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12/26/2013 > 65 patent applications in 40 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130342309 - Apparatus and method for limiting the use of an electronic display: Provided are custom computing devices, program codes and methods for limiting the use of an electronic display, by determining whether a user is viewing an electronic display by obtaining the location of the user relative to the display, measuring the overall time during which the user views the display, and... Agent:

20130342312 - Sparse coding systems for highly secure operations of garage doors, alarms and remote keyless entry: A system for remote entry includes at least one trainable radio frequency transmitter having a plurality of selectable codes, any of which selected in accordance with a corresponding training code data. At least one receiver is configured to receive signals from said radio frequency transmitter, where the radio frequency transmitter... Agent:

20130342313 - Access credential reader connector: An apparatus including a central access control system and an access reader. The access reader is structured to receive an access credential from the central access control system, and includes a first connector connected with a second connector with the second connector connected to a cable, and with the cable... Agent:

20130342314 - Smart lock structure and operating method thereof: The present invention relates to a smart lock structure and an operating method thereof. The smart lock structure comprises a key hole for access keys, an interrogating device for using radio frequency technology to communicate with a mobile device and accept access requests from the mobile device to unlock the... Agent:

20130342310 - Electric vehicle, battery charging station, battery exchanging reservation system comprising the same and method thereof: Disclosed is an electric vehicle, a battery charging station, and an electric vehicle battery exchange reservation system including the same. The electric vehicle includes a power level detection unit adapted to detect a power level of a battery mounted on the electric vehicle; a communication unit adapted to communicate with... Agent: Kookmin Universty Industry Academy Cooperation Foundation

20130342311 - Production method, rfid transponder, authentication method, reader device and computer program product: The exemplary embodiments of the invention realize an efficient prevention of massive infiltration of cloned RFID transponders into existing and new RFID systems. Furthermore, reader devices used for authentication of RFID transponders do not need to be on-line and do not need to be equipped with a Security Authentication Module... Agent:

20130342315 - System and method for manually pushing reminders on pending events: A system and method that allows a user to push a reminder message on a pending event is provided. As more applications are allowing for timed events to be exchanged between users the ability to force a reminder to be sent on timed events is described. The system provides a... Agent:

20130342325 - Firefighting apparatus checking system and method: A cloud server of a data center being used to check firefighting apparatuses. The cloud server sends an electronic map to the electronic device if the electronic device is permitted to access the cloud server. The cloud server receives a check file corresponding to each firefighting apparatus from the electronic... Agent:

20130342328 - Method and device for improving the energy efficiency performance of a reader: A method for improving energy efficiency performance of a reader is disclosed in the present document. The method includes: initializing and adjusting operation parameters, and acquiring the current number of frame timeslots; updating a frame timeslot status, and determining that a power level is not required to be increased according... Agent: Zte Corporation

20130342324 - Method, device and system for identifying and sending radio frequency signal: Embodiments of the present invention provide a method, device and system for identifying and sending a radio frequency signal. The method for identifying a radio frequency identification label includes: sending a control signal to a radio frequency signal sending device, so that the radio frequency signal sending device sends a... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20130342320 - Reading rfid tag using antenna within enclosure: A method of reading an RFID tag using an RFID reader includes providing an RF-blocking enclosure having a port. The RFID reader has an antenna located within the enclosure. The enclosure is positioned so that the port is adjacent to a conductive surface and the RFID tag is within the... Agent:

20130342327 - Rfid converter module: A tag communication method includes providing a tag reader operating at a first frequency and having transmit and receive antenna ports, providing a frequency converter module having transmit and receive plugs adapted to directly mate with the transmit and receive ports, and directly mating the transmit plug with the transmit... Agent: Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

20130342321 - Rfid reading system using rf grating: Apparatus for reading an RFID tag includes an RF-blocking enclosure having a port and adapted to receive through the port a non-RFID-active object having an RFID tag affixed thereto. An RFID reader has a reader antenna located outside the enclosure. The antenna transmits an RF downlink signal in a particular... Agent:

20130342323 - Rfid system with barriers and key antennas: An RFID system includes a reader with antenna, a first barrier, a tag with a link antenna, a second barrier, and two key antennas connected to the tag, mechanically arranged in that order. The first barrier has two or more apertures in it to produce an interference pattern of a... Agent:

20130342318 - Rfid system with configurable rf port: An active RFID tag has an antenna inside RF-blocking enclosure having a port with a selected shortest dimension. An RFID reader located outside the enclosure at a reader position transmits a downlink RF signal through the port as a directional RF signal on a downlink carrier frequency corresponding to a... Agent:

20130342322 - Rfid system with enclosure and interference pattern: An RFID system includes an RFID reader with a tag antenna located at a reader location. An RFID tag includes a controller and an antenna. An RF-blocking enclosure spaced apart from the RFID reader includes a port having first and second spaced-apart apertures. The enclosure is positioned with respect to... Agent:

20130342319 - Rfid system with multiple reader transmit frequencies: An RFID system includes an RF-blocking enclosure having a port with a selected shortest dimension. An active RFID tag including a controller and an interior antenna coupled to the controller is located in the enclosure. The tag responds to a selected RF downlink frequency range. An RFID reader located outside... Agent:

20130342317 - Rfid system with multiple tag transmit frequencies: An RFID system has an active tag with one antenna inside, and one outside, an RF-blocking enclosure having a port with a selected shortest dimension. The RFID reader is located outside the enclosure and uses a selected RF read frequency range. The RFID tag simultaneously transmits on a plurality of... Agent:

20130342316 - Sensor-enabled rfid system to gauge movement of an object in relation to a subject: The present disclosure describes a system of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags paired with RF proximity sensors and movement sensors for measuring the movement and use of objects in an environment. The movement gives an indication of the user's ability to use his or her motor skills in a medical... Agent:

20130342326 - Systems, apparatuses, and methods for transparent and ubiquitous sensing technology: One feature pertains to a sensor apparatus that comprises a conductor configured to perform at least one operation unrelated to the sensor apparatus. These operations may include at least one of providing structural support to a system unrelated to the sensor apparatus, and/or providing a non-sensing signal to the system... Agent: United States Of America As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Spac

20130342329 - Apparatus, systems and methods for pairing a controlled device with an rf remote control using an rfid tag: Systems and methods are operable to initiate a pairing process and a de-pairing process between a controlled device and a radio frequency (RF) remote control. An exemplary embodiment detects presence of a radio frequency identifier (RFID) tag in an interrogation zone established by an RFID tag reader, automatically initiates a... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.L.C.

20130342330 - Alert systems and methods for a vehicle: Methods and vehicles are provided for providing haptic feedback to a vehicle occupant. In one embodiment, the method includes selecting a pattern of active haptic periods during which a controller will command a plurality of haptic actuators disposed in a seat of a vehicle to generate haptic pulses, determining a... Agent:

20130342331 - Indicator operation detecting device: An indicator operation detecting device includes a sensor including two sets of electrodes intersecting each other, an operation detecting circuit configured to detect a position indicated by an indicator (e.g., a finger) with respect to the sensor as a coordinate value on predetermined coordinate axes (e.g., X and Y axes),... Agent: Wacom Co., Ltd.

20130342332 - System and method for setting functions according to location: An apparatus, system, and method for controlling functions of a vehicular alarm. The method includes receiving one or more signals including location information, determining a location of the vehicle using the location information, setting one or more functions based on the location information, determining whether an alarm function is activated,... Agent:

20130342333 - Mobile autonomous surveillance: Various embodiments relate to creating and utilizing a vehicle surveillance network to monitor objects and/or events. Messages may be broadcasted from at least one communication system of a surveillance network which is communicating with one or more vehicles of the surveillance network and received in a vehicle. Instructions may be... Agent: Harman International Industries, Inc.

