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Electricity: power supply or regulation systems December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/13

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12/26/2013 > 10 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130342179 - Method for generating pwm signals and a pulse width modulation power converter: A method and an apparatus for generating PWM signals is provided. Upon detection of a load transient, a new PWM period is started if the load transient occurs during the off-time of a PWM signal and exceeds a specific magnitude.... Agent: Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden Ag

20130342176 - Multi-phase switching-mode power supply and associated control method: The present invention discloses a multi-phase switch-mode power supply (SMPS). The multi-phase SMPS may comprise a plurality of comparing circuits and a controller. Wherein each comparing circuit comprises a first input coupled to a threshold voltage, a second input coupled to a feedback signal of the output voltage, and an... Agent: Monolithic Power Systems, Inc.

20130342177 - Power supply control: Controlling the output voltage of a power supply involve determining a remote load coupled to the power supply and setting the output voltage based on the determined remote load and a predetermined maximum current for the power supply. The remote load may be measured, for example, by applying a predetermined... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20130342178 - Power supply mode switching circuit and method: A power supply mode switching circuit and method switch between power supply modes of a power supply device dynamically based on an operating current required for operation of an electronic product, such that the power supply device supplies a supplying current corresponding to the operating current. The circuit comprises a... Agent: Askey Computer Corp.

20130342180 - Voltage regulator circuitry and devices: Various embodiments provide voltage regulator circuitry and devices. An exemplary voltage regulator circuitry can include a current comparing unit configured to convert an output voltage from a charge pump to a current and to compare the current with at least two different reference currents to generate a comparison result. A... Agent: Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp.

20130342181 - Voltage regulator control using information from a load: Disclosed are devices, apparatus, circuitry, components, mechanisms, modules, systems, and processes for controlling a voltage regulator in response to information from a load. In some implementations, transient minimizer circuitry is coupled to receive a notification signal indicating a change or an anticipated change in an electrical characteristic of the load.... Agent:

20130342182 - Dc-dc converter with efficiency output: A DC-DC converter includes efficiency reporting circuitry having an output that is a measure of efficiency. In an example, the DC-DC converter has an input voltage, an output voltage, and a switching circuit converting the input voltage to an intermediate voltage, and the efficiency reporting circuitry determines the ratio between... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20130342184 - Monolithic group iii-v power converter: A power arrangement that includes a monolithically integrated III-nitride power stage having III-nitride power switches and III-nitride driver switches.... Agent:

20130342183 - Switching regulator control circuit with multiple clock frequency setting modes: A control circuit of a switching regulator includes a control pin for coupling with an external resistor; a resistor detecting circuit for detecting a resistance of the external resistor; a current generating module for generating a corresponding control current according to a detection result of the resistor detecting circuit; an... Agent:

20130342185 - Power supplying apparatus and control method thereof: In order to improve power efficiency, a power supplying apparatus includes a switching amplification unit supplying a first load with most of electric power, and a linear amplification unit correcting an output voltage applied to the first load according to an input signal. Furthermore, an electric current which flows into... Agent: Nec Corporation

12/19/2013 > 18 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130335043 - Multi-level voltage regulator system and method: A multi-level voltage regulator system/method providing discrete regulation of a DC-DC intermediate bus converter (IBC) output voltage (Vout) is disclosed. The disclosed system/method allows IBC Vout to be regulated in discrete steps during periods where IBC input voltage (Vin) falls below nominal operating values. Rather than shutting down or degrading... Agent:

20130335044 - Power consumption management using a switching voltage regulator: A power supply circuit (106) for a switching voltage regulator (108) connectable to a load (110) is described. In order to manage a power consumption of the switching voltage regulator (108) and in particular to minimize a power consumption of the switching voltage regulator when being operative, the power supply... Agent: Telefonaktiebolget L M Ericsson (publ)

20130335042 - Power converter and operating method thereof: A power converter including a multi-phase output stage, a comparator, and a time calculating unit is disclosed. The multi-phase output stage includes a plurality of channels. The comparator compares a first input signal with a second input signal to provide a setting signal. The time calculating unit adjusts on time... Agent: Upi Semiconductor Corporation

20130335045 - Power converter with the function of digital error correction: This invention relates to the output voltage regulator of step-down switching power converters. This invention provides regulator with digitally adjusted output voltage. It solves the problem of low regulation due to low error amplifier (EA) gain. This invention is a power converter with the function of Digitally Error Correction, consisting... Agent: University Of Electronic Science And Technology Of China

20130335046 - Dc-dc controller and operation method thereof: A DC-DC controller and an operation method thereof are provided. The DC-DC controller is configured to connect an output stage. The DC-DC controller includes a pulse width modulation (PWM) calculation circuit, a load transient detection circuit, and an override time calculation circuit. The PWM calculation circuit provides a PWM signal... Agent: Upi Semiconductor Corp.

