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Compounds useful for treating cancer

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Compounds useful for treating cancer

The present invention relates to compound (I) wherein: means a pyridazine, a pyrimidine or a pyrazine group, R independently represent a hydrogen atom, a halogen atom or a group chosen among a CN group, a hydroxyl group, a COOR1 group, a (C1-C3)fluoroalkyl group, a (C1-C3)fluoroalkoxy group, a NO2 group, a NR1R2 group, a (C1-C4)alkoxy group, a phenoxy group and a (C1-C3)alkyl group, said alkyl being optionally mono-substituted by a hydroxyl group, n is 1, 2 or 3, n is 1 or 2, R is a hydrogen atom, a halogen atom or a group chosen among a (C1-C3)alkyl group, a hydroxyl group, a COOR1 group, a NO2 group, a NR1R2 group, a morpholinyl or a morpholino group, a N-methylpiperazinyl group, a (C1-C3)fluoroalkyl group, a (C1-C4)alkoxy group and a CN group, Z is N or C, Y is N or C, X is N or C, W is N or C, T is N or C, U is N or C, for use as an agent for preventing, inhibiting or treating cancer. Some of said compounds are new and also form part of the invention.
Related Terms: Pyrazine

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Inventors: Pierre Roux, Florence Mahuteau, Romain Najman, Jamal Tazi, Gilles Gadea, Didier Scherrer, Carsten Brock, Nathalie Cahuzac
USPTO Applicaton #: #20120277230 - Class: 5142352 (USPTO) - 11/01/12 - Class 514 
Drug, Bio-affecting And Body Treating Compositions > Designated Organic Active Ingredient Containing (doai) >Heterocyclic Carbon Compounds Containing A Hetero Ring Having Chalcogen (i.e., O,s,se Or Te) Or Nitrogen As The Only Ring Hetero Atoms Doai >Hetero Ring Is Six-membered And Includes At Least Nitrogen And Oxygen As Ring Hetero Atoms (e.g., Monocyclic 1,2- And 1,3-oxazines, Etc.) >Morpholines (i.e., Fully Hydrogenated 1,4- Oxazines) >Additional Hetero Ring Attached Directly Or Indirectly To The Morpholine Ring By Nonionic Bonding >Polycyclo Ring System Having The Additional Hetero Ring As One Of The Cyclos

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The Patent Description & Claims data below is from USPTO Patent Application 20120277230, Compounds useful for treating cancer.

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The present invention is generally dedicated to the use of compounds for the manufacture of compositions useful to treat cancer.


In most of the cancers, mortality is not due to the primary tumor but rather to the derived metastases. This malignant progression which leads to tumor invasion and is clinically defined by the appearance of metastases is the final outcome of the primary loss of cell adhesion and increase of cell motility which together allow invasive cell to leave the initial tumor site and colonize various target tissues.

Metastases are considered as a recurrent feature of uncontrolled malignant progression of cancer. During this process, tumor cells complete their malignant transformation by increasing their migratory capacity. Cancer cells can then disseminate and establish tumor foci in far away sites. Spreading of cancer cells in the organism is the outcome of a series of events called <<metastatic cascade>>: invasion of the tissues around the tumor, venous or lymphatic intravasation, migration and establishment in a distant place of a new colony that escapes from all the defence mechanisms of the organism.

Metastatic invasion, against which there is no efficient therapeutic option available at this time, is by far the major cause of death. Due to the frequency of cancers diagnosed at the metastatic stage and to the therapeutic impasse they represent, the development of molecules that specifically target metastatic invasion is thus a crucial requirement for a major breakthrough in cancer treatments.

The present invention is in keeping with the evidence as published during the last twenty years of a link between changes in RNA alternative splicing and metastatic invasion which has opened to new therapeutic strategies.



It has now been found that derivatives of formula (I) as defined in formula (I) hereinafter are able to correct defects of alternative splicing, as illustrated in the experimental data hereinafter, a mechanism closely associated with the invasive progression of metastatic cancers, and on the basis of such activity, the compounds are useful in the treatment of cancer.

The present invention therefore relates to compounds of formula (I) as defined below for use as agents for preventing, inhibiting or treating cancer.

The present invention moreover relates to a method of preventing, inhibiting or treating cancer, which comprises at least one step consisting in administering to a patient suffering therefrom an effective amount of a compound as defined in formula (I) below or one of its pharmaceutically acceptable salts.

The present invention further relates to some particular derivatives as such, as defined below.

The present invention also provides pharmaceutical compositions comprising at least one of said particular compounds.



According to a first aspect, a subject-matter of the present invention relates to a compound of formula (I)


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Previous Patent Application:
Substituted 3-(1h-benzo[d]imidazol-2-yl)-1h-indazole analogs as inhibitors of the pdk1 kinase
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Drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions
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