20130342336 - Alert systems and methods for a vehicle: A method of alerting a driver of a vehicle is provided. The method includes: receiving conditions data from one or more collision avoidance systems; determining an alert mode based on the conditions data; receiving a fault status indicating a fault of at least one of a haptic alert device, a... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations

20130342335 - Alert systems and methods for a vehicle with improved actuator installation: A vehicle seat assembly is provided. The vehicle seat assembly includes a bottom seat member with a seat pan with a first side and a second side, a first bolster positioned on the first side of the seat pan, and a second bolster positioned on the second side of the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20130342334 - Alert systems and methods for a vehicle with improved actuator placement: A vehicle seat assembly is provided. The assembly includes a bottom seat member and a haptic alert assembly. The haptic alert assembly includes a first actuator incorporated into the bottom seat member. The first actuator is configured to generate at least a first portion of a haptic alert.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20130342337 - Alert systems and methods for a vehicle: A method of alerting a driver of a vehicle is provided. The method includes: receiving alert settings configured by a user through a user interface; and selectively generating an alert pattern for at least one of a haptic alert device, an auditory alert device, and a visual alert device based... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20130342338 - Alert systems and methods for a vehicle: A method of alerting a driver of a vehicle is provided. The method includes: receiving conditions data from one or more collision avoidance systems; determining an alert mode based on the conditions data, wherein the alert mode indicates at least two of alert conditions, vehicle conditions, and driving scenarios; and... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20130342339 - Alert systems and methods for a vehicle: Methods and vehicles are provided for providing haptic feedback to a vehicle occupant. In one embodiment, the method includes evaluating conditions related to a vehicle, selecting a type of haptic alert based on the evaluated conditions, selecting a pattern of haptic actuators to command based on the type of haptic... Agent:

20130342340 - Display device for work machine: Disclosed is a display device 5 for a work machine having an engine 9, a hydraulic pump 10 driven by the engine, a boom cylinder 3d, an arm cylinder 3e, a bucket cylinder 3f, and other actuators driven by a hydraulic fluid supplied from the hydraulic pump 10, and an... Agent: Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20130342341 - Tire monitoring system and method: A vehicle tire monitoring system including a tire and wheel assembly. The tire and wheel assembly may include a wheel having a rim portion including an inside surface; a tire including a tire carcass having an inner surface and an outer surface with a tire tread over a radially outer... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC.

20130342342 - Intelligent safety device testing and operation: Systems and methods for intelligent operation and testing of backup-powered safety devices such as exit signs, emergency lights, smoke alarms, and like devices are generally disclosed herein. In some embodiments, an indicator is used to provide a display of the operational status of the safety device, as well as a... Agent: Hunter Capital Management Group, LLC

20130342343 - Cargo tracking and monitoring system: A method, an apparatus, and a non-transitory computer readable medium for monitoring a cargo container are presented. Data items are received by a monitoring system from one or more monitoring devices via a communications network. The monitoring devices are affixed to the cargo container and the monitoring system is located... Agent:

20130342344 - Wireless mousetrap and system: A wireless trap and system of monitoring said trap is described and taught. The wireless trap is preferably a spring loaded trap with a wireless transmitter coupled to the trap. Upon activation of the trap by a pest or rodent, the wireless transmitter sends a signal or alert to a... Agent:

20130342345 - Remote unit link quality monitoring: A method and range monitoring system for verifying that communication between two communicating units is of satisfactory quality and that the units are within a predetermined range from one another, wherein the units are in non-continuous communication. One or both units test that the quality and distance by sending a... Agent:

20130342346 - System and method for prediction of threatened points of interest: Embodiments that are described herein provide improved methods and systems for predicting threatened POIs. In some embodiments, an automated location tracking system tracks the locations of one or more target individuals. The locations of the target individuals may be tracked, for example, by tracking the cellular phones of the targets,... Agent: Verint Systems Ltd.

20130342347 - Wi-fi mesh fire detection system: A Wi-Fi mesh fire detection system and methods therefor are provided. The system can include a plurality of access points, where each access point in the plurality of access points is wirelessly connected to at least two other access points in the plurality of access points. For example, a first... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20130342348 - Monitoring system: W

20130342351 - Apparatuses for supporting and monitoring a condition of a person: A person monitoring system is operable to predict the onset of an adverse condition of a person. The system receives first information corresponding to a feature of a person support apparatus and second information corresponding to a physiological characteristic of the person. The system calculates a condition score as a... Agent: Hill-rom Services, Inc

20130342350 - Method and medical imaging device for communication between a control unit and a patient and/or an operator: In a method and apparatus for communication between a control unit of a medical imaging device, the control unit being arranged within a control room, and an operator located in an examination room examination and/or a patient (17) located in the examination room and positioned on a patient support device... Agent:

20130342349 - Systems and methods for hand hygiene compliance: A method and system for controlling hand hygiene compliance in a health care environment is provided. Location identification tags in communication with sensors on hand hygiene instruments within a health care environment, are monitored to collect hand hygiene event data and to determine rates of hand hygiene compliance below set... Agent:

20130342352 - System and method for fire preventing in electrical installations: A system for fire prevention in electrical installations comprises one or more temperature sensors arranged in or close to positions in the electrical installation that are to be monitored, one or more electromagnetic signal transmitters connected to the temperature sensors, one or more electromagnetic signal readers adapted to communicate with... Agent: Gantel Properties Limited

20130342353 - Method and system of pallet packing, and method for providing data of pallet packing: There are provided a method and a system of pallet packing that generate information on an article to be loaded and a loading place of the article on a specific pallet by recognizing a 3D position on which articles are loaded on a pallet, and a method for providing loading... Agent:

20130342354 - System and method for downhole telmetry: A system and method are provided for providing electromagnetic (EM) measurement-while-drilling (MWD) telemetry capabilities using an existing mud-pulse MWD tool. An EM tool intercepts the output from the mud-pulse tool and generates an EM signal that mimics a mud-pulse pressure signal. The EM signal is intercepted at the surface by... Agent: Mostar Directional Technologies Inc.

20130342356 - Apparatuses, systems, and methods for signal communication across an electromagnetic shield: One feature pertains to an apparatus for communicating signals across an electromagnetic (EM) shield. The apparatus includes a first communication interface positioned at a first side of the EM shield that receives a first signal containing data, where the first signal is incapable of being transmitted across the EM shield.... Agent: United States Of America As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Spac

20130342355 - Long lifespan wireless sensors and sensor network: Methods, systems, and apparatuses for managing sensor information are disclosed. An example apparatus can comprise a power unit configured to collect energy, a sensor unit configured to receive sensor data from a sensor, a memory unit configured to store the sensor data, a communication unit configured to wirelessly broadcast the... Agent: University Of Alaska Anchorage

20130342357 - Low delay low complexity lossless compression system: A method for compressing data is disclosed. The method may include classifying the data from a plurality of data sources into classifications including at least PCM-encoded data and data structure information. The method may also include determining data states associated with the PCM-encoded data and the data structure information. The... Agent:

20130342358 - Meter data management systems, methods, and software with outage management capabilities: The present inventors recognized a need to leverage the data from Advanced Metering Systems (AMIs) in the management of electrical outages. To address this and/or other needs, they present inventors devised, among other things, systems, methods, and software that not only intelligently filter and communicate AMI outage data to Outage... Agent:

20130342359 - System and method for estimating energy consumption based on readings from an ami network: A method and system for estimating energy consumption of a utility population includes organizing the utility population comprising energy consumers into a plurality of groups. Next, a distribution of energy consumption against the plurality of groups may be calculated. Subsequently, statistically representative groups based on the energy distribution and the... Agent: Comverge, Inc.

20130342361 - Device for establishing communications interoperability at an incident site including means for recording crisis incidents: What is provided is recording capability for each of the modules utilized by the first responders and other personnel within the area of the incident, with the stored information at each of the first responders' modules being read out through the ad hoc network, where it can be uploaded to... Agent: Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

20130342360 - Wireless telemetry system including an induction power system: A telemetry system for use in a combustion turbine engine (10) comprising a sensor (428) in connection with a rotating component such as a turbine blade, and a telemetry transmitter circuit (418) affixed to the turbine blade and in electrical communication with the sensor (428) for routing electronic data signals... Agent:

20130342362 - System and method for monitoring railcar performance: A system for monitoring operation of a railcar having one or more sensing units, mounted on the railcar, for monitoring operating parameters and or conditions of the railcar, and a communication management unit, in wireless communication with the sensing units, wherein the system can make a determination of an alarm... Agent: Amsted Rail Company, Inc.

