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Single account multi-bookmaker odds comparison gaming event online wagering

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Title: Single account multi-bookmaker odds comparison gaming event online wagering.
Abstract: A web page display the gaming odds of a bookmaker for a gaming event with corresponding prices to place a wager with the bookmaker. This information is also displayed for each of several different and unrelated bookmakers, thus allowing the user of the web page to comparison shop for the best odds on a particular gaming event that is offered by one of the displayed bookmakers. An interactive user interface of a client being served the web page sends and a web service receives the selection by the user of the best of the displayed odds that is being offered by one of the bookmakers. The user pays the selected bookmaker the displayed price in exchange for placing the wager. The wager is paid to the selected bookmaker by taking the payment from a financial transaction account issued to the user. This financial transaction account can also be used to pay each and everyone of the displayed bookmakers were they selected by the user for placing a wager. As such, the user is provided with a single account multi-bookmaker odds comparison gaming event online wagering web service. ...

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Inventor: Arthur N. Manteris
USPTO Applicaton #: #20110003634 - Class: 463 25 (USPTO) - 01/06/11 - Class 463 
Amusement Devices: Games > Including Means For Processing Electronic Data (e.g., Computer/video Game, Etc.) >Credit/debit Monitoring Or Manipulation (e.g., Game Entry, Betting, Prize Level, Etc.)

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The Patent Description & Claims data below is from USPTO Patent Application 20110003634, Single account multi-bookmaker odds comparison gaming event online wagering.

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This PCT Application claims priority to U.S. Provisional Application Ser. No. 61/,036,406, titled “Odds Comparison User Interface and System, filed on Mar. 13, 2008, the entire contents of which is incorporated herein by reference.


The present invention relates generally to gaming, and more particularly to online gaming odds comparison shopping.


Sports betting is done world wide in which a wagerer will play a bet on a sporting event as to who will win, who will lose, or will do so with a certain number of points, for instance. A wagerer may also hedge bets so as to cover a bet with a second bet, so as to reduce a loss or multiple winnings. Stated otherwise, the wagerer may bet the opposite of their original wager in order to reduce the amount of action that the wagerer you has on the gaming event.

The odds given for each such wager is typically made by a handicapper who sports and predicts outcomes of the gaming event. A bookmaker takes bets from wagers in return for a ‘hold’, which is the percentage the bookmaker wins. Stated otherwise, the bookmaker\'s ‘juice’ is their commission on taking and settlement bets between wagerers, also known as the vigorish or ‘vig’. Every game of chance offers the bookmaker a certain statistical advantage or margin to make a profit from making book. For a sportsbook, this margin may be between one and four percent for sports betting. Sportsbooks may rely on a combination of accurate pointspreads and an understanding of how and when to move lines as their primary defense against players. Stated otherwise, the sportsbook may make alterations in their line based on the volume of betting or other factors, such as injuries.

The “line” is the handicap, or head start that a favorite in a gaming event gives to the underdog for betting purposes, or the current odds or pointspread on a particular event. The point spread is a form of handicapping in which oddsmakers predict how many points one team needs against another in order to even out the public betting on a particular game. The oddsmaker sets an opening line as the initial point spread for an upcoming gaming event. In the case of a sportsbook operation, the operation will have a posted list of gaming events and their point spreads from which a wagerer can select to place a bet.

A bookmaker may have a sports betting limit. Generally, there may be three factors that sportsbook could consider when establishing sports betting limits: (i) the historical accuracy of the lines; (ii) their profit trends; and (iii) their customer mix. Sports betting limits, as well the lines or pointspreads, may vary from one sportsbook to another. Accordingly, it is advantageous for a wagerer to find the sportsbook that will offer the most favorable odds for a bet that the wagerer would like to make on a gaming event of their choice.

Online web services on the World Wide Web provide side by side price comparisons for odds given by various bookmakers. For example, FIG. 8 at reference numeral 800 shows an example webpage of odds posted by different bookmakers 804 for gaming events 802 to be played, as provide by the Odds Checker World Wide Web website ( By comparison of the different odds displayed for the different bookmakers 802 for the event “Tottenham”, the best odds 806 as shown as being “200” by the “Skybet” bookmaker. Placing a bet for the odds displayed with its listed bookmaker, however, is not convenient. Typically, a different account is needed by the online shopper in order to place a bet at each of the different bookmakers. As odds changes and the ‘line’ is moved by each bookmaker, different accounts must be opened by the online shopper in order to place an online bet with the bookmaker that is currently giving the odds that is the most advantageous to the online shopper. It would be an advance in the art to provide a web service for an online shopper to comparison shop for odds on a gaming event and make a wager using just one account to pay any bookmaker offering the best odds.


A web service on the World Wide Web, or a closed network, provides web pages to a client executing a network browser application. The browser is operated by an online shopper to access web pages of the web service on which to a plurality of gaming odds for a gaming event are displayed. Each of the gaming odds for each of the gaming events is a ‘line’ (e.g., the current odds or pointspread on a particular gaming event) that is posted by a different bookmaker. Each bookmaker is unrelated to the other bookmakers that have also have their lines posted to the webpage of the web service. Each ‘line’ is posted with a price that is assessed by the bookmaker to make a bet on the event. The webpage for the website allows the online shopper to make a choice of a posted line and its corresponding price from among the gaming odds of the different bookmakers for a gaming event. The line and price for each bookmaker is a displayed with that of the other bookmakers in a side-by-side comparison. The online shopper can make a selection of any displayed bookmaker\'s odds, and pay the corresponding the selected price for the selected odds by using a single financial account for the online shopper. As such the online shopper has effectively placed their selected bet at their selected odds with their selected bookmaker at their selected price. In a clearing and settling process, the selected price will be deducted from the online shopper\'s single financial account and will paid to their selected bookmaker through the web service or agent(s) thereof for this purpose. The online shopper\'s account can be issued to the online shopper by an issuer in a payment processing system as a credit, debit, prepaid, of gift account.


Implementations of the invention will become more apparent from the detailed description set forth below when taken in conjunction with the drawings, in which like elements bear like reference numerals.

FIGS. 1-2 show exemplary implementations of respective flow-charts to demonstrate implementations of a single account multi-bookmaker odds comparison gaming event online wagering;

FIGS. 3-4 are examples of what can be the basis of the calculations for a recommendation made by the inventive web service to a user operating a client that is to the user\'s best interest in making a wager;

FIGS. 5a-5b and FIGS. 6-7 show information that can be integrated into respective competitive wagering advantage flow charts; and

FIG. 8 shows a portion of an exemplary webpage on which odds from different bookmakers are posted for gaming events to be played, which can be used for comparison shopping.


Implementations provide a sports and casino betting service that assists its clients of betting at the best available odds or point spreads at that time for any given wager, such as a sports game, a horse race, a political race, the occurrence of a particular event or proposition, etc. The invention, however, is not a sports book or casino, and does not accept or “book” wagers. Rather, the invention indirectly connects wagering customers to gaming Internet sites at which the wagering customers place the wagers.

Download full PDF for full patent description/claims.

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