasteners.... Agent:

20130329114 - Image magnifier for pin-point control: A method for image control using magnification comprises selecting, using an electronic device, a portion of an image frame. The selected portion of the image frame is magnified. An action is performed on the magnified selected portion of the image frame for changing a feature of the selected portion of... Agent:

20130329113 - Terminal device and image capturing method: An information processing apparatus that acquires image data captured by an image capturing device; performs an analysis on the image data prior to cropping the image data for display to detect a specified image from the image data; generates an image for display by cropping the image data; controls a... Agent: Sony Mobile Communications, Inc.

20130329115 - Case for portable electronic device: A case for a portable electronic device having a camera component can include a housing suitable for coupling with the portable electronic device. The housing can have an opening configured to allow light to pass therethrough. The case can also include a light-redirecting component integrated with the housing and configured... Agent: Rhp Multimedia Corp.

20130329116 - Multi frequency filter arrays for low cost spectrometers: Optical filters, optical sensor arrays and methods for assembling the same and systems incorporating the same are disclosed. An optical filter may include a first stack, a second stack and a spacer layer. The first stack may include alternating layers of a first material having a first refractive index and... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20130329117 - Image capture apparatus: An image capture apparatus comprises an imaging optical system, an image sensor, a pupil division unit which limits a light beam entering each pixel on the image sensor to a specific pupil area of the imaging optical system, an incident angle determination unit which determines an incident angle to each... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20130329122 - Focus error estimation in images: Estimating focus error in an image involves a training phase and an application phase. In the training phase, an optical system is represented by a point-spread function. An image sensor array is represented by one or more wavelength sensitivity functions, one or more noise functions, and one or more spatial... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20130329120 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image pickup apparatus, method of controlling image pickup apparatus, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium: An image processing method is capable of performing a reconstruction for an input image so as to generate a plurality of output images having a plurality of focus positions different from each other, and the image processing method includes the steps of obtaining the input image that is an image... Agent:

20130329118 - Imaging apparatus, imaging apparatus control method, lens apparatus, and lens apparatus control method: An imaging apparatus, to which a lens apparatus can be attached, includes an imaging unit that executes charge accumulation in synchronization with a reference signal and generates an imaging signal, a control unit that controls the data communication with an attached lens apparatus and executes focus detection by using data... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20130329123 - Information display device and display driving method: A liquid crystal lens optical body that is available to a rapid response, the liquid crystal lens optical body having a first liquid crystal lens in which a liquid crystal layer is held between first electrodes, the first liquid crystal lens changing optical power by controlling orientation condition of liquid... Agent: Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

20130329119 - Lens system, image pickup system, and drive control method for lens system: Provided is a lens system, including: a lens apparatus including a movable optical member; a command apparatus for generating a command signal to be transmitted to the movable optical member; and a signal converter connected to the command apparatus by wire and communicable to and from the lens apparatus by... Agent:

20130329121 - Variable magnification optical system and imaging apparatus: o

20130329125 - Image pickup apparatus and method for controlling same: An image pickup apparatus includes a focus adjustment unit, an image sensor, a focus evaluation value calculation unit, and a control unit configured to drive the focus adjustment unit based on a focus evaluation value to perform an in-focus operation. A change curve representing a change amount of a focus... Agent:

20130329124 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: It is required to carry out a tapping operation on a display screen to adjust the focus in a case where refocus process is performed in shifting to a reproduction mode, so that a user has to do an extra work. An image processing apparatus obtains a multi-view image data... Agent:

20130329126 - Lens barrel mechanical interferenc prevention measures for camera module voice coil motor design: A camera module has an image sensor and a lens assembly that includes a lens barrel having a first cylindrical portion that includes an externally threaded portion and a second cylindrical portion that has a larger diameter than the externally threaded portion. A lens moving mechanism includes a movable sleeve... Agent:

20130329127 - Image pickup apparatus: A first control unit, which controls the timing when a first image pickup unit starts exposure, obtains a second difference by subtracting a first difference from an exposure-output time of the first image pickup unit, and outputs a first control signal for delaying the timing when the first image pickup... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20130329128 - Image pickup apparatus, method of controlling image pickup apparatus, and program: An apparatus and a method are provided, which realize image pickup processing in which setting of an exposure time is performed in units of regions in an image pickup apparatus. An electronic shutter control unit that controls an exposure start time of an image pickup device by an electronic shutter... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130329129 - Systems and methods for moving objects in video by generating and using keyframes: Systems and methods for moving objects in a video using keyframes. An object may be added to a video and then defined to move in the video, for example, based on the movement of another video object for which movement is known or determinable. As an example, a video editing... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20130329130 - Integrated video equalizer and jitter cleaner: An integrated system for adaptive equalization and jitter reduction of a video signal that includes an adaptive equalizer and a jitter cleaner located on one integrated circuit within a single package. An adaptive equalizer applies frequency specific signal modification to the received signal. A bit rate detector determines a bit... Agent: Mindspeed Technologies, Inc.

20130329131 - Method for controlling bidirectional remote controller and bidirectional remote controller implementing the method: A method for controlling a bidirectional remote controller is provided. The method includes receiving, at the bidirectional remote controller, menu information from a display apparatus; generating, at the bidirectional remote controller, a menu screen based on the received menu information for controlling the display apparatus; and displaying the generated menu... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20130329132 - Flare detection and mitigation in panoramic images: Lens flare mitigation techniques determine which pixels in images of a sequence of images are likely to be pixels affected by lens flare. Once the lens flare areas of the images are determined, unwanted lens flare effects may be mitigated by various approaches, including reducing border artifacts along a seam... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130329133 - Movie processing apparatus and control method therefor: An output image obtained by executing an image deformation process for an input image is stored in a memory. In the output image in the memory, a partial image within an effective area set in the memory is specified, and an area including the specified partial image is calculated as... Agent:

20130329134 - Image processing method, and recording medium storing image processing control program: An image processing method includes searching an image area corresponding to a predetermined image from a photographed image obtained by photographing the predetermined image, which is projected on a projection plane; calculating parameters, which are used for correcting perspective distortion of the photographed image, based on the searched image area;... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20130329135 - Real time denoising of video: A video enhancement processing system improves perceptual quality of video data with limited processing complexity. The system may perform spatial denoising using filter weights that may vary based on estimated noise of an input image. Specifically, estimated noise of the input image may alter a search neighborhood over which the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130329136 - Video switch: A video switch system providing a collaborative environment for one or more users to share information. In the current embodiment, the video switch system enables users to quickly connect to the system, present information, have a video conference, or have a multi-user wireless video session, or a combination thereof, in... Agent:

20130329137 - Video encoding in video analytics: Video analytics may be used to assist video encoding by selectively encoding only portions of a frame and using, instead, previously encoded portions. Previously encoded portions may be used when succeeding frames have a level of motion less than a threshold. In such case, all or part of succeeding frames... Agent:

20130329138 - Video sender and video receiver: According to one embodiment, a video sender comprises: a video processor and a communication module. The video processor creates video. The communication module is configured to communicate with a video receiver. The communication module comprises: a receiver and a transmitter. The receiver receives, from the video receiver, specific information specifying... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20130329139 - Cellular video, wi-fi and spread spectrum system and method: A modulated video signal, received from a satellite, in a transceiver of a ship and of other water based communication devices, is demodulated and processed in a processor into a baseband processed video signal. The baseband video signal is processed and modulated into a Gaussian Minimum Shift Keyed (GMSK) or... Agent:

20130329141 - Method for providing gui for selecting broadcast channel with keypad operated by pointer and broadcast receiving apparatus thereof: A method for providing Graphical User Interface (GUI) for selecting a broadcast channel, and a broadcast receiving apparatus having the same are provided. The GUI for selecting a broadcast channel includes a keypad having a pointer to be moved by manipulation of a user on a remote control apparatus and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20130329140 - System and method for providing multiple multimedia activities on multiple output devices: A method and system are provided for providing first and second activities using multimedia devices. This involves linking each of the first and second activities with an output multimedia device by creating an activity profile for each output multimedia device being linked, the activity profile is associated with a profile... Agent: Silverberg Line Canada Inc.