20130342364 - Alert systems and methods for a vehicle: A method of alerting a driver of a vehicle is provided. The method includes: receiving conditions data from one or more collision avoidance systems; selectively coordinating an alert pattern for at least one of a haptic alert device, a visual alert device, and an auditory alert device based on the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20130342365 - Alert systems and methods for a vehicle: Methods and system of alerting a driver of a vehicle is provided. In one embodiment, the method includes: receiving conditions data from one or more collision avoidance systems; selectively coordinating an alert pattern for at least one of a haptic alert device, a visual alert device, and an auditory alert... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20130342366 - Alert systems and methods for a vehicle: Methods and vehicles are provided for providing haptic feedback to a vehicle occupant. In one embodiment, the method includes determining at least one of interior conditions and exterior conditions of a vehicle. The vehicle includes a plurality of haptic actuators disposed in a seat. The method further includes calculating at... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20130342363 - Ambient vehicle and pedestrian state detection for device notification: Described is a technology by which ambient data related to a vehicle is sensed and processed, for use in determining a state change related to external traffic awareness. Based upon the state change, an allowed level of interactivity with a user interface may be changed, and/or a notification may be... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20130342367 - Incursion collision avoidance system for vehicle traffic control: A system to identify junctions of restricted areas to approaching vehicles, including at least one warning signal generator adapted to transmit the warning signal into areas traversed by the vehicles approaching the restricted areas, a receiver in each of the vehicles receiving the transmitted warning signals when the vehicle approaches... Agent:

20130342368 - Automotive telemtry protocol: Method and apparatus whereby one or more vehicle nodes are configured for use in a vehicular communications network which provides for exchange of data between a plurality of vehicle nodes and a plurality of stationary nodes, where each stationary node comprises a computing unit operable to broadcast periodic announcements of... Agent:

20130342369 - Apparatus of guiding safe driving at intersections and method of guiding safe driving using the same: Disclosed are herein an apparatus of guiding safe driving at intersections and a method of guiding safe driving using the same. The driving guiding apparatus at intersections includes an intersection condition sensing unit installed at one side of a vehicle and sensing the current conditions around an intersection, an intersection... Agent:

20130342370 - Control method of traffic sign by utilizing vehicular network: The present invention provides a control method of traffic sign by utilizing vehicular network which can be applied to an intersection. The method comprises: a passing rate calculating step, calculating a passing rate according to a driving parameter; a vehicular movement type determining step, determining a vehicular movement type of... Agent:

20130342371 - Directionally filtered indicator light: The present disclosure provides a directionally filtered indicator light, wherein a directional filter is applied to a light source that is controlled to emit light when a condition or series of conditions are met. The directional filter, in turn, regulates the transmission of light from the light source so that... Agent: The Boeing Company

20130342372 - Further airport boundary/edge marker improvements: A boundary/edge recognition system for on ground vehicular traffic, especially airport runways and taxiways that uses multiple markers, each marker including an elongated tube with a light source in or near the tube for illuminating one or more slits or a plurality of apertures in the tube. Preferred embodiments include... Agent:

20130342373 - Methods and systems for taxiway traffic alerting: Systems and methods for providing the crew of an airplane or vehicle with a potential traffic-threat alert. When the alert is triggered is based on presumed flight-crew action and reaction times, ownship speed, and required distance to safely stop the ownship before intersection with traffic. An exemplary system located aboard... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

12/19/2013 > 52 patent applications in 40 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130335192 - Control device for protective door: A control device is used to open and close a protective door of an electronic device. The control device includes a control chip, a microcontroller, a driving circuit, and a motor. The control chip outputs control signals to the microcontroller, according to instructions from an operating system of the electronic... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20130335193 - Electronic wireless lock: An electronic lock device may grant a wireless-communication device permission to join a secure wireless connection with the electronic lock via a local wireless-communication network. If the wireless-communication device includes an electronic lock management application, the electronic lock device may switch the state of the lock mechanism to the unlocked... Agent: 1556053 Alberta Ltd.

20130335194 - Key, operation method therefor, key management device, key management method, key management system, and program: A key managed by a key management device has an operation detecting unit configured to detect an operating state thereof, and a transmitter configured to transmit information of the operating state detected by the operation detecting unit to receiving devices through wireless communication. The operation detecting unit includes an acceleration... Agent: Omron Corporation

20130335195 - Source and destination lighted indicator for medical fluid lines: A identification system for hospital fluid lines and the like. The identification system includes a source identifier and a destination identifier, each having a light, a control button for controlling the light, a transmitter for transmitting a control signal from the control button, and a transmission medium for conveying the... Agent:

20130335197 - Electronic system comprising of a plurality of electronic equipment units, electronic equipment for such a system and method for management and maintenance of such a system: The electronic system includes of a plurality of electronic equipment and devices (6) and a network for communication (8) between equipment units, each equipment unit (6) having the ability to be integrated into the electronic system or removed from the electronic system, each equipment unit (6) being provided with a... Agent:

20130335198 - Method for dynamic authentication between reader and tag, and device therefor: The present disclosure discloses a method for dynamic authentication between a reader and a tag, and an implementing device therefor, to solve the technical problem of necessity of dependence of a traditional authentication method on a real-time, online, reliable and secure connection with a background database, as well as lack... Agent: Zte Corporation

20130335196 - Using touch pad to remote control home elctronics like tv: Apparatus and methods of a remote control device are provided. The remote control device includes a switch and a power input. The remote control device also includes a touch panel configured to operate in an absence of backlight. The touch panel is configured to receive a first input at a... Agent: Google Inc.

20130335202 - Serialization of rfid tags: Various exemplary embodiments relate to a method performed by an RFID tag, the method including: receiving a request for a EPC serial number; determining whether the EPC serial number has a preset value; when the EPC serial number has the preset value, mapping a transponder ID to the EPC serial... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20130335201 - Function execution based on tag information: In one example embodiment, an end device includes a memory configured to store function information regarding at least one predefined function and tag information regarding at least one electronic tag that is associated with the at least one predefined function; a reader configured to read tag identification information received from... Agent:

20130335199 - Rfid detection system: Systems and methods for use in detecting the presence of an RFID device are provided. One RFID detection system includes a detection circuit that includes an oscillating circuit. The detection circuit is configured to hold the RFID detection system in a low power mode in which the RFID detection system... Agent: Master Lock Company

20130335200 - Rfid detection system: Systems and methods for use in detecting the presence of an RFID device are provided. One RFID detection system includes a detection circuit that includes an oscillating circuit. The detection circuit is configured to hold the RFID detection system in a low power mode in which the RFID detection system... Agent: Master Lock Company

20130335205 - Combination waterproof paddle controller and waterproof music device: Hand held water propulsion tools, such as paddles and oars, are equipped with a waterproof compartment for a consumer electronic device, such as a MP3 player or a smartphone. Also built into the propulsion tool are speakers, a microphone, and electronic keys, to listen to music, talk on the phone,... Agent:

20130335206 - Module for managing lampposts and services, and telemanagement system comprising at least one such module: The invention relates to a module for managing the lighting of a lamppost, placed on the power supply network of a set of lampposts and controlled by a command centre. Said module communicates with the command centre by high-speed power line carrier (PLC) and is able to ensure the management... Agent:

20130335207 - Powerline communication diversity coupling technique: A powerline communication diversity coupling mechanism may implement a transformer coupling unit. The transformer coupling unit can receive a communication signal to be coupled to a plurality of powerline communication channels for transmission in a powerline communication network. The transformer coupling unit can split the communication signal into a plurality... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20130335203 - Portable electronic device for remotely controlling smart home electronic devices and method thereof: Generate a first motion signal when a first predetermined movement of the portable electronic device is detected. Generate a first command corresponding to the first motion signal. Link the portable electronic device to a plurality of smart home electronic devices via a wireless network according to the first command. List... Agent:

20130335204 - Remotely controlling one or more client devices detected over a wireless network using a mobile device: According to one general aspect, a method according to the present application includes remotely controlling wirelessly networked devices via a mobile unit. The method includes receiving, at a mobile unit and from a user, an input, analyzing the input to identify a networked device associated with the input, determining whether... Agent:

20130335208 - Patient control module with cell and smart phone capabilities: A patent control module and associated system allows a patient in a hospital, clinic, or the like, to control room features, such as lights, televisions, and the like, as well as providing cell phone capabilities, such as being able to call or text their nurse, run cell phone applications, play... Agent:

20130335209 - Haptic effect conversion system using granular synthesis: A system is provided that converts an input, such as audio data, into one or more haptic effects. The system applies a granular synthesis algorithm to the input in order to generate a haptic signal. The system subsequently outputs the one or more haptic effects based on the generated haptic... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20130335210 - Electronic device: An electronic device causing flexure vibration of touch panel, to allow for preventing vibration from attenuated and providing sufficient water and dust proofness, includes touch panel 20, vibration unit 50 that vibrates touch panel 20, and upper housing 10a that covers peripheral portion of upper surface of touch panel 20,... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20130335211 - Electronic device: In an electronic device having a touch panel 20, a vibration unit 50 for causing the touch panel 20 to vibrate and an upper housing 10a for covering the upper surface outer edge of the touch panel 20, a visor portion 10a-1 extending inside the top portion of the upper... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20130335212 - Vehicle turn signalling apparatuses with laser devices, light projection circuits, and related electromechanical actuators: A vehicle turn signaling apparatus includes a light source that is powered by a turn signal circuit of the vehicle. The light source is configured to project a low divergence visible line onto a driving lane adjacent to the vehicle in response to activation of the turn signal circuit to... Agent:

20130335213 - Lane departure warning/assistance method and system having a threshold adjusted based on driver impairment determination using pupil size and driving patterns: A method/system for lane departure warning/assistance that warns the driver that the vehicle is about to leave a current lane and enter an adjacent lane. The driver is identified, and a corresponding profile is accessed. The driver's pupils may be measured and compared to pupil size baseline data stored in... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20130335215 - Tire pressure monitoring system and monitoring component of an onboard power-taking port: A monitoring component of an onboard power-taking port includes a power-taking component disposed inside a power-taking space of the power-taking port and engaged with the power-taking port so as to realize power taking, a control circuit powered by the power coming from the power-taking component, a carrier for carrying the... Agent: Steelmate Co., Ltd.

20130335214 - Wireless proportional flow indication for a tire inflation system: A flow indication system for a central tire inflation system is provided. The flow indication system provides a venturi in fluid communication with the conduit providing air to a tire. A pressure reading is taken at the inlet and throat of the venturi and the air flowing through the venturi... Agent: Stemco Lp

20130335216 - Schemes and algorithms to reduce the energy and hardware costs of tire pressure monitoring systems: A tire pressure monitoring system where the position and orientation of a receiver antenna associated with the tire pressure monitoring system is at a location that is proximate the tire pressure monitoring system. In one embodiment, the receiver antenna is positioned beneath a vehicle chassis. The location of the receiver... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20130335217 - Self adapting alert device: Methods and apparatuses are disclosed that allow an electronic device to autonomously adapt one or more user alerts to the current operating environment of the electronic device. For example, some embodiments may include a method comprising providing a plurality of alert devices in an electronic device, determining an operating environment... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130335218 - Apparatus and method of preventing flooding in residential and commercial properties: The present application is directed to a system and method for detecting a leak in a fluid line. The system includes a plurality of sensors to measure fluid flow in the fluid lines. Additionally the system includes a control module configured to continuously monitor fluid flow entering and leaving the... Agent:

20130335219 - Intelligent sensor network: The present application describes a sensor network and method for monitoring and detecting intrusion activities in accordance with various illustrative embodiments. In one embodiment, a method includes receiving a first input from a first sensor at a first sensor node of a wireless ad hoc sensor network, and comparing the... Agent:

20130335220 - Alarm detector and methods of making and using the same: The present invention relates to an alarm detector. Specifically, the present invention relates to an apparatus for detecting an audible alarm and signaling a user regarding the detection of the audible alarm. The present invention further relates to methods of making and using the same.... Agent:

20130335221 - Real time safety systems: A system for managing hazards in a construction site is presented. One aspect of the inventive subject matter includes a hazard management system comprising a hazard context database, a sensor interface, and a hazard analysis engine. The sensor interface is configured to acquire a site data feed that is representative... Agent: Fluor Technolgies Corporation

20130335222 - Door lock sensor and alarm: A door lock mechanism is disclosed that includes door lock and alarm features. The mechanism includes a controller and a sensor useful to detect motions that are representative of attempted access through a door to which the door lock mechanism is attached. The controller can set an alarm condition if... Agent:

20130335223 - Electronics theft deterrent system: Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and system of deterring theft of an electronic device connected to an external source of charging power. In one aspect, responsive to a user request to arm the electronic device and the electronic device being connected to the source of charging power,... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20130335224 - Charging device with anti-theft function: A charging device with anti-theft function includes a power-supplying unit, a load-connecting unit and an anti-theft unit. The anti-theft unit includes a detector component connected electrically to the load-connecting unit, a control module connected electrically to the detector component, and an alarm module connected electrically to the control module. The... Agent:

20130335226 - Earphone-based game controller and health monitor: Design and operation techniques for an earphone-based game controller and health monitor are described herein. In one example, two “ear bud” style earphones are configured as I/O devices, each including a speaker to output sound and an accelerometer to receive an input of motion imparted by a user. The I/O... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20130335225 - Gesture detection and recognition: Techniques are described for tracking and recognizing gestures performed within a field-of-view of a sensor. In one or more implementations, the techniques may be implemented within an electronic device that is configured to receive a signal from a sensor in response to the sensor detecting a gesture occurring within a... Agent: Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

20130335227 - Mobile terminal with location information acquiring portion: A mobile terminal includes a detecting portion that detects a state of a user, a location information acquiring portion that acquires location information of a current location of the user, and a controlling portion configured to determine whether the user is in a drowsing state or a wakeful state, based... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20130335228 - State estimation device, state estimation method, and program: A verification value is calculated for an estimation result. The estimation result is corrected on the basis of the calculated verification value. This allows for output of a highly reliable estimation result. If it is determined that the class to which the state of a driver belongs has transitioned continuously,... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20130335229 - Led strobes with fixed pulse width: An LED strobe notification device and method for operating an LED strobe notification device is provided. The LED strobe notification device is configured to generate an output at two or more candela settings and is configured to generate the output at the two or more candela settings having a human-perceived... Agent:

20130335230 - Method and apparatus for indicating power level over a communication interface: A circuit is provided. The circuit includes a control circuit, a voltage sensor coupled to the control circuit, and an indicator signal coupled to the control circuit. The control circuit, responsive to the voltage sensor, is configured to detect a first classification voltage within a classification voltage range defined by... Agent: Nevermore Solutions LLC

20130335231 - Systems and methods for managing information associated with boxes used in the delivery of packages: There is disclosed methods and systems for managing drop boxes. Events reflecting outputs from one or more sensors are detected. Information that is a function of the detected event is forwarded to a drop box management system. This information, along with additional information received by the drop box management system,... Agent:

20130335232 - Riser wireless communications system: The present invention discloses a wireless data command, control and instrumentation system for deployment within a subsurface hydrocarbon production system. Low frequency magnetic signalling is used to communicate from a first transceiver deployed inside a riser pipe to a second transceiver positioned outside the riser pipe. In some embodiments data... Agent: Wfs Technologies Ltd.