20130335047 - Power supply device, and vehicle-mounted apparatus and vehicle using same: A power supply device includes: a control circuit that turns on and off an output transistor to generate an output voltage from an input voltage; an internal power supply voltage generation circuit that generates an internal power supply voltage from an external power supply voltage; and a power switching circuit... Agent:

20130335049 - Pulse width modulation based controller: A control circuit adjusts the duty cycle of a PWM control signal. An analog processing component within the control circuit receives an analog feedback input signal and compares it to an analog reference signal to generate a pre-processed signal. A sigma-delta modulator within the analog processing component generates a quantized... Agent: Atmel Automotive Gmbh

20130335048 - Switched mode power supply and method of operating thereof: A switched mode power supply includes a first switch, a second switch, an inductor, an output capacitor, and a driving circuit for driving the first switch and the second switch. The driving circuit is electrically coupled to a node between the first and second switches.... Agent: Intel Mobile Communications Gmbh

20130335050 - Switching regulator control circuit: In the related art, there is a problem that the condition of a load is monitored in an indirect manner so that an efficiency enhancing effect is not obtained. A switching regulator control circuit includes an oscillator for generating a carrier signal and a transistor drive circuit for driving a... Agent:

20130335051 - Control with hysteresis of an electronic device using a pulse-width modulated signal: A device and switching method for a circuit for generating an output voltage (Vout) via a control signal (CTRL) with two pulse-width modulated states are described. The control signal (CTRL) frequency (Fq) is measured. In order to generate the control signal (CTRL), either a first hysteresis comparator (31) or a... Agent: Continental Automotive France

20130335052 - High side buck converters and control methods thereof: A high side buck converter includes a high side transistor, a low side transistor, a sensor, a sensing window generator, an error amplifier, a first comparator and an on-time signal generator. The high side and low side transistors are coupled together to form a switch node which is used as... Agent:

20130335053 - Partial arbitrary matrix topology (pmat) and general transposed serial-parallel topology (gtsp) capacitive matrix converters related applications: A direct current (DC) to DC converter, including: input ports for receiving an input DC voltage; output ports for outputting an output DC voltage; a first matrix of capacitors and switches; a second matrix of capacitors and switches; and a control circuit, coupled to the switches of the first and... Agent:

20130335054 - Synchronous rectifier timer for discontinuous mode dc/dc converter: A DC-DC converter (100) includes a switching transistor (M0) connecting an input power terminal (VIN) to an inductor (114) that is also connected to an output power terminal (VOUT), a synchronous rectification transistor (M1) connected to a junction node (113) between the inductor (114) and the switching transistor (M0), and... Agent:

20130335055 - System and method for boosted switches: In accordance with an embodiment, a method includes activating a first semiconductor switch having a first switch node coupled to a first input of a bootstrap circuit, a second switch node, and a control node coupled to a first end of a capacitor of the bootstrap circuit. A first end... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20130335056 - Regulator circuit and rfid tag including the same: One object of the present invention is to provide a regulator circuit with an improved noise margin. In a regulator circuit including a bias circuit generating a reference voltage on the basis of the potential difference between a first power supply terminal and a second power supply terminal, and a... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20130335057 - Electronic device power protection circuitry: A host electronic device may be coupled to an accessory electronic device. During normal operation, the host device may supply the accessory device with power over a power supply line. Back-powering events in which the accessory device delivers power to the host device may be prevented by interposing a protection... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130335058 - Adjusting voltage regulator operating parameters: Within an electronic device, a voltage regulator powers a load. The voltage regulator has adjustable operating parameters that can be set during operation of the electronic device. The adjustable operating parameters are set or reset in accordance with a state of the electronic device, or a portion thereof having the... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20130335059 - Fully integrated voltage regulators for multi-stack integrated circuit architectures: A voltage regulator for one or more dies in a multi-stack integrated circuit includes an inductor located on a die, a voltage controller that is electrically coupled to the inductor and is also located on the die, and a capacitor that is electrically coupled to the inductor and the voltage... Agent: Intel Corporation

12/12/2013 > 12 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130328532 - Mult-channel constant voltage and constant current converting controler and apparatus: A multi-channel constant voltage and constant current converting controller is provided. It comprises a multi-channel balance circuit and an error amplifier circuit. The multi-channel balance circuit receives a first voltage signal and load current detecting signals and outputs a second voltage signal and amplifying load current detecting signals. The error... Agent: Analog Vision Technology Inc.