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20130321551 - Videophone input apparatus utilizing video call control functions based on open and closed positions of cover part: A videophone input apparatus includes a body part configured to protect a circuit board of the apparatus; a cover part configured to be movable between an open position and a closed position, and when in said closed position, to at least partially received by the body part. The apparatus further... Agent: Twinelab Oy

20130321554 - Communicating with an endpoint using matrix barcodes: In one embodiment, a method includes receiving, by an endpoint from a client, an image generated by the client. The endpoint determines that the image generated by the client includes a matrix barcode. The endpoint decodes the matrix barcode to determine one or more instructions associated with text encoded within... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20130321556 - Communication system, communication method, and computer-readable storage medium: A communication system includes a call management server; communication terminals; and a positional information server. The positional information server stores therein positional information and information leakage risk information of each communication terminal, updates the positional information and the information leakage risk information in accordance with a position of the communication... Agent:

20130321555 - Controlling cpu usage to balance fast and slow devices: A system for enabling communication between devices is described. The system includes the following: a media processing information receiver configured for receiving, at a first device, media processing information associated with a second device, wherein at least one of the first and second device is a mobile device; a comparer... Agent:

20130321553 - Method and apparatus for providing video call service: A method for providing a video call service in a videophone apparatus comprising: establishing a peer-to-peer connection between the videophone apparatus and a peer over a wireless connection; generating a local video stream in the videophone apparatus based on a video signal provided by a camera of the videophone apparatus;... Agent: Twinelab Oy

20130321559 - Method and system for implementing video conference and broadband mobile hotspot device: A method and system for implementing a video conference and a broadband mobile hotspot device are disclosed in the present document. The method includes: each broadband mobile hotspot device participating in the conference sending a local panorama video image and voice signals to a multipoint conference server; the multipoint conference... Agent: Zte Corporation

20130321557 - Mobile communication method: A mobile communication method according to the present invention includes the step of, if handover of bearers configuring a path for a video communication from E-UTRAN to UTRAN fails, causing a MME or a MSC server to decide whether to hand over only a PS voice bearer of the bearers... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20130321558 - Mobile communication method and mobility management node: To provide a scheme for deciding a switching method for the video call when an UE#1 in video call with an UE#2 is caused to perform handover from an E-UTRAN to a UTRAN/GERAN. A mobile communication method according to the present invention is summarized by including the steps of: deciding... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20130321552 - System and method for providing and transmitting video images and/or audio messages: A system for providing and monitoring video images and/or audio messages has an electronic device generating video images and/or audio messages; a container for beverages having an outer surface provided with a first recess; and an article wearable on a user's body and provided with a second recess, configured so... Agent:

20130321560 - Dynamic virtual multipoint video conference control unit: A system for a multi-point videoconference consisting of three or more simultaneously connected end-points in a one-to-many or a many-to-many conference via a dynamic-virtual-multi-point-control-unit. The system comprising of a dynamic control unit is created when the Audio and Video parameters with conference participants are input by the initiator. After the... Agent:

20130321561 - Video ticket office: A Video Ticket Office provides interactive agent-assisted transportation service requests using real-time video and audio transmission with a separately-located operator center. A method may allow for changing from agent-assisted transportation service requests to automated services.... Agent:

20130321562 - Information processing apparatus, conference system, and storage medium: An information processing apparatus is provided for a conference system where a plurality of terminals are connected via a network to the information processing apparatus and exchange data via the information processing apparatus to conduct a conference. The information processing apparatus includes a detection unit that detects disconnection of a... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20130321563 - Computer-readable medium, information processing apparatus, information processing system and information processing method: In an example system, an information processing apparatus is caused to function as: a user image acquisition unit which acquires a user image captured by using a camera of a portable information processing apparatus; a communication partner image acquisition unit which acquires a communication partner image via a network; and... Agent: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

20130321565 - Communication wall panel, nursing care system having communication wall panel, and conference system having communication wall panel: A communication wall panel includes an interior panel member to be attached to a room as an interior wall material thereof; an information obtaining part provided in the interior panel member and configured to obtain information associated with a person in the room; a notification part provided in the interior... Agent: University Of Tsukuba

20130321564 - Perspective-correct communication window with motion parallax: A perspective-correct communication window system and method for communicating between participants in an online meeting, where the participants are not in the same physical locations. Embodiments of the system and method provide an in-person communications experience by changing virtual viewpoint for the participants when they are viewing the online meeting.... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20130321566 - Audio source positioning using a camera: Audio source positioning technique embodiments are presented that are employed in a video teleconference or telepresence session between a local site and one or more remote sites. Each of these sites has one participant, and a virtual scene is constructed and displayed at each site that depicts each of the... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20130321569 - Content-aware wide-angle images: This specification describes technologies relating to digital images. In general, one aspect of the subject matter described in this specification can be embodied in methods that include the actions of receiving a source wide-angle image; identifying one or more locally salient features of the source wide-angle image; calculating a mapping... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20130321568 - Storage medium storing information processing program, information processing device, information processing system, and information processing method: From a panorama moving image storage unit storing a panorama moving image, a panorama moving image is read and sequentially acquired. A display range, of the acquired panorama moving image, which is to be displayed on a display device is set in accordance with an operation made by a user.... Agent: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

20130321567 - Wide angle optical system: Disclosed herein is a wide angle optical system. The wide angle optical system includes a prism lens having a first refractive surface, a first reflecting surface, a second reflecting surface, and a second reflecting surface in order that rays are transmitted according to tracing of rays from an object side... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20130321571 - Processing depth data of a three-dimensional scene: The invention relates to a signal processing device (100) for processing three-dimensional [3D] image data, the 3D image data comprising two-dimensional [2D] image data (150) and thereto corresponding 2D depth data (170), and the signal processing device comprising an input (120) for receiving the 2D image data and the 2D... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20130321570 - Techniques for object based operations: Techniques for object based operations may include identifying one or more objects in a multimedia stream. The one or more objects may be classified. An operation may be performed based on the classification of the one or more objects. Other embodiments are described and claimed.... Agent:

20130321575 - High definition bubbles for rendering free viewpoint video: A “Dynamic High Definition Bubble Framework” allows local clients to display and navigate FVV of complex multi-resolution and multi-viewpoint scenes while reducing computational overhead and bandwidth for rendering and/or transmitting the FVV. Generally, the FVV is presented to the user as a broad area from some distance away. Then, as... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20130321573 - Identification and display of time coincident views in video imaging: Method are disclosed for identifying fields of imaging data for display of respective sets of same time coincident different views in a video steam, such as for identifying sets of left-eye and right-eye perspective views taken at the same time in the stereoscopic imaging of an image subject matter. The... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20130321572 - Method and apparatus for referring to disparity range setting to separate at least a portion of 3d image data from auxiliary graphical data in disparity domain: An image processing method includes: receiving a disparity range setting which defines a target disparity range; receiving 3D image data with original disparity not fully within the target disparity range; receiving auxiliary graphical data with original disparity fully beyond the target disparity range; and generating modified 3D image data, including... Agent:

20130321578 - Method of acquisition, storage and use of data relating to a three-dimensional video stream, and video processing apparatus thereof: A method for acquiring and storing data relating to a video stream selectable by a user through a video processing apparatus (300) includes the steps of: identifying the source of a video stream by way of at least one identification datum, the video stream having a coding and transport configuration... Agent: Italiana Per Lo Sviluppo Dell'elettronica S.p.a.

20130321576 - Methods and apparatus for encoding and decoding a multiview video stream: A method for encoding a multiview video stream representing a plurality of viewpoints of a 3D scenery comprising objects, the method comprising for each of said viewpoints rendering and encoding a plurality of 2D video streams, respective ones of said plurality of 2D video streams including color information, depth information,... Agent: Alcatel-lucent

20130321577 - Stereoscopic video signal processing apparatus and method therefor: According to one embodiment, a basic format having a first area to arrange main video data, a second area to arrange graphic data, a third area to arrange control information of pixels of the graphic data, and a fourth area to arrange control information of pixels of the main video... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20130321574 - View synthesis distortion model for multiview depth video coding: The disclosed subject matter relates to providing a view synthesis distortion model (VSDM) for multiview video coding (MVC). The disclosed VSDM can facilitate determining quantization values and rate values based on model parameters for encoding depth information. Further, the VSDM can facilitate compression of depth information based on the determined... Agent: City University Of Hong Kong

20130321580 - 3-dimensional depth image generating system and method thereof: A 3-dimensional depth image generating system and method thereof are provided. The 3-dimensional depth image generating system includes a first and a second camera devices and an image processing device. The first and the second camera devices are apart for a predetermined distance, and respectively captures an object to obtain... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20130321584 - Depth image generating method and apparatus and depth image processing method and apparatus: A depth image generation method is provided. The depth image generation method may include emitting light of different modulation frequencies to an object; detecting the light of the different modulation frequencies reflected from the object; and generating a depth image related to a distance to the object using the light... Agent:

20130321583 - Imaging system and method for use of same to determine metric scale of imaged bodily anatomy: Repositionable imaging system and method for creating a 3D image of a closed cavity of a patient's anatomy containing the imaging system, estimating characteristics of motion of the system within the cavity, and determining a metric dimension characterizing the cavity without the use of mechanical measurement. The system may include... Agent:

20130321581 - Spatio-temporal light field cameras: Spatio-temporal light field cameras that can be used to capture the light field within its spatio temporally extended angular extent. Such cameras can be used to record 3D images, 2D images that can be computationally focused, or wide angle panoramic 2D images with relatively high spatial and directional resolutions. The... Agent: Ostendo Technologies, Inc.

20130321585 - System and method for 3d imaging using structured light illumination: A biometrics system captures and processes a handprint image using a structured light illumination to create a 2D representation equivalent of a rolled inked handprint. A processing unit calculates 3D coordinates of the hand from the plurality of images and maps the 3D coordinates to a 2D flat surface to... Agent: University Of Kentucky Research Foundation

20130321582 - System and method for measuring three-dimensional surface features: In some embodiments, a system for measuring surface features may include a patter projector, at least one digital imaging device, and an image processing device. The pattern projector may project, during use, a pattern of light on a surface of an object. In some embodiments, the pattern projector moves, during... Agent:

20130321579 - System and method for scanning and analyzing a users ergonomic characteristics: A system including a 3-D scanner adapted for connection to a user's workspace computer, including an infrared light source, an infrared light detector, a three-dimensional camera and an RGB camera. The 3-D scanner is operatively connected to a user's computer, and captures a three-dimensional image of a user's posture. An... Agent:

20130321587 - Camera system and auto focusing method thereof: Disclosed is a camera system, the camera system including a first camera photographing an object image, a second camera including an actuator moving a lens for focusing, a 3-D depth extraction unit extracting a 3-D depth using object images photographed by the first and second cameras, a memory unit stored... Agent:

20130321586 - Cloud based free viewpoint video streaming: Cloud based FVV streaming technique embodiments presented herein generally employ a cloud based FVV pipeline to create, render and transmit FVV frames depicting a captured scene as would be viewed from a current synthetic viewpoint selected by an end user and received from a client computing device. The FVV frames... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20130321588 - Method and device for processing image data of two sensors of a stereo sensor system suitable for capturing images: A method for processing image data of two sensors of a stereo sensor system that are suitable for recording images, each of the sensors being configured to record the image data section by section in sensor sections of the sensor that are situated at different positions. The method includes providing... Agent:

20130321589 - Automated camera array calibration: The automated camera array calibration technique described herein pertains to a technique for automating camera array calibration. The technique can leverage corresponding depth and single or multi-spectral intensity data (e.g., RGB (Red Green Blue) data) captured by hybrid capture devices to automatically determine camera geometry. In one embodiment it does... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20130321590 - Glancing angle exclusion: The glancing angle exclusion technique described herein selectively limits projective texturing near depth map discontinuities. A depth discontinuity is defined by a jump between a near-depth surface and a far-depth surface. The claimed technique can limit projective texturing on near and far surfaces to a different degree—for example, the technique... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20130321592 - Apparatus including function to generate stereoscopic image, and method and storage medium for the same: An apparatus, a method and a storage medium including a function to generate a stereoscopic image are described. According to one implementation, the imaging apparatus includes an imaging lens; a first driving section; an obtaining section and a generating section. The first driving section rotates the imaging lens around an... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd

20130321591 - Image pickup method and photographing device: A photographing device comprises an image pickup unit to acquire a moving image and a still image of an object, an image pickup control unit, an angle sensor, an image processing unit for extracting characteristic points from a first still image, tracking the characteristic points in the moving image, identifying... Agent:

20130321594 - Image synchronization method and associated apparatus: An image synchronization method for a three-dimensional (3D) display apparatus is provided. The method includes steps of: receiving a plurality of first-eye image frames and a plurality of second-eye image frames; selecting a first image frame from the first-eye image frames according to a system time; selecting a second image... Agent: Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

20130321596 - Method and system for reducing stereoscopic display crosstalk: A three-dimensional (3D) display system is provided for displaying a 3D image including a first view image and a second view image to a viewer. The 3D display system includes an arrangement module, a processing module, and a displaying module. The arrangement module is configured to alternatingly arrange display units... Agent: Superd Co. Ltd.