20130335234 - Method and apparatus for providing peak detection circuitry for data communication systems: Method and apparatus for providing a peak detection circuit comprising a diode including an input terminal and an output terminal the input terminal of the diode configured to receive an input signal, a capacitor operatively coupled to the output terminal of the diode, an output terminal operatively coupled to the... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20130335233 - Systems and methods for portable device communications and interaction: In accordance with various aspects, a portable device tracking system can comprise a sensor device operatively coupled to a mobile object. The sensor device can comprises a microcontroller, a sensing unit coupled to the microcontroller, the sensing unit comprising a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver to receive geographical data, and... Agent:

20130335235 - Telemetry monitoring system and a data recovery method for a telemetry monitoring system: There is disclosed a telemetry monitoring system including a central monitoring unit configured to display data regarding one or more portable devices, each associated with the breathing apparatus of a user. The system further includes removable data storage connected to the central monitoring unit and configured to store system status... Agent:

20130335236 - All terrain vehicle signaling apparatus: The present technology provides a communication system which allows a first operator of a vehicle to signal an operator of a second vehicle. The first operator may transmit a notification signal via a first transceiver to a second transceiver associated with the second operator with a specific message, such as... Agent:

20130335237 - Traffic information system and method: Method and system of traffic information comprising a mobile device (1) connected to a connected host server (2) via a wireless network (4), wherein said host server (2) is adapted to download updated standard traffic information xml files (6) from traffic information server (3) connected to the Internet (5), wherein... Agent: Mobile Devices Ingenierie

20130335238 - Method and device for traffic control: A method of traffic control at road intersections includes use of traffic lights, as well as detection and identification of vehicles approaching an intersection. To detect and identify a vehicle crossing the pre-set boundaries, we suggest mounting vehicle detection nodes probing the surrounding area using radio-frequency signals. In their turn,... Agent:

20130335240 - Process and system for detecting a particular state of a specific parking space: The present invention concerns a process and a system for detecting a particular state of a specific parking space among a plurality of parking spaces, a particular state being one of empty or occupied. Each parking space is equipped with at least one detector for measuring a value of at... Agent: Shockfish S.a.

20130335239 - System and method for identifying parking spaces for a community of users: A mobile communications device includes a locator unit to receive and process information regarding a current location for the mobile communications device, a parking status determination unit to determine a parking status for the device based on at least changes in the current location, and a communication unit to forward... Agent: Anagog Ltd.

20130335241 - Law enforcement vehicle force multiplier: A law enforcement fleet multiplier device including a law enforcement vehicle silhouette may include a plurality of sections connected to one another and connectors to connect each of the plurality of sections to a surface. The device may also include a control module carried by one of the plurality of... Agent:

20130335242 - Actuator monitoring system: An actuator monitoring system is provided with an electric actuator having a motor and a control unit which outputs a control command (CMD) to the motor to control the operation of the motor. The control unit calculates a use time of the electric actuator based on the control command (CMD)... Agent:

20130335243 - Stall management system: A method and system for indicating a potential stall condition for an aircraft during flight. An alert lift coefficient is identified for the aircraft. The alert lift coefficient is adjusted in response to a number of changes in a current state of the aircraft. A set of thresholds is identified... Agent: The Boeing Company

12/12/2013 > 43 patent applications in 39 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130328662 - Motion based service provision: In one example embodiment, an apparatus includes a reader configured to read motion information, received from an end device, regarding a motion that was enacted by a user relative to the end device; a request generator configured to generate a service request that includes an identifier of the apparatus and... Agent:

20130328663 - Garage door system and method: A universal system and method for controlling existing garage doors via existing garage door openers. The system includes a module operable both manually and automatically to control the existing garage door, Wifi communication circuitry to receive instructions wirelessly from a remote, circuitry for automatic and remote control of the garage... Agent:

20130328661 - Monitoring removal and replacement of tools within an inventory control system: An inventory control system is described that includes a tool storage device including a drawer or a tray providing a pallet, wherein the pallet includes storage locations for objects; a sensing device configured to form an image of the storage locations; and a data processor configured to determine presence or... Agent:

20130328664 - System and method for identity verification in a detention environment: A system and method for identity verification in a detention environment and for tracking information between individuals in a detention environment with individuals who are not in the detention environment across disparate functional systems.... Agent: Telmate LLC

20130328665 - Generating context-based options for responding to a notification: A user of a programmable device has a context that may be evaluated and compared to a context of a notification generated by the operating system or an application running on the programmable device. The comparison may be used to generate one or more optional responses to the notification that... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130328666 - Rfid-based systems and methods for collecting telecommunications network information: Radio-frequency identification-(RFID)-based systems and methods for collecting telecommunications information is disclosed. The methods include storing transceiver information in a transceiver and connector information in an optical fiber connector, and then operably connecting the connector to the transceiver. The connection results in an electrical connection that allows the transceiver information to... Agent: Corning Cable Systems

20130328668 - Information processing apparatus, control method for information processing apparatus, control method for electronic device, and storage medium containing control program: An information processing apparatus (1) includes a processing execution unit (19) that, if a positional-relationship specification unit (18) detects that a positional relationship between an electronic device (2) and the own apparatus is held continuously for a predetermined time or longer, references a processing specification table (17), specifies processing, and... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20130328667 - Remote interaction with siri: An electronic device is described. When this electronic device receives a command from another electronic device via a connection using an interface circuit on the electronic device, the electronic device provides the command from the interface circuit to a program module that executes on the portable electronic device, and the... Agent:

20130328669 - Tactile sensation transmission system: Disclosed is a tactile sensation transmission system. The tactile sensation transmission system includes a first device for receiving a tactile signal and outputting a communication signal, a communication network for receiving and outputting the communication signal from the first device, and a second device for receiving the communication signal from... Agent: Aac Acoustic Technologies (shenzhen) Co.,ltd.

20130328670 - Operator control device: An operator control device for an on-board electronics system of a motor vehicle or for a mobile communications device, having an operator control unit arranged in a receptacle of a docking station located in the interior of the motor vehicle, and an interface between the operator control unit and the... Agent:

20130328671 - Horn input to in-vehicle devices and systems: The present application provides a system, method and non-transitory computer readable medium that provides a means of using a vehicle horn as an inexpensive user input interface to serve the function of a simple push button switch for an in-vehicle device or system. The use of the vehicle horn as... Agent:

20130328672 - Vehicular camera with aligned housing members and electrical connection between aligned housing members: A camera for mounting on a vehicle includes a front housing member that holds a lens member, an imaging element and a circuit board with a set of front electrical connectors thereon, and a rear housing member that holds a set of rear electrical connectors that are directly mounted to... Agent: Magna Electronics Inc.

20130328673 - Driving ability reduction determining apparatus: A driving ability reduction determining apparatus comprising a virtual image display portion, an operation portion, a response detection portion and a driving ability determination portion is disclosed. The virtual image display portion emits a determination-usage display image toward a windshield, thereby displaying to the driver the determination-usage display image as... Agent: Denso Corporation

20130328674 - Apparatus and method for tire localization technical field: Localization of a tire pressure monitor is achieved. The tire pressure monitor is disposed at one of the tires on a vehicle equipped with dualies. A message is received from a tire pressure monitor and the message has an associated received signal strength. The message includes information indicating a direction... Agent: Continental Automotive Systems Us, Inc.

20130328675 - Braking intensity display: A display for a machine having a hydraulic brake is provided. The display includes a first display and a second display. The first display indicates a rate of heat accumulation within the hydraulic brake. The second display indicates a current temperature of the hydraulic brake.... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20130328676 - Output device for issuing a warning notice: An output device with an output unit for issuing a warning notice is provided. The output device comprises a seat occupancy sensor which is connected with a control device for activating the output unit and which is designed, in case a safety belt on a rear seat comprising a foldable... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20130328677 - Home monitoring/security system with dual communication options: A building monitoring system having dual communication options is disclosed. The controller is configured to communicate via a pair of communication networks, According to one embodiment of the invention, the controller is connected to a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and to a Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) network.... Agent: Reliance Controls Corporation

20130328678 - Electronic monitoring home unit and installation methods: A new and improved electronic monitoring home units and associated installation methods. The present disclosure provides for an electronic monitoring home unit capable of automated confirmation of location and method of automated confirmation of location when a home unit has been installed. The present disclosure provides for a home unit... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20130328679 - Systems and methods for activating a security system upon receipt of emergency alert messages: An Emergency Alert System (EAS) alert message may be used to activate a security system. For example, a mobile device of a subscriber may receive an EAS alert message from a network provider of the mobile device. Upon receipt of the EAS alert message, the mobile device may send an... Agent: At&t Mobility Ll LLC

20130328680 - Tracking device incorporating enhanced security mounting strap: A mounting strap assembly of a tracking device includes a primary mounting strap and one more secondary reinforcing support straps. Continuity sensing elements and other tamper detection means detect any attempt to cut through the mounting strap assembly during an attempted removal of the tracking device from an offender or... Agent: Securealert, Inc.