20130328537 - Buck converter with reverse current protection, and a photovoltaic system: m

20130328535 - Current output stage having automatic active-passive switching: The invention relates to a current output stage (100) comprising an input (IN), an output (OUT) for connecting to an input of a unit (200) to be supplied with current, a control stage (T1, T2, Z1), which sets the output current (Iout), and an energy supply stage (Uv;Uv,−Uv), which can... Agent: Phoenix Contact Gmbh & Co. Kg

20130328536 - Dc-dc converting circuit: A DC-DC converter converts an input voltage into an output voltage and includes an input terminal, an output terminal, a power stage, a switch driving circuit, a charge pump, and a capacitor. The power stage includes a high-side switch, a low-side switch and an inductor. The switch driving circuit generates... Agent:

20130328533 - Leakage current reduction in an integrated circuit: An integrated circuit is provided with operational mode header transistors which connect a virtual power rail to a VDD power supply. A controller circuit, responsive to a sensed voltage signal from a voltage sensor which reads the virtual rail voltage VVDD, generates a control signal which controls the operational mode... Agent: Arm Limited

20130328534 - Method of controlling a power converting device and related circuit: A method of controlling a power converting device which includes an inductor, a first switch coupled between an input end and a first node of the inductor, a second switch coupled between a second node of the inductor and ground, a third switch coupled between the first node of the... Agent: Novatek Microelectronics Corp.

20130328538 - Dc current sensing utilizing a current transformer: A DC/DC converter includes an internal transistor and a current sensor that is operable to sense a current passing through the transistor. The DC/DC converter also includes an output current estimator module that estimates the output current based on the sensed transistor current.... Agent:

20130328539 - System for transferring energy from an energy source and method of making same: A system for transferring energy from an energy source includes a first energy source, a DC link coupled to a DC load, a first DC-to-DC voltage converter coupled to the DC link, and a second DC-to-DC voltage converter coupled to the first energy source. A controller is coupled to the... Agent:

20130328540 - Buck switching regulator and control circuit thereof: The present invention discloses a buck switching regulator and a control circuit thereof, wherein the buck switching regulator converts an input voltage to an output voltage. The buck switching regulator includes: a power stage including an upper-gate switch, a lower-gate switch and an inductor, which are coupled to a switching... Agent: Richtek Technology Corporation

20130328541 - Sub-module of a modular multi-stage converter: A sub-module for a modular multi-stage converter has an energy store and a power semiconductor series circuit connected in parallel to the energy store. In the semiconductor series circuit, two power semiconductor switches that can be activated and deactivated and have the same forward direction are connected in series. A... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20130328542 - Voltage generator and bandgap reference circuit: A voltage generator includes a first transistor, a second transistor, an operational amplifier, a capacitor, a third transistor, a fourth transistor and a first resistor. The operational amplifier includes a first terminal coupled to a second terminal of the first transistor, and a second terminal coupled to a second terminal... Agent:

20130328543 - Miniaturize voltage-transforming device: A miniaturized voltage-transforming device includes a first circuit board and a second circuit board parallel to and separated from each other by a predetermined distance so that there is no physical connection therebetween, and a transformer having a plurality of primary-side pins and a plurality of secondary-side pins, wherein the... Agent:

12/05/2013 > 19 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130320939 - Inductive load power switching circuits: Power switching circuits including an inductive load and a switching device are described. The switches devices can be either low-side or high-side switches. Some of the switches are transistors that are able to block voltages or prevent substantial current from flowing through the transistor when voltage is applied across the... Agent: Transphorm Inc

20130320940 - Power flow control using distributed saturable reactors: A magnetic amplifier includes a saturable core having a plurality of legs. Control windings wound around separate legs are spaced apart from each other and connected in series in an anti-symmetric relation. The control windings are configured in such a way that a biasing magnetic flux arising from a control... Agent: Ut-battelle, LLC

20130320941 - Magnetic field sensor with improved sensitivity to magnetic fields: A magnetic field sensor has internal power supply generating circuits to generate a higher operating voltage for a magnetic field sensing element, resulting in a magnetic field sensor with improved sensitivity to magnetic fields.... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, Inc.