20130321595 - Three-dimensional video display apparatus and three-dimensional video display method: A three-dimensional video display apparatus according to an embodiment includes: a display unit having pixels arranged in a matrix form along a first direction and a second direction perpendicular to the first direction, each of the pixels being divided into M (≧1) sub-pixels respectively having M color components arranged in... Agent:

20130321593 - View frustum culling for free viewpoint video (fvv): The view frustum culling technique described herein allows Free Viewpoint Video (FVV) or other 3D spatial video rendering at a client by sending only the 3D geometry and texture (e.g., RGB) data necessary for a specific viewpoint or view frustum from a server to the rendering client. The synthetic viewpoint... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20130321597 - Display device and control method for the display device: A projector displays, together with an input image, an OSD image different from the input image. The projector includes an image output unit configured to output image data of an image for the left eye and image data of an image for the right eye, an image processing unit configured... Agent:

20130321598 - Image processing device, image display device, image processing method, and image processing program: An image processing device for receiving input image data in which multiple images displayed in mutually differing directions from a display are combined includes: a crosstalk correction processor for performing a crosstalk correction; and a response speed improvement correction processor for performing a response speed improvement correction. The crosstalk correction... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20130321599 - Directional display apparatus: Disclosed is a light guiding valve apparatus including an imaging directional backlight, an illuminator array and an observer tracking system arranged to achieve control of an array of illuminators which may provide a directional display to an observer over a wide lateral and longitudinal viewing range, wherein the number of... Agent: Reald Inc.

20130321600 - Systems for determining animal metrics and related devices and methods: In some aspects, an animal positioning system can include a first positioning member; and a second positioning member positioned relative to the first positioning member configured to limit an available spacing along a floor surface between the first positioning member and the second positioning member. The second positioning member is... Agent: Clicrweight, LLC

20130321601 - Observation instrument: An observation instrument includes an image capturing device, a processor, a first display, a second display, a half mirror and a pair of polarized glasses. The processor is electrically connected to the image capturing device. The first display and the second display are electrically connected to the processor. The first... Agent:

20130321603 - Encapsulated image acquisition devices having on-board data storage, and systems, kits, and methods therefor: A method of one aspect may include receiving an encapsulated image acquisition device having an internal memory. The internal memory may store images acquired by the encapsulated image acquisition device. The images may be transferred from the internal memory to an external memory that is external to the encapsulated image... Agent: Omnivision Technologies, Inc

20130321604 - Encapsulated image acquisition devices having on-board data storage, and systems, kits, and methods therefor: A method of one aspect may include receiving an encapsulated image acquisition device having an internal memory. The internal memory may store images acquired by the encapsulated image acquisition device. The images may be transferred from the internal memory to an external memory that is external to the encapsulated image... Agent: Omnivision Technologies, Inc.

20130321602 - Endoscope and endoscope system: An endoscope has an illuminating-light exit portion that allows illuminating light for illuminating an object to exit, and an observing portion that captures an image of the object. The endoscope includes a changing unit configured to change a light quantity distribution of the illuminating light. The changing unit changes the... Agent:

20130321605 - Encapsulated image acquisition devices having on-board data storage, and systems, kits, and methods therefor: A method of one aspect may include receiving an encapsulated image acquisition device having an internal memory. The internal memory may store images acquired by the encapsulated image acquisition device. The images may be transferred from the internal memory to an external memory that is external to the encapsulated image... Agent: Omnivision Technologies, Inc.

20130321606 - Low power fingerprint capture system, apparatus, and method: The present invention provides a large format fingerprint capture apparatus, system and method that is low power, compact, and lightweight and has a platen area greater than 3.0 square inches. The present system is typically powered, controlled, and exchanges data over a single data/control/power connection to a host PC, e.g.,... Agent: Identification International, Inc.

20130321607 - Monitoring system for controlling the pan/tilt of a camera used in a surgery room: The present document describes a system for installation in an operation room for providing a remote viewer/doctor with continuous visual access to the proceedings of a surgery (as a fixed target). The system comprises a camera comprising an internal processor for the processing of images/video, a moving platform on which... Agent: Vigilent Telesystemes Inc.

20130321608 - Eye direction detecting apparatus and eye direction detecting method: An eye direction detecting apparatus includes a display unit, an imaging unit, a first detecting unit, a second detecting unit, and a display control unit. The imaging unit captures a subject. The first detecting unit detects a position of an eye of the subject from an image captured by the... Agent: Jvc Kenwood Corporation

20130321609 - Microscope and method for characterizing structures on an object: A method for characterizing a mask having a structure includes illuminating the mask at at least one illumination angle using monochromatic illumination radiation such that a diffraction image of the structure is created, recording the diffraction image, establishing the intensities of the maxima of the adjacent orders of diffraction, and... Agent:

20130321610 - Pattern measuring apparatus, pattern measuring method, and computer-readable recording medium on which a pattern measuring program is recorded: A pattern measuring apparatus that scans a sample with charged particles, forms a detected image by detecting secondary charged particles or backscattered charged particles generated from the sample, and measures a pattern imaged on the detected image includes: an image acquiring section acquiring a plurality of detected images taken at... Agent:

20130321611 - Imaging apparatus: An imaging apparatus includes an imaging unit for capturing a subject and generating image data of the subject, an operation input unit for receiving inputs of operation signals containing a release signal for instructing the imaging unit to shoot, an acceleration detector for detecting an acceleration of the imaging apparatus,... Agent: Olympus Imaging Corp.

20130321612 - Device for searching for defects on parts by endoscopy: A device for searching for defects on parts that are masked, such as turbine engine blades, the device including a tubular sheath, a light-guide guiding light, an image-transmission mechanism transmitting images housed inside the sheath, an examination head at a distal end of the sheath including an illumination mechanism and... Agent: Snecma

20130321613 - Electro-scan integration into video pipe inspection vehicle: A camera based sewer evaluation vehicle has an electro-scan pipe defect detection system integrated therein. A cable and winch of the camera based system are utilized to support either a camera or an electro-scan probe. A signal transmitted through the cable is passed along for processing of signals received through... Agent: Electro Scan, Inc.