20130328681 - Combination non-programmable and programmable key for security device: A combination non-programmable and programmable key for a security device of the type used to display items of merchandise includes a non-programmable portion for cooperating with a mechanical lock of the security device and a programmable portion for cooperating with a sensor of the security device that is operatively coupled... Agent: Invue Security Products Inc.

20130328682 - Bezel for a cover or platter for a data reader in a checkout station: A checkout station includes an optional scale for weighing items; a composite cover or weigh platter supported by the scale, wherein the cover has a lower surface with a lower window having a horizontal perimeter, an upper surface including an upper window positioned transversely to the lower surface, a metallic... Agent:

20130328683 - Survival necklace: A life saving necklace for a drowning person that comprises microphones for receiving voices originated from the throat of a drowning person; a processor for processing signals received from the microphones represent coughs that are typical to a drowning person and for automatically transmitting a distress signal to a base... Agent: U-see 2 Promotion Limited

20130328684 - System and method for detecting and preventing drowsiness: A system for preventing drowsiness in a driver by employing a thermal grill. The system includes a detection module and an intervention module. The detection module monitors a driver's parameters to determine whether the driver is drowsy. If the driver is determined to be drowsy, the intervention module activates a... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20130328685 - Assistance terminal for remotely monitoring a person connected to a medical assistance and monitoring device: transmission means (12) for, during the phase of use, transmitting the signal, if the latter corresponds to a signal previously stored, to the remote terminal (6a, 6b); the terminal (6a, 6b) comprising means for playing back the signal to at least one person to notify him or her of the... Agent: Universite Pierre Et Marie Curie

20130328686 - System and methods for monitoring heating elements: Systems and methods for monitoring infrared heating elements are described. The system can include a plurality of electric infrared heating elements connected to a power source and installed in a heating device and an electronic monitoring system connected to the power source and communicatively connected to each infrared heating element.... Agent: Twin-star International, Inc.

20130328687 - Electrical sensor with configurable settings: An electrical sensor is described. The electrical sensor including an electrical signal input configured to receive an electrical signal, an alarm, one or more inputs configured to set a configuration value corresponding to one or more indicators on the electrical sensor, and monitor. The monitor is coupled with the electrical... Agent: Neilsen-kuljian, Inc.

20130328688 - Earthquake warning system: A method or system for detecting a seismic event includes detecting a primary wave of a seismic event using at least one sensor at a measurement location; using at least one parameter of the detected primary wave to determine an estimated peak ground intensity at the measurement location without determining... Agent:

20130328689 - Medium processor notifying when servicing is required: A medium processor for processing a medium has a path for transporting the medium; a display for displaying a processing status of the medium; a sensor for sensing the medium on the path, the sensor including a light-emitting device for emitting light and a photosensitive device for receiving the light;... Agent: Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

20130328690 - Speaker enclosure design for efficiently generating an audible alert signal: Various inventive features are disclosed for efficiently generating regulation-compliant audible alerts, including but not limited to 520 Hz square wave alert/alarm signals, using an audio speaker. One such feature involves the use of a non-linear amplifier in combination with a voltage boost regulator to efficiently drive the audio speaker. Another... Agent: Innovalarm Corporation

20130328691 - Method and system for communication for underwater communications: An apparatus for underwater communications. The apparatus may include a high speed communications cable to provide an underwater hardwired communications link to a surface station and a mobile device operative to transport a first end of the high speed communications cable between a submarine and a coupling point to the... Agent: Tyco Electronics Subsea Communications LLC

20130328692 - Electro-magnetic antenna for wireless communication and inter-well electro-magnetic characterization in hydrocarbon production wells: Methods, a system and antennas are provided for transmitting or receiving signals from a hydrocarbon production well. The well comprises a well bore formed in a formation, a production liner/tubing extending axially along the well bore, and an inductive coupling disposed around the liner/tubing. The liner tubing is electrically coupled... Agent: Statoil Petroleum As

20130328693 - Monitoring of wells to detect the composition of matter in boreholes and propped fractures: There is provided a system and method for monitoring of fractured wells and conventional wells to detect leaks. The method comprises interrogating a plurality of resonant tags using a modulated RF signal transmitted from an interrogator, wherein the plurality of resonant tags are dispersed within a channel.... Agent:

20130328694 - System, a processing unit, a method and a computer program product for monitoring sensors: The invention relates to a sensor monitoring system comprising at least one sensor (101, 102, 103) and a processing unit (150), wherein the sensor is arranged to transmit during a plurality of successive time periods data items to the processing unit and the processing unit is arranged to receive the... Agent: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast- Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

20130328695 - Activity meter: An activity meter includes an activity amount acquisition unit that acquires an amount of physical activity of a user, an activity age acquisition unit that acquires an activity age representing a standard age of a person who does a same amount of activity as the activity amount acquired in a... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20130328696 - Passive redirection device for consumption meter communication: A method of transmitting and redirecting a radio signal using a data transmission system, the data transmission system including a data collection unit, a radio transmitter being connected to the data collection unit, and a redirection device being arranged at the top of a hollow shaft, the radio transmitter and... Agent:

20130328697 - Threat detection system and method: A data multi-hop sensing and threat detecting network, including modular sensor devices, smart plug and portable sensor devices, and low power sub-sensor devices. A determination is made to alert when a sensed value is either (1) greater than a predetermined upper threshold value or the running average baseline value (whichever... Agent:

20130328698 - Co-operative traffic notification: Upon detecting a request for traffic information or abnormal motion, a mobile electronic device can generate and transmit a first signal to a remote traffic-information generator, the first signal identifying a location and motion of the device. The remote traffic-information generator can aggregate this type of data across devices and... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130328699 - Method for displaying a recommended cornering speed in a vehicle and driver assistance system: A method for displaying a recommended cornering speed in a vehicle is provided. The method includes specifying a driving profile which is characterized by a number of parameters and ascertaining a recommended cornering speed for a bend to be maneuvered depending upon the geometry of the bend and depending upon... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20130328700 - Active real-time traffic management system: There is disclosed an intelligent, automated real-time traffic management system and method for controlling traffic in remote areas. A plurality of positionable controller nodes are positioned in dependence upon a traffic configuration in a given area of interest. The plurality of controller nodes are adapted to communicate wirelessly with each... Agent:

20130328701 - Approaching vehicle detection device and approaching vehicle detection method: There is provided an approaching vehicle detection device that detects an approaching vehicle on the basis of sounds collected by a plurality of sound collectors 13A, 14A, 15A, and 16A, in which a sound source (in particular, traveling sound of the vehicle) is detected using pairs of the sound collectors... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20130328702 - Attitude and configuration indicator display system and method: Attitude and Configuration Indicator Display System and Method within the context of an Electronic Instrument System in which the configuration status of a piloted craft; typically the instant positions of lift inducing elements and drag inducing elements, are represented by symbol groupings integrated with an a parent icon, typically a... Agent:

20130328703 - System and method for managing movable objects: Systems and methods for managing a plurality of movable objects are disclosed. The systems and methods include determining a proposed pairing of a first movable object and a second movable object and confirming a coupling of the proposed pairing based on, at least in part, detecting that the first movable... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

12/05/2013 > 58 patent applications in 48 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130321122 - Method and system for airplane container tracking: Wireless tracking systems and devices to detect the status of aircraft cargo containers. The system uses a sensor array to deactivate and activate the tracking devices as needed to comply with FAA regulations. The tracking systems use an array of machine vision sensors and/or inertia (motion) sensors to determine when... Agent:

20130321123 - System and method for controlling electrical appliances: A system for controlling electrical appliances is disclosed. The system comprises: at least one detection device configured to acquire detection data, indicating the presence or absence of a user in a spatial region; a comparison unit configured to (i) receive the acquired detection data from the at least one detection... Agent: Actatek Pte. Ltd.