20130320942 - Voltage regulator circuit with adaptive current limit and method for operating the voltage regulator circuit: A voltage regulator circuit and a method for operating the voltage regulator circuit are described. In one embodiment, a voltage regulator circuit includes an input terminal to receive an input signal from a power interface, an output terminal to output an output signal using the input signal, an output voltage... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20130320945 - Structure and method for a switched circuit device: The present disclosure provides a switched voltage converter for receiving a source voltage and producing an output voltage. The voltage converter comprises a switch controller and a switched device communicatively coupled to the switch controller. The switch controller adjusts the output voltage by controlling a duty cycle of the switched... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20130320943 - Switching regulator with integrated resonant circuit for ripple filtering: A switching regulator IC contains both switching regulator circuitry and an inductor and a capacitor connected in parallel to form a resonant circuit having an associated notch filter frequency response arranged such that, when connected to receive the regulated output voltage, the resonant circuit attenuates the ripple component. This is... Agent:

20130320944 - Voltage regulator, amplification circuit, and compensation circuit: An amplification circuit includes a first amplifier, a second amplifier, and a power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) boost circuit. The first amplifier has an output. The second amplifier has an input coupled to the output of the first amplifier and a power node coupled to a power supply line. The... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20130320946 - Minimum energy point tracking buck converter: This invention involves with a low power IC (Integrated Circuit) with high energy efficiency. This invention describes a Buck converter that can track the minimum energy point of the load. It works by estimating input energy of every sensing period, taking advantage of energy consumption curve of IC in sub-threshold.... Agent: University Of Electronic Science And Technology Of China

20130320947 - System and method for supplying power: The present invention relates to a system for supplying power and a method for supplying power using the same. In a system for supplying power including a load device and a power device for supplying power to the load device, the power device includes an output control unit and a... Agent:

20130320948 - Current control device: A current control device capable of performing widely applicable failure detection without a motor rotation speed sensor is provided. A current control semiconductor element includes, on a same semiconductor chip, a transistor that drives load, a current detection circuit that detects current of the load, a compensator that calculates an... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20130320949 - Electronic device for average current mode dc-dc conversion: An average current mode buck-boost DC to DC converter has a buck stage coupled between an input voltage source terminal and an output terminal. A boost stage is coupled between the input voltage source terminal and the output terminal. A current ramp control circuit generates a ramp signal for driving... Agent: Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh

20130320950 - Control method for reducing the audio noise: A control method for reducing audio noise is disclosed. The method includes the steps of: providing an input power source; providing a power source converter having a component with a mechanical resonant frequency, coupled to the input terminal or the output terminal of the power source converter; providing an output... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20130320951 - Expanding dc/dc converter into multiphase dc/dc converter: A DC/DC converter configurable for operating as a multiphase DC/DC. A controller produces a master drive signal for controlling a primary power switch to produce the output DC signal at a desired level. Multiple secondary power stages are coupled between the input and the output nodes for producing an output... Agent: Linear Technology Corporation

20130320953 - Long pulse droop compensator: One example embodiment may include a power supply system. The power supply system may include a main capacitor and a boost converter. The main capacitor is used to generate an electrical pulse. The boost converter is configured to be coupled to the main capacitor. Additionally, the boost converter includes a... Agent: Stangenes Industries, Inc.

20130320952 - Monolithically integrated hemt and current protection device: A transistor device includes a high electron mobility field effect transistor (HEMT) and a protection device. The HEMT has a source, a drain and a gate. The HEMT switches on and conducts current from the source to the drain when a voltage applied to the gate exceeds a threshold voltage... Agent: Infineon Technologies Austria Ag

20130320954 - Switched-mode voltage converter with energy recovery system: Devices, systems and methods are provided for a switched-mode voltage converter system with energy recovery. The device may include a first voltage converter circuit including a boost voltage node and an output voltage port coupled to a load. The first voltage converter circuit configured to deliver energy from the boost... Agent: Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation

20130320955 - Temperature compensated oscillator with improved noise performance: An oscillator system addresses power supply noise and temperature dependence. The system includes a multi-stage regulator circuit that receives a supply voltage and generates a lower voltage oscillator supply voltage that is less noisy than the supply voltage. A charge pump circuit receives the oscillator supply voltage and the oscillator... Agent:

20130320956 - Level shifter circuit and gate driver circuit including the same: There are provided a level shifter circuit and a gate driver circuit including the same. The level shifter circuit includes: a plurality of switching devices connected to a predetermined DC power supply through a resistor and operated by different driving signals; a gain conversion unit operated by first signals output... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20130320957 - Dc-dc converter and operating method thereof: A DC-DC converter includes an interface to receive data having voltage values. A first circuit carries out a voltage transition from a previously received voltage value to a received voltage value (VSEL). A second circuit activates or inactivates the first circuit in response to an activation signal or a stop... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

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