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Sink outlet modular panel

Title: Sink outlet modular panel.
Abstract: The front side has a pre set locating holes for water and drain outlets, locating the pipe outlets securely in a precise desired location for installation. Building installation “Standard” of eight inch to the center of drain, or optionally four inch to the center of drain. The panel has mounting support holes to mount clamp brackets, or alternatively elongated slots for a strut or a like pipe brackets to accommodate different types of pipes and sizes. The front side has extended sections from each side of its body to support the device to a structure. Typically to a standard frame of a stud wall the panel is mounted on to a frame wall of a building “standard” distance of sixteen inch to center between studs. The said extensions are adaptable for installation to the front face of a stud, or optionally adaptable to bend to a ninety degree for inner wall mounting. Harnessing Panel that locate and holds plural sections of pipes, and pipe outlets, for a plumbing fixture sink outlet. The panel supports the pipes from two different angles and directions, Typically a ninety-degree angle from the inner part of the panel in a rough-in wall to the outer part of the panel facing the finished wall. ...

USPTO Applicaton #: #20120261525
Inventors: Mordehay Yakir Ben Jakov

The Patent Description & Claims data below is from USPTO Patent Application 20120261525, Sink outlet modular panel.

Cross-reference to the benefit of the related application to my prior PPA application Ser. No. 61/517,283 dated Apr. 18, 2011


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This invention is related to the construction of buildings, building structures that has a plumbing system for residential commercial and or industrial use.

This invention relates specifically to the installation of plumbing pipes in a construction of such said building, and the method to install, place, and brace plumbing pipes to a new and existing building structures. More specifically to the field of modular units for pipes, and pipe outlets for plumbing fixtures, pipe braces, straps and holders of pipes, and pipe supports.


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The installation of plumbing system in a residential commercial or industrial applications such as kitchens bathroom sinks and a like plumbing fixtures and appliances outlets, for domestic use, typically requires the use of devices such as holders and straps to locate the incoming and outgoing pipes to and from the plumbing fixture or appliance outlet.

Securing, holding and locating the plumbing pipes to the structure of a building, is how we typically install a plumbing system. With the exception of underground plumbing that is supported by dirt or other natural or man-made elements. However under or above ground in or on a structure the use of such straps and brackets to secure and locate pipes to a structure are a fundamental and vital part of any plumbing system installation in or on a building structure.

These said straps brackets and holders vary by their shape, use and function to the installation of pipes. There are many known ways to secure and hold pipes, and Specifically sections of pipes and pipe outlets for plumbing fixtures for the purpose of rough in and finishing stages of plumbing installation. This invention relates to modular brackets that function to position secure and hold plumbing pipes, and pipe outlets, for a plumbing fixture.

The known devices are mostly single dimensional brackets that are practical in some applications but lacking some vital elements of function, for building “standard” measurement installations, as well as connecting and locating plural sections of pipes These devices present an installer with a few problems for a typical installation of pipes specifically copper piping, and drain and vent pipes that are made from copper or other types of materials, such as other metals and plastic. Some of the difficulties that may face a plumber or any installer are:

1 difficulty in securing pipes on location. Accuracy to accommodate a desired outlet for a plumbing fixture specification in a timely matter

2 secure two or more pieces of pipes together securely and symmetrically for proper installation of a pipe outlet where the pipe outlet section is typically unsecured in the time of soldering and final product positioning for a proper installation in a timely mater.

3 A time consuming installation to secure and joint two or more pipes together for an installation consist of a 90 degree angle required for a plumbing fixture outlet from the inner wall to the outer wall for a plumbing outlet of a plumbing fixture. 4. Positioning a plurality of pipes jointly as an integral consistency of pipe system, for a plumbing fixture outlet consists of water and drain outlets.

The methods of modular devices of securing pipes for plumbing outlets varies, Many pipe clamps and straps, pipe locators and support straps have been developed, for securing and positioning such pipes, for a plumbing fixture outlet.

This invention provides solution to all of the above, by providing support to plural sections of pipes including the pipe outlet from different angles, in edition this invention enables an installer to place a pre soldered or pre fabricated plural sections of pipes to be placed securely, and accurately in to the housing bracket for final and rapid installation.