20130321125 - Delayed egress device or lock with enhanced visibility: A delayed egress locking device that has an improved illumination system that signals when the lock is actuated. The illumination system can also signal the stages of conditions in a delayed egress sequence. The locking device is also directed to a security system for securing a door, wherein egress through... Agent:

20130321124 - Control device, under-control device, control method thereof, remote control system, and recording medium: By a user selecting a name of a device displayed in association with identification information identical to the identification information notified at an icon of an under-control device at a table of a control device, an under-control device subject to control by the control device can be selected while reliably... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20130321126 - Wireless device, information providing apparatus and wireless communication method: A wireless device has a first information acquisition part to acquire first information when a first gate is passed through, a second information generator to generate second information by using the first information, a third information acquisition part to acquire third information by a wireless communication using the second information... Agent:

20130321127 - Remote barrier operator command and status device and operation: The present disclosure provides a barrier operator system in which a remotely located transceiver type controller is in wireless communication with a transceiver type adapter connected to a barrier operator, and in electronic communication with the barrier operator's microcontroller. The controller is operable to wirelessly transmit door operator status inquiries... Agent:

20130321128 - Personal alarm light apparatus and method: A personal alarm light operates as a multi-purpose emergency tool having a power pack of batteries powering a white light beam, as well as a radially emanating red light ring. An audible alarm has a loud, typically high-pitched oscillating sound. A resonance chamber amplifies the sound, which emanates from apertures... Agent:

20130321129 - Asset verification and tagging: A method for managing mobile assets includes initially certifying a physical existence and location of a mobile asset. The certifying includes receiving certification information about the location and data representing the physical existence of the mobile asset into a database. After certification, interrogation information is received into the database. The... Agent:

20130321130 - Broadband progressive tag: In one embodiment, an RFID apparatus is provided, which includes an input circuit that has an input impedance used for receiving RF signals. An RF-signal converter provides an apparatus-operating power signal in response to receiving the RF signals. An impedance circuit provides and selects impedance values in response to at... Agent:

20130321131 - System and method for quality control, inspection and audit of utility assets: Method for capturing, organizing and retrieving data for utility assets using RFID tags, including: storing data related to a plurality of utility assets in a database, wherein the stored data include data about type of the utility asset; repair, documentation, testing validation, and inspection of the utility asset; programming a... Agent:

20130321132 - Management system for container data center: A management system for a container data center (CDC) includes at least one radio frequency identification (RFID) tag, a reader, a processor, an antenna module, and a wireless communication device. The RFID tag pre-stores data as to a manager of the CDC or electronic devices received in the CDC. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20130321133 - Method and apparatus for identifying a speaker: Systems and methods for identifying a participant providing audible information during a communication session are disclosed. More particularly, speech localization is utilized to determine a location of the participant providing audible information. An identification device determined to be at a location corresponding to the location of the participant providing audible... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20130321134 - Aftermarket module arrangement and method for communicating over a vehicle bus: An aftermarket module arrangement for installation into a vehicle having a vehicle bus and an electric power source is disclosed herein. The arrangement includes, but is not limited to, a module configured to communicatively couple with the vehicle bus and to electrically couple with the electric power source via a... Agent: General Motors LLC

20130321136 - Laundry treating apparatus and remote controller: Provided is a laundry handling apparatus. The laundry handling apparatus includes a display part for displaying information and a control part for controlling the display part. When the display part is turned on, a plurality of screens divided according to contents are displayed on the display part. At least one... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20130321135 - Remote control and remote control assembly: A remote control for controlling an electronic device includes a first control panel and a second control panel. When the remote control is in a first operating state, the first control panel closes relative to the second control panel. The first control panel is used to receive operations from a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20130321137 - Warning device for a motor vehicle having at least one electrically movable closing element for a vehicle opening: A warning device for a motor vehicle having at least one vehicle aperture, which comprises an electrically movable closure element, is provided. The warning device includes a position detector for detecting a position of the closure element, an evaluation unit for detecting a closing command of the motor vehicle and... Agent:

20130321138 - Wrong operation detection device, method, and program in tire pressure monitoring system: A wrong operation detection device is disclosed for monitoring whether or not a calibration start for determining an initial deflation index is issued in a tire pressure unadjusted state after a deflation warning in a tire pressure monitoring system for detection of deflation of a tire. The device includes comparison... Agent: Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

20130321139 - Method and device for receiving and processing tire pressure signals: The invention relates to a method and device for receiving and processing tire pressure signals. Said device comprises a first directional antenna, a second directional antenna, an amplifier, a signal converter and a micro-controller. The first directional antenna can be positioned near one of the front wheels of said vehicle,... Agent:

20130321140 - Multifunction receiver: A multifunction receiver shared by an electronic key system and a tire pressure monitoring system. The electronic key system verifies an electronic key with a verification control unit of a vehicle body through wireless communication, and the tire pressure monitoring system monitors tire pressure of a tire by transmitting a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai Rika Denki Seisakusho

20130321141 - Tailgate sensor: A tailgate sensor system for providing a warning signal to a driver of a pickup truck when the tailgate is not in a closed position. The tailgate sensor system includes a detector mounted on an exterior of a pickup truck, an activator mounted on and moveable with a tailgate of... Agent: Cygnus Global LLC

20130321142 - Vehicle headlight state monitoring methods, systems and processor-readable media: A video-based vehicle headlight state monitoring method and system. A vehicle image can be captured by an image-capturing unit and converted to a grayscale image. The grayscale image can be processed to locate a front license plate and identify a position of a headlight region in front of the vehicle... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20130321143 - Modulated intensity flasher for vehicle brake light with accelerometer detection of hard-braking movement and backing-out indicator: A method and apparatus for brightening and dimming a brake light of automotive vehicle for enhanced display indication of braking includes a pulse width modulation unit to be electrically connected to a brake lamp for sequentially modulating the supply energy to the lamp to generate a brightening and dimming of... Agent:

20130321144 - Sound or radiation triggered locating device with activity sensor: A portable device is equipped with a signaling circuit that responds to a searching signal (e.g., hand clap, light flash, RF signal, infrared light) generated to locate the portable device when it is misplaced or lost. The device generates a location signal to enable the user to find the device.... Agent:

20130321145 - Tracpoint™ rules-based telematics patient care location system: A rules engine based telematics patient care locationing system called TracPoint™, for use in hospitals and healthcare congregate residency locations. The specific telematics e-health patient care software utilizes a rule based logic that combines RFID locationing information with preset location, time or relationship based rules (or combinations thereof) to monitor... Agent:

20130321146 - Systems and methods for ensuring safety of skiers to anticipate dangerous spots: Systems and methods are provided for ensuring safety of skiers to anticipate dangerous spots. In one embodiment, a system is provided for ensuring safety of a skier to anticipate dangerous spots on current path and warn the skier about the dangerous spots based on the current speed and direction of... Agent:

20130321147 - Systems and methods for monitoring how well maids handle babies: Systems and methods are provided for monitoring how well maids handle babies. In one embodiment, a maid monitoring system for monitoring how well maids handle babies when parents are away from home. The system includes a computer server; a watch worn by a maid, wherein the maid works in an... Agent:

20130321148 - Moble gas detection cart with wireless transceiver: An apparatus comprises at least one frame, wheels operatively connected to the frame, at least one processor operatively connected to the frame, a plurality of gas detectors operatively connected to the processor, and at least one wireless transceiver operatively connected to the processor. Further, a rechargeable power storage unit is... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20130321149 - System and method for forest fire control: A system for forest fire control comprising a plurality of forest fire control nodes. Each node is comprised of one or move detection means of an environmental condition. Each node is also comprised of at least one communication transceiver for sending and receiving data indicative of a sensed environmental condition,... Agent: Raoul Wallenberg 14a

20130321150 - System and method for alarm system tamper detection and reporting: An alarm system for detecting and reporting “smash and crash” intrusions is described. The alarm system includes a plurality of intrusion sensors and a security alarm panel in communication with each of the plurality of intrusion sensors at the site of the alarm system. An alarm gateway is provided remote... Agent:

20130321151 - Alarmed intruder barrier: An intruder barrier is provided that includes multiple generally parallel transparent slats acting as burglar bars with at least some, and preferably all, of the transparent slats having associated therewith a conductive path extending at least from a first end region of a slat to a second end region thereof.... Agent:

20130321153 - Eas tag for bottles: An anti-theft device monitors bottles. It is comprised of a two components hingably connected together. They can move from an open position to a closed position to enclose the neck of a bottle. One component has a first latch element and contains electronics including an arming switch. The other component... Agent:

20130321152 - Security tag for a container seal and container seal including a security tag: A security tag for being mounted to a container seal includes a sensor element having a sensor volume which is filled at least partly with an indicator material, an indication area arranged at the sensor volume, and a manipulator element configured to cause, with an abrupt mechanical deformation at the... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E. V.