20130321614 - Driving safety device: A driving safety device relates generally to a vehicle device designed to prevent dead angle or subsequent traffic accidents due to blocking of visual lines by the buildings or columns, and also to guarantee smooth turning avoiding traffic accidents. The driving safety device has at least two cameras set within... Agent:

20130321616 - Automobile camera module, method of driving the same and method of guiding parking: The present invention relates to an automobile camera module by which an estimated traveling trace can be grasped to prevent fender-bender (minor collision) with a parked vehicle to reduce inconvenience and time loss caused by a parking failure.... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20130321615 - Driver assistance system for a vehicle: A driver assistance system for a vehicle includes a forward facing and a control having an image processor that processes image data captured by the camera. At least in part responsive to processing by the image processor, an alert to a driver of the equipped vehicle is generated based upon... Agent:

20130321617 - Adaptive font size mechanism: According to some embodiments, a method and apparatus are provided to determine a distance between a mobile device and a user, and adjust a font size of content displayed on a mobile device display based on the determined distance.... Agent:

20130321619 - Electronic device with distance measuring function and method thereof: A method for measuring distance includes: obtaining an image of an object and detecting whether the image of the object is clear when a camera module is initialed to capture the image of the object; controlling a lens to move along a center axis of the lens barrel when detecting... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20130321620 - Method and apparatus for recognizing object material: Provided is an apparatus for recognizing object material. The apparatus includes: an imaging camera unit for capturing spatial image including various objects in a space; an exploring radar unit sending an incident wave to the objects and receiving spatial radar information including a surface reflected wave from a surface of... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20130321618 - Methods and apparatus for reproducing the appearance of a photographic print on a display device: Methods and apparatus for reproducing the appearance of a photographic print on a display device are disclosed. In one embodiment, an environment model is built from received light conditions at a light sensor attached to a display surface. The environment model and a surface model are applied to an input... Agent:

20130321621 - Method for mapping hidden objects using sensor data: An electronic device with an image sensor may capture an image of the surface of a structure as a user moves the device across the surface of the structure. The electronic device may have sensors such as a magnetometer, an acoustic sensor, and a thermal sensor for gathering sensor data.... Agent:

20130321625 - Electronic device and information transmission system: Provided is an electronic device capable of controlling an appropriate voice device, the electronic device including: an acquisition device that acquires an image capturing result from at least one image capturing device capable of capturing an image containing a subject person; a control device configured to control a voice device... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20130321623 - Internet camera which caches references to untransmitted full resolution video: Apparatus and method for an Internet camera to determine local addressing and connect to a remote server to receive commands, connect through HTTP client protocol, and upload a stored reference to a video frame sequence and meta-data cached at a point of recordation.... Agent:

20130321624 - Object detecting device and object detecting method: An object detecting device includes an image acquiring unit which acquires an image from a camera, a scanning interval calculating unit which calculates a scanning interval when a scanning window is scanned on the image based on a size on the image of a detection object that is detected by... Agent:

20130321622 - Shipping container scanning system: A shipping container scanning system includes a control hub container and at least one probe coupled to the control hub container via a wired or wireless connection. The probe is insertable into at least one shipping container. The probe is movable in a hollow interior of the shipping container and... Agent:

20130321626 - Image capturing: A camera assembly is disclosed for mounting on a vehicle (e.g. an aircraft). An exemplary camera assembly can include: a fixture (e.g. a rotatable drum); a camera; and a mirror; wherein the fixture is arranged to be rotated relative to the vehicle about an axis; the camera is mounted on... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20130321633 - Display system for vehicle: A display system of a vehicle includes a windshield of a vehicle, an interior rearview mirror assembly, an assembly disposed at an upper region of the windshield, and a display device disposed at the assembly. The upper region of the windshield includes a display region. The display device is operable... Agent: Magna Mirrors Of America, Inc.

20130321634 - Driving assistance device and towing vehicle: A driving support device outputs, to a display means (103), a superimposed image in which a pair of left and right planar predicted trajectory guide marks (405), (406) corresponding to steering of the vehicle are superimposed onto a captured vehicle-rearview image including the tow vehicle connector (402) and the towed-vehicle... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20130321629 - Dynamic guideline overlay with image cropping: A method for dynamically registering a graphic upon a cropped image obtained from a camera device includes capturing an original image obtained from the camera device. Intrinsic calibration information for the camera device, extrinsic information for the camera device and vehicle information are monitored. The cropped image is generated based... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20130321635 - Image capturing: A camera array and method are disclosed for capturing and processing images of an area of terrain. For each of a plurality of time-steps within a time period, using each of a plurality of cameras in a camera array, an exemplary method includes: generating an image of a respective portion... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20130321631 - On-screen display device and on-screen display method: Disclosed herein is a technology of reflecting a line width of an on-screen display (OSD) image to calculate an appropriate interpolation rate and interpolating the OSD image according to the calculated interpolation rate to output the interpolated OSD image, in order to provide an OSD image smoother as compared to... Agent:

20130321627 - Road departure sensing and intelligent driving systems and methods: A Road Departure Sensing and an Intelligent Driving System which uses near-infrared illumination to collect a continuous sequence of images from an area ahead of a moving vehicle, measure the distance to potential obstacles or obstructions, calculate the potential for collisions, detect the edges of a road or path or... Agent:

20130321630 - System and method for lane departure warning: A lane departure warning system and method are provided. The lane departure warning system includes a camera, a tunnel recognition module, a virtual lane module, and a determination/warning module. The camera captures a front image of a vehicle. The tunnel recognition module determines whether a current position of the vehicle... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20130321628 - Vehicle collision warning system and method: A vehicle collision warning system and method that alerts a driver of an impending collision by displaying enhanced video of an upcoming road segment, where the enhanced video includes an in-path object that is highlighted so that it stands apart. In one exemplary embodiment, the system and method receive video... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20130321632 - Vehicular vision system: A vehicular vision system includes a camera including an image sensor, a control including a microcontroller, and a serial data interface. The camera has a field of view exterior of a vehicle. A video output is configured for transmitting a stream of video captured by the image sensor. The microcontroller... Agent: Magna Electronics Inc

20130321636 - Intrusion detection device, robot system, intrusion detection method, and intrusion detection program: An intrusion detection device includes: a light emitting unit which forms a plurality of light emitting marks arranged on a boundary of an intrusion monitoring area; an imaging device which images an area including the plurality of light emitting marks, and outputs the captured image; and a detection unit which... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20130321637 - Monitor and control systems and methods for occupant safety and energy efficiency of structures: Various systems and methods are disclosed for monitoring and controlling using small infrared imaging modules to enhance occupant safety and energy efficiency of buildings and structures. In one example, thermal images captured by infrared imaging modules may be analyzed to detect presence of persons, identify and classify power-consuming objects, and... Agent: Flir Systems, Inc.

20130321638 - Method for preparing images in non-visible spectral ranges, and corresponding camera and measuring arrangement: In a thermal imaging camera (1), an infrared image data stream (5) of infrared images (4) is captured during a random movement of the thermal imaging camera (1), and the infrared images (4) are combined into a higher-resolution infrared image (9).... Agent: Testo Ag

20130321640 - Imaging device and imaging method: There is provided an imaging device including an image sensor that performs photoelectric conversion on subject light to generate an image signal, a photographing optical system that forms an image of the subject light on the image sensor, and a first optical member that transmits the subject light incident on... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130321639 - Infrared thermal imaging system and method: An infrared thermal imaging system includes a focal plane array (FPA) of infrared detectors, read out integrated circuitry (ROIC) operatively coupled to the FPA, and a microcontroller having at least one video display interface operatively coupled to the ROIC. The FPA is configured to generate an output signal in response... Agent: Raytheon Company

20130321641 - Visible light and ir combined image camera: A camera producing visible light images with thermal data. The camera may include visible light lens and sensor, an infrared light lens and sensor, and a display. The display displays some of the visible light image and thermal data from the respective sensors. The visible light image is divided into... Agent:

20130321642 - Spatially-selective reflector structures, reflector disks, and systems and methods for use thereof: The invention provides a spatially-selective reflective structure for the detection of submillimeter electromagnetic waves and systems and methods incorporating spatially-selective reflective structures. One aspect of the invention provides a spatially-selective reflective structure including a partially-conducting slab and a modulating reflector disk adjacent to the partially-conducting slab. The modulating reflector disk... Agent: The University Of Memphis Research Foundation

20130321643 - Image display device and object detection device: An image display device is provided with: a display having a display screen; a shooting unit that is arranged on an external side of the display screen so that an optical axis obliquely intersects a normal line of the display screen (for example, the normal line passing through the center)... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20130321644 - Display device, inspecting and driving method thereof: A display device according to the present invention includes: a display unit including a plurality of pixels coupled to a plurality of scan lines; a plurality of scan driving blocks coupled to the plurality of scan lines and adapted to apply a plurality of scan signals; an electrostatic discharge (ESD)... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20130321645 - Light and sound monitor: The present invention comprises a light and sound sensor system and method for repetitively measuring the luminance, chromaticity, sound, and infrared illumination in a theater to detect any changes thereto so that the images being viewed on the screen and the sound in the theater can be kept at their... Agent: Ultra Stereo Labs, Inc.

20130321648 - Computer-readable medium, information processing apparatus, information processing system and information processing method: In an example system, an information processing apparatus is caused to function as a user image acquisition unit which acquires a user image captured by using a camera of a portable information processing apparatus, a communication partner image acquisition unit which acquires a communication partner image via a network, and... Agent: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

20130321652 - Electronic camera that wirelessly transfers data, which includes a power save mode: An electronic camera comprises a wireless communication unit that performs wireless communication with a computer or a printer, and a power save mode changeover unit that changes over a power save mode to either an ON or an OFF state according to the operational state of the electronic camera, if... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20130321649 - Image processing device and conversion program: An image processing device includes: an acquisition unit; an image processing unit; a communication unit configured to communicate with a server configured to convert a pre-conversion partial data into post-conversion partial data; a memory configured to store the post-conversion partial data and correspondence information; and a controller configured to: determine... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20130321651 - Image processing system and image capturing apparatus: An image processing system includes an image capturing apparatus and a server apparatus. The image capturing apparatus includes: an image capturing unit that captures an image of a printout produced by printing print data; an extracting unit that extracts identification information by decoding encoded information extracted from the captured image;... Agent:

20130321650 - Imaging device, control method of the same and program: There is provided an imaging device including a posture change detection part which detects a posture change of an imaging device body, a deflection correction part which corrects deflection of a captured image generated by the posture change, a distortion correction part which corrects distortion of the captured image generated... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130321653 - Inclination receiving apparatus and method, inclination transmitting apparatus and method, and inclination communicating system and method: The present invention provides an inclination receiving apparatus that can share the status of inclination of each of a plurality of apparatuses. The inclination receiving apparatus receives inclination information indicating the inclination of another apparatus and reports at least one of a direction and magnitude by which the inclination receiving... Agent: Nec Corporation

20130321646 - Methods and apparatus for use in mapping identified visual features of visual images to location areas: In one example, a computer device includes one or more processors and a camera module coupled to the one or more processors. The camera module is configured to capture visual images. The one or more processors are configured to analyze image data of a visual image for identifying whether the... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20130321647 - Storyboards for capturing images: Disclosed herein are representative embodiments of tools and techniques for using storyboards in controlling a camera for capturing images, photographs, or video. According to one exemplary technique, at least two storyboards are stored. In addition, at least one storyboard identifier from a camera application is received. Also, using the storyboard... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20130321655 - Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus equipped with the same: A zoom lens includes, in order from an object side to an image side, a positive first lens unit, a negative second lens unit, an aperture stop, a positive third lens unit, and a positive fourth lens unit. The third lens unit includes, in that order, a positive first lens... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20130321654 - Imaging apparatus: An imaging apparatus includes an imaging unit that includes a shooting lens for collecting an image of a subject to be shot; and an imaging element that forms the image collected by the shooting lens and generates image data through photoelectric conversion of formed image. The imaging apparatus also includes... Agent: Olympus Imaging Corp.

20130321656 - Wireless network connected camera positioning system: A system for controlling a gimbal has a gimbal controller. The gimbal controller has a communication device with a unique communication address and a microcontroller communicating with the communication device. The gimbal controller receives instructions addressed to the communication address and outputs one or more control outputs for controlling movement... Agent: Hoverfly Technologies, Inc.

20130321659 - Camera and camera control method: A camera according to the present invention, which is capable of continuous shooting before and after a still image shot according to photographer's operation, comprises: an imaging section converting an object image into image data; a still image shooting section obtaining image data of the still image according to release... Agent: Olympus Imaging Corp.

20130321658 - Image capture apparatus and method of controlling the same: The image quality degradation of a moving image due to repeated application of color space conversion processing is suppressed. An image capture apparatus which supplies moving image signals to a plurality of output destinations decides the contents of color space conversion processing before and after color processing so as to... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20130321657 - System and method for acquiring a still image from a moving image: A system and method captures a moving image of a scene that can be more readily de-blurred as compared to images captured through other methods operating on equivalent exposure-time intervals. Rather than stopping and starting the light measurement during the exposure-time interval, photo-generated current is switched between multiple charge storage... Agent: Cognex Corporation

20130321661 - Method, apparatus and system providing holographic layer as micro-lens and color filter array in an imager: A method, apparatus, and system that provides a holographic layer as a micro-lens array and/or a color filter array in an imager. The method of writing the holographic layer results in overlapping areas in the hologram for corresponding adjacent pixels in the imager which increases collection of light at the... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20130321662 - Optical module: A gesture recognition system includes an image capturing device, a memory unit and a processing unit. The image capturing device includes a zoom lens and captures an image frame with a focus length. The memory unit previously saves a lookup table of depths versus sharpness associated with at least one... Agent: Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

20130321660 - Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same: A semiconductor device comprising a MOS transistor provided in a semiconductor region, wherein a source region and a drain region of the MOS transistor have a first conductivity type, the source region includes a first region including an upper portion of a boundary portion between the source region and a... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20130321663 - Image processing device, image processing method and program product: There are provided: an original color image capturing unit capturing an original color image of a object represented by YCbCr; a Cr component elimination processing unit performing, on each pixel data of the original color image captured by the original color image capturing unit, processing to make a value of... Agent:

20130321664 - Photographing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and computer-readable recording medium: A method of controlling a photographing apparatus is provided according to an embodiment. The method includes comparing brightness between a preview image and a captured image; and compensating shutter traveling properties based on a difference in the brightness between the preview image and the captured image.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20130321665 - Information processing system, information processing apparatus and method: The present invention relates to an information processing apparatus by which image data can be downloaded simply. A video camera 11 receives thumbnail images corresponding to one or more images included in an album from a video camera image station 41 and displays the thumbnail images on an LCD unit.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130321666 - Image capture apparatus and method of controlling the same: In an image capture apparatus and a method of controlling the apparatus which can apply image correction processing which influences the contrast of a shot image, image quality degradation of an image shot by using input-output characteristics where an output value logarithmically increases with a linear increase in input value... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20130321667 - Image capturing apparatus and control method therefor: An apparatus and method such that when a signal intensity evaluation value is greater than or equal to a predetermined value, a signal intensity amplification factor of each color component is changed in accordance with the signal intensity evaluation value of the color component, and when the signal intensity evaluation... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20130321668 - Plural focal-plane imaging: An imaging system captures focused imagery from two or more focal planes, yet does so with relatively simple optical elements. Some arrangements involve folded optical paths, to make them more compact in size. Others enable the image sensors to be mounted in coplanar arrangement. Still others involve digital compositing, e.g.,... Agent:

20130321670 - Control of an image capturing device: There is provided a method, a system and a device for displaying an image corresponding to a first field of view to an operator of an image capturing device. The method comprises receiving input data relating to a change in at least one of a position, an orientation, or a... Agent:

20130321669 - Hindsight mirror apparatus: A hindsight mirror apparatus that includes a mirror device that displays an image of an object thereon, a monitor unit coupled with the mirror device at a rear thereof and providing the image to the mirror device to be displayed, an image capturing device electrically connected with the monitor unit... Agent:

20130321671 - Systems and method for reducing fixed pattern noise in image data: The present disclosure generally relates to systems and methods for image data processing. In certain embodiments, an image processing pipeline may be configured to receive a frame of the image data having a plurality of pixels acquired using a digital image sensor. The image processing pipeline may then be configured... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130321672 - Systems and methods for collecting fixed pattern noise statistics of image data: The present disclosure generally relates to systems and methods for image data processing. In certain embodiments, an image processing pipeline may collect statistics associated with fixed pattern noise of image data by receiving a first frame of the image data comprising a plurality of pixels. The image processing pipeline may... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130321673 - Systems and methods for determining noise statistics of image data: The present disclosure generally relates to systems and methods for image data processing. In certain embodiments, an image processing pipeline may compute noise statistics associated with image data by receiving a frame of the image data having a plurality of pixels. The image processing pipeline may then identify a plurality... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130321676 - Green non-uniformity correction: Systems and methods for correcting green channel non-uniformity (GNU) are provided. In one example, GNU may be corrected using energies between the two green channels (Gb and Gr) during green interpolation processes for red and green pixels. Accordingly, the processes may be efficiently employed through implementation using demosaic logic hardware.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130321674 - Image signal processing involving geometric distortion correction: Systems and methods for correcting geometric distortion are provided. In one example, an electronic device may include an imaging device, which may obtain image data of a first resolution, and geometric distortion and scaling logic. The imaging device may include a sensor and a lens that causes some geometric distortion... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130321675 - Raw scaler with chromatic aberration correction: Systems and methods for down-scaling are provided. In one example, a method for processing image data includes determining a plurality of output pixel locations using a position value stored by a position register, using the current position value to select a center input pixel from the image data and selecting... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130321677 - Systems and methods for raw image processing: Systems and methods for processing raw image data are provided. One example of such a system may include memory to store image data in raw format from a digital imaging device and an image signal processor to process the image data. The image signal processor may include data conversion logic... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130321678 - Systems and methods for lens shading correction: Systems and methods for correcting intensity drop-offs due to geometric properties of lenses are provided. In one example, a method includes receiving an input pixel of the image data, the image data acquired using an image sensor. A color component of the input pixel is determined. A gain grid is... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130321679 - Systems and methods for highlight recovery in an image signal processor: Image sensors have finite ranges of illuminance that may be captured. When the sensors for particular pixels receive an amount of light exceeding these finite ranges, the pixel values clip to the maximum pixel value. Systems and methods for estimating pixel values that are clipped or near clipping are provided.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130321680 - Manufacturing method for semiconductor device and semiconductor device: A step of forming a connecting member configured to electrically connect a first conductive line and a second conductive line includes a phase of perforating a laminate from a first semiconductor wafer to form a plurality of connection holes that reach the second conductive line and a phase of filling... Agent:

20130321681 - Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus equipped with the same: A zoom lens includes, in order from an object side to an image side, a first lens unit having positive refractive power, a second lens unit having negative refractive power, and a third lens unit having positive refractive power, wherein at least the first to third lens units move during... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20130321682 - Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus equipped with the same: A zoom lens includes, in order from an object side to an image side, a first lens unit having negative refractive power, a second lens unit having positive refractive power, a third lens unit having negative refractive power, and a fourth lens unit having positive refractive power, in which each... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20130321683 - Image pickup apparatus, method for driving image pickup apparatus, image pickup system, and method for driving image pickup system: An image pickup apparatus, a method for driving the image pickup apparatus, an image pickup system, and a method for driving the image pickup system output a digital signal based on a difference between signals output from a plurality of pixels and a digital signal based on the sum of... Agent:

20130321684 - Image pickup device, image pickup system, and method of driving image pickup device: Provided are an image pickup device, a method of driving the image pickup device, and an image pickup system, in which timings of starting operations in a plurality of comparison units to which power supply voltage is applied through a common line are controlled to be different.... Agent:

20130321685 - Unit pixel of image sensor and pixel array including the unit pixel: A unit pixel of an image sensor is provided. The unit pixel includes a photoelectric conversion element configured to generate photocharge varying with the intensity of incident light, a transfer transistor configured to transfer the photocharge to a floating diffusion in response to a transfer control signal, and a supplemental... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20130321686 - Display-camera system with switchable diffuser: A display-camera system includes a liquid crystal display panel, a camera, a switchable diffuser disposed between the liquid crystal display panel and the camera, a light source, and a control unit to switch the liquid crystal display panel and the switchable diffuser to transparent, to switch the light source to... Agent:

20130321687 - Light metering in cameras for backlit scenes: In various embodiments, a camera may use novel techniques to calculate proper exposure for a backlit scene, or a scene that otherwise has very high contrast ratios between different parts of the scene. In one embodiment, a touchscreen is used as a viewfinder, and the user may touch the viewfinder... Agent:

20130321688 - Image display device: Disclosed is a technique for providing an image display device enabling a user to understand the entire correspondence relationship between a three-dimensional photographed image and a two-dimensional map image. According to the technique, when a photographed image and a map image in the imaging position are separately displayed on the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20130321689 - Zoom lens and image pickup unit: A zoom lens includes: a first lens group having a positive refracting power; a second lens group having a negative refracting power; a third lens group having a positive refracting power; a fourth lens group having a positive refracting power; and a fifth lens group having a positive refracting power... Agent:

20130321692 - Image-pickup apparatus, lens unit, control method of the image-pickup apparatus, control method of the lens unit, and image-pickup system: An image-pickup apparatus to which a lens unit that includes an image-pickup optical system including a focus lens is attachable includes an image sensor configured to photoelectrically convert an object image formed via the lens unit that has been attached, and to generate an image signal, and a controller configured... Agent:

20130321691 - Imaging device, control method of imaging device, and computer program: There is provided an imaging device including an imaging control unit that executes imaging control in first and second self-timer modes in which an automatic focusing process and an imaging process are executed in order after reception of an imaging start instruction. A first period from the reception of the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130321690 - Methods and apparatus for refocusing via video capture: Methods and apparatus for refocusing via video capture are disclosed. In response to an image capture request, a multi-focus image data structure including a plurality of image data structures representing a scene is captured. The capturing the plurality of image data structures further includes capturing a first image data structure,... Agent:

