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Control device of the piston stroke of a dosing pump for high performance automatic flow regulation

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Control device of the piston stroke of a dosing pump for high performance automatic flow regulation

A device for controlling the stroke of a piston 3 of a metering pump comprising an electromagnet 1 formed by a fixed part and a mobile part fixed with respect to said piston 3 in such a way that at each displacement of the piston there corresponds a different value of inductance of the electromagnet 1 and hence of the piston stroke itself.

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Inventor: Roberto Proietti De Marchis
USPTO Applicaton #: #20120321485 - Class: 417 441 (USPTO) - 12/20/12 - Class 417 
Pumps > Condition Responsive Control Of Pump Drive Motor >By Control Of Electric Or Magnetic Drive Motor

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The Patent Description & Claims data below is from USPTO Patent Application 20120321485, Control device of the piston stroke of a dosing pump for high performance automatic flow regulation.

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The present invention basically relates to the sector of electromechanical-actuation metering pumps for metering liquids.

Said metering pumps are used for metering additives of various sorts, by means of a regulation of a volumetric type of the fluid pumped at each cycle. They are devices that are widely used in numerous both industrial and domestic applications, such as for example: treatment of drinking water; public and private waterpools; car-wash facilities; laundries; galvanic equipment; chemical industry; cooling towers; fertirrigation; agro-alimentary industry; etc.

Entering into the detail of operation of a generic metering pump, it should be noted that metering occurs by means of a pulsating movement of a mechanical member present in the so-called pump body, referred to as “membrane”, which, pushed by a piston, injects the liquid to be metered into the purposely provided delivery passage of the pump body. The liquid to be metered is then introduced into the system to be treated, overcoming the counterpressure present in the piping in which it is injected.

The key element that must provide the force necessary in order for the liquid to be metered to be effectively mixed with the liquid to be treated is hence the piston, which constitutes the component designed to move the membrane that sucks in the liquid in the pump body from the intake pipe and injects it into the delivery pipe in a cyclic way.

Said piston is actuated by an electromagnet, which hence constitutes a fundamental part of the pump. The electromagnet is made up of a fixed part, housed in which is the armature, and a mobile part—referred to as “plate”—fixed with respect to the piston.

It should be noted that the plate constitutes, in effect, the closing element for the magnetic flux of the electromagnet, said flux having as effect that of recalling said plate to the remaining fixed part of the electromagnet, thus producing a displacement.

In other words, the electromagnet hence enables conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy to obtain work and move the liquid.

The electrical and mechanical characteristics of the metering pump hence depend upon how said electromagnet is designed, driven, and controlled. The electronic card present in the pump will do nothing but supply the electromagnet and manage the electrical energy supplied thereto in the best way.

It is thus clear that the better said control is performed the higher the efficiency of the metering pump. This is a very important factor when, once the metering to be performed on the system to be treated has been established, it is necessary to perform said metering in a continuous way and with the minimum consumption of electrical energy.

Certain applications in effect require the metering pump to deliver small amounts of liquid at each injection, hence requiring a high number of injections so as to be able to meter the volume required for carrying out the treatment. Said target can be achieved by regulating the piston stroke causing that given the same injections, the volume of liquid can be properly metered via regulation of the aforesaid stroke. The present invention thus falls within the field of closed-loop regulation systems, where the input variable, which in the case of the present invention is the current supplied to the electromagnet, is regulated by the system through a feedback based upon control of appropriate physical quantities that can be brought down to the variable to be controlled: the injection volume.

The progress in time of the metering pump has followed the evolution of the electromagnet, as well as the study of the various driving and control systems. The target of said studies has been to prevent the following drawbacks:

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