20130321154 - Eas tablet housing: An EAS device with a housing. In one embodiment, the EAS housing is a one-piece tray-shaped device with the edges contoured so that the monitored object snaps into the tray or is slid into the tray. Other embodiments may include but are not limited to a two piece housing where... Agent:

20130321155 - Security tag for delicate articles: A security tag is configured to releasably attach to an article. The security tag includes a tack in which the tack includes a tack head and a pin shank extending from the tack head. The pin shank has a maximum diameter less than 0.9 millimeters. The security tag further includes... Agent: Tyco Fire & Security Gmbh

20130321157 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program: There is provided an information processing apparatus including a matter extracting unit extracting a predetermined matter from text information, an action pattern specifying unit specifying one or multiple action patterns associated with the predetermined matter, an action extracting unit extracting each of the action patterns associated with the predetermined matter,... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130321156 - Method and apparatus for providing an intelligent mute status reminder for an active speaker in a conference: In one embodiment, a method includes capturing samples of sound associated with an environment, and processing the samples of sound to determine whether the samples of sound likely include voice activity. The samples of sound are captured while a microphone is muted. When it is determined that the samples of... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20130321158 - Device and system designed to move, make noise and scare unwanted animals and birds out of gardens and fields: A device turns on at desired times, moves an object or objects, and optionally makes sounds to scare animals away. The object can be, for example, a moving scare crow that is designed to keep unwanted wildlife out of yards, gardens, fields, orchards and the like. The device is simple,... Agent:

20130321159 - Pet tracking: Tracking a pet includes associating a beacon with a responder; polling the responder by transmitting a signal from the beacon; receiving a response from the responder; entering a low power state on the beacon for a predetermined duration; and transalert from miffing an alert the beacon if a subsequent signal... Agent: Mashinery Pty Inc.

20130321160 - Method and apparatus for wireless communication in test, measurement, control, and communication systems: A system for wireless multiple user access to a sensor comprises a sensor unit having a sensor element (e.g. a leak detector), a sensor user interface, and a sensor wireless transceiver that transmits information corresponding to the sensor output. One or more receiving units each receive the sensor information corresponding... Agent: Radiaulics, Inc.

20130321161 - Cloud-based fire alarm control system: The present disclosure provides a cloud-based fire alarm control system including an electronic device, a plurality of fire sensors, a plurality of fire control devices, and at least one cloud-based loop control units. The cloud-based loop control units are connected to the fire sensors and the fire control devices, and... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20130321162 - Housing for a computer system and use of a housing: A housing for a computer system includes at least one first and one second housing opening, at least one first housing cover and one second housing cover, wherein the first housing opening can be closed by the first housing cover and the second housing opening can be closed by the... Agent: Fujitsu Technology Solutions Intellectual Property Gmbh

20130321163 - Protection device: The invention relates to a device for securing objects against unauthorized removal. To this aim, the device (26) comprises an alarm electronics unit (1) having a motion sensor (3), an environmental brightness sensor (4), and an alarm signal transmitter (5). The alarm electronics unit (1) is designed so that the... Agent:

20130321164 - Asynchronous ds-cdma receiver: Methods, apparatus, and systems are provided for collecting data from a plurality of downhole sensors located in a wellbore utilizing an asynchronous direct-sequence code division multiple access (DS-CDMA)-based communication scheme. One example method includes receiving a superposed signal comprising asynchronous signals from the downhole sensors, wherein a spreading sequence has... Agent:

20130321165 - Signal and power transmission in hydrocarbon wells: One aspect relates to a method of installing a transmission system in a hydrocarbon production well. The transmission system is operable for transmitting power and/or control signals down the well or for transmitting data signals back up the well. The well comprises a main well bore, a production tubing inside... Agent: Statoil Petroleum As

20130321167 - Method, sensor module, and system for transferring data: In a method for transmitting a data element from a sensor module that produces sensor data to an application unit, the data element is stored in a ring buffer in the sensor module, and a corresponding item of event information is produced in an evaluation circuit from the sensor data,... Agent:

20130321166 - Wireless fire protection valve inspection and monitoring systems, and methods for automated inspection and monitoring of fire protection systems: A wireless fire protection system valve inspection and monitoring system, including: a plurality of valves, each valve including a detecting unit adapted to detect valve state information for the valve, wherein the valve state information comprises at least one of an open state, a partially-open state, and a closed state;... Agent: Synesix Solutions Ag

20130321168 - Survival and location enhancement garment and headgear: The present invention provides system of active uniform and base station for sensing an aspect of the wearers environment or physiology. Active uniform (1) is comprised of uniform (3), electronic sensors (40) for sensing an aspect of the wearer's environment or of the wearer's physiology and an active tag (10).... Agent: Joelmar Pty Ltd.

20130321169 - Airport surface collision-avoidance system (ascas): An airport surface collision-avoidance system (ASCAS). An exemplary system includes sensors (e.g., radar) at light modules about an aircraft, with user interface devices located with airport ground personnel and in the cockpit of the aircraft. The system helps to avoid collisions on the airport surface, i.e., during taxiing clear of... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20130321170 - Presentation control device, presentation control method, program, storage medium and position acquisition device: There is provided a presentation control device including an extraction portion that extracts a road segment having a similar gradient to a target road segment based on a travel history of a user, and a presentation control portion that controls presentation of information indicating the road segment extracted by the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130321171 - Reducing driver distraction in spoken dialogue: Methods and systems for reducing driver distraction and situation non-awareness related to a dialogue of an automated dialogue system in a vehicle. For a dialogue policy learning session, driver distraction is introduced as an input into a penalty assigner that assesses dialogue quality, and dialogue acts are extended to include... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20130321172 - Travel assist apparatus and travel assist method: The present invention resides in a travel assist apparatus that performs assist of warning or support so that departure of a vehicle from a traveling lane is avoided, wherein a timing to the assist is to be performed is changed depending on a lane entering angle of an oncoming vehicle... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20130321173 - Method and system for traffic resource allocation: A traffic resource allocation method is provided for allocating traffic resources around an intersection formed by a first road and a second road. The method includes dividing the first road into two or more first lanes at a first direction and two or more second lanes at a second direction... Agent:

20130321174 - Field of view traffic signal preemption: Approaches for issuing preemption requests. The boundaries of a geo-window are repeatedly determined based on locations and headings of a vehicle as the vehicle is traveling along a roadway. The methods and systems determine whether or not any one of a plurality of intersections is located within the boundaries of... Agent:

20130321175 - Acoustic guiding system: An acoustic guiding system of this invention comprises: an n-phase signal wiring which contains n wire lines and a common ground where n is an integer larger than or equals to three; a sound source which generates an electric current for a signal sound; a distributer which distributes the electric... Agent:

20130321176 - Systems and methods for displaying obstacle-avoidance information during surface operations: Systems and methods for aiding in pilot awareness of obstacles relative to aircraft features. An exemplary processor receives sensor information from one or more sensors mounted in an aircraft feature (e.g. light modules), determines if at least one obstacle is located within a predefined field of view based on the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20130321177 - Systems and methods for performing vehicle collision-avoidance warning via sensor pulse: Systems and methods for embedding a warning signal in a sensor pulse. When a taxi anticollision system of a host aircraft senses a threat headed for the aircraft, a warning signal is embedded in a sensor pulse to warn the offending vehicle that it is in the field of view... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20130321178 - Shared vehicle rental system including transmission of reservation information and targeted advertising: Techniques and structures are disclosed relating to rental of vehicles, which may be owned by different owners. Each owner may have his or her own set of rental criteria associated with a particular vehicle, which prospective renters may have to meet to be able to rent the particular vehicle. Vehicles... Agent:

20130321179 - Real-time drive assistance system and method: sending of the information thus obtained to a centralized processing unit (10) using the wireless communication system of each portable mobile communication device (16); processing of the information by means of the centralized processing unit (10) in order to verify the occurrence of potential dangerous situations for the drivers of... Agent:

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