20130321693 - Quick auto-focus method: An auto-focus method controls a motor to drive an optical lens of a lens module to a focus point and includes steps of: describing a first parabola according to three coordinate points in a coordinate system; describing a second parabola according to a first highest point of the first parabola... Agent:

20130321694 - Image systems and sensors having focus detection pixels therein: Image sensors include an array of image sensor pixels therein. This array of image sensor pixels includes a first focus detection pixel and at least a first color pixel. A switching network is provided, which is electrically coupled to the array. This switching network may be configured to generate a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20130321695 - Imaging apparatus: There is provided an imaging apparatus including an image sensor that converts an optical image captured through a lens into an electrical signal, and a shutter that has blade members to be opened and closed at a time of photographing. Correction of shading that is generated by an operation of... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130321696 - Camera integrated with connector for vehicle and method of manufacturing thereof: The present invention relates to a camera integrated with a connector for a vehicle and a method of manufacturing thereof, and the camera integrated with a connector for a vehicle includes: a housing; and a camera module accommodated inside the housing, in which a connector unit is formed in one... Agent: A&p Crebiz Co., Ltd

20130321698 - Apparatus and methods for document image capture: A portable, user assembled apparatus has interlocking parts and no fasteners, or the apparatus is preassembled such that, once assembled, the apparatus holds both a document at a fixed angle and a portable camera-equipped electronic device, at the same and parallel angle, a fixed distance from the document. The apparatus... Agent:

20130321697 - Lens barrel assembly and photographing apparatus having the same: A barrel assembly includes a barrel, at least one lens group disposed in the barrel to move in an optical axis direction, an aperture disposed in the barrel that adjusts an amount of light passing through the at least one lens group; and a light adjustment unit disposed in the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20130321699 - Low latency cadence detection for frame rate conversion: A receiver is configured to receive video frames. A cadence detector is in communication with the receiver and is configured to analyze a newly received video frame to determine the cadence of the video frames. A frame rate converter is configured to interpolate at least two of the video frames... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20130321700 - Systems and methods for luma sharpening: Systems, methods, and devices for sharpening image data are provided. One example of an image signal processing system includes a YCC processing pipeline that includes luma sharpening logic. The luma sharpening logic may sharpen the luma component while avoiding sharpening some noise. Specifically, a multi-scale unsharp mask filter may obtain... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130321701 - Method, device, computer program and information storage means for transmitting a source frame into a video display system: Method, device, computer program and information storage means for transmitting a source frame into a video display system, the video display system (10) comprising a plurality of projectors, the video display system (10) further arranged to produce a projected image (106) from the source frame (100), each projector (102, 103,... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20130321702 - Audio receiver and sample rate converter without pll or clock recovery: Methods and systems of operating an audio receiver may include a reference module configured to determine an input number of clocks per number of frames for an audio signal based on a reference clock and a specified number of frames. The audio receiver can also include a conversion module configured... Agent:

20130321703 - Video output device and video output method: A video output method and device includes utilizing a supplemental information storing section to determine whether or not an object area exists in the proximity of at least one character area, cuts out a video on a supplemental information area when the object area exists, and stores the video on... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20130321704 - Optimized algorithm for construction of composite video from a set of discrete video sources: A method includes reading a composite video descriptor data structure and a plurality of window descriptor data structures. The composite video descriptor data structure defines a width and height of a composite video frame and each window descriptor data structure defines the starting X and Y coordinate, width and height... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20130321705 - Video signal processing device and method: A multiband signal generator generates multiband signals from 21 lines of input data by using a subset of N lines with each line delayed from 1 line to N lines respectively. M line buffers delay the multiband signals such that each line is delayed from 1 line to M lines... Agent: Jvc Kenwood Corporation

20130321706 - Video processing device and method of video processing: According to one embodiment, a video processing device includes: an operator configured to accept a gain adjustment value with respect to at least any one of an R signal, a G signal, and a B signal of a video signal from a user; a gain adjuster configured to obtain a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20130321707 - Transmitter apparatus, information processing method, program, and transmitter system: The transmitter apparatus includes: a first acquisition unit that obtains first transmission control information; a second acquisition unit that obtains second transmission control information similar to information input to another transmitter apparatus; and a generating unit that processes transmission target data based on a parameter contained in the first transmission... Agent:

20130321708 - Television receiver and electronic device: According to one embodiment, a television receiver includes: a housing; a display device; a cable; and a flexible printed wiring board. The display device includes a display screen. At least a portion of the display device is housed in the housing. The cable is housed in the housing. The flexible... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20130321710 - Image display device and television receiver: An image display device has a display panel which displays an image; a first case which accommodates the display panel; an ion generating unit which generates ion mist; a second case which accommodates therein the ion generating unit; and a blower which is disposed inside the second case, and generates... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20130321709 - Providing a reset mechanism for a latch circuit: In an embodiment, the present invention includes a latch circuit having a first input to receive a data signal and a second input to receive a clock signal. This latch circuit may have a first pair of transistors including a first transistor gated by the data signal and a second... Agent:

20130321711 - Terminal device and control method thereof: A first terminal device and a video display control method are described. The first terminal device includes at least two tuners configured to receive and decode a video; a first display unit configured to display video or image; a first communication unit configured to communicate with a second terminal device;... Agent:

20130321712 - Remote control system and remote control method thereof: A remote control system includes a remote control device and an electronic device. The remote control device includes an input element, a wireless transmitter to transmit an absolute coordinate signal and a motion signal and a control unit electrically connected to the input element and the wireless transmitter. The electronic... Agent: Asustek Computer Inc.

20130321713 - Device interaction based on media content: Device interaction based on media content is described, including receiving a portion of media data; generating metadata associated with the media data; identifying another metadata based on the metadata; identifying content information associated with the another metadata; and issuing a command based on the content information.... Agent: Axwave Inc.

20130321714 - Electronic apparatus, control method of an electronic apparatus, and control program of an electronic apparatus: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes: a first detector configured to detect an orientation of the electronic apparatus; a video display unit configured to display video; a second detector configured to detect whether an audio signal of the video is corresponding to multichannel reproduction; and a sound controller... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20130321715 - Mounting apparatus for an audio/video system and related methods and systems: An audio-video (AV) system in one embodiment includes a mounting apparatus for mounting the system to a wall support located behind a wall surface and within an in-wall space. The mounting apparatus includes a support member for supporting at least one component in a support space within the in-wall space,... Agent: Millson Custom Solutions Inc.

20130321716 - Virtualized greeter systems and methods: A virtual greeter system, a counter display system, and a method include systems and methods that provide simulated human interaction for placement in stores, libraries, hospitals, trade shows, kiosks, and the like. The virtual greeter system can include a projector housed in a tower; a screen attached or supported by... Agent: Rockport Enterprises, LLC

20130321717 - Lighting device, display device and television device: The backlight unit 12 according to this invention includes a plurality of LEDs 24, an LED board 25, a reflection sheet 29, a chassis 22, a first attachment member 31, and a second attachment member 32. The LED board 25 has a first board insertion hole 25c and a second... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

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