FIG. 1. Is a front view of the invention, located on a stud wall between two studs. The panel 7, is placed on the outer face of the rough-in stud wall, with screws driven through the panel anchoring holes 8, to the studs. In the center of the panel, a drain outlet hole 9, and a rubber grommet 11, placing and insulating the drainpipe outlet 12, to the sides of the center drain, there are holes for water outlets 13, six in total three in each side of the center drain. The drawing shows two water pipe outlets 15, extending out of the panel through the upper water outlet holes and a rubber grommet 16, to place and insulate the pipes from the panel, locate it and absorb sounds and vibrations as a result of pressured water channeling through it. The water pipe outlets can be placed in any of the we set holes according to installation needs, for example some pedestal sinks requires the water pipe outlet to be at 4″ to center of drain, and a kitchen sink may require an outlet of 8″ to center with two hot water outlets and one cold.

In the lower and upper edges of the panel, there are horizontal rows of mounting holes for pipe clamps 14, as well as to the side of the upper water outlet holes, vertically on the panel. These mounting holes for the pipe clamps are aligned with the pipe outlets holes to accommodate pipe support to the panel.

In the back of the panel, opposite to the drain outlet, 10 a pre fabricated section of drainpipe connected to a sanitary tee with a section of a vent pipe, this pre-fabricated section of pipe 10, is connected to the panel with a pipe clamp bracket 17. To the sides of the drain, at each side in mirror image, there are prefabricated section of copper water pipes 18, soldered together with an air chamber from one side (cold) and from the other side to a ninety-degree elbow, to illustrate the optional installation according to specific needs and code requirements. These sections of prefabricated pipes are independently mounted and placed on the sink outlet panel, with pipe clamps brackets specifically designed to accommodate this panel, from one or more locations on the panel, as shown on the cold line.

FIG. 2. Is showing a detail view of the sink outlet panel 7. Center drain hole 9, six water outlets holes 13, at optionally pre set locations, the upper outlet holes are pre set at 8″ apart from the center of the drain and the lower outlet holes are optionally at 8″ and 4″ to center of the drain, to accommodate the two typical fixtures installation standards. At the sides of the panel, are the panel anchoring holes 8, these holes are anchoring the sink outlet panel to the stud wall, with screws driven through them to the structure. They are placed from each side of the panel in a wide span to accommodate distance variation in a standard stud wall typically 16″ apart to center of studs. On the bottom and the top edge of the panel, there are mounting holes 14 for the pipe clamping brackets, to hold the prefabricated sections of pipes. These mounting holes are located horizontally aligned with the pipe outlet holes pre set on the panel. There are some similar mounting holes vertically, optionally to accommodate a section of drainpipe arm, installed sideways from the center of the drain.

FIG. 3. Is showing a side view detail description of a typical outlet hole in the sink outlet panel, for a water pipe outlet. The flat panel 7, is slightly indented inwards around the outlet hole 13, to place a rubber grommet 16, to position and place the outlet pipe 15, leaving a flat surface at the outer side of the panel covered by the finish wall.

FIG. 4. Is showing a side view of the panel 7, and a typical indented hole for a drain pipe outlet 9, with the indentation to house a rubber grommet, and a typical hole for a pipe clamp bracket mounting 14, that places a screw head imbedded in the indentation, leaving a flat surface for a finish wall. Also showing a front detail view of these in the panel.

FIG. 5. Is showing a front view of the modular sink outlet panel, in an application where the drain outlet is extended side ways as an optional positioning of the outlets, to accommodate variations of installation.

FIG. 6. Is showing pre-fabricated, soldered sections of copper water lines. With two pipes clamp brackets located in two different sections of pipes joint together to a tee.

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20121018|20120261525|sink outlet modular panel|The front side has a pre set locating holes for water and drain outlets, locating the pipe outlets securely in a precise desired location for installation. Building installation “Standard” of eight inch to the center of drain, or optionally four inch to the center of drain. The panel has